Riddellnixternal: buliding new ones now00:02
Riddell(which means I don't know yet)00:02
nixternalmaybe get a chance to test them out later tonight?00:02
Riddelldon't let me stop you00:03
nixternalI can wait...I will leave some space on my desktop to test with00:04
Riddellit'll be about 10 minutes00:05
nixternalgroovy, let me know when it is available for download if you are still awake :)00:15
Riddellnixternal: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/daily-live/20080226/00:18
nixternalthank you sir00:18
Riddellalternate ones will appear soon under daily/  they are less likely to work but I'm hopeful00:18
nixternalare these discs coming with OOo or KOffice2?00:21
rbrunhuberHobbsee: ping00:30
HobbseeYou sent me a contentless ping.  This is a contentless pong.  Please provide a bit of information about what you want and I will respond when I am around.00:32
nosrednaekimno pointy sticks in that reproof?00:32
rbrunhuberHobbsee : are your around now?00:33
rbrunhuberHobbsee : may i ask you a private question?00:33
Hobbseerbrunhuber: sure00:34
Riddellnixternal: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/daily/20080226/00:40
nixternalgetting it now00:41
* Riddell sleeps00:41
Jucatog' night Riddell :)00:41
nixternalwasabi Jucato00:42
* Jucato waves to nixternal and Hobbsee00:42
nosrednaekimbye Jucato00:42
Hobbseehey Jucato00:42
Jucatoheh not me.00:42
* Jucato is not sleeping at 08:41 while doing laundry :)00:42
nosrednaekimJucato» oh.. thought you were leaving lol00:43
Jucatohehe :P00:43
nixternalI think it is about time for some chili00:44
Jucatoyum! :)00:44
Jucatoer. apt!00:44
* nosrednaekim just had chili00:45
nixternalor conary00:45
nixternalor emerge00:45
Jucatoor... s_____00:45
Jucatohm.. when you guys say "chili" do you always mean the flatulence-inducing kind?00:46
Jucato(chili beans?)00:46
nixternaloh ya00:46
nixternallots of meat00:46
* Jucato opens the Windows(tm)00:46
nixternallots of peppers00:46
nixternallots of fire breathing dragons00:46
Jucatooh... UWN didn't seem to inlcude sabdfl's interview in the Linux Foundation00:47
nixternalwho is sabdfl?00:47
nosrednaekimMark Shuttleworth00:47
nixternalwho is that?00:47
Jucatonixternal: how many times do we have to say, sarcasm is lost in transmission :)00:47
nixternalbeen a while since I seen his name00:48
Jucato(over the 'net)00:48
nixternalRiddell: Alternate CD is a no go, it crashes during the installing files towards the end, LiveCD won't start the desktop however it seems that it does in fact install, even though it seems to have just locked up on the reboot portion02:01
nixternalRiddell: also, the Live CD installer is the slower than installing Vista, literally slooooowwww, like catepillar walking slow :)02:03
nixternalRiddell: Could not start kstaryupconfig4. Check your installation.02:03
nixternalThis is the same error you get when you try to run the Live CD to test it out02:04
nixternaland this is the error you get after installing as well02:04
jjessebummer on all those errors02:06
nixternalit is called from startkde02:09
nixternalif test $? -ne 0;02:09
nixternalit is failing that test02:09
nixternallinking seems to be the issue, kstartupconfig4 tries to run kdostartupconfig4 however that is not found02:15
jjessei really miss my DVR when i'm not home... miss the ability to pause to use the resteroom02:22
jjesseand skipp stupid commercials02:22
* Hobbsee discovers something amazing02:23
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crimsun_jjesse: did you get your audio issues straightened?  (just reattached)02:23
=== r0uzic is now known as r0uzic_ausente
=== r0uzic_ausente is now known as r0uzic
jjessecrimsun_: haven't really played w/ it much as i've reboot several times since then02:23
crimsun_jjesse: 'k02:23
jjessei'm sure its something w/ the intel sound card i have02:24
=== r0uzic is now known as r0uzic_ausente
jjessehad to do a custom install of alsa to get sound working in the first place02:24
crimsun_jjesse: nah, that's symptomatic of broken drivers02:25
crimsun_if hardy's l-u-m doesn't resolve it, you probably want to track my alsa-driver changes on LP02:25
crimsun_anyhow, was just checking for progress.  Don't mind me. :)02:26
nixternalhey, my sound is still buggy02:28
nixternalsince Edgy now :p02:28
jjessecrimsun_: thanks for the offer, iwll look into testing hardy alpha to see how things go02:28
nixternaljjesse: if it is Intel it isn't any better02:28
nixternalmy sound works, I just can't control the volume anymore with my media keys02:28
nosrednaekimnixternal» did you try setting the shortcuts manually in mkix?02:29
crimsun_nixternal: lspci -nv|grep -A1 040302:29
nixternalnosrednaekim: yup, my media keys are the hard wired badboys02:29
nixternal00:1b.0 0403: 8086:27d8 (rev 01) Subsystem: 103c:30a502:29
nixternalrev 01 at least02:29
crimsun_I only care about the SSID :)02:29
nixternalI have seen those with rev 03 want to kill themselves at Install Fests02:30
crimsun_oh, I pushed extra quirks for those already.02:30
nixternalthis KDE 4 issue from the live CD is annoying02:30
nixternalso I should be expecting an update for those one of these days then?02:30
crimsun_they're not in Alpha 5's l-u-m -802:30
crimsun_well, that depends on rtg02:30
nixternalok, so I should expect them in Intrepid02:31
crimsun_you can test alsa-source, though (that's essentially the only thing I'm still concerned about)02:31
crimsun_(need module-assistant, debconf-utils; m-a clean,a-i alsa-source && /sbin/alsa force-reload)02:32
nixternalsudo m-a clean && sudo a-i alsa-source && sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload02:35
nixternalI take it that is the command I should run?02:35
nosrednaekimm-a = module assistant I think......02:35
nixternalNo package specified. STOP.02:35
nixternalif I run m-a clean02:35
nixternalahh, you actually use the ,02:36
nixternalcrimsun_: how long does the 'Building alsa-source, step 1, please wait' stick around for?02:40
nixternalnevermind, right as I hit enter it took off02:40
jjesseunfortnately i've gotten good at  building alsa-source02:45
nixternaldidn't do anything for me02:51
nixternalmedia volume up/down control Master, however master doesn't do anything for me, I have to control the volume via PCM02:51
nixternaland if I set PCM as master, it still isn't controlled by the keys02:51
nixternalannoying, but I just learned to set the kmix icon to allow middle clicking for mute :)02:52
nixternaland if I set it to PCM, I can scroll up and down on the speaker to at least control the volume02:52
nixternalfood time02:52
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nosrednaekimawwww! i'm 1 week too young to be in the GSoC03:02
jjessenosrednaekim: that's a bummer03:12
nosrednaekimone guy suggested I write google an email..... not sure though,guess it couldn't hurt03:13
jjesseit would be cool if they made an exception03:14
jjesseman i'm bored tonight03:18
crimsun_nixternal: you're not using the latest03:19
crimsun_nixternal: see the vcs-bzr entry in the source03:20
nosrednaekimjjesse» do you have op priv to the #kubuntu channel03:36
nosrednaekimnixternal» ping.03:38
nixternalRiddell: it seems that startkde on the KDE 4 cd doesn't have the following:04:24
nixternalexport LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/kde4/lib04:25
nixternalexport KDEDIRS=/usr/lib/kde404:25
nixternalexport PATH=/usr/lib/kde4/bin/:$PATH04:25
nixternalonce I added those to my startkde from the Live CD install, KDE 4 works like a champ04:25
nixternalanyone have an idea on how to fix the fonts to make them look nice? on a fresh install of KDE 4 they look ugly04:35
nixternalnevermind, forced them to 96dpi and they look fine now04:36
nixternalimpressive...KDE 4 with my Radeon 9700 using OpenGL works amazingly well05:09
nixternalcan't say the same for Compiz though05:09
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sereganixternal: how is the weather? is it ok?06:49
nixternalgettin' a lot of snow06:49
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=== hunger_t_ is now known as hunger
* serega_ waves to serega09:55
serega_looks like I forgot to shutdown konversation at home :)09:58
serega_someone, please kick "serega"09:59
hadsserega_: Just recover the nick.10:12
serega_hads: recover?10:17
serega_hads: [Nick] Nickname already in use, try a different one.10:17
hads/msg nickserv help10:18
=== serega_ is now known as serega
seregahads: thank you10:19
Riddellnixternal: /usr/lib/kde4/bin/startkde does have those export lines10:22
Hobbsee!ghost | serega_10:37
ubotuserega_: On IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>10:37
seregaHobbsee: thanks10:38
serzholinohi! Is it enough to add new session file to /usr/share/xsessions to be picked by kdm in kde3?11:00
serzholinoI've added there new session file for my kde4 build, but it doesn't appear in kdm sessions list11:01
seregaI have fixed an issue and packaged my fix. I think I should upload *.diff.gz and *.dsc somewhere11:02
seregaRiddell: Good day, Jonathan. Please excuse my bothering. Who could review/upload my package?11:12
Riddellserega: I should be able to11:21
seregaRiddell: thanks, where to send it to?11:22
Riddellserega: please make a debdiff and upload that somewhere11:22
Riddellserega: make a but report and attach or just put it on a web server and paste the url11:22
Riddellserzholino: yes that should be enough11:23
serzholinostill no luck with kde4 session11:30
Hobbseehi Riddell11:33
seregaRiddell: http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/91882211:35
Riddellhi Hobbsee11:40
Riddellserega: nice11:40
seregaRiddell: thanks. as far as I see install-css.sh is just a sample script. Can I continue my work on real dvdcss autoinstallation is nobody does?11:42
Riddellserega: please do11:43
Riddellserega: just extent install-codecs to also install the dvdcss.deb11:43
Riddellserega: patched kaffeine uploaded thanks11:44
seregaRiddell: ok, I will. thank you Jonathan and please take personal appologizes to you for my long absense11:45
Riddellnixternal: live CD works fine for me12:18
Riddellanyone able to test the amd64 live CD?12:21
seregaRiddell: in the evening12:33
seregaRiddell: I have some questions, please let me know when we can discuss it13:33
jpatrickserega: how goes the translation?13:35
seregajpatrick: pretty good, but I get stuck at the paragraph which references to your .tar.gz13:37
seregajpatrick: I am unsure of directory structure inside of it13:37
jpatrickserega: look at the debian-templ dir in the source tarball, that's it13:38
seregajpatrick: another one issue: I have to google how to compile cyrillic PDF :)13:38
seregajpatrick: it is inaccessible, remember?)13:38
jpatrickserega: why?13:38
jpatrickserega: in kubuntu-tutorials-day-packaging.tar.gz there should be two debian-* dirs13:39
seregajpatrick: host was down, I'll check it now13:39
jpatrickserega: run ./genpdf in the latex source dir too :) to get the PDF13:39
jpatrickserega: yeah, I remember that what was on the host, was in the latex source13:40
seregajpatrick: it is not so easy for cyrillic documents, really13:40
seregajpatrick: do not worry, there are lots of solutions for russian TeX13:41
seregajpatrick: could you remind me your home page URL? I'm at job now13:41
Riddellserega: hi, any time13:51
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
seregaRiddell: in install-codecs script we try to use gksudo and xterm+sudo when kdesu is unavailable. The same is with kdialog. Do we really need this? It is a great source of script complexity13:57
seregaRiddell: I mean kaffeine codec autoinstallation is kubuntu feature, maybe it's must not work even in ubuntu etc13:58
seregaat install script level13:59
Riddellthere's an argument against it14:00
Riddellkaffeine could always just recommend kdesudo and adept and if you don't have those tough14:00
seregaRiddell: do you mean package 'Recommended' property?14:02
=== mi is now known as MuNzE
seregaRiddell: so I can use only KDE-suite utils, right?14:05
Riddellserega: yes14:09
Riddellserega: if those recommends are added I'm happy with that14:09
Riddellserega: one day it can just use package kit of course14:09
seregaRiddell: great. I'll add recommends. thanks!14:10
Riddellserega: and of course it should fail sensibly if they are not installed14:13
seregaRiddell: it will result in kaffeine message "Unable to play"14:15
seregaRiddell: is it acceptable?14:16
Riddellthat's fine14:16
seregathis means "Codec autoinstallation is not possible" indeed :)14:17
seregaRiddell: is that soltion with http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/packages/libdvdcss-i386.php URL still acceptable for us?14:47
Riddellserega: yes I think so14:59
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Riddellnixternal: oh, you were testing amd64.  bummer15:37
seregaRiddell: implement libdvdcss-i386.php as an symbolic link 'libdvdcss-i386.deb' to real deb file. kfmclient tries to handle .php15:41
seregaRiddell: please15:41
Riddellserega: the problem is that packages.medibuntu.org reports it as application/octet-stream mimetype15:45
seregaRiddell: I thought you just mirrored the .deb, didn't you?15:46
Riddellserega: no, it's a forward to packages.medibuntu.org15:47
seregaRiddell: is it possible to make a .deb extension at your side somehow?15:50
seregaRiddell: do not spent too much time, only if it is easy15:51
Riddellsurpringly it seems to work http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/packages/libdvdcss-i386.deb15:54
seregaRiddell: you rock! how did you do that?15:57
Riddellserega: apache lets me set the extension to mimetypes16:03
\shRiddell: isn't this a similarity to kde gears? http://scr3.golem.de/?d=0802/bungie-interview&a=57950&s=116:06
Riddell\sh: not much I'd say16:13
\shRiddell: when I saw this, I wasn't sure if it wasn't the kde symbol ;)16:14
\shbut actually i need some sleep....16:15
apacheloggerjpatrick: pling16:16
apacheloggerahoy, btw :P16:16
jpatrickapachelogger: pong16:17
apacheloggerjpatrick: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/Meetings <-- do we have a nu meeting date? the current one looks out of date... where to add items? meeting+1?16:18
jpatrickapachelogger: hrm, I've lost track of the dates16:19
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
apacheloggerhm, there wasn't much to loose for me ;-)16:19
jpatrickapachelogger: http://packages.qa.debian.org/d/dragonplayer.html16:20
apacheloggerjpatrick: btw, 2.0.1 is out :P16:20
Riddellapachelogger: hmm, it ought to be tomorrow16:20
apacheloggertalking about that... I actually wanted to upload that on sunday :|16:20
jpatrickapachelogger: http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=dragonplayer16:20
Riddellapachelogger: no wait, we had one more recently..16:21
apacheloggerlast wed, wasn't it?16:21
jpatricknext sunday I think it is16:21
apacheloggerthe one without agenda and stuff16:21
Riddellapachelogger: right, so next one should be a week on saturday 8th16:21
apacheloggerRiddell: time as always?16:22
jpatrickapachelogger: 11UTC16:22
Riddellpoke nixternal for the fridge entry16:22
apacheloggernixternal: *poke*16:23
jjessedon't poke nixternal too hard he gets angry16:23
* apachelogger throws his sonic screwdriver at nixternal16:23
seregagdebi-kde doesn't install libdvdcss: http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/91912816:40
serega484 megs of free mem16:42
Riddellserega: that's a known bug16:44
Riddellit hits randomly16:45
nixternal2008-03-08 @ 11:00 UTC?16:45
jpatricknixternal: prefect16:46
seregaRiddell: is it fixed in HArdy?16:46
seregaheh... it really consumes ALL memory :)16:47
nixternalmeeting submitted to the fridge16:48
Riddellserega: unfortunately not, it's very hard to debug16:49
seregaRiddell: ok, I will use it in script anyway in hope this bug will be fixed :-/16:53
=== jpatrick changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to the Kubuntu developers channel | Add ideas https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuSummerOfCodeIdeas | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | Next meeting: Saturday 8th 11UTC
nosrednaekimkicker-compiz and kicker-taskbar-compiz in main in hardy?17:08
seregaRiddell: review please the next patch: http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/91914917:08
jpatricknosrednaekim: ...17:09
jpatricknosrednaekim: nope17:10
nosrednaekimmmk, then we can get rid of that bug report.17:10
jpatricknosrednaekim: there was a LP bug that put them into main when accepted but they were quickly demoted17:11
nosrednaekimbug #19498317:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194983 in desktop-effects-kde "desktop-effects-kde4 should install kicker-compiz & kicker-taskbar-compiz" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19498317:11
jpatricknosrednaekim: I think, won't fix, nice idea tho17:12
nosrednaekimyeah. I was actually thinking it myself. too bad.17:13
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nosrednaekimRiddell: who was I supposed to ping about desktop-effects-kde being included in main?17:40
jpatricknosrednaekim: pitti I think17:41
nixternalI must say, Ubuntu is pretty polished17:45
nixternalawn has some neat scripts/applets too that are kind of handy17:45
nosrednaekimnixternal: hardy now uses AWN by default?17:46
nosrednaekimavant window manager.... a mac os X looking dock17:47
nixternalno, you have to install it17:53
jussi01Hmmm, does anyone know whats the issue with te lang packs atm? getting a few people in #kubuntu asking how to fix. can someone update me?17:59
nixternalonly language pack I ran across with boogs is the Italian one I think, and a fix was uploaded for that18:00
nosrednaekimjussi01: seems the canadian pack was broken (I think)18:00
jussi01Ok, whats the recomended fix?18:01
nixternalcanadian pack? does have like 'ey' or something in it? don't they speak the same english as everyone else? :p18:02
nixternalobviously my language pack is lacking some words, like 'it' for example18:02
nixternaldoes *IT* have like 'ey'.... :p18:02
nixternalsnow blowing time!18:03
nosrednaekimjussi01: eh... quassel doesn't seem to be handling private queys very well... just a moment while I switch to konversation18:03
nosrednaekimjussi01: BRB... gotta do something for my mom18:07
jussi01nixternal: you mentioned a fix was uploaded, was there a bug you know of?18:14
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apacheloggerjpatrick: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dragonplayer/18:48
apacheloggerRiddell: would be nice if you could throw it into gutsy-backports :)18:49
jpatrickapachelogger: the debian one is ready, just awaiting upload18:49
jussi01ooohhh, its apachelogger18:50
* apachelogger is hiding18:50
jpatrickapachelogger: yeah, not as easy as: "dput debian *.changes && echo 'Suffer '"18:50
jussi01apachelogger: I was told you have debs of quassel? is that true? if so, where can i get?18:50
apacheloggerjussi01: I am preparing the upload to my PPA right now18:52
Riddellapachelogger: can't yet, remind me again in a few hours18:53
apacheloggerRiddell: ok18:53
jpatrickapachelogger: hiding from who?18:53
apacheloggerjpatrick: jussi0118:54
jussi01apachelogger: great, Id love to grab them, so do let me know if you can when they are done :)18:54
jpatrickapachelogger: hehe18:54
apacheloggerjussi01: will do18:54
* apachelogger just edited the wrong package18:55
apacheloggerI have 5 revisions of quassel's packaging18:55
apacheloggerjpatrick: is the series name intrepid or ibex?18:57
jpatrickapachelogger: ibex18:57
apacheloggerphew, very good :D18:57
nareshovanyone with ruby-packaging experience here?19:00
Riddellnareshov: seaLne has done a bit19:04
LeeJunFanis it the fault of knetworkmanager or just NetworkManager that when I have a working wifi connection and I plug in ethernet it disconnects wifi and tries to autoconf the ethernet? It would be much better that if there's a working connection and a new one is detected that one would manually select that new connection.19:11
fdovingRiddell: hi, will you be updating the qt4.4 package in your ppa regularly?19:13
jussi01LeeJunFan: as I understand it, it just prefers ethernet over wireless19:13
ScottKLeeJunFan: It's Network Manager.  Not KDE specific and that is by design.19:13
LeeJunFanjussi01: I'm hoping to file a feature request but I'm not sure if it's NetworkManager or knetworkmanager that does it.19:13
LeeJunFanScottK: okay, thanks.19:14
nareshovRiddell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/194463 , please :)19:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194463 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Rubygame" [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:14
Riddellnareshov: doesn't look like a KDE package, try #ubuntu-motu19:16
Riddellfdoving: only as I get time19:16
Riddellfdoving: help would be nice :)19:16
fdovingRiddell: ok. there is a issue in the current ones, i'll try to make an updated version before bedtime.19:18
fdovings/there is a/i have a/19:18
Riddellfdoving: what's the issue?19:19
Riddellfdoving: packaging beta 1 presumably?19:20
fdovingRiddell: the issue is with some qlocalsocket, it should be fixed in the qt-copy svn.19:22
Riddellfdoving: beta 1 is out yesterday19:25
fdovingis qt-copy updated?19:25
Riddellno idea19:26
fdovingi'll find out.19:26
fdovingand make some updated package.19:26
jpatrickapachelogger: it works!19:27
apachelogger_jpatrick: what works?19:27
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
jpatrickapachelogger:  aplg [n=quassel@N739P026.adsl.highway.telekom.at]19:28
apacheloggeroh well19:28
apacheloggerjpatrick: it already did work since about 2 months :P19:28
apacheloggerI just had to try the desktop file ;-)19:28
hungerdoes somebody know why I end up with kdeinit4 complaining about me needing KComponentData object when trying to run KDE4?19:33
apacheloggerthat is one awesome version :D19:46
Nightroseapachelogger: I have got an ubdated package for ksniffer - can you have a look at it?19:46
jussi01apachelogger: in yor ppa now?19:47
apacheloggerjussi01: nope19:47
Nightroseapachelogger: revu?19:47
apacheloggerjussi01: testbuilding right now19:47
* jussi01 is straining at the bit :P19:47
apacheloggerNightrose: debdiff is easier, unless it is a completely new upstream release19:47
Nightroseok - might take a little - just found another problem19:48
jpatrickNightrose: hmm, are you not in #kubuntu-de? :)19:49
Nightrosejpatrick: nope - too bussy and not really useful for me most of the time ;-)19:49
* Nightrose has got too many channels already19:49
Nightroseshould leave some of them, really19:50
apacheloggerjpatrick: she's prefering to talk about the more RL related stuff in the german team channel ;-)19:50
Nightrose:P yea19:50
jpatrickapachelogger: aha19:50
jpatrickjussi01: you on hardy?19:51
jussi01jpatrick: depends, sometimes... but on gutsy mostly19:51
jpatrickjussi01: coult you test semantik for me while you wait?19:52
jussi01jpatrick: on gutsy?19:52
jpatrickjussi01: hardy :)19:52
jussi01jpatrick: hmmm, Id need to reboot...19:53
jussi01so no, not right _now_ sorry19:53
jpatrickjussi01: no problems, I just need to know if the package actually, erm, works19:54
* jpatrick had to add several patchs to get it to build19:54
apacheloggerFinished:   59 seconds ago  (took eight minutes19:54
apacheloggerjussi01: gutsy buidls in my ppa19:57
apacheloggerhardy building right now19:57
jussi01apachelogger: great! (lazyness get the better of me, link?)19:57
apacheloggerno :P19:58
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Nightroseapachelogger: http://pastebin.com/m4f42318a20:22
=== apachelogger is now known as aplg
Nightroseapachelogger: http://www.lydiapintscher.de/tmp/ksniffer.diff21:15
apacheloggerNightrose: it is a new upstream release, isn't it?21:16
Nightroseit is - didn´t I tell you? ;-)21:16
apacheloggerplus, I saied, hopefully, only a debdiff if it isn't a new upstream release :P21:16
NightroseoO ;-)21:17
Nightroseapachelogger: revu?21:17
apacheloggerI can't find a proper howto :P21:18
apacheloggerNightrose: usually you would attach the diff.gz to a LP bug  or - IMHO even better, create an interdiff21:19
apacheloggerNightrose: (LP:#195827) <-- whitespace before # plz21:19
apacheloggerhm, that was everthing Oo21:19
apacheloggerok, now I want the diff.gz :P21:20
apacheloggerthere must be more to update21:20
Nightrosek rebuilding and attaching to bugreport21:20
jussi01apachelogger: hmmm, how do i use this?21:27
ScottK2apachelogger: I thought we gave up on interdiff.21:28
Nightroseapachelogger: bug #195827 has got an attachment for you ;-)21:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195827 in ksniffer "[needs update] ksniffer needs update to version 0.3.2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19582721:30
apacheloggerScottK: yes, that's why I saied diff.gz first ;-)21:33
apacheloggerstill I think interdiff is reasonable sometimes21:34
apacheloggerNightrose: there is something wrong with this diff21:39
Nightrosemeh :/ what?21:40
apacheloggerhold on21:42
apacheloggermaybe my ark just br0ke something21:42
apacheloggersince I broke ark, ark tends to break stuff ;-)21:42
apacheloggerNightrose: did you check for copyright updates?21:43
apacheloggerlike some 2008 copyrights21:43
Nightrosehmm nope - will check21:44
Nightrosewhat is the best way to do that?21:44
apacheloggergrep for 2008 I'd say :)21:44
Nightrosehehe ok21:45
jpatrickgrep "Copyright" *21:45
ScottKapachelogger: If you build the .deb and then use debc that'll show you most of what I tend to use ark for in reviewing a package.21:45
ScottKjpatrick: grep -i even.21:45
ScottKgrep -ir for bonus points.21:45
apacheloggerScottK: building the deb from just a diff.gz might take longer than starting ark twice :)21:46
apacheloggergood suggestion though21:46
ScottKapachelogger: Also less will display a diff.gz.21:46
jpatrickI once saw a funny: for files in dirs; less $file 15 >> ../debian/copyright; end in -motu21:46
Riddellgar, oversized i38621:46
apacheloggerjpatrick: that would make maintaining quite easy :D21:47
jpatrickapachelogger: I forgot what the real command was tho..21:48
apacheloggerNightrose: maintainer needs to change .... current maintainer gets 'XSBC-Original-Maintainer:' as tag, new maintainer is 'Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>'21:48
apacheloggerNightrose: current standards version is 3.7.3 (see http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ or package debian-policy)21:50
apacheloggerNightrose: in hardy homepage is an own tag right under Standards-Version, please place it there and remove it from the long description21:50
jpatrickbonsoir raphink21:51
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to the Kubuntu developers channel | Add ideas https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuSummerOfCodeIdeas | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | Next meeting: Saturday 8th 11UTC | Hug Day! https://wiki.kubuntu.org/UbuntuBugDay/20080228/KDE
* Riddell hugs yuriy 22:08
jjesseyay yurriy22:09
* yuriy hugs Riddell and jjesse22:11
yuriyany mods for kubuntu-users? my message got moderated22:11
* jpatrick hugs yuriy and informs the guys in #kubuntu22:13
Riddellyuriy: not in the moderation queue22:14
Riddellyuriy: try re-sending22:15
fdovingRiddell: my up2date qt4.4 (untested), will become available at http://frode.kde.no/ubuntu/qt4.4/ in a while. currently uploading. feel free to put it into your ppa.22:16
jpatrickRiddell: could you bump my access in #kubuntu to 25? Need it for the "set" command.22:18
Riddellfdoving: great!22:21
Riddelljpatrick: what does that do?22:21
jpatrickRiddell: basically set one of these messages: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57522/22:23
Riddelljpatrick: I don't understand22:24
jpatrickRiddell: /msg ChanServ help set entrymsg - basically it22:25
ryanakcajpatrick: shouldn't Kubuntu have its own entry message? (instead of ripping one off another channel) ?22:25
jpatrickryanakca: I thought one like the #ubuntu one might help ;-)22:26
Riddelljpatrick: right, but what do you need to change and why?22:34
jpatrickRiddell: it doesn't matter :)22:35
_StefanS_anyone know where the background for the moodin-ksplash is?22:42
jpatrick_StefanS_: /usr/share/apps/ksplash/Themes/22:43
_StefanS_jpatrick: thanks ;)22:43
crimsun_nixternal: you mentioned that feisty was the last time mmkeys functioned as expected OOTB?22:44
_StefanS_Riddell: is the current one cached somewhere? I can get it to change22:44
_StefanS_Riddell: really odd.. the symlink point to the correct image also.22:45
jpatrick_StefanS_: bug #12912622:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129126 in ksplash-engine-moodin "moodin caches themes in user directory" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12912622:45
_StefanS_right then.22:45
Riddell_StefanS_: yes22:45
_StefanS_recompile it is.22:45
Riddellit's not compiled22:45
_StefanS_ah yep22:46
Riddellpatches welcome for a sensible way to detect that the cache is out of date22:46
_StefanS_yes.. I wonder how to do that actually since it converts the image to png22:47
_StefanS_someday maybe :)22:47
_StefanS_Riddell: anyways, I've prepared some screenshots of hardy, the way I would want it to look: http://enhance-it.dk/hardy/22:55
_StefanS_Riddell: its qtcurve + crystal w/new buttons + other wallpaper, and a little darker titlebars22:55
Nightroseapachelogger: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ksniffer/+bug/195827 - next try ;-)22:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195827 in ksniffer "[needs update] ksniffer needs update to version 0.3.2" [Undecided,New]22:58
yuriy_StefanS_: eeeek :P22:59
_StefanS_yuriy: what parts are eek ? :)23:00
Riddell_StefanS_: it's all artwork to me, convince kwwii :)23:00
_StefanS_Riddell: right.23:00
_StefanS_Riddell: I will.23:00
yuriythe titlebar buttons (the current hardy ones are very nice though last i checked) and the menu hilight and the scrollbars23:00
_StefanS_yuriy: too dark borders?23:01
yuriy_StefanS_: yeah i think that describes it well23:01
_StefanS_yuriy: whats wrong with the scrollbars?23:01
_StefanS_yuriy: too light?23:01
yuriybut also i rather like polyester. and of course been using just oxygen for the past month and a half..23:01
yuriy_StefanS_: overall i guess the style looks to much like keramik to me23:02
_StefanS_yuriy: but the shadow on the titlebar is nice, dont you think ?23:02
yuriywhat shadow?23:02
_StefanS_yuriy: text on the titlebars23:02
yuriyoh, yes23:03
_StefanS_yuriy: enhances readability alot compared to now I think23:03
_StefanS_yuriy: I not all that pro glass, but I didnt want to change it completely23:03
_StefanS_yuriy: I/I'm23:03
_StefanS_wel.. good night23:08
NightroseRiddell: KSniffer update done and reviewed by Harald - will bug him about it again tomorrow (think he went to sleep already)23:26
nixternal_anyone feel like teaching me all about database normalization, multivalue dependencies, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, 4NF, BCNF?23:59
nixternal_this stuff is totally stupid23:59
* Nightrose was forced to learn it a year ago and hated it23:59

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