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johnnyogra_cmpc, i bet you dont have gvfs-fuse installed06:01
johnnythat is the difference prolly..06:01
achandrashekarHey johnny07:40
achandrashekarjohnny: do you have any time avaliable to answer some q's about desktop lock down07:43
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achandrashekarhello...any one have any recommendations for thin clients?10:05
achandrashekarspecifically how are the entc-100010:06
ogra_cmpcachandrashekar, entc-1000 ?10:11
allerbestI've got a problem installing edubuntu 7.10 on a brand-new server (should be LTSP server)10:12
achandrashekari looked on ebay for the ent stuff10:12
achandrashekarand it seemed like a good alternative10:12
achandrashekarallerbest: need more description of issue10:12
allerbestInstallation works fine until I should pick a module for my drives since the installer complains that none are found.10:12
achandrashekarwhich module?10:13
allerbestI've got 2x SATA drives on an Areca 1200 PCIe controller10:13
ogra_cmpcachandrashekar, specs ?10:13
allerbestachandrashekar: it should be the arcmsr module, I think, but loading doesn't affect anything.10:13
achandrashekarallerbest: and it doesnt find your drives?10:13
* ogra_cmpc wonders if that shouldnt just be covered by the ahci module10:14
allerbestthe module is loaded but there are no /dev/sda...-devices10:14
achandrashekarograc_cmpc: runs the cryix processor and 64mb of ram. I "think" its pxe bootable..but i was wondering if there was one that people are happy with in here10:15
ogra_cmpcallerbest, #ubuntu-installer or #ubuntu-kernel has the more specific guys for such a prob :)10:15
allerbestah, thanks :)10:15
achandrashekarallerbest: and there is nothing in bios to make sure the drives are properly initialiazed and such??10:16
achandrashekarallerbest: meaning..with an other operating system everything was "found"10:16
ogra_cmpcwell, you can likely switch the controller to a different mode in the bios10:17
allerbestachandrashekar: I initialized a "RAID set" and within that a RAID 1 "Volume Set"10:17
allerbestogra_cmpc: Nope, it's a true hardware RAID controller10:17
allerbestachandrashekar: I have no other operating system (besides a Debian 4.0 CD)10:17
allerbest(which has the same problem)10:18
ogra_cmpcallerbest, well, probably one that doesnt offer linux support10:18
ogra_cmpcmight be that software raid is your best bet10:18
achandrashekarallerbest: does debian find them?? i cant think that it would10:18
achandrashekarbut you never know10:18
allerbestas I said, Debian doesn't find it, too.10:19
allerbestThe card has Linux support, Areca offers drivers for it10:19
ogra_cmpcwell, its more likely that ubuntu finds something debianh doesnt (we use the same kernel, but ubuntu adds lots of extras)10:19
achandrashekarallerbest: yep you are right - http://www.areca.com.tw/products/2ports.htm10:20
ogra_cmpcthe kernel guys will know about it10:21
ogra_cmpcits just not a good time to awsk them, most of that team is in the us10:21
ogra_cmpcso they are likely asleep10:21
allerbestMerde ...10:21
allerbestthanks anyway10:21
* allerbest is sitting in the lab room of the school where the server should be ready %-)10:21
ogra_cmpcwell, ask there anyway10:22
ogra_cmpcallerbest, use SW raid :)10:22
allerbestogra_cmpc: Nope, sorry. Too many bad experiences. Not fast enough.10:22
ogra_cmpcreally ?10:22
ogra_cmpci've seen th eopposite mant times10:23
johnnyachandrashekar, hi10:23
allerbestI had software raid with Debian 4 in our company running on half a dozen machines.10:23
achandrashekarhey how are you10:23
johnnygoing to sleep shorty10:23
johnnyit's 5:30 almost10:23
achandrashekarsame here10:23
achandrashekari got friggin bored10:24
achandrashekarallerbest: might help out - http://hell.org.ua/Docs/sata.html10:25
achandrashekarnot sure if you can use that but..it might work??10:25
johnnyso, did you want something ?10:26
ogra_cmpcachandrashekar, so do you have a webpage or so for that client ?10:26
allerbestthe page describes the arcmsr driver that's not working :)10:26
achandrashekarogra_cmpc: he he ebay.com ---search criteria "thin client Linux" comes up those..10:27
achandrashekarallerbest: with the ftp site...and the driver..i guess that is where you grabbed it from?10:28
ogra_cmpci'm just worried its a ripoff of the ebox 1000 .... which looks shiny and small but is one of the worst clients i know10:28
achandrashekarha ha10:28
ogra_cmpcthey are out in the field fo $9910:28
achandrashekaris there a decent one that people have had luck with >10:28
allerbestachandrashekar: I didn't grab it from there since the arcmsr module is offered by the edubuntu installer to me.10:29
ogra_cmpclook at disklessworkstations.com everything but the cheapest one is fine10:29
achandrashekarcool will do10:29
ogra_cmpc(the chepest is one of these ebox ripoffs, if you see such a pic in an offer, run boy run :) )10:29
achandrashekarjohnny: yeah..i started playing with gconf-editor...very very dangerous..i changed desktop background to "locked" mode and had a tough time "undoing" it.10:30
ogra_cmpcthey are great for kiosk systems that run a single app locally (a presentation etc)10:30
achandrashekarjohnny: that was on my own laptop10:30
ogra_cmpcbut nothing for fully fledged desktops10:30
johnnytry it as another usr :)10:30
johnnygconf-editor is not to be used directy for the most part10:31
achandrashekarogra_cmpc: thanks10:31
johnnysabayon is supposed to handle it10:31
johnnyand pessulus10:31
achandrashekarsabayon allows the desktop background NOT to be changed?10:31
achandrashekari mean that is an option?10:32
johnnyit could be10:32
ogra_cmpci think pessulus does10:32
ogra_cmpcnot sure thoough i didnt look at it for a while10:32
johnnyi don't think it works right now10:32
achandrashekarno option in pessulus10:32
johnnyworking on it tho10:32
johnnyit's a few steps down on the priority list10:32
johnnythe main priority is to stop some of the annoying crashes10:33
achandrashekarbut in sabayon ill have to see what is going on with that10:33
johnnyand make panel applets able to be deleted10:33
johnnyor modified10:33
achandrashekarnice thing is..i have that dhcp-failover working like a charm10:33
achandrashekarsystems coming up from each server....load balanced10:34
achandrashekarand authing with ldap now..10:34
achandrashekari think something like phpldapadmin will work great to build the tree properly.10:34
achandrashekarbut..i havent worked on it much...because i like sleep. :)10:35
achandrashekarim really concerned about account management next..and lock down.10:35
achandrashekarthen ill probably be where your at johnny with getting "details" all worked out.10:35
johnnythe lock down is weak in some senses , it needs to hack around some standard utilities10:36
johnnyi'm only focusing on the ones i need to worrry about atm10:36
johnnyam willing to do other things10:36
johnnythat's just what i've been focusing on up to this point10:36
johnnyand just making the damn thing ready for hardy10:36
achandrashekari see.10:37
achandrashekarI figure..this..if i setup accounts..and kids want to piss around and f up their workspace so be it..at least its just their account.10:38
achandrashekarthe issue before was the kids were all using the SAME account on winblows10:40
achandrashekarand they f'd the whole env up with trojans and viruses and inappropriate desktop backgrounds10:40
achandrashekarbut i really cant justify putting the systems in kiosk mode or something like that10:40
achandrashekarwhat I am considering..is that maybe using a script that cleans up their account every friday or something.10:40
johnnythaths what i do10:40
johnnyever night10:40
johnnythese are completely public10:40
johnnycompletely anonymous mode10:40
johnnyno user accounts except the machines themselves10:40
johnnyby name10:41
achandrashekarahhh...and is that easier to manage for you?10:41
johnnywell, we haven't had the ability to offer accounts to our regulars10:41
achandrashekarso in dhcp.conf you have each machine accounted for?10:41
johnnybut it is something i'd like to provide10:41
johnnywe have some homeless folks who like to use your internet10:41
johnnyi'd like to give at least one of them an account if he needs it10:42
achandrashekari see.10:42
johnnyor any folks who are working on team projects with other community members10:42
achandrashekarso how did you get the anonymous accounts working10:42
johnnyautologin with a patched ldm (fixed in hardy)10:42
achandrashekarjust curious in case we decide that is the best course of action10:42
johnnythe upstream ldm actually has a guest login patch10:43
johnnyso you get the benefits of anonymous login or user account10:43
johnnyright at the beginning10:43
achandrashekari see. ..and that "patch" is documented as well somewhere?10:43
johnnydefinitely something i'm going to apply10:43
johnnyuhmm.. it's in the revision control system? :)10:43
johnnyi haven't actually looked at it yet10:44
johnnywas planning on doing that soon10:44
achandrashekarand the home space is shared ?? how does that working when saving things?10:44
johnnyi wasn't rushing, as the current setup is fine10:44
johnnysure, atm it is10:44
johnnyi mean it's only shared by the computer10:44
johnnythe python based ldm had a patch too i used :)10:44
johnnywhere you could do something like this10:45
johnnyin lts.conf10:45
johnnyand then i did LDM_PASSWORD="guest"10:45
ogra_cmpchardys has that too :)10:45
achandrashekarahh okay10:45
ogra_cmpchardys also has the abiliyt to authenticate users with ssh keys10:45
johnnyand then setup dnsmasq to assign ips and hostnames10:45
johnnybased on the mac address10:46
achandrashekarhardy seems like its going to kick ass...once released10:46
johnnyachandrashekar, it's never enough for me :)10:46
johnnyit still needs localapps10:46
ogra_cmpcwell, its actually not much more than gutsy ... but tons of fixes and improvements10:46
johnnyogra_cmpc, i'm actually trying to get a fellow i know to help me with that10:46
achandrashekari saw some features with gimp like image extraction that i was really impressed with as well..10:46
ogra_cmpcjohnny, you can do localapps easily yourself with an sshd running on the client and nfs mounted /home fromj the server10:47
ogra_cmpc(you need to copy the credential files around all teh time though ...)10:47
achandrashekaralright guys i need some z's10:48
johnnyi only want to run firefox/flash locally10:48
johnnyfor now..10:48
ogra_cmpcinstall sshd in the client, add some code to permanently mount /home and have passwd and groups available10:48
johnnyand at most.. ekiga/skype and such10:48
ogra_cmpcssh -X user@clientip firefox ....10:48
ogra_cmpcthat will then run ff as localapp10:48
achandrashekarand use ssh keys??10:48
achandrashekaror ?10:48
johnnysure, but that isn't in the spec :)10:48
ogra_cmpcits not secure and a lot of maintanance work, but works10:48
johnnyi'm talking about actually implementing the spec10:49
johnnynot a hack :)10:49
johnnyas long as you think it is a valid technique10:49
ogra_cmpcwell, i'm trying to keep away from it until sbalneav is back10:49
johnnytrading emails with him?10:49
ogra_cmpcits his brainchild ....10:49
ogra_cmpci just know he's very busy at work10:49
johnnyhmm..well he can't stall devel forever10:49
achandrashekarthanks for all the help10:50
ogra_cmpcachandrashekar, see you :)10:50
johnnyit should be ready for hardy+110:50
johnnyor wait.. it has a name now10:50
johnnysomething ibex..10:50
ogra_cmpci'll put time into it for hardy+110:50
johnnyso.. are you feeling hardy :) and will you feel inteprid?10:51
johnnyand have you ever felt feisty?10:51
johnnyogra_cmpc, lemme guess you don't have gvfs-fuse installed?10:52
ogra_cmpcwe dont have such a package10:52
johnnythe deb talks about it10:52
johnnyso i think debian has it at least10:53
ogra_cmpcoh, right10:53
ogra_cmpcthere is such a pkg10:53
johnnybut .. you dont have it installed? :)10:53
johnnyif you did, you mayvb get my issue.. i'll verify later when i wake up10:54
johnnyi'm meeting with federico sometime later .. around 1700 GMT10:56
johnnyi'll let you know what we come up with10:57
ogra_cmpcthanks :)10:58
johnnyi think the major things to fix are the panel applet issues10:59
johnnyand the gnome-settings-daemon issue11:00
johnnybut i don't know C11:00
johnnythe bug is registered11:00
johnnythe gnome-settings-daemon issue stops sabayon from working cleanly at all11:00
johnnyi'll see if federico can do the proper gdb magic to diagnose it11:00
johnnybut i'm doubting that it will be fixed otherwise for 2.22.011:01
ogra_cmpcbtw, seb128 just told me he wants gvfs-fuse in the default install11:03
johnnythis, and the linked bug http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51631811:04
ubotuGnome bug 516318 in plugins "crash when run inside xnest (media keys plugin)" [Normal,Needinfo]11:04
johnnythat was marked as duplicate11:04
johnnyi prolly should change the summary11:04
johnnybut that will wait til ater11:04
johnnynight ogra11:04
johnnyi'll see if i see the mounted ~/.gvfs after installing it11:04
johnnyfor every user11:05
johnnyok.. really leaving now11:05
ograRichEd-1, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/20080226/ is the text ok that way ?11:19
RichEd-1hi ogra ... checking now11:19
RichEd-1the line under Add-On CD ?11:20
ograUbuntu educational add-on CD11:21
ograeverywher in the text now ....11:21
ograinstead of just "add-on CD"11:21
ograand edubuntu 8.04 LTS at the top header11:22
RichEd-1just refreshed ...  browser loading pages strangely toda11:23
RichEd-1make it: Ubuntu Education Add-On CD11:24
RichEd-1(drop the "al" in the name)11:24
ogra(will be in tomorrows build, i cant regenerate teh text alone)11:24
RichEd-1The Ubuntu Education Add-on CD contains additional packages useful in an Educational environment - including many educational applications / programs. Installation of the Education Add-On requires that you have already installed an Ubuntu desktop system.11:28
RichEd-1?? try that for tomorrow11:28
* RichEd-1 is back in 20 mins11:28
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juliuxRichEd, http://ubuntu.juliux.de/tassen.jpg the right one;)11:38
RichEdjuliux: i'll take on with a strong coffee in it please12:09
juliuxyes a strong coffee would be good now;)12:09
juliuxRichEd, my plan was to bring some mugs to the next uds12:10
RichEdgood idea ... i'll also ask canonical if they want to buy a couple off you to give to clients12:12
cafka bzip2 -dc patch- | patch -p1 -s   i have used this command to patch the kernel.. but a setup is displayed to choose what files to be patched is there a command to patch all files??14:38
RichEdjuliux: i presume you have seen the ubuntu / canonical store ?14:44
* RichEd wonders if they would want to carry your mugs as a stock item14:45
juliuxRichEd, yes i have seen the canonical store14:46
juliuxRichEd, i will ask gerry14:46
juliuxRichEd, i talked with katkin, they don't want some15:16
RichEdokay :(15:17
ArmagonAfter a lot of work, I've got a powerpc computer connecting to my amd64 edubuntu server.  [An iBook G4 connecting to a MacBook.]15:45
ArmagonMy client is getting the kernel now over TFTP, and I am getting "nfsmount: need a path" on the client.15:46
ArmagonI don't know anything about nfs.  I see that edubuntu is set to use nbd by default.15:46
ArmagonI should mention that I made my powerpc image using ubuntu 7.04.  [It was by accident, but when I tried 7.10, I ran into problems that I could not resolve in a couple of hours.]15:47
ArmagonAm I best off to try to setup an nfs server on my server?15:48
RichEdArmagon: google seach on this: [+ubuntu +"nfsmount: need a path"]15:49
RichEdgives this link: http://downloads.revolutionlinux.com/ltsp-irc-log/ltsp.log.txt15:49
RichEdi'll /msg you the discussion from that log15:49
ArmagonThanks. I'm taking a look at it.15:52
ograArmagon, thats unlikely to work15:52
ogracombibing 7.04 with 7.10 i mean15:52
ArmagonI had wondered about that.15:53
ArmagonThere were two issues with the powerpc setup of edubuntu with 7.10 -- not modprobing the ide drivers, and something about a blank screen.  I ran into one or both of them, and despite being a technically literate user, was not able to get past them.15:54
ografo the nfsmount priob you need to chek your dhcpd config15:54
ArmagonI am a tech in my school division, and am hoping to sell people on using edubuntu here.15:54
ograit needs to have the root-path parameter set to /opt/ltsp/powerpc15:55
ArmagonShould I try using hardy?15:55
ArmagonOh, I can do that, ogra!15:55
ograbut even then ldm and ltspfs in gutsy are massivley different15:55
ograits a matter of luck i'd say15:56
ogratry it :)15:56
ograbut dont expect it to work15:56
Armagonthere aren't powerpc images available for download, are there?15:56
ArmagonI mean the stuff to put in /opt/ltsp/powerpc and/or /opt/ltsp/images15:57
ograyes, i understood that15:57
Armagonand I can't chroot into a powerpc image from an amd64 machine, can I?15:57
ograif i find time before hardy release i'll test powerpc ... but its not in the list of supported architectures so its not very high on my prio list15:58
ogra(testing implies that i build an image, which i then will upload somewhere)15:58
ograno, you cant15:58
ograppc needs a ppc cpu15:58
ograyou could chroot into a ppc chroot from a ppc64 machine :)15:58
ArmagonI understand that it is not supported.  It's almost a shame that we have so much powerpc hardware that at the end of its fat-cliently-ly useful life.15:59
Armagonwhat sort of machine has a ppc64 processor?15:59
ograi can imagine storages full of old imacs15:59
ograibm machines do and i think there are some older apple servers as well :)15:59
ArmagonIf the server has the files needed for a different architecture, is it possible to generate the squashfs image file from it?16:01
ArmagonWell, instead of getting "nfsmount: need a path", I am now getting "connect: Connection refused" and "read: Connection refused".16:03
ogragreat, youre one step further :)16:04
ogramake sure fs-kernel-server is running16:05
ArmagonIt does not appear to be.  (ps -aux | grep nfs -> nothing but the grep)16:06
ArmagonI suppose I want to install nfs-kernel-server, or do I want nfs-common?16:07
Armagonah.  kernel server16:07
ogracommon should come with it16:09
ograas dependency16:09
ArmagonWhat would I want to put in /etc/exports?16:09
ograit should be configured already, check that first16:11
ArmagonNo; there is nothing in it that is not commented out.16:11
ograif not, add the following line:16:11
ogra/opt/ltsp/i386     *(ro)16:11
ArmagonI think the line I need is something like "/opt/ltsp   *(ro,no_root_squash,async)"16:11
alumno10Hi, i havent sound in clients16:11
ograyeah, thats a lot better16:11
ogratake yours16:11
Armagonokay, I'll do that ( s/i386/powerpc/g )16:11
ograno, drop the arch :)16:12
Armagonoh, ok16:12
alumno10their hardware are sis701916:12
ograif you ever want i386 clients you don need to remember to reconfigure16:12
ograalumno10, there no driver for that soundcard16:12
Armagon[I imagine I will at some point ... but one thing at a time.]16:12
alumno10actualli i've found some sources and modules compiled16:13
ograthat an oss driver16:13
ograwont work16:13
alumno10but when i modprobed it they say "bad module format" or some16:13
ograsounds like you use an ebox ...16:13
ogradont buy them for ltsp16:13
alumno10yep, its an ebox16:13
ograits a great thing for a standalone kiosk system that runs a single app16:14
ograbut nothing for desktops16:14
alumno10wich machine could i use then?16:14
ograi had hacked up the sound driver back in feisty for them ... the sounds stutters if you move the mouse because the CPU gets under way to heavy load16:15
alumno10i ve seen this machines with sound but just with 2.6.8 kernels16:15
alumno10now im using 2.6.22-14-38616:15
ograltsp5 has no oss support16:16
ogra(actually the upstream kernel is abut to drop oss)16:16
alumno10yes, i know :/16:16
ograso you need to do a lot more to somehow make oss work ...16:16
alumno10and when i do aplay xxxx.wav system says pulseaudio: connection rejected or some16:17
ograther is no working sound HW your alsa stack can connect to16:17
ograpulse on the client expects something to be there in teh alsa stack it can attach to ...16:18
alumno10damn.... that means all this clients now are obsoleted?16:18
ograwell, even if you get them working they are no fun above 800x600@16bit cols16:18
alumno10now im using it16:18
alumno10and they run so so  with firefox, xchat and openoffice16:19
ograwhich resolution/colordepth ?16:19
alumno10since they are just 1116:19
ograand you find that usable speed wise ?16:20
ogra7me didnt when he tested last time16:20
alumno10i disabled a lot of things16:20
ograthat doesnt matter16:20
alumno10and gnome of course not, we use icewm16:20
ografor the client performance only the amount of colors and frames transferred to its X server counts16:21
alumno10they are pretty usable16:21
alumno10and ssh security disabled16:21
alumno10somewhere i read that speeds up connection16:21
ograyou mean LDM_DIRECTX ?16:21
ograor did you switch to xdmcp16:21
ograah, good to hear its half way usable16:22
ograi'll have to dig up my ebox for testing i guess16:22
ograbefore we release hardy16:22
alumno10i just have problems with videos, of course16:23
alumno10flash too16:23
ograthe CPU wont handle that16:23
alumno10but everything else are ok16:23
ograway to many frames in way to short time16:23
alumno10client cpu ?16:23
ogranothing a 233MHz CPU can handle16:23
alumno10or this is problem of server cpu?16:23
ArmagonThis time I am getting "connect: Connection refused"16:24
ograit needs to handle 24 freames per second while doing lots of other stuff16:24
alumno10hum, damn,, so i must to change all clients :/16:24
ograin 16 bit :)16:24
alumno10which machine can i use to watch youtube?16:24
ograi'd go with something around or above 500MHz .... 128M ram ... and preferably an intel graphics card ... but via or trident would do as well i think16:25
ArmagonIs there an nfs log file I can tail?16:26
alumno10wow... 500mhz ...16:26
ograArmagon, daemon-log ?16:26
ograalumno10, 233 is the absolutely bare minimum we support16:26
ograand support doesnt mean flash sound localdev etc16:26
alumno10and which kind of server for like 30machines?16:27
ograbut basic functionallity16:27
ograthat depends on the desktop you use16:27
alumno10they are working with usb fortunatelly16:27
Armagon[I'm not properly registered and can't send private messages.]  daemon log is only showing me DHCP stuff.16:27
alumno10*usb drives16:27
ografor a gnome or kde desktop the formula is: 128M pre running client +256M forteh server itslef16:27
ograso for a server providing a gnome desktop taht would be arund 4G16:28
alumno10since the original server had hardware problems, now we are using a crappy 512mb 1.2ghz server16:29
ograno idea about icewm. i havent used it since about 6 years16:29
alumno10with 11machines16:29
ograi think xfce lies around 90M16:29
alumno10im ok with icewm, it starts instantly16:30
ograso ice migh do with 30 or so per running client16:30
ArmagonHmm..  There are a couple of lines in daemon.log that mention /etc/exports16:30
ograis the nfs server actually running ?16:31
alumno10so if i use a faster server, like a xeon, people doesn't be able to watch video like youtube?16:31
alumno10(we actually have chance to buy a xeon)16:31
alumno10*wont be able...16:31
ograin the case of the ebox its really the graphic processing speed you lack ...16:33
ogra(on the client)16:33
alumno10humm, wow... we almost boy a big server thinking problem are that16:34
alumno10ok, thank you VERy much!16:35
alumno10tomorrow ill put my coreduo as client, and ill watch what happen with vids16:35
ograwell, 512M and 1.2Ghz with 30 clients will likely have probs as well pushing the CPU specs a bit would help16:37
pak33m|workhi everybody can anybody answer an easy question?16:43
pak33m|workim wondering if its possible after installing edubuntu either by cd (desktop or server) or apt-get edubuntu-desktop to install the classroom addon and/or its software through apt like apt-get install classroom-addon?16:45
jobdrbHELLO ALL! IS THERE A WAY TO USE A LOCAL HD PARTITION IN LTSP-5, LIKE IN 4.2 (local_device_02 =/dev/hda3:hd) ?????16:54
ArmagonI was accidentally disconnected there.17:10
ArmagonGood news!  It worked with an iBook G4.17:10
ArmagonIt is not, unfortunately, working with an older iMac17:10
ArmagonI know I've got a strange setup here -- and I'll have to try making an image from 7.10 again, but, on the machine that is working as a thin client, the cursor is staying as a wait cursor (despite working), and gdm is not drawing the outside of windows.17:39
* dtrask loves snow, but this is getting ridiculous!17:47
ogra_cmpcdtrask, we didnt have *any* this year (very unusual)17:49
dtraskogra_cmpc:  I'm not REALLY complaining, but there's a big storm bering down on us right now...and supposedly 2 more in its wake (Sat-Sun and Mon)17:50
dtraskoops (sp)  "bearing"17:50
dtraskogra_cmpc: at least the skiing will be good this weekend17:51
dtraskogra_cmpc:  so...how've you been man!17:51
ogra_cmpcwith cclassmate and the CD rearranging17:52
dtraskogra_cmpc: getting almost everything set the way you wanted it to come out?17:52
ogra_cmpcltsp is on the ubuntu alternate cd now17:53
ogra_cmpcan dedubuntu turned into a plain educational addon cd17:53
ogra_cmpcrequiring ubuntu-desktop to be installed17:54
dtraskogra_cmpc:   yeah....I see that...I have mixed feelings....one the one hand I can see benefits and on the other I can see drawbacks17:54
ogra_cmpcthat gains us several 100M on the cd17:54
ogra_cmpclike 3-40017:54
ogra_cmpclots of new space for edu apps17:54
dtraskogra_cmpc:  most of the drawbacks are purely psychological17:54
ogra_cmpcits all about the right wording we need to choose for the release17:55
dtraskogra_cmpc:  Having the edu apps will be a huge PLUS17:55
dtraskogra_cmpc: exactly\17:55
ogra_cmpcand having ltsp in ubuntu as well17:55
dtraskogra_cmpc:  I'm hoping to be able to talk to folks at some point about this type of thing...there's some "skittish-ness" among the average educator/techie with regard to the future and the shift...nothing major, but "some" folks are nervous and need reassuring17:56
dtraskogra_cmpc:  image and perception is 99% of the game17:57
ogra_cmpcwell, if they have systems they dont need to bother17:57
ogra_cmpcits only for new installs17:57
dtraskogra_cmpc:  I suspect things will be fine once people see Hardy and that things are really not much different17:57
ogra_cmpcapart from 3 years of support :)17:58
dtraskogra_cmpc:  I'm actually a tad nervous about authentication stuff...Samba/LDAP is a little "broken" in Gutsy...I'm hoping something else comes along that's an official part of Ubuntu17:58
ogra_cmpcnot for hardy i was told ... at least no default setup for the server side17:59
ogra_cmpc#ubuntu-server can tell you though17:59
dtraskogra_cmpc:   My production stuff is still Feisty....I learned long ago not to upgrade in the middle of a school year17:59
dtraskogra_cmpc:  oh crap17:59
ogra_cmpci'm not inviolved with that so i dont know exactly17:59
dtraskogra_cmpc:  any inkling as to the reason?18:00
ogra_cmpcits not ready ?18:00
dtraskogra_cmpc: just curious18:00
ogra_cmpcno idea, really18:00
ogra_cmpcthe server team will know18:00
dtraskogra_cmpc: that would be a good reason  ;-)18:00
ogra_cmpci'm in platform now .... rarekly have to do with server stuff18:00
ogra_cmpcmoodle and edubuntu content server are the only server stuff on my plate atm18:01
dtraskI'm hoping we can cobble something together to get through another year or release until something arrives18:01
dtraskI remember how adamant you were about authentication at UDS Google....did they shift it away to another branch like the server team?18:02
ogra_cmpcgeneral ldap should already be a lot easier to set up18:02
ogra_cmpceven in hardy18:02
ogra_cmpcthey dont stanhd still in the server team18:02
ogra_cmpcbut i have no ised how far they are with a default setup ... or if they even plan any samba intergration18:02
dtraskjust wondering....planning ahead.  We've gotten some good press lately...locally...and planning to have it continue  ;-)18:04
dtraskogra_cmpc: Prague is going to be pretty close by for you, 'eh?18:05
ogra_cmpcsome 100km 800 or so18:05
dtraskgo by train or plane?18:05
ogra_cmpcno idea yeat18:05
ogra_cmpcprobably train18:05
LaserJockbah, has RichEd been around?18:37
HedgeMageLaserJock:  don't know, I haven't been able to catch him either, but my net access has been intermittent at best18:41
LaserJockRichEd-1: is that really you? :-)18:44
dtraskHow's it going!?18:50
LaserJockuggg, busy18:50
LaserJocktrying to write a sample lab report for my students18:50
lnsdtrask, no, not mom..this is morpheus18:51
lns(Computer Boy quote)18:51
LaserJocksince the idea of actually writing a report is quite foreign it seems18:51
dtrasklns: LOL18:51
LaserJockand of course the syllabus which explains what to do doesn't work ;-)18:51
dtraskLaserJock: foreign to you or them?18:51
dtraskgot it now18:51
dtraskI'm actually "teaching" my kids how to "present"....anyone can make a slide show...I'm trying to teach them how to "present"...as opposed to simply reading from a screen.  They doing quite well I might add18:52
LaserJockoh thank goodness18:53
dtraskWe use a presenters mouse....and the whole nine yards....using either Google docs presentation module or OO18:53
LaserJockdrill them well and tell them it will help them a huge amount in college18:53
dtraskI also teach them that animation is not all it's cracked up to be18:53
LaserJockwe're lucky if we can get college seniors to do a decent presentation ;-)18:54
LaserJock"yes thanks, I know how to read, you don't need to tell me what you wrote"18:54
dtraskI am....I actually do a presentation for them (one that I've been doing at conferences and stuff) about FOSS and Ubuntu called "The Natives are Restless"....they get right into my presentation....then at the end I explain how I used the screen as a jumping off point and carried on the actual presentation myself.  I actually turned the project off on one kid and told him to continue....when I did that...they "got it"18:55
dtraskWell....I actually have to go and watch some more of these presentations....be back in a while18:56
* dtrask gets ready to watch his students continue to impress him ;-)18:56
* dtrask they did great! Laserjock would be proud!19:27
johnnyogra_cmpc, currently the sabayon issue with mounted ~/.gvfs won't affect ubuntu on a normal install,since you have to be in the fuse group20:37
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bdoin_good news ubuntu finaly updated the gcompris translation22:05
boggystudiosis there a tutorial on how to customize edubuntu (or any other linux distro) to a particular school?22:53
johnnycustomize in what way23:17
johnnythat is waay too broad of a question23:17
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