jpatrickhola fetova16:30
no0tichole everybody16:33
no0tichola :)16:33
jpatrickMyrtti: it's always /me, /me, /me isn't it? No matter what the language :)16:37
Myrttiif you mean my disabled /me, yes16:37
Myrttibut "moi" is also "hi" in Finnish16:38
jpatrickno0tic: you wouldn't happen to know a chikichiki from -es?16:38
no0ticjpatrick, unfortunately not16:38
jpatrick~chikichiki!n=rodolfo@209.Red-80-33-38.staticIP.rima-tde.net  ] tu eres moderador en ubuntu-es???16:38
jpatrickMyrtti: ah, cool16:39
no0ticjpatrick, no, I don't know him16:39
jpatrickno0tic: well, let's see how far he begs to get back in16:39
no0ticjpatrick, I see erUSUL banned him 2 days ago16:40
jpatrickah someone was insulting him appartently16:40
* jpatrick forwards him to #-es-ops16:41
jpatrickah, good, it's still alive17:09
jpatrickbotijo: %join #ubuntu-cl17:16
naliothhmm, indeed17:52
jpatrickstupid bot17:53
no0ticconnection problems?17:54
jpatrickno, it just panics on startup and reconnects while connecting17:55
no0ticjpatrick, you don't need to restart your connection if you want to restart irssi :)21:12
jpatrickno0tic: I wanted to restart irssi21:12
no0ticjpatrick, you can restart it without loosing connection ;)21:12
no0ticjpatrick, /upgrade21:13
no0ticjpatrick, restarts the irssi binary withou disconnecting :)21:13
jpatrickno0tic: hmm, interesting21:13
* jpatrick tests21:14
* jpatrick wonders what on earth happened there?21:15
jpatrickno0tic: not my favourite command no...21:16
no0ticjpatrick, nothing happened21:18
no0ticjpatrick, I didn't see you disconnecting :)21:18
jpatrickno0tic: I like to still the list of people, etc, when I want to restart21:19
no0ticjpatrick, I didn't understand21:21
jpatrickno0tic: that I like to see /names, etc, when I join channels21:22
no0ticjpatrick, ah, when you restart with /upgrade you don't really restart your connection..21:22
no0ticjpatrick, you remain connected with all your channels joined.. so when irssi recatches his connection you don't see /names21:23
jpatrickno0tic: at least it clears the backlog out...21:24

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