azeeman empty build target, not an empty build00:00
Legendarioazeem, what is it?00:03
azeemwhat is what?00:03
Legendarioazeem, an empty build target00:03
azeemLegendario: what is a non-empty build target?00:04
azeemor rather, what is a build target?00:04
Legendarioazeem, maybe both00:04
azeemno, I'm asking you00:04
Legendarioazeem, sorry. English is my second language, i don't program, and that does not make sense to me...00:05
azeemLegendario: why do you want to pack the source yourself then?00:05
azeemLegendario: or maybe otherwise asked, what would you do if the source had more than just an install script?00:06
Legendarioazeem, because I want to learn... and help00:06
azeemok, then what kind of research did you do so far about "debian/rules build target"?00:06
Legendarioazeem, i have created 3 packages so far by following the packaging guide00:07
Legendariothat's all i know00:07
azeemLegendario: the Debian Policy Manual probably discusses the various debian/rules targets, including the build target00:09
azeemgotta go now, bye00:09
tsmitheLegendario, a target in a makefile is a name for the collection of commands it runs00:09
tsmitheif you look in a debian/rules (or and Makefile), you will see it is formatted like this:00:09
tsmithe<target>: <dependencies>00:09
tsmithe  <rules>00:09
tsmitheif <dependencies> have not been run when <target> is called, they are run first, in the order listed, and then <rules> are executed00:10
tsmithe"build" is one of the targets required in a debian/rules file, and it generally builds the sources into binaries00:10
tsmitheit could have a "configure" rule as a dependency, which would configure the build process to run00:11
tsmitheif the package has no sources that need building, you need not specify any rules, or any dependencies, but the target must still exist to comply with policy.00:11
Legendariotsmithe, thanks for such a detailed explanation!00:14
tsmitheno problem. it's good to have new contributors willing to learn :)00:14
pochuslomo__, superm1: gmyth out of Debian NEW \o/00:17
pochunext step --------> syncing!00:17
* tsmithe can't wait to go through the same process for fluid-soundfont. that would be my first debian package :D00:18
Legendariotsmithe, is there an easy way to edit the debian/rules in order to achieve it, or a model to follow. My bash scrit habilities are few...00:18
tsmitheLegendario, just do some research on makefiles, look at the debian policy and debian/ubuntu packaging guides/new maintainers guides, and play around with the files that are already there00:19
tsmithei presume you used dh-make?00:19
tsmithe(to create a skeleton package)00:20
RAOFLegendario: Also, try some non-CDBS packages.  CDBS conceals all these targets.00:20
Legendariouse dh_make00:20
LegendarioRAOF, i realized that00:20
tsmitheyeah, don't use cdbs until you know how the system works ;)00:20
Hobbseemorning all00:26
LaserJockhola Hobbsee00:27
Legendariothanks tsmithe00:28
Legendarioand RAOF00:28
tsmitheno problem00:28
nixternalhiya Hobbsee and LaserJock00:30
Legendarioany suggestion on a makefile "tutorial"?00:30
* nixternal pets kdevelop for doing the makefiles for me00:30
Legendariotsmithe, a good one...00:31
tsmitheLegendario, sorry, but i'm sure google can00:31
LaserJockLegendario: what specifically are you having trouble with?00:32
tsmitheeach line is a command executed in its own shell00:32
tsmithethe rest seems self-explanatory...00:32
Legendariotsmithe, google has lots of those. I was hoping there is a reference one00:33
LegendarioLaserJock, i am trying to pack a program that has only an install script00:34
* tsmithe just learned by example, so he doesn't have much to recommend00:34
Legendariogot to know i have to learn more about makefiles...00:34
LaserJockLegendario: it's really easy thought00:35
LaserJockLegendario: as azeem said you need an empty build rule00:35
MECUI'm new and I read that I could help out by compiling programs, where do I find the programs (packages) that need to be compiled?00:35
tsmitheLegendario, what don't you get about makefiles? i explained the structure...00:35
nixternalMECU: are you familiar with Debian/Ubuntu packaging? If not, check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide for some information on that00:36
LaserJockLegendario: each rule (the unindented part that has a :, like configure:, build:, etc.) has the lines that are need to build the package00:36
Hobbseesigh.  how does one make wine behave now?00:36
nixternalMECU: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU has a todo list and more information as well for you00:37
MECUyes, I just read though that, okay, thanks nixternal00:37
nixternalHobbsee: you think you are jesus or something? You think you can make wine do whatever you want? :p00:37
Hobbseeor at least run00:37
MECUwouldn't that be: cp water wine ?00:38
nixternalI haven't tried running the ie4linux stuff..let me see00:38
ScottK2Hobbsee: You browbeat \sh until he fixes it.00:39
nixternalyup, wine isn't working here00:39
LegendarioLaserJock, it has a build and a build-stamp section. How do i call the install script?00:41
* Hobbsee sighs00:41
Hobbseewhy give me an executable to unzip something, anyway...00:41
LaserJockLegendario: you do that in the install: rule00:41
tsmithecould someone upload https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mscore/+bug/195179 please? (to clarify, i don't think it requires a FFe)00:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195179 in mscore "Please update mscore to 0.9.1d+dfsg-0ubuntu2 (debdiff attached)" [Undecided,New]00:41
LegendarioLaserJock, like adding $(CUR_DIR)/install.sh00:45
LegendarioLaserJock, should i erase the build and build-stamp sections?00:45
LaserJockkeep build: it's required00:46
RAOFHobbsee: By installing the Gutsy package from winehq, sadly.  Or possibly rebuilding our package locally with an older gcc.00:46
LaserJockbut it can be empty00:46
HobbseeRAOF: right00:46
RAOFHobbsee: It hasn't been all bad.  I learnt about aptitude forbid-version :)00:46
StevenKRAOF: Wine doesn't like gcc 4.2?00:46
LegendarioLaserJock, what about the build-stamp one?00:46
RAOFStevenK: Apparently building with an older gcc makes wine not segfault immediately.00:47
LaserJockLegendario: you can remove it and any references to it00:47
RAOFStevenK: I haven't tested this personally.00:47
RAOFLegendario: The build-stamp target is there to make sure the source gets built exactly once; you'll notice that the last thing it does is to create a file called "build-stamp".00:48
RAOFLegendario: This means that if someone calls the build: target again, build: will see that the build-stamp file already exists, and so won't call the target again.00:48
LegendarioLaserJock, thanks... I learn a lot every time i get here. And by packaging, i learn a lot of computing too... ;-)00:50
LegendarioLaserJock, but i think this could be added on the packaging guide00:51
LaserJockwell, it's a wiki, everybody is more than welcome to help :-000:51
LaserJock:-) rather00:51
LegendarioLaserJock, after i get good on it... I may try it. :-P00:53
slangasekgeser: bug #195453 - should xen-unstable also be blacklisted for sync?00:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195453 in xen-source "Please remove xen-{source,unstable} from hardy" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19545300:53
LegendarioLaserJock, the install section has a build option. Am I supposed to erase it too?00:56
RAOFLegendario: By "build option" you mean "declares a dependency on build", right?  Since you don't actually need to build anything, you can either leave that in (since build is empty), or preferably remove it.00:57
RAOFLegendario: As in: the makefile contains a line "install: build", right?00:58
LegendarioRAOF, that's it00:59
RAOFRight.  So that says "you have to run the build target before the install target".  Since your build target does nothing, this is harmless but unnecessary.00:59
LaserJockdang, I can't figure out why my old laptop is sooooo slow01:03
=== ogra_cmpc_ is now known as ogra_cmpc
LaserJockI did a fresh Gutsy install and it seems way slower than before01:04
mok0_huh? qa.ubuntuwire.com is still not operational01:15
nixternalhaven't seen imbrandon around either for a bit01:17
ScottKHe was seriously sick in bed a few days ago (I called him).01:21
tbfsuperm1: so someone really run gnome-lirc-properties. seems i've got a victim of having a symlink to my working copy in /usr/lib/python2.5/site-package01:21
tbfsuperm1: so i forgot to update Makefile.am, when renaming the module01:22
=== Spec is now known as x-spec-t
tbfsuperm1: strange that automake didn't complain01:22
superm1tbf, well the project is of particular interest to me :)01:23
superm1tbf, so i wanted to see how well it worked01:23
superm1tbf, you had some comments somewhere in the package about the confusion about only debian/ubuntu using lirc.hwdb01:25
superm1that's because we (Ubuntu) are the first to adapt using it01:26
superm1the idea is supposed to be that eventually everyone will though01:26
superm1yup that's where I was reading :)01:27
tbfsuperm1: lirc.hwdb was a good idea, but it doesn't provide the information needed for auto-detection01:27
superm1tbf, well the spec can still be changed upstream01:27
superm1have you talked to Chris B. about it already?01:27
superm1on the lirc-list01:27
tbfsuperm1: currently i try to get code package ready before the hard beta freeze... :-/01:28
superm1tbf, ah.01:28
tbfsuperm1: but the file format i have now seems to work for me...01:29
superm1well if you need some help, someone on my team (~mythbuntu), will probably be willing to help01:29
superm1he wanted to do a similar spec01:29
superm1but never got around to it01:29
superm1tbf, you should know though, inside ubuntu we have a special patch (that upstream hasn't accepted yet)01:29
superm1tbf, that allows a lircd.conf to be "included" in the system wide one01:30
tbfthis script generates a slight variation of that receivers.conf by scaning the source code of lirc01:30
tbfsuperm1: guess i really should send a mail about that script and the file-format to the lirc-list tomorrow01:32
superm1tbf, yeah, sometimes Chris is a little slow responding01:32
superm1so that would be worthwhile01:32
tbfsuperm1: i'd also highly appreciate (manual?) updates to the receivers.conf file....01:33
tbfsuperm1: currently it is quite empty01:33
tbfsuperm1: i say "manual", cause of the timeframe needed, to get annotations into the lirc code01:34
superm1tbf, well let me put you in touch with the chap on my team that was looking to work on this01:34
superm1tbf, if hang around #ubuntu-mythtv-dev and idle for a bit, his name is foxxbuntu01:34
bddebianHeya gang01:58
TheMusoember_: I've got orca covered.03:05
superm1TheMuso, ah you were the one that pre-empted all the changes to ubiquity not running as root right :)03:09
superm1for orca?03:09
TheMusosuperm1: Yep, haven't been able to test them so far, but hope to do that this afternoon.03:09
superm1TheMuso, well they broke the mythbuntu frontend i found out :)03:09
TheMusosuperm1: So I saw, but it was an easy fix, again from what you wrote to -installer.03:09
superm1yeah it was03:09
superm1just had to track down any possible points of failure03:10
bddebianWhy isn't libgnutls26 in Hardy?03:13
TheMusoWow! The motu release bug list is quite long.03:21
mok0_TheMuso: Are you in the release team?03:21
mok0_TheMuso: Ah! You are!03:23
TheMusomok0_: Yes I am, and I'm having a look over it, after neglecting it for a while, due to other work.03:23
TheMusomok0_: I'm assuming that collect4 has not yet been uploaded yet?03:25
mok0_TheMuso: I have 2 acks on 194219 but I don't know why it's still on the list, or what has happened to it03:25
TheMusogah bad english03:25
TheMusobug 19421903:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194219 in collectd "[needs-merge] collectd  (4.3.0-1)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19421903:25
mok0_Heh two minds...03:25
TheMusoah yes, looking atht ath now03:25
TheMusoI'll review and upload it then.03:25
TheMusomok0_: ummm. No bug number in teh changelog, there is a placeholder for one, but... Its not there.03:26
mok0_Forgot, can you put it in?03:27
TheMusomok0_: And, the only two files touched by the debdiff are debian/control, and debian/changelog. Should there be more?03:27
=== zakame__ is now known as zakame
mok0_TheMuso: That's it iirc03:28
TheMusoWell what is being changed?03:28
mok0_TheMuso: It is basically taking over Debians new pacakge03:28
TheMusoSo shouldn't it be a sync?03:28
mok0_Well, yes, if possible at this time03:28
TheMusomok0_: Well, I suggest you re-examine the bug, and the package, and if so, change the package description to a sync request.03:29
mok0_TheMuso: arair I noted in the changelog that it should be synced next time03:29
TheMusomok0_: I'm confused... Why next time?03:30
mok0_I assumed this was the way to do a FFE03:30
mok0_I didn't know I could just do a sync request03:30
TheMusoAn FFE can still be a sync, as long as the requested information is given, and 2 acks are given. It doesn't have to be a merge/upload.03:31
mok0_TheMuso: and I need some uploads :-)03:31
TheMusoAn FFE is just that, an FFE, a request to change the package in a major way, whether it be via a sync, or a upload/merge etc.03:31
TheMusomok0_: When a package is synced, you still get credit for requesting it.03:31
mok0_TheMuso: cool :-)03:32
mok0_TheMuso: How does the sync happen in practice?03:32
mok0_TheMuso: someone has to fetch it and upload03:33
TheMusomok0_: The archive admins have powers to directly copy the package from Debian.03:33
TheMusoNobody uploads it.03:33
TheMusomok0_: I'm assuming you have never requested a sync before.03:33
mok0_TheMuso: that's right03:33
mok0_TheMuso: so, I just change the bug description? Is there a tag?03:34
TheMusomok0_: No. Let me find the wiki page describing the sync process.03:34
TheMusomok0_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess03:35
mok0_TheMuso: looks easy enough... most of the requested info is already attached to the bug03:37
TheMusomok0_: Well, have a look over the bug as it is now, and change the description to a sync request and you'll find out soon enough whether you've given enough information.03:37
mok0_TheMuso: ok03:38
mok0_TheMuso: I have 1 ack on another package: 15610003:38
TheMusobug 15610503:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156105 in moblin-multimedia "prompt error message when start playbacking wma media" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15610503:39
TheMusomok0_: Ok will have a look now.03:40
mok0_TheMuso: great, I can answer questions03:40
TheMusomok0_: err, is that the correct bug number?03:42
TheMusooh i got it wrong03:42
TheMusobug 15610003:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156100 in storm "[hardy] please upgrade storm to version 0.12" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15610003:42
mok0_TheMuso: 0.12 closes a bunch of bug reports03:42
mok0_TheMuso: ... and besides, when we bitch at Canonical for not opensourcing their stuff, we should be on top of it when they publish updates to storm03:43
TheMusomok0_: You need to attach everything else relating to an FF, diffstat, changelog, build and install logs...03:43
mok0_TheMuso: ok03:44
mok0_TheMuso: install logs?03:44
TheMusomok0_: Yes. We need to know that the package installs and updates correctly.03:44
TheMusomok0_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess explains everything.,03:45
mok0_TheMuso: thx03:45
mok0_TheMuso: it's getting time for bed for me, I'll do it tomorrow03:45
mok0_TheMuso: but the other bug I will change in a minute03:46
TheMusomok0_: Ok thanks.03:47
mok0_Well goodnight, see you later!03:49
LaserJockpersia: around?03:50
Legendariohow do i use dh_intallman?03:59
Legendariohow do i use dh_installman?03:59
RAOFman dh_installman and man debhelper will give useful pointers, but generally the answer is to just call dh_installman in the appropriate debian/rules target.04:05
RAOFAnd like the rest of debhelper, having a debian/$packagename.manpages should make it just work.04:07
=== boomer` is now known as boomer
LegendarioRAOF, i've read the man pages, but it didn't make any clear. There is even a bug about it (Bug #184156). I am calling it on debian/rules but the package created doesn't have the man page.04:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184156 in debhelper "man page of dh_installman incomplete for newbie" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18415604:13
LegendarioRAOF, am i the one supposed to create the packagename.manpages or does the dh_installman the one who handles it?04:17
TheMusoleonel: You create that file.04:21
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ScottKpochu: I just uploaded a (hopefully) fixed pychecker.  Your turn to work on SPE.04:50
slomo__pochu: i'll upload new gst-plugins-bad tomorrow probably... i want the things available everywhere to prevent failing builds again and get it into testing soonish05:14
slomo__superm1: http://buildd.debian-ports.org/status/package.php?p=gmyth  <--- fails on kfreebsd, might want to notify upstream about that or give a patch ;)05:49
superm1kfreebsd?,  didn't even know that it would automatically be added to different ports05:50
superm1i'll bring it up with upstream05:50
superm1still waiting to hear back on the -upnp stuff05:50
slomo__superm1: the kfreebsd patch is probably easy, will take a look at it later if you didn't before :)06:00
superm1slomo__, do you have a kreebsd env to work from?06:00
superm1can one be created in a pbuilder directly?06:01
slomo__superm1: no idea, i assume it's an obvious bug :)06:01
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dholbachgood morning07:03
nixternalgood morning to you sir07:03
dholbachhey nixternal - how are you doing?07:04
nixternalnot to shabby...coming down off of my busy spell at the uni07:04
nixternalinstalling Ubuntu on my desktop so I can test some of the Gnome/KDE4 issues that I have been reading about07:04
dholbachoh... what are they about?07:05
dholbachnixternal: great to see you're in 5-a-day as well :-)07:05
nixternalsome reason people are seeing klauncher crashes when logged into Ubuntu07:05
dholbachugh :/07:05
nixternaloh ya, trying to take the lead in 5-a-day :)07:05
dholbachI noticed :-)))07:05
nixternalit started out as 5-a-day, but as I sat in on classes at the uni, I started doing 20 to 60 a day listening to boring lectures :)07:06
dholbachit seems the project grew so much that committing bugs you've worked on takes a while :)07:06
nixternalI noticed that today07:06
dholbachI'll try to work something out to fix that07:06
dholbachso everybody commits to their own branch07:06
dholbachwhich will make the statistics a bit more complicated, but it's going to befine07:07
nixternalactually, I did my add-5-a-day, and it updated the branch, and between the time it finished updating the branch and committing mine, someone had committed, which caused add-5-a-day to crash out because the branch was out of date07:07
nixternalin 5 seconds I would say07:07
dholbachoh... crash?07:07
dholbachwasn't it just bzr complaining?07:07
dholbachplease give me the backtrace if that happens again07:07
nixternalit was07:07
nixternalwasn't a backtraceable crash07:07
FujitsuWhy not have people commit to their own branch, then have some script running somewhere that watches lots of branches and merges them into the main one?07:07
dholbachah ok07:07
nixternalsomeone had committed in between the update and my commit, in between the 1st and 2nd stage of add-5-a-day07:08
dholbachFujitsu: probably not even necessary to merge them into a main branch07:08
warp10Good morning!07:08
dholbachFujitsu: but yeah, that'S the basic idea07:08
dholbachwe could even make it so that people push their changes to multiple branches (I'd commit to dholbach and ubuntu-berlin for example) so that teams could compete against each other :)07:09
dholbachit makes statistics a bit hard to figure out, but I somehow like the general idea :)07:09
nixternalthat sounds like fun07:09
* Fujitsu declares universe to be too big.07:10
HighN1according to einstein there's nothing bigger...07:13
HighN1you may splitt it up into multiple galaxies, but their number would be endless07:15
cokehabitcan someone help me with a booting problem?08:19
* Hobbsee suggests #ubuntu for support08:19
cokehabiti've asked in there and no-one seems to be responding08:20
cokehabiti've asked questions before and got directed here so i thought i would cut out the middleman08:20
Hobbseefor packaging?08:21
cokehabityes, before it was a .deb packaging problem08:21
Hobbseewhich is why that was on topic.  this isn't, sorry...08:22
cokehabitthis time though, no kernel since 2.6.24-2 has got past "loading kernel drivers"08:22
cokehabiti didn't know this was a packaging channel, sorry08:22
* Hobbsee suggests reading the /topic08:23
cokehabitjust read the wiki, sorry08:23
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geserslangasek: re xen-unstable: it should probably be also added to the sync blacklist as it build-depends on linux-support-* which isn't available in Ubuntu (and xen-3.0 and xen-3 are also on the sync blacklist)09:00
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=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
slomo_superm1: kfreebsd fixed ;)10:19
HobbseeTheMuso: ping11:10
TheMusoHobbsee: Yes, what can I do for you?11:10
HobbseeTheMuso: how do you want to handle https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntustudio-icon-theme/+bug/192535 which now has it's MOTU-uvf ack?11:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192535 in usplash-theme-ubuntustudio "FF: General exception for Ubuntustudio packages." [Wishlist,Confirmed]11:11
Ngpochu: I finally filed the freeze exception, sorry for the delay. #19573311:11
TheMusoHobbsee: What do you mean exactly?11:12
persiaDon't bugs of that class just get closed at BetaFreeze / ArtworkFinalDeadline?11:13
persiaNg: I'm not in motu-release, but I'd like the updates: remember to include the installation log and testing report.11:25
HobbseeTheMuso: in particular, i'm about to unsubscribe us - are you intending to mark it as fix released or anything?11:25
\shguys...netbeans is crashing on hardy amd64...can someone prove this?11:27
persia\sh: Give me a test case, and I'll give it a shot (and try to arrange a patch).11:28
\shpersia: just start it with sun-java6 installed11:29
\sh/usr/share/netbeans/6.0.1/bin/../platform7/lib/nbexec: line 440:  4491 Aborted                 (core dumped)11:29
* persia tends to avoid multiverse java, but tests11:29
TheMusoHobbsee: No, was just hoping to get a standing freeze exception, and its also documented on the wiki page, so feel free to close/unsubscribe.11:29
persia\sh: Do I need the jdk, or just the bin & jre?11:30
Ngpersia: is the installation log literally just the output of me installing the build and it not doing anything out of the ordinary?11:31
persiaNg: Yes.  For extra points, provide logs for all of install, upgrade from current hardy, remove, and purge.11:32
\shpersia: just jre11:32
\shand who forced me to upload xdebug?11:32
HobbseeTheMuso: that's what i'm thinking we're giving, yeah11:33
persia\sh: Got it: that's bug #8794711:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 87947 in libx11 "xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8794711:33
Hobbseeright, from 51 to 42.  excellent11:33
Hobbseeand down to 28.11:35
* persia isn't convinced 87947 should be "Fix Released" as I'm currently finding about 8 dupes.11:36
Ngpersia: what would be useful for the testing report? I'm not sure that "well there are probably half a dozen people using 0.8.1 or later and in regular contact with the project who haven't reported any serious bugs" will do ;)11:40
persiaNg: Depends on the nature of the update.  My previous testing reports have varied from "doesn't segfault on startup for me" to arranging for people with three different architectures to follow two use cases and report the results (odd issue with failing to render only some Youtube videos).11:41
persiaMy understanding (and I'm not authoritative on this) is that you want to include enough information to convince the release team that the updates package (and any dependencies) work well enough to be released after the update.  For terminator, it ought be fairly easy.11:42
Ngpersia: ok thanks, I'll whip something up11:45
persiaNg: I usually just cat all of the install/upgrade/remove/purge logs together in a single attachment.11:51
Ngpersia: very wise, I realise I'm spamming the motu-release folks, for which I apologise11:53
thekornhey Iulian12:27
IulianHi there thekorn12:28
=== ember_ is now known as ember
pochuScottK: nothing to do in spe, it just was uninstallable as it depends on pychecker >= someversionthatwasftbfs ;)12:38
pochuScottK: thanks for fixing pychecker12:38
pochuslomo_: re: gst-bad - no hurry, that's fine :)12:39
pochuScottK: I setted it as high importance because it was uninstallable and not because it was spe. we do the same for ftbfs independently of the package12:39
persiapochu: For everything?  I thought most universe packages couldn't qualify for "High" except for license issues.12:40
pochupersia: hmm, I don't know, but infinity's MBF was done at high importance I think. Perhaps his check was done for main only12:43
persiapochu: For main, failure-to-install or FTBFS is typically High.  For universe, typically Medium, although some packages might have enough users to qualify for high.12:44
pochupersia: ok, thanks12:45
persiapochu: Reviewing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance, I'd think that for universe it would have to be something like a significant component of one of the universe derivatives being broken in order to qualify for "Has a severe impact on a small portion of Ubuntu users", as I don't think anything is really popular enough for "Has a moderate impact on a large portion of Ubuntu users".12:48
pochupersia: wxwidgets ftbfs would qualify ;)12:52
persiapochu: Ah.  Maybe, at least for 2.6.  There's likely a few other major universe libraries as well.12:53
* ScottK thinks clamav and spamassassin would potentially qualify.12:54
ScottKpochu: In that case (for spe) after you test it, I'd suggest it's fix released, not invalid.12:55
persiaProbably.  There's a lot of dependencies, and a fair number of users.  On the other hand, it's not likely true for spe :)12:55
=== lionel_ is now known as lionel
bigonhttp://www.paeps.cx/weblog/Linux/fuck_ubuntu WTF13:21
ScottK2He's entitled to his opinion.13:32
mok1I was asked to submit an install log to LP. Any particular way that needs to be done?13:40
amarillionDo you know any good tools to import ~150 signed gpg keys reasonably quickly?13:45
broonieamarillion: Depends on what format you have the keys in... what problems does gpg --import give you?13:47
viviahello there... i just saw tcl/tk 8.5 entering the repositories lately and an updated amsn compiled against 8.5 ... (first thing, make sure latest amsn package is marked incompatible with tcl/tk 8.4, ok?) but i found a problem13:48
amarillionAh I forgot to tell you, they are in my email right now, thunderbird13:48
persiamok1: I've generally used the script command to capture my entries and the output.  I typically do all of install, upgrade, remove, and purge to demonstrate that all the maintainer scripts do the right thing.13:48
viviaif someone has tcl/tk 8.5 and tcllib from the gutsy repositories, amsn won't start13:48
amarillionIs there a tool that can sort them out from a mbox or something?13:48
viviait's a bug in snit 2.1 that is contained in the current tcllib package13:49
brooniemutt should be able to do it (open the mbox, tag everything and tell it to snarf the keys)13:49
viviathey told me that the latest snit release fixes it. but snit 2.1 contained in tcllib 1.9.dfsg1-1 is VERY problematic with tcl/tk 8.513:49
amarillionsnarf? Ok I'll look into it13:49
viviaso it should cause problems to other applications too, not just amsn13:49
persiavivia: You likely want either #ubuntu-bugs, or to report a bug from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tcllib/+bugs13:49
viviapersia: sure, going to report it there... thanx ;)13:50
persiavivia: Thanks for tracking it down, it's just that we're ill prepared to handle bug reports in IRC.13:50
viviapersia: it's ok, we often have it on amsn too, and amsn is a MUCH smaller project.. :)13:51
mok1persia: the script command, thank you! Never heard of it before. You're never to old to learn something new..13:51
* persia thinks the script command is older than several developers :)13:52
viviahow can i check whether my current amsn package is incompatible with tcl8.4 ?13:53
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
emgentheya people13:53
viviahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tcllib/+bug/195785 there you go, i filed it... i'd appreciate it if anyone could check it and tell me quickly whether more info is needed14:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195785 in tcllib "snit 2.1 contained in tcllib 1.9.dfsg1-1 incompatible with tcl/tk 8.5" [Undecided,New]14:07
viviawow, thanx ubotu14:08
vivianice bot you've got there :)14:08
amarillionbroonie, did you ever participate in a key signing party?14:10
amarillionHas anyone here participated in a key signing party?14:12
broonieamarillion: yes14:14
amarillionSo how did you learn how it works?14:15
amarillionI don't really understand it14:15
amarillionI mean, I understand the theory, but the documentation is very skimpy on the details14:15
broonieYou mean the actual process for doing things? That differs depending on how the event is organised. Whichever way it's just a way to do an individual signing in bulk.14:16
amarillionIf I'm going to do this with thunderbird, I now have to open 150 emails, save the attachment, (type in a different name for each of them or thunderbird will overwrite) unencrypt and then import14:17
amarillionProbably I can find a way to automate things with mutt but then I'd have to learn to use mutt first14:18
geseramarillion: the main problem with KSPs is: how do you get a bulk of people to check each others identities in an ordered way and in a minimum of time14:18
amarilliongeser, yeah, it was reasonably efficient at fosdem this year14:18
emgentheya geser :)14:18
broonieamarillion: mutt has a direct command for "import key from this e-mail"14:18
amarillionI hear it was a mess in previous years14:18
amarillionbroonie, ah, which is it? I can't find it in the help14:19
geseramarillion: Debian people have expierence at doing a KSP, I was at the FOSDEM KSP last year14:19
amarillionThere is a command in mutt to decrypt it14:19
broonieamarillion: C-k14:19
geseramarillion: ^K          extract-keys           extract supported public keys14:19
amarilliongreat, thanks14:20
amarillionI suppose everybody uses mutt for this? Doing this in thunderbird seems impossible14:21
\shwhoever proposed php5-xdebug THANK YOU SOO MUCH !14:21
\shamarillion: enigmail is your friend I think14:22
geser\sh: is it with enigmail as easy as in mutt to import keys from a KSP?14:23
man-diamarillion: install signing-party and use caff14:24
amarillionman-di, I used caff to send out the signed keys14:24
geseryes, for sending out signatures caff is really good14:24
\shgeser: for this you use caff and a local smtp14:24
\shgeser: and for importing keys...I'm using a shell script...adding sigs to my key I do it manually...14:25
amarillionOk, I have everything imported. Thanks broonie14:27
geseramarillion: don't forget to update your key on the keyservers14:28
ScottKstani: Is everything in good shape for SPE in Hardy now?14:28
amarilliongeser, I will, thanks14:28
sistpoty|workhi folks14:30
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
staniScottK: You confirmed pychecker works, which was the biggest blocker. Right now I have a bug fix release ready, which fixes an important CPU leak. I haven't yet had the possibility to put a Hardy machine to test SPE.14:41
staniScottK: I was planning to release it in the beginning of march, but can do it earlier. (The only reason I am waiting is to be sure nothing else pops up which I have to fix.)14:42
staniScottK: I am also working on a bug fix release of Phatch, which should be ready this week as well.14:43
ScottKstani: Well beginning of March is next week.  I don't see any harm in waiting.14:43
NgScottK: thanks for the terminator sync ack. I take it we need a second one?14:44
ScottKNg: Yes.14:44
Ngok, thanks :)14:45
staniScottK: You can give me a deadline which should be comfortable for you to upload Phatch and SPE. Than I have a target. Will we follow the same procedure, upload with POX or pochu to Debian and you sync from there?14:46
ScottKThat last alpha release is sched for March 6.  Can you make that?14:46
ScottKstani: ^^14:46
staniScottK: Of course, does it need to be one day in advance?14:47
ScottKstani: Not really.  What I really want is it in well before the beta freeze a week later.14:48
hellboy195LucidFox: checking for C compiler default output file name...14:53
hellboy195configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables14:53
hellboy195See `config.log' for more details.14:53
hellboy195make: *** [configure-stamp] Error 7714:53
hellboy195dpkg-buildpackage: failure: debian/rules build gave error exit status 214:53
staniScottK: OK14:54
viviahellboy195: you do have build-essential installed, right?14:56
hellboy195vivia: that was an error of the build machine on LP. https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/starplot/0.95.4-314:57
sistpoty|workhellboy195: sounds like you have a CC="something" ./configure call somewhere where something doesn't start with gcc?14:57
bddebianHeya gang14:58
hellboy195sistpoty|work: well, I did an sync request from Debian14:58
hellboy195sistpoty|work: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/starplot/+bug/19503214:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195032 in starplot "Please sync starplot 0.95.4-3 from Debian(Unstable)" [Wishlist,Fix released]14:58
mib_hg7jf8fuI have a simple and naive question: what is the relationship between debian unstable packages and ubuntu universe? that is, are debian unstable packages, in general, included in ubuntu universe?14:58
sistpoty|workhellboy195: and it worked in your pbuilder?14:59
albert23hellboy195: that error is caused by the quoting of CFLAGS in debian/rules14:59
hellboy195sistpoty|work: I'm afraid. I never test sync requests :( first time such a thing happended15:00
staniI'd like to include the information of the copyright file in debian of Phatch in the upstream release (of course without "this package was debianized by..."). Is this possible and can than the debian/copyright file just refer to it instead of repeating the information?15:01
sistpoty|workhellboy195: please always testbuild stuff you want to get in the archives... likewise use Hobbsee's long point stick against your sponsor not test-building as well ;)15:01
hellboy195sistpoty|work: yeah. I'm sorry :( but also the grabmerge ubuntu patch doesn't show such a thing with CFLAGS or something similar ...15:02
sistpoty|workhi RainCT15:03
slytherinmib_hg7jf8fu: Ubuntu packages are synced/merged with packages from Debian unstable at the start of every Ubuntu development cycles. And sync/merge continues till feature DebianImportFreeze. After that it is done on case by case basis.15:05
mib_hg7jf8fuThanks slytherin!15:06
LucidFoxSpeaking of syncs...15:06
LucidFoxI have a couple of packages that I maintain in both Debian and Ubuntu. In Ubuntu they're -0ubuntuX and the Debian versions are identical except for changelog. Would it warrant a sync?15:07
LucidFoxOr would it be better to wait until intrepid?15:07
slytherinLucidFox: If you can provide enough proofs that there are no changes then I don't see a problem.15:08
slytherinBut then I am not a developer.15:08
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
sistpoty|workLucidFox: if only the changelog is different, I'd rather sync now (then these will get autosynced when intreped starts)15:09
Ngsistpoty|work: thanks for the second terminator sync ack :D15:09
hellboy195sistpoty|work: btw. package is building in pbuilder!!15:09
sistpoty|workNg: you're welcome ;)15:09
sistpoty|workhellboy195: up to date hardy pbuilder?15:10
hellboy195LucidFox: I suppose you build it too in pbuilder without problems?15:10
hellboy195siretart: yep15:10
hellboy195siretart: argh sry15:10
LucidFoxhellboy195> haven't tried15:10
hellboy195sistpoty|work: yes. I also update pbuilder before building anything15:10
LucidFox(and I don't run Hardy anyway, even in pbuilder)15:10
hellboy195LucidFox: shouldn't you or do you trust me when I request syncs ^^15:11
sistpoty|workLucidFox: ahem... if you test-build a package meant for *hardy* your pbuilder must be hardy as well15:12
LucidFoxsistpoty|work> Yes, I know15:12
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
LucidFoxI use PPA for hardy test-building15:13
geserLucidFox: even for sync requests?15:13
LucidFoxWell, I admit that I didn't test-build this one15:14
hellboy195Speaking form PPA. I can't upload something because I can't sign my packages15:14
hellboy195Enter passphrase: gpg: problem with the agent - disabling agent use15:14
hellboy195debsign: gpg error occurred!  Aborting....15:14
hellboy195debuild: fatal error at line 1174:15:14
hellboy195running debsign failed15:14
hellboy195LucidFox: I did it now and it built fine15:14
slytherinLucidFox: Why is using PPAbetter than using pbuilder?15:15
LucidFoxslytherin> It isn't - it's simply too expensive for me to have a constantly updated Ubuntu release on my local machine, as I'm billed for traffic15:16
slytherinLucidFox: update it once a day. That should be sufficient I guess.15:17
LucidFoxThe frequency of updates doesn't matter - there's simply too much to download15:18
geserhellboy195: which release do you use? which program do you use for signing?15:18
LucidFoxRussia. Screwed up ISP prices. $0.02/MB15:18
LucidFox(and I'm lucky to have even that)15:18
jdongLucidFox: ideally, you should find someone who would offer you ssh access to a build box15:19
jdongLucidFox: because with pbuilder you still have to continuously upload and download source packages15:19
hellboy195geser: gpgp . actual hardy release. well I did a debuild -S, or also tried "debsign" on the .changes15:19
LucidFoxjdong> Oh, this is a neat idea.15:19
jdongyeah, ssh is always cheap :)15:20
geserhellboy195: normal signing with gpgp works?15:22
hellboy195geser: havn't tried yet. I'm a total newbie to that because for merging I don't need signing15:23
hellboy195geser: http://pastebin.com/m4b78c4b8 O_o15:25
gesernice, please file a bug if none exists. /me uses plain gpg/gpg215:26
hellboy195geser: k15:26
\shgpgp: xcb_xlib.c:73: xcb_xlib_lock: Assertion `!c->xlib.lock' failed.15:27
sistpoty|workLucidFox: btw.: any news on bug 194256 ?15:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194256 in kmyfirewall "[FFe request] Please sync kmyfirewall 1.1.1-1 from Debian unstable (main)" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19425615:27
\shhmmm..this error message is known to me ,-)15:27
hellboy195\sh: wine? xD15:27
\shhellboy195: nope...netbeans a couple of hours before now ;)15:27
hellboy195\sh: ^^15:28
hellboy195\sh: btw, any progress?15:28
\shhellboy195: nope...0.9.56 crashes too...there is a solution coming up15:29
hellboy195\sh: the problem is/was?15:29
\shhellboy195: problem looks like, that wine can't be started out of the wine source tree in the moment...15:29
hellboy195\sh: ah, k15:29
LucidFoxsistpoty|work> I would have checked if it's reproducible, but I don't know how. I have no idea what "script" the upstream changelog is talking about.15:30
geser\sh: but gpgp isn't a java programm, is it? so this should be a different error15:30
\shgeser: but it was the same error and persia mentioned a bug report about it in LP...and there was a export VAR which solved my case...there are other workarounds...15:32
hellboy195\sh: still have the link?15:33
\shhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libxcb/+bug/185311 was it IMHO15:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185311 in libxcb "hardy, locking assertion failure, xorg/libsdl" [High,Confirmed]15:33
hellboy195\sh: well. as geser said. no java program - no solution15:36
sistpoty|workLucidFox: ok, NACK from me on the sync then15:37
LucidFoxAll right, I'll wait until intrepid.15:37
LucidFoxIf someone identifies the specific issue, we can always backport the fix for hardy.15:38
LucidFox(backport to 1.1.0, I mean)15:38
sistpoty|workLucidFox: yes, or thoroughly test the package, as I wrote in the bug report ;)15:39
hellboy195geser:  gpg -s *.changes ?15:39
\shhellboy195: when you read the bug report, the very first comment is not about java15:41
\shhellboy195: it's about libxcb15:41
\shhellboy195: the workaround actually is for java15:42
geserhellboy195: I use debsign but no gpgp/seahorse/... as agent (only the gnupg-agent)15:42
hellboy195\sh: yeah but I tried also export LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=115:42
\shhellboy195: yeah this is java only ;)15:43
hellboy195\sh: damn! ^^15:43
geserhellboy195: try unset GPG_AGENT_INFO and the debsign *.changes again15:43
\shgeser: I can't use seahorse15:43
\shseahorse agent can't work with my cardreader15:43
geser\sh: I use the normal gnupg-agent (also as a ssh-agent)15:44
\shgeser: yes, that works :)15:44
geserbut unfortunately gnome-keyring insists on overwriting my SSH_AUTH_SOCK everytime15:44
hellboy195geser: howto unset GPG_AGENT_INFO ?15:45
\shLucidFox: Re: kmyfirewall the "IT DOES NOT INSTALL A VALID SCRIPT!"15:45
gesertype "help unset" in a terminal (with bash)15:45
\shLucidFox: can it be, that it's the server script firewall source to read the kmyfirewall data?15:45
\shhellboy195: user@host: > unset GPG_AGENT_INFO15:46
slicerdholbach: Re bug 194836, it was my understanding that a feature freeze was not needed when there are only bugfixes involved?15:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194836 in mumble "Update to 1.1.3 (bugfixes)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19483615:46
LucidFoxI don't know15:46
hellboy195\sh: Successfully signed dsc and changes files15:46
hellboy195  thx :)15:46
\shLucidFox: build new upstream and make DESTDIR=<somewhere> with version in ubuntu and new upstream...you can see what's being installed and what not, so you know what "script thingy" means ;)15:47
slicerdholbach: If my understanding is wrong, would a link to the PPA buildlog satisfy the need for build logs? .. And should I file a new bug report, or just subscribe motu-release to the existing one?15:47
hellboy195Is my hardy crazy or did somebody remove gpgp from the repo xD15:48
dholbachslicer: no, you're right - I just read the changelog again and I think it'd qualify15:48
geserhellboy195: nope, it got removed15:48
hellboy195geser: why?15:48
LucidFox\sh> Or I can just run debdiff on deb files :)15:49
geserhellboy195: "(From Debian) RoQA; orphaned, uses gtk 1.x, has better alternatives15:49
geserfrom http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/removals.txt15:50
slicerdholbach: So. Er.. What do I do? Just ignore your comment? :)15:50
hellboy195dholbach: you forgot to thank me for my libdvdread merge. now I'm sad ^^15:51
* dholbach hugs hellboy195 :-)15:51
hellboy195geser: ah. now I can't install it and report the seg fault15:51
hellboy195dholbach: :D15:51
\shLucidFox: yepp15:52
geserhellboy195: if it isn't in hardy anymore we can't fix it anyway15:52
geserhellboy195: try an other gpg frontend (if you need one)15:52
\shLucidFox: but DESTDIR comparison is much better, because it doesn't give you package maintainer bugs ,-)15:52
hellboy195geser: k15:52
LucidFoxhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5013/ <-- Hmm, might be worth syncing for the paths alone (top is Ubuntu, bottom is Debian)15:53
LucidFoxactually, vice versa15:53
LucidFoxtop is Debian, bottom is Ubuntu15:53
\shLucidFox: a script is still missing15:54
\shLucidFox: or it means the "export" function for the scripts15:58
LucidFoxThis might be interesting: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5014/15:59
LucidFox(I deleted everything related to include files from the diff, to make the diffstat conscise)16:00
LucidFoxand finally: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5015/16:04
huatsam I the only one with an upgrade pb of my pbuilder ?16:06
huatsit yells about a problem with python2.5 and python2.5-minimal16:07
\shLucidFox: I'm convinced of the sync...just convince motu-release ;)16:07
\shhuats: yepp...I had to "apt-get -f install" after that16:08
huats\sh ok16:08
huats\sh just to wanted to be sure16:09
emgentbug #17693116:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 176931 in lookup-el "[lookup-el] [CVE-2007-0237] possible local symlink attack" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17693116:10
mruizhi all16:10
sistpoty|workdholbach: got a minute for a query?16:11
dholbachsistpoty|work: yes16:11
nxvl_workif a DM merges a package into ubuntu (an has done the changes) the maintainer is still MOTU or it doesn't need to change?16:12
slicer16:47 < slicer> dholbach: If my understanding is wrong, would a link to the PPA buildlog satisfy the need for build logs? .. And should I file a new bug report, or just subscribe motu-release to the existing one?16:15
slicerCut&paste major error. Sorry.16:15
* slicer is noting things down in his dev-log :)16:16
\shgoing home now16:19
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
gesernxvl_work: in Ubuntu every changed source package should have an Ubuntu email address as maintainer16:28
nxvl_workgeser: yes, but i mean, if the DM is also an Ubuntu developer/contributor16:29
gesernxvl_work: if he has an ubuntu address he can put it in16:30
bobbodo new upstream versions require an FFe?16:30
nxvl_workgeser: thnx :D16:30
* nxvl_work HUGS geser16:30
jpatrickbobbo: yes16:30
geserbobbo: yes, unless it's a bug fix release16:30
nxvl_workbobbo: yup16:30
nxvl_workwhat should i do with the "Uploaders:" field on debian/control?16:32
gesernxvl_work: Ubuntu doesn't use the Uploaders field16:33
nxvl_workgeser: so remove it?16:33
geserit's only relevant for Debian16:33
gesernxvl_work: has the Debian package that field?16:33
nxvl_workgeser: yep16:34
geserthen leave it, gives a smaller delta between Ubuntu and Debian16:34
nxvl_worki have a doubt16:40
nxvl_workterminator was included in ubuntu before that on debian16:40
nxvl_worknow we need to "sync" it from debian16:40
nxvl_workBUT, there is a change that must be done for it to work on ubuntu, do i need to make it as a bug fix or as a merge?16:41
nxvl_work(on the changelog)16:41
gesernxvl_work: terminator got uploaded as -0ubuntu1 to Ubuntu and Debian has it now as -1? then merge all still needed changes (or new changes) into -1ubuntu116:48
nxvl_workgeser: on ubuntu we have 0.7-0ubuntu2 and i'm merging 0.8.1-1 from debian16:49
nxvl_work(there is a problem with 0.7.orig.tgz)16:49
gesernxvl_work: then check the packaging of 0.7 for changes which should be kept for 0.8.1 in Ubuntu16:51
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
nxvl_workgeser: i'm the DM and have package it for ubuntu, so i know the changes :D but do i write it on the changelog as a merge or as a bug fix?16:55
geseras a merge17:01
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
Ngnxvl_work: thanks for the debdiff :)17:12
slangasekgeser: ok, blacklisting xen-unstable, thanks17:32
* sistpoty|work heads home17:43
volksmanis this the right channel for packaging support? (IE I'm trying to package something and I'm having n00b issues)17:53
RainCTvolksman: yes17:54
RainCT(for packaging support related to Ubuntu packages)17:55
volksmansweet...I managed to package Tomboy 0.9.4 for gutsy today.  I was pretty happy (second package ever)...but then I found a bug in the app and the developer told me to try 0.9.717:55
volksmanso I went about packaging it the exact same way....cept now once I get my deb I get this error when I try to install:17:56
volksmantrying to overwrite directory `/usr/share/pixmaps' in package xfce4-appfinder with nondirectory17:56
volksmanI have two icons that get installed in /usr/share/pixmaps but where is xfce4 getting involved?17:56
RainCTvolksman: can you paste the output from "dpkg-deb --contents tomboy*.deb" somewhere?17:57
volksmanyep...give me a sec17:57
slangasekvolksman: that error indicates an error in your package that caused /usr/share/pixmaps to end up as a file within your package, not a directory17:58
volksmanslangasek: I was thinking along those lines but I haven't changed anything in the rules that affect the icons or anything to do with that path (I'm basically using the same rules as I used for the 0.9.4 build)18:00
volksmanlintian dumps this:  E: tomboy: file-directly-in-usr-share usr/share/pixmaps18:01
RainCTyep, it's a file18:02
RainCThow are you installing the icon?18:02
volksmanuudecode debian/tomboy-16.xpm.uu && mv tomboy-16.xpm debian/tomboy/usr/share/pixmaps18:02
volksmanin install in rules18:02
volksmanand that was taken from the 0.8.0 source18:03
slangasekyes, but you haven't created debian/tomboy/usr/share/pixmaps as a directory first18:03
volksmanso a line like mkdir debian/tomboy/usr/share/pixmaps above that last one I posted would work for that?18:04
RainCTvolksman: add a / at the end18:04
RainCTuudecode debian/tomboy-16.xpm.uu && mv tomboy-16.xpm debian/tomboy/usr/share/pixmaps/18:04
volksmanit's weird this didn't present an issue with the 0.9.4 build I did earlier18:04
RainCTwithout the slash mv takes "pixmaps" as the name for the file and renamed "tomboy-16.xpm" to that..18:05
RainCTvolksman: perhaps you had a mkdir before but removed it, or forgot the debian/dirs file or something?18:06
slangasekRainCT: and adding the slash will only change the error to "no such directory"18:06
volksman mkdir debian/tomboy/usr/share/pixmaps18:07
volksman        uudecode debian/tomboy-16.xpm.uu && mv tomboy-16.xpm debian/tomboy/usr/share/pixmaps/18:07
volksmanthat should do it right?18:07
RainCTvolksman: yes18:08
=== Spec is now known as {Spec}
volksmansweet...thanks guys...I'm hoping to figure out this stuff then start helping with the MOTU team...packaging is very new to me though... :)18:08
jeromegoups :)18:10
IulianWrong window ;)18:10
jeromegyep :)18:10
jeromegpochu: hello, you are maintaining anjuta in Ubuntu ?18:11
pochujeromeg: I update it from time to time, why?18:13
pochujeromeg: although huats has done the latest one (2.3.5)18:13
jeromegpochu: I was thinking about an SRU for gutsy, we are shipping 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 are bugfixes only releases, and really correct a LOT of issues18:13
pochujeromeg: hmm, that would need a lot of testing...18:14
pochujeromeg: what does upstream think about it?18:14
jeromegpochu: did not ask, but 2.2.0 seems to be flagged as obsolete18:15
jeromegit has really many issues, crashes, memory leaks...18:15
pochuthat's weird18:15
jeromegpochu: and 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 are bugfix only18:15
jeromegpochu: changelog -> http://pastebin.com/m2a6f5cec18:16
pochujeromeg: but upstream's input would be really helpful.  naba isn't on irc right now though18:16
pochujeromeg: are you confident updating packages?18:17
jeromegpochu: I don't understand, you mean if I can do it ?18:18
pochujeromeg: yeah, updating to 2.2.2 and uploading to a ppa for testing18:18
jeromegpochu: yep, no problem, I should be able to do this18:19
pochuif testing in a ppa goes fine, we can ask for uploading to -proposed18:19
pochuand then asking for wider testing (perhaps an announce in the forums)18:19
jeromegpochu: ok, I'll do this18:20
jeromegpochu: on LP I can see there was a 2.2.3 release, but this release is not on the upstream website, how can that be ?18:27
jeromegpochu: ok i found it :) sorry18:28
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=== Spec is now known as {Spec}
volksmanthanks guys!  that new build worked for me....18:29
jeromegpochu: in fact, I can take the previous hardy packaged version, no ?18:30
pochujeromeg: yeah, should work18:31
jeromegpochu: great18:32
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emgenttrue news ?18:53
emgent"And so I'd like to introduce you to the monikers for our future release cycles," Mark announced, referring to the following list:18:53
emgent    * 9.04 - Jovial Jackal18:53
emgent    * 9.10 - Kissy Kipunji18:53
bobboemgent: "Yodeling Yellow-spotted Rock Hyrax" i certainly hope not! that will be a mission to type out18:55
anthonyBother.  I just realized a flaw in my upgrade path scheme.18:56
emgentfor me it's a fake list18:56
bobboyeah it looks really fake18:56
bobbolike that announcement for Hardy saying it was going to be Hungry Hippo etc.18:57
sweenyconsidering it's filed under "humour"...18:58
ScottKIs JeffreyRatcliffe here?19:07
ScottKSince when do we have a rule to open a new special bug if a candidate revision closes multiple bugs?  Anyone?19:10
slangasekScottK: ...never?19:11
slangasek(is that the right answer? :)19:11
ScottKslangasek: That's what I thought, but reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing it appears either I'm wrong or the documentation is on crack.19:12
ScottKSeems silly to me.19:12
ScottKI always just told people to pick one bug to attach the debdiff to.19:12
=== `deadchip is now known as nexu
slangasekScottK: well, that line dates back to the initial version of that page, 2007-05-25; it's not something I've ever seen people insisting on though, and I agree that it's spurious19:16
ScottKslangasek: I'm adding a discussion of it to the agenda for the next MOTU meeting now.19:17
ScottKUnfortunately the next MOTU meeting is at 1200 UTC and I'll be in -0800 on that day, so I probably won't make it.19:18
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mok0I feel my good old self now20:05
* jpatrick hugs mok0 20:14
* mok0 hugs back20:15
mok0I just checked out the submissions to the LP logo contest. Amazing! Too bad only one can win!20:17
james_wAnyone have an ftp server with SSL support running?20:17
* slangasek shudders and runs away :)20:18
=== chuck_ is now known as zul
james_wslangasek: :)20:24
mok0james_w: why not use sftp?20:25
james_wmok0: it's not me, it's bug 17593020:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 175930 in gnutls13 "SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN for no reason" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17593020:25
james_wI can't seem to get the right setup to reproduce, so I wondered if someone had one ready to try, but I realise it is a longshot.20:26
mok0james_w: It's a pretty unusual setup20:27
brooniejames_w: gnutls tends to have interop errors, it may well depend on the particular server.20:28
james_wbroonie: that's true.20:29
slangasekwhat interop errors?20:29
slangasekshort of "no we won't support encryption algorithms that I can break on my handheld calculator", I'm not aware of any protocol interop problems with it...20:30
broonieslangasek: TBF, the interop problems are often as much the fault of the remote end as of gnutls itself.20:31
james_wslangasek: there are a few, but yes, it is often with closed source implementations at the other end.20:31
slangasekhuh, ok20:33
slangasekany references?20:33
broonieeg, none of the Nokia internet tablets can talk to Debian exim with TLS.20:33
ubotuDebian bug 402861 in libgnutls13 "errors establishing TLS session from Nokia and SE mobile phones" [Normal,Open]20:34
james_wslangasek: this is the sort of fun you'll be letting yourself in to.20:36
slangasekjames_w: mm?20:38
james_wslangasek: with openldap20:38
slangasekjames_w: ah, I think we've already weathered all of that fun :)20:40
bobboare there any spare MOTUs that could review Bug #195806 for me?20:40
slangasekno new bug reports about TLS incompatibilities since the first round were fixed20:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195806 in purrr "please update purrr to version 0.8" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19580620:40
Nafallodamnit! forgot my laptop at work :-/20:40
james_wslangasek: ah, great.20:40
tbfbroonie: huh?20:41
slangasektbf: "To be Fair", not meaning to highlight you :-)20:41
anthonyNafallo: No fun.  I once forgot my power adapter at school, and didn't realize it until my lappy started beeping at me to say I had 10 minutes left.20:42
tbfslangasek: afaik "TBF" is not useful as acronym. just look there: http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/Tbf20:42
slangasekit was clear enough to me :)20:43
Nafalloanthony: I forgot my charger at work last Friday, and I was on-call that night :-P20:43
mok0Total Body Failure20:43
secretlondonwhere is a good place to get help with a main inclusion report that is needed to fix a ftbfs bug?20:44
Nafalloanthony: at least I'm not on-call tonight :-P20:44
anthonyNafallo: that's helps, yes20:44
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gesersecretlondon: I'd ask the people processing them in #ubuntu-devel. IIRC pitti is doing MIRs.21:06
secretlondongeser: thanks. I'm a beginner so don't know how to fill out the packaging stuff so I'm not sure it's ready for pitti yet21:07
gesersecretlondon: I haven't done a MIR yet, but I'd try to understand the wiki page and the ask in #ubuntu-devel for help21:09
gesersecretlondon: btw: which FTBFS are you trying to fix?21:10
secretlondongeser: they have sections which need packaging experience I think to answer21:10
secretlondongeser: tuxtype - it needs the promotion of sdlpango21:10
jpatricksecretlondon: which sections, we can help :)21:11
gesersecretlondon: perhaps also ask ogra (the last uploaded). Last I asked him about tuxtype he wanted to look at it (move sdlpango to main).21:13
secretlondongeser: I know another package in edubuntu main will need sdlpango promoted once the current version is synced21:14
emgentheya pople21:14
secretlondongeser: as tuxpaint 0.9.18+ has it as a dep too21:15
geserHi emgent21:15
emgentheya geser :P21:15
emgentkeescook, ping21:15
gesersecretlondon: you were talking about you don't know how to fill out the packaging stuff? You mean point 5 of the MIR template?21:16
secretlondongeser: 5 is fine (thats just the build deps), it's 4 I can't do21:17
secretlondongeser: to do with standards compliance21:17
secretlondongeser: this is my work so far https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportTemplateSDLPango?action=show21:18
=== slangase` is now known as slangasek
gesersecretlondon: you are off-by-one :) you use 1. twice21:19
secretlondonyeah it's the standards compliance bit anyway ;)21:20
geserlet's start with the easy part: packaging system21:21
geserI assume you have the source package ready21:21
secretlondonno i'll just get - though cdbs and quilt are deps21:22
secretlondonoh I do have actually21:23
gesersecretlondon: if you know that cdbs is a packaging system and quilt a patch management system then you can already answer two questions from that bullet21:23
secretlondongeser: no I thought they were both patching21:24
bmhmhi, I'd like to request this backport once again :)21:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192751 in gutsy-backports "Backport of network game "pioneers"" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:24
jpatrickbmhm: why is --force needed?21:26
bmhmjpatrick: this was when using original packages21:26
bmhmI should clearify it21:27
gesersecretlondon: if you look into debian/rules you will see that it includes files from /usr/share/cdbs -> cdbs packaging system21:27
* secretlondon looks21:27
gesersecretlondon: if you then also check which files are included you'll see /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/patchsys-quilt.mk which is also pretty obvious from the name21:28
geserit uses quilt for patch managing21:28
secretlondonoddities - there's something to do with autotools in there somewhere as a patch21:29
bmhmjpatrick: I hope its a little more clearly described by now21:29
geserI wouldn't count that as oddities, that's normal use21:29
geserI just looked at the diff.gz but I can't find any oddities21:30
gesera packaging oddity would be for me a part from the packaging I can't understand on the first look (or at all)21:31
geserbut I see that it's a library, so let's check the Debian library packaging guide as next21:32
gesersecretlondon: from debian/libsdl-pango1.install21:34
geseryou can see that it will contain only the lib itself -> ok21:34
geserfrom debian/libsdl-pango-dev.install you'll see that it includes the headers, the files needed for linking and some documention -> everythin ok21:36
geserthe package names follow the usual packaging scheme -> ok21:37
gesersecretlondon: so after a quick look the package follows the library packageing guide21:39
gesersecretlondon: and also the FHS as there are no unusual dirs in the debs21:39
geserwhat's left? the Debian policy compliance21:40
geserI would check it with linda and lintian and when both doesn't scream loud (many errors) say that it follows the policy (perhaps include the output of both)21:41
gesersecretlondon: any questions?21:42
=== secretlondo is now known as secretlondon
gesersecretlondon: where have I lost you?21:45
* secretlondon curses her flaky hsdpa modem21:45
secretlondonmy last thing was asking about whether 6 patches was a lot21:45
secretlondonI didn't get a reply21:45
gesersecretlondon: last I've seen from you is [22:30:02] secretlondon | ok21:46
secretlondonah ok21:46
geser6 patches aren't many (they aren't even big)21:46
secretlondon21:32 secretlondon> is 6 patches quite a lot - does that indicate that upstream is a bit slow?21:46
geserthe changes from config.{sub,guess} come from using an new version of those files from autotools-dev21:47
gesersecretlondon: the one that would trouble me at most from all is api_additions.patch21:49
geserpatching the api of a library can call for trouble later21:49
secretlondonit apparently closed debian bug #43786521:50
ubotuDebian bug 437865 in libsdl-pango-dev "libsdl-pango-dev: Please add #define's to identify API extension patch" [Wishlist,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/43786521:50
secretlondonah - its a patch on a patch21:51
secretlondonthat actually dates back to 2006 "api_additions.patch: patch from Guillaume Cottenceau to add some21:52
secretlondon    missing functions"21:52
gesersecretlondon: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5023/ is the log of what you have missed21:53
secretlondongeser thanks21:54
geserno problem21:55
secretlondonbut the fact that we have an api that upstream don't have worries me21:55
geseryes, me too21:57
slangasekis it an ABI difference, or just an API difference?21:59
geserI'd list it somewhere in the report but don't know where21:59
geserslangasek: API addition according to the patch name21:59
secretlondonI'm going to add it in background info22:00
slangasekso it doesn't break ABI compatibility with upstream?22:00
slangasekI wouldn't worry overly much about that22:00
geserslangasek: doesn't look like, the modified header file has only additions (no replacements)22:02
slangasekgeser: uhm, but additions of what?22:03
slangasekgeser: if it's adding new entry points into the library, that's an ABI difference, and something to be wary of (though not necessarily in this context)22:04
geserslangasek: some code it moved into there own functions but the the old functions call the new ones22:04
slangasekperhaps you could point me to the patch in question?  I think looking at it would be easier22:05
geserapi-additions.patch in sdlpango22:05
persiaScottK: I'm running off, but I added the request to file a new candidate bug when there were multiple fixes because when I was a contributor, I had several complaints from both bug reporters and sponsors that I was confusingly combining things in patches.  This was intended to avoid that.22:05
persiaI've no strong attachment to the practice, if it is consensus that it is incorrect.22:06
ScottKpersia: OK.  It was the first I heard of it when I say a diff of the related page.22:06
ScottKpersia: At most I'd say it's a may not a must.22:07
persiaScottK: Agreed.  Definitely "may".  The only intention was to avoid confusion.  Feel free to adjust phrasing if you like (I'm not sure must -> may for that needs a meeting item)22:07
ScottKpersia: Will do.  Thanks.22:08
geserslangasek: or should I pastebin it?22:08
slangasekgeser: nope, looking already; the patch looks to me like an ABI change22:09
slangasekI'm double-checking the binary package22:09
geserslangasek: if I understood libraries correctly, it's only a problem if a Debian/Ubuntu binary linked against this lib is used with an plain upstream version, correct?22:10
geserprogramms linked with the "clean" lib should also continue to run with our version, also correct?22:11
slangasekgeser: it's also a problem if upstream later adds functions under these same names but with a different prototype, without changing the soname, which they're entitled to do22:12
* persia notes that this is the sort of change that upstream can make without an ABI transition, but cannot be made by a distribution without confusion.22:13
ScottKpersia: Updated and removed from the agenda.  Thanks.22:15
persiaScottK: Thanks for the review.  The wiki is often behind current usage, and in cases where this isn't a result of lax compliance, the updates are exceedindly helpful22:16
secretlondonhttp://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1882228&group_id=110621&atid=657085 may refer to the api patch22:22
ubotuGaim bug 1882228 "API extension for Frozen Bubble" [Pri: 5,Open]22:22
secretlondonthat claims that freebsd also have the same patch as debian, and it is for frozenbubble22:23
pochusuperm1: do you work for dell?22:28
mario_limonciellpochu, yes22:28
mario_limonciellpochu, i attached a debdiff to the debian bug of gst-plugins-base0.10 since it looks like we sync from there normally, but they haven't shown up in the BTS for the last 30 minutes for some reason or another22:34
pochumario_limonciell: Debian bug 468073 ?22:42
ubotuDebian bug 468073 in gst-plugins-base0.10 "gst-plugins-base0.10: Gstreamer inputs default to outdated V4L,and require to be changed to V4L2 on first run" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46807322:42
mario_limonciellpochu, yeah22:42
pochumario_limonciell: did you send it to 468073@bugs.debian.org?22:43
mario_limonciellpochu, yeah22:43
pochumario_limonciell: you can attach it to the ubuntu bug too, slomo is subscribed there so he'll receive it22:44
mario_limonciellpochu, weird, i attached a debdiff to an ekiga debian bug 5 minutes ago and it showed up immediately.22:56
crimsun_how large was the gst-plugins-base0.10 debdiff vice the ekiga one?22:59
mario_limonciell2k each23:00
=== mdomsch is now known as mdomsch_BOS
mario_limonciellcrimsun_, did you get a chance to look over bug 193823?23:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 193823 in alsa-utils "HDA Intel cards with "Digital" capture mixers default to a  very low volume" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19382323:14
crimsun_mario_limonciell: no, thanks for the heads-up.  (I travel without reliable 'net access, so I'm no longer in the bug contact group)23:18
mario_limonciellcrimsun_, ah okay.  thanks :)23:19
mario_limonciellrtg was going to apply it, but then got scared of bzr23:19
crimsun_mario_limonciell: mm, on which codecs?23:22
crimsun_mario_limonciell: just Sigmatels?23:22
mario_limonciellwell i've only verified it on sigmatels23:22
crimsun_mario_limonciell: there are some Conexant and Realteks that will do nasty things if that and PCM are set higher than 50%23:23
mario_limonciellbut do they have a mixer entitled "Digital"23:23
mario_limonciellor is it named different?23:23
crimsun_the name string really isn't terribly important23:24
crimsun_which node id is it?23:24
mario_limonciellgive me a sec23:24
crimsun_some do have "Digital", but the node id is more important, since you can just whack the name string23:24
pochumario_limonciell: if I renew my laptop, I'll consider switching to a dell so I can bug you if something doesn't work :P23:26
mario_limonciellcrimsun_, looks like it should be 0x2023:26
mario_limonciellpochu, hehe23:26
crimsun_mario_limonciell: ok, I'll check the Realteks tonight23:27
mario_limonciellcrimsun_, well actualyl there are two digital inputs, hopefully that's the right one, 0x22 is marked as a pin complex, but 0x20 is marked as an Audio Input23:27
crimsun_mario_limonciell: otherwise, it looks fine - just need to verify it doesn't break others23:27
mario_limonciellcrimsun_, okay, let me know if you need anything more23:28
mario_limonciellah a little more detailed, the node info on 0x20 lists a connection to 0x22.23:31
secretlondongeser: I've done some digging and it looks like many distros have added the patch. upstream may be dead tho23:32
* secretlondon is finally going to bed and will continue tomorrow..23:32
crimsun_mario_limonciell: excellent, thanks.23:34
crimsun_mario_limonciell: merged tentatively as revision 423:34
mario_limonciellcrimsun_, great23:35
emgentsuperm1, ping23:45
mario_limonciellemgent, that's my second name, what's up?23:47
emgentheya mario_limonciell23:47
emgentvlc patch is out for CVE-2008-098423:48
emgenti saw that you are debian maintainer23:48
slangasekmario_limonciell: "ping" is your second name? :)23:48
emgentplease consider23:48
emgentfor upload :)23:48
mario_limonciellslangasek, yup :)23:48
emgentit's a security issue23:48
mario_limonciellemgent, did you file a bug for it already in LP?23:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195949 in vlc "VLC Arbitrary memory overwrite in the MP4 demuxer" [Medium,In progress]23:49
emgenti'm patching it now.23:49
emgentpbuilting test23:49
mario_limonciellemgent, sure i'll be glad to help push  that around to the correct builds.  just subscribe me to the bug and let me know when you've made sure the builds don't break23:49
emgentok sure23:50
=== ogra_cmpc_ is now known as ogra_cmpc

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