blueyedabentley: why have you silently duplicated bug 195578? - it's not the same00:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195578 in bzr ""bzr revert" does not backup symlinks and empty directories (dup-of: 87548)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19557800:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 87548 in bzr "bzr add and revert on symlink deletes symlink" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8754800:00
poolielifeless: bad tab completion?00:05
lifelesspoolie: yes00:07
lifelessProdoc: np00:07
Prodoctime for a nap again, goodnight all00:09
bob2is bzr+http support on launchpad planned anytime soon?01:30
poolieyes, thumper would know more01:30
thumperbob2: yes, real soon now01:31
pooliethanks for the more precise answer :)01:31
bob2heh, great01:34
lifelessrun_bzr working_dir=xxx breaks our test HttpServer01:37
lifeless_now_ that that is sorted, I just now need to fix it :|01:37
lifelessyay test passing. what a waste of time that was01:57
AfCHooray for time wasters!01:58
blueyedyay.. I'm finished for today restoring my symlinks, empty directories (including svn checkouts) in /etc.02:05
lifelessblueyed: I really regret that you had that experience02:15
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lifelessis there a command line to set the public_location of a branch ?02:31
Odd_BlokeSo I notice that there are two formats of name/bug number for fixes, namely "(#123456, Foo Bar)" and "(Foo Bar, #123456)".  Which should I use?04:03
lifelessOdd_Bloke: where04:04
Odd_Blokelifeless: In NEWS (to clarify).  Everything under IN DEVELOPMENT uses the former, and BUGFIXES of 1.2 has examples of both.04:05
PengI've always thought the correct one was the former.04:13
* Odd_Bloke would've opted for the latter.04:14
fullermdSad that your choices are limited to orderings in only one dimension...04:15
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lifelessOdd_Bloke: hmm, Look at 1.1's area, that will probably make it more clear :)04:25
Odd_Blokelifeless: It does, thanks. :)04:27
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pooli1Odd_Bloke: are you all set for london04:28
Odd_Blokepooli1: Yup, should be turning up early afternoon.04:33
PengErr, wait.04:52
PengI like the latter, not the former.04:53
* Peng checks.04:53
PengYeah. (The Name, #1234).04:53
Odd_BlokeSanity is restored! :)04:53
kohwjok, branching and merging are good things, but what happens when a user branches and makes changes to the branch, while another user makes changes to main, and then a merge is attempted?05:07
bob2depends if they texttually conflict or not05:07
bob2if they're different files, merge just works without intervention05:07
kohwjbob2: i see. if the same file is changed in the branch and main, manual intervention is needed?05:09
bob2depends if the changes overlap or not05:10
johnnytwo seperate changes to two seperate areas of the file shouldn't cause a problem05:12
kohwjthat's nice!05:13
kohwjthank you!05:13
bob2(same as every revision control system I've ever heard of)05:13
kohwji'm new to vcs05:14
johnnykohwj, it's an interesting area05:20
AfCkohwj: you're lucky. Most of us started with RCS, SCCS, or CVS. Those were dark days indeed :)05:20
johnnykohwj, if you want your mind blown, read the revctrl mailing list05:20
johnnyunless you have a degree in graph theory..05:21
kohwjjohnny: heh06:03
johnnyluckily we can just let the smarties do it :)06:04
lifelesswin 2006:37
bob2lose all06:37
lifelesstie nothing06:37
lifelessbob2: thanks for the patch06:38
bob2did it work?06:38
lifelesshaven't applied it yet06:50
lifelesswill do so on the plane tomorrow06:50
lifelessbob2: did you write a test for it ? :)06:50
bob2ah, have a nice trip06:50
bob2what do you take me for ;)06:51
lifelessjust asking!06:52
abentleybob2: You know, some guy's been using your name on a blog about ODF06:55
lifelessabentley: the guy with the scyth?06:57
lifelessbob2: you _so_ have to get a job with ibm06:57
abentleylifeless: eh?06:57
bob2I'd love an exciting job at ibm working on office file formats!06:58
lifelessabentley: http://www.robweir.com/blog/rob.html06:59
lifelessabentley: not bob206:59
abentleyAh, I'd forgotten about the scythe bit.07:00
* igc dinner08:32
lifelessspiv: cool thanks08:46
visit0rwhy is bzr outputting basic output to stderr?08:53
visit0rany way to change this so it would output only if something's wrong?08:53
lifelessoutput to stdout is the requested output, not status or debug or error info08:59
lifelessoutput to stderr can be reduced/made quiet by -q08:59
lifelessthough we don't claim to have audited all commands yet09:00
visit0rhmm ok, always tought it's primarily for error messages09:00
visit0rbut thanks anyways09:00
lifelessvisit0r: we want e.g. 'bzr diff | less' to only ever have the content of the diff09:09
visit0rlifeless: ok, sounds reasonable09:12
liwhow do I make bzr forget the parent branch (set by "bzr pull")?11:34
quicksilverI know how to make it remember a new one11:39
quicksilverdoes that help?11:39
quicksilverI don't know how to make it forget without that though11:40
quicksilverbzr pull --remember new://url11:40
liwhmm, I can make it remember the empty string, which it translates to the current working directory -- ugly, but at least a partial solution11:41
bob2you can delete the line from .bzr/branch/branch.confg, as a last resort11:41
liwbob2, yep, that worked -- slightly ugly to do, but good enough for now11:42
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BrongerIs there another GNU program of the size of Bazaar written in Python?12:20
bob2mailman, maybe?12:21
TFKyleBronger: don't think so (can't think of any Version Control Systems created by GNU offhand)12:22
BrongerI didn't only think of VC software.  Mailman, yes, this is also large.  Didn't know that it is part of GNU, but you're right.12:22
bob2at least rcs and cssc are gnu vcs (and not in python)12:23
TFKyleah, just in general12:23
Bronger... and GNU arch.12:24
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lifelessBronger: I'm not sure how 'big' bzr is to really answer that ;)13:02
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Prodocgood afternoon14:18
Prodochow do I commit and push using the bazaar eclipse plugin?14:20
ProdocI've created a bazaar snapshot of an existing eclipse project (local), now I'd like to commit the changes to the branch and push them to the ftp server (php project)14:24
Brongerlifeless, I don't undertand what you say, sorry.14:24
beunoVerterok, ^14:27
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awilkinsProdoc: Pushing is not deploying, if that's what you want14:55
awilkinsProdoc: Pushing only updates the remote branch, not the working tree of the remote branch14:55
Prodocawilkins: the only thing I've got remote is simply a FTP server to access the hosted website. This is what I want to update after changes have been commited15:02
jdongProdoc: bzr will not update the user-visible contents on a push. It only updates the stuff inside .bzr15:02
Prodocaha, so what is it what I should do to update the site and (how) can this be done in eclipse?15:04
jdongProdoc: the only form of access you have is FTP?15:12
jdongProdoc: AFAIK bzr won't have a way to do this for you. My suggestion would be to "bzr export" to some directory, then use an uploader like ncftpput to upload that exported directory up to your website15:13
jdongyou could script those two actions so that it's less of a pain15:13
ProdocBut that would be a simple overwrite, wouldn't it? What if someone else made changes to the online content?15:15
Prodocah, it appears to be possible: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/index.html#id40 now the only thing that remains is to find out how this is handled in exclipse by the bazaar plugin15:16
Prodocsorry, one down: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/index.html#id4115:17
Prodoche, luks?15:17
luksmerging works with branches, not files15:17
luksthe fact that you have some files on the server is completey unrelevant to bzr15:18
luksthe only data it needs are under the .bzr dir15:18
luksalso, it's probably not a good idea to have published .bzr dirs on a public http server15:19
luksso what you want if you work with some other people is to have a common location to push/pull/merge from bzr, and a way to update the live site from that location15:20
Prodoctrue, I wanted to address that issue once I got it working ;-)15:20
luksbzr is only a version control tool, not a deployment tool :)15:20
Prodoctoo bad ;-)15:22
Prodocmy only option is to use FTP, live or not. What if I simply upload a branch, could that work?15:25
luksyou can simply push to FTP15:26
luksbut it will push only the .bzr dir15:26
luksthen if somebody else already pushed to the branch, it will complain15:26
luksso you know you have to merge the changes15:27
luksbut after you do all this, you need a way to upload the actual files15:27
Prodoccreating an export of the branch15:28
luksthat's one way15:30
Prodochmm, not really handy if I only have FTP access to the server15:30
TFKyle<luks> also, it's probably not a good idea to have published .bzr dirs on a public http server <-- why's that? just because he might have private config stuff in the branch or?15:30
luksif it's html only site it doesn't matter15:31
luksbut you usually don't publish the source code of your websites15:32
* TFKyle tends to :)15:32
* luks tends to work on commercial ones15:32
luksand for the free ones, there are better ways to push the source code :)15:33
lukser, publish15:33
jdongProdoc: another way to handle changes in content involves "getting" all of the website, locally doing a 3-way merge, then pushing back the merged results15:53
jdongthis assumes during that time, nobody writes to the website, of course...15:53
jdongProdoc: ultimately having only FTP access really cripples what you can do15:53
awilkinsIf you're using Windows you can do worse than Beyond Compare 2 for deploying webs over FTP16:01
awilkinsIt even utilises the remote CRC function if your FTP server supports it, cuts down your transfer times16:02
awilkinsWill also note which files on either side are newer16:03
ProdocI think I'll search for a better solution. In the mean time, how to I commit changes to my local branch using Exclipse?16:46
shayain bazaar, how does one revert a patch in the middle?17:59
shayai.e. revisions 1 2 3 4 5, want to undo revision 3?17:59
shayais there an automated way, or does one have to do it manually (make a patch that is version 3, patch in reverse, commit)18:00
LeoNerdbzr merge -r 3..218:00
LeoNerd((or maybe 4..3   I forget offhand))18:00
shayaI'd assume 3..2 probably18:01
LeoNerdIt's the reverse of the change from rev2 to rev3, so I guess that sounds right18:01
shayahere's a bigger issue18:10
shayaon my feisty box18:10
shayaImportError: No module named bzrlib18:10
shayathis is using the unbuntu package18:10
shayado I really need a PYTHONPATH on ubuntu?18:11
Stavrosis there a good bzr plugin for eclipse?18:29
ProdocStavros : are there more then one?18:37
StavrosProdoc: no idea18:37
Stavrosis it good?18:37
Prodoccan't tell yet, just started playing with it but I it's a bit confusing18:38
Prodocand it's far from complete18:38
Stavrosah, hmm18:38
Prodoc(see the website)18:38
Stavroswell, i just installed subclipse and i have no idea how even that works18:38
Stavroseclipse is confusing :/18:39
Stavroswhere IS everything :(18:39
Prodocit's a bit of getting used to yes18:39
Prodoctoo many options18:39
Prodoctoo many shortcutsd18:39
Stavrosbut pydev is great18:39
Stavrosi looked into buying pydev but you can only rent it, apparently18:40
Prodocshortcutsd -d18:40
Stavrosi know :P18:40
Prodoclet me know if you manage to find a BzrEclipse manual ;-)18:41
Stavroswill do18:41
Stavrosbut first i must find bzreclipse :P18:41
Stavrosno, i installed it18:42
Stavrosi need to find it in eclipse :p18:42
Odd_BlokeStavros: PyDev is under the Eclipse Public License.18:42
StavrosOdd_Bloke: pydev extensions isn't, though18:42
Odd_BlokeStavros: Ah, I see.18:43
ProdocStavros: finding the settings is the easy bit, as far as I can tell all the rest is in the file context menu18:43
Stavrosoh hmm18:43
Prodocin the explorer18:43
Prodocbut that might only appear if you're viewing an actual branch18:44
Stavrosoh hmm, let me create a project then18:44
Stavrosdamn its eyes, i can't create a project in an existing folder18:45
Stavrosanyway this isn't #eclipse, so i'll keep my ranting to myself :p18:45
ProdocStavros: I assume you'll get less help for bazaar in exclipse in that channel than here18:46
Stavroshaha, true18:46
Stavrosit's ok though, i found the file browser so it should be there18:47
Stavrosi have to go now, thanks for your help18:47
thatchI'm using bzr 1.2 with a 1.1 server over bzr+ssh... I got the "Server is too old for fast get_parent_map", is that supposed to break locks itself before reconnecting?19:59
thatchI ctrl-c'd the second password prompt, then had to break the lock myself even though the process had exited when the first ssh session was over (I think)20:01
james_wthatch: I imagine it might hold the lock so that it knows no-one else nipped in while it was reconnecting.20:05
james_wI don't know how it works though, so I'm just speculating.20:06
lifelesshi james_w20:06
lifelessthatch: it won't break the lock before reconnecting20:07
lifelessthatch: the server is stateless20:07
james_whi lifeless20:07
mib_oa5m0u19having an issue with merging where I get "nothing to do" even though there are changes - anyone able to help?20:08
lifelessmib_oa5m0u19: what do you mean20:08
mib_oa5m0u19if I create a feature branch off a main branch and make some changes, then try to merge those changes into the main branch using bzr merge, I just get "nothing to do"20:09
lifelessmib_oa5m0u19: are your changes visible in 'bzr missing $feature_branch_url' or 'bzr log $feature_branch_url'20:10
Odd_Blokemib_oa5m0u19: You need to have commited the changes in the feature branch.20:10
mib_oa5m0u19ok, so when I am in the feature branch20:11
mib_oa5m0u19I type bzr commit?20:11
mib_oa5m0u19(this is my first time using bzr, btw....)20:11
Odd_Blokemib_oa5m0u19: 'bzr commit -m "<message>"', where <message> describes the changes you've made.20:11
mib_oa5m0u19great thanks20:12
mib_oa5m0u19that was the issue - i just didn't realize i had to had the -m option20:12
mib_oa5m0u19works now20:12
VadiThis is purely a cosmetics question, but when I do bzr branch <link>, it makes a folder with the branch name (ie, if my project name is vadi-mapper and branch is main, it'll make a folder called main). Is it possible to name the folder after the project name instead, not the branch?20:18
Odd_BlokeVadi: 'bzr branch <from> <to>'20:18
VadiSo instead of "bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vadi-mapper-dev/vadi-mapper/main", try "bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vadi-mapper-dev/vadi-mapper/main vadi-mapper" ?20:19
Odd_BlokeVadi: Yup.  Or you can just 'mv main vadi-mapper'. :p20:20
VadiThat would be like... whole 2 commands. Too much!20:21
Odd_BlokeThis is true, but if you've already branched it once, then branching it again is almost certainly slower. :)20:21
Vadi-grin- thanks for the help20:22
VadiCan I make bzr remember what location to push to, instead of asking everytime?20:24
Odd_BlokeVadi: Have you tried pushing without specifying a location?20:24
VadiYes, and it complained - "No push location known or specified."20:25
Odd_BlokeVadi: Sorry, have you tried pushing once with a location and then again without?20:25
VadiOh, that worked. Okay, excellent.20:26
james_wVadi: if you are using launchpad then bzr branch lp:vadi-mapper will probably do what you want.20:27
VadiYes, I was told that wouldn't work on non-ubuntu though and the link is a better way to go20:28
james_wit should work on non-ubuntu, unless the launchpad plugin is disabled on whatever platform you are on.20:28
thatchlifeless: I put 1.1 back on the server and I'm able to reproduce the lock-left-open situation20:29
VadiIs it enabled by default in mac/windows too?20:29
lifelessthatch: if you are hitting control-C rather than putting your password/key in again, then this is expected20:29
lifelessthatch: because at the point of reconnect we have a held lock. Then we drop the link. Then you interrupt bzr before it gets a new link.20:30
lifelessthatch: there is no way to remove the lock at that point :)20:30
thatchlifeless: hmm. so if users go "Oh! Yeah, I forgot to update bzr on the server" they must proceed to completion instead of stopping now to upgrade?20:31
lifelessthatch: or break the lock20:31
lifelessthatch: Its not beautiful, but really - what can we do about it that is both correct (dropping the lock isn't) and robust (asking for *another* password to break the lock when you hit enter is going to be confusing)20:32
lifelesswhen you hit ctrl-C I mena20:32
thatchlifeless: Yeah, you're between a rock and a hard place there.  The "entering the password twice" situation didn't actually get to me until after I'd entered the first of the pair though :)20:33
VadiOdd_Bloke: I got a bit stumped on the push isntructions. The first time I'd do it it would be "bzr push b zr+ssh://vperetokin@bazaar.launchpad.net/~vadi-mapper-dev/vadi-mapper/main" - but that has my username in it. I'd tell the user to use their own launchpad name, yeah?20:34
Odd_BlokeVadi: Probably.20:35
Odd_BlokeIt does depend on your workflow.20:35
VadiWell, the vadi-mapper-dev is a team I made.20:36
VadiSo people join in the team. Theoretically. So far someone has joined who I have no idea they are20:37
lifelessVadi: the bit USER@bazaar...20:37
lifelessVadi: that is who *you* are, so launchpad will allow you access to your teams etc20:37
lifelessfor instance, if I was a collaborator that you allowed into the vadi-mapper-dev team20:38
lifelessthen I would use bzr+ssh://myname@bazaar.launcpad.net/~vadi-mapper-dev/vadi-mapper/main20:38
Vadiright, okay20:39
VadiUm, be right back, something is really wrong with my X - it's been hogging the both cpu's at 50% for a while now and even the fans turned on.20:39
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lifelessbeuno: ping20:51
bialixhi, I have question about loom plugin20:58
james_whi bialix20:59
bialixhi james_w20:59
lifelesshi bialix20:59
lifelessbialix: ask away20:59
bialixwhy for 'record' command is needed21:00
lifelessto version the loom21:00
bialixI'm using loom for versioning my own package for our custom Slackware Linux. I did commit, but not record. Is it wrong?21:01
lifelessbialix: cool21:01
bialixrecord seems strange for me21:02
lifelessbialix: its not wrong; but you can't share the loom with other people - merge at the loom layer - without recording21:02
lifelessbialix: imagine that you had each thread as a separate directory on disk21:02
bialixwhat do you mean 'merge at the loom layer;'?21:02
lifelessbialix: for me to get the same directories, I would need to list-dir, then branch each one21:02
lifelessbialix: the loom is a text file that lists branch names & revision ids.21:03
bialixbut commit did update loom references for heads21:03
lifelessbialix: commit updates the revision ids yes.21:03
bialixwhy I need record?21:03
lifelessbialix: if you want to give me a copy of the loom21:03
lifelessbialix: or if you want to see what the loom looked like some days ago21:04
lifelessas bzr help loom says -21:04
bialixI thought the loom is just metaphor around several heads in one branch. Is it not?21:04
lifelessits more than that21:04
bialixwhen I do bzr log I see ordinal bzr history with merges21:05
lifelessit can also _version_ that list21:05
bialixhow can I see the version from record?21:05
bialixI mean log?21:05
lifelessI haven't written a command to do that yet ;)21:05
bialixthere is no loom-log21:06
lifelessif you do a record21:06
lifelessand then do bzr heads --dead-only21:06
bialixso it should be additional command?21:06
lifelessyeah, or perhaps an option to 'bzr log'21:06
lifelessperhaps bzr log should just annotate the output with thread details; and have an option to only show the history of the loom21:07
bialixsomething odd in my head. loom have 2 different histories?21:08
lifelessyes. history of the _loom_, and _history of the source code_21:08
lifelessnormal branches only have _history of the source code_21:09
bialixcan you point me to actual code?21:11
bialixloom history goes to repository storage?21:12
bialixat first I thought that loom islike named branches in hg. but then I understand it's not. but I have no experience with Mercurial Queue though.21:14
lifelessbranch.py - LoomMetaTree, and record_loom21:15
beunolifeless, pong21:15
lifelessand pull sa well21:15
lifelesspull *as well*21:15
lifelessbeuno: hi, re debian packages and bazaar/bzr21:15
lifelessbeuno: will you be doing the packaging patches and sending to BTS ?21:16
beunolifeless, for Ubuntu?  I'm neither DD nor UD, so I can't really upload to anywhere. I'll be more than glad to help out doing the heavy lifting though21:18
bialixlifeless: record is calling regular commit under the hood?21:19
lifelessbeuno: please do :)21:19
lifelessbeuno: for me its just time, if we have patches in the BTS its a big help21:20
lifelessbeuno: (and I'm ubuntu-dev, but not ubuntu-core-dev, so can't upload some of it anyhow)21:20
lifelessbialix: yes, for a separate tree21:20
lifelessbialix: the separate tree contains one file21:20
bialixseparate tree?21:20
lifelesscalled 'loom' with fileid 'loom_meta_tree'21:21
lifelessbialix: yes, the loom project21:21
beunolifeless, alright, sounds good, we'll find someone to bug. This would basically be making "bazaar" install baz and bzr, right?  The first step21:21
lifelessbialix: really, try doing heads --dead-only after a record21:21
lifelessbeuno: yeah, whatever we said the other day :>21:21
bialixlifeless: ok will do21:22
lifelessbialix: then branch the revision you file to /tmp/whatever21:22
lifelessbialix: and have a look at whats there :)21:22
beunolifeless, hehe, alright. I'm getting on a plane in a few hours towards Madrid, so I'll be offline for a day or so. I'll take a look at it and see if we can have that done during the sprint. Sound good?21:23
bialixok, I think separate tree is a bit of hack. But if I need commit additional file along with dirstate. How I should do it?21:23
james_wlifeless: confirmed status still exists doesn't it? Or has it been removed on edge?21:23
lifelessjames_w: I was whinging because confirmed is useless now21:24
lifelessjames_w: if its not triaged it will get deleted.21:24
lifelessbialix: cool21:24
lifelessbialix: sorry, wrong nickname21:24
lifelessbeuno: cool21:24
james_wbeuno: I'll be happy to work on it during the sprint if it's not done by then.21:24
james_wbeuno: with you of course, I forgot those two words :)21:25
lifelessbialix: separate tree is for the loom metadata only; I'm trying to make the guts visible to you.21:25
james_wlifeless: that does sound wrong to me.21:25
lifelessbialix: anything for your normal source code just do what you do with bzr commit21:25
beunojames_w, great, thanks. Glad that's getting done in time.21:26
bialixlifeless: yes, I understand intend21:26
mwhudsonlifeless: it's only incomplete bugs that get expired, and only if the project switches that feature on21:26
lifelessmwhudson: its incomplete if its < triaged is it not ?21:26
lifelessmwhudson: that was my understanding21:26
mwhudsonincomplete is a separate status21:26
lifelessmwhudson: anyhow, write this up to 'user got bitten, user remembers workaround _forever_'21:27
* beuno goes continue packing21:27
mwhudsonlifeless: thus, we must never make mistakes21:27
mwhudsonlifeless: it's even documented! https://help.launchpad.net/BugExpiry21:28
lifelessmwhudson: righto, so it has changed :)21:28
lifelessmwhudson: never making mistakes is not a corollary to what I said :)21:29
mwhudsonthe fact that so many bugs got expired the first time it run was a bad bad bug21:29
lifelessmwhudson: indeed21:29
lifelessmwhudson: I simply had remember the workaround for the initial implementation21:30
lifelessmwhudson: because that got rather effectively burnt in21:30
bialixdoes launchpad means 'area where rockets launch to outer space'?21:36
ig1morning all21:44
=== ig1 is now known as igc
abentleylifeless: mats is specifically complaining that wget -c doesn't skip files he's already downloaded.21:49
VerterokProdoc: I'm working in bzr-eclipse, there is no Manual (yet)21:53
VerterokProdoc: in the meantime shoot any question you have about it :-)21:55
* Verterok says Hi to everyone 21:55
Prodocyeah, I noticed :-( It took me some time to figure it out being new to eclipse and bazaar but I finally found out how to use it. I took the liberty to add the very basis to the installation page if you don't mind ;-)21:56
Prodoc(http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrEclipse/Installation Kick-start section) though it might need some more clarification, like I said, I'm new to both so this only counts for a clean setup21:58
Prodocso additional steps might be required and there might be different methods as well21:59
Prodocat least this actually gave me the all the actions like commit, etc.22:00
VerterokProdoc: great, thanks! it's a wiki, y're wellcome to edit it :-)22:01
Verterokit's looks good :-D22:01
ProdocThis should be sufficient for the new users, other don't really need it, more should go in a separate manual22:02
james_whi Verterok22:03
james_whi igc22:04
Verteroksure, it was my mistake to assume that everyone using bzr-eclipse will know eclipse :)22:04
VerterokProdoc: I'm planing to add Help integrated in the Eclipse help system, but first it must be written :P22:04
Verterokjames_w: hi22:04
ProdocVerterok: what is the opposite of the 'Share Project...' action? First I thought it was Disconnect but I've got the feeling that this applies to the branch, not just the removal of the Bazaar stuff in Eclipse because of the confirmation dialogue22:05
Prodocto get rid of the Bazaar stuff again22:05
Prodocin Eclipse22:05
VerterokProdoc: for the moment Disconnect only remove bzr-eclipse support from the Project, but it'll let you choose to completely wipe bzr control files22:06
VerterokI take a conservative approach on this, mainly because I usually kill the branch (and the working tree) when I merge it in trunk22:08
Prodocok, so it's save to use it? It won't kill the branch?22:08
VerterokProdoc: sure :). For the moment bzr-eclipse maps each command with the corresponding CLI one.22:09
Verterokit only removes bzr-eclipse support22:10
Prodocok, cool :-)22:10
ProdocIt might be an idea to change the message from 'Are you sure you want to disconnect Bazaar from '<project name>'' to something like 'Are you sure you want to disconnect Bazaar from the Eclipse project '<project name>'?' With or without including 'Eclipse' (note the question mark as well ;-) ) to make it clear that it doesn't do anything to the files/branch but only to the Eclipse project.22:15
Prodoce.g. the project name and containing folder name are identical, hence the confusion22:16
VerterokProdoc: it's sound ok. could you fill a bug about this?22:17
* Verterok brb22:18
ProdocVerterok: or maybe Bazaar should be changed to something else as well make indicate that it's the plugin we are dealing with, not an actual bazaar action22:18
ubotuNew bug: #195927 in bzr "bzr commands not available after suspend-to-disk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19592722:21
lifelesshi poolie22:36
lifelessdo you want a lift to the airport?22:36
pooliethat would be nice22:38
pooliei think you said you were aiming to get there at 4 - the flight is at 6 so that's a bit tight...22:39
mwhudsonthis code raises an exception: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57523/22:43
mwhudsonis it doing something silly?22:43
mwhudson(this is what prevents viewing an empty branch with loggerhead right now)22:43
pooliei kind of think you're meant to create a memoryserver and get a transport from that22:45
pooliebut presumably that's not what's breaking22:45
poolieso presumably the problem is that get_revision_graph doesn't like being given the null revision?22:45
pooliethat would probably be a bug22:45
mwhudsonno, it's the merge_sort that fails22:46
mwhudsonsorry, perhaps i should have been more clear22:46
poolieit doesn't like being given an empty graph?22:47
mwhudsonb = "get me a branch with no revisions in it"22:47
Prodoctime for a nap again, goodnight all22:47
pooliejust a bug, presumably22:47
poolieshould be trivila22:47
mwhudsonpoolie: ok22:47
pooliecould you try to write a test for it?22:47
poolieit may just need an adjustment to an 'if' in tsort22:47
mwhudsonhm, maybe this is a fallout from the move to using "null:" for the null revision22:49
mwhudsonoh grr, i can't import NULL_REVISION in tsort.py :/22:53
mwhudsonpoolie: this seems to suffice http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57525/ but it's not clean at all22:55
poolieyou can't import it because of circular dependencies?22:56
mwhudsonrevision imports deprecated_graph imports tsort22:58
pooliewell, just import the module then and do mod_revision.null_revision22:58
pooliethisi s done elsewhere22:58
poolieif you could also just add a test you have my +122:58
mwhudsonthat doesn't work either22:59
mwhudsonpoolie: i did add a test, or a line to a test22:59
mwhudsonmaybe something to do with lazy imports?22:59
poolieyes could be23:03
igcpoolie: call on today?23:03
mwhudsonseems not, found a workaround though23:04
mwhudson(sometimes it amazes me that any python program manages to import anything at all)23:04
mwhudsonboy, there seem be a lot of unused imports in bzrlib23:18
johnnyyou guys using pylint or pychecker ?23:18
bob2lazy_import breaks them23:20
spivYeah, there are a few.23:25
spivjohnny: I use pyflakes sometimes, but lazy_import gets in the way.23:25
spivpyflakes works a module at a time though, so it's fairly easy to comment out the lazy_import magic in a single module, run pyflakes on it, and then uncomment the magic.23:26
mwhudsonspiv: "a few"?23:31
mwhudsonyou must have not looked recently :-)23:31
spivmwhudson: I have a hackish branch at http://people.ubuntu.com/~andrew/bzr/faster-startup that removes some unused imports, among other things.23:34
spivmwhudson: but I haven't tried checking many modules, just those that tend to be imported all the time.23:35
mwhudsonspiv: well, i started alphabetically and spent 10 minutes on "branch.py" :)23:36
mwhudson(after option.py which was where i first noticed some silliness)23:36
bignoseI'm getting an error <URL:http://pastebin.ca/919766> trying to 'bzr upgrade'23:49
bignosethe upgrade is prompted by a 'bzr commit' giving "Repository KnitPackRepository('sftp://bzr@fs/%7E/.bzr/repository/') is not compatible with repository KnitRepository('file:///home/bignose/Projects/.bzr/repository/')"23:49
bignosewhen I attempt to upgrade, I get the error shown at the pastebin URL above.23:49
bignosehow can I get the commit to succeed?23:50
bob2bzr upgrade --rich-root23:50
bignosewhy, then, is that not the default?23:50
spivbzr upgrade --rich-root-pack23:50
bignoseor rather, why is something not-default actually necessary for this commit to succeed?23:50
jameshbignose: because you're using bzr-svn?23:51
bob2does the repository you're commotting to have svn branches in it?23:51
spivbignose: it's a bug, really.  What's happened is that you have a repo that is in a format that was never the default.23:51
bignosejamesh: I'm not.23:52
jameshthen I wonder how your repo got into a richroot format?23:52
spivbignose: and the default "bzr upgrade" doesn't have the smarts to pick a compatible (and again, non-default) format to upgrade to.23:53
bob2which non-default repo format?23:55
bignoseokay. so, again, what do I need to do to fix this?23:55
ubotuNew bug: #195962 in bzr "send -f (using bzr-svn): 'FakeControlFiles' object has no attribute 'put'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19596223:55
bignosebob2: I don't know. either of the ones that has been suggested here, which clearly aren't the default otherwise I wouldn't need to give an option to use them.23:56
spivbob2: IIRC, bzr upgrade tries to upgrade pack-0.92 atm, but this needs rich-root-pack.23:56
bignoseI vaguely recall performing a non-default 'bzr upgrade --foo-bar' suggested by someone in this channel to fix some earlier bug23:57
bignoseso that may explain why it's currently in a non-default format23:58
bignoseI'd be very happy to get the repo to a state where everything will work, including default 'bzr upgrade' in future.23:58
bignosebut my immediate problem is to get this commit working23:59
bignoseso, what do I need to do in order for a commit to this branch to succeed?23:59

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