DOOM_NXOdd-rationale, it says something about NTFS being used or so00:00
Odd-rationaleDOOM_NX: Have you tried to force mount?00:00
DOOM_NXi think it has been flagged as dirty00:00
danandsarthor - samba server uses ports 137-139 and 445. traffic on that port is bound to be high if you have a lot of clients connecting to you server00:00
DOOM_NXOdd-rationale, no, i didn't take the risk00:00
DOOM_NXshould i?00:00
Odd-rationaleDOOM_NX: As long as you don't blame me...00:01
DOOM_NXis there some other way to check the disks?00:01
DOOM_NXcause vista caused my external HDD to lose some data and not being able to mount in Ubuntu as well00:01
DOOM_NXbut then i used some check and fix command and it became mountable00:02
DOOM_NXbut it was trial and error... i don't remember what i have exactly done00:02
skullmonkey123when i try to boot up, it gets passed the loading splash screen and then goes to a terminal like command. any help?00:03
Odd-rationaleDOOM_NX: Can you boot windows into safe mode or command prompt and run a chdisk?00:03
DOOM_NXno i can't boot windows in any way00:03
DOOM_NXi get a reboot00:03
jarrettgreen_I've got a IP/Domain/DNS question. I have a dapper box up and running. I use a hosting company, and have say example.com. I have made it so my static IP points to port 80 on my dapper box. Works great. But I'd like instead of typing in the IP, or forwarding dev.example.com to the IP, to actually have the domain registered on the box. Is it possible to do this? I have bind9 running, but don't really understand it.00:04
jmworxI just de-installed compiz and I'm now left with no window manager. Every time I log in, I have to start metacity by hand, which is quite annoying to say the least. Any idea how to fix that?00:04
plagerismIs any part of the dhcp process ip based, or is all at the mac level?00:05
sudobashDOOM_NX try to use Super Grub Disk to repair your MBR and XP NTLDR00:05
SubOneI'm getting this error when trying to install Ubuntu 7.10: (initramfs) [  225.263034] ata2: SRST failed (errno=-16)00:06
DOOM_NXin fact i don't want vista to boot, i don't care about vista at all. i just want to mount the NTFS partitions to backup the data on them.00:06
sudobashhow much ram do you have subOne?00:06
SubOnesudobash: 64m00:06
storm-zenI didn't like the name of one of the partitions that were auto-mounted onto the desktop, so I unmounted it, used e2fslabel (I think was the name) to change the name, but now I can't figure out how to update that icon on my desktop (or worse, mount the partition again.)  What controls this behavior?00:06
sudobashthat might be your problem00:06
SubOnesudobash: so how do i initialize the installation process?00:07
Odd-rationaleDOOM_NX: Sorry about that. Got disconnected.00:07
sudobashDOOM_NX use NTFS-3g to mount NTFS in linux and copy data00:07
DOOM_NXOdd-rationale, it's ok00:07
skullmonkey123when i try to boot up, it gets passed the loading splash screen and then goes to a terminal like command. any help?00:07
sudobashSubOne are you using the Live cd or alternate?00:07
DOOM_NXsudobash, i think u didn't see... i am gettin an error when trying to mount them00:07
Odd-rationaleskullmonkey123: Have you tried "startx"00:07
skullmonkey123just that?00:07
sudobashSubone you need at least 256 mb of ram to use live cd00:07
panfisthi every time i try to enable propriety  drivers with my 9800xt i get a blank screen00:07
CyberMattati > skullmonkey12300:07
lucasvoI have a problem with locale: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57277/ I run an up to date dapper00:08
sudobashuse the alternate install and better get the xubuntu disc00:08
SubOnesudobash: so i cant use this disc at all?00:08
sudobashwith what and what error? are you using ntfs-3g Doom_NX?00:08
sudobashnot for a PC with 64 mb00:08
sudobashif you put over 256 then yes00:08
BibbieAnyone able to think of a reason ubuntu would not connect to a specific AP but be able to connect to all other AP's?    WEP encryption is on the AP currently00:08
DOOM_NXsudobash, those partitions would automatically mount when ubuntu started. now after a BSOD in vista i can't mount any of them.00:09
SubOnesudobash: is there anyway to doawnload part of the alt cd and make it with this one, because this is on dialup and i just got this cd00:09
sudobashDOOM_NX but the driver registers in BIOS?00:09
metxashi, any know how can i find this wallpapelclock? http://www.javipas.com/wp-content/gutsy-8.jpg00:09
DOOM_NXwhat do u mean?00:09
DOOM_NXi can see the drives in fdisk -l00:09
FlannelSubOne: What are you trying to do with this box?00:09
sudobashSubOne yeah.... been there before one second...00:09
sudobashDOOM yeah thats good enough00:10
strooglehow to change document-root in fresh apache2 install?00:10
SubOneFlannel: install Ubuntu onto the HDD00:10
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
sudobashand your using Ubuntu 7.10?00:10
cybergigCould use some help, I have Ubuntu and Windows installed on a 250gb hardrive, before Ubuntu detected the windows partition and displayed a folder and Icon in which I can copy over files to linux or write to windows. However now, the contents of the folder and the icon disappeared but both operating systems are there, could I get some help on this?00:10
FlannelSubOne: Ubuntu won't really run too well on 64M, Xubuntu might.00:10
tolecnalI was in here the other day, talking about a problem I had with my newly installed ubuntu installation freezing on boot. I found out what was wrong, it was the wireless NIC that halts the machine at boot (using ndiswrapper). It's a Marvell based chip, and the problem is known. Just wanted you to know too, always good to spread such information. Just FYI.00:10
DOOM_NXyes i'm using 7.1000:10
storm-zenooh.. I want that wall clock too, hehe.00:10
DOOM_NXdual boot with vista.00:10
sudobashyes xubuntu is what he needs00:10
SubOneFlannel: i'll keep that in mind but its what ive got atm00:10
cybergigVista sucks, XP is better00:10
sudobashand whats the error you get when mounting?00:11
SubOneso then i have no choice but order another cd?00:11
Flannelstroogle: Change it in the virtual host config.  /etc/apache2/sites-available/default00:11
sudobashXP is much better than Vista in my opinion00:11
DOOM_NXsomething like NTFS partition is already in use00:11
metxasstorm-zen, i search and search but can't find it00:11
sudobashSubOne how fast is CPU?00:11
DOOM_NXdo u want me to reproduce the error?00:11
FlannelSubOne: I'm not even sure Xubuntu's liveCD would work.  You'd need to install with an alternate CD at any rate.00:12
FlannelSubOne: you may look into linuxes designed specifically for older/lighter machines00:12
Odd-rationaleDOOM_NX: The reason that usually happens is when Windows is not shutdown properly. NTFS cannot handle that very well.00:12
FlannelSubOne: you could use the minimal CD, which is a 8mb download, but then it downloads all its packages from the web during install.  You will, however, be up to date.00:13
DOOM_NXsee the error00:13
bobesponjaafter using airsnort, my wifi card stopped working, it is not detected anymore :/ any idea how to fix this?00:13
sudobashSubOne no you have to use Alternate install and install Xubuntu when you get that done... or just get the Xubuntu alternate install00:13
FlannelSubOne: You might try contact your LoCo team, see if they can provide you with a CD00:13
SubOneok so then i just have to order another disc?00:13
hischildDOOM_NX, you can force mount your drive if you want :-)00:13
sudobashFlannel that is good idea00:13
cybergigCould use some help, I have Ubuntu and Windows installed on a 250gb hardrive, before Ubuntu detected the windows partition and displayed a folder and Icon in which I can copy over files to linux or write to windows. However now, the contents of the folder and the icon disappeared but both operating systems are there, could I get some help on this?00:13
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DOOM_NXhischild, i don't really want to corrupt any data... i just hope there is a way to fix this and mount it00:14
sudobashcybergig | mount00:14
Odd-rationaleDOOM_NX: Do you have another Windows machine, or one you have access to?00:14
sudobash!mount | cybergig00:14
SubOneok thanks guys00:14
ubotucybergig: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter00:14
FlannelSubOne: you can't order Alternate CDs, unfortunately.  Get a hold of the Colorado LoCo, see what they can do for you.  #ubuntu-us-co00:14
edgeWhen i ssh to my box as an unprivillaged user, the machine disconnects and closes. what could be causing this?00:14
danandSubOne - try damn small linux (thats based on debian too i think) or feather linux perhaps. My fav is dsl :)00:14
DOOM_NXOdd-rationale, no, sorry00:14
SubOnek thanks00:14
sudobashyes DSL is good00:14
hischildDOOM_NX, yes there is. Mount this drive on a windows machine and then unmount it again. Or you can just force mount it, which under normal circumstances won't corrupt data00:15
sudobashyeah just force mount the drive00:15
hischildDOOM_NX, this is because it wasn't unmounted properly under windows when disconnecting the drive.00:15
Odd-rationaleDOOM_NX: Any windows friends? You can try to attach your HDD to their machine and then simply safely remove it.00:15
achandrashekarhello..any one familiar with scaling an image down in gimp?When I do it, it appears all hazy.00:15
lucasvoI have a problem with locale on an ubuntu dapper server. If I set locale to UTF-8 on my gnome terminal, in which I run an ssh session to the server, locale does not work00:15
lucasvoit can't set locale to UTF-800:15
lucasvopaste: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57277/00:15
sudobashdude screw that hooking to windows crap just force mount it00:15
DOOM_NXin fact it has to be done tonight, i have to recover an important file... and it's already 2:15 am here00:15
DOOM_NXok i'll try to force mount it00:16
Peloachandrashekar, try asking in #gimp-user00:16
Odd-rationaleDOOM_NX: Other wise, your only option is to force mount it. I've done it before without loosing any data.00:16
sudobashi havent lost any data with force mounting00:16
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:16
Peloarchangelpetro, make that #gimp00:16
hischildOdd-rationale,  sudo mkdir /media/dir && sudo mount -o force /dev/sdc1 /media/dir .. ?00:16
Odd-rationaleDOOM_NX: Did it work?00:16
DOOM_NXWARNING: Forced mount, reset $LogFile.00:16
sudobashyeah it worked00:17
DOOM_NXi'm not really sure00:17
hischildDOOM_NX, normal :-)00:17
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Odd-rationalehischild: mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc1/ -o force00:17
edgecan i give a password with the sudo command , like sudo -p <password> ??00:17
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter00:17
DOOM_NXyep it worked :D00:17
DOOM_NXthanks a lot guys00:17
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE00:17
DOOM_NXi'll have to do the same with the rest 2 partitions00:17
sudobashedge sudo -i if you are using it in a script00:17
donkey_hello i have a question. I installed Ubuntu but my external speakers arent working on my laptop. is there a reason or a way to fix it?????00:17
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
hischildOdd-rationale, it'll autodetect ntfs afaik ... always done that for me00:17
hischilddonkey_, what kind of laptop do you have?00:18
donkey_sony vaio00:18
DOOM_NXi owe u guys, u're the best00:18
DOOM_NXu don't know what trouble u saved me from00:18
Odd-rationalehischild: Yes, I know. His problem was that windows did not shutdown properly00:18
donkey_hischild i have a sony vaio00:18
DOOM_NXno i'm not using windows again for any reason00:18
sudobashthats because windows sucks00:18
hischildOdd-rationale, when i switch my external drive i get the same thing .. i skip the -t ntfs-3g thing :-)00:18
Pelosudobash, we do not badmouth windows here , there is no need00:19
hischilddonkey_, any chance you know wether it uses the intel chipset?00:19
Odd-rationaleDOOM_NX: Hurray! good for you.00:19
* hischild praises DOOM_NX 00:19
michalskisupport open source and discourage others the use of windows, thats enough sudobash :)00:19
donkey_no idea. my internal speakers are working but my external arent. they worked on windows but now not on ubuntu00:19
donkey_hischild: no idea. my internal speakers are working but my external arent. they worked on windows but now not on ubuntu00:19
Pelodonkey_, check on your laptop model in the forum00:19
edgesudobash, what does sudo -i do for me?00:20
DOOM_NXi mean it already caused me the loss of data in my external HDD. i'm not risking again bootin Vista00:20
Odd-rationaledonkey_: have you checked your mixer settings?00:20
donkey_model laptop00:20
donkey_my laptop model vgn-c260e00:20
donkey_pelo: my laptop model vgn-c260e00:20
sudobashi use it for scripts because using just sudo doesnt work but I dont think you can use a password as an arument ( wouldnt be very secure)00:20
sudobashcleartext isn't good00:20
Pelodonkey_, do a search on it in www.ubuntuforums.org and in here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport00:20
levanderI've got a home router here that serves as a DHCP server for our network.  When you get your IP address from it, it sets you up so that it is your DNS server.  Should I be able to use that router to look up IP address of other machines on our home network?00:21
dananddonkey_ - alsamixer or alsamixer-gui - check your mixer settings as Odd-rationale suggests00:21
* ComradeMirror flails arms00:22
ComradeMirrorI wish they would release linux compatible ventril00:22
v0lksman_anyone know how to reset the blkid cache?  or rebuild it?00:22
* Pelo pumps ComradeMirror full of tranquilizer00:22
Pelov0lksman_, man blkid00:22
v0lksman_yeah...doesn't really say...I tried -g but it didn't clear the entries I'm concerned about00:23
=== c is now known as Charitwo
DOOM_NXanother question... how can i try to recover some lost files on my external sata ntfs hdd?00:23
jorje-villafanI tried to drag a file to a folder, But it says I don't have permission. How do I get permision?00:23
Odd-rationalejorje-villafan: Use sudo00:24
Pelojorje-villafan, if it is not your home folder  start nautlus as root with  gksu nautilus00:24
oddchildHello all, a friend of mine has a compaq nc6000 his computer takes 5 minutes to get into ubuntu. Does any one have any suggestions? I have tried turning off his wifi, removing CD etc... lookahead is not installed... Does anyone have any ideas?00:24
stroogleflanel: thx - that worked00:24
viniciushey! what is the name of the packages for me to add a language at the mozilla-thunderbird spell checker?00:24
ouellettesrhow can i tell where a usb devices is connected? like /dev/ttyUSB000:24
stroogleflanel: thx - i've got php installed but not with mysql support, how would i do that?00:24
Flannelstroogle: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP00:25
vasilisaAny ubuntu users know why my allegro program isnt working in linux? (open /dev/snd/midiC0D0 failed: No such file or directory)00:25
storm-zenmetxas:  I may have just tripped over it.  Have you looked at this?: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Wallpaper+Clock+Screenlet?content=6671700:25
PStangerhey what is the best current kernel to use for a core 2 duo processor in a laptop?00:25
CyberMattstroogle, apt-get install mysql-server00:25
CyberMattPStanger, generic00:25
PeloPStanger, stick to generic00:25
FlannelPStanger: -generic00:25
PStangerthanks :)00:25
ArthurArchnixI've got a core-dua, and I'm using ubuntu gutsy. I'm not sure if it's the "best", but it works great.00:25
ouellettesrideas anyone?00:26
zero88Can someone give me some help with my wireless connection?00:26
stroogleCyberMatt: mysql-server is there00:26
Peloouellettesr, try lsusb00:26
CyberMattstroogle, apt-get install php5-mysql00:26
v0lksman_stroogle: you;ll need php5-mysql00:26
ouellettesrPelo i tried that but it gives info like this Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000000:27
zero88ouellettesr, what u trying to do00:27
ouellettesri need to find out what /dev/ a gps reciever is hooked to00:27
v0lksman_ouellettesr: you can also check dmesg from a shell00:27
Peloouellettesr, what kind of device are we talking about here ? storage  ? keyboard ?00:27
metxasstorm-zen, i see it, but not try, and don't see the same theme in this page, but go to try it00:27
ouellettesrgps reciever00:28
v0lksman_the sooner you check dmesg after conencting the device the easier it will be to id it00:28
magnetronouellettesr: connected via Bluetooth?00:28
ouellettesrnope usb00:28
Peloouellettesr, try checking in menu > systsem > prefs > hardware info00:28
magnetronouellettesr: it's probably on an emulated serial port00:28
lordleemovinicius: myspell   use synaptics00:28
ouellettesrmagnetron, i believe it is, usually its ttyUSB0 but thats not showing up00:29
viniciuslordleemo, myspell-es ?00:29
Wizzelhas anyone managed to fix the sleep problem with ubuntu? seems crazy nobody can fix an open source OS00:29
lordleemovinicius: for spanish yes00:30
viniciuslordleemo, thank you!00:30
zero88Ok, For some reason, my wireless card would not come up in any hardware listing lspci and other such commands. So I reinstalled windows with a dual boot, found out what driver I needed for windows, brang that over to Ubuntu, and installed it with ndiswrapper. The hardware is present now, it shows up under iwconfig and everything, it shows wireless networks but when I connect, i still do not have internet. Please help.00:30
PeloWizzel, it's a tricky problem apparently00:30
Wizzelyeah i bet00:30
mrpocketsi accidently clicked on Gl Desktop and now my entire install runs goofy00:30
jorje-villafanThanks guys, I used the nautilus command and it worked great!!!00:30
viniciuslordleemo, but i think it's language-pack-es00:31
Odd-rationalejorje-villafan: Be careful browsing your files as root though.!00:31
reportingsjrIs there a way to convert .flv files to .swf for ubuntu?00:31
viniciuslordleemo, because it didn't appeared nothing at the spell dialog00:31
Pelojorje-villafan, make sure you exit that session of nautilus after you are done, you realy don'T want to run that as root usualy00:31
viniciuslordleemo, when I try to correct something...00:31
gangadjinnanyone have a good place for me to read up on getting my mousebuttons to work00:31
NB2000Is the wireless device getting an IP?00:31
jorje-villafanI just need it to drop so themes in place00:31
Pelo!mouse | gangadjinn00:31
ubotugangadjinn: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto00:31
Pelojorje-villafan, you drop them in the theme manager00:32
zero88NB2000, no it doesnt look like it is00:32
jw144000I'm having a problem switching between keyboard layouts in Hardy Heron Alpha 5. After I switch to the Hebrew Phonetic layout, it won't switch back to English or any other layout I have.00:32
lordleemovinicius: i used myspell-de and works fine you can try language pack00:32
Pelojw144000, for hardy stuff ask in #ubuntu+100:32
NB2000Is there an entry for it in /etc/network/interfaces ?00:32
zero88NB2000, ya waln000:33
zero88NB2000, ya wlan000:33
newbi1hi every1 is there a helix for apt in ubuntu gutsy?00:34
newbi1i mean helix player00:34
NB2000Does it specify it to DHCP?00:34
Flannelnewbi1: yes http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/helix-player00:34
Flannelnewbi1: it's "helix-player"00:34
jorje-villafanthey wouldn't go into a theme manager. They were for the desktop clock00:34
Pelonewbi1, check in add/remove00:34
zero88NB2000, iface wlan0 inet dhcp00:34
newbi1Flannel tnx00:35
NB2000Well that looks right.00:35
zero88NB2000, what the difference form hexidecimal and acsii00:35
NB2000Is the router your trying to connect to secured?00:35
Pelojorje-villafan, ah, gdesklets themes then,  that's another thing00:35
zero88NB2000, just wep open00:35
Pelojorje-villafan, to avoid that , I move the /usr/share/gdesklets/ folder to my /home fodler and make a symlink for it in /usr/share/gdesklets00:36
NB2000If it's WEP you probably need the ESSID and password.00:36
zero88NB2000, ya it has that in /etc/networkinterfaces00:37
rhineheart_mIs dovecot enough to have squirrelmail to work?00:37
zero88NB2000, could it be the password type . it has an option for WEP hexideciaml and WEP ascii00:38
NB2000You could try an ifup wlan0 and you might get some sort of error as opposed to on startup.00:38
* Pelo wonders if it is aboslutely necessary for rhineheart_m to talk in code00:38
NB2000zero88 could be...00:38
zero88NB2000, ifup already says its configured00:38
NB2000I use hex here...00:39
zero88NB2000, eh i guess i jsut have to play with it00:39
illmortalmuahahahhahaha i have ubuntu 7.10 working on PS3 :d00:39
NB2000zero88 you can do a ifdown first.  Then bring it back up.00:39
illmortalCan anyone help me with flash installation?.... Need flash player.00:39
illmortaland checkgmail and amarok o.o;00:40
zero88NB2000, k i will try a ffew things thanks for the help00:40
karl_illmortal: apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree00:40
Pelo!flash | illmortal00:40
ubotuillmortal: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:40
Peloillmortal, try add/remove for the rest00:40
tatogood night00:41
donkey_where can i get the cool visual effects for ubuntu00:43
jmoncayohello guys anyone here has installed and configured psybnc? i need some help configuring it00:44
Odd-rationaledonkey_: Are you using 7.10?00:44
insomhey all00:45
insombeen awhile since I've done the linux thing00:45
fabio2a lot of ubuntu users i see00:45
=== SVI is now known as DBO
Pelofabio2, mostly idlers00:46
insomand I must say I'm digging gutsy00:46
CyberMattdonkey_, try Apperence preferences00:46
NB2000Idlers read too. :)00:46
Odd-rationaledonkey_: You should already have a lot of video effects preinstalled. Go to System --> Pref --> Appearance and in the "Visual Effects" tab, enbale visual effects00:46
insomI just turned on compiz00:46
fabio2compiz 0.7.100:46
VvWolverinevVhi, my mplayer gui is not loading, can anyone help?00:47
PeloVvWolverinevV, ask in #mplayer00:47
_bryceI am reading this guide:  https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/installation-guide/i386/boot-usb-files.html  What does it mean when it says "the ubuntu archives" from which I am supposed to somehow get the four files?00:47
Pelo_bryce, which files ? it might help to know00:48
_bryceThey're listed in the file:00:48
_bryce    *00:48
_bryce      vmlinuz (kernel binary)00:48
_bryce    *00:48
_bryce      initrd.gz (initial ramdisk image)00:48
_bryce    *00:48
FloodBot1_bryce: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:48
_bryce      syslinux.cfg (SYSLINUX configuration file)00:48
_bryce    *00:48
_bryce      Optional kernel modules00:48
Pelo_bryce, I recommend you look in the cd00:48
_brycePelo, the ubuntu install cd? In what subdirectory?00:49
Pelo_bryce, do a search00:49
DjerodekHello, I'm looking for some boot assistance for a livecd00:50
PeloDjerodek, what is the problem ?00:50
ArthurArchnixDjerodek: Go on00:50
DjerodekI'm running an HP dv6308ca and I get a microcode error during boot - it continues on to a blank screen and hangs00:51
DjerodekThe CD stops spinning and it sits on a blank screen without any change00:51
PeloDjerodek, I recommend you try the alternate instal cd00:51
DjerodekAlternate install cd?00:51
iceswordnickrud, finally ,i finished netinstall,but not ubuntu,it is debian,i use that 180m cd of debian00:51
donkey_well i know that there are going to be some more visual efects like when you resize the window you can bend it and stuf00:51
PeloDjerodek, text based installer, no live cd desktop to try one ,   you can get it from the ubuntu webise00:52
nickrudicesword: good on you, you now know much more about how your ubuntu is put together :)00:52
DjerodekAlright, now assuming I do this, and I want to install the OS to my 4GB USB key, how would I do that?00:52
Robert125Is ubuntu updateable by CD?00:52
FlannelRobert125: yes, the Alternate CD00:53
Pelo!install > Djerodek check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu00:53
nickrudRobert125: you can use the alternate, but you'll still need the web to upgrade stuff that you've downloaded00:53
iamchrisHi guys. I have a usb hard drive, and now for some reason it wont let me access and modify the files on the drive. It says I dont have permission. I tried to change the permission, but it says I need to be root.00:53
DjerodekThanks, Pelo00:53
nickrudRobert125: in other words, without the net you'll have a broken upgrade00:53
Robert125>Flannel: Thanks00:53
donkey_well i know that there are going to be some more visual efects like when you resize the window you can bend it and stuf\00:53
PeloDjerodek, basicaly you install to it like to anyother hdd ,  just make sure you set it to boot in the bios, so the grub boot menu  gets intalled to taht and not to your regular hdd00:53
Pelodonkey_, what are you talking about ?00:54
DjerodekThanks again00:54
caveman24whats a good music sequencer/composer program for linux?00:54
* Pelo gets tanks now but he know that later Djerodek will curse his name 00:54
fabio2hydrogen ?00:54
* nickrud thinks Pelo has some experience that way00:55
donkey_visual effect downloads00:55
Indiadev_TechieMe too >>> want to install the OS to my 4GB usb key..... how would I do that :)???00:55
owen1i am trying to connect my pc to the tv. i got nVidia. how do i use nvtv?00:55
fabio2Hydrogen - advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux -> www.hydrogen-music.org/00:55
BibbieAnyone have a problem with the apperance of flash within their browser?00:56
fabio2buth the flash plugin is quite cpu hungry00:56
PeloIndiadev_Techie, just like isntalling to any other hdd ,  but make sure your bios is set to have the usb key as the boot device,00:56
Pelo!install > Indiadev_Techie  check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu00:56
OverandI have an ubuntu-erver install i just upgraded from feisty to gutsy, and it's got one of the CPUs pegged, running 'udevd' and there'saprocess called'watershed'alsorunning00:56
Bibbiefabio2: are you using firefox?00:56
Overandthe system is using a hardware raid card, 3ware- is thisrelated?00:57
Bibbiebah, idk wth i did00:57
Overandi am concerened, my load averages  are over 2.5, and the machine is basically doing nothing00:57
fabio2ii  flashplayer-mozilla         Macromedia Flash Player00:57
Odd-rationaleIndiadev_Techie: Also make sure that you install GRUB to the USB drive, not to your internall HDD.00:57
caveman24need something with more than just drums... like full midi n stuff like that00:57
Overanddmesg is STUFFED with errors about 'dm-linear'00:57
PeloIndiadev_Techie, consider using puppy linux instead,  it is much smaller and works well on usb thumb drives00:58
Indiadev_TechiePelo: Odd-rationale:  Thanx :)00:58
iamchriscaveman, theres a fruity loops-like program00:58
iamchrisI just cant remember what its called00:58
illmortalamarok can't be installed on a PPC? (Playstation 3)00:58
Overandhttp://pastebin.com/m307f6886 <-- dm-linear fillingdmesg log.00:58
owen1how to connect my pc(nvidia) to tv00:58
Overandah i see bugs00:59
fabio2rosengard ?00:59
stroogle_suddenly internet connection stops on linux machine but continues on windows box (hence this post)00:59
ubotuFor help with enabling the TV-Out, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaTVOutNewbieEdition (Nvidia cards) or http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Tvout (ATI cards, *untested*)00:59
Peloowen  read up00:59
stroogle_i've got eth0 and eth1 with the same ip of and a gateway that is working onthis here xp machine00:59
stroogle_what can i do to figure out what's gone wrong?00:59
fabio2www.rosegardenmusic.com/ -->> Rosegarden: music software for Linux00:59
owen1Pelo: i installed nvtv, but i don't know how to use it.01:00
kinkadiushas anyone had to set up multiple sites of both php and ruby on rails on an ubuntu apache server?01:00
kinkadiusi'm using this quick tutorial: http://www.urbanpuddle.com/articles/2008/01/09/install-ruby-on-rails-on-ubutu-gutsy-gibbon-apache-version01:00
hoarycrippleis there any news about a native java plugin for 64 bit firefox?01:00
Peloowen1, neither do I , I suggest you try searching in the forum or on google for more info , or look for a nvtv website for instructions01:01
caveman24hmmm... thats more like it.... ima give rosegarden a try01:01
stroogle_i've rebooted the linux box and the rooter01:01
kinkadiusand i can get a php site and a ruby site up, but i can't get two ruby sites01:01
owen1Pelo: ok. thanks01:01
kinkadiusno matter how many ruby apps i try to add, it seems like the first one always takes precedence for some reason01:01
sarthorHi, is it possible to make my usb pen drive password protected??01:01
stroogle_when i try to ping the gateway of it says destination host unreachable01:02
Pelosarthor, with encryption I think ,01:02
hw00djohnhey everyone, i need help setting up my webcam, i've tried the forums and google and i've also asked for help here a few times to no avail.01:02
sarthorPelo, i am using ubuntu, Can protect in ubuntu? How?01:02
Pelohw00djohn, ubuntu is not the greatest distro for webcams,  they can be very tricky,  I never got mine to work01:03
Odd-rationalesarthor: Yes. Use the alt. cd01:03
Pelosarthor, not sure that will work when you plug it into another comp01:03
Odd-rationalesarthor: Option to encrypt entire HDD01:03
Master-of-NoneI'm in a bit of a predicement01:03
=== devrethman is now known as Devrethman
gangadjinnis there a way to disable the ALT keycombo for gettign the maximize and move options for a window... I actually prefer to remove it completely01:03
hw00djohnpelo do you know any good free os's for webcams?01:03
caveman24cool... that was easy... apt-get install rosegarden.. LOL01:03
Odd-rationalesarthor: Opps. sorry. Misread question. :P01:03
Pelohw00djohn, I personnaly don'T01:04
sarthorOdd-rationale, Np01:04
Master-of-NoneMy internet connection drops when I browse certain pages... I'm using wireless with a Linksys WRT54G router01:04
Pelohw00djohn, I think it is pretty much of a linux issue01:04
hw00djohnpelo okay, thanks...01:04
stroogle_ifconfig tells me that eth1 has lots of collisions01:04
Pelolater folks01:04
storm-zenack.  Which is the location for CST?  I was playing with a wallpaper clock and I'm not sure how to set it back.01:05
speeddemon8803GMT -6 is CST...if thats what your asking storm-zen01:05
storm-zenspeeddemon8803: Not quite... I'm asking how to set the clock in gnome.01:06
storm-zen( with NTP sync )01:06
speeddemon8803ah, ok01:06
donkey_i want to replace my sounds on Pidgon. where can i get new sounds01:06
fabio2gstreamer sucks01:06
speeddemon8803its been a while since ive dealt with gnome01:06
RB2Hi all. Does anyone here run an IBM T61? I'm helping a friend out with a grub issue. After running the ThinkVantage updates on the Windows side, grub comes up with GRUB and a blinking cursor.01:07
speeddemon8803Hello, nativeangels...what may we assist you with today?01:07
NativeAngelsim tryin to get phpmyadmin to work01:07
NativeAngelsi have mysql installed01:07
nickrudNativeAngels: did you install it from the repos?01:07
NativeAngelsand phpmyadmin installed01:07
donkey_i want to replace my sounds on Pidgon. where can i get new sounds01:08
nickrudNativeAngels: sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin , that's the simplest way01:08
NativeAngelsive got it01:08
NativeAngelsbut when i try to open it01:08
speeddemon8803!enter > nativeangels (nativeangels please see private message.)01:08
sinboxhas anyone here used a canon pixma mp160 on 7.10 and could help me troubleshoot mine01:08
NativeAngels!enter > nativeangels01:08
Indiadev_Techiedonkey_: maybe thta u will get ur anser at #pidgin ... check out ther once....01:08
speeddemon8803NativeAngels, that was a message to you from ubotu, you dont have to repeat commands that I do :)01:09
sarthorI am back, I checked gparted, fdisk, but there is no Option for protected usb drive with password? any Help please01:09
nickrudNativeAngels: you should have a private message somewhere, about not using enter so much. It scrolls the window fast. Things are slow right now, but some days ...01:10
* speeddemon8803 backspaces a few dozen times01:10
Odd-rationalesarthor: If you are a quite competent Linux user, you could modify these instructions to suit your needs: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LUKS01:11
Smuttanyone here do any packet sniffing with a laptop?01:11
Smuttor a pci card?01:11
Odd-rationalesarthor: The instructions are written for arch, but it should work on any Linux system01:11
speeddemon8803Smutt, yes.01:11
Smuttdo u use a pci wireless card?01:12
luckyshothey guys, i just successfully installed ubuntu on my eee, is there any remote client for ubuntu i can use to connect to a different machine?01:12
speeddemon8803Yes smutt.01:12
Smuttwhich card do u use?01:12
Smuttim having trouble finding one that works01:12
NativeAngelsanyhows ive installed phpmyadmin as u said and mysql but when i  go to the phpmyadmin page i get an error message01:12
daedalus2_lucky: try putty ssh client01:12
speeddemon8803Well, i havent done it in a long time with a pci card..but i know it works.01:13
luckyshotdaedalus2_, im looking for something with gui like rdp or vnc?01:13
Smutti need a pci card that has rfmon mode capabilities01:13
speeddemon8803I threw mine away when i got a laptop with a intergrated wireless card.01:13
reportingsjranyone know how to convert an avi file to a swf file?01:13
rawbeefI'm having some really weird wireless issues, anyone care to help?  I'm using a broadcam 43xx, but the thing is, i can detect networks, gauge their strength, but i can't connect to them01:13
tony__Message for danbhfive ....I found what I wanted by using Krusader search, thanks for the help01:14
rawbeefi've done a ton of stuff different articles told me todo but nothing seems to work01:14
sarthorOdd-rationale, i am not much expert in linux? i dont want to destroy any data from usb or from my hdd.01:14
Smuttlol ur problem is that ur using broadcom01:14
daedalus2_lucky: try rdesktop or Xvnc01:14
Smuttwhich sucks01:14
fabio2ffmpeg can convert almost everything01:14
luckyshotdaedalus2_, do you know the commands for those? i can just enterin my terminal?01:14
reportingsjrfabio2, I tried it and I couldn't get it te work01:15
reportingsjrfabio2, tried ##ffmpeg, no one has said anything01:15
reportingsjrfabio2, could you help me?01:15
fabio2so i suppose it's hopeless01:15
fabio2what codec need to be used ?01:15
reportingsjrif I could figure it out01:15
Odd-rationalesarthor: Well, in order to passwd, protect your USB, you will need to replace the partition with an encrypted one, destroying all data on it. So you would need to back up you usb drive.01:15
reportingsjrno clue :)01:15
fabio2cryptmount **01:15
rawbeefdisconnected :\01:15
mephux_anyone know how i can set ubuntu to boot into single use mode by default?01:16
Flannelmephux_: why would you wnt to do that?01:16
sarthorOdd-rationale, Ok. i have the backup of my usb data.01:16
reportingsjrfabio2, care to help?01:16
fabio2but i read the swf is supported01:16
fabio2ffmpeg -formats | grep swf01:16
Odd-rationalesarthor: Read up on cryptmount as fabio2 suggested. Anyways. gtg...01:16
mephux_gui slows me down.. but i sometimes use it..01:17
fabio2 libavcodec version: 51.48.001:17
Flannelmephux_: single user mode isn't what you want to mediate that then.  You just want GDM to not start by default.  Single user mode is only for administration01:17
Flannelmephux_: and even then, only when normal methods of admin aren't working01:17
reportingsjrfabio2, ok, what do I do with that?01:18
FLUXxXxhello! I have a computer at home with external IP (reachable from the internet) and a computer at work which is behind router and has a lan ip (192.168..). Now, using ssh, is there a way to connect through ssh from work to home but to have access to a bash command line from home to work? Something like a 2 way ssh connection? Or is there another way to ssh to my work computer? except portforward01:18
fabio2you should have smething like this01:18
BigDaddygreeting all01:18
Master-of-NoneMy internet connection drops when I browse certain pages... I'm using wireless with a Linksys WRT54G router01:18
daedalus2_lucky: if you have them installed already just type the command name like rdesktop hostname or xvnc hostname01:18
fabio2 DE swf             Flash format01:18
mephux_Flannel, how should that be done ?01:18
rawbeefhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=405990&highlight=43xx <-- Do you guys reccomend that?01:19
BigDaddyI have a dumb question. Where in the heck can I change the font colors in my theme appearance?01:19
reportingsjrfabio2, huh?01:19
Flannelmephux_: !bum | mephux_01:19
Flannel!bum | mephux_01:19
ubotumephux_: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:19
fabio2so i suppode i can deconde/encode from /to swf01:19
Flannelmephux_: disable gdm from starting by default01:19
lemtrying to setup eclipse here, ideally without using sun's java stuff. after installing the eclipse package i get an error window saying no java vm found. any ideas?01:20
reportingsjrfabio2, so what do I run? =\01:20
PriceChildLadyBot, list01:20
fabio2just let me see what codec i need to use01:20
Indiadev_Techielem: may b that java runtime is missin on ur pc...01:21
reportingsjrfabio2, ok01:21
BigDaddyanyone at all...change the GNOME font colors01:22
fabio2...working out01:22
lemIndiadev_Techie: ubuntu ships with the GIJ though01:22
Indiadev_Techielem: i didnt know that :(01:23
Indiadev_Techielem: thanx for ya comment...01:23
john_hey guys01:23
lemanyone have experience with eclipse and  /etc/eclipse/java_home ?01:23
Gibbim trying to start xmms and Im getting an error that my soundcard is in use - its not! how can I see whats accessing my soundcard or what?01:24
douglas_h'/j netsplit01:24
john_i am on harday alpha01:24
john_and the nvidia driver doesnt work01:25
fabio2try ffmpeg -i in.avi put.swf01:25
Flanneljohn_: #ubuntu+1 for Hardy support, thanks01:25
reportingsjrfabio2, ok01:25
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!01:25
lan-marieanyone know how to fix suspension on a laptop using the fglrx or vesa driver? I don't care about 3d, so whichever one is easier.01:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pxe - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:26
fishieI just setup an ext3 partition. How do I set the mount point to "/"?01:26
reportingsjrfabio2, Unsupported codec for output stream #0.101:26
KiraHow do I check if proftpd is running?01:26
reportingsjr"-LadyBot- .No Spam reportingsjr estas avisado una más y te vas" What the?01:26
fabio2audio ?01:27
nickrudKira: sudo netstat -tlpn , shows your listening ports.01:27
fabio2yuo could have problems with audio or video01:27
reportingsjrfabio2, what would be the problem?01:27
fabio2you have to handle 2 streams01:28
Kiranickrud: I see. Thanks.01:28
reportingsjraudio and video01:28
fabio2Stream #0.0 is the video and the other the audio stream01:28
fabio2you have to read carefully the codecs involved01:28
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:29
fabio2and molstly what is ffmpeg complaining about01:29
reportingsjrfabio2, Do I have to change one of the codecs?01:29
fabio2i don't know which .avi do you have01:29
reportingsjrhow do I find out?01:30
fabio2tell me which codec ffmpeg is going to use for the audio stream01:30
fabio2 Stream #0.0: Video: flv, yuv420p, 320x240 [PAR 0:1 DAR 0:1], 24.00 tb(r)01:30
fishieHello, can anyone tell me how to set an ext3 partition's mount point to "/"?01:30
NativeAngelshello can anyone in here tell me why i get this error on my phpmyadmin page Cannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration01:31
reportingsjrStream #0.0: Video: msmpeg4, yuv420p, 688x368 [PAR 0:1 DAR 0:1], 25.00 tb(r)01:31
reportingsjrStream #0.1: Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s01:31
danbhfivefishie: if you are using the installer, try right clicking01:31
fishieI am using GParted now.01:31
fabio2and what about the audio ?01:31
fishiedanbhfive: I just finished setting up partition in GParted, should I restart and go to the installation now?01:31
fabio2that for the input ..01:31
danbhfivefishie: restart what?01:32
rhombusI wrote a udev rule for my digital camera. It creates the symlink just fine, but it points to the wrong device node01:32
danbhfivefishie: are you installing ubuntu?01:32
fishiedanbhfive: the computer; I'm using the GParted Live CD now. I am not in the Ubuntu installation01:32
fishiedanbhfive: yes01:32
fabio2try disabling the audio : ffmpeg -an01:32
reportingsjrfabio2, moment01:32
danbhfivefishie: ok, well, start the installation, you will end up in gparted again.  Set the mount points there01:32
fishiedanbhfive: thx for your help!01:33
=== K_Dallas_ is now known as K_Dallas
reportingsjr    Stream #0.0: Video: flv, yuv420p, 688x368 [PAR 0:1 DAR 0:1], q=2-31, 200 kb/s, 25.00 tb(c)    Stream #0.1: Audio: 0x0000, 48000 Hz, stereo, 64 kb/s01:33
fabio2msmpeg4 means microsucks mpeg 401:33
micaletAlguien recuerda un comentario en el código de Unix que decía algo así como : " No pretendo que comprendas esto" ??01:33
nickrud!es | micalet01:33
ubotumicalet: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:33
kostkonreportingsjr, is this the input or the output streams?01:33
Gibbhow do i tell whats using my sound card?01:33
kostkonare these*01:33
reportingsjrkostkon, that was the output01:33
fabio2NO codec for the audio ?01:34
kostkonreportingsjr, it looks like the codec is unknown or it has not been set01:34
kostkonreportingsjr, audio codec*01:34
dfletcherhey tpw_rules :P01:34
fabio2force it with -acodec mp201:34
reportingsjrfabio2, it works with -an01:34
reportingsjrbut no sound =\01:34
fabio2but you have no audio :P01:34
reportingsjrso -acodec mp2 it is!01:35
fabio2or lamemp301:35
fishieQuestion: I tried to shrink a partition so that I could add another partition. However, the operation failed midway (my computer automatically shut down). The partition now looks as if it was never shrunk/edited. Should I be concerned about this partition?01:35
kostkonreportingsjr, did you install the version of ffmpeg from the medibuntu repo?01:36
reportingsjrkostkon, I got the trunk01:36
reportingsjrand built it01:36
micaletAlguien recuerda un comentario en el código de Unix , en las primeras versiones, que decía algo así como : " No pretendo que comprendas esto" ??01:36
LjL!es | micalet01:36
ubotumicalet: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:36
fabio2there is also the mencoder !01:37
kostkonreportingsjr, ok. did you enable support even for the restricted formats that the regular ffmpeg does not activate01:37
reportingsjr-acodec mp2 does not work01:38
fabio2try mp3lame01:38
mrunagiis there anything like rosetta stone for ubuntu?01:38
kostkonreportingsjr, why don't you fetch the ffmpeg from medibuntu just to be sure? just an idea of me!01:38
sdsheeksevening folks01:39
fabio2what is wrong with mp2 ?01:39
lemmrunagi: be more specific01:39
reportingsjrfabio2, no clue01:39
reportingsjrkostkon, ok01:39
fabio2you can adjust sampling rate etc.. to get it working01:39
mrunagimeaning you dont know what rosetta stone is lem?01:39
fabio2from ffmpeg ?01:39
kostkonreportingsjr, try -acodec aac or -acodec ac3 as mp2 does not see to work01:39
danbhfivefishie: how did your computer shutdown again?01:40
fishiedanbhfive: it was running for 3+ hrs so I don't know exactly what caused the shutdown01:40
fishiedanbhfive: when i went to check, my computer was off01:40
lemmrunagi: many pieces of software go by that name01:40
danbhfivefishie: the partitioner was running that long?01:40
fishiedanbhfive: yes..01:40
reportingsjraac and ac3 not found01:41
fishiedanbhfive: im currently running a check on that partition (with GParted)01:41
reportingsjrmp3 doesn't work01:41
fishiedanbhfive: is that what i should do/01:41
robert_hey guys i am wanting to enable direct rendering using envy on ubuntu 7.10 with an ati x1350 agp card...anybody have any experience doing this01:41
kostkonreportingsjr, it looks like you did not compile ffmpeg to support some restrcited formats01:41
danbhfivefishie: I'm not sure, but if something goes wrong, you could loose everything on that partition01:41
ryanakcafishie: You running a live CD? if not, check the logs ... /var/log/syslog probably.01:41
fishieryanacka: im using GParted Live CD01:42
fishiedanbhfive: it was an empty partition01:42
Ed--I can't see the webcams on http://surfcity-hb.org/visitors/beach_info/LiveBeachCondition.cfm01:42
reportingsjrkostkon, it took like 15 minutes to compile too xD01:42
Ed--any ideas?01:42
danbhfivefishie: empty?!  are you sure?01:42
kostkonreportingsjr, try the ffmpeg from medibuntu. it will do just fine01:42
ryanakcafishie: this might be excessive... but have you tried using fdisk?01:42
danbhfivefishie: it should not take 3 hours to resize a partition01:42
fabio2ffmpeg -formats01:42
fishiedanbhfive: it was an ext3 partition that I just made from an unformatted partition. i was in the process of shrinking it01:43
reportingsjrkostkon, in a bit :)01:43
ryanakcafishie: ah, just a sec...01:43
kostkonreportingsjr, yeah do what fabio2 says, good idea01:43
fishieryanakca: what's fdisk?01:43
reportingsjrkostkon, fine! medibuntu.com?01:43
ryanakcafishie: its a command line partition resizer. http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_resizing_ext3_partitions01:44
kostkonreportingsjr, w8! did you do the "ffmpeg -formats"?01:44
ryanakcafishie:        fdisk - Partition table manipulator for Linux01:44
danbhfivefishie: if its empty, it should resize very quickly i think.  I think thats strange that it took SO long to perform that.  What you can do, is just delete the partition, and recreate it to the size you want01:44
fishieryanacka: ok thanks; is this recommended over gparted?01:44
ryanakcafishie: if its empty, can you delete the partition and recreate it?01:44
ryanakcafishie: no01:44
kostkonreportingsjr, and?01:44
kostkon!medibuntu | reportingsjr01:44
fishieryanakca: i believe i can delete it and recreate it, yes01:44
ubotureportingsjr: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:44
ryanakcafishie: fdisk is /really/ old school01:45
danbhfivefishie: going back to the very long time, that may indicate a harddrive problem01:45
fishiedanbhfive: is it quick to delete and recreate it? it took a long time to create the ext3 partition..over 2 hrs01:45
reportingsjrkostkon, lots of formats :)01:45
fabio2the reason we have ogg instead of mp3 i suppose01:45
fishieryanakca: thot so01:45
ryanakcafishie: if you want to see what its like, open up a terminal and run 'fdisk' ... :)01:45
kostkonreportingsjr, do you see mp3 in the list, for example?01:45
fishiedanbhfive: i asked on forums if 2+ hrs was normal for resizing and they said yeah01:45
fishieryankca: ok ill check it out01:46
ryanakcafishie: 'sudo fdisk /dev/hdwhatever' would be an example, for more help, 'man fdisk'01:46
danbhfivefishie: oh, ok, didnt know that.  I thought it was pretty quick01:46
reportingsjrkostkon, yes, I did01:46
fishieryanakca: man fdisk returns comamnd not found.. but fdisk works01:47
fabio2for mp3 do ffmpeg - and if you read --enable-libmp3lame you have it01:47
Scorpio33Mtrying to install internal wireless card here.....which file extension would be the correct one to get it going? (.sys .inf .cat)?01:47
ryanakcafishie: heh, well, you can read it online here: http://www.debian.org/releases/slink/sparc/fdisk.txt01:48
reportingsjrfabio2, ffmpeg -?01:48
fabio2going from .avi to .swf require to change sampling rate01:48
fishieryanakca: ok ty01:48
fabio2yes a shortcut for nothing01:48
fabio2- -> a null pipe01:48
reportingsjrfabio2, it didn't do anything but throw an errer01:49
fabio2but you have the compile flags01:49
fabio2configuration: ... ?01:49
reportingsjr  libavutil version: 49.6.0  libavcodec version: 51.50.1  libavformat version: 52.7.0  libavdevice version: 52.0.001:50
fabio2all the .flv (.swf) files i see have mp3 audio01:51
Presariocan anybody help me out with my problem? y installation is stuck at 97% for quite some time now and the hard disk is indicating no activity. It's now at Cleaning Up. I'm installing ubuntu btw01:51
fabio2with  22050 Hz samplling rate and just one channel01:51
reportingsjr1 channel?01:52
reportingsjrwhat the hell?01:52
fabio2play with -ar -as -ac and that will be the end of it01:52
fishieoh wow deleting and then formatting is so much faster than resizing and shrinking01:52
Presarioyeas .flv s have mono channels01:52
reportingsjrffmpeg -ar -i "Monty Python - The Meaning of Life.avi" meaning_of_life.swf ?01:53
fabio2or start writing a codec of your own01:53
Presarioerm any one have solutions?01:53
fabio2-ar need something01:53
fabio2please read man ffmpeg01:53
fabio2-ar 2205001:54
billyi need some help with ubuntu 6.101:54
illmortalcan someone help me, step by step on installing flash?...01:55
=== fr500 is now known as andr
danbhfiveillmortal: sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree        try that01:55
ryanakcaubotu, please tell illmortal about flash01:55
mrunagihow can i get a mounted cd sit on the desktop like a real cd does01:56
fabio2ffmpeg -i file.avi -ar 22050 -ac 1 -ab 56k out.swf01:56
ryanakcamrunagi: what do you mean by 'sit on the desktop'?01:56
fabio2ffmpeg -i file.avi -acodec mp3lame -ar 22050 -ac 1 -ab 56k out.swf01:56
illmortalThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or01:56
illmortalis only available from another source01:56
illmortalE: Package flashplugin-nonfree has no installation candidate01:56
mrunagiyou know how you put in a cd or dvd, an icon pops up on the desktop?01:56
ryanakcaillmortal: did you see the text that ubotu sent you?01:56
danbhfive!enablesources | illmortal01:57
ubotuillmortal: Enable the standard Ubuntu repositories by going to System > Administration > Software Sources - See !repositories for detailed information01:57
reportingsjrUnknown encoder 'mp3lame'01:57
danbhfivemrunagi: do you know about mount points and fstab?01:57
luckyshotdoes anyone know how to enable the component called "universe" ?01:57
fabio2so you don't have lame ?01:57
mrunagidanbhfive: yes i do01:57
ryanakcaluckyshot: see !enablesources01:58
danbhfivemrunagi: where is the cd mounting now?01:58
=== Cpudan80 is now known as Calvin87
NB2000 /quit01:58
ryanakcaluckyshot: we called it not 30 seconds ago01:58
reportingsjrapparently not01:58
ComradeMirrorhey guys01:58
luckyshotryanakca, what do you mean?01:58
ComradeMirrorIm getting this annoying thing in the corner of my screen01:58
ComradeMirrorits like a small box01:58
mrunagidanbhfive: where ever i tell it to, which would be /media/fkdvd01:58
ryanakcaluckyshot: 20:57:03 < ubotu> illmortal: Enable the standard Ubuntu repositories by going to System > Administration > Software Sources - See !repositories for detailed information01:58
ComradeMirrorwith a faded black border01:58
ComradeMirrorif I change my desktop theme to something else then back it disappears01:58
ComradeMirrorbut after a while it reappears01:58
ComradeMirrorAnyone know what is up?01:59
fabio2going to sleep01:59
mrunagilemme clarify im talking about a mounted iso01:59
danbhfivemrunagi: I believe that anything mounted in /media will show up on the desktop01:59
illmortalryankca i did.... but still no go.01:59
ryanakca!flash | illmortal01:59
ubotuillmortal: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash01:59
mrunagidanbhfive: it doesnt for me01:59
ryanakcamrunagi: oh, you want a mounted iso to appear on the desktop as soon as you mount it?01:59
mrunagithatd be nice ryanakca02:00
ryanakcamrunagi: where's it mounted at?02:00
AnditsuHey every one02:00
mrunagiryanakca /media/fkdvd02:00
illmortalERROR: Your architecture, \'ppc64\', is not supported by the Adobe Flash Player installer.02:01
chadin an effort to get TV out working on my laptop, I have completely butchered my X config02:01
chadis there an easy way to get things back to normal?02:01
Stormx2Alright. I need to make a file of a certain size filled with randomness. Any suggestions on how?02:01
chadwhatever ubuntu configured during install worked fine, i just need to have it restablish that config02:01
chris8998is anyone haveing problems with there 8800 gt?02:01
mrunagii always mount my images in /media/fkdvd02:02
ryanakcamrunagi: ok. Try going apps --> nautilus --> desktop and then checking volumes_visible (unsure if this will work, I'm googling it)02:02
kostkonchris8998, what problems do you have?02:02
ryanakcamrunagi: if not, you can always create a symbolic link in ~/Desktop to /media/fkdvd02:02
* ryanakca mutters about FloodBot[1-3] polluting the channel02:03
AnditsuDoes any here have their UCP  cert from the Ubuntu?02:03
chris8998well when i put in the live cd a screen pops up saying that i have to either config my system (video card/ monitor) or click on safe graphics mode02:04
AnditsuUbuntu certfied prefesinal02:04
Anditsusorry typos02:04
storm-zenWhere are the firewall settings?02:04
ryanakcamrunagi: sorry, I need to go to bed. Hope it works :)02:04
kostkonchris8998, if you select to config, what heppens?02:04
mrunagithanks night02:05
jumbersI'm having an issue with my wireless connection on a Dell Inspiron 1420 (preinstalled from Dell). If left idle with the screen locked, upon return, the wireless connection is recognized as a wired connection02:05
jumbersDoes anybody know of a solution? Or at least if it's a known problem?02:05
AnditsuI was looking get a Linux cert and wanted to stick to ubuntu02:05
FloodBot2NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.02:05
MasterShrekAnditsu, if you want to get a linux cert, familiarize yourself with gentoo and slackware02:06
MasterShrekjumbers, what card is it?02:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ucp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:06
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).02:06
AnditsuI read all the info I was wounding if any one went though their training program02:07
AnditsuIt's big bucks02:07
chris8998well i then have  serach for my card which is listed under nvidea 8 and then tell it that my monitor can handle 1280/1224 then i click ok and it trys to do something and then fails which if i mess with it a few times it will load is safe graphics mode and i cant get my res out of 800/600 and my graphics drivers wont install02:08
jumbersMasterShrek: Trying to find it02:09
MasterShrekjumbers, lspci -v | grep Network02:09
Odd-rationaleAnditsu: Have you seen these: http://www.linux.org/lessons/02:09
Centaur5If you have postgresql8.3 and 8.2 installed and you remove 8.2 could that possibly delete some of your databases?02:09
MasterShrekAnditsu, id go for the compTIA linux+ cert before the ubuntu one personally02:09
kostkonchris8998, you are running the live cd you said? do you want to install ubuntu or just run it from the live cd02:09
jumbersMasterShrek: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG02:10
AnditsucomTIA has a Linux cert02:10
chris8998i want to install it02:10
Scorpio33Manyone know of a good link to install a wireless..............i have read now for around a week on how to do this.......no getting anywhere02:10
MasterShrekjumbers, interesting, although it is recognized as a wired connection, does it still work?02:10
achandrashekarDoes anyone know if the gimp that comes with 7.10 has siox support02:10
MasterShrekScorpio33M, depends on what kind of card it is02:10
jumbersMasterShrek: No, it stops working02:10
AndrewBScorpio33M: which chipset?02:11
achandrashekarits supposed to allow for extraction of pictures02:11
Scorpio33Minternal wirless02:11
AnditsuWell good info every one thanks02:11
chadi guess i need to basically reinstall compiz+fusion and reconfigure gnome.. is there any way to get ubuntu to go back through it's config of this? .. i have the driver working again, but windows have no borders ... just insides... things are screwed up bigtime02:11
MasterShrekjumbers, interesting, i have no experience with that card so unfortunately i cannot help you. i would get a hold of dell maybe, did they give you some kind of support number or something?02:11
Scorpio33Marhteros 500602:11
Scorpio33M5006eg rather02:11
jumbersMasterShrek: Dell doesn't support Ubuntu02:11
chris8998which i had it installed with my old 8800gts but formated my hdd when the drivers did not work with the new card02:12
AnditsuI'm running it on a dell now02:12
danbhfivechad: how did you get the driver working?02:12
Itakuis there a way to find who remote conneted to my comp?02:12
Itakuthere a log?02:12
Anditsuwhat dell model02:12
MasterShrekScorpio33M, have you looked in the restricted drivers manager?02:12
chaddanbhfive, just reinstalled nvidia-glx and edited xorg.conf to go back to nvidia02:12
AnditsuIt run great on my Latitude02:13
kostkonchris8998, then you should install it and then try to fix any graphics card driver problems. you didn't have to format your system though02:13
danbhfivechad: can you undo that? and instead do it through the restricted drivers manager02:13
prettyrickyis there anything like netmeeting for ubuntu 7.1002:13
Scorpio33MMasterShrek says it is there and inabled.....but not in use02:13
kostkonprettyricky, ekiga02:13
chadbut gnome/X is still all screwed up .. i have no idea where my window borders went02:13
chadwhere is the restricted driver manager?02:14
rhombusHas anybody here written working udev rules?02:14
MasterShrekScorpio33M, interesting, ifconfig -a   doesnt show it?02:14
prettyrickydoes it work like netmeeting?02:14
chris8998it was a really bad night b/c my windows drivers got messed up and i almost just gave up the hole thing lol so i new is was not that hard02:14
chadi'd like to have ubuntu reconfigure X, because this isn't right whatever it is using now02:14
kostkonprettyricky, you can im netmeeting users too02:14
chadclose, but not right02:14
chris8998to reload ubuntu02:14
Flannelprettyricky: Ekiga speaks to netmeeting (they both use H.323)02:14
IndyGunFreakchad: are you using compiz?02:14
chadjust want to go back to what it was before .. but all the backups are wrong at this point02:14
=== siph0n is now known as Siph0n
chadIndyGunFreak, yeah02:14
prettyrickyok, thank you very much02:14
Itakuis there a log file of the vnc server that came with the ubuntu?02:14
chris8998i guess what i am trying to say is that how do i ifix the prob?02:14
kostkonprettyricky, it's already installed, if you use ubuntu02:15
danbhfivechad: installing through the restricted drivers manager does other things for setup, that gets compiz working,  for now, you can just disable compiz02:15
IndyGunFreakchad: don't know if it still exists, but for a while there, there was a bug in Compiz and some cards, that caused the window borders to go away, there's a fix, but i don't remember it.02:15
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
chadIndyGunFreak, pretty sure this is related to xconfig as it was fine before i started messing with it02:15
msergiuhello, how to install php ?02:15
IndyGunFreakchad: oh ok.., sounds like it.02:15
kostkonchris8998, I suppose firstly you will have to install ubuntu again02:15
chaddanbhfive - where do i access the restricted drivers manager?02:15
Itakuis there a log file of the vnc server that came with the ubuntu?02:16
MasterShrekItaku, look in /var/log02:16
danbhfivechad: its restricted-manager from a terminal02:16
illmortaldoes anyone know how to install flash on ubuntu 7.10 on a ppc64 architecture?02:16
kazol_I cannot write to a SD card-I get an error msg that it's read-only.02:17
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:17
AndrewBillmortal: doubt you will get it, could alternativly try !gnash02:17
chadmeh, can't load a terminal .. comes up as a dead white block02:17
storm-zenillmortal: Can you install FreeFormats, above?02:17
IndyGunFreakchad: you're probably gonna have to reconfigure x from the sound of it.02:18
kazol_I cannot write to a SD card-I get an error msg that it's read-only.02:19
illmortalstorm-zen i don't understand...02:19
chadIndyGunFreak, definitely.. i just want ubuntu to do it, instead of me02:19
IndyGunFreakchad: lol, good luck w/ that02:19
danbhfivechad: can you access the menus?02:19
chaddanbhfive, yes02:19
chadIndyGunFreak, shouldn't be an unreasonable proposal .. after all, ubuntu did it when i installed02:19
storm-zenillmortal: It would have helped a little if I had said 'restricted' formats, not free...02:20
fevelwhats that firefox plugin that lets me play videos on an external player like totem???02:20
chaddanbhfive, found it02:20
IndyGunFreakchad: but you bonked it up, so you'll likely have to reconfigure it.02:20
danbhfivechad: System > Preferences > Appearance02:20
storm-zenWhen I installed it, it installed everything from Sun Java to Flash to MP3s.  ( But I'm not ppc64 )02:20
danbhfivechad: go to the last tab, and turn off the graphics02:20
chadok .. got my window borders back :)02:21
luckyshothow come when i try to connect to my remote pc through vnc it says "unable to connect to host: connection refused (111)" ?02:21
kazol_Any ideas? I still can't write to the SD card.02:21
danbhfivechad: if you found the manager, remove the driver, reboot, then add the driver, all through the manager02:21
MasterShrekkazol_, did it auto-mount?02:22
MasterShrekkazol_, use sudo from the terminal02:22
kazol_MasterShrek: sudo mount?02:22
MasterShreksudo cp02:22
chaddanbhfive, it just gave me the opportunity to disable the driver, not remove02:22
MasterShrekkazol_, did you manually mount it or did it automatically mount when you inserted it?02:22
danbhfivechad: ok, i think thats good enough, i dunno02:22
ComradeMirrorI have a question02:22
MasterShrek!ask | ComradeMirror02:23
ComradeMirrorCan Pidgin get xdcc transfers from irc?02:23
ubotuComradeMirror: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:23
kazol_MasterShrek: It automatically mounted the card; it worked perfectly before.02:23
MasterShrekComradeMirror, good question, try it out02:23
fishieQuestion: I am currently installing Ubuntu. In the "Prepare partitions" dialog box, should I check both ext3 '/' and ext3 '/home' to be formatted?02:23
MasterShrekkazol_, not sure then, if you use sudo you should be able to mount it02:23
MasterShrekfishie, did you have a previous install of ubuntu on there?02:23
prettyrickyhow do I get the port restriction of for Ekiga?02:23
chadgotta reboot, brb02:23
fishieMasterShrek: No02:23
MasterShrekerr kazol_ not mount, write to it i mean02:24
MasterShrekfishie, then you can format them both02:24
achandrashekarHello. Does anyone know what it takes to enable the Siox tool in Ubuntu for gimp?02:24
fishieMasterShrek: ok thanks02:24
MasterShrekachandrashekar, ask in #gimp maybe02:24
luckyshothow come when i try to connect to my remote pc through vnc it says "unable to connect to host: connection refused (111)" ?02:24
achandrashekarMasterShrek: its a pointing the finger at the other channel issue.02:24
achandrashekarMasterShrek: they claim something is not enabled02:25
kazol_MasterShrek: It works erratically.02:25
MasterShrekluckyshot, try by ip and not hostname maybe, also make sure a vnc server is running02:25
MasterShrekachandrashekar, well they should be able to tell you what isnt enabled, the fact that something isnt enabled doesnt help at all02:26
luckyshotMaster, im running a remote server on a windows machine02:26
achandrashekarMaterShrek: I wish they a bit more helpful myself..id hate to compile it from source just to get it to work...02:26
achandrashekarMasterShrek: not that I cant do that...02:27
mzuverinkcan you name 2 seperate partitions on 2 seperate drives as /home and it act as one /home partition02:27
adorablepuppyis there a version of OOo through apt-get that uses mdbtools in OOo Base?02:27
MasterShrekmzuverink, it may be possible02:27
AndrewBadorablepuppy: try apt-cache search mdbtools  possibly?02:28
MasterShrek!lvm | mzuverink02:28
ubotumzuverink: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO02:28
daedalus2_mzuverink, you would have to use raid devices for that02:28
adelhey, am looked out X (removed ati graphic card) now using built in one, how do I reconfigure xorg?02:28
mzuverinkThank you all02:28
ComradeMirrorapparently xdcc does work over pidgin02:29
nickrudadel: at the command prompt (hit enter when you see rc.local, if necessary) type   sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:29
AndrewBadorablepuppy: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:29
AndrewBehh sorry adorablepuppy not ment for you02:30
AndrewBgrr adel quit02:30
nickrudAnditsu: you're slow anyway :)02:30
biabiaI'm using ubunutu with the kde and xfce desktops installed. well usually I use the xfce desktop but I was having trouble getting a game to run, so I wanted to try it in gnome but the gnome desktop wont come up02:30
nickrudargh, nick completion hits me also,02:30
AndrewByeah nickrud02:30
gavin__Hello, can someone point me to a guide where I can learn to set up mirrored drives on xubutnu 7.10?  Thanks.02:31
AnditsuThat comptia linux test cover a lot of stuff02:31
nickrudAnditsu: sorry, nick completion error02:31
merph123quick help, got a 2.4 quad 2gigs... i386 or the 64bit... which one should i use?02:31
Anditsuit's funny02:31
nickrudwas hoping you weren't really around :(02:31
atheodoi have a question, does anybody know a usb based sound card that will work with ubuntu 7.10?02:31
biabiaanyone know how i get my desktop back? i went into synaptic and reinatlled it but it still doesnt work02:32
AnditsuI just went to look up that test02:32
AnditsuI'm not going to have a social if I study for that02:32
danbhfivebiabia: which desktop are you trying to get back?02:32
gavin__biaia, did you try restarting and choosing the desktop you want from the login menu?02:32
pawangoogle talk for ubuntu02:32
biabiagavin: yes02:33
danbhfivebiabia: try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^02:33
AndrewBpawan: try pidgin02:33
biabiadanbhfive, thanks02:33
AnditsuI think if I get a Linux cert it will set me apart from the windows IT people02:33
nepbabumd5sum for gutsy dvd doesn't match.. what options have i got?02:34
AndrewBnepbabu: redownload02:34
RoxanneEDM hey guys, i have a laptop of my nephews that seems to be dead, the battery will not hold a charge( placed his batt in my laptop) but the real problem is that the AC power wont even turn the thing on .02:34
nepbabui know that02:34
AndrewBnepbabu: or try it?02:34
kostkonnepbabu, download it again02:34
Jack_Sparrowmerph123: 3202:34
nepbabui downloaded twice02:34
danbhfivebiabia: gavin__ 's advice is good too02:34
kostkonnepbabu, choose a different mirror02:34
biabiarebooting didnt help02:34
Jack_Sparrownepbabu: you can always try what you have and hope the error isnt in a critical file02:35
malsyned_After upgrading from feisty to gutsy, my mouse cursor disappears whenever it ought to be the "wait" cursor.02:35
Anditsuwhere is every one from02:35
nepbabukostkon, where are indian mirrors listed for cdimages?02:35
RoxanneEDManyone got any ideas of how i can check this laptop out to get it working ... its a acer travelmate 312002:35
nickrudheh. They're all critical02:35
biabiathe screen comes up with a blue wavy background, no icons, no nothing02:35
Jack_SparrowHi nickrud02:35
nickrudJack_Sparrow: hi there yourself02:35
RoxanneEDMsorry, travelmate 231002:35
kostkonnepbabu, no clue, just go to ubuntu.com/dowload and see the mirrors offered there02:35
malsyned_anybody know why that might have happened?02:36
bibekpaudelnepbabu: yeah02:36
Anditsunickrud is a little slow :)02:36
donkey_i have a question. I want to download COMPIZ but dont know if my graphics card can handle it. Please let me know: this is my card info: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)02:36
donkey_00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)02:36
Jack_Sparrownickrud: If the error is in one of the extra debs and not part of the base os he will still get a running system02:36
pokethesmotCan anyone suggest a good ftp server?  maybe something easy, like ftp session/terminal???02:36
biabiadanbhfive, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop says its already installed and is the newest version02:37
nickrudJack_Sparrow: a good point02:37
Anditsua lot of traffic in this room02:37
livefoniksAnd no stop signs.02:37
nickruddonkey_: http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Hardware/Blacklist02:37
gstorycan someone answer a question about perl and Gutsy?02:37
danbhfivebiabia: you forgot the ^?02:37
merph123nepbabu: 32 what?02:37
pokethesmotCan anyone suggest a good ftp server please?02:37
ubotuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP02:37
Jack_Sparrowmerph123: 32 bit02:38
pete2thats cool02:38
AndrewBdonkey_: check on http://compiz.org/Intel02:38
AnditsuMan  google FTP sites02:38
merph123So 2.4 Quad wont run 64?02:38
nickrud!enter | biabia02:38
ubotubiabia: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:38
Jack_Sparrowmerph123: IT will but if you are new to linux, the 32 is a better place to start02:38
netdurto whom ever helped me reconfigure xorg, thank you02:38
mzuverinkgoing to be using two hd's for an install, can swap be on the sdb or does it need to be on sda?02:39
AndrewBmzuverink: that should be fine02:39
nickrudmzuverink: either02:39
biabiadanbhfive, thanks its doing, 'something'. whats the ^ for?02:39
danbhfivebiabia: not sure, but it seems to do a more thorough job02:40
gstoryI have in /usr/lib to directories for perl.  /usr/lib/perl and usr/lib/perl5.  I believe that the perl5 is causing a complaint from postgrey.02:40
AnditsuHey thanks to who ever pointed me to the Linux test. there are so many people who offer certs it's hard to decide02:40
gangadjinnanyone here happend to be using a dinovo bluetooth keyboard, with a logiteck laser mouse on it... and would allow me to peek on the device section of xorg.conf, and imwheelrc files?02:41
biabiaAnditsu, where was that test02:41
Anditsuthen there is free one at brainbench.com02:42
AnditsuUbuntu offers one too02:42
philphotook folks, gonna try again.  new install.  udev is missing.  how do I fix this?02:42
danbhfivephilphoto: what are you trying again?02:43
miyarstimAnditsu: LPI ???02:43
nickrudphilphoto: what do you mean, missing? what does dpkg -l udev say?02:43
AnditsuThat's the one I would like02:44
philphotodanbhfive: i have no usb due to udev and usbdevfs not being created during install02:44
dal1anyone here use frostwire?02:44
* fishy|school successfully installed Ubuntu!!!!02:44
AnditsuI'm new however02:44
miyarstimO'Reilly do a nutshell book on that one02:44
philphotonickrud: haven't tried dpkg02:44
fishy|schoolQuestion: What Linux IRC program does people use?02:44
biabiaI cant seem to switch user to try the gnome desktop. It says I have to be using Gnome Display Manager02:45
ShkeveHow do you get vlc player to play wmv files clearly on ubuntu 7.10?02:45
daningI use xchat02:45
fishy|schoolok ty02:45
Odd-rationalefishy|school: Konversation02:45
IndyGunFreakShkeve: if you have w32codecs installed, they should play ok.02:45
dal1I have ubuntu7.10............for some reason, frostwire won't connect.....any suggestions?02:45
daningShkeve: I use mplayer to play wmv02:46
Jack_Sparrowbiabia: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start02:46
philphotorunning an update right now, not able to to try dpkg02:46
gangadjinndal1, think that is the server messing up02:46
gangadjinnmy sis had the problem in windows earlier on today02:46
ShkeveI believe I have w32codecs installed, but I'm new at this, so how do I check?02:46
nickrudphilphoto: then how about   ps -A | grep udevd02:46
dal1ok....i wondered about that, because limewire runs just fine02:46
joackcan someone help me with my VNC server? It's not showing up with the nice background threw VNC :(02:46
Jack_SparrowShkeve: Are you running an ati card?02:46
philphotonickrud: wait one02:47
gangadjinnand for the codecs, ubuntu-restricted-extras seemed to do the works for me02:47
ka2joack: thats ugly :) your right02:47
prince_jammysda1:  try running frostwire from terminal and see what if there's any errors02:47
joackI tried doing https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC02:47
* nickrud has got to get a new laptop02:47
ShkeveI know that I have ubuntu-restricted-extras.  it still doesn't work02:47
ka2joack: maybe a setting in the client?02:47
joackit's not client side.. ive used this client installation for years02:47
towliehow do i capture the screen in ubuntu02:48
ka2Shkeve: thats for gstreamer (totem, rhythmbox, banshe etc)02:48
Jack_SparrowShkeve: If it is jerky then you may need to make one change in xorg.. to disabler composite.. let me look in my notes02:48
ka2towlie: try pushing Print Screen02:48
towliei dont have a printscreen button02:48
towlieim running ubuntu on a macbook02:48
ka2towlie: a laptop?02:48
ka2towlie: oh02:48
philphotonickrud:  i get  as follows  2590?    00:00:06 udevd02:48
soldatstowlie: theres a screenshot selection in the menu02:49
towliewhich menu02:49
ka2soldats: not for me02:49
Jack_SparrowShkeve: Option "Composite" "disable"            IN YOUR XORG TO SEE IF THAT FIXES JERKY VIDEO02:49
soldatsaplications menu towlie02:49
kostkontowlie, Applications -> accessories02:49
nickrudphilphoto: then you certainly have udev, and it's running. Your problem is something else02:49
Jack_SparrowShkeve: Sorry for the caps02:49
ka2kostkon: ah i was looking in graphics02:49
Shkevejack, won't that disable my desktop effects?02:49
Presariohey guys, do you know how to install grub manually? because I'm having error 1502:49
ka2Shkeve: yes it will02:49
kostkonka2, :)02:50
Jack_SparrowShkeve: PLease just try it and see if that fixes wmv.02:50
Shkeveso, I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too then, but I'll try it02:50
philphotonickrud: well, when I reboot, system shows unable to create /dev/.udev/........02:50
ka2Shkeve: run grub-install --help in a terminal02:50
philphotonickrud: in the end, problem is that i have no usb at all, but all my devices work on other computers02:51
panfistok so i was experimenting with performance in different video cards and different settings... i started off with nvidia, then ati, and after a few times rebooting the ATI card suddnly X would not work with the kernel framebuffer enabled. Neither will the nvidia card. no matter how many times i do dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, it wont work. i dunno what i may have screwed up02:51
nickrudphilphoto: hm, a different error02:51
ka2Shkeve: sorry wrong person02:51
ka2Presario: run grub-install --help in a terminal02:51
nickrudphilphoto: do a google search for the exact error you get ...02:51
philphotoi will have to wait until shutdown and then how do i pause long enough to copy full error.02:52
nickrudphilphoto: you'll probably be able to find that error string in /var/log/syslog02:52
joackexec gnome-session & is what i needed ;)02:53
gangadjinnis there a way I can make the ALT button NOT move my window when playing a game?? I use the alt button while playing wow alot, and everytime I have to adjust my window again, and yes... I am using a diffrent one.. .just my fingers is pretty used to doing alt + something02:53
philphotonickrud: how to read without screwing up the log?02:53
ka2gangadjinn: yes there is02:53
ka2gangadjinn: i will check where02:53
Shkevejack, disabling composite didn't work02:54
fastfingerI have a laptop that cannot be connected to internet and dosenot have make files or dpkg, any way to install make in it so i can install other stuff on it02:54
panfistif i have switched video cards a couple times how can i make sure my system is clean of old drivers02:54
nickrudphilphoto: you won't screw it up, it's owned by root. You can use   less /var/log/syslog  in a terminal, or use   gedit /var/log/syslog.02:54
ka2gangadjinn: System > Preferences > Windows02:54
Shkeveunless you think I should reboot & try again02:54
AnditsuOk peace out every body02:55
Jack_SparrowShkeve: Did you restart after editing xorg?02:55
Anditsuhappy coding02:55
getoowhats a good screen capture ( aka camstusio .winblows or iShowU .mac)02:55
nickrudpanfist: no need to worry about extra drivers on the system, you have dozens that you're not using already. They're just there02:55
getooi need a gui one02:55
Shkeveno, I will now and let you know if it works.02:55
fastfingerHello Jack_Sparrow02:55
Jack_SparrowHI ff02:55
ka2getoo: Istanbul02:55
gangadjinnthanks ka2,,, that made me a happy as a dike in a hardware store02:55
getooka2: thank u02:56
Jack_Sparrowfastfinger: look into aptoncd ...02:56
Scorpio33Mnight all.......thanks for the good reading02:56
ka2gangadjinn: good to know :)02:56
fastfingerJack_Sparrow: k, thanks02:57
ubotuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers02:57
=== Calvin87 is now known as Cpudan80
bazhangrecordmydesktop for video getoo02:57
ka2bazhang: tried that, not as nice as Istanbul02:57
biabiaJack_Sparrow, it wont start gdm because it says its not the default display manager02:57
AutoMatriXhello folx, is there, somebody with PXE-experience here ?02:57
storm-zenis there a way to run a program with sudo from (ALT) F2 ?02:57
ka2storm-zen: use gksudo02:58
nickrudstorm-zen:  use gksu02:58
philphotonickrud: no mention of udev in syslog02:58
gangadjinnstorm... you just write sudo in front of it02:58
storm-zengksudo.. ok.  thanks.02:58
nickrudphilphoto: you found the startup sequence?02:58
Jack_Sparrowbiabia: not sure what all you did to that system.. .. I dont have time to help you untangle it.. but someone else will.. take care02:58
calyth quick question, how do I force a modules to load on boot? is it still /etc/modules?02:58
nickrudphilphoto: bottom line, without the exact error message, it's very hard (nigh on to impossible) to troubleshoot02:59
storm-zengangadjinn: Oh, so that works too... why did I think it would have to be a gtk program?02:59
donkey_which compiz pack do i download for the extra visual effects?????02:59
ubotuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion02:59
nickrudgangadjinn: but how's he supposed to fill in the password?02:59
Shkevejack, I just rebooted, and vlc still doesn't play wmv clearly02:59
ka2storm-zen: it does have to be a gui one02:59
AutoMatriXI'll try it the other way : is there a way to set up a system on an USB dongle via PXE ?02:59
Shkevecomposite is disabled02:59
ka2storm-zen: gnome: gksudo kde: kdesu02:59
gangadjinnstorm-zen, in a terminal or in bash just use sudo...02:59
Jack_SparrowShkeve: DO you have effects still working?02:59
storm-zenka2: Oh.  well, "sudo firestarter" worked fine with ALT F2.03:00
Shkeveno I don't03:00
philphotonickrud: fantastic.  i have reloaded this machine 4 times now trying different distros with different dates.  flashed my bios just before this install03:00
philphotonickrud: still no joy03:00
nickrudstorm-zen: that is working because you used sudo in the last 15 minutes03:00
ka2storm-zen: unless you need to type the password :)03:00
donkey_which compiz pack do i download for the extra visual effects?????03:00
gangadjinnin my experiance, gksudo, and kdesu can be unpredictable...03:00
storm-zennickrud: haha.. oh.03:00
mEck0Hi! how can I change the font properties for headers- and footers in OO Impress? (it looks like times new roman now, I want a sans-serif font there)03:00
noodles12"make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop."   I get this error whenever i try to make anything.03:00
NetEchowhats the difference between the xchat and xchat gnome client under Add/Remove programs for ubuntu?03:00
ka2noodles12: try ./configure first03:00
ka2noodles12: make sure you have build-essential installed03:01
nickrudphilphoto: some things can be frustrating. I've run into them myself while learning. But without the error message, I'm pretty much at a loss. There's just too many branches on the troubleshooting tree03:01
Jack_SparrowShkeve: Read this page...  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI  that is where it says to disable composite and make some other xorg changes.. is your xorg in the pastebin.. I have time for a quick look.03:01
ka2NetEcho: one is gnome-ified :)03:01
dagrumpi'm creating a raid1 array for media files,but  I cant remember what to use for mount point. the drives are sdb & sdd, any ideas?03:01
gangadjinndoes compiz work while dualscreening??03:02
storm-zenis there a gtk process lister?03:02
philphotowell, I'll be restarting in a few minutes03:02
therealpxcanyone here have some serious experience with apt/aptitude and repository removal?03:02
ka2storm-zen: yes use System > Administration > System Monitor03:02
Jack_Sparrowgangadjinn: YEs, but there is a limit to total screen res of both monitors03:02
Shkevesorry, jack I don't know what the pastebin is03:02
ka2!pastebin | Shkeve03:02
ubotuShkeve: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:02
NetEchoUbuntu has been working quite flawlessly on the laptop I'm considering dual-booting it on this machine03:02
therealpxcI have some problems that I know how to solve, theoretically, but I don't know what syntax to throw at what tools to make it all happen03:02
Jack_SparrowShkeve: See channel topic03:02
ka2therealpxc: why do you need to remove the repo?03:03
therealpxcwell, I already have03:03
gangadjinnI was thinking of using the trasparent and such... the rest don't really fuzz me alot03:03
therealpxcit's a KDE4 (and other KDE packages) repo03:03
ka2therealpxc: oh i see03:03
therealpxcI don't really want it, it's screwing with my kdelibs install and messed up my dcop stuff03:03
ka2therealpxc: do you want to remove KDE4?03:03
therealpxcso Amarok no longer detects media devices I have plugged in03:03
therealpxcI don't have KDE4 installed... I removed it a while ago. at the same time, I attempted to remove the repo03:03
usphi 2 all!03:04
therealpxcresult was a bunch of packages installed from the ppa repo that I couldn't reinstall03:04
therealpxcbecause apt wanted to install the ppa versions03:04
ka2therealpxc: that part could be difficult to repair any suggestions anyone?????03:04
usprusskie est'?03:04
therealpxceven though I removed that repository03:04
ka2usp: huh what?03:04
therealpxchere's a screenie from adept03:04
therealpxc(adept is the KDE equivalent of synaptic)03:04
ka2therealpxc: yes i used to use KDE :)03:04
=== lameSintacs is now known as runst8
therealpxcanyhow, as you can tell from that screenshot03:05
carlhow do i open ports with ubuntu?03:05
therealpxcthe candidate version is a package from the ppa repository03:05
Jack_Sparrowtherealpxc: YOu may find better answers for KDE and KDE4 in #Kubuntu or #Kubuntu-kde403:05
donkey_i reall have a question that i need answered03:05
therealpxceven though I removed the bugger from my apt sources list03:05
donkey_which compiz pack do i download for the extra visual effects?????03:05
Shkevehere it is, jack:03:05
therealpxcJack_Sparrow: Not really. The people in Kubuntu have been unsuccessful at helping me.03:05
ka2therealpxc: can you put your /etc/apt/sources.list file in a pastebin for me to look at?03:05
therealpxcAnyway, this isn't a KDE issue--it's a Debian/Ubuntu issue.03:05
Dr_willis!compiz  | donkey_03:06
ubotudonkey_: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:06
carlcan someone 1 on 1 help me in a pm please D:03:06
ka2therealpxc: thanks03:06
Shkeve<Jack_Sparrow> oddly though, desktop effects are still working03:06
Jack_SparrowShkeve: I thought they would still work03:07
jaimeHELP!! using compiz default in 7.10, the windows i open will continue to open on the top left corner !!!03:07
ka2therealpxc: tried a "sudo apt-get update"?03:07
Shkeve<Jack_Sparrow> oh, ok03:07
Jack_SparrowShkeve: A few things wrong in that xorg.. no v/h rates for your monitor and you did not read the ati info on setting up your xorg03:07
zcat[1]woohoo, I have successfully PXE-installed a basic Linux on this box... next setp is to try and do the same thing with our blade server03:07
Shkeve<Jack_Sparrow> what should I read, and sorry if I haven't read it already.03:08
|Prometheus|hey guys - anyone know a decent flv downloader script for sites like youtube - youtube-dl doesn't work anymore (thinks its because youtube changed page layouts)03:08
therealpxcka2: of course03:08
zcat[1]|Prometheus|: still using bownloadhelper here03:08
ka2therealpxc: so you need to downgrade?03:08
therealpxcka2: yessir03:09
therealpxcthat's why I needed someone with more experience with debian package management03:09
|Prometheus|zcat[1], thanks - i'll give it a shot... does it automatically get the flv file from the link?? Im just lazy03:09
therealpxcbecause I don't know how to specify a version with either adept or apt-get03:09
pushpopis there any really nice bandwidth monitor graphical interfaces out there possible webbased?03:09
_Andrew|Prometheus|, Did you try re-downloading youtube-dl because I had that problem but they updated the script03:09
slenentine|Prometheus|: I use QtTube03:09
pushpopis there any really nice bandwidth monitor graphical interfaces out there possibly webbased?03:10
therealpxcthe only package manager I really know how to play with is portage, and in that, you just append the version number (preceded by a hyphen) to the packagename03:10
fastfingerHmm, the manual for atponcd is apparently empty for some reason03:10
therealpxctried that w/ Ubuntu, and it didn't work, lol03:10
basculepushpop: gkrellm03:10
|Prometheus|_Andrew, yeah, only just got it..03:10
zulerdongleHi. Does anyone know how to make ubuntu automount all of my ntfs and fat 32 partitions every time it loads. The thing is i have like 10 partitions and my music is spread out through all of them so in order for amarok to find the songs in my library i have to double click on a partition then go back to the "computer" menu and do the same with the other 9 paritions.. Thanks03:10
|Prometheus|slenentine, Ill check that too -  thanks03:10
zcat[1]|Prometheus|: gets the file and renames it from gootube's random gibberish to the page header title03:10
levanderCan someone tell my why the 2 windows machines on this computer can share files fine, but I have to use IP addresses to share files to get to the windows machine from my Ubuntu box?03:10
basculepushpop: gkrellm is not web based though, if you are serious look at radmind03:11
|Prometheus|zcat[1], thanks - sounds perfect03:11
ka2therealpxc: "sudo apt-get upgrade -s" and pastebin the results?03:11
towliei tried installing the package flex with apt-get. why does it ask me to to inset the ubuntu CD ? i dont have it available03:11
basculetowlie: disable it in software sources03:11
Jack_Sparrow!ati | Shkeve:03:11
ubotuShkeve:: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:11
zcat[1]|Prometheus|: it probably is perfect.. even my technophobe wife has figured out how to use it :)03:11
fastfingerzulerdongle: you'll most likely need to edit fstab and about ntfs read up on ntfs-3f, I am not sure exactly03:11
|Prometheus|zcat[1], Lol :)03:12
slenentinelevander: you need winbind03:12
Raelis there a standalone program to download movies...like orbit or url grabber, that gets the url of the movie and then lets you download it? I need one for linux something either standalone or something that will work with the opera browser03:12
towliebascule, how do i do that03:12
fastfingerzulerdongle: ntfs-3g *03:12
pushpopis there any really nice bandwidth monitor graphical interfaces out there possibly webbased?03:12
ka2Rael: what sort of movie?03:12
ShkeveI'm reading it right now...does ATI Radeon Xpress200 fall under these prerequisites?03:12
basculetowlie: under the system menu03:12
Raellike a flash or divx03:13
zcat[1]pushpop: ntop03:13
basculeuncheck the box03:13
therealpxcka2: will do03:13
ka2Rael: from where?03:13
Raellike what VideoDownloader does in firefox...but I use opera03:13
Raelfrom a website03:13
slenentinelevander: See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8820603:13
towliewhere under the system menu03:13
gangadjinnanyone here using newzbin?? and what application you guys using for it?03:13
fastfingerRael: And this is all legal movie, right?03:13
dagrumpAny raid gurus on hand?03:13
therealpxcka2: no effect.03:13
fastfingerYou are allowed to download it?03:13
ka2Rael: miro will do youtube i think03:13
pushpopzcat[1] Thank you! just what I was looking for03:13
Raelof course03:13
Stoffercan someone help me figure out why I can't copy files from my external usb ext2 hard drive?03:14
ka2therealpxc: confusing03:14
therealpxcthe upgrade -s is the regular output, 0 updates and all that03:14
fastfingerStoffer: permission problem?03:14
Stofferfastfinger, sudo'ing it didn't help03:14
zcat[1]not sure what the MAFIAA thing, but I can't see any difference between downloading of gootube and taping stuff off TV which is definitely legal03:14
ka2therealpxc: iam reading up on downgrading & trying to keep up with irc03:14
Stofferfastfinger, it starts copying a little then it stalls03:15
fastfingerStoffer: for me chmoding it helped03:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about newzbin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:15
therealpxcka2: thanks, I'm trying to do the same thing03:15
fastfingerStoffer: ohany error?03:15
=== towlie is now known as towlieban
Stofferfastfinger, tried it.  chmod 777 /media/disk (mount point).  no errors to speak of03:15
luckyshotsudo apt-get install grdesktop -> when i enter that command it says not installble due to broken packages03:15
ka2therealpxc: http://tinyurl.com/3dcqf203:16
AutoMatriXis there any way to restore a password-protected winXP-session to ubuntu ?03:16
Stofferfastfinger, I'm trying cp -v to see what comes up but that just stalls as well03:16
ka2therealpxc: third comment might be of help?03:16
therealpxcka2: <303:16
ka2therealpxc: whats that?03:17
therealpxcI see no comments there03:17
motin_0 is there any way to enable the software cursor either while X is running or when launching gdmflexiserver?03:17
therealpxcka2: nvm, that _is_ the comment03:17
ka2therealpxc: oops sorry the url I gave was directly to the comment03:17
zcat[1]funny thing actually, you remember the whole sonybmg rootkit thing, switchfoot were one of the CDs affected by that.. the other day my wife downloaded the songs off gootube, from sonybmg's official youtube channel :)03:17
Elda!compiz Chii03:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compiz chii - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:17
therealpxcka2: it's a heart, indicating my appreciation03:17
Eldaerr wrong person03:17
Eldahow do I have it messaged to me? >.<03:17
ka2zcat[1]: serious?03:17
EldaI usually use the name chii on irc, hence the confusion :s03:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compiz:elda - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:18
towliebanwhere do i find software sources03:18
luckyshotsudo apt-get install grdesktop -> when i enter that command it says not installble due to broken packages03:18
Stofferfastfinger, ok, well now it looks like it's copying but it's being extremely slow.... 20 sec to get to 4% of an mp303:18
zcat[1]ka2: totally ... they've got a bunck of stuff up, over a thousands videos03:18
victorribeirohi everyone03:18
Canzer69excuse me but what do i do if /etc/modules do not load ndiswrapper?03:18
ka2Elda: do "/msg ubotu !compiz"03:18
ka2zcat[1]: is it really them?03:18
victorribeirodo you guys heard anything about ati making some drivers for linux?03:18
ka2victorribeiro: they have done for years03:18
ka2!ati | victorribeiro:03:18
ubotuvictorribeiro:: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:18
Canzer69i have to type sudo modprobe ndiswrapper after boot03:18
EldaThank you ka2 :)03:19
victorribeirohey, nice03:19
zcat[1]ka2: if it wasn't, I doubt they would have allowed a user named 'sonybmg' to upload over a thousand videos in their name without saying something..03:19
ka2Elda:  im kind of new to irc03:19
victorribeiroi have a ati radeon xpress 1150 and I cant use compiz on it03:19
ka2zcat[1]: i guess it would be suspicous :)03:19
EldaIm not that knew, I just didnt know how to get ubotu to message me with a topic lol03:20
_Oz_is there a way to power up an ubuntu machine remotely?03:20
zcat[1]ka2: I was surprised as heck, but it looks like it's legit.03:20
ka2Elda: yes but i am :) - yesterday :)03:20
victorribeiroka2, thanks man03:20
victorribeiroubotu nice03:20
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:20
towliebani tried installing the package flex with apt-get. why does it ask me to to inset the ubuntu CD ? i dont have it available03:21
ka2_Oz_: wakeup on lan? bios feature on some mothereboards03:21
_Oz_ka2: not a bad thought03:21
zcat[1]towlieban: go into sources and untick the CD03:21
_Oz_it's a pretty old computer though03:21
ka2_Oz_: as far as i know your only chance thoug :(03:22
_Oz_thanks for the idea03:22
_Oz_I'll look into it03:22
TrustNoOneaint no holla back girl03:22
_Oz_I have a headless ubuntu machine and I want it to be pure remote -- never have to see it, never have to touch it03:22
z0manaw cool I've got via apt:P03:22
ka2TrustNoOne: umm what was that supposed to meen03:22
_Oz_but for that to happen I have to have a way to physically start it, i.e. after power outage03:23
ka2!offtopic | TrustNoOne was that offtopic?03:23
ubotuTrustNoOne was that offtopic?: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:23
zcat[1]_Oz_: usually you just set the bios to always-on03:23
towliebanzcat i cant do that03:23
towliebanzcat i dont have software sources menu03:23
z0manTrustNoOne Mr Mulder?03:23
zcat[1]_Oz_: aka on-after-powerfail03:23
_Oz_zcat[1]: think a cheapo 3-year old deal desktop would have that option?03:23
zcat[1]_Oz_: my 5 year old box has it03:24
victorribeirowhere can I found some help for the commands in irc?03:24
_Oz_zcat[1]: easy to find in the bios settings?03:24
towliebanzcat i dont have software sources menu. what do i do03:24
grte /help03:24
z0mangoogle it :P03:24
ka2_Oz_:  it could - an old now 10 year old box i had had it03:24
zcat[1]_Oz_: somewhere under power management03:24
_Oz_all right03:24
_Oz_good thoughts, all03:24
_Oz_thank you03:24
_Oz_I will report back with my results03:24
Rukus my KDE 3 session wont load. but KDE4 will and Gnome will. any ideas?03:24
ka2_Oz_: would be interested to see them03:24
ka2Rukus:  is KDE4 conflicting with KDE303:25
Rukusit shouldn't be. it wasn't before03:25
towliebancan anyone help me03:25
illmortalWoooot gnash + GStreamer codec = Flash playback on PS3!03:25
ka2Rukus:  when did it start? after an upgrade etc03:26
towliebani dont have "software sources" in the system->administration menu03:26
zero88Hm, i could have swore there was a theme manager in Ubuntu, but i couldnt find it, How do i change themes?03:26
Rukusi think its because of some upgrading03:26
ka2illmortal: i never had much luck with gnash - im on amd64 & have resorted to 32bit firefox :(03:26
grtesystem > preferences > themes or something03:26
zcat[1]towlieban: start synaptic.. settings > repositories03:26
grteBeen awhile since I used gnome03:26
grteOr you could just edit ~/.gtkrc-2.003:26
ka2grte: appearance in gnome 2.2003:27
zero88grte ya there isnt something like that there.looked already03:27
ka2Rukus: what repos for kde4?03:27
grteWell, it'll be around somewhere.03:27
zero88ka2 ah appearance03:27
illmortali dunno if 32bit will work well with Playstation 303:27
Rukusfrom kubuntu.org03:27
bazhangtowlieban: what are you trying to do?03:27
RukusKA2 from kubuntu.org03:27
arooni-mobilehelp!!!  my ml-1740 samsung printer has been abducted by virtualbox winxp... i can print from the VM but no longer thru ubuntu (even when virtualbox is turned off)..... any ideas?03:27
mcquaidcurious about wubi.  i read in the faqs that you can't currently use existing free space yet.03:27
towliebanbazhang, install the package flex but its asking me for the ubuntu cd03:27
mcquaidbut isn't that the whole point?  so one doesn't have to make another partition03:27
ka2illmortal: no that was for amd64 as it is x86 32bit compatible03:28
grtefind ~ -regex .*gtkrc.*03:28
zcat[1]towlieban: start synaptic.. settings > repositories > untick the CD sources, click reload03:28
victorribeirohow do I send a msg to someone?03:28
ka2Rukus: so there shouldn't be problems there but i will just check03:28
bazhangtowlieban: open up synaptic package manager and disable the cd as source, hit reload/refresh then try again03:28
ka2victorribeiro: use /msg03:28
illmortalah understood ka203:28
victorribeiroyeah, but I dont think its working03:28
ka2victorribeiro: /msg <nickname> message03:28
ka2without the < & >s03:29
Rukusi'd just say "whatever" to it, if KDE4 were as useful to me as KDE 303:29
bazhangmcquaid: you best wait for 8.04 when wubi will be officially supported and much more robust than now03:29
grtedwm is where it's at, anyways.03:29
bazhangvictorribeiro: you need to register; /msg ubotu register03:30
ka2Rukus: maybe try #kubuntu first?03:30
bazhangor #kubuntu-kde403:30
Rukusman it hits the splash screen, initialising services, then throws me back to login03:30
Rukusi tired no one got back to me03:30
ka2Rukus: tried kubuntu-kde4 as suggested by bazhung?03:31
mcquaidbazhang, yes i get that, but i want to clarify what it does currently.  you don't have to make a partition but you can't install in free space03:31
Rukusi missed that03:32
mcquaidso what does it do? format your existing ntfs part (with windows in it?)03:32
Rukuswhat do you want me to try with that?03:32
victorribeirohell, i dont remeber how to use this anymore03:32
Rukuska 2 what do you want me to try with that?03:32
bazhangmcquaid: no idea what it does currently--the 8.04 version will allow you to install it inside of windows and launch from there03:32
Rukuska2 rather03:32
victorribeirobazhang how I register?03:32
billy_can someone help me out please?03:32
Rukusolol sorryy thgats a room03:33
Rukusman i am still hung over03:33
Rukusi think03:33
zcat[1]!ask > billy_03:33
mcquaidyes, but i didn't know of this till now, they had a beta version for 7.04/.10.  I was curious about the existing functionality03:33
bazhangask billy03:33
billy_ubuntu will not load03:33
mcquaidnot really getting what it currently does03:33
billy_i boots from disk03:33
Rukuska2 i dont have a problem with KDE4 tho03:33
Stofferwhat's a good hard disk diagnostic app that I can run on an external usb drive?03:33
RukusSystem Information for alkasmolik: CPU: AuthenticAMD AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+1000.000 MHz, 512 KB Cache RAM: 511 MB HDD: 42 GB OS: GNU/Linux 2.6.22-14-generic Uptime: 20:33:56 up 18 min,  2 users,  load average: 0.67, 0.47, 0.3303:33
billy_it wont load after i select"start or install ubuntu" from the initial screen03:34
billy_it starts to load, but stays at 8% indefinately03:34
bazhangmcquaid have you searched ubuntu wubi in your favorite search engine yet? or was this your first stop? ;]03:34
billy_im also using a live cd03:34
zcat[1]billy_ do the cd check?03:34
billy_i checked the hash before i burned it03:34
billy_and when i did the check it did the same thing03:34
mcquaidi searched ubuntu forums and their site03:34
zcat[1]billy_ do the self-test as well.. what speed did you burn it?03:35
mcquaidjust wanted to know if anyone has tried it to get further clarification03:35
zcat[1]ahh, ok03:35
=== jasay_ is now known as jasay
billy_too fast?03:35
simpsdoes anyone use deluge?03:35
billy_i didn't specify any cd03:35
ka2billy_: if you know how to do md5sums you could check it that way03:35
Rukusi wonder , should i try to fix my xorg.conf03:35
billy_thats how i checked it in the first place before i burnd it03:35
bazhanghttp://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080224-wubi-arrives-a-look-at-ubuntu-8-04-alpha-5.html mcquaid what is coming you can search for the now functionality on your own03:35
ka2billy_: so it should be all good03:36
billy_how long is it supposed to take from a live disk boot?03:36
mcquaidi just read that article, that's what brought me here03:36
bazhangdepends on hardware/ram billy_03:36
billy_because it says its loading the linux kernel, and stays at 8%03:36
billy_512 mb ram03:36
billy_amd turion 6403:36
dibzsmells like fail03:36
billy_i have a year old dell 150103:37
billy_inspiron notebook03:37
rinseouti'm having problems with a CD install of 7.10: Squashfs errors shortly after it starts copying files. md5sum was fine. any ideas?03:37
bazhangdibz your current issue?03:37
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:37
dibzbazhang i have none03:37
=== kHERETH is now known as runev
rinseoutcan i install via network and forget squashfs?03:38
ka2billy_:  so a laptop? what barnd & model?03:38
bazhangbilly_: the alternate cd can do when the livecd chokes--are you trying to dual boot or overwrite ##windows?03:38
billy_dell inspiron 150103:38
billy_it runs counterstrike 1.6 perfect03:38
ka2bazhang: but it freezes before03:38
billy_i doubt it will have any problems with ubuntu03:38
ka2billy_: ubuntus not counterstrike03:38
billy_i no03:38
ka2billy_: its an os not a game03:38
billy_but i doubt it'll take up nearly as much memory03:38
billy_cs takes up like 150,000k03:39
ka2billy_: that could be true03:39
runst8lol, this is a great conversation03:39
billy_what can i do to fix the problem?03:39
rinseoutwhat is the workaround for squashfs errors during CD install?03:39
bazhangbilly_: answer my question--you trying to dual boot or overwrite ##windows03:40
ka2billy_: would anything here help? http://www.ubuntu1501.com/03:40
billy_boot from disk03:40
billy_bood from cd03:40
bazhangbilly_: you want to play cs in the livecd?03:40
ka2billy_: ?03:40
r3n0ci keep having this problem: whenever i try to run a program that requires me to input the root password03:41
r3n0cit makes me do it twice03:41
bazhanguse sudo r3n0c03:41
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu03:41
billy_how long should it take on my hardware to boot from livecd? dell inspiron 1501 with amd turion 64 512 ram03:41
r3n0cbazhang,  i mean when like i wanna run stuff in the system->administrator03:41
ka2r3n0c: only admin programs03:41
bazhangsudo always r3n0c03:41
ka2r3n0c: its supposed to its for security03:41
r3n0clike if i want to open up the network administration03:41
r3n0cit doesn't work the first time03:41
r3n0cbut the second time it password prompts me03:41
r3n0cthe first time i click it, it just acts like i never did and it doesn't run03:42
ka2r3n0c: it should work the first time, maybe you should report it as a bug?03:42
ka2billy_: about 5 mins03:42
victorribeiroset unfiltered on03:42
r3n0ci was think'n that it was a bug, but it is such a pain and it used to work03:42
achandrashekarbilly_: using the 64 bit live cd?03:42
ka2billy_: its the cdrom drive speed that affects it not ram or cpu03:42
rinseoutwhat is the workaround for squashfs errors during CD install of 7.1003:43
bazhangaha 64bit03:43
billy_aha 64bit?03:43
ka2bazhang: amd64 rulez03:43
ka2 bazhang: unless you need flash :)03:43
bazhangka2 certainly ;]03:43
iceswordnickrud, hi,guy,i used netinstall to installed x and gnome to my machine,you couldn't imagine what version is gnome,it is 2.14,so now i don't have open office,coz i only installed the "gnome-desktop-environment"now debian used 1.5g diskspace and i give it 76m ram ,and it runs fast,heheh03:43
achandrashekarbilly_: so the answer was yes? you are?03:43
billy_i am what?03:43
bazhang!register | victorribeiro03:44
ubotuvictorribeiro: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.03:44
ka2 billy_: using amd64 or i38603:44
r3n0cok different question: what is the default password for the keyring manager03:44
r3n0cb/c my root password doesn't work03:44
billy_ubuntu 6.0603:44
bazhangr3n0c: you need to creat one03:44
billy_thats what it says in the file name03:44
bazhangerr create03:44
ka2billy_: that is ancient03:44
illmortalboooo gnash is really buggy =\03:45
achandrashekarbilly_: just wait a bit longer..should be good..and the live cd will appear to be "slow". Once you have installed everything..it will plain kick ass and then some.03:45
bazhangbilly get a more modern version03:45
billy_how long should i wait?03:45
ka2billy_: 3 releases behind03:45
r3n0cbazhang, do you think that the non existance of one could be the reason that i need to run the tasks in the admin menu twice?03:45
r3n0cb/c the first time it tries to goto the keyring manager?03:45
billy_anyone have a link to the newest stable version?03:45
achandrashekarbilly_: then adjust your sources  using synaptic and get almost everything else from the internet03:45
ka2billy_: ubuntu.com/getubuntu03:45
bazhangr3n0c: doubt it--that sometimes happened here as well--I clicked on something and it started loading then just went silent03:45
billy_and how long should i wait during the first boot?03:46
r3n0cbazhang, yeah that's what happens for me... every time tho lol03:46
orbisvicisis the menu editor in ubuntu custom-ubuntu or actually part of gnome ?03:46
bazhangr3n0c: gutsy?03:46
shuktyhi can i  boot ubuntu on usb pen ?03:46
r3n0cyea, 7.1003:46
victorribeiroI dont know how to register03:46
r3n0cit used to work just fine03:46
victorribeiroIm reading the help03:46
ka2shukty: yes you can03:46
r3n0c(not sure when it started to be weird tho)03:46
bazhangwww.pendrivelinux.com has the details shukty03:46
orbisvicisie, how can i call it from terminal03:46
ka2shukty:  you need to have ubuntu allready though03:46
shuktyrespect and ty03:46
nickrudorbisvicis: alacarte (was written by an ubuntu motu)03:47
mEck0I'm going to give a talk about open source at a seminar in school, and wonder if completely white slides in the presentation is boring or just looks more professional?03:47
orbisvicisnickrud, thanks03:47
achandrashekarbilly_: with what you are running not as long as the live stuff did03:47
achandrashekarbilly_: you will like it03:47
bazhangvictorribeiro: you need to actually read the link I gave you ;]03:47
ka2mEck0: white with nothing on it? :>03:47
Amaranthnickrud: heh, that doesn't sound right03:47
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents03:47
nickrudAmaranth: true, though?03:48
victorribeirobazhang I did it03:48
billy_im not going to repartition my hard drive03:48
billy_i don't have anything to back up all my data to03:48
mEck0ka2, except the texts :P03:48
victorribeiro#  Register your IRC nick:03:48
victorribeiro    /msg nickserv register <your-password>03:48
victorribeiro# Add a valid email address to your primary03:48
victorribeironickserv is #ubuntu?03:48
Amaranthnickrud: sure, but i don't really do any motu stuff and wasn't a motu while i was working on it03:48
billy_i plan to run from livecd for a while till i can get my hands on a bunch of blank disks03:48
billy_or an external hd03:48
ka2mEck0: it depends on the audience - some peop[le will think so others wont03:48
nickrudAmaranth: knew that, but I was thinking present tense :)03:48
billy_how safe is it to repartition my drive03:48
bazhangvictorribeiro: now you need to identify yourself: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY (your password)03:49
mEck0ka2, the audience is other computer scientists and IT-nurses03:49
billy_what are the chances i lose any data?03:49
ka2!offtopic | mEck0 kind of offtopic?03:49
ubotumEck0 kind of offtopic?: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:49
bazhangbilly_: back up data first ;]03:49
Amaranthnickrud: You could just say it was written for ubuntu :)03:49
neetoWhat's a good mame frontend (not based on KDE)03:49
victorribeiroregister doutor03:49
NetEchothe default screensave that gnome uses is a tad bit laggy is there any way to tweak it or will I need to install xscreensaver?03:49
billy_k cya later guys03:50
trainhey guys whats that synaptic program to edit my compiz settings03:50
victorribeiroregister doutor03:50
orbisvicisso how come other os' dont use alacarte03:50
victorribeiroidentify doutor03:50
Amaranthorbisvicis: They do03:50
biabiai installed ubuntu, then the xfce and kde desktops, and a bunch of other stuff. is there a way for me to reinstall, wiping everything except whats in my own home folder?03:50
orbisvicisAmaranth, oh. nice job03:51
nickrudAmaranth: you're on the list, good enough for me03:51
Amaranthorbisvicis: I know Mandriva dropped their custom setup for it, Fedora has it, OpenSuSE probably does too03:51
ka2biabia: backup your home folder first :)03:51
biabiaback it up to where03:51
Amaranthorbisvicis: It is a GNOME project included in the Desktop release, I suspect every distro that has GNOME has it03:51
rich1hi.  i'm trying to change my network settings to opendns.  but the new settings won't stick on reboot.  what should i do?03:51
victorribeironickserv is #ubuntu?03:51
ka2biabia: your choice :)03:51
biabiatoo much stuff to burn onto dvds03:51
victorribeiroregister doutor03:52
Amaranthvictorribeiro: No, NickServ is NickServ03:52
ka2train: compizconfig-settings-manager03:52
ka2biabia: i see03:52
rinseoutwhat is the best way to partition 80G for a basic laptop user?03:52
ka2biabia: tricky problem03:52
biabiaits my first linux install, and i'd have done a lot better if i'd stayed with one desktop i think. but i really like xfce. i think thats what i want to put on here03:53
ka2rinseout: depends on what you use it for, what operating systems03:53
biabiaill figure something out03:53
ka2biabia: so use xubuntu?03:53
synsandhow to create a root acount in ubuntu03:53
biabiais there anything youd recommend backing up besides whats in the home folder?03:53
rinseoutka2:just office, web, internet, maybe some media. XP might go on later, but i'm leaving free space for that.03:53
ka2biabia: you can uninstall the others. with difficulty03:53
chris0synsand: sudo passwd03:53
rich1can anyone help me with my network settings please?03:53
ubotuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)03:54
synsandchris0:   thanks03:54
ka2root, swap and maybe home?03:54
biabiaka2. ya. i want it cleaner than that. im having troubles now because ive played with it so much. too much03:54
rinseouti just didn't know if it made sense to separate home or not.03:54
Jack_Sparrowrinseout: Yes.. absolutely03:54
chris0synsand: although, do listen to the bot too. use a root password at your own risk03:54
bazhangdepends on how much you want to do fresh install like me ;]03:55
rinseoutso 25 root, 55 home or so?03:55
zero88Can someone help me with my wireless.?03:55
ka2biabia: i guess a good reason to have a home partition but a little to late for that03:55
biabiaupon my next install i could try to do that?03:55
slenentinerinseout: root doesn't need to be that large03:55
bazhangrinseout: and a bit for swap should do fine--though 25 seems excessive for /03:55
ka2biabia: it might be a good idea03:55
rinseoutso what's good for / ?03:55
slenentinerinseout: say 1003:55
biabiaim not sure how to make partitions. maybe i could do that before i reinstall?03:56
=== dibz is now known as mohadib
Jack_Sparrowrinseout: Foir me.. I would use 20 root 30 home and 30 as a spare ext303:56
zero88Can someone help me with my wireless.? My wireless card is working because i can see my wireless network, but when i try to connect, for some reason it doesnt work. When i reboot my system i do get an ip, but i still cant connect? anyone have any suggestions?03:56
ka2biabia: in the ubuntu installer03:56
victorribeiroka2: how do I send someones a msg highlighted?03:56
zero88biabia just boot into the livecd03:56
chris0zero88: do you have an atheros card?03:56
zero88chris0, no its a realtek03:56
rinseoutext3 or reiser?03:56
achandrashekarzero88: are you running encryption?03:56
ka2biabia: but then you may end up getting rid of your data eek03:56
victorribeirobazhang, can you read me?!03:56
Jangarizero88: are you sure it's not at the router's end?03:56
ka2rinseout: whatever your preference03:57
zero88achandrashekar,  yes i am, wep03:57
bazhangvictorribeiro: hehe yes03:57
biabiaoh. ill do some backing up first03:57
zero88jangari no im not sure of that either03:57
orbisvicisthank you however maintains fluxbox ... for compiling with IMLIB2 !!!03:57
Jangaricheck that primarily03:57
achandrashekarzero88: and properly entered wep code in??03:57
rinseoutka2 i have none. usually i go for ext3.03:57
victorribeirobazhang, thanks for your patiance man, I really apricieted that03:57
ka2biabia: maybe all of it03:57
zero88achandrashekar, yes i know that for sure03:57
ka2rinseout:  same :)03:57
bazhangno worries victorribeiro ;]03:57
Jangariachandrashekar: if s/he is getting an ip, s/he can connect to the router no worries,03:57
=== train is now known as train2
ka2biabia: even likely to happen03:57
train2okay I'm running alpha five and I dont see the compizconfig-settings-manager in synaptic03:58
NetEchoanyone know how to get the radeon drivers installed for Ubuntu?03:58
ka2!ati | NetEcho03:58
ubotuNetEcho: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:58
achandrashekarJangari:good point..03:58
zero88achandrashekar, i remember one time turning off encryption and it worked. maybe i should try that03:58
biabiayes. ill do all my backups before i make any more changes03:58
bazhangtrain2 try #ubuntu+103:58
achandrashekarzero88: id try that again..but before you do...can you ping the router??03:58
Jangarizero88: restarting occasionally is very effective in these cases also03:58
achandrashekarzero88: and you have an internal dns resolver of some sort right??03:58
zero88achandrashekar, Jangari , yes i deleted my dns servers and everything and booted up only using wireless, and it was able to obtain those also03:58
ka2biabia: could take a while. thats the problem with big hdds these days03:59
NetEchoka2 thanks03:59
storm-zenIt seems that some partitions on an external drive disappeared from the desktop.  How do I get them back?03:59
zero88achandrashekar, no cannot ping, but doesnt say cannot locate host, just sits there and does nothing03:59
Jangariare they mounted, storm-zen?03:59
achandrashekarzero88: ping by ip?? or host?03:59
ka2storm-zen: did you unmount them?03:59
NetEchoman Ubuntu is the windows of linux without all the hassel heh03:59
bazhangstorm-zen: when did this start? what did you do before that happened?03:59
zero88achandrashekar, ping www.yahoo.com03:59
ka2NetEcho: windows of linux?03:59
towliebanwhat package do i install for the X development headers03:59
NetEchoka2 not in the bad sense03:59
Jangarisome occasional hassle, NetEcho04:00
AtomicSparkack! i was being attacked by trackerd.04:00
NetEchoits nice and user friendly04:00
achandrashekarzero88: ping the router by ip04:00
ka2NetEcho: i used to have lots of hassles in windows04:00
orbisvicisreactOS is the linux of the windows : |04:00
NetEchoka2 windows is a hassel in its own04:00
zero88achandrashekar, well i will be bacl, im going to try a few other things04:00
storm-zenJangari: They are not listed when I type in mount.  ka2:  I did not unmount them on purpose.04:00
ka2NetEcho: i prefer to to think of ubuntu as the mac os x of linux :)04:00
zero88achandrashekar, Jangari thanks for the help04:00
NetEchoka2 yea actually that would be more accurate04:00
achandrashekarzero88: then ping this -
orbisvicishehe i strongly prefer not to04:00
towliebanwhat package do i install for the X development headers?04:00
zero88achandrashekar, k04:00
achandrashekarI think you might be having DNS resolution issues04:01
Jangarizero88: i'd check the router's connection to the internet first and foremost04:01
NetEchoka2 I'm extremely impressed by it04:01
ka2Jangari: if all of them are unmounted unlplug it and plug it back in04:01
storm-zenbazhang: Not really sure.  Been playing with every application I can, from compiz, to MP3 players, to a screenlet program that I found that puts a clock on the desktop. :)  I just found Ubuntu. :)04:01
biabiaka2 luckily for me this is an older pc. only an 80 gig drive and only about 60gb full04:01
achandrashekarif the above works..that is.04:01
bazhangtowlieban: you want to compile?04:01
ka2Jangari: yes what?04:01
towliebanbazhang, well install it in apt-get04:01
bazhangbuild-essential towlieban04:01
towliebanwhat about it04:02
Jangarii don't think that last one was directed at me, that's all04:02
storm-zenI see that playing music causes the tone not to sound for IRC, still, though.04:02
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:02
ka2Jangari: sorry04:02
ka2storm-zen: if all of them are unmounted unlplug it and plug it back in04:02
NetEchoka2 that certainly fixed a few of my issues right there04:02
bazhangstorm-zen: I usually have my music so loud I cant tell the difference ;]04:03
storm-zenka2: Rather do it with software.  Is there a way?04:03
NetEchoI take it they're marked as restricted drivers because they are propriatary?04:03
ka2NetEcho: what fixed it sorry im doing lots04:03
towliebanbazhang, what do you mean about build essential04:03
storm-zenbazhang: :)04:03
bazhangtowlieban: you want to compile things? then that is what you want04:03
ka2storm-zen: yes but its easier to do it with hardware04:03
Jangaristorm-zen: are they usually mounted automatically on startup?04:03
NetEchoka2 lots of video lags and the fact that the resolution it said it was running wasn't actually what was displaying04:03
towliebanhow do i do that04:03
storm-zenka2: That's easy for you to say... the plug is waaaay back there...04:03
towliebanapt-get install build-esential doesnt work04:04
Jack_Sparrowtowlieban: Please read the link04:04
bazhangtowlieban: what are you trying to do? please be specific04:04
storm-zenJangari: Yes.04:04
Jack_Sparrowtowlieban: YOu need to enable the addl repos04:04
ka2storm-zen: i see your point04:04
towliebancompile wine04:04
bazhangtowlieban: you need to sudo that04:04
Burnninatoris there a known issue with touchpads and heartyheron, where the touchpad freezes up all the time?04:04
bazhangBurnninator: ask in the heron channel04:04
nickrudBurnninator: you should ask on #ubuntu+104:04
storm-zenka2: Seriously, can't reach it in the tight space that it's in.04:04
ka2storm-zen: eeek04:05
NetEchoka2 since my laptop isn't used for gaming I see no issues adpating to linux for it04:05
Jack_Sparrowtowlieban: You dont need to compile your own vine..04:05
ka2storm-zen:  im looking04:05
NetEchoka2 any idea how to make vlc the default dvd player when you pop a dvd in?04:05
zero88achandrashekar, ya all i needed was a reboot04:05
ka2NetEcho: shouldnt totem be fine?04:05
towliebanyea i do04:06
NetEchoka2 I'm more partial to vlc04:06
towliebanJack_Sparrow, the one in apt-get is older04:06
Jack_Sparrowtowlieban: THe one in the repos.. is stable04:06
kostkontowlieban, use the wine repo04:06
ka2NetEcho: Is it in System > Preferences > Prefered Applications04:06
bazhangmixx is there a support question attached to that?04:06
kostkontowlieban, you will always get the newest wine as an update04:06
Jangaristorm-zen: did you do anything like cange the mountpoints?04:07
NetEchoka2 thanks04:07
kostkontowlieban, http://www.winehq.org/site/download-deb04:07
tritiumMixx: please, don't advertise here04:07
Mixxwas that an ad?04:07
ka2storm-zen not sure04:07
ka2Mixx: what an ad?04:07
Mixxsorry, just wanted to share something i thought was cool04:07
Jack_SparrowMixx: Not in here thanks..04:08
achandrashekarzero88: that'll do it04:08
storm-zenJangari: Much earlier, I didn't like a name of one of the drives, so I unmounted it, changed the label, and then found out I didn't know how to mount it again.04:08
achandrashekarzero88: good job on the "fix"04:08
ka2!offtopic Mixx :)04:08
nickrudMixx: #ubuntu-offtopic is the place for sharing interesting stuff04:08
zero88achandrashekar, hah ;)04:08
ka2!offtopic | Mixx04:09
ubotuMixx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:09
Mixx*blush* sheepishly steps off stage04:09
ka2got to go sorry04:09
zero88isnt there a command line aim, well its gaim without a gui?04:09
achandrashekarall right...l8r on guys will be back latr04:10
=== shiva is now known as Buggered_fstab
kostkonzero88, there is a command line version of pidgin.04:10
towlieban kostkon will that download the absolute newest package available04:10
bazhangcya ka204:10
MixxIs there a way I can view this: http://i25.tinypic.com/eqwo02.jpg in ubuntu?04:10
zero88kostkon oh ok04:10
Buggered_fstabWhere can I find a howto on installing downloaded themes?04:10
storm-zenwill stopping and restarting the automounter get my drives back?04:11
zero88kostkon you know what its called04:11
Jack_SparrowMixx: Can I say you are on thin ice..04:11
Mixx*sigh* no sense of humor.  i'll shut up now.04:11
Jangariokay storm-zen, you need to tell your fstab about the change, i think04:11
kostkontowlieban, yes, although the newest version (0.9.56) will come as an update to you in about 2-3 days. it's not packaged yet. you can always find all the debs of wine here, if you like: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/archive/index.html04:12
NetEchoka2u I changed prefered multimedia to custom and put in VLC yet it still opens in totem04:12
tritiumMixx: it's offtopic, distracting, and adds unnessary noise to an already busy channel.04:12
Jangariwhat's the command to fix the fstab automatically?04:12
towliebankostkon, i just installed the one in the repos which is 0.9.4604:12
kostkonzero88, it's called "finch"04:12
kostkontowlieban, great!04:12
Jack_Sparrownickrud: I need to reset my ops buttons.. what is the remove command again ?  I have kick and ban done04:13
Jangaristorm-zen: can you pastebin you fstab? it's in /etc/fstab04:13
kostkontowlieban, if you put the wine repos you will get the 0.9.55 version04:13
storm-zenJangari: Hmm... doesn't appear to be in fstab... or is that what you just said?  None of those mount points are.04:13
towliebankostkon,  i just wanted to get the newest one04:13
OmletteIs there a good program for file synching in Linux besides Unison? Unison gives me errors whenever I try to use it.04:13
towliebankostkon, ill wait04:13
storm-zen( That is, they weren't earlier, when the rest of them were mounted. )04:13
kostkontowlieban, you will have to put the wine repos to get the latest.04:13
zero88kostkon thanks04:14
Jangarihang on, how many partitions do you have/are you trying to mount?04:14
kostkontowlieban, just follow the instructions from here: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/archive/index.html04:14
storm-zen4 - all the same external drive.04:14
kostkontowlieban, here: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/archive/index.html04:14
Jangariokay, and what happened originally?04:14
kostkontowlieban, bah! here: http://www.winehq.org/site/download-deb04:14
Jangaridid they automatically mount on boot?04:14
NetEchoka2u I found a thread thanks04:15
davisI'm having trouble getting my wireless working w/o roaming mode, but it works fine with roaming mode04:15
davisany suggestions on what to check to see what's going wrong?04:15
Jangaritell us some symptoms, davis04:15
slenentinestorm-zen: sudo fdisk -l   find the appropriate partitions (/dev/whatever); then    sudo mount /dev/whatever /media/mountPoint04:16
iceswordnickrud, hello04:16
nickrudicesword: hi04:16
davisJangari, well in the network setup it sees the AP, and I select WPA, and enter they key, but it won't work.  If I kick back on roaming modem network manager has no problems.04:16
storm-ze1Sorry... Pidgin has been periodically dying lately, too.04:17
iceswordnickrud, hi,guy,i used netinstall to installed x and gnome to my machine,you couldn't imagine what version is gnome,it is 2.14,so now i don't have open office,coz i only installed the "gnome-desktop-environment"now debian used 1.5g diskspace and i give it 76m ram ,and it runs fast,heheh04:17
davisJangari, won't work as in no network access period04:17
=== _max` is now known as max`
storm-ze1( Maybe I'll just try rebooting. )04:17
nickrudicesword: debian is off topic here, but debian releases are pretty solid.04:17
chris0davis: do you have an atheros card? if you do, either get REALLY close to your access point, or user ndiswrapper04:17
ka2im back04:18
trendhey.. can someoen tell me how I can enable mysql for access outside of the loopback address?04:18
macogwnickrud: except on my laptop04:18
iceswordnickrud, that 180m cd is really good04:18
ka2using irssi pidgin wouldnt connect04:18
davischris: yes on the atheros card04:18
nickrudmacogw: ah, laptops .... ubuntu is for laptops :)04:18
Jangaridavis, i'd say the details you're entering aren't correct, make sure you've got the right encryption, it might be hexadecimal versus personal, for instance04:18
storm-ze1be back in a bit.04:18
chris0davis: I've got one too. it's a known issue with the madwifi (ath_pci) driver04:18
davisI had this working before, then I switched to fedora, and when I put ubuntu back on I can't get it to work04:18
Sparc911I have a driver question.04:19
Jangarioh, forget what i said then04:19
chris0davis: what kind of graphics card do you have?04:19
TrustNoOneI installed IPblock (to block some p2p traffic) and since then my weather report on my taskbar (the one that comes with ubuntu) wont update...04:19
davischris0, is it a recent problem that has come up, cause it work before04:19
davischris0, a nvidia gf 680004:19
OrangeteaIs Ubuntu 8.04 out? or is it in alpha / beta?04:20
ka2w00t an nzer04:20
TrustNoOneOrangetea, alpha04:20
chris0davis: yeah. same issue here. what's going on is that nvidia and ath_pci are both part of the linux-restricted-drivers package. what you need to do is uninstall that, and then install ndiswrapper and manually install the nvidia driver04:20
OrangeteaTrustNoOne alpha = beta?04:21
rinseoutOK I have just burned 2 CDs from an ISO that passed the MD5 sum check. Each time I get SQUASHFS errors.04:21
Jangarialpha != beta04:21
kostkonOrangetea, alpha=alpha04:21
TrustNoOneOrangetea, alpha is pre beta, so its still buggy and new04:21
chris0davis: it's annoying. I fought with it for a week before I got it to work04:21
Jangarialpha = greek for 'a', beta = greek for 'b'04:21
davischris0, will yours work with roaming mode on via networkmanager before you fixed it?04:21
Jangaria > b, a != b04:21
kostkonJangari, alpha is for α, beta is for β04:22
chris8998hey i was wondering if someone could help me with some driver problems?04:22
OrangeteaTrustNoOne we can still update even its in alpha.04:22
NetEchohrm I keep getting libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in ifo_read.c:172804:22
Jangarithank kostkon04:22
TrustNoOneJangari, a is not better than b :P especially with software, alpha is way more buggy than beta04:22
rinseoutis there an issue with the 7.10 installer?04:22
chris0davis: it showed networks, but I couldn't connect to them, unless I was literally within five feet of the AP04:22
NetEchoany ideas?04:22
kostkonJangari, ;)04:22
RequinB4how to I set a .jar file to open with a double click with JRE and not the file manager?04:22
JangariTrustNoOne: i never said that, i just said a wasn't the same as b04:22
TrustNoOneOrangetea, yes, but be prepared for the release to not work the way you want, its still very buggy, but you can install it and still update it04:22
TrustNoOneJangari, a > b... thats the "greater than" sign, so you said a is greater than b04:23
davischris0, hmm, see mine works great in roaming mode, but I want it to log onto the network at boot, and it's a desktop, so not switching APs04:23
tritiumOrangetea: hardy questions in #ubuntu+104:23
NetEchosomeone mentioned it might be due to region settings04:23
TrustNoOneOrangetea, go here to download alpha of Hardy: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing04:23
=== cyounkins is now known as aboutblank
Jangarii know, i deliberated over that for about 3 seconds, what i meant by > was 'then', as in non-cotemporaneity04:23
=== aboutblank is now known as cyounkins
chris0davis: you mean that you want it to connect before X starts?04:23
* TrustNoOne rolls eyes @ Jangari 04:23
Jangaria 'then' b04:23
davischris0, yes04:24
RequinB4how to set a .jar file to open with a double click with JRE and not the file manager? - I can get it to open with JRE by right clicking but that is too slowhow04:24
=== cyounkins is now known as aboutblank
NetEchois there any packages that decode for region 104:24
=== aboutblank is now known as cyounkins
Jangaribesides, you'd be relying on a polysemous sense of 'greater than' to arrive at 'better than' as opposed to merely 'bigger than'04:24
KiraIs anybody using Webmin and proftpd on Gutsy?04:24
TrustNoOneRequinB4, right click on the file, go to properties, then go to the "open with" tab and choose JRE, if its not in there add it with the command option04:24
ka2Jangari: wha?04:24
chris8998hey kostkon i i loaded ubuntu up and everything is running fine other then my drivers for a 8800gt it says that my hardware does not need restricted drivers04:24
ubotuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.04:25
RequinB4TrustNoOne: thanks04:25
chris0davis: hm...what kind of wireless connection is it? 64-bit hex? 128-bit passphrase? Etc.04:25
Jangari'great' has more than one seme04:25
TrustNoOneRequinB4, after you do that, all those file types will open with the program specified04:25
Jangarior sense404:25
ka2chris8998: it does so :)04:25
davischris0, WPA-Personal04:25
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:25
ka2chris8998: try installing nvidia-glx-new04:25
Jangarigreat (1) as in large, and great (2) as in good04:25
TrustNoOneJangari, are you STILL on that? jeez :p04:25
chris8998how do u type to some one ? /t or something?04:25
Jangari> = greater than = larger than, != better than04:25
Presariowhat does it means if it says "error opening terminal: bterm"?04:25
Starnestommychris8998: like this?04:26
RequinB4TrustNoOne: so every .jar file will open with JRE?  Not as great, but thanks, that's what i needed04:26
bazhangchris8998: /msg nick though you need to be registered to private message04:26
kostkonchris8998, yes. install the driver yourself04:26
ka2Jangari:  > greater than = same as != not the same as04:26
Starnestommychris8998: just say their name at the beginning of a line04:26
Jack_Sparrowchris8998:   /msg chris8998 xxxxxxxx04:26
chris8998o thanks04:26
chris0davis: dang. I've actually been trying to figure out how to connect to non 64-bit networks by command-line. it wouldn't be too hard to write a script that starts up your wireless at boot, but I don't know how to connect to WPA-Personal via command-line.04:26
DracoI'm still using 7.04, and networkmanager can't handle my wifi card04:26
DracoI can manually use iwconfig, should I just remove NetworkManager from sysv and add a 2 line shell script?04:26
Jangari= = same as*04:26
Jangarior, "same as" is the same as "same as"04:27
TrustNoOneRequinB4, yes thats right, the open with isnt just for that file, its for all files of that type, so if you want you can just change it back after04:27
ka2Jangari:  yes04:27
NetEchoI'm getting this error when trying to watch the dvd  http://debian.pastebin.com/m4506807204:27
Presariowhat does it means if it says "error opening terminal: bterm"?04:27
davischris0, I'm wondering if something with WPA supplicant isn't messed up on it04:27
RequinB4TrustNoOne: can do, thanks04:27
chris0davis: can you connect once you've already booted up?04:27
Dracowhat runlevel does NetworkManager start as?04:28
Jangariso before, i meant that > is the same as "greater than" which is the same as "larger than", but not the same (!=) as "better than"04:28
DracoI'm having trouble finding it04:28
davisyes, if I login networkmanger (if it's set to roaming mode) will connect04:28
macogwJangari: != doesnt mean "better than" it means "not equal to"04:28
Jangarijeesus, keep up04:28
chris0davis: i see...04:28
Jangarii used != as meaning "not the same as"04:28
demonsporkhow do I reference a local copy of the repository in the sources.list?04:28
RequinB4!offtopic | Jangari macogw04:28
ubotuJangari macogw: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:28
OrangeteaTrustNoOne does the ubuntu 8.04 looks like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/BasicIdeals?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=fulldesk%28svg%29_v3_3.jpg04:28
TrustNoOnechris0, could be your wireless card, if you are using ndiswrapper, some drivers dont work properly, for instance, my dlink dwa-652 card wont connect to a network unless its unsecure, because no security options will let the card connect with that driver04:28
davisWell here's another one for everyone, I installed adobe reader, but it only prints one copy of pages no matter how many I tell it to print, any ideas on that one?04:29
ka2Jangari: sounds right sorry about the offtopicness04:29
ka2but it is semi on topic right now ;)04:29
Jangariit's terminology, it's always on topic04:29
Jack_Sparrowdemonspork: Look into aptoncd or copy it to your var/cache/apt directory04:29
TrustNoOneOrangetea, perhaps, i did not install it because its alpha and I don't want to deal with it until its in its late beta stage :p04:29
bazhangis this #offtopic?04:29
chris0TrustNoOne: my wireless card works fine with ndis. It's davis' ath_pci card that's being weird.04:29
Jack_Sparrowdemonspork: Look into aptoncd or copy it to your var/cache/apt/archives directory04:29
TrustNoOneOrangetea, but you can make your Gutsy look like that with theme packs04:29
ka2Jangari: not always04:29
OrangeteaTrustNoOne o i c04:30
bazhangJangari: give it a rest please04:30
ka2bazhang: understood04:30
Jangariyeah, alright04:30
NetEchoka2 VLC nor Totem can play a normal region 1 dvd04:30
TrustNoOnechris0, hmm well normally if its being weird, it might be a driver issue more than it would be a setting issue (thats what i have found for wireless) but dont let that stop u from trying :p04:30
demonsporkJack_Sparrow, I have the 44GB of repo, multivers, universe, main, restricted, for Gutsy on an external hdd, what do I put in sources.list so that apt can find the repo?04:30
bazhangNetEcho: you have libdvdcss2 installed? www.medibuntu.org has that for you04:31
ka2NetEcho: regions mean nothing to open source dvd players - they crack the encryption ;)04:31
Jack_Sparrowdemonspork: Read the man apt   page .. it tells how to set that up04:31
Blackleogood morning04:31
NetEchoka2 according to the error message it doesn't like region 104:31
ka2bazhang: no need for medibuntu, ubuntus had that stuff for ages04:31
StofferInode 16386, i_blocks is 141648, should be 133456.  Fix<y>? yes   <<< how long would something like that normally take fsck to fix?04:31
ka2NetEcho: what error?04:31
OrangeteaAnyone know if i can use the fulldesk(svg)_v3_3_xcfsource.xcf?04:31
davischris0, thanks for your help04:32
ka2Stoffer: it will have gone back to checking04:32
TrustNoOneOrangetea, that pic you showed me is an early on concept design, it might not be implemented, I am not sure but I think since its still in alpha it might just look the same as Gutsy04:32
chris0davis: no prob. sorry I couldn't help more04:32
Jangarialpha 4 is identical to gutsy in theme, yes04:32
Stofferka2, it's been at it for a good 15min now04:32
Stofferka2, I guess I have no choice but to wait, right?  or risk losing all my data?04:33
ka2Stoffer: best option04:33
NetEchoka2: http://debian.pastebin.com/m558c9e0b04:33
ka2NetEcho:  will look04:33
TrustNoOneOrangetea, alpha 4 screens: http://www.thecodingstudio.com/opensource/linux/screenshots/index.php?linux_distribution_sm=Ubuntu%208.04%20Hardy%20Heron%20Alpha%20404:33
rinseoutOK I have just burned 2 CDs from an ISO that passed the MD5 sum check. Each time I get SQUASHFS errors. Is there an issue with the 7.10 installer?04:33
OrangeteaTrustNoOne thx04:33
ka2NetEcho: doesnt seem to be the region04:34
NetEchosomething with libdvdnav04:34
ka2NetEcho: its just telling you its region protected04:34
NetEchocause totem dislikes it too04:34
NetEchoyet it plays fine under windows with VLC04:34
Jack_Sparrowrinseout: THere are some command line options you can try to get past some hardware issues...   at start or install hit F6  and try these before the --  noapic apci=off  I will post others you can try if those do not work04:35
Jack_Sparrowrinseout: acpi=off, pci=irqroute, xmodule=vesa, vga=normal, vga=771, vga=791, pci=irqroute, framebuffer=false, ide=nodma, nomce, pnpbios=off, xdrvr=vesa, res=800x600, apm=off,pci=noapci, noapic, nolapic, all_generic_ide, nolapic, pci=assign-busses, pci=irqpoll, pci=biosirq, pnpbios=off, hpet=disable04:35
rinseouti just tried noapic nolapic: no dice.04:35
ka2ka2 not ka`04:36
chris8998so how do u go about installing nvidia drivers yourself?04:36
regeyaoh heh I just realized I never set up region on my latest dvd burner...really should run regionset, I suppose...hrm.04:36
NetEchoka2 any ideas?04:36
ka2install the nvidia-glx-new package04:36
rinseoutJack_Sparrow: i will copy these suggestions and try these later04:36
ka2NetEcho: none sorry04:36
rinseoutdo they go before or after the "--" when i press f6?04:36
ka2ka2: dont do dvd playback too much04:36
NetEchoka2 yea thats ok I was just seeing if I could get it to work04:37
NetEchono biggy04:37
ka2rinseout: after according to Jack_Sparrow04:37
NetEchoonce I can get DVD playback and other features I like working then I'll prolly switch to Ubuntu on this system when I'm not gaming04:37
NetEchoactually the bulk of my gaming these days is with SM:AC which is avail under linux too04:38
Jack_Sparrowrinseout: I put them to the left of the --04:38
chris8998ok i installed it?04:38
ka2SM:AC whats that NetEcho?04:38
J-a-k-edoes anyone know how to setup a subwoofer in ubuntu?04:38
ka2!nvidia | chris8988 maybe this would help?04:39
ubotuchris8988 maybe this would help?: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:39
Jack_SparrowJ-a-k-e: #alsa room helped me with my surround setup04:39
ubotuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto04:39
J-a-k-ealright, i'll try there thanks04:39
rinseoutJack_Sparrow & ka2: Thanks for your help guys. One more question: what would you suggest to try first on a Pentium 4 laptop that's about 4 years old? I have noticed APIC errors before in the logs...04:40
trendhow can I tell which rc level my ubuntu install is running at?04:40
Rukusif anyone cares to know, its apparently a recent well known bug, that if you update langauge packs, your KDE desktop may not load. thats why mine wasn't i had to choose US english as my language and had to sudo dpkg -r language-pack-kde-en-base language-pack-kde-en  to fix the problem04:40
chris8998i have been there and when i go to restrcted driver it says i have no hardware that needs it04:40
ka2rinseout: noapic ?04:40
ka2or was it ACPI errors04:40
Jack_Sparrowrinseout: I have several old laptops here...   Dells insist on having the cd burned very slow like 4x.. dont ask why...04:40
nickrudtrend:  type  runlevel04:40
Rukusdid u get that04:41
rinseouti'm sure it's APIC errors. the thing that 64 bit machines suffer from (but it's not 64 bit).04:41
ka2Rukus: no what?04:41
ka2Rukus: i see now04:41
Rukusheres a link to the bug04:42
rinseoutthanks guys.04:42
ubuntuhow do i change servers04:42
joshmoz_I have an IBM T43 with a synaptics touchpad, I'm wondering why the option to disable tap-clicking is no longer in the mouse control panel as of hardy-alpha-504:42
ka2ubuntu: change what servers04:42
ubuntui want to get on to cyanide-x04:42
ka2!ot | joshmoz_04:42
nickrudjoshmoz_: you'd ask on #ubuntu+104:42
ubotujoshmoz_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:42
Rukuslanguage pack KDE won't load issue bug:           https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+s...bs/+bug/19132704:43
joshmoz_ah, thanks04:43
Rukusok apparently that link isnt working04:43
Rukusjust use that04:44
ubuntuok guys04:44
ka2cyanide-x - whats that ubuntu?04:44
chris8998does anyone no why Ubuntu would say that i don't have any restricted driver hardware04:44
chris8998when i have a 8800gt?04:44
ubuntulol its another server thats not in the list and i am on xchat and cant figure out how to change servers04:45
RequinB4chris8998: That's a pretty new card04:45
ubuntuwell its a network how about that04:45
Rukusubuntu type ctrl + t04:45
Rukusopens a new tab04:45
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:45
=== nickrud is now known as nikrud
DigitalNinjaThere is a tool that will install LAMP for me but I can't remember what it is. Can someone help me out?04:45
=== nikrud is now known as nickrud
Rukusthen /server irc.xxxxxxxx.com   for whatever server04:46
Rukusin that new tab04:46
ubuntuok thanks04:46
chris0DigitalNinja: synaptic will do it.04:46
DigitalNinjaI know04:46
DigitalNinjaI'm looking for a command line tool04:46
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)04:46
chris8998i have spent 3 hrs looking online for drivers and how to guides for this dumb card and i cant get it to work i have done every thing that i did with my old 8800 gts that worked just fine?04:47
chris0DigitalNinja: tasksel appears to have a command-line interface04:47
DigitalNinjathat's the one04:47
DigitalNinjaI can never remember it when I need it04:47
DigitalNinjatasksel LAMP04:48
DigitalNinjaor something like that04:48
chris0DigitalNinja: just don't remove anything with tasksel. I once wiped my whole HD clean by trying to uninstall something with tasksel. Just say tasksel it opens up a command-line menu chooser.04:48
RequinB4!nvidia | chris899804:49
ubotuchris8998: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:49
ubuntuthanks you rukus04:49
trendanyone know how to make mysqld accept incoming connections from outside localhost?04:50
DigitalNinjachris0: it turns out tasksel isn't on Dapper04:50
Jack_Sparrowchris8998: Hopefully one of the things you tried was NOT automatix.. as that would severly complicate the problem04:50
ka2trend: sorry i cant resist but well you actually use mysql?04:50
chris0chris8998: It may be verboten, but have you tried using the installer off nvidia.com?04:50
Rukusis autom atix bad?04:50
bazhangor envy ;]04:50
Rukusis automatix bad?04:50
ubuntuwhats a good irc client for ubuntu?04:50
ka2Rukus: yes04:50
bazhangRukus: dont ask04:50
IndyGunFreakRukus: unless you like the plague04:50
ubotuautomatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »04:50
chris0DigitalNinja: try sudo aptitude install tasksel....i dunno04:50
Jack_SparrowRukus: Worst thing you can do to your install04:50
Rukuslol i installed it and used it04:51
trendka2 yeah04:51
IndyGunFreakRukus: its like black death for LInux04:51
octoberd`IndyGunFreak: What is?04:51
Rukuswhat does it do?04:51
trendka2 I use it for webdev04:51
Rukusi havnt experienced any ill effects04:51
magikidubuntu: are you looking for commandline or GUI?04:51
ka2trend: eek04:51
bazhangbreaks systems04:51
IndyGunFreakRukus: give it time...04:51
Rukusi installed it like 5 months ago and its fine04:51
bazhangxchat ubuntu04:51
ka2trend: try help.ubuntu.com it has guides04:51
trendcool thanks04:52
wdev2008So what makes (or would make) Ubuntu better than Fedora or vice versa?04:52
ubuntuhmm i am not liking xchat seems very lacking i guess04:52
magikidubuntu: there are a couple that jump to mind, XChat, LostIRC and Loqui04:52
bazhangapt wdev200804:52
Jack_SparrowRukus: A future update will ruin your day04:52
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/04:52
ka2ubuntu: pidgin comes with ubuntu04:52
ubuntui had tried knoppix and i liked the irc there but xchat isnt doing it for me i like my MIRC with NNscript better on windows04:52
ubuntuanything similar to it04:53
ka2ubuntu: pidgin does lots and looks nice04:53
octoberd`hmm... which would be faster, making a linux boot disk with support for ntfs, or burning a windows 98 boot disk?04:53
fredmvubuntu: check out lostIRC04:53
RequinB4ubuntu: I use pidgin, and mIRC works in wine04:53
ubuntuok thanks guys04:53
bazhangkonversation is very pretty but kde ubuntu04:53
octoberd`Will there be any problems with burnning a .img windows boot disk from ubuntu?04:53
ka2ubuntu: Applications > Internet> Pidgin Internet messenger04:53
Jack_Sparrowubuntu:  You can try konversation.. I used to use mirc and kvirc04:53
Ademansamba doesn't support sharing scanners as well as printers right?04:53
octoberd`And what should I use to burn it with?04:53
=== ubuntu is now known as tblainem
ka2octoberd`: .imgs aint usually cds04:53
tblainemlol i was tired of getting beeped lol04:54
Jack_Sparrowbazhang: Konversation works fine under ubuntu04:54
bazhangoctoberd you mean iso?04:54
octoberd`ka2: I know04:54
iceswordbazhang, hello04:54
trendka2 i'm an idiot.. /etc/mysql/my.cnf is what I needed to edit.. I cat it. .and didn't see any content before so I thought it was suppose to be empty in this distro.. grr04:54
bazhangJack_Sparrow: aha thanks04:54
octoberd`no, I need to get the image onto a cd as the laptop doesn't have floppy disk drive04:54
bazhangicesword: hi!04:54
umop-apisdnanyone conscious? i'm trying to figure out how to block access from one subnet to another, using iptables04:54
ka2trend: its ok04:54
ka2trend: everyone makes mistakes like that sometimes :)04:54
bazhangumop-apisdn: yes we are sentient04:54
* RequinB4 is actually in a coma04:55
crabi installed ubuntu 7.10 server, but the iptables log commands do not work -> iptables v1.3.6: Unknown arg `--log-level', can anyone help me ?04:55
Bruno_how do i modify at what speed file are uploaded from my comouter?04:55
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
bazhangBruno_: that is more of an adsl/isp issue04:55
ka2Bruno_:  make it faster or slower ;)04:55
z0manYou have to sort your firewall out crab04:55
magikidbruno_ what do you mean?04:55
Rukuswell i took automatix from my repositories04:55
crabsort firewall out ?04:55
magikidwhen using bittorrent or how?04:55
bazhangRukus: too late the damage is done04:56
Rukuswhat damage04:56
ka2Rukus: it can cause inrepearable damage - good luck upgrading04:56
bazhangyou will see04:56
Bruno_magikid:im uploading pictures to deviantart.com and its going at 16kb/s max, is there a way i can make it faster?04:56
tblainemubuntu reminds me too much of OSX04:56
Bruno_ka2: how04:56
ka2 tblainem: in what way?04:56
RequinB4Bruno_: pay for fiber optics04:56
Jack_SparrowRukus: Please read the link to see why automatix is so bad.04:56
bazhangtblainem: support question?04:56
magikidbruno:I'm with requim04:57
ka2Bruno_: i said faster or slower?04:57
tblainemka2 just the look of it i guess04:57
ka2Bruno_: if faster good luck04:57
Rukuswhat link04:57
octoberd`k3b wont burn it...04:57
z0manI suggest a GUI for ya04:57
umop-apisdnha, ha, ha. ok, i'm using iptables to forward net access on 3 nics (internal subnets) to another (external, WAN). this works. unfortunately, x.x.x.2 should not have access to x.x.x.1, and it does. how can i fix this?04:57
octoberd`DO I need to do something special since it was meant for a floppy disk?04:57
magikidbruno: are you doing anything other than just uploading?  that could slow down the connection04:57
RukusJack_Sparrow,  what link04:57
crabz0man, its this command iptables doesn't like: iptables -A INPUT -j LOGDROP --log-level debug -j LOG -m limit --limit 5/s --log-prefix "Blocked: "04:57
ka2tblainem: it looks nothing like OS X - just not much like windows either. it looks like gnome04:57
ubotuautomatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »04:57
bazhangRukus: /msg ubotu automatix04:57
RequinB4bruno_ The only other thing is if you are on a wireless network a) other computers on the network share your bandwidth and b) You may not have the best signal04:58
Bruno_ka2: so thats an isp issue?04:58
iliai removed compiz and now have to run metacity --replace every time i login. is there a better way04:58
=== [nig]CircleK is now known as xzai
ka2Bruno_: yeah04:58
magikidBruno_: prob04:58
bazhangBruno_: are you doing something else that is hogging your bandwidth?04:58
ka2g2g again04:58
Bruno_RequinB4: im connected and the only comuter using internet right now04:58
ubotuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot04:58
tblainemka2: i dont know just i guess it reminds me of the set up of macs lol any other versions of suggestion for someone fairly new, already tried knoppix04:58
Jack_Sparrowgoodnight people04:58
Bruno_bazhang: nope04:59
bazhangtblainem: interesting but offtopic here04:59
z0manok, so you don't need any GUI support then :P04:59
bazhangBruno_: it may be on deviantart's side as well04:59
z0manI'm sorry I can't elp any further :(04:59
DigitalNinjachris0: Thanks!04:59
* z0man coughts firestarter04:59
RequinB4Bruno_: They might have a very slow down rate for some reason04:59
z0manmakes cool iptable scripts04:59
Bruno_RequinB4:  bazhang: ok thanks05:00
crabyes, but i think the kernel module doesn't load05:00
bazhangcrab does lsmod show it?05:01
crabyes it shows.. hmm.05:01
band4lifeIf I was going to learn a programming language, what should it be?05:02
Carbonfluxlearn C05:02
chris062689question: Can icewm run gnome apps?05:02
band4lifeis there a specific C?05:02
Carbonfluxthat will help with all of the other common languages05:02
bazhangpython band4life05:03
band4lifeDo I need a specific program?05:03
band4lifebazhang ill check it out thanks05:03
Carbonfluxsure, python is good, maybe easier to learn05:03
tritiumbazhang: diveintopython is installed by default.  Check it out.05:03
bazhangtritium: thanks!05:04
tritium!info diveintopython | bazhang05:04
ubotubazhang: diveintopython (source: diveintopython): free Python book for experienced programmers. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4-2ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 340 kB, installed size 4220 kB05:04
bazhangwow that is awesome thanks again tritium05:04
tritiumbazhang: no problem :)05:06
=== alan_ is now known as speeddemon8803
band4lifei just d-loaded diveintopython.  b4 I dive in, do I need any software?  I have a BIG book on learning C++.  would C++ be a better choice?05:07
d4rknessHello there05:07
ryan_here is my problem: i have warty and need to upgrade to gutsy one distro at a time. Does anyone know how to upgrade to an unsupported distro?05:07
=== Frogzoo_ is now known as Frogzoo
ubotuautomatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »05:07
ka2band4life: no its all there by defualt in ubuntu :)05:07
ka2band4life: even the update manager uses it05:08
bazhangband4life: apparently the free book is in the repos--my bad, sorry about that05:08
band4lifeka2 cool.05:08
speeddemon8803!upgrade > ryan_05:08
band4lifebazhang  good deal05:08
ka2bazhang: it used to be installed by defualt too05:08
bazhangka2 haha thanks!05:08
d4rknessHello there!05:09
speeddemon8803Ryan_ please see private message from Ubotu05:09
speeddemon8803Guys, is ubotu working properly?05:10
band4lifesomeone told me that python is cross platform.  so it will go between windows and linux and mac05:10
ka2band4life: yes mac comes with it by defualt as well05:10
ka2ban4life: for windows you can use py2exe05:10
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:10
speeddemon8803aparently so :/05:10
ka2seems to be working05:10
speeddemon8803i wonder why upgrade didnt give anything05:11
d4rknessI have a Problem!.. I've installed Wine and i was able to Play CS:S (Counter-Strike: Source) but then i installed Wine Doors and installed DirectX 9 now I'm getting "The Latest Version of Microsoft DirectX(r) is Required to Play Counter-Strike Source).05:11
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:11
speeddemon8803in private message it said please in the future bla bla05:11
speeddemon8803didnt even GIVE me that message.05:11
chronographerHello. My computer wont shutdown or restart when i use the buttons, I can do both with either init 0 or 6. which is a workaraound, HOW can i fix the shutdown and restart buttons?05:11
ka2d4rkness: be careful when you have things working with wine :)05:12
speeddemon8803Ryan_, please see ubotu's last message in here then :)05:12
* speeddemon8803 scratches head05:12
* speeddemon8803 gives ubotu some coffee05:12
ka2chronographer: no not a workaround an alternative05:12
ka2speeddemon8803: would a bot be able to drink coffee05:12
d4rkness(: what do you mean?!!!05:12
chronographerok sure, what is a fix then?05:12
ka2d4rkness: once you have things working keep a backup of the .wine folder05:13
speeddemon8803A bot can do anything if programmed right ka2 :P05:13
bullgard4How can I determine what device is meant by 'device 00:06' in an error message?05:13
d4rknessSorry but i'm new to linux05:13
d4rknessThanks for advice05:13
hw00djohni need help...when i try to go to my home folder, it shows up black05:13
Waldo_chronographer: look in the Power management util ( under System>preferences in gnome), there should be an option in the general tab05:13
chronographerok. I think it may be related to my installing of mythtv05:14
chronographerbut I'll try that, one moment05:14
Rukushey, i wanna start using mythTV on here05:14
Rukusgot any pointers?05:14
d4rknessSo, What i have to do with that?!!05:15
chronographeryeah install it and set up the backend (a bit painful) then run the frontend and you have it!05:15
Rukussounds hard05:15
hw00djohncan someone help me?05:15
chronographerits pretty cool, I use the mythweb interface to set up to record digital tv and can pause live tv etc!05:15
Rukusi'll just keep running MyTheatre on my xp machine05:15
d4rknessHow can i fix the DirectX Problem?05:15
RukusmythTV might not even work with my starbox II05:16
Rukuslooks like mytheatre just crashed05:17
shane2peruanyone know how to fix a f-spot database?05:17
shane2peruI changed usernames, so the database reflexes the old username.05:18
harveydim trying to do a grep to find the occurence of 2 words on a line within any file the the current dir05:18
chronographeri see power management is the button on ,my tower. I mean the button up the top right that you click.  THAT doesn't work05:18
harveydgrep -r "(foo|bar)" . doesnt work05:18
shane2peruharveyd, try putting it in single quotes 'like this'05:18
jribharveyd: egrep05:18
shane2peruanyone know anything about databases?05:19
chronographerany advices?05:19
shane2perufor f-spot?05:19
ka2mplayers ok05:19
ir5hi folks05:19
jribshane2peru: ask the channel your specific question05:19
ka2oops sorry wrong channel05:19
chronographercopy th .f-spot folder into the /home/newuser from /home/olduser05:20
shane2perujrib, you mean the f-spot channel, no one is there.05:20
harveydegrep looks right, thanks05:20
shane2perujrib, I think it is just a basic database thing05:20
jribshane2peru: no, I mean, once someone says "I know something about f-spot db", what will be your next question?05:20
CTrainis there a way to install new character maps in ubuntu?05:20
harveydany idea what would be & in a regex, | obviously finds if either exist, i need both05:21
madmaxgm guys05:21
jribharveyd: grep foo | grep bar05:21
tuccimy external hard drive only mounts when it is plugged in when I start my laptop. How do I make it mount without restarting?05:21
shane2perujrib, ooooh, I changed my username, moved my files pertaining to f-spot, and I think my old username is in the database05:21
madmaxany proftpd users?05:21
ka2& would be and | would be or05:21
madmaxwant to know how to restrict viewing of hidden files on it05:21
ka2if its like c05:21
CTraintucci: know how to mount from the command line?05:21
shane2perujrib, so I need to change my old username in the database05:22
shane2peruto the new name05:22
tuccictrain: no05:22
tonyr1988For an algorithms class, I need to run some tests on QuickSort. I've written the program to do it, and want to run it on as many large data sets as possible without swapping, so I'm trying to use as much of my RAM as possible. I only need a terminal. Right now I'm just logging out, Ctrl+Alt+F1, and doing that. Is there a way to maximize the available RAM? I thought about a small LiveCD (like DSL), but that loads directly into memory, so wou05:22
tonyr1988ld that outweight against the small footprint?05:22
tuccictrain: sounds sexy though :)05:22
CTraintucci: lol, but yeah, open up a terminal05:22
madmaxok guess no one05:22
shane2perutucci, sudo mount /dev/devicename05:22
CTraintucci: yep05:23
CTrainthat is it05:23
[Hardy]TuTUXGtucci, if u umount ur ext hd properly, it should be remounted automatically when u re-plugin05:23
harveydjrib: perfect, thanks05:23
CTraintucci: a quick and easy way to get the device name "/dev" is to mount it the way you have been doing, and then type "df -h" on the command line to see what it is05:23
ryan_here is my problem: i have warty and need to upgrade to gutsy one distro at a time, i have a ppc processor. Does anyone know how to upgrade to an unsupported distro?05:24
tuccictrain: k thanks, I don't remember the device name, I'll try that05:24
shane2perutucci, or just type - sudo fdisk -l05:24
tuccitutuxg: I usually only ever unplug it when the laptop's off - is that bad?05:24
=== andr is now known as fr500
=== fr500 is now known as fr500__
jribryan_: that's going to take forever.  Better to just do a backup, install the current version you want, and then restore the backup05:24
bazhangryan_: gutsy is community supported if I recall correctly best to just back up and do a fresh install though--that is way too many steps05:25
tonyr1988ryan_: Gotta agree with jrib. I tried that once (Edgy->Gutsy), and it's such a pain.05:25
bullgard4How can I determine what 'device 00:06' means in the resume console message: "Failed to activate device 00:06."05:26
Rukuswhats the best way to install desktop effects for kubuntu? compizfusion05:26
CTrainso, is there a way to install new character maps in ubuntu?05:26
ryan_i dont have a cd-rw drive05:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compizfusion - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:26
bazhangRukus: install ccsm05:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about charactermap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:26
nedmy load is 4.33 and my cpu usage is .3 PERCENT, everything my web server is serving is slow, anyway to diagnose this?05:26
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:26
jexmexhow do you specify a special icon for a specific folder, for example the videos folder05:27
z0manright click/properties05:27
biabiaryan_, why dont you just download the newest version, burn, and install it05:27
Rukusisnt ccsm just the configuration app?05:27
jexmexz0man, I see nothing in there about a custom icon05:27
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:27
ka2jexmex: only emblems05:27
towliebani ran wine mirc.exe but i got the error wine: could not load L"Z:\\opt\\Mirc\\mirc.exe": Module not found05:27
z0manClick the folder icon now05:28
jexmexi see emblems, but thats not what I want05:28
jexmexI dont have a folder icon05:28
ka2towlieban: why do you want mirc?05:28
z0manoops my bad05:28
Rukususe x-chat05:28
towliebancause i like it05:28
bazhangproperties does not let you choose one?05:28
z0manI was thinking of shortcuts05:28
towliebani do05:28
towliebanim on xchat now05:28
RukusmIRC won't hold scripts in my experience when you run it under wine05:28
ka2towlieban: try pidgin or konversation05:28
ryan_i dont have a cd-rw drive05:28
z0manYou could make a launcher to that folder05:28
squidlyhow does ubuntu manage rc scripts?05:29
z0manThen change the launcher's icon05:29
towliebani dont want another irc client05:29
jexmexi see it, thats z0man05:29
squidlyI need to remove a script from starting up at the default05:29
ka2towlieban: so why are you trying to get mirc05:29
Rukusin all honesty, i use utorrent for torrents still. i dont like any of the linux based torrent programs05:29
bazhangryan_: shipit will send you the free cds if you want05:29
biabiaryan i think you can mount an image with linux05:29
ka2towlieban: pidgin is included by defualt05:29
towliebanthats not the point05:29
squidlyz0man: /etc/init.d hodls the scripts. I need to remove it from the runlevels05:29
towliebani cant get any programs to work in wine05:30
ka2towlieban: so you arnt getting another one05:30
bazhang#winehq then towlieban05:30
ka2towlieban: only some apps work05:30
biabiatowlieban, theres a list somewhere of supported apps05:30
ka2towlieban: see appdb.winehq.org05:30
ryan_i dont have a cd-rw drive05:30
biabiayou dont need a cd-rw drive to mount an image05:30
bazhangryan_: get the cds shipped to for free from shipit05:30
z0manremove the symbolic runlevel?.....hmm sorry I'm out of ideas there05:30
biabiadownload it, to hdd and mount from there05:31
ganucan any one help with boot loader problem??05:31
ryan_i tried that it doesnt work it tells me my base files are curupt05:31
TrustNoOneryan_, https://shipit.ubuntu.com/05:31
biabiayou can buy a dvd-rw drive for like 25$ shipped05:31
biabiafrom newegg05:31
GuillotineSo... I was having a problem and I found a supposed solution. So I copy and pasted it. Well, turns out I didn't see it was installing postgresql 8.1, and now it won't let me upgrade back to 8.2 Any idea how I'd do that?05:32
ka2biaba: or NZ$50 :)05:33
ganuhow to remove an operating system in a dual os system which contains boot loader???05:33
ka2ganu: which os?05:33
ka2ganu: install the bootloader of the other first05:34
z0man"/etc/rc0.d Run level 0"05:34
bazhangganu delete the partition05:34
TrustNoOnehow can you install a graphical boot loader like the one on gutsy live cd?05:34
z0manThere you Runlevel help right here ....05:34
ganuka2:I hav ubuntu and suse...i need to remove opensuse05:34
ryan_can you still get unsupperted distro's fron shipit?05:34
=== Sniper is now known as Logiar
amenadosquidly-> man invoke-rc.d05:35
bazhangryan_: which one do you want?05:35
ka2ryan_:  dont think so05:35
ganubazhang: will it not afeect my ubuntu??05:35
* z0man coughs to squidly http://www.debianadmin.com/debian-and-ubuntu-linux-run-levels.html05:35
bazhangganu: just be sure its the right partition ;]05:35
bazhangryan_: if it is unsupported then that means no support here you know..05:36
bazhangganu back up data first ;]05:36
jribryan_: why do you want breezy and not the latest stable?05:36
charles__hey anyone up05:37
bazhangryan_: as in on your own not supported? better to get dapper at least that is supported for two more months ;]05:37
charles__how do i get the wireles network manager to forget wireless keys?05:37
ryan_because i have a 233 mhz ppc procceser and my comp. cant handel any higher05:38
IndyGunFreakwhen you dual boot OSX and Ubuntu, does OSX get added to grub, just like Xp/Vista?05:38
bazhangryan xubuntu or fluxbuntu then05:38
IndyGunFreakthis is on an Intelmac05:38
AliAslamhow can i generate key pairs for multiple users on the same machine05:38
bazhangIndyGunFreak: using boot camp? I think intel macs use refit or something other than grub05:39
AliAslamdoes openssh allow this?05:39
IndyGunFreakoh ok...05:39
IndyGunFreakbazhang: i was thinking like, adding a OSX entry into grub.05:39
jastivwhat do I need to install to build software, like C programs?05:39
charles__how do i get the wireles network manager to forget wireless keys?05:40
speeddemon8803!compiling > jastiv  jastiv please see private message from ubotu05:40
jribjastiv: build-essential and any libraries you use05:40
bazhangbuild-essential jastiv05:40
IndyGunFreak!source | jastiv05:40
ubotujastiv: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html05:40
ryan_i have a 233mhz prosessor and my computer hant really handle any higher rhan breezy05:40
Jangariwhat's a good ftp client?05:40
IndyGunFreakoops, wrong one05:40
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:40
amenadocharles__-> you try iwconfig wlan0 key ""   i have not verified this..05:40
IndyGunFreak!ftp | Jangari05:40
speeddemon8803heh, i cant believe i actually got that one right for once :)05:40
ubotuJangari: FTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd05:40
Jangarinautilus is an ftp client?05:40
bazhangJangari: can do yes05:41
jribryan_: it's a bad idea to use an unsupported release since you don't get security updates.  Try the latest xubuntu or fluxbuntu as someone suggested.  If your computer can run breezy, then I'm sure you can run those.  Otherwise find a different lightweight distro that gives you security updates05:41
amenadoJangari it just means part of it can do ftp05:41
ryan_okey dokey05:42
IndyGunFreakfluxbuntu is awesome on old hardware05:42
bazhangtis indeed05:42
IndyGunFreakryan_: as old as your hardware is, i'm not sure if xubuntu would be useable.05:42
speeddemon8803I am guessing since you can browse network folders it allows file transfer to a network folder (to those who were going "nautilus..a ftp client?"05:42
bazhangand they have a channel #fluxbuntu ;]05:42
IndyGunFreakwhat about beautifx,or whatever it iwas?.05:43
ryan_i have used it before but i cant stand the way the xfce desktop is oganized05:43
n0rmana friend of mine installed fluxbuntu on a 233 mhz cpu and 64 mb ram05:43
IndyGunFreakit was based on ubuntu, but supposedly very light.05:43
IndyGunFreakryan_: yeah, it takes getting usd to if you like kde/gnome05:43
IndyGunFreakryan_: well, you need a new PC..lol05:44
n0rmangood answer :P05:44
ryan_yeah i know but im a little short on the cash flow05:44
n0rmanryan_: so intall the fluxbuntu or xubuntu  latest version05:45
speeddemon8803ryan_, I hear linutop comes with ubuntu, but...linutops are expensive (i know i went offtopic, sorry)05:45
n0rmanjust take some hours to learn the xfce desktop :)05:45
n0rmanits easy to learn it :P05:45
IndyGunFreakryan_: hwo much ram does your system have?'05:46
ryan_150 mb05:46
* speeddemon8803 unplugs your 150MB and tosses you one of my 1GB QUICK!05:46
speeddemon8803consider it early birthday present buddy! :)05:47
* Marfi grabs spare 512 stick laying on desk05:47
* nickrud thinks speeddemon8803 is cruel, throwing virtual memory at the problem05:47
ganuwhere can i see unalloocated space of my hard disk??05:47
prettyrickydoes anyone have a ekiga account trying to test it and cant seem to figure it out?05:47
speeddemon8803hehe nickrud, me? cruel?05:47
macogwprettyricky: have you forwarded the necessary ports in your router?05:47
Marfiganu, go to my computer, then the C drive05:47
n0rmanganu: using gparted? :)05:47
macogwC drive?05:48
IndyGunFreakryan_: have you considered looking on Ebay and maxing out your RAM?.. you could probably find ram for that cheap05:48
prettyrickyoh no what are the port numbers>-----05:48
Marfiganu, wrong one. go to filesystem under computer. ;)05:48
macogwprettyricky: umm..standard SIP ones?05:48
ryan_i can only max up to 51205:48
IndyGunFreakryan_: wellt hat would help a lot05:48
IndyGunFreakryan_: what type of ram does it take?05:48
ganuMarfi:in filesystem where???05:49
prettyrickynot to sure what the standard sip ones are..05:49
ryan_pc i33 sodimm05:49
kevin__Flannel: what is the font type that the terminal uses?05:49
ryan_133 sorry05:49
macogwprettyricky: with it closed you can send an outbound connection and talk to someone if theyve got their port forwarded. if neither of you do...wont work.  only someone with it forwarded can receive a connection.  skype gets around it by having both parties connect outbound to a server and then handing it off05:49
Marfiganu, go to places: computer: then right click file system, and click properties05:49
macogwprettyricky: the internet probably knows05:49
prettyrickyso is skype better you think?05:49
macogwprettyricky: there are lists of port x does y05:49
IndyGunFreakryan_: http://cgi.ebay.com/2-x-256MB-512MB-PC133-RAM-MEMORY-168-PIN-256-MB-ECC_W0QQitemZ160212055487QQihZ006QQcategoryZ14917QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem05:50
macogwprettyricky: its video support on linux is experimental05:50
macogwprettyricky: its certainly easier for a non-technical user behind a firewall to figure out05:50
IndyGunFreakryan_: also, look on craigs list for people dumping computers cuz they are getting Vista.05:50
prettyrickyi see, thanks for the heads up!05:50
IndyGunFreakryan_: ive picked up a couple for $75-$12005:50
ganuMarfi:not free space.....unallocated space....05:50
Marfialso, watch woot.com. they had a PC on there for 250. 160 gig hdd, gig of ram05:51
n0rmanganu:  using gparted?05:51
ryan_my ram is 144 pin05:51
Marfiganu, gparted05:51
IndyGunFreakryan_: oh ok, wel,l you should find it cheap on ebay05:51
macogwprettyricky: of course, if you were using it to talk to other people in your LAN, the port forwarding wouldnt matter...its kind of intended, from what i gather based on the old name (gnome net-meeting) to be used to have a cyber-meeting within one large business05:51
ganun0rman:Marfi:k i ll try..05:51
prettyrickywhere can I get skype from to install in Ubuntu 7.10?05:52
macogwprettyricky: whatd be really great is GTalk getting video support05:52
macogwprettyricky: skype's website05:52
prettyrickyGtalk is for ubuntu as well?05:52
macogwprettyricky: well, GTalk and Pidgin....05:52
macogwprettyricky: Pidgin is used for GTalk05:52
prettyrickyok, great thank you!05:52
macogwprettyricky: Google Talk is just Jabber05:52
IndyGunFreakryan_: http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/ele/574290493.html05:54
prettyrickymacogw__------------> there is no install for 7.10 does it matter if I install the 7.04?05:54
=== JUDGE is now known as _JUDGE_
macogwprettyricky: yeah sure05:54
macogwprettyricky: make sure you get the Skype Beta one if you want video05:55
prettyrickyok thanks!05:55
prettyrickyone last thing if I have skype on my Linux machine can I talk to someone with skype on a windows machine?05:58
* z0man coughs pigin05:58
_JUDGE_im using Pidgin now.. (checking IRC capabilities) :) Not bad05:59
ganunot able to delete a partition..how to delete??06:01
Ubuntu1how do u find which webcams work with linux06:02
prince_jammys!webcam | Ubuntu106:02
victorribeiroi used envy to allow 3D direct rendering in my ATI but any effects works06:02
ubotuUbuntu1: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras06:02
victorribeiroanyonde knows how to run ubutun 3D cube on ATI graphic card?06:03
victorribeiroI have a radeon xpress 1150 series06:03
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:03
macogw_JUDGE_: xchat is better than pidgin for irc....pidgin's irc support isnt the greatest06:04
macogwganu: use gparted06:04
macogwvictorribeiro: depends on the card06:05
GuillotineI agree, pidgin isn't great for irc. But its great for most other chats06:05
n0rmanis pidgin great for gtalk?06:05
_JUDGE_Ya, ive used xchat before.. just installed pidgin to see how it worked.. its not so bad.. not a lot of features.. but i can chat... so its ok I guess.06:06
msni am trying to setup a local ubuntu mirror for network bases PXE installs06:06
msnthe ubuntu-mirror i setup using apt-mirror is working perfectly fine but when i try installing new machines using PXE i get d-i not found06:07
msndo i need to mirror something else like installer06:07
d4rkness I have a Problem!.. I've installed Wine and i was able to Play CS:S (Counter-Strike: Source) but then i installed Wine Doors and installed DirectX 9 now I'm getting "The Latest Version of Microsoft DirectX(r) is Required to Play Counter-Strike Source).06:08
macogwn0rman: yeah06:08
tgm4883_laptophow would I convert a standard ubuntu install into just a command line system?  All I really want it to do it to boot into the command line every time (like server edition), but the only reference i found on the web pertaining to this says to edit /etc/inittab which doesn't exist06:10
msntgm4883_laptop: you want to boot your ubuntu into command line or remove all gui06:11
prince_jammystgm4883_laptop: you would remove X and the desktop06:11
soldatstgm4883_laptop: theres a run level you need to change to boot cli and do startx to boot gui.06:11
tgm4883_laptopsoldats, yes, thats what i want to do, but where do I set that runlevel?06:12
msnhow do i get ubuntu to install from the network. I have a mirror already setup but when i try to use it it just goes to d-i not gound06:12
msntgm4883_laptop: then you can just stop gdm for starting using update-rc.d06:13
n0rmanmsn:  why dont u try deb-mirror?06:13
TrustNoOnemy firewall is blocking SSH requests from an ip that i dont know, on port 22... is somebody trying to get into my system or something?06:13
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: yup06:13
mrpocketswhy would my preset keyboard shortcuts NOT work anymore?06:13
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, im scared06:13
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: use fail2ban06:13
ahorriblemesshey, does anyone know the best way to create an iso image from a folder? I'm trying ISO Master but it keeps freezing up on me.06:14
msnn0rman: the mirror is on a rhel 3 box i have to see if i can find deb-mirror for rhel306:14
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, what does it do? does it require config?06:14
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: It blocks IPs after a certain number of failed login attempts.  I think it takes some, but I'm not sure how difficult it would be.06:14
brazilian812i need some help, my laptop's screen doesn't come back on whenever i close the lid.  and i have set power settings to do nothing when the lid is closed but doesn't seem to work.  any ideas?06:14
ahorriblemesswow that's annoying.. anyway, does anyone know the best way to create an iso image?06:15
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, i dont have SSH installed, should that matter?06:15
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: another thing you can do that helps is run your SSH server on a nonstandard port, like 2022 or whatever you'll remember.06:15
amenadotgm4883_laptop-> try update-rc.d -f gdm remove06:15
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: Oh, lol.  If you don't even have it installed then they're just wasting their time.  :)06:15
Gringexicanjust got a new 500 GB HD and wanted to move everything from the existing 250 GB to that.  I can use gParted (live cd) for the copy, but is there anything I need to do as far as calling the larger drive up as hd0 and making the smaller drive slave as hd1 (they are both SATA II)06:15
towliebanadd/remove programs disappeared from the gnome menu. what do i do to get it back?06:15
soldatstgm4883_laptop: one sec please06:16
mrpocketswould the GL Desktop effects conflict with some of the effects of Compiz?06:16
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, with fail2ban can i just ban an IP without it having to have failed attempts?06:16
arooni_help!  my ubutu gutsy desktop froze up and so i had to hard restart it.  now i see "NTLDR is missing; Press Cntrl + Alt + Delete to restart"06:16
Nubbiehi there, i have windows xp installed on a logical partition (sda7), how can i add it to grub? all past attempts failed. thanks!06:16
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:17
soldatstgm4883_laptop: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16851706:17
brazilian812anyone? laptop screen wont come on after i close and reopen lid?06:17
amenadotowlieban-> you right click on that Applications and a window should pop up then add/remove should be checked06:17
Nubbien0rman: thanks, i know... i added a windows section in grub using (hd0,6) is that not correct?06:17
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: not sure.  I think normally that would be done in your ssh server config, but if you aren't even running one, it's hard to configure it.  :P06:17
msnn0rman: any idea if deb-mirror works on rhel-306:17
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: As long as you don't have an ssh server going, there's nothing to break into, so just let iptables do it for you.06:18
Nubbiemsn: this is ubuntu's support, not red hat's.06:18
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, ok thx, but i was tyring to install fail2ban and it says error connecting :S06:18
tgm4883_laptopsoldats, thanks, i'll try that06:18
n0rmanNubbie: i supposed its corect06:18
n0rmanif the logical particion is sda7 so its (hd0,6)06:18
soldatstgm4883_laptop: also you can remove gdm if you wish and you'll always boot cli and to get a gui just issue the command "startx" and it will work fine>06:19
storm-zenI right-clicked on my ipod and set it to mount to /media/ipod-j, not realizing that it would cause a problem later.  Now when I plug it in I get a message that says it doesn't like the "/".  How do I fix this?06:19
sanskrithi, how can i update $PATH without re-login ?  i've tried  "source ~/.profile" but it doesn't work.06:19
ganumacogw:in gparted there is no option to delete...how to do it?it is an opensuse filesystem partition which has boot loader..will affect ubuntu?06:19
brazilian812Oh Noez! My laptop is brokens.  can someone help me fix it?06:20
Nubbien0rman: that's my problem (hd0,6) isn't working. is there something i need to do with devices.map ???06:20
n0rmanganu: use the gparted livecd, u need to unmount an partition before delete it06:20
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n0rmanNubbie:  u just hace one hdd?06:21
kaylinsigsworthhey guys....how do I find my device id's in ubuntu for wireless and ethernet06:21
Nubbien0rman: yes sir. internal sata.06:22
bullgard4"$ dmesg|tail -24; ... ; [323926.580000] pnp: Failed to activate device 00:06." What device is '00:06'?06:22
amenadokaylinsigsworth-> which id are you referring to? for what purpose do you need this id?06:22
ganun0rman:in flags can i assign boot option to ubuntu partition?06:22
bidou_c'est quoi le site paste ?06:22
Nuke_so gstreamer-properties should affect all gstreamer apps, no exceptions?06:23
kaylinsigsworththe id of my wireless card and ethernet card....I need it so I can make tiger work on my dell;)06:23
brazilian812is there a secret password i have to use for someone to try and help me? my laptop is brokenxors! please help me06:23
Nubbie!fr | bidou_06:23
ubotubidou_: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.06:23
=== kaylinsigsworth is now known as Zigtown
n0rmanNubbie:  uhmmm so ur device map is (hd0) /dev/sda06:23
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, after install fail2ban, how do you run it? termain "fail2ban" doesnt work, and i dont see an icon in the menu06:23
Nubbiebrazilian812: try speaking english06:23
n0rmanganu: use the gparted live cd06:23
amenadokaylinsigsworth-> try  lspci; udevinfo  or iwconfig and ifconfig are any of those what you seek?06:24
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: it's probably a service, so 'sudo invoke-rc.d fail2ban start'06:24
brazilian812oh english, ok, interesting, didn't try that.  now then, my laptop screen doesnt turn on after i close and reopen the lid dispite the fact that my power settings say to do nothing when lid is closed.  what might be wrong?06:24
Nubbien0rman: that's correct06:24
Zigtownin terminal?06:24
pyrakhow do i kill a "shortcut"06:25
pyrakor "launcher i think ubuntu calls it06:25
n0rmanNubbie: and whats the output when u try to charge the windows partition?06:25
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, if its a service how do you manage it06:25
pyrakright-click move to trash tries to delete the file that it links to06:25
Nubbien0rman: some invalid device exception.06:25
amenadobrazilian812-> turn it back on? press power switch for a few seconds..06:26
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: with invoke-rc.d, to start and stop06:26
bullgard4pyrak: Please desribe your subject more exactly.06:26
brazilian812amenado: doesnt work.  only thing i can do is hard restart06:26
Nubbiepyrak: then it is a hard link. use soft links instead. (ie: ln -s /from/here /to/here)06:26
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, ok so i can just put that into session for startup? if it doesnt require sudo?06:26
amenadobrazilian812-> thats what i meant hard restart, and once you are logged in, i'd like you to check so stuff for me06:26
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: it's in a runlevel, not your gnome session06:27
pyrakNubbie, well the thing is that i want to delete it06:27
brazilian812im logged in06:27
brazilian812amenado: im logged in, what should i check?06:27
Gringexicann0rman, you seem up on gparted.  I've used it before to alter the sizes of partitions via live cd... but is there anything different when moving EVERYthing from one drive to another (so that it will still recognize the new drive as hd0)?06:27
billy_how do i partition my hard disk to have ubuntu and xp?06:27
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, ok so it should startup auto?06:27
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: yes06:27
billy_without removing ANY of my files?06:27
amenadobrazilian812-> sudo ls -la /proc/acpi/button  do you have this?06:27
bullgard4brazilian812: Your power management setings are wrong.06:28
ganun0rman:I don hav gparted live cd..i ll download it now...after that what should i do??06:28
macogwganu: you just click the file system and there's a trash icon for "delete"06:28
brazilian812bullgard4: they sure look like.  do nothing when lid is closed and never turn of monitor/disk06:28
macogwganu: the boot flag only matters to windows06:28
billy_im totally n00b to this.. can someone walk me through hard disk partitioning? how much free space do i need?06:28
macogwganu: linux doesnt need it.  grub knows where to look06:28
n0rmanGringexican:  u need to plug your hdd in the same way u had it06:29
macogwganu: gparted is on the ubuntu live cd06:29
brazilian812amenado: i ran that, what should i be looking for?06:29
amenadois there that button directory?06:29
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, also, the firewall starts up itself, program like firestarter is just to manage/monitor/check logs right? not necessary to start up?06:29
tonyyarussoTrustNoOne: correct06:29
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, thx *huggles*06:30
ganumacogw:k....I ll boot from live cd n see u..06:30
TrustNoOnetonyyarusso, im not gay :p06:30
TrustNoOnehello mr sulu06:30
TrustNoOneer... billy_06:30
n0rmanNubbie:  ur non-linux os section in the grub its just like this one? http://pastebin.org/2112006:30
brazilian812amenado: yes, i think so, 5 listings06:30
billy_how do i partition my hard disk without destroying my files?06:30
billy_any of them..06:30
TrustNoOnebilly_, i would have no idea how to do that without destroy data, you normally cant unless your just "expanding" the drive06:31
TrustNoOnebilly_, if you want to format to another file system you should migrate your data and save it before doing so, to avoid destroying it06:31
billy_is it possibly to partition a 1 gb sandisk?06:31
brazilian812amenado: one ends in a dot, the 2nd in 2 dots, then one in lid, then power, then sleep06:31
billy_and use that as ubuntu's hard drive?06:32
amenadobrazilian812-> can you look over this http://www.columbia.edu/~ariel/acpi/acpi_howto.txt  i think your answer may be in there..i have no laptop to test it06:32
TrustNoOnebilly_, no you cant it has no partition table06:32
bullgard4brazilian812: Please read /usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.22/Documentation/power/drivers-testing.txt. Do what is recommended there. Then put more precise questions including your findings from those tests.06:32
billy_i want to have winxp and ubuntu on this computer.06:32
TrustNoOnebilly_, also 1gb is not nearly enough space to run it, you need at least 256mb just for swap file, OS needs 10gb or more... you cant partition a flash drive, it has no partition table06:32
billy_i don't have anything to back up my files to06:32
amenadobrazilian812-> yah that lid has a script attached to it in events maybe something like /etc/acpi/events06:32
brazilian812amenado bullgard4: thanks06:32
pyrakfyi, found: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14028106:32
nicedoes anyone know how to view an Ubuntu user's desktop (similar to vncviewer) from a W32 machine?06:33
Nubbien0rman: i'll brb, see if that fixed it. mine wasn't exactly like that.06:33
n0rmanNubbie: ok :)06:33
billy_how can i run 7.10 from live cd?06:33
TrustNoOnebilly_, to get xp and ubuntu, install XP, then download a partitioning program like partition magic, then resize your XP partition to whatever size you want, then with the free space create a 256mb swap file for linux (the file system is swap) and then create ext3 partition for linux to reside on, boot to LIVE CD and then install ubuntu on that newly created partition06:33
TrustNoOnebilly_, another option is to just resize your windows XP with partition magic, leave the rest "unpartitioned" and partition it while installing ubuntu from the live CD06:33
billy_what are the chances of destroyin my files that way?06:34
bullgard4"$ dmesg|tail -24; ... ; [323926.580000] pnp: Failed to activate device 00:06." What device is '00:06'?06:34
billy_and whats the minimum space i need?06:34
TrustNoOnebilly_, you to run the live CD you need to go to ubuntu site, download the .iso image file (in either torrent, or directly from http server) and then burn the image onto a CD or DVD depending which image you get06:34
billy_thats what i did06:34
billy_so far06:34
David_Can 7.10 run on good on my dinosaur of a computer? 500 mhz with 192 mbs of ram?06:34
Zigtownamenado I dont "have any wireless extensions"06:34
billy_can i run the os on livecd or do i need to partition my hard disk06:34
Gringexicanthink i'm gonna hit the sack now and t-fer everything to the new drive in the morning.  thanks for letting me know I don't have to worry about rebuilding grub or relabeling the drives to get it to run06:34
TrustNoOnebilly_, if you partition your drive that way you need to backup your data as it will be lost... you need 256 or more for swap file and 10gb for OS install06:34
TrustNoOnebilly_, you can run right off the livecd without using your hard drive at all, and your data will be safe06:35
billy_how do i do that? and will i have networking?06:35
David_Can 7.10 run on good on my dinosaur of a computer? 500 mhz with 192 mbs of ram?06:35
Gringexicandavid, Gutsy (7.10) requires 256 mb ram minimum06:35
David_How about 6.06?06:35
bazhangbilly_: the installer will allow you to resize the drive partitions06:35
n0rmanDavid_:  did u try with the alternative cd?06:35
brazilian812bullgard4: somehow my comp says no such file exists...06:36
billy_will it mess up my files? lol i can't stress enough how bad i need everything i've got06:36
David_its installing now, 7.10 on the alternativ06:36
amenadoZigtown-> huh?06:36
billy_and i have no way to back it all up06:36
TrustNoOnebilly_, you should have networking capabilities with the default drivers, to do that just boot to CD by changing your BIOS to boot to CD first (instead of hard drive) or when you first start up and see the splash screen for your motherboard or chipset or whatever, just hit either F10 or F8 usually and it gives you boot options, then choose your DVD/CD drive06:36
Nubbien0rman: it wouldn't boot. "error 12: invalid device requested"06:36
billy_i got that far06:36
PriitM_Sometimes my WiFi connection goes idle according to network monitor. /etc/init.d/networking restart, ifconfig ra1 down and up, restarting x won't help. Iwconfig and kern.log copy: http://www.pastebin.ca/91724906:36
bullgard4brazilian812: Then please start finding that file in your kernel documentation.06:36
billy_what option do i select to run from the disk?06:36
TrustNoOnebilly_, running to livecd will not change files on your hard drive, but you cant really save files off the live CD as it has nowhere to write06:36
billy_im not entirely worried about saving files06:37
Gringexicannight all06:37
billy_i just wanna try it out06:37
TrustNoOnebilly_, when you get to the boot screen select whatever your media drive is, it would usually have the word DVD or CD in it06:37
billy_before i decide to completely switch06:37
Ububeginhi folks.. i ran apache. and i modified my httpd.conf file to allow url access to a particular file.... here's what i added to conf file http://paste.plone.org/19705... when I try to access the url via firefox , i get this error...06:37
Ububegin"Not Found06:37
UbubeginThe requested URL /www/pie2.png was not found on this server." ... anyone has any idea06:37
billy_i already did everything to boot from the cd in bios06:37
n0rmanNubbie: may u pastebin ur menu.lst06:37
billy_but once i get to the screen with all the options06:37
TrustNoOnebilly_, make sure you burnt the .iso image correctly06:37
billy_i did06:37
TrustNoOnebilly_, when you get to what screen with what options06:38
billy_i started going thru the install process and everything06:38
gregoriashi all06:38
Zigtownamenado Im running off a live cd does that matter?06:38
TrustNoOnebilly_, that isnt the install process, that is the loading process06:38
Nubbien0rman: http://pastebin.ca/91726106:38
billy_it was asking me to partition my hard drive...06:38
TrustNoOnebilly_, if you want to install, boot to the live cd, then on your desktop when you get in, there is an icon to "install"06:38
brazilian812bullgard4: harsh06:38
TrustNoOnebilly_, make sure you downloaded the live CD or live DVD version06:38
amenadoZigtown what was the original problem? i was responding to many06:38
billy_this is the filename of my dl06:39
donkey_is there a way to add an effect to compiz. like if a shut a window it looks like it burns up?06:39
TrustNoOneis that the processor you have? amd 64?06:39
n0rmanNubbie:  and u fdisk -l  :P06:39
TrustNoOneis that the processor you have? amd 64? billy_06:39
ZigtownI need to find out my device id's of my wireless card as well as my ethernet port so that I can maeke tiger os work on my lappy06:39
lindzeynHas anyone here had any luck with the Creative OpenSource XFi Drivers w/ Gutsy?06:39
billy_i have amd turion 6406:39
amenado try  lspci; udevinfo  or iwconfig and ifconfig in the results are any of those what you seek?06:40
TrustNoOnebilly_, go here:http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download06:40
TrustNoOnebilly_, download desktop edition 7.10 and then choose amd and intel processors and choose a location close to you and click start download06:40
billy_k wut do i do from there to get the livecd06:40
Nubbien0rman: http://pastebin.ca/91726406:40
billy_thats exactly how i got the file i have..06:40
TrustNoOnebilly_, after the downoad is complete you should have an .iso file, then you need to burn that to a disk06:41
billy_i checked it with winmd5sum and everything06:41
billy_i did that as well06:41
TrustNoOnebilly_, ok and when you boot to the CD it says it wants to partition?06:41
billy_when i boot to cd i get a screen with a bunch of options06:41
billy_including install..06:41
TrustNoOnebilly_, you clicked the check box before downloading to get "alternate CD" that does not include live cd06:41
Nubbien0rman: GASP! gparted reported my windows partition as /dev/sda7, while fdisk -l lists it as /dev/sda506:41
TrustNoOnebilly_, you need to do it again without checking that box06:41
n0rmanNubbie:  and if u try hd0,4 ????06:41
KragneracCompiz just killed on me for no reason, and closed all of my running apps. :(06:42
billy_i don't think i checked that tho06:42
n0rmanNubbie:  yep hehehehe :P06:42
billy_and i really don't wanna wait another 20 mins for the file i need lol06:42
TrustNoOnebilly_, you gave me the name of the file you downloaded, it said it was the alternate desktop cd06:42
Nubbien0rman: i tried that with my conf, but yours was slightly different. let me make the changes and i'll reboot.06:42
TrustNoOnebilly_, "<billy_> ubuntu-7.10-alternate-amd64.iso"06:42
Nubbien0rman: brb.06:42
ganumacogw:to run a command as root what is d password in livecd?06:42
TrustNoOnebilly_, that is why, the alternate does not include live CD06:42
MDKSIGNSome websites won't work for me. Somebody said it may be a DNS setting, can anyone help please?06:42
billy_is there a certain file that makes it "live cd"06:43
macogwganu: i think it's "ubuntu"06:43
billy_im sorry.. im totally noob to the whole ubuntu thing06:43
TrustNoOnebilly_, no, there is the LIVE CD and Alternate download which is a text based installer, you got the wrong download06:43
amenadoMDKSIGN-> can you clarify what you meant it wont work for you?06:43
Sliss_whats up with ubuntu?06:43
MDKSIGNCannot find host06:43
macogwSliss_: its a linux distro06:43
TrustNoOnebilly_, go back to that site, and redownload the desktop edition (not the alternate)06:43
macogwganu: how about "password"?06:43
Sliss_yes I am using it for 3 years06:43
Sliss_whats the problem06:44
n0rmanganu:  and if u just press enter?06:44
billy_ill have to disconnect for a second to hook up straight to the modem instead of wireless to make it faster06:44
macogwSliss_: umm... there will be a new release near the end of april?06:44
TrustNoOnebilly_, the desktop edition is a live cd, when you boot to the CD just choose start or install, and it should load into the desktop, and if you want to install there is an icon on your desktop to install if you choose so06:44
macogwSliss_: what do you mean "what's up with ubuntu?"06:44
Sliss_well I saw some posts about ubuntu .. related to some problems?06:44
bullgard4"$ dmesg|tail -24; ... ; [323926.580000] pnp: Failed to activate device 00:06." What device is '00:06'?06:44
MDKSIGNI have 1 PC, 3 Laptops, all are on ubuntu apart from 1 laptop. They are all using same router but the ones on ubuntu can't access certain websites. "host not found".06:45
Nubbien0rman: no dice.06:45
TrustNoOneare the MSN servers down? I cant connect06:45
MDKSIGNNope, i'm on msn now06:45
ganun0rman:not working..06:45
n0rmanNubbie:  ???06:45
Nubbien0rman: this is the ONLY time i've ever had a problem with grub failing to recognise an XP installation :(06:45
n0rmanit works? :S06:46
Nubbien0rman: it didn't work.06:46
amenadoMDKSIGN-> compare their /etc/resolv.conf and their route -n06:46
patogen2TrustNoOne: No. I don't think so. I'm connected.06:46
macogwganu: just press enter?06:46
TrustNoOnepatogen2, i was connected until i tried to send a msg and it says unable to connect immediately, so i sign out and back in and i cant get back in06:46
billy__k im downloading it now06:46
n0rmanNubbie: and ur fstab? :S06:46
Nubbien0rman: can you link me back my pastebins?? :>06:47
TrustNoOnebilly_, ok, as long as its not the alternate it should be bootable to LIVE CD06:47
ganumacogw:even that din work..06:47
n0rmanNubbie:  sure06:47
billy__is there any way to speed up the download?06:47
billy__i have school in the morning lol06:47
Neroniouswhat would cause my screen to get wierd colorful static while scrolling up and down in different windows? i looked on the forums and cant seem to find anything about the subject if someone could point me in the right direction i can research the rest06:47
=== patogen2 is now known as patogen
macogwganu: dang...06:47
=== weechat_user is now known as Edwardo
Tim-HI'm having quite a bit of trouble getting windows to see my samba shares on gutsy.  I've made browseable = yes, added usernames that equal those of the windows users (and ubuntu users), put samba on the same workgroup, added shares (which are in the smb.conf), but I can't seem to browse from windows -- it rejects authentication perhaps?  Any advice?06:47
macogwwhose idea was it to put a password on sudo on the live cd?06:48
iterbullgard4: type 'sudo lspci | grep 00:06' in a terminal06:48
TrustNoOnebilly_, the download should say something like ubuntu-7.10-desktop-amd64.iso06:48
Nubbien0rman: here's my fstab. thanks for the linkbacks.06:48
billy__can i speed it up?06:48
bazhangbilly__: best to get some sleep; we'll be here tomorrow too ;]06:48
billy__its bein a hell of alot slower than it was earlier06:48
TrustNoOnebilly_, you can try a torrent instead of http06:48
billy__i dont have a torrent program06:48
TrustNoOneget one, they are free06:48
billy__i said screw it with limewire06:48
n0rmanNubbie: where?06:48
TrustNoOnetry azureus06:48
Tim-Hlimewire is unrelated06:48
macogwi like Deluge06:49
billy__how fast are they?06:49
Nubbien0rman: http://pastebin.ca/91727006:49
TrustNoOnebilly_, torrent program is not the same as limewire, limewire is p2p network which is virus riddled06:49
Tim-Hi use utorrent06:49
patogenutorrent aswell.06:49
TrustNoOnebilly_, torrents are usually fast, they connect to many peers to download from at once, instead of 1 http server06:49
macogwbut less seeders = less speed06:49
TrustNoOnebilly_, you can try azureus which is extremely customizable, or you can get utorrent which is popular as well06:49
n0rmanNubbie: ur windows partition is mounted?06:49
patogenIt's bad there isn't anything as good as utorrent for linux06:49
soldatsmacogw: if your a mod on the forums can you remove the lame thread started by AL88806:49
EdwardoHi, I'm looking into purchasing a laptop - possibly this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834146366 ;  Any idea on the compatibility of Lenovo 3000 series in general, or that particular laptop with Ubuntu?06:49
billy__all of this just to experiment lol06:49
Tim-Hpatogen, you can wine it, right?06:49
macogwsoldats: link please?06:50
TrustNoOnebilly_, yup, its a learning process06:50
Nubbien0rman: yes, and working.06:50
billy__do you have a good link to a torrent?06:50
bazhangtransmission is superb and the default for Hardy06:50
billy__im in california fyi06:50
TrustNoOnepatogen, most private trackers allow azureus vuze and transmission for clients06:50
patogenTim-H: Yes, doing it. But I wish I didn't need wine :)06:50
macogwEdwardo: thinkpads in general have great support06:50
bullgard4iter: "detlef@MD97600:~$ sudo lspci | grep 00:06; [sudo] password for detlef: ***" produces no output.06:50
EdwardoIt's a Lenovo 3000 series, though. ]:06:50
patogenTrustNoOne: But they aren't as good.06:50
soldatsmacogw: i cant copy paste but its on the ubuntuforums.org main page under general help06:50
EdwardoNot a thinkpad.06:51
n0rmanits suppossed that ur winwodws partition is (hd0,4)06:51
TrustNoOnebilly_, your location shouldnt matter with torrents,06:51
iterbullgard4: mmm try w/o the sudo06:51
n0rmanNubbie:  its suppossed that ur winwodws partition is (hd0,4)06:51
billy__do you know a good torrent?06:51
TrustNoOnepatogen, i use vuze, it is VERY customizable, i can connect on any port i want and disable dht is very easy as well, i like it because of all the options06:51
Nubbien0rman: that makes sense to me as well... however, it's not booting :O06:51
MDKSIGNamenado: Do you know what it might be?06:51
bazhangEdwardo: also check thinkwiki for that laptops compatibility with Linux06:51
macogwEdwardo: the video card...im not so sure. i think the new intel drivers work well for it, but im not positive06:51
bullgard4iter: "detlef@MD97600:~$ lspci | grep 00:06; " produces no output.06:52
macogwEdwardo: the wireless card is great06:52
billy__nvm i found one06:52
EdwardoI believe the graphics card is fine - I've seen some good things about it.06:52
Nubbieintel driver for intel graphics chips is superb.06:52
MDKSIGNFresh install of ubuntu, not installed anything at all, using an ethernet connection to get online but can't access some websites06:52
macogwEdwardo: there is no xD, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro support, as far as i know06:52
bazhangMDKSIGN: what sites06:52
TrustNoOnebilly_, http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/06:52
iterbullgard4: does lspci produce output?06:52
EdwardoHowever, I've just recently had terrible trouble with Toshiba and Linux, so I don't want to lose a lot of money again on buying a laptop (Vista only sucks)06:52
TrustNoOnebilly_, that is for the torrents06:52
macogwEdwardo: SD and MMC should work...might require a bit of fiddling depending on the exact model of the card reader06:52
bullgard4iter: yes.06:53
Edwardomacogw: And I never seem to use that stuff, anyway.06:53
soldatsmacogw: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70703806:53
Tim-Hanyone have a moment to help with samba-communicating-with-windows issues?06:53
iterbullgard4: sounds like 00:06 is something removable then06:53
Nubbiemacogw: that's correct, the memory card reader built into the front of my sony vaio vgn-c240e is recognized but not functional.06:53
iterbullgard4: something that's not plugged in currently and hence can't be activated06:53
amazen720can someone help me with this error:Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".06:53
bullgard4iter: Ah. But I am interested to know what removable device.06:53
billy__trust: how do i use utorrent?06:54
Nubbieamazen720: edit your xserver-xorg.conf to have GLX extension load.06:54
elevenfifty5my mem stick reader has worked fine since i upgraded to gutsy06:54
|ethello i am having a prob with dvds of any sort i have followed most solutions i have found via forums and friends i get this error now at this point [00000306] cdda access error: could not read block 90 from disc06:54
|etthat is with vlc06:54
billy__it said that link was an invalid torrent file06:54
Nubbien0rman: any other suggestions?06:54
bullgard4iter: I have read that Ubuntu stores even the names of removable devices that once were plugged in.06:54
n0rmanNubbie: is that a new windows installation?06:54
Nubbien0rman: yes sir, vanilla xp professional.06:55
n0rmanit seems that u only have a extended partition on ur hdd? dont u have a primary partition?06:55
macogwsoldats: aysiu got it first06:55
EdwardoThank you for the help, macogw, and bazhang06:55
amazen720Nubbie: what line do I put the glx extention on, and what does it look like06:55
Nubbien0rman: i don't have a primary partition.06:55
soldatsmacogw: ok thanks for checking i appreciate it.06:55
Nubbien0rman: swap excepted.06:55
iterbullgard4: try 'grep 323936 /var/log/*'06:55
lab_ratcan i forget about runing compiz while having via/s3g unichrome pro igp card?06:55
Nubbien0rman: actually even my swap is logical :l06:56
n0rmani can see that06:56
Nubbien0rman: is that the problem?06:56
amazen720Nubbie: I'm like 7 months into ubuntu, and I'm sorry if it sounds like a dumb question06:56
n0rmanlab_rat: i think that the s3 unichrome video cards doesnt support acceleration 3d06:56
iterbullgard4: whoops looks like it's 32392606:56
iterbullgard4: try 'grep 323926 /var/log/*'06:57
David_my install is locked up at 7706:57
billy__utorrent is a helluvalot faster =]06:57
billy__thanks for the tips guys06:57
David_its saying gathering infomation for installation report06:57
macogwsoldats: wow that guy is dumb.  it says "partitions you have removed" ...which means "you decided yourself to delete them" and "or formatted" which again means "you decided yourself to format them"...it doesnt delete them all on its own without your permission...06:57
MDKSIGNAnyone else having problems trying to get on certain sites?06:57
billy__ill brb06:57
lab_ratn0rman: what about openchrome project?06:57
David_i am using the 7.10 alternative install cd06:57
bullgard4iter: http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/45733/06:58
n0rmanlab_rat:  for the s3 is not working, i hace a s3 on my deskptop and google it about it, i didnt not find anything, if u find something tell me!! :P06:58
billy__oh man i can't wait to use ubuntu06:58
billy__i don't know why im so excited lol06:58
n0rmanNubbie: emmm, i think, windows was booting before?06:58
lab_ratn0rman: ok 1 sec :)06:58
bazhangMDKSIGN: what sites06:59
|etit messes with the mbr07:00
TrustNoOnebilly_, it may be stressfull at first, you are moving to a new OS and you have to learn it and configure it properly, I have been using linux for just over a week now, but I took quickly to it becuase I am a computer tech and do software support for xp and vista...07:00
|etdepending how you do it07:00
iterbullgard4: hmm interesting seems to be related to eth0 for you07:00
TrustNoOnebilly_, but i had to reinstall ubuntu like 4 times till i got the configuration right :07:00
MDKSIGNbazhang: just any random sites that I visit, 50% don't work. Youtube is one.07:00
Nubbien0rman: before i installed ubuntu yes.07:00
bullgard4iter: How did you find that out?07:00
n0rman|et: ?????07:00
|etnorman master boot record07:00
amazen720Nubbie: you there?07:01
|etnorman i couldnt boot windows after a failed ubuntu installation07:01
iterbullgard4: you might try lspnp as well, probably would have to apt-get install pnputils for that to work07:01
|etnorman but there is a fix07:01
n0rmanyup, i know what is mbr, but i dont know what are u talking about :S07:01
n0rmanreinstalling the grub?07:01
lab_ratn0rman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70198707:01
|etsorry maybe i misread your problem07:01
David_Anyone, my installation is like stuck at 77% saying gathering install information for installation report, can anyone help?07:01
KnarffHi. I have this issue. Some months ago I had a working installation of Windows XP installed in a partition and other NTFS partition for my files (as you need to reinstall Windows constantly). I wanted to have a dual boot system with Ubuntu, so I installed Ubuntu and said yes when it told me to write the GRUB to disk as it had detected Microsoft Windows.07:01
bazhangDavid_: for how long07:02
n0rmanNubbie: is the one wiht the problem in the grub :P07:02
|etdavid how long have you waited it out07:02
David_umm 15 mins or so07:02
regeyacripes, 1am here, and my 2yrold will be getting up probably in 5.5hr07:02
KnarffUbuntu worked well, but when I tried to boot into Windows, it gave me a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Somehow, Windows didn't like GRUB. Ever since I've been stuck with Ubuntu (that's a good thing because I love it), but I still want to have a dual boot system. Now, I have tried reinstalling windows, but the Windows Installer does not detect any partitions and if I proceed it would delete all my partitions.07:02
KnarffNote: I can see both my two Windows partitions from Ubuntu. It's only the Windows installer that does not detect the partition. What can I do to achieve a dual boot system? How can I make the Windows installer see my partitions?07:02
Nubbien0rman: what's that?07:02
amazen720David_: give it some time07:02
regeyamust...sleep...good luck with your installs, all...07:02
David_i am using the alternate install cd07:02
n0rman|et: so u say that eh answer is to reinstlal the grub?07:02
David_i will give it 30 more mins07:02
Nubbie|et: i have reinstalled grub.07:03
|etn0rman im not sure i trashed my windows disk after that07:03
|etand used it as another hd for ubuntu07:03
bullgard4iter: pnputils are installed on my computer.07:03
amazen720David_: 30 mins stuck on 77%?07:03
n0rmanjejeej :P07:03
bazhangKnarff: this is with Gutsy? have you fixed grub?07:03
iterbullgard4: did lspnp give you useful info ?07:03
furenkuhello, does anybody know why i cannot enable the ipw3945 wireless card driver?07:03
=== co_basket is now known as cEw_XMA_cr_tmn_f
n0rmanNubbie: and u have the same problem after reinstalling the grub?07:03
David_yea there abouts07:03
Nubbien0rman: absolutely.07:03
n0rmanlab_rat: this post is for S3 unichrome video card?07:03
Knarffbazahang, Yes, I'm running Ubuntu Gutsy07:04
bazhangfurenku: gutsy/feisty what system07:04
furenkubazhang, gutsy07:04
KnarffThe thing is that from the first time, Windows gave a blue screen of death07:04
jorje-villafanBy accident I stopped a process that I don't know the name of. but after I stopped it all my bin, and archived files have different folder icons and are not recognized by the archive manager. Can any help me find out what process I stopped and then help restart it?07:04
amazen720David_: do you see the light blinking showing drive activity?07:04
bazhangfurenku: what does ificonfig or iwconfig show in the terminal07:04
|eti just wish i could get a dvd to play with any player on 7.10 i have libdvdcss installed and im not sure wth is wrong07:04
billy__can i put a partition table on a flash card?07:04
n0rmanNubbie: why don u try to merge the windows partition from a logical partition to a primary partition07:05
macogwbilly__: i think so07:05
David_I do not see the light blinking neither my cd or cpu lights07:05
Nubbien0rman: i don't have the space to do that.07:05
macogwbilly__: gparted07:05
bazhangjet you tried vlc?07:05
Nubbien0rman: i don't have any primary paritions.07:05
billy__i'd like to use the flash drive as a hard disk so i can save data07:05
|eti am using vlc07:05
bullgard4iter: http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/45740/ --  So it's referring to my keyboard? I cannot believe because my keyboard is working all right.07:05
|eti get this error07:05
macogwbilly__: i dont know if you mean like an SD card or like a flash drive, but if a flash drive, definitely07:05
amazen720David_: is this a newly burned CD from an image?07:05
|et cdda access error: could not read block07:05
billy__sd card..07:05
|etover n over for every block07:06
macogwbilly__: not sure about those, but i dont see why not07:06
billy__ill google it lol07:06
David_yes, i checked the md5 sum and the verfied the burn with the pre install tool on the cd07:06
iterbullgard4: clearly :) it's probably a cosmetic error then07:06
macogwbilly__: if not, you just reformat it to one partition07:06
bazhangjet that is odd-for only that dvd or all of them07:06
n0rmanNubbie:  the output when u tray to boot windows is a grub error or a windows error?07:06
Nubbien0rman: it's a grub error.07:06
jarrettgreennewb ? here. What does it mean/do when you add ./ to something in a directory07:06
KnarffMy question is how can I make the Windows Installer see my partitions (both NTFS and ext3)07:06
|etbazhang all cds even ones07:06
bullgard4iter: Or is it referring to my PS/2 mouse? I did not use it for a long time.07:06
Nubbien0rman: grub error: "ERROR 12: Invalid device requested"07:06
|eti make myself07:06
|eti could maybe rip to hd but that defeats the purpose07:07
bazhangKnarff: there is a ext2/3 fs driver for windows07:07
KnarffYes, but that works when you are IN windows already07:07
iterbullgard4: yeah could definitely be since that's the kb/mouse together07:07
Knarffnot if you want to install Windows07:07
supershortubuntu wont start on my laptop cos of some error in the filesystem07:08
bazhangKnarff: ah yes well then you need to repair the grub not reinstall windows07:08
David_to amazen720 any suggestions?07:08
KnarffHow do I repair the GRUB?07:08
NubbieKnarff: you need to allocate spare space for windows before you begin the installation. free up space with gparted.07:08
bullgard4iter: So it was probably a good idea of yours to ask me to try lspnp.07:08
amazen720David_: did you erase the previous partition in the beginning of this installation, or your keeping Windows also?07:08
KnarffThere is already allocated space! I see it from Ubuntu07:08
bazhangKnarff: you can /msg ubotu grub for more info and a link on that07:08
KnarffI see the whole windows installation from ubuntu07:08
David_to -- amazen720 i told it to erase everything07:08
billy__i've figured out how to partition an sd card07:09
iterbullgard4: just to narrow it down :) sorry I can't be definitve as to why you're seeing that .. everything works as far as you can tell right?07:09
supershortfor no official reason07:09
amazen720David_: This is Gutsy Gibbon ubuntu install, right?07:09
Nubbiebilly__: yes... but WHY! lol.07:09
bullgard4iter: yes.07:09
David_yes it is amazen72007:09
Nubbiesupershort: less caps please?07:09
bazhangsupershort eh well what did you do? It may crash if you have done something wrong07:09
ganun0rman:boot error.....not able to boot frm hard disk..how to install bootloader??07:09
billy__so i can save files07:09
amazen720David_: sorry for all the questions man I did my install like 10 times already07:10
supershortthe power went off and my laptop started07:10
KnarffI see the C:\Windows, etc and all from Ubuntu. The problem is that the Windows Installer CD will not see that partition07:10
billy__instead of running from live cd without repartitioning my hd07:10
KnarffI want to reinstall Windows to that partition that already exists07:10
supershortcame up with this buffer i/o error on device hde1, logical boot block xnumbers ehrexxx07:10
up_the_ironshi guys, where can i set the "search domain1.com domain2.com ..." part of /etc/resolv.conf *permanently* ? (I'm running ubuntu 7.10)07:10
iterbullgard4: can you try lspnp -vv 00:06 ?07:10
n0rmanNubbie: dont know but im trying to remenber and im thinking that i had a problem like that, why dont u try to erasein the fstab the UUID and replace it with the /dev/......07:10
David_amazen720 its fine this is an older computer i used to be into linux alot, but i lost my internet came back i am decided to try to install it on a junker computer i have07:10
n0rmanganu: reinstall the grub07:10
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:10
macogwsupershort: um that's not "for no reason"07:10
Nubbien0rman: perhaps... but grub doesn't read the fstab, what would be the point?07:11
amazen720David_: what type of PC is it07:11
macogwsupershort: thats because the power went out and your hard drive was busy, and the fact that it turned off in the middle of doing something means the hard drive is in a bad state07:11
bazhangKnarff: if you want to reinstall windows that may overwrite your ubuntu--better would be to repair grub /msg ubotu grub and then boot into the windows and fix whatever problems you have there07:11
supershortnever did that with windows07:11
macogwsupershort: im sure it did07:11
David_amazen720 its a 500mhz pentium with 192mbs of ram lol07:11
macogwsupershort: ever have windows want to check your disk on boot after one of those?07:11
n0rmanNubbie: dunno, but i believe that i resolve a problem like that sometimes doing what i told u :S07:11
supershorthow can i fix this?07:11
macogwsupershort: thats the same thing07:11
Nubbiesupershort: this is NOT windows, if you want to complain, do it in #windows07:11
David_it said on the site it would install if i use the text installer :)07:11
supershortno i skip it since its not compulsory07:11
bullgard4iter: "detlef@MD97600:~$ lspnp --vv 00:06; lspnp: invalid option -- -; usage: lspnp [-b] [-v[v]] [device #]"07:11
amazen720David_: I dont think your spec meets the requirements07:12
iterbullgard4: try 'lspnp -vv 00:06' <- only one -07:12
David_to amazen, any suggestions for distros? i was thinking about trying 6.06 Dapper Drake07:13
bazhangdavid you might try fluxbuntu for an older computer07:13
Nubbiesupershort: linux forces checks on your disk to prevent data corruption. windows was dumb in giving you the option to skip it.07:13
macogwsupershort: thats a bad idea.  the check can fix things that are broken if they're not *too* broken.  if your disk was idle, thats fine and nothing will be broken. if your disk was busy, its possible that whatever was happening got corrupted because the disk was doing things. thats a simple hardware error, but if your system files are corrupted the system could become unbootable. if some of your files corrupted, theyre trash.  you can boot from a live c07:13
David_i maybe old fashioned debian07:13
shaft0rDoes anyone have any issues with divx movies... xvid... dvd... pretty much any video? I'm running a 7600GT video card and I get these stupid lines in the videos sometimes...07:13
KnarffUbuntu GRUB does launch Windows. The problem is that Windows gives me a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)07:13
=== et_ is now known as |et
tylerdhas anyone here installed ubuntu on a macbook/macbook pro07:13
amazen720David_: just last month I tried to install it on a machine with similar specs and it kept freezing07:14
n0rmanNubbie: i hope u will fix your grub, now i g2g, bye07:14
bullgard4iter: "detlef@MD97600:~$ lspnp -vv 00:06; 00:06 PNP0303 IBM enhanced keyboard (101/102-key, PS/2 mouse support);  state = active; allocated resources:  io 0x60-0x60; io 0x64-0x64;  irq 1"07:14
NubbieKnarff: then your problem is not related to ubuntu at all. ask for help in #windows07:14
Nubbien0rman: thanks man.07:14
iterbullgard4: nothing unusual there...07:14
n0rmanur welkome :)07:14
macogwsupershort: the fact that drives dont like to be turned off whlie busy is a hardware thing.  its like how "scratching" a record (like a DJ does) is really bad for their records.  hard drives are just little turntables07:14
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents07:14
David_to amazen, that stinks, actually it was running windows XP fine but, it was slow07:14
amazen720tylerd: sounds like fun, whats your prob?07:14
supershortit says error reading block .... (attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read) while getting next inode from scan) ignore error(y)?07:14
KnarffBefore installing Ubuntu, this Blue Screen of Death didn't appear07:15
tylerdi was wondering if power management works. im running it now but im not sure about power management07:15
macogwsupershort: try booting from your ubuntu live cd07:15
bazhangKnarff: ah well then that is a difficult situation; you may need to back up your ubuntu data and do a fresh install of windows then ubuntu-I'm not real good with windows issues though they do have a channel ##windows07:15
macogwsupershort: and then running fsck on the drive from there...it might give you options to tryr to fix some of the inodes07:15
PriitM_Sometimes my WiFi connection goes idle according to network monitor. /etc/init.d/networking restart, ifconfig ra1 down and up, restarting x won't help. Iwconfig and kern.log copy: http://www.pastebin.ca/91724907:15
NubbieKnarff: then windows doesn't play well with linux. complain in #windows07:15
bullgard4iter: What information or use can I draw from your statement: "nothing unusual there..."?07:15
xTheGoat121xI've googled repeatedly, and found no answer.  I want my theme for sudo-ed apps to be different than my personal theme, but also different than the generic theme included with Ubuntu07:15
supershortnubbie is that all u do? tell people to go to ubuntu07:15
supershorti mean windows07:15
amazen720David_: put some more RAM in it, at lease 25607:16
macogwsupershort: right now its basically just saying things got broken from the shutdown. it might be able to undo whatever was going on and get back to a consistent state if you use the live cd07:16
supershortill try07:16
Knarffwhat if I use the FIXMBR to get Windows to recognize all my partitions?07:16
KnarffWill that work?07:16
NubbiexTheGoat121x: then set up your themes in /root/.themes differently.07:16
David_i will try, lol the computer was made before 199807:16
bazhangKnarff: that may well be worth a shot07:16
xTheGoat121xNubbie, it doesn't seem to persist.07:16
iterbullgard4: hehe none, sorry... I was just looking for something out of the ordinary that would cause that error...07:16
NubbieKnarff: windows refuses to recognize ext partitions.07:16
amazen720David_: or download the ISO for Xubuntu, it's a lighter OS07:16
macogwsupershort: this is why they tell you to shut down properly instead of unplugging it...too many people dont listen to that...ditto on ejecting (or in windows speak "safely removing") external drives07:17
iterbullgard4: it's probably a legit bug, though not a critical one, consider filing a bug report07:17
Knarffbut at least Windows normally says Unknown allocated space or something07:17
rockwellgumpanyone know how to run the math program freefem3d?07:17
NubbiexTheGoat121x: log in as root (i know it's bad, but it will accomplish what you want), then set up your themes, log out, and never log in as root again!07:17
Knarffthis time Windows does not see ANY07:17
|etso any ideas on this error using vlc on ubuntu 7.10 with dvd.07:17
|etcdda access error: could not read block 0 from disc07:17
macogwKnarff: that sounds like your NTFS partition got corrupted or something...or the partition table got corrupted perhaps...07:17
xTheGoat121xNubbie, again, I did that and it STILL doesn't persist.  That's what's bothering me.07:17
NubbieKnarff: you're asking for windows help in a linux help channel. don't you understand you're never going to get the answer to your problem? you're looking in the wrong place.07:17
Knarffhow come I can access my NTFS partitions from Ubuntu?07:18
KnarffWIndows sucks07:18
bazhangjet that is odd as you do you have the ubuntu-restricted-extras and the libdvdcss207:18
shaft0rso no one has any video issues w/ linux in general?07:18
NubbiexTheGoat121x: i'm just content soft linking my ~/.themes to /root/.themes. why isn't that good enough?07:18
billy__what is the availability of programs for ubuntu?07:18
macogwKnarff: oh the partition is fine from ubuntu? ok then yeah that sounds like windows being idiot07:18
billy__can i get MSN messenger?07:18
bazhangamsn billy__07:18
macogwbilly__: you can get aMSN07:18
KnarffI see all my NTFS partitions here in ubuntu07:18
Knarffand they're fine07:18
|etbazhang i do have extras i dont think i have the libdvdcss2 only libdvdcss07:18
macogwKnarff: and you can read/write to them fine?07:18
patogenemesene is good aswell.07:18
ere4sifdisk -l /dev/sdb says I have 20.4G - but only have 6.2G used and 8.5G free - where's the other 5.7G?07:19
KnarffI can even listen to my MP3 there07:19
billy__can aMSN use webcam?07:19
macogwbilly__: i think so07:19
NubbieKnarff: because linux developers are smart and wrote NTFS drivers for linux. windows refuses to write ext drivers for windows. MOVE ON.07:19
macogwbilly__: if it cant, kopete can07:19
bazhangwww.medibuntu.org for that jet07:19
|etbazhang libdvdnav: Using dvdnav version 0.1.10 from http://dvd.sf.net07:19
|etlibdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.5 for DVD access07:19
billy__well see07:19
macogwbilly__: WengoPhone also does MSN networks and video i think07:19
xTheGoat121xNubbie, I like the visual reminder that I'm running a program with admin privileges.  It'd just be nice to have something other than that gray.07:19
KnarffNubbie, I will MOVE ON, once I can get a dual boot07:19
rockwellgumpcan any one help me on running the Freefem3d program?07:19
macogwbilly__: pidgin's the only one that doesnt do video, i think...07:19
macogwKnarff: i think you need to reinstall windows...07:19
Pieti got a problem with mod-jk connector; in the log i see cant resolve tomcat address localhost07:20
billy__i gotta gf that lives far away.. cant do without webcam lol07:20
macogwNubbie: there are windows drivers...at least xp ones...for ext2/307:20
NubbieKnarff: you have ubuntu and grub functioning correctly. your problem is that windows is messed up. get out of this channel unless you have a problem with linux.07:20
macogwNubbie: be nice07:20
bazhangKnarff: if you are able to fixmbr from windows cd, then you can install drivers for windows that allow you to see ext2/3 fs07:20
=== dm is now known as dmakalsky
amazen720tylerd: did you install ubuntu on the mac?07:20
complabhello every1.guts. need help on making my wireless laptop connect to the internet.. i'm using gutsy on Acer Aspire 4715z07:20
tylerdi need help getting power management working can anyone help me out07:20
Nubbiemacogw: not windows supplied, meaning the windows installer won't recognise shit.07:20
macogwNubbie: true07:20
tylerdamazen720 yes07:20
bazhangNubbie: ease up07:20
=== rat32 is now known as Palace_Chan
Nubbieokay okay.07:20
dmakalskyHi, is there a built-in firewall for ubuntu?07:21
amazen720tylerd; how is it running?07:21
macogwNubbie: i dont know how your tone sounds in your head, but it seems hostile on my end07:21
macogwdmakalsky: yes07:21
bazhangiptables dmakalsky07:21
|etlol to most pro support groups nix help is taboo07:21
macogwdmakalsky: iptables is built into the kernel07:21
tylerdamazen720 pretty good ive got pretty much everything except isight and power management working07:21
KnarffOk, if i do FIXMBR... my GRUB will get wiped out. Can I restore it later?07:21
xTheGoat121xNubbie, meh, I know it's overkill but it'd be nice.07:21
macogwdmakalsky: you can configure it using the iptables command or a gui like firestarter.07:21
iterKnarff: yes no prob07:21
macogwKnarff: yes07:21
bazhangKnarff: yes07:21
NubbieKnarff: please understand, if grub will get you into windows (even if it's a BSOD), that means it's functioning correctly. if you have BSOD problems, ask for help in #windows.07:21
dmakalskymacogw: thanks07:21
macogwdmakalsky: by default nothing listens on any ports07:21
NubbieKnarff: sorry if i was short with you.07:22
bullgard4iter: (My native language is not English.) "$ dict legit; No definitions found for "legit", perhaps you mean: gcide:  Legist  Elegit" I will not consider it a bug, rather a reminder that I have not put in my mouse into my laptop computer.07:22
KnarffIt's ok07:22
macogwdmakalsky: so getting it would require access to some sort of exploit...which isnt something firewalls block anyway07:22
tylerdamazen720 ive got compiz fusion running on it and its really cool...07:22
amazen720tylerd; did you try Synaptic for power management?07:22
complabhow can i connect my wireless laptop? pls help me.. i'm using gusty on Acer Aspire..07:22
NubbieKnarff: but the solution to your problem is not in this channel.07:22
tylerdamazen720 no what package ?07:22
macogwdmakalsky: if you add a service on a port, like SSH on port 22, just that port will be listened on07:22
bazhangcomplab what card07:22
KnarffIs there a hacked version of the Windows Installer?07:22
KnarffOne that recognized GRUB?07:22
iterbullgard4: sorry, I should have guessed from the .de pastebin, your english is very good. legit is short for legitimate07:22
macogwdmakalsky: itd be the only one that's effectively open.  the rest are theoretically open but unaccessible...basically07:22
NubbieKnarff: that would be illegal most likely.07:22
amazen720tylerd: do a search for power management in synaptic07:23
KnarffIllegal where?07:23
bazhangKnarff: when MS goes open source07:23
NubbieKnarff: everywhere.07:23
complabbazhang: i really dont know.. but according to restricted drivers.. its atheros07:23
macogwNubbie: except umm...china?07:23
iterbullgard4: if the message goes away when you put in your mouse I would say that is definitely the cause07:23
tylerdamazen720 before i do that what do i need enabled in the kernel07:23
supershortwhen ms goes open source is when windows vista brings no profits07:23
dmakalskymacogw: what rule do I use to open torrent port?07:23
Nubbiemacogw: it would be violating MS's end user agreement, regardless of any laws.07:23
bazhangsupershort: so soon ;]07:23
macogwdmakalsky: outbound is all open07:23
dmakalskyso it should be easy?07:24
macogwdmakalsky: if you are having blocked port issues it could be your ISP blocking torrent traffic or your router07:24
supershortbut who would want ms's source07:24
complabbazhang: i really dont know.. but according to restricted drivers.. its atheros... can u help me07:24
macogwdmakalsky: routers are firewalls usually07:24
amazen720tylerd: i dont understand?07:24
macogwNubbie: license agreements are not laws07:24
Knarfflots of people would want MS Windows open source07:24
Nubbiemacogw: no, but if you don't agree to the terms of the license, you can't use the software.07:24
tylerdamazen720 what do i need enabled in the kernel for power management07:24
ThreeFingerPetein a few months a new ubuntu will replace 7.10. i will be wanting to upgrade, but would a fresh install be better, and how do i move my /home?07:24
bazhangcomplab: do you have access to this computer now? try lspci in the terminal and say the exact number of the card07:24
Knarfffirst to get those dam.. drivers working07:24
ere4siNubbie, here's a link - http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p11.htm#wireless_network_configuration07:24
supershortlaptop not booting live cd?07:24
macogwNubbie: but lots of countries say EULA's are non-binding07:24
macogwNubbie: so in lots of countries it is legal to accept the EULA then violate it07:24
jorje-villafanEarlier I stopped a process by accident via system monitor. I forgot what the process was. The results are that all my bin and tar.gz files all changed to different icons. when I try to open them, I get a "cannot open this file" message, plus a bunch of other related issues. Anybody have any idea how I can fix this?07:25
complabbazhang: ok wait.. pls...07:25
bazhangThreeFingerPete: if you have a seperate home then just install over / and you will be fine or just upgrade via the net07:25
bullgard4iter: I will do that test at a convenient time. To reach hibernation and resuming from it takes too much time at the moment. --  Thank you very much for your profound and patient help.07:25
Nubbieere4si: um why was that directed at me?07:25
iterbullgard4: no problem cheers :)07:25
macogwjorje-villafan: rebooting would fix it...07:25
ere4sioops Nubbie07:25
Nubbieere4si: no problem :)07:25
illmortalanyone know if there's media servers for linux?07:26
jorje-villafanI'll try that now07:26
complabbazhang: 04:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications, Inc. AR5006EG 802.11 b/g Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)07:26
macogwThreeFingerPete: you can do either07:26
iterjorje-villafan: yes assuming that your problem is acutally caused by that stopped process07:26
Nubbie!info elisa | illmortal07:26
ubotuillmortal: elisa (source: elisa): media center solution. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.2-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 10786 kB, installed size 17160 kB07:26
KnarffHad anyone ever experienced a Blue Screen of Death after installing Ubuntu?07:26
amazen720tylerd: I dont think anything is needed, I'm new to linux thats over my head07:26
macogwThreeFingerPete: putting /home on its own partition makes fresh installs easier07:26
billy_how bout viruses and ubuntu?07:26
billy_whats the risk?07:26
Nubbieillmortal: or you can TRY to set up mythtv.07:26
bazhangcomplab the madwifi drivers should do that; do you see anything in the restricted drivers manager?07:26
macogwbilly_: practically zero07:26
billy_like mac lol07:26
Nubbiebilly_: slim to nil.07:26
billy_i hate macintosh07:26
|etbazhang thank you for the link i am going to reboot just for kicks rock on guys!!07:26
billy_but i hate how easy it is to get viruses with windows07:27
bazhangnp ;]07:27
illmortali just need something basic for my PS3 to Linux, nubbie07:27
Nubbieillmortal: then elisa might be what you're looking for.07:27
billy_what about media applications? (music recording/editing?)07:27
bazhangKnarff: probably everyone ;]07:27
macogwbilly_: a few hundred viruses ever created for linux, most never released but existed to prove some exploit was possible which was promptly patched.  of the ~30 that were released, perhaps 5 are still in existence in the wild.  unless you are running an unpatched 5 year old version of Linux though..you're fine07:27
ThreeFingerPetemacogw: good, i have it in its own07:27
complabbazhang:.. yeah..actually it said its enabled and in use.. i'm wired at the moment07:27
bazhangbilly_: ubuntu has it all ;]07:27
illmortaldoes it recognize PS3 well and PS3 recognize it?07:27
billy_whats the irc command to chance ur username?07:28
Nubbieillmortal: i don't understand what you mean.07:28
iterbilly_: nick07:28
macogwbilly_: /nick07:28
iterbilly_: /nick newcik07:28
illmortalwell my ps3 have a hard time connecting to the program, "elisa"?07:28
bazhangcomplab well to test it out you need to be unwired--not really likely you will have two internet accesses at the same time07:28
billy_didn't work..07:28
FlyerfyeIn short, you are all noobs with no chance of fixing anything short of accepting Xenu into your life07:28
Nubbiebilly_: /help <----07:28
Tim-Hi can't get my windows box to see my ubuntu samba shares.  i thought i set it all up correctly though.  can anyone assist?07:28
NubbieFlyerfye: i hope you're joking.07:28
macogwbilly_: are you trying to /nick to a name thats already taken?07:28
complabbazhang.. i tried it.. but it never worked...07:28
amazen720tylerd; but i would think that Power Management is package in synaptic07:28
FlyerfyeOf course Im joking07:28
macogwbilly_: the server's tab will tell you what went wrong...07:29
NubbieFlyerfye: thank god.07:29
FlyerfyeIm just really happy cause I got my sound working07:29
Flyerfyestupid ALSA07:29
bazhangcomplab what does ifconfig show in terminal?07:29
macogwbilly_: did you specify the new neick?07:29
iterbilly_: /nick newnick07:29
=== billy_ is now known as yo
iterta da07:29
* yo is confused07:29
=== yo is now known as yo_
yo_thats not what i want lol07:29
FlyerfyeQuick question07:29
Flyerfyehow do you "Run 'make'"07:29
amazen720tylerd: try synaptic, i just did a search and a couple of power management utilities came up07:30
complabeth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:1D:72:04:2E:ED07:30
KnarffWell... thank you everyone for your time... Im going to try the MBRFIX.... I hope it gathers the information from the partitions that are there and recognizes them... at least my two NTFS ones07:30
complab          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
complab          inet6 addr: fe80::21d:72ff:fe04:2eed/64 Scope:Link07:30
complab          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:107:30
yo_im gonna miss all the awesome management tools that windows has..07:30
FloodBot1complab: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:30
yo_or will i?07:30
complab          RX packets:2095 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:007:30
yo_heh hhe07:30
jorje-villafanHey guys, Well I just tried the root and it didn't work and it didn't work.07:30
NubbieFlyerfye: you run /.configure or /.autogen.sh then make, then make install07:30
jorje-villafansorry for the repeat07:30
yo_brb guys07:30
bazhangcomplab just telling will suffice ;]07:30
yo_gonna reboot to disk07:30
complab          inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host07:31
complab          UP LOOPBACK RUNNING  MTU:16436  Metric:107:31
complab          RX packets:130 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:007:31
complab          TX packets:130 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:007:31
complab          collisions:0 txqueuelen:007:31
complab          RX bytes:53813 (52.5 KB)  TX bytes:53813 (52.5 KB)07:31
FloodBot1complab: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:31
complabbazhang: sori for taht07:31
tylerdhas anyone here installed ubuntu on a macbook/macbook pro ? im trying to get power management to work07:31
bazhangcomplab just tell me is there a listing for wlan0 ath0 or the like?07:31
complabbazhang: nope.. just eth007:32
jorje-villafanI thought the process was nautilus, but when I check it It is still there07:32
macogwFlyerfye: you type "make" in the command line and hit the enter key?07:32
Flyerfyeit wasnt working at first07:32
bazhangcomplab and the hardware switch on the front of the laptop is switched to on?07:32
Flyerfyekept coming up with Error 207:32
ahorriblemessI'm using ISO Master to create a bootable iso DVD, can someone tell me which BootRecord thing to add? I can't figure this out and I don't want to waste DVDr's07:32
macogwFlyerfye: do you have build-essential and all the build dependencies installed?07:33
Flyerfyebut I fixed it by dling a new alsa07:33
Flyerfyeand running the auto compile script07:33
Flyerfyeit was weird07:33
FlyerfyeI wouldnt know07:33
supershortmacogw, the computer was stationary, the only thing it was running is lampp so it shouldn't be much of a problem should it?07:33
complabbazhang: wat switch?07:33
FlyerfyeI know that my universes and multiverses are all allowed07:33
macogwsupershort: what?07:33
macogwsupershort: uncleanly mounting a drive?07:33
supershortabout the filesystem errors07:33
Kemrin1Anyone know of a nautalous script that will turn .flv files into avi files?07:34
macogwsupershort: stuff could be corrupted from shutting down wrong (which although you didnt intentionally do it, is what happened)07:34
bazhangcomplab many laptops have a switch on the front of the computer to turn on and off bluetooth and wifi--lowerleft quadrant on front usually07:34
macogwsupershort: you gotta fix those errors for it to work right07:34
macogwsupershort: or backup format reinstall07:34
macogwsupershort: well, "backup" assumes you can mount it at all...07:34
FranciscoHey guys07:34
FranciscoI found soemthing07:34
complabbazhang: this one doesn't have it.. it was actually working the other day.. now i cant connect to wireless network07:34
jorje-villafanmacogw: I restarted, but it did not help.07:35
bazhangcomplab: what did you do between then and now? does booting a livecd return the functionality of wireless?07:35
macogwjorje-villafan: O_o if all you did was kill a process....that makes no sense.  when you restart, all the processes restart too07:35
=== alexandru is now known as Al3xandru
macogwjorje-villafan: sure you did nothing else? change any settings?07:35
ere4sifdisk says the hard drive is 20G but I only have 14G to use? - how can I get the rest usable?07:36
complabbazhang: i didnt do anything.. i just downloaded update packages yesterday..07:36
FranciscoI think I found a solution to my problem here. http://www.arsgeek.com/?p=3340    It's a Linux program that writes Windows Compatible MBR07:36
complabbazhang: if i boot using live cd, will it restore my wireless connection?07:37
jorje-villafanmacogw: I don't think so. it happened instantaneously after I stopped the process.07:37
macogwFrancisco: huh?07:37
bazhangcomplab: any suspect repos in there?07:37
FranciscoI was here a moment ago. I was Knarff07:37
jorje-villafanis there a log I can check?07:37
macogwFrancisco: windows's boot.ini can chainload to grub to load linux or grub can chainload windows's boot.ini07:37
bazhangcomplab worth a try, then we can tell if it something you installed or something on ubuntu updates end07:37
complabbazhang: i dont know.. man i'm new to linux.. :)07:37
macogwFrancisco: oh...how would that fix a BSOD?07:37
complabbazhang.. ok then.. i will try it...07:38
Franciscono, it can't fix it, but I guess this http://www.arsgeek.com/?p=3340 is going to allow me to reinstall windows without wiping the other partitions07:38
bazhangnice Francisco07:38
FranciscoYou should document it, guys in case some other person comes with the same problem07:39
macogwFrancisco: windows wants to wipe the other partitions? weirdness. i thought itd just say the other partitions were broken but install where it used to be anyway07:40
Franciscono, install doesn't see them07:40
Francisconot even the NTFS ones07:40
Franciscowhy? because GRUB wiped MBR ... i guess07:41
jorje-villafanmacogw: is there a log I can check to see what happened?07:41
macogwjorje-villafan: dmesg shows the kernel log07:42
macogwjorje-villafan: sstem -> admin -> logs has all the other logs07:42
macogwjorje-villafan: idk whatd go with that though07:42
avisi am trying to apt-get install pan and i seem to get a whole bunch of different Depends:  libxi6 (etc) but is not going to be installed.  not sure why it isn't installing those things07:42
macogwFrancisco: the mbr and partition table are on two different parts of the disk though, i think07:43
macogwFrancisco: did you try just reinstalling the windows mbr using fixmbr from teh cd?07:43
Franciscoso this tool won't help me?07:43
macogwFrancisco: i dont know if it will or not07:43
macogwFrancisco: but if it *is* the mbr thats the problem, windows's fixmbr is guaranteed to fix that07:43
FranciscoI thought windows (and its monopolistic behaviour) wrote the the partition table on the master boot record07:44
macogwFrancisco: thatd be fairly non-standard i think...i dont think thats how hard drives work..but then its microsoft so who knows07:44
macogwFrancisco: you could ask #windows where ms puts the partition table...07:45
bazhangor the chairs ;]07:45
Franciscowell..I think this tool http://www.arsgeek.com/?p=3340 is great because it restores the MBR according to the partitions that Ubuntu sees with sudo fdisk -l07:45
yo_how do i connect to my wireless router from ubuntu on livecd?07:46
macogwyo_: depends on the wireless card07:48
xTheGoat121xso how would I set my face browser picture?07:48
yo_dell wireless07:48
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=== yo___ is now known as billyb_
macogwbillyb_: stop it07:49
billyb_im tryin to fix it lol07:49
NineTeen67CometHi all .. I'm a Ubuntu user since roun' 5.10/6.04'ish .. but have never asked .. How come on some of my machines everything mounted inside /media shows on my Desktop .. but like now, my server (mounted via nfs) is not showing on my Desktop? .. can I manually tell it to show? mount -a doesn't help although the shared are available/mounted.07:49
macogwbillyb_: i keep having to start over typing your name!07:49
billyb_lmao im sorry07:49
billyb_its bein retarded07:49
billyb_but anyways07:50
xTheGoat121xaha, never mind.  Just found it.07:50
macogwbillyb_: dell wireless doesnt mean anything.  what actual card is it?  lspci should tell you.  im kinda guessing itll be a broadcom07:50
billyb_dell wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card07:50
billyb_my ethernet adapter is broadcom07:50
billyb_but not my wireless card07:51
FranciscoWell.. this time I'm off. I have school tomorrow and I'll try the ms-sys tool tomorrow. Bye07:51
macogwNineTeen67Comet: only stuff in /media shows because thats what HAL tells Nautilus to do...something like that07:51
macogwbillyb_: whats the wireless?07:51
towlieim using ubuntu 7.10. when i press the power button on my laptop i get the error "action forbidden" policy timeout is not valid07:51
billyb_dell wireless 1390 wlan mini-card07:51
macogwbillyb_: dell isnt a type of wireless card...they just rename someone else's as that07:51
billyb_as it says in the device manager07:51
johndbrittoni just moved a bunch of html files from a windows server to an ubuntu apache server... alot of the files have random '??????' in them, any ideas... i've tried FTP in binary and ASCII modes07:51
macogwbillyb_: thats broadcom07:51
billyb_my ethernet is broadcom so i guess so07:52
billyb_dell is RETARDED07:52
Tidusbillyb_, yes they are.07:52
NineTeen67Cometmacogw: do you know where I can edit HAL to include my NFS shares (mounted in /media currently) .. I've got a local partition mounted and it shows (/media/home-backup is /dev/sdb1) ..07:52
billyb_how do i connect from livecd?07:52
billyb_i couldn't figure it out lol07:52
Tidusi'm not sure if the livecd has ndiswrapper on it or not07:52
macogwbillyb_: you can try using the bcm43xx driver and that requires adding the firmware.  you have a wired connection from that box?07:52
billyb_but i don't want to go out in the livingroom lol07:53
macogwbillyb_: wget http://macoafi.googlepages.com/firmware.tar.gz07:53
macogwbillyb_: ok fine download that where you are07:53
macogwbillyb_: then use the sneakernet to put it on the other one07:53
billyb_how big is it?07:53
macogwbillyb_: a few K07:53
mrpocketsanyoen know how to change the compiz cube from looking inside to outside?07:53
macogwbillyb_: walk it to the box on a flash drive07:53
HinHinbroadcom chipsets... *shivers*07:53
billyb_im totally lost lol07:54
* NineTeen67Comet pats HinHin on the back .. I feel your angst ..07:54
Tidusbillyb_, save the file to a flash drive or a floppy disk on the computer you are on now07:54
bazhangmrpockets: check the ccsm plugins for that07:54
HinHinlol sneakernet XD.. haha07:54
macogwbillyb_: the sneakernet = walking between computers carrying a disk or flash drive07:54
Tidusthen walk it to your dell07:54
billyb_haha okay07:54
HinHinthat's a word i haven't heard for a long tme07:54
billyb_im on my laptop right now, which is the one im using for ubuntu as well07:54
macogw!ccsm | mrpockets07:54
ubotumrpockets: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion07:54
macogwbillyb_: oh you're rebooting?07:55
billyb_yeah lol07:55
towlieim using ubuntu 7.10. when i press the power button on my laptop i get the error "action forbidden" policy timeout is not valid. any idea why im getting this error ?07:55
macogwbillyb_: ok then download that url and write down on a piece of paper the following instructions07:55
macogwbillyb_: copy firmware.tar.gz to desktop07:55
macogwbillyb_: open a terminal07:55
macogwbillyb_: cd Desktop07:55
macogwbillyb_: tar xf firmware.tar.gz07:56
macogwbillyb_: mv firmware/* /lib/firmware/07:56
lordleemomrpockets: ccsm desktop cube behaviour untick inside cube07:56
macogwbillyb_: it should work immediately if that method's going to work07:56
macogwbillyb_: if the bcm43xx driver decides to be cranky, youre gonna be in ndiswrapper + windows driver territory07:56
bazhangwas afraid floodbot was going to kick you07:56
billyb_billyb_: copy firmware.tar.gz to desktop07:56
billyb_billyb_: open a terminal07:56
billyb_ah nvm07:57
billyb_i was trying to consolidate it07:57
mrpocketslordleemo, where do i find this CCM compiz bahavor?07:57
mrpocketsor the ccm options i should say07:57
riaalThere is a program that looks a lot like (or does the same stuff) as Visio for Ubuntu, I used it a while back but I have forgot its name07:57
bazhangin ccsm mrpockets07:57
Tidusriaal, kivio07:58
macogwmrpockets: you can hit alt+f2 and type "ccsm" to run t07:58
lordleemosynaptics m8 compiz-config manager07:58
riaalTidus, not sure thats ut07:58
bjbumhi all. I'm having trouble with getting rhythmbox to recognize changes to id3 tags on my mp3s. i've tried editting them in easytag, removing them in rhythmbox, then readding them, but they still show the old id3 tag info07:58
macogwmrpockets: its in the menu too but i forget where07:58
macogwbillyb_: good luck07:58
mrpocketsmacogw,  yeah, i'm just not seeing any desktop behavior :-07:58
macogwmrpockets: i think he said cube behavior07:59
billyb_which file do i copy?07:59
billyb_theres like 50 of them07:59
macogwbillyb_: thats the *07:59
Tidusbillyb_, you can copy them all over07:59
bazhangthe firmware07:59
billyb_i have to do it one at a time?07:59
macogwbillyb_: no, the * will copy the whole thing07:59
Tidusno... thats what the * in the command line is for07:59
mrpocketsyoure right07:59
billyb_oh okay08:00
billyb_maybe ill be talkin to ya from ubuntu next time lol08:00
PoGzpls help me set-up my wireless coneection.. i'm using Gutsy on Acer Aspire 4715z..08:00
macogwTidus: "you need to be online to get the fwcutter to get online which requires that you get online to get the fwcutter...." is why i tarred up my mom's /lib/firmware/ as soon as i got her card working :)08:01
macogwPoGz: paste the output of "lspci" (run it in the terminal) to http://pastebin.ca and link us to it08:01
Tidusmacogw, i have the firmware.tgz saved on a flash drive08:01
PoGzmacogw: ok..08:01
lordleemomrpockets: click on desktop cube when it opens click behaviour08:01
macogwTidus: i had it on a flash drive. then the flash drive died.08:02
Tidusas well as about 30 other cds08:02
PoGzmacogw: here it is.. http://pastebin.ca/91731808:05
floppyshurikenFlash doesn08:05
floppyshurikendoesn't work, I have installed ubuntu-restricted-extra08:05
floppyshurikenand I got flashplugin08:06
macogwfloppyshuriken: how about flashplugin-nonfree08:06
floppyshurikenI got that one08:06
mkquistfloppyshuriken: there is a fix, check the forums, it got broke a while ago w/a flash update, but there is a fix...08:06
mkquistfloppyshuriken: when adobe updated flash it broke it...08:06
macogwmkquist: htey still didnt fix that??08:07
bazhanguninstall and reinstall iirc the flash problem08:07
mkquistmacogw: no, there is a fix08:07
PoGzmacogw: hi... i pasted it.. http://pastebin.ca/91731808:07
bjbumhi all. I'm having trouble with getting rhythmbox to recognize changes to id3 tags on my mp3s. i've tried editting them in easytag, removing them in rhythmbox, then reading them, but they still show the old id3 tag info. i'm stumped and have no clue what to do next08:07
bazhangbeen fixed for weeks now08:07
macogwfloppyshuriken: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/10761023/flashplugin-nonfree_9.0.115.0ubuntu2_i386.deb08:07
bjbumall the files are set to be able to read/write. easytag's set to write in unicode08:07
macogwPoGz: lookin08:08
macogwPoGz: have you looked up anything about atheros yet?08:08
s0ulstice__hello friends08:08
=== s0ulstice__ is now known as ph0rensic_
PoGznot yet..08:08
vlt`echo 0 0 0 > /sys/class/scsi_host/host1/scan` if anyone is interested in hotswapping an IBM UltraBay ...08:09
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:09
macogwPoGz: ive never had to work with atheros before, sorry08:09
PoGzmacogw: oh.. ok08:10
floppyshurikenmacogw: it's working, thansk08:10
macogwPoGz: the last line, the one that says atheros, thats your wireless card. you could try googling for the model number and the word ubuntu08:11
ph0rensic_slow tonight eh?08:11
PoGzmacogw: ok.. i'll try.. ty bro08:12
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jamesrdornSo this is kind of a wierd question. Does anyone know of a application that would generate a very low noise to keep the audio channel alive @ all times? my spdif setup with logitech z5500 goes to "sleep" when there is no activity, so it kinda cuts off 900ms of a sound before it activates the speakers.08:12
jamesrdornThere is a fix for this in windows, but the application requires .net framework, witch will not install under wine08:13
macogwjamesrdorn: uh i guess you could make a little script to send sound at the card every second or so...08:13
ph0rensic_james, is there not a way to program a noise in such away? Perhaps fine a low frequency mp3 and continuosly play it?08:14
ropieehow to update database driver printer?08:14
jamesrdornmacogw: it would have to be faster than once a second, the z5500 goes to sleep almost as fast as the sound stops08:14
ropieeor download driver printer epson LQ-300+08:14
macogwjamesrdorn: your sound card was made by chimps, wasnt it?08:15
ph0rensic_does anyone else do the wave with their avant window icons.. or is it just me?08:15
jamesrdornmacogw: Yes, realtek... but it happends to all sound cards w/ spdif and this speaker system08:15
macogwph0rensic_: yes, until the 5 minutes of "ooo pretty" wore off and i went back to hating docks08:16
jamesrdornthe issue is the logitech control is flawed to put the audio interface to sleep while no sound exist08:16
ph0rensic_macogw, haha08:16
Tidusjamesrdorn, isn't there some setting in the menu system on those speakers to disable the auto-sleep?08:16
ropieehow to update database driver printer?08:16
ph0rensic_macogw, for me its taking a little while for the "pretty" to wear off08:16
macogwjamesrdorn: is it a card or a driver thing?08:16
guest_hi, how to add filter for the compiz-fution?08:16
jamesrdornTidus: no, no user setup for that08:16
yo_it didn't work08:17
jamesrdornmacogw: this problem is widely known for logitech speakers using spdif08:17
macogwyo_: in that case, ndiswrapper and a windows driver are all thats left08:17
yo_i couldn't get the files off of the flash disk08:17
jamesrdornthat will explane it08:17
macogwyo_: couldnt...what? why?08:17
yo_ubuntu booted retardedly..08:17
guest_hi, how to add filter for the compiz-fution?08:17
macogwguest_: probably best to ask in #compiz-fusion08:17
yo_the first time i booted ubuntu i could see all the files on my hard disk, but this time it wouldn't show it08:18
yo_w/e i need to go to bed anyways lol08:18
macogwropiee: database driver printer?08:18
yo_ill figure it all out tomorrow08:18
yo_thanks guys08:18
yo_tt y'all later08:18
ropiee<macogw> ropiee: database driver printer?<--yeah08:18
macogwropiee: ive never heard of that but um... postscript printers have .ppd files that tell the computer the postcript definitions for that printer.  the printing utility should let you pick the right ppd that goes with it, if its postscript based08:19
jamesrdornSo as you can understand most alert sounds dont even make it to the speakers08:19
jamesrdornproblem happends in windows also.08:19
jamesrdornStrangely enough, realtek sound drivers do not support anything over 2channel using spdiff, but the open & free drivers in linux work just fine08:19
jamesrdorntalked to realtek, they told me to throw out my $25 fiber optical cable and use coax. I told them to fix their driver08:20
jamesrdornstupid people08:20
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macogwjamesrdorn: on my friend's laptop, his video card goes to sleep like that...or rather, cuts some of its own power.  compiz isnt enough of a gpu hog to keep it from happening, but once it cuts its power in half, compiz sucks. so he has a script to poll the card for stats every 5 seconds so it stays awake.  he turns off the script to do *real* gpu intensive things like play games otherwise the script is too much and they get slow.  yay nvidia.08:23
r4ngehow can i easily tell if sh is actually using bash or awk is using gawk or mawk?08:23
macogwwhich sh08:23
macogwor ls -l /bin/sh08:23
macogwsh uses dash in ubuntu, i think08:24
r4ngeyes i eblieve so but how can i tell or switch it08:24
r4ngealso, awk for example actullay is using gawk, how can i switch to mawk08:25
Flannelr4nge: he just told you how you can tell, why do you need to switch it?08:25
samir4nge: You can make an alias or relink it.08:25
r4ngei don't, just would like to know how08:25
macogwls -l /bin/sh08:25
supershortthis may not be a question to ask... but is it possible for anyone to hax my lampp server through a router with the security that comes with ubuntu08:25
WGGMkhow do I make a default install of Gutsy Gibbon amd64 STOP using usplash and start using splashy.. both are installed...??08:25
macogwitll show that its a link to /bin/dash or /usr/bin/dash or whatever it is08:25
macogwsupershort: umm they could brute force your password through ssh...08:26
macogwsupershort: or if they find an exploit in apache, get in through that08:26
supershortbut it is less likely?08:26
macogwsupershort: anything can be hacked. period. end of story.  the only unhackable computer lacks a power supply and network card.08:26
jamesrdornI wonder how I can just send something direct to the audio socket via a script08:27
demonsporkhow do I get the icons for my mounted partitions to automatically show up on the right side of the desktop rather than the left?08:27
macogwsupershort: if you have a good password and keep everything updated...yes, its unlikely08:27
Flanneljamesrdorn: /dev/random.  Actually, you might see if catting /dev/zero would keep it active08:27
macogwdemonspork: move them, i think?08:27
macogwdemonspork: there might be a setting when you right click the desktop to automatically arrange icons...turning that off might work08:28
macogwcould also be something in gconf-editor08:28
macogwthats the type of thing gconf would have08:28
Gavohey guys... i had to format most of my computer, but I ghosted Kubuntu... im looking for the best way to reinstall Grub though08:28
Flannel!grub | Gavo08:28
ubotuGavo: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:29
FlannelGavo: First link there08:29
Kasperleany ideas why a freshly installed ubuntu (gutsy, using gnome) might always "skip" one workspace when switching with ctrl-alt-left/right?08:29
Gavothanks guys!08:29
Gavoappreciate that08:29
magnetronKasperle: by default, there is only two workspaces08:29
WGGMkhow do I disable "usplash" so I can use "splashy"???08:30
up_the_ironsanyone know how to make some changes in /etc/resolv.conf permanent?  I think NetworkManager is overwriting it08:30
up_the_irons(ubuntu 7.10)08:30
macogwup_the_irons: if you never want NM to change it, you can chattr it immutable08:31
macogwup_the_irons: itd be unchangeable until you make it mutable again08:31
magnetronup_the_irons: stop network manager from starting. system > preferences > sessions08:31
macogwmagnetron: wouldnt the daemon run anyway thogh?08:31
up_the_ironsmacogw: magnetron : well, I don't mind it running, it does help manage the network, but I'd like to tell it about extra "search" domains08:32
up_the_ironsthat it should include for all locations08:32
macogwup_the_irons: not sue, but that might be able to be put in /etc/hosts08:32
up_the_ironsmacogw: true, but kinda a pain to list each domain.  I have 2 company domains that should always be added to hostnames of less than 1 period.08:33
up_the_ironsmacogw: so i can do "ssh mail" instead of "ssh mail.arpnetworks.com"08:33
up_the_ironsmagnetron: i'm actually not running gnome, but wmii08:34
Pieti got a problem with mod-jk connector; in the log i see cant resolve tomcat address localhost08:34
Kasperlemagnetron: i have 408:34
macogwup_the_irons: you can just put "mail"08:34
Flannelup_the_irons: how about ssh $MAIL?08:34
macogwin /etc/hosts08:34
Pietmacogw you talking to me?08:34
up_the_ironsmacogw: yeah, but then i have to enumerate all of  my domains08:34
macogwPiet: dont think so08:35
Kasperlemagnetron: and when i switch, it always switches from 1 to 3. even if i was on 2 or 4 before. really strange08:35
up_the_ironsmacogw: the whole point of the "search" line in /etc/resolv.conf is so the resolver does that for you :)08:35
Bodsdahey guys, after ive been logged in for about an hour, x crashes and takes me out to the login screen, any thoughts?08:35
macogwi never used search :P08:35
up_the_ironsmacogw: i've actually been able to do this on linux in the past, but i'm new to ubuntu atm08:35
jamesrdornFlannel: nah /dev/zero & /dev/random did not help08:35
up_the_ironsmacogw: been away in OS X land for 4 years08:35
macogwup_the_irons: system -> admin -> networking has a place you can list nameservers and stuff like that....maybe NM wouldnt overwrite that ?08:35
up_the_ironsmacogw: and i was able to do it in OS X easily as well ;)08:35
xTheGoat121xMy trash icon no longer reports when something gets added to .Trash.  It constantly shows nothing in there, but if I open .Trash, the files are there to be deleted.08:36
up_the_ironsmacogw: perhaps, i'll try08:36
Kasperleoh. hehe. switching right hits workspaces 1 and 3, switching left hits 2 and 4.08:36
WGGMkIs there a way to disable usplash so that I can use splashy instead???? (Gutsy amd64)08:36
up_the_ironsmacogw: i wish i knew what app that was though, b/c i'm running wmii right now, so there's no menu bar for me to pick apps ;)08:36
magnetronKasperle: sounds like if you have double key binds08:36
jamesrdornWGGMk: does usplash even work w/ your system?08:36
BodsdaWGGMk, id be careful, installing splashy on my machine caused it to corrupt grub unrepairably, i had to do a fresh install08:37
Flanneljamesrdorn: random didn't?  really?  thats...... odd indeed.08:37
macogwup_the_irons: huh??08:37
Flanneljamesrdorn: random should be obnoxious and everything08:37
up_the_ironsmacogw: i'm not running gnome08:37
jamesrdornFlannel: actually running cat /dev/random locked up the CLI, couldnt even break out of it08:37
macogwup_the_irons: NM has a daemon an a little icon in the panel to pic what wireless network you want08:37
WGGMkBodsda: I would think grub and the bootsplash are separate aren't they?08:37
macogwup_the_irons: oh what are you running?08:37
macogwor is that what you meant by wmii?08:37
Kasperlemagnetron: that's what i thought to. suspected compiz at first, but when i remove the binds from gnome, they're gone from compiz as well08:38
WGGMkjamersdorn: I wouldn't see why not if I was able to install and configure it.. but I can't tell right now08:38
Flanneljamesrdorn: Er, thats unusual too.  For what it's worth.08:38
macogwwhy do i type better without looking than when looking?08:38
up_the_ironsmacogw: right right, i could switch back to gnome to do this, but it's kinda a pain.  and  yes, the window manager i'm running is "wmii"08:38
jamesrdornWGGMk: what I am asking is, usplash does not work on my system08:38
BodsdaWGGMk, no, splashy is a program that can let you customize the boot loading process (afaik) so it has control of grub settings aswell08:38
macogwup_the_irons: do you ever use gnome?08:38
WGGMkjamersdorn: oh you said usplash.. yes usplash works.. it was installed by default.. but I want to use splashy08:38
jamesrdornthe monitor just goes to sleep until it hits the gui08:38
up_the_ironsmacogw: sometimes08:38
macogwup_the_irons: do you use NM when you use it?08:38
macogwup_the_irons: you can just remove NM08:39
BlinkizI have two (something..) soundcard drivers installed. I think this is why am getting the audio from both my laptop speakers and the speakers I plug-in into my headphone jack. Anyway, I don't really know. It says am having a "HDA Intel (Alsa Mixer)" and a "Realtek ACL268 (OSS Mixer)". Can I optimize my sound someway?08:39
WGGMkBodsda: I believe your thinking of startup-manager08:39
jamesrdornWGGMk: I even changed the resolution seval times, and it does not work ata ll08:39
BodsdaWGGMk, no im not08:39
WGGMkBodsda: splashy should have nothing to do with GRUB08:39
BodsdaWGGMk, it was just a warning anyways, make a backup first08:39
jastivis it a good idea to use checkinstall or not?08:40
BodsdaWGGMk, splashy can let you put a background screen to the grub menu, so it does have access to grub settings08:40
MDKSIGNIs there a way to disable all restricted drivers - I installed ATI driver (don't think I needed it) and now my screen is blank :/08:40
WGGMkBodsda: now that you mention.. I have this utility called Kronos that makes images of systems.. so that you can re-image entire systems with current configs.. kinda like firewire imaging on MAC's.. but I usually do it after installing and getting setup before tinkering with things08:40
Flanneljastiv: checkinstall is better than straight compiling, but worse than proper package management08:40
macogwMDKSIGN: edit you xog.conf to use vesa instead of fglrx08:40
up_the_ironsmacogw: i run "nm-applet --sm-disable &" in my .Xsession so that the wireless works automatically.  Being new to Ubuntu on this laptop, I honestly don't know any other way to get wireless running08:40
WGGMkBodsda: seriously though.. you might be thinking of Splash Screen Manager08:41
macogwup_the_irons: you can install wicd08:41
macogwup_the_irons: or wifi-radar08:41
up_the_ironsmacogw: what are those?08:41
macogwup_the_irons: and use that in place of NM08:41
WGGMkbodsda: splashy is just an alternative to usplash08:41
macogwup_the_irons: same idea but not a panel icon08:41
up_the_ironsmacogw: oh neat08:41
BodsdaWGGMk, lemme find the site im thinkin of,.,.hang on08:41
macogwup_the_irons: some people's wireless cards dont work with NM, so they use those08:41
up_the_ironsmacogw: gotcha08:41
MDKSIGNIs there a shortcut to disable all restricted drivers?08:42
MDKSIGNor a command in terminal08:42
Tidusi still think that the choice of wireless config should be left to the user instead of forcing NM on the user08:42
up_the_ironsmacogw: i don't see wicd in apt-cache search, but i found wifi-radar08:42
macogwMDKSIGN: you could uninstall linux-restricted-modules08:42
Tiduskind of like openSuSE does08:42
MDKSIGNI cant see anything on my screen08:42
macogwup_the_irons: wicd is found through firefox08:42
MDKSIGN(im on live cd atm)08:42
Tidusthey ask you during install if you want to use networkmanager or the traditional ifupdown method08:42
macogwup_the_irons: ie. not in the repos08:42
compwiz18up_the_irons: if you want to try wicd, try wicd.net08:42
BodsdaWGGMk, i cant find the one i was looking for,.,.but this might interest you -- https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/splashy/+bug/9227608:42
up_the_ironsmacogw: compwiz18 : ah ok08:42
WGGMkBodsda: this is some starter info on Splashy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splashy08:42
macogwTidus: you can remove it08:42
macogwTidus: it works great for me...the only way to get WPA with ipw3945 on Dapper without insane amounts of work08:43
Tidusmacogw, i believe that it breaks ubuntu-desktop thop08:43
Tidustho *08:43
macogwTidus: no that was in Edgy..maybe Feisty08:43
Kasperlemagnetron: ah. compiz was to blame. it had both the desktop cube and the desktop wall enabled by default, which both grabbed the shortcuts08:43
WGGMkBodsda: thanks for the link.. ill read on that.08:43
macogwthey got rid of it being a dependency...just a recommends or suggests now08:43
Tidusmacogw, i use 7.10 and i think networkmanager is still a dependency08:43
Tidusi'm away from that machine or i'd go look08:44
WGGMkCan anyone tell me how to DISABLE usplash so that I can use splashy instead??08:44
BodsdaWGGMk, the wiki link u gave me, has a link to the splashy home page, where i found this line -- Make sure that you have “vga=791 splash” as kernel parameters. You can add this to /boot/grub/menu.lst or /etc/lilo.conf. See the FAQ section for more. see "grub"08:44
MDKSIGNI've installed some restricted driver for my monitor, now it says "out of range" on my screen, cpu is still working though, just cant see anything08:44
up_the_ironsmacogw: thanks for the help, i'll give those a spin08:44
macogwTidus: recommends08:44
BodsdaWGGMk, on the wiki link, go to splashy home page, and follow installation instructions08:44
WGGMkBodsda: aye, however I don't use 1024x768 16bit I use a higher bootsplash resolution08:44
BodsdaWGGMk, that was my prob,. im sure my vga doesnt = 791 so i changed it and it broke my system08:45
Tiduswell i might have to removify it because the computer i'm having NM issues on has 2 network cards (one wired one wireless) functioning as a router with WLAN as the wan port08:45
Tidusbasically i'm sharing a borrowed wireless connection to my 3 computers08:45
MDKSIGNIs there a command I can do in terminal to disable all restricted drivers?08:45
fotoflohey, i have a quick question, i am trying to use lsof -i, the manual says lsof -i [46][protocol][@hostname|hostaddr][:service|port] , but im having trouble formatting the command08:46
WGGMkBodsda: my trouble isn't installing splashy.. that's already done along with my theme.. the issue im having is usplash (the ubuntu default) overrides my splashy.. so I need to disable it08:46
fotoflois it lsof -i 4 tcp @localhost 80 ? why isnt that working?08:46
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
PoGzmadcogw: hey.. i found a new driver for Atheros. its madwifi-0.9.4.taz.bz2.. how do i install it?08:46
BodsdaWGGMk, i believe its a 'quiet' parameter in the boot line -- here you go -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57570808:47
bakomhello, is there a way to convert the coding of a file from latin1 to utf8?08:47
BodsdaPoGz, follow the readme in the tarball08:47
TidusWGGMk, instead of 'ro quiet splash' in grub.conf change it to 'ro verbose nosplash'08:48
PoGzbodsda: lol08:48
macogwPoGz: hes not joking08:48
macogwPoGz: on linux, readme's are actually useful08:48
Tidusit should be in the 'default options' section of grub.conf or menu.lst08:48
Bodsdamacogw, thanks ;~)08:48
WGGMkTidus: with that still enable me to use splashy INSTEAD of usplash?08:48
PoGzok guys...08:48
BodsdaWGGMk, yes08:49
El1zsnes wont start. Starting in terminal, it says something like: "Starting Mouse detection.08:49
El1Unable to poll /dev/input/event8. Make sure you have read permissions to it."08:49
El1...Up to "event 0".08:49
El1Furter down it says: "can't create mcop directory.08:49
macogwnight all08:49
TidusWGGMk, if you change it to 'nosplash' that disables usplash and keeps the kernel in 80x25 text mode08:49
WGGMkBodsda: ill give it a shot then08:49
Bodsda!paste > El1       please read pm from ubotu08:49
BodsdaWGGMk, hope you have better luck then i did08:49
WGGMkTidus: what would I need to do to enable splashy > usplash08:49
fotofloanyone know whats going on with LSOF?08:49
TidusWGGMk, that i believe would be part of the initrd that is called right after the kernel starts08:50
WGGMkTidus: so just installing and configuring it should take care of it.. but I need to stop usplash from starting after GRUB then??08:50
Tidusyou'll notice there's 4 lines in the boot stanza for ubuntu.  the "root (hdx,x)" bit tells what partition to start from, the kernel line tells it where the kernel is, then you have an initrd line which calls the hardware detection and in some cases turns on splash, then the 'boot' line08:51
WGGMkTidus: ok, I think I got the info I needed.. and ill play around with it. thanks08:51
TidusWGGMk, but you might not have to change anything in the initrd08:51
TidusWGGMk, in the 'default boot options' in menu.lst or grub.conf you'll see 'ro quiet splash' or something to that effect08:51
Marbugit it normal that when I switch tabs in firefox, that it goes slow? like 1 second to switch a tab? if I got 2 windows it goes directly08:52
TidusWGGMk, change that to 'ro verbose nosplash' to keep the kernel in text mode08:52
jamesrdorn=( found a silence.wav file, but it's not enough data to triger the system08:52
WGGMkTidus: aight thnx08:52
BodsdaMarbug, no thats not normal08:52
luckyshothey guys, what compiler would i need and how would i install it on ubuntu for c programming?08:52
Tidusjamesrdorn, install audacity and create a silence wave or something that just sends a really low bass note08:52
MarbugBodsda, I got that from the beginning when I installed ubuntu08:52
Flannelluckyshot: install build-essential, that'll grab gcc and the core libs you need08:53
Marbugand I don't had that problem in kde08:53
jamesrdornTidus: got a 10" sub, I hope I can get a tone that doesnt trigger that sub all day =)08:53
fotoflohey, i have a quick question, i am trying to use lsof -i, the manual says lsof -i [46][protocol][@hostname|hostaddr][:service|port] , but im having trouble formatting the command, id like to get evrything i can about port 80 on the localhost08:53
BodsdaMarbug, you could double check, by using the livecd and seeing if the firefox on that is slow, if it is then its a problem with your machine, or your network08:53
luckyshotFlannel, thanks08:53
MDKSIGNhow do you start ubuntu in recovery mode?08:53
FlannelMDKSIGN: At the GRUB menu, choose the Recovery Mode option (you may need to hit escape to see the GRUB menu, right after the POST)08:54
fotoflo lsof -i80 is tehe command in redhat08:54
BodsdaMarbug, sudo apt-get purge firefox && sudo apt-get install firefox08:54
Tidusjamesrdorn, a 5hz sine wave at minimal volume wont annoy anybody08:54
MDKSIGNthanks flannel08:54
Marbughm k Bodsda but I don't think it would be a problem with my machine :) or even my network08:54
Tidus5hz is below the range of human hearing08:54
Bodsdaquick question, why is it && to link things in cli rather than just &08:54
FlannelBodsda: Its logical and08:54
jamesrdornTidus: found a nice sound, that triggers the system, but it's not silent at the end08:55
jamesrdornso installing  audacity08:55
Tidusor do the speakers 'pop' when they come back on?08:55
Tidusjamesrdorn, so install audacity and trim the loud part off the end of it08:55
BodsdaFlannel, ok, how is using two of one thing logical?08:55
jamesrdornI have never used audacity, but I am sure I can figure it out =)08:55
NForc3rhey guys how do i get my 5.1 audio to work like it does in windows08:55
NForc3rwindows has speaker fill and i cant get that in linux08:56
BodsdaNForc3r, install windows08:56
NForc3ri have08:56
NForc3rdual booted08:56
FlannelBodsda: Technically if you want to link something, you just do command1; command2.  ANDing them together will cause the second one to run only if the first one returns a 1 (success), so if it fails (returns 0) the computer knows that 0 && [anything] is 0, so it wont do the second command at all.08:56
Bodsdawhy do you want linux like windows08:56
MarbugBodsda, I did what you told, but it didn't changed anything08:56
NForc3rbut windows sucks massive hairy, disfigured, bloody, warty balls08:56
MarbugI think I just won't use tabs and just switch windows :s Bodsda08:56
NForc3rno i want my audio to work08:56
NForc3rLol much08:56
BodsdaFlannel, thankyou,. that helps, but why 2 & not 108:57
FlannelBodsda: because & is a bitwise operator, && is the logical one (in most languages, & on the command line is actually something different entirely)08:57
BodsdaFlannel, oh,. ok,. and what does a single & do in a bash shell?08:58
FlannelBodsda: `cmd &` will send cmd into the background immediately08:58
NForc3ranyone here have 5.1 surround sound that isnt suround in linux08:58
BodsdaFlannel, oopps,.,. i just remembered.,. i use single & signs from terminal daily,. damn,.,. sorry for wasting your time,.,.;~)08:59
FlannelBodsda: no worries08:59
* Bodsda is going to sleep08:59
follettociao a tutti09:01
follettoho un problema..posso chiedere aiuto?09:01
Flannel!it | folletto09:02
ubotufolletto: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!09:02
Marbugis there any other good browser with tabs, thats quite similar to firefox ?09:03
osfameronmozilla? ;-)09:03
osfameronopera maybe09:03
Survivorman you could try epiphany browser09:04
MarbugI got like 3 choises now :p09:06
Marbugbut which one is faster?09:06
J-a-K-ehello all, does anyone know how to go about setting up a low pass filter through alsa?09:06
SurvivormanOpera is probably faster,  but doesn't play nice with some sites like yahoo mail. epiphany is very similar to firefox but with no extensions09:06
phac3nothing beats firfox09:06
Marbugwhat do you mean with extensions ?09:06
phac3marbug:he means add-on09:06
Survivormanthe addons to firefox, like fasterfox, weather extensions, etc09:06
MarbugI know phac3 but the thing is that when I switch tabs it's just too slow :p09:06
Marbugah I see09:07
Marbugwell I don't quite use addons so ... :)09:07
J-a-K-ei'd go for firefox for all-round no frills ease of use add ons are a huge bonus too09:07
Survivormani'd give epiphany a try... i think it uses the same engine and a lot of similar/same code as firefox09:08
Marbugalright :)09:08
Survivormani believe apt-get install epiphany-browser gets it09:09
Survivormanepiphany is a different application09:09
Marbugsynaptic is my friens :)09:09
achilles616heyhey.... i have a quick question.... what is the app that ubuntu uses to display it's graphics interface?09:11
achilles616gdm meaning?09:12
rakehourgnome desktop manager09:12
achilles616ahh yes gnome..... so what skin is it using in gnome?09:14
jarasi'm using mplayer web plugin but there is no sound and i can't seem to control the sound from the browser. i have tried turning up the volume all other places i could see09:14
J-a-K-eso if sound working with other programs?09:15
J-a-K-e*is sound working09:16
jastivanyway to get sound out of the midi player?09:16
mkquistjaras: does sound work other than that?09:17
=== gnari_gone is now known as gnari
achilles616what theme does Ubuntu use is gnome?09:18
jarasis there a conf files where i can set the standard volume?09:19
aldincan somenoe help me here, this is situation, i want to add user "someuser", but want him to be in "someuser" group, i am looking for easy way to do this in one iteration - adding group and user with same name, how do i achive that? thanks09:19
Marbugarn't there tabs in epiphany ?09:19
Survivormanthere are tabs09:20
Marbugyes just found them :)09:21
Marbugbut I don't see any options for it09:21
Marbuglike that he always need to show tabs etc09:21
hughiegreets - trying to get php5-mysql installed i get a message saying that it has unmet dependencies - what to do about that?09:21
Survivormancontrol t opens a new tab09:22
Survivormani believe there is also a tab menu at the top of the browser09:22
Marbugbut I mean like in firefox that he just shows 1 tab in the tabbar instead of hiding it :)09:23
hughietrying to get php5-mysql installed i get a message saying that it has unmet dependencies - anyone?09:23
Survivormani don't think so, unless you have multiple ones open09:23
lapisdecorwhy is the ubuntu wiki on a secure server?09:24
hughie php5-mysql: Depends: php5-common (= 5.2.3-1ubuntu6.2) but 5.2.3-1ubuntu6.3 is to be installed09:25
hughieanyone there?09:25
lapisdecorhughie: do a apt-get update09:25
xipietotecsomething is screwy with my irssi in 7.10, every time I try to connect to a server I get this: 01:23 -!- Irssi: Looking up irc.ubuntu.com  01:23 -!- Irssi: Connecting to irc.ubuntu.com [] port 6667    01:23 -!- Irssi: Unable to connect server irc.ubuntu.com port 6667           [Cannot assign requested address:]09:25
achilles616can someone check real quickly what the default theme is in ubuntu?09:26
lapisdecorand install php again09:26
samiachilles616: human09:26
achilles616sami thank you!09:27
Marbughmm I just noticed something, epiphany shows nicer fonds than firefox in linux :o09:27
guest_how to use file *.c?09:28
Survivormani agree... i tweaked ubuntu/firefox to get better font rendering, but epiphany does appear smoother from the start09:29
hughielapisdecor: sweet, thx09:29
=== dreamedg1 is now known as dreamedge
guest_how to use file *.c?09:29
cafuegoguest_: compile it, you mean?09:30
prophYfor what guest?09:30
guest_<cafuego> guest_: compile it, you mean? --- yes09:30
cafuegoguest_: The soufce should come with a Makefile, run 'make' to compile.09:30
guest_sorry, im very new to linux base os09:31
ramviUbuntu does a great job with understanding that I don't want the F-keys on my apple keyboard (unless I hold down fn). When I connect an external keybord though, I'm not getting the audio functions etc. as it understands a click on F8 as F8 (while the builtin keyboard it's audio up). How can I load the apple driver for my external keyboard?09:31
cableroyhi, i'm trying to get my fglrx problem solved, trying to reinstall xorg-driver-fglrx i get Reinstallation of xorg-driver-fglrx is not possible, it cannot be downloaded. any suggestions?09:31
guest_<prophY -- i have some animation that has to use with compiz-fusion ... i don't know how to use it09:32
prophYmh... sry, i dont use compiz-fusion so i cant answer u that i guess @ guest_09:33
kinglethi to all09:33
lapisdecorguest_: you have downloaded some program wich is not compiled and you are trying to use it. Probably you should start by reading about apt-get. its a lot easier to install programs that way09:33
kingletI have a question plz09:33
guest_i download as format .c09:33
kingletHow I can compile and install some files in 1directory? in freebsd(unix) its MAKE INSTALL command09:34
kingletwhats that in Ubuntu?09:34
guest_but sadly, i don't know how to use the command line09:34
lapisdecorguest_, first you have to be sure you have compiz installed09:35
lapisdecorguest_ use synaptics09:35
lapisdecorguest_: search for compiz09:35
kingletHow I can compile and install some files in 1directory? in freebsd(unix) its MAKE INSTALL command09:35
guest_lapisdecor: yes, compiz is already installed in my machine09:35
kingletwhats that in Ubuntu?09:35
rosebuntuhey guys, plese visit Korean ubuntu community09:35
ntoloHave a problem configuring my wireless network.The Broadcom 43xx is enabled and it show the wireless is working.But when i try to browse the net the it  fails.Are there other files i have to change the settings?09:36
kingletHow I can compile and install some files in 1directory? in freebsd(unix) its MAKE INSTALL command09:36
kingletwhats that in Ubuntu?09:36
guest_lapisdecor, what is synaptics?09:36
lapisdecorsorry guest_, its synaptic, not synaptics09:36
guest_yea..what's that?09:37
lapisdecorits a paket manager09:37
kingletHow I can compile and install some files in 1directory? in freebsd(unix) its MAKE INSTALL command09:37
kingletwhats that in Ubuntu?09:37
lapisdecorguest_ its what you use to install programs09:37
lapisdecorkinglet: probably, its the same09:38
kingletlapisdecor: it means in ubuntu it is Make Install?09:39
guest_lapisdecor - it's now already installed in my machine09:39
lapisdecorkinglet: make [ -f makefile ] [ options ] ... [ targets ] ...09:39
jarkmeistermake install09:40
Bodsdasudo make install09:40
bulenthi there ; how can i use 32bit programs by 64 bit  can help me ?09:40
Bodsdamost 32 bit progs work on the 64bit distro tmk09:41
lapisdecorkinglet: make  executes  commands  in  the makefile to update one or more target09:41
lapisdecor       names, where name is typically a program.  If no -f option is  present,09:41
lapisdecor       make  will  look for the makefiles09:41
kingletlapisdecor: ahaan! tnx mate09:41
kingletlapisdecor: I test it09:41
=== syc__ is now known as psychode
bulentwindows 32 how to in 64 ?09:43
esomdoes the newest ubuntu support ich8 intel hd audio?09:44