tb77can xubuntu automount usb ext3 drive when plugged in?01:01
ron_ois firefox a hog or what?01:25
ron_owhy was it taking up 25-50% of my cpu with a core2duo?01:25
ron_oI went to opera.01:25
YashyYou should try links or lynx for a real difference01:40
ron_oI have too fast a computer to even think about those.01:44
ron_othose would be necessary on a 10 year old computer.01:44
Daisuke_Laptopjust out of curiosity, is it normal for xfce to default to metacity as its window manager?02:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about metacity - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:24
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion07:24
maristowoh can I reinstall grub from my Xubuntu's LiveCD?11:30
totemwormageyou can 'apt-get --reinstall grub-11:31
totemwormageeh grub'*11:31
maristothanx, i' tryll11:32
PopolonThere is a bug with menu12:27
Popolonat least in french12:27
PopolonI installed gcompris package on xubuntu (eeexubuntu), in french mode12:27
Popolonthe application is installed but not displayed in the menu12:28
PopolonI had lot of problem when switching (on another computer) from feitsy to gutsy with menus too12:28
Popolonbut this is a fresh install12:28
Popolonfrom gutsy12:28
vinnieany1 know a good way to benchmark gfx besides glxgears12:32
Popolonvinnie, search benchmark in synaptic ?12:38
totemwormagePopolon: not every program adds itself to the menus12:38
totemwormagePopolon: you can add them yourself if you like with the menu editor *^_^*12:39
Popolontotemwormage, where is this menueditor, I never find it12:40
Popolonbut this is an ubuntu pacakge12:40
Popolonthis is a problem12:40
Popolonon the other xubuntu12:40
Popolonthere was gcompris-admin on the menus, but not the application itself12:40
Popolonthere, both are not there12:40
totemwormagePopolon: go to system -> preferences -> main menu12:41
totemwormagePopolon: file a bug :P12:41
Popolonthere is only système on the menu editor ?12:42
Popolonthe other are managed elsewhere12:43
PopolonI don't want to add new submenues12:43
Popolonbut to add it at its attended place12:43
PopolonOh, I installed another application12:46
Popolonnow the menu eductaion appear12:46
PopolonI had rebooted for testing if this corrected the bug (that was not the case)12:47
Popolonthere is still only gcompris admin :(12:47
Popolontotemwormage, I already habe a login/pass on launchpad for inkscape12:59
Popolondo I create a new for gcompris/ubuntu ?12:59
Ven]ni want everything like it was before i did apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment.. i want to keep my xfce4 like it was.. should i use the purge or remove command to remove gnome-desktop-environment?12:59
Ven]nhmm.. i did13:25
Ven]nbut all that only removed 170 megs13:25
Ven]nit said it was 330 megs when i installed it13:25
totemwormageVen]n: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce13:28
totemwormagePopolon: no, just search for anything like your problem on launchpad13:29
totemwormagei don't use the menu so i'm not certain if this actually is a bug or how to fix it13:29
Popolontotemwormage, thanks a lot13:32
Ven]ntotemwormage, that command takes away some compiz stuff as well13:34
totemwormageVen]n: yes, that can be13:35
totemwormagethat's the idea behind linux, shared libraries13:35
Ven]noh well.. are there any programs i can use to see whats taking up space?13:36
Ven]ni have xubuntu installed on an eee pc13:36
totemwormageit sucks when you want te remove certain things13:36
Ven]ndont have much space13:36
Ven]natm i have only 865 M available13:36
totemwormagecompiz is big :P13:36
Popolonbecause compiz (package) install lot of gnome stuff13:40
Popolonyou will not need this package to run compiz-fusion13:40
Ven]nso i can do that long command still and not have issues?13:41
Popolonsorry :13:42
Popolonis better (in english)13:42
Popolonand with only the usefull packages13:42
Ven]ni have done all that13:42
Popolon2 package, a compiz and a compiz-gnome should be better13:42
Popolonactual compiz package install gnome stuff not used in kubuntu/xubuntu13:43
Ven]nthe command he linked removes compiz-fusion-plugins-extr13:43
Popolonthere is an old version of compiz13:44
Popolonshould be this package13:44
PopolonI seen it few hours ago13:44
Ven]nyoure making no sense, heh13:44
Popolonas you want...13:45
Popolonnever mind :)13:45
Ven]nwhat did you think i wanted?13:45
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steven_hi, after I installe the nvidia restricted driver on Xubuntu 7.1 AMD64 the text size shrunk in everything and even when I decrease the resolution it statys  small.  help please16:14
totemwormagewait :]16:18
totemwormagei was on the telephone :P16:21
totemwormagesteven_: you'll need to edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:21
totemwormageand set your dpi to something which suits your resolution16:22
neozen-workhi all, weird stuff today.... numlock keeps turning itself on and off16:28
neozen-workcomputer boots into xubuntu just fine16:28
TheSheepneozen-work: does it really turn, or is it only the led that is blinking?16:32
neozen-workno... it turns16:32
neozen-workREALLY #$@$@ annoying16:32
TheSheepI can imagine16:32
neozen-work(am attempting to type on it now)16:32
neozen-workits as though something is turning it on... and something else shuts it off almost immediately16:33
neozen-worknaturally, since its a thinkpad, the keypress for numlock doesn't do anything16:33
neozen-workbehavior seems to begin when login manager (xdm on xu I think) is loaded16:34
TheSheepxubuntu uses gdm16:34
neozen-workah.. ok16:34
neozen-workany ideas?16:35
TheSheepno, sorry16:36
neozen-workwell... booted with a livecd ... and the problem didn't happen16:58
neozen-workdoesn't show up when booting into recovery mode either16:58
neozen-workonly when starting xdm16:58
neozen-workgdm (sorry)16:58
TheSheepno idea, you might check your /etc/X11/xorg.conf for suspiciously looking options16:59
neozen-workTheSheep: http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/57353/17:01
neozen-workthere's the InputDevice section for the keyboard17:02
TheSheepneozen-work: looks good17:02
SientzGreetings.  I am trying to install xubuntu on a Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop that I have but I don't seem to be having any luck. I get the menu but no matter what option I select it either goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor or it just reboots the system and then boots back into Windows XP.17:02
TheSheepSientz: even the 'check cd for defects' option?17:03
LectusWhat isn't Xubuntu CDs shiped like Ubuntu and Kubuntu?17:03
SientzYes even the check for defects option.17:04
Sientzit loads the kernel and then the bios flash screen comes up like I just turned it on17:04
TheSheepLectus: because it's a community project17:07
Sientzi have tried both the standard and alternate cd as well17:08
Sientzsomeone told me to play with the boot parameters but...I am a rookie with this stuff17:08
TheSheepSientz: two possibilties: either it's a bad burn (or bad download even), or your hardware is strange enough to give the kernel some serious problems. The latter is more likely, I think, you might try to google for your hardware and see if any boot options would help17:09
ubotuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto17:09
Sientzok so I just hit that F6 and then try and add whatever and see if it helps...the only thing is there could be 1000 different combo's...i'm just shooting in the dark, what do you recommend I search for?  "Toshiba Tecra 8100 linux boot parameters" ?17:11
TheSheepSientz: search for your laptop (or the motherboard type) on the forums17:12
TheSheepor in google, with added 'linux' or 'ubuntu'17:12
TheSheep!forums | Sientz17:12
ubotuSientz: The Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.17:12
SientzI've been on the forums17:13
Sientzthis is going to be a stupid question but just to clarify when they say 'GRUB' they are refering to the menu that appears when you boot off of the CD?17:14
TheSheepif you hit 'f1' at the boot screen, it lists some common boot options that often help17:14
TheSheepyes, I guess17:14
Sientzwhen I press F1 i get a box with 3 areas...not really a help menu..just a bunch of numbers and stuff....data box...prog box17:17
Sientzerr 817:17
Sientzif I press it a second time I get a "boot:' prompt17:17
Sientzif I just hit 'enter' it starts loading some files and then it resets17:17
TheSheepSientz: the f1 text should tell you how to get the rest of the help screens17:18
Sientzit did this time17:18
Sientzthe first two times it just gave me some crazy box17:18
TheSheepmoonshine and madness17:18
Sientzit resets during the initrd.gz17:21
Sientzso I can just add whatever I want to try at the end of that line that ends with 'quiet --' <my stuff here> ?17:22
TheSheepand I'd remove the 'quiet17:22
TheSheepand the --17:23
Sientzwell I tried 'vga=771 noapic nolapic' and removed the 'quiet --' and it just goes to a black screen =\17:25
TheSheeptry without the vga17:25
Sientzsame thing but I got a blinking cursor which was not there last time lol17:26
Sientzi guess I could try the don't probe for USB and PCMCIA17:27
Sientzdebain-installer /probe/usb=false and hw-detect/start_pcmcia=false17:28
Sientzok the usb didn't do anything heh17:30
Sientznothin...i tried each one seperatly as well as both at the same time17:31
Sientzsame results...black screen with a blinking cursor lol17:31
Indiadev_TechieHi evryone :)17:35
Sientzthere really doesn't seem to be anything on the forums about this particular computer that relates to the issues I am having17:35
TheSheepSientz: look for your motherboard model or sata controller model instead17:38
Sientzthis thing doesn't have sata17:38
TheSheepSientz: one thing less to break :)17:38
TheSheepSientz: then just motherboard17:39
Sientzwell that is a mission in and of itself lol17:39
TheSheepSientz: you can also try downloading the Hardy alpha and see if it boots, it has a newer kernel that should handle certain harware better17:40
Sientzi guess thats the motherboard ?17:40
Sientzwell is there a xbuntu of that?  or will the hardy work on 256 mb of ram lol17:40
Sientzxubuntu sorry17:40
Sientzi'll try it, let me see if I can find the download for that17:41
TheSheepSientz: http://people.debian.org/~ericvb/tecra/17:42
TheSheepSientz: ubuntu is based on debian, maybe that will help17:42
Sientz I see it says he had to copy the stuff to his hard drive first17:43
Sientzi'd rather try the alpha before I try doing all that17:43
TheSheepSientz: one moment, looking for the download page17:45
Sientzi mean all of these pages are basically after they got it installed what they did17:45
Sientznone of them are pre-install solutions17:45
TheSheepSientz: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily/current/17:45
TheSheepSientz: and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/17:46
Sientzi'll go for the first one heh17:46
SientzI am trying to look at this as a learning experiment but its beginning to look bleek17:47
TheSheepSientz: yeah, it sucks17:47
TheSheepSientz: this is really a minefiled, it's ok most of the time until you hit some poorly supported hardware17:48
Sientzi thought it was gunna be all good, I guess its just this stupid laptop17:48
TheSheepSientz: on the bright side, once you get it to work, it stays working17:48
SientzIF I can get it to work lol17:48
TheSheepSientz: btw, you can also ask on #ubuntu, this part is common and they have much more people17:49
Sientzi'll try this other cd one time17:49
Sientzand if not I'll go bug them lol17:49
TheSheepSientz: don't forget to set the burning speed to the lowest you can17:49
TheSheepSientz: old cd drives often have problems reading cds burned with high speeds17:50
Sientzhmm ok17:50
TheSheep(it's about the time the laser hits every spot, with high speeds the change is smaller and harder to detect)17:51
Sientzwell I have never had any problems with that laptop reading any other discs I have burned with my various computers lol17:52
TheSheepjust one more common problem17:52
Sientzis there somewhere I can see what the initrd.gz is doing?  thats when it seems to die17:53
TheSheepalt+f1, alt+f2 etc.17:54
TheSheepprovided that 'quiet' is disabled17:54
Sientzwhen do you press alt F1 or alt f2 ?17:54
Sientzwhen its doing its little ..................... across the screen?17:54
TheSheepno, that's loading and unpacking of the kernel and initrd, you cannot do anything then yet17:55
TheSheepit doesn't run the kernel code yet at this moment17:55
Sientzok so thats when my computer dies is when it is unloading the kernel17:55
Sientzwhat would cause that?17:55
TheSheepand starting17:56
TheSheepmaybe the problem is somewhere at its beginning17:56
TheSheepsay, when you have only empty screen and cursor, does the hdd led still blink? maybe it loads just don't display anything?17:56
Sientznot that I saw, I can try again17:56
TheSheepon some laptops it tries do display on the additional vga port, for example, and only shows up once loaded17:57
Sientzif I press esc and goto that boot prompt and hit enter I can see the stuff going and then it just dies17:57
Sientznaw it doesn't blink ever17:58
Sientznot even during the unpacking17:58
Sientzi didn't see the hd light go on at all17:58
TheSheepSientz: have you tried other distributions? slcakware or damn small linux?17:58
SientzI have not tried anything besides various ubuntu disks17:59
TheSheepknoppix is renowed for working on most hardware without additional boot options17:59
Sientzbut how will that help me get ubuntu working? lol18:00
TheSheepbut of course that doesn't solve your problem18:00
TheSheepmight -- some of the methods you found on the web might work then18:00
TheSheepfor example, you can install ubuntu from knoppix18:00
TheSheepof course no guarantee that it will boot once installed :18:01
Sientzgood lord18:03
Sientzit seems like this stuff needs to be refined a bit more, I don't understand why I am having this problem, its not like I have these problems with windows...18:05
TheSheepSientz: well, if this laptop didn't work with windows, nobody would buy it18:07
Sientzso how does that justify the problems I am having haha18:08
Sientzthere are so many people asking questions in that other channel lol18:08
Indiadev_TechieToday i tried running ubuntu 7.10 desktop frm the CD on ma damn old pc with mere 128mb ram....guess what happend...???18:09
Sientzchicken butt?18:10
Sientzthat other channel is too busy...my question gets lost in the fray18:11
Indiadev_TechieSientz: haha :) ....18:11
TheSheepSientz: try posting on the forums maybe18:11
Sientzbeen there18:11
Indiadev_TechieSientz: seems funny...18:12
TheSheepSientz: tried to ask a question? anybody responded?18:12
Indiadev_Techie Sientz: whats ur question....18:12
Sientzhmm dunno if that link will work18:12
TheSheepSientz: can't add anhthing to what he already said :/18:14
TheSheepSientz: if the options you tried don't work, it is possible that recent kernels won't run on your laptop at all without some advanced magick18:15
Sientzlike what?18:18
Sientzso basically I should just say fuck it? lol18:18
TheSheepI'd try knoppix to see if it boots18:18
TheSheepif not, there is a large chance that it's a really advanced problem18:19
Sientzi just find it funny that I am going to have like 10 cd's laying around of various linux things just to try and get one thing to work18:20
Sientzi'm about to run out of blank cd's18:20
TheSheepwell, you can stop at any moment you want18:20
TheSheepit's a hard problem you encountered18:21
Sientzstopping = admitting defeat/failure18:21
TheSheepharware incompatibility is a nasty thing in linux world, although pretty rare recently18:21
TheSheepSientz: nah18:21
Sientzif I stop18:22
Sientzthen I do not learn anything18:22
TheSheepSientz: how far you want to go? you can write your own kernel that will work ;)18:22
TheSheepof course, I don't say you should stop18:22
Sientzi mean I want to have a GUI18:22
Sientzi dunno crap about linux18:22
Sientzonly one way to learn how to swim though18:22
TheSheepI'm just saying that if you don't like it, don't do it18:22
Sientzi'm not saying I dont like it...i'm just saying I am having bad luck with it so far lol18:23
TheSheepI really have no more ideas18:23
Obscuratihey sheep18:23
TheSheepmaybe there will be someone later with better ideas18:23
TheSheepObscurati: hello18:23
Sientzi'll try this alpha and if that doesn't work I'll try the knoppix one I guess18:23
Obscuratiany more ideas about audacity freezing on record :-) ?18:23
TheSheepObscurati: did I tell you to try to strace it already? :)18:24
Obscuratija, it froze the machine18:24
Sientzthat page is all in german or something18:24
Obscuratiit doesn't have a shitload of memory at the moment.18:24
Sientzwww.knoppix.org lol18:24
Obscuratiso's yer name18:24
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.18:24
Sientzcan you say buttload?18:25
TheSheepObscurati: I guess I can't think of nothing new18:25
TheSheepSientz: no idea, do I look like a linguist?18:25
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.18:25
TheSheepSientz: it's not even my native language18:25
Sientzyou dont 'look' like anything really, just like some text letters floating around in the air18:26
SientzI imagine you have wool all over your body though18:26
Sientzdoes it itch?18:26
TheSheepSientz: and linguists usually don't look like that, right? ;)18:26
SientzI wouldn't know, the only one i've seen is that chick on star trek18:26
Obscuratiactually, the one linguist i know looks like a hairy yard gnome.18:28
Obscuratinot sheeplike, but certainly hairy18:28
Sientzso how about... "knoppix v5.1.1cd-2007-01-04-EN.iso" ??18:28
Obscuratisheep - do you know anything about brl-cad ?18:29
TheSheepObscurati: no18:30
Obscuratiit seems that there are few open source 3d cad apps18:30
Obscuratione of the few i found was a military app that is used for electromagnetic modelling and design of battle vehicles.18:31
Obscuratisounds like overkill for someone who likes modelling geodesic domes :-)18:31
Obscurati"this is my battle-hardened geodesic dome."18:31
Obscurati"Solid Modelling for a strong Defense" from the Army Research Laboratory.18:32
Sientzkinda crazy18:36
Sientzthat tank thing looks pretty cool18:36
SientzStryker ICV18:37
Obscuratijust funny that the shooting people department provides penguinista cad :-)18:37
Obscuratiit's kind of like darth vader bringing you cookies and a birthday present.18:37
Sientzi could see him doing that...18:38
Sientzhe's not all bad18:38
Obscuratiof course not18:38
Sientzi ordered a new video card and mouse for my desktop...i can't wait till it gets here18:39
Obscuratii'm settnig up a laptop so that i can spend a few months on the road w/o a desktop18:39
Sientzset mine up too?18:39
Obscuratiyou gotta take the pain to get good at it18:40
Sientzthat hardy alternate is going slow man18:40
Obscuraticonsidering that it all runs on donated bandwidth, be grateful :-)18:40
Sientzthe knoppix download is going like 700 KB ps18:40
Sientzthe hardy is going like 130 lol18:40
Sientzsorry now its like 850 and 7518:40
Obscuratiubuntu is more popular18:41
Obscurati'coz it is generally less annoying to set up :-)18:41
Indiadev_TechieSientz: gimme knoppix link...18:41
Obscuratihe'll slow it down! equality!18:42
Sientznot with his dial-up speeds ;) j/k18:42
Indiadev_TechieSientz: who is on dial-up here...18:43
Sientzare you IN india or just from india? heh18:43
Sientzas a joke18:43
Indiadev_TechieSientz: yes...18:43
Sientzyes which? lol18:43
Sientzin or from?18:43
Indiadev_TechieSientz: then..whts soo funny..18:43
Sientzhe said you will slow down my download of knoppix ;) and I said not with your dial-up speeds...nevermind18:44
Indiadev_TechieSientz: if he siad that...then let me remind him that i own a 8mbps connection...18:44
Sientzthey have that in india?18:45
Indiadev_TechieSientz: yes...18:45
Indiadev_TechieSientz: even morr...18:45
Obscuratiindia probably has a more advanced infrastructure than here because what they have is much newer18:45
Sientzthats cool, I just upgraded to 16mbps a few weeks ago =D18:45
Obscuratimy gf is from tamil nadu :-)18:45
Indiadev_TechieSientz: ths gr8...18:45
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: u frm ???18:46
Obscuratiwisconsin, usa :-)18:46
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: im frm Mumbai...18:46
Obscuratiin the neighborhood18:46
Obscuratiif things go well, i will get to see it (mumbai) this fall18:47
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: hmm...is that true ???18:47
Obscuratiand if i'm really lucky, i'll get to drive a tata nano :-)18:47
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: how do ya know so much..18:48
Obscuratii known very little, but I am open to the prospect of moving to india, so I listen to everything i hear.18:48
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: wht do ya do...???18:49
Obscuratiprogrammer. lisp, smalltalk, python, scheme.18:49
Obscuratithough i'd like to work on some engineering projects18:49
Obscuratiheliostatic water condenser, things like that.18:49
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: that cool..Me >>>  student....studying Animation,Visual Effects, Special Effects & Cinematics ...18:51
Obscuratigonna do bollywood sci-fi? :-)18:51
Obscuratiyou use linux professionally?18:52
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: no...but gettin used to it..i m currently trying ubuntu studio18:52
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: bollywood >> will work ther id feel so...18:53
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: wanna work on my own projects/concepts...18:54
Obscuratii use a mac, formerly a next and an sgi. i got xubuntu for my old laptop -- a lot has changed since i last looked! in a lot of respects, its giving crApple a run for their money, even in the eyecandy department (compiz, etc)18:54
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: but v cannot compare apple wid ubuntu or ubuntu wid apple...they stand their own place...18:55
Obscuratii think the distinction is becoming less important. apple has some proprietary technologies that outpace everyone else -- especially with type rendering -- and they have commercial software support that linuxen do not...18:55
Obscuratibut... the gap is closing.18:55
mvoltzquick question, what is the package for the x11 headers and libraries called for apt-get?18:55
Obscuratishould be installed with x...18:56
Obscuratior on your install cd?18:56
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: but im still lookin for Apples Final Cut Studio like software for linux to work on...18:56
mvoltzhaven't checked the cd yet18:56
Obscuraticheck the cd :-)18:56
Obscuratiidev -- it looks like we're a ways off from that yet, but again, closing fast.18:57
Obscuratii'm presently shopping CAD applications18:57
Obscuratiand the best one i can find that is open source is a military design tool18:58
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: Autocad ???18:58
Obscuratithat's neat and everything, but a friendlier design-oriented tool just isn't available18:58
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: did u try Maxon Cinema 4D Architecture edition...18:58
Obscuratii use VectorWorks on the mac18:59
Obscuratii use it with mathematica to create a lot of the shapes i work with18:59
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: but did ya try Maxon C4D archi....???18:59
Obscuratihaven't tried maxon for a long time19:00
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: check it out at www.maxon.net19:00
Obscuratihave you tried blender, btw ?19:00
Obscuratiit's an open source 3d modelling app19:01
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: yes...i have tried it...19:01
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: its cool man...19:01
Obscuratiit's got a ways to go, but it's ours -- its free :-)19:01
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: but the menu/interface gets tooo messy wid me...19:02
Obscuratithats a problem with a lot of apps.19:02
Obscuratimaya is like that, too19:02
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: but still tryin learning blender...19:02
mvoltzweird, when i put the cd in nothing is showing up in /media/cdrom, cdrom0, or cdrom119:03
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: ya...v 7.0 was gr8...8.5 nd 2008 really messup...19:03
Obscuratimvoltz - try restarting. i've had that here19:03
Obscuraticheck mtab19:03
Obscuratiand see what's mounted19:03
Obscuraticat /etc/mtab19:03
mvoltzhmmm...no cd-rom device mounted19:04
Obscuratiyou try eject and reinsert?19:04
Obscuratiidev - still using 8 here19:05
mvoltzyeah, I tried my other drive too19:05
Obscuratifor modelling, i like lightwave19:05
Obscuratii grew up on an amiga, which is where lightwave came from, so it's familiar, if not the absolutely best.19:05
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: using v8...but v2008 is already out...19:05
Obscuratii don't usually upgrade until there's a compelling reason.19:06
Obscuratiwhen office 98 shipped for the mac, I was still using Word 5.1 :-)19:06
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: but we need to upgrade  according to the release cycle...19:07
Obscuratiwho is we ?19:07
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: MAAC Students...19:07
Obscuratithe general rule is that once you start having to pay for it, you'll either become a pirate, or upgrade when you have to only :-)19:08
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: v use lisenced n genuine software...19:09
Obscuratiat school, i mean, in industry.19:09
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: but now v use both 8.5 nd v r testing 2008..19:09
Obscuratiwhen i was in school, i worked with a networking company that did a lot of businesses, and I was totally shocked by the amount of piracy.19:10
Obscuratii'm not surprised when people do it, but when businesses do it...19:10
Obscuratiand there were companies, huge companies, that were using millions worth of software they'd not paid for.19:10
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: i said >>  v use lisenced n genuine software...19:10
Obscuratii'm just saying, it's an industry practice, or used to be.19:10
Obscuratinot condoning it19:11
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: hmm..O:-)19:11
Obscuratibut being a slave to an upgrade cycle is the same as being a slave to someone else's revenue cycle. :-)19:11
Indiadev_TechieObscurati: why not join #ubuntu-offtopic...19:12
Obscuratia friend and i were talking about how we got started, and all of the things that had got us excited had happened on machines running betten 1 and 25mhz19:12
Indiadev_Techie Obscurati: join #ubuntu-offtopic ...im already ther...19:13
mvoltzgot the cd-rom working, but still can't get the fluxbox config script to find the X Windows libraries19:19
Obscuratithis sounds like a question for theSheep19:20
mvoltzis he idle?19:21
ObscuratitheSheep is. he comes and goes, dispensing wisdom when he's present. :-)19:22
Obscuratii'm sorry i can't be more help, the more advanced x stuff isn't my strength.19:22
mvoltzits ok, I appreciate the attempt19:23
Obscuratihave you tried ubuntu general? it's noisy in there, but people are often awake19:24
Obscuratiif you an basically summarize your problem to a concise paragraph so someone can see it all at once through the noise, you stand even money chance of help :-)19:25
mvoltznot yet19:25
mvoltzI'll try that19:25
TheSheepmvoltz: I think there was a channel for fluxbuntu19:38
TheSheepmvoltz: tyri nstalling xorg-dev19:38
mvoltzomg ur awesome19:40
TheSheepmvoltz: if tha tdoesn't help, open the script file in some editor, search for the text of the messgae you get, look around that place to see what files it is checking for, then use the search on http://packages.ubuntu.com to find it19:40
mvoltzthanks dude19:40
mvoltzseems to be working19:41
mvoltzthank you so much19:41
mvoltzI'm so used to using yum and going yum list |greo <package>19:43
TheSheepdpkg -l | grep package19:43
TheSheepor apt-cache search package19:43
mvoltztime to see if it worked19:46
mvoltzone last question, do you know what file I need to edit to get fluxbox listed as one of my session choices?19:58
TheSheepmvoltz: I think you need to create a .desktop file in /usr/share/sessions/19:58
mvoltztry it again20:04
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
Sientzthe hardy alternate iso is 735 mb which is bigger than an 80 minute cd20:10
Sientzwhats the deal with that? lol20:10
TheSheepSientz: seems like they put too much stuff into it20:10
Sientzi guess its for dvd20:11
TheSheepSientz: it's under development, you know20:11
TheSheepSientz: no, it just came out too big today because someone added something and didn't remove something else20:11
Sientzwell I'll burn the knoppix then20:11
Sientzat 1x20:12
Sientz150 kb/s20:12
slafkohello! I tried to install samsung scx-4521f with official unified printer driver...instalation was unsuccesfull and after that I get this : sudo: can't open /etc/sudoers: Permission denied20:22
Obscuratinot in the sudo group?20:29
Obscuratinot in group admin ?20:29
slafkoObscurati: i can't even start "users and groups"20:37
Obscuratithat's kind of the problem20:37
Obscuratiyou cannot do admin things because you're not an admin20:37
Obscuratiusers and groups is an admin thing20:37
Obscuratiyou may need to boot up in recovery mode to do this.20:37
slafkoi guess printer instalation changed permission20:38
Obscuratii would get a second opinion from someone else, but i think what's probably going on is your account isnt in the admin group20:38
Obscuratithat's odd.20:38
Obscuratithis started since the printer installation?20:38
Obscuratidid anything else noticeably change/20:38
slafkono, after printer instalation20:38
Obscuratiand have you simply tried rebooting?20:38
Obscuratiright ok20:38
slafkoyes, but then i can't get X20:39
slafkois there any way to check groups and users in terminal?20:39
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slafkohow to disable system beep in xfce?22:56
cnstarzhow do i install the latest nvidia drivers for my 8800gtx?23:00
cnstarzthis is a clean install that im on and just applied 105 updates23:01
slafkodid you try via restricted manager?23:01
cnstarznope, i dont really know what that is23:01
cnstarzim new to ubuntu/xubunut23:01
slafkofind system--restricted manager23:02
cnstarzdo i put that in a terminal window?23:02
cnstarzah i found it23:02
cnstarzok i guess i should Enable "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (latest cards)"?23:03
slafkoyou're right23:03
slafkomanager will do the rest23:03
cnstarzwill hi have to uninstall anything before doing so?  like current drivers?23:03
slafkoyou said it's a clean install23:04
cnstarzi suppose there are no drivers then lol23:04
slafkoso you don't have uninstall any drivers23:04
cnstarzalrighty, thanks man23:04
slafkorestart and come back to say if compiz is working23:05
cnstarzwill do23:05
cnstarzwoo works23:07
cnstarznow to see if it works on my 51" hdtv23:08
cnstarzshould it work by default?23:08
cnstarztv is connected thru component into my 8800gtx23:08

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