Odd-rationaleAntiUSA: Your best bet is to reinstall.00:00
PriceChild!ohmy | AntiUSA00:00
ubotuAntiUSA: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:00
n2diyadac, not that I know of. I only shutdown when I have to, so...00:00
AntiUSAwill it reformat my drive?00:00
AntiUSAwill I lose everything I downloaded?00:00
PriceChildAntiUSA, read the questions carefully during the install.00:00
Odd-rationaleAntiUSA: yes. Do you have a /home partition?00:01
rrboxmy "brother mfc 8300" printer is recognized, but not the scanner from it on xsane, does that mean i'm out of luck ?00:01
dabbillis there a way to mount NTFS partition with read / write from live CD?00:01
Soskeli am trying to run 'rm -rf /' and i get an error saying "cannot remove root directory /"00:01
PriceChildAntiUSA, if you read them, you will be allowed to resize the existing partitions.00:01
PriceChildSoskel, not in here.00:01
Soskelnot what in here?/00:01
yo_PriceChild: can i install ubuntu to my hd without having to backup my files? i don't have the resources to back everything up..00:01
iceswordcraigevil, do you mean that i change my debian to make it allow unstable00:01
SoskelPriceChild: ???00:01
PriceChildSoskel, don't ever post that command in here again.00:01
SoskelPriceChild: what are you talking about00:01
Soskeli need help running it00:01
AntiUSAso I could make the current partition really small, and then move everything over from it? then delete it?00:01
Odd-rationaledabbill: You should be able to read/write ntfs from the live cd00:02
craigevildebian sid/unstable really isnt unstable it just changes alot. ie has a lot of updates00:02
SindaciousAnyone know why windows disk check won't work after I booted ubuntu on disk?00:02
mohbanaany idea where PHP iCalendar is?00:02
Odd-rationaleAntiUSA: Yes, you could00:02
PriceChildSoskel, that command will destroy your entire system. We're not helping you.00:02
dabbillOdd-rationale: it says i dont have permission to write to it00:02
rambo3php pear i would guess00:02
AntiUSAhow will I delete the partition at a later date?00:02
dabbillOdd-rationale: it says read only file system00:02
Odd-rationaledabbill: Can you write to it as root? Are you root?00:03
yo_PriceChild: i don't have the resources to back up my harddrive.. how do i shrink my ntfs partition to allow room for the ubuntu partition without destroying my files.00:03
Odd-rationaleAntiUSA: Use a live cd with gparted00:03
dabbilli am useing sudo command00:03
solexiousHi all, I know to use du to show listing of file sizes, but how do i show remaining free space?00:03
AntiUSAI have the 7.10 live cd...00:03
n2diyPriceChild: the / probably saved his but, my guess he can't write to it?00:03
Starnestommysolexious: df -h?00:03
Odd-rationaleAntiUSA: Good. GParted should be on there00:03
PriceChildyo_, resizing your partition risks losing all your files. Don't attempt it without backing up.00:03
CyntroxYay, I just booted Ubuntu for the first time... To be met by an "Out of range" message from my monitor?00:04
AntiUSAwell this is ultra depressing... but thanks guys00:04
yo_maybe i can borrow a friends 80GB ipod lol00:04
Odd-rationaleAntiUSA: But, you should back up just in case00:04
rambo3yo_, you dont destroy your files. just that if something unexpected happends you might lose them00:04
PMantisI upgraded from 6.10 to 7.04, and mdadm gave me a warning to check mdadm.conf. Can someone look at my paste to examine the UUIDs?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/4985/ I assume the UUIDs have to match between the two files, but they don't. Which one should I change?00:04
PriceChildn2diy, meh, ignore it.00:04
yo_i can't lose them lol00:04
neverblueCyntrox, looks like you want to run from command line, and get your xorg.conf sorted out00:04
Fingeldoes ubuntu have a feature that will generate a 6 page essay for me?00:04
Cyntroxneverblue, how do I do that?00:05
FlannelFingel: cat /dev/random > essay.txt00:05
yo_can ubuntu deal with iPods?00:05
neverblueFingel, yes, sudo aptitude install instant-essay :D00:05
chuy_maxyo_, yeah00:05
rambo3yo_, then use Live CD till you find USB or CD-R /DVD-R where you can store important files . or use some comercial solution00:05
neverblueCyntrox, are you familiar with editing an xorg.conf ?00:05
Cyntroxneverblue, no00:05
rrboxmy "brother mfc 8300" printer is recognized, but not the scanner from it on xsane, does that mean i'm out of luck ?00:05
neverblueCyntrox, do you have an Ubuntu Live CD ?00:05
yo_what about an ipod rambo?00:05
yo_an 80gb00:06
Fingelafter the essay I have to write some poems, Im going to cut and paste a large block of text from this channel and only use the words I find here00:06
yo_i have a 50 gb hd anyways lol00:06
rambo3to partition. but so far fdisk /ubuntu paritioner was the best solution for me00:06
EstesarkHi guys. I'm running the Ubuntu Live CD at the moment and am about to install, but I'd like a little help with partitioning. I'm not really familiar with it. Could someone suggest a good proposal for me?00:06
Fingelshould be some interesting poems00:06
Cyntroxneverblue, it doesn't work, I installed via the alternate CD. I have Windows XP installed though00:06
dabbillOdd-rationale: i can browse the NTFS partitions but dont have permission to do any thing with them00:06
neverbluefunny for a linux channel, ppl really mention Windows alot00:06
n2diyFingel: I think we are copyleft here, be careful.00:07
neverblueCyntrox, did you burn it then, or do you still have it around ?00:07
FingelNTFS write support is experimental, but if you want to try it install ntfs-tools (I think)00:07
CyntroxI still have a live CD.00:07
Flare183I'm back00:07
neverblueFingel, not in Gutsy, its in the OS00:07
yo_can someone help me with connecting to the net from livecd?00:07
rambo3yo_, if i where you i would start Live CD and install gnome paritioner and resize the parition manualy00:07
Flare183yo_: yeah how do you connect to the internet usually?00:08
Cyntroxneverblue: I still have a live CD, but when I tried using it last time I just got lots of errors after I pressed "install"00:08
yo_wireless internet..00:08
neverblueCyntrox, then I would do some research with the type of video card you have, and what you need to change in your xorg.conf, but first you need a terminal or boot off the Live CD00:08
Flare183yo_: bcm?00:08
yo_rambo3: is there a risk of loosing my files that way?00:08
yo_yes broadcom00:08
SindaciousAnyone know why windows disk check won't work after I booted ubuntu on disk?00:08
Flare183yo_: Broadcom wirless card?00:08
Flare183yo_: ok you need two files00:08
StarnestommySindacious: check in ##windows00:08
neverblueCyntrox, using the Live CD, you will not be _installing_ but using it to edit/view your xorg.conf00:08
n2diyCyntrox: what type of errors?00:08
rambo3yo_, you can lose your files by starting your computer , there is always risk00:08
yo_which ones?00:08
Flare183yo_: ummm.... let me find the link one sec00:09
yo_how big is the risk rambo?00:09
ArthurArchnixstill working on getting my wireless to come back up after suspend/resume. Poking around in /etc/default/acpi-support, since some people wrote that adding "networking" to services would force it to be stopped then restarted. That didn't work, but now I'm looking at a line that says network cards are unloaded unless added to whitelist. Am I barking up the wrong tree here, or should I try adding the module responsible for my wireless?00:09
Intro5pectStill getting CANNOT READ CD-ROM RELEASE at detect and mount part of install00:09
Cyntroxneverblue: I have nVidia 7900 some weird letters00:09
SindaciousStarnestommy: I figured this might be the right place to ask seeing it didn't happen until after the Ubuntu boot00:09
Intro5pectmemory tested fine00:09
yo_rambo3: what is the risk?00:09
neverblueCyntrox, thats great :)00:09
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:09
rjeffriesI notice that Pidegon (nee Gaim) does not come back cleanly after a suspend on Gutsy. anybody else see this?00:09
yo_rambo3:is there anyway i can reduce the risk?00:10
EstesarkCan anyone suggest a good partition setup for my installation?00:10
Flare183yo_: you still there>00:10
CyntroxAs for errors:00:10
iceswordbazhang_, good morning00:10
Cyntrox[ 593.999153] ata2.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen00:10
=== Andre_Gondim_ is now known as Andre_Gondim
Cyntrox[ 606.0476770] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 000:10
Flare183yo_: ok just making sure00:10
Cyntroxbasicly that with different values00:10
nikitisAnyone got a guide for a package install of Intel 3D Graphics?00:10
yo_rambo3:is there anyway to reduce the risk of loosing files besides backing them up?00:10
n2diyEstesark: what is your instalation?00:11
ArthurArchnixalright then, how about this... how would I determine what module is being used / loaded / controls my wireless card... is there a command? Like, I dunno, lsmod | grep ireless00:11
rambo3yo_, no i dont know00:11
Estesarkn2diy: I'm installing Ubuntu from the Live CD. I've got two hard disks of ~150GB in size each, both empty.00:11
yo_should i risk it?00:11
Cyntroxneverblue, how should I use the live CD then?00:11
scragarI'm not having much luck with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox all the steps worked, but after I restart tap1 does not exist anymore for some reason... :(00:11
yo_cuz i've got once in a lifetime pictures and 4500 songs lol00:12
Flare183yo_: http://filebin.ca/czwbee/bcm43xx-firmware_1.3-1ubuntu2_all.deb00:12
n2diyEstesark: Both empty, no Winders? Just go for it.00:12
Flare183yo_: thats the first one00:12
rambo3upload them to flickr00:12
yo_40 gigs worth?00:12
Flare183yo_: http://filebin.ca/wveegz/bcm43xx-fwcutter_20060501-5_i386.deb00:12
EstesarkI don't feel very comfortable with using the "guided" options00:12
Flare183yo_: there is your second one00:12
Flare183yo_: download both and install both00:12
yo_intsall where?00:13
Estesarkn2diy: I was wondering what would be a good set-up to create manually. Are the only mandatory partitions "/" and "/swap"? I don't need to create a "/boot" or a "/tmp", for example?00:13
SomeHelpokay guys, i need help, my ubuntu got b0rked big time00:13
scragarthey are .deb files, you just run and pick install when it prompts :P00:13
DevourerHow do I kill a process in the terminal?00:13
yo_run them in ubuntu correct?00:13
n2diyEstesark: OK, Ubuntu wants about 3g, so your cool there. Do your self a favor, and create a /home pantition, other than that, I think your good to go.00:13
Oloughlin75Whats the Terminal called for alt+f2 to run it? Not xterm, the other default terminal00:14
c0mp13371331337Devourer - pkill <proces name>00:14
Devourerc0mp13371331337, thanks.00:14
ally_xoxoxhey guys, I have this annoying problem with my Ubuntu everytime i turn it on00:14
ally_xoxoxi get a message that displays "Expected was model "pc101", layout "us" and no options, but the the following settings were found: model "pc105", layout "us" and no options.00:14
ally_xoxoxWhich set would you like to use?"00:14
scragarOloughlin75: gnome-terminal ?00:14
ally_xoxoxwhat does that mean?00:14
Oloughlin75scragar, thanks00:14
n2diyEstesark: Yes you'll need those partions, and make life easy for yourself, and add /home00:15
Flare183yo_: yeah?00:15
Estesarkn2diy: I don't seem to be able to add more than one partition to each drive through the installer?00:15
Flare183yo_: what's up?00:15
ArthurArchnixI've removed GDM and now the only way to shutdown or restart my computer is with sudo. Anyone know a workaround?00:15
Cyntroxnow I have both winXP and Ubuntu on my box... Windows boots perfectly, but if I try to boot Ubuntu I get out of range on my monitor!00:15
yo_so i run them in ubuntu right?00:15
yo_after it loads up and everything?00:15
Flare183yo_: yeapa00:15
njeriudoes anyone know how to configure wpa_supplicant package?00:15
yo_k.. what about an IRC program?00:15
yo_so i can get back on here once im on the net?00:16
Flare183yeah shoulod work too00:16
yo_what program should i use for irc?00:16
Flare183yo_: xchat00:16
yo_okee dokee.. and thats included in the livecd?00:16
Flare183yo_: yes it is00:16
scragaryo_: pidgin or gaim come will by default and both do IRC00:16
yo_fer sher00:16
ally_xoxoxhey guys, I have this annoying problem with my Ubuntu everytime i turn it on00:16
Flare183yo_: it will install it too00:16
yo_k be back in a bit00:16
n2diyEstesark: What version of Ubuntu? I haven't installed since 6.06, but there must be a way to add /home?00:16
nikitisIs there an Ubuntu guide on installing Intel Graphics 3D Drivers?00:16
ally_xoxoxi get a message that displays "Expected was model "pc101", layout "us" and no options, but the the following settings were found: model "pc105", layout "us" and no options.00:16
Flare183yo_: good luck00:16
ally_xoxoxanybody have any ideas?00:17
* njeriu anyone know's where to find a tutorial of wpa_supplicant package configuration for ubuntu 7.1o00:17
Flare183ally_xoxox: wrong keyboard layout00:17
juggalorebornhello all00:17
Flare183!wpa | njeriu (I think this might help)00:17
ubotunjeriu (I think this might help): Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:17
Flare183njeriu: hope so00:17
ally_xoxoxflarel83: it worked fine for 2 weeks, then i get this keyboard layout error? whats wrong?00:17
ally_xoxoxand how can i fix it, i hate how it keeps poping up00:17
juggaloreborn.... not to be pink floydish or anything... but "Is there anybody... out there"00:17
Estesarkn2diy: After I have created one partition, I can't seem to work out how to add another to the same drive. I'm trying to install whatever the latest version is, I only downloaded the iso today00:18
Flare183ally_xoxox: wrong nick one, two, unn xorg.conf congfiguration???? maybe....00:18
pac1where does ubuntu save the linux sources?  Nothing in /usr/src00:18
Fingelhi juggaloreborn00:18
juggalorebornhey can anybody tell me what repository i can pick up a version of skype?00:18
PriceChildjuggaloreborn, you can get it from skype.com00:19
Flare183!hi | juggaloreborn (you have a looong nick)00:19
ubotujuggaloreborn (you have a looong nick): Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:19
juggalorebornits col00:19
n2diyEstesark: Does saving, accepting, whatever, give you the option to add a new one?00:19
cryospherehello: I can´t seem to get my keyboard configured correctly00:19
juggalorebornthats for FF, i got GG00:19
EstesarkNot as far as I can see00:19
Estesarkn2diy: I'll try and take some screenshots00:19
scragarI'm not having much luck with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox all the steps worked, but after I restart tap1 does not exist anymore for some reason... Anyone any ideas?00:19
cryosphereinstead of " I get ¨00:20
ally_xoxoxFlare183 what is xorg.conf?00:20
Flare183scragar: i did works fine with correct kernel00:20
Flannelcryosphere: You have to hit the " key twice, right?00:20
juggaloreborni tried installing it from skype.com, but it was for FF, and after i DL'd it, it said i didnt have permision00:20
Oloughlin75ally_xoxox, it configures x00:20
cryosphereFlannel: RIGHT!00:20
Flare183ally_xoxox: your X configuratoin00:20
Oloughlin75ally_xoxox, sets up keyboard, mouse, graphics card00:20
scragarFlare183: I've installed all updates on gutsy...00:21
Flare183it's Flare18300:21
ally_xoxoxwhere is it located?00:21
Flannelcryosphere: You're keyboard variant is setup to the wrong one.  You've got the "deadkeys" one selected, you need to select the non-deadkeys one.00:21
Flare183ally_xoxox: /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:21
Estesarkn2diy: Hmm, something odd has just happened00:21
Flare183Flannel: oops sorry about that i though they were talking to me sorry man00:21
Estesarkn2diy: When I went to the manual partitioning before, it just showed two drives of empty space00:21
Estesarkn2diy: Now it's showing the old partitions I had before00:22
n2diyEstesark: What's on the old partitions?00:22
Intro5pectsince i'm having so many problems with the CD-ROM anyone know how to use an external USB Drive as a source for installation00:22
EstesarkWell, they're empty, but I'll try and describe the setup as best I can00:22
=== maddoxnorris is now known as LOLZORZ
juggalorebornthanks all, but i just decided to try the CLI, and went into god mode lol00:23
Estesarkn2diy: Two hard drives, /dev/sda and /dev/sdb00:23
juggalorebornsudo apt-get install skype00:23
n2diyEstesark: What's on the old partitions?00:23
cryosphereFlannel: how do I do that00:23
juggalorebornand it worked00:23
juggalorebornim so never going back to windows00:23
Flannelcryosphere: Uh, whereever you setup your keyboard.  System > Preferences > Keyboard?00:23
Estesarkn2diy: On /dev/sda we've got /dev/sda1, type ext3, /media/sda1. /dev/sda5, swap. /dev/sda6, ext3, /media/sd600:23
pac1pac1, helps if you actually install the sources first.00:24
cryospherewell its xubuntu00:24
cryospherebut I have a similar screen00:24
Estesarkn2diy: Then on /dev/sdb we've got /dev/sdb1, ext3, /media/sdb100:24
n2diyEstesark: What brand computer?00:24
cryosphereim in keyboard preferences00:24
Estesarkn2diy:  No brand. These are partitions from when I used to use Suse.00:24
Estesark(I think)00:24
n2diyEstesark: Ok, so no hidden Dell MBRs, or crap like that?00:25
Flannelcryosphere: No deadkeys mention?  What version of Ubuntu is this?00:25
cryosphere7.10 gutsy00:26
cryospherein keyboard pref I selected00:26
ShitStainzhey guys, can you read this paste i made of my problem? http://dpaste.com/36831/00:26
Intro5pectsince i'm having so many problems with the CD-ROM anyone know how to use an external USB Drive as a source for installation00:26
juggalorebornAnyone here need any help with small stuff?00:26
ShitStainzits long and i need help00:26
fosohey all, how do i tell if im running fglrx?00:27
cryospheremodel: generic 105-key (intl) pc00:27
cryospherelayout: us alt-intl00:27
FlannelShitStainz: #ubuntu+1 for Hardy support, thanks00:27
demonsporkI just discovered a way to get a root shell in the default ubuntu user setup, with no password for root!!!!!!00:27
Flannelcryosphere: You want us ... normal.  Or something.  The layout is your issue.00:28
PriceChilddemonspork, congratulations.00:28
oloughlin75demonspork: sudoers?00:28
ShitStainzno, but i dont want hardy, i went to downgrade and it got fucked00:28
demonsporkno editing of files00:28
WhiteNerdOkay, So I have Ubuntu server 7.1 installed. I'm still learning my linux. How do I view what's on the cd? /dev/cdrom or /cdrom/ ?00:28
PriceChild!downgrade | ShitStainz00:28
demonsporkinstall, command line, bam, get a root shell00:28
ubotuShitStainz: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.00:28
juggalorebornwhat'd you do demon?00:28
PriceChildShitStainz, change your nickname please.00:28
pygmymathHello world00:28
demonsporkI did "sudo screen"00:28
PriceChildShitStainz, reinstall.00:28
Estesarkn2diy: Ah, hang on, I think I might have been trying to do something in the wrong way. I told you I was inexperienced at this. How much space should I assign to /, /swap, /boot and /tmp respectively?00:28
demonsporkand it gives a root shell00:28
ShitStainzis there a way to keep all the config files?00:28
PriceChilddemonspork, there are much better ways.00:29
ShitStainzor maybe all directories intact?00:29
juggalorebornwere you on the admin acount?00:29
WhiteNerdOkay, So I have Ubuntu server 7.1 installed. I'm still learning my linux. How do I view what's on the cd? /dev/cdrom or /cdrom/ ?00:29
n2diyEstesark: let the partinon manager do that for you!? Why are you doing it manually when you have 300g of free space?00:29
demonsporkPriceChild, what other ways are there without setting a password for root?... oh yeah, sudo su00:29
cryospherethe layout choices are: 4 different types of dvorak, macintosh, international with dead keys, and alternative international (former us_intl), and russian phonetic00:29
PriceChilddemonspork, best not to use them00:29
PriceChild!sudo | demonspork00:29
ubotudemonspork: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.00:29
Flanneldemonspork: sudo -i, etc, etc.00:30
earthian_Hello, tomorrow I have a presentation and I might need my laptop with ubuntu to connect to a projector. However I am not sure what I should check to make it ready for that. I think I need to set up some more resolutions in the xorg.conf? I have a Toshiba L30 with ATI radeon xpress 200M chip.00:30
demonsporkI know :(00:30
Flanneldemonspork: Whats the problem?00:30
demonsporkno problem, just a proclamation, I thought I had found somehting cool00:30
pbjmanHello- I need help configuring my Canon MP810 printer. I have found almost no documentation, and even tried the commercial turboprint which failed to print a test page. Can anyone help me?00:30
NB2000sudo mount /media/cdrom00:30
Intro5pectis it complicated to install from a USB drive?00:30
NB2000cd /media/cdrom00:30
WhiteNerdThanks NB200000:31
NB2000WhiteNerd cool!00:31
Estesarkn2diy: Oh, maybe you're right.00:31
`Zigo[s]ityHey, I'm trying to share a folder on my linux box with a pc running XP, but every time I try to access it on the XP box I'm prompted for a password.. What's up with that? All permissions are set right AFAIK.00:31
WhiteNerdI'll get it tried once the local boot scripts finish00:31
Odd-rationaleLjL: But now what happened to my buddy over on the other side?00:31
stansmitham i the only one on drugs here00:31
NB2000WhiteNerd seems to work here.00:32
mehmetwhere/how can i use compiz?00:32
mehmeti downloaded it and everything00:32
mehmetbut i can't find it00:32
NB2000This may be server 6.0600:32
LjLOdd-rationale: he's still on the other side.00:32
Dr_willis!find wesnoth00:32
n2diyEstesark: Sorry, I got to run, GL.00:32
ubotuFound: wesnoth, wesnoth-all, wesnoth-data, wesnoth-editor, wesnoth-ei (and 7 others)00:32
Odd-rationaleLjL: :(00:32
Intro5pecthellllooooooooo *echo*00:32
pbjman@Mehmet, type "ccsm" to configure it, and type "compiz" to start it.00:32
runst8i want an ubuntu decal for my car!00:33
mehmetin terminal?00:33
Estesarkn2diy: Thanks for the help.00:33
pbjman@mehmet, yes. In the terminal.00:33
LjLOdd-rationale: nickname? i'll tell them to /reconnect00:33
cdsmithusCan someone help me configure an nVidia video card?00:33
mehmetpbjman:  thanks00:33
pbjmanCan someone help me set up my printer? >.<00:34
lmillerWhat do you think are the odds of a successful Dapper->Hardy upgrade today are?00:34
feierfoxeveryone is sleeping in old europe :/00:34
PriceChild!hardy | lmiller00:34
ubotulmiller: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:34
Odd-rationaleLjL: Oh just NET||abuse. But don't worry about it. I'm sure he'll come along.00:34
noodles12what is happening when my wireless is connected and GAIM and IRC works, but FF won't connect with any websites and my weather-plugin won't connect?00:34
LjLOdd-rationale: yes, i'm talking to him already00:34
chuy_maxcdsmithus, there's a nice tutorial in the wiki, if you get stuck a specific question just ask here00:34
ubotucdsmithus: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:34
mohbanamy azureus is crashing randomly what should i do00:35
cdsmithuschuy_max, ubotu: Thanks00:35
feierfoxwhat do you think: are to many changes in the 2.6.24er kernel to to hardy "LTS-(stable)-enough"?00:35
Intro5pectAny simple instructions for installing from USB DRIVE , anyone??????????????00:35
Odd-rationale!thanks | cdsmithus00:35
ubotucdsmithus: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)00:35
Flannelfeierfox: Hardy discussion is in #ubuntu+1, thanks00:35
`Zigo[s]ityinstalling ubuntu from a USB drive? You can't AFAIK00:35
=== ShitStainz is now known as nemil2k5
feierfoxor will the new features be stable in 2.6.25 up00:36
NB2000www.pendrivelinux.org ?00:36
`Zigo[s]ityIntro5pect: Just burn it onto a CD00:36
Dr_willispendrivelinux has a lot of neat tips and info. A lot of their guides are how to make a usb-pendrive boot a 'livecd' system. Not quite the same as installing to a usb drive.00:36
Odd-rationaleIntro5pect: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick00:36
EstesarkI've got an "Installing system" window, but it's tiny and shows no signs of progress - is this normal during installation?00:36
Intro5pectwell i'm having issues from the cd00:36
demonsporkhow do I enable zeroconf services such as uPnP when using an Ubuntu system as an internet gateway router?00:37
Intro5pectCANNOT READ RELEASE FILE crap00:37
Intro5pectno one seemed to know how to fix it00:37
Intro5pectso now i'm going to try from USB i guess00:37
`Zigo[s]ityIntro5pect: Well try making another CD. For the USB drive to even work it needs to load drivers for it, which it can't do outside an operating system.00:37
NB2000They cover live and persistent.   A bit of nice info though.00:37
Carbonfluxa lot of MB bias will support booting off a USB drive I have found00:38
`Zigo[s]ityMine doesn't : P.00:38
NB2000Carbonflux True dat.00:38
Carbonfluxboth of mine here do00:38
CarbonfluxI have never tested it tho00:38
rambo3you can boot of floppy00:39
`Zigo[s]ityMy bad then xD00:39
=== grim76_ is now known as grim76
NB2000This system runs off a 6gb flash. No HD in sight.00:39
Carbonflux`Zigo[s]ity, heh, sorry I did not mean it that way :)00:39
mehmethow do i use compiz now?00:39
mehmeti installed it and configures it00:39
Dr_willismehmet,  enable the fancy desktop effects  -> right click on desktop -> change wallpaper -> last tab hjas the info/check box's00:40
Carbonfluxwelll, you can turn it on using the appearance settings mehmet00:40
rambo3mehmet does it say insert coin for player 1 ?00:40
Carbonfluxyou can also install CCSM00:40
Carbonfluxfor more options00:40
CarbonfluxI really like CCSM00:40
Dr_willisYou will want to install ccsm :)00:40
`Zigo[s]ityAnyone: I'm trying to share a folder on my linux box with a pc running XP, but every time I try to access it on the XP box I'm prompted for a password.. What's up with that? All permissions are set right AFAIK.00:40
`Zigo[s]ityFree help please? : P00:41
Dr_willis`Zigo[s]ity,  on the linux box. Give the linux user a samba password with 'sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME'00:41
negonicracdr willis: you have to create a smb password00:41
Dr_willisnegonicrac,  thats what i said. :)00:41
flowOverwhats a good torrent app for gutsy?  i was using utorrent on windows00:41
con-man_`Zigo[s]ity: probably isnt the answer you are looking for, but format the windows box and put linux on it :P00:41
=== madmaxmad is now known as mad_max02
werneckhey guys... once I installed ubuntu server, can I save the installing options to automate future installs ?00:41
negonicracwasnt payign attention00:42
Odd-rationaleflowOver: Transmission, or Deluge00:42
juggalorebornutorrent works with linux bro00:42
Dr_willis`Zigo[s]ity,  personally i always edit the samba.conf and enable the homes share also.00:42
evilbugnow my touchpad is moving so slow and i have to put my entire finger on it to move the arrow.00:42
Odd-rationaleflowOver: bittorrent is default00:42
flowOverOdd-rationale: thank yeah00:42
mehmetDr_willis:  um i did it00:42
lanlostah.. there we go00:42
mad_max02is there any whereisit linux equivalent ??00:42
EstesarkHow do I know if Ubuntu is installing? I've got the tiniest little "installing system" window that doesn't allow me to see if any progress is being made00:42
mehmetbut how do i make the effect work?00:42
lanlostHere is my question. I am trying to use nvidia LEGACY drivers00:42
flowOveryeah i've never liked bittorrent client itself00:42
flowOverdon't know why.  can't put my finger on it00:42
lanlostI have them installed.. and I have nvidia-glx-legacy package installed also00:42
lanlostbut I can't use nvidia-settings00:43
lanlostwhen I sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings.. it says I have to remove nvidia-glx-legacy00:43
lanlostI don't understand... I don't have nvidia-settings00:43
iDivineMy [Updated Manager] froze. What should I do? Trying to Exit it wont work.00:43
lanlostnvidia settings comes with nvidia-glx and nvidia-glx-new... but not the one I need00:43
lanlostits compatible with it00:43
lanlostI've used it before..00:43
NB2000what the???00:44
FloodBot2NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.00:44
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:44
NET||abuseCTrain, so it's a solid choice for development, if you wanna see a really big app that is built with it, just download the windows version of blender00:44
NET||abusehah, and we're back ;)00:44
iDivineMy [Updated Manager] froze. What should I do? Trying to Exit it wont work.00:44
NB2000Haven't seen one of them in ages.00:44
lanlostNo one has ever heard of my problem?00:44
lanlostit should be pretty simple00:44
Odd-rationaleNET||abuse: Yes. you are back.00:45
storm-zenWhat do I need to know when posting a bug report.  I think I found a pretty serious race condition with xscreensaver.00:45
NET||abuseOdd-rationale, you miss me?00:45
lanlosthow do I prevent apt-get from removing nvidia-glx-legacy when I have to install nvidia-settings00:45
lanlostthey aren't mutually exclusive00:45
Odd-rationaleNET||abuse: Not really.00:45
yabukI want to be a woner of my windows partition, what shoud I do?00:45
* NET||abuse ;x Odd-rationale 00:45
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FloodBot2NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.00:45
lanlostis this not a help channel? I'm not trying to be a dick. I'm being serious00:45
iDivineMy [Update Manager] froze. What should I do? Trying to Exit it wont work.00:45
FloodBot2NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.00:45
lanlostmy girlfriend is on the way and I wanted to get this fixed00:45
NET||abuseCTrain, you miss what i said there??00:45
storm-zenomg... 2 flood bots?00:46
LukeLMFloodbot stop flooding!!00:46
lanlostam I not in the channel?00:46
PriceChildlanlost, you are here.00:46
DASPRiDhah, who needs alarm clocks if you have cron, bash and mplayer ^^00:46
storm-zenlol.. will the floodbots can each other?00:46
Ashfire908someone needs to program a better floodbot.00:46
LjLAshfire908: you're welcome00:46
ubotuNOTICE - There is a lot of traffic in this channel at the moment. Please try to keep your sentences into a single message, avoid repeating the same question multiple times, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org for pasting, remember to mention the nickname of the person you're addressing, and join #ubuntu-offtopic for anything that is not Ubuntu support. Thank you for understanding!00:46
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots00:46
iDivineMy [Update Manager] froze. What should I do? Trying to Exit it wont work.00:46
lanlostI have a question then..00:47
`Zigo[s]ityDr_willis: I'll try that stuff and get back to you, thanks.00:47
Ashfire908LjL, well at least they should know how to handle a netsplit.00:47
lanlostI need to install nvidia-settings but when I apt-get install nvidia-settings it says it has to remove nvidia-glx-legacy00:47
NET||abuseiDivine, dig out the pid from ps aux | grep update  then kill -9 [pid]00:47
WhiteNerdBack again!!!00:47
lanlosttheres no reason for it to do this..00:47
lanlosthow do I install both of them together00:47
NET||abuseiDivine, you 'll have to sudo kill -9 that though00:47
PriceChildAshfire908, that wasn't a normal netsplit. /msg ubotu offtopic00:47
c0mp13371331337`Zigo[s]ity: at the very bottom of /etc/samba/smb.conf there should be the settings for the shared folders.  Add to each folder the following: 'guest ok = yes' and 'guest only = yes'.  Under the Authentication section, change 'security = ' to 'security = share'.  Then under Global Settings change 'workgroup' to whatever the name of the Windows workgroup is.  Save that file and restart samba with 'sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart'00:47
iDivineNET||abuse, Can you explain that in 'Newb' Forum.00:47
mad_max02my ubuntu just crashed like mad00:48
prasannahey can someone explain why my keyboard keys are weird??00:48
SkullmonkeyI installed wine and it (my comp) freezes up anytime i try to do anything with wine. Any help?00:48
ConstyXIVanyone have a good suggestion for a UI font to replace bitstream?00:48
WhiteNerdMy server machine keeps stopping at "Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)     [OK]     Any help?00:48
mneptokprasanna: mix-up at your pharmacy?00:48
LjLAshfire908: they don't know how to handle a split that lasts 35 minutes, no00:48
prasannawhen i try to do a question mark i get this, É00:48
xxxHi, do you now a program like a "Sony Vegas"?00:48
gangadjinnanyone using newzbin, and have a good idea to a client I may use for that purpose??00:48
mneptokgangadjinn: Usenet?00:48
Odd-rationaleprasanna: Do you have the correct keymap loaded?00:49
gangadjinnmneptok, yeag00:49
lanlostI need to install nvidia-settings but when I apt-get install nvidia-settings it says it has to remove nvidia-glx-legacy. How do I install both of them together?00:49
WhiteNerdMy server machine keeps stopping at "Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)     [OK]     Any help?00:49
NET||abuseiDivine, ps aux is a nice console command for listing out every last process running on your machine, piping it ( using the | symbol) to the grep command filters out(often called grepping out) all the output from the ps command and only displays lines containing the word "update"00:49
prasannai have the default loaded00:49
mneptokgangadjinn: sudo apt-get install pan00:49
danand___c0mp13371331337 - err is that secure??00:49
prasannahow do i check and or change that odd-rationale00:49
gangadjinnoki... thanks00:49
SkullmonkeyI installed wine and it (my comp) freezes up anytime i try to do anything with wine. Any help?00:49
WhiteNerdMy server machine keeps stopping at "Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)     [OK]     Any help?00:49
NB2000lanhost -d will download only.  Would that get you by the dependencies?00:49
Odd-rationaleprasanna: The first place I would look is the /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:49
NET||abuseiDivine, you then get the pid which is normally listed over the left as a series of numbers between 4 and 7 digits long(maybe more than 7 if i'm mistaken) the running the kill -9 command will forcefully kill that process00:50
lanlostno one has ever had a problem with apt-get removing packages that don't need to be removed?00:50
iDivineNET||abuse, So what are the EXACT commands I should run, in Terminal?.....00:50
WhiteNerdMy server machine keeps stopping at "Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)     [OK]     Any help?00:50
mneptok!repeat > WhiteNerd00:50
prasannaodd-rationale, im there00:50
prasannawhat should i be looking for00:50
Odd-rationaleWhiteNerd: Can you switch terminals? ctrl+alt+f2 ?00:50
prasannaSection "InputDevice"00:50
prasannaIdentifier"Generic Keyboard"00:50
c0mp13371331337danand___: Depending on the scenario.  I have it set up like that for our tiny, 4-computer network behind a standard Belkin consumer firewall/router.  So for my purposes, it allows me to share files to anyone on the network, but not to the web.00:50
prasannais that normalÉ00:51
NET||abuseiDivine, just run "ps aux | grep update" then get the pid number on the line which represents the update manager process, then run "sudo kill -9 [pid00:51
PriceChild!paste | prasanna00:51
ubotuprasanna: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:51
WhiteNerdThanks Odd-ratio, it worked :)00:51
SkullmonkeyI installed wine and it (my comp) freezes up anytime i try to do anything with wine. Any help?00:51
NET||abusewhere [pid] is the number you previously noted from the ps aux command.00:51
Odd-rationaleprasanna: Do you want the "ca" keybaord layout? or "us"?00:51
CTrainSkullMonkey: what are your pc's specs?00:51
Odd-rationaleprasanna: Then change ca to us and restart X.00:51
runst8I wouldn't be able to live without linux...00:51
CTrainSkullMonkey: I have trouble w/ WINE on an older pc I use for overnight downloading00:52
mneptokprasanna: you'll also have to change the GNOME keyboard setting00:52
NET||abuserunst8, you have some messed up life necessity priorities dude00:52
mneptokprasanna: you'll be prompted when GDM restarts00:52
prasannaok perfect00:52
prasannanow when i try and save the file (after i changed it to us) it wont let me00:52
iDivineNET||abuse, Bout the PID #. Theres a series of numbers on that one Line. How can I  tell?00:52
Odd-rationaleprasanna: Did you edit as root?00:53
prasannai assume its permission related00:53
dumasymptoteguys im having problems with my wireless card Im using an atheros wireless card and the restricted driver is installed but not in use for some reason ive checked the forums but i cant find a way to connect (im using gutsy 64bit)00:53
biabiait seems like you would expect wine to be bad, by default00:53
prasannahow would i do that odd00:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xampp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:53
CTrainCTrain: SkullMonkey: what are the specs of your PC? I have trouble w/ WINE on an older pc I use for overnight downloading00:53
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)00:53
runst8NET||abuse: I guess it's just a good thing linux exists, or else I might be in a sad predicament00:53
Odd-rationaleprasanna: Try gksu gedit /tec/X11/xorg.conf00:53
prasannaopen it through terminal?00:53
luisaAnyone know where the gnome-terminal profiles are stored?00:53
danand___c0mp13371331337 - ok00:53
CTrainSkullMonkey: I have trouble w/ WINE on an older pc I use for overnight downloading00:53
CTrainthere we go00:53
FFForeverhow come when i load the live cd gnome's menu only loads about 80% of the screen width (if that) everythign else seems to work.....00:53
NB2000LAMP is good.00:53
NET||abuseiDivine, run just "ps au" and you'll see a much shorter list of processes,, this will also keep the headers in view, you should see which column the PID is listed under00:53
=== tunixman_ is now known as tunixman
SkullmonkeyCTran: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?product=426795&cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&dest_page=product&docname=c0019373200:54
NET||abuseiDivine, but this would usually be the second column00:54
WhiteNerdI have 2 CD drives in my computer, what command do I use to read from at least one of them00:54
dumasymptoteguys im having problems with my wireless card Im using an atheros wireless card and the restricted driver is installed but not in use for some reason ive checked the forums but i cant find a way to connect (im using gutsy 64bit)can anyone help?00:54
`Zigo[s]ityDr_willis: Woo, I can get into the shared folders on my windows box now, thanks! Is there any way to disable the password prompt entirely though now? Right now It's still asking me for a password.00:54
NB2000sudo mount /media/cdrom00:54
flowOverLAMP isn't a program.  it's a stack of programs working together... and i can't configure it too work :(00:54
NB2000flowOver what part isnt working?00:54
danand___iDivine - if you know the exact name of the program you want the pid of you can type pidof program_name in a terminal to get it00:55
prasannabhmmmm when i open it usin that command odd, the document is blankt00:55
SkullmonkeyGet it CTrain?00:55
iDivineNET||abuse, Now the Process name is different from 'Updated blah blahblah'. It's more "Advanced". How can I tell. + Thanks for helping me.00:55
prasannawhen i manually browse there and open it, everything is there00:55
emmaflowOver :  sudo tasksel install lamp-server00:55
iDivineNET||abuse, Update*00:55
Odd-rationaleprasanna: gksu /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:55
luisaflowOver: is it in Gutsy? If so: http://nathanhoad.net/how-to-lamp-in-ubuntu-gutsy00:55
Odd-rationaleprasanna: gksu /gedit etc/X11/xorg.conf00:55
luisaflowOver: It worked perfectly for me, try it out :D00:55
mneptokOdd-rationale: one more time ...00:55
Odd-rationaleprasanna: gksu gedit etc/X11/xorg.conf00:55
mneptokOdd-rationale: one more time ...00:56
Odd-rationaleprasanna: gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:56
CTrainSkullMonkey: get what?00:56
mneptokthere we go!00:56
SkullmonkeyCTrain: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?product=426795&cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&dest_page=product&docname=c0019373200:56
Odd-rationalemneptok: lol00:56
eifzonHow do I set my language in fluxbox?00:56
CTrainSkullMonkey: thee we go00:56
Pelogood evening folks00:56
prasannanow i can use that same command if i need to edit anything else right?00:56
prasannai should remember that one00:56
Jalazmihi.. there are ubuntu store on London ..?00:56
Odd-rationaleprasanna: gksu gedit /file00:56
flowOverooops sorry.  i went to get coffee after last message.  last night i was trying to install every part individually and no one would help00:57
whileimhereHi there I am trying to use Deluge on Ubuntu. I cant seem to get it to accept the tcp and udp ports I have opened up00:57
prasannalearn somethin new everyday ;)00:57
flowOveri'll try  sudo tasksel install lamp-server00:57
prasannathanks gonna restart X00:57
CTrainSkullMonkey: then it probably isn't the same problem as my older PC has, mine is a 10 year old Pentium III 800 mhz 256mb of ram00:57
lanlostno one has ever had a problem with apt-get removing packages that don't need to be removed?00:57
CTrainSkullMonkey: sorry, guess it is something else :(00:57
lanlostack sorry00:57
lanlostI need to install nvidia-settings but when I apt-get install nvidia-settings it says it has to remove nvidia-glx-legacy. How do I install both of them together?00:57
flowOveri got apache2 and mysql installed last night.  i think php5 too.  i'm not confident i did it right and mysql isn't loading.  i have some webmin program i've never seen also00:57
PeloJalazmi, not sure what you mean,  ubuntu is free you can download it from the website,  I thnk you can also order ubuntu merchandise from the site , not sure if they have a walking store00:57
whileimhereHow can I make sure that their is no firewall running on here?/00:57
flowOveri've always used xampp on windows00:57
Skullmonkeymy friend thinks its the vid card but i cant seem to find the driver for ubuntu00:58
Pelolanlost, reinstallr legacy afterward00:58
RoAkSoAxwhileimhere: sudo iptables -L00:58
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
cnStarzi need help getting xubuntu to work with my tv :(00:58
lanlostif I install legacy after nvidia-setings00:58
Pelo!tvout > cnStarz00:58
JalazmiPelo .. okey thank 2 u :)00:58
WhiteNerdNB2000: When I use sudo mount /media/cdrom I get the following "caseys is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported" What do I do now?00:58
lanlostthen it removes nvidia-settings when i install legacy00:58
Pelolanlost, I don't know then00:59
lanlostit doesn't matter which order I do it00:59
lanlosttheres no way to force it?00:59
cnStarzthanks pelo00:59
Pelo!enter | lanlost00:59
ubotulanlost: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:59
NB2000WhiteNerd do you have another account with sudo access?00:59
whileimhereRoAkSoAx: What am I looking for?00:59
lanlostthanks for acknowledging the problem00:59
flowOverlanlost i had that problem on a dapper rc when i tried ubuntu last00:59
luisaAnyone know where gnome-terminal profiles are stored at?00:59
flowOveri never solved it though ... sorry.  though it is identical if that's worth anything00:59
lanlostuboutu I didn't mean to do that00:59
Peloluisa, possibly in /home/user/.gnome2 somewhere00:59
NET||abuseiDivine, did you get that sorted?01:00
RoAkSoAxwhileimhere what does it show?01:00
Odd-rationale!sorry | lanlost01:00
ubotulanlost: It's ok, I can't stay mad at you.01:00
iDivineNET||abuse,  Not yet =\01:00
SkullmonkeyI installed wine and it (my comp) freezes up anytime i try to do anything with wine. Any help?01:00
whileimherePages of stuff01:00
eifzonHow do I set my language in fluxbox?01:00
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
squarebracketif i want to search through a number of files for a certain pattern, what's the right way of doing it?01:00
RoAkSoAxlanlost: have you tried to do: apt-get -f install pkg1 pkg201:00
Peloeifzon, you'd have to ask ppl in #fluxbox01:00
NET||abuseiDivine, ok, paste the output from your console into http://www.pastebin.org and put the url that your paste generates into the channel here.. yeh?01:00
DigiI would like to just add that after using this os for three days I uninstalled windows all together :)01:00
ere4siSkullmonkey, try asking in #winehq01:00
Skullmonkeywill do thx01:01
ManUndergroundI'm running ubuntu 7.10 and crashed, when I restarted I got a grub error 2 at stage 1.5 any idea how to fix this or what it even means?01:01
c0mp13371331337squarebracket: ls -a | grep pattern01:01
iDivineNET||abuse,  I think I got it, Hold on ;)01:01
WhiteNerdNB200: No I don't01:01
PeloManUnderground, hold on , let me check what the error msg is01:01
c0mp13371331337squarebracket: assuming you're already in the directory you want to search the contents of.01:01
Odd-rationaleprasanna: Work?01:01
Wiredtapewhat to do if i forgot my username, but remember my password for login screen at startup.. :-\01:01
squarebracketc0mp13371331337: no, i want to search the actual text in the files01:02
squarebracketi was thinking something like find | cat | grep01:02
NET||abuseiDivine, get it? Me need to go sleep! :P01:02
prasanna???#$@%^$& :D all normal!01:02
PeloManUnderground, this is what the error msg means,  no idea how to fix it however  2 : Bad file or directory type01:02
Pelo    This error is returned if a file requested is not a regular file, but something like a symbolic link, directory, or FIFO.01:02
prasannalove ya!01:02
VartanSI'm quite disappointed. :( I installed Ubuntu from the alternative CD on my external hard drive (hooked up via FireWire) and now I can't boot up to that partition on the ext..01:02
WhiteNerdNB2000: I have read-only access. Is that good enough to copy files off it?01:02
Odd-rationaleprasanna: Good for you!01:02
ManUndergroundPelo:  thanks01:03
prasannanew to ubuntu, finally got rid of windows01:03
whileimhereSo how can I permanently get rid of any ubuntu firewall01:03
ManUndergroundanyone have any experience with this grub error?01:03
Odd-rationaleprasanna: Proud of you/01:03
flowOverwhileimhere: install windows ;)01:03
PeloVartanS, I'm guessing you installed the grub boot menu on your internal drive,  boot regular and seewhat happens01:03
=== mkquist_ is now known as mkquist__
flowOverwhy would you want to get rid of the firewall?01:03
prasannai do miss a few apps though, like adobe pro. being a student, most of my notes posted by professor are in pdfs01:03
WorkingOnWis1how can I see thumbnails of pics when I browse for files, like when I am uploading pics to myspace or facebook?01:03
whileimhereLOL :)01:03
RoAkSoAxwhileimhere what does that command show?01:03
whileimhereNot an optimal solution01:03
mneptokflowOver: a number of reasons01:03
iDivineNET||abuse, It worked Thanks.01:03
Odd-rationaleprasanna: evince doesn't suit you?01:04
NET||abuseiDivine, ok awsome.. now i go to sleep01:04
NET||abuseGoodnight channel01:04
whileimhereRoaksoax it lists about 3 pages of stuff none of which I am sorry to say I understand01:04
mneptokwhileimhere: did you ever configure iptables?01:04
VartanSPelo: on my internal? I selected yes in the installation - didn't see anywhere where I could configure it to install on the internal. Also, will this cause problems with Vista?01:04
Odd-rationaleNET||abuse: Bye!01:04
prasannanever tried that01:04
WhiteNerdNB2000: Nevermind I got it, THANKS!!!!!01:04
NET||abuseOdd-rationale, i'll be back to harass you another night!! :P01:04
h4p0hi guys!...I've a very strange problem with my systray01:04
NB2000WhiteNerd How? :)01:04
prasannacan i edit pdfs? add text ?01:04
iDivineNET||abuse, WAIT.01:04
RoAkSoAxwhileimhere: paste the output on paste.ubuntu-nl.org01:04
Wiredtapewhat to do if i forgot my username, but remember my password for login screen at startup.. :-\ anyone?01:04
yo_so quick question.. i was running ubuntu from livecd.. installed the packages for the broadcom controllers so i could connect to the internet, got to myspace and everything.. tried to install the package for xchat and it froze..01:04
tim167how can i play a DVD movie ? Totem says i need some plugin, i have dvdplay0 installed, what else do i need ? thanks01:04
yo_what do i do?01:04
NET||abuseiDivine, awswww.... i was || this close to falling asleep01:04
whileimhereI have firestarter installed but according to the program it is off01:04
NB2000WhiteNerd I was trying to figure out how to give a user sudo rights when no sudo rights accounts exist. :)01:05
prasannafrom what i see, it seems like a pdf viewer01:05
storm-zenprasanna: No, you can read PDFs.  However... you can export PDFs from OpenOffice.01:05
mneptokwhileimhere: then there are no active firewall rules and nothing needs to be done.01:05
WhiteNerdNB2000: I just used mount (took off the sudo) and it mounted the CD. I LS ed to it and the files are there.01:05
FlannelWiredtape: reboot into the recovery console, and cat /etc/passwd01:05
iDivineNET||abuse, SO SORRY. But now part of the Update manager wont close the 'Applying Changes' part.01:05
* NET||abuse loves selective narcolepcy :)01:05
Odd-rationaleanyways, gtg!01:05
WiredtapeFlannel, thanks :)01:05
PeloVartanS, I don't know about the vista bit ,  I can tell you that when you isntall ubuntu, you should try and have the drive you install on set as boot drive in the bios or else specify a different drive to install the boot menu on when you get to that step,  otherwise you have grub spread over two hdd01:05
NB2000WhiteNerd I guess that would work.  I figured it need sudo power.01:05
FlannelWiredtape: It'll be in the first column of that file01:05
whileimhereokay I cant figure out why it shows my port closed with the Deluge program01:06
prasannawho would i go on about doing that? when i open the pdf in openoffice it comes up as all text01:06
NET||abuseiDivine, do "ps aux | grep apt" and paste the console output into that pastebin?01:06
mneptokwhileimhere: because you didn't forward ports through your router?01:06
RoAkSoAxwhileimhere: try doing this: sudo iptables -F01:06
frost0can someone please help me with hamachi?01:06
frost0i'm really struggling.01:06
flowOverafter running  'sudo tasksel install lamp-server'  how can i get a panel that will allow me to manage it.  like i would in xampp in windows01:06
frost0its installed, but i'm lost :)01:06
frost0I also have quamachi installed for a gui.01:07
whileimhereRoaksoax: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57402/01:07
alanhaggaiHi. I was trying to install libgstreamer0.10-dev, but when I try apt-get it is saying: libgstreamer0.10-dev set to manual installed. Why is it so?01:07
whileimhereI forwarded my port with tcp and udp on my router01:07
mneptokwhileimhere: what port?01:07
ICMI'll keep this short. I can't get Ubuntu 7.10 installed. I have an emachines monitor hooked up to the onboard Nvidia 6150LE. This computer also doesn't have a newtork set up (wireless). The resolution is at 800x600 and can go no higher01:07
ICMthe 'install' box exceeds 800x600.01:07
mneptokwhileimhere: and to what IP address? and what IP address does the machine currently have?01:08
storm-zenprasanna: You'd have to import it into a text file.  This might be another option: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PDFedit .01:08
* Pelo is trying to remove wine completely cause someting is terribly wrong with his install, it is getting messy01:08
mneptokICM: use the alternate install CD01:08
storm-zenI don't know anything about PDFedit... I think it's pretty new...01:08
yo_so quick question.. i was running ubuntu from livecd.. installed the packages for the broadcom controllers so i could connect to the internet, got to myspace and everything.. tried to install the package for xchat and it froze..01:08
yo_so quick question.. i was running ubuntu from livecd.. installed the packages for the broadcom controllers so i could connect to the internet, got to myspace and everything.. tried to install the package for xchat and it froze..01:08
yo_what do i do?01:08
RoAkSoAxwhileimhere: wow you have  alot of rules: if you want to flush your iptables or firewall use: sudo iptables -F and that will leave you without firewall01:08
iDivineNET||abuse, http://pastebin.com/m4fea35a901:08
mneptokyo_: you can start by not repeating ;)01:08
ICMmneptok: is there.. any other way.. and doesn't the alternate install CD require an internet connection?01:09
NET||abusesecond test to run, do "top" in the console01:09
WiredtapeFlannel, thanks, it worked :)01:09
cdsmithusICM: I ran into that.  But I just guessed at what was at the bottom of the box, until I got it right.  Hope you have better luck.  It was a frustrating 3 hours.01:09
yo_does it have something to do with my RAM?01:09
yo_i only have 51201:09
whileimhereWill that leave me open to anything?01:09
NET||abusesee if anything is runing high cpu cycles , or if you have alot of % listed beside wa:01:09
WhiteNerdNB2000: Do you know how to unmount a CD?01:09
yo_and i know running from live cd takes up like 350k01:09
mneptokICM: you just need to download an .iso image and burn it01:09
frost0anyone at all use hamachi?01:09
NB2000WhiteNerd umount instead of mount01:09
RoAkSoAxwhileimhere: flushing iptables will leave you a system without firewall... and open to anything01:09
flowOveryo_: i was using the live installer and it kept freezing as well.  i couldn't pinpoint it so i got the alternative instead01:10
WhiteNerdNB2000: Expected it to be unmount but it worked.01:10
NB2000WhiteNerd depending on your version, you might try the "eject" command.01:10
Peloyo_,  probably has to do with your ram,  when you run the live cd you are infact running the entier os from your RAM  you donT' have that much space to play around01:10
flowOveri'll never use the live installer again i think01:10
whileimhereI did that and still get this on the port test "TCP port 24500 closed on"01:10
yo_yeah.. but i don't have stuff to backup my hd01:10
yo_so i can't install01:10
`Zigo[s]ityyo_: Try installing the operating system first before you go installing everything, guaranteed it will solve your problem ;D.01:10
mneptokwhileimhere: what port?01:10
mneptokwhileimhere: and to what IP address? and what IP address does the machine currently have?01:10
whileimhereI dont know01:10
yo_can i use an SDcard as ram in ubuntu?01:10
whileimhereLOL this whole thing is confusing01:11
mneptokwhileimhere: then that's the problem ;)01:11
NET||abuseiDivine, so how's it look?01:11
flowOveryo_: you can use it as swap01:11
iDivineNET||abuse,  Don't understand.01:11
whileimhereI know I went into the DSL modem and changed my password and then added 24500 as TCP and UDP forwarding and then turned them on.01:11
flowOverformat it as linux swap.  its parallel with virtual memory in windows01:11
whileimhereIm trying to use deluge to download a romset and of course it is slow because it thinks I am firewalled.01:12
NET||abuseiDivine, on console, just type in "top" and hit enter, you get a listing of the processes with top cpu usage01:12
flowOverubuntu will detect the swap partition and use it.  theoritically01:12
yo_it didn't do that tho01:12
NET||abusewhat's the process that hanging up there pretty high01:12
prasannayea, tried that, doens't seem as versatile as adobe01:12
mneptokwhileimhere: what IP address did you forward to?01:12
prasannamight try crossover office01:12
flowOverdid you format the sdcard as swap?01:12
mneptokwhileimhere: and what IP address does your machine have?01:12
yo_how do i do that?01:12
iDivineNET||abuse,  I see synaptic, Would that be a update manager?01:12
NET||abuseiDivine, for the moment i'd just do "sudo kill -9 6019" yeh, synaptic is update manager01:13
iceswordprasanna, eioffice01:13
yo_what do i do with gparted?01:13
yo_where do i find it in linux?01:13
prasannawats taht?01:13
Peloyo_,  menu > system > admin > gnome partition editor01:13
NET||abuseiDivine, then on console do "sudo apt-get -f"01:13
iceswordprasanna, www.eioffice.com01:13
iDivineNET||abuse, whats 6019? - What Process.01:13
prasannaok, give me sec01:13
frost0jrib, you familiar with hamachi01:13
NET||abuseiDivine, it's those forked processes from synaptic01:13
yo_how do i connect to this chat with pidgin?01:13
flowOveryo_: apt-get?01:13
frost0jrib, ?01:14
flowOverit's on the live cd even01:14
mneptokwhileimhere: that's your current IP address? and you forwarded to it? and you told Deluge to use those ports?01:14
NET||abuseiDivine, just kill them, apt is as tough as old boots, just run "sudo apt-get -f" afterward on the console, and it'll fix all your problems01:14
yo_how do i run this chat room from pidgin? i couldn't figure it out01:14
=== manu_ is now known as manuquadros
prasannaits all chinese icesword01:14
yo_that would save me from having to do xchat01:14
whileimhereAs far as I can tell yes.01:14
Peloyo_,  this channel is #ubuntu on the freenode network01:14
puffI upgraded to gutsy a few weeks back, lately it's seemed to take longer and longer for gnome to start up.01:15
yo_well i know that lol01:15
`Zigo[s]ityyo_: go to add account, set up an irc accoun01:15
yo_im here aren't i?01:15
flowOverafter installing ' sudo tasksel install lamp-server' how do i manage it and use it?  last night i've already installed apache2, mysql5, php5 and webmin, but i can't configure it all.  after installing lamp with  taskell, i can't figure out what to do now?01:15
Ahmuckhi.  i made a bad error.  i clicked through the partition manager.  i shut the system down upon realizing my error.  i need to restore the old partition table.  what tool do i need to use?01:15
yo_where do i put #ubuntu?01:15
iDivineNET||abuse, E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?01:15
flowOveri think it's a big rats nest now01:15
prasannaeioffice, does this have a pdf editor as well?01:15
`Zigo[s]ity You do /j #ubuntu after you've connected01:15
whileimhereany ideas?01:15
NB2000flowOver Depends what you want to do with it.  What I use a "LAMP" server for is a database driven CMS website.  Content Management System.01:16
prasannanot a pdf exporter, but one that lets you add/edit text on an already created pdf document?01:16
NET||abusepuff, yeh, i've got a long startup after the login dialog.. but i run avant-window-navigator/manager (can never remember what the real name is) and compiz and screenlets and rhythmbox and liferea and tomboy and xchat and firefox and beagled and ......... well you get the picture01:16
flowOveri'm a web developer.  i need a home platform01:16
yo_k brb01:16
Housefly7kyo_: after you add account, you click on Join chat in the main menu and type the name of the channel01:16
flowOvermy brother tossed me ubuntu gutsy, but only the desktop edition01:16
=== piju[PT] is now known as piju
NB2000flowOver You've got a great start.01:16
iceswordprasanna, on that page,you see "english",just click on it01:17
flowOverthank you.  i've been doing it for a few years now though.  never configured my own stack though.  on windows i've always just used xampp01:17
cnstarzi need help configuring xorg.conf01:17
prasannano i got that, i'm looking at the features page01:17
NB2000flowOver one more tool that might come in handy is phpmyadmin.01:17
NET||abuseiDivine, you have to kill the synaptic instances first01:17
NET||abuseso di you do "sudo kill -9 6019" yet?01:17
Flannel!lamp > flowOver01:18
NET||abuseiDivine, if you did already, then also "sudo kill -9 6025" then try "sudo apt-get -f"01:18
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)01:18
NB2000flowOver web based access to your mysql databases and setting up access.01:18
prasannadoesn't say specifically if it'll allow me to edit already created pdfs01:18
flowOverhmmm those guides are useless though01:18
riloI have a feeling flowOver knows about phpmyadmin :P01:18
iDivineNET||abuse, Ha thanks.01:18
FlannelflowOver: No they're not.  They walk you through the entire setup process.01:18
NET||abuseiDivine, all done? :)01:18
mneptokflowOver: if you are going to administer a LAMP installation, you should really know how the config files work.01:18
FlannelflowOver: Also, if you really are against setting it up, grab the server CD.  It'll do it for you.01:18
iDivineNET||abuse, E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.01:19
NET||abusewell just run "sudo dpkg --configure -a"01:19
mneptokflowOver: a server admin that needs a GUI is kinda like a surgeon that needs "cut along dotted line" hints ;)01:19
homerthemightyanybody know the chat room for drupal01:19
ZephyrShaunNeed suggestion for mysql gui/browser for ubuntu - something like TOAD or SQLyog....01:19
Pelohomerthemighty, try #drupal01:19
NB2000Flannel Good point.  One click and go from the server CD.01:19
FlannelZephyrShaun: mysql-admin?01:20
flowOverFlannel: lol yeah i'm about this close too doing that01:20
NET||abuseiDivine, all that does is take the downloaded and incomplete installs of the packages or updates you were trying to apply and makes sure they get done01:20
frost0Pelo, any experience with hamachi (virtual private network)?01:20
flowOvermneptok: i'm not exactly a server admin ;)  i'm just a lowly php developer01:20
iDivineNET||abuse,  Cool, Thanks a lot.01:20
ZephyrShaunthaks flannel, i'll check it out01:20
Pelofrost0, none whatsoever01:20
FlannelflowOver: just using tasksel to select the lamp stack is the same.  (Which is what that 'useless' page tells you to do)01:20
frost0Pelo, thx anyway :)01:20
flowOveri used taskell01:20
homerthemightyno it didn't work01:21
NET||abuseiDivine, the --configure -a is equivalent to "--configure --pending" switches you might see elsewhere01:21
flowOverthe apache2 i installed wiht other instructions is still installed and not doing php01:21
flowOverso i'm following the starting over01:21
mneptokflowOver: you need to enable mod_php in httpd.conf01:21
* flowOver blinks01:21
NET||abuseiDivine, ok, i'll say goodnight now,, i need to roll over and die :)01:21
iDivineNET||abuse, Lol. ;)01:21
* NET||abuse ..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz01:21
=== Spec is now known as x-spec-t
ICMWell I gave up on installing Gnome.01:22
ICMOr rather, Ubuntu01:22
NET||abuseirc in bed is just insomnia's way of offering a gateway drug01:22
icmpHow can I make nautilus always "View as List" ?01:22
andrew222hi, i have a wierd network issue. i have a server w/ ubuntu 7.10 server edition. stores music and other data on it. well, after streaming music or videos from it for, the network seems to slow considerably down. i can ssh into it but it will take a long time01:22
NET||abuseok, really gotta go.. good night all01:23
nettow0822_I have a PIII laptop....I can't get it to boot off the cd or dvd....I have set the dvd drive to boot before the hard drive01:23
PeloNET||abuse, for the love of god , tell me you are not sitting up in your bed with your laptop on your knees01:23
andrew222and if i'm already sshed into while it slowed down it's slow to browse01:23
oyvindhello, i'm trying to install avant-window-navigator, but when i try to install i get an error saying that some packages have unmet dependecies01:23
andrew222any ideas on what could be causing this?01:23
Flannelmneptok: Ubuntu doesn't use httpd.conf01:23
andrew222i had samba installed before and thought it might be the problem so i installed nfs and removed samba01:24
=== Ttech2 is now known as Ttech
runlevelis there any good documentation for UPSTART?01:24
andrew222aparantly it is still occuring01:24
ZephyrShaunicmp: Edit -> Preferences -> Default View... Veiw new folders using: List View01:24
FingelI read a blog post the other day about new technologies replacing old technologies replacing old ones. Like stubleupon to webrings. One of them was that twitter was the new IRC. I nearly had an aneurysm.01:24
andrew222the network on other computers at home is fine01:25
andrew222its only the server that is the problem01:25
andrew222any ideas?01:25
=== johnp^ is now known as johnp
PeloFingel, I get the same reaction everyting I hear that "Pink (or orange or blue or fushia) is the new black01:25
cottimahello, is there a small boot cd for reading an Ubunut install iso file over a network or on another partition?01:26
oyvindhello, i'm trying to install avant-window-navigator, but when i try to install i get an error saying that some packages have unmet dependencies. awn-core-applets-bzr: Depends: libpango1.0-0 (>= 1.18.3) but 1.18.2-0ubuntu1 is installed.01:27
kirui have a question concerning real life01:28
kiruhow can i become a successful womenizer?01:28
Pelokiru, wrong channel, none of us have a life01:28
tgm4883_laptopreal life is a myth01:29
daedalus2I have a life......I think!01:29
kiruactually i am a fat nerd sitting 20 hours per day in front of the monitor01:29
Fingelcottima: check this out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Installation/Netboot01:29
NB2000daedalus2 Where did you get it?  Do they have anymore???01:29
tgm4883_laptopdaedalus2, not possible, you must be thinking of secondlife01:29
daedalus2< 50 yo geek....01:29
kiruso... should i cancel all computer science stuff and go for real life?01:29
Pelokiru, join a gym that will solve 4 of your problems01:29
mneptokkiru: you could try getting banned from this channel. that will save some time. and you're well on your way.01:29
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:30
arakthoranyone familiar with laptop acpi settings here?01:30
daedalus2< has a life a gf and a wife....01:30
NicknameWhat would I have to do to make my server into a music server for my lan that my regular computer could stram from?01:30
daedalus2oh yeah and a computer!01:30
Pelodaedalus2,  do I know you from  #thestone on dalnet ?01:30
kirumneptok: what about committing suicide? is it a solution to this virtual world and no women life?01:30
daedalus2no one knows me....I'm a myth01:30
Pelokiru, way off topic and pass funny into disturbing and creepy01:31
kirupreviously, i graduated in computer science01:31
kiruPelo: i am sorry01:31
PriceChild!offtopic | daedalus201:31
ubotudaedalus2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:31
KiraWow, I suck...01:31
=== Nickname is now known as eugman
VartanSDon't say that. :)01:32
KiraI don't even know how to recursively look for a file form the shell.01:32
kiruhey Kira, you match quite well to me01:32
daedalus2thanx, I knew that01:32
MarouI'm looking for the keymap Ubuntu uses for the Macbook Pro so I can put it in Debian, any ideas?01:32
kiruare you also a nerd?01:32
Xploitwats up?01:32
LjL!ot | kiru01:32
PriceChild!offtopic | kiru01:32
ubotukiru: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:32
mneptokkiru: just because you can't see the danger 2 feet in front of your face doesn't mean *it can't see you*01:32
Kirakiru: not a ubuntu nerd anyway.01:32
VartanSAm I the only one here using a real name? :P01:32
arakthorWhile plugged in my laptop switches between 'on battery' and 'plugged in' power states at random intervals - anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this?01:32
tallishey wazzup01:32
LjL!ot | NOTICE01:32
ubotuNOTICE: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:32
PriceChild!ot > VartanS01:32
NB2000Uncalled for.01:33
KiraHow do I look for a file recursively through the directories from the shell?01:33
prasannahey guys, i'm trying to install crossover office, but i'm getting this error01:33
prasannaThe '/home/prasanna' directory does not belong to you.01:33
prasannaPoint $HOME to your home directory and try again.01:33
arakthorkira: rgrep ?01:33
PriceChildKira, locate ?01:33
NB2000Nothing the bot couldn't handle.01:33
adorablepuppyHow do I broadcast a ssid from my usb wireless adapter01:33
danand___Kira - or find command01:34
mneptokKira: ls -R /path/to/files | grep filename01:34
prasannais there something i should be typing?01:34
kirui will jump out of the window01:34
cottimaWow!  Yeah!  Thank you, Fingel!  I knew somebody knew about this.  I have not had much install experience with Ubuntu, yet hopefully the text install is familiar like redhat or debian.  Too bad for a lazy like me, since it does not change to gui (according to the article).  Thanks again!01:34
danand___kira - locate filename is easiest01:34
daedalus2arak: laptop batteries don't stay 100% charged @ all times, even whilst plugged in. they charge and disharge @ all times.01:34
NB2000adorablepuppy add essid to /etc/network/interfaces01:34
Kiradanand___,, the find command doesn't seem to recurse.01:34
runlevelis there any good documentation for UPSTART?01:34
Starnestommyprasanna: try sudo chown prasanna:prasanna ~01:34
PriceChildrunlevel, upstart.ubuntu.com01:34
LjLKira: yes it does. try just typing "find" (use ctrl+c to stop it)01:34
NB2000And likely some other stuff.01:34
Flannelcottima: It's just like debian's installer.  It's just as easy as the GUI Ubuntu installer, asks the same questions, etc.  You just use a keyboard to make menu selections intsead of a mouse01:34
arakthordaedalus2: that's not really what I'm concerned with; the switch between on power / on battery disrupts my wireless connection and flickers the screen between brightnesses. I wish to disabled it01:35
runlevelPriceChild, there is no working documentation. its just a tiny amount of info on the daemon service01:35
danand___Kira - find is a bit complex for my liking - does locate not work?01:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about acpi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:35
adorablepuppyNB2000: Will I have to use the wireless card exclusively as a broadcasting card or will I still be able to get through to the router?01:35
Flannelrunlevel: try #upstart01:35
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:35
prasannathanks starnestommy01:35
prasannaappreciate it01:36
cottimaSounds great Flannel.01:36
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:37
NB2000adorablepuppy Good question.  I've only seen uses as the PC's main NIC or as a wireless router in master mode.01:37
sn00zeri enabled xdmcp awhile back and now want to disable it, i changed the gdm.conf file, but iptables still has the port open, how do i close it?01:37
Flannelsn00zer: did you restart X?01:37
NB2000If you have a atheros chipset based wireless there is a nice tutorial01:37
sn00zerFlannel, yes01:37
Front187Can anyone help me with a basic permissions problem?01:40
Dellbuntu5100my volume is all the way up, speaker volume is all the way up. No sound.01:41
adorablepuppyDelbuntu5100: Multiple sound cards? Maybe an integreated one?01:41
illmortalHey guys.... how do i remove something and reinstall it using terminal?01:41
flowOverDellbuntu5100: alsa-mixer01:41
PeloDellbuntu5100, type alsamixer in the terminal and make sure all the sliders are up and that nothing is muted01:43
PriceChildillmortal, sudo apt-get install --reinstall name01:43
Dellbuntu5100what do i do in alsa-mixer?01:43
danand___illmortal - sudo apt-get --reinstall install pkgname01:43
illmortalcrap... im not able to install the file I need in order to change my screen resolution.01:43
Front187I recieve the error:     sudo: can't open /etc/sudoers: Permission denied   -- my permissions are correct, but I discovered that my drives are being automatically mounted as read only.  Could this be the problem/how can I fix it?01:43
prasannaanyone here running ubuntu hardy 8.04 (alpha)?01:44
prasannahaving trouble running wine, wondering if thats just expected, or if someone got it working01:44
=== credible_ is now known as credible
Dellbuntu5100how do i get to the terminal01:44
geoff_hey i have bigdesktop working but im trying to set a resolution on 2048x768 however its not listed in Screen resolution Preferences, how can I fix this?01:44
shane2perudoes anyone know about the database in f-Spot?01:44
bradyWhat is the current status for sun-java on ppc? I found the keyword icedtea, but could not find it in the documentation/wiki.01:44
flowOverokay i've uninstalled everything that page says to.. then typed  sudo tasksel install lamp-server.  what now?  where is my server's root?01:44
Front187geoff, you have to manually edit /etc/xorg.conf01:44
shane2peruI restored my photos.db file and the pictures didn't come back after changing my username01:44
Dellbuntu5100got it. nothing is muted01:44
shane2peruI'm assuming the user name is hard coded into the database.01:44
geoff_Front187, i thought of that but not even the current resolution is listed there so I dont kno where to add this new one01:44
Dellbuntu5100wait, let me double check01:44
nickrudflowOver: /var/www01:44
mneptokgeoff_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:44
mneptokFront187: that reconfigure will work, and saves hand editing :)01:45
fabiogeoff_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg right :)01:45
geoff_Front187, the current res is 2560x1024 but its not listed in xorg.conf01:45
illmortalcan someone help me... im tryin to install a file i need for PS3 to have HD resolution01:45
geoff_fabio, if i do that I wont lose bigdesktop settings?01:45
Front187mneptok: I didn't know if the reconfigure GUI would list resolutions that high01:45
shane2perufspot database, when you change usernames, and restore the database file my pictures don't show up, any ideas on fixing this?01:45
Front187I recieve the error:     sudo: can't open /etc/sudoers: Permission denied   -- my permissions are correct, but I discovered that my drives are being automatically mounted as read only.  Could this be the problem/how can I fix it?01:46
mneptokFront187: look at your fstab01:46
fabiotry it, i'm onlly running at 1024x76801:46
geoff_fabio, i want bigdesktop though and i have it working01:46
Front187where is fstab located?01:47
KiraHow do I make an ethernet interface take on a set of tcp/ip settings if and only if it can't find a dhcp service?01:47
geoff_fabio, the only problem is resolution is too high01:47
nickrudshane2peru: only a guess, but I'm willing to be that the database holds full path names, and your old home dir doesn't exist anymore01:47
NB2000Front187 /etc/fstab01:47
Front187found it01:47
=== VartanS is now known as _insanelyconfuse
shane2perunickrud, I'm about 90% sure that is what happened, any ideas on fixing the database?01:47
=== _insanelyconfuse is now known as VartanS
Kira(i.e. set to specific ip, gateway, netmask, and dns when a dhcp service cannot be located on the network)01:47
shane2perunickrud, when I click on where the picture is and get the properties of it, it shows the old username.01:48
nickrudshane2peru: it's an sqlite database, you should be able to use some sqlite tools to modify. I've never used sqlite myself though01:48
fabionoauto in /etc/fstab will prevent it to be mounted01:48
=== VartanS is now known as JackMcCoy
Front187mneptok:  I assume the permissions are listed under options?01:48
shane2perunickrud, I know nothing of sqlite database01:48
voodoo-chileim trying to copy a pk3 file it works at the desktop when i copy the file to a place with sudo the file doesnt work. the files icon is not a box bur a white sheet and a red sign at the corner what should i do01:49
* Pelo fixed his wine and his progecad Smart!01:49
Front187My filesystem in fstab:  UUID=ae6eade5-30fe-44c4-b4f6-1174f0f2aad1 /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       101:49
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu01:49
Ububegini installed eclipse via synaptic package manager... does anyone know where can i find all the locations in the file system where the file is located.01:49
Pelovoodoo-chile, sudo cp /path/source/flie  /path/destination/file01:49
Front187Ubube, you can just use " find / eclipse"01:50
Front187It would probably install to your bin though01:50
shane2perunickrud, do you know if it is a sqlite database for sure?01:50
voodoo-chilePelo,  thats what i use01:50
mneptokFront187: your filesystem has errors. it's being mounted ro because of them.01:50
FlannelUbubegin: With synaptic, view the details regarding the package (and the subpackages), and you'll see litss of all the files it contains01:50
Pelovoodoo-chile, sudo chmod 755 /path/filename  , then try copying again01:50
mneptokFront187: you'll want to run fsck.ext3 against that drive/partition(s) ASAP.01:50
nickrudshane2peru: yes.  if you do   file ~/.gnome2/f-spot/photo.db , it'll tell you01:51
Front187Thanks, if it returns no errors can I manually edit the fstab?01:51
panfisthow can i perform a command from the terminal on all of the files of a certain type in a folder? i've tried something like " ls *.rar|unrar-free " but i think i'm doing something wrong...01:51
nickrudshane2peru: make that photos.db , typo01:51
shane2perunickrud, ahhh, ok, I will have to give that command a try, new one for me01:51
ubotujoomla information can be had here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Joomla01:51
shane2perunickrud, no problem01:51
Front187panfist, what command exactly are you trying to run?01:51
shane2perunickrud, thanks01:51
panfistfront187 unrar-free x (extract files and preserve paths)01:51
storm-zenunrar-free ?  Is that like unrar?01:52
panfiststorm-zen yeah01:52
panfiststorm-zen unrestricted i think01:52
shane2peruanyone know how to fix an sqlite database?  actually change some data in it?01:53
geniusHello, please help. I can't find in compiz settings plugin, that makes all windows to float around the screen and allow to choose one of them.01:53
fabiowhat the matter with it ?01:53
=== Jack_Smirnoff is now known as Jack_Sparrow
Pelogenius, ask in #compiz-fusion01:53
Front187panfist: I don't think you have to use ls,  unrar should recognize * as a wildcard01:53
fabioi knonw taht plugin01:54
panfistfront187 i tried that and i just matched the first rar in the directory, not all of them01:54
Front187try unrar-free x ./*extention01:54
fabioring plugin01:54
runleveldo you have to ENABLE upstart in order to use it or is it in use already in GUTSY?01:54
storm-zenfabio, No, I think scale.01:54
PriceChildrunlevel, already in gutsy01:55
Flannelrunlevel: Its been in use in one way or another since edgy (so yes)01:55
PriceChildrunlevel, partly at least01:55
fabioring switcher01:55
runlevelno one is responding in #upstart01:55
shane2peruany sqlite database people out there want to help me?01:55
runleveli just need to know how to add a deamon to be managed by upstart01:55
Flannelrunlevel: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/ may be able to help01:55
runlevelthat site is useless01:55
runlevelthanks tho01:55
panfistfront187 apparently it didnt even extract that one...it said Extracting from file.rar, skipping (all of the files in the archive), All OK, then it dumped me back at the command line without doing anything01:56
newb00bhttp://www.pascoepopart.com/ go to competition wait for the images to load click vote on the pink baby on the left Its for a friends nephew (sorry for the spam, and no its not a virus or scam, feel free to google about the site / competition)01:56
ibkanatI am having trouble and it looks like I need to do a kernel config to fix what do I type to get there?01:56
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers01:56
storm-zenuh oh.  Are there issues with Gutsy?01:56
Peloibkanat, I'm not gonna be able to help you on this but I think the other might need more details01:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about perl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:57
Pelostorm-zen, just get vmware-server on gusty it's in the repos,  if you want player you need to build it from source01:57
ibkanatI am rmmod a b43 driver and ndiswrapper a bcmwl5 and it sort of works but no it looks like I need to disable the ssb in the kernel config01:58
fabiosqlitebrowser - GUI editor for SQLite databases01:58
storm-zenPelo, no I was after server, thanks. :_01:58
storm-zen*  :)01:58
fabioperl sucks01:58
* Pelo throws fabio a LISP book 01:59
fabioi got no lisp :P01:59
illmortalcan someone help me... im tryin to install a file i need for PS3 to have HD resolution01:59
Peloillmortal, how is this ubuntu related ?01:59
WhiteNerdSo my user (the only one) doesn't have root privileges with sudo any help?01:59
ibkanatiPelo anyideas01:59
FlannelPelo: there is a PS3 ubuntu version01:59
illmortaluh.. cuz i have ubuntu installed.01:59
PeloWhiteNerd, only the root user can give your user sudo priviledges02:00
PeloFlannel, ic02:00
FlannelWhiteNerd: are you in the admin group? (type groups)02:00
klcompguyis there really a ubuntu version for the ps302:00
danand___WhiteNerd - type groups in a terminal and check your user is part of the admin group02:00
storm-zenPelo: I must have misunderstood... don't see vmware in synaptic?02:00
Lectushow do I add a folder to the PATH in ubuntu?02:00
illmortali need to install ps3pf-utils, because it stopped working02:00
ibkanatHow do I config the kernel in Ubuntu do I have to recompile it?02:00
Flannelklcompguy, Pelo: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/7.10/release/02:00
illmortalso i need to remove ps3pf-utils and install it02:00
PriceChildibkanat, why do you think you need to do that?02:00
fosoguys, i really really really need help please, i accidentally disabled dbus then renenabled it with help from a techier friend, but now lots of things arent working, i manually turned it on, hal isnt working02:01
Pelostorm-zen, enable the extra repositories,   from synatpic, check in the menus on top for repositories,  once you hve the dalog for them , check everthign on the first tab and  backport on the 3rd one02:01
fabiomake menuconfig to recompile the kernel02:01
WhiteNerdFlannel: What am I looking for in there? I get casey adm dialout cdrom  floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner lpadmin02:01
ibkanatPriceChild trying to fix Broadcom driver issue was following a fix thread02:01
storm-zenPelo: Ahh, it's in backport, then, I guess.02:01
gkruleswhenever i try to install nvidia drivers...it says i need to close X...how do i do that?02:01
illmortalim gonna restart ps3 brb02:01
kgxhey. if i use grep, can i someone only *print* a group instead of the entire match?02:01
PeloFlannel,  I beleive you , but I don't know how to help illmortal in anycase , not if it is someting "special" to the ps302:01
Pelostorm-zen, no garranties but it probably is02:02
FlannelWhiteNerd: you're not in admin.  Alright, reboot into recovery console, do `usermod -G admin -a casey` (assuming casey is your user), and make SURE you have capital G, and the -a as well.02:02
gkrulescan someone help me install the nvidia drivers?02:02
ibkanathere is the link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/18271602:02
Pelogkrules, did you try with the restricted drivers first ?  menu >ystem > admin> restreictred drivers02:02
danand___foso - /etc/init.d/dbus restart might help you out02:02
gkrulesyes, it did not work02:02
pullercan someone help me with installing ubuntu: i get this problem, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4405259#post440525902:03
WhiteNerdFlannel how do I boot into the recovery console? From the disk?02:03
ibkanatAnyone have a bcm4311?02:03
Pelogkrules, ok  I'll gtive you a link to isntructions,  info on the binairy driver is further down the page02:03
fosodanand___ tried that already, thanks though, any other ideas?02:03
Teddyibkanat, is that wireless card?02:03
ibkanatWith Kubuntu 8.0402:03
Pelo!nvidia > gkrules check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu02:03
danand___foso - /etc/init.d/dbus reload?02:03
luisaDoes anyone know how to move AWN to another position on the screen?02:03
FlannelWhiteNerd: no, reboot, and at the GRUB prompt, choose the recovery console (you may have to hit escape after POST to get to the grub menu)02:03
Teddyibkanat, I used to have a laptop with that.02:03
ibkanatTeddy yes02:03
yo_i need the software packages to run my broadcom wireless card in ubuntu, where do i get them?02:03
storm-zenHow does one get a listing of which packages are in which repos?02:03
gkrulesok thanks02:03
ibkanatNdiswrapper worked before now ssb is messing it up02:04
WhiteNerdFlannel: Okay hold on02:04
gkrulesill give it a go02:04
fosoim afraid to do that as i dont know how to turn hal back on, and that controls my internet02:04
Peloluisa, try in gconf-editor under /apps/awn02:04
ibkanatb43 wont work02:04
fosodanand___i think i already tried that too though02:04
yo_where do i find the drivers for a broadcom wireless card for ubuntu?02:04
jexmexpuller, it looks like you need to find a bootable partion program and wipe drives completly and start over02:04
yo_on amd6402:04
john aver02:04
ibkanatyo_ try the hardware drivers02:04
pullerjexmex: can u suggest a good one?02:04
johnya me cambie el nick02:04
yo_im running from live cd02:04
Peloyo_,  check in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org02:05
LjL!es | john02:05
ubotujohn: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:05
Teddyibkanat, sorry I'm not sure what to tell you. :\02:05
danand___foso - reboot?02:05
johncreo que tambien me cambie de sala02:05
yo_and im also using an sd card as ram =) lol02:05
jexmexpuller, its been  awhile since I used one, you will have to google it02:05
yo_so i can have at least somethin02:05
fosodanand___ yeah multiple times02:05
jramseystorm-zen, synaptic doesn't find the pkg ur looking for?02:05
ibkanatwhere can I get help its fairly tech02:05
yo_instead of a measly 512 mb to run ubuntu on lol02:05
danand___foso - :(02:05
klcompguywhat does one do if the ubuntu installer failed to ask you for a root password which has resulted not being able to do certain tasks which requires root administrative previllages.02:05
pullerjexmex: i just tried oen and it didnt even load...02:05
mneptokibkanat: here?02:05
Flannel!sudo | klcompguy02:05
ubotuklcompguy: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.02:05
LjL!root > klcompguy    (klcompguy, see the private message from Ubotu)02:05
WhiteNerdFlannel: I typed the command correctly but it says "unkown group admin"02:05
storm-zenjramsey: No.  ( But I was curious where this package is going to come from, too. )02:06
ibkanatNo one seems to have answers02:06
jramseystorm-zen, what is the pkg?02:06
storm-zenjramsey: vmware.02:06
FlannelWhiteNerd: er... ok.  do this then: visudo, what is the last line in that file?02:06
BlazestormTrying to build a software Raid5 Array w/ mdadm but I get an error "Failed to Create /dev/md0" any ideas?02:06
danand___foso - if you can't get help here try #debian too02:06
Peloibkanat, you are not being ignored, try repeating your query periodicaly , and in one sentence02:06
yo_wats the file system for an sdcard in  windows?02:06
yo_fat16 or fat302:06
johnpor que todos hablan ingles?02:06
AaronMTHi, how do I get my side mouse buttons working in Firefox under Ubuntu 7.10?02:06
Blazestormshould be fat3202:06
LjL!es | john02:06
Peloibkanat, you can also look for answers in the forum www.ubuntuforumslorg02:06
ubotujohn: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.02:06
Tu13esI reinstalled windows after I'd installed ubuntu and now grub doesn't show up.  how can I fix grub?02:07
Pelo!pt | john02:07
ubotujohn: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:07
ibkanatI have02:07
johnok gracias02:07
mneptokibkanat: oh, yuck. Broadcom. i'm glad i don;t have to support those. :)02:07
Maroucan anyone talk to me about the keyboard map included in the liveCD install of Gutsy for the Macbook Pro?  Msg me02:07
jramseystorm-zen, mine finds it .. hold on02:07
Flannel!grub | Tu13es02:07
ubotuTu13es: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:07
FlannelTu13es: first link02:07
WhiteNerdFlannel: root    ALL=(ALL) All02:07
storm-zenjramsey: ok.  thanks. :)02:07
Kalichey all, just got a quick question.. Im wanting to boot Ubuntu off my cd rom without installing it. but i was curious if it would work correctly with an ntfs filesystem?02:07
fosodanand___ debian? why would i try there?02:07
yo_whats the file system that an sd card uses in windows? fat32 or fat16?02:07
Blazestormyo_ - Should be fat3202:07
Peloyo_, useualy fat3202:08
FlannelWhiteNerd: alright, add this line after that: %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL02:08
arakthorKalic: yes, it loads into memory02:08
Blazestormyo_ - you can use NTFS but Fat32 is more universal02:08
fosoanyone have any ideas about why hal wont start back up?02:08
* Pelo doesn't tink anything uses fat16 anymore 02:08
NB2000Kalic IF you boot Live CD it won't touch the HD.02:08
yo_well i formatted it in ubunto to have a majority as swap and the rest as fat 3202:08
danand___foso - ubuntu is based on debian02:08
Kalicalright, thank you02:08
FlannelWhiteNerd: Did you try and edit sudoers?  Is this a fresh install that maybe didn't finish?02:08
jexmexpuller, try http://partitionlogic.org.uk/02:08
yo_but in the windows explorer it says there's 0 bytes available02:08
arakthorKalic: no problem. nothing should change unless you actually go through the install process02:08
Pelo!enter | yo02:08
ubotuyo: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:08
jramseystorm-zen, post your /etc/apt/sources.list to pastebin and tell me the id02:08
jexmexpuller, also try this for a list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_partition_utilities02:08
BlazestormTrying to build a software Raid5 Array w/ mdadm but I get an error "Failed to Create /dev/md0" any ideas? D=? Anyonez02:08
Kalici should still be able to access the hd though and move files right?02:09
pullerjexmex: thats the one i tried02:09
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:09
arakthorKalic: yes02:09
Kalicok, i appriciate the help02:09
cjones_whats a good p2p client for ubuntu02:09
* Pelo finds the channel over his head tonight 02:09
arakthoryou're welcome02:09
danand___foso - i take it you've tried /etc/init.d/hal restart too?02:09
Pelocjones_, frostwire02:09
Blazestormusing "mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md0 --chunk=64 --level=5 --raid-devices=3 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sge1" all those drives are partitioned right02:09
cjones_pelo is can i apt-get it02:09
storm-zenjramsey: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57412/  -- and thanks.02:10
fosoi had a gentoo nerd working on it for probably the better part of an hour02:10
yo_what files do i need to get on the internet in ubuntu using an amd64 computer with a broadcom wireless card and live cd?02:10
Pelocjones_, get the .deb from their website   www.frostwire.com or .org , I can never remember02:10
* syc_ brb dulu02:10
Tu13esFlannel: thanks, will have a look02:10
Peloyo_, check in the forum  there is someting special about broadcom cards I think , www.ubuntuforums.org02:11
danand___foso - thought you had probably tried that last - gentoo eh - better with debian i'd say :)02:11
Pelo!hi | mindheavy02:11
ubotumindheavy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:11
cjones_pelo thank your my muther fucking hero02:11
pulleranyone know a good bootable iso for partitioning02:11
yo_it said that that method is no longer good to do02:11
Pelosigh ...02:11
Maroupuller: there is a bootable gparted cd out there somewhere, google it02:11
jramseystorm-zen, i should have let you do the work :) i posted mine, go see the diffs and just merge one at a time (ONE!) into yours; make sure you exist synaptic each time you sudo gedit the sources.list file: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57413/02:11
* Pelo gives jramsey a / 02:12
fosodanand___i only got one response and it would get me a language warning on here02:12
waughhello, can anyone help out with an install issue? I'm getting the BusyBox shell when booting from the cd02:12
Pelowaugh, what video card ?02:13
danand___foso - :o02:13
mindheavyi am fixing to install ubuntu on a laptop of mine with wireless, reading the post on the ubuntu forums, on dell inspiron wireless (broadcom 1390) i see that it has the user updating some files before moving on to configure the wireless, i have no other way of connecting other than wireless, anyone have any suggestions as i would not be able to update anything without my wireless working in...02:13
mindheavy...the first place02:13
NB2000What was the ubotu website?  http://ubotu.ubuntu.nl Or something?02:13
fosoanyone? i am having issues with hal and my system is all messed up02:13
waughI think its a GeForce 7200, fairly new computer02:13
BlazestormSoftware Raid5 ... anyone... "mdadm: failed to create /dev/md0" =/ been trying everything for the past hour02:13
danand___foso - just seen it - hold on - i'll give Guerin a telling off02:14
Pelomindheavy, get the files through another cmputer , and copy them on a usb drive or something02:14
Flannelmindheavy: sneakernet (possibly in conjunction with AptOnCD if you've got it)02:14
WhiteNerdFlannel: That didn't work adding the last line didn't work. How would I check my sudoers file?02:14
etsorbme8i have a ssh connection from one computer to the server (works great).  I want to tunnel all my computers to the one and send all internet through to to the ssh server?02:15
storm-zenjramsey: You're breezy...02:15
mindheavyPelo:  well its having me run "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get install build essential" etc02:15
storm-zen.. or is it dapper?02:15
mneptokfoso: sudo invoke-rc.d hal start02:15
storm-zenLooks like vmware server needs to be built for gutsy.02:15
fr500__etsorbme8: basic networking concept, set the gateway of the computers to the ssh box02:15
fr500__and do nat there02:15
flowOverwhen i try to start virtualbox it says the current user doesn't have write permissions for /dev/vboxdrv02:15
flowOverhow do i add those?02:15
fosomneptok already running02:16
WhiteNerdFlannel: That didn't work adding the last line didn't work. How would I check my sudoers file?02:16
FlannelWhiteNerd: you just did.  You'll also need to create the admin group.  Which is why I ask if you may have an interrupted install, because group creation/etc are done at the end.02:16
Pelomindheavy, build-essential is on the install cd you can use it as a repos just pop the cd in and you should be asked if you want to add it as a repository02:16
mneptokfoso: so hal is running. that's why you can;t start it02:16
mindheavyPelo:  excellent, thanks02:16
dtsWhat would be some cool ways to make money of a server farm?02:16
fosomneptok i accidentally disabled dbus in tsystem/services, now awn wont run among other things02:16
mneptokdts: #ubuntu-offtopic, please02:16
mneptokfoso: Don't Do That(tm)02:16
WhiteNerdFlannel: It wasn't interrupted so how would  I create the admin group?02:17
dtsoh, cool i didn't know that existed02:17
Ububegini got a **"WorkshopInstaller.bin" is an executable text file.** . How shld i run it.. a)Run In Terminal b)Display c)Run02:17
jexmexmy problem with my wireless is weird because the result of iwlist scanning reports wlan0 does not support scanning02:17
flowOverhow do i add users to a user group?02:18
fosomneptok i know that now :(02:18
PeloflowOver, man adduser02:18
FlannelWhiteNerd: addgroup would be the easiest way.  `addgroup admin`02:19
FlannelWhiteNerd: then you'd have to `usermod -G admin -a casey` again02:19
* Pelo needs to find a gui app that will let him split a large video file just by setting splitpoints 02:19
fosomneptok-any ideas what i messed up?02:19
fosoim leaning towards a reinstall, but i really dont want to mess with that tonight02:19
WhiteNerdFlannel: Is that all? Now I can sudo?02:19
UbubeginFlannel: thanks, actually u can the info by right clicking and then click the installed files tab...02:19
FlannelWhiteNerd: Hopefully02:20
klcompguythanks for the help everyone!02:20
arakthorflowOver: you can use usermod (see: man usermod) or directly edit /etc/group02:21
WhiteNerdFlannel: OMG THANKS!!!! I would have never figured this out myself.02:21
yo_what files do i need to get on the internet in ubuntu using an amd64 computer with a broadcom wireless card and live cd?02:21
yo_i cant install to hd yet cuz i don't have anything to back up too02:21
Cpudan80So I need some help configuring X02:22
storm-zenPelo: Have you tried avidemux?02:22
Peloyo_,  resizing ntfs partitons is pretty safe,  just defrag it a few times before you proceed02:22
Cpudan80I've got a laptop (T42) with a docking station, I want the on screen display to mirror that of the laptop display --- it's a Radeon 7500 under the hood02:22
shane2peruanyone know how to change user directory to another directory, while using that user?02:22
yo_im scared  pelo02:22
Tu13esFlannel: that worked. do you nkow how to point grub to ntldr?02:22
yo_i have 4500 songs and about 1500 pix THAT CANNOT BE ERASED02:22
Pelostorm-zen, that's what I am using now but I have to cut out the bits I don'T want and save the segments one at a time,  it's abit tedious02:23
yo_!where pelo02:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about where pelo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:23
storm-zenyo_: Then go buy another hard drive and use it instead.  There are no guarantees.02:23
arakthoryo_ use an external hard drive?02:23
yo_pelo where are you located?02:23
leoall u discuss is about computer problem:p02:23
Peloyo_, where what ?02:23
yo_where are you located?02:23
Peloyo_,  in canada , but this isn't the channel for this kind of stuff02:23
yo_i know02:23
yo_i was asking cuz i need someone to walk me through while i do this02:23
yo_and i cant chat on the computer while doing it02:23
kgxhey. if i use grep, can i somehow only print a matching group instead of the entire match?02:24
leobye bye :o02:24
fosoanyone know what i messed up by disabling hal?02:24
Ububegini got a **"WorkshopInstaller.bin" is an executable text file.** . How shld i run it.. a)Run In Terminal b)Display c)Run02:24
Peloyo_, it's not difficult the ubuntu isntaller has a guided method to do it02:24
shane2perudoes anyone know about changing a username while using that user?02:24
yo_what are the risks of destroying my all too important files/02:24
Peloyo_, 1 in 100002:24
yo_is it possible to do a data recovery if for some reason they are lost?02:25
out-o-itneed some quick help02:25
kernfreakwhy would you want to change the username you are currently logged in as02:25
panfisthow can i perform a command line command on, for example, every item from "ls *.rar"02:25
out-o-itbest FTP to use for a webserver?02:25
=== yo_ is now known as yo__
Cpudan80My efforts at configuring X so far have failed miserably02:25
Peloyo__, probabaly but I wouldn't rely on that too much02:25
shane2perukernfreak, well actually I want to change the username02:25
Cpudan80So, all help is appreciated02:25
yo__well with that said and the chances being .1%02:25
yo__i doubt its a huge risk02:25
PeloCpudan80, what video card do you have ?02:25
yo__should i go for it?02:25
out-o-itneed a FTP server for a web server, want to upload files to the /var/www file...02:25
Cpudan80Pelo: Radeon 750002:25
Peloyo__, just defrag your ntfs drive a  few times before proceeding02:26
arakthoryo__ to be truly safe, buy a backup hard drive, or an external one to hold all of your important files.02:26
yo__i dont have any money at all to do this.02:26
shane2perubecause I setup my system with 64 bit, and now some of my things, particularly f-spot the database has the username hardcoded into it.02:26
Cpudan80Pelo: Compiz doesn't work right, and the display is a little weird02:26
kernfreaku have an ati card02:26
yo__does ubuntu support ipods?02:26
yo__as a harddrive?02:26
PeloCpudan80,   sudo dpkg-reconfigre xserver-xorg ,  select the vesa driver when asked use the default answers for all the other questons unless you know better,  that should get you a gui back at least, yo can do grom there02:26
shane2peruso it doesn't show my pictures, I need to change the folder to the old username02:27
EstesarkHow can I move some files to a folder when I don't have the correct permissions?02:27
Cpudan80Pelo: The gui works just fine02:27
Ragnaroektell me02:27
storm-zenyo_, It automounted mine... try plugging it in.02:27
kernfreaksudo to move the files02:27
yo__i don't have it with me right now..02:27
yo__its my friends and ill be borrowing it for a day02:27
yo__an 80GB02:27
jexmexwhat is the best way to disable networkmanager?02:27
Cpudan80Pelo: Basically, I'm trying to get my xorg.conf file to work properly with compiz and stuff02:27
Estesarkkernfreak, sudo what? Sorry, it's my first day on ubuntu.02:27
storm-zenyo__: Just make sure you "eject" it before unplugging it.02:27
waughso it looks as if it cannot find my cdrom and thats why its hitting BusyBox ... any ideas?02:27
PeloCpudan80, did you ask in #compiz-fusion ?02:28
jexmexand replace it with rutil02:28
yo__how long should it take to back up about 40gigs to an ipod?02:28
credibleCpudan80: what resolution are you using?02:28
Cpudan80Pelo: I guess I could try there02:28
Cpudan80credible: 1024 x 76802:28
kernfreaksudo it, if i wanted to do something like move a file, i would sudo mv blah blah, then enter my password, and that allows me to do it as root02:28
storm-zenwaugh: That used to be the case for my MB.  A kernel switch, all-generic-ide helped me out... you could try that...02:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about floodbot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:29
kernfreakis this mostly a newbie chan?02:30
taime1is dvd-r not supported for recording?02:30
Pelokernfreak, it depends on the night ,  just try your luck we answer pretty much everything , the easier the better02:31
kernfreaktaimel, as long as your dvd burner supports it02:31
kernfreakcheck your docs02:31
kernfreaklol no, im not a newbie, i was asking cause of the questions ive seen here02:32
kernfreakno worries though02:32
Pelokernfreak, bite me , most of them tonight have been over my head02:32
taime1kernfreak:  check docs?02:32
fosoanyone know what i messed up by disabling dbus?02:32
kernfreakim new to ubuntu, used freebsd, gentoo, debian02:32
momentarywhats the best place to ask about ubuntu and compiz02:33
kernfreakfigured id see what ubuntu was like, tried the rest of em02:33
Dr_willis!compiz | momentary02:33
ubotumomentary: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:33
Pelokernfreak, ubuntu is the great linux introduction distro,  so we bet a lot of ppl for whom this is their first experience with linux02:33
EstesarkWhat is the name of the default file browser installed with Ubuntu?02:33
Odd-rationaleEstesark: nautilus02:33
kernfreaktaimel, check the documentation for your dvd burner to see if it supports dvd-r02:33
Dr_willisEstesark,  for gnome its Nautilus02:33
Pelofoso, so far you've disabled hal,  dbus , anything else ?  why not just reinstall ?02:34
gkruleshow do i change my screen resolution to something greater than 800x600? im using the restricted nvidia driver02:34
Odd-rationalegkrules: reconfigure X02:34
kernfreakcheck default screen02:34
kernfreakor run the xorg config utility02:35
=== _trucMuche is now known as trucMuche
Pelogkrules, I think you need to install nvidia-config or smeting liek that,  or you can try editing xorg.conf and adding the extra rex manualy02:35
danand___foso - how _did_ you disable it?02:35
kernfreakthe drivers dont acually modify resolution, that is done by x02:35
gkruleswhere is the xorg.conf located02:35
Odd-rationalegkrules: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto02:35
fosoPelo i disabled dbus, which turned off hal, i dont know how to partition to keep my settings, and i have spent lots of time on this, if theres a fix, that would be much less of a pain in the butt02:35
Odd-rationalegkrules: /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:35
gkrulesok thanks02:36
AdemoSI always seem to be missing .so.4 files --- lIke libcurl.so.402:36
AdemoSanyway to fix that?02:36
AdemoSRunning Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit02:36
kernfreakmaybe your not missing them02:36
kernfreaksomething may not be looking in the right place02:36
AdemoSerror while loading shared libraries: libcurl.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:36
AdemoSit happens with other .so.4 files02:37
Pelofoso, if you want to keep your applicatons settngs and data, just create a seperate partiton and copy /home to it , youcan actualy run /home from a seperate partiton ( many of us do) that way you can reinstall at leasure without having to worrry about data and such02:37
kernfreakthen you 1. dont have libcurl installed, or the program is looking in the wrong place for the lib "make a link"02:37
AdemoShow do I change where it's looking?02:37
kernfreakfind out where it is looking02:37
kernfreakand make a link to the libcurl02:37
fosoPelo, are the settings i have messed up in \home?02:38
kernfreakwhat program is it?02:38
gkruleshow do i get permission to change the xorg file?02:38
Odd-rationalegkrules: use sudo02:38
AdemoShave libcurl02:38
Pelofoso,  not likely , /home doesn't realy contain anyting hardware related02:38
kernfreakgkruls, sudo02:38
AdemoSkernfreak, how do I find out where's it looking...?02:38
flowOveryeeehooo installing xp in virtualbox :D i'm excited02:38
Odd-rationalegkrules: gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:38
Odd-rationaleflowOver: Why are you excited about that?02:39
luisaWhat's the gnome command to configure window styles? (from command line)02:39
billeniumhow to a set chmod 777 on a whole directory and everything inside it (including the directories inside and those directories directories) :)02:39
kernfreakman chmod02:39
danand___billenium - chmod -R02:39
Pelog'night folks02:39
fosoPelo, thanks02:40
chris0 billenium: chmod -R 777 <dir>. HOWEVER, be very sure that you don't mind any old schmoe modifying your files02:40
Dr_willisbillenium,  i have some scripts that sort of do that for dirs, or files. :)02:41
kernfreakAdemoS, what program is it?02:41
jordan18to start installing packages bye source i need to install like g++ and all the stuff but what is it that i do in the terminal to get that "sudo apt-get install *********** " drawling a blank there02:42
luisaAnyone know what's the command for "Appearance Preferences", the thing that comes up when you want to change your backgorund?02:42
LjL!build-essential > jordan18    (jordan18, see the private message from Ubotu)02:42
jordan18LJL thank you thats it02:42
kernfreakjordan18, not sure what you need02:42
flowOverOdd-rationale: virtualizing.  i've never done it02:42
ubuntusweeet linux un my car :)02:42
nickrudluisa: gnome-appearance-properties02:42
luisaUff what a long command ^^ Thanks02:43
yo__help with wireless networking? i have broadcom wireless card with amd64 NOT i863 or whatever im running ubuntu from a livecd02:43
soulburnerjordan18,  sudo aptitude install apt-file build-essential cvs subversion02:43
kernfreakI usually just download the latest src, using svn or cvs02:43
drambuiei have been getting flooded with '!@##$@google.com.msg' stuff whenever i download binaries from usenet using PAN.  anyone know what that's all about?02:43
soulburnerdo that in terminal after everything is done your make/compile should work fine02:43
kernfreakgit ect02:43
voodoo-chilei am using my graph card as a restricted driver. is this effects the graphs on games? i installed q3 but the graphs are very bad.02:43
kernfreakif you do a make, it will tell you if dev packages or other progs are missing02:44
ka2voodoo-chile: graphs = graphics?02:44
kernfreakvoodoo, its an ati card i bet02:44
jordan18all right thanks to all of you : )02:44
voodoo-chileyes kernfreak02:44
Odd-rationaleyo__: Have you tried installing to HDD? Sometimes you need to install ubuntu to HDD inorder to use the restricted drivers.02:44
=== mehteenager is now known as MrObvious
voodoo-chileyes ka202:44
ka2voodoo-chile: if it is a graphics cards the restructed drivers meanns non popenssource02:44
ka2voodoo-chile: ati official ones in this case02:45
ka2q3s graphics are bad ;)02:45
soulburnernp jordan1802:45
kernfreakati's drivers are a little choppy right now02:45
voodoo-chileso the problem is somewhere else02:45
ka2voodoo-chile: atis drivers are awful02:45
ka2voodoo-chile:get a nvidia card ;)02:46
RingTailedFox_does any one here uses open ldap to auth each client from server (linux)  when login in winxp (client) ?02:46
kernfreaktry to install the driver from ati's site02:46
* nickrud is replacing this laptop next month02:46
fevelis nvidia the only one?02:46
kernfreakand the choppyness doesnt come from the driver it's self02:46
ka2fevel: only good one really02:46
ka2fevel: intel make em onboard02:47
voodoo-chilei dont think i can do that because im new on linux i wonder how it still works02:47
kernfreakim not sure which parts of the ati driver ubuntu installs02:47
kernfreakdoes it install the opengl portion?02:47
Traveler28guys the video was finally posted02:47
ka2voodoo-chile: video card == hardware not software02:47
fevelbut can i get intel todd work with et?02:47
Traveler28ok heres the ling02:48
=== Traveler28 is now known as wookie
voodoo-chileka2 i dont think i could do that too because its a laptop and i still have warranty02:48
JohnRobertanyone know of a whiteboard app for linux?02:48
kernfreakyou have an ati expresas card right?02:48
ka2voodoo-chile: not possible on a laptop02:48
ka2JohnRobert: whiteboard ????????02:49
voodoo-chileok thanks kernfreak  and ka202:49
JohnRobertonline thing two people can draw on02:49
JohnRoberteg if I'm speaking to my boss on skype and we're discussing a diagram.02:49
kernfreakvoodoo-chile, do you have the ati xpress 20002:49
ka2JohnRobert: http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/WhiteBoard02:50
JohnRobertknow of anything else? :p02:50
voodoo-chilei guess its 110002:50
ka2i like inkscape - great vector graphics app :)02:50
* bhuey is hasn't problems with the tftpd-hpa package during installation02:50
ka2havnt tried the whiteboard part though02:50
bhueytyping is failing me tonight02:50
JohnRobertyeah, I've used inkscape...wonder if there's a windows ver02:51
JohnRobert(boss is on windows when he's at home)02:51
voodoo-chileka2 its xpress 115002:51
storm-zenJohnRobert: Might check into Jabber... I think they have an extension for it, or something.02:51
kernfreakjohn, yes there is02:51
ka2 JohnRobert: the instructions on the inkscape wiki look hard - in ubuntu i think it will be a little easier02:51
arhpluswhat's up voodoo... there is another chilean ubuntu user02:52
storm-zenJohnRobert: ... But.. when I looked into this exact same thing about a year ago, nothing compared to the meeting share programs. :/02:52
ka2meeting share programs? what are they?02:53
voodoo-chilearhplus,  no im not chillean :)02:53
kernfreaki have used so many distros, and *bsd's, this sh1t needs an overaul02:53
fevel/j #slackware02:53
storm-zenYou know ... the windows-based meeting share programs... I think "Go To Meeting" is one...02:53
arhplusnice nick instead02:53
voodoo-chilenick comes form a jimi hendrix song02:53
kernfreakbeen using *nix based systems for years and STILL get p1ss3d off at the file system, jus goto "/usr/local; or /usr/bin/; better yet /home/me/too/many/damn/things/to/go/through02:55
ka2kernfreak:about 100x better than the windows one02:55
untermenschdo i have to be running linux to run ubuntu ?02:55
Odd-rationaleuntermensch: Yes. Ubuntu is linux.02:55
ka2untermensch: ubuntu is a linux distro (distrobution)02:55
untermenschno i'm sayig..02:56
ka2Odd-rationale: no it isnt02:56
untermenschlike do you i  have to have linux first before ubuntu02:56
storm-zenerr.. Linux is a form of Ubuntu, but if you're asking if there are live cd's, there is.02:56
untermenschor can i go strait from windows ?02:56
ka2Odd-rationale: it is a distro (linux is a kernel)02:56
JohnRobertubuntu is a linux distribution02:56
AaronMT!linux > untermensch02:56
arhplusi understand that u don't need to use linux to run ubuntu...02:56
Odd-rationaleka2: OK.02:56
kernfreakka2, no, more complex, but not as logical, the root directory should be divided into "files for the system", "files for the user", and "files for programs"02:56
JohnRobertlinux is not a form of ubuntu02:56
untermenschik what ubuntu is02:56
JohnRobertlol wtf02:56
storm-zenack.  I blew that one, sorry.02:56
untermenschbut must i install linux first ?02:56
JohnRobertubuntu IS linux02:57
kernfreakive heard it all02:57
untermenschi understand that it's linux02:57
storm-zenuntermensch: No, you can download the live cd.02:57
Odd-rationaleuntermensch: You will have Linux when you install ubuntu02:57
JohnRobertit's a form of linux02:57
untermenschthank you02:57
storm-zenYou can run it like that.02:57
flowOveruntermensch: thats like asking if you need to have NT kernal to install windows02:57
JohnRobertlol wtf02:57
untermenschi know it's a form of ubuntu02:57
ka2kernfreak: /usr = user apps, /home files for the user, /* files for the system02:57
JohnRobertlinux might be the kernel or a distro02:57
flowOverit comes with it02:57
JohnRobertit's a generic term02:57
kernfreakno no, install bsd first to get linux02:57
amandaI need to burn mp3s in k3b using regular ubuntu.  What's the package I'm missing?  I thought it was kubuntu-restricted-extras, but there's no such package02:57
voodoo-chileunderwatercow,  if you want to install ubuntu you need to have a ubuntu cd. if you start up with that cd that will pretty much do everything02:58
ka2JohnRobert: no its a kernel02:58
kernfreakthen uduntu to use linux from bsd onto the kernel shell02:58
ubotuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux02:58
voodoo-chileimeen untermensch02:58
JohnRobertLinux (commonly pronounced IPA: /ˈlɪnəks/ in English; variants exist[1]) is a Unix-like computer operating system. Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development: typically all underlying source code can be freely modified, used, and redistributed by anyone.[2]02:58
storm-zenuntermensch: This is my fault, sorry. :(02:58
JohnRobertkernel != operating system02:58
storm-zenTransposed two words...02:59
ka2kernel is a part of an os02:59
untermenschbut i can go windows -> ubuntu. i don't have to go like windows -> suse linux -> ubuntu ?02:59
ka2kernfreak: bsd sucks02:59
Odd-rationaleuntermensch: You can do Windows --> Ubuntu02:59
JohnRobertuntermensch: no, ubuntu runs on it's own02:59
storm-zenno.  In fact, you don't even need to install it to see it run, untermensch.02:59
untermenschsee that's what i wanted02:59
kernfreakka2, acually no, one application stores files in different dirs on the hd, whereas in windows one folder under Program Files is devoted to that app, making it easier to find binarys and docs relating to that app02:59
ka2suse linux is now called openSUSE02:59
JohnRobertubuntu doesn't require anything else02:59
* Dr_willis wants to do Windows -> C6402:59
kernfreakka2, bsd sucks?02:59
voodoo-chileuntermensch,  ubuntu is like suse02:59
untermenschi didn't know if you had to install regular ass linux to build ontop of that to run ubuntu02:59
kernfreakat what? user freindly yes it sucks02:59
kernfreakis it easy to use, nope03:00
JohnRobertuntermensch: no, it's much more easy than that03:00
ka2kernfreak: not userfriendliness03:00
untermenschcause i've been having problems with the cd03:00
untermenschand i was wondering if it was my current os03:00
kernfreakits not made for that03:00
=== _trucMuche is now known as trucMuche
chris0***Chris0 wants to do Windows -> !Windows03:00
untermenschcause of course. windows is shit03:00
ka2untermensch: what problems03:00
voodoo-chileuntermensch,  if you try to install from alternate cd that will be better i guess03:00
untermenschka2: i can' t get the iso to burn onto a cd.. and i'm to the point where i think my cd drive is bad cause i've tried everything03:00
kernfreakfreebsd wasnt made to be freindly to the user03:00
kernfreakrather try pcbsd03:01
kernfreakits a change03:01
pkazakoffHey, can somebody help me?  I'm having trouble logging into a KDE session.03:01
storm-zenAre there any gotcha's for installing perl / CPAN (running as user) in gutsy?03:01
ka2untermensch: that isnt an ubuntu problem03:01
knoppixhey, hello everybody....!03:01
ka2kernfreak: its whole userspace is icky03:01
Odd-rationaleuntermensch: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto03:01
untermenschka2: i didn't think so. bu i wasn't sure03:01
pkazakoffI'm currently at the console using BitchX.03:01
kernfreakno, its not something you used to, its uncomfortable03:01
ka2!Language | ;)03:02
ubotu;): Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:02
kernfreakjust like linux was the first time u tried it03:02
storm-zenthat was just uncalled for, ka2. :P03:02
chris0pkazakoff: what's the issue? X not running? KDM not starting?03:02
cnstarzi need help getting my hdtv to work with linux03:02
ka2kernfreak: no i liked it :)03:02
kernfreakubuntu was your first distro?03:03
cnstarzi've tried the nvidianewbieguide, but no help03:03
ere4sicnstarz, what happened?03:03
ka2kernfreak: no03:03
pkazakoffX seems to run fine.  I get the login screen, but when KDM loads, it reaches the "Starting System Services" stage and quits back to the session login screen.03:03
kernfreakcause if you would have tried it back in the day03:03
storm-zenyeah, I found windows more uncomfortable.. and debian was my first... ripped me a new one...03:03
kernfreakyou wouldnt say the same thing03:03
cnstarzcan i talk to you in the xubuntu channel?03:03
ka2kernfreak: mandrake back in 200403:03
kernfreakmy first, damn03:03
storm-zendebian woody.  ( ouch. )03:03
untermenschwhat's better... xubuntu or ubuntu ?03:03
adorablepuppypeople need to stop making new version control systems.03:03
ka2untermensch: personal preference03:04
Odd-rationaleuntermensch: Depends. You hae the choice.03:04
kernfreakI think my first *nix was made out of stone03:04
nickrudstorm-zen: I can relate. I think I installed debian in my first month, and .... looked at that $. Installed redhat, did a few lfs builds, then came back :)03:04
ka2kernfreak: lol03:04
chris0pkazakoff: whoa...man that one's over my head...I haven't dealt much with KDE in years03:04
DarkmystereHow can i add background picture to my server?03:04
brettCan someone tell me how to enable ftp so my 6.10 box can accept requests?03:04
flowOverin firefox, i open a torrent and it asks what program to use.  how do i add transmission to that list?03:04
Odd-rationaleuntermensch: The difference is the Desktop Envirenment. Ubuntu uses gnome, xubuntu uses xfce03:04
storm-zennickrud: Hehe... My experience was a little more devastating.  Stayed with core until 3 days ago, and still didn't want to go to Ubuntu because I knew they were related. :P03:04
arakthorflowOver: I think you can do it inside the firefox preferences03:05
kernfreakno plug and play, i think all *nix needs to be glued together a lil better " a lil more integration" between apps03:05
flowOveryou can do it from that panel, but when i get to the menu to choose the application, i can't find transmission in the filesystem and the search tool isn't working03:05
ka2kernfreak: this is happening alot with linux these days03:05
pkazakoffwell, i'll see if I can help myself by browsing around a bit in lynx.  this feels so retro.03:05
ka2kernfreak: mainly through dbus03:06
bruenigapp integration is bad03:06
kernfreakyea but just when you think things are going somewhere, someone reinvents the wheel again03:06
ka2pkazakoff: try using wget + nano as your web browser ;) its worse03:06
bruenigdestroys choice03:06
kernfreakno it dont03:06
* nickrud just knew bruenig would say that :)03:06
ka2kernfreak: no not really03:06
chris0ka2: wget + vi03:07
ka2kernfreak: dbus is standard now, the linux hardware abstraction layer uses it03:07
nickrudbiezom: questions?03:07
ka2chris0: that is worse still03:07
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:07
bruenigat least wget + html2text + vi03:07
ka2chris0: wget + ed03:07
=== |dc0m| is now known as chetnick
ka2chris0: beat that ;)03:07
chris0ka2: wget | less03:08
jane_wget plus vi :P03:08
dumasymptotehow can i reinstall ubuntu without redoing the entiwindows partitionre disk i want to maintain my03:08
kernfreakwho is for an opens source windows clone? muahahahaha03:08
ka2no html2text, html isnt that bad03:08
bruenigka2: what do you mean "standard"? I for instance do not use it03:08
ka2jane_: been there03:08
ka2kernfreak: try reactos03:08
kernfreaknaaa kidding03:08
ka2kernfreak: reactos.org03:08
kernfreaki havent used windows outside of a bot in my *nix boxes for years03:08
ka2kernfreak: i used to have it in a vm03:09
kernfreakbot = box03:09
nickrud!welcome | kimberly03:09
ubotukimberly: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.03:09
kernfreakmy wife uses the vm03:09
kernfreaki have no need for windows nemore03:09
ka2kernfreak: but i got rid of it after having activation issues and not being bothered to call m$03:09
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents03:09
ka2kernfreak: its good for seeing how better *nix is03:09
ka2i like bug #103:10
kernfreakthere is ways around activation in windows through a vm03:10
kimberlyi dont know much about this linux but learning just cant seem to copy a cd for my other ailing puter03:10
ka2kernfreak: you meen the oem bios one? extracting it out of your bios03:10
Odd-rationalekimberly: an iso?03:10
nickrudkimberly: try installing gnomebaker , it can copy cd's for you03:10
ka2kernfreak: my computer didnt come with windows - homebuilt :)03:10
JosiahWI am about to switch over to cable modem and was told it would be best to get my own cable modem.... whats the best modem to get? I am also curious about uncapping the modem..03:11
kimberlyyes i have it downloaded to desktop but cannot burn it on any program03:11
Odd-rationale!burn | kimberly03:11
ubotukimberly: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto03:11
nickrudkimberly: right click the iso, and select burn to disc03:11
ka2JosiahW: try #ubuntu-offtopic03:11
kimberlytried all of them03:11
underwatercowhow do I change my password on the nickserv?03:11
Odd-rationalekimberly: any error messages?03:11
kimberlydid right click not ta03:11
ka2kimberly: whats it an iso of, isit under ubuntu?03:11
nickrudunderwatercow: try asking on #help03:12
JosiahWka2: crap sorry I forgot about the channel... will do.03:12
kimberlysays no disc in drive03:12
Odd-rationalekimberly: are you sure the disk is empty?03:12
underwatercownickrud: thanks03:12
kimberlyyes brand spankin new every ten i bought ha ha03:12
kimberlyhave an hp cd writer plus03:13
kimberlyreads all disks03:13
panfistis there a way to get find to omit the first result that it returns?03:13
jane_kimberly, are you in the right group to be allowed using the cd burner?03:14
nickrudpanfist: probably, whatever it is03:14
chris0panfist: the first way that I can think of is to write a bash script....03:14
kimberlyhuh/??? group admin03:14
=== LeGreffi3R_ is now known as LeGreffi3R
Odd-rationalekimberly: How about group optical ?03:15
underwatercowIs there anyone in here who knows about Linux security and auth.log who can private with me? I have noticed some log entries that seem suspicious to me...03:15
panfistnickrun im trying to do "find somepath -type d -exec rm -rf '{}' \;" to find all the directories within a directory and remove all of them, but find returns the initial path first, so that command just removes the whole directory, instead of all the directories in it03:15
kimberlyjane i am not sure what that is.. i am just new to this just learning unix lang.03:15
jribpanfist: why not just rmdir */    ?03:16
fredmvAnyone know a decent GUI-frontend for gzip?03:16
jane_kimberly, are you alone on this system or have you made several users there?03:16
biabiai cant get my video driver to install. i modified the xorg.conf according to the readme instructions but when i do it will only boot into the desktop login03:16
chris0fredmv: fileroller03:16
panfistwhat does */ mean03:16
kernfreakka2, i wont comment on things like vista activation bypasses or the like, but i will say, inside a vm, the host can do amaizing thing to the guest03:16
kimberlyin fact i knew nothing about all this i bought a hp pavilloin someone tried to load xp on i wiped the drive downloaded unbuntu03:17
jribpanfist: it's a glob that will match directories03:17
jribpanfist: try echo */03:17
JamesinatorWhen I try to set my resolution to 1280x1024, my desktop size increases, but my resolution only changes to 1024x768, so I have to scroll the borders of the screen to see everything. How can I get normal 1280x1024?03:17
underwatercowIs there a better place to go to ask about Linux security?03:17
fredmvthanks chris0... totally forgot about that.03:17
nickrudpanfist: maybe something like for f in `ls -1d *` ; do  <find string> ; done03:17
chris0fredmv: no prob03:17
nickrudpanfist: that is, ls -1d /path/to/folder/*03:17
kernfreakjamesinator, does your monitor support that resolution03:17
kimberlyI am loving this so far03:17
Jamesinatorkernfreak: Yes03:17
puffunderwatercow: Security in general, yeah, but for actual details you're probably better off here.03:17
Scuniziunderwatercow, maybe #linux? or #ubuntu-server?03:18
panfistnickrud i think i will just try the rmdir */03:18
jane_kimberly, what you trying to do know exactly?03:18
nickrudpanfist: ah, missed jrib;s better03:18
jane_copying a cd or dvd?03:18
* kernfreak adds voice to irc03:18
kimberlyhey nathan did you used to work are you in vernon?03:18
Presarioguys, what is SOL in s4 in my bios settings do?03:18
underwatercowpuff, Scunizi: I have noticed log entries that are VERY suspicious, and I want to verify that they are, in fact, what they appear and a good course of action to take, if any03:18
puffunderwatercow: What motivates your question?03:19
jribpanfist: the answer to your original question about find seems to be to append '-mindepth 1'03:19
puffunderwatercow: Ah, well, yeah, then this is probably the place.  #linux can also be useful.03:19
zachalinkI gots a question: How do I install tar.gz uncompiled source code packages?03:19
jribzachalink: what are you trying to install?03:19
puffunderwatercow: What are you seeing?  Start with which log files.03:19
underwatercowpuff: auth.log in particular03:19
Scuniziunderwatercow, You can paste the log to paste bin for puff to look at.03:19
kernfreakzachalink, decompress, ./configure, make, make install03:19
kernfreakmake sure deps are met first03:19
Presarioerm.. anybody got an answer? what does "SOL in S4" from my bios do?03:20
panfistjrib thank you03:20
chris0zachalink: you need to sudo kernfreak's make install03:20
jribzachalink: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Songbird03:20
jane_kernfreak, he will need build essentials too03:20
underwatercowIs there any security risk to me posting my auth.log file? It will reveal my computer name, etc.03:20
kernfreakerrghh, this is ubuntu03:20
chris0Presario: I don't have anything useful to contribute to that. I can crack plenty of jokes about what SOL means, though03:20
jribzachalink: I'd be a bit wary of that script though03:20
kernfreakyes, sudo it, i would usually su root03:21
puffunderwatercow: There's always a risk, but in this case  probably not a huge one.  Make sure you use pastebin and make sure you mark it for th e shortest cache time.03:21
Jamesinatorkernfreak: Any other blinding insights into how to fix this?03:21
zachalinkjrib: how come?03:21
underwatercowpuff: alright, let me paste it...03:21
chris0kernfreak: apparently su root is considered illegal here03:21
puffunderwatercow: If you're really not comfortable, then do a search&replace on your domain name and your ip address in the log before oy post it.03:21
jribzachalink: because I have not read, so I can't tell you it is safe03:21
kernfreakchris0, seems that way, ubuntu sudos everything, you can however login as root03:21
kernfreakin gmd, but you have to enable it03:22
kernfreakgmd = gdm03:22
zachalinkjrib: thank you for the link and help03:22
underwatercowpuff: what is a good paste bin address, I always forget it03:22
chris0yes but if you say that here ubotu yells at you. I'm not sure why....03:22
puffunderwatercow: pastebin.com.03:22
underwatercowpuff: too logical ;-D03:22
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.03:22
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:22
zachalinkwould there happen to be a 64 bit debian package release of songbird?03:23
kernfreakrecompile it03:23
fredmvWould you guys consider Gentoo a 'lightweight' distro?03:24
kernfreakbut I prefer LFS03:24
ka2fredmv: depends on what you put on it:)03:24
kernfreakmore control03:24
zachalinkhow would I "recompile" it?03:24
ka2kernfreak: yes03:24
ka2zachalink: dont03:24
fredmvlol, true.   I'm reading that it takes like 10 hrs. to set it up from beginning to end.  They assume nothing.03:24
fredmvCompile the kernel, yadda...03:24
kernfreakgentoo, or LFS03:24
jribfredmv: please ask that in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here03:24
kernfreakkernel compile isnt the longest03:25
=== square is now known as squarebracket
zachalinkThen what do I do to get it to work with 64 bit? or can I not? ='(03:25
fredmvjrib, yup.03:25
kernfreakglib is03:25
zachalinkuse the script?03:25
ka2zachalink: amd64 is i386 compatible03:25
kernfreakoh im srry, is there a topic set i should adhrere to in this chan?03:25
jribkernfreak: ubuntu support (giving or receiving)03:26
zachalinkdpkg: error processing songbird_0.2.5.1_i386.deb (--install):03:26
zachalink package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)03:26
kernfreakhow about, recompileing ubuntu from scratch? UFS?03:26
secleinteerhi, does anyone know if it's possible to turn the right click menu key into a modifier?03:27
ka2!ot | kernfreak03:27
ubotukernfreak: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:27
zachalinkka2: that's the message I got03:27
runst8'night yo03:27
AngryElfwhat are the chances a HD with i386 7.04 installed will recognize a different mobo and CPU that are also i386?03:27
AngryElf...and magically work03:27
secleinteerAngryElf: fairly good, but reinstalling is the best idea03:28
deniz__can sum1 plz tell me how to ruin xp inside ubuntu?03:28
deniz__i need it as quickly as possible plz03:28
chris0deniz__: vmware03:28
kernfreakok, ill behave03:28
zachalinkka2: so... how would I get it to work with 64 bit, since I got that error message?03:28
deniz__chris0, ya but wat do i do with it and exactly which one do i dl?03:29
Starnestommydeniz__: I find virtualbox easier to use than vmware03:29
non-anonI was wondering if anyone had some general suggestions for speeding up GNOME on an pentium II/128MB ram POS.03:29
flowOveri'm loving virtual box right now03:29
flowOverit's alot easier03:29
deniz__Starnestommy, is that sudo apt-get able?03:29
ka2zachalink: what error03:29
ka2 flowOver: same03:29
zachalinkdpkg: error processing songbird_0.2.5.1_i386.deb (--install):03:29
zachalink package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)03:29
Starnestommydeniz__: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose03:29
zachalinkka2: that one ^03:29
ka2deniz__: virtualbox.org real easy03:30
deniz__Starnestommy, thx alot03:30
ka2virtualbox-ose is outdated dont use it03:30
ka2real out of date03:30
deniz__ka2, so wat? i go to virtualbox.org?03:30
ka2deniz__: yes03:30
ka2deniz__: and download the ubuntu package03:30
kernfreakits not that hard to compile it, if the sources are avail03:30
ropieehelp me pls03:31
ka2ropiee: with what03:31
adorablepuppyIs there any way to get Linux Mint's Celena applet over to Ubuntu?03:31
ropieemy ubuntu cant install my sqlserver03:31
ka2adorablepuppy: its the Novell Slab yech03:31
chris0kernfreak: this is not #gentoo stop scaring people :D03:31
ropieesudo apt-get install mysql-server03:31
ka2ropiee: what sql server03:31
AtomicSparkanyone else have copypasta problems in linux? i sware my pidgin forgets whats on the "clipboard".03:31
deniz__non-anon, that comp should run xubuntu03:31
ropieeis only available from another source03:31
AtomicSpark... whats that even called in linux?03:31
ropieeE: Package mysql-server has no installation candidate03:31
underwatercowpuff: OK... finally got it posted... can I private it to you?03:31
Presariohey guys... the ubuntu partitioner is detectting my samsung drive as SCSI while it isactually is an IDE drive.... i think it is causing me problems to install ubuntu on my 2nd hard drive.....03:31
kernfreaklol im not, if there is no package for his arch he may have to03:32
jribropiee: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list03:32
non-anonwell, I've already got GNOME on it03:32
ka2ropiee: help.ubuntu.com03:32
puffunderwatercow: Sure.03:32
jrib!paste > ropiee (read the private message from ubotu)03:32
ka2ropiee: help.ubuntu.com/MySQL03:32
ropiee<jrib> ropiee: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list<--alredy edit03:32
ka2ropiee: or use postgresql :)03:32
jribropiee: what is the link?03:32
non-anonand it's not TOO bad.03:32
ka2ropiee: http://help.ubuntu.com/MySQL03:32
non-anonjust laggy enough that I'm looking for general tips03:32
deniz__non-anon, u can use sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop and have xubuntu as well then thru xubuntu u can erase ubuntu03:33
ropiee# deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu breezy-updates main restricted03:33
ropieei just cut (#)03:33
jribropiee: no, pastebin the contents of your sources.list and give us the link03:33
Ein2015anybody here use Eterm (or another non-gnome or non-kde terminal)?03:33
chris0Ein2015: I use xterm03:33
bhueyHow do I fix problems with /etc/default file not being installed by a package that I know needs it03:33
deniz__ka2, k, im downloading virtualbox on dial-up03:33
jrib!anybody | Ein201503:33
ubotuEin2015: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:33
ropiee<ka2> ropiee: http://help.ubuntu.com/MySQL<--cant open site03:33
puffunderwatercow So which lines are bothering you?03:34
Ein2015chris0: do you know how to make characters such as unicode work?  when i use finch it looks like garbage.03:34
zachalinkI guess I could say good bye to my help, because the songbird channel isn't listening to me either. =(03:34
underwatercowpuff: all of the invalid login attempts03:34
Presarioanybody can help me with my HDD detectting problems?03:34
Ein2015jrib: thanks.  next time i'll start my question with an some sort of insult.  :)03:34
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)03:34
MrKeunerhi, I have random lockups on thinkpad r52(1849-4wu). I am suspecting the wireless driver, is there a way to turn on logging on a module?03:35
jribEin2015: the point is you should ask your actual question :)03:35
ka2https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/mysql.html is the ubuntu official guide03:35
kernfreakzachalink, have you +ever+ built packages from source?03:35
Ein2015jrib: i did.  can you help me?03:35
chris0Ein2015: try using uxterm03:35
DarkmystereErr, has anyone known? i want to add a background image to my Server...03:35
ejdijdWelcome all03:35
dublpawsdoes anyone know a fix for busted python-mode for emacs in gutsy?03:35
Darkmysterewith apache php what ever..03:35
zachalinkkernfreak: no, I haven't03:35
ice109can someone help me i just dropped my laptop and my wireless doesn't work anymore03:35
chris0Ein2015: (it's the Unicode version)03:35
AGUSTINEnter buenas..03:35
Ein2015chris0: well i want to use Eterm (running E17)... but let me try that real quick... if it's just as easy and just as light as Eterm i might as well, right?03:35
ejdijdany good guides I culd be pointed to for a non-CD or network install of Any linux variety (preferably Ubuntu_ please use name in start of reply03:36
ka2Darkmystere: php. people still use that yucky language?03:36
ejdijdlatest version03:36
ejdijdunless otherwise required03:36
ice109can someone help me i just dropped my laptop and my wireless doesn't work anymore03:36
kernfreakzachalink, you may finds it difficult the first time, if there is NO .deb for your arch, you may have to03:36
ejdijdice109" chck switches and connenctorsi nside case03:36
ka2kernfreak: this is not #gentoo or #archlinux stop scaring people03:37
deniz__ka2, will u be here 40 min from now?03:37
ejdijdOr can I install linux under win xp03:37
ejdijdnot working right03:37
ka2deniz__: not sure but virtualbox is really simple03:37
kernfreakka2? no no, i am trying to help someone install an app on ubuntu03:37
ice109ejdijd if i restart the computer the wireless card is recognized but still isn't useable03:37
underwatercowpuff: what is your take on my log file?03:37
deniz__ka2, how simple? as simple as installing a regular .deb?03:38
=== ejdijd is now known as Cerb
dublpawsice109: do you have another wireless card, or another laptop?03:38
Ein2015chris0: for some reason it thinks i have a european keyboard03:38
ice109dublpaws no03:38
Ein2015chris0: if it helps any, i'm trying out the gOS (cuz it's lighter, runs E17, and looks pretty)03:38
yo__how do i make the wireless work in ubuntu?03:38
jrib!wifi > yo__ (read the private message from ubotu)03:38
IndyGunFreakCerb: can you boot a USB pen drive?03:38
ka2deniz__: wizard based really simple but works well03:38
chris0Ein2015: I'm looking at the uxterm man page...see if there's somethng there.03:39
Scuniziunderwatercow, I haven't seen your logs and probably wouldn't understand them anyway.. but.. do you use a router between your computer and internet connection?03:39
deniz__ka2, i can install windows xp wile running ubuntu right?03:39
kernfreaki understand that for the common user, a binary package is so much more usable, but when these are not available in ubuntu, there is no choice but to either do without or try at building it, it's not off topic03:39
ka2deniz__: yes03:39
IndyGunFreakkernfreak: what are you trying to compile?03:39
ka2deniz__: in a window in ubuntu03:39
dublpawsdeniz__: preferably on seperate hard drives03:39
kernfreaklol not me03:39
deniz__ka2, k, thx03:39
IndyGunFreakoh ok..lol03:40
yo__i did it before installing two file packages03:40
deniz__dublpaws, wats wrong with the same hd?03:40
yo__but now the second package isn't working03:40
yo__and this information isn't helpful because im booting from livecd03:40
mike1980HI there I install ubuntu server Is apache2 accessible by the world by default? How can I make Apache2 deny everyone but 192.168.1 ip's?03:40
dublpawsdeniz__: because windows eats partitions for breakfast03:40
kernfreaki was trying to help another compile a src package, but was met with a lil resistance03:40
ka2deniz__: for a virtual machine things work different03:40
n00b-i-knowI'v a problem in bootloader03:40
dublpawsoh vm nvm03:40
chris0Ein2015:  Note:  uxterm  may  produce unexpected results if the current locale is set to one in which the UTF-8 character encoding is not  supported,  of if fonts using the ISO 10646-1 character set are not available. <-- from man page. Dunno if it's helpful or not....03:40
n00b-i-know|I reinstalled windows and now there's no grub installed03:40
underwatercowScunizi: Yes. And I normally have a firewall going, though I haven't had it up the last couple days because I did a re-install. The thing that makes my uneasy is that there are many failed login attempts from possibly hundreds of usernames over ssh2. I want to know if that's normal, or if I should be concerned and get my firewall back up asap. :-p03:40
deniz__dublpaws, lol ive felt that03:40
PMantisAnyone have a default 7.10 sources.list?On wiki maybe?03:40
ka2deniz__: do you want dual boot or windows running under ubuntu03:40
IndyGunFreak!ask | n00b-i-know03:40
n00b-i-knowhow do I fix this problem ?03:40
ubotun00b-i-know: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:40
okaasanWhat do I have to do to get flashplayer working on ubuntu 64 bit03:41
deniz__ka2, under ubuntu is so much better03:41
okaasananything special?03:41
IndyGunFreak!grub | n00b-i-know03:41
ubotun00b-i-know: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:41
yo__what two file packages do i need to run a broadcome wireless card in ubunte?03:41
deniz__ka2, i need moviemaker and windows version of avidemux03:41
Ein2015chris0: how do i set locale?03:41
ka2deniz__: thats what virtualbox does03:41
yo__booting from live cd03:41
jrib!gutsysources > pmantis (read the private message from ubotu)03:41
ka2deniz__: http://kiwiadam2.googlepages.com/Screenshot-16.png03:41
kernfreakfdisk the hd with \mbr i believe to restore windows bootloader03:41
chris0Ein2015: I'm not sure...03:41
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
deniz__ka2, ya i understand tthat much...anyway, i guess i got all the help i need for now, im gona go eat cuz im starving then ill be bak to continue and thatll leave thing to download03:42
PMantis!gutsysources > pmantis03:42
IndyGunFreakkernfreak: hmm, i never tried it w/ fdisk.. so you're saying just run fdisk /mbr  and that will clear the mbr?03:42
Ein2015chris0: what do you use xterm to display?03:42
kernfreakrestore the windows mbr yes03:42
deniz__ka2, dublpaws, thx03:42
flowOverhow do i setup eclipse pdt all in one?03:42
okaasanHow do I flashplayer?!?!03:42
PMantisjrib: This is a server, no GUI... thanks anyway.03:42
jrib!flash > okaasan (read the private message from ubotu)03:42
chris0Ein2015: I do about 50% of my work command-line03:42
kernfreakUNLESS im misunderstanding03:42
ka2okaasan: install? under AMD64 or normal?03:42
IndyGunFreakkernfreak: hmm, i always just used a windows install disk, and used fixmbr and fixboot....03:42
Scuniziunderwatercow, I may be wrong but it sounds like someone's got it out for you.. is your machine on the dmz of the router or do you have all the ports locked down in the router? if so they've breached it and are pinging you direct.  You got anything else loaded like skype, gizmo.. something that opens ports? Turn off UPNP03:42
mike1980HI there I install ubuntu server Is apache2 accessible by the world by default? How can I make Apache2 deny everyone but 192.168.1 ip's?03:43
Starnestommymike1980: it is world-accessible by default03:43
ka2okaasan: let firefox install it for you :)03:43
kernfreakIndy, fdisk /mbr works as well, dont mess with windows enough to know every command03:43
kgxcan someone please help me with grep, i want to only output abc in here: echo \$_SESSION[\'abc\']\=\'hello\'\;\$_SESSION[\'asd\']\=\'qwerty\'\; | grep -Riohe '$_SESSION\[\(.*\)\]' | sed "s/^\$_SESSION\['\(.*\)'\?\]/\1/"03:43
flowOverka2 he's got 64bit03:43
Ein2015chris0: i do a LOT of work command-line also... for example: i use irssi, rtorrent, and finch.  but for some reason gnome-terminal is the only one that interacts with all 3 programs appropriately03:43
SkullmonkeyCan someone help me get wine to work? it freezes any time i try to do anything with it and my friend thinks its because of my video driver.03:43
mike1980Starnestommy: ok thanks you know how I cand allow just 192 ip's03:44
Ein2015Skullmonkey: what video driver are you running?03:44
Starnestommymike1980: I'm not sure how to do that, but someone in this channel or #apache might know03:44
storm-zenkgx: Try #regex.03:44
mike1980Starnestommy: ok thanks03:44
PMantisDefault sources.list file for 7.10? I think my upgrade of a server is incomplete03:44
ka2Skullmonkey: what app?03:44
SkullmonkeyEin1025: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8378 [S3 UniChrome] Integrated Video (rev 01)03:44
kgxstorm-zen: thanks03:44
ka2Skullmonkey: not video card, application03:44
Skullmonkeyanything wine related03:44
jribPMantis: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57425/ .  How did you upgrade?03:44
ka2Skullmonkey: not everything works under wine03:45
storm-zenerr.. /join #regex .03:45
Skullmonkeyi cant d anything wine03:45
Ububeginwhat is the equivalent of windows explorer in ubuntu...03:45
IndyGunFreakUbubegin: nautilus?03:45
tesmarI have ubuntu 7.10, and 2 cpus selected in VMware optiokns03:45
ka2Ububegin: read the ubuntu help03:45
StarnestommyUbubegin: nautilus or konqueror03:45
jribUbubegin: nautils?  Go to Places -> Home03:45
Skullmonkeyit freezes my comp even when i try to edit options03:45
Starnestommyor thunar03:45
tesmar but when I check XP proc (the host) the guest will only use 50% proc03:45
tesmarany ideas?03:45
storm-zenWow, this place is alive in the evening (in the US)...03:45
IndyGunFreakThunar is awesome, but i find it rather useless on Gnome, because Nautilus is already installed...03:46
jribPMantis: update your mirror appropriately of course03:46
AngryElfwhat device is my network card usually so i can check if its present?03:46
IndyGunFreakstorm-zen: this place si alive 24/7.. no kidding.03:46
crush_groove I have sound  thru xmms but none thru videos . any ideas?03:46
UbubeginIndyGunFreak: but nautilus doesnt have that tree kinda structure in the left hand side...03:46
kernfreakyes it does03:46
IndyGunFreakUbubegin: yes it does, you need to set it in the settings for nautilus03:46
TurtleOfDoomtesmar: that's how vmware works03:46
AngryElfand what package might I dpkg-reconfigure in the hopes of "reinstalling" my network card?03:46
ka2Skullmonkey: which programs this is important to help solve it03:46
PMantisjrib: Of course. thanks!03:47
TurtleOfDoomtesmar: it *emulates* two processors03:47
ka2TurtleOfDoom: no it doesnt03:47
Skullmonkeyka2: its the wine program itself. it freezes my comp when i try to even change options or start it03:47
TurtleOfDoomit doesn't03:47
ka2TurtleOfDoom: it uses your existing ones03:47
TurtleOfDoomyou sure03:47
TurtleOfDoombecasue i have the same thing03:47
kernfreakSkullMonkey, COMPILE it muahahahahahaha03:47
bill_i'm having trouble with a Linksys WMP54G pci wireless driver.  any suggestions?  I used the .INF from the install cd03:48
ka2Skullmonkey: can you start it from the command line and pastebin the output03:48
IndyGunFreakUbubegin: open Nautilus(Places/Home).. and where it likely says Places on the left, click it, and choose Tree03:48
endomy amarok says I can't play mp3's..how can I fix it?03:48
Skullmonkeyka2: no it freezes then also03:48
kernfreakinstall mp3 support03:48
puffunderwatercow: Okay, first of all, yeah, looks a bit sketchy.  First of all, appears to be mail and primary DNS server for florenceal.org.  So user logins from there don't really make sense, I would block that IP address at your router.03:48
ka2Skullmonkey: no output?03:48
chris0bill_: did you install it from the CD or did you copy it onto your computer?03:48
bill_copy to computer03:48
puffunderwatercow: Second, make sure you have disabled external root login on your box.03:48
underwatercowpuff: that should be disabled by default, right?03:49
puffunderwatercow: Yeah.03:49
underwatercowpuff: then it's still disabled03:49
Skullmonkeyka2: i cant type wine in terminal without my computer freezing03:49
Ein2015are there any gOS support channels on this ircnet?03:49
chris0bill_ you need the INF and any other files in the same folder as well03:49
puffunderwatercow: Okay then.03:49
bill_it's a new card so I tried the XP and Vista INF file..no go invalid driver03:49
UbubeginIndyGunFreak: yeah,sweet ...just like windows but w/o the annoying crashes... thanks,dude03:49
tesmarhi all, anybody here with experience running ubuntu as a guest in VMWARE SERVER?03:49
ka2Skullmonkey: your wine is really broken03:49
tesmarI have ubuntu 7.10, and 2 cpus selected in VMware optiokns03:49
IndyGunFreakUbubegin: no sweat..03:49
ka2Skullmonkey:try reinstalling wine03:49
tesmar but when I check XP proc (the host) the guest will only use 50% proc03:49
bill_I will retry03:49
biabiaSkullmonkey, how old is that pc? processor speed/type and memory?03:49
chris0bill_: ok03:49
Skullmonkeyka2: already have. my friend think its my video driver03:50
ka2tesmar: thats a vmware problem not ubuntu03:50
prettyrickyHey guys is there any program I can use to make a copy of a data dvd?03:50
puffunderwatercow: Third, who is florenceal.org?  It may be somebody's cable modem box, in which case they're probably running windows and have been zombied.03:50
ka2Skullmonkey: it wont be that03:50
biabiai cant get my video driver to install.03:50
killownhi! I am trying compile nvidia driver and get it error /usr/src/linux/include/linux/version.h does not exist ... can anyone help me??03:50
ka2biabia: which video card?03:50
jrib!nvidia > killown (read the private message from ubotu)03:50
prettyrickyI have data in a dvd and need to make a copy of it03:50
biabiaits a vanta nv603:50
jribkillown: don't compile it03:50
biabiasort of old03:50
mike1980How can I make Apache2 allow only LAN connects from the network03:50
PMantisHmmm, maybe my sources.list is ok... but I still can't find mythtv-common in gutsy03:50
killownjrib kernel slash version03:51
=== SomeHelp is now known as nemil2k5
ka2biabia: really old - nvidia drivers dont support that03:51
Skullmonkeybiabia: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?product=426795&cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&dest_page=product&docname=c0019373203:51
puffunderwatercow: Whois says it's the city of florence utilities in Alabama, and lists a phone number for them, so you03:51
dublpawsmike1980: #apache people couldn't help?03:51
jribkillown: huh?03:51
killownit has not binary drivers nvidia03:51
puffunderwatercow: So you might want to call them about this.03:51
mike1980dublpawsL no one there03:51
mike1980dublpaws: no one there03:51
Skullmonkeyka2: are you sure?03:51
underwatercowpuff: yeah... think it's just random attacks?03:51
chris0killown: sudo aptitude install linux-headers03:51
puffunderwatercow: Most likely, yeah.  Unless you know that somebody has it in for you.03:52
killownI have installed it03:52
bill_chris...that did the trick...03:52
biabiaka2 ya. i downloaded a legacy driver and installed it. editing xorg,conf with no backup and it wouldnt boot into gui. lucky i remembered which changes i made03:52
underwatercowpuff: I just might call them... and no, no one has it out for me to my knowledge ;-D03:52
AngryElfdoes anyone know what package sets up basic networking so I can try to reconfigure it?03:52
chris0bill_: good. I went through the same issue03:52
ka2Skullmonkey: 99%03:52
puffunderwatercow: It might be that in some way, whoever hacked that system traced back to you and is trying to exploit your system.03:52
Skullmonkeyka2: what do you suggest then?03:52
underwatercowpuff: any idea how they would have my information? or could it just have been routed through even?03:53
chris0killown: why don't the linux-restricted-modules' nvidia driver work?03:53
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
ka2killown: ubuntu 8.04?03:53
ka2killown: or self compiled?03:53
killownchris0 linux-restricted work in this kernel?03:53
zero88Ok. I've installed my wireless driver using ndiswrapper. Its present and I am able to locate several different wireless networks. I was able to connect to my own one time, and after a reboot I have not been able to connect again. I am not able to obtain an IP on startup and have tried everything from disabling encryption and changing the ESSID. Im really confused on why I cannot connect. Can anybody help me?03:53
mike1980anyone here good with apache?03:53
killownka2 a special kernel for desktop03:53
neowanna help????03:54
ka2killown: where from?03:54
chris0killown: not sure...03:54
KhajaviI want to develop my C++ project with GTK. what package I would to download?03:54
Ein2015mike1980: #apache03:54
puffunderwatercow: I'm not sure what your second question means.  As to the first, it could be random, or it could be that somebody behind that domain (or some other box they hacked) has email from you,e tc, or some reason that they think they might be able to exploit your system.03:54
mike1980ok thnaks03:54
Ein2015np mike1980 :)03:54
chris0killown: it's probably not supported, but you could always try manually installing the driver from nvidia,com03:54
ka2killown: any reason you cant use the ubuntu one?03:54
icesword where to download that  gnome 2.18 virtual machine file03:54
puffunderwatercow: Not something special, more likely they ran a grep or something, looking for patterns.03:54
killownchris0 I am do it03:55
ka2icesword:  gnome 2.18 = old03:55
andresjanybody know how can I connect to koalamud servers as a client?03:55
puffunderwatercow: Have you checked all your accounts, etc?03:55
KhajaviI want to develop my C++ project with GTK. what package I would to download?03:55
iceswordka2,i like old ,coz it is small03:55
puffunderwatercow: If you haven't been penetrated yet, you might want to think about using something like tripwire.03:55
Skullmonkeyka2: can you suggest for me to do something?03:55
ka2Khajavi: will check - your using gtkmm right?03:55
underwatercowpuff: what is tripwire? puff: would a software based firewall like iptables still have allowed these attempts?03:55
ka2Skullmonkey: try #winehq03:55
chris0killown: then I don't know... I'm not sure when it comes to custom kernels.03:55
zero88Can anyone help?03:55
StarnestommyKhajavi: I think libgtk2.0-dev03:55
Skullmonkeyka2: they havent helped03:55
Skullmonkeyand said to come here03:56
ka2Skullmonkey: report it as a wine bug then03:56
AngryElfwhat app could do command line burning of a file/folder to cdrom?03:56
iceswordtime for lunch,goodbye03:56
pufftripwire was the research project that first created this sort of thing.  You'd be looking for not necessarily tripwire itself, but some tripwire-like integrity checker.  Basically it does a bunch of cryptographically strong checksums on all your files.  You keep the tripwire checksums and the checking software offline.  If you suspect a hack, you run tripwire against your system to see if any of the binaries, etc, have been altered.03:56
ka2Khajavi: using c gtk or c++ gtk?03:56
biabiaka2 so i have given up on it. i was hoping to run stepmania but i think its a lost03:56
bruenigAngryElf: you would use genisoimage to make the iso, then wodim to burn it03:56
MrKeunerhi, I have random lockups on thinkpad r52(1849-4wu). using 2.6.22-14-generic (Ubuntu 7.10) version of Linux kernel. I am suspecting the wireless driver, is there a way to turn on logging on a module?03:56
bruenigAngryElf: or mkisofs or cdrecord (I don't remember what cd tools ubuntu uses)03:57
ka2biabia: that card is **old** it probably wouldnt handle that03:57
biabiaSkullmonkey, you could make a machine like that dual boot for your windows apps/games?03:57
KhajaviKa2: c++03:57
puffunderwatercow: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/4903:57
underwatercowpuff: sounds useful, I'll look into it... thanks. So do you think I should still block the ip address in the router? or would getting iptables back up be enough along with contacting the florceal.org?03:57
biabialol. ya i know, now. i was hoping for the best03:57
puffunderwatercow: Yes.03:57
puffunderwatercow: I think you should block that IP at the router, why not?  THough you shouldn't assume that will protect you.03:58
puffunderwatercow: Do you understand the basic theory behind iptables, ipchains, firewalls, etc?03:58
ka2Khajavi: build-essential, libgtk2.0-dev, libgtkmm.0-dev03:58
underwatercowpuff: at a basic level, yes... I have been using firestarter to manage it03:58
puffHm, I wonder.03:59
Khajavikia2: if I want to write c and java ?03:59
neowhen i open some applications it edits the /etc/hosts file and pc starts to work slowly   ,,, how to deny the access to write to these files...03:59
ka2Khajavi: java?03:59
kernfreaka lil jack daniells, and gcc, and im sure to jaz up this system03:59
puffLook, all a firewall or a packet filter does is make it harder for unapproved communication to happen.04:00
Khajavikia: I dont like swing04:00
ka2Khajavi: java sdk from sun. gtk isnt available for java from the ubuntu repos04:00
oloughlin75Khajavi: swing isnt fun enough for you?04:00
kernfreakkhahavi i know how you can get gtk for java04:01
kernfreakbut i cant say04:01
* kernfreak shuts up04:01
Khajavioloughlin: GTK is better :-D04:01
ka2kernfreak: compile it?04:01
ka2Khajavi: pythons better than java :)04:02
nickrudkernfreak: not very helpful, that ;)04:02
oloughlin75I like how java is clerly structured04:02
kernfreaki really think java sux neway04:02
underwatercowpuff: would you recommend unplugging my router and letting my ip address change as well?04:02
Khajavikernfread: what do i do fo java?04:02
kernfreaki cant say04:02
puffunderwatercow: Wouldn't hurt.04:02
* Scunizi is going to relax and watch American Idol with his lovely wife.04:02
ka2oloughlin75: python much more so04:02
underwatercowpuff: alright, thanks for your help04:02
Fingelyou can use the GTK toolkit with java?04:02
puffKhajavi: Install the sun java package.  What do you want to do with java?04:03
kernfreakthere are gtk bindings for just about everything04:03
kernfreaktry c#04:03
puffunderwatercow: Scunzi's advice is also good.04:03
matthiashi everybody any happy people here ?04:03
underwatercowpuff: which advice?04:03
KhajaviI want to set java app with Gnome04:03
kernfreaki rather like it, i prefer c, c++, and perl04:03
oloughlin75ka2: I like curly braces and semicolons. The syntax is clear (although verbose)m which I don't see in python04:03
bazhangmatthias heh; you have a support question?04:04
ka2Khajavi: not easy04:04
kernfreakkhajavi there are "i believe" java bindings for gtk04:04
puffunderwatercow: <Scunizi> underwatercow, I may be wrong but it sounds like someone's got it out for you.. is your machine on the dmz of the router or do you have all the ports locked down in the router? if so they've breached it and are pinging you direct.  You got anything else loaded like skype, gizmo.. something that opens ports? Turn off UPNP04:04
bitlogicalwould anyon know why all of my media players would crash nomatter what video i try to run. mplayer vlc? All of them just disappeaar right after loading04:04
matthiasyes, you are good at firewalls04:04
underwatercowpuff: oh yeah... I'll do that too... thanks04:04
ka2Khajavi: its easy in python, c, c++04:04
therealnanotubebitlogical: maybe a corrupt video file?04:04
ka2Khajavi: but not java04:04
kernfreakbut you have to build them if they are not supplied as ubuntu packages, c# "if you know java" would be an easy transition04:05
bazhangbitlogical try running them from the terminal and see what error messages you get04:05
neowhen i open some applications it edits the /etc/hosts file and pc starts to work slowly   ,,, how to deny the access to write to these files...04:05
oloughlin75Khajavi: what are you trying to make?04:05
ka2Khajavi: and c#04:05
zero88_Ok. I've installed my wireless driver using ndiswrapper. Its present and I am able to locate several different wireless networks. I was able to connect to my own one time, and after a reboot I have not been able to connect again. I am not able to obtain an IP on startup and have tried everything from disabling encryption and changing the ESSID. Im really confused on why I cannot connect. Can anybody help me?04:05
puffunderwatercow: so, security basics:  all security exploits depend on two things:  1) getting bytes onto your box, 2) getting your box to execute the bytes.04:05
bazhangmatthias: you want to configure a firewall? manually or with a gui?04:05
matt3453can anyone tell me how to install something like flash so that all users can use it? i've currently got an admin account and several 'desktop' users, but they cant view or install flash04:05
kernfreakinstall mono04:05
puffunderwatercow: Therefore, security is comprised of a) controlling what gets onto your box, b) controlling what gets executed on your box.04:05
kernfreaktry it out04:05
ka2Khajavi: diveintopython.org, monoproject.org04:05
matthiasbazhang: what firewall includes trapwire, i really do not matter prefer gui but it all depends i guess ...04:05
kernfreakif you know java, c# should come easy04:05
puffunderwatercow: Hm, maybe I should write this out long form and send you the URL.04:05
underwatercowpuff: that would work too :)04:06
ka2kernfreak: and python even04:06
Khajavikia: first i want to develop my c++ project for my university but I am learning java.04:06
ka2kernfreak: or perl (yech)04:06
matthiasbazhaNG I AM TI USED TO ZONEALARM ...04:06
underwatercowis it normal to get "Temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled" messages from the kernel?04:06
ka2Khajavi: use swing :)04:06
bazhangKhajavi: you can install diveintopython from the repos-- it is a free ebook04:06
matthiassorry for the capital letter ...04:06
ka2matthias: iptables is better04:06
matthiaswell i have an tricky question as well04:07
matt3453can anyone tell me how to install something like flash so that all users can use it? i've currently got an admin account and can use flash websites, but i've got several 'desktop' users, and they cant view or install flash04:07
oloughlin75Khajavi: swing can be either very easy or very hard, depending on what your doing :)04:07
Khajavikia: python is very is and interactive: a will get it soon04:07
kernfreakyea, i know perl, c,  c++ and some python, i am moving twords managed code, much easier to work with04:07
ka2matthias: what question04:07
neowhen i open some applications it edits the /etc/hosts file and pc starts to work slowly   ,,, how to deny the access to write to these files...04:07
ka2oloughlin75: gtk similar04:07
matthiaska2 it can restrict accesss and have some kind if tripwire in it ?04:07
bazhangmatthias ah okay--well linux has something called iptables--a bit different than the windows one--a decent front end is called firestarter you can install it from the repos04:07
ka2kernfreak: so python or c#04:07
ka2matthias: tripwire????04:07
Khajavioloughlin: I know. thank but it is interperter04:07
kernfreakdont know enough about python to compare it04:07
ka2Khajavi: no it is just automatticly compiled into a .pyc file04:08
matthiaska2 yes if someone gets into my system than i kan go back and see when and what was maed ...04:08
oloughlin75Khajavi: python is interpreted, I think04:08
kernfreakpython, perl, php04:08
Khajavikia2: compliling pyhthon is interesting fo me04:08
bazhangmatt3453: you have to sudo to use flash? any reason to set it up that way?04:08
ka2oloughlin75: no it just acts like it04:08
ka2oloughlin75: it uses bytecode like java & c#04:09
ka2oloughlin75: as .pyc files04:09
matthiaska2 trap wire i mean ...04:09
ka2matthias: no its tripwire04:09
oloughlin75ka2: ahhh, I always thought it was interpreted04:09
matthiasokey thank toy ka204:09
Khajaviolo...: I google it. thank for your info04:09
matthiaska2: tripwire is the one to use for that matter ...04:10
Khajavikia2: I so04:10
kernfreaksee there, thats how much i know of python, im familliar with the semantics but never explored it beyond that04:10
ka2matthias: yes04:10
ka2matthias: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/4904:10
matthiaska2 i mean iptables have that kind of options of some kind ...04:10
matt3453bazhang: no, i'm just talking about using it in firefox04:10
matt3453bazhang: not running anything from the command line04:10
matthiaska2: thanks ...04:11
ka2kernfreak: its a common misconception04:11
matt3453its actually for my girlfriend's mom and the gf's siblings04:11
bazhangmatt3453: you have the flash nonfree installed for firefox then? what is the issue I am not really clear there04:11
matthiasanother thing ka2 if not to busy ...04:11
matt3453bazhang: i can login to my admin account, open firefox, and view flash, but any of the 'desktop' users, ie little kids, cant view any of the flash04:12
ka2matthias: i like to multitask :)04:12
matt3453is there some permissions thing i need to do?04:12
matthiasok :)04:12
ka2matthias: so what is it?04:12
kernfreakdid you install flash as root04:12
biabiahow would i start GDM04:12
ka2!justask | matthias04:12
ubotumatthias: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:12
bazhangmatt3453: you have different user accounts set up for other people?04:12
matt3453bazhang: yea04:13
matthiasi have installed skype on it but the bluetooth deos not work i mean skype does not find my bluetooth headset ...04:13
=== foka__ is now known as foka_
therealnanotubekernfreak: oloughlin75: this may be helpful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Python_%28programming_language%29#Interpretational_semantics04:13
arakthorbiabia: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start (I think), or you might be able to use startx if you're in a text only console04:13
bazhangmatt3453: then set up the flash plugin for their accounts04:13
matthiasthe bluetooth is an sonyericsson and detected by ubuntu but not by skype ...04:13
AngryElfwhat's the word on updating a BIOS through ubuntu -- all a matter of if the manufacturor has a linux-tool?04:13
ka2matthias: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSkype04:13
kernfreakim familliar with the sematics of interpreted languages04:13
matt3453bazhang: is there some command or something i can type to do that, or do i have to log into each account?04:14
matthiasthanks again ...04:14
craigbass1976Is there a way in nautilus to go into a folder full of images and view as thumbnails?  I read some discussion in the forums, but didn't see any definite "Yay" or "nay"04:14
EnKA freshly downloaded Ubuntu 7.10 - when botting with the CD, I get the option to boot Ubuntu, the progress bar spins back and forth, and then text lines begin to appear and it locks up at "running local boot scripts" and it never continues.  Any wisdom or advice?04:14
AntiUSAhow come everytime I try to adjust the size of my parition it says "The test of the file system with type ext3 in parition #1 of SCSI (0,0,0) (sda) found uncorrected errors." and if I try to contionue it fails?04:14
matthiasnow i got saome reading to do ...04:14
matthiassome ...04:14
matt3453seems like something that should be able to get accomplished by a permissions tap or something04:14
ka2EnK: wait a little while04:14
jeffMASTERflexcraigbass1976: yes, images should show as thumbnails04:14
neowhen i open some applications it edits the /etc/hosts file and pc starts to work slowly   ,,, how to deny the access to write to these files...04:14
matthiasthank you all, i do not want to be rude but i will get back and read on this tips o got, thank you ...04:14
EnKka2 - was 12 hours long enough?!04:14
AngryElfEnK: wait longer, run the disk check to make sure your ISO is good, start figuring out which hardware part is incompatible by process of elimination04:15
non-anonwhat's the command line command to find out what my local IP address is?04:15
neowhen i open some applications it edits the /etc/hosts file and pc starts to work slowly   ,,, how to deny the access to write to these files...04:15
ka2EnK: about 12 hours too long :)04:15
jribneo: what application?  It can't edit /etc/hosts unless you are running it with sudo.04:15
matt3453neo - that's your pc's dns server basically.... if your system has been up for a long time it might be sucking up ram or something??04:15
craigbass1976jeffMASTERflex, I only see icons04:15
neowhen i open some applications they edits the /etc/hosts file and pc starts to work slowly   ,,, how to deny the access to write to these files...04:15
craigbass1976jeffMASTERflex, I can view as list, or icons04:15
ka2neo: stop asking we are trying to answer!!!!!!!!!04:15
bazhangerik try running with the option acpi=off04:15
jeffMASTERflexcraigbass1976: in nautilus go to Edit/Preferences/Preview to see the thumbnail settings04:15
kernfreakwhat I didnt know is that python produces intermediate byte code in the way that c# and java do, that would make it a non-interpreted lang04:15
EnKthanks ka2 - I kinda thought so too.04:15
AntiUSAhow come everytime I try to adjust the size of my parition it says "The test of the file system with type ext3 in parition #1 of SCSI (0,0,0) (sda) found uncorrected errors." and if I try to contionue it fails?04:16
matthiashi guys, just like to reccomend noscritp for firefox, i like it a lot ...04:16
b_eccaneed help installing themes in ubuntu, kinda new to ubuntu sorry04:16
bazhangEnK: try booting with the option acpi=off04:16
ka2matthias: offtopic04:16
endomy amarok says I can't play mp3's..how can I fix it?04:16
jeffMASTERflexcraigbass1976: by default nautilus is set up to only display thumbnails of images that are less than 5MB in size04:16
biabiahow would i set gdm as the default display manager04:16
ka2matthias: and its a pain actually04:16
EnKacpi-off   Mkay.04:16
kernfreakendo, install mp3 support04:16
bazhangendo install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:16
bruenigbiabia: just make sure the gdm daemon starts04:17
matthiaska2 : why ?04:17
EnKthanks y'all.  maybe back in a while.04:17
bruenigand the others don't04:17
ka2matthias: because heaps of things use javascript -even gmail04:17
arakthorendo: usually it pops up a box asking if you would like to install mp3 support for amarok. If that doesn't show up, go to the amarok website and follow the instructions there04:17
matthiaska2: well you can allow the script to run on that page and on other more dangerous pages restrict it ...04:18
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:18
therealnanotubeka2: it /is/ kind of a pain, but it cleans up a lot of crap - and once you use it for the first few days and whitelist your regularly visited sites, it's hardly noticeable04:18
bazhangmatthias same here noscript and adblockplus are nice plugins for firefox on ubuntu04:18
ka2 therealnanotube: try adblock plus for that :)04:18
therealnanotubeka2: got that too, of course :)04:18
ka2no real need for noscript then04:18
Z_o-s-oHey is there anyone else with FireFox always crashing while using flash video like youtube?  I've got the latest flash installed.04:18
neopc was working slowly a while ago , some body on the forum told me to edit the first line of ¨/etc/hosts¨ as ¨ localhost unknown¨     it rectified the problem ,but whenever some application opens i.e. mozilla it modifies the file again>>>04:19
tomvolek_hi, newbie here,  i have setup two Ubuntu hosts on my local home network siting behind a wireless gateway using DHCP.   How can I copy files from one host to the other ?04:19
bazhangmatthias you may also want to check out user agent switcher--it allows firefox to spoof being ie7/vista for some less linux friendly sites04:19
matthiaswell just to make you guys aware there is hope to keep nasty things outside a buit longer .... :)04:19
kernfreakZ_o-s-o; try installing firefox 304:19
ka2neo: mozilla cant edit it04:19
kernfreakand ln the flash plugin04:19
ka2neo: unless you run it as root which you should never do04:19
Z_o-s-okernfreak : Ill try it04:19
AntiUSAhow come everytime I try to adjust the size of my parition it says "The test of the file system with type ext3 in parition #1 of SCSI (0,0,0) (sda) found uncorrected errors." and if I try to contionue it fails?04:19
bazhangmatthias thanks for the recommend04:19
hopelessi need to create a user with uid=500 in ubuntu 7.10 so i can access my fedora partition. i have edited the uid minimum values in /etc/login.defs, etc/gnome-system-tools/users/profiles, and /etc/adduser.conf, and rebooted, and i still cannot create a user with uid=500. what do i do?04:19
therealnanotubetomvolek_: i'd recommend ssh. set up openssh-server on one machine, use your favorite sftp client to transfer files to/from the other machine04:19
matthiasthanks and good bye ...04:20
craigbass1976jeffMASTERflex, Ahh, it was not size, but local files issue.  Weird, I thought that a mounted up nfs share would be considered local as far as nautilus was concerned...04:20
kernfreakZ_o-s-o, once you do, copy the flash plugin into the firefox3/plugins dir04:20
PMantisIs there any way to install mythtv without using MYTHBuntu? On my 7.10 live CD and my server, ther's broken packages when I try to install the server.04:20
neook suggestions?04:20
Ein2015PMantis: use synaptic (or aptitude, apt-get, etc)04:20
ka2neo: pastebin the file04:20
bazhangPMantis: yes but they are less easy than mythbuntu04:21
Ein2015PMantis: from there just install from the repositories, search for mythtv04:21
Z_o-s-okernfreak : Will do, whatre the chances that this fixes the issue?04:21
deniz__i went here (http://cvs.cinelerra.org/docs/split_manual_en/cinelerra_cv_manual_en_21.html#SEC298) to add non takeoffable subtitles to my video using cinelerra and then it brought me here (http://home.gna.org/subtitleeditor/) (the second link has instructions that I think are most proper for the ubuntu irc channel) i was hoping for EASY TO UNDERSTAND instructions04:21
tomvolek_therealnanotube:  what if I just mount one partion form host one to partiton two on host two ?04:21
kernfreakZ_o-s-o, i had some issues with flash, and installing 3 worked04:21
fbacaramba quanta gente hauhauah04:21
neopastebin means??04:21
fbahello peoples04:21
craigbass1976kernfreak, is ff3 an apt-gettable package for feisty?04:21
wols_can anyone with a default install of ubuntu please do a sudo iptables -L for me and paste?04:21
kernfreakif it dont, uninstall it, you can run your current firefox along side of 304:21
fbado you speak portuguish?04:21
wols_and maybe a sudo netstat -anp?04:22
bazhangneo you can /msg ubotu paste for the link04:22
Ein2015fba: portuguese* :)04:22
PMantisEin2015: I've enabled universe, and mythbuntu-control-centre is available but mythtv-common is not, therefore a broken package. I know how to use sources.list and apt-get, etc.04:22
AntiUSAhow come everytime I try to adjust the size of my parition it says "The test of the file system with type ext3 in parition #1 of SCSI (0,0,0) (sda) found uncorrected errors." and if I try to contionue it fails?04:22
MrKeunerhi, I have random lockups on thinkpad r52(1849-4wu). using 2.6.22-14-generic (Ubuntu 7.10) version of Linux kernel. I am suspecting the wireless driver, is there a way to turn on logging on a module?04:22
kernfreakim using gusty04:22
fbaEin2015: hauhauah mi english is bad :D04:22
bazhangfba brasil or portugal04:22
Ein2015hrm PMantis give me a second, let me see if i can help you.04:22
AntiUSAcome on? can anyone please help me?04:22
arakthor!portugese | fba04:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about portugese - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:22
kernfreaksearch synaptic, should be there04:22
neodidnt understand04:22
ka2AntiUSA: with what04:22
kernfreakthats how I installed it04:22
AntiUSAcome on? can anyone please help me?04:22
PMantisEin2015: I'd appreciate know what repo it's in... thanks!04:22
Ein2015!anyone | arakthor04:22
AntiUSAhow come everytime I try to adjust the size of my parition it says "The test of the file system with type ext3 in parition #1 of SCSI (0,0,0) (sda) found uncorrected errors." and if I try to contionue it fails?04:22
ubotuarakthor: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:22
ka2!pastebin | neo04:23
ubotuneo: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:23
fbabazhang: tanto faz, hauhau brasil de preferencia :D04:23
Ein2015PMantis: looking that up for you04:23
bazhangfba /join #ubuntu-br04:23
arakthorEin2015 don't need that, sorry. was looking to see if ubotu new which language channel to direct fba to04:23
wols_MrKeuner: can you do something for me?04:23
fbabazhang: what default language is chanel? english?04:23
bazhangarakthor: it would be !pt for future reference04:24
wols_MrKeuner: do you have a fairly default ubuntu install? sudo iptables -L ?04:24
ere4siAntiUSA, have you tried running fsck from the live cd to repair the errors?04:24
bazhangfba here yes english04:24
AntiUSAka2: thoughts?04:24
Toddwhile a friend of mine installing UBUNTU7.04 on his ThinkPad ,It shows the 'cannot access tty',anyone knows Why?04:24
therealnanotubetomvolek_: but what protocol will you use to "mount" the partition? standard partition mounting only works for disks directly attached to the machine. you have to use some kind of a network protocol to access a different computer over the network.04:24
AntiUSAno how do I do that?04:24
bazhangwols_: hi!04:24
arakthorthanks bazhang04:24
tomvolek_you are right, i forgot04:24
MrKeunerwols_: do I have to run as root04:24
kernfreak<craigbass1976> search synaptic for "firefox" ff3 is there, im using gusty04:24
wols_yes sudo iptables -L04:24
bazhangno worries arakthor ;]04:24
therealnanotubetomvolek_: since you said you have two computers, that's why i recommended ssh - it's very easy to set up04:24
ka2kernfreak: no thats firefox 2 as far as i know04:25
kernfreaki have ff304:25
ka2 kernfreak: firefox 3 is still in beta04:25
kernfreakits labeled as a beta04:25
fbabazhang: ok04:25
kernfreakin synaptic04:25
deniz__i have a tarball04:25
ka2the firefox-3.0 package is outdated04:25
deniz__how do u compile it04:25
therealnanotubetomvolek_: and once you have an ssh server up on one machine, you can even "mount" it on your other machine by using nautilus's "connect to server" function04:25
AntiUSAere4si: how do I do that?04:25
ka2 deniz__: tarball of what?04:25
bazhangdeniz__: what package04:26
fbabazhang: mi english is bad, but i read +-04:26
deniz__ka2, subtitle thing for video editing (http://home.gna.org/subtitleeditor/)04:26
ere4siAntiUSA, boot from the live cd - open a terminal - then type     sudo fsck -A /dev/sda    or what the hd is04:26
fbabazhang: google translate :D04:26
bazhangfba haha04:26
kernfreakim using grand paradiso04:26
tomvolek_theralnano: my real goal is to use rubyonrails to publish form one host to the other which is going to be a production like host ...04:26
kernfreakcode name im sure04:26
fbahelp about zoneminder04:26
bazhangfba is that a firewall?04:26
fbabazhang: not04:26
hopelessdoes anybody know how to create a user with user id less than 1000?04:26
speeddemon8803you do realize deniz__, that the program your stating, is in the repositories.04:27
fbabazhang: is read/write disc04:27
speeddemon8803and you dont have to compile it.04:27
bazhangfba what is zoneminder04:27
fbabazhang: bad :(04:27
tomvolek_therealnano: I have not tried rubyonrials publishing yet, but It might do what I want without much hassel04:27
fbabazhang: zoneminder.org04:27
deniz__speeddemon8803, so then wats the command :)04:27
Toddwhile installing UBUNTU7.04 on ThinkPad ,It shows the 'cannot access tty',anyone knows Why?04:27
fbabazhang: cftv (tv circuit close)04:27
AntiUSAere4si: says device busy when I try to run that command?04:27
ka2tomvolek_: i still dont get ruby on rails. django seems nice though04:27
fbai using kubunut :D04:27
fbagnome bad hauhauah04:27
ere4siAntiUSA, from the live cd?04:28
kernfreakbuts its not the beta, its an alpha04:28
ka2fba: no kde bad04:28
kernfreakit is outdated04:28
speeddemon8803sudo aptitude install subtitleeditor i believe04:28
bazhangfba if you tell me what you want to do then I can help better04:28
ka2fba: i used to use kde but switched to gnome04:28
kernfreakoh well i can just install it from, nm04:28
therealnanotubetomvolek_: don't know much about ruby, either on rails or without... if there's something you think will work, then give it a try :)04:28
bazhang!info subtitleeditor04:28
ubotusubtitleeditor (source: subtitleeditor): Graphical subtitle editor with sound waves representation. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.6-1 (gutsy), package size 564 kB, installed size 2164 kB04:28
Ein2015PMantis: i seem to be able to see the mythtv package just fine using synaptic... let me try to install it on my serverbox...04:28
ere4siAntiUSA, is there partitions mounted from that drive?04:28
speeddemon8803thanks baz :)04:28
tomvolek_will do therealnano, thanks for ur comments,   god bless04:28
PMantisEin2015: Hmmm. OK, thanks!04:28
bazhanghehe no worries speeddemon880304:28
AntiUSAuhhh, i guess so04:28
AntiUSAhow do I unmount04:29
deniz__AntiUSA, sudo umount -a04:29
lixiangfani hao04:29
bazhanghello lixiangfa04:29
tomvolek_Ka2 : so many people using rubyonrails now, so i thought i use, it, I liek teh rubylanguage.. its way more advanced than other dead brain scripting languages ..04:29
fbaka2: kde = window :D simple hauhaua gnome is very clean :D kde is very colours hauhauahauahuahauhu04:29
ere4siAntiUSA, sudo umount /dev/sda1  - or what the partitions are called04:29
nickrudAntiUSA: is this a live cd you're running, or your hd install?04:29
ka2deniz__: got virtualbox yet04:30
Toddwhile installing UBUNTU7.04 on ThinkPad ,It shows the 'cannot access tty',anyone knows Why?04:30
matt3453ok, so how to i get users access to a specific program?04:30
kernfreaklol fba, what?04:30
deniz__ka2, in like 10 min04:30
therealnanotubetomvolek_: i use python :)04:30
tomvolek_ka2:  but one problem i have is, I have plenty of legacy javascipt which I need to port to rails, and that is a daunting task ..04:30
deniz__ka2,  more like 504:30
fbahahaahuahu mi english bad :(04:30
ka2fba: gnome is more themable actually04:30
fbago google04:30
AntiUSAit a[[ears top work once the drive is unmounted04:30
PMantisEin2015: See if you can find mythtv-backend-master ...04:30
Pici!ttyerror | Todd04:30
ubotuTodd: If you get an error on boot similar to « /bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off », you can try the fixes proposed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TTYError04:30
tomvolek_I which we had a javascript framework which u could do javascirpt both on client and server side ..04:30
AntiUSAthanks guy04:31
lixiangfani men hao04:31
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:31
tomvolek_python is good too04:31
ka2tomvolek_: python rulez04:31
bazhangmatt3453: what did you do when you installed firefox flash plugin nonfree? are you running as root now?04:31
kernfreakdamn ppl use that offtopic thing alot huh?04:31
lixiangfake yi jiao jiao wo ma04:31
ka2lixiangfa: hah?04:31
nickrud!cn | lixiangfa04:31
ubotulixiangfa: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:31
ZelfireI have a quick question about smb04:31
Picikernfreak: Perhaps they're trying to tell you something...04:31
matt3453i'm not running as root04:31
bazhanglixiangfa: you need to speak english here xie xie04:31
gold44lixiangfa: who?04:31
PMantisEin2015: Ahhh, I think it's in multiverse04:31
tomvolek_i am language agnostic somewhat, whatever helps you to do your work faster to make money :)04:31
kernfreakPici, or, they think that an offtopic involves them ;-)04:32
ka2tomvolek_: i program for fun04:32
matthiashey guys where do i comment about skype to ubuntu about problems in skype ?04:32
fbakernfreak: kde Freshness , Blinking light04:32
Ein2015PMantis: it is04:32
Zelfirecan anyone help me with smb and windows networks04:32
giantwould there be any good reason to run a bind server at home?04:32
kernfreaklol fba i gotha04:32
Ein2015PMantis: i can see all those04:32
ToddPici:Thank you!04:32
fbakernfreak: gnome Opaque04:32
nickrudmatthias: to skype, since it's not in ubuntu04:32
PriceChildgiant, if you don't know of one, then no.04:32
ka2matthias: dont tell ubuntu about skpe04:32
matthiasok ..04:32
ka2matthias: skype is made by skype04:32
Ein2015PMantis: a search on my synaptic shows a billion mythtv packages, including mythtv-backend-master04:32
kernfreakgnome Opaque, and kde colours04:33
fbabazhang: zoneminder lock my pc O_o04:33
kernfreaki know what ya mean bud04:33
endowhy wont flash work in my opera?04:33
ka2kernfreak: no either is either04:33
matthiasthank you found some buggs in it ...04:33
giantjust because I can't think of one... doesnt' mean there isn't one04:33
tomvolek_ka2  :  you lucky04:33
bazhangfba you need to tell me what you want to do; what is the purpose you are seeking?04:33
ka2kernfreak: although i have a completly grey theme right now :)04:33
whabohello guys04:33
matt3453ok, so how can i associate an app with a user group?04:34
matt3453permissions wise anyway04:34
bazhanggiant true but not really a support question04:34
kernfreakmine is white04:34
PMantisEin2015: Yeah... I didn't expect it to be in multiverse, since other myth packages are in main... and there's a Ubuntu based distro with myth. Ahh well.04:34
Z_o-s-oKernfreak : FF 3 hasnt crashed or paused so far, but alot of my plugins and themes arent supported yet04:34
kernfreakomg again with the "not a support topic"04:34
deniz__ka2, its dojne downloading04:34
PMantisEin2015:  Thanks for looking!04:34
ka2kernfreak: http://tinyurl.com/3x59ou is my desktop04:34
ka2deniz__: yay04:34
kernfreakZ_o-s-o, flash is working ok then?04:35
=== _Apollo_2 is now known as _Apollo_
bazhangkernfreak feel free to answer his question if you wish ;]04:35
neil_dif I want to start an app (in fullscreen mode) so I can access the standard screen with <ctrl><alt>F7 and using something like <ctrl><alt>F8     can I ?  how ?04:35
deniz__ka2, now i have to wait like 30-40 min for my comp to finish using optical drive b4 i install virtual xp :'(04:35
Z_o-s-okernfreak : so far no crashes or pauses04:35
kernfreakno no, i cant answer QUEStions, that bot may poke at me again04:35
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:35
flowOverhow do i setup shared folders with xp in virtualbox?04:36
ka2kernfreak: ubotu is great :)04:36
* speeddemon8803 pats ubotu04:36
kernfreakno no, its a beast of burden04:36
Ein2015where's the list of ubotu commands?04:36
ka2flowOver: see the virtualbox manual its really good04:36
speeddemon8803ubotu doesnt poke unless we pull its tail :P04:36
ka2Ein2015: wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubotu04:36
neil_dflowOver: the is a #vbox group04:36
speeddemon8803!ubotu > Ein201504:36
therealnanotubeneil_d: can you just switch workspaces with ctl-alt-left and ctl-alt-right ?04:36
Ein2015PMantis: i keep multiverse enabled by default :)04:36
bazhangEin2015: /msg ubotu list04:36
fbabazhang: i am find help about zoneminder04:36
ka2flowOver: i set it up following the manual04:36
speeddemon8803Ein2015, please see private message from ubotu.04:36
DoubleDewwhat is the command to open a graphical folder?04:37
neil_dtherealnanotube: I didn't know, but I need to know how to start the app first, do you know how ?04:37
bazhangfba well really unless you tell me clearly what you want to do I cannot help04:37
kernfreakyou cant restrict topics, there are an inumerable amount of topics that stem from ubuntu, some of which man usually seem off topic, and that bot pops up every time i answer a question lmao04:37
PMantisEwwwwwwwwww Ubuntu's myth package is installing msttcorefonts04:37
fbabazhang: but not find other place04:37
kernfreakand that bot dont like source code lol04:38
therealnanotubeneil_d: what app are you starting? what exactly are you trying to do? :)04:38
ka2kernfreak: because people tell it !offtopic?04:38
therealnanotubeDoubleDew: nautilus04:38
kernfreakyes i know how them irc bots work, have programmed a few04:38
ka2kernfreak: i like ubotu04:38
Ein2015speeddemon8803: i did :P04:38
ka2kernfreak: it saves people time :)04:38
speeddemon8803Ein2015, ok04:39
ka2kernfreak: eg !ati04:39
kernfreakthat was our bot04:39
nickrud!rtfm | kernfreak ;p04:39
ubotukernfreak ;p: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.04:39
speeddemon8803!rtfm > kernfreak04:39
fbabazhang: hauhauahau do you speak portuguesh?04:39
ka2!rtfm | kernfreak04:39
ubotukernfreak: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.04:39
bazhangfba try to launch zoneminder from the terminal and pastebin whatever errors you get04:39
nickrud!language | kernfreak ;-)04:39
ubotukernfreak ;-): Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:39
kernfreakwhat is wrong with rtfm04:40
DoubleDewdoes php get processed as the user I am logged in as....I'm trying to create a file with an fwrite() command in a script....it is in an apache folder which i have to use sudo commands to create files04:40
fbabazhang: ichi, not is simple04:40
JamesinatorI'm using the restricted Nvidia driver for my GeForce FX 5200 under Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10, and the resolution will no longer go past 1024x768. I've followed the nVidia subsection from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto but neither of the fixes worked. Any suggestions?04:40
nickrudkernfreak: used far too often to put down beginners04:40
ka2!rtfm | kernfreak ;)04:40
ubotukernfreak ;): Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.04:40
flowOveri been searching for the man04:40
deniz__does any1 no how to use cinelerra to make a menu for a "movie" im trying to make? i want video that keeps repeating (i think its called looping) in the menu04:40
neil_dtherealnanotube: I am trying to start UAE in fullscreen mode.  but it takes over the whole X screen system, I can use switch screen leaving UAE running and get back to Ubunut. What I would like to do is try to setup with a different set of X screen (like you do when you have two users loged in).04:40
neowas dissconnected ......           i have problem wih the /etc/hosts file         .....      sometimes some programs edits the file and pc starts working slowly ,,,earlier somebody on the forum solved my problem by editing the file /etc/hosts first line as ¨ localhost unknown¨04:40
fbabazhang: zoneminder use apache,mysql,php and other programs for run04:40
ka2!lamp | fba04:41
ubotufba: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)04:41
james296is there any way to prevent nspluginviewer from causing Konqueror to crash when viewing flash content?04:41
kernfreaknickrud, thats true, but there is always "rude" ways to tell ppl to read the documentation, before asking questions04:41
bazhangfba I really know nothing about zoneminder sorry04:41
james296this is on Kubuntu 7.1004:41
AntiUSAhmmm, when I try to install Ubuntu... I tell it to resze my previous partition and make a new parition... and after hitting the Forward button it just hangs.... what's going on?04:41
bazhangAntiUSA: how much ram what cpu etc04:42
fbabazhang: but i believe is hd crach04:42
speeddemon8803AntiUSA, does it give any form of error?04:42
fbabazhang: i go substituir hd04:42
AntiUSAno error... just fucking sits there04:42
nickrudkernfreak: we get a lot of people here who have no clue what documentation there is. Answering their specific question, and showing them how to find other answers themselves is what happens here. Not docs first04:42
AntiUSAit's a dual core lappie with 2GB ram04:42
fbasubstituir = replace04:42
Jamesinator!language > AntiUSA04:42
bazhangAntiUSA: language please04:42
LimCorewhat to install to have man strlen and friends for C?04:42
ka2!language | AntiUSA04:42
speeddemon8803Guys, this room is family friendly, lets keep it that way ;)04:42
kernfreakok, ok, this isnt the "normal" linux room, i acually have to be civil, this is "linux gone wild"04:42
ubotuAntiUSA: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:42
kernfreaklol j/k04:42
AntiUSAyeah yeah yeah, I got the language thing04:43
JamesinatorNow you got ubotu spam'd :D04:43
ka2why isnt ubotu working?04:43
kernfreaki cant curse04:43
bazhangAntiUSA: perhaps a bad burn then did you check md5 what speed did you burn it at, what media did you use04:43
fbachanel very busy04:43
ka2ah it just worked04:43
AntiUSAi've been using this disc for two months04:43
JamesinatorI'm using the restricted Nvidia driver for my GeForce FX 5200 under Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10, and the resolution will no longer go past 1024x768. I've followed the nVidia subsection from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto but neither of the fixes worked. Any suggestions?04:43
AntiUSAther disc is fine04:43
bazhangka2 he needs a breather ;]04:43
james296is there any way to prevent nspluginviewer from causing Konqueror to crash when viewing flash content?04:44
ka2bazhang: yea i do ;)04:44
speeddemon8803Bazhang, i couldnt agree more.04:44
Presarioguys... my ubuntu is stuck at the splash screen at the "loading hardware drivers. any help here please?04:44
james296I cant run flash content at all04:44
kernfreakok ok, ima go do another LFS to relieve this headache04:44
sean_does anyone know when the release date for the new release is?04:44
storm-zenwow... no rtfm here?  If I'd known that, I would have made the change to Ubuntu a long time ago. :)  ( RTFM isn't very ADD-compatible. :P )04:44
ka28.04 -  2008, april04:44
speeddemon8803!hardy | sean_04:44
ubotusean_: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:44
bazhangAntiUSA: what error message do you get; also if the disc is fine why are you having problems? it is either the disc or your harddrive--try burning a new one first04:45
james296is there any way to prevent nspluginviewer from causing Konqueror to crash when viewing flash content?04:45
Z_o-s-oHardy = Apr. 2404:45
ka2ok taking a breather by going back to google reader ;)04:45
AntiUSAno error message!04:45
therealnanotubeneil_d: what's uae?04:45
ka2228 items04:45
DoubleDewif i launch "sudo nautilus /var/www" and make permissions changes to a subdirectory there.... shouldn't that actually change the permissions?04:45
neoI have problem wih the /etc/hosts file         .....      sometimes some programs edits the file and pc starts working slowly ,,,earlier somebody on the forum solved my problem by editing the file /etc/hosts first line as ¨ localhost unknown¨04:45
Presarioanybody help me with me stuck at splach boot?04:45
bazhangAntiUSA: then burn a new iso and see if that works--otherwise perhaps hardware issues04:46
Z_o-s-oPresario : Did you end up going with a minimal cd?04:46
kernfreakrtfm, is not used as most think it is, it is used for ppl who after being helped, and taught where to look for information, still "because of laziness" would rather ask questions than research, its not a term to describe a newbie.04:46
bazhangkernfreak: not needed here04:46
speeddemon8803!stop | kernfreak04:46
ubotukernfreak: NOTICE - Please stop this discussion NOW. See !offtopic for things that are inappropriate to discuss in this channel. Continuing will result in action being taken.04:46
Zelfireanyone availble to help?04:46
bazhangkernfreak /join #gentoo ;]04:47
neil_dtherealnanotube: an Amiga emulator.04:47
ka2bazhang: seems about right :)04:47
james296hmmm guess Im gonna have to go back to Fedora if the problem I asked for cant be fixed...04:47
ka2james296: what problem04:47
james296hmmm guess Im gonna have to go back to Fedora if the problem I asked for cant be fixed...04:47
james296is there any way to prevent nspluginviewer from causing Konqueror to crash when viewing flash content?04:47
AntiUSAHAH! It went after hanging for 15 minutes!04:47
bazhangjames use firefox then--how many tabs you got going in konq by the way04:47
ka2james296: it shouldnt crash04:48
Presario Z_o-s-o: ok i managed to install ubuntu till the end and can boot up but it get stuck at "loading hardware driver". have a copy of the minimal cd but have not tried it yet..... but i thought that i don't need it already because i managed to install ubuntu already.... what's ur advise? I guess one of my hardware is not compatible with ubuntu04:48
ka2james296: worked for me when i used kubuntu04:48
james296but getting Firefox involves getting gnome software...04:48
fbai go sleep :D04:48
fbaby peoples04:48
kernfreakim already there, and in a bsd room, a deb room, a fedora room, 5 programming rooms,04:48
fbabazhang: ;) tanks04:48
fbaka2: by04:48
bazhangfba no worries ;]04:48
ka2kernfreak: how do you keep ub with it04:48
Z_o-s-oPresario : What kind of PC is it and what are the specs?04:48
james296I got the restricted extras, and opened up Konqueror and it doesnt show any flash content then when I close Konqueror it comes with an error message involving nspluginviewer04:49
neil_dtherealnanotube: can you start an app on it own X screen ?04:49
ka2thanks to everyone who has ever said thanks to me btw04:49
bazhangjames296: indeed konq works well here too what are you doing to make it crash--got compiz and a ton of plugins, awn or other as well04:49
james296I JUST got a fresh install04:49
ka2james296: try #kubuntu :)04:49
PresarioIt's a HP presario and heard alot about it not able to run ubuntu.... and the specs i'm sure are met as i installed ubuntu on an old laptop which are way outdated and it worked like a breeze04:50
james296didnt even get any of the system updates yet04:50
therealnanotubeneil_d: ah... well, you /could/ start two instances of xorg... but that would be a bit of a waste of resources. when uae is running, what happens when you hit ctl-alt-left or right? anything?04:50
ka2!flash | james29604:50
ubotujames296: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash04:50
userwaldomy ethernet card an e1000-ich9 drops about 50% of the packets04:50
neil_dtherealnanotube: nope.04:50
userwaldoI'm searched the web, but i'm not finding anything useful04:50
ka2james296: that could be part of it ;)04:50
Presario Z_o-s-o: do you really need a more detailed specs?  could find for ya04:50
Z_o-s-oPresario : As with most HP hardware, I'm sure your going to have to use some variation of noacpi04:50
james296what you linked me to is 7.04 and under04:50
userwaldoany ideas what i can do do debug this?04:50
james296Im using 7.1004:50
Ein2015Z_o-s-o: i've had to use noacpi on most of my machines04:50
ka2james296: install flash-nonfree04:51
Presario Z_o-s-o: hmms... tried it and still stuck at the same process.04:51
bazhangjames296: indeed update the system completely there was a flash problem not so long ago04:51
neowas dissconnected ......           i have problem wih the /etc/hosts file         .....      sometimes some programs edits the file and pc starts working slowly ,,,earlier somebody on the forum solved my problem by editing the file /etc/hosts first line as ¨ localhost unknown¨04:51
james296I DID!04:51
ka2james296: bad ubotu :)04:51
james296from the restricted extras04:51
Zelfireanyone know how to get my internal texas instrument sd reader working?04:51
Z_o-s-oEin2015 : ouch04:51
ka2james296: you said you didnt update04:51
Presario Z_o-s-o: I'm using a Nvidia fx 5200 PCI video card04:51
Z_o-s-oPresario : I'm not sure then....id run a quick search of the forum04:51
ka2james296: there were flash problems a while ago04:51
james296I didnt get any system updates I said04:51
Z_o-s-othe 5200 should be fine04:52
james296but I DID get the restricted extras04:52
bazhangthen get them james29604:52
ka2Presario: PCI or agp?04:52
james296I would, but, Im over my bandwidth usage limit04:52
Ein2015Z_o-s-o: what are the benefits of acpi?04:52
ka2james296: well you will have to wait04:52
Presario Z_o-s-o: someone had the same problem with the same computer in the forums and solved it but i tried to follow what ever he did but still can't get it to work04:52
bazhangjames296: until you get those updates then it will not work04:52
james296is that true?04:52
therealnanotubeneil_d: what about alt-tab?04:53
ka2there were problems04:53
Presarioka2: PCI for sure. haha i know it's a outdated and rare...04:53
james296I see04:53
ka2adobe changed the location or something like that04:53
Symmetriaanyone know where I can find a release schedule for ubuntu ?04:53
speeddemon8803adobe screwed up on their package therefore we suffered james.04:53
ce_niezz_crico_indak lai ko?04:53
wols_speeddemon8803: every half year04:53
speeddemon8803we have a fix now though.04:53
james296stupid adobe..04:53
jeffMASTERflexSymmetria: they release every april and october of every year04:53
speeddemon8803wols_, just about04:53
=== ce_niezz_crico_ is now known as Tre_cool
ka2james296: if only they would opensource the player04:54
speeddemon8803ka2, i totally agree!04:54
Symmetriajeff *nod* but any dates for april this year? Im just trying to do some capacity planning for our mirror04:54
Zelfireanyone know how to get my internal texas instrument sd reader working?04:54
neowas dissconnected ......           i have problem wih the /etc/hosts file         .....      sometimes some programs edits the file and pc starts working slowly ,,,earlier somebody on the forum solved my problem by editing the file /etc/hosts first line as ¨ localhost unknown¨ now whenever i open some program the /et/hosts file is modified as ¨ localhost¨04:54
ka2it would be good for adobe04:54
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:54
jeffMASTERflexSymmetria: april 20-something04:54
Symmetriathanks :)04:54
ka2jeffMASTERflex: sound right04:54
Presario Z_o-s-o: Im trying apt-get update on rescue mode and after downloading them, how do i install them?04:54
Tre_coolindak ngarati den baa caronyo ko....04:54
cyphaseThis is a really strange bug.. I have Rhythmbox subscribed to both the Linux Action Show and LugRadio (among other podcasts), and for some reason the latest episode of LugRadio is showing up under the Linux Action Show04:55
ka2apt-get upgrade04:55
PapagenoHow can I pipe to diff? Like cmd | diff expected_output? That won't work. Do I have to dump to file and then diff?04:55
Tre_coolkalapia unto...04:55
neil_dtherealnanotube: nothing04:55
james296k bye Im gettin Fedora, just because I wanna lol04:55
Tre_coolntah ha..ha...sae04:55
ka2 james296 what about bandwidth04:55
* Symmetria will have his 10gig interfaces all up by then :)04:55
james296Im not gonna get the updates till next month04:55
storm-zenheh.. Your loss, james296.  I just came from there. :P04:55
Presario Z_o-s-o: I installed ubuntu studio FYI. set aside ubuntu for a while....04:55
james296but Im still gettin Fedora04:55
neil_dhow would I go abount starting another instance of xorg ?04:55
james296I already have it on CD04:55
speeddemon8803Have fun james.04:56
workmanHello how i can rename my username (workman) to (unknown) ?04:56
ka2but you will still have to update04:56
workmanHello i'm running linux Ubuntu 7.19 and how i can rename my username (workman) to (unknown) can somebody help me please?04:56
ka2workman: /nick <name>04:56
workman7.10 *04:56
Z_o-s-oPresario : I always had bad luck with ubuntu studio.....as long as you used the restricted driver for the 5200 and ran nvidia-xconfig after there shouldnt be an issue04:56
james296Fedora 8 storm?04:56
ka2workman: username?04:56
workmanon my pc04:56
yo__someone please help me.. ive been trying to get help all day and noone wants to help me04:57
workmani tryed but don't works04:57
ka2!justask | yo__04:57
ubotuyo__: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:57
Presario Z_o-s-o: how do you get the restricted driver?04:57
workmani wants to change also home/workman04:57
storm-zenjames296: No, I didn't make it to 8...04:57
yo__im booting ubuntu from livecd, i cant connect to the internet04:57
storm-zenjames296: I hear there are still issues with 8...04:57
Z_o-s-oPresario : system-admin-restricted drivers04:57
yo__i have a broadcom wireless card04:57
Presario Z_o-s-o: im running aptget upgrade in the mean time....04:57
james296issues like what?04:57
ph0rensic.join #ubuntu-offtopic04:57
james296I cant help but go back there even though it uses gnome....04:58
Presario Z_o-s-o: erm.... but if i wanna do that, i would have to get into ubuntu first right?04:58
yo__i have a broadcom wireless card04:58
yo__and im trying to get on the net from ubuntu04:58
unique_On Hardy alpha 5 is anyone else having probs where the desktop icons are missing and you can't right click on  the desktop?04:58
ka2workman: report a bug04:58
neil_dyo__: best to use one line, so your question doesn't get broken up by other peoples messages.04:58
storm-zenjames296: Didn't pay close enough attention... I knew I was trying something new.  .. but you could ask them at #fedora.04:58
workmani dont have bugs04:58
workmani wants to change also home/workman04:58
ka2!ot | unique_04:58
ubotuunique_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:58
Z_o-s-oPresario : Ubuntu studio is the same thing as regular ubuntu with added apps04:58
ka2workman: you said it didnt work04:58
speeddemon8803!hardy | unique_04:59
ubotuunique_: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:59
unique_thanks guys04:59
Z_o-s-oPresario : you mean boot in normal mode?04:59
Ein2015yo__: what is your wireless card04:59
yo__im booting from livecd, i have a broadcom wireless card and i can't connect to the internet.. it worked before after installing two packages, but now i tried that and its not working04:59
workmanok nvm04:59
yo__im also running an amd64 machine04:59
Ein2015yo__: oh... what packages did you install04:59
bazhangunique_: you should join #ubuntu+1 '] all the kewl kids are there ;]04:59
ka2yo__:  am looking04:59
Presario Z_o-s-o: yeah to go to system-admin-restricteddrivers.... isnt that what u meant?05:00
speeddemon8803baz, i already told ubotu to inform him about it :)05:00
Presario Z_o-s-o: to get into the graphical desktop05:00
bazhangspeeddemon8803: ah so you did my bad ;[05:00
ka2yo_: http://www.shivanjaikaran.com/blog/?p=5505:00
kernfreakoh no, documetation05:00
yo__k thanks05:00
yo__ill look right now05:00
therealnanotubeneil_d: well then two instances of x it will have to be. or try it under kde - i just looked some stuff up ot google, and it seems that kde may be better at handling app switching with fullscreen apps...05:00
Z_o-s-oPresario : If you can get the internet from the command line (no gui) you can type sudo apt-get install Nvidia-glx05:00
Z_o-s-oPresario : Normally internet doesnt work in recovery mode05:01
Presario Z_o-s-o: yeah i can.... ill do it after theapt-get upgrade05:01
DevourerHow can I compile a .exe?05:01
DevourerIn C.05:01
Presario Z_o-s-o: I'll be right back....05:01
kernfreakDevourer, there is no reason too if ur using Linux05:01
ka2Devourer: .exes are for windows05:01
DingbatHello Folks05:02
yo__does ubunto have a .txt reader?05:02
Presario Z_o-s-o: but then it is downloading the stuff right now.... 60% already05:02
Z_o-s-oDoes anyone besides me prefer Evolution over Thunderbird?05:02
Devourerkernfreak, yes, but I would like to create a .exe for Windows on Linux. :)05:02
Z_o-s-oPresario : ok05:02
kernfreakyou would have to build a cross compiler05:02
zero88_what is ubuntu default wireless manager name? i would like to delete it05:02
nickrudyo__: less05:02
jeffMASTERflexZ_o-s-o: i do.05:02
ka2yo__: gedit Applications >Accessories > Text Editor05:02
kernfreakthat I can help with05:02
soulburnerlinux_wlan_lg, i believe zer0ne05:02
jeffMASTERflexyo__: nano, less, vim05:02
DingbatQuestion: I want to setup Ubuntu Server as a load balancer using "pen" ... pen works pretty easily but how can I get it to start up at boot?05:02
ka2kernfreak: mingw?05:02
yo__that i can use from livecd without installing?05:02
ka2kernfreak: could you help me?05:02
Devourerkernfreak, does MinGW work?05:03
ka2yo__: yes gedit05:03
soulburnerzero88 look in synaptic and it should be in there05:03
soulburnerand you can choose to uninstall the package05:03
kernfreaka cross compiler, when built on linux,  would allow you to produce .exe's from linux05:03
ka2kernfreak: can you private message me about how :)05:03
=== Syntux__ is now known as Syntux
kernfreakyou would have to compile binutils, gcc, and some other things05:03
ka2kernfreak: ive tried05:03
bluewraithhello everyone05:03
zero88_soulburner thanks, also how would i delete kwifimanager and everything it automatically dowloaded with it?05:03
wols_!info mingw05:03
ubotuPackage mingw does not exist in gutsy05:03
ka2kernfreak: yeah it wouldnt compile for me05:03
wols_it does in debian :(05:04
Devourerkernfreak, such as what?05:04
kernfreakthere is workarounds05:04
soulburnerzero88 by synaptic or you can use sudo apt-get remove kwifimanager05:04
Devourerkernfreak, I have those things.05:04
ka2wols_: an ancient one05:04
soulburneror use your synaptic package manager05:04
ka2wols_:  3.x05:04
wols_!info mingw3205:04
ubotumingw32 (source: mingw32): Minimalist GNU win32 (cross) compiler. In component universe, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 11428 kB, installed size 53656 kB05:04
DingbatQuestion: I want to setup Ubuntu Server as a load balancer using "pen" ... pen works pretty easily but how can I get it to start up at boot?05:04
soulburnerif you use the apt-get removal itll let you know if any dependancies on the system will not be used after the install05:04
soulburneror after the removal i should say05:05
ka2Dingbat: did you build pen from source05:05
ka2Dingbat: did u build pen from source05:05
grezer34Is there any ISPConfig Experts in here ??05:05
neil_dtherealnanotube: ok05:05
grezer34I have a very stuppid question05:05
workmanPeople i'm running Linux Ubuntu 7.10, how to rename my username (workman@workman-linux:~$) can somebody please tell me i wants to rename workman to bosanac can somebody a ?05:05
kernfreakDevourer, may I ask why you want too?05:05
wols_you alread asked one05:05
ka2!justask | grezer3405:05
ubotugrezer34: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:05
storm-zenworkman, why not just add a new user instead?05:06
storm-zen( renaming can be messier. )05:06
nickrudwols_: long time no see! Just as I'm leaving ...05:06
storm-zenworkman... unless.. you've been using that name for a while?05:06
workmanstorm-zen, i will lost everything :S05:06
wols_nickrud:needed to ask somehing about ubuntu default iptables05:06
neowas dissconnected ......           i have problem wih the /etc/hosts file         .....      sometimes some programs edits the file and pc starts working slowly ,,,earlier somebody on the forum solved my problem by editing the file /etc/hosts first line as ¨ localhost unknown¨ now whenever i open some program the /et/hosts file is modified as ¨ localhost¨05:06
workmanstorm-zen, what name?05:06
nickrudwols_: what default iptables, they're all flushed05:06
storm-zenworkman: Ok.  I see what you mean.05:06
workmani'm using workman but i wants to rename it to bosanac05:06
wols_morons in #windows rally wanted to spout windows was more secur "you can run as non admin!". sure...05:06
ka2neo: i asked you which programs05:07
workmani wants to rename also /home/workman to /home/bosanac05:07
ka2neo: dont run progs as root unless you have to05:07
Devourerkernfreak, because I can only get GTK+ to work on here, so therefore I can only compile GTK+ on here and suppose I want to write something for Windows using GTK+?05:07
wols_workman: create new account, move over all files as root then chown them all to new accountname05:07
grezer34ok, Here it goes, I just installed ISPConfig, seems to be working fine, I am trying to view the index.htm on one of the sites that I created ( IPaddress/web9_username/site ) but I cant seem to get it to work, not sure why ??05:07
kernfreakDevourer, gtk has a windows port05:07
grezer34what am I missing ?05:07
workmanwols_, huh tell me the commands can you?05:07
wols_grezer34: you missed telling us any error05:07
TurtleOfDoomworkman: renaming is easy, but there is a decent chance it will break something you probably want to create a new account05:07
workmani'm newbie05:07
wols_workman: no05:07
storm-zenworkman: Make sure you get all the hidden ones, too.05:08
kernfreakbuilding a cross compiler is frankly without bot intervention, "a bitch"05:08
bazhangwols_: we missed you! ;]05:08
Devourerkernfreak, yes, but in my previous statement I stated I can only get GTK+ to work on here. I've tried on Windows, sucks ballz.05:08
shabbazhy, im from brazil. i try install ubuntu but i cant.. now i dont find my HD in "My Computer" on Win. What i do? I had some files on HD.05:08
ka2kernfreak: i was using a script05:08
wols_well, I can tell you the commands. adduser, mv, chown05:08
workmancome on guys help me please :|05:08
deniz__how do i compile sumtin thats a tarball? (http://home.gna.org/subtitleeditor/)05:08
workmani ask everywhere05:08
kernfreakka2, probably the reason05:08
grezer34ok, Here it goes, I just installed ISPConfig, seems to be working fine, I am trying to view the index.htm on one of the sites that I created ( IPaddress/web9_username/site/index.html ) but I cant seem to get it to work, not sure why ?? sorry ,mod a few things there05:08
workmannobody helping me05:08
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
bazhangdeniz__: just install that from the repos it is there05:08
ka2shabbaz: let me guess you deleted your windows partition?05:08
=== syc_ is now known as psychode
TurtleOfDoomworkman: you want to do this from the command line or GUI?05:08
Devourerkernfreak, lol.05:08
wols_workman: easier if you start with the manpages of the commands I gave you05:09
deniz__bazhang, command=?05:09
workmanwols_, you dont give me any commands05:09
wols_workman: probably faster than asking forever and much enlightening05:09
jeffMASTERflexworkman: try "man adduser" "man mv" "man chown". You can also move and change permissions from giu via nautilus05:09
shabbazka2 no, i try install in another HD05:09
wols_< wols_> well, I can tell you the commands. adduser, mv, chown05:09
wols_I didn't?05:09
bazhangdeniz__: sudo apt-get install subtitleeditor05:09
storm-zenworkman: He did.05:09
workmani don't see05:09
kernfreakit is possible, but most of the time work arounds are needed to get them to compile05:09
ka2shabbaz: so you can use windows?05:09
TurtleOfDoomi would not reccomend man chown, one of the worst manpages ever05:09
wols_info chown then05:09
workmanWILL somebody help me please!?05:10
storm-zenTurtleOfDoom: Really? heh... never noticed...05:10
shabbazka2 yes, but i dont find this HD, were i try install linux ubuntu05:10
wols_!permissions | workman05:10
ubotuworkman: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview05:10
bazhanghttp://www.ss64.com/bash/ workman05:10
Devourerkernfreak, you mention these work arounds, what work arounds?05:10
neook program like firefox,irc chat clients etc.         the person who solved my problem said that it is a bug05:10
storm-zen... would would explain why I had so much trouble with them, though.05:10
workmanbazhang, you think you helped me if you give me link a ?05:10
ka2shabbaz: no windows doesnt understand linux partitions05:10
wols_workman: are you always this lazy?05:10
workmanI AM NEWBIEi05:10
ka2shabbaz: but linux understands windows ones05:10
workmani told you05:10
wols_workman: you are LAZY05:10
tritiumeasy, fellas05:11
deniz__ka2, windows can c linux paritions with the help of software (but its kinda risky_05:11
wols_and when you are lazy, we can be better at it. much better05:11
bazhangworkman: those are the man pages--you need to do some reading to become a non-newbie; we all did ;]05:11
ka2deniz__: yes i know05:11
deniz__ka2, o i was just trying to help u help sum1 else05:11
workman OMFG05:11
ka2deniz: http://www.fs-driver.org/05:11
bluewraithbest reply ever. :)05:11
kernfreaki havent tried a cross compiler with the latest binutils/gcc, let me research it, and maybe come up with an automated build system, or the binaries05:11
workmancan you tell me the stupid commands please !:?05:11
tritiumworkman: stop05:11
jeffMASTERflexworkman: it's a hard knock life. annie didn't complain nearly as much05:11
james296workman, hate to barge in, but if you cant simply do some reading, then maybe linux isnt for you05:12
bazhangworkman he did scroll up05:12
workmantritium, i ask for help 1000 times so help me05:12
shabbazka2 but i cant access this hard drive, i want access, i had some files inside05:12
mindheavyi am trying to get the ati driver installed, using several different guides (including the one from help.ubuntu.com) im running into a problem not being able to install '   libstdc++5   ' it seems like its unavailable05:12
deniz__workman, wats ur problem?05:12
workmandon't give me links i can find links too, but i'm a newbie05:12
ka2shabbaz: the hard drive you installed ubuntu to?05:12
wols_workman: I ask you for money so give me money. see the problem?05:12
tritiumworkman: that's a warning05:12
ka2!stop | workman05:12
ubotuworkman: NOTICE - Please stop this discussion NOW. See !offtopic for things that are inappropriate to discuss in this channel. Continuing will result in action being taken.05:12
workmandeniz__, look i wants to rename my username and /home/workman to /home/bosanac ( my username too )05:12
ebonraireavance: you there?05:12
bazhangworkman the commands are mv chown and adduser; you need to read up on how to do them however05:13
zero88wow i just apt-get remove network-manager-gnome network-manager, rebooted and under network the gui still pops up. what is up with that05:13
shabbazka2 no, the HD wehe i this install linuz is not the same were i had instaled windows05:13
ka2sorry g2g05:13
workmanbazhang, i'm speaking with deniz05:13
bazhangka2 cya05:13
jeffMASTERflexworkman: http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/articles/users_in_ubuntu05:13
wols_zero88: check what binary it is, see what package owns the binary, remove it05:13
jeffMASTERflexworst googler ever05:13
deniz__ka2, wait05:13
deniz__is ka2 gone?05:14
storm-zenworkman, it seems a lot to grasp at first, but everyone that wants to be productive with linux needs to be familiar with its commands.05:14
zero88wols_ not sure that you mean05:14
wols_deniz__: yes05:14
workmanstorm-zen, can i PM you?05:14
wols_zero88: see what binary runs when you open this network manager thing that doesn't go away05:14
wols_then find out what package it is in and remove the package05:14
deniz__workman, system->administration->user and groups ?05:14
glammy file system is growing for some reason, and eventially it goes to 100% full, I only had one partition, how do I find out what causes that?05:14
kernfreakworkman, this is where i usual say rtfm after you saying what you did, just create another user05:14
zero88wols_ oh ok. in task manager?05:15
Devourerworkman, work! :)05:15
wols_zero88: for example, yes05:15
zero88wols_ k05:15
yo__who gave me the link for that webpage describing how to activate the drivers?05:16
storm-zenYou can.  I reserve the right not to answer, though. :/05:16
bazhangglam: you may want to clear the apt cache05:16
workmanroot@workman-linux:/home# ls05:16
workmanstill workman :|05:16
kernfreakonce you create another user, with the name you want  login, and sudo to move your files over, making sure not to change the permissions, or, you can goto the links that were provided, as they can probably be more help05:16
workmani wants to move now /home/workman to /home/bosanac05:16
workmanhow to do that?05:16
glambazhang: I did clear the apt cache with apt-get clean, but it does not help, the file system keep growing.05:17
storm-zengot to go.  ttyl later. :)05:17
yo__is ka2 still in here?05:17
workmankernfreak, i know with mv but how?05:17
Ein2015yo__: yes05:17
workmansudo mv /home/workman /home/bosanac05:17
workmanlike that?05:17
Ein2015!lastseen ka205:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lastseen ka2 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:17
zero88wols_ its actually coming up as gksu ?05:17
Devourerworkman, good job. :D05:17
deniz__i just finished installing virtualbox, how do i launch it and install windows?05:18
* Pwhdavey just had his first Linux experience with an Ubuntu LiveCD!05:18
prince_jammysworkman: you don't need sudo since apparently you're root05:18
yo__where do i get the driver package for broadcom wireless card?05:18
mindheavyusing apt-get, im getting errors about 'restricted-manager-kde' not being able to install because dependencies are "not installable" anyone have an idea here?05:18
ronartosanyone knows how to install open-ldap in ubuntu?05:18
demonspork!welcom | Pwhdavey05:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about welcom - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:18
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ubotuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx05:18
demonspork!welcome | Pwhdavey05:18
ubotuPwhdavey: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.05:18
ronartosI just need it to install PloneLDAP05:18
=== Flyerfye is now known as Xenu
XenuBeware thetans05:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about openldap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:18
XenuI come to collect you to fight in my intergalactic war05:18
Ein2015wtf @ Xenu go away05:19
demonsporkHAMMER TIME05:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about open-ldap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:19
tritiumStay on topic, please05:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about search - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:19
jeffMASTERflextom cruise is in this channel?05:19
=== Xenu is now known as Flyerfye
ubotuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information and installation instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer05:19
Z_o-s-o!Mark Shuttleworth05:19
ubotuMark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com05:19
Flyerfyeyou are sooo no fun05:19
bazhangruh roh05:19
PwhdaveyBefore I begin to dual-boot with Vista... does MS Office OneNote convert to OpenOffice.org functions?05:19
Flyerfyehey quick question, why couldnt I get on IRC from a VPN connection05:19
jeffMASTERflexPwhdavey: no05:19
Ein2015Pwhdavey: you can install openoffice in vista too05:19
Flyerfyeon top of that when I tried to do the :8001 port thing it phailed05:19
demonsporkFlyerfye, the IRC port is blocked05:20
demonsporkFlyerfye, the IRC port is blocked possilbly05:20
Flyerfyeso how do  i unblock that sucker05:20
Flyerfyecause I can get on at home05:20
Flyerfyejust not at univ.05:20
tritium!enter | Flyerfye05:20
ubotuFlyerfye: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:20
Flyerfyeits how I type, consider it a new form  of english05:21
kernfreakuniversity networks are probably firewalled05:21
jeffMASTERflexEin2015: i don't think there is a one note alternative in linux. i don't know if you've ever used it, but it's pretty damn amazing. i wish openoffice could even come close to MS Office05:21
Flyerfyei was able to get on at the university using mIRC on vista05:21
bazhanghello leo200805:21
Flyerfyeso what the hell?05:21
demonsporkFlyerfye, universities may intentionally block IRC. although the port for this network is usually 666705:21
McHeartyuse a proxy?05:21
Flyerfyewell it was05:21
Ein2015jeffMASTERflex: ah yeah you're probably right.  i've seen onenote offered (MSDN Academic Alliance) but i never tried it05:21
tritiumjeffMASTERflex: there are some note taking packages available, even for use with tablets05:21
kutahow to turn off x windows in gusty?05:21
kernfreaktry another port05:21
FlyerfyemIRC+Vista=connected goodness05:22
tritiumFlyerfye: keep the language family-friendly, please.05:22
McHeartyVista = rubbish05:22
zero88how do i delete the network administration tool?05:22
Flyerfyethe h-word05:22
Flyerfyethe V wor05:22
Ein2015!enter | Flyerfye05:22
ubotuFlyerfye: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:22
therealnanotubejeffMASTERflex: aren't there bunches of various notetaking programs out there? what makes onenote so special?05:22
jeffMASTERflextherealnanotube: have you used it?05:22
kutahow to turn off x windows in gusty?05:22
therealnanotubejeffMASTERflex: no :) that's why i'm asking :)05:22
mindheavyusing apt-get, im getting errors about 'restricted-manager-kde' not being able to install because dependencies are "not installable" anyone have an idea here?05:22
therealnanotubekuta: permanently, or temporarily?05:23
jeffMASTERflextherealnanotube: one note integrates completely into MS Office, it's usability is simply amazing05:23
archmapnot able to find packages when I do apt-get05:23
kutatherealnanotube: as and when I need to turn off05:23
zero88archmap what does it say05:23
jeffMASTERflextherealnanotube: there simply is no alternative for it in linux. unless sun decided to add it to openoffice to try and replicate the features05:23
therealnanotubejeffMASTERflex: give me a use-case. "integrates" usually means "saves you a copy-paste" which is not that big of a deal...05:24
tritiumThere are no good note-taking software packages for math-intensive courses.05:24
bluewraithkuta: you mean to turn off the computer, or to just drop to shell?05:24
therealnanotubekuta: switch to a vty, and run "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop" that will stop X05:24
archmapit says not able to find package when itry to do apt-get install apache05:24
jeffMASTERflextherealnanotube: if you are in uni you can get it for free. i am not going to bother explaining it. you really have to use it05:24
tritiumhandwriting recognition -> LaTeX would be a great note-taking feature05:24
therealnanotubekuta: but generally once you are in a vty, unless you are strapped for resources, there's no reason to turn off x, can just use a vty.05:24
darknatureHow do I install icons in ubuntu 7.10 ?05:24
therealnanotubejeffMASTERflex: well, a fat lotta good it will do me, seeing as how i use ubuntu :) i guess i can just google it...05:25
kutatherealnanotube: so just startx if I wanna turn on right?05:25
kernfreaki cant take this family freindly, no bad words, be kids "like 2 yo kids are gonna be on here trying to install ubuntu" shit, no off topics, no compileing from src, no reading of manuals. damn I mean FUCK "HEADACHE" how can anyone who knows what they are doing help anyone else05:25
zero88archmap do this.   sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and check and see if there is a # infront of the cdrom text05:25
guest_hey....um....my bar which contain minimize-maximize-and cloce is lost05:25
therealnanotubekuta: no, "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start"05:25
guest_the upper one05:25
demonsporkguest_, are you in gutsy?05:25
tritiumkernfreak: watch the foul language!05:25
jeffMASTERflextherealnanotube: well i gave vbox with xp just for msoffice apps05:25
archmapye sthe cdrom text has been commented05:25
therealnanotubekuta: startx would do it, but it won't be as nice about it :)05:25
guest_<demonspork> guest_, are you in gutsy? --- yea05:25
bazhangkernfreak: care to pm?05:25
zero88archmap is everyhting else un commented?05:25
bazhanghmm guess that would be no05:26
archmapwhen I try to do apt-get update  it sqya connection timed out aftersometime even when iam connected to the internet and do all the things05:26
demonsporkguest_, press alt+F2, the type "emerald --replace"05:26
demonsporkguest_, belay that order05:26
billytwowillyhi, what is a good ktorrent/utorrent like torrent client for gnome?05:26
kutatherealnanotube: I am running gusty server and install desktop on it, so wanna disable it to build a doman name controler05:26
bluewraithbillytwowilly I use Deluge. Works pretty good for me05:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about runlevels - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about runlevel - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:27
zero88archmap hm, have you tried restarting05:27
jeffMASTERflexbillytwowilly: deluge is probably the closes to those05:27
bazhangbillytwowilly: there are a number transmission is nice05:27
therealnanotubejeffMASTERflex: hm, according to this guy, the "special" bit is pen support... and since i have no touchscreen... http://blogs.chimpswithkeyboards.com/jonshute/archive/2006/12/03/234.aspx05:27
archmaponly the cdrom text in commented others are all uncommented05:27
musikgoatfrom a text level,  where are the files created when you click Places -> Connect to Server ?05:27
guest_<demonspork> guest_, press alt+F2, the type "emerald --replace" -- it's terlling that no file name05:27
demonsporkkuta, what you are looking for is runlevel 4, versus runlevel 5, I don't know exactly how to set up the system to boot into runlevel 405:28
archmapye I hav tried restarting several times05:28
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!05:28
billytwowillyjeffMASTERflex, is there an ubuntu deb? I don't see one in apt...05:28
jeffMASTERflextherealnanotube: right, screw that guy. use it. that's all. you are telling me what some dude said? i don't care, i've used it. i love linux, been using it for 4 years, but nothing compares to MS Office favorably to MS office and one note05:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about war - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:28
* Pwhdavey steps up with another question relating to Ubuntu05:28
zero88archmap only the deb lines are uncommented right? and not that comments?05:28
zero88archmap what is the exact error05:29
PwhdaveyI have a problem with dial-up connections on 7.1005:29
therealnanotubehm, ok, i'll look into it. :)05:29
jeffMASTERflexbillytwowilly: you can try getdeb.net, i am sure they have deluge available05:29
demonsporkguest_, try "gtk-window-decorator"05:29
archmapyes only the deb lines are uncommented05:29
therealnanotubejeffMASTERflex: hm, ok, i'll look into it. :)05:29
billytwowillyjeffMASTERflex, there was a link right from the download page for hardy;) I asked you too soon;)05:29
therealnanotubekuta: well, those gdm commands will turn on and off the x server for you05:30
archmapthe exact error that I get when I try to run update is05:30
bluewraithbillytwowilly: System > Admin > Synaptic > look for "deluge-torrent"05:30
guest_ <demonspork> guest_, try "gtk-window-decorator" --- the screen just disapear but nothing happen05:30
archmap0% connectinf tp archinve.in.ubuntu   connection timed out05:30
Pwhdavey*coughs* When I open Administration:Network I choose "Modem Connection" but on that window the three options/pictures remain invalid/white overlay/no colour05:30
therealnanotubekuta: building a domain controller would be left up to you after that, though :)05:30
bazhangbillytwowilly: deluge-torrent is the name05:30
guest_ <demonspork> guest_, try "gtk-window-decorator" --- the f2 screen just disapear but nothing happen05:30
guest_ <demonspork> guest_, try "gtk-window-decorator" --- the alt+f2 screen just disapear but nothing happen05:31
mindheavyim getting errors that libstdc++5 is uninstallable while trying to install the ati drivers, anyone know what could be going on here?05:31
demonsporkguest_, I can read it05:31
deniz__would gparted allow me to resize my hd with the os on it wile im using that os?05:31
CoLD^MeTaLhi, i can't seem to connect to my new bluetooth headset. i installed all of the bluetooth utilities. but when i try to connect this is what happens:05:31
kutatherealnanotube: what is a good site to learn these command?05:31
deniz__aka not live cd05:31
CoLD^MeTaLeredor@eredor-laptop:~$ sudo hidd --connect 00:17:A4:AE:2E:9005:31
CoLD^MeTaLCan't get device information: Host is down05:31
zero88archmap im at a stand still05:31
bazhangdeniz__: while it is mounted; no05:31
jeffMASTERflexdeniz__: no, gparted requires the partitions it is working on to be unmounted05:31
demonsporkguest_, did you just install Ubuntu?05:31
CoLD^MeTaLboth with the headset and with my cellphone05:31
guest_<demonspork> guest_, did you just install Ubuntu? -- no...i use it for a week already05:32
deniz__jeffMASTERflex, well in that case can i tell virtualbox to use another hd than the one that has the os on?05:32
scallI just downloaded ubuntu-7.10-server-i386.iso and copied it to a CD. Is that CD not bootable?05:32
deniz__scall, burn it as iso image not dataq05:32
demonsporkguest_, is there anything knew that you have done recently to the system, such as installing a program?05:32
musikgoatscall: how did you burn it?05:32
archmapI recently installed ubuntu last week but then not able to do apt-get update05:32
guest_demonspork: it was working good last night, it was also install some language update05:32
Ein2015deniz__: that's the beauty of virtualbox ;)05:32
CoLD^MeTaLno help?05:33
deniz__Ein2015, wats the beauty of virtualbox?05:33
guest_demonspork: yes, i installed language update05:33
Ein2015deniz__: the ability to move your vdi onto whatever harddrive you want and be just fine05:33
scallI used a utility for burning ISO images.05:33
tritiumscall: nautilus can do that directly05:33
musikgoatthen it should be bootable05:33
scallI have done the same before with other programs and had no problem.05:33
ronartoscan anyone help installing PloneLDAP on ubuntu with Plone 3.005:33
demonsporkguest_, try metacity --replace05:33
scalltritium: What is nautilus?05:34
guest_demonspork: Thanks05:34
guest_it's work now05:34
demonsporkguest_, that is not a permanent fix05:34
tritium!info nautilus | scall05:34
ubotuscall: nautilus (source: nautilus): file manager and graphical shell for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.20.0-0ubuntu7 (gutsy), package size 630 kB, installed size 1520 kB05:34
demonsporkguest_, join #compiz-fusion so we can try to fix the problem05:34
Ein2015scall: think of it like "windows explorer"05:35
KalirLet us all dance!05:35
guest_demonspork: r u in that channel too?05:35
Ein2015!spam | Kalir05:35
therealnanotubekuta: well, if you are on a quest to do something specific, just google for "whateveritisyouaretryingtodo tutorial" and that would usually bring up some useful links. if you want to just learn how to use linux commandline in general, linuxcommand.org is a good place to start.05:35
ubotuKalir: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubotu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...05:35
deniz__Ein2015, minimum image size has to = 10 gb?05:36
Ein2015deniz__: no05:36
mindheavyim getting errors that libstdc++5 is uninstallable while trying to install the ati drivers, anyone know what could be going on here?05:36
deniz__Ein2015, then y do i get problems? there is enuf space on location i chose05:36
zetherooanyone here have an IdeaPad?05:36
Ein2015deniz__: when you were creating a new VDI, what'd option did you chose?  expandable or static? (i forget the actual names of the options)05:36
deniz__dynamically expanding image or fixed size image?05:37
deniz__is that the question?05:37
archmaperro while compiling postgres say not able to find readline library05:37
Ein2015deniz__: yes05:37
deniz__well fixed size05:37
Presario Z_o-s-o: omg... still didnt solve the problem05:37
Ein2015deniz__: also note, there's a channel #vbox05:37
Z_o-s-oPresario : No?05:37
Presario Z_o-s-o:haha no.05:38
Ein2015deniz__: and the drive you're trying to transfer the image to has how many gb free?05:38
deniz__Result Code:05:38
FloodBot3deniz__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:38
archmapwhe n I try to do apt-get install readline it says already installed .plz help where do  I setthe path05:38
Ein2015!pb > deniz__05:38
Presariocan the boot make a logfile so that we know exactly what is causing it to jam?05:38
jeffMASTERflexarchmap: you probably need readline dev packages05:38
Z_o-s-oPresario : It does log05:38
nickrudarchmap: path for your shell?05:38
Z_o-s-oPresario : In system-admin-sys logs05:39
deniz__Ein2015, 10.6gb does it matter thats its a fat32?05:39
jjt001whash up?05:39
Presario Z_o-s-o: where shall i find it? ouh okey.... i'm sure i can use windows to navigate to that log using a special programme right?05:39
archmapwhere do I look for the shell path05:39
bazhanghello jjt00105:39
ghengishello ubuntu chan05:39
Z_o-s-oPresario : Boot in safe mode?05:39
Presario Z_o-s-o: or can i just acess it through the recovery mode?05:40
Z_o-s-oPresario : yeah recovery mode05:40
bazhangghengis: hi!05:40
Presario Z_o-s-o: the sad is... i tried before and still cant boot in the safe mooe AND the normal mode05:40
jeffMASTERflexarchmap: type $PATH in a term05:40
thezankeAnyone know how well ubuntu would dual boot on a m9750 alienware laptop with dual gforce 8700Ms?05:40
Presario Z_o-s-o: will try again tough05:40
bazhangthezanke: have you tried the livecd yet05:41
nickrudarchmap: /etc/environment05:41
ronartosanyone tried to use PloneLDAP?05:41
ghengisi have 2 sound cards; onboard + audigy.  installed the audigy after ubuntu 7.10 was already installed.  i got totem playing audio from audigy, but firefox etc. is playing to onboard05:41
jjt001hello to all05:41
ronartosin ubuntu05:41
Presario Z_o-s-o: can i navigate to the log by text mode? if i can, what's the code?05:41
deniz__Ein2015, did u receive my replies?05:41
thezankebazhang, no this is a spontaneous idea05:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ploneldap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:41
Ein2015deniz__: yes05:41
deniz__Ein2015, i said 10.6 gb left but does it matter that the dsrive is fat 3205:41
tritiumronartos: investigate the bots in private, please05:41
ronartoscan anyone help installing PloneLDAP in ubuntu server?05:42
ghengisi cant figure out how to get ubuntu 7.10 to use audigy as main soundcard05:42
bazhangthezanke: best bet would be to try the livecd and see how well it runs recognizes your hardware wifi etc05:42
deniz__Ein2015, does it?05:42
Ein2015deniz__: The maximum possible size for a file on a FAT32 volume is 4 GiB minus 1 Byte (232−1 bytes).05:42
jeffMASTERflexghengis: if you have onboard sound, it might be necessary to blacklist the onboard sound driver so that the OS only loads the sound card driver05:43
archmaprsult when I type $PATH /home/archana/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/bin:/usr/games:/opt/gnome/bin:/opt/kde3/bin:/usr/lib/jvm/jre/bin:/usr/lib/mit/bin:/usr/lib/mit/sbin05:43
deniz__Ein2015, i made it 3.99 gb then05:43
Ein2015deniz__: or just dont use fat32 ;)05:44
jeffMASTERflexarchmap: that is the system path used to launch executables05:44
nickrudarchmap: wow, that's a long path05:44
ghengisi use the onboard sound for other apps, like teamspeak.  previously, i had ubuntu 6.06 installed (but the audigy was installed before os) and it was all good05:44
archmapwhere do I set the path for the postgres to look in05:44
ghengisi did a fresh install of 7.1005:44
grezer34ok, Here it goes, I just installed ISPConfig, seems to be working fine, I am trying to view the index.htm on one of the sites that I created ( IPaddress/web9_username/site/index.html ) but I cant seem to get it to work, not sure why ?? Any help would be great05:45
ghengisi have the audigy working with totem right now05:45
ghengisbut i  cant find where to set it as default because firefox plays audio from onbaord05:45
Presario Z_o-s-o: i used nolapic and acpi=off in recovery mode and k got a kernal panic.....05:46
jeffMASTERflexghengis: you can probably mess around in System/Preferences/Sound or play around with the volume control applet to switch around sound devices05:46
ghengishehe, thanks for the advice jeff, thats what ive been trying to no avail.  i dont have much on my hd right now, maybe reinstall 7.10? OMG05:46
jeffMASTERflexghengis: try "Default Mixer Tracks" in System/Preferences/Sound05:47
hobbzillaI'm getting ready to format my /home partition for use to store large files MP3's movies, virtual disks (vmware, etc.). I've read `mke2fs -j -m 0 -T largefile4 /dev/<DEV>` is a good choice. Any other suggestions?  Any reason to choose another fs over ext3?05:47
bazhanghobbzilla: fragmentation05:47
ghengisWTF jeff? howd you do that??? LOL05:47
ghengisits working now05:47
PupenoIs there any other SVG editor than Inkscape that I could use?05:48
jeffMASTERflexhobbzilla: there are many reasons to choose one fs over another.05:48
jeffMASTERflexhobbzilla: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems05:48
Fingeldammit. Whats up with open office. I write a 8 page essay, and when I print it out in the school comp lab with ms word, its only 6 pages05:49
Z_o-s-oPresario : try one or the other not both05:49
nickrudFingel: formatting differences05:49
hobbzillabazhang: I'm confused. How is "fragmentation" a suggestion or another fs suggestion?05:49
bazhanghobbzilla: ext 3 is the better choice in short05:49
Ein2015Fingel: export to PDF first05:49
Fingelhmm, good idea Ein201505:50
FingelI will try that05:50
jeffMASTERflexFingel: it sucks. what i usually do is save as ODF then use an online converter like media-convert or something to convert it to doc. it's usually more effective than using openoffice05:50
hobbzillabazhang: I was going with ext3 unless I could be convinced otherwise.05:50
bazhanghobbzilla: if you have a shutdown improperly with ext2 there may be worries05:50
=== tunixman_ is now known as theunixman
hobbzillajeffMASTERflex: I have read up quite a bit on the fs choices and thought ext3 was a good overall fit. What would you personally use for a 400GB partition to store movies,mp3's etc.?05:51
nickrudbazhang: he had -j (for journaling) already05:51
m1rhi all05:51
hobbzillabazhang: Right, although I have the pc on an APC I don't think ext2 is for me.05:52
jeffMASTERflexhobbzilla: you can't go wrong with ext3 i think. performance and reliability wise, i prefer it over others. xfs is nice, but does have reliability issues, i keep my mp3's and "videos" on a 300 GB ext3 partition05:52
m1rhow can i reset forgoten user/root passwords ?05:53
iceswordinit 205:53
bazhanghobbzilla: no real reason to go for ext2 unless you have a ssd; like an eeepc or something that has limit file writes etc05:53
hobbzillawhy does ubuntu mount fs by UUID instead of by label?05:54
hobbzillaor device?05:54
bazhanghobbzilla: you can /msg ubotu uuid for info and a link05:54
lakeofteaso what are the differences between ubuntu better than red hat 9.0 ???05:54
nickrud!uuid | hobbzilla05:54
ubotuhobbzilla: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)05:54
jeffMASTERflexhobbzilla: just in case an upgrade changes the way the kernel names your devices05:54
lakeofteaexcuse me, what are the differences between ubuntu and red hat 9.005:54
bazhanglakeoftea: this is not really a chat channel join #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to hear why ubuntu is best ;]05:55
hobbzillajeffMASTERflex: how could a kernel upgrade change the label of a disk?05:55
soulburneranyone know how i could go about reinstalling my ethernet card in ubuntu?05:55
jeffMASTERflexhobbzilla: they have done it often the past few kernel releases05:55
soulburnerit was working great then seemed to not work so well, i wanted to try reinstalling it05:56
nickrudhobbzilla: not everyone labels their devices, or would like someone else to choose default labels05:56
jeffMASTERflexhobbzilla: from hda to sda, etc etc05:56
Presario Z_o-s-o: i used nolapic with recovery and it is givving me a text junk which i cant scroll up to see what causes it05:56
soulburnercan't find any type of documentation to lead me in the right path05:56
Presario Z_o-s-o: it should be "native_apic_write_atomic+0x6/0x10"05:57
m1rcan anyone help with reseting forgoten user/root password ?05:57
tritiumm1r: reboot into single-user (recovery) mode, and reset your user's password.  The root account has not password.  Ubuntu uses sudo.05:58
illmortalcan someone help me?05:58
bazhangask away illmortal05:58
illmortalIm tryin to add a trash can onto my desktop.05:58
yo__whoever was helping me.. i finally got ubuntu started on the internet05:58
jeffMASTERflexm1r: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-3609.html05:58
yo__thanks so much!05:58
yo__im on pidgin right now lol05:58
m1rmany tnx guys :) i go try05:58
Ein2015!ask | illmortal05:58
ubotuillmortal: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:58
nickrudillmortal: in a terminal, gconf-editor /apps/nautilus/desktop05:58
Ein2015yo__: pidgin is awesome :)05:59
hobbzillaHow do the UUID symlinks get gen'd in /dev/disk/by-uuid/ ?05:59
bazhangyo__: nice to hear! congrats ;]05:59
yo__if im booting from a live cd, do i have to configure everything each time i boot?05:59
yo__or is there anyway i can use an sd card as sort of a hard drive using the partition tool?06:00
bazhangyo__: you can see more on that at www.pendrivelinux.com06:00
illmortalthanks nickrud :D06:00
illmortalnow i gotta get me some icon themes so i can use better icons than default BP06:01
jeffMASTERflex!themes | illmortal06:01
ubotuillmortal: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy06:01
illmortalnickrud, do i need to log out and log back in order for my trash can to show on my desktop?06:02
yo__so i can run ubuntu from a folder inside windows?06:02
deniz__Ein2015, r u here?06:02
yo__without even needing a flash disk?06:02
bazhangyo__: starting in the next release yes06:03
Ein2015yo__: look up virtualbox06:03
Ein2015deniz__: herro06:03
Vizdomfrom a folder inside windows????06:03
nickrudillmortal: no, it should be instant apply ; if it doesn't show try   alt-f2  killall nautilus (will restart the desktop)06:03
ChrisULMbazhang, they're using wubi for that yes?06:03
yo__oh, but for now i ahve to use a disk?06:03
Vizdomyo__: what's that about?06:03
bazhangChrisULM: aye ;]06:03
yo__whats what about?06:03
Vizdomyo__: hows that from a folder?06:03
bazhangyo__: that would be wubi06:03
Vizdomwhere do I read about it?06:03
rhineheart_mhello! My postfix can't accept nor send emails.06:04
bazhangvizdom google ubuntu hardy wubi and there is an arstechnica link for you worth reading ;]06:04
jeffMASTERflexVizdom: http://wubi-installer.org/06:04
Vizdomis this a VM?06:04
yo__whats wubi?06:04
bazhangVizdom: nay06:04
illmortalnickrud all i have to do is click the check mark for the trash can to appear, right?06:04
deniz__Ein2015, its creating "a fixed-size hard disk"06:05
deniz__Ein2015, but it wont seem to progress on the progress bar06:05
nickrudillmortal: yes06:05
Ein2015deniz__: give it a couple min.  i normally prefer to use dynamic sizing... but it's your choice06:05
VizdomI don't understand06:05
deniz__k, ill do that06:05
deniz__im restarting06:05
VizdomHow is it run ubuntu from windows???06:05
yo__what is casper persistent?06:06
zero88Can someone PLEASE help me with  my wireless problem??06:06
illmortalnickrud didn't work =\06:06
yo__sup zero?06:06
jeffMASTERflexVizdom: the file is a sandbox for ubuntu to run from, but it runs natively with full hardware access06:06
nickrudillmortal: did you do the   alt-f2 killall nautilus ?06:06
bazhangyo__: it saves changes06:07
nickrudillmortal: it instant applied here, by the way06:07
zero88yo_ well i believe after reading and reading some posts i might not have a dhcp server06:07
illmortalyeah nickrud, i did killall nautilus06:07
yo__what do you mean/06:07
zero88yo_ i am able to see wireless networks, but canot connect to mine wtih all the right paras06:07
yo__just put automatic configuration06:08
panfistim trying to find out some more info about the kernel frame buffer and how it impacts performance... i had a geforce mx420 and ubuntu seemed to perform better with the FB enabled, and with a 9800XT, better disabled. can i read about the differences anywhere?06:08
zero88yo__, what do you mean, ive deleted all my gui for networking06:08
Vizdomwow, I read wuby06:09
yo__go to system->administration>network06:09
LexdaAny chance somebody can help a poor newb?06:09
Vizdomwhat's the current version of ubuntu?06:09
deniz__Ein2015, would dynamic make the hd image be prepared much faster?06:09
zero88yo__, ya ive done all that, im past that point right now06:09
Rukusthis may be a dumb question, but stability is important to me in an OS .... but i kinda have  this thing for trying out new stuff. Is 8.04 alpha 5 stable enough for someone to run without any "foreseeable" problems?06:09
Z_o-s-oLexda : whats the prob06:09
nickrudLexda: maybe, ask away06:09
LexdaSomething wrong in Terminal06:10
nickrudVizdom: 7.1006:10
Ein2015deniz__: probably. it would also waste less space, if i remember.  :)06:10
yo__where it says conifguration, and under that it has all the places to type the dhcp and stuff06:10
Vizdomwhen did 7.10 come out?06:10
deniz__Rukus, alpha is very unstable to my knowledge06:10
LexdaI'm trying to fix a borked package dependancy thing (not really sure what happened, but I'm just trying to enter commands that it tells me to)06:10
nickrudLexda: that's not exactly an easy problem to diagnose ;)06:10
Rukuswhats the frambuffer? isn't that like UMA useage?06:10
bazhangRukus: no06:10
yo__there's a drop down menu, open that and click automatic configuration06:10
jeffMASTERflexRukus: i think so, but YMMV and no guarantees of course06:10
Ein2015deniz__: cig time, be back later06:10
Ein2015deniz__: (as in like 10 min)06:10
ere4siVizdom, the 10th month 200706:10
LexdaIn Terminal it starts installing stuff, but then gives me a blue screen about some Sun user agreement06:10
nickrudLexda: put a the complete output of    sudo apt-get -f install   on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org06:11
Rukuswhats the frambuffer? isn't that like UMA useage?06:11
deniz__Ein2015, ok, but u should stop smoking..06:11
nickrudLexda: ah, hit tab, that will let you say ok06:11
deniz__Ein2015, i mean like for ur own good06:11
Vizdomand when is the next Ubuntu version going to appear?06:11
LexdaNot a clue how to actually accept the thing and move on06:11
LexdaAh, thanks06:11
nickrudLexda: after you page thru, I think06:11
Rukus8.04 = the date06:11
jamalfHi, what log file could I look at for an issue where after I login, and the gnome panels load and stuff, it goes black and takes me back to the login screen?06:11
jeffMASTERflexVizdom: every april and october06:11
LexdaHuzzah, it worked06:11
LexdaThanks guys :)06:11
ere4si4th month 2008 - so 8.04 Vizdom06:11
JakeConnoranyone know how to read an ext3 file system from windows?06:11
Vizdomohh I understand the version naming now , thanks06:11
jeffMASTERflexJakeConnor: there is an ext3 driver available for windows06:12
LexdaAnother question though: I thought Ubuntu was supposed to be free and open and all, so why did I have to accept an agreement thing from Sun?06:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ext3g - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:12
jamalfJakeConnor: http://www.fs-driver.org/ works for ext3 too06:12
speeddemon8803oops :/06:12
iceswordJakeConnor, total commander06:12
speeddemon8803thought that was the name..sorry.06:12
Rukusok i think i am going to sleep maybe. also my compiz stopped working. could it be an xorg.conf problem?06:12
iceswordJakeConnor, also google read ext3 in windows06:12
Rukusits always xorg.conf06:12
danbhfiveLexda: java is not free, but ubuntu allows you to install it anyway06:12
iceswordJakeConnor, as far as i know,it is read only06:12
nickrudLexda: that's sun, not ubuntu. It comes from the multiverse (or, restrictive license) section that ubuntu hosts06:12
Vizdomcan I use Ubuntu for commerce? I mean in a commercial organization?06:13
bazhangrukus you are on hardy correct?06:13
nickrud!components | Lexda (read the link here that has components in the url)06:13
ubotuLexda (read the link here that has components in the url): The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories06:13
jeffMASTERflexVizdom: yes, you can. you can sell it if you want06:13
Rukuswhats hardy? isn't that 8.04?06:13
iceswordVizdom, how06:13
bazhangRukus: ati or nvidia06:13
Z_o-s-ooh god06:13
jamalfHi, what log file could I look at for an issue where after I login, and the gnome panels load and stuff, it goes black and takes me back to the login screen?06:14
Vizdomcool, I am in with the next release (no time now) Thank you everybody06:14
LexdaAh, ok, thanks again06:14
JakeConnorthanks guys06:14
RukusATI 8.02 from ATI's website, AIGLX no XGL, and Direct Rendering working and fglrxinfo and glxinfo displaying correct information as far as my knowledge06:14
mjbrooksjamalf, /var/log/Xorg.log maybe06:15
bazhangRukus: videos display okay?06:15
jamalfmjbrooks: thanks :)06:15
mjbrooksjamalf, also possibly /var/log/messages might have something06:15
jamalfmjbrooks: i was looking in /var/log/messages but can't find anything that looks like an error :(... bah.06:16
deniz__Ein2015, tell me wen ur bak06:16
Rukusbazhang,  no, when i play videos in VLC, it opens a "window button" in my task bar called Xv and won't display properly and then my whole desktop dims. Then if i type in alt f2 then compiz -- replace ,  compiz-fusion doesn't  work, but then the video will play properly06:16
Rukusin VLC06:16
deniz__can sum1 tell me how to use pastebin?06:17
ghengiswife is watching saw4! no way not for me06:17
Rukussorry this is when i go full screen06:17
Ububeginwhen killing programs..whats the diff between "Cntrl+z" and "Cntrl+c"06:17
Rukusbazhang sorry this is when i go full screen06:17
ere4si!paste | deniz__06:17
ubotudeniz__: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:17
nickrudUbubegin: ctl-z suspends, ctl-c kills06:17
bazhangRukus: what about fps games like sauerbraten etc06:17
Rukusi dont play games06:17
bazhangRukus: and alt f2 metacity --replace and videos?06:18
mjbrooksjamalf, generally xorg type errors will be in Xorg.log06:18
Ububeginnickrud: thanks dude... :)06:18
jyro215is there a specific channel for questions regarding the hardy alpha?06:18
nickrudjyro215: #ubuntu+106:18
Rukusi run KDE sorry wrong chan but i get the most help here.06:18
jamalfjyro215: #ubuntu+106:18
bazhangRukus: no worries me too ;]06:19
nickrudRukus: that's cuz smart people use ubuntu ;P06:19
LexdaOk, one more stupid question that I probably simply looked over somewhere online. I just installed the Xubuntu desktop interface thing, and it said to get into it, just switch users and select the XFCE session. I did that, but I'm still in Ubuntu...06:19
Rukusthe xserver doesnt even work in gnome at startup. i had a to create a launcher so i could start metacity when i log into my gnome desktop06:19
bazhangRukus: alt f2 kwin --replace then and videos06:19
Rukusthats what i explained earlier06:19
nickrudLexda: you chose options->session->xfce on the login screen?06:19
Rukusvideo dont work properly in kwin, only when i alt f2 run compiz --replace06:20
bazhangRukus: you said compiz --replace scroll up ;]06:20
Rukuseven tho compiz doesnt work06:20
LexdaNick - Yes06:20
deniz__can sum1 help me i cant install xp on my virtualbox (http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57437/)06:20
bazhangRukus: you have kde4 on there too?06:20
nickrudLexda:   in a terminal,   apt-cache policy xubuntu-desktop , does it say installed?06:20
Rukusit sucks06:20
RukusKDE4 needs alot of work to be as good as KDE 306:21
danbhfivedeniz__: did you add your user to the vbox group?06:21
bazhangtrue but offtopic ;]06:21
Rukusyah haha06:21
Rukusok so everything was working fine06:21
deniz__danbhfive, i have no idea, how do i check and/or do that?06:21
Rukusi THINK it all happenned when i upgraded to 8.02 from 8.01 ATI drivers06:21
Rukusor when i messed with my xorg.conf06:22
Rukusor when i ...06:22
Rukusi play lots06:22
danbhfivedeniz__: I think there are directions on the vbox website06:22
Rukusbut i usually know what i am doing06:22
mjbrooksRukus, KDE4 is still technicallly beta... they pushed the release to meet the release plan.... guess they didn't want to follow MS's Vista strategy06:22
Ein2015deniz__: i'm back06:22
LexdaNickrud - It says "Installed: (None), Candidate: 2.50, Version Table: 2.50"06:22
mjbrooksRukus, if you're going to play with xorg.conf make a copy first06:23
nickrudLexda: then you don't have the xubuntu-desktop installed yet.   sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop , or find it in system->admin->synaptic06:23
Rukusi got lots of copies06:23
Rukusmore than i remember which one is the one i need06:23
bazhangRukus: sounds like your xorg.conf is seriously messed up ;]06:23
Rukusi let the ATI installer rewrite it for me even06:23
Rukus(because that worked before)06:23
geekahedronwhat's the easiest way i can rejoin a file that has been split into pieces?06:23
tritium!enter | Rukus06:24
ubotuRukus: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:24
mjbrooksRukus, oh, you have ATI06:24
slenentinegeekahedron: cat file1 file2 > fullfile06:24
mjbrooksRukus, if you're trying to get compiz working you need to install Xgl06:24
Rukusyou dont need xgl with ATI's drivers from their website06:24
D-UnitI use to be deniz__06:24
nickrudbut aiglx in ati still sucks badly06:25
Rukusi had it working. theres no reason why it shouldn;t work again. I'm stubborn. if it works once, it WILL again06:25
LexdaNickrud - Here's the result of trying to install it: http://pastebin.com/d2158f08906:25
lab_ratzero88: turn off the caps-lock...06:25
bazhangcaps zero8806:26
D-Unitdanbhfive> deniz__: did you add your user to the vbox group?06:26
zero88sorry, how do i delete the wireless assistant?06:26
nickrudLexda: do you have synaptic or the update-manager running?06:26
D-Unitwat did he mean by that?06:26
Rukusmaybe i will uninstall compiz, my fglrx driver, reset my xorg.conf, and start from scratch again tomorrow or something. see where that takes me06:26
LexdaYeah, the Update Manager was just finishing installing some language updates06:26
LexdaI'll try and run it again after that's done06:26
nickrudLexda: you can only run one package installer at a time06:26
jeffMASTERflexLexda: you can only have one program using apt at the same time.06:27
geekahedronslenentine: thanks, that's what i was looking for06:27
slenentineno problem06:27
CoLD^MeTaLcan anyone help me with a bluetooth problem?06:27
lab_ratCoLD^MeTaL: just ask your question...06:28
Rukusbazhang : this is my xorg.conf:   http://pastebin.ca/91859906:29
davidthedrakeCan someone tell me how to zoom my desktop and keep it zoomed without following the mouse aronud?06:29
CoLD^MeTaLok, i just got a new headset and dongle, i can't get ubuntu to connect to the headset or even my cellphone06:29
D-Unithow do i solve this virtual box problem?! (http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57437/)06:29
CoLD^MeTaLwhat i get in the terminal is this:06:29
CoLD^MeTaLeredor@eredor-laptop:~$ sudo hidd --connect 00:11:B1:B1:8E:8106:30
CoLD^MeTaLCan't get device information: Host is down06:30
CoLD^MeTaLthe bluetooth icon doesn't show up when i plug in the dongle either06:30
bazhangRukus: there are no modules06:30
jeffMASTERflexD-Unit: you need to add yourself to the vbox user group06:30
jeffMASTERflexJakeConnor: there is an ext3 driver available for windowsly06:30
CoLD^MeTaLalthough it IS recognized by lsusb... and also my phone can see the laptop, but not connect06:30
D-UnitjeffMASTERflex, how do i do that?06:30
JakeConnorjeffMASTERflex: do you know what its called?06:31
Rukusone sec06:31
jeffMASTERflexD-Unit: System/Administration/Users and Groups06:31
jeffMASTERflexD-Unit: go to "manager groups"06:31
stick_figureHow might one run 32-bit apps under x86_64 Ubuntu?  Is there a web page or tutorial someone can point me at?06:32
=== len is now known as Len
jeffMASTERflexJakeConnor: http://www.fs-driver.org/ I've used this one before. it's pretty reliable06:32
JakeConnorjeffMASTERflex: thanks06:33
jeffMASTERflexD-Unit: go to the group that says "vbox" at the end, and edit it. include yourself in the group06:33
D-UnitjeffMASTERflex, wait it froze, restarting cxomp06:33
prashant_pidgin not work06:33
bazhangprashant can you give more info please ;]06:33
prashant_it shows connection timed out for gtalk06:34
Lobinhohi all - is there a way to run a program from cli in an external window or such that you can still use the terminal?06:34
D-UnitjeffMASTERflex, k now wat06:34
bazhangprashant_: how about other networks--do they work okay?06:34
Rukusbazhang : this is my xorg that was made when i first installed 8.01 drivers from ATI's website and Compiz was working for me.   http://pastebin.ca/91860206:34
jeffMASTERflexdid you add yourself to the vbox group already?06:34
prashant_bazhang: yahoo is blocked here, so i cannot check that06:34
D-UnitjeffMASTERflex, i still get same problem06:35
prashant_bazhang: but gtalk works fine in windows06:35
jeffMASTERflexD-Unit: once you add yourself to the vbox group, you have to log out then log back in06:35
slenentinesick_figure: have a look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2457506:35
slenentinenever tried it, but looks promising06:36
Rukusbazhang, looks similar does it not06:36
D-UnitjeffMASTERflex, watss the host key, my previous problem got fixed06:36
D-Unitby a quick restart06:36
bazhangRukus: identical as far as I can see06:36
Rukusgot me puzzled. maybe its these 8.02 drivers06:37
D-Unitfor virtualbox, wats "a host key"?06:37
jeffMASTERflexD-Unit: i have no idea what you are talking about.06:37
slenentineLobinho: programName &06:37
D-UnitjeffMASTERflex, virtualbox says host key basically the key that allows ur mouse and keyboard to focus on host or guest OS06:37
D-UnitjeffMASTERflex, nvm i got it06:38
D-Unitits right ctrl06:38
bazhangRukus: must be the culprit; or kde4 ;]06:38
jeffMASTERflexD-Unit: right. i use it so often, but i disabled that warning a long time ago06:38
hullapHi can u tell me how to read and write on NTFS partitions06:38
Rukuskde4 has been on there forever06:38
Rukuslong  before this was a problem06:38
bazhangaha then ati it is Rukus06:39
Rukusi just noticed that my current xorg.conf is 132 lines but the original is 13106:39
D-Unitk, now im gona have a virtual windows :)06:39
epiclolz`is anybody in here using pidgin for irc?06:39
D-Unitnow i still have alot of problems left in order to do the video editing for my skool project tomorow, ill probly get 30 min of sleep :'(06:39
D-Unitif any06:39
nickrudepiclolz`: most use xchat, irssi, or konversation06:40
LexdaNickrud, you still around by chance?06:40
nickrudLexda: yes06:40
LexdaI still can't get it to work.06:40
jeffMASTERflexepiclolz`: or chatzilla in firefox, bitchx, weechat etc06:40
Z_o-s-oepiclolz` : I use pidgin right now06:40
Z_o-s-oit sucks06:40
D-Unitim in feisty wat do i download from synaptic or terminal in order to be able to unrar things?06:40
LexdaIt says that the Xubuntu thing is installed, but when I go to change sessions, I end right back in the regular Ubuntu screen06:41
jeffMASTERflexD-Unit: unrar06:41
nickrudLexda:  sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop , if it doesn't work put the output on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org06:41
Rukusbazhang: oh i have an extra white line at hte beginning. thats all06:41
nickrudLexda: you mean the gui login is the same?06:41
bazhangRukus: does changing it (deleting it) make any difference?06:42
juice_does anyone know how to config nvidia 8800gt in restricted drivers manager or do i need something extra?06:42
Rukusi took that white line out06:42
Rukusif i try to see if it fixes it i wont be back tonight06:42
Rukusits WELLL past my bedtime06:42
tanathmy firefox and epiphany appear to be using different versions of flash. i'm not sure why they're different, but eiphany's is newer for it, flash videos have static in the sound06:42
Rukusso goodnite man i'll be back06:42
nickrudjuice_: you need the nvidia driver from their site06:42
D-UnitjeffMASTERflex, lol thats pretty simple06:42
tanath*is newer and..06:43
LexdaNickrud - http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57438/06:43
juice_nickrud: do u know for sure? can u link me?06:43
LexdaI go to the login page, Options > Select Session > XFCE, but I come back to the regular Ubuntu desktop06:43
nickrudLexda: that is very odd. A sec06:43
D-Unitwat do i download from synaptic so i can write on ntfs drives06:44
D-Unitim on feisty06:44
tanathfirefox is using flash 9.0 r37, and epiphany is sing flash 9.0 r115. why would epiphany's flash videos all have static in the sound?06:44
slenentineD-Unit: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21700906:44
tanathD-Unit, ntfs-3g06:45
Lionoi need to setup a network with windows clients and kubuntu server. (authenticate windows clients from the server via LDAP i gues?) what do i need to do first. this is my first day of networking. did even pluged the wires ?06:45
D-Unittanath, k, thx06:45
D-Unitslenentine thx 206:45
nickrudjuice_: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_169.09.html , a previous recent release (post ubuntu freeze) added support for the 8800gt06:45
=== Liono is now known as Liono_
nickrudLexda: still here ... thinking (in circles at the moment)06:47
littlepinkdotHow do I define a gateway with ifconfig (not /etc/networking, just plain old ifoconfig in terminal)?06:47
LexdaHeh, take your time, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. And hey, any answer is better than no answer, and considering this is completely free advice and all, I'm happy for what I'm getting :)06:47
jamalfSo I'm having a really weird issue. I just reinstalled with Hardy Heron (completely formatted) and when I try to login, it logs in, loads gnome, then all of the sudden everything dissapears except for the background. Then it goes black and throws me back to the login screen. Does anyone know why this would happen? Or how I could debug it? Thanks :)06:48
littlepinkdotjamalf, check /var/log/messages06:48
bazhangwrong channel jamalf ;]06:48
Liono_i need to setup a network with windows clients and kubuntu server. (authenticate windows clients from the server via LDAP i gues?) what do i need to do first. this is my first day of networking. ?06:49
jamalflittlepinkdot: i have, can't find any errors. also checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log, and dmesg06:49
slenentinelittlepinkdot: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces06:49
jamalfbazhang: yeah =\06:49
littlepinkdotslenentine, I prefer to use just ifconfig06:50
tanathcan someone help me fix this package? http://pastebin.ca/91861306:50
martzipAN^hey. when im trying to mount a share of xp to ubuntu i get this : session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)... what is the cause?06:51
TuXyjoin #ubuntu-es06:52
guest_hi...how to check ip?06:52
guest_my own ip address06:52
Kalamansiguest : ifconfig06:52
littlepinkdotguest_, or http://www.whatismyip.org if you want the external IP.06:52
bullgard4martzipAN^: Most likely wrong access rights.06:53
nickrudLexda: I'm really stumped why your session doesn't work.06:53
tanathcan someone help me fix this package? http://pastebin.ca/91861306:54
LexdaOh well, thanks for the try Nickrud06:54
martzipAN^sudo mount -t smbfs // /mnt/143profile -o credentials=/home/gerzilla/.smbcredentials06:54
martzipAN^i type this06:54
LexdaIt's probably because this is kind of a borked Ubuntu install to begin with06:54
LexdaThere are lots of little oddities about it that shouldn't happen.06:54
LexdaI'll probably just end up doing a fresh install eventually.06:55
bazhangLexda: some suspect source repos in there?06:55
nickrudLexda: you could switch to a console  (ctl-alt-f2) and log in there.   sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop . then run   startxfce  (I think that's the command)06:55
nickrudLexda: thanks for the out there, bad sources ;)06:55
D-Unitwhat has more potential of being near perfect at running games under ubuntu? emulation under a virtual system or wine?06:56
slenentineD-Unit: wine06:56
KalElcan i compress an ext3 volume just like an NTFS volume can be compressed?06:56
martzipAN^in the  credentials file i should put the ubuntu password or the shaer password?06:56
D-Unitslenentine, wine is still in beta, right?...wen did the project start?06:56
slenentineD-Unit: I think that it might even be alpha, however I use it for some games and it seems to work well.06:57
nickrudD-Unit: wine is still alpha, probably will be forever . Started what, 10, 12 years ago or some insane time06:57
D-Unitand still alpha06:58
slenentineversion 0.9.x or something..06:58
D-Unitso a windows parition is better then hoping for wine to save me?06:58
slenentinewhat are you trying to play06:58
fenixwell i didnt mean to end up in here :/06:59
D-Unitwell nutn atm but hl2 wont run in ubuntu as a .bat and thats annoying06:59
D-Unithl2 ep1*06:59
nickrudfenix: heh. fresh install ?06:59
_moro_bana_D-Unit: havw you ever tried virtual machine to install windows07:00
slenentinei can play counter strike:source under wine and the frame rates are better than under vista on the same box07:00
D-Unit_moro_bana_, im doijng that right now and its my first time07:00
hotwirellcHey guys07:01
_moro_bana_D-Unit: k07:01
D-Unit_moro_bana_, y....u want to learn to do it?07:01
hotwirellcI'm having a problem07:01
_moro_bana_D-Unit: no i did that 2 days ago07:01
slenentineD-Unit: gaming on a VM is a no go, if that's your intention07:01
bazhangas are we all hotwirellc ;]07:01
D-Unitslenentine, ya i no directx hasnt been implemented or wtv07:01
D-Unitbut i was talkin bout future07:01
hotwirellcI am doing a dist-upgrade from edgy to feisty, and..it got to gconf2, which needed python2.5, but python2.4 is installed..and I cannot figure out how to fix the dependancy problems..to finish my upgrade07:01
soulburneranyone know how i could go about reinstalling my ethernet card in ubuntu?07:02
D-Unitsoulburner, doesnt ethernet get picked up automatically?07:02
soulburnerD-unit, not totally sure im somewhat new to this07:02
illmortalcan someone help me on how to change icon images?07:03
flowOverslenentine: i been gaming with starcraft the last hour!07:03
soulburneri mean its installed now but its not working properly07:03
soulburnerit was07:03
soulburnerpower went out pc went down07:03
soulburnercame back up07:03
soulburnerhasnt worked right since07:03
D-Unitwell go to system->administration->network and enable ur ethernet cuz honestly i think ubuntu should pik it up np07:03
D-Unitsoulburner, well go to system->administration->network and enable ur ethernet cuz honestly i think ubuntu should pik it up np07:03
littlepinkdotAgh, still cant get this stupid prime generator working...Anyone got some sourcode code that will generate primes/make the cpu (with a niceness set to -10) get under load? Doing an assignment and I cant even get the primes.cr.c program to compile in FC6.07:04
slenentineflowOver: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYY-g6ionzM07:04
hotmonkeyluvWOOOOT! check it out: hacker@hax0r:~$ wget -r --level=10000 http://www.4chan.org07:05
D-Uniti dont no wat to do about power failure stuff im not that smart with ubuntu07:05
jianfeianyone know a desktop sidebar for hardy?07:05
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
flowOverbeauty!  i have some touchscreens to play with!07:06
mohan341nice.. Finally wine is doing some crazy things..07:06
nickrudjianfei: #ubuntu+1 for hardy questions07:06
LexdaNickrud - Little closer, I think. I had to restart the system, because after I ended Gnome, I couldn't figure out how to restart it, and was stuck in the console thing. But, now my login screen is Xubuntu, blue with the rat and all. Unfortunately, I still can't get to the XFCE interface.07:06
jianfeinr: cheers mate07:06
illmortalcan someone please help me adding downloaded icons into my home folder usr/share/pixmaps07:07
nickrudLexda: luck to you, I guess ;)07:07
hotwirellcis there a known problem with python when upgrading from edgy to feisty?07:07
LexdaHeh. Well, thanks for the try anyways.07:07
flowOveri'm just getting guest services going on virtualbox with xp07:08
tony__Has anyone experienced problems with the front audio jacks not working in Gutsy?07:08
slenentineillmortal: are you trying to replace the icon theme or just certain icons?07:08
illmortalslenetine, i just downloaded a few icon sets, and I want to add them to my icon folder.07:09
tekoholicany Hardy testers here, wanna' help me with bluetooth sco headset setup?07:09
m1rtekoholic , #ubuntu+107:09
tony__Can anybody help me with my problem possibly?07:10
tekoholicm1r, Thanx much!!07:10
D-Unittony__, tell ppl ur problem dont ask to tell ur problem07:10
mage_can the live cd be booted console only? i hate waiting for gnome to start07:10
tony__Has anyone experienced problems with the front audio jacks not working in Gutsy?07:11
tony__That's my problem, none of my front audio jacks work.  My speakers do though07:11
LexdaTony - Have you checked the actual hardware? Do you know that they work elsewhere, with Windows or another version of Ubuntu?07:11
tony__Lexda: I know they work with Windows07:12
LexdaHm. Well, I'm just a newb to Linux, and that was the only real contribution I could make, so sorry mate07:12
illmortalcan someone help me add icons to my home folder usr/share/pixmaps please?07:13
slenentineillmortal: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=375707:13
D-Unittony__, if gutsy is problem, try feisty on live cd if it works, use that, feisty is the lowest ubuntu thats very good07:13
D-Unittony__, i mean for ur front things07:13
LexdaTony_ - Try this thread : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205449&highlight=audio+jack07:13
sombrer0hello everyone i have a problem I cant seem to find Nautilus07:14
mage_sombrer0: what sort of context?07:14
tanathcan someone help me fix this package? http://pastebin.ca/91861307:14
D-Unittony__, live cd...there is nutn to lose, no change will be done to ur comp..07:14
sombrer0i type nautilus in the console and nothing07:14
mage_so you broke it07:15
sombrer0i type nautilus & and nothing either07:15
mage_well & just tells the command line to come back07:15
sombrer0plus sometimes ppl tell me to use gedit but i cant find it07:15
mage_well, a) install them07:15
sombrer0Well its default on Ubuntu07:15
mage_b) just use whatever text editor you feel like07:15
sombrer0vi ?07:16
sombrer0is Vi ok ?07:16
mage_eh, vim07:16
jeffMASTERflexsombrer0: vim, nano07:16
icedteawhen you use the synaptic package manager is there a way for it to keep all the package (.deb) files after its installing?07:16
mage_vi does a mode that acts stupid07:16
sombrer0no ,no, emacs maybe ?07:16
sombrer0i think emacs07:16
flowOverthere's sooo many07:16
sombrer0but nautilus ?07:16
sombrer0what about it ?07:16
flowOvernautilus is the explorer07:16
sombrer0Any way i use ee as editor07:16
mage_sombrer0: try apt-get install nautilus as root and see if it says its installed or wants a bajillion packages07:16
bullgard4tony__: I had the same problem once also. I called alsamixer and was able to get rid of the error.07:16
mage_sombrer0: are you sure you're not using kubuntu accidentally?07:17
tony__bullgard4: what do you mean07:17
sombrer0i have ubuntu like everyone else who has linux07:17
mage_run alsamixer and twiddle the knobs07:17
sombrer0i followed a tutorial to install it07:17
sombrer0the knobs ?07:17
sombrer0what is alsamixer ?07:17
sombrer0how do i config alsamixer to get nautilus ?07:18
bullgard4tony__: I mean what I said. Can you be more specific.07:18
mage_sombrer0: tony needs to twiddle with alsamixer07:18
sombrer0ok sorry tony07:18
mage_sombrer0: you need to figure out why you cant run gedit07:18
tony__bullgard4: Specific about my problem?  What do you mean you called alsamixer07:18
sombrer0well i dont have nautilus , no gedit , its strange07:19
sombrer0i cannot follow ant tutorials cause nothing works07:19
mage_well can you sudo -s to get root prompt?07:19
sombrer0plus sometimes I have a problem with some glibs07:19
sombrer0i try mage07:19
sombrer0it asks me for a password ? What is it ?07:19
flowOversombrer0:  you installed it all wrong.  wipe partitions and start over07:19
mage_your password07:20
sombrer0what is it ?07:20
sombrer0for example07:20
mage_sombrer0: the installer asked you for one07:20
sombrer0o yes07:20
tony__I only have two options in alsamixer07:20
sombrer0yes its true wait i have it on a paper07:20
LexdaWell, I'm out, thanks again for the help guys07:20
tony__Master and PCM07:20
tony__Shouldn't I have more?07:20
sombrer0ok now its different07:21
sombrer0iam root i think07:21
sombrer0what next ?07:21
mage_well, dont paste lots of crap into here, but whats it tell you when you run apt-get install nautilus07:21
sombrer0but someone told me its dangerous to run commands as root !!!07:22
sombrer0you are not telling me to erase my hardrive uh ?07:22
mage_I'm not going to argue against that07:22
mage_no no rm -rf / is how to erase it07:22
sombrer0ok so i trust you07:22
sombrer0so i do rm -rf / nautilus instead ?07:22
sombrer0ok i try07:23
mage_lol no07:23
mage_you're funny07:23
sombrer0what no ?07:23
sombrer0dont make fun of me07:23
tony__I like this guy07:23
sombrer0im a noob07:23
mage_"apt-get install nautilus"07:23
tony__do sudo apt-get install nautilus07:23
sombrer0wait !07:23
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AntiUSA_where do I go to delete a partition on my drive and make all of the space part of my other partition?07:23
sombrer0"apt-get install nautilus" or do sudo apt-get install nautilus, it is not the same, even i can see that07:24
[chr0n0s]AntiUSA_, use gparted07:24
slenentineAntiUSA_: use gparted07:24
AntiUSA_ok, thank07:24
tony__sudo apt-get install nautilus07:24
mage_sombrer0: well, I got you to do sudo -s first, because i hate typing "sudo" a million times07:24
tony__sudo let's you run commands as root07:24
AntiUSA_do I have to install it?07:24
sombrer0o yes mage i understand i am root i dont need sudo07:24
sombrer0i type apt-get install update before or not ? Its what i found in a tuto ...07:25
[chr0n0s]AntiUSA_, try running it, if it's not there then use sudo apt-get install gparted07:25
slenentineAntiUSA_: just try sudo gparted if it tells you to install sud apt-get install gparted07:25
AntiUSA_mkay, thanks homie07:25
slenentinebeat me to it07:25
dan__hello everyone07:25
dan__I accidently deleted my menus07:25
mage_sombrer0: only need to update every once in awhile, ubuntu does it daily07:25
dan__anyone know how to fix it07:26
sombrer0ok its writing things07:26
sombrer0its kinda installing things07:26
sombrer0but wait , you made fun of me ...07:26
mage_did it ask to install a bunch of stuff as well?07:26
sombrer0its installing many things07:26
sombrer0o no ............07:26
sombrer0omg whats going on .......07:26
slenentinecalm down07:26
sombrer0its scrolling fast i cant read07:26
sombrer0i cant read it07:27
AntiUSA_ehm... can I add space to a partition I've botted off of?07:27
dan__anyone know how to set the panel menus back to default?07:27
jaso1anyone there?07:27
mage_if its scrolling a crapload of text sometimes wrong with your ubuntu install07:27
sombrer0it continues ...07:27
slenentineAntiUSA_: back everything up! I think that it needs to be unmounted so use a liveCD07:27
AntiUSA_thanks again07:28
AntiUSA_alright, see you guys later07:28
sombrer0ok ...07:28
sombrer0looks like its finished ...07:28
dan__no body knows?07:28
jaso1i need some advise in setting up CVS server..07:28
jaso1in ubuntu07:28
jaso1please help07:28
sombrer0so what next ?07:28
mage_bring up a user prompt and try running nautilus07:29
slenentinetype nautilus and see if you have a browser07:29
juice_nickrud: ty for that 8800gt link but when i try to run the file it opens in gedit and says it couldnt detect cahracter coding..?07:29
sombrer0Wait Wait Wait ! Someone told me to never run X appas as root !07:29
mage_just dont delete anything07:29
slenentinefrom a user prompt07:29
sombrer0but i thought it was not safe07:30
sombrer0Ok so i trust you07:30
sombrer0i type just nautilus & ?07:30
slenentinejust type it already07:30