johnc4510-laptopDPic: hey04:54
DPicwhat's up? 04:54
DPicshowing up for the meeting tomorrow? 04:55
johnc4510-laptopDPic: sure04:56
johnc4510-laptopthere will be 2 or 3 of us from the UWN04:57
DPiccool, i'm going to send out an email reminder to the team now04:57
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juliuxkatkin, ping14:46
katkinjuliux: hey14:46
juliuxkatkin, are you the right person to talk about the canonical store?14:47
katkinjuliux: yes for merchandise, no for software or apps14:48
juliuxubuntu-de has made ubuntu and edubuntu mugs14:49
juliuxi know that you have ubuntu mugs but no edubuntu mugs14:49
juliuxso Riched said i should speak with you;)14:50
katkinI see14:56
katkinthat's cool that you have made mugs14:56
katkinat the moment we only sell merchandise that is produced for Canonical by our merchandise manufacturers15:04
katkinto keep everything simple and to maintain consistency of the quality of the items we sell15:04
juliuxyou can see the mugs under http://ubuntu.juliux.de/tassen.jpgs15:16
juliuxyou can see the mugs under http://ubuntu.juliux.de/tassen.jpg15:16
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* johnc4510-laptop meeting of marketing in 6 minutes in -meeting23:53

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