fujinhiya - anyone had any experience with R-C-S and gfs/gnbd?00:00
fujinI'm looking at buidling a redundant mailaccess/store system00:00
rhineheart_mokay.. I am having issues with my postfix..it won't send nor receive emails00:00
fujintwo frontend dovecot boxes, two backend gnbd SAN-attached mailstorage (500GB~1TB) boxes00:00
fujinrhineheart_m: dpkg-reconfigure postfix, answer the questiosn00:00
fujinmore importantly00:00
fujinpaste logs first00:00
faulkes-fujin: what about load balancing?00:01
fujinfaulkes-: what about load balancing?00:01
faulkes-dovecot1 dies, now what00:01
fujinthe dovecot boxes will be L4+ loadbalanced by Foundry ServerIronXL00:01
faulkes-that answers that then00:02
fujinI just need to find a ubuntu-suitable tutorial on r-c-s & gfs & gnbd00:02
faulkes-I'm not aware of anything offhand, ubuntu-tutorials.com might have something00:02
fujinbugger it00:05
fujinit's so ridiculous trying to find any documentation on this00:05
fujintime to read some manpages I guess00:06
faulkes-and then write a tutorial for others ;)00:06
mok0_alstone: 2400:10
rhineheart_mhow to uninstall postfix? everthing in there.. including the SMTP Authentication enties?00:29
rhineheart_mhow to uninstall postfix? everthing in there.. including the SMTP Authentication entries?00:29
faulkes-sudo apt-get remove postfix00:32
rhineheart_mwould remove as well as the entries in /etc/ssl/certs/?00:35
soulcok so how do I allow my isp to send my server mail?06:34
Kamping_Kaisersoulc, set them as smart host09:44
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Ejdes|Laphow do i check the version of a program trough apt???10:56
Kamping_KaiserEjdes|Lap, apt-policy packagename10:58
Kamping_Kaiserer, `apt-cache policy packagename`10:59
Ejdes|LapKamping_Kaiser, thanks:D11:00
Kamping_KaiserEjdes|Lap, np :)11:01
Ejdes|Lap!google ubuntu postfix server howto11:01
Kamping_KaiserEjdes|Lap, you can also use dpkg - `dpkg -L packagename`11:01
Ejdes|Lapokay :)11:03
Ejdes|Lapi'l put that on my wiki / note list:P11:03
Kamping_Kaisernp :)11:04
Ejdes|Lapwiki.ejdesgaard.com there isn't mutch, but there will come more :) and everyone is ofc. welcome to add usefull informaion :)11:04
Kamping_Kaiseris Nick Barcet in here?11:20
lamontdpkg -l to see the version, btw12:23
Kamping_Kaiserlamont, quite true, thanks for the correction.12:34
milestoneis it possible to define search domains within knetworkmanager or networkmanager in general? it keeps overwriting my changes in /etc/resolv.conf. any help is highly appreciated12:36
Kamping_KaiserIMHO kill nm and setup your network how you want it :)12:37
faulkes-generally, servers tend to be static in terms of network setups12:45
ScottKubuntu-server doesn't have network-manager, does it?13:04
henkjanScottK: it doesnt13:07
ScottKThen it's a bit off topic here I'd think.13:08
ScottKI guess he agreed.13:09
* faulkes- grumbles at DBI13:26
Stonekeeperhi. Some programs when being installed throw up a curses screen for user input. Is there a way to get around this so it involves no interaction? thanks.13:40
AnRkeywhat groupware servers are worth while on ubuntu server?14:30
AnRkeyany suggestions?14:30
dantalizingAnRkey i think one of the guys in our group (florida loco) is running egroupware, but all of them, IMO, are really up to your personal taste14:35
AnRkeymy friend in spain also recons that egroupware is a good choice14:35
AnRkeyit's looking like egroupware is a good choice14:36
dantalizingthere are definitely people using it...14:37
dantalizingi personally didnt like the UI when i looked at it, but that was a long time ago, so maybe its better, or maybe you love it14:37
faulkes-hey zul14:40
[miles]yo Stonekeeper not in the land of oz yet?15:02
AnRkeyi see that it's in the uni or multiverse repos15:05
Stonekeeperheh [miles], no. Housing market very slow :/15:08
ajdebeHelp with configuring OpenVPN15:21
rhineheart_mHello! How to host two sites with different domain names in ubuntu gutsy?15:26
AnRkeyrhineheart_m, it's easy, you want to read up on vhosts15:26
AnRkeyit's a few simple lines in your apacha conf file15:27
henkjanrhineheart_m: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/vhosts/examples.html15:27
henkjanrhineheart_m: vim /etc/apache2/sites-available15:27
AnRkeythere henkjan got to it first :D15:28
henkjanrhineheart_m: vim /etc/apache2/sites-available/yournewvhost.conf15:28
henkjanrhineheart_m: add your config for the vhost to that file15:28
henkjana2ensite yournewvhost15:28
rhineheart_mI have webmin installed in the server.. can I do it there?15:29
henkjanthat will make a symbolic link from sites-available to sites-enabled15:29
AnRkeyhenkjan, i feel like a noob now, i normally just add the config for the vhosts to the top my my apache2.conf file :D15:29
soulcok so I have got the mail server sending through my isp but I still can't send email to my server15:29
henkjanAnRkey: that works, but with seperate config files for your v-hosts your more flexible15:30
rhineheart_mhenkjan: what do I need to do with the /etc/apache2/sites-available/yournewvhost.conf?15:30
AnRkeyhenkjan, yeah, i was just thinking that15:30
AnRkeymore control15:30
AnRkeyChecking extension pgsql is loaded or loadable: False15:31
AnRkeyThe pgsql extension is needed, if you plan to use a pgSQL database.15:31
henkjanrhineheart_m: add your vhost configuration to that file15:31
AnRkeywhat do i need to install to fix that?15:31
rhineheart_mhenkjan: so how will I do it?15:31
henkjanrhineheart_m: http://www.debuntu.org/2006/02/22/7-virtual-hosting-using-apache-215:32
henkjanAnRkey: where did you get that error from?15:32
AnRkeyit runs some tests and thats what it spat out15:32
ajdebeHelp with configuring OpenVPN15:34
AnRkeyhenkjan, I get this for the mysql part15:39
AnRkeyThe odbc extension is needed, if you plan to use a MaxDB, MsSQL or Oracle database.15:39
AnRkeyWarning Checking extension oci8 is loaded or loadable: False15:39
AnRkeyThe oci extension is needed, if you plan to use a Oracle database.15:39
AnRkeyI actually wanna use the mysql db as my backend15:39
AnRkeyi cant find any mysql oci8 package15:39
AnRkeyi found a libmyodbc for mysql but that does not fix the problem15:39
AnRkeyoh man am I a tard or what15:41
AnRkeythe error is about M$Sql not mysql15:41
henkjanAnRkey: oci8 is only needed for oracle15:41
AnRkeysorry to bother15:41
* AnRkey slaps himself15:42
soulcso where is the howto about smarthosts?15:45
henkjandpkg --configure $MTA doesnt the trick?15:47
mathiazScottK: what's your opinion on debian bug 465569 ?15:57
ubotuDebian bug 465569 in cyrus-sasl2 "cyrus-sasl2: Use /etc/sasl2 as primary configuration directory" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46556915:57
mruizhey mathiaz16:06
faulkes-morning mathiaz16:11
faulkes-I've been fixing bugs / adding features to what I sent you in mail last night16:12
faulkes-bugs fixes are in, features I'm still testing16:12
faulkes-mathiaz: when I get the next part working, I'll give it to the ML to give feedback on16:18
ScottKmathiaz: lamont and I have discussed it.  From a Postfix perspective it's a don't care right now.  I'd be relucant to migrate Postfx to use that in the next several years because there's TON of documentation that knows Debian puts Postfix SASL stuff in /etc/postfix/sasl16:18
faulkes-morning ScottK16:19
zulhey ScottK16:20
ScottKHeya zul16:20
ScottKmathiaz: What are your thoughts on it?16:20
lamontmathiaz: more to the point, postfix just appends it's config directory to the path in the lib, so if the lib moves and the user migrates from /usr/$mumble to /etc/sasl2, then everything keeps on "just working"16:21
mathiazScottK: I don't see anything wrong with their proposal.16:21
lamontand it uses /etc/postfix/sasl specifically because the config really really really doesn't belong under /usr16:21
lamontmathiaz: it's not a postfix change16:21
lamontit's a cyrus-sasl2 change16:21
lamontand it doesn't affect postfix either way16:21
mathiazI wouldn't change the postfix configuration.16:21
mathiazScottK: I think you mentionned cyrus-sasl2 during last uds16:22
ScottKmathiaz: I'm not particularly familiar with the impact on other SASL users though.16:22
mathiazScottK: with the idea to drop it to universe.16:22
ScottKmathiaz: I did, but there are to many other users16:22
ScottKmathiaz: We did (IIRC) get the mail server tasksel to use Dovecot.16:23
mathiazScottK: ok - I though you suggested to only have dovecot sasl in main.16:23
mathiazScottK: and make sure that all apps in main would use dovecot sasl16:23
ScottKmathiaz: I did, but there are desktop users of it too it turns out (I didn't know that at UDS).16:24
mathiazScottK: ok. Thanks for the clarification.16:24
soulcok so now that I can sit here and actually see the reply16:25
soulcI was on last nite as alstone16:25
soulctalked to lamont about sending email through my isp16:26
soulcbut I still can't receive email on the server relay rejected but I don't want to enable all email cause then I would get a shitload of spam16:27
ScottKsoulc: What is it you're trying to do and how did you get where you are now?16:29
rhineheart_mI have this error: upload_max_filesize16:30
rhineheart_mThe server configuration does not allow a good upload capacity (less than 10 Mb per file): 2M16:30
rhineheart_mhow to change it?16:30
faulkes-rhineheart: you have to be more specific as to what application that limit applies to (I assume php?)16:32
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rhineheart_myeah..php.. M using php file navigator16:33
rhineheart_mfaulkes: do you know how to solve it?16:35
soulcinstalled postfix and configured it via ubuntu via instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix16:35
soulcsorry look away for a sec and boom someone replies16:36
faulkes-rhineheart: in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini search for that value (upload_max_filesize) and change it from 2M to 10M (or whatever M amount you need)16:37
faulkes-you will then need to restart apache16:37
ScottKsoulc: Which release are you running?16:38
soulccurrent 7.04 server16:39
soulcI guess16:39
ScottKsoulc: 7.10 is the most recent.16:40
soulcok then it is 7.1016:40
ScottKsoulc: Please pastebin error messages you're getting and the output of postconf -n16:41
soulcfixed all of the errors mostly can't load keys etc16:41
soulcso where how pastebin?16:42
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)16:42
soulchttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57347/   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57348/16:47
* ScottK looks16:47
ScottKsoulc: Let me know when you're back.16:54
ScottKsoulc: Where does mail to absolute-zero.com get delivered?16:56
ScottKTo this box, right?16:57
soulcto straylight16:57
soulcnot the box I am on16:57
soulcor I guess what do you mean?16:57
soulchost name is straylight.absolute-zero.com aliased mail.absolute-zero.com16:58
soulcbut I want the email to be <userid>@absolute-zero.com16:59
soulcbox is also alised www.absolute-zero.com16:59
* ScottK looks some more17:00
ScottKsoulc: What do the logs say for that transaction (/var/log/mail.log)?17:01
rhineheart_mwhat's the command to make permission 77717:04
rhineheart_msoulc: what's the difference between www-data and 777?17:06
soulcwww-data is the userid and group that ubuntu apache uses17:07
soulc777 is a chmod setting or could be a group id number17:07
soulcsudo chmod 777 <path to file>17:08
rhineheart_mokay..so what if I want to download a file through http? which one I need to do?17:08
ScottKsoulc: The postconf -n you gave me was for straylight, right?17:09
soulcummm yes17:10
soulcyeah top line has command17:10
soulcyou can set owner of the file to www-data or just chmod the premissions to 77717:11
ScottKsoulc: mydestination = mail.absolute-zero.com, straylight.absolute-zero.com, localhost.absolute-zero.com, localhost is missing absolute-zero.com then isn't it?17:11
soulcok done17:13
rhineheart_mwhat do you mean with permission 700?17:13
ScottKreload postfix and try again.17:14
soulcdamn that works17:15
soulcrhineheart_m: sudo chown www-data:www-data <file> or chmod 777 <file>17:17
rhineheart_myou mean.. www-data:www-data and chmod 777 are the same file permissions?17:17
ScottKsoulc: You're welcome.  Please look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and fix it so the next guy doesn't make the same mistake.17:18
soulcthe first is setting owner:group the second is setting file permissions17:18
faulkes-mode 777 is highly insecure17:19
faulkes-ownership/group should always take precedence17:19
faulkes-at least IMO17:19
soulcummm scottK first how would I change it and second add <domian> to the line mydestination = server1.example.com, localhost.example.com, localhost?17:21
ScottKsoulc: It's a wiki.  Anyone can edit it.17:22
soulcI guess it would be example.com17:22
soulcdon't think rhineheart got what he needed17:33
soulcdamnit no I am getting spam17:47
soulcman I hate spam17:47
faulkes-rhineheart: in order for a file to be downloaded via http, it has to be world readable, chmod 644 /path/to/file17:48
faulkes-soulc: spamassassin is your friend ;)17:48
soulcis graylisting done at server level?17:49
soulcI don't even want the stuff to get to my inbox to be moved to my junk box17:49
faulkes-I'm unfamiliar with what postfix does in regards to Xlisting17:49
soulcdamn have to eat brb17:49
faulkes-I use spamassassin, it comprises whitelists, blacklists, rbl's and bayesian filters17:50
faulkes-I set it up for a client awhile ago, they went from getting 1k+ spams / user down to a range of 5 - 40 per user17:51
ScottKsoulc: Start with amavisd-new and integrate that with Postfix.  Use it to call spamassassin.17:54
ScottKIt can also call clamav if you want anti-virus scanning.17:55
ScottKsoulc: Yes.  Greylisting is done at the server level.  There are a number of implementations available to work with postfix.17:55
faulkes-zul: you here?18:11
zulfaulkes-, maybe18:11
faulkes-re: ebox 8.04 testing18:11
zulyep what about it?18:12
faulkes-I sent email, figured I'd ask here as well, you mind if I forward that request into the server forums18:12
zulnope go ahead18:13
* faulkes- nods18:13
faulkes-zul: where would you like any reports sent?18:20
zulto me18:20
faulkes-email? forums and I forward back? specific LP location?18:20
* faulkes- nods18:20
faulkes-will do18:20
soulcthanks guys for the help got to go to work now18:28
sommerhey all18:57
sommerI've cooked up a likewise-open section: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/likewise-open.html18:58
sommerall reviews and feedback are greatly appreciated :)18:58
mookidI cant get restricted driver manager to work on server19:16
mookidI've installed desktop and the restricted driver manager wont load19:17
faulkes-sommer: the section on the gui is a little bit ambiguous for credentials19:21
faulkes-i.e. does it apply to say, gui ssh clients, to gdm logins? to all of the above?19:22
sommerfaulkes-: ya, but since there's more than one way to gui I wasn't sure what to put19:22
faulkes-hmmm, perhaps an annotation of applications it is known to work with in that fashion?19:23
sommerfaulkes-: it's all logins19:28
sommerall domain logins that is19:28
sommer zul: I'm still getting "ubuntu-xen-server: Depends: linux-xen but it is not installable" when I try to install xen... just fyi19:53
sommerzul: is there anything I can help with regards to that error?19:53
zulsommer: afaik the meta package hasn been updated yet so no :)19:54
sommerzul: okay, is there another way to install xen?19:55
sommeror how do I find out which packages the meta-package installs?19:55
zulapt-get source xen-meta19:55
sommerah, cool thanks19:56
sommerzul: should linux-xen be replaced by xen-image-*** ?20:21
nxvl_workhow do i use the domain authentification on ubuntu?21:08
nxvl_worki can't find the option21:08
nxvl_workon hardy i mean21:09
sommernxvl_work: you man Active Directory auth?21:09
nxvl_worksommer: yup21:09
sommercause if  you do check out: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/likewise-open.html21:09
nxvl_workthat's what i was looking fo21:09
sommernxvl_work: np, let me know what you think... if the guide is unclear, or could use more information21:10
nxvl_worki think for ibex we need to integrate this process with the gdm configuration21:10
* nxvl_work writes on his UDS idea pull21:11
sommerfor server?21:11
nxvl_workfor workstations21:11
_rubenhmm .. one of my fileserver kernel panic'ed again .. thought latest kernel upgrade "fixed" that .. any tips on how to troubleshoot or whatnot?21:11
sommernxvl_work: gotcha21:11
nxvl_worksommer: if i'm a user and want to login against my company AD server i really don't want to use the CLI i want a GUI21:12
nxvl_work(also thats the ubuntu way)21:12
sommernxvl_work: there is a gui, but the guide is for server...21:12
nxvl_worksommer: yes, but i don't want a separate GUI21:13
nxvl_worksommer: it must be integrated on the gdm config one21:13
* nxvl_work tests21:13
sommernxvl_work: right, I beleive the options is going to be added during install... or at some point it will be21:14
nxvl_worklet's see21:14
sommernxvl_work: you would still have to join the domain before it could be in gdm, I'd think21:14
nxvl_worksommer: you should be able to do it in there21:15
nxvl_worksommer: i will try the GUI to see if new ideas come to me21:15
nxvl_worksommer: i haven't use likewise ever, so i'm just looking how it works21:16
sommernxvl_work: cool21:16
sommerI'm not sure you'd want to join a domain from gdm ;-)21:16
sommeror maybe I'm misunderstanding21:16
* _ruben starts a memtest86 run to check for bad mem21:19
nxvl_worksommer: as a user, if i want to join a domain i want it to be done at login time (like windows does)21:24
nxvl_worki will talk to the desktop team21:24
nxvl_worki'm also not founding the gui21:25
sommernxvl_work: you have to login to windows as an administrator first, then join the domain, after which you can login to the domain21:25
nxvl_workfound it21:25
nxvl_worksommer: that's what i mean21:26
sommernxvl_work: okay, I'm with ya21:26
mathiazlamont: about bug 162821 - isn't that a duplicate of bug 127184 for the bind9 package ?21:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 162821 in gbindadmin "gbindadmin settings differ from that of bind9 package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16282121:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127184 in bind9 "Installing bind9 in a chroot" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12718421:26
nxvl_worksommer: to add the "join domain" option in the gdm configurator21:26
nxvl_worksommer: and then the domain login option on gdm log in window21:26
nxvl_works/gdm/login manager/21:27
nxvl_workmmm i need to configure an domain for testing purposes, i will do it later21:27
nxvl_workmathiaz: did you know which are our main goals for ibex?21:27
sommernxvl_work: mmmMM... seems like it may be confusing to choose between joining the domain or logging into the domain, but maybe the desktop team will lilke it21:28
nxvl_workmathiaz: as in what does canonical expects from us?21:28
nxvl_worksommer: i just a matter of adding a combobox to the login manager21:28
nxvl_worksommer: also, if i configure a domain is because i will use it every day (in most of the cases)21:29
nxvl_worki will try to discuss it with the desktop team now and also at UDS21:29
nxvl_workto see what they think21:30
sommernxvl_work: cool beans21:30
mathiaznxvl_work: it's up to the community to decide what we want for ibex21:30
lamontmathiaz: those sound different..21:30
mathiaznxvl_work: that's why we'll all gather at UDS to discuss our goals for ibex21:30
nxvl_workmathiaz: but, also canonical must gave us a general roadmap, or it doesn't happens at all?21:30
mathiazlamont: it seems that the part about bind9 was about running named in a chroot21:31
nxvl_worki mean some initial ideas for developing our roadmap21:31
lamontmathiaz: that is, installing bind9 to run in a chroot is blocked only by figuring out how to do that safely/correctly for upgrades, (or not), while the other is blocked on gbindadmin figuring out how to work with the dog.21:31
mathiazlamont: I'd suggest to fix gbindadmin to work ootb with bind921:32
lamontmathiaz: exactly21:32
nxvl_worksommer: that is desktop team work, doesn't it? we only need to gave them the support they ask for us, didn't we?21:32
lamontwhile getting bind9 to chroot by default is orthogonal to what silly admin wrapper package one chooses21:32
mathiazlamont: right. so I'd mark the bug as won't fix for bind9 (I don't think you can mark the bug as a duplicate just for the bind9 package21:32
sommernxvl_work: not sure I understand your question21:33
mathiazlamont: agreed.21:33
lamontand yeah, "dear bind9, do what gbindadmin wants, kthxbye"  --> WONTFIX21:33
mathiaznxvl_work: canonical will be involved in the discussion21:33
nxvl_worksommer: i mean, to add AD support for gdm is desktop team's work21:33
mathiaznxvl_work: but if the community wants to implement something, UDS is the place where we'll discuss this.21:34
sommernxvl_work: ah, um... I'd think so, server being non-gui21:34
nxvl_workmathiaz: that's clear, i'm asking if canonical gave an initial pull of ideas as "we want to go on that way" and then we chose which way we took on this direction21:34
ScottKnxvl_work: UDS is your chance to push it the way you want it to go.21:35
sommernxvl_work: on the gdm thing you might want to take a look at bug #19259921:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192599 in likewise-open "GDM support for domain choice" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19259921:36
sommerif  you haven't seen it already :)21:36
jjesseand while you are working on a gtk app for likewise and making gdm support the domain choice, make it for kdm as well :)21:43
ScottKAnd kdm421:45
mathiaznxvl_work: not really.21:45
mathiaznxvl_work: come up with your own ideas21:45
mathiaznxvl_work: there will be a list of blueprint that we'll discuss during the sprint.21:46
mathiaznxvl_work: that's a good indication about the topics21:46
nxvl_worksommer: something like that is what i'm looking fot21:46
nxvl_workmathiaz: oh! i thought canonical traces an initial and general roadmap and then at the UDS the community traces a more specific one21:49
nxvl_workScottK: are you attending to UDS?21:49
ScottKPlanning on it.21:49
mathiaznxvl_work: no - not really.21:50
mathiaznxvl_work: come up with your ideas and we'll discuss them.21:50
nxvl_workScottK: woohoo! i'm so exited about all the people i'm going the meet in there21:51
* ScottK is excited about not having to pay to go this time.21:51
nxvl_workmathiaz: is also fine if i make an open call for ideas by mail or on my blog? or is against the policies?21:51
nxvl_workScottK: also that21:51
ScottKnxvl_work: How you generate your ideas is up to you.21:52
ScottKBut ideas you're going to work on have a better chance of getting approved.21:52
nxvl_worki think is really usefull to know what the users want to see21:52
nxvl_workScottK: yes, but there is always someone who hear a good idea an offers himself to do it :D21:53
nxvl_workis there any ssh/crypt specialist inhere?21:53
zulmathiaz: yo22:02
mathiazzul: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/19477022:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194770 in samba "samba-common is not installed with samba" [Undecided,Incomplete]22:02
vaughnCan anyone assist in mounting a Dell Powervault 200s?22:04
zulmounting as in how?22:08
nxvl_workis there any ssh/crypt specialist inhere?22:10
vaughnWell, I can see it but I can't see how to mount it22:12
vaughnI'm on an IBM eServer x345 and the Powervault is attached via scsi22:12
zulis it a tape drive?22:13
nxvl_workvaughn: can you pastebin the output of "dmesg | head"22:13
nxvl_work"dmesg | tail"22:13
vaughnYes, give me a minute22:14
vaughnIt's a RAID5 array22:15
vaughnSorry, troubleshooting other stuff while doing this...22:15
vaughnOk zul, hrere's the output:22:22
vaughnvaughn@ivtvm:~$ dmesg | tail22:22
vaughn[  215.210191] /dev/vmnet: open called by PID 4336 (vmnet-natd)22:22
vaughn[  215.210214] /dev/vmnet: port on hub 8 successfully opened22:22
vaughn[  215.914892] eth1: no IPv6 routers present22:22
vaughn[  216.434176] eth0: no IPv6 routers present22:22
vaughn[  225.133537] /dev/vmnet: open called by PID 4757 (vmnet-netifup)22:22
vaughn[  225.133581] /dev/vmnet: port on hub 1 successfully opened22:22
vaughn[  225.219106] /dev/vmnet: open called by PID 4761 (vmnet-netifup)22:22
vaughn[  225.219147] /dev/vmnet: port on hub 8 successfully opened22:23
vaughn[  235.797499] vmnet8: no IPv6 routers present22:23
vaughn[  235.987232] vmnet1: no IPv6 routers present22:23
zulvaughn, can you use pastebin but Im not sure whats going on22:29
vaughnSorry, it's here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57384/22:33
vaughnBasically, I see that the RAID is on scsi channel 2 but I'm not sure how to mount it correctly22:34
nxvl_workvaughn: lspci?22:37
mookidhello people =)22:46
mookidwhat's the package name for ssh server22:47
mookidis it sshd ?22:47
vaughnI think it's openssh22:49
vaughnor open-ssh22:49
mookidyeah openssh-server23:15
mookiddont know where i got sshd from :/23:15
foofoolano: begone, foolamo!23:28
vaughnOk, so I guess the real question is, why doesn't my scsi raid show up in /dev/sda or something?23:39
kgoetzvaughn: sorry, that questions a copy :p23:40
Nafallomookid: the binary ;-)23:40
vaughnA copy?23:41
kgoetzvaughn: yeah, its not real23:41
kgoetzvaughn: hardware/software raid? either way, it uses different device names23:46
* kgoetz just noticed no one answered the question23:46
vaughnhardware raid23:51
vaughnkgoetz: it's a Dell Powervault 200s23:51
kgoetzvaughn: check if you have any /dev/md*23:52
kgoetziirc thats hardware raid (but i havent used it in quite a while)23:52
Nafalloit's dependent on the configuration surely? :-P23:54
vaughnkgoetz: no /dev/md*23:56

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