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Ngtjaalton: have you seen any crashes when exiting X on -intel?09:55
Ngit's not every time, but a fair percentage of the time, my laptop completely hangs09:55
tjaaltonNg: no, works fine with 96509:56
NgI don't seem to get any log entries, it just hangs solid :(09:57
tjaaltontry the new kernel, it has a number of drm changes09:57
Ngooh, new kernel you say :)09:59
Ngnewer than 2.6.24-8?10:00
tjaaltonmetapackages not updated yet10:00
bryceNg, I've not seen that either on my intel boxes10:14
Ngany 855s?10:15
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asachey ... how can i get the DPI used for fonts?12:58
asac(using api, not cmd line)12:59
jcristauasac: using Display{Height,Width}{,MM}() i think13:05
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asacjcristau: thats display ... i want font (which can be out of sync)13:47
asacbut i think thats just out of sync for GtkSettings enabled applications ... no idea though; thats why i ask ;)13:51
seb128asac: well, the xsetting should not be gtk specific13:52
jcristauno idea what xft does13:53
asacseb128: ok i think i will look into code ... e.g. what xft settings returns and if there are corner cases where this doesn't return anything sane. is that in pure Gtk Source?13:56
seb128asac: no clue about fonts, xft, etc13:56
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Ngtjaalton: are we gonna get the new upstream -intel? :)14:49
* Ng looks at that bug report. there seems to be way too much variation of behaviour for 855s ;)14:52
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tjaaltonNg: of course, tomorrow at the latest15:36
Ngawesome :)15:36
Ngdoes this have a standing exception? ;)15:36
tjaaltonheh, I'm not sure, but I guess that we can upload bugfix releases without too much paperwork15:37
tjaaltonthere's also a new mesa release candidate15:38
seb128bryce_: current comment on bug #32963 seems to indicate the issue is an xorg one16:12
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Ngooh interesting, I have a 945 at home running hardy and movies have indeed been looking awful16:38
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mvoNg: with compiz or everytime?17:26
mvoNg: (movies looking ugly)17:26
Ngmvo: I'm not actually sure, my 945 box is hooked up to my TV and I mostly just use it for watching movies. I'll check17:27
Ngit's quite likely using compiz17:27
Ngbut it definitely seems like a gamma thing - the image is clear, but bright areas are ridiculously bright17:27
* mvo nods17:29
mvoI'm just curious if it has something to do with compiz or not17:29
bryceseb128: I have updated the gnome-desktop and gnome-settings-daemon packages:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Testing/XrandrGui/17:31
seb128bryce: thanks17:34
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