sslashesdirecthex: what do you think the best xine vo driver is for accelerated nvidia hardware00:00
directhexsslashes, i haven't used xine for years. but generally speaking, xv gives lowest cpu consumption and smoothest video. just disable compiz if you expect a smooth video when messing with high resolutions00:01
sslashesdirecthex: ok, thanks00:02
huhligsslashes, any other ideas?00:05
huhligany reason it would work but be so quiet00:05
sslasheshuhlig: i got no ideas - sorry00:55
sslashesanyone know of any command-line ways (for instance, in a bash script) to check if a cdrom is in a drive?00:56
pwnguinhal does that00:57
pwnguinyou should be able to send it a dbus query or something00:57
staind9383so... can the cabel co see if you are using the firewire port on the cabel box to record?01:02
staind9383i'm tryin to figure out why my firewire capture is no longer working01:02
superm1directhex, tomorrow the binaries will be gone according to #launchpad02:44
superm1directhex, so can build tomorrow02:44
pwnguinis it possible to get frozen bubble to run as a game under mythTV?02:50
pwnguinah, found a wiki on it03:24
pwnguinkinda ugly03:24
pwnguinyou'd think that the Type would carry some sort of meaning03:24
DiggThishas anyone worked out how to use mythexport??04:47
DiggThisdoes anyone help here?04:53
rhpot1991_laptopsuperm1: ping05:03
superm1that's me05:03
rhpot1991_laptopyou get your HD over firewire correct?05:03
superm1used to05:03
rhpot1991_laptopah ok05:03
superm1i dont think i want to go down that path again05:03
rhpot1991_laptopwhen you did, did you  just have 2 boxes, one for the tv and one for mythy?05:03
superm1only had one digital cable xob05:04
rhpot1991_laptopjust watched live tv over your mythbox or what?05:04
superm1never watched live05:04
rhpot1991_laptopah ok05:04
rhpot1991_laptopcomcast is coming tomorrow, trying to figure out what I need to ask the guy for05:04
rhpot1991_laptopnot a fan of the firewire path any longer?05:04
superm1ask them for a 620005:06
superm1if you can05:06
superm1just a single box05:06
superm1well i've just gotten so fed up with dealing with it with every cable company05:06
superm1and i had the worst experience with Time Warner05:07
superm1who is now my cable provider again05:07
rhpot1991_laptopif you do it single box like that, can you display on the tv for live tv and then nab recordings over firewire (just not at the same time)?05:07
superm1you mean with both tuners in the box?05:09
superm1or what do you mean?05:09
rhpot1991_laptophmmm, is the 6200 a dual tuner?05:10
rhpot1991_laptopI'm hoping to be able to display live HD on my TV without going through mythtv, and to be able to record HD via firewire also05:11
superm1yeah you can, but not at the same time05:12
superm1can only use a single tuner in the box05:12
rhpot1991_laptopthat works05:13
rhpot1991_laptophmmm, seems the 6200 is component out, they told me over the phone it was gonna have HDMI output05:13
rhpot1991_laptopI'll have to bug the guy who shows up and see what he can hook me up with05:14
superm1yeah good luck there...05:15
superm1especially if you are demanding a firewire port05:15
superm1its really hit and miss what you're gonna get if you are just "winging it"05:15
rhpot1991_laptopwell I demanded working firewire over the phone, dude told me he didn't know what firewire was but if it was required by FCC regulations he was sure they did it05:16
rhpot1991_laptopso who knows what I will get, not to mention I've been calling every single day the last week and a half about them not having anything hooked up here yet, been getting managers who say they will call me the next day and don't, such a headache05:17
superm1yeah see05:20
superm1this is why i hate cable companies...05:20
rhpot1991_laptopfinally had this girl return my call, after I told her if I hung up without anything resolved that I was calling up Verizon05:21
superm1sounds like you have had a more rough time than i have in the past05:22
rhpot1991_laptopit gets annoying when you can only call after hours and get random garbage about no managers on duty and promises that the managers will call you back and never do, funny how when you get transfered to someone else there is magically a manager around sometimes too05:25
rhpot1991_laptopthey came to my new house on Tuesday to survey it, and couldn't find the place and decided not to let me know that until I called to check on it05:26
rhpot1991_laptopnot entirely sure why they send one person to survey and another to install either, seems like a waste of manpower05:26
superm1because they are all contracted05:27
superm1and the contractors don't give a damn.05:28
rhpot1991_laptopsounds about right05:30
rhpot1991_laptopwith any luck I will have some internet tomorrow and wont need to be stealing the neighbor's wifi05:31
superm1i did that for a little bit too when the cable company didn't show for a week05:32
superm1good ol' WEP ;)05:32
rhpot1991_laptopthis one is wide open05:32
rhpot1991_laptopbut I only get a signal if I sit next to the wall here05:32
rhpot1991_laptopalright, I'm off to bed, hopefully I'm back up tomorrow and I can get you that windows launcher then05:33
rhpot1991_laptophave a good night05:33
rhpot1991_laptopand thanks for the firewire advice05:34
superm1okay cya05:36
superm1best of luck05:36
rxdmythbuntu 8.04 vnc crashes05:48
superm1rxd, known issue05:51
superm1we're going to switch to x11vnc instead05:51
rxdeven 7.10 vnc also is not working weel05:52
rxdvnc runs ok on xinetd05:53
superm1that vnc4server package won't work properly on hardy05:54
superm1so that wont be a solution05:54
rxddon't you think xfce is making problems...that's why vnc is not running well or somehow xfce is not related05:56
superm1not at all06:01
superm1if you are having bad performance, try turning off any opengl theme painting06:01
rxdafter installation of mythbuntu you can't run can't run frontend right away password for mythtv from mysql should be set first..can this be done automatically06:01
superm1everything is handled06:02
superm1you just need to run mythtv-setup once06:02
superm1before reboot06:02
rxdmaybe it didn't work for me...from 7.10 and 8.0406:03
rxdmysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'mythtv'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('RjD3jan');06:03
superm1did you look through all of the "general" section06:03
superm1in mythtv-setup06:03
superm1when you ran it06:03
rxdso i have to manually set the password06:03
rxdtaking the pass from /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt06:03
superm1that's really odd06:03
superm1can you try to document the exact circumstances you follow06:04
superm1with this having to happen06:04
superm1in a bug06:04
superm1and i'll try to reproduce it06:04
rxdok will do that got to reinstall again06:05
superm1be as detailed as possible06:05
superm1anything you change in the installer06:05
superm1uncheck etc06:05
superm1and if you can provide /var/log/syslog before you reboot06:05
superm1to see any possible errors that cropped up06:05
superm1thanks!, hopefully we can nail it :)06:06
rxdmythbuntu overall i like it...its quite fast...generating images..06:06
rxdunlike the linuxmce...quite slow maybe it kubuntu making it slow..06:07
superm1haven't worked with linuxmce at all, so can't comment there06:07
rxdok just comparing them.06:07
rxdthe idea of running frontend just from the CD gets mythbuntu ahead from the rest06:16
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baali put a shell script in cron.daily but it does not seem to run ?12:37
baalhave checked that the permitions are ok and the script works fine , something different about cron on ubuntu ?12:38
gclericwhat are the permissions set to.12:38
baalsame as other files in cron.daily12:38
baal-rwxr-xr-x   1 root root  526 2007-04-05 21:41 mythtv.cron12:39
gclerictry adding it to crontab12:39
baalcron.daily is in the crontab12:40
baalshould it not process all the files in that directory ?12:40
gclericsorry getting coffee.  it's 0544 here12:45
baal25 6    * * *   root    test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily )12:45
baalis in the cron tab and i assume that runs all the scripts in /etc/cron.daily ?12:46
gclericis there a path statement in your crontab?12:46
gclerici.e. PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin12:46
gclericis the path to any executables listed in the path?12:46
gclericthat is executables that you are calling in your script.12:47
baalits the standard mythbuntu 7.10 install have not played with the cron part just noticed that my migrated cron script for getting program guide data isnt running12:47
baaloh i understand what your saying12:48
baali have full path/filename in the script to avoid that issue12:48
gclericare you sure that the script is not running?  could it be getting an error?12:51
baalim wondering if cron is running at all12:51
gclericps -ef | grep cron12:51
baalim positive its not running i have an /bin/echo "mythcron - running " >> /tmp/mythcron.log at the begining of the script12:52
baalfor debuging purposes12:53
gclericI think I know what the issue is.12:54
gclericyour /etc/crontab looks like...12:55
gcleric25 6    * * *   root    test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily )12:55
baalwell that would be great12:55
gclericmake it look like  root    cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily12:56
gclericremoving the  test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || (12:56
baalso why is that in there ?12:57
baalcron not running in myhtbuntu ?13:00
gclericnot sure.13:00
baalwell hope that works , thanks for the tip :)13:03
gclericnp =)13:04
baalanyone installed the source of lirc for a custom build ?13:34
IrishDavehey, im in the process of installing mythbuntu hardy alpha 213:51
IrishDaveI'm at the remote stage and I don't know what to chose to enable my microsoft media center remote?13:52
IrishDaveits version 1.0A (1040 receiver and 1039 handheld from what i can tell)13:52
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directhexsuperm1, libfaad0 has now evaporated, so rebuilding for amd64 is now possible21:10

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