lnsfor anyone who's interested, i wrote up procedures on how to create mandatory shared/global firefox bookmarks for all users00:53
lnsthis will be the only time i mention it ;)00:53
jsgotangcoyo LaserJock how are things?02:07
LaserJockvery very busy02:11
jsgotangcosame here :)02:13
boggystudiosI stepped out for a bit03:16
boggystudiosjohnny: What I mean is I want to creat a custom variation of edubuntu with a different theme, custom repository, custom bootsplash, all that jazz03:17
boggystudiosjohnny: the end result would be a disc that I can pop in a machine and install a particular school's distro03:18
jsgotangconice lp uses postgres03:51
achandrashekarhello I wanted to point out that smbldap-installer that moquist wrote gave a lot of fits on 7.10 install. However, the how-to-forge guide works flawlessly. The main issue that I have with the isntalled is the soft boot no entry..and I had a lot of trouble with how the installer configures smb.conf. I wanted to point this out because it will leave a system from booting correctly.06:26
achandrashekarSo its a an FYI..and I was able to replicate the issue..everytime i used the installer06:27
achandrashekarMy suggestion is to use the howtoforge guide availble..it works flawlessly06:27
achandrashekarIn addition the ldap-client configuration also has issues.06:27
kgoetzachandrashekar: have you told moquist about the problem/s?06:27
achandrashekarsince edubuntu primarily makes use of the ldap.conf...it no longer uses lbnssswitch.conf06:28
achandrashekarso the installer tries to do an install against that.06:28
achandrashekari cant get a hold of moquist..because im pretty busy during the day06:28
achandrashekarbut hoping someone could pass this on.06:28
kgoetzhes just over there *points* - send him a PM06:29
achandrashekarkgoetz: is that ltsp channel? as in "there"?06:29
kgoetzachandrashekar: "there" is 'in this channel as we speak'06:30
achandrashekarkgoetz: sorry a little confused here.. i dont seem to see his name in the channel06:31
achandrashekarwoops i see him06:32
kgoetzachandrashekar: i can tab complete his name, so he is in here. (unless your not actually talking about moquist )06:32
achandrashekarno..its moquist indeed.06:32
achandrashekarjust offline i suppose..06:32
achandrashekarso basically send him a private message?06:33
kgoetzor email. the key bit is that you need to tell him if his script is busted06:33
achandrashekarkgoetz: ill be happy to.06:35
achandrashekarkgoetz: one of the key issues right of the bat, is that slapd.pid is not created and hence the ldappopulate breaks06:35
achandrashekarbut i will definitely let him know06:36
achandrashekarby email or whatever means06:36
achandrashekarhowever... as stated before06:36
achandrashekarthe definitive working guide...the how-to-forge guide works flawlessly06:36
achandrashekarand is well written.06:37
achandrashekarand mught save quite a bit of time simply to script that.06:37
kgoetzthanks for letting us know :)06:37
achandrashekarnp...i spent a week on that06:37
achandrashekarand some sleepless nights wonder what I did wrong.06:37
achandrashekarbut I started all over..and the guide that is how to forge worked first time -06:38
achandrashekarthis is what i am referring to - http://www.howtoforge.com/openldap-samba-domain-controller-ubuntu7.1006:39
achandrashekarand for clients this is VERY IMPORTANT as 7.10 no longer makes use of the libpam.conf or libnss.conf https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAPClientAuthentication06:40
achandrashekarI really think that the main wiki for setup of  ltsp setup such that it uses ldap-auth should refer to those06:40
achandrashekarand im not sure who to talk to to change or append the guide06:41
achandrashekarthis will keep many people happy in NOT having to spend hours to figure out what the lock up issue is for klog daemon on bootup06:41
achandrashekarkgoetz: know who appends such guides?06:41
kgoetzno i dont06:45
achandrashekari see....no problem...06:46
* kgoetz had the problem with libpam.conf and libnss.conf too06:46
kgoetzachandrashekar: actuallyk, ping #ubuntu-doc06:47
kgoetzand ask them about it06:47
achandrashekarthe last guide and most definitive for infrastructure setup is the following - https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuDHCPload-balancingFailover06:47
achandrashekarHowever from a strategic stand point of setup for standalones, there are some methodical steps06:48
achandrashekarId suggest this - 1) setup up BOTH standalones 2) get smb ldap working with shared home drives 3) do the dhcp failover06:48
achandrashekarin that order06:48
achandrashekarand hence added to the docs for handbook06:49
achandrashekarbut ill suggest that in ubuntu-doc06:49
achandrashekarwith the afore mentioned links above06:49
achandrashekarI certainly appreciate all the help though...and the documentation is really what got me figured out.06:50
achandrashekarIll post progress of our infrastructure in days to come.06:50
achandrashekarkgoetz: a bit quiet in the channel..and I might have to try during the day.07:04
kgoetzachandrashekar: be patient07:05
* kgoetz off home07:05
achandrashekarno issues.07:05
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RichEdachandrashekar: i suggest you (1) mail ogra & cc sbalneav or (2) edit the wiki page yourself !07:58
RichEdfor option (1) i'll msg you the email addresses07:58
RichEdbut option (2) is better ... if you've spotted an inconsistency from personal experience, you're the best one to explain to others :)07:59
achandrashekarand Im considering a bit of write up and I can have it reviewed before publication.07:59
RichEdachandrashekar: if you accurately describe what you experienced, in such a way that it would have helped you, then that's the best review08:04
achandrashekarId be happy to do that08:04
achandrashekarit should take a day or so..but I will formulate all of my thoughts effectively08:05
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ogra***** meeting reminder, edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 2min *****11:55
stgraberright, I'll be there but only for the tech part11:56
stgraberthen I have to go to an edubuntu deployement :)11:56
ogra***** meeting reminder, edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting starts now *****11:57
xivulonogra, stgraber please see http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57575/13:48
ogra_cmpcxivulon, yeah, thats fine14:07
ogra_cmpcas i said, i wont cry :)14:07
xivulonogra_cmpc: sorry for that, will try to make it up to you in the next release14:18
Nubaeis there a reason why some computers would get stuck during the pxe boot process after the ................ done.14:53
Nubaeand then continue after a minute or 214:53
ogra_cmpcboot without quiet and see what they are doing :)14:53
ogra_cmpcin the pxe config14:54
Nubaehmmm yeah didnt think of that14:54
ogra_cmpci have seen delays with clocksource detection during kernl unpacking14:55
ogra_cmpccheck for that14:55
alumno10hi all, I tried a coreduo as a client and youtube still see slow15:44
alumno10the server is a amd 1,2ghz but now i was using just core duo client, so . whats the problem?15:44
LaserJockI suppose we had the early meeting today?16:37
* ogra_cmpc wonderws what he did to his classmat ... its unusual fast16:40
LaserJockogra_cmpc: I uploaded 5 squeak packages to NEW last night16:40
LaserJockI had to do quite a lot of work16:40
ogra_cmpcyeah, saw that16:40
ogra_cmpcmany many thanks for that16:40
* ogra_cmpc hugs LaserJock 16:40
LaserJockI even put in transitional packages and did a test upgrade16:42
LaserJockit actually worked ;-)16:42
ogra_cmpcyou see me impressed16:43
LaserJockit'll close 10 bugs16:43
LaserJockthat was fun to put in the changelog ;-)16:43
LaserJockanyway, hopefully the archive admins take it16:43
LaserJockit's a messy set of packages16:44
LaserJockand I *finally* got to send a "It's all fixed" email to gcompris-devel16:46
LaserJockand went through their "test suite" on Hardy and everything's looking pretty good16:46
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alumno10hi all19:32
alumno10is there a problem with intel gigabit integrated adapter and ubuntu?19:32
alumno10wake up all19:42
johnnyogra_cmpc, !19:48
johnnyinitial patch for fixing sabayon19:48
johnnyor rather.. sabayon in xnest19:48
johnnylibxklavier patch19:51
alumno10johnny, i just have to change chroot kernel by a newer one?20:09
alumno10english isn't my main language20:10
johnnyto a newer one ? sure?20:12
johnnybut why are you asking me?20:12
johnnyi don't really know how20:12
johnnyogra, ogra_cmpc http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51631820:15
ubotuGnome bug 516318 in plugins "crash when run inside xnest (keyboard plugin)" [Normal,New]20:15
johnnypawtch attached20:15
* ogra_cmpc hugs johnny 20:17
alumno10somebody can watch fluidly youtube in clients?20:18
johnnyi'd say there are two real bugs that need to be solved for sabayon to be usable truly20:20
johnnyat least.. registered so far that is20:21
johnnyone, is allowing panel applets to be removed and added.. or modified20:21
johnnythe other is the mozilla bookmarks merge20:21
johnnyi'm going to be focusing on the panel applets one when i get more time20:22
ogra_cmpcbut both were not in former versions20:22
ogra_cmpcand both are whishlist items20:22
johnnythey've been active bugs up til now20:22
johnnythey are not wishlist imo20:22
ogra_cmpcbut they are no regressions to what we had in former releases20:23
johnnythat is true20:23
ogra_cmpcsince both are features that didnt work yet20:23
johnnybut that doesn't satisfy me :)20:23
ogra_cmpcright, but if the fix requires big changes they are unlikely to get past the release amangers20:23
ogra_cmpcthe firefox import sounds like a critical candidate here20:26
johnnysure, but at least i will be providing a deb for seperate usage20:26
johnnyfor folks who really need the new features20:26
ogra_cmpcwell, lets at least try to get them in20:26
ogra_cmpcbut its hard to convince the guys that its not a new feature but a bug :)20:27
johnnyas a non ubuntu dev, i only care that ubuntu users have the option to get the newer one, if they want the good stuff :)20:28
ogra_cmpcas ubuntu dev i care that all our users benefit form a fix :)20:29
ogra_cmpcso if its possible to get it in it should ...20:29
johnnywell sure20:29
johnnycuz that will help uncover any more bugs :)20:30
johnnyi'm going to email scotty about the local apps thing20:33
johnnyi have a friend who wants help me hack it20:33
johnnycan you send me his email in a pm?20:33
ogra_cmpcno need for pm :)20:34
johnnyok. thanks ogra20:38
ogra_cmpci'll start putting time into it as well right after release20:38
johnnyso, what is the best howto to use usptream ltsp for development on?20:39
johnnybeen wondering if i should help dberkholz with ltsp in gentoo, as a way to get more of a feeling on how it ties together at a deeper level20:40
ogra_cmpcwell, the upstream code is the deepest level you can get to i guess20:41
ogra_cmpceveruything deeper depends on the knowledge of your os20:41
ogra_cmpcsince ltsp5 is all about distro integration20:41
ogra_cmpcso work on the distro you are most familiar with20:42
ogra_cmpcthat makes most sense20:42
johnnydberkholz prolly doesn't have time to truly work on it, he just took over the PR position at gentoo it seems20:43
johnnyplus whatever he does for a day job :)20:43
ogra_cmpcwell, he started something recently ... with vagrant20:43
johnnyand maintaining most of the sci packages for gentoo20:43
johnnyyes, the hackfest20:43
johnnyi'll be finding more about that20:44
ogra_cmpcthat should ahve some outcome20:44
johnnyi plan on deploying 99% of ltsp installs on ubuntu20:44
ogra_cmpci think he submitted a bunch of code upiostream20:44
johnnybut, i have spent the most time actually using gentoo20:44
ogra_cmpci thinnk i saw a commit carrying his name20:44
ogra_cmpcwell, the actual final implementation of gentoo will very likely be massively different from ubuntus20:45
ogra_cmpcthe way you handle initramfs and netbooting, the way you handle the initscripts etc20:45
johnnywe'll see what we can do to keep it as much commonality as possible20:46
ogra_cmpci think the common stuff is already quite fine after debian, ubuntu and redhat went over it20:46
ogra_cmpci dont think you will find much stuff that would be disturbing20:47
johnnyhmm..so.. maybe i should have dev setup for both then..20:47
ogra_cmpcthe tricky bits are the core pieces i listed above20:47
supremehi all23:40
supremeim alumnoXX23:40

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