cnStarzi need help getting xubuntu to work with my tv00:57
cnstarzi need help configuring xorg.conf01:19
cnstarzanyone here? :(01:21
ere4sicnstarz, what's up?01:22
cnstarzhooray thank you01:22
cnstarzim trying to follow the...01:22
cnstarzwhen i type in "sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf"01:22
cnstarzit asks for my password and...01:23
cnstarzit says...01:23
cnstarzone sec01:23
ere4siwhy would it say "one sec"?01:23
cnstarzno im saying one sec01:23
cnstarzim trying to copy it01:23
cnstarzand then...01:24
cnstarzwhen i press enter...01:24
cnstarzi get...01:24
ere4sidid you delete the file in /tmp?01:26
cnstarzno, i dont know how to :(01:26
cnstarzim new to linux01:26
ere4sisorry - /var/tmp01:26
cnstarzi dont know linux commands yet01:26
ere4sisudo rm -v /var/tmp/xorg.conf.swp01:27
cnstarzokay i'll try that01:27
cnstarzokay it worked, and this is what i get now: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57406/01:28
cnstarzthis is the guide im following: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaTVOutNewbieEdition01:28
ere4siyou need to redo your xorg -   sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:29
cnstarzwhat does that do?01:30
cnstarznot that i dont trust you, im just curious as to what exactly it does :)01:30
ere4sisets up the xorg.conf file again01:30
cnstarzis this gonna disrupt/change my current display drivers?01:31
ere4siduring the dpkg you get to choose the driver for your card01:32
ere4siif you installed one it will be listed01:32
cnstarzi'll get to choose the restricted drivers for my 8800gtx?01:32
ere4siif you installed it yes01:32
cnstarzthanks, im really ignorant :P01:33
cnstarzalright its asking me to choose a driver, so i guess i should pick the nvidia one since i dont see anything related to "restricted" or any other nvidia-related drviers01:35
ere4sinvidia is the one01:37
ecai just attached 2 hdds, how do i move files around on them. i see them in /dev/disk and gparted. but thunar cant open them01:41
ere4sieca: they will be listed in /dev - you will need to make a dir to mount them in01:44
ere4sieca: /dev/sdb or similar01:45
cnstarzalright i finished reconfiguring xorg.conf, but when i do "sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf", it still looks like http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57406/01:47
cnstarzshould i have to reboot or something?01:47
ecasudo mount /dev/sdb /home/ace/sdb says mount: you must specify the filesystem type01:47
ere4sicnstarz, you need to log out and in01:47
ere4sieca: does the dir /home/ace/sdb exist before you mount?01:48
ecathunar doesnt do this automatically?01:49
ere4sieca: is the sdb a windows disk?01:49
ecaext2 i think or 301:49
ere4silinux? - then sudo mount -t ext3 etc01:49
cnstarzlogged out and logged back in and it still looks like http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57406/ :(01:50
ere4sicnstarz, what *buntu are you using?01:50
ere4sitry   sudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:51
cnstarzwhats that one do?01:51
ere4sicnstarz,  the x in X11 has to be a capital....01:51
cnstarzhaha it worked now01:52
ere4simousepad is the text editor in xubuntu01:52
cnstarzi didn't know linux was that picky01:52
cnstarzwell thanks man01:53
ere4siall case sensitive - x11 is different to X1101:53
cnstarzmuch appreciate01:53
ere4sidid the same thing years ago when I first started01:53
ecaty ere4si it works01:56
ere4sihappy for you eca01:56
cnstarzi followed the guide03:03
cnstarzthe tv just goes gray after grub03:04
cnstarzit becomes unresponsive03:04
cnstarzi've exhausted all possibilities that i know of03:04
ere4siyou'll need to dpkg again and start the guide again03:05
cnstarzi did03:05
cnstarzlike three times03:05
cnstarzim doing it exactly as it says too03:05
cnstarzit just doesnt like my tv03:05
ere4siare you in the recovery kernel?03:05
ere4silive cd?03:05
cnstarzi was on here first, in terminal.  i saved it, shut down, plugged the tv in, then started it back up03:06
cnstarzand got the gray screen03:06
cnstarzi went thru recovoery console03:06
cnstarzand tried it again thru there03:06
cnstarzsame thing03:06
cnstarzi mean03:06
cnstarzi reconfigured throuh recovoery console03:06
cnstarzi didn't follow the guide through the console03:06
cnstarzi followed the guide only on here03:07
ere4siwhat's the link to the guide again?03:07
ere4siand your tv model03:07
cnstarzsony wega03:07
cnstarzlemee see if i can find the exact model name03:08
cnstarzthe tv connects through component into a video dongle that looks similiar to svid, but isn't svid03:09
cnstarzwhich then plugs right into my card, next to the two dvi connections03:09
ere4siin a terminal type   lspci   and look for the card - should have two listings03:10
cnstarzdidn't mean to quit out03:11
ere4sican you post your xorg.conf?03:12
cnstarzone sec03:12
ere4siok - now you have a standard xorg.conf - nothing for your tv03:15
cnstarzyou can see the svid-like connection that im talking about here: http://www.hummercommunity.com/files/hfpics/8800GTX_768_PCIe_WC_Side.jpg03:15
ere4siyou have to do the guide again - but before you save it post it and I'll check :)03:15
Knowledgeanybody in here have any experience with toshiba tecra 8100 laptop and xubuntu installs?  I can't seem to get anywhere with it...just black screen of death or system reset03:22
ere4sicnstarz, 1st section device - remove usefb line and add screen (0)03:25
ere4siscreen 003:26
cnstarzso it should look like Option"screen 0""true"?03:26
cnstarzoh you mean remove the whole line03:26
ere4sinope - look at the guide03:27
cnstarzoh i c03:27
cnstarzi remember doing that last time, but i added it under the usefb03:28
cnstarzi'll try replacing it this time03:28
ere4sithat line in screen - Screen 1 "Screen[1]" RightOf "Screen[0]" - means you have to have both screens going at the same time03:31
ere4siok - save the file - then connect the tv - then ctrl+alt+backspace and login03:32
cnstarzalrighty, here goes03:32
cnstarzwhat the crap, it worked03:35
cnstarzmurphy's law!03:35
ere4siyah :)03:35
ere4sihave got to be accurate :)03:35
cnstarzwhat would i have to edit to get it to show up only on the tv now?03:35
ere4silet me look03:35
cnstarzthanks, i really appreciate it03:36
ere4siput a # in front of "Right like - Screen 1 "Screen[1]" #RightOf "Screen[0]" - save an ctrl+alt+bspc03:38
cnstarzso it should look like this:03:40
cnstarzScreen 1 "Screen[1]" #RightOf "Screen[0]"03:40
cnstarzwith "Screen 0 "Screen[0]"" right above it?03:41
ere4siall the same except for the # in front of "Right"03:42
cnstarzso it should look like this, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57424/03:43
cnstarzim just making sure im understanding you correctly03:43
ere4siyep and yep03:44
cnstarzhere we go...03:45
cnstarzthe desktop is still there on my tv, but now i just cant move the mouse into it03:45
ere4sion both one or none?03:45
ere4siok - undo what we just did and save and ctrl+alt+bksp while have a search03:46
cnstarzwhat if i did this? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57427/03:47
ere4siok - found a howto03:51
ere4siin the first device section put a # in front of screen 0 - like   # screen 003:54
cnstarzgot it03:54
cnstarzshould i restart x?03:55
cnstarzor are you still looking?03:56
ere4siand in the server section03:56
ere4siput a # like -    #Screen 0 "Screen[0]"03:56
cnstarzgot it03:56
ere4sirestart x then03:57
cnstarzit seems like it tried to make my monitor display in hdtv04:07
cnstarzmonitor display was all garbled, and TV didn't work at all04:07
David_What is the system requirements for this distro?04:08
David_i have a 500 mhz with 192 mbs of ram04:08
David_can i run?04:09
ere4siDavid_, yep - but 192mbs ram is the min for the live cd04:09
ere4siwill run ok when installed04:10
David_Awesome :D do i need to download the alternative install cd or the regular version04:10
David_i couldn't get ubuntu to wok04:10
ere4siDavid_, with that mem I would use the alternate cd04:10
ere4sicnstarz, you set it up for hdtv - try ntsc or pal - the guide says what is right for your area04:11
David_will the gusty gibbon work?04:12
ere4siDavid_, yep04:12
David_awesome, Thanks sooo much lol, windows xp runs a tad slow on that old machine04:12
ere4sicnstarz, we forgot a # in front of "Right " to block the last screen 004:13
cnstarzalrighty im back04:30
cnstarzwhat did you say?04:30
ere4siand is it ok?04:31
cnstarzim back to the piont where both screens are up04:31
ere4sigreat - lets make a backup of that xorg.conf04:31
cnstarzis there a way to restore the backup from recovery console?04:32
ere4sisudo cp -v /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak04:32
ere4sifor the backup04:33
cnstarzthat backs it up or restores it?04:33
ere4sithen to restore  -  cp -v /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:34
ere4sifrom recovery you don't njeed sudo04:34
cnstarzthis'll save a lot of time04:34
ere4siI missed one # in our last effort - in front of "Right" in the server section04:35
ere4siand have you changed it from hdtv to pal or ntsc?04:36
cnstarzits still on hdtv04:36
cnstarzthe edge kinda clips04:36
ere4silook in the guide for what you need in your area04:36
ere4sijust change the hdtv part and test - if it's ok we'll back that up first cnstarz04:38
cnstarzso it should look like this?04:38
ere4siand with the  #  screen 0    in the first device section04:39
cnstarzah ok04:41
ere4siso that's 3 #'s added cnstarz04:41
cnstarzand i changed HD1080i to NTSC-M04:42
cnstarzsaved, here goes04:42
ere4siif you've changed the hdtv part then restartx04:42
cnstarznope didn't work04:48
cnstarzmonitor became garbled, and tv stayed blank...04:49
cnstarzi unplugged the monitor and rebooted04:49
cnstarzand the tv turned gray04:49
cnstarzand got stuck04:49
cnstarzlike before04:49
cnstarzso i plugged the monitor back in and restored that backup04:49
ere4sihave you used the backup file to get back?04:49
ere4sithe howtos that I can find all have just one device section and are a little old04:50
ere4siI wonder if we comment out the first device section and the  screen 0  lines whether that will do the job04:51
cnstarzwouldn't hurt to try04:51
ere4si# = comment out04:51
ere4sithen the first device section - every line should start with #04:52
ere4siand the section   screen   with screen 0   - the first one04:53
ere4siand the line in the server section with screen 0 and  before "Right"04:54
cnstarzi got the server one commented out04:55
ere4sithere are two section "screen" - the first should be commented out as that is the monitor04:55
ere4sipaste the whole xorg pls04:57
cnstarzthat should be the whole thing04:57
ere4siyep - be brave and have another go :)04:58
cnstarzi think it hates my tv05:03
ere4siI should have looked closer - in the server section you put the # in the wrong place -05:03
cnstarzsame exact thing as before05:03
ere4sishould be next to the "Right"05:03
cnstarzya i see05:04
ere4sido it again and repaste the xorg pls - if you want :)05:04
cnStarzsame thing05:11
cnStarzi think i'm done for tonight, wife is home and wants to watch a movie05:11
cnStarzi really appreciate all your help05:11
ere4sifor now you may need to boot with the monitor then move the mouse over to tv and turn monitor of...05:12
cnStarzg2g, thanks again man, take care.05:12
David_Can anyone help me with an install problem?07:08
David_My install keeps getting froze at 77% "Gathering information for install report"07:09
David_MD5 sum check is okay... checked for defects... its okay07:09
David_Anyone have this problem?07:09
David_oh and its 7.1007:10
David_of Xubuntu07:10
burnerhi! i'm trying to install xubuntu in my carputer, using a 7" LCD monitor08:25
burnerwhen X (i guess) starts, the screen is filled with noise - which slowly fades away..08:25
burnerhard to explain.. its like a big blue cloud - becoming smaller, and eventually the screen is all white08:27
zoredachea 7" monitor?08:34
burnerzoredache, yeah..08:36
burner8" actually08:37
zoredacheYou might want to try the alternate install cd08:37
burnerhm, okay08:37
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nazdalfhello can sm1 help me with dis??14:40
nazdalfhow can i see my comp hardware specs in xubuntu??14:40
maxamillionnazdalf: what parts to you need to see?14:40
nazdalfohh ty fr replying....i need to check my graphic driver n graphic card14:41
nazdalfi m trying to install aiglx (for compiz)14:41
maxamillionnazdalf: open a terminal and type 'lspci | grep ATI' and see if that returns anything14:42
nazdalfmaxamillion: it dsnt return nething.....14:44
maxamillionnazdalf: ok, try 'lspci | grep ati' (the capitalization matters and i've never had an ati card do i don't know how it reads)14:44
nazdalfmaxamillion: my xorg.conf has this in it......Section "Device"14:45
nazdalfIdentifier"Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller"14:45
maxamillionnazdalf: uhmmm... you sure you have an ATI graphics card?14:46
nazdalfno clue...i hav an HP a1210in desktop PC14:46
nazdalfmaxamillion: ur 2nd command here returned lots of things on terminal....among other things it gives... Intel Corporation 82915G/P/GV/GL/PL/910GL Memory Controller Hub (rev 04)14:47
nazdalf00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)14:47
maxamillionnazdalf: ah, ok ... sorry, i thought you said fglrx, but you said aiglx14:49
maxamillionyou have intel integrated ... appears to be a 915 chipset, i think that one can do compisiting, lemme get you some documentation14:49
nazdalfmaxamillion: yes..do u happen to kno things about tht....Wiki says,supported on embedded Intel i810 through i965 graphics cards....does mine qualify?14:50
maxamillionnazdalf: yes14:51
nazdalfmaxamillion: thts gr8....ty....btw, as i understand it, to get aiglx configuerd fr my PC all i need to do is add sm code to xorg.conf??14:52
maxamillionnazdalf: yes, that should be all you need since you have the correct intel driver in the config file already14:53
nazdalfmaxamillion: ty for ur help......err, do u hav compiz on ur PC?? i mean since i m new to linux i shud do sm basic things instead of trying to get compiz to run...lol...14:55
maxamillionnazdalf: i used compiz for a short time, but it ultimately didn't add any functionality and certain effects annoyed me, i don't use it anymore14:56
maxamillionnazdalf: its cool for showing to your windows using friends and saying "look what else windows can't do" but other than that i didn't find it very useful, i'm a full time college student with a full time job, i don't have time to not be productive14:57
nazdalfmaxamillion: ohh ....ya...i m installing it jst fr tinkeeing around with linux...;-)...i m a full tym coll student wid no job :))15:02
maristowhere .trash-bin directory is situated?15:05
maristoi mean, desktop's bin15:05
maxamillionmaristo: i don't remember, just a moment15:06
maristoI need delete files there, manually, with root privilegies, but don't know it's location in fs15:06
maxamillionmaristo: oh, well you can just launch thunar with root privilages ... open a terminal and type "gksu thunar" it will prompt for the password and then you have a file manager with root privilages :)15:09
maristothere is root's bin only15:11
nazdalfmaxamillion: wow...so can we open n edit files thru ther?? no need fr sudo mousepad filename15:11
maristoi must to know location of user's bin15:11
maxamillionmaristo: ok, this time instead of doing 'gksu thunar' try 'gksudo thunar'15:12
maristosame thing, only root's bin15:14
maxamillionok, just a sec15:16
nazdalfumm...i m confused with smthing i apparently hav 910GL and GMA 900 graphics.....whts d driver??15:22
maxamillionnazdalf: should just be 'intel' driver15:24
nazdalfmaxamillion: thnks a lot again....15:29
maxamillionnazdalf: anytime15:30
xubuNWLAN  driver help needed with xubuntu , is  ndiswrapper preinstalled?15:36
maxamillionxubuN: no, i don't believe it is installed by default15:41
xubuNthanx, for an old (2003-4) pcmcia WLAN card, should be the 1st try the ndiswrapper?15:43
maxamillionxubuN: it depends on that card chipset15:46
maxamillionxubuN: it might have support15:47
xubuNchipset not able to find on the net, any tips for SIEMENS SANTIS PCMCIA wifi card?15:53
ecaim increasing a partition from 230 to 233 gb and its been 8 hrs with 3 hrs to go, somebody kill me plz. gparted says if i stop the process severe damage may result, and its important data.16:51
maxamillioneca: yeah .... with a partition that big, if there is a lot of data ... it will take quite a while16:53
Buffi'd like to make the xubuntu-desktop optional by having my system boot to the terminal by default so I can use the desktop only when I need it (this is a server). It seems like the init.d/gdm script is what I need to mess with. I did gdm stop and that does take down the desktop but leaves me with no termnial at all. Any tips?16:56
zoredacheBuff: after you do an gdm stop press ctrl-f116:57
zoredachewhen you stop it, it will be on a tty tha doesn't have anything attached to it16:57
Buffis there a way to just not have it boot at all by default?16:58
zoredachesure... uninstall gdm, or delete the file /etc/rc2.d/S30gdm, or edit the file /etc/init.d/gdm and make the second line of the file be 'exit 0'16:59
zoredacheeither one of the three  choices would disable things16:59
Buffzoredache: thanks. would I still be able to fire up the desktop from the terminal if I did that?17:00
zoredacheyes, use the command 'startxfce4'17:01
zoredacheor simply startx17:01
Buffzoradache: works perfectly, thx17:06
boogiemanHello all, i'm running xubuntu 7.10 on a Compaq 6710a notebook17:17
boogiemanThe problem is that my notebook's 'presentation key' does not work17:18
boogiemannormally, when we press FN + presentation key; it should direct the current screen to the projector17:18
boogiemanany idea on how to get this working?17:18
zoredacheboogieman: I have found that on my dell, things work after i do a reboot.  I have never taken the time to figure out why though...17:24
boogiemanzoredache: thanks for responding. what is the procedure. 1. plug the projector cable. 2. switch on the projector 3. reboot my notebook 4. press the FN key?17:26
boogiemanzoredache: unfortunately i don't have the projector with me to test it17:26
zoredacheboogieman: yea, that is pretty much what I do...  You could test with an external monitor if you have one17:27
boogiemanzoredache: thanks. I don't have one either. anyway i'll give it a try tomorrow and see17:28
zoredacheyou might also want to try hitting the presentation button before the login screen17:29
zoredacheso right after the computer boots... that way the external display should be detected and X will detect it17:30
ecacan you switch with screen and graphics program?17:35
ecaor is that 8.0417:35
nazdalferr.....i got an HP a1210in desktop PC...it has EM64T processor...is tht a 64bit processor on which 64-bit ubuntu 7.10 run properly??17:53
zoredacheyes, the 64bit version should be able to run on that...17:55
zoredacheI don't guarentee things will work 'properly' though17:55
zoredachemy brief experience with 64bit was that it is still a mess...  Particularly if you want/need non-free codecs, binary drivers, ndiswrapper, flash....17:56
nazdalfzoredache: ohh k......thnk u17:57
maristodo you remember me?18:07
maristoI solved problem with trash-bin of user18:07
maristoit locates /home/user/.local/share/Trash18:08
maristoif it can help to someone18:08
maristomy english is terrible :p18:10
maristolearn Esperanto guys!18:10
|H3LL|Hi evryone !!!18:59
|H3LL| zoredache: is this channel Haunted ???19:01
zoredachewhy would you say that...19:02
|H3LL||H3LL|: coz it is haunted...19:07
Dusti[n]will xubuntu run my wine games better?21:19
TheSheepDusti[n]: better than what?21:22
ere4sishould be a small improvement - maybe21:22
TheSheepnot really, maybe a little faster startup, on machines slow enough to notice21:23
mvoltzThe Sheep: I got Fluxbox up and running. Thanks for the help yesterday21:26
TheSheepmvoltz: great21:27

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