runleveli have added snmpd to upstart and initctl list shows the deamon but shows that it is "stop" or not started. when i try to start the deamon it starts it and then ends up stoping it. i cant seem to get this thing working. is there any good documentation. 01:37
runlevelsnmpd (stop) waiting01:37
runlevelroot@floyd:~# initctl start snmpd01:38
runlevelsnmpd (start) waiting01:38
runlevelsnmpd (start) starting01:38
runlevelsnmpd (start) pre-start01:38
runlevelsnmpd (start) spawned, process 1509801:38
runlevelsnmpd (start) post-start, (main) process 1509801:38
runlevelsnmpd (start) running, process 1509801:38
runlevelroot@floyd:~# ps ax | grep 1509801:38
runlevel15157 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep 1509801:38
runlevelsorry i didnt mean to paste all that!!! SORRY01:38
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