mohbanaany idea where PHP iCalendar is?00:01
deurytehello boys and girl !00:02
deuryteplease!!!!           not verybody at once!!00:03
deuryteok, a guy walks into a bar..........00:03
deuryteanyway, i do need a little assistance  provafor00:04
pipatronSome /kick assistance00:05
deurytei need to know if there is or are "commands" that bring kde back to default steeings / almost like restoring to and earlier date,  i installed gaurddog, and a portsniffing program, and while surfing it eventually quit accessing the web. it dials in, but wont acces a single page........00:06
deuryte???   please !!!00:07
pipatronI don't think anyone will respond three times as fast if you use three exclamation marks, actually00:08
tretl1maybe you portsniffed too many ip's and your isp is on to u :D00:08
deurytewell im new to chat and am not familiar with protocols......  please forgive......nooby00:09
diamond5pamWith Captain Hamza first fell on00:09
diamond5pamTo talk on things relating to religion:00:09
diamond5pamTheir speech did then all of a sudden thicken,00:09
diamond5pamAnd one affront received another back.00:09
diamond5pamUnto Mitchunovitch the Captain said:00:09
diamond5pam“Thou Vlach! Better am I than thou! Dost hear?00:09
diamond5pamKnow’st not that letter is my faith than thine!00:09
diamond5pamI mount my steed and gird me with sharp sword,00:09
diamond5pamAnd I am captain, too, of royal town;00:09
diamond5pamThree hundred years my line has govern’d there,00:09
diamond5pamAt the sword point my grandsire did it gain,00:09
diamond5pamWhen so were fix’d the destinies of States:00:09
diamond5pamTo me to rule ii cometh down by right.“00:09
diamond5pamThen Vuk Mitchunovitch up straightway fir’d,00:09
diamond5pamAnd Hamza thus address’d as he drew near: -00:09
tretl1kick him00:09
diamond5pam“Villein am I? thou hog and renegade!00:09
diamond5pamIs traitor better then than knight?00:09
diamond5pamHow canst thou talk of ‘sword’ and ‘Kossovo’?00:09
diamond5pamWere we not there together on that day?00:09
diamond5pamI wrestled then, and still I wrestle now,00:09
diamond5pamBut thou hast ever traitor been, both first and last;00:09
diamond5pamThyself hast thou dishonour’d ’fore the world:00:09
diamond5pamThou hast denied the faith of all thy fathers:00:09
diamond5pamAnd hast enslaved thyself to strangers!00:09
diamond5pamWhy boast then of thy town, or of thy lordship?00:09
diamond5pamAll Turkish towns that neighboring are to us,00:09
diamond5pamHave I not girdled them with marble tombs?00:10
diamond5pamSo that for men no longer are they towns,00:10
diamond5pamBut rather prisons for unhappy captives!00:10
diamond5pamI am a scourge of God, for thee prepar’d.00:10
diamond5pamTo bring to mind the evil thou hast wrought!”00:10
diamond5pam 00:10
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deuryte need to know if there is or are "commands" that bring kde back to default steeings / almost like restoring to and earlier date,  i installed gaurddog, and a portsniffing program, and while surfing it eventually quit accessing the web. it dials in, but wont acces a single page.....00:10
pipatrondeuryte: And asking the same question twice usually doesn't get a faster response either00:11
tretl1try #kubuntu00:12
deurytei did it cause that other guy covered me up00:12
deurytewhat is this room for?00:12
pipatronDiscussing the latest ubuntu beta00:12
diamond5pamWith Captain Hamza first fell on00:12
diamond5pamTo talk on things relating to religion:00:12
deurytenot kde? this is where some one pointed me to00:13
diamond5pamTheir speech did then all of a sudden thicken,00:13
diamond5pamAnd one affront received another back.00:13
diamond5pamUnto Mitchunovitch the Captain said:00:13
diamond5pam“Thou Vlach! Better am I than thou! Dost hear?00:13
diamond5pamKnow’st not that letter is my faith than thine!00:13
diamond5pamI mount my steed and gird me with sharp sword,00:13
diamond5pamAnd I am captain, too, of royal town;00:13
diamond5pamThree hundred years my line has govern’d there,00:13
diamond5pamAt the sword point my grandsire did it gain,00:13
diamond5pamWhen so were fix’d the destinies of States:00:13
diamond5pamTo me to rule ii cometh down by right.“00:13
pipatronWhy do people think this is the KDE support channel?00:13
diamond5pamThen Vuk Mitchunovitch up straightway fir’d,00:13
diamond5pamAnd Hamza thus address’d as he drew near: -00:13
diamond5pam“Villein am I? thou hog and renegade!00:13
diamond5pamIs traitor better then than knight?00:13
diamond5pamHow canst thou talk of ‘sword’ and ‘Kossovo’?00:13
diamond5pamWere we not there together on that day?00:13
diamond5pamI wrestled then, and still I wrestle now,00:13
diamond5pamBut thou hast ever traitor been, both first and last;00:13
diamond5pamThyself hast thou dishonour’d ’fore the world:00:13
diamond5pamThou hast denied the faith of all thy fathers:00:13
diamond5pamAnd hast enslaved thyself to strangers!00:13
diamond5pamWhy boast then of thy town, or of thy lordship?00:13
diamond5pamAll Turkish towns that neighboring are to us,00:13
diamond5pamHave I not girdled them with marble tombs?00:13
diamond5pamSo that for men no longer are they towns,00:13
diamond5pamBut rather prisons for unhappy captives!00:13
diamond5pamI am a scourge of God, for thee prepar’d.00:13
diamond5pamTo bring to mind the evil thou hast wrought!”00:13
diamond5pam 00:13
tretl1!kick diamond5pam00:15
Flannel!ops | diamond5pam00:15
ubotudiamond5pam: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!00:15
Dave2.k-flood *@12-205-109-228.client.mchsi.com00:16
LjLtry again00:16
Dave2damn typing...00:16
naliothDave2: fail00:16
Dave2indeed :(00:16
tretl1that ip only points to a proxie :(00:17
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naliothtretl1: we know00:17
pipatron/ignore works fine00:17
tretl1i thought there was some sort of anti flooding system on freenode00:18
naliothtretl1: there is.00:20
tretl1didnt seem to stop the spam on this occasion00:20
Flanneltretl1: You can get around it by talking slow enough00:21
DanaGCue the gRIM plugin... (theme song about Arnold Rimmer)00:23
DanaG.... not.00:23
tretl1lol, red dwarf :) great show00:25
ShitStainzhey guys, could you please read this and let me know if i can fix my system? http://dpaste.com/36831/00:33
FlannelShitStainz: please change your nick, you've already been asked twice.00:35
ShitStainzchange it to what?00:35
ShitStainzanything else?00:35
=== ShitStainz is now known as nemil2k5
nemil2k5is this better?00:36
DanaGMuch better.00:36
feierfoxwhat do you think: are to many changes in the 2.6.24er kernel to to hardy "LTS-(stable)-enough"?00:36
lmillerIf I did a Dapper to Hardy upgrade today, what chance of success do you think I would have?00:36
feierfoxor will the new features be stable in 2.6.25 +00:36
nemil2k5now if someone can "try" to help me00:36
pipatronnemil2k5: I'm afraid that's impossible at the moment00:37
DanaGSounds like you're stuck in an indeterminate state.  Metapackage to reinstall: ubuntu-desktop.  Use the Hardy repos.00:37
DanaGDowngrading can break things very easily.00:37
nemil2k5but i cant seem to use the internet through recovery console00:38
Flannelnemil2k5: Alternate CD00:38
DanaGsudo dhclient eth000:38
DanaGon wired interface.00:38
nemil2k5im on wireless00:38
DanaGOpen or WPA?00:38
nemil2k5oh wait wpa00:38
DanaGaah, iwconfig will do it.00:38
nemil2k5its wpa00:38
nemil2k5i have a passkey00:38
DanaGOh, I don't remember how to do wpa with command line.00:38
DanaGI do know it's possible, though.00:39
nemil2k5i ready to re-install the entire thing (its too much of a hassle, i know), but is tthere a way i could backup my old config files to use it on my new install?00:39
nemil2k5i am ready*00:39
nemil2k5if i use my livecd, i can see the .wine, .xchat2, and all those folders00:40
DanaGIs there nowhere you can go on wired ethernet?00:40
DanaGor no way to temporarily set the access point to open?00:40
nemil2k5its not my router00:40
nemil2k5so i cant access it00:40
nemil2k5i just need some way to save some o fmy settings00:41
Flannelnemil2k5: Alternate CD + sneakernet00:41
nemil2k5if i can do taht, im ready to re-install00:41
DanaGWait a minute, you can use desktop CD and chroot.00:41
nemil2k5what do you mean? (im a little new)00:42
DanaGBut before doing stuff with apt within the chroot, edit the sources.list to point to Hardy again.00:43
nemil2k5also Flannel, whats sneakernet? also how do i use the alternate cd (through recovery)00:43
nemil2k5i dont want hardy tho00:43
nemil2k5(i had the gutsy install) but i mistakenly put in hardy repos and updated00:43
nemil2k5hey guys, im going for a class right now, but i will be back later (to ask for more help if needed)00:47
Flannelnemil2k5: Alternate CD can be treated like a repository (to downgrade or upgrade to).  Sneakernet is what you do when you have no net (wired or wireless), you put stuff on physical mediums, and walk (on sneakers) to the computer00:49
DanaGUnfortunately, downgrading back to Gutsy is rather complicated, and it is truly much easier with network.00:49
nemil2k5cant i chroot into my gutsy?00:49
DanaGYeah, but if using the alternate CD, it'll still have no network.  YOu'll need to do wpasupplicant stuff manually.00:50
nemil2k5is the alternate CD a guaranteed work?00:50
nemil2k5i mean, i know i have broken it pretty good00:51
lmillerShould I go from Dapper to Hardy or Dapper to Edgy?00:51
nemil2k5needs massive repair00:51
RAOFlmiller: Dapper to Hardy, probably.  But not yet :)00:51
RAOFlmiller: Unless you're wanting to help make Dapper -> Hardy work, of course :)00:51
Flannellmiller: Its doable, some people have done it, we could use more testing at the moment ;)00:51
DanaGOh yeah, another thing: the downgrade itself can be rather complicated.00:52
lmillerit's a tough call00:52
DanaGman apt_preferences00:52
lmillerhardy seems almost there00:52
DanaGThere's a way to give Hardy packages negative priority, essentially.00:52
lmillerand who know what cruft will accumulate between dapper to edgy to feisty to gutsy00:52
Flannellmiller: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades#head-e7f287c730b93116f89de7ea7e05efbe95fa6dd100:52
nemil2k5DanaG, do you think i can copy some of the folders from ym old filesystem and use them (if i install the same apps on my new install again?)00:53
Flannellmiller: you really don't want to do that upgrade, Even if you're just going to wait for Hardy00:53
lmillerFlannel: The one via edgy, gutsy, etc?00:53
Flannellmiller: yeah.00:53
Flannellmiller: What do you need in gutsy/hardy so urgently?00:54
lmillerIt's my laptop, runs dapper but half of the stuff on it doesn't work and I have limited internet connection. Today I have it networked for once and so is a good chance to upgrade it.00:55
Flannellmiller: I'd try the hardy upgrade.  First download the alternate CD just in case.01:00
Flannellmiller: Or at least, download the Gutsy CD, so if hardy goes south, you can reinstall that.01:00
lmillerNo CD01:00
RAOFRemember to make note of, and file the bugs that you find!01:00
Flannellmiller: Well, download the ISO at least, so you can burn a CD later.  You should always keep a recent CD (live is good if it works with your system) on hand anyway01:01
lmillerNo CD device in the laptop01:01
lmillerIt has USB but can't boot from USB01:02
lmillerIt's oldish and ultaportable01:02
FlannelWell, anyway.  I'd definately do the hardy thing.  Since, Dapper to Edgy to Feisty to Gutsy is crappy.01:02
RAOFI think the alternate CD has some instructions about setting it up for netboot/netinstall :)01:02
RAOFFor an absolute last-ditch backup plan.01:03
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:03
lmillerRAOF: It can't net boot01:03
FlannelFirst link has lots of creative methods01:03
lmillerHmm, iso from within linux might be a very good idea01:04
RAOFlmiller: Man.  How did you install Ubuntu on there in the first place! :)01:05
lmillerRAOF: I took the HDD out of the laptop and put it in my desktop. That was a long time ago and it wasn't a pleasant experience01:09
lmillerand only partially successful01:09
lmillerI think it installed a lot of stuff for the desktop machine!01:10
MFenfirefox 3 is broken in several crucial ways.. is there any way to go back to firefox 2?01:17
Arwengah, cksfv is gone01:17
Arwenhow am I supposed to calculate CRC32s now01:17
ArtimusArwen: See if cfv is installable.  I didn't like it, but it worked...01:20
=== Spec is now known as x-spec-t
Arwencfv doesn't make any sense to me...01:23
Arwenhow do I actually calculate a sum?01:23
Arwenok, time to add cksfv to my list of software that needs to be built..01:24
ArtimusArwen: I compiled bsdsfv.  It's only got one source file, it was rather nice.01:25
Arwenoh? hmm01:25
Artimus"gcc -o bsdsfv bsdsfv.c"01:31
ArtimusI've been meaning to write a man page for it and then try to get it into Ubuntu01:31
Arwenwtf, it only scans rars by default?01:32
Arwenand... it can't print CRCs to stdout?01:32
ArtimusIs this cfv you're looking at?01:32
Artimusahh, yeah...01:35
ArtimusI only really verify things01:35
ArtimusI use md5sum's for personal use01:35
Arwenhmm... VLC can't find firefox-dev01:37
Arwenthat's disturbing01:37
Arwenand sudo'd apps don't preserve KDE styling...01:38
Arwenyes, I know that....01:40
Arwenand yeah, VLC's build deps are b0rk3d. Where did the firefox devel headers go?01:41
=== credible_ is now known as credible
FlannelArwen: use kdesu for graphical apps, and, they'd use the root user's styles.01:44
Andre_Gondimis there some tip to use bash completation at hardy?01:44
ArwenFlannel, I tried setting the styles as root but that doesn't do anything either01:45
FlannelArwen: make sure you use kdesu for both setting styles, and starthing the apps01:45
FlannelArwen: (or gksu if you've got gnome as well)01:45
ArwenI did01:45
Arwenit doesn't do anything01:45
Arwene.g. kdesu synaptic looks scary ugly01:46
Arwenbut what concerns me more is... FIREFOX IS MISSING01:46
Flannelsynaptic will use your gnome styles01:47
ArwenFlannel, I know, I set the gnome style to QT emulation01:47
Arwenmore importantly... where is firefox??01:47
FlannelArwen: firefox 3 is in the repos.  http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/firefox-3.0 with a metapackage of "firefox" as well01:48
ArwenFlannel, yes, I know that. Where are my dev headers?01:48
Arwenfirefox-3.0-dev has NO FILES01:48
Arwensame with firefox-dev01:48
FlannelAh, you're right.  File a bug report01:49
ArwenI need the files now :-(01:49
* Arwen wonders how whoever VLC's maintainer is managed to build the plugin without said files...01:49
Flannelsource package?01:49
Andre_GondimDoes anyone have problem with bash completation, is there fix?01:49
jexmexI am running gusty but just installed the 2.6.24-8 kernal01:49
jexmexI cannot boot up into 2.6.24-8 but I can 2.6.24-1401:50
ArwenFlannel, source package is firefox01:50
RAOFjexmex: The 2.6.24-8 kernel is not supported on Gutsy.  Don't be surprised if it breaks (as it seems to have done for you) :)01:50
jexmexI am thinking its a video problem01:51
jexmexbut not really sure where I should start debugging01:51
FlannelArwen: Installing the source package (apt-get source firefox-3.0) should install the headers as well, yes? (not the headers package, but the headers proper)01:51
jexmexI am updating the kernel to try to fix a problem with wireless dropping01:51
Arwenthen I'd get a tarball of em without knowing where to put em, Flannel01:51
FlannelArwen: You don't need to put them any partiular place, if you tell the compiler to include that path in the includes.01:52
ArwenI'd have to edit debian/rules01:52
Arwendon't wanna have that end up in the final package..01:52
FlannelFor what?01:52
Arwendoes that really matter?01:53
FlannelYou're compiling another package that you need the firefox headers for?01:53
FlannelAlright, well, like I said, file a bug report, and apparently you can't do much else except wait01:54
Arwenbah, time to go fix the package myself...01:54
Flannel#ubuntu-mozillateam may be able to provide more assistance01:54
sayersIs kubuntu+1 pumping out kde4 yet?03:30
sayersby defualt DE?03:31
Hobbseethere is a cd in the works03:33
lmillerHow do I enable the hardy-proposed  on my dapper machine, just add it to sources.list or is there a preferred way?03:38
nemil2k5only adding it to the sources.list is the only way03:40
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Hobbseelmiller: hardy-proposed has nothing in it.03:46
RAOFlmiller: I think you're wanting dapper-proposed, right?  To test the upgrade to hardy?03:46
lmillerI thought hardy-proposed would contain the dist for hardy03:48
lmillerso what's in dapper-proposed?03:48
Wasserstoffsee the topic03:48
Wasserstoffit explains how to update LTS->LTS03:48
=== SomeHelp is now known as nemil2k5
lmillerexcept in the thread associated with the guide someone says "I wasted way too much time trying to enable dapper-proposed (not necessary, repository is not in sources.list, and I couldn't find the URL documented anywhere ... untrue, unnecessary..."03:51
Hobbseemeh, forums.03:52
* Hobbsee suggests urls 2,3,4,7, and more.03:53
Hobbseebut forums people are terrible at searching, it appears.03:53
Hobbseedapper proposed is *very* hard to find03:53
RAOFlmiller: "hardy-proposed" is for packages that need testing before being moved to hardy-updates.  Since everyone is already testing everything in hardy, hardy-proposed is empty (as is hardy-updates), and will be until after Hardy is released.03:54
RAOFlmiller: dapper-proposed is for packages that need testing before being moved to dapper-updates.  Since Dapper has been released, dapper-proposed & dapper-updates are non-empty :)03:54
RAOFIn hardy, at least, there's a nice checkbox in software-sources-gtk to enable hardy-updates & hardy-proposed.  It's been too long since I've touched a dapper system for me to comment on the Dapper experience :)03:56
lmillerwell, it's all whirring away now03:56
lmillershould take my little laptop 12-16 hours to handle it all03:56
lmillerhope it doesn't run out of HDD03:56
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Centaur5If /lib/modules/2.6.24-8-generic/ubuntu/wireless/iwlwifi/iwlwifi/compatible/iwl3945.ko exists but modprobe iwl3945 says it can't find it what do I do?04:12
DanaGsudo depmod -a04:14
DanaGThat updates module paths and dependencies.04:14
Centaur5does that require a reboot afterwards?04:15
DanaGYou can try modprobe (or with -v for verbose) again afterwards.04:17
Centaur5very odd, still doesn't find it.04:18
Centaur5possible bug?04:23
DanaGBeats me.04:23
Centaur5Perhaps I'll wait for the next kernel update before filing a bug report.04:24
lmiller"could not calculate the upgrade"04:25
DanaGoh, modinfo iwl394504:28
RAOFlmiller: That's awkward04:28
RAOFlmiller: This should be bugfiling time.  Of course, if your current install is kinda broken that makes it more difficult for the upgrade process to work.-04:29
dareiianybody know if i install "kubuntu-desktop from the hardy repos is it 4.0 or still 3.5.804:29
lmillerRAOF: My current install is just fine thankyou very much. Just what are you implying?!?04:29
RAOFAh, tone.  Not easily conveyed over IRC :)04:30
lmillerI disabled the dapper repositories when I enabled dapper-proposed. In hindsight I don't think I should've done that.04:30
Centaur5DanaG: modinfo just says it doesn't exist either04:31
RAOFlmiller: Yup.  dapper-proposed builds upon dapper.  You generally can't install stuff from dapper-proposed without having daper enabled.04:31
Centaur5DanaG: That's exactly what I thought, ipw3945 exists as well and I have the exact same issue.04:32
DanaGMight permissions be screwed up?04:33
=== Wasserstoff is now known as Hydrogen
RAOFdareii: You get 4.0, I believe.  Failing that, installing "kde4" will defititely get you 4.0 :)04:33
Centaur5DanaG: root owns that module, should that be otherwise?04:34
dareiipersonal opinion: 4.0 not as good as 3.5.804:34
RAOFdareii: Certainly not as usable, yes.04:34
DanaG-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 106148 2008-02-14 17:18 /lib/modules/2.6.24-8-generic/ubuntu/wireless/iwlwifi/iwlwifi/compatible/iwl3945.ko04:35
dareiiit looks good but not as customizable04:35
lmilleralright, I'll let you know how it went tomorrow!04:36
Centaur5DanaG: Yep, that's exactly how it is, even the time is almost the same.  :)04:36
dareiii hate to mess up a good gnome install by install kde-guess i'll just leave it alone04:36
RAOFHeh.  That's a *good* thing in my book; KDE tends to have so much customisation that it obscures the useful options.04:36
DanaGYeah, but now all the useful panel apps no longer exist.04:37
RAOFdareii: I've installed & removed kde4 with (practiacally) no ill effects :)04:37
DanaGOne thing that keeps me with Gnome: all the panel applets are big and bulky.04:37
DanaGI'd want the Gnome panel applets in KDE, essentially.04:37
RAOFdareii: My laptop is somewhat knackered at this point, but I don't think that's KDE4's fault.04:37
dareiihardy's working perfect for me (acer aspire)04:37
dareiisometimes when i restart my gnome panel applets are moved even if i have them all locked04:39
DanaGI don't lock them, for exactly that reason -- it just makes them harder to unlock.04:39
DanaGOh, and what do you do if your panel gets dragged to the side accidentally, and there's no room to grab the bar anymore?04:40
dareiikde has option to lock all panel at one time04:40
AtomicSpark2 moar months. :D04:41
DanaGToo late to get in Fedora's time-changing wallpaper.  Dangit.04:42
DanaGHave you seen Fedora 8?  Try booting the LiveCD in a VM, or on a real PC, and then once in a while, look at the wallpaper.04:43
dareiii just did an update - i'll reboot and see if eveything's working. for some reason my battery monitor quit working right04:43
Centaur5dareii: Mine doesn't work either.04:43
RAOFdareii: Known problem with hal.04:43
chris___1hi, I just installed hardy and now kdm starts up fine but when I put in my password and hit enter it goes to the kde loading screen then X restarts back to the login screen04:44
Centaur5RAOF: Good to know, I won't file it then.  :)04:44
chris___1any ideas?04:44
RAOFCue DanaG's "I always read the changelogs before updating" :)04:44
dareiiRAOF: thanks for the info!04:44
DanaGIt's also good to follow links to bug reports.04:44
dareiiit started after an update few days ago04:44
Centaur5Could anybody tell me if ebox is going to be working well in Hardy?04:45
RAOFCentaur5: Dunno.  Does it work well *now*?04:45
burneri think ebox stuff was postponed for hardy+104:45
chris___1guys, I need some help here, I'm stuck on the command line. anybody else having kde startup problems?04:46
burnerchris___1: use gdm :)04:46
Kuniburner: intrepid?04:46
Centaur5RAOF: I tried to use it when Gutsy first came out and it was broken. Soren posted a blog saying that he wasn't able to make good enough progress. I can't find any update on whether it will be ready for Hardy.04:46
RAOFCentaur5: Right.  I obviously don't know what ebox actually *is*, this is just my standard response :)04:46
chris___1burner: it's not kdm that is the problem. i'm downloading gnome now...04:46
chris___1burner: I get weird xsession errors too04:47
burnerebox is a glorified webmin application for servers04:47
Centaur5burner: Good to know about ebox, slight disappointment but I guess I'll keep waiting.04:47
RAOFchris___1: It sounds like something is killing X as you start up, right?  KDE4?  Using the funky effects?04:47
RAOFchris___1: Of course, pastebinning the errors is a good start :)04:47
chris___1RAOF: nope, kde 3.5. It default install of kubuntu hardy.04:47
burnerthe real question is, how the hell did thunar take over as default file manager?  I want nautilus to open when I click "places -> home" not thunar!  anyone have ideas?04:47
chris___1RAOF: I get this weird xsession_error about "04:48
RAOFchris___1: Pastebin .xsession-errors.04:48
RAOFchris___1: (1) It avoids annoying the channel at large, and (2) it's likely to provide useful context.04:48
chris___1definition of pluralform is none of noplural/twoforms/then a bunch of language sounding stuff here.04:48
chris___1I can't pastebin unles syou can tell me how to do it from the command line.04:49
chris___1next line is kdeinit:communication error with launcher. Exiting!04:49
RAOFchris___1: aptitude install pastebinit :)04:50
chris___1heh. nifty.04:50
chris___1hopefully that worked.04:52
RAOFYup.  Checking it now.04:52
RAOFSo, while that worked, it doesn't really contain anything that tells me what's wrong, sorry :(04:53
chris___1what else should I pastebin?04:53
RAOFUuuuuuum.  I don't know.04:53
RAOFGo for it.04:56
RAOFNothing seems amiss there.04:57
chris___1ok heres /var/log/kdm.log04:57
chris___1and here's syslog:04:59
RAOFThat's not very interesting...04:59
RAOFHm... Maybe the console-kit problem is interesting there, but I've got no idea how to fix it/diagnose further.05:00
unique_On Hardy alpha 5 is anyone else having probs where the desktop icons are missing and you can't right click on  the desktop?05:00
RAOFI'd suggest filing a bug, and attaching all of these files to it.05:00
bazhangunique_: with desktop effects enabled yes05:01
Hobbseealpha 5 is old, anyway05:01
unique_with or without05:01
unique_it's alpha 5 with all the updates05:01
bazhangunique_: I disabled them completely and the problem went away05:01
unique_disabled compiz?05:01
unique_tryed it05:01
unique_still no go05:01
chris___1RAOF: how do I file a bug from the command line? fileabugit?;)05:02
bazhangplus I added all the updates and all the restricted extras/kernel restricted modules05:02
bazhangruns fine now ;]05:02
RAOFchris___1: Um.  You *can* open bugs via email, if you've got mutt or somesuch.05:02
unique_something weird is that if i hit Alt F2 and type gksudo nautilus my wallpaper changes to the root default wallpaper and i get the icons back but for the root account not my normal user05:02
burnerrun "gksudo nautilus --no-desktop"05:03
bazhangis it still gksudo? thought it had changed to gksu05:03
chris___1then I would have to figure out how to use mutt... I'll just wing it and hope gnome works.05:03
bazhangunique_: do you normally run as super user?05:04
unique_as the user i created durring install05:04
chris___1one last question, do you know where the real xorg.conf file is? the on at /etc/X11/xorg.conf doesn't have half the stuff I would expect in there.05:04
bazhanghave to wait for someone smart to comment then ;]05:05
Hydrogenthat is the real file.05:05
DanaGHeh:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Feta_Kuti_without_blood05:14
DanaGSomebody should comment on that.05:14
bazhangI like the scary one better ;]05:15
DanaGPerhaps the red just needs to have its shape changed a bit.05:16
DanaGLike, make it look like a real bird's coloration, not like an "omg bloody" look.05:16
bazhangtrue good point05:17
bazhangeither is better than the brown of old though05:17
DanaGJust needs a GDM theme.05:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about war - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about peace - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dev/null - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:35
edsimongood morning05:39
jamalfHi, I'm having a problem with a copy of Alpha 5 that I just installed. Its telling me to get the broadcom firmware from this url in an error in dmesg. When I try to follow the instructions from the link it gives me (http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#devicefirmware) the make fails with a ton of errors05:52
jamalfI have to do this in failsafe terminal too. When I boot to the normal one it just goes black right after loading the gnome panels and goes back to the login screen.05:52
jamalfOh nevermind, its probably because I haven't installed the build tools05:58
jamalfwell, the firmware issue was totally unrelated to it logging out right after it logs in06:04
edsimonis this os as fast as xppro?06:08
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edsimonhello and thanks for lettiing me in on the chat session!06:10
jamalfI just finished installing Hardy Heron, but when I try to login, it starts loading all the way to the gnome panels loading, the screen then goes black and I'm taken back to the black screen. How could I debug this issue? I've been trying to look in different logs but can't find anything. Thanks in advanced.06:19
jyro215since the changes in nautilus, where does trash go when you delete something as Root?06:20
bazhangedsimon faster06:28
jamalfWould compiz try to start by default when you login?06:44
Laser87Compiz no, Beryl yes, CompizFusion ?06:47
jamalfI would assume compiz-fusion06:47
jamalfberyl isn't even installed... compiz is what is installed by default06:48
Laser87Sry, the hardware on which I have HardyHeron doesn't support 3D - so I don't know06:50
jamalfohh alright06:50
jamalfwell, i don't think mine even does currently  :\... i'm just trying to figure out why it would log me out while its logging in06:51
jamalfoh... well nevermind06:51
jamalfafter i did a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg it works06:52
jamalfthere must have been something wrong on my xorg.conf :)06:52
P2502cpu load 80% when moving windows with compiz disabled, and 3% with compiz enabled. so actually X uses software rendering with compiz disabled06:52
savvaswhen i tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg it got to the keyboard and didn't go further to select a video driver etc06:53
P2502but system monitor ignoring all rules, causing spikes up to 80% even with compiz enabled, mmm06:58
DanaGGnome System Monitor sucks -- it doesn't even scroll smoothly on the graphs.06:59
DanaGFor me, it goes slideLURCH slideLURCH slideLURCH slideLURCH slideLURCH slideLURCH06:59
P2502new gnome system monitor is disaster07:00
P2502sliding windows from/to minimize state 40% cpu load with compiz enabled, so parts of compiz still uses software rendering?07:03
P2502isnt nv driver supposed to use "accelerated" rendering for 2D?07:07
P2502i tested it too07:08
jianfeiwhats a really good desktop sidebar for hardy?07:08
DanaGheh, felt like being random.07:08
jianfeilooks cool?07:09
tekoholicAnyone here got any hints for me, on connecting my bt headset (sco) to pulseaudio under Hardy?07:16
DanaGOh, you have to manually load the alsa-sink module for that device.07:16
DanaGIt's too detailed to describe that here, though.07:16
tekoholicWhere might I find this info?07:17
DanaGdo aplay -L to find the list of devices.07:19
DanaGYou can use CARD=Whatever to not have to worry about the index of the snd-bt-sco device.07:20
tekoholicDanaG, Thanx much.  I've been looking for this info for MONTHS!!07:20
DanaGreplace hw:0 with hw:CARD=Headset (or whatever)07:21
jianfeiDanaG: do you have a URL for a desktop sidebar I cant find07:22
ethana2Did any of you see this? --  http://improveverywhere.com/2008/02/25/mobile-desktop/07:22
ethana2I'm already getting ideas to spread Ubuntu...07:22
ethana2How hard would it be for the average LoCo group to raise $200?07:22
Myrth[home]hi, since upgrade to 8.04 all my java apps give this error: http://paste2.org/p/1436507:26
Myrth[home]any ideas?07:26
DanaGOoh, new thing about bluetooth:   http://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices07:28
DanaGtekoholic: ping:  "Ooh, new thing about bluetooth:   http://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices "07:36
tekoholicDanaG, I've seen that one, and followed it repeatedly, to no avail.  Thank you, none the less, for your help, and I'll try it again, in conjunction with your first hints!!07:39
DanaGIt actually may need bluez-alsa, though.07:39
DanaGAnd check out the gnome-bluetooth applet; there07:39
DanaGthere's a checkbox for "audio service"07:39
DanaGHow do I get tracker to stop popping up the godforsaken "merging indexes" thingy?07:41
DanaGagain popped up.07:42
perdentehey, I'm trying to run ./configure for gvfs but I came across this error, what should I do? checking for GLIB... configure: error: Package requirements (glib-2.0 >= 2.15.6 gthread-2.0 gobject-2.0 gmodule-no-export-2.0 gio-unix-2.0 gio-2.0) were not met:07:43
DanaGagain popped up.07:44
DanaGI'm going to say that every time the Tracker thingy pops up.07:44
DanaGagain popped up.07:45
DanaGagain popped up.07:45
nekostarany limit to % of max ram one can make into ramdisk?07:46
credibleDanaG: that's quite enough.07:46
nekostarwas wondering if i got 8GB if i could make a 4GB ramdisk07:46
perdenteheh, I get it, that way, your as annoying as the tracker you're upset at ^_^07:47
credibleperdente: I'm sure hardy will have that update soon07:47
DanaGBut I am done now... I've made my point/07:48
ethana2do we have a real-time ideapool equivalent IRC channel?07:48
perdentecredible, you think so? sweet, cuz I love having the ability to connect to servers by default07:49
credibleperdente: if ubotu is up to date, hardy's glib is too old (by one micro version)07:49
credibleand building that yourself would be pretty crazy07:49
crediblehardy is still alpha ;)07:49
Assidany chance you you guys know how cram-md5 and auth login works ?07:49
nekostarany limit to % of max ram one can make into ramdisk? was wondering if i got 8GB if i could make a 4GB ramdisk?07:50
perdentecredible, yeah, you're probably right, its just that I was working on a  website and I stopped working on it for a little while so I was a little behind and then when I came back I had to use the terminal to work on it which is fine, but I like the ease of nautilus and gedit better :)07:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194743 in tracker "tracker-applet icon constantly animates even when idle" [Undecided,New]07:53
perdentecredible, how long about do you think it will be?07:54
perdentesorry, not to be annoying07:54
credibleperdente: absolutely no idea, sorry :)07:54
credibleI'd say that gvfs updates are probably a priority since they need tons of testing07:54
perdentecredible, oh no, that's cool, I'm just seeing if I should look for an alternative, I want something that lets me edit files remotely without having to download them to my comp first07:55
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DanaGArgh, load cycle count seems to increase about 1.3 per minute.08:53
TheFuzzballhello, I just upgraded from Kubuntu Gutsy to Kubuntu Hardy and rebooted, when it reloaded Kubuntu instead of KDM to greet me I get a strange bright plasma gradually turning white, I have tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg but nothing helps, can anyone help me?08:57
TheFuzzballI am using the Intel driver btw08:58
AssidDanaG:  kill -9 1 ?08:58
DanaGUmm, kill init?  I don't think so.08:59
DanaGI'm betting that was a joke.08:59
Assidi wonder if anyones actually tried that08:59
Mohero|Work*yawn* morning all09:02
AmaranthDanaG: kernel won't let you09:02
Mohero|Workcareful with jokes, I told someone to "sudo rm -rfd /" ... didn't realise they'd actually do it...09:04
Assidwaddup Amaranth09:05
Mohero|Workthings that were in memory continued to work, other apps that they started up just sort-of died slowly...09:05
DanaGYou know, that's malicious.09:05
Amaranth_holy sudden X crash batman09:05
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
AmaranthDanaG: What is?09:06
DanaG(01:04:56 AM) Mohero|Work: careful with jokes, I told someone to "sudo rm -rfd /" ... didn't realise they'd actually do it...09:06
DanaG(01:05:26 AM) Mohero|Work: things that were in memory continued to work, other apps that they started up just sort-of died slowly...09:06
DanaG(01:05:29 AM) DanaG: You know, that's malicious.09:06
DanaG(01:05:41 AM) Mohero|Work: yeah09:06
Amaranththought you meant kill -9 109:07
Amaranthwhich doesn't actually work09:07
DanaG-d isn't even valid.09:07
DanaGFor rm, I mean.09:07
Mohero|WorkI know, and yet - I still use it, and it still doesn't complain09:07
Mohero|Workit's habbit...09:07
DanaGOh yeah, and looks like my Hitachi drive leaves less to worry about than some other drives, as shown by the whitepapers linked here:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/5969509:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 59695 in acpi-support "High frequency of load/unload cycles on some hard disks may shorten lifetime" [Critical,Confirmed]09:08
DanaGLink to Hitachi whitepaper is at the bottom.09:09
simion314where the screen resolution is saved? the resolution for my user. it is not corectly saved and after a log in i must set it again09:10
DanaGOh yeah, I set journal commit interval to 15 minutes.... but then realized that was making me lose even SAVED changes if I had a sudden crash before a commit.09:10
Mohero|Workthe read/write cycles is what worries me with SSD's i've heard of people having issues with some of the Asus Eee's - everyone that seems to of had the issue installed Windows XP on it.....09:10
Mohero|Work....serves them selves right...09:10
* DanaG doesn't want an Eeee.09:10
DanaGI could actually get better battery life with some HP business or even consumer notebooks.09:10
Mohero|Workyeah I know, but they're not as small/light09:11
DanaGCeleron in a mini-laptop?  Can you say.... no speedstep09:11
Mohero|WorkI get 8 hours on my laptop...09:11
DanaGAnd How about 1024x640, not 800x480.09:11
Mohero|Workyeah, I know.09:11
DanaGheh:       Heh:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Feta_Kuti_without_blood09:12
Mohero|Workyou not seen that one DanaG?09:12
Assidmy laptop's brightness levels still goes up and down09:12
Assidany suggestion09:12
Mohero|WorkAssid: mine did that too 1 sec.09:13
DanaGbug 12183309:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux "LCD backlight turns off when between discrete levels, both from hotkeys and from dim-on-idle." [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183309:13
TheFuzzballI can't get Xorg to work after upgrading from Gutsy, anyone know how to fix this?09:14
DanaGI personally like this idea, too:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Platypus09:15
Assidi keep reducing mine.. and it goes to full09:15
DanaGSome of these wallpapers are also cool color ideas:  http://h50146.www5.hp.com/products/portables/personal/zen_wallpaper/09:16
AssidMohero|Work: so it iwll be fixed automatically in next update?09:16
Assiderr i really should get back to work09:18
Assidwill look into brightness issue when i get back on the laptop09:20
Mohero|WorkAssid: don't know - have you unchecked "Dim display when idle" in the Power Management Preferences?09:21
Assiderr i didnt do anything09:22
MolePrinceHowdy, when I try to install finch with aptitude for Hardy Heron, it tries to pull down the entire X11 install as well.. what am I doing wrong, please?09:22
Assidit just happened when i moved from gutsy hardy09:22
Mohero|Workwhen that's checked it seem to not know what "idle" means, and goes up and down like a yoyo09:22
Assidmine mostly goes up09:22
Mohero|WorkAssid: ok, uncheck that box, and see how you get on, it seems to be a timer issue with the power management profile09:22
Assidhrmm ok09:23
Assidi get back on my laptop 10 hours from now09:23
DanaGDisk also doesn't idle well.09:23
DanaGIt goes  click................. click...................... click...........................09:23
Assidmy single core laptop just slows down like crazy09:23
DanaGI say, stay idle or stay not-idle!09:24
Assidi think i might have to move that back to windows09:24
DanaGHmm, dig around in gconf to enable the UI for cpufreq in gnome-power-manager.09:24
* DanaG wonders how ATI's drivers (closed OR open) will be by summer.09:24
Assiderr. wont be able to remember09:24
Assidsince 2 days i got alot on my plate09:25
Assidi better finish this and move on09:25
MolePrinceAny ideas please?  I'd like to try finch out, but not if it means having to install X.09:25
Assidyou gonna be around 10-11 hours from now09:25
skwashdhi all09:26
DanaGI'm not sure.  Write a sticky note: gconf-editor, apps/gnome-power-manager    -- somewhere there'll be "cpufreq ui"09:26
skwashdi am running hardy ... and had to clear ~/ to solve some issues as part of the upgrade09:26
skwashdhow do i set my charset again?09:26
Assidemailed myself09:27
DanaGYay, new nautilus!09:27
DanaGaptitude changelog nautilus. Read and rejoice.09:28
Mohero|WorkAssid I'm insulted by that word.... Windows....09:29
Mohero|WorkMy laptop is a P3 1GHz with a poor 256MB memory - that's running Hardy no problems what so ever :D09:30
Mohero|Workwell, no problems with the hardware running it is what I mean:)09:30
Assiderr.. i cant afford hard drive and screens blowing up on me09:30
Mohero|Workwell, it's Alpha software :)09:31
* DanaG wonders what a P2 266 with 192MB of RAM can be used for.09:31
Mohero|WorkDanaG - Lots of things :)09:31
henkjanDanaG: fluxbuntu?09:31
Mohero|Workmy mum runs a P2 233 with 192MB memory on 7.10 :)09:31
Mohero|Workshe runs full Ubuntu too09:31
DanaGIt's an old laptop that has, surprisingly, a still-working battery.09:31
dencryptImpressive :)09:32
DanaGBUT.... the hard drive is one of those really whiny earsplitting ones.09:32
Mohero|Work[I really dislike M$ - my mum knows no different]09:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGDanaG, what brand is that lap?09:32
DanaGAt least, I think,...... it has battery.  I haven't used it in a while, though.09:32
DanaGDell Inspiron 3500.09:32
Mohero|WorkDanaG yeah, I know what you mean, Mine in the p3 was, so I pinched the drive out of my old over heating P409:32
Assidgutsy gave me good battery life i think09:32
Assidhardy well.. not soo much09:32
Assidatleast alpha4 was decent in battery life09:33
DanaGViva la Neomagic with Two Point Five megabytes of video RAM --- not even enough for 32-bit color.  The LCD itself was 16-bit.09:33
Mohero|Workthe P3 lasts about 8 hours on battery - with light usage (so vi and irssi)09:33
tapasi can run09:33
Assidand i do mean alpha4 the iso's  not after the updates09:33
tapasexec ssh-agent sh -c 'ssh-add < /dev/null && exec bash'09:33
savvasAssid: they're still building and fixing up powernowd, so I'd expect changes to battery life09:33
tapasfrom a terminal fine. it  asks for my passphrase and in the shell i can afterweards successfully log into other machines without giving my passphrase again09:33
tapasnow, when i put this into my .xinitirc or .xsession:09:33
tapasexec ssh-agent sh -c 'ssh-add < /dev/null && exec $WINDOWMANAGER'09:34
DanaG8 hours?  Sweet.09:34
Assidand cpu usage is bad.. i mean real bad09:34
tapasit doesn't work... doesn't ask me for passphrase nor does p[hraseless ssh'ing work..09:34
tapasis .xinitrc or .xsession not evaluated?09:34
Assidmachine behaves slower than it did on windows09:34
DanaGYou need keys for ssh.09:34
Assidi couldnt even think of developing and multi tasking on that09:34
tapasyes, like i said, i have successfully created a key pair and it works when i start ssh-agent manually09:34
DanaGBest use for it: thin client.09:35
DanaGBy "It", I mean a really-old PC.09:35
DanaGTake a look at HP's thin-clients; some could actually be mini-PCs even without a server.09:35
DanaGThey even have MOBILE thin clients, oddly enough.09:36
DanaGYou know, you'd think one of these days Intel would do people a favor and re-enable SpeedStep on Celerons.... but nope!09:37
savvasunmounting devices is buggy after the updates09:37
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Mohero|WorkDanaG: it's 2 batteries ;) but still impressive, as one of them gives 6 the other 2 hours of usage09:41
=== qzio_ is now known as qzio
DanaGdagblasted key stuckage, again.09:43
DanaGA quick way to partly unbreak: hold the key that's "stuck", and scroll wildly.09:43
DanaGAnyway, bedtime for me.09:45
skwashdexport LANG=en_AU.UTF-809:52
coz_is java by chance working in hardy yet?09:53
coz_sun java09:53
dencryptwow. He waited a WHOLE minute09:54
Mohero|Workwell, some people don't realise that people in here are working aswell :)09:54
Mohero|Workooo yay! my Billware(TM) Keyboard is working09:56
Mohero|Worknow I can get rid of windows and get on with somehting else :)09:56
Mohero|WorkI've noticed that I never used to be bias against MS. but recently it's becoming a bit of a problem....09:58
Mohero|Workespecially as I have to use both for work..09:58
MolePrinceHowdy, when I try to install finch with aptitude for Hardy Heron, it tries to pull down the entire X11 install as well.. what am I doing wrong, please?10:04
Mohero|WorkMolePrince: I'm not sure what finch is, but are you installing it onto a pre-hardy system from the hardy repos?10:08
RAOFMolePrince: Because finch, as we've built it, has sound support provided by gstreamer, and this has probably pulled in X11 deps.10:08
RAOFMolePrince: Feel free to file a bug if you want a really console-only finch.10:08
MolePrinceRAOF: What would be the point of having a console version of finch require X??10:09
MolePrinceDoesn't that kind of defeat the entire purpose of having a cli version.10:09
RAOFMolePrince: Because almost everyone has X installed anyway.10:09
RAOFCLI != no X deps :)10:09
MolePrinceI haven't used X on a Linux machine in years :/10:10
RAOFThen you're not using it correctly :P10:10
RAOFAnyway, file a bug.  It's entirely possible that no one else has _noticed_ the X deps.10:10
MolePrinceRAOF: Is there no way to just say don't use sound?10:10
RAOFWell, yes.  But that'd be a build-time option.10:11
RAOFFile a bug, seriously.  It's probable that no one else has noticed, and without a bug no one with the power to fix it will ever notice :)10:11
* heret1c awakes10:12
* heret1c tips hat at raof10:12
heret1cRAOF: read ye http://linux-ata.org/faq.html#combined - and keep the little DMA issue in mind?10:14
Mohero|Workheret1c - you sleep in your hat...?10:21
MolePrinceRAOF: How does this look? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+bug/19571810:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195718 in pidgin "aptitude install of finch on heron requires X11 deps" [Undecided,New]10:22
heret1cMohero|Work: got one of these caramba-sized sombreros.10:26
Mohero|Workl0l @ heret1c :)10:31
Dazgardhi there10:34
Dazgarddoes someone here have teh same error with ubuntu hardy and firefox 3 beta please ?10:34
Dazgardhere the to see the error : http://www.flickr.com/photos/24093356@N05/2292965565/10:34
Dazgardit's related to images somehow, btu now sure10:34
Mohero|WorkDazgard - you should describe the "error" really.... but I'll take a look10:35
Mohero|Workno I won't I don't have  a yahoo account and so I can't see the link10:35
Mohero|Workso if you want to explain it - I might be able to help :)10:35
Dazgardthe main gogole page is buggy as hell :)10:37
Mohero|Work... well... you're using beta software - it's not helpful.10:37
Dazgardretrthe link should nbe ok now10:38
Dazgardbeta software, that's teh reason im on #ubuntu+1 :)10:38
DazgardRETRY  link should nbe ok now i mean10:39
Mohero|Workahh well I think that's the same bug as this one: http://nomothetes.game-host.org/ff3.png10:40
Dazgardyes man, same one !!10:41
Mohero|Workthen yes, others are having the problem :)10:41
Mohero|WorkFirefox team know about it, it's just a "whatch this space"10:41
Mohero|Workhope they get it sorted before April too.10:41
nanonymeso it's a firefox bug and not an ubuntu bug?10:42
Dazgardok, thanks10:43
Dazgardbye everyone10:44
RAOFheret1c: Thank you, that's a good link.10:57
heret1craof> it's rather important they come up with a (kernel) fix asap.11:00
unenoughwhere is a repository for hardy's dbgsym's?11:01
heret1cRAOF:  according to "sudo hdparm -i /dev/sda" I habe UDMA6 enabled.11:01
heret1c UDMA modes: udma0 udma1 udma2 udma3 udma4 *udma511:02
Mohero|Workwell, just did a FF3 update - nice to see the background bug is still there :011:06
RAOFheret1c: Doesn't that mean that you _have_ DMA enabled, and hence things should be fast?11:12
Dazgardhi one more time11:12
Mohero|WorkDazgard: just did an upgrade to FF3 the problem is still there.11:13
Dazgardfor teh firefox beta problem, seems like it's not related to firefox, cause midori also have this king of error11:13
RAOFheret1c: Sorry, I'm off.  If you ping me I'll see it in backscroll tomorrow.11:13
Dazgardmidori is based on webkit, not gecko11:13
heret1craof> did a hda <hda copy of a large file, which shouldn't impact the cpu much if dma was enabled. cpu was at 100%11:14
[Hardy]TuTUXGbig update! 139 updates!11:20
[Hardy]TuTUXGseems like the gvfs problem with nautilus is fixed11:21
dencryptbug 17559711:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175597 in kdebase "KDE: Error - KIOExec: error messages when opening links from system menu" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17559711:24
* heret1c files his 1st bug report al launchpad11:31
unenoughwhere is a repository for hardy's dbgsym's?11:37
unenoughI have this problem that the bottom panel is completely white, and occasionally the entire desktop11:38
heret1cunenough: have xmms running?11:40
unenoughwhen i just log in it's already like that i think11:41
heret1cunenough: h'm.have a problem with the taskbar whiting out sometimes.traced it to xmms. sudo kill -9 <xmmspid> fixes.11:42
unenoughthere is no xmms running11:42
unenoughand how can xmms cause the taskbar to become white, anyway?11:42
unenoughseems unrelated11:42
* heret1c understood that :)11:42
unenoughmaybe some underlying lib is buggy11:43
heret1cu have anu sw running using same lib(s) as xmms?11:44
unenoughhow should i know? ;)11:44
unenoughbut heret1c i think it happens when i just log in before anything runs11:45
unenoughexcept the gnome session itself11:45
P2502is it normal to X to use software rendering even with DRI enabled? like fast moving windows takes up to 80% cpu11:46
* heret1c tips hat at P250211:46
heret1cunenough: experiment. search launchpad.11:47
unenoughare you suggesting that i spend my time reporting bugs?11:48
unenoughok, i will. :P11:48
P2502unenough: writing patches also11:48
P2502this is how open source works11:49
void^moving around windows in front of other windows always eats cpu time due to redrawing. that's the single advantage of compiz, no redrawing.11:49
unenoughi waz kidding, mate11:49
P2502void^: but it looks like software redrawing11:52
void^that's what it is for the most part, unless you actually run compiz or another composite manager that simply keeps all windows rendered all the time and composites them on screen11:54
P2502and i paid 500$ for video card :P11:54
P2502yeah compiz makes difference11:56
P2502but its buggy11:56
P2502ok i have not done tests with kde4 manager yet11:58
P2502is it even work? cuz i tried it, but see no special effects or something11:59
AssidP2502: there are no special effects12:00
Assiderr. waddup heret1c12:00
P2502but they are was enabled in menu12:00
Assidjust spent more time fixing mymail server12:01
Assidcram -md5 no longer works12:01
heret1cAssid: same sh*t new wrapping.12:01
Assidi had clients who use email clients thta doesnt support failing over to an alternate authentication12:01
heret1cAssid: the "dma bug" were said to be fixed "in three months" - in July 07!12:04
Assidfile a case against launchpad for giving wrong information ;)12:04
ccookeheret1c: Not actually accurate. It was said that there were three months of development left before Gutsy was to be released, and if the required information was available in that time it might be fixed. Nobody actually provided the information that was requested, though12:05
heret1c"However, we definitely want to get this fixed in gutsy. There's still three months left of development, so plenty of time.12:05
ccookethat does not say "we will fix this bug in three months"12:06
muszekanyone else has a bug with battery not recharging?  on my  dell 1720 the battery panel applet is stuck at 2%12:06
ccookethe post overall said "Get us this information and we should have plenty of time to fix it"12:06
muszekand says it's 26h 15m till charged12:06
ccookeand *nobody gave the required information*12:06
heret1cccooke: ic.12:06
ccookeheret1c: that's why I spent so much time clarifying exactly what's useful in my post, yesterday12:07
heret1cccooke: it's in now, isn't it? just posted my dmesg/lspaci/hdparm output.12:07
ccookeheret1c: I replied - your dmesg is full of warnings. Not usable, unfortunately. If you post the contents of /var/log/dmesg, though, that should help. I'd be interested to see your hdparm -tT readings, too12:08
heret1cccooke: hold on...12:10
heret1cccooke: pastebin?12:15
ccookethat'll do, I'm sure12:15
* ccooke realises if he doesn't go for lunch now, he'll not be out of meetings to do so until... around 16:0012:15
Mohero|WorkHi sque12:28
P2502heret1c: it says     ata1.00: configured for UDMA/100    :/12:37
P2502and speed is much higher now12:42
P250250 mib/s is full speed12:42
heret1cP2502: ewadung my last pastebin?12:45
heret1creading, even...12:45
* heret1c observes ff3 is quite a cpu hog12:46
Squawkhey guys, I got an issue with nvidia drivers not loading after a new kernel compile. I am new to ubuntu style kernel compile (not linux kernel compilation in general). Basicaly after a kernel compile the modules required for my onboard sound and graphics are not loaded during boot. I am not familiar wnough with ubuntu package management (the gui) to know what I should be doing regarding nvidia drivers after a kernel compile12:49
Squawksome general guidance would be helpful, I can give specifics as required12:49
Dr_willisafter compiling the kernel. You need to reinsatll the nvidia drivers for that kernel12:49
Dr_willisif using the prepackaged kernels, in the repos. they automaticially do that (i think) :)12:50
dencryptremind me to never use 'apt-get -b source ...' ever again.12:50
SquawkDr_willis, problem has arisen as I used the "add/remove" packages option to install the nvidia drivers with the initial installation12:51
* heret1c tips hat at Dr_willis12:51
Dr_willisSquawk,  you should be able to re-add them. or use the command line tool to reinstall them.12:51
SquawkI was trying out ubuntu trying to do everything using the guis, evaluating it for my family12:52
Dr_willisI havent messed with my own kernel in years. so there may be some other things to watch out for.12:52
ubotuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages12:52
SquawkDr_willis, yeah I figured as much, but the problem was I went and got a kernel from kernel.org, and the linux-restricted-modules or similar isnt available for that kernel12:52
Dr_willisSquawk,  you may have to use the nvidia isntaller from the nvidia web site then.12:53
Squawkand you can't for some reason install the nvidia modules without the restricted stuff12:53
Dr_willistotally bypassing the restricted stuff.12:53
SquawkDr_willis, yeah thats the next option, was hoping to avoid it though (like I say, trying to see how simply I can do things)12:53
Squawkcurrently im having a go with the kernel sources retrieved via apt, figure they should be supported12:54
Squawkcompile taking forever though...12:54
IdleOnewhen trying to boot from Alpha5 livecd I get a I/O Error Cannot read boot CD. any help?12:58
lemonadeIdleOne: bad cd?13:06
slackernhmm today my rhythmbox started segfaulting all of a sudden when i got home, it ran fine yesterday13:09
P2502 IdleOne: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/alpha5 see caveats section13:10
slackernahh nm found it in bugs.launchpad now13:12
P2502 IdleOne: nvm it seems it another error and launchpad commentstors suggest your error is caused by bad burn13:13
theunixgeekDoes Hardy have any new artwork yet?13:15
Assidokay FF3 is bonkers and doesnt work with yahoo mail13:16
P2502 theunixgeek: cool wallpaper13:16
theunixgeekP2502: where can I see the new wallpaper without a full download of Alpha 5?13:17
Mohero|Worktheunixgeek: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Feta_Kuti_without_blood13:18
Mohero|WorkI appear to have the one with the red on it...13:19
vega--mhm java awt/swing programs don't seem to work very nicely in hardy13:20
Mohero|Workjava programs don't seem to work nicely anyway....13:21
theunixgeekAre there new icons?13:21
P2502theunixgeek: you dont like wallpaper?13:22
theunixgeekP2502: I love it! :D13:22
theunixgeekI'm happy it was accepted.13:22
theunixgeekWhat's the other wallpaper? The Elephant one?13:22
Mohero|Worktheunixgeek: some new Icons I wouldn't like to say what and where though at the moment.13:22
theunixgeekMohero|Work: why not?13:23
Mohero|Worktheunixgeek: because I couldn't be sure :)13:23
theunixgeekIs there a new login screen?13:24
P2502this bird is cool but i dont like it, i prefer no wallpaper or previous wallpaper which was replaced by bird, bird is symbol of irracional13:24
Mohero|Worktheunixgeek: there's a new update-manager icon, and a few others, I don't have time to focus too much on that at the moment though13:24
Mohero|Worktheunixgeek: login screen: nope, not yet atleast - but the usplash - although it hasn't changed, it doesn't show no info when it's scanning your hard disk, it tells you what it's doing now, eveing if you have the quiet flat :)13:25
theunixgeekMohero|Work: what do you mean?13:25
Dr_williswe need a collection of animal backsides for wallpaper. :)13:25
IdleOneP2502 how can I make sure that the cd is burned correctly?13:26
theunixgeekMohero|Work: it doesn't show the progress bar anymore?13:26
theunixgeekIdleOne: pop it into the CD drive and see if it works ;)13:26
Mohero|Worktheunixgeek: i mean, when it checks your disk for errors after 32 days or 28? mounts, it tells you it is scanning the disk on the splash screen, instead of just sitting there appearing to do nothing, then bailing out to the text mode boot process.13:27
IdleOnelol that may cost me a few cd's13:27
theunixgeekMohero|Work: I see.13:27
P2502IdleOne: well i think it is possible to check md5 or something but i dont know if it comparable to md5 of isos...13:27
Mohero|WorkI'd still like to see 1024x768 in console for ubuntu by default13:27
theunixgeekMohero|Work: does the usplash have a new look?13:27
P2502IdleOne: so you better check md5 of iso and burn again13:28
Mohero|Worktheunixgeek: nope.13:28
AdysW: Failed to fetch http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/p/portaudio19/libportaudio2_19+svn20071207-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb  404 Not Found13:29
* Adys cringes13:29
P2502 IdleOne:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=10065713:32
P2502it says useing dd but i have tried that and had some issues preventing me from check md5 of cd13:32
P2502maybe you will have a better luck13:33
heret1cLinux Kernel and 2.6.25 RC3 launched13:37
heret1cnew libata-core.13:43
Konstigtsomeone brave could have a look at bug 19576813:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195768 in ubuntu "Bad battery runtime in Ubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19576813:49
Konstigtthis is something that I think should be solved in Intrepid Ibex13:50
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
lod__airhi, after upgrade to hardy my X is become slow, my video is ATI14:07
heret1clod__air: did y search launchpad?14:12
h3sp4wnlod__air: try disabling compiz - are you using fglrx or ati14:12
Konstigtlod__air: check if you have 3d accel at all, execute fglrxinfo and look for info about ATI or VESA14:20
hackeron_hey. ever since updating to xorg 7.3 I'm not able to get 800x480 resolution - Xorg.0.log says no such mode exists and defaults to 800x600 - any ideas?14:22
Mohero|Worki'm guessing this is a very small wide screen...14:23
Mohero|Worklike < 7" I hope14:23
hackeron_10.2" touchscreen14:24
Yarozereinstalled still no pulseaudio sound with my audigy 2 :(14:29
Mohero|Workhackeron_: I'm afraid I don't know much about that level of X - I have you looked up the documentation?14:33
Mohero|Workhackeron_: you could always paste your xorg.conf to pastebin.ca and I can have a look - I just can't garante..14:33
hackeron_Mohero|Work: the xorg.conf works on 7.2 but not on 7.3 - from what I've googled, it seems 800x480 was removed in 7.3 and now needs custom modelines? -- hmmmmmm14:35
Mohero|Workhackeron_: ok, so you're using hte same xorg.conf... hmm...14:35
nanonyme800x480 sounds a bit odd. never heard of it myself14:35
nanonymeonly 640x480 and 800x60014:35
hackeron_yep, same xorg.conf14:35
Mohero|Worknanonyme: small widescreens ;)14:35
hackeron_nanonyme: wide screen :)14:35
hackeron_in fact, I couldn't find a non wide version14:36
Mohero|Worknanonyme: the asus Eee uses 800x480 - I think14:36
Mohero|Workhackeron_: what was the reason for removing 800x480?14:36
hackeron_Mohero|Work: I wish I knew, lol - in fact, I'd like to know who was responsible for that14:37
hackeron_Mohero|Work: so I can send him a little rant14:37
Mohero|Workhackeron_: then you should maybe check out http://www.x.org/wiki/14:38
Yarozeanyone with an SB audigy/live card that has pulseaudio working?14:38
Mohero|WorkYaroze: sorry - not me14:38
nanonymehackeron_, my guess is that they thought nothing uses it14:39
hackeron_yeah, except for the only competitor to the OLPC project, lol14:40
Mohero|Worknanonyme: maybe but the Eee is pretty new, and i'm sure that uses that screen mode14:40
YarozeMohero|Work: what soundcard you have then?14:40
nanonymeMohero|Work, just go complain? maybe they'll take the decision back in a future version14:41
Mohero|WorkYaroze: I run IntelHDA driver off the nforce chipset - I don't use my machine for music etc, I have a media system for that.14:41
h3sp4wnhackeron_: The olpc has more interesting things about it than the eepc which is just a very cheap laptop14:42
YarozeMohero|Work: :)14:42
Mohero|WorkYaroze: I'm serious! I have a media system with surround sound, my main gaming system has headphones..... and some really really cheep speakers for when I can't be bothered with headphones - it does mean I generally have a few computers on though....14:44
jpQuestion: I used both yesterday's daily-live and alpha-5 desktop cds to install Hardy. When I get to gdm and login, my session does not stay logged in for more than a couple seconds. I tried running updating, and removing all the ".whatever" folders, but neither worked. Any thoughs?14:46
Le-Chuck_ITAHi, I've been asked to test if my bug still exists with latest kernel source and I discovered it's not been upgraded automatically, hence I don't know how many related packages I need (e.g. restricted modules): I must have removed some meta-package that sets up it all14:49
Mohero|Workjp are you using the same /home dir from another instal14:50
Le-Chuck_ITAsomebody knows what package does install both kernel image, restricted modules and any other necessary goodies to the latest version?14:50
jpno, i did fresh installs with both cds14:50
jpI've been running Hardy on another machine for about a month now, but haven't seen this problem14:51
Mohero|Workjp: if you enter recovery mode, from the GDM selection, then create a new user, can you then login with that user? also - from the recovery mode, does "startx" bring X up?14:51
Mohero|Workno, i've not seen this problem on Hardy either - only time i've seen it is when I used a mashed up /home OR my /home/{user} didn't exist.14:52
sn0Le-Chuck_ITA linux-image for the latest kernel-image and linux-restricted-modules14:53
jpgood questions. I haven't tried the new user thing, but the Xterm session from gdm works14:53
sn0for uhh the restricted-modules :)14:53
Le-Chuck_ITAsn0: thanks, is there nothing else to take care of?14:54
sn0Le-Chuck_ITA without knowing more of what you have done i can't say, just be sure to reboot into the new kernel + modules if it upgrades to a newer version14:54
LunksUsing Hardy, sometimes I have the 'unlock' option, which is pretty clear about what I'm doing. But using some programs (i.e. Update Manager) the old behaviour is still there (semi-transparent full screen window). Is it going to be changed?14:54
LunksI really like the new way of sudoing and looks much, much better.14:55
heret1chow long before the newest kernel ( will be in hardy? has some fixes to libata-core. :)14:56
jpMohero|Work: a new user does the same thing. I get as far as the Heron background, and it kicks me back to the login14:56
jpMaybe I should file a bug?14:56
sn0heret1c kernel freeze for hardy is april 10th~ so maybe before then14:57
tabularasaAnybody successfully using synergy in Hardy?14:57
heret1csn0: let's hope. :)14:57
Mohero|Workjp: can you log in to a console? (Ctrl+Alt+F1) ?14:58
Le-Chuck_ITAsn0 thanks14:58
tabularasastupid connection.  anyone get synergy to run successfully under Hardy?15:00
sn0haven't tried tabularasa , works great in gutsy :)15:01
tabularasayeah, i am using it now in 7.1015:01
tabularasai installed Kubuntu so i could try out kde4 and synergy just didnt work.. and thats a deal-breaker for me15:01
dencryptnow I got both flash and java for x86_64 in hardy working just fine15:06
dencryptwithout 32bit versions :D15:06
h3sp4wnicetea java got fixed ?15:07
dencrypth3sp4wn: No15:07
dencryptI compiled it myself15:07
Nubaedencrypt, how did u get java working?15:07
h3sp4wnI cannot be bothered for that 32 bit is fine for me15:08
Nubaeand is that flash with sound working?15:08
=== jfanaian is now known as jamalf
Nubaeie youtube (not gnash?)15:08
jamalfHas anyone here tried using synergy on hardy yet?15:08
dencryptyoutube works just fine with sound yes15:08
Nubaegnash or flash?15:08
h3sp4wnunfortunately I have flash with sound also15:08
dencryptNubae: flashnonfree15:08
Nubaemany many people would love to know how u did that :-)15:08
Nubaefor x6415:09
Nubaeespecially the java part15:09
dencryptI am actually thinking of writing a how-to15:09
dencryptcause it took me allmost 1½ day to figure it all out15:09
Nubaethat would be wonderful, I'll help if oyu guide me through it15:09
NubaeI've been trying to get java installed on 64 bit for months15:09
h3sp4wndencrypt: If you don't get any crashes in a week or so then I am more interested (and will go thru the hassle)15:09
NubaeI'm running gnash for 64 bit and that works fine... but, how did u manage to get flash installed, as far as I know the 64 bit doesnt exist15:10
jamalfNubae, 64bit flash does exist, the installer should be able to do install it without a problem. At least, it did for me.15:11
Nubaeanyway, if you have a second and are willing, I'd love to know the procedure15:11
h3sp4wnjamalf: since when it uses nspluginwrapper afaik15:11
Nubaejamalf is that new?15:11
dencryptis available through repositories15:11
Nubaethat uses 32 bit wrapper15:11
jamalfh3sp4wn, Yeah, it does use nspluginwrapper15:12
h3sp4wnI really don't understand why firefox32 cannot be a choice from the repositories15:12
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
jamalfNubae, Not really, not too new. I had to do it manually about half a year ago in feisty. I reformatted and installed Hardy last night and installed flashplugin-nonfree from the repositories iwthout a problem15:12
Nubaejamalf, the nspluginwrapper version?15:13
h3sp4wn(I don't understand why the sparc distro is pure64 either but alas I use Solaris on my sparc anyway)15:13
NubaeI run ltsp, and can't use that because I need pulse sound on the clients which connect remotely15:13
jamalfNubae, Yes. It does run it through nspluginwrapper15:13
Nubaebut please, dencrypt, could u guide me through the java install, I'll help write it up if it works...15:14
dencryptNubae: apt-get install icedtea-java7-jdk && apt-get build-dep icedtea-java7-plugin && apt-get -b source icedtea-java7-plugin icedtea-java7-bin icedtea-java7-jre icedtea-java7-jdk && dpkg -i icedtea-java7*.deb15:14
dencryptshort version15:14
Nubaeok, I'll try that thanks... and I'll ask when i get into problems ;-)15:15
dencryptit will take hours to compile though15:15
dencryptwith my 6000+ x2 AMD it took more than 4 hours15:15
Nubaei'm running dual core xeon processors15:15
* h3sp4wn wonders the hell the one in the repos is broken then15:15
Nubaeshould be pretty fast15:15
lod__airdoes someone has problems running ps -aux in terminal?15:16
Nubaewow 40 megs to be installed15:16
lod__airor slow X with ati, fglrx and compiz?15:17
Nubaedencrypt is this only for hardy, or gutsy too?15:18
lod__aironly in hardy, in gutsy all was ok15:18
h3sp4wnNubae: I would guess you could use hardy source packages15:18
Nubaeyou've done this too h3sp4wn?15:18
Nubaeinstalled java successfully on 64 bit?15:19
h3sp4wnNo I am using 32bit firefox + java15:19
h3sp4wn(need the XCB hack)15:19
dencryptNubae: don't know. I've just tried it in hardy15:19
h3sp4wnNo reason it wouldn't work15:19
NubaeI'm trying on gutsy now15:20
Nubaeseriously, there are a lot of people that will be grateful to you if this works... as far as I know it has been a problem for a long time15:20
dencryptwell. It still needs more testing. I am not sure it will work for all kinds of applets15:21
dencryptthe java at http://www.java.com/sv/download/help/testvm.xml works fins15:21
dencryptwhat else should I test15:21
Nubaelook at some eductaional java stuff15:21
Nubaeschools and unis are the main ones using this15:21
dencrypthushmail doesn't work :/15:22
dencryptit says it's not installed.15:23
=== punQ-arT is now known as s0u][ight
dencryptIt works for the most part at least15:30
braniffis there an 8.04 iso for installation ?15:35
h3sp4wnThere is alpha 5 and daily builds your pick15:36
braniffwhere do i find those please15:36
h3sp4wnI usually use mirror-service.org.uk15:36
jamalfbraniff, http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/alpha5 scroll down near the bottom to the downloads section15:37
h3sp4wnbut find a mirror or cdimage.ubuntu.com15:37
jamalfIs there a changelog for the daily builds? Or maybe, an svn/cvs log?15:40
P2502why /etc/resolv.conf is rewriting? i loose my dns config15:42
h3sp4wnthere is apt-listchanges15:42
h3sp4wnfix your dns server15:42
h3sp4wn*dns / dhcp15:43
P2502what you mean?15:43
h3sp4wnThat should be dealt with by the dhcp server not by hacking stuff on the client15:43
h3sp4wn(You can disable networkmanager if you want and use the prepend domain servers option for dhcp3 client but its a hack)(15:44
P2502i use adsl and i recieve 2 dns servers ip when making a connection, but ISPs servers often fail and i want to use opendns servers additionaly15:45
wastrelyou can tell dhcp not to mess with resolv.conf15:46
P2502how exactly?15:47
DanaGYou can use prepend WITH networkmanager, I believe.15:47
DanaGBut there's not an "append" option.15:47
P2502what is prepend? actually i want to use network manager but still may fallback to pppoeconf15:48
P2502if i disable n-m and use pppoeconf then resolv.conf will not be overwritten?15:49
h3sp4wnIf you remove resolvconf as well15:49
h3sp4wnand don't use dhcp (or fix dhcp3 client config)15:49
P2502ok... thanks...15:51
P2502but what is DNS tab in network manager used for if i cant enter custom dns here?15:52
P2502well... nvm15:52
P2502i may just setup resolv.conf as read only?..15:55
P2502change permission15:55
h3sp4wnyou could try chattr +i15:57
dencryptWhere should I put the how-to to get java/flash in ff3b3 x86_64 for hardy in ubuntu-forums?15:57
dencryptnever done this before15:58
h3sp4wndencrypt: put it on the community wiki15:58
h3sp4wnubuntu-forums has too much garbage on it (people presume that stuff on there must be junk)15:58
PiciIf you're going to go the hack-ish route, why not just do it the 'proper' way and use prepend domain-name-servers ip.add.re.ss; in your /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf15:58
dencryptI have never written in a wiki before15:58
dencryptwhere do I start?16:00
* dencrypt feels like a n00b again :)16:00
h3sp4wnDunno just write it as a text file get someone to check its correct and think about it then16:00
h3sp4wn(preferably more than one person)16:00
Milos_SDHi all. I have a problem with nvidia driver (nvidia-glx-new) on Hardy. After restart I can not use driver.16:01
Milos_SDBut, if I reinstall nvidia-glx-new, nvidia-kernel-comon and linux-restricted-modules and logout/login, drivers work great.16:02
bazhanghttp://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Special:Userlogin just register and wiki away ;]16:02
NubaeI would put the java stuff here: help.ubuntu.com/Community16:06
Nubaethat is the most official wiki for help16:06
Nubaewiki is {{{ this is some code }}}16:06
Nubaeand ==This is a Title==16:06
jamalfI just installed Hardy Heron (well reinstalled because I was having a lot of problems) and whenever I log in, it starts loading, then goes black and takes me back to the login screen16:07
Nubaethose are the ones used the most I guess16:07
dencryptah. I guess I have to read a little about syntax and crap. Hopefully it will be up later tonight. I will keep you updated. Gotta eat now. tnx 4 the help.16:07
Nubaeit does take a long time to compile indeed16:07
dencryptNubae: told you :)16:07
NubaeI will help if you like dencrypt.. I can create the wiki and then u can edit later if you think it needs changing16:08
dencryptSounds nice. :) I just write the whole process and you edit the parameters for ut?16:08
Nubaebut u should definetly edit it after so you get the credit for finding the solution ;-)16:09
wastreljava is broken16:09
Nubaeyeah well, is it just what you wrote before?16:09
Nubaeor is there any more to it?16:09
dencryptBasicly no.16:10
dencryptBut I think I will backtrack what I did exactly to make sure.16:11
dencryptI did some stuff yesterday that might have some effect.16:11
dencryptTried all kinds of solutions16:11
Nubaewell, we need to find a place to put it first...16:12
Nubaethere seems to be no place for dedicated 64 bit solutions16:12
Nubaewe are treated like second class citizens most of the time ;-)16:12
Assidis hotmail/msn messed up16:15
Assidseems slow16:15
Assidmsn messenger / amsn doesnt even connect properly16:15
jamalfDoes the xorg-driver-fglrx not currently work on Hardy?16:16
Nubaealready exists, but seems like a complex confusing page16:16
jamalfWhenever I install it and restart all I get is a black screen instead of the login. I don't know how to look at the Xorg log since Ctrl+Alt+F1 no longer works.16:19
dencryptNubae: we could expand the icetea-part in there.16:20
dencryptBut we should probably confirm that it works on gutsy first...16:21
Nubaewell, I created a new page... its here, u just need to login and modify as needed: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java6416:23
Nubaecan always link from the java page16:23
MFenany way to go back to firefox 2 until the copious breakage of firefox 3 settles down?16:24
NubaeI wouldn't go back16:24
Nubaefirefox 3 rocks16:24
jamalfMFen, What is breaking?16:24
Nubaemuch less resource hungry16:24
MFenprinting, google reader, all my extensions16:24
MFenyou know, just everything i use every day. :)16:25
h3sp4wnMFen: Just put the binary into /opt (that is what I do)16:25
MFenh3sp4wn: the ff2 binary?16:25
h3sp4wnworks fine for me (but I use 64 bit hardy)16:25
h3sp4wnget the tar.gz from mozilla16:25
MFenthat sounds like a plan16:25
Nubaefunny, I had printing problem today, but only from yahoo mail16:25
Aeroraptorhello. anyone know if GMA965/Intel X3100 is supported properly in hardy?16:26
MFenNubae: it's a reported bug. supposedly fixed in beta 416:26
MFenno printing works for me16:26
h3sp4wnMFen: Its self contained so /opt is fine (and won't mess with anything else)16:26
AeroraptorI searched on the wiki with no results, and places here and there _imply_ that it works but I wanted to ask before I go doing anything drastic16:27
MFenalso, can anyone give me a good reason why gaim doesn't work with the gnome network applet?  and is there a workaround?16:28
Aeroraptorgaim? I thought that got dissolved...16:29
Aeroraptorpidgin is the replacement16:29
MFenpidgin, whatever16:29
dencryptNubae: looks as a beginning. I'll start editing it some more after dinner. cya16:29
asdrubalwhat's the current kernel in hardy?16:29
MFenit won't connect properly when using the gnome network applet16:29
Nubaepidgin = new name for gaim :-)16:29
asdrubalNubae, what revision?16:30
asdrubalstill on -8 ?16:30
Nubaethink so yes16:31
P2502Transmission seriously failed for me, restarting from 460 MiB and not from downloaded 1 GiB, never seen this happen with utorrent16:31
tabularasaanybody get synergy to work in the lastest hardy?16:31
Nubaeuse ktorrent or deluge16:31
Nubaektorrent is great16:32
P2502well why it is included in hardy if i supposed to use deluge?16:33
Nubaeits just 2 other options16:33
Nubaedevelopers are only human16:33
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.16:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sexy - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:34
savvasteach that bot some real apps :)16:34
ubotuLearn more about Ubuntu Mobile at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded16:34
h3sp4wnLord forbid any embedded device I ever get runs ubuntu16:37
h3sp4wnThey don't support any of the main cpu's people use for embedded systems anyway16:39
jamalfUgh, are ati drivers in Hardy broken altogether?16:40
jamalf...Oh, it works if I turn DRI off.16:40
AeroraptorI hope GMA isn't :P16:40
h3sp4wnWouldn't be at all surprised16:40
jamalfI hate ATI :(16:40
heret1cThere's a debian version for ARM procs (SA. Xscale) afaik.16:40
h3sp4wnjamalf: which ati exactly ?16:40
jamalfThe worst of all. Xpress 20016:41
MFenthere's a new firefox package this morning, maybe things will work better16:41
Nubaewell, y not use maemo16:41
Nubaeits pretty well supported by nokia16:42
Nubaeand ubuntu  will be based on it anyway, from what I understand16:42
=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
heret1cNubae: url?16:43
jamalfheret1c, maemo.org16:43
jamalfDid Hardy get rid of terminal on other displays? :(16:44
jamalfOh nvm..16:44
Nubaewhat's the name for hardy+116:44
Nubaeis it decided yet?16:44
jamalfi think i read something about it16:45
ubotuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex16:45
jamalfahh yeah16:45
heret1cNubae: think itæll improve nokia mobile <> linux connectivity? gnokii's terrible.16:45
Aeroraptorlol nice16:45
Nubaesily name16:45
jamalfwait, isn't 8.04 a long time support version?16:45
jamalfwhy would there be a new version so quick after it?16:45
Nubaejamalf yeah it is LTS16:45
Picijamalf: Releases are every 6 months.16:45
Nubaeexcept LTSes which are every 2 years16:46
Aeroraptorradioactive raccoon should be next :D16:46
jamalfSo what does it mean for a release to be LTS exactly?16:46
ubotuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.16:46
jamalfAhh alright16:46
jamalfMakes sense :)16:46
jamalfI think, I'm getting closer and closer to just going back to Feisty16:46
Piciguaranteed security patches for those periods of time.16:46
Nubaejamalf, don't16:47
jamalfNubae, I can't get ATI to work :(16:47
Nubaestick with hardy16:47
Nubaeit works16:47
NubaeI'm running X145016:47
jamalfNot for me16:47
Aeroraptorapparently not, Nubae16:47
jamalfI mean, I got it to last night. But a lot of other things were wrong so I figured I would reformat and try from scratch again.16:47
jamalfWell now, I can't get it to work at all.16:47
jamalfI had a lot of trouble last night with the same issue too16:47
Aeroraptorif hardy works with GMA X3100 I'll jump right on it but no one is answering me16:47
Nubaefor gutsy I had to compile kernel modules16:47
jamalfThe ATI ones?16:48
jamalfI did that last night, didn't work either16:48
jamalfI'll try again just for the sake of trying I guess, can't hurt much more16:48
NubaeI followed the phoronix howto16:49
Nubaelet me see if I can re-find it16:49
jamalfI used this one in Gutsy: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide16:49
jamalfThey don't have a Hardy version yet, but I got it it installed last night following similar steps16:49
jamalfThere was something else I had to install though16:50
MFenis anyone else getting copious 'import site failed' errors on anything python?16:51
Nubaefor me hardy autodetected my x1450 which I was very surprised with16:51
jamalfI wish it did for me :(16:51
jamalfXpress 200 are crap though16:51
jamalfFrom what I've heard they have something weird with their memory since they're embedded... I don't know for sure htough16:51
bardyrw00t bug #194482 is confirmed :D16:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194482 in gvfs "gvfs can't access SFTP on alternate ports" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19448216:51
bardyrand fixed :D16:51
jamalfI love the way FF3 looks in Gnome :)16:52
jamalfAhh thanks :)16:53
Nubaetaht has some complex stuff on making ati work, and a link to the phoronix howto In used16:53
Nubaeyeah like SLI but for ati16:53
jamalf..oh, I don't use that .. at all lol16:53
jamalfIts a laptop16:53
Nubaeu can probably ignore tha bit unless u have 2 cards16:53
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
MFennope, ff3 is still broken16:55
MFensee ya. going back to ff2.16:55
=== iclone2 is now known as P2502
MFenah god dammit16:55
MFenhardy broke python16:55
P2502any GUI for making ADSL PPPOE connections in kubuntu?16:56
MFenoh well, easy to fix16:56
P2502probably in KDE4?16:56
heret1cP2502: KPPP?16:58
P2502i cant find it in knetworkmanager or kppp16:59
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
heret1ck menu > internet > kppp16:59
jamalfweird, this time the ati installer is downloading its own packages... i've never seen it do that before16:59
Nubaethe middle of that document is the important part16:59
Nubaeinstall the build environment17:00
Nubaeinstall kernel source and then ati driver17:00
bardyrdoes anybody else have a problem with udevd always trying to access the cd-rom but failing?17:01
jamalfHrm,.. it keeps failing for me now17:02
jamalfOh wait, I think I know why.... I forgot to enable the multiverse and universe repos17:03
jamalfAt least, that's the only thing I did different last night17:03
Nubaeall I can tell u is taht I have t working with catalyst gui and compiz17:04
Nubaewith no crashes17:04
dencryptNubae: ok if I /msg?17:05
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
P2502<heret1c> i think kppp is for dial-up only17:09
P2502it asking me for modem and phone number17:10
P2502and knetworkmanager now have all fields empty and tabs disabled since i configured static ip17:12
WorkingOnWis1what other browser can I run stabily with firefox that has flash support? as in run borh browsers at the same time.17:17
bardyrWorkingOnWis1, Opera should be stable17:18
WorkingOnWis1forgot all about that one...17:18
dencryptwhat do you think?17:19
Nubaewish it would stop compiling already ;-)17:21
h3sp4wnIf that really is all it takes then somehow we should request a rebuild17:21
Arwenargh.... azureus is broken too. Maybe GTK+ in general is.17:22
dencryptNubae: yeah, it's a real pain :)17:22
Nubaeespecially, cause I want to reboot into hardy17:23
dencryptdon't say I didn't warn you :)17:23
Nubaeheh, yeah, but that's me, running hardy on a production server with 100 students too17:23
Nubaeliving on the edge17:23
dencryptHardcore :D17:24
WorkingOnWis1should I get the gutsy package of Opera?17:24
dencryptNubae: you didn't get any messages from me?17:25
WorkingOnWis1while we're talkin bout Firefox plugins....is adobes flash still broke for Hardy, and is the gnash plugin super unstable in general, or am I just lucky?17:26
Nubaeyeah, i did and responded17:26
NubaeI suppose u didnt receive from me?17:26
chandsomeone get Hardy works on macbook santa rosa ?17:26
dencryptNubae: nope17:26
Nubaeno gnash is fine17:26
jamalfWow synergy behaves horribly in hardy17:26
bardyrchand, it should work?17:26
ArwenWorkingOnWis1, YouTube plays fine (cannot and will not use the world "good" to refer to YouTube)17:27
Nubaehmmm... weird17:27
WorkingOnWis1oh...left out a detail...AMD64.17:27
Nubaesent thats why I received no response17:27
Arwenso Adobe Flash can't be totally b0rk3d17:27
dencryptNubae: not identified?17:27
chandbardyr: i can't get keyboard and touchpad working17:27
=== Mark_Milliman is now known as Mark_M|Away
Arwenoh.... well, your fault for using flash on x86-64...17:27
WorkingOnWis1Arwen: are u on amd64?17:27
Nubaeuse gnash on x86-64 it works great17:28
Nubaeinlcuding youtube with sound17:28
WorkingOnWis1Arwen: yeah...but I got 6gb of ram....17:28
bardyrchand, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook_Santa_Rosa17:28
chandbardyr: no right click on touchpad and some strange keyboard layout17:28
chandbardyr: i followed this and another for fedora, touchpad seems not detected17:29
WorkingOnWis1Nubae: if I open 2 tabs that both have flash, it isnt long before npviewer.bim zombies17:29
Nubaeweird, well for me, no problems, and I have 100 students running firefox and flash at the same time sometimes17:29
NubaeI mean17:29
Nubaedencrypt, just sent you some messages, guess u are not getting them17:30
dencryptand you are identified?17:31
chandbardyr: on fedora guide, two kernel patches are needed, il will try to apply them17:32
Arwenok, Az works now... ff is still broken17:32
Arwenwho maintains firefox? man I've got a piece of my mind to give him..17:33
dencryptNubae: you have to register and identify on freenet to be able to send pm17:33
jamalfDoes anyone know why when using the fglrx drivers I would get a black screen?17:34
PiciAre you using xserver-xgl?17:34
Nubaeah.... I didnt do taht and didnt know that17:34
jamalfPici, no17:34
Picijamalf: Good.17:34
dencryptNubae: well now you know :)17:35
jamalfWell, I just installed xorg-driver-fglrx again, restarting now. Lets see if it works.17:35
jamalfit showed the login screen17:36
Nubaewhats the link?17:36
jamalfi wonder if its actually running on the fglrx drivers17:36
Arwenoh yeah, another gripe - fglrx 8.2 (current version) breaks on X300SE chips17:36
Nubaeas long as u have flgrx in xorg.conf17:36
jamalfso, i do have a question. did something change with the way xorg.conf works?17:37
Arwenit corrupts the kdm login screen and causes very poor OpenGL performance17:37
jamalfit doesn't have a driver line at all :17:37
Arwenjamalf, yeah, there's more autodetection in xorg now17:37
Arwenxrandr and stuff17:37
Nubaeits in that document17:37
jamalfwell, i logged in and it gave me a white screen with a cursor :\17:37
Nubaean example xorg.conf17:37
Arwenhuh, wine segfaults on start17:38
jamalfWould compiz try to start automatically if I installed fglrx?17:39
PiciI think theres a bug logged for that.17:39
jamalfI remember having a problem where the screen would go white due to compiz17:39
flipstarArwen: wine-0.9.56 works for me ..17:40
ArwenI've got .55 - are you using an upstream one or something?17:40
flipstari downloaded it from winehq17:41
flipstarits not yet in the repos17:41
Arwenyeah... I might go compile theirs manually17:41
WorkingOnWis1dencrypt: is icedtea done compiling?17:41
dencryptWorkingOnWis1: yes.17:42
=== Mark_M|Away is now known as Mark_Milliman
WorkingOnWis1dencrypt: how long dod it finally take?17:43
Nubaemine isn't17:43
Nubaeso... about 4 hours like dencrypt says17:43
dencryptyeah, somewhere around 4 hours17:43
dencrypton my 6000+ x2 amd6417:43
WorkingOnWis1guess I'll start that and go to work!17:44
dencryptonly got 1gb ram though17:44
jamalfOH great, compiz has a segfault when I log in17:44
jamalfhow can i disable compiz?17:44
Nubaei'm compiling on xeon processors with 8 gigs ram17:44
Nubaeso no difference17:44
WorkingOnWis1Nubae: do they make that macing in a laptop?? haha17:44
Nubaenah this is a hp rack server17:46
* Nubae twiddles him thumbs waiting for java to compile17:47
jamalfHardy hate sme17:48
pushaxhi all.   on Alfpa 5 hardy heron has anyone had the problem with libpython not working properly?  I can't access soem control panel areas.  like monitor settings!17:50
jamalfso because of xrandr, I don't have to worry about putting the Driver line for it to use fglrx?17:51
P2502i wonder isnt OS codenames are for "internal" use? why they are used so much for everyone? 7.04, 7.10, 8.04 makes more sense for me.17:51
jamalfUgh,. damn. I can't do this. I'm going to have to wait until Hardy is officially released... I can't get fglrx to work.17:53
pushaxis there a offical repository for hardy heron17:53
jamalfpushax, yeah there is17:53
flipstarpushax: did you update recently the python thing should already be fixed..17:53
pushaxflipstar: nope as I don't think I have the right repository in my source list17:54
savvasAnyone knows what this is: Feb 26 18:54:27 ubuntu -- MARK --17:54
flipstarthere should be repos as default17:54
pushaxflipstar:  hmmm let me check the ver17:55
savvasI get that a lot in my system logs17:55
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savvaspushax: what's the name of the package?17:56
pushax17 dec 2007 ver17:56
savvaslibpythonize0 ?17:56
pushaxsavvas: I'm pretty new to linux.  package as in lipython?17:57
pushaxI'm picking main reps in adept.  let me check if new items17:57
savvaswell you said libpython isn't working, i can't find such package17:57
pushaxI was using local mirrors17:57
savvasah, kde.. can't help sorry :)17:57
pushaxthis build is so impressive with hd detection.  I loved how my ntfs drives auto found17:58
savvaspushax: if you're new to linux i wouldn't suggest using hardy heron, sometimes stuff break17:58
lucasvoI have some FF3 incompatible addons that I really rely on. Can I downgrade to FF2?17:59
pushaxsavvas: I can work things out pretty quick.  I've used to run a redhat server in it's inital release.17:59
pushaxjust returned.17:59
savvasoh, welcome back hehe18:00
flipstarlucasvo: sure why not ?18:00
lucasvoalso, is it because of current development, that it takes me so long to boot? will that get any better? any tips on how to optimize?18:00
pushaxheheh thx.  mainly come back to do programming.  widows platform has become to restrictive18:00
pushaxhheh widows...18:01
savvaslucasvo: you can download firefox 2 from http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/18:01
lucasvosavvas: Shouldn't I use apt?18:01
savvaslucasvo: extract it on desktop or somewhere in its own folder and run it18:01
savvaswell... i'm not an expert in downgrading but.. hm..18:02
lucasvosavvas: I'll try downloading it.18:02
flipstarlucasvo: firefox 2 is not in the repos anymore18:02
lucasvothanks for the help18:02
lucasvois anyone using rescuetime?18:03
savvaslucasvo: have you tried firefox-2 ?18:03
savvas$ apt-cache policy firefox-218:03
savvasfirefox-2: Installed: (none) Candidate:
savvasit's in my repos :p18:03
smeuuhhey, anyone else has a problem with restricted-modules ? i can't install it for some reason since i last updated18:04
lucasvosavvas: not in mine.18:04
savvaslucasvo: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/firefox-218:04
savvasscroll down to "download"18:04
savvaschoose your architecture and a mirror :)18:04
flipstarokay right firefox2 is still in there ..18:04
P2502firefox 3 b4 soon18:05
P2502next week18:06
flipstargreat, there were nice changes with every new beta :)18:06
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=== Spec is now known as {Spec}
Assidff3 sucks donkeys buttocks18:13
Arwenargh... the "radeon" driver still has broken Xvideo...18:13
Arwenand fglrx is fubar too...18:13
Arwendear god....18:13
lucasvosavvas: apparently there's no package for my architectuer18:16
P2502Assid:  javascript benchmark: FF2 29s, FF3 7s, http://cybernetnews.com/2008/02/25/firefox-3-performance-gets-a-boost/ now prove your point18:16
flipstarAssid: whats you problem with ff3 ?18:16
Assidyahoo mail doesnt work18:16
Assida few sites have issues working it18:17
P2502agree, but it is beta... maybe b4 will fix it18:17
P2502what i dont like is a how long FF3 in development18:17
smeuuhnobody has a problem with linux-restricted-modules ? for me there is only available, but the metapackages seem to expect .1018:18
savvaslucasvo: http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/universe/f/firefox/firefox-2_2.0.0.12+2nobinonly+2-0ubuntu3_i386.deb18:19
savvasyou were supposed to click on the architecture, not the "file list" link :)18:20
Arwensomeone - how do I install fglrx on xorg 7.3? There's no "device" section in xorg.conf18:22
Milos_SDwhy can't I install kernel update ? :S18:26
Arwennot all of it is out yet?18:26
Arwenactually, I'm running -10 right now, but I had to kill the restricted modules18:27
Assidi think even if its beta.. if FF3 has a better js engine. it should work out of the box18:27
ArwenFF3 is.... broken18:27
smeuuhMilos_SD, so you have the same problem as me :)18:27
smeuuhit seems there is something wrong with linux-restricted-modules18:27
Milos_SDAnd nvidia driver problem (after restart it won't work)...18:27
Arwenanyone - how to install fglrx?18:28
savvasMilos_SD: apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.24-10-generic18:28
Milos_SDI have to install nvidia.run after reboot18:28
smeuuhMilos_SD, i suppose we just have to wait18:28
flipstarwhat 2.6.24-118:28
savvaswhat's your archive mirror? http://rs.archive.ubuntu.com ?18:28
=== {Spec} is now known as Spec
flipstarwhat 2.6.24-10 is out ?? is still have 2.6.24-8 ..18:28
savvasflipstar: change your archive mirror to uk, gb or us18:29
flipstari use the main server18:29
savvasuh weird18:29
=== Spec is now known as {Spec}
smeuuhhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic : no i38618:29
smeuuhi think that's the problem18:29
savvashey hold a sec18:30
savvas2.6.24-8-generic lol18:30
Arwenanyone - how to install fglrx?18:30
flipstaroh there it is in the new updates18:30
savvasflipstar: linux-image is still linked to version
Pici!info linux18:31
ubotulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component restricted, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB18:31
sjuergeshaving a problem with hardy, cant switch to a VT any more, screen goes black first then does weird color things (using nvidia restricted drivers)18:31
Milos_SDsjuerges, how did you installed nvidia restricted drivers?18:31
savvasPici: looks like someone forgot to link it to the new kernel image? heh18:31
sjuergesrestrcted driver manager18:32
sjuerges(before the update to hardy)18:32
jamalfDoes anyone know why xorg-driver-fglrx would cause the screen to go black when the login screen loads?18:33
jamalfI don't know how to go to the Xorg log to look at it since it goes black right after Ubuntu is done booting up and I can't switch to a separate display to use the terminal.18:33
Arwenjamalf, because recent versions of all ATI drivers (win and lin) are broken18:33
Arwenbroken beyond all recognition18:34
=== {Spec} is now known as Spec
h3sp4wnjamalf: boot in recovery mode18:34
h3sp4wnand look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:34
Arwenmore importantly, how do I install fglrx for crying out loud?18:34
Arwensomeone answer18:34
h3sp4wnrestricted drivers thingy but if its broken do you really want to18:35
flipstari dont have/like/use ati18:35
ArwenI need to18:35
Arwenxorg-video-ati is fubar18:35
h3sp4wnIts working here (I need to switch back to XiG at some point as I own a license)18:35
ArwenWell, I don't care if it works for you... it doesn't work here (XVideo color correction is BROKEN)18:36
DanaGHmm.  http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amd_tcore_release&num=118:40
h3sp4wnArwen: forget it easier if I just /ignore you18:40
jamalfIs there a way to tell what driver X is currently using?18:43
Arwenjamalf, glxinfo18:43
DanaGI'm hoping by summer ATI will be good enough for me to ditch NVIDIA.18:43
sverii cant imagine to go back to ati18:44
sveriand i cant imagin ati making me come back18:44
ArwenDanaG, not going to happen18:44
Arwenit gets worse and worse each release18:44
h3sp4wnsveri: Its amd now though isn't it18:45
sverih3sp4wn: i know, we'll see if the drivers will get better18:45
ArwenI can only say that they haven't... only worse18:46
h3sp4wnI am pretty happy with this quadro - perhaps ati/amd care more about the drivers for the fireGL stuff18:46
jamalfHrm,.. so I got it to boot with fglrx18:46
jamalfBut when I do fglrxinfo it says its using mesa as the opengl renderer :(18:46
Arwendear dear... then you need to go fix it :-(18:47
Arwenbut seriously, how do I specify fglrx instead of ati? xorg.conf looks way different to me than it used to18:47
jamalfHaha, yeah! If I could I would :(18:47
jamalfIn the Device section18:48
jamalfAdd Driver "fglrx"18:48
Arwenoh, that easy? hehe........18:48
jamalfLol, maybe18:48
jamalfIts not really working for me18:48
jamalfBut from what I've heard I have a pretty bad ATI card as far as Linux support goes18:48
jamalfWell, its not really even a card18:48
Arwenmine is even worse.18:48
ArwenX300SE -- no support anywhere18:49
Arwenand all kinds of weird rendering bugs18:49
jamalfReally? ... Oh ... Damn :(18:49
Arwenyeah... everything OpenGL displays with diagonal lines all over18:49
Arwenand the login screen is fubar18:49
jamalfOh wow18:49
jamalfYou win then, lol18:50
Arwenit was better back in Gutsy, but oh well...18:50
jamalfI'm debating just going back until Hardy is officially released18:50
Arwenthe open source driver worked better for me back in Feisty too :-(18:50
jamalfYou can use the OS drivers?18:50
Arwenyeah, r300 core.18:50
Arwenbut even 2d accel is kind of dodgy...18:50
jamalfI can't... I'm stuck to fglrx18:50
Arwenand damn wine takes forever to compile...18:51
jamalfOh yeah, lol... compiling wine took me hours last time I did it18:51
Arwenit's misleading since the source is only slightly larger than MPlayer's :-P18:51
Arwenand MPlayer takes 5 minutes to build18:52
Arwenbut you know, I hear Microsoft has a special cluster for building Windows and it just barely manages to compile daily18:52
Arwenso :-P18:52
Arwen(now if only "make" had a progress meter...)18:53
jamalfi know right!18:53
* jamalf sighs18:54
jamalfI don't know what else to try...18:54
ArwenMicrosoft Windows!18:54
Arwenactually, that wouldn't help me :-P18:54
Arwenit would still be broken18:54
Arwensame bugs in fglrx are present in current ATI Catalyst releases18:55
Arwennamely - fubar'ed GL18:55
jamalfoh lol18:57
jamalfi just wish i could load fglrx18:57
Arwentried reading through /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?18:57
jamalfsort of18:58
jamalfi'll try looking again18:58
Arwenhuh, wine compiling just finished -- installing may or may not succeed18:59
francisco_hi can i install hardy heron from kubuntu 7.10?19:05
Arwenwell, I managed to get fglrx to kind of work... no DR though19:20
Assidcompiz is messed up again19:28
Assidonce again i can see the black windows before they are "drawn"19:28
dencryptwe are so supprised :)19:28
jamalfWith DRI is disabled would 3d acceleration never work?19:30
Arwenjamalf, still having issues with fglrx?19:34
jamalfWell, I get it running19:35
jamalfI have to disable DRI though19:35
jamalfAnd OpenGL says its using mesa19:35
Arwenyou wouldn't happen to be on kernel 2.6.24-10 would you? the fglrx.ko module for that version doesn't exist yet :-P19:35
napsy_hm hardy has some serious issues with touchpad recognition19:36
PiciLog a bug then.19:36
napsy_i did19:36
YahooLaptopdoes hardy still use compiz fusion like gutsy?19:37
PiciIt uses it19:37
napsy_compozite is enabled but gnome doesn't use compiz for effects19:38
smeuuhhey, why wouldn't this package have an i386 version ? http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic19:38
Picismeuuh: Because it isnt built/uploaded yet.19:38
bardyrhas anybody successfully installed the latest kernel?19:40
Arwenbardyr, -10? I have19:40
Arwensmeuuh, the maintainer screwed up19:40
jianfeihi, does anyone know a good desktop sidebar for hardy?19:41
smeuuhi hope  he fixes that soon, i'm afraid to reboot now :)19:41
ArwenI'm ticked off too, he killed my 3d acceleration19:41
Arwenbut even worse is the firefox dev...19:41
jpatricksmeuuh: seems to be built: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.10/
rsklet's not get grumpy19:42
Arwenjpatrick, that's 2.6.10 :-P19:42
rskyou know things are in development19:42
PiciPlease stop complaining about the developers. This is a support channel, not a place to whine about bugs.19:42
Arwennot 2.6.24-1019:42
Picis/bugs/bugs and devs/19:43
Arwenwell, someone go tell the firefox maintainer to rebuild the package. It installs nothing.19:43
void^there's a reason why you should look at the list of packages to be upgraded, and the list of held back packages19:43
YahooLaptop[rant] too many people talk in #ubuntu :(19:43
Arwenpeople talk in IRC channels? who woulda know :)19:43
YahooLaptopi know, its _supposed_ to be idle relay chat19:44
DanaGbug 12183319:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121833 in linux "LCD backlight turns off when between discrete levels, both from hotkeys and from dim-on-idle." [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12183319:44
Arwenvoid^, there isn't a functional version lol19:44
Arwenbut anway, it's not inhibiting use (although I can't compile VLC because of him...)19:44
DanaGHmm, commited.  Any ETA on the fix arriving in repos?19:44
jamalfArwen, Sorry I was away for a bit. No, I'm on 2.6.24-819:45
Arwenjamalf, oh, never mind then :-)19:45
* Arwen waits patiently for new packages to roll out...19:46
Arwenbut at least I got my Xvideo now and that's all I really needed19:46
YahooLaptopso are the Realtek 8187B drivers in hardy? :p19:47
jamalfArwen, Lol I found info on bug 18934319:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189343 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "DRI doesn't work with fglrx 8.01" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18934319:47
jamalfI tried submitting a ticket to ATI to see if they have looked at that at all...19:48
jamalfThe chances of them reading/answering me are very close to none though, at least that's what I assume19:48
YahooLaptopATI have been good in the past for me, in terms of responding, their responses suck though19:48
Arwenjamalf, 8.01?19:48
jamalfArwen, Its the issue with any fglrx, not just 8.0119:49
jamalfThat's what the title says19:49
jamalfI have the same issue. I can't use DRI with fglrx19:49
jamalfThat may not be the reason things aren't working, but that's all I have right now :\19:49
Arwenthat would explain a lot of things...19:50
jamalfI'm tired of dealing with drivers for today though19:50
jamalfI'm leaving it as it is and just waiting for a fix19:50
* jamalf wonders why some updates for xorg-driver-fglrx just showed up...19:51
Arwenthey did?19:52
jamalfI don't know19:52
jamalfI mean, for me yes19:52
jamalfBut I don't know if its just me screwing things up or if its a new package19:52
Arwenhmm, updating packages lists...19:52
=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
Mohero'lo all20:00
muszekI wrote a bug reports - many programs are affected (audio conflicts between two groups of apps) and I don't know how to file it (what package?).  Could someone please take a look at http://www.muszek.com/hardy-audio-bug and tell me?20:00
thegveGood evening. I am trying to run either Eclipse or Netbeans(my preverred IDE), but both fail to run. The first is probably messed up by myself (whatever) but Netbeans seams to have libnb-apisupport1-java as a dependency which in turn requires a java7 platform.20:03
thegveAs I read in the FAQ IcedTea does not yet support Sound, SNMP or Javascript, I wonder if this isn't a bit too early to already require java7 at this stage.20:03
thegveis there a reason besides the fact that it is opensource to have icedtea as a dependency20:04
thegveHardy is rock stable compared to dapper and up I used in their testing stages by the way, really suprised20:07
h3sp4wnthegve: Look on the sun bugzilla for the libxcb issue20:08
Yarozenice that FF3 doesnt respect workspaces...20:09
thegvesound in icedtea: ETA: before the end of August20:09
thegveYaroze: And has a LOT of rendering issues20:09
thegvelike taskbars being rendered here and there in the webpages20:09
h3sp4wnIts fine for me (except I use 32 bit firefox2 on my core2)20:10
thegveAnd long usernames in the messenger/chat window of gmail being rendered over the inbox20:10
h3sp4wnNo issues with it on 32 bit on my pentium m20:10
thegveBut it's a lot faster20:10
thegvecompared to 220:10
h3sp4wn(other than the certificates thing being a bit annoying)20:10
thegveso I expect stuff to improve20:10
Arwenimage rendering still has issues :-\20:11
h3sp4wnThings are usually faster until they get closer to release20:11
h3sp4wnthen hacks / security updates patches make the end up dog slow20:11
thegveI like the way the "shall I remember your password" thingie works. The page keeps loading in the background, makes me actually read the question and not randomly click to get the popup away20:11
h3sp4wnI think I prefer konqueror4 (But I don't use any other kde4 stuff so I am not using it at the moment)20:12
muszekI liked Opera's handling of passwords better... it can save passwords per unique URL or per domain (firefox does only the latter), so that I could have different user/pass for localhost/one and localhsot/two20:13
Assidokay after the lat set of updates20:13
Assidthe brightness panel (for laptop) doesnt work right20:13
Arwenanyone know how to make firefox 3's tab bar span onto multiple rows instead of scrolling?20:13
thegvemuszek: I have 3 gmail accounts, password remembering for all three of them won't work at all, but that's hard to safely overcome I think20:15
Assidanyone know the binary the runs when you increase/decrease brightness on a laptop?20:15
Assidsome applet or somethig i think20:15
Assidnvm got it20:16
h3sp4wnAssid: At least on my thinkpad that is in hardware20:16
h3sp4wn(Doesn't stop gnome resetting it though which is annoying )20:16
thegveh3sp4wn: A probably stupid question: Where would I find the sun bugzilla? I am searching for it but I can't find it20:21
void^thegve: http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=653237320:23
oliver_g_do you know where to get the public key for the dbgsym packages for hardy?20:24
h3sp4wnthegve: take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libxcb/+bug/191579 also (The workaround is LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=1 in /etc/environment)20:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191579 in libxcb "Java crashes while accessing X11" [Undecided,Invalid]20:24
h3sp4wnPerhaps thats the wrong one20:26
h3sp4wnSpeaking of Sun somehow on one of my machines I have managed to add the Open Terminal button to my right click menu (but I cannot for the life of me repeat it on the other)20:27
thegveh3sp4wn: It is the problem I have indeed20:27
thegveA lot of "this is not my problem" stuff on the bugs.sun.com link20:27
thegveThe bug get's redirected a lot :)20:27
h3sp4wnYep I suppose it isn't suns fault people want to mess with xlib20:28
h3sp4wnIt should be upto them to make sure its 100% compatible20:28
DanaGSo much for Intel wireless being best for Linux.....20:30
DanaGWhen I resume from suspend with my wireless hotkey off, my wifi card breaks.20:30
DanaGIf I try to rmmod or modprobe -r the iwl3945 module, rmmod or modprobe just hangs.20:31
h3sp4wnThe best would have to have working and reliable WDS20:31
Arweninfo bug 9333220:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 93332 in wajig "wajig suggests 'base-config' not packaged in ubuntu" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9333220:32
Arwenhow can you release a fix but be undecided about it?20:32
jfanaianWhat's better/recommended, gnash or flashplugin?20:34
ArwenAdobe Flash20:34
Arwenbetter at least20:34
jfanaianAh okay20:35
jfanaianI think I'm having the problem you were having earlier with Flash lol20:35
jfanaianHeh, flash crashes whenever it tries to play audio20:36
ionstormmy restricted-modules is broken, any idea why this could be20:40
Arwenionstorm, did you upgrade to kernel 2.6.24-10?20:40
Arwenare you on i386?20:40
ionstormI cannot get the restricted modules for it20:40
Arwenthe dev screwed up20:40
Arwenhe forgot to package them20:41
ionstormshould I grab i386?20:41
Arwenit won't help20:41
Arwenyou can revert to -8 kernel or wait it out20:41
jpatrick!ohmy | ionstorm20:41
ubotuionstorm: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.20:41
Arwenon another note...20:41
ionstormyea, -8 is broken for me20:42
Arwen!info firefox-3.0-dev20:42
ionstorm-7 works20:42
ubotufirefox-3.0-dev (source: firefox-3.0): Development files for Mozilla Firefox. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0~b3+nobinonly-0ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 8 kB, installed size 128 kB20:42
Arwenb0rk3d :-)20:42
Arwen8kB lol20:42
heret1ccan anyone do anything with the ff3 > edit > preferences > applications window?20:42
DanaGThis is my impression of flash:   *segfault*20:43
Arwenheret1c, not me20:43
ArwenDanaG, wine is broken like that too :-)20:43
DanaGBrowsing YouTube is miserable -- it segfaults every three pages or so.20:43
ionstormnvidia is broke in -8 kernel right?20:43
Arwendunno, I have ATI. It's always broken.20:43
* Arwen curses...20:43
jfanaianArwen, what's wrong with firefox-3.0-dev?20:44
oliver_g_heret1c: do what? it works here at first glance20:44
Arwenjfanaian, look at the sizes20:44
heret1cDanaG: works fine here (flv-in-ff3)20:44
Arwenit's empty :-)20:44
jfanaianOh! Lol20:44
jfanaianThe dev packages20:44
Arwenit's preventing me from compiling my software :-(20:44
jfanaianSo audio is not working in flash?20:44
Arwenif I use firefox-2-dev instead would that work?20:45
Arwenjfanaian, works here20:45
heret1coliver_g_:  h'm. it is for setting up external helper apps, yes? can type into the "search" box, but nothing happens20:45
jfanaianoh :\20:45
jfanaianwow cool20:45
oliver_g_heret1c: works here20:45
jfanaianif you close gnome-panel it opens back up on its own20:45
oliver_g_heret1c: if i type asf, it hides all entries except for two (for ASF video)20:46
Arwen!find kdesudo20:46
ubotuFound: kdesudo, kdesudo-kde420:46
heret1coliver_g_: curious.20:46
oliver_g_heret1c: what firefox version do you have?20:47
jfanaianHardy doesn't like me... Gutsy was nicer to me :(20:47
oliver_g_i have ff 3.0~b3+nobinonly-0ubuntu4 installed20:47
heret1coliver_g_: same as u.20:48
oliver_g_heret1c: can you edit items in the list? like, change the action for MP3 to "always ask"?20:48
heret1coliver_g_: the icon at the end of the "search" box (presumably "find"?) is greyed out here20:49
heret1cdon'y gey a list.20:49
heret1c        get20:49
oliver_g_heret1c: that button is the clear button20:49
ArwenUnder KDE, starting GTK+ apps using kdesu/sudo/whatever causes them to use the default theme. This is different from Gutsy. Is there a fix?20:50
oliver_g_if you type in the search box, the button should be activated20:50
Arwenoliver_g_, I just see a blank square20:50
oliver_g_Arwen: the whole tab is blank?20:51
heret1coliver_g_: anything I type - nothing happens.20:51
Arwenwell, there's a search entry, a greyed out "clear" button and a black square underneath20:51
oliver_g_Arwen: wow...20:51
oliver_g_Arwen: how many firefox updates have you done on that installation already?20:51
Arwenerr, none20:52
oliver_g_I had two FF updates so far I think20:52
ArwenI just upgraded yesterda20:52
oliver_g_Arwen: do you have 3.0~b3+nobinonly-0ubuntu4 installed?20:53
oliver_g_did you upgrade from Gutsy?20:53
Arwenwas I not supposed to?20:53
oliver_g_then maybe FF didn't cope with the transition from FF2 to FF3?20:53
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
Arwendunno, I tried with a clean profile and I just installed firefox fresh after upgrading20:54
* oliver_g_ doesn't trust the update mechanisms :-)20:54
oliver_g_Arwen: in that case I suppose it would create a new clean profile20:54
* Arwen was using a Mozilla Corp build until he got to 3.0b3 --> fonts stopped working20:54
oliver_g_Arwen: can you type in the search box? does it do anything?20:55
Arwencan type, does nothing20:55
bardyrhas anyone noticed that udevd has gone crazy? and printing [  651.483895] device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table [  651.484822] device-mapper: table: 253:1: liear: dm-linear: Device lookup failed in dmesg every 0.01 ms20:58
bardyri cant seem to find any open bugs on launchpad20:58
Arwenbardyr, doesn't happen here20:58
bardyrand i dont want to open a bugreport before i get the -10 kernel updated20:58
jianfeijust installed updates and my res has dropped to 800*600? any ideas?20:59
bardyrjianfei, nvidia/ati?20:59
flipstarnvidia OR ati ..20:59
flipstaryou installed the driver by yourself ?21:00
bardyrjianfei, start nvidia-settings what does it say?21:00
jianfeiauto update21:00
bardyrjianfei, you probably need the restricted-modules for the new kernel21:00
flipstari thought they would do that by themself..(?)21:01
jianfeicant even get to system the res is to low21:02
Arwenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/182038 <-- why should the video driver affect firefox rendering? unless firefox somehow gained OpenGL rendering abilities between 2.x and now21:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182038 in xulrunner-1.9 "Black rectangle instead of image in FF3 [Hardy]" [Medium,Confirmed]21:03
Arwenmoomo1, with?21:04
moomo1today my ubuntu updated, 44 updates21:04
moomo1and now it dont works21:04
Arwen!doesn't work21:04
ubotuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.21:04
moomo1before i had pretty desktop with compiz, now it said it didnt detect my stuff, so it was like 640x480 with vesa or vga21:04
moomo1now i manually put it to NVIDIA 8600 in screen & graphics21:04
Arwenhaha, I assume your kernel updated right?21:04
moomo1i think so21:05
Arwenand you were using binary drivers?21:05
Arwenand your PC architechture is i386?21:05
Arwenthen you'll just have to wait till new restricted modules show up21:05
jianfeimy gfx is nvidia 760021:05
jianfeii dont see any restriced drivers21:06
moomo1it updates to before it was i think, and i had proprietary nvidia-gfx-new driver21:06
moomo1when will it come new restricted modules ?21:06
moomo1its one restricted module in Update Manager, but its "gray" so i acnt install it21:06
thegveI have just updated everything, I think it is wise to keep my system running until the new restricted modules arive ....21:06
Arwenwhen someone from the kernel team realizes they screwed up21:06
moomo1oh ok21:06
SeveredHeadHello everyone.21:06
moomo1my mouse double-clicks instead of single clicks too :(21:06
moomo1why is this?21:06
SeveredHeadDoes anyone happen to know if there are Wine problems in Hardy?21:06
SeveredHead(Figured I'd jump in here and ask before Googling)21:06
thegveBut a 'normal update' keeps a previous one in the menulst I think?21:07
thegveSeveredHead: Or look it up in launchpad21:07
thegveI was having wine problems in Hardy21:07
thegvebut I blamed myself for that21:07
Arwenwine is currently broken21:07
thegveI used some scripts I shouldn't use21:07
moomo1well just cuz it updated kernel, it shouldnt make graphics driver incompatible21:07
moomo1my wine dont even work in hardy21:08
Arwenmoomo1, it does because part of the driver is in the kernel21:08
Arwenand that part is proprietary21:08
h3sp4wnWine segfaults straight away here (on amd64 anyway)21:08
Arwensame here21:08
Arwenthe old Gutsy version works, and supposedly manually compiling does too21:09
jianfeii'll reboot21:09
SeveredHeadYeah, there's a segfault bug.21:09
SeveredHeadBug #19157521:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191575 in wine "wine segfaults on winecfg" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19157521:10
h3sp4wnIs there a workaround that takes 5 mins or less ?21:10
SeveredHeadPeople say the 0.9.54 Gutsy package works.21:10
h3sp4wnIf there isn't I can wait21:10
Arwenh3sp4wn, if you haven't ignored me, the old one works and you can manually build .56 from upstream21:10
h3sp4wnI don't actually need it quite yet21:10
Arwenso he did ignore me.... his problem then21:11
h3sp4wn(still not too sure whether I trust works in wine to mean works in windows for my program though)21:11
heret1cOooo... serious stuff to apt-get upgrade now...21:11
smallfoot-thank god i ahve windows xp, since i cant rely on hardy alpha for mission critical objectives such as porno, as it now dont work due to the update21:12
smallfoot-how long does it take until they fix the nvidia graphics?21:12
SeveredHeadWhoo, no segfault. ^__^21:13
h3sp4wnWhat is wrong with them I just got a new kernel + restricted modules21:13
smallfoot-also, on kernel.org there is, so how can ubuntu have ????21:13
h3sp4wnwhy not just boot the old kernel for the time being21:13
Assidsmallfoot-: who knows21:13
h3sp4wnit doesn't21:13
smallfoot-but it says it does21:13
h3sp4wnit has 2.6.24-1021:13
smallfoot-oh ok21:13
smallfoot-shouldnt it be 2.6.24-ubuntu10 then?21:14
h3sp4wnthe -10 is the ubuntu release number and means nothing under any other context21:14
h3sp4wnand its based on 2.6.24 - thats all that matters21:14
smallfoot-well 2.6.24 is vulnerable to security vulnerabity, it got fixed in
smallfoot-so now im using old unsecure version, this is not acceptable!21:14
Arwensmallfoot-, the fixes were probably backported21:15
Arweninstead of the entire kernel21:15
h3sp4wnThere is no security updates for development releases21:15
smallfoot-oh ok21:15
h3sp4wnbut that should be in anyway by now anyway21:15
smallfoot-then why should ppl want use development release, if there are no security update, and they can get hacked?21:15
jianfeistill 800*60021:15
Arwenoh, incidentally, one of the cooler features of 2.6.24 is uvesafb which... doesn't work on Gutsy.21:15
Arwensmallfoot-, to... test them and well, develop?21:16
Arwenuvesafb is the next-generation vesafb21:16
smallfoot-Arwen, well i cant test them if its unsecure21:16
smallfoot-oh cool, what its good for? why its better than vesafb?21:16
h3sp4wnsmallfoot-: Thats not the purpose of it21:16
Arwenit's better because you can use custom resolutions21:16
smallfoot-and does anyone really use vesafb when they can use like nv, or nvidia?21:16
Arwenit makes your tty consoles shinier21:16
smallfoot-i like shiny21:16
oliver_g_smallfoot-: you can test it locally first21:17
oliver_g_smallfoot-: no problems with security holes then :-)21:17
smallfoot-oliver_g_, test what?21:17
smallfoot-oliver_g_, but then i cant use internet, then i cant test the internet stuffs21:17
smallfoot-is it reported that 2.6.24-10 kernel update breaks the nvidia graphics on i386?21:18
Arwensmallfoot-, typically to exploit a kernel flaw, the attacker needs to have local access. Unless its a flaw in tcp/ip of course.21:18
smallfoot-so they know to fix it?21:18
oliver_g_smallfoot-: what bug was fixed in then?21:18
smallfoot-oliver_g_, a kernel security bug i read on the internet21:18
Assidsmallfoot-: breaks ?21:18
smallfoot-assasukasse, well my desktop isnt pretty when i updated to 2.6.24-10 anymore, before i had compiz and bling now its like 1980 computer21:18
jianfeilol, mine looks like my old 28621:19
assasukassesmallfoot-: compiz and the other compositors are just memory hogs and resource wasters..CLI is the answer21:19
Oli``The kernel security hole was a local exploit though wasn't it? So it's only a security risk if somebody (not you) has exploit permissions on your box, which probably would only be the case if you're running a public ssh server... no?21:19
Assidso compiz is broken again ?21:19
smallfoot-assasukasse, but CLI isnt pretty, i use compiz, i have a 3d cube, and my windows gets "beamed up" and when i close them, they burn in fire, its cool!21:20
Assidassasukasse: technology wouldnt move if cli was the answer21:20
assasukasseactually i think that plain metacity does its work very good21:20
Assidsmallfoot-: exactly same effects on my desktop21:20
smallfoot-Assid, yeah its so cool :D21:21
assasukassei think ppl should concentrate more on drivers and modules21:21
smallfoot-but not anymore, because 2.6.24-10 broke it, so now it looks junk21:21
smallfoot-thats why they need to make another update21:21
ArwenI don't use compiz... it makes everything slow21:21
smallfoot-or a "System Restore"21:21
Arwensmallfoot-, you could just reinstall the 2.6.24-8 kernel and use that instead21:22
h3sp4wnIf they did a system restore then me -> Debian21:22
smallfoot-Arwen, i dont know how21:22
jianfeime either21:22
h3sp4wn(Unless they implimented it so well that it was perfect but that would take years of really serious work)21:23
Arwensmallfoot-, jianfei, it's in the package list - install it and choose it at bootup21:23
napsy_can I somehow force tracker to index a directory?21:23
smallfoot-so i guess that nvidia graphics driver dont work anymore is not a bug21:24
flipstardamn im afraid now of booting the new kernel :/21:27
Arwenfortunately for me, even without the kernel module, fglrx can load with 2d accel21:29
Arwenyay 4 me21:29
heret1cflipstar: worked here (qed)21:29
flipstarwith nvidia drivers ?21:29
Arwenheh, Intel21:30
flipstarwhats qed ?21:30
heret1cwhich is hereby demonstrated21:31
heret1cquod erat demonstrandum, afaicr.21:32
flipstaroh .. okay :)21:32
Arwendemonstratum, perfect participle21:34
jianfeiback on 2.6.24-8 and 1680*1050 res, thanks21:35
heret1chttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC5uEe5OzNQ 8)21:39
Arwenheret1c, lame21:40
* Arwen thinks there's no contest there. Aero is just plain awesome.21:40
heret1ceven has a happy ending.21:40
flipstarbad quality ..21:41
heret1cArwen:  you'd probably fall asleep if u saw my desktop.21:41
* DanaG performs an impression of Flash:21:42
flipstaruse vlc like i do :P21:42
DanaGThat's what it does more often than anything else.21:42
Arwengah, firefox 3 doesn't check RSS feeds automatically21:43
DanaGCan't use VLC for flash in Firefox, can you?21:44
Arwenno, you can't21:44
flipstarno, not in firefox21:44
* Arwen doesn't want his browser showing videos anyway so that's a non-issue21:44
* DanaG uses adblock plus.21:45
flipstar*uses adblock plus&nocript21:45
DanaGNoScript is too annoying for me.21:46
flipstari just used "clive --player="/usr/bin/vlc %i --fullscreen" --play=src <url>"21:46
flipstardidnt even had to open firefox21:46
Arwenwhich would be a good thing since firefox is broken, but..21:47
heret1cArwen> screenshot.21:48
flipstar..here it works also in firefox..21:48
heret1cArwen> erk. i'm not registered.21:49
heret1cArwen> desktop.21:50
Arwenbug 18203821:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182038 in xulrunner-1.9 "Black rectangle instead of image in FF3 [Hardy]" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18203821:51
heret1cslow night.22:04
Arwenmm hmm22:04
* heret1c amuses himself by youtubing +reptilian +reporter22:04
dencryptI just took a break from my wiki-work. Might get to bed soon.22:05
* Arwen patiently waits for linux-restricted-modules22:05
heret1c -generic22:06
* Arwen impatiently waits for firefox-3.0-dev22:06
heret1chitting apt-get update every minute, eh? 9=22:06
Kunithe update to linux headers .10 killed my graphics! It doesn't recognize the card anymore22:10
ArwenKuni, NVIDIA/ATI? i386?22:10
Kuninvidia i386, yes22:10
Arwenyep, restricted modules aren't out yet...22:11
heret1cheld back22:11
Kuniwell be back in a bit then.22:11
AssidKuni: so no compiz ?22:11
Kuniyeah, no compiz22:11
Assidyour atleast able to use metacity right?22:12
KuniI did manage to get my resolution back to 1920x1200 though22:12
Assidxorg got overwritten ?22:12
Kunibut my screenlets are really starting to tick me off. :)22:12
Kunidunno, but it wasn't reading right, so I reconfigured it22:12
Kuniwell, I'll be back shortly22:13
dutchpotyou're luckier than me, I'm stuck in 800x600 right now ;-)22:13
dutchpot...what's up with my name22:13
=== dutchpot is now known as FrankQ
ArwenFunny, my setup still works22:13
Arwenyay 4 separate 2d and 3d acceleration22:13
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
bardyrdoes anybody have any experience with preload?22:15
ppvanzellaHi! I got a bit of a problem here: Todays update broke python22:16
ppvanzellaso now Miro doesn't rum22:17
crimsun_ppvanzella: more specifically?22:20
ppvanzellacrimsun_: well, when I run miro (which wasn't updated, and was running fine so far, it returns ImportError: No module named _bsddb22:21
ppvanzellawhich I found to be a python problem22:21
Kuniany news on linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic's release?22:22
FrankQshould find the bug link, probably22:22
lime4x4anyone else having trouble coping a large file to another network share? I always get connection timed out issues when coping big file from hardy to gusty22:22
KuniI almost feel like booting into vista...22:23
crimsun_Published in hardy-release 18 minutes ago22:23
FrankQsame here, first time in ages I've had the thought o booting into something else ;-)22:23
FrankQThough honestly, Ubuntu is actually amazingly usable on low resolutions compared to windows.22:23
jianfeicrimsun: does it fix the nvidia issue?22:23
RoC_MasterMindwhat issue?22:24
lime4x4i just installed the nvidia drivers 169.09 from nvidias website22:24
crimsun_jianfei: no idea; I don't use l-r-m.22:24
thompaneed help. I can load the modules acer-acpi and ath_pci but no wireless coming up22:25
Arwensomeone forgot to make kde depend on python2.5-dev....22:25
ppvanzellaArwen: someone forgot to do a lot with python it seems ><22:25
thompai heard that acer-acpi has been backported for 2.6.2422:26
thompabackported as wmi-acer?22:26
Kunicrimsun_: I've checked released and proposed, can't get it in either place22:26
* DanaG hates iwl3945 -- lately it's formed the habit of breaking after suspend and resume.22:26
Arwencrimsun_, it's not out22:26
crimsun_Kuni: because it was just uploaded recently.22:27
DanaG.... and if I try to modprobe -r the module, modprobe simply hangs.22:27
so1mhhh iwl3945 doesn't work here, too22:27
DanaGSo much for Intel being "Better for Linux".22:27
crimsun_DanaG: even with today's l-u-m?22:27
* Arwen hates fglrx - it's broken22:27
ArwenAnd ATI has no intention of fixing it22:27
so1i can activate/deactivate it, but it doesn't show any wireless aps anymore ...22:27
DanaGIt only breaks if I have the hotkey turned OFF at suspend.22:28
thompai can apparently load modules but they do nothing22:28
so1i have a wired and a wireless nic, but networkmanager shows eth0, eth1 and wlan0_rename ---22:28
thompaglad im not alone here22:28
Arwenwhy are you glad other people have problems? o.O22:28
Arwenmisery loves company?22:29
FrankQmeans it's not just him22:29
Arwenoh yeah, shell completion with mplayer is broken. Can't complete pathnames with spaces22:29
thompameans there is a discussion going22:30
ppvanzellaArwen: it's exactly the same on Fedora 822:30
Arwenoh yeah, is the "lzma" tool compatible with 7-zip?22:30
ppvanzellaArwen: so I guess it's a problem with mplayer, not with the packaged version22:31
thompai wish i kept the earlier kernels to test, can i get them back?22:31
Arwenthompa, apt-get install :-P22:31
DanaGFix for odd names: look in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.22:31
FrankQ"apt-get install :-P". Never heard of that before!!22:31
DanaGIt reeeeally needs to generate rules for wmaster interfaces, too.22:32
ubotuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide22:32
thompaFrankQ: i need 2.6.24-4 i think.. only -8 is there22:33
DanaGdmesg | grep "wme:wme_qdiscop_enqueue ht_queue=4,queue=2 pool=0xF qdisc=f76ae280" | wc -l22:33
thompaacer acpi stopped working after 2.6.24-422:33
FrankQthompa: Sorry, my joke misfired.22:34
thompawell now it has22:34
KuniFrankQ: with :-P you really want to use aptitude to make sure you can remove the dependencies when you get rid of it.22:35
RAOFDanaG: Is that with 2.6.24-10?  It's meant to be fixed there.22:36
DanaGI'm on .8, actually.22:37
FrankQKuni: True. Then again, nobody in his/her right mind would wish to get rid of :-P22:37
DanaGI like to see complete changelogs before I install things.22:37
thompaim going to reinstall, is -10 in daily build already?22:38
KuniFrankQ: I did. I much prefer :þ22:38
h3sp4wnDon't reinstall just install the old kernel from a live cd22:38
thompagood idea22:39
FrankQKuni: If you prefer to use propetiary smileys, that's your call, I guess.22:39
lime4x4is hardy limiting network connection file transfer to 1.4 megs per sec?22:40
bardyrlime4x4, nope?22:41
crimsun_DanaG: I think you just need a new pin config block22:42
Kunioh why does it take so long to show up?22:42
lime4x4on my local network i can only tranfer files at 1.4 megs per sec and my local network is hardwired to a 10/100/1000 switch22:42
DanaGSorry, I had an X crash when switching compositing on Metacity on.22:42
crimsun_I just got my hands on a new model, so I can do some limited testing in the evenings22:43
DanaGOh yeah, the last thing I saw was "is hardy limiting network connection file transfer to 1.4 megs per sec?"22:43
FrankQthen you didn't miss any lines22:43
DanaGThat reminds me: I can only connect at 24 or 36 megabits in Linux; in Windows, I can get 54.22:43
rskprobably driver limitation22:44
rskor missconfiguration22:44
DanaGOh, and the formal bug number for my STAC codec bug is this:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/11114522:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111145 in linux-source-2.6.20 "sigmatel STAC9250 on ATI HDA SB on gateway laptop - no sound capture " [Medium,Won't fix]22:44
DanaGNew model of audio codec?22:44
DanaGOr laptop.22:45
oliver_g_btw. what would you recommend to measure raw TCP throughput between two machines?22:45
crimsun_DanaG: new hardware.22:45
crimsun_not codec AFAIK, but I haven't had enough time to peer at hwdep22:45
DanaGAah, a new PC, then.  ?22:45
crimsun_a new machine to me; a friend's doing a huge favour for me22:45
crimsun_granted I have to vpn+ssh to it, but whatever :)22:46
FransQI can confirm that metacity compositing crash :$22:47
DanaGIt works fine on next login, though.  It's only on initially flipping the gconf setting, I believe.22:48
FransQdidn't retain the setting, here22:48
DanaGOh yeah, I have a doctor's appointment of some sort to go to, so I'll be away until evening.22:48
DanaGIt kept the setting, for me.22:48
* credible wonders why on earth people would want to use metacity's compositor ...22:49
DanaGBut it started without Metacity; I had to launch it manually.22:49
DanaGThe alt-tab thing is fugly.22:49
Kuniremind me to say no to partial upgrades in the future...22:49
DanaG'/me puts laptop in sleep.22:49
h3sp4wncredible: I wonder the same thing about compiz22:50
FransQincreased productivity.22:50
crediblecompiz may have problems, but at least it isn't xcompmgr crammed into metacity22:50
Kunih3spw4n: it's pretty, and makes converting people from windows incredibly easy.22:51
FransQon the composited solutions' window switcher things it's easier to find windows. Also, I personally find depth (shadows) to help focus on certain places.22:51
h3sp4wnKuni: Are people that shallow ?22:53
Kunih3spw4n: Yes? Of course?22:53
FransQIs it shallowness? Everyone likes beauty.22:53
Kunih3sp4wn: you must understand. I'm at a university in the USA. EVERYONE is that shallow. ;)22:53
FransQand like I think Steve Jobs said, beauty makes systems more usable.22:54
hydrogenI completely disagree with that22:54
hydrogenusable beauty makes systems more usable22:55
KuniDepends on whether functionality is sacrificed for beauty.22:55
hydrogenextreme iCandy makes systems more shit22:55
hydrogenthat is all22:55
FransQsure. overblown things make things worse.22:55
h3sp4wnI haven't found a functional gui yet22:55
RAOFcredible: Because they run nouveau, and have fast XRender but no 3d :P22:55
Kunibecause beauty makes working easier on the eye, but it can also make the computer run worse.22:55
credibleRAOF: hehehe22:55
heret1canyone use RISC OS?22:55
Kunih3sp4wn: CLI is win, that is true.22:55
KuniEpic win, even.22:55
FransQbut I don't consider Compiz overblown if you just... don't enable certain plugins22:56
ArwenCompiz can be pretty elegant with the right options... doesn't mean it isn't still slow, but...22:56
Arwenoh yeah, and the cube needs more anti-aliasing :-P22:57
Kunih3sp4wn: Although it gets annoying when you can't run a fullscreen terminal at your native resolution because the framebuffer doesn't come close to supporting 1920x1200 for some reason...22:57
crediblecompiz isn't slow at all, certain video drivers are slow at GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap22:57
KuniArwen: amen on the AA part.22:57
Arwencredible, it is slow22:58
Arwenbecause the desktop is faster without it22:58
h3sp4wncredible: This nvidia quadro should not be one of them22:58
FransQI don't notice any substantial slowness, but I do notice that certain features allow you to get things done so much faster that the slight slowdown is worth it.22:58
h3sp4wnAnd it works flawlessly otherwise22:58
credibleh3sp4wn: nvidia's driver is number one on that list22:58
RAOFh3sp4wn: That's what --loose-binding is for; to work around one of nvidia's bottlenecks.22:59
h3sp4wnRAOF: Is there a sane way to set that in a config file somewhere ?22:59
credibleit's automatically set by ubuntu's compiz startup script23:00
h3sp4wnWell I was using that could it be my pciid is not in the table ?23:00
credibleit checks by driver, not by card23:01
RAOFcredible: Oh, do we really use loose binding by default?23:01
credibleRAOF: to the detriment of nvidia users who need --indirect-rendering :/23:02
credible(at least on gutsy; I hope hardy's compiz-manager has been updated by now)23:02
FransQI think at the starting of Hardy i had to manually switch to --indirect-rendering but that seems to be gone now.23:04
GortiZhi to all23:07
crimsun_ok, one more test case to pass, then I can push and upload.23:07
GortiZsomeone could help me with mesa drivers? I want to know if there are some options to make a powersave under mesa drivers... I used catalyst drivers and they have 3 power configurations: battery saving, balanced and performance.. there's something like that with mesa drivers?23:07
h3sp4wnthere is a driconf23:09
lime4x4anyone having issues with bluetooth devices being disconnected after the screen saver has been running ?23:09
h3sp4wnBut I dunno how much use it will be to you (its very little use to me as I don't know what most of the settings mean)23:10
h3sp4wnand I don't want to use trial and error23:10
CarlFKhow can I tell if this patch is applied? http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-usb@vger.kernel.org/msg01968.html23:10
h3sp4wnLook in the source see if the blocks in question are the same23:11
h3sp4wnIf they are sort of the same then it becomes more compilicated23:11
CarlFKapt-get source linux-image-generic ?23:13
ArwenCarlFK, that'll get you linux-meta. Try with apt-get source linux-image-version23:13
crimsun_CarlFK: it has not been applied to ubuntu-hardy.git.23:14
CarlFKcrimsun_: thanks.23:14
CarlFKnow to see about applying it...23:14
crimsun_CarlFK: line 317, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-hardy.git;a=blob;f=drivers/usb/host/ehci-q.c;h=b10f39c047e944848f3ac2aa4067e820d2f5df90;hb=HEAD23:15
ionstormanyone know an eta on the restricted modules issue23:15
crimsun_CarlFK: you may wish to inquire in #ubuntu-kernel23:15
CarlFKman, there is a #u-channel for evertyng :)23:15
crimsun_CarlFK: although I might add that since it is targeted to 2.6.25, hardy will pick it up automatically.23:15
CarlFKcrimsun_: how soon?23:16
macogwhey anyone else notice that when running on battery power on the live cd, it shows the "on ac power" icon?23:16
macogwim playing with alpha 523:16
crimsun_macogw: yes, known issue.23:16
macogwthe installer has failed twice now23:16
macogwhow about the tooltip on the "simple ubuntu" bg being "elephant" while the tooltip on the elephant bg is "simple ubuntu"?23:16
crimsun_macogw: also, today's new (well, Ted's ppa version) g-p-m does not resolve the battery/AC<->icon issue.23:17
crimsun_macogw: no idea about the latter.23:17
macogwhow about the installer inside the live environment going to a blank little box http://colbyframeco.com/~maco/nix/end_of_installer.png after you answer questions instead of a progress bar?  it only happened while using the live environment.  didnt happen when i chose the "install ubuntu" option (the second one) on the disk menu23:18
macogwthose were the 3 things i noticed right away23:19
macogwi havent gotten it installed yet to find post-install bugs :P23:19
Kunioh thank God, it's here23:23
Kunibe back i a bit23:23
ionstormany1 know when the restricted modules pack will be fixed for -1023:23
ArwenUbuntu has new wallpapers now?23:24
Arwenionstorm, before Duke Nukem Forever is released23:24
ionstormduke newkem rox23:24
h3sp4wnDid they release it ? (I have been waiting for that game for 10 years now)23:25
FransQArwen: They have the fela kuti newspaper23:25
h3sp4wn(meaning duke nukem forever)23:26
macogwwow the "installing system" window that is a useless blank little box won't die.  it keeps coming back all Thriller-style23:26
macogwand it claims the installation is complete....we'll see how that goes... brb gotta reboot23:27
CarlFKArwen: wallpaper is /usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png :)23:27
Arwenoh, lol23:27
CarlFKinteresting name for something new...23:27
ArwenI wasn't around back when Warty/Hoary was released23:28
CarlFKnew image, old name23:28
CarlFKI just noticed the name last week23:28
CarlFKwhen I noticed the new image... "hmm, I want to grab that... what's it called?.... wtf?23:29
FransQyeah it could make you think it's some old wallpaper but it's actually new, AFAIK. It actually features a heron23:29
ArwenKubuntu seriously needs new papers :-P23:30
CarlFKFransQ: that got bit in the nick by a hyena?23:30
h3sp4wnionstorm: Yeah I gave up looking - one day I guess they release it and it will not be what I thought it would be (not sure what that is anymore)23:31
FransQCarlFK: "Ubuntu Hardy Heron. Not Hyena-resistant."23:32
Kunithank God for the ability to boot with 2.6.24-823:38
h3sp4wnOther than one extra usb boot warning I don't have any issues23:39
h3sp4wnAnd the bios upgrade I just did seemed to fix that anyway23:41
Kunilucky you23:41
h3sp4wnWell the hardware is supported to run Linux (SLES) but still23:42
h3sp4wnand kvm seems to be fixed also23:42
flipstarKuni: trouble with the new kernel ?23:45
Arweno.O k-lined?23:45
void^i wish23:46
h3sp4wnPerhaps my mirror is out of sink of aptitude just doesn't offer the really silly upgrades23:47
ArwenI upgraded intentionally, even seeing the b0rk :-)23:48
* h3sp4wn still doesn't get compiz (It seems a bit faster now) but it flickers23:57
h3sp4wnSGI had that right in 1996 when I first saw hardware accelerated opengl desktop23:57
flipstarh3sp4wn: what did you do to make it faster ? it is very slow here when i restart compiz ..23:58
h3sp4wnflipstar: BIOS update and installing the updates nothing else23:58

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