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superm1hey bryce_ you around?05:25
bryceheya superm105:26
superm1good evenin.  05:26
superm1did you by chance see that patch that I attached to a mesa bug?05:26
brycehey I have a question for you (maybe a bit philosophical)05:26
superm1sure shoot05:26
brycehmm, not sure (been looking at a lot of patches lately tho)05:26
superm1bug 18958005:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189580 in mesa "mythfrontend.real crashed with SIGSEGV in glXMakeCurrentReadSGI()" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18958005:27
brycewell, with mythtv I'm wondering how you think things will work once analog is turned off next year, and cable companies are using DRM-laced digital feeds.05:27
superm1well analog is only turned off OTA05:28
brycedo you think there'll be a solution, or is that going to be more or less the end of mythtv as a television recording tool?05:28
superm1that's a big selling point to cable companies right now05:28
superm1that you can "use your old tv"05:28
brycehmm, yet the analog channel sets that the two cable companies in my area provide are a small subset of the available channels05:29
bryce(essentially just what's provided OTA already)05:29
superm1wow it's that bad by you?05:29
superm1i get ~80 analog stations on my cable here05:29
bryceI mean, for the digital packages05:29
superm1well the cable company can approach the issue from two sides05:30
brycefor "regular" cable I still get ~80 channels too, however I think they'll be ending that05:30
superm11) either keep the analog stations around, and "transition" people over to their cable packages to use their old tvs - only to eventually plug that loop hole05:30
superm12) deter people because they need a digital tuner for cable, satellite, or OTA05:31
superm1i personally think most cable companies are going to approach it from (1)05:31
brycethe issue we've run into is that comcast has been gradually dropping channels from the analog service05:32
brycequite irritating05:32
superm1well look at it from a lamen's consumer perspective05:33
superm1people are going to complain that they are missing all these channels 05:33
superm1the more that go05:34
superm1and so cable companies either deal with that influx of complaints, or eventually open up the "basic" digital packages or keep analog around05:34
brycehmm, that could be05:35
superm1so, in other words my own belief is that some way or another it will be sorted out - either keeping analog around longer, or cable co's being forced to de-drm there stations05:35
superm1and very worst comes to worst - there is always svid capture05:36
superm1and ir blaster/serial changer/firewire changer05:36
bryceof course it sort of presumes the absence of monopolies or collusion05:36
* superm1 shrugs05:37
superm1if only our capitalist society didn't allow for such things05:37
superm1in the event of either of those though, you do need to remember how often the ability to sue gets abused05:37
tjaaltonmorning guys05:38
superm1morning tjaalton 05:38
bryceheya tjaalton05:38
tjaaltonat least you guys have widespread HD?-)05:39
brycehmm, well I guess if worse comes to worst, someone will come up with some clever mythtv/bittorrent thingee that bypasses the networks entirely05:39
pwnguinwe've got about 80 channels here as well ;)05:40
tjaaltonwe only have a handful of crappy paytv-channels05:40
tjaalton..that are HD05:40
pwnguini mean, 80 analog cable TV channels05:40
superm1bryce, you also have to remember too - once everything is all digital, hackers will pop up looking for a way to circumvent security measures05:40
superm1its always a cat and mouse game05:40
tjaaltonthis is the last week that cable companies are allowed to broadcast analog05:41
tjaaltonin Finland05:41
pwnguinwe just got a junkmail from our cable company bragging about how you can still use analog with their stuff05:41
superm1tjaalton, so what is happening with digital stuff then, drm free?05:41
tjaaltonsuperm1: remains to be seen, so far it is drm free05:41
tjaaltonmeaning that you are able to record stuff05:42
superm1well that's nice :)05:42
brycesuperm1: what was the mesa patch you wanted me to look at?  I can take a look at it in a little while tonight05:42
superm1bryce, bug 18958005:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189580 in mesa "mythfrontend.real crashed with SIGSEGV in glXMakeCurrentReadSGI()" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18958005:43
tjaaltonbryce: if it looks good, I can merge it with the new mesa from debian05:43
brycetjaalton: ok05:43
tjaaltonsuperm1: have you sent it upstream?05:43
superm1i'm not sure if upstream mesa has already absorbed such a thing, but it resolves issues for myself and a handful of other folks that have ran into the issue using free drivers05:43
tjaaltonwould be nice to get some feedback from upstream :)05:44
superm1tjaalton, not yet, i was hoping to find someone with a good relationship with x.org to forward it on up05:44
superm1i'm not the original author of it, just a messenger :)05:45
tjaaltonok :)05:45
tjaaltonit's easy to forward it, but the author should then subscribe to the upstream bug05:45
superm1tjaalton, i'll be glad to link the appropriate bug trackers if you can send it for feedback05:46
brycesuperm1: ok I've given a thumbs up on the bug.  Patch looks pretty simple05:49
superm1bryce, great thanks.  05:49
brycenot certain what side-effects might come of it though05:49
superm1i dont have core dev powers, so if you could sponsor it too, that'd be good :)05:49
superm1bryce, well given the description of it, i wouldn't expect anything harsh, but i dont know for sure05:50
tjaaltonthere's a new release candidate in debian that needs merging anyway05:50
bryceI'm still a hair away from having core dev powers myself, so will leave to tjaalton05:50
brycesuperm1: well, since it's opening a dynamic library, there's a fairly limitless number of things that could happen in theory; in practice I'm betting it'll be fine05:51
bryceok, bbiab05:51
superm1bryce, wow, surprised you don't have the core-dev prowess already :)05:51
tjaaltonok, forwarded as freedesktop bug 1467505:56
ubotuFreedesktop bug 14675 in GLX "mythfrontend crashes in glXMakeCurrentReadSGI()" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1467505:56
superm1tjaalton, okay thanks, i'll get the person who wrote the patch subscribed05:56
brycesuperm1: you're not the first to say that06:19
superm1bryce, well then i'm sure you won't have trouble once you apply for it06:21
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tjaaltonsuperm1: seems that the mesa problem is already fixed in master, and if the backported commits work with 7.0, they could be added to the stable branch10:12
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Ngtjaalton: woo, thanks for the upload. the little fix I was testing got included upstream, right?13:31
tjaaltonit already was13:31
Ngah, I've had mine on hold for a little while ;)13:32
NgI'll unhold it and upgrade :D13:32
tjaaltonsigh, need to add ServerLayout back to make synaptics work13:37
superm1tjaalton, yeah i got an email from the author.  his fix went in in November :)13:46
tjaaltonsuperm1: heh, ok. It's uploaded now, so please test when it's built13:47
superm1tjaalton, alright thanks13:47
jcristautjaalton: why do you need serverlayout?13:48
tjaaltonjcristau: people need it for synaptics13:48
tjaaltonI can't test it, so I trust them :)13:48
tjaaltonotherwise the synaptics section is not used by the server, I guess13:49
tjaaltonthere's also a strange bug where enabling the SL section the keymap is different..13:50
brycetjaalton: It may help having it back to reduce displayconfig-gtk breakage (which I think we still need for bulletproof-x mode)17:43
seb128bryce: speaking about bulletproof-x, was there any discussion about a boot option to start in vesa mode 800x600 or similar?17:45
bryceI vaguely remember something like that17:56
bryceI don't recall if there were any decisions17:56
tjaaltonbryce: ah, indeed17:59
bryceseb128: have you had a chance to look at the gnome-desktop and gnome-settings-daemon changes?  I think they're ready to go up.18:00
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seb128bryce: no, new GNOME weeks are crazy, lool looked at the patches I think18:00
bryceseb128: gnome-control-center is also building correctly and should be ready to go up soon (I just want to do additional testing first)18:00
seb128he's slightly concerned about the API additions or changes18:01
seb128and he said the patches are not really clean18:01
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bryceseb128: I hope that either you two will be able to fix the issues, or provide me with detailed feedback so I can fix it.18:06
seb128bryce: right, will do, I've just been busy, but I'm almost done with this week updates and I'll look at those again18:07
seb128I'm away for dinner, be back later18:09
bryceseb128: having got things to this point, I would really like to just focus on gnome-control-center and it's remaining xrandr issues, and leave gnome-desktop and gnome-system-daemon to you guys.  I've taken care of most of the work with them, so hopefully between the two of you the remaining integration work should be straightforward.18:09
seb128bryce: right, should be alright18:10
bryceseb128: great18:10
seb128I'll ping you back about those later today or tomorrow, I have to go now18:10
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