nixternal_what is the purpose of it? I am not an aspiring database person, at any level00:00
nosrednaekimwhich is why i'm not going to be a computer science major00:00
nixternal_I have created a ton of sql databases, and never once heard of this stuff00:00
nixternal_wonder if I have been doing it wrong forever :)00:00
Nightrosenixternal_: if you want I can check if I can still find the slides of that lecture - maybe it helps00:01
nixternal_this mibbit IRC stuff through the internet is kind of nice00:01
nixternal_Nightrose: if your lecture is better than these slides, I am all for it, but don't look to hard :)00:01
Nightrosehehe ok - checking00:01
nixternal_Datase Processing: Fundamentals, Design, and Implementation - David M. Kroenke00:02
nixternal_that is the book we are using00:02
nixternal_I got tired of bringing it to class, so I just leave it at home now00:02
yuriynixternal_: databases is required for you?00:09
nixternal_I guess...I don't know why00:10
nixternal_it was either this stupid class or access...I picked this stupid class00:10
nixternal_now I wish I would have went with access :)00:10
Nightrosenixternal_: bummer - they are in german - I thought that was one of our english lectures00:10
yuriyi took it as an elective. i kind of hated doing the problems, but it seemed like actually useful and interesting stuff00:11
nixternal_Nightrose: heh, I think our slides are in German too, because I have no clue wth they say :p00:11
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Riddellnixternal_: normalisation is useful, the academic theory behind it I've never found to be anything other than confusing something that is mostly simple00:20
nixternal_well, normalisation is somewhat easy, it is remembering the different things that separate 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, 4NF, and BCNF00:21
nixternal_the funny thing I am finding out though, is all of the work asks for "my assumption"...which is great, because I can argue with the teacher and get a perfect score because that is my assumption :)00:21
* Nightrose snoozes - nini :)00:30
ScottK2Back when I was taking computer science classes we didn't learn about building databases.  We learned about data structures and writing an optimal sorting algorithm.00:40
nixternal_ScottK2: we already did that stuff00:42
nixternal_but back when you took computer science classes, databases were still on paper :p00:43
ScottK2Yeah, well from there it was into circuit design and hardware.00:43
ScottK2How many people here have felt the pain of dropping a deck of punch cards and having to re-sort them into the correct order/direction?00:44
* ScottK2 raises hand.00:44
* ryanakca wishes they still had machines like those running... just for the historic experience...00:45
* nixternal_ has00:48
nixternal_I didn't re-sort them though...I walked away and left them00:49
* ScottK2 had an assignment due.00:49
nixternal_probably why I got fired from that job00:49
ScottK2That's only surpassed by realizing your entire COBOL deck has preform instead of perform in it.00:49
nixternal_<1:1> and <1:N> and <N:M>    finally something I understand00:51
ryanakcapreform instead of perform?00:52
ScottK2Yes, IIRC (It's been over 25 years since I touched COBOL) you perform <FUNCTION>.  Preform is a syntax error and I had to retype about half the deck as I was consitently wrong throughout.00:55
ryanakcaah :)00:56
ScottK2Today it'd be trivial to fix with search and replace.  In 1980 it was painful.00:57
ScottK21980 on big iron with punch cards.  Micro computers did, in fact, exist at that point.00:58
ryanakcaheh, punch cards... what were they punched with, surely some specialized machine and not a hole punch? :P00:58
* txwikinger just had an earthquake00:58
ScottK2txwikinger: In .de?00:59
txwikingerNo England00:59
ScottK2Pretty unusual for there too, isn't it?01:00
txwikingeryes... about the 2nd I had here in 6 years01:00
* ryanakca wonders if they'll talk about it on BBC Radio 2's hourly news01:00
ScottK2ryanakca: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punch_card01:01
txwikingerryanakca: must have been a very wide one01:01
txwikingerso far it was also in york, leeds and southport01:02
* txwikinger is in Birmingham01:02
ScottK2Wow even01:03
ScottK2ryanakca: If you want even older: http://www.library.upenn.edu/exhibits/rbm/mauchly/jwm0-1.html01:04
ScottK2They still had bits of that lying around when I went there (but weren't using it anymore).01:04
ryanakcatxwikinger: oh, Janice Long just mentioned it. Notingham, Duncaster, Lancasher, Bister, Hagly, Sheffield, Central London... etc (pardon the spelling)01:04
txwikingerYes.. must have been all of south and middle England01:04
ryanakcaScottK2: interesting :)01:05
nixternal_see y'all in a bit...I am gonna head for some food and get my butt home, this class is boring tonight01:05
txwikingerwow.. 5.5 that is huge for England01:05
ryanakcaNight nixternal01:05
txwikingerhi nixternal01:05
txwikingeror night :)01:05
* ScottK2 tries to smack some learning into these young whippersnappers.01:06
ScottK2Yeah.  Wow.01:06
ScottK2Doesn't seem to be on the BBC web site yet.01:08
txwikingerBBC is sleeping01:08
txwikingerthey don't even have it on 24news yet01:09
seelehow big was it?01:09
ryanakcalol, well, you can smack some more learning into me after I finish http://www.spoj.pl/problems/PALIN.pdf01:09
ryanakcatxwikinger: switch to radio201:09
txwikingerok.. BBC2 radio01:10
ScottK2Says 2.5 here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/manchester/6940546.stm01:28
ryanakcaScottK2: Last Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007, 13:05 GMT 14:05 UK01:29
ryanakcaaaaah, wtf. in I have compiz installed. Open konsole, python -> help() -> modules math01:39
ryanakcafor some random reason I can't comprehend, compiz starts with the following message http://pastebin.ca/91988201:40
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ryanakcatxwikinger: 5 miles from Lincoln is the epicentre, 4.7 quake.01:41
txwikingerYes Ryan01:42
ryanakcalol :D01:42
jjessewhere was the earthquake?01:42
* ryanakca wasn't sure you were still listening ;)01:42
txwikinger#ubuntu-uk has changed topic to earthquake :)01:42
ryanakcajjesse: South/central england01:43
ryanakcajjesse: hear all about it from the BBC ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio2.shtml01:43
jjessewow crazy01:44
jjessejust would like to state there is no cup of coffee that is worse then hotel instant coffee01:45
jjessedon't even know if you can call it "coffee"01:45
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ryanakcadoes it have a kitchenette/stove element?01:46
jjessenope just a "packet" with "coffee" in it that you put in and put water and turn it on01:47
ScottK2jjesse: Try drinking coffee on a Navy ship underway.  It's 3:30 AM (0330).  You've had 2 hours of sleep that will have to last you the night.  The coffee was made about 22 hours ago and has gradually been turning to sludge since.  That's a worse cup of coffee, but you'd drink it anyway and be glad for it.01:48
jjessehrmm looks like c-130 airplanes are doing night time touch and goes01:48
jjesseScottK2: ok you have me beat01:48
ScottK2nixternal would 2nd that perspective, I'm guessing.01:50
* ryanakca pets the luxury that alt.coffee, homeroasted coffee and a Zassenhaus knee grinder grant him :)01:51
jjessesounds expensive and tasty01:52
jjessemy wife and i order our coffee from Tully's in Seattle01:52
jjesseso much better then starbucks coffeee01:52
ryanakcajjesse: nah, homeroasting coffee is about half the price of the preroasted stuff01:52
ryanakcahalf to three quarters...01:52
ScottK2After Navy coffee, any coffee I have now is good coffee.02:02
jjessei bet02:10
jjessewow i totally don't want to do any work this evening02:13
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jjessehrmm i wonder if i should take the plunge and upgrade my gutsy box to hardy03:08
nosrednaekimjjesse» BTW... I got an email back from google, who said that I may be eligible, and that I should ask during the student-sign-up week :)03:09
jjessenosrednaekim: that's awesome news i'm glad you sent a note03:15
jjesseits been nice so far this week i've had the opportunity to squish a lot of bugs assigned to the kubuntu team :)03:15
daSKreechCan I add a proxy to a machine via command line only?03:52
daSKreechI'm smelling iptables as the response ....03:52
nixternalScottK2: I actually enjoyed the Haze Grey Cafe04:46
nixternalwe would perculate coffee all day long, never removing the old grounds04:46
nixternalcome 2am, you would have to use paint thinner for creamer04:46
ScottK2Yeah, well that's where I learned to like coffee, so my perspective is slanted.04:55
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apacheloggersuse is having a so much nicer CD menu appearance :|07:24
daSKreechCSS rocks07:26
apacheloggerdaSKreech: they also have some kind of splash07:48
apacheloggernice animation fading in 'welcome' in different languages07:49
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_StefanS_kwwii: ping?09:42
kwwiierm, when _StefanS_ comes back someone tell him pong from me09:46
kwwiihi _StefanS_09:46
_StefanS_kwwii: hey09:46
_StefanS_kwwii: http://enhance-it.dk/hardy09:46
_StefanS_kwwii: I got the remaining buttons in svg from nuno09:47
kwwii_StefanS_: cool09:47
_StefanS_kwwii: you think so ? :)09:47
kwwii_StefanS_: I think that the panel looks a bit too light blue for my tastes09:47
_StefanS_kwwii: two secs, I will update the screenshot09:48
_StefanS_without the coloration of the kicker bar09:48
kwwiiI am not against coloring the panel - it just looks a bit too blue to me now09:49
_StefanS_kwwii: well I think the entire thing look too glassy, but i dont want to change the theme too radically09:49
_StefanS_kwwii: what about the wallpaper, should we do anything to it? and what about the buttons for the windeco, is the frame too dark?09:50
_StefanS_I'm not really an artwork artist :)09:50
kwwii_StefanS_: they seem too dark to me, at least the outline should be lighter09:51
kwwiiand to be honest, I think that the X and such on the old versions were better09:51
_StefanS_kwwii: yep, maybe 50% lighter?09:51
_StefanS_do you have that X i svg ?09:51
_StefanS_cant remember if it were among those you sent me09:51
_StefanS_anyway I will send you the svg nuno did with all the buttons, so that I'm not the only one that has them09:52
_StefanS_kwwii: they're on their way09:55
jussi01kwwii: got a quick question for you if you have a min?09:57
jussi01kwwii: do you know of a easy way to make a mirror effect for an icon? ie. a reflection underneath?09:58
kwwiijussi01: do you mean in code or in the actual pic?10:00
jussi01kwwii: actual pic10:01
_StefanS_kwwii: I found your original X button, doing it now10:01
kwwiiif you just want to make a simple reflection, copy the entire object, make it one shape, pull the top down below so that it is "mirrored" and give it a gradient fill going to transparent on the bottom10:01
kwwii_StefanS_: cool10:01
* _StefanS_ is far from an inkscape artist :D10:02
jussi01kwwii: ahh, thank you10:02
apacheloggeruh the bug tags page needs a toc, seriously10:13
apacheloggernixternal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Tags - search for upstream, please make sure to use the tags when appropriate :)10:14
kwwii_StefanS_: are the final/exported buttons partialy transparent?10:15
_StefanS_kwwii: yes10:17
_StefanS_kwwii: it helped with the 50%, I will post some screens in a moment10:21
kwwii_StefanS_: cool, I might get a minute sometime later to play with them10:22
* kwwii is in london in a packaging seminar :-/10:22
_StefanS_kwwii: http://enhance-it.dk/appearance.png10:23
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jussi01kwwii: if you are not overly busy, could you let me know how to do the gradient in gimp? im feeling a little stupid atm... :(10:30
_StefanS_jussi01: dont worry, I dont know either :D10:31
jussi01_StefanS_: I just cant seem to get a non colored gradient :(10:33
kwwiijussi01: select the colors you want to use in the normal colors widget and then select the gradient tool10:35
kwwiione of the gradients in the list will be foreground to background10:35
kwwiior foreground to trasnparent10:35
kwwiialso, you can define a new gradient but that is more complex10:35
jussi01kwwii: but I dont want any colour, i just want to fade out10:37
_StefanS_kwwii: the deb for kwin-style-crystal is here: http://enhance-it.dk/hardy/kwin-style-crystal_1.0.5-0ubuntu3_i386.deb if you want to test it10:38
kwwiithen you want foreground to trasnparent10:38
_StefanS_be back in 30min.10:38
kwwii_StefanS_: cool, thanks10:38
jussi01kwwii: yeah, but how do I choose a transparent colour for the foreground?10:38
apacheloggerkwwii: a suitcase packaging seminar?10:40
* apachelogger never gets that right :|10:40
kwwiijussi01: if you click on the gradient itslef in the Blend part of the gradient tool you can then click in the bottom right to open a dialog in which you can edit the gradients by hand10:41
kwwiiapachelogger: lol, I am learning how to pack my bags for business trips :p10:42
apacheloggerNightrose: can we attend such a seminar as well?10:42
Nightroseapachelogger: sure - come by and I will teach you ;-)10:43
apacheloggerI don't want to crumple my suit for cebit10:43
NightroseoO suit?10:43
Nightrosedamn it10:43
kwwiifolding shirts is my wife's job ;-)10:43
* Nightrose needs to get her stuff cleaned then10:43
* apachelogger needs to get Nightrose to fold his shirts10:44
apacheloggerdon't get that right either10:44
Nightroseno prob10:44
* apachelogger goes bug triaging again10:44
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mhbhi folks11:27
mhbhope everything is going well11:27
jussi01heya mhb11:28
mhbI wish I had less school these days so I could hang out here with you...11:28
jussi01mhb: :)11:28
Nightrosehey mhb :) how are you?11:28
mhbNightrose: I'm doing well, but I'm not leaving school before 19:00 4 days a week11:29
Riddellthese KDE 4 CDs are one problem after another11:30
* jussi01 sighs... sad :(11:30
mhbNightrose: meh? as a sign of "I don't care"?11:31
mhbNightrose: I still don't grasp what "meh" really means11:31
Riddellbut I'm pretty sure that there's only one problem left, then make CDs, test and voila11:31
Nightrosemeh as a sign of "bah that is bad" ;-)11:31
mhbRiddell: that's too bad11:32
jussi01Riddell: please let me know if and when they come out :)11:32
apacheloggerRiddell: tell me about it .... neon was due on saturday ;-)11:42
apacheloggerI just br0ke my system to reproduce a bug11:50
apacheloggermy all nu hardy installation11:50
* apachelogger could start crying right away11:50
* blizzzek passes apachelogger a hanky11:50
* Nightrose hugs apachelogger11:50
apacheloggerbug 19481411:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194814 in kdebase-kde4 "A lot of programms can't start because of KComponentData" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19481411:52
apacheloggerbug #19481411:53
apacheloggerhaha :D11:53
apacheloggerpeople br0ke their installations with Riddell's Qt 4.4 snapshot11:53
* apachelogger marks this bug as 'super strange, but invalid'11:53
hungerapachelogger: Hey, I have that one too! And I did not even need Riddel's Qt4.4 snapshot;-)11:58
apacheloggerhunger: right, you randomly break your system eitherway :P12:00
hungerapachelogger: Well, this time my system is fine... I just can not get kde 4.1 to work.12:00
hungerTHe kde4 debs work fine...12:01
hungerand usually I get my system broken by you ubuntu guys.12:01
apacheloggersure :P12:01
apacheloggerNightrose: note hunger as possible test candidate for a possible global neon12:02
hungerNightrose: I update usually once per 60min, so I'll test it whether you mark me out or not:-)12:02
* apachelogger tries fixing his system again12:02
Nightrosehunger: *g* alright12:03
Nightroseyou are on the list anyway12:03
hungerapachelogger: And by the way: I did not have any mayor issues since I started putting /etc under revision control. It helps a lot to have the old files around and to know which version of which deb was installed when things were still working;-)12:04
hungerToo bad that lp spec never got of the ground.12:04
apacheloggeryeah, sounds reasonable12:04
apacheloggernetwork-manager got uninstalled12:05
* apachelogger is connectionless12:05
seregahi everybody!12:17
jussi01heya serega12:17
Hobbseehey serega, jussi0112:23
jussi01gday Hobbsee12:23
seregaHi, Hobbsee12:24
seeleis nixternal the only one working on kubuntu kickoff?13:06
seelei havent checked out the latest live cd, but i noticed the menu selection highlight is full-width rather than variable (what the plasma team is pushing)13:07
seelejust so you know, i fully support full width selection so dont feel like you have to change the selection highlight size to whatever is in kde svn :P13:07
Riddellseele: I don't think nixternal has done anything with it, apachelogger did add some patches13:11
seeleRiddell: ok13:22
nixternalapachelogger: tags are stupid13:25
nixternalseele: I took a look at the code base, and aaron was right, there are a couple of ways to go with getting the dark themes fixed13:27
nixternaljeesh, the tag base has grown13:31
jjesseis that a good thing?13:32
jjessenixternal: sent you an email last night13:32
nixternalya, just got it13:32
jjessei'm also having problems commit the changes i made last night to the network.xml file, keeps saying no changes13:33
nixternalafter you made the changes and did 'bzr commit' it says no changes?13:34
nixternalor when you try to push it13:34
jjessewhen i push it13:34
jjessetry to push it13:34
txwikingermake a change :)13:35
jjessei did13:35
nixternalinteresting...move the network.xml out of the directory, do bzr up, and then move the network.xml back and give it another shot13:35
jjesseand did a successfull bzr commit13:35
jjesseok i'll will when i have some time later today13:35
Riddellall new kubuntu-kde4 CDs up for testing13:45
Riddellthese ones are going to work, I just know it13:45
nixternalRiddell: hehe, did you see my message the other day about them?13:48
Riddellnixternal: which one?13:48
Riddellstartkde script was broken, I've fixed that13:48
nixternalabout the LiveCD version not going to the desktop, but you could install, installed very slow, and yes the startkde script13:48
seeleis downloading updates for alpha 5 sufficient or do i have to get the latest live cd?13:48
nixternalwith startkde fixed that knocks out two issues13:48
jussi01Riddell: nice:) Ill grab one soon :D13:49
nixternalseele: it is a new LiveCD for just KDE 4 only13:49
Riddellseele: I'm looking for CD testing just now13:49
seelenixternal: the daily?  or the hardy alpha 5?  i found two places to download something13:49
nixternalI will grab one after my conference call and happily remove this Ubuntu install :)13:50
Riddellhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/daily-live/20080227.2/  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/daily/20080227.3/13:50
nixternalseele: kubuntu-kde4/13:50
nixternalthere you go :)13:50
seelekk thanks13:50
apacheloggernixternal: not when doing proper bug triaging :P13:53
nixternalplus, some of those don't need upstream reports13:54
apacheloggernixternal: for example?13:55
nixternalpower possibly, the gtk icons one in the taskbar13:58
nixternalthose are the 2 at the top of my head13:58
apacheloggernixternal: easier to remove unncessary tags than to add them for 3bill existing reports14:00
nixternalhahaha, 3 billion14:01
nixternal100 million dollars14:01
nixternalthe BBC, AP, Sky, or any news outlet has nothing on IRC14:04
nixternalwe knew of the earthquake 2 hours before it hit the news :p14:04
vorianmoin everyone :)14:09
voriani just packaged the kde4 port for keurocalc14:09
vorianis it too late for hardy? or do you think this warrants an exception?14:10
jpatrickvorian: FFe need yeah14:10
vorianthanks jpatrick :)14:11
jpatrickvorian: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2008-February/025128.html14:13
vorianjpatrick, I've done a couple ff exceptions for updates14:14
jpatrickvorian: just a little heads up that he'll be after your bllod if you get a new package in without his approval ;)14:15
vorianwho wha?14:15
vorianjpatrick, jr?14:17
jpatrickvorian: the motu-release team14:18
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jussi01apachelogger: you about?14:44
ScottKabout what?14:47
apacheloggeromg, I feel work14:47
jussi01ScottK: about quassel which is in his ppa ;)14:48
jussi01apachelogger: no, not really ;)14:48
jussi01apachelogger: may I pm for a moment?14:48
apacheloggerjussi01: only if you behave yourself ;-)14:49
soussouhi all15:00
soussouwhat would be the best qt4 IDE?15:00
soussousomeone said kdevelop15:01
soussoubut are there any qt4 IDEs?15:01
nosrednaekimwell, qt-designer makes it easy to make the GUI's15:02
hungersoussou: If you want to do qt only apps using qmake, then you might want to check qdevelep.15:02
soussouI know it does, I was just wondering how it stacks up against qdeveloper15:02
ScottKqdevelop is in Hardy.15:02
hungersoussou: Otherwise kdevelop is nice, eclipse can be used as well, but does not really support Qt per se.15:03
soussouthanks guys15:03
soussousomeone just said qdevelop is in hardy, I just tried a quick search, nothing came up15:04
soussouwhat repos is it in?15:05
jpatrick!info qdevelop hardy15:05
ubotuqdevelop (source: qdevelop): A development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.25.2-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 1294 kB, installed size 2744 kB15:05
nosrednaekim!info qdevelop (hardy)15:05
jpatricknosrednaekim: ..15:05
nosrednaekimbleh :)15:05
soussouubotu: what repos r u using?15:05
jpatrick!bot | soussou15:05
ubotusoussou: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots15:05
nosrednaekimi'm slow today15:05
soussouLOL, i thought I was talking to some smart dude15:06
jpatricksoussou: you are15:11
Riddellawooga, all the CDs work15:22
ScottKRiddell: I'll see if I can find something to upload to fix that.15:24
Riddellis anyone else testing them?  seele, nixternal?15:24
seeleRiddell: i havent yet.. i was planning to at my next break15:25
seele(in all day testing today)15:25
seregaRiddell: hi15:26
Riddellhi serega15:26
seregaRiddell: could you look at my patch?15:27
Riddellserega: where is it?15:28
nixternalRiddell: I am going to test alternative now15:28
seregaRiddell: http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/91914915:28
Riddellnixternal: great15:28
NightroseRiddell: I can test later (in 2 hours or so)15:33
Riddellserega: looks good15:33
RiddellNightrose: thanks15:33
Riddellserega: recommends need commas between them otherwise I'll upload15:34
seregaRiddell: ah... I'll fix it in seconds. Could you suggest me a source of "LEGAL TEXT" to copy?15:35
Riddellserega: legal text?  I can add the commas, that's just as easy15:36
seregaRiddell: please do15:37
seregaRiddell: look at line 187 of the patch15:37
neversfeldeRiddell: I tested alternate CD 27.3 i386, worked fine for me15:37
seregaRiddell: it meant to be a warning about libdvdcss legal status15:37
Riddellneversfelde: fantastic, thanks!15:39
Riddellserega: hmm15:40
Riddell"This package allows you to watch encrypted DVD videos.  This is illegal in some countries because it has not been authorised by the copyright holder.  Do you want to install this package?"15:42
seregaRiddell: sounds very nice15:42
seelethere is a 27.3 now?15:43
* seele redownloads15:43
seregaRiddell: could you add this to the patch too?15:43
Riddellseele: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-kde4/daily-live/20080227.2/15:43
seeleok.. that's what i have15:43
Riddellseele: alternates are .3, live/desktops are .215:43
seeleah hah15:43
Riddellsince neversfelde has tested an alternate live/desktops could do with the testing15:44
seregaRiddell: mm... "This package" isn't good15:44
* Nightrose will test live cd for i38615:44
seregaRiddell: libdvdcss is not mentioned before this dialog15:44
Riddell"LibDVDCSS is about to be installed.  This package allows you to watch encrypted DVD videos.  This is illegal in some countries because it has not been authorised by the copyright holder.  Do you want to install this package?"15:45
Riddell"LibDVDCSS is about to be installed, it allows you to watch encrypted DVD videos.  This is illegal in some countries because it has not been authorised by the copyright holder.  Do you want to install this package?"15:45
seregaRiddell: LibDVDCSS (http://link.to.homepage)15:46
Riddell"LibDVDCSS (http://www.videolan.org/developers/libdvdcss.html) is about to be installed, it allows you to watch encrypted DVD videos.  This is illegal in some countries which require decryption to be authorised by the copyright holder.  Do you want to install this package?"15:46
seregaRiddell: it times nicer than my variants :)15:47
seregathanks you15:47
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
Riddellserega: sorted, uploading15:51
soussouis there a tutorial on how to install qdevelop in gutsy?15:51
soussouI know that qdevelop was added to hardy, but I haven't moved to heron yet15:51
Riddellsoussou: there's no packages for it.  you'd need to ask the qdevelop project for how to install manually15:52
soussouI see, but it was added to hardy, am I right?15:53
Riddellsoussou: yes15:53
soussouis there another decent qt4 IDE I can use in gutsy?15:53
soussoubesides kdevelop15:53
soussouI need one that seamlessly integrates qtdesigner preferably15:54
hungersoussou: Emacs, vi.15:54
iRonsoussou: for c++ programming? or python?15:54
hungersoussou: Sorry, I counld not resist.15:54
soussoui should have expected that one15:54
Riddelleric maybe15:54
soussouvim actually works better for me15:54
soussouc++ programming mainly15:54
hungersoussou: Designer tends to behave strange when embedded into other apps... I always use it stand alone.15:54
soussouhunger: ok then, maybe I ll just stick with codeblocks, and code the GUI separately15:55
hungersoussou: Well, maybe it did get better. I am using it standalone only for a couple of versions now;-)15:55
fdovingsoussou: this is good: http://www.vi-improved.org/tutorial.php15:56
soussouvim RULES, I don't need an editor though15:56
soussouI need a full fledged IDE15:56
soussouwith debugging and version control, and all the hooplas15:56
soussoufdoving: I can lecture on vim for hours15:57
soussoubut that'snot what I am after15:57
hungerSo far I have not seen any IDE that is as good as specialized standalone apps and a couple of scripts.15:57
seeleew, installer text isnt anti-aliased15:58
Riddellseele: yeah, known problem15:58
soussouok, qmake and .pro should do the job15:58
soussouthanks guys15:58
seele(as if you couldn't tell.. just popped the cd in now)15:58
Riddellarne says he's looking at changing fontconfig so its antialiased by default15:58
fdovingi've tried qdevelop, kscope and kdevelop, i always end up going back to vim in a terminal.15:58
hungersoussou: You might want to check ddd for debugging... its GUI is still using motif, but it is really nice otherwise.15:58
seeleRiddell: well it's weird because the rest of the environment is antialiased, same with the dialog title.  just the regular text isnt15:59
Riddellseele: this is KDE 4?15:59
soussouhunger: i will do it, thanks for the tip15:59
seelee.g. Keyboard Layout title is anti aliased, but the other text in the list and on the buttons is not15:59
Riddellseele: right, large fonts are antialiased16:00
RiddellI think that's down to obsolete fontconfig settings16:00
seelewhen you select Manual, click next to the screen, and click Back, it should take you to the Prepare disk space screen and not Keyboard layout16:07
seelesame with the second Guided option after it takes you to the next screen16:07
seelealso, the second Guided option shouldn't automatically take you to the next screen when you make the radio selection.. you should click Next and then get the extra Guided options16:08
Riddellit takes you to the next screen or it just enables some widgets?16:10
seeleRiddell: new widgets appear and others disappear so it looks like a new screen16:11
seeleRiddell: its not just enabling the SCSI option that is disabled16:11
seelehmm.. ubiquity just froze after clicking Skip for disk scanning16:11
seeleRiddell: do you know what i mean?  or did i not describe it well?16:11
Riddellseele: I've added your comments to my TODO and I'll take a look when have my planned ubiquity day soon16:14
seeleok, let me know if youhave any questions16:14
Riddellskip and cancel buttons have been very badly tested16:14
seelehum.. have to start over.. ubiquity wont start after crashing16:14
Riddellnixternal: anything to add to this? https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HardyHeron/Alpha5/KubuntuKDE416:29
seregaRiddell: Jon, looks like you have forgot to add comma separators for recommends: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/kaffeine/0.8.6-0ubuntu516:49
seregaRiddell: builds are failed16:49
Riddelloh doh, I did16:50
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
NightroseRiddell: going to test the live cd now - want me to test something specific or just the usual stuff?17:11
RiddellNightrose: just that it installs and runs17:12
Nightrosedon´t have a spare pc to test installing :(17:12
apacheloggerNightrose: VirtualBox17:12
Nightroseok trying that later17:13
seeleah, no games available.  those are the things that sometimes didnt work17:15
RiddellNightrose: well that it runs then17:16
Nightrosewill set up a virtual box later maybe17:17
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
NightroseRiddell: gwenview still crashes on startup17:25
Riddellworks for me17:26
neversfeldeis it possible to test amd64 CDs in a virtualbox?17:27
Riddellneversfelde: only on an amd64 machine I expect17:32
neversfeldethis is one, but I do not use amd64. Shall I try the desktop amd64 CD, or is this already done?17:33
Riddellneversfelde: give it a try17:33
Nightrosehmm the new device applet is acting strange - no black background when adding it to the desktop17:35
Nightroseinstead it shows 4 tiles with random bits of the desktop17:35
Nightrosefine when moving it17:36
Riddellalso works for me17:39
Riddellstop finding bugs! :)17:39
Riddellseele: did you get it installed?17:40
Nightrose*lol* ok17:40
Nightrosewell the rest works fine so far17:40
apacheloggerNightrose: these might as well be graphic driver issues17:40
apacheloggerrealted to hardy17:40
Nightroseapachelogger: might be..17:41
=== vorian_ is now known as vorian
Nightrosebut this is the first time any graphic stuff works at all for me17:41
Nightroseso better than before17:41
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
* Nightrose got wobbly windows \o/17:41
apacheloggerhow is that?17:42
RiddellNightrose: really?  compiz?17:42
* apachelogger shudders17:42
Nightrosekwin stuff17:42
Riddelldo they actually wobble?  kwin doesn't have a wibbly windows plugin17:42
Nightrosenah ok not really wobble ;-)17:42
apacheloggerthere was a PoC once17:42
apacheloggerbut it wasn't really wobbling but drunkenmode17:43
apacheloggerNightrose: lies, nothing but lies17:43
Nightrosefall appart it is called17:43
apacheloggeryou probably don't have any issues17:43
jpatrick!lies | Nightrose17:44
ubotuNightrose: Mostly just statistics, but yeah.17:44
Nightrosemeh - ok the next effect wasn´t soo good...17:44
Nightroseb0rked - but probably due to crappy hardware17:44
Nightroseok I give up - everything else seems to work fine ;-)17:54
Riddellthanks Nightrose17:54
Nightroseyw - will try to set up a virtual box now17:54
Nightroselet´s see if it likes me :P17:54
LaserJockcan KDE menus handle .xpms for icons?18:33
RiddellI think so18:35
LaserJockI would think so since a great many icons in /usr/share/pixmaps/ are .xpm18:37
Riddellyes, I'm pretty certain it can18:37
LaserJockI just got a bug report that adds a 300+ KB diff to add pngs18:37
LaserJocksupposedly for KDE18:38
Riddellbug no?18:38
LaserJockbug #19619418:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196194 in rasmol "[hardy] please include icons" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19619418:39
LaserJockI don't have KDE installed on this laptop, but in Gnome the menu icon surely shows up18:39
LaserJockI would assume KDE would be the same18:39
Riddellit says Icon=rasmol but the only icons included are /usr/share/pixmaps/rasmol_32x32.xpm and /usr/share/pixmaps/rasmol_48x48.xpm18:41
LaserJockso maybe gnome picks that up and KDE doesn't?18:42
Riddellmaybe.  it's entirely non-standard18:42
Riddellln -s /usr/share/pixmaps/rasmol_48x48.xpm /usr/share/pixmaps/rasmol.xpm  might help18:42
LaserJockhmm, it seems to have been changed in the the latest release18:43
LaserJockin any case, I don't think we need a 300KB diff to add pngs ;-)18:44
Riddellyes, it does18:44
LaserJockyep, checking on Hardy in gnome the icons don't show up18:45
LaserJockok, so I think just doing a symlink will fix it for everybody18:45
=== blueyed_ is now known as blueyed
Nightroseok virtual box seems to work now after beating it a few times - installing from the live cd now now19:01
Riddellgood luck19:02
Riddellhi demir19:02
NightroseI think good luck was for me ;-)19:04
Nightrosehope I don´t need it19:04
nixternalRiddell: do you want the release notes for the KDE 4 page all doctored up, or is it fine the way it is?19:10
nixternalI need to come up with a better releases note method19:10
Riddellnixternal: I'm happy keeping it simple19:11
nixternalI am glad you said that :)19:11
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
seelenetwork manager doesn't start on it's own the first time you log in to kde4?19:15
RiddellI'm a bit worried that seele has fallen off the internet during testing19:15
Riddellah hah!19:15
Riddelljust being paranoid :)19:15
Riddellseele: no, the autostart file needs to be moved19:15
seeleRiddell: ok19:15
Riddellsame for adept updater19:15
nosrednaekimRiddell» just wondering, how long does it normally take for a package to be moved to main?19:17
seelehmm.. no flash plugin by default?19:17
jpatrickseele: copyright issues?19:19
seelejpatrick: i thought there was an open flash plugin19:19
jpatrickah, yes...19:19
seeleit's better than no flash plugin at all19:19
nixternalhow come none of my videos work anymore...I can't watch any format... Kaffein, Dragon, VLC, KMPlayer, MPlayer, I don't care what it is, I can't watch a video :/19:20
Riddellnot much better, it wouldn't come with the video codecs19:20
neversfelde_Riddell: no amd64 installation possible, but i386 desktop CD worked fine19:35
Riddellneversfelde_: not possible because of virtualbox limitation?19:36
neversfelde_Riddell: yes,19:36
neversfelde_you need to run virtualbox on amd64 to test amd6419:37
Riddellnixternal: fridge story to edit/publish19:49
Nightroseok install in virtualbox went fine (german version) - restarting now and testing a little19:51
Nightroseok this is strange...19:54
Nightrosegwenview crashes in live session in virtual box as well19:54
Nightrosebut not in installed version19:54
nixternalRiddell: roger that19:54
Nightroseno obvious bugs - enough testing for today20:01
_StefanS_kwwii: ping?20:04
nixternalRiddell: posted20:06
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
* nixternal goes for the alternate install20:49
nixternalso far so good on Kubuntu-KDE4 alternate20:59
voriannixternal, your blog is gonna get hammered21:00
vorianit's already sluggish21:00
nixternalwon't be the first time21:00
nixternalit will go down here shortly21:00
nixternalthat is why I don't add Digg crap to my blog21:00
vorian$10 says digg frontpage by the end of the day21:00
nixternalI tried once, and it killed the site within 5 minutes21:00
ScottKFor a moment there I thought I read "* nixternal goes for the alternate lifestyle"21:01
nixternaldon't ask don't tell21:01
vorianScottK, I think that's what he meant21:01
* nosrednaekim goes to read his blog21:01
ScottKnixternal was motivated by the recut of Top Gun I sent him a few weeks ago.21:01
vorianamd64 is a sloooooow download21:02
nixternalthat was awesome though21:02
nixternalI bet I am the only one who has top gun on dvd and watches it no less than 3 times a month21:02
vorianI always cry when Dr. Greene dies21:03
vorianum, I mean Goose21:03
nixternalthat is a movie I watch over and over, and never once expect what's coming up21:04
nixternalit is like the first time I have seen it every time :p21:04
Nightrosevorian: dr green dying in ER is very sad as well...21:04
vorianNightrose, yes21:04
nixternalbah, ER is horrible21:05
vorianwhen he left the show, I stopped watching21:05
nixternalthey have only filmed like 3 scenes of the entire show in Chicago21:05
NightroseoO nixternal - beware the ER fan ;-)21:05
vorianIt's amazing they still can come up with new stuff21:05
nixternalLas Vegas FTW!21:05
nixternaland Chuck!21:05
vorianChuck is awesome21:05
nixternaland Boston Legal!21:05
nixternalDenny Crane is da man!21:05
Nightroseboston legal rocks yea21:05
vorianLife is pretty good too21:05
seregais it normal when debian/patches/00list is absent?21:06
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
nixternalonly thing I watch on Fox is Nascar :p21:06
Nightrosenot so sure about lost any more21:06
nixternalserega: depends on the patching system used21:06
nixternal00list is used for dpatch, series is used for quilt21:06
nixternaland simple-patchsys is just that, simple, you using nothing :021:06
sereganixternal: oh... thanks21:06
seregais there a generic way to install all the patches from debian/patches?21:07
nixternalactually I was wrong with simple-patchsys, you need to do debian/rules trickery21:07
nixternalI like quilt for patching, it is nice and simple, so is dpatch though21:07
sereganeither 00list nor series is present21:08
nixternalsimple-patchsys is easy too, there are only 2 lines to add in debian/rules for it21:08
nixternal$(MAKE) -f /some/directory/file patch21:08
nixternal$(MAKE) -f /some/directory/file unpatch21:09
nixternalRiddell: Alternate CD installed!21:09
* nixternal reboots to see if it starts :)21:09
sereganixternal: do I need to run configure and generate Makefiles?21:09
nosrednaekimFOX == 24 == awesomeness21:10
nixternalno, debuild/dpkg-buildpackage/pbuilder does it for you21:10
nixternalRiddell: Kubuntu-KDE alternate amd64 works like a charm21:12
nixternalneed to tweak our KDE fonts too21:12
_StefanS_anyone know if kdesudo-kde4 still needs to have the password dialog subclassed from kde4 api?21:12
nixternalI don't know21:13
_StefanS_uhm ..21:13
_StefanS_I wonder where Tonio_ is21:13
ScottKWould one of you great KDE developers have a moment to help a lowly packager out with a spot of code ripping out?21:14
_StefanS_ScottK: maybe i can help21:15
ScottKThe latest version of Klamav removed on access scanning, but left the U/I for it.21:15
ScottKSo I was hoping to remove that bit of U/I since it doesn't work.21:16
ScottKMy attempts at it so far invariable segfault.21:16
ScottKSo I thought maybe someone who knows what they're doing might have more luck.21:16
_StefanS_sure i can try21:17
_StefanS_send me a screenshot with the stuff marked for removal21:17
_StefanS_and the package name21:17
_StefanS_or source..21:17
ScottK2_StefanS_: Here's the source https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/klamav/0.42-0ubuntu221:19
_StefanS_ScottK2: is it dpkg-source something to unpack it like apt-get source does it?21:20
_StefanS_cant remember21:20
jpatrick_StefanS_: dget -x the .dsc21:21
_StefanS_ah yep -x :)21:21
* _StefanS_ is nearly 30, so the brain starts to become mushy21:21
ScottK2_StefanS_: Hah.  I'm 50% older than you so quit whining.21:21
_StefanS_oh my you old geezer21:22
ScottK2Marking up the screen shot now.21:22
_StefanS_ScottK2: how was the fighting in WWII ?21:22
_StefanS_ScottK2: I'm compiling it now21:26
nixternaldoes kde 4 compositing work with the fglrx driver?21:26
nixternalI am seeing weird behavior using the r300 driver, ie. black horizontal lines coming off the corners of open windows21:27
_StefanS_nixternal: guess it should, but I havent tested. Threw out all ATI i could.21:27
nixternallol, I wish I could do the same right about now21:27
_StefanS_nixternal: oh wasn't there some issues in the latest svn version on that..21:27
nosrednaekimnixternal» yep21:27
nosrednaekimnixternal» the new ones at least21:27
nixternalnosrednaekim: yep as in fglxr works21:27
nosrednaekimyeah, i'm using 7.12 right now21:28
nixternaldo you have to configure anything silly, like that xgl whatever crap?21:28
_StefanS_nixternal: i think xgl is obsolete now since glx is properly supported in the flgrx drviers21:28
ScottK2_StefanS_: http://www.kitterman.com/test/klamav.jpg21:28
_StefanS_blah_from_pixmap or whatever21:28
nosrednaekimnixternal» nope, it all Just Works.21:29
_StefanS_ScottK2: do you need the whole tab to go away?21:29
ScottK2_StefanS_: Yes21:29
_StefanS_ScottK2: an ofcourse the rightclick menu21:29
_StefanS_sure. let me look at it21:29
nixternalnosrednaekim: awesome, I will go ahead and install the fglrx drivers then21:29
ScottK2_StefanS_: Yes.  Thanks.  Blank would be an improvement over what we have now if making it go away is hard.21:30
nosrednaekimnixternal» I warn you to follow the official instructions, and advise you to install without making it into a DEB.21:30
_StefanS_ScottK2: where do you get that rightclick  menu?21:30
nixternalnosrednaekim: oh, so don't grab the fglrx drivers from the repos?21:31
ScottK2_StefanS_: You have to start the program first.  It should appear then21:31
nixternalie. through restricted-manager21:31
_StefanS_ScottK2: ah the tray menu ;)21:31
nosrednaekimnixternal» unless you are on hardy21:31
_StefanS_ScottK2: thought it was in the main window21:31
nixternalI am on hardy21:31
nixternalOK, sweet21:31
nosrednaekim!info xserver-driver-fglrx (hardy)21:32
ubotuPackage xserver-driver-fglrx does not exist in hardy21:32
nosrednaekim!info xorg-driver-fglrx (hardy)21:32
ubotuxorg-driver-fglrx (source: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 ( Video driver for ATI graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is optional. Version 1:7.1.0-8-02+ (hardy), package size 9672 kB, installed size 29420 kB21:32
nosrednaekimnixternal» yeah, you should be fine with that one then21:32
nixternaldang, you can't use jockey in kde4 system settings21:33
nixternaloh, you can just run 'jockey-kde'21:33
ScottK2_StefanS_: Well I couldn't fix either the main window tab or the tray menu right-click thing, so whatever you can manage would be a great help.21:35
_StefanS_ScottK2: will test in a moment21:35
_StefanS_ScottK2: forgot to run debuild -nc, so its recompiling the whole thing21:36
_StefanS_ScottK2: are you from US, btw?21:36
_StefanS_ScottK2: is the Q9450 core 2 quad available there?21:37
_StefanS_ok, just wanted to ask because I have to wait like a month to get one here in DK21:38
nixternaljockey-kde doesn't work :(21:38
ScottK2_StefanS_: The site I normally buy from doesn't even list it.21:39
nosrednaekimnixternal» there's always good old apt-get :)21:40
_StefanS_ScottK2: it should be out in US at 20 january or something21:40
_StefanS_ScottK2: was supposed to I mean21:40
_StefanS_anyways, doesnt matter ;)21:40
* ScottK2 doesn't tend to chase the latest hardware. My hardy test laptop is a PIII 700 w/256MB RAM.21:41
ScottK2Up until 3 months ago, it was my only laptop.21:41
_StefanS_ScottK2: wow you must have alot of time since you're using a P3 ;)21:45
_StefanS_ScottK2: maybe I should donate a dual core machine to your testing stuff :)21:45
ScottKNew laptop is dual core.21:46
_StefanS_ScottK: good :)21:47
_StefanS_ScottK: btw, the menu option and tab is gone now.21:47
_StefanS_ScottK: just need to fix a quick segfault on exit21:47
nixternalTm_T: you know what, I still haven't gotten any special box for you yet21:48
nixternalnosrednaekim: I installed fglrx via apt-get, wth am I supposed to do next...obviously you can tell I haven't messed with this garbage before... I remember a couple of years ago having to do something with aticonfig --initial or something21:51
nosrednaekimnixternal» just go into the xorg.conf and change Driver "ati" to Driver "fglrx"21:52
nixternalheh, there is no xorg.conf :p21:52
_StefanS_ScottK2: http://enhance-it.dk/hardy/disable-autoscan.diff21:53
nosrednaekim /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:53
nosrednaekimoh great ... 7.3?21:53
ScottK2_StefanS_: Looking.  Thanks21:53
_StefanS_ScottK2: np21:53
nixternalwhatever comes with the hardy cd I just installed from :)21:53
nosrednaekimnixternal» uhhhh ok..... I have NO CLUE how 7.3 handles driver changes21:54
nixternalya, 7.321:54
_StefanS_ScottK2: it was some queries to klamd object that made it crash. you can always compile with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip to get the debugging info in the kcrash dialog21:54
_StefanS_ScottK2: show linenumber and filename.21:55
* _StefanS_ wonders why 2d is so slow with the nvidia binary driver21:55
ScottK2_StefanS_: Thanks21:56
_StefanS_ScottK2: launching kdeinit in a konsole window will also give you the output of Kdebug statements in the code21:56
_StefanS_ScottK2: hope it works :D21:56
* ScottK2 is compiling now21:58
ScottK2More precisely pbuilding it now, so it'll be a little while.21:59
nosrednaekimnixternal» huh.... seems maybe on reboot it will magically detect that you have fglrx installed?21:59
nosrednaekimnixternal» from what I read21:59
_StefanS_ScottK2: eew, its with all the dependencies... it will definitely take a while :)21:59
ScottKWell I've pbuilt klamav several times today, so they're all at least cached locally.22:00
_StefanS_yup that helps22:00
_StefanS_argh i hate those bzr urls22:01
_StefanS_oh my it worked in the first try22:03
Riddellnosrednaekim: isn't 24 postponed for the year?22:05
Riddellnixternal: thanks for testing!22:05
nosrednaekimRiddell» not that I heard... I thought it was just going to be later....like mayish22:06
voriannosrednaekim, yeah, 24 is scheduled for Jan 09 :(22:07
* nosrednaekim hates FOX... and the writers.22:08
voriannosrednaekim, and one of the brains behind 24 quit22:08
nosrednaekimRiddell» you guys get 24 over there?22:09
nosrednaekimand american shows in general?22:09
Riddellnosrednaekim: not on normal tele, but the internet fixes that22:09
Riddellsure, plenty of merkin shows, especially on digital only channels22:10
Nightrosesame here but with a year delay or so - yay for the internets ;-)22:10
ryanakcaRiddell: feel the quake last night, or was scotland too far north? (I'm guessing its the latter, since nobody had called in to BBC Radio 2 from Scotland about it)22:10
nixternalGreat news! After a brief stint with OpenSuse I've come to learn just how much Kubuntu rocks. I've using KDE4 on gutsy right now, Hardy is going to be sweet!22:10
nixternalI love those type of comments22:10
Riddellryanakca: certinaly did, shook me awake22:10
nosrednaekimnixternal» XD22:11
Riddellnixternal: where's that?22:11
nixternalRiddell: my blog22:11
ryanakcaRiddell: heh :)22:11
nixternalis it 6 months for KDE 4 community support?22:11
nixternalor 922:11
* ryanakca thinks he ought to publish something kubuntu-ish to the planet... haven't written an entry in ages22:12
rbrunhuberRiddell, hit by earthquake, Sydney (thats where Hobbsee) is by heavy storm and rain.22:12
Riddellnixternal: 622:12
Riddellryanakca: try out the kde 4 cd and blog it22:12
rbrunhuberSeems to be quite dangerous to be kubuntu member ;-). Maybe Nature wants its LTS?!22:12
ryanakcarbrunhuber: lol, I'm safe, as long as snowmen don't decide to wake up and attack me :)22:13
rbrunhuberwhere are you located ryanakca22:13
ryanakcaRiddell: could do that, *adds buying blank CDs to his TODO*22:13
ryanakcarbrunhuber: Kingston, Ontario, Canada http://tinyurl.com/39f3pg22:15
_StefanS_is it me, or is kde4 on hardy gotten faster ?22:15
_StefanS_probably just me :D22:15
ryanakca_StefanS_: I haven't noticed anything, but that might be because I haven't run an update in the past few days22:16
_StefanS_uhm, just seems, ehm more efficient when doing stuff22:16
_StefanS_i wonder if its because of preload22:16
nosrednaekimoh!.... I forgot I had loaded preload... thats why it got faster!22:17
ryanakcawoah, 349MB update... thank god my bandwidth limit is rather high... preload? *googles*22:18
_StefanS_ryanakca: there was a recent article regarding it22:18
_StefanS_ryanakca: cant remember where22:18
ryanakca_StefanS_: http://www.techthrob.com/tech/preload.php ?22:19
_StefanS_ryanakca: yep, that was it22:20
_StefanS_ryanakca: alot of stuff seems to run smoother. I dont think i'm imagining it.22:20
_StefanS_ryanakca: currently mine is using 256mb ram22:21
* _StefanS_ would like that patch for adjusting the size of the kicker panel getting into hardy.22:23
Nightrosedidn´t apachelogger try that?22:23
NightroseI think there were some problems with it22:24
nosrednaekimyou can resize that22:24
_StefanS_well the taskbar-plasmoid22:24
nosrednaekimoh...that.... I wish :)22:25
_StefanS_you can do that on suse.... if you can ever get suse to boot that is.22:26
=== uga_ is now known as uga
nixternalOK, this is really ticking me off...now I can't even log into KDE22:30
* nixternal kicks the computer22:30
nixternalsee, kicking the computer works22:32
nixternalit told me "hey moron, ~/.ICEauthority can't be written to you silly goose, sudo up"22:32
ScottK2You're just discovering this?22:32
nixternalKDE 4 is supa oogly w/o compositing22:32
ScottK2_StefanS_: Crashed for me on startup.22:33
ScottK2_StefanS_: What I did is here (dget -x again) if you wouldn't mind having a look http://www.kitterman.com/test/klamav_0.42-0ubuntu3.dsc to see what I messed up.22:35
_StefanS_ScottK2: what should I look for in the dsc file?22:36
ScottK2If you dget that, that will give you the package I built using your patch.22:36
ScottK2I'm hoping you can tell me what I messed up.22:36
_StefanS_i only used dpkg-source before22:36
ScottK2dget -x does the same thing.22:36
ryanakcanixternal: I don't think I'm using compositing, and it doesn't look that bad... might just be because I'm used to it though :)22:39
nixternalkrunner doesn't have a dumb white box behind it?22:39
_StefanS_ScottK2: uhm it seems okay, I will just try to compile it.22:39
nosrednaekimnixternal» use a dark theme and that disappeasrs ;)22:39
ryanakcanixternal: its only had one for the past week and a bit.22:40
_StefanS_ScottK2: (I mean you seem to have patched it correctly)22:40
* ScottK will transition from sitting here pretending to do $WORK to being Dad for several hours in just a few minutes, please just let me know here and I'll read the scrollback.22:41
_StefanS_ScottK2: ok, testing it now.22:43
_StefanS_ScottK2: doesn't crash here22:44
ScottK_StefanS_: Thanks.  What architecture are you on?22:45
_StefanS_ScottK: ah..22:45
_StefanS_ScottK: you forgot to patch the stuff in QueryClose. Let me check, i might have made a mistake in the patch22:46
_StefanS_er, the diff.22:46
* ScottK runs off to play Daddy.22:46
_StefanS_ScottK: you need to comment out the stuff in queryClose: http://enhance-it.dk/hardy/disable-autoscan.diff22:46
_StefanS_ScottK:  bool Klamav::queryClose() {22:47
_StefanS_ScottK: then it should work.22:47
seregag'nite all22:57
nixternalRiddell: no ~/ folders at all with the KDE 4 alternate amd64 CD23:42
Nightrosenixternal: no hidden files/directories either?23:45
Nightrosebecause here there are a few23:45
nixternalwell hidden files yes23:45
Nightrosesame here then23:46
nixternalI forget what the name of the spec was for the unified home directory stuff23:46
nixternallike Documents Graphics and so on23:46
Nightroseyea I knwo what you mean23:46
nixternalwhich doesn't bother me, because I hate folders with capital letters in them23:46
nixternaland I create my own anyways23:46
nixternalI have a-z folders pretty much23:47
nixternalhttp://interfacelift.com/wallpaper is the greatest wallpapers in the world!23:48
Jucatoxdg-home-dirs iirc23:48
nixternalya, that's them23:49
nixternaldamn, interfacelift has wallpapers that remind me of puzzles they are so nice23:49
Jucatoer user-dirs23:49
nixternalI love some of the old raggedy houses/landscape ones23:49
* Jucato got addicted to night skyline pictures as wallpapers :)23:50
nixternalyou can see my old apartment in that picture23:51
nixternalJucato: like my Chicago night skyline?23:51
nixternalthe tall black building all the way to the right23:51
Jucatothe lonely black building? )23:51
Jucatonixternal: yeah, your chicago skyline started it :)23:52
nixternalthose are my 2 wallpapers I use23:52
Nightrosehmm where can I find a folder that I shared with a maschine in virtualbox? I told it to share a certain folder but can´t find it23:52
nixternalthe colored one looks great on my big screen23:52
Jucatothen this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e6/Paris_Night.jpg23:52
nixternalNightrose: no clue, I never once got the shared folders working in VBox23:52
Nightroseok workarounds it is then23:53
nixternalomg, that Paris one is beautiful23:53
Jucatoyeah :)23:53
Jucatothis one I'm using right now, although it's only centered :( http://www.farexplore.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/8/TokyoTower/TokyoTowerMoon.jpg23:54
nixternalI like the shot of the moon in that pic23:55
nixternalI have a couple from interfacelift that people at our LUG events see on my laptop and think it belongs to a girl :)23:55
nixternalI have become a sucker for landscape wallpapers, and flowers23:55
nixternalwtf, flowers? me?23:55
Jucatohm.. considering the polos you wear, I'm not surprised one bit :)23:56
nixternallike that picture kwwii took a couple of years that was the wallpaper during KDE 4 alpha, I used that the day he posted it on his blog23:56
Jucato(or whatever you call those "shirts" that you wear over there :P)23:56
* Nightrose uses a dark red one similar to the blue hardy wallpaper (by the same guy)23:56
nixternalI like polos, shows off the muscles :p23:56
Jucatoyeah.. big scary man.. wearing flowery polos :)23:57
nixternaloh, and black & white photography....like an idiot, I just bought a 8 foot panoramic picture of the Chicago skyline23:57
nixternalit is 8 foot by 2.5 feet high23:57
nixternaloh, my flowery shirt isn't a polo23:58
nixternala polo is a 3 button shirt, ie. Raulph Lauren Polo23:58
Nightroseb/w photography <323:58
nixternalthe flower shirts are my beach shirts :)23:58
nixternalI have no idea what they call them, most people call them ugly, but I like um23:58
Jucatooh... I meant the type of clothes.  not the brand :)23:58
Jucatooh well nvm :P23:58
nixternalwell that is where the name comes from23:59
Jucatogotta find the correct name for that type of shirt hehe :)23:59

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