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ToddBrandtMithrandir: I have i18n support in place in moblin-applets, but I now need to test it with some other languages. Do you know offhand how one changes the default language?06:37
MithrandirToddBrandt: set LANG before starting the application.06:49
ToddBrandtMithrandir: the application is hildon-desktop itself, is there a config file somewhere which controls the default language for it?06:51
ToddBrandtI'm testing all my plugins06:51
StevenKexport LANG in ume-gui-start?06:52
ToddBrandtAhh, I found it: X11/Xsession.d/25ume-config-common_startup06:55
ToddBrandtrather /etc/X11...06:56
ToddBrandthmm, still didn't change anything06:56
dholbachgood morning07:03
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V3nd3tt4hi! somebody can tell me if Ubuntu-mobile is compatible with PSP? :(11:34
V3nd3tt4I think not XD but I try to do this question :P11:34
burner\-i would like to install ubuntu mobile on a standard PC (intel x86) - how would I do that?12:17
burner\-i cant find anything but developer/documentation-howto's on the web..12:17
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loolburner\-: Follow the instructions from the wiki to run from a Xephyr window12:28
loolIt should allow you to run the UI windowed on an i38612:28
burner\-hm, okay12:28
burner\-would it be a good choice for me? (I'm planning to use it on my carputer)12:29
loolburner\-: Hard to tell13:44
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braniffcan we expect a version of ubuntu-mobile for the blackberry curve anytime soon ??15:12
mjg59braniff: Not unless it runs on an x86 processor, no...15:15
braniff it runs with an ARM CPU15:19
mjg59Ubuntu doesn't currently support ARM15:19
mjg59You'll also need to port a Linux kernel to it15:19
braniffhmm...i thought linux was ported to every processor known to man15:20
mjg59It is15:21
mjg59But you'll still need to port it to the rest of the hardware15:21
slytherinWhy can't ARM be community supported architecture? Same as powerpc. Does Debian supports ARM?15:29
mjg59slytherin: Because nobody's stepped up to do it15:30
mjg59If someone bootstrapped ARM, I suspect it could be looked into15:31
mjg59Debian supports arm, yes15:31
braniffthere is arm.linux.org.uk15:31
braniff(arm linux kernel)15:31
braniffbut like mjg59 said the rest of the hardware is where the work lies15:32
* braniff would love to have ubuntu on his curve tho15:33
Logic-Boxanyone here?15:52
mjg59Logic-Box: Many of the people working on UME are on the west coast of the US15:53
mjg59So may not be awake yet15:54
Logic-Boxman wish i could still be asleep15:57
agoliveiraLogic-Box: Lot's of people here. If you just ask whatever you want to know, maybe one of us can help :)16:15
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LogiK-BoXhey anyone know if you could put ubuntu mobile on a Palm TX?16:52
suihkulokkidudes, you really need to make a arm port of ubuntu :P16:53
agoliveiraLogiK-BoX, suihkulokki: Guys, the idea is lovelly but we lack manpower. Why don't you step up to help? Take a look at pdaxrom.org. People there wants to port UME to arm which is relatively straightforward.17:09
LogiK-BoXwell i would help but have really no idea what i would be doing 17:11
agoliveiraLogiK-BoX: If there's a will there's a way. Can't you code? Fine, write docs, test it, report bugs. There's *aways* something you can do. Contact the group and step up.17:14
suihkulokkiagoliveira: maybe one day I will, but at the moment I have more than enough to do with debian arm port17:16
inuka_deskping amitk__18:07
amitk__inuka_desk: hi18:08
inuka_deskhi amitk__, was the permission issues I was having supposed to resolved?18:09
amitk__inuka_desk: I'll check18:09
inuka_deskamitk__, thanks, I was wondering since I am stilling seeing it.  Appreciate your help18:11
amitk__inuka_desk: try again and report the problem please18:11
inuka_deskamitk__, I cloned a new branch, copied the changes over, did a git-add . and then git-commit -a... after which I get the message18:23
inuka_deskerror: remote 'refs/remotes/origin/HEAD' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/remotes/origin/HEAD'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?18:23
inuka_deskerror: remote 'refs/remotes/origin/master' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/remotes/origin/master'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?18:23
inuka_deskEventhough I just cloned the tree. Is there something I need to do on my end to correct this ?18:23
amitk__inuka_desk: so you cloned and then applied a patch on top?18:23
inuka_deskamitk___, ok my bad I think I know why :). Sorry to bug you again18:23
amitk__inuka_desk: np18:24
inuka_deskamitk___, unmask was not set correctly in my bash file18:24
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