FlannelPriceChild: You keeping an eye on LadyBot?  Sent me a notice re: spam (maybe triggers on channel names?)01:27
PriceChildFlannel, thankyou.01:27
FlannelNo problem01:27
PriceChildI tried a list earlier but didn't reply.01:27
LjLok so, if floodbots "fight" among each other for anything longer than a couple of minutes, issue "hook" in -monitor01:29
LjLalso, if during an attack *you* (not the bots) set +r, +R, +m or +i, the bots will go back to "normal" mode, thinking the attack has been addressed01:30
LjLthis means that they can set -J if they're lagged or something01:30
LjLso, if you set one of those modes manually, you're a bit on your own - don't rely on +J staying set01:30
tritiumLjL: do we have a policy on allowing ubotu in LoCo channels?03:17
LjLtritium: i don't think so. we ask, seveas decides how overloaded it is03:18
tritiumAnd does the policy about ubotu being the only interactive bot apply to loco channels as well?03:19
LjLnot really, they can and do have their own localized bots03:19
tritiumOh, great.  I'm glad to hear that.  I may add one to the NM LoCo channel.03:19
tritiumThanks, LjL.  =)03:20
LjLtritium: but if you want ubotu ask, shouldn't be a problem03:21
tritiumAwesome, that would be my preference.03:21
tritiumSeveas: may I have ubotu join #ubuntu-us-nm please?03:22
naliothtritium: which bot did you want?03:23
tritiumnalioth: I have no preference.  If ubotwo or ubot3 is available, that's great for us.03:24
* nalioth sends ubot303:24
tritiumThank you kindly, sir.03:24
tritiumI appreciate it.03:24
nickrudJack_Sparrow: I use seveas's script, I'm not even sure04:13
* tritium uses auto_bleh04:14
nickrudI've promised myself I'll take some time and learn more, but I'm using a pretty good crutch right now04:14
Jack_SparrowKonversation still here.04:14
tonyyarussotonyyarusso: same04:14
nickrudtalking to yourself?04:14
tritiumI thought so ;)04:14
eddieftwnalioth: i hate to bother, but I was referred to you as being the person to bother about an IRC cloak. i was recently approved as an IRC member04:27
naliotheddieftw: got a launchpad ID?04:29
eddieftwnalioth: https://launchpad.net/~eddiemartinez04:31
eddieftwnalioth: i use two nicks for IRC, is that a problem?04:32
naliothnot at all04:33
naliothfreenode recommends setting up your nick in this fashion: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup eddieftw 04:33
eddieftwokay i've linked them now04:35
naliothyou need to continue reading that URL04:36
eddieftwim sorry, im confused, what am i supposed to be reading for?04:42
naliothyou need an email with nickserv04:43
naliothyou also need to decide which nick you want as master04:43
eddieftwive done that, and i know which one i want as a master, and ive linked them nicks04:44
nalioth  /msg nickserv set master [the one you want] and make sure it has an email with it04:44
=== eddieftw is now known as posingaspopular
=== nickrud is now known as nikrud
=== nikrud is now known as nickrud
posingaspopularokay that's done.04:46
* nalioth waits on the email to be set04:49
stdincan someone !forget pastebin-#kubuntu please ?04:49
posingaspopularnalioth: it's already set04:50
naliothposingaspopular: no, it's not.04:50
naliothon either nick, there is no email04:50
posingaspopulari've registered both nicks to the same email a long time ago04:51
nalioth please /msg nickserv info posingaspopular 04:52
nalioth please /msg nickserv info eddieftw04:52
posingaspopulari dont understand how they are registered, but dont have an associated email address?04:53
naliothbecause you probably are thinking of SOME OTHER NETWORK and its registration procedures?04:54
naliothfreenode recommends setting up your nick in this fashion: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup posingaspopular 04:54
naliothAndrewB: is something funny?04:58
* AndrewB closes lips 04:58
band4lifegood evening ladies and gentlemen.  I have returned to plea for forgiveness.  I apologize for my rude behavior in #ubuntu, and promise to be a model chatter from now on.  May I please have permission to return?05:00
nickrudnalioth: is band4life still banned from #ubuntu?05:08
naliothnickrud: until the banning op removes it05:08
naliothand since band4life always shows up when its night time for that op . . . .05:08
nickrudnalioth: well he's there05:09
* nalioth investigates05:09
nickrudif he's the one I'm thinking of, LjL said a month or so05:09
* nalioth investigaes ( this means that band4life has time to leave #ubuntu )05:10
posingaspopularnalioth: sorry for the confusion, the email adress should be set now05:12
nickrudnalioth: he's gon05:12
naliothband4life: may i ask why you are evading a ban?05:12
=== posingaspopular is now known as eddieftw
band4lifenalioth I am not trying to evade.  I did explain that I switch wireless accounts frequently.  that is why I cam here.05:13
naliothband4life: if you're not trying to evade, why does it say so in your ident?05:13
naliothuh oh05:13
naliothnickrud: can you help him out?05:13
nickrudband4life (n=evade@d17-6.rb.lax.centurytel.net) has joined #ubuntu-ops05:14
naliotheddieftw: which nick do you want in the cloak?05:14
nickrudband4life: that's your ident there, evade etc05:14
naliothband4life: can you explain to us why you are using a different IP?05:14
naliothband4life: and have 'evade' as your ident?05:14
nickrudband4life: you're gonna have to wait, LjL did put a time limit on your ban if I remember correctly05:15
eddieftwnalioth: the posingaspopular one05:15
naliotheddieftw: please /nick to it05:16
band4lifenalioth I have a dsl here (my house) and I frequent a coffee shop.  that is why my ip is diff.  I dont know what you mean about the evade as my ident .05:16
nixternalnalioth: make his cloak say @/nixternals/woman/posingaspopular05:16
=== eddieftw is now known as posingaspopular
naliothposingaspopular: thanks05:17
nixternalposingaspopular: if you don't have anything else, you are free to leave :p05:17
naliothband4life: nickrud showed you what i mean05:17
band4lifenalioth i dont have evolution set up so I couldnt open the link05:18
posingaspopularthanks for kicking me out nixternal05:18
posingaspopularwont be the first time.. or last P05:18
naliothband4life: do not return here for 1 week.05:18
band4lifeam I banned from #ubuntu or all the channels?05:19
band4lifecan I go to #kubuntu?05:19
naliothif you keep ban evading, you may lose access to all 42,321 channels here05:19
band4lifenalioth  I honestly am not trying to evade.  05:20
naliothband4life: presented with the evidence, i am sorry to say i don't believe you one little bit05:20
nickrudband4life: I'd suggest you simply take a week off, and come back. A show of good faith05:20
band4lifenalioth  Ill come back in a week.  Until then, am I free to go to other channels?05:21
naliothband4life: the channel operators run their channels05:21
band4lifenalioth I just dont want to get tagged as evading05:21
naliothband4life: it is far too late for that05:21
band4lifesee you in a week05:22
band4lifenickrud can I open a private chat w/ you?05:22
naliothnickrud: logs of #freenode show band4life asking 'how to evade bans' questions a few days ago05:24
naliothhe was not answered, but there is intent05:25
nickrudnalioth: yes, in here iirc. I was present05:25
naliothand now this ident that 'he knows nothing about'05:25
* nalioth is just telling nickrud not to fall for the sob story05:25
AndrewBWhat was he banned for originally out of interest?05:25
nickrudyeah. Two ways to consider his checking in here first: sincerity, or thumb on nose05:25
naliothdunno, bantracker is down05:26
* nickrud thinks nalioth knows that rich has heard many sob stories05:26
* AndrewB realises he hasn't been to bed yet... and goes!05:27
MyrttiI'm getting a tad bored with the language at -ot08:39
Myrttithe next one using an acronym with the letter f for fu** is going to get it08:39
MyrttiI swear to Gaia08:40
* elkbuntu hugs Myrtti08:42
elkbuntuuh oh, emma's firing up09:45
MenZaWhat's up with -offtopic?10:29
MyrttiI don't know, you tell me10:29
MyrttiMenZa: summarize?10:33
MenZaMyrtti: It appears that a lot of o4o is fluttering around10:36
MenZaOr bordering o4o at least10:36
MenZaMyrtti: see DrDerek, emma10:36
ubotuKubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 4 should be offered by shipit10:47
PriceChildnalioth, nickrud, band4life also asked me in pm about evading "so he wouldn't do it by accident"11:45
PriceChildMyrtti, Its always fun asking why they think f*ck is acceptable but fuck isn't.11:45
Myrttithey're going politics again11:55
* PriceChild watches11:56
ubotuIn #ubuntu, SupaFly said: !ubotu-why is my windows decorator not showing the window borders anymore-crystal-kubuntu11:57
elkbuntuMyrtti, drderek is trying to rock the boat i think11:58
PriceChildHey there, how can I help?14:11
popey(get your hair cut?)14:12
Myrttielektronik123: ?14:14
elektronik123i can`t join to #ubuntu-pl14:14
elektronik123i have na blockade14:14
PriceChildelektronik123, This channel is normally for main channel discussions. "pressenter" is the user who banned you and I suggest you /msg him.14:18
elektronik123pressenter is away14:19
PriceChildelektronik123, then please be patient and I am sure he will get back to you asap.14:20
elektronik123i have this ban one month14:20
PriceChildelektronik123, I am afraid I cannot help you. Please try and resolve this first with the operator.14:21
elektronik123this is only way ?14:22
PriceChildThis is the best way.14:22
PriceChildHi kagou, how can I help?14:26
kagouhey PriceChild, 14:26
kagoui come in for an Member cloaks14:26
PriceChildkagou, could you give me your launchpad url please?14:27
kagouor without the "edge" ;)14:27
PriceChildi'm on the edge14:27
PriceChildkagou, have you set up your nickname with nickserv with a linked nick and email?14:28
kagouwow mmm, so long time i did...14:28
kagoumy nickname is registered to nickserv14:28
kagoubut for the mail ... ilook14:28
PriceChildkagou, here is the recommended way to set up your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup14:29
kagouPriceChild, thanks, i look14:29
kagou-NickServ-          Registered: 5 years 33 weeks 6 days (22h 15m 4s) ago14:29
kagouPriceChild, it's done14:31
PriceChildkagou, so you definitely have a second nickname linked? (ie. listed on /msg nickserv info kagou)14:32
PriceChildnalioth, Could you please cloak kagou with ubuntu/member.14:33
kagouPriceChild, sorry i do not have a linked14:33
kagoui do this14:33
PriceChildCould you please follow the instructions in that guide to link it.14:33
=== kagou is now known as kagou_
kagou_ /msg nickserv link kagou kagouou14:36
=== kagou_ is now known as kagou
kagouPriceChild, ok it's now done14:36
PriceChildkagou, i don't think you did that properly..14:36
PriceChildkagou, please change your password also.14:36
Picikagou: I reccomend changing your password, this channel is publically logged.14:37
PriceChildkagou, /msg nickserv set password <newpassword>14:37
PriceChildYou need to go back to kagou_ and try to link again.14:38
PriceChildMake sure there is no space before the /14:38
PriceChildMake a habit of performing commands including a password in the server window only.. so that it doesn't appear to strangers if you make a typo.14:39
kagouPriceChild, i'v successfully linbked kagou_ and kagou14:40
kagoui don't find how to change password :/14:41
=== kagou is now known as kagou_
PriceChildkagou, are you sure? because you tried a command and it didn't work... we all saw it instead14:41
PriceChildkagou_, /msg nickserv set password <newpassword>14:41
=== kagou_ is now known as popozef
=== popozef is now known as kagou
=== kagou is now known as kagou_
=== kagou_ is now known as kagou
kagouPriceChild, it's ok i think :)14:45
PriceChildkagou, does /msg nickserv info kagou now show an email and linked nick?14:45
kagouPriceChild, yes14:45
PriceChildgood good14:46
kagoupassword is changed ;) Now what should I do ?14:48
PriceChildkagou, just wait :)14:59
kagouok, i stay here15:02
Jack_SparrowPriceChild: You around? 16:17
ubotuJack_Sparrow called the ops in #ubuntu (jay)16:20
Jack_SparrowThanks pici...16:20
Jack_SparrowPici:  got a sec?16:21
PiciJack_Sparrow: kinda busy, but ask and I may have a moment16:22
Jack_SparrowDO I still have ops in Ubuntu.. I have been mostly gone for the last couple weeks16:23
Jack_SparrowPici: I had some medical issuse after the Dr changed my meds16:23
PiciJack_Sparrow: I hope you're better.  Yes, I still see you on the access list16:24
GaryJack_Sparrow, /msg chanserv access #ubuntu list <--- will tell you who has access16:24
Pici/msg chanserv access #ubuntu list16:24
Jack_SparrowI see me in the list but the konversation button to op me diudnt work..16:24
kagouPriceChild, ok it's done16:30
kagouthank you16:30
jpatrickJack_Sparrow: because Konversation does: /op $you and not /msg ChanServ op #channel $nick16:39
Jack_Sparrowjpatrick: thanks, reinstalled while I was down for a few days and had not fixed everything..  that 400 gig was still under warrantee so all is good and I feel much better today16:40
ubotuSlart called the ops in #ubuntu (spiky)16:44
jpatrickJack_Sparrow: get well soon! :)16:45
Jack_Sparrowworking on it.. thanks..  I feel better today than the last couple weeks..  I think I also got exposed to the flu while at the hospital and now fighting that..16:46
Jack_Sparrowjpatrick: will        /msg Chanserv op #Ubuntu %u%n  work?16:48
jpatrickJack_Sparrow: try: /msg ChanServ op #ubuntu Jack_Sparrow 16:48
jpatrickJack_Sparrow: deop: /msg ChanServ op #ubuntu -Jack_Sparrow 16:50
LjLJack_Sparrow, if it's a quick button, make it /MSG ChanServ OP %c%n16:53
ubotuJack_Sparrow called the ops in #ubuntu (spiky)16:53
Jack_SparrowLjL: thanks16:54
jpatricksomeone forward the guy to #k16:54
jpatrickJack_Sparrow: personally I favour the auto_bleh script for irssi :)16:54
Jack_Sparrowjpatrick: I just dl'd that16:55
Jack_Sparrowjpatrick: Will do some testing while I recover a bit.16:55
jpatrickJack_Sparrow: there is a channel for testing it but I can't remember what it's called (<- no0tic)16:57
Jack_Sparrowjpatrick: If you have another minute what is the remove command again16:57
jpatrickJack_Sparrow: /quote remove #channel nick16:57
Jack_Sparrowthanks.. again..  and again..16:57
jpatrickno problem :)16:58
Jack_SparrowIf I find out my Dr only changed my meds because he has stock in that company I am gonna kick some serious .....16:58
no0ticjpatrick, testing what?16:58
jpatrickno0tic: auto_bleh16:58
no0ticjussi01's #dib5sn 16:59
Jack_Sparrowjpatrick: need help to unop now17:00
no0ticJack_Sparrow, /msg chanserv op #channel -Jack_Sparrow 17:01
jpatrickor just /deop Jack_Sparrow 17:01
Jack_Sparrowthanks.. obviously my brain is NOT working as well as I thought17:02
* jpatrick is not having a good day thanks to his crappy ssh server17:04
jussi01no0tic: ?17:15
jpatrickjussi01: read all backlog17:16
no0ticjussi01, jpatrick asked me for your auto_bleh test channel17:16
jussi01yeah, just read, sorry, just woke up from a nap...17:16
ubotuIn ubotu, OldPink said: !amaya is a WYSIWYG Web editor, i.e. a tool used to create and update documents directly on the Web. Browsing features are seamlessly integrated with the editing and remote access features in a uniform environment. This follows the original vision of the Web as a space for collaboration and not just a one-way publishing medium.17:16
ubotuWe don't need factoids for *everything* ;)17:17
Mez!scope > OldPink17:33
jpatrickMez: did that (and he did it to himself later)17:33
Mezjpatrick, ah :( sorry17:34
jpatrickMez: it' his problem17:34
* jpatrick laughs at #u-ot17:36
nxvl_workcan someone explain me the cloaks think18:10
nickrudhttp://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks nxvl_work 18:12
nxvl_worki mean, how i get mine working18:12
nickrudnxvl_work:  you need to do the setup on that page, then once that's done have a freenode staffer enable it18:13
LjLnxvl_work: are you an ubuntu member?18:13
nxvl_workLjL: yes18:13
LjLnxvl_work: in that case, do you want an ubuntu/member/ cloak or an unaffiliated/ one?18:14
LjLnxvl_work: what's your launchpad address?18:14
LjLnxvl_work: (check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nxvl - you have the wrong address in the first line)18:16
LjLnxvl_work: follow the steps you were given, anyway. i.e. make sure that you have a linked secondary nickname, and an email address set in nickserv18:16
nxvl_workyep, i forgot to change ir, thnx :D18:16
nxvl_worki'm on it18:16
nxvl_workthanks :D18:16
nxvl_work /msg nickserv a18:18
nxvl_workwrong window18:18
LjLnxvl_work: careful. type those commands in the status window/tab, or you might end up giving out your passwords18:18
nxvl_workthats why i use "a" instead of the command :D18:18
nxvl_workjust making sure18:18
nxvli can't have it working18:27
nxvlit's automatic when i log into freenode?18:27
mneptoknxvl: when the cloak is active it will be enabled when you ID to NickServ18:28
nxvloh, so it still need to be enables?18:28
nxvlok ok18:29
nxvlmneptok: but i only need to log into nickserv, doesn't i?18:29
mneptokde nada18:29
LjLnxvl_work, i need you to confirm that your nicknames are linked (is it nxvl and nxvl_work that you've linked)?18:34
GaryLjL, they are linked18:35
LjLGary, could you?18:35
GaryLjL, all the LP stuff ready?18:36
LjLnot but will be in half a second18:36
LjLnxvl: your secondary nickname will probably have to cycle. the primary is cloaked.18:37
Garyhe'll have to log out nxvl_work (or cycle)18:38
nxvl_workLjL: yep18:40
ompaulI want to make that more polite - thoughts Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:35
ompaulPici, what you think 21:35
ompaulPlease watch your language and stay ontopic, it will help to keep this channel family friendly.21:36
jpatrickompaul: you scared him off :/21:42
ompaulI'll start on you next jpatrick ;-)21:43
* jpatrick hugs ompaul 21:45
ubotuFlare183 called the ops in #ubuntu (Apocaliptica)21:53
jpatrickthis guy again? (ping all dude)21:53
ubotuIn ubotu, Flare183 said: !flare183 is <reply>You Rock and You Rule!22:10
PriceChildyeah... no22:11
jdongPriceChild: can jdong rock and rule? :D22:11
ompaul /msg flare183 please leave the bot alone22:11
PriceChildoffline now22:11
PriceChildjdong, not on crack he can't.22:11
ompaulFlare183> sorry brother done that sorry about that22:12
LjLhe's repeatedly run for membership, FYI22:14
LjL(and failed to turn up)22:14
ompaulhe should be repeatedly removed from the channel22:15
ompaulLjL, speaking of which 22:15
ompaul what are nxvl and others doing here?22:15
LjLrequested cloaks22:15
SeveasLjL, anything you need from me on that?22:25
LjLSeveas: on the requested cloaks?22:26
LjLSeveas: i think you'll find you approved them earlier today, so it's all sorted22:27
Seveasbtw, I just got shocked22:27
Seveassee somewhere else22:27
Jack_SparrowSeveas: can you set a better ban on penguin22:57
Jack_SparrowI messed that all up22:58
Seveas--- Jack_Sparrow sets ban on *!*@*22:58
Seveasdon't EVER do that22:58
Jack_SparrowDidnt mean to...   22:59
Jack_Sparrowfixing the button right now..22:59
Seveasseriously, this makes me want to remove your ops privileges if I could22:59
Jack_SparrowSeveas: I know I screwed up as soon as I saw that, which is why I got you immediately23:00
Seveasyou should have undone it23:00
Jack_SparrowSeveas: Already fixed the button23:00
Seveasif you don't know how, read an IRC manual before unbanning yourself23:01
Jack_SparrowI really should just go back to bed...23:02
LjL!staff | host-64-234-13-157.nctv.com23:04
ubotuhost-64-234-13-157.nctv.com: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)23:04
LjLstill connected23:04
LjLseveral nicknames23:04
SeveasLjL, what's the history of that one?23:05
LjLSeveas: err, no history that i know of... but, like, he just joined several bots?23:05
LjLSeveas: i just noticed because in -monitor, WARNING: Carlzenox, Ze1ssnoxCommande, Zenox7Comdmander, Ze3nox7Comma3nde, Ze4noxComm3ander, Ze4no3xCommander are all connected from host-64-234-13-157.nctv.com23:06
naliothLjL: klined23:08
LjLJack_Sparrow, on konversation, just use /ban -domain <nickname> and it'll do the right thing for you (obviously you can make a shorter alias for that)23:09
Jack_SparrowLjL: Thanks.. I got the script this am for xchat but had not got xchat installed..23:10
Jack_SparrowI am very sorry for the huge huge mistake... 23:10
PriceChildmeh, stuff happens23:11
ompaulJack_Sparrow, dont beat yourself up over it23:11
ompaulwe won't either23:11
PriceChildnext time try and undo something like that asap, especially because it was stopping anyone talking, and make sure to test funky buttons and alias's in random channels first :)23:11
LjLJack_Sparrow: xchat, i don't know. but please be very careful, seveas is rightly upset, since a ban on *!*@* means locking everyone out - they don't even get forwarded to #ubuntu-unregged, they just get "you are banned", which is not nice. you don't need to pick up every irc command by heart immediately, but do remember that if you set a /mode #ubuntu +anything (like a /mode #ubuntu +b hostmask, which is a ban), you can always reverse what you did with /23:11
LjLmode #ubuntu -whatever, like /mode #ubuntu -b *!*@*23:11
SeveasLjL, for xchat, use chanserv.py23:12
ompaulSeveas, I was pointing him at that23:12
Jack_SparrowThanks guys.. seriously back to bed...  will work on xchat and the script tomorrow when less tired.23:12
* Seveas needs sleep 23:12
ompaulwow my brain did s/ by itself23:13
Jack_Sparrowtake care, see you tomorrow.23:13
ompaulSeveas, sleep 28800 well23:16
PriceChildHmmm.. isp's website is down :/23:58

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