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macogwwow.... hardy's handling of X is even worse than gutsy's.  i'm kinda surprised that's possible.00:08
Arwenmacogw, how so?00:09
macogwgutsy had the info from displayconfig-gtk still at least showing in the xorg.conf00:09
macogwhardy shows no info whatsoever and claims that it's configured00:09
macogwdisplayconfig-gtk is actually dead weight though, so it's not00:09
Arwenthe less crowding in xorg-conf the better00:09
macogwand "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" is STILL broken00:10
Arwenis it? works fine for me00:10
macogwall it does is backup the xorg.conf and quit00:10
RAOFIf by "broken" you mean "writes minimal xorg.conf", yes.00:10
Arwenmacogw, we have xrandr and other yay features in X now00:10
macogwi mean it only asks questions about the keyboard00:10
Arwenno need for 100 page long cons00:10
macogwthere is no offer to pick a graphics driver00:10
macogwor a resolution00:10
Arwenyou shouldn't have to, but..00:11
RAOFmacogw: Yes.  that's right.  Xorg is moving away from static configuration, to hotplugging & stuff.00:11
Arwenif you need to, you can edit the file and force a driver (like for fglrx)00:11
macogwwell how do i change my resolution if displayconfig-gtk is 100% useless?00:11
Arwenxrandr -s resolution00:11
RAOFmacogw: System->Preferences->Screen Resolution doesn't work?00:11
macogwit says its 1280x800 but it looks like 1024x76800:12
void^what's new about xrandr?00:12
macogwscreens & graphics thing shows no options for driver, shows no screens in existence, shows no options for resolution...00:12
Arwen!info firefox-3.0-dev00:12
RAOFmacogw: Yes.  Screens & graphics *is* broken at the moment.00:12
ubotufirefox-3.0-dev (source: firefox-3.0): Development files for Mozilla Firefox. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0~b3+nobinonly-0ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 8 kB, installed size 128 kB00:12
Arwensomeone ought to get around to fixing that00:12
RAOFArwen: What's broken with it?00:13
Arwenlook at the size00:13
Arwencompared to...00:13
Arwen!info firefox-2-dev00:13
ubotufirefox-2-dev (source: firefox): Development files for Mozilla Firefox. In component universe, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 3124 kB, installed size 25048 kB00:13
Kuniflipstar: yes, I had major trouble, what with the restricted-modules not able to be installed for some reason and whatnot.00:13
RAOFArwen: Right, yes.  Ok.00:13
RAOFmacogw: If Screen Resolution says that it's 1280x800, that would be what the driver is reporting.  So, either it *is* 1280x800, or the driver is broken.00:14
macogwok xrandr is a weird thing00:14
macogwRAOF: or i got *really* used to that 1920x1480 on my roommate's old laptop while mine was having 1/2 the hardware replaced00:15
RAOFmacogw: that's not totally unlikely :)00:15
macogwsorry apparently this really is 1280x80000:15
macogwim gonna go set the font size to 8px...00:15
macogwdot files sure take a long time to copy to flash drives...00:16
macogw9MB copied in 10 minutes O_o00:16
macogwok how do i get vertical scroll back on my touchpad?  is there a new non-xorg way to do that too?00:17
RAOFmacogw: Apparently we will be modifying the driver to not require SHMConfig.  However, at the moment, no.  YOu have to fix it in xorg.conf.00:19
Arwenmacogw, 1920x1480?00:19
macogwArwen: or something insane like that...1920x120000:20
Arwenoh, 1920x1200 isn't that unusual00:20
* Arwen wants a 1920x1440 display. w00t for HD 4:3./00:20
macogwits unusually large for a laptop00:20
macogwespecially considering that laptop is about 3 years older than mine00:21
nemomy ubuntu machine is running 1680x105000:21
nemo8:5 :)00:21
macogwmine maxes at 1280x80000:21
nemosame ratio though00:22
macogwi still think having a gradient of some sort on the panels by default instead of plain white would look nice00:22
macogwthe new background is very pretty00:22
nemomacogw: ... sooo why don't you create a gradient?00:23
nemois not like adding a background image to the panel is hard...00:23
macogwi know ive done it a bunch of times00:23
macogwi mean as part of the default setup on the live system and on first boot00:23
macogwi know its been suggested before on the art page in the wiki00:24
macogwduring edgy or feisty someone suggested a clear glass panel00:24
Kuniarwen: ew 4:3...00:25
macogwi dont get the desire for widescreens...00:25
Kunionce you go 8:5, there's no going back00:25
macogwas far as i can figure, that just means your vertical usable space gets cut00:25
RAOFmacogw: Two emacs buffers side by side, both 80 cols wide :)00:25
Kunimacogw: on the contrary. You gain an extra page on the side, rather than losing space on top.00:25
macogwi use vim and it has wordwrap00:26
ArwenKuni, bah, "widescreen" displays are just an excuse to sell shorter monitors00:26
macogwKuni: if you look at Lenovo's charts of screen size, you can see that a 14" widescreen is not as tall as a 14" standard00:26
RAOFmacogw: I find it extremely useful to have two full buffers of code side by side.  Say, the untittests and the code I'm writing for them.00:26
Arwenand wtf, oh newegg there are $1000 monitors that, as far as the specs go, are no different from $300 solutions00:26
Kuniyes, this is true, since it's measured diagonally, macogw.00:26
macogwwell with the current trend for docks, the widescreen gets even worse00:26
macogwbecause now your dock is using up the bottom inch of your screen00:27
Arwenmacogw, you can put the dock on the left00:27
KuniBut that's why I got a 17.1-inch laptop. :D00:27
macogwArwen: AWN can do that now?00:27
Kunimacogw: no, but you can make the icons smaller.00:27
macogwthen they just get small enough that the precision needed to aim at the icons becomes inefficient00:28
Kunipersonally I love having two pages worth of space. It makes cross-window typing much easier.00:28
macogwoh i use Set Above for that00:28
macogwi hated that i couldnt keep Outlook on top of Firefox so i could reference an email and type in a form at the same time when i had to use Windows at work00:29
* Arwen is listening to Portal: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton & GlaDOS on The Orange Box [Amarok]00:29
Arwen"we're out of beta / we're releasing on time"00:29
Arwenunlike Ubuntu :-)00:29
KuniI guess when it's the difference between 1280x1024 vs 1280x800, i'd prefer the fullscreen. But when it's the difference between 1600x1200 and 1920x1200, give me the widescreen.00:29
KuniArwen: yay!00:29
Arwen1280x1024 is insanity, lol00:29
FransQAre they ever going to include that spherical dock in AWN by default.00:29
macogwthat's what we use at my mom's house00:29
ArwenKuni, the correct comparison is 1920x1200 against 1920x144000:29
Arwenmacogw, that's way too square00:30
Arwenand 5:4 isn't very standard00:30
macogwi didnt even know it was 5:$00:30
KuniArwen: 'cept I'm comparing widescreen as the growing one, rather than fullscreen as the growing one, since widescreen is newer.00:30
macogwi just know its one of the things that 915resolutions can do on that card00:30
ArwenKuni, it's a new conspiracy to sell smaller displays00:30
macogwoh no....upgrading that computer to hardy will be painful.  please tell me the i810 driver isnt going away?00:30
Kuniwell, fine, I'll take a 2560x160000:31
Arwenmacogw, indeed it is00:31
ArwenKuni, I'll stay with 4000:3000 thank you00:31
macogwthat computer's not being upgraded past gutsy ever then00:31
macogwthe intel driver doesnt work on it00:31
Arwenmacogw, you know that the "intel" driver supercedes it, right?00:31
Arwenor not00:31
Kuniwell, adios. I'm off for food00:32
macogwi had a nice long fight with it in december when i upgraded it to gutsy and decided to try the intel driver to see how it was not using 915resolution.  it was blackness.00:32
macogwmy year-old backup of xorg.conf came to the rescue00:32
macogwshe's got a i855, i think.  i guess it's too old for the new driver00:33
vwduderanyone notice today's python2.5 update is missing usr/lib/python2.5/lib-dynload/_bsddb.so00:35
Arwen915resolution isn't supposed to be necessary anymore with intel, but oh well00:35
macogwi know it's not00:35
macogwi was trying intel to get away from 915resolution00:35
macogwbut it turns out that 915resolution doesnt work with the old i855 cards00:36
macogwbah i mean00:36
vwduder(therefore import bsddb fails)00:36
macogw but it turns out that intel doesnt work with the old i855 cards00:36
macogwguess i could just replace it when its time to upgrade...the card's been in its death throes for 3 years now00:37
Arweni855... card? not an integrated chip?00:37
Arwenand according to the manpage, it does cover i8xx chips00:37
macogwwell yes integrated00:37
macogwapparently not very well00:37
macogwi got stuck in a loop of black screen -> failsafe -> i tell the failsafe displayconfig to use intel and 1280x1024 -> black screen...wash, rinse, repeat00:38
macogwthe only way to get graphics was 640x480 (i think...might have gone all the way up to 800x600...?) with vesa00:40
emgentheya Hobbsee :)00:50
ArwenHobbsee, go fix something! :-P00:51
HobbseeArwen: how much have you fixed today?00:52
Arwenlots of things :-)00:52
Arwenbut I haven't submitted any of em00:52
emgentHobbsee, upload my fix for vlc in hardy :P00:53
ArwenVLC is broken?00:53
emgentsecurity patch00:53
emgentHobbsee, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc/+bug/19594900:53
Arwensomeone ought to enable DMO loading in VLC...00:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195949 in vlc "VLC Arbitrary memory overwrite in the MP4 demuxer" [Medium,In progress]00:53
emgenti'm working on gutsy now.00:53
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macogwwoot new working optical drive!  i can rip my new CDs01:02
DanaGHeh, my mom described the Heron wallpaper as looking like "baby puke".01:02
Milos_SDis there About this computer application on Hardy as it was writen on launchpad?01:02
macogwDanaG: aw i think it looks all pretty and artsy01:03
FransQmy mom was all like "awwwwesome" over it.01:04
macogwthat style of art works much better in color than in grey/black/white on emo bands' t-shirts01:04
macogw(the reason i will not buy AFI shirts made after 2005 even though they're my favorite band)01:04
DanaGI also like that background.01:11
Arwenit was ok01:11
Arwenthe color scheme was a bit off though01:12
macogwuh...copying less than 1mb to a flash drive in 2 minutes isnt normal, right?01:13
DanaGOdd.... I just alt-tabbed to.... something (I don't remember what), and Xorg crashed.01:13
Arwenhttp://machine-guts.deviantart.com/art/bully-33974745 <-- I can't see why this isn't the default wallpaper01:16
macogwoh my01:17
macogwis emerald supposed to be installed with no themes?01:17
Arwenyou install emerald-themes for those iirc01:17
macogwemerald-themes package doesnt exist01:17
macogwdo an apt-cache search for emerald01:18
macogwemerald-themes was there in gutsy, but its gone in hardy01:19
FransQNot enough blood in that one, Arwen.01:19
Arwenmacogw, you're right01:19
Arwenguess you have to install em yourself01:19
macogwthe "fetch gpl01:19
macogw"fetch gpl'd themes" button seems to be broken too01:19
flipstarit also is brocken on gutsy ..01:22
flipstarhere are some nice themes.. http://kde-look.org01:22
macogwArwen: correction, looks like emerald-themes was missing in gutsy as well.  it only shows up as feisty in the ubuntu package search01:30
ethana2Just what we needed.  Google.  Is.  Awesome.01:33
macogwwell theyre probably noticing how much ms's closed formats suck to work with.  google docs does *not* handle .doc or .ppt well and i dont think it does .docx or .pptx at all01:35
DanaGdagnabbit, unminimizing Firefox crashed Xorg.01:37
DanaGWhat the $(fortune -o)01:37
DanaGOkay, apparently it's not just any page that does it.01:40
DanaGThat page does it.01:41
Dr_willis_I cant rember the name of that tool - that lets you auto-download/install stuff from gnome-look.org   anyone recall its name off hand?01:42
Dr_willis_lets see.. :) been looking in the menus.. of course i MAY have it installed on the Other machine.. not this one. :)01:43
Dr_willis_aha - i got a 'gnome-art' :)01:43
RoC_MasterMindHelp!  I get this error trying to upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10...it looks like it cannot authenticate the package or something: http://pastebin.ca/91989401:57
RoC_MasterMindit's the "release-upgrader-dpkg_1.14.5ubuntu11.2_i301:57
RoC_MasterMind86.udeb" package01:57
flipstarerr wrong chan01:59
flipstarsee topic02:00
RoC_MasterMindI see it02:00
RoC_MasterMindnot getting any responses on #ubuntu, trying here.02:00
RoC_MasterMindalmost stock ubuntu box.02:00
RoC_MasterMindno 3rd party repos.02:00
RoC_MasterMindno problems with apt-get update02:00
RoC_MasterMinddon't know what to think02:00
flipstarused update-manager ?02:01
RoC_MasterMinddid all updates and rebooted02:01
RoC_MasterMindthen hit upgrade button...prepares for a few minutes then fail.02:02
CarlFKis 2+ hours expected compile time for  AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile02:02
CarlFKI am worried that it is building stuff I don't need02:03
RoC_MasterMindCarlFK, can't say what expected time is with those options, but last time I compiled a stock kernel it was more than 2 hours, maybe 3 or 4.02:03
CarlFKRoC_MasterMind: thanks02:03
CarlFK http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-usb@vger.kernel.org/msg01968.html02:07
CarlFK(05:15:59 PM) crimsun_: CarlFK: although I might add that since it is targeted to 2.6.25, hardy will pick it up automatically.02:07
CarlFKany idea how soon that will happen?02:07
x4caui had install hardy from an upgrade ... but it turns too slow on my laptop .. is it normal?02:09
macowhy does copying my .xchat-gnome from gutsy to hardy not result in my old settings being used?02:09
macoits acting like i have no settings pre-configured at all02:09
macoexample...it's using my login name in here by default instead of the nick i have set in my xchat configuration files02:10
x4caumaco,  I do not change anything on my xchat, and it continues like before02:11
x4cauwith all my confs02:11
macoi just copied my .gnome and .xchat-gnome and everything from gutsy02:11
maconone of my settings were kept though02:11
DanaGMust've forgotten .gconf02:11
macoi had only one panel and certain applets loaded in my old gnome settings... it looks like a default ubuntu install here though02:12
macono i got that02:12
macoand .gconfd02:12
DanaG.gnome2, too?02:12
macoi did cp -r .g*02:12
x4causo .. what about my sloow ubuntu .. any one have the same problwm?02:15
macoirssi's reading its config file just fine...02:15
macox4cau: yeah it seems like the menu doesnt always respond the first time i click on it02:15
x4caui just upgrate do 8.04 .. n it turns too slow02:15
x4cauyeah .... it is the one of ...02:16
x4cauto load one program ... its too slow ... to load the system02:16
macox4cau: i think we're supposed to insert newer software blah blah blah more features blah blah blah newer hardware has more capabilities to take advantage of blah blah blah here02:16
x4cauyeh .. it could be02:17
x4cauthere is a inverse way to fix this?02:17
x4caulike .. uninstall02:17
x4cauon apt02:17
macothere's no downgrading02:17
macoyou could try disabling some of the junk...umm....extra bonus features02:18
macolike tracker02:18
macoand bluetooth02:18
x4caui'll try ..02:18
DanaGWell, there's not quite "no" downgrading, but it's really really really ill-advised, and tricky to do.  I've done it, but I won't do it again -- not worth the hassle.02:18
macosystem -> admin -> services to get rid of bluetooth02:18
x4caui hope that get better02:18
macowhy is bluetooth stuff always installed?  it seems it shouldnt be installed if the hardware cant do it02:19
* DanaG wonders.... does HP's 3D DriveGuard show up as a device in Linux?02:19
macoisnt aptitude supposed to have tab-autocomplete on package names?02:19
Dr_willis_maco,  not that i havwe noticed.02:20
Arwenmaco, yes02:20
Dr_willis_I have seen some fancy bash-autocompletion scripts in the past that added similer features to apt-get and so on.02:20
Arwendid you install bash-completion ?02:20
macothat needs to be installed separately now?02:20
RoC_MasterMindwell filed a bug for my failed upgrade: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/19598502:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195985 in update-manager "update-manager could not upgrade...."release-upgrader-dpkg" untrusted" [Undecided,New]02:21
RoC_MasterMindthat's the one ubotu!02:21
macofirst an incomplete vim, now an incomplete bash....dang02:21
Dr_willis_ubuntu has always installed  the tiny-vim by default.  for ages..02:22
macodapper had real vim02:22
RoC_MasterMindi'm sure you can install the full one02:23
Arwenemacs is better02:23
Dr_willis_did it?  Never noticed. I got a script i always run on each new install that installs the various tools i always want. :)02:23
tomd123can anyone point me to the the release schedule, with all the alpha and beta releases too? the future ones02:23
DanaGOOoh, there's a Thunderbird 3.0?02:23
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases02:23
Dr_willis_vim full, cream. fte, screen, gpm, others...02:23
ArwenDanaG, not that I know of02:23
macohmm not as specific as i thought...02:23
RoC_MasterMindtomd123, that isn't planned beyond hte upcoming release.02:23
macogpm? gnome power manager is definitely included02:23
macoscreen's not though?02:24
DanaGg-p-m != gpm02:24
tomd123k, i thought that it might be sort of like freebsd's release schedule where the plan their alpha releases, thanks02:24
DanaG!info gpm02:24
Arwenisn't gpm a mouse server for the console?02:24
ubotugpm (source: gpm): General Purpose Mouse Interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.19.6-25ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 373 kB, installed size 708 kB02:24
macoscreen's installed by default02:24
macomaybe if i reboot again gnome will *pay attention* to my .gconf and .xchat-gnome? maybe? *crosses fingers*02:25
ArwenGAH, someone finish building linux-restricted-modules already02:25
tomd123So where would I specifically write if I get ubuntu 8.04 alpha 5 to install and then when I reboot it stalls forever, report where all ubuntu bugs go?02:28
DanaGI just install my own nvidia.02:29
DanaGsh NVIDIA-Linux-whatever.sh -Nan -K  (Nan for don't look for module, don't try to download module, do agree to license; -K for kernel part only.)02:29
ChorcaHeyhey. Got a little CD/DVD installer issue on Hardy, wondering if'n anyone's had this..02:37
ChorcaThis has been happening since like Alpha 4, but I have a Gigabyte GA-7NNXP board with an Athlon XP processor.. When I boot the CD and select something from the menu, like install, or check cd for defects, I get the usplash screen that shows the kernel's booting, then it goes out and toggles my floppy drive like 7 times, then dumps me to a busybox prompt.02:39
Chorcahaven't seen anything on the forums about it yet, thought i'd ask here.02:39
beautifulsnowHey, for those who've updated to hardy.a5, is it worth it at the stage it's at?02:47
Chorcawhat're you at now?02:47
beautifulsnowgutsy and loving it02:48
ChorcaThere's still a few things broken.. I'm on A4 and trying to reinstall with A5 right now.. there's a bunch of improvements, but firefox-3.0 is the default and it's a bit flaky.02:48
beautifulsnowff3? O.o odd.02:49
beautifulsnowWell, thanks for letting me know, I'll wait a lil bit, or maybe try on my other computer :3 *dance dance dance*02:49
Chorcayeh, it's good, but there's a few little things here and there with Java and such. Was an update last night that knocked out nvidia driver support for  abit02:49
ChorcaHeh, yeah i don't know if i'd wanna upgrade a working gutsy install to an alpha hardy right now.. probably better off installing an alpha to a different drive or computer or something to play with it.02:50
Chorca's kinda quiet... O_o02:52
beautifulsnow*cricket cricket(02:53
Chorcahehe, pretty much..02:53
coz_any news on sun java working on hardy?03:03
ChorcaI got it working under ff3 with some  linking and random stuff03:08
coz_Chorca, mm   really?03:10
coz_Chorca, I know it wasnt working at all in hardy last week  so I thought I would aske to see if there has been any change03:10
ChorcaWell the problems in FF3 were from xinerama03:11
Chorcait had some issue with locks and java would crash when an applet was initialized03:11
coz_Chorca, oh mm I think the problem in ubuntu is xcb  but not sure03:12
Chorcai linked the plugin and then ran one of the suggested commands to make it work, seemed to fix it.03:12
macogwis there some hidden "advanced" mode that i cant find for gnome-screensaver?03:12
macogwi cant set my name, url, zoom, etc for Electric Sheep03:12
coz_macogw,  well not that I am aware of03:12
Chorcamacogw: they disabled the screensaver config a few versions ago03:13
coz_macogw, you can install xscreensaver and make all the setings thre and they should take effect in gnome screensaver03:13
macogwscreensaver's still in the menu....03:13
macogwwhy'd they go and dumb it down?03:13
macogwno fun03:13
ChorcaThere was some reason, i never saw it.03:13
ChorcaI just know someone high up said that there would never be a screensaver config03:13
coz_macogw, I am not sure how good that will work out though I did it once and it worked but it was just a pain to have to open xscreensaver to use gnome screensaver03:13
macogwhowabout a package for the version of xscreensaver that passes keypresses so you can vote on electric sheep?03:14
macogwwell i think its confusing that gnome screensaver and xscreensaver both show in the menu as just "Screensaver" with the same icon03:14
coz_macogw, no I am not that into xscreensaver   sorry03:14
Chorcaheh, that would be confusing..03:15
ChorcaI don't know much about xscreensaver.. don't use them myself.03:15
macogwthe 2nd one is xscreensaver03:15
coz_macogw, use alacart to remove the one that is gnome screensaver from the menu03:15
Chorcathere hasn' tbeen a config since like dapper though03:15
taggieanybody with laptops experiencing heat/battery problems since 2.6.24-10.16? after install, i could burn a hole in my lap.03:16
coz_xscreensaver is already a proven app  and I prefer it but as I said I rarely use screensavers anymore unless I use them with xwinwrap03:16
RayRaspiUbuntu really needs to get a better handle on their System Control Panel kinda stuff -- SuSE's control panel is the best... hell you can even configure all your tablet features from it03:16
coz_RayRaspi,  graphics tablet features?03:17
psyke83hi, has anyone else noticed slow scrolling in firefox 3, especially on Gmail?03:17
RayRaspicoz_: tablet / laptop ..03:17
coz_RayRaspi,  for sure  both suse and red hat excell at that  particularly  tablet configuration03:17
coz_RayRaspi, some people for ubuntu still argue that few people use these features why bother but that is not the right approach03:17
RayRaspicoz_: it just bums me out because I have to keep tweaking all kinds of things on the Ubuntu install -- I'd write a package to do allt he work, but it'd conflict with other packages :)03:18
RayRaspiI'm a developer / photographer and I use ubuntu03:18
coz_RayRaspi, yep they lack in good quality configuration for important things like graphics tablets etc03:18
RayRaspiI own two tablets a Toshiba M200 and a Thinkpad X61t03:18
macogwhmm i think  gnome-screensaver still has *something* going though03:19
coz_RayRaspi,  I am a bit jealkour we had a motion computin tablets03:19
macogwpreview on electricsheep in xscreensaver says electricsheep is already running03:19
coz_macogw, maybe disable it through gnome screensaver and start in in xscreensaver03:19
RayRaspiwe truly need a unified configuration / control panel for X03:20
coz_RayRaspi,  I would be happy with a well installed wacom driver  at this point03:20
RayRaspiwell I've seen SuSE do it with this hardware -- so i know it's possible03:21
RayRaspihowever SuSE's update process and intuitiveness is absolute garbage03:21
coz_RayRaspi,  suse is like single click and off you go if you like their settings03:21
RayRaspiif you want anything outside of the box with SuSE... good luck...03:21
RayRaspiit's slow and a pain to get setup03:21
coz_RayRaspi, I tried suste but i still prefer ubuntu03:21
RayRaspi... adding anything additional, I mean03:21
RayRaspisame here03:21
coz_RayRaspi,  but talbet drivers are essential03:22
RayRaspimy tablet works fine03:22
RayRaspiI had to write my own screen rotate scripts03:22
coz_RayRaspi,  my wacom doesnt work at all on hardy03:22
macogwsuse's "lets throw fglrx at it if it's ati, regardless of whether the card's supported or not" attitude sucks too03:22
coz_well I stop here I dont want to conributi anymore to  bad ideas03:23
coz_ok guys just wanted to check on that java thingy03:23
RayRaspidoes Java work in Ubuntu?03:23
macogwRayRaspi: why wouldnt it?03:24
RayRaspialso what's the proper way to connect to CIFS / SAMBA shares in Ubuntu 8.0403:24
RayRaspithere doesn't seem to be a stanard way03:25
RayRaspiproper = preferred03:25
macogw RayRaspi i think that part of nautilus is borked right now03:25
RayRaspismb:// doesn't work because it isn't persistant03:25
RayRaspiit's instance-only03:25
RayRaspiI have a "windows" server and I want to map a drive to it03:26
RayRaspiam I stuck using fstab03:26
DanaGplaces->connect to server is back.03:26
RayRaspilast time I tried to use that (last week) it'd just ask me for my password over and over03:26
RayRaspibut if I used Samba4k that worked fine with the same credentials03:27
DanaGAah, "Not Mounted" and then "Access Denied".03:27
ChorcaI did the smb:/// thing in Nautilus and then set it to remember the password, after that it automatically mapped it to a desktop icon03:27
RayRaspiso Places -> Connect failed for you too?03:28
DanaGOdd: I connect to my home dir, yet the "sftp on <host>" takes me to the remote.03:29
RayRaspibasically I want to be able to reference the drive from scripts during my user session ... and I'd like to be able to run backup software against it03:29
macogwhow do you submit a "needs packaging" bug?03:30
macogwis it just a normal bug or what?03:30
RayRaspiany idea on when Wine is going to be fixed :)03:44
ArwenRayRaspi, nevar!03:45
* Arwen is STILL waiting for firefox to be fixed03:45
ChorcaArwen: lol, which problem?03:46
Arwen!info firefox-3.0-dev03:47
ubotufirefox-3.0-dev (source: firefox-3.0): Development files for Mozilla Firefox. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0~b3+nobinonly-0ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 8 kB, installed size 128 kB03:47
Arwenthis one03:47
Chorcayou can kinda fudge the java problem.. i dunno what that one is..03:48
Chorcathat one sucks03:49
DanaGThat's all it does!03:49
Chorcabeen waiting for that to be fixed03:50
DanaGdana@GLaDOS:~$ winecfg03:50
DanaGSegmentation fault (core dumped)03:50
Arwenwine sdfsfaf03:50
ArwenSegmentation fault (core dumped)03:50
ArwenDanaG, GLaDOS? hehe...03:50
* Arwen is listening to Portal: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton & GlaDOS on The Orange Box [Amarok]03:50
ChorcawinSegmentation Fault (core dumped)03:50
psyke83hi, if anyone here notices firefox slow when scrolling gmail, let me know. I may have a solution for you to try03:51
ChorcaOh well, installing Alpha 5 now03:51
ChorcaMine was slow scrolling earlier.03:51
RoC_MasterMindi'm kinda just sick of how slow gmail is recently03:51
RoC_MasterMindthe whole thing03:51
RoC_MasterMindit used to be real fast.03:51
Arwenpsyke83, firefox is slow in general for me...03:52
DanaGThat was the most creative hostname anybody has suggested for me.  One of my friends suggested it.03:52
DanaGIt's way better than "m685", which is my model of laptop.03:52
DanaGI wonder what I'll name my next laptop.03:52
Chorcamine's "Lappy386"03:52
Arwenathena@darknode:~$ echo Hello World! <-- yay for non-originality03:52
DanaGIf ATI's Linux drivers are good enough by fall, I'll probably get an HP 8510p.  However, that (8510p) would make a reallly lame hostname.03:54
Chorcai don't use numbers in hostnames.. too slow to type out.03:54
DanaGAnd using names of random anime characters would work, but it'd be a bit silly and embarrassing.03:55
psyke83Arwen, try installing gtk2-engines-murrine and then install my theme: http://connogriofa.googlepages.com/MurrinaHumanTest.tar.bz203:55
Arweneww, themes03:55
ArwenDanaG, anime = stupid cartoons03:55
Arwenthank you03:55
psyke83Arwen, trust me, heh. I believe the problem is widget rendering in Ubuntulooks03:55
=== Arwen is now known as anon32
psyke83all those "checkmark" boxes in Gmail's inbox causes a slowdown, I think03:55
anon32bah, I'm using gtk-qt for my current engine03:56
psyke83anon32, I dunno about that, but all the clearlooks-based engines are slow03:57
psyke83I'm not sure if the qt "translation" causes overhead; I don't have KDE installed so I don't use that03:57
DanaGI beg to differ with the "stupid cartoons".  It's more subjective than that.03:58
DanaGCertainly they're better than the average American cartoons I watched when I was younger.03:59
anon32DanaG, don't be pretentiouys03:59
anon32"omg, it's japanese its better"03:59
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:59
anon32I don't see you there, thanks enough04:00
DanaGIt's not that japanese implies better; it's that the ones I've watched are better than the others I've watched.04:00
* anon32 hands DanaG a copy of "Toy Story"04:00
DanaGI had forgotten those, actually.  Those are very good, actually.04:01
DanaGAnyway, character names don't work as hostnames, for me.04:01
DanaGWhat else can I use?04:01
CarlFKwhat is 'the way' to load a module?  insmod?  modprobe... ?04:01
anon32DanaG, Norse mythology04:01
DanaGThose work.04:02
CarlFKtypes of bacon04:02
anon32and on average, I find that jap cartoons have: bad acting, lots of racism, condescending tones towards women, and pedophilia04:02
CarlFKcuz you can't name all boxes bacon04:02
anon32you could name one "canada-square-bacon" :-)04:02
DanaGI named an old, hot (70C idle, 87C load) laptop Amaterasu, for some Japanese deity of the sun (I think).04:03
anon32^^ - fail04:03
anon32and the Japanese don't have gods04:03
Chorcago ITE RAID04:04
Chorcamy ITE RAID controller worked great with Alpha 4.. then I ran an update.. and it didn't work again.04:04
Chorcahuh. still isn't finding it.04:05
DanaGBetter:  "✌"04:06
anon32gah, SQUARES04:06
DanaGI use Pidgin.04:06
DanaGMmmm, unicode.  Those 4 things were alternating solid and outline scissors, and the one in quotes is a hand with two fingers signing 'v' for 'victory'.04:06
* DanaG throws a ✈ at somebody.04:09
ionstormany idea when restricted-modules-generic 2.6.24-10 will be out?04:10
ionstormor has it?04:10
anon32ionstorm, NEVER04:10
Chorcalol, hasn't yet.. i'm waiting to run the update still.04:11
Chorcait borked my nvidia driver. I just reinstalled with Alpha 5, but i'll wait on the update. :P04:11
RAOFionstorm: I've got it here.04:11
ionstormis -10 supposed to fix the nvidia driver04:11
ionstormit wont install, deps issue04:12
ionstormhow do I force it04:12
RAOFionstorm: But then again, I *never* manually install a kernel.  I always wait for the metapackage to flip :)04:12
ionstormthe kernel is installed, just not the modules04:12
* ionstorm curses04:13
Belboz92Hey all, anyone get Wine running yet?04:13
Chorcanope, still broke.04:13
Belboz92I've tried the 3 latest versions, all broke on Hardy for me04:13
Chorcawe were just joking about that.04:13
Chorcaseems to like segfaults04:13
ionstormwine .54 works fine04:13
Belboz92it took me the past 3 days to get my ATI/AMD 3650 to run on this thing too04:14
ionstormthats what im runnning04:14
RAOFAs does .55 from winehq.org.04:14
Belboz92really? I tried that and haven't had any luck04:14
Belboz92mine fails trying to create the .wine dir04:14
Belboz92btw, for those trying to run an ATI card, apparently ATI/AMD doesn't  like DRI, go figure :-P04:15
shirishhi all04:16
shirishdoes anybody know why I'm getting this output on full-upgrade04:17
shirishshirish@Mugglewille:~$ sudo aptitude full-upgrade04:17
shirishReading package lists... Done04:17
shirishBuilding dependency tree04:17
shirishReading state information... Done04:17
shirishReading extended state information04:17
shirishInitializing package states... Done04:17
shirishBuilding tag database... Done04:17
shirishThe following packages are BROKEN:04:17
Belboz92just post the error line shirish04:17
shirish  linux-restricted-modules-generic04:17
shirish1 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.04:17
shirishNeed to get 25.9kB of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used.04:17
shirishThe following packages have unmet dependencies:04:17
shirish  linux-restricted-modules-generic: Depends: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic which is a virtual package.04:17
shirishResolving dependencies...04:17
shirishThe following actions will resolve these dependencies:04:17
* Belboz92 waits for flood04:17
anon32shirish, the package isn't out yet04:17
shirishRemove the following packages:04:17
shirishLeave the following dependencies unresolved:04:17
shirishjockey-common recommends linux-restricted-modules-generic | linux-restricted-modules-38604:17
shirishScore is -44104:17
shirishoops, sorry guys04:17
shirishah ok,04:17
* shirish no flood04:17
ionstormi have the same problem04:19
ionstormanyone know how many ppl run ubuntu04:21
ionstormis it possible to find out by who updates04:22
ionstormwith the enable statistics option04:22
Belboz92anyone know about the status of alsa?04:22
Belboz92alsa keeps on crashing my system, while it's doing alsactl -store04:23
shirishionstorm: what is the enable statistics option?04:23
ionstormopen up software sources and enable submit statistics04:23
shirishionstorm: ah ok, I think thats for popularity-contest or something.04:24
ionstormbut wouldnt that enable someoneone to guestimate how many ppl run ubuntu04:24
ionstormor are updating04:24
Belboz92anyone know of a good game to test out 3D accell on an ATI/AMD 3650?04:24
ChorcaTuxracer? :D04:25
anon32Belboz92, Doom 304:25
anon32or Quake 404:26
anon32or UT 304:26
RAOFionstorm, shirish: That package is out, but may not have propogated to your mirrors.04:26
Belboz92k, thanks04:28
ionstormwhat mirror are u using04:28
ionstormim using the server for the united states04:28
RAOFI use ftp.iinet.com.au, au.archive.ubuntu.com, and archive.ubuntu.com.04:28
shirishRAOF: I'm using the uk mirror04:28
RAOFIn that order :)04:28
anon32I'm using the USA mirror04:28
anon32like smart people :-P04:28
shirishRAOF: I use archive.ubuntu.com04:28
RAOFWell, just wait for the package to propogate to your mirrors.  This shouldn't really be something that surprises you :)04:28
DanaG3650 is out?  I wonder when the mobile ones will be out.04:28
Belboz92How about ETQW? ;)04:28
ionstormI just switched to archive.ubuntu.com and its not there04:28
Belboz92I just found a demo for it in native Linux :)04:28
Belboz92DanaG: yeah, I got a 3650 last week, it's pretty nice, besides the fact that it's support in Linux is undocumented by AMD/ATI04:29
RAOFionstorm: My "apt-cache policy linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic" disaggrees.  It's on a.u.c and on au.a.u.c04:29
Belboz92and it doesn't work worth a hoot in Gutsy, hence my recent switch to Hardy :-P04:29
DanaGI'm hoping that by summer: A: either fglrx or radeonhd will be at least as good as nvidia.  B: that the mobile cards will be out, in the laptop I'm considering.04:30
DanaGHP 8510p.04:31
anon32RAOF, it's not out yet. At least not according to packages.ubuntu.com.04:31
DanaGOh, and who was it that had the 8710w?  I'm curious what LSPCI -nn shows.04:31
DanaGNamely, the smart card reader (not that I have anything to use it for), the Intel AMT stuff (if it's a device), the HP 3D DriveGuard, and the light sensor.04:32
shirishionstorm: enable statistics is already checked04:33
shirishRAOF: anon32 is correct, it isn't seen by packages.ubuntu.com04:34
shirishlemme check launchpad & report back.04:35
RAOFshirish, anon32: packages.ubuntu.com is not necessarily up to date. :)04:35
anon32RAOF, then give us a direct link to a package please..04:35
anon32let's go rape the mirror!04:35
ionstormRAOF can u port your sources.list on pastebin04:36
ionstormi cannot believe i cant see that package04:36
ionstormi even switched to the servers u specified and updated04:37
* RAOF doesn't know anything more than "*I* have l-r-m-2.6.24-10-generic installed from a.u.c".04:38
anon32is someone here on amd64?04:40
* RAOF is.04:40
anon32it's out on amd6404:41
anon32but not i38604:41
Chorcaboy, that's a first.04:41
RAOFNot really, the i386 buildds have a higher workload than the amd64 buildds.04:41
shirishBug #195912 at your service guys, apparently that  is a FTBS thing04:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195912 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic broken after latest updates [Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 5]" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19591204:42
shirishalthough there is a restricted-modules package which has been successfully built about 6 hrs. ago or so it says https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24/
DanaGOdd.... firefox killed X when I unminimized it.04:51
DanaGThe only tab open was this:  http://www.facilities.calpoly.edu/campusprojects/EngIV_Web_Cam.htm04:52
emgentfirefox 3.0 ?04:52
ChorcaFirefox 3 does lots of fun things.. did this earlier http://i27.tinypic.com/14doqk5.png04:54
anon32hey cool, Firefox 3 image handling works again04:55
anon32thanks to whoever the genius that fixed it was04:55
Chorcait does it right out of the install04:56
Chorcasomeone want to confirm that?04:56
Chorcago to noaa.gov, find your location, and click the radar image?04:56
Chorcatotally jacks FF304:56
anon32can not find said radar image04:57
Chorcaany radar image on that site will work04:57
anon32clickedo ne04:57
anon32what's supposed to happen?04:57
Chorcasame thing that's in that picture04:58
anon32no issues yet04:58
ChorcaCPU usage skyrockets, title bar gets repeated04:58
Chorcavideo card?04:58
anon32X300SE on fglrx and kernel 2.6.24-804:58
Chorcahmm.. i'm on an nvidia.04:59
Chorcathis was fresh install from the Alpha 504:59
anon32oh, I had issues like that earlier today04:59
anon32either reverting kernels or the typical updates fixed it04:59
Chorcahmm.. it was happening earlier, after I ran the updates.05:00
CarlFKwhats the bug# for the linux-restricted-modules-generic thing?05:11
CarlFKbug# 19591205:14
CarlFKwhy isn't ubot botting?05:14
CarlFKbug #19591205:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195912 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic broken after latest updates [Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 5]" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19591205:15
CarlFKFix committed- yay05:15
anon32I call BS on that, but...05:16
CarlFKyeah, I was wondering why I didn't see it yet05:16
DanaGWho was it that had the 8710w notebook?05:22
AtomicSparkhp? i have a 6820s05:24
DanaGDoes that have the 3D DriveGuard thingy, and/or the light sensor?05:24
DanaGI'm curious what lspci -nn shows for those.05:24
AtomicSparkugh. explain the light sensor? it -might- have the 3d drive thingy.05:25
DanaGLight sensor is for dimming the LCD when in dark areas, and brightening it when in bright areas.05:25
DanaG3D DriveGuard is a drop/impact sensor thingy.05:25
DanaGNot all of the business notebooks have it.05:25
AtomicSparkno to light sensor.05:26
Mark_MillimanI just completed a bunch of upgrades including upgrading the kernel to -10, but I lost my the native nVidia (nvidia) for the Ubuntu generic (nv) driver.05:28
AtomicSparki dont think it has either. seems like only their older stuff has it.05:28
Mark_MillimanHow do I get the nvidia-new driver back05:28
Mark_MillimanI used Synaptic package manager to reinstall nvidia-new and rebooted, but that didn't do anything05:29
AtomicSparkmy laptop line just came out last augest. i have the "s" version. s = shitty. ha.05:29
DanaGIt DOES have driveguard, though.05:29
AtomicSparkmine does?05:29
Daisuke_Laptophow's hardy been running for those with a dell 1420n (if anyone here is using one, that is)05:30
AtomicSparki thought it did... but i can't find it.05:30
AtomicSparkDaisuke_Laptop: did you look at the laptop page?05:30
DanaGGoogle for the model number.05:30
AtomicSparkDanaG: i did. where did you find it talk about 3d drive guard?05:31
AtomicSpark"he HP DriveGuard helps protect your notebook from system failures and data loss caused by operational shock due to an accidental drop."05:31
AtomicSparkmight be the same thing? :P05:32
DanaGSame thing, yes.05:32
DanaGI'm wondering whether it's BIOS-level or userspace.05:32
AtomicSparki am guessing bios level. same with my fancy networking button.05:32
DanaGNo special lspci device?  Bummer.05:33
Mark_MillimanAnybody know how to get back the restricted mode nvidia drivers?05:33
AtomicSparkDanaG: don't listen to me. i assume too much. lol.05:33
DanaGGo to console and do lspci -nn05:33
DanaGand look for anything by name that might sound like it.05:34
Chorcamark:boot to a previous kernel for now until the updated modules are available.05:34
Mark_MillimanAh so the -10 kernel does not support those drivers yet?05:35
AtomicSparkDanaG: nope. just a shitton of usbs, and one pci, isa (????), ide, sata, and network.05:35
Chorcathe modules package failed to build, so we have to wait until it is built and distributed.05:35
RAOFApparently not, unless you're on amd64 :P05:35
AtomicSpark00:1f.0 ISA bridge [0601]: Intel Corporation 82801HEM (ICH8M) LPC Interface Controller [8086:2815] (rev 03)05:36
Mark_MillimanShould have listened to update-manager when it wanted to leave the kernel alone05:36
Mark_MillimanI'll go back to -805:36
Mark_MillimanThank God for Grub05:36
Mark_MillimanChorca, thanks! :)05:37
DanaGLPC is a far-more-compact replacement for ISA, for the few devices (such as sensor chips) that still use it.05:37
Daisuke_LaptopAtomicSpark: no, i hadn't checked that out, i wasn't even aware of its existence, i just hang out in here so i can pop my head in from time to time to see what's happening05:37
Mark_MillimanThere were about 120 updates to day if my memory serves me right05:38
DanaGHmm, looks like the DriveGuard may be userspace.05:38
Mark_MillimanChorca, the -8 kernel booted up with the proper nvidia driver05:39
AtomicSparkand what does that mean?05:39
RAOFThat would make sense.  Other accererometers tend be used by userspace tools.05:39
DanaGWell, it means that the device must somehow be exposed to userspace, but it's not a PCI device.05:39
DanaGI wonder where it is, then.05:39
AtomicSparkDanaG: on the harddrive itself?05:39
DanaGNo, it's a feature of the notebook, in this case.05:40
DanaGPerhaps SMBus.05:40
DanaGAah, DriveGuard and 3D DriveGuard are different.05:41
DanaG" •A rigid mounting scheme has been tested and proven effective in dramatically reducing shock transmission to the hard drive. "05:42
DanaGSeems backwards to me.05:42
DanaGHeh, their video is a bit funny.05:44
AtomicSparkso. does mine shut down the drive on impact?05:44
DanaGApparently not.05:45
AtomicSpark"A lid switch policy places the system in standby when it's on DC power and the lid is closed, preventing the hard drive head from striking and potentially damaging the disk when the system is banged, bumped, or dropped while mobile." .. not in ubuntu.05:45
DanaGSee the video?05:46
AtomicSparkno. says ie only.05:46
DanaGMy Gateway actually has a spot where my palm has worn off the paint, and the underlying white plastic is exposed.05:46
DanaGHit 'okay'.05:47
DanaGJust don't try to seek.05:47
AtomicSparki did. nothing.05:47
macogwDanaG: so does mine on the left click button05:47
DanaGMy Gateway lid also has a floppy hinge on one side, and a bashed hinge cover on the other.05:47
AtomicSparkyeah im leaving shiny spots on mine already. had it less then a year.05:47
DanaGSounds like I could use one of those HP ones.05:47
AtomicSparkick. as you can tell the new hinges are stronger.05:48
AtomicSparkif you break them, you broke the lcd. lol.05:48
DanaGMine actually has a screw coming loose.  No thread locker, apparently.05:49
DanaGAnd the second screw on that side.... the head snapped off.05:49
Mark_Millimanstill can't view Windows client shares through Nautilus05:49
Mark_Millimanbut I can see most of the network and servers05:49
AtomicSparkwill they ever get around this?05:49
AtomicSparkMark_Milliman: try "network" and then click on windows network, then the workgroup. :D most people miss that...05:50
DanaGHeh, "One knock is that HP included a plastic dummy insert for the the PCMCIA slot, a flap is preferable as those inserts are tricky and tend to get lost eventually."05:51
Chorcaif clicking network tells you it doesn't support that, then you probably don't have the nautilus update.05:51
DanaGMy cardbus slot flap BROKE on my Gateway.  And the ejector lever.... came out one day, and lost a spring.05:51
DanaGThe ejector lever is supposed to eject the card, not the lever.  Hah!05:51
Mark_MillimanAtomicSpark, did that too. Just have smb:/// in the location and nothing displayed.  There should be 4 machines currently present05:51
AtomicSparkDanaG: i like my insert. i play with it a lot.05:52
AtomicSparkits also not a pcmcia.. its a...05:52
* AtomicSpark looks05:52
AtomicSparkexpress card05:52
DanaGAnd one peeve of mine: PCMCIA is NOT THE SAME THING AS CARDBUS!05:53
AtomicSparkon that was my questoin, what does express card use? pci?05:53
Mark_MillimanWhat happened to Python.  Looks like it broke Miro05:53
Amaranthanyone use virt-manager?05:53
DanaGIf Creative calls their sound card a PCMCIA card, I should be able to stick it in an ISA-to-PCMCIA adapter.05:53
AmaranthMark_Milliman: Or Miro is just broken05:53
DanaGExpressCard is PCIe and USB2.0.05:53
Mark_MillimanIt worked just fine earlier today05:53
AtomicSparkneato. my laptop is leet. has new standards. expressy and SD.05:54
AmaranthMark_Milliman: An error log would be helpful05:54
AmaranthWe're not psychic05:54
Amaranth...or are we?05:54
DanaGThe 8510p has cardbus, and expresscard is only in the dock.05:54
AtomicSparkDanaG: you know you want the 6820s. mm full keyboard.05:55
Mark_MillimanNeed to fire up IRC client on Linux box05:55
ChorcaI want that new Thinkpad..05:55
Mark_Millimanto get a traceback05:55
DanaGI'm coming from a 7.5 pound 17" notebook, and I want a good discrete GPU.05:55
DanaG8600M or HD2600.05:55
AtomicSparktalking about full keyboard.. waht the hell is wrong with laptops and the numpad. i have to turn it off and then on again to get it to work. :|05:55
AtomicSparkso annoying.05:55
Amaranthyou have a numpad?05:56
Amaranththat must be a 17"05:56
AtomicSparki have a full keyboard... 17" widescreen lol05:56
AtomicSparkmy first laptop and i'm very happy with it.05:56
* AtomicSpark sighs05:57
AtomicSparki dont like how i have to disable kvm and acpi to just install a linux guest. i mean, they need to fix this.05:58
AtomicSparkinstalling shouldnt take hours.05:58
DanaGCurrrent notebook:  http://consumer.hardocp.com/article.html?art=MTEyOSwxLCxoY29uc3VtZXI=05:58
macogwAtomicSpark: with what?05:58
macogwvirtualbox doesnt make you do that...05:59
Amaranthmine http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=3010&review=dv8000t+Review05:59
Mark_MillimanLast update really hozed up things05:59
AtomicSparkwell unlike most 14 year olds, i don't use "virtualbox".05:59
DanaGBest thing I did with my notebook: stick a pair of rubber feet from an old SCSI CD tower on it.05:59
RAOFMan, 17"?  I kinda regret buing this 15" lappy :)05:59
AtomicSparkDanaG: why is your laptop so pricy? it doesnt have anything amazing on it. :-\06:00
DanaGHey, don't insult Virtualbox.  It's faster than Qemu/KVM, and it has a better UI than VMWare Workstation.06:00
DanaGI got it as a sort of scholarship, you could say.  It was Gateway or nothing.06:00
RAOFAtomicSpark: Bug report?  I've happily installed Sid under kvm many times.06:00
* AtomicSpark will insult things he never used06:00
macogwwhats wrong with virtualbox?06:01
AtomicSparkhow's KVM in hardy?06:01
AtomicSparkany improvements?06:01
RAOFI think it even handles some of the real-mode things which would crash it earlier.06:01
AtomicSparkgood. i like kvm for some reason.06:01
RAOFAnd virt-manager rocks hard.06:01
AtomicSparkoh well that will fix a lot of my problems. :D06:01
DanaGOne thing to try: StarDock BootSkin, for Windows VMs.06:01
macogwDanaG: im never buying another gateway again.06:02
DanaGToo bad nobody makes a nice, powerful, switchable-gpu-or-igp (if possible), 14" tablet.06:02
AtomicSparkmacogw: nothing is wrong with it. i just have this thing about using stuff that is "cool". ubuntu's young following almost kept me from using it.06:02
macogwDanaG: ive had this one for 19 months.  it has been to the shop 3 times so far.  bah!06:02
DanaGThe best GPU in a tablet is the Go 7400 in the Gateway tablet.06:02
macogwAtomicSpark: er... "fast" and "free" dont matter?06:03
AtomicSparkhey did they ever get encrypted lvm in the live cd?06:03
ChorcaIt does kinda suck that the good GPUs are in the lame laptops. :/06:03
macogwas far as im concerned good GPU = intel06:03
RAOFDanaG: I _think_ you can get a ThinkPad X61 in about that sort of form factor.06:03
* AtomicSpark alt cd doesnt work on my laptop06:03
macogwopen source drivers :)06:03
ChorcaX300 :D06:03
macogwRAOF: there definitely is a thinkpad tablet either 14 or 15 inches06:04
DanaGIntel doesn't do discrete GPU!06:04
macogwi was playing on lenovo.com last night06:04
macogwdiscrete gpu?06:04
RAOFDanaG: Not until 2009/10, no :)06:04
macogwall i care is that one of these "restricted modules didnt get uploaded right" things doesnt break the graphics.  having open source graphics guarantees that.06:04
RAOFDanaG: But at least one of the X61s I looked at had a geforce 8600 on it.06:05
macogwall the ati and nvidia users were crying about their lost X in August '06 and i was going about my business, X working dandily.06:05
* AtomicSpark is shamely used envy06:05
* AtomicSpark made up a word06:05
DanaGI read changelogs first, before upgrading stuff.06:05
RAOFYou should be using nouveau, damnit :)06:05
DanaGLink me to this Lenovo, then.06:06
* AtomicSpark wonders if people can see his me commands06:06
macogwAtomicSpark: nope. they're invisible.06:06
* RAOF needs to update his PPA for teh -10 kernel.06:06
* AtomicSpark wonders what -10 kernels are. wonders why he always wants to spell it kernal.06:07
Chorca-10 is the new kernel that just fudged everyone's video06:08
AtomicSparkbut why is it -10? sounds like nice.06:08
RAOFChorca: Speak for yourself.  Some of us run x86-64 :)06:08
RAOFDanaG: Hm.  I don't seem to be able to; all the X61's seem to be using Intel graphics.06:09
AtomicSparki could.. but i like my flash and dont like workaround.06:09
Amaranthanyone use virt-manager?06:09
AtomicSparkand since most 64 bit software is just recompiled 32 and have no improvements, i lost interest in 64 for now.06:09
DanaGAnyway: what I want:  Durable, 14" or 15", with new midrange GPU.06:09
AmaranthAtomicSpark: What improvements do you think are 64-bit specific?06:09
RAOFAmaranth: Yup.06:09
AmaranthRAOF: you use it?06:10
RAOFDanaG: Oh.  Here we go: some of these (16.54.59|     DanaG)) Intel doesn't do discrete GPU!06:10
AtomicSparkfaster, stronger, better!06:10
AmaranthRAOF: what do you get when you run 'virsh -c qemu://system list'?06:10
RAOFDanaG: http://www-604.ibm.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?storeId=10000036&catalogId=-36&langId=036&categoryId=4611686018425096212&seriesid=2056940 <- fit.06:10
DanaGBad paste the first time?06:10
AmaranthAtomicSpark: it would be faster only if it could take advantage of the extra registers which the compiler does automatically06:10
DanaGStupid Quadro numbering.06:10
DanaGI can't tell what consumer card it corresponds to.06:11
AtomicSparkwell this website convenced me that unless im running more then 4gb, its not worth it. :\06:11
RAOFAmaranth: "Cannot access CA certificate"06:11
AmaranthAtomicSpark: yep06:11
AmaranthAtomicSpark: and it actually uses more memory in the general case06:11
macogwChorca: didnt fudge my video...06:11
macogwi have desktop effects and everything...06:12
RAOFBigger pointers, bigger longs!06:12
AmaranthIt only 'breaks' nvidia and fglrx because someone upgraded their kernel without making sure linux-restricted-modules was updated06:12
macogwDanaG: what does "discrete gpu" mean?06:12
AtomicSparkdiscrete graphics!06:12
* AtomicSpark googles06:12
Amaranthmacogw: it has its own memory06:12
ChorcaA GPU that isn't integrated into the chipset?06:12
AmaranthChorca: So I would say if the -10 kernel broke your video you are probably not smart enough to be using hardy.06:13
atrushrm. something in an update in the last week or so broke my laptop's suspend-resume. on resume, the display blinks on, like it's setting a video mode, but then remains stuck on solid black. I can ctrl-alt-delete to reboot blindly, or hit the power button, which halts the machine, but otherwise can't switch consoles or anything else useful. Any suggestions as to where to start looking for the culprit?06:13
RAOFDarn.  Someone's broken virt-manager :(06:13
AmaranthRAOF: yep06:14
AtomicSparkits a deichi!06:14
AmaranthRAOF: i can't create a new image and virsh doesn't work06:14
RAOFAmaranth: I can't run my Sid VM06:14
DanaGDig around in /etc/default/acpi-support for video and vbe options.06:14
DanaGBut first: comment the defaults!  (yes, exclamation!)06:15
* AtomicSpark wants a server channel06:16
AmaranthIf it doesn't exist I'll be surprised06:16
* RAOF knows it exists, because the server team hang in there.06:16
* AtomicSpark wonders why channels dont show06:16
AmaranthRAOF: seems kvm is broken06:17
AmaranthRAOF: or rather the code for dealing with kvm in libvirt is broken06:17
ChorcaI think the fact is that I don't mind, cause I know how to fix it.06:17
Amaranthoh, i'm not in the kvm group06:17
AtomicSparkis there a kvm group?06:18
AtomicSparkoh. you dont know how to install it.06:18
Amaranthin the adduser sense, yes06:18
AtomicSparki was kicked!06:19
* AtomicSpark guesses he doesnt need the link to install guide06:19
AtomicSparkdamn. and i wanted to be helpful.06:20
AmaranthInstall guide for what?06:21
DanaGHmm, the ThinkPad is still a bit ugly to me.  Hmm, 1 extra pound for the sake of a bigger screen and a nicer appearance?  May be worth it.06:21
AmaranthI somehow managed to remove myself from the kvm group in the 18 months or so this machine has been running this install of Ubuntu06:21
ChorcaHeh, they're pretty durable though..06:21
* macogw points at my "i should've bought a thinkpad" post06:22
Amaranthman i'd kill for an X30006:22
AtomicSparkDanaG: get one of those toughbooks! acid resistant! sand blast!06:22
ChorcaI'm on a PII-366 Thinkpad 600E06:22
Chorcahinges are still rock-solid, everything works06:22
AmaranthRAOF: So I'm guessing using qemu://session instead of qemu://system is going to make I/O much slower06:23
RAOFWell, neither works for me :)06:24
AtomicSparklook how freaky sexy that is. you know you want one.06:24
AtomicSparkespecially the fully rugged ones.06:24
AmaranthI do like virt-viewer's sane approach to mouse/keyboard handling06:24
Amaranthso much nicer than vmware's "lock you into the screen" crap06:25
RAOF"If you've got focus, you've got keyboard focus.  You can get the mouse loked to the screen if you really want"06:25
Amaranthright, vmware is always lock to get any kind of focus until you install their special drivers06:26
Amaranthand even then it doesn't work right half the time06:26
jianfeihi, upgraded to 2.6.24-10 nvidia go 7600 only displays res of 800*600 any idea how to fix?06:29
Amaranthjianfei: Use 2.6.24-9, problem solved06:29
jianfeiamaranth: so no fix for 24-10?06:30
RAOFjianfei: Well, actually usi 2.6.24-8, because 2.6.24-9 wasn't released.06:30
AtomicSparkjianfei: did you install your own kernel?06:31
Amaranthjianfei: The fix is to wait until all the parts are ready before using a new kernel06:31
jianfeiyeh, strange i used update manager and it installed from there06:31
* macogw wants to kill the other laptop06:31
macogwit should not take 5 hours to copy 139MB of data to a USB drive with USB 2.0!!!!06:32
AtomicSparkmacogw: it does if your stick that you got at a "awesome discount" has horrible r/w speeds.06:32
macogwit used to work fast06:32
macogwas of yesterday, it takes over 2 minutes to copy each megabyte06:33
AtomicSparkoh well thats different. maybe it broke?06:33
macogwthats what im thinking06:33
macogwwhich would suck06:33
macogwits 6 months old06:33
naught101can anyone confirm that bash autocompletion doesn't work with sudo in hardy>06:33
DanaGreview of HP.06:33
macogwand i just had another one die...that one died in the form of being empty and claiming to have 3.2 of 3.8 gigs in use06:33
jianfeii still have no idea how it upgraded, its not like i know what im doing!06:33
DanaGBash sudo completion has been broken for me... like, always.  I think.06:33
AtomicSparki doubt that this is the problem but they do have a max r/w amount lol. which is the main reason you shouldn't buy a solidstate harddrive yet.06:33
macogwnaught101: intall bash-completion06:34
AtomicSparkits like 10x less then a normal hd.06:34
macogwnaught101: they took it out of default bash06:34
macogwthats what i said06:34
* RAOF uses zsh, and as such has autocomplete for nearly everything.06:34
naught101macogw: but completion works normally, just not with sudo06:34
DanaGOh, and no changelogs!06:34
macogwactually i said something along the lines of "first they ruin vim, now they ruin bash..." and someone said vim has always been vim-tiny in ubuntu, which is simply not true.  dapper had proper vim.06:35
AtomicSparkvim? isn'tt hat an editor?06:35
AtomicSparkah. i use nano.06:35
macogwvim-tiny is no better than just plain vi06:35
AtomicSparki love me some nano.06:35
macogwi dont know why it bothers to continue existing06:35
AtomicSparki dont like vi* :|06:36
AtomicSparki shouldnt have to controlsaalstaxsa06:36
macogwthats emacs06:36
naught101yay, thanks macogw06:36
AtomicSparki mean shit. in nano its like control+x, y, enter.06:37
DanaGBest thing to do with nano: edit /etc/nanorc06:37
macogwvim is the one where you hit : and then type ed commands06:37
AtomicSparkwhats so hard about that?06:37
macogwin vim that's :wq enter06:37
AtomicSparkah yes.06:37
DanaGand disable the stupid idiotic HARD-WRAPPING.06:37
DanaGWho in their right mind would think that is a GOOD idea?06:37
AtomicSparkis that the auto wrap thing? that keeps screwing up my scripts?06:37
AtomicSpark -w             --nowrap                Don't wrap long lines06:38
AtomicSparklike that option?06:38
macogwDanaG: RMS?06:38
DanaGYup.  There's a config file to set it.06:38
macogwhe thinks emacs is a good idea...06:38
macogwand look what it got him....carpal tunnel06:38
AtomicSparkyou could alias it. :P but ill check that out. thanks!06:38
DanaGvim and emacs come down to personal preference; hard-wrapping is just BROKEN.06:38
macogwDanaG: when your editor forces you to either give dictation or use foot-pedals for ctrl and meta because it has destroyed your hands...something is wrong with it06:39
=== Chorca1 is now known as Chorca
SeveredCrossDoes anyone know why mount.cifs would refuse to mount as guest when smbclient as guest works just fine?06:43
AtomicSparkanyone know how to add a user in mysql?06:49
lemonadeAtomicSpark: GRANT ALL ON [table].* TO `[username]` IDENTIFIED BY `[password]`;06:50
lemonadeAtomicSpark: that table could be database too...06:51
AtomicSparkthis command line business is too tricky. needs moar *nix standards.06:54
AtomicSparki can always be lazy and install webmin or phpmyadmin06:54
macogwwhy is ttf-liberation in multiverse?06:56
* AtomicSpark lawls06:56
macogwthe fonts are GPL'd06:56
AtomicSparki cant believe ive been using shutdown -t now instead of poweroff06:57
macogwi always use "sudo halt"06:57
jianfeifixed nvidia! using 2.6.24-10 with 1680*1050 used debian tutorial06:59
AtomicSparki hear shutdown is easier on your file system then halt. i donno.06:59
AtomicSparki need to read more into such things.06:59
RAOFjianfei: You've probably now broken the upgrade to 2.6.24-1107:00
macogwwell "shutdown -h now" im pretty sure the -h just means "halt"07:01
macogwi dont see how they could be any different from "init 0"07:01
RAOFjianfei: Which one of those options did you use?07:01
SeveredCrossOh hey, network:// is fixed.07:01
* SeveredCross does the "network:// is fixed" dance07:02
jianfeiRAOF: from #m-a prepare onwards i skipped all the stuff above07:02
RAOFjianfei: Hm.  That _may_ not have broken your upgrade path.07:03
RAOFjianfei: On the other hand, it's entirely possible that you're now using the nv driver :)07:03
RAOFBecause dpkg-reconfigure will write a nearly empty xorg.conf, and X will default to nv.07:04
=== DanaG is now known as somebod1
=== somebod1 is now known as DanaG
jianfeiRAOF: yeh displays a lovely nvidia logo before login07:16
dencryptanyone got any idea why alsamixer goes to 0 on all volumes when I logout/reboot?07:18
DanaGWell, it's better than going to full volume, as Creative's soundcards do on driver update in Windows... or upon inserting headphones.07:19
dencryptChock everytime? :)07:19
dencryptanybody up for writing the 32bit part? :)07:23
dencryptdon't have any 32bit system :)07:23
DanaGEeh, wildmidi sucks because it can't use soundfont (sf2) files.07:27
DanaGdagblasted ctrl key is half-stuck.07:29
DanaGMouse thinks ctrl is stuck, but keyboard thinks key is not stuck.07:29
macogwdencrypt: er...what would you need to write for 32bit?07:31
dencryptI dunno :)07:31
dencryptthat it sux?07:31
macogwdencrypt: except that should be nspluginwrapper, not ndiswrapper for using 32bit plugins in 64bit firefox07:31
dencryptyour right07:31
macogwdencrypt: well 32bit works without your extra stuff ;)07:31
dencrypthowever. Does flashplugin-nonfree install itself in gutsy too for 64-bit systems? I've only tested in hardy. I guess that is allways the problem when writing wiki, to actally confirm everything.07:34
Assiddencrypt:  32 bit part ?!07:36
qziohu? aptitude wants to remove  linux-generic?!07:37
qziojust doing my daily aptitude dist-upgrade...07:38
Assidwhy dont we just have a 64bit version ready to dowload ?07:38
Assidqzio: wait a bit07:38
qzioi guess it's alright, just wanted to check..07:38
qzioa wait, it's installing linux-image-2.6.24-10-generic... :)07:39
macogwqzio: dont upgrade07:40
macogwqzio: the restricted modules havent uploaded07:40
macogwyou will have no X if you use ati or nvidia07:40
Assidmacogw: more like no compiz07:40
qziomacogw: using the intel driver... it should be ok aslong as i dont reboot... right?07:41
macogwqzio: oh intel driver will be dandy07:41
macogwive rebooted 3 times today07:41
qziobut im using the madwifi driver, it's in restricted... right?07:41
macogwif it is, you lose wifi07:42
qzioyeah, that i dont want :)07:42
macogwif that happens, boot from the -9 kernel instead of the -10 and youll be fine07:42
qzioyupp :)07:42
qziowf is evolution-data-?07:42
qzioits like using 90% cpu >_<07:43
makavelihey guys07:44
makaveliright now i'm running the default graphic drivers07:44
makavelicause the latest envy isn't released07:44
makavelind i'm gettin high temps, and i'm wondering will this be fixed when i install the proper drivers for my nvidia card?07:45
macogwqzio: evolution data server07:45
macogwqzio: your email, contacts, calendar etc07:45
macogwqzio: its what tells the calendar on the panel what to put when you click07:45
qziomacogw: right.. that package will leave my compputer soon, never used it :)07:49
qzioeh, removing ubuntu-desktop too? :(07:50
savvashm.. nvidia-settings is missing from nvidia-glx-new07:50
qzioyeah, the visual effect customize button from desktop->right click->visual effects is gone too.. i have the compizconfig package installed and it is accessible from the system menu..07:51
* Assid waits a bit before updating07:53
=== hit is now known as hi_t
savvasis anyone using amd64?07:57
macogwsavvas: dencrypt is07:57
makavelianyone have any idea when new envy is suppose to be released?07:57
savvasdencrypt: did you install flushplugin-nonfree ?07:57
scizzo-makaveli: probably once hardy hits stable07:57
makaveliare u sure?07:58
savvasmakaveli: why do you need envy?07:58
scizzo-makaveli: no07:58
scizzo-makaveli: since envy is a "backport" like project07:58
makavelii ask cause on the site he jus announced the old version is no longer good, and that hes going to release a new one for hardy07:58
scizzo-makaveli: well a third party project07:58
makaveliwhat do u suggest i use ?07:59
makavelicause right now i have nothin installed07:59
makaveliother than default07:59
dencryptsavvas: yes07:59
savvasmakaveli: system -> administration -> hardware drivers07:59
scizzo-makaveli: depends on what card you have?07:59
makaveliand my temps are going crazy whenever i watch a small video clip07:59
makaveligeforce 8600m gs07:59
savvasdencrypt: and everything worked ok?07:59
dencryptsavvas: it's not perfect.07:59
savvasdencrypt: so you had to do nspluginwrapper -i by yourself right/08:00
dencryptbut it works mostly08:00
makaveliunder hardware drivers theres nothing there08:00
scizzo-makaveli: and you are using nvidia-glx-new?08:00
savvashow come i'm the only one that got Bug #19542208:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195422 in flashplugin-nonfree "hardy heron 8.04 alpha 5 - flash not installed correctly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19542208:00
scizzo-makaveli: and have not clocked it?08:00
makavelino clocking08:00
macogwsavvas: dencrypt just wrote a howto on the wiki08:01
Assidsavvas: did you reportthe nvidia-settings bug?08:01
savvasmacogw: i'm looking for someone to confirm my bug :)08:01
DanaGFlash sucks.  It eats CPU like crazy.08:01
makavelii have nvidia-glx-new installed from wht i see, but not 'nvidia-glx-new-dev, nvidia-new-kernel-source'08:02
savvasAssid: yeah Bug #19603808:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196038 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "nvidia-settings missing from nvidia-glx-new" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19603808:02
makavelinot sure if i shoudl have those installed too08:02
scizzo-makaveli: not needed really08:02
makavelikernel i have right now is 2..24-10 generic08:02
makaveliit was -8 this morning08:02
makaveliafter an update08:02
makaveliit changed to -10.....08:02
makavelijust weird cause im getting all these high temps, i cant enable desktop effects, and eveyrthing seems to be runnign slower08:03
scizzo-you do realize that the number between 2.<here>.<here> is really really important08:03
dencryptsavvas: Have you tried to install the older flashplugin?08:03
savvasdencrypt: for gutsy? nope08:03
savvasbut it worked in gutsy08:03
scizzo-makaveli: well is it just with videos or with rendering and so on?08:04
makavelihavne't tried rendering08:04
makavelibut when i minimize it lags08:04
dencryptsavvas: it's supposed to be more stable. Maybe it would be for hardy too?08:04
makavelibut i cant even activate desktop effects08:04
scizzo-makaveli: using amd64 machine?08:05
makavelicore 2 duo processor, but installed 32bit08:05
scizzo-makaveli: are you sure about the rendering and so on is enabled?08:06
makavelihow do i check?08:06
makaveliits frustrating because i have it running at 800mhz, if i try and turn it to 2 ghz, temp jumps 10-15 degrees08:08
scizzo-makaveli: glxinfo | grep render08:09
scizzo-or something simular08:09
scizzo-makaveli: well you can error search if you can find out what is causing the problem.08:10
scizzo-makaveli: and that may take a while08:10
makaveliXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".08:10
makaveliError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual08:10
makavelii assume thats not normal?08:11
scizzo-makaveli: that one indicates that you are not running nvidia drivers with glx08:14
makaveliprobably the problem then08:14
scizzo-makaveli: and that also tells us that you are not using any rendering extension that is from the nvidia drivers08:15
makavelisounds good08:15
makaveliso what needs to be done?08:15
makavelifirst thing i assume would be the nvidia drivers?08:15
savvasdencrypt: did you do a clean install of hardy or upgraded from gutsy?08:16
scizzo-makaveli: without the nvidia drivers you wont have _much_ luck with the effects and accel for the graphics card08:16
scizzo-makaveli: yes08:16
makaveliok, but it says they're installed08:16
makavelido i have to enable them or something?08:17
savvasenable the drivers or the effects?08:18
savvasfrom hardware drivers08:18
makavelieffects would probably come afterwards08:18
savvascheck the box next to the device08:18
makavelibut it doens't list anything there08:18
makaveliits empty08:18
savvasmakaveli: lspci | grep -i nvidia08:18
makaveli01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600M GS (rev a1)08:19
savvasmakaveli: apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-new nvidia-glx | grep -i installed08:19
makaveli  Installed: 169.09+
makaveli  Installed: (none)08:20
makaveliwhats that (none)?08:20
savvasmakaveli: sudo nvidia-xconfig08:20
DanaG  state 0xc, keycode 22 (keysym 0xfed5, Terminate_Server), same_screen YES,08:20
savvasit's another driver for older devices, which you don't really need08:21
savvasjust wanted to check if you installed the correct one :)08:21
makaveliUsing X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf".08:21
makaveliVALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.08:21
makaveli                  Device section "Configured Video Device" must have a Driver08:21
makaveli                  line.08:21
makaveliBacked up file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' as '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'08:21
makaveliNew X configuration file written to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'08:21
savvasok great08:21
savvasmakaveli: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep -i nv08:22
makaveli# nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig08:22
makaveli# nvidia-xconfig:  version 1.0  (buildmeister@builder3)  Fri Jan 11 15:05:59 PST 200808:22
makaveli    Driver         "nvidia"08:22
makaveli    VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"08:22
savvasok, log out and hit ctrl-alt-backspace08:22
savvaslog back in and get over here :)08:22
brauneri just upgraded from gutsy to hardy08:23
braunerand i noticed something really strange :08:23
savvas..and you have a lot of problems08:23
braunerevery time i run a graphical program (say gvim or evolution), it crawls (strace shows stat64 calls) _every_ directory accessible from my home before actually starting08:23
braunersavvas: appart from that it is ok :)08:23
savvasman, i have to open a psychic centre :)08:23
savvasjust kidding :)08:24
braunersavvas: i don't mean to complaint, but rather to report this strange behaviour08:24
savvasI know i know, sorry, didn't mean to interfere08:25
braunerno problem :)08:25
braunerit also happens with kde programs, so this doesn't seem to be a gnome related thing08:26
brauneras a result, it takes at least 10 sec befor starting some program08:26
savvasdencrypt: i found the problem, leftovers in my /home dir :P08:27
dencryptsavvas: :)08:27
makavelik back08:27
makavelirunning in low graphics mode08:27
* dencrypt is going out of X to install 169.1208:28
dencryptwish me luck08:28
makaveligoodluck :)08:28
makavelisavvas, u here?08:28
scizzo-brauner: and the same effect happens with a new user?08:28
braunerscizzo-: checking08:29
savvasmakaveli: yeah08:32
braunerscizzo-: that's strange, from my session i created a dummy user, then did "su dummy" and launched gvim08:33
savvaslow graphics mode?08:33
makaveliis that suppose to happen? lol08:33
braunerit still crawls my directory's files (not the ones of the dummy user)08:33
savvasmakaveli: go to system -> administration -> screens and graphics08:33
scizzo-brauner: ummmmmm you are kidding me right?08:33
braunerscizzo-: no, not at all08:33
makavelik there08:33
savvasmakaveli: can you use it to set up your resolution ?08:34
scizzo-brauner: you do realize that I ment create a new user and log in with that one user to a new desktop session08:34
scizzo-brauner: and then try to start programs08:34
savvasmakaveli: ok hit cancel08:34
makavelialso should know that the driver vesa generic08:34
makavelik, back at desktop08:35
savvasyou're using vesa?08:35
makavelithats wat it says08:35
makaveliunder the graphics tab08:35
savvasmakaveli: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep nv08:35
makaveli cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep nv08:36
GpalcoDear Friends, I found this screenshot! http://news.softpedia.com/newsImage/Ubuntu-8-04-Alpha-5-Available-Now-2.jpg Isit really what the next Ubuntu release is going to be lloking like ???08:36
makaveli# nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig08:36
makaveli# nvidia-xconfig:  version 1.0  (buildmeister@builder3)  Fri Jan 11 15:05:59 PST 200808:36
makaveli    Driver         "nvidia"08:36
henkjanjust boot the previous kernel, problem fixed08:36
savvasGpalco: it's a mockup, no-one knows yet, the artwork team is still doing its magic :)08:37
makaveliboot to previous kernel?08:38
makavelithis one seems a lto faster though :(08:38
savvasmakaveli: can you upload the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf to http://pastebin.ca/upload.php ?08:38
Gpalcosavvas, where this pic comes from? someone just imitated it, or it can be dome in practice?08:39
braunerscizzo-: ok, i did log to a new desktop session instead of using "su", still, it does crawl _my_ home dir08:39
braunereven if i'm logged with another user08:39
jianfeitry that08:40
savvasGpalco: you have a lot of that here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate08:40
savvasmakaveli: paste me the link here when you're done :)08:41
Gpalcosavvas, aha. got it. thank you08:42
makavelijust like to say i appreciate ur help :)08:42
savvasah no problem08:43
braunerscizzo-: this is weird isn't it ?08:43
savvasmakaveli: what resolutions do you usually use?08:43
savvas1024x768 ?08:43
scizzo-brauner: not really sure what you mean with crawl08:43
savvasmakaveli: ok i'll help you insert these manually08:43
braunerscizzo-: as the new user, i type "strace -o log gvmi"08:44
braunerscizzo-: then it takes a lot of time08:44
savvasmakaveli: gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:44
braunerand the log file is 62480 lines long08:44
savvasmakaveli: scroll down to the line where it says "Depth 24"08:44
braunerand contains lot of lines like :08:44
braunerstat64("/home/brauner/Musique/B", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=4096, ...}) = 008:44
savvasmakaveli: NOT Defaultdepth, but depth08:45
braunerfollowed by open("/var/cache/fontconfig/7995d211379700e7221088ef22a01e3d-x86.cache-2", O_RDONLY) = 608:45
makaveliright under subsection?08:45
brauner(one couple of line by directory i have in brauner's home)08:45
savvasmakaveli: make a new line after that line, and add this: Modes "1400x900" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"08:45
makavelik done08:46
savvasmakaveli: now find: Section "Device"08:46
savvasunder VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"08:46
savvasmake a new line08:46
savvasadd this one: Option         "DynamicTwinView" "False"08:46
savvas(this fixes the bug to display correct refresh rate)08:47
savvassave and reboot08:47
braunerscizzo-: any idea ?08:47
makaveligonna reboot08:47
savvasgodspeed :p08:48
Assidsavvas: what refresh rate bug ?08:49
Assidmine shows 59.908:49
savvassystem -> pref -> screen resolution08:50
savvasmine shows 75 :)08:50
savvasadd a line in section "device": Option "DynamicTwinView" "False"08:50
Assidi do 1680*105008:50
savvasmakaveli: all ok now?08:50
makavelino, same as before08:51
Assidmine shows 50hz there08:51
makavelishould i reboot on previous kernel08:51
Assidhaha.. i didnt update :P08:51
savvasmakaveli: system -> preferences -> screen resolution08:51
savvaswhat resolution does it say there?08:52
Oli``Hey I just noticed that there's a new kernel in the latest updates but there isn't a valid restricted-modules-generic yet. If I reboot now (having installed all available updates) does that mean my graphics will be borked?08:52
credibleOli``: you can just boot the old kernel08:52
Assidsavvas: brb08:52
Assiderr brb08:52
savvasok :p08:52
Oli``credible: ah yes, true enough08:52
savvasmakaveli: can you select 1400x900 in resolution?08:53
makaveli:( jus that one res08:53
crediblethat's because it's VESA08:53
makavelishould it be changed?08:53
savvashm well.. then reboot to the old kernel :)08:53
makavelik gonna reboot to old kernel08:54
makavelihope that works :(08:54
unenoughi just upgraded and got this:08:54
unenoughThe following packages have unmet dependencies:08:55
unenough  linux-restricted-modules: Depends: linux-restricted-modules-generic (= but is to be installed08:55
unenoughE: Broken packages08:55
RAOFunenough: You shouldn't have upgraded :)08:55
unenoughi have kernel but fglrx doesn't work08:55
savvas$ apt-cache policy linux-restricted-modules-generic08:55
savvaslinux-restricted-modules-generic: Installed:
unenoughi meant 10.808:55
savvasunenough: use the old kernel08:56
savvasso if the graphics driver is broken, it uses vesa as a backup?08:57
MDCoreHey all. Is there value in upgrading to hardy heron now, before the big rush?08:57
Assidsomehow CTRL ALT BKSPC decided to restart my computer instead of X08:57
savvasMDCore: neah, everything's the same08:58
bazhangMDCore: if you can deal with loss of x then yes ;]08:58
MDCoreloss of X... hmmm. tricky.08:58
MDCorethat bad then?08:58
* Assid isnt updating till people say its safe08:58
savvasAssid: i'll restart, hold a sec, let me put on my rambo suit08:59
bazhangMDCore: if you have an intel card no ;]08:59
savvasAssid: well, i have the updates installed heh08:59
savvasi just didn't reboot :p08:59
Assidoh man08:59
Assidi feel sorry for you08:59
Assidit works fine on my laptop btew09:00
Assidthe cpu usage bug isnt fixed tho09:00
braunerscizzo-: i delogged from brauner, restarted xorg, logged with the new user : same behaviour09:01
MDCorebazhang: well I'm thinking of putting it on my laptop which has an... (searches) SIS adapter. Oh well :P09:01
braunerthis is gonna kill my HD quickly :)09:01
bazhangMDCore: best wait then ;]09:01
savvaswow that was.. fast09:02
MDCorebazhang: I think I willl :D09:02
savvaseverything peachy with nvidia graphics09:02
Assidyou got it ?09:05
Assidthe nvidia updates?09:05
savvasnvidia-glx-new: Installed: 169.09+ linux-restricted-modules-generic: Installed:
savvasi'm using uk.archive.ubuntu.com in the mirrors if that matters Assid :)09:08
MDCorethanks for the info everyone. cheers!09:08
Assidwill check in a wee bit09:08
heret1cmust reset09:15
h3sp4wnSeems with my nvidia I am getting the hourglass equivalent thing alot more often09:17
savvasInstalling a working Linux box used to require over 550 man hours, learning a Nordic language, sacrificing a goat, wading through hundreds of pages of (purposely) inscrutable help files, and in some cases programming a new driver in UNIVAC SLEUTH II assembly code using nothing but punch cards while walking miles through the snow barefoot on the wrong side of the tracks and uphill both ways. hehehehe09:19
savvasuncyclopedia did it again :P09:19
h3sp4wnsavvas: Ah yes but in those hours the basics were learnt that are still useful today09:20
savvasbackwards compatibility then09:22
h3sp4wn(Took me months to get X working with more than 16 colors and 640x480)09:22
Mohero|Work*yawn* mawnin09:23
savvasthank god i'm using linux only 2 years then :)09:23
Mohero|Worksavvas: given your description of installing linux - how far are you going back here....09:24
savvasMohero|Work: in ubuntu+1 ? somewhere between edgy and feisty09:27
savvasand it's not my description: http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Gentoo09:27
Mohero|Workahh well, that's still pretty much the case for Gentoo ;)09:27
savvasi just added the “And god created life: god@world$ emerge life” bit :)09:27
ionstormanyone know if ubuntu-restricted-modules-generic 2.6.24-10 is in repo's?09:28
Mohero|Worksavvas: I know it's still the case for Gentoo I stull have teh goat sitting outside my door....09:28
nanonymesavvas, if that is the case, world probably still compiles09:28
savvasnanonyme: probably, some pesky system admins that don't want to miss a quote in source files that they haven't read09:29
savvasthen again, that's good for someone that wants security09:29
savvasand customisation09:29
savvashm.. i have just made a grammar mistake in that long sentence, anyway, no one will notice09:30
Assidsavvas: so safe to update?09:31
heret1cAssid:  nothing wxploded here. :)09:31
Assidyou sure?09:32
Assidcheck your drive temperatures09:32
Assidyour lcd warmed up?09:32
savvasAssid: apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-new linux-restricted-modules-generic linux-image-generic | grep Installed09:32
savvas  Installed: 169.09+
savvas  Installed:
savvas  Installed:
Assidfair enouasking me for partial update :(09:32
ionstormwhat repo is that in09:33
ionstormI cannot get it09:33
savvasI never check temperatures, it's cold here anyway ;)09:33
h3sp4wnMy 64 bit system is upto date09:33
ionstormive waited 4 hrs09:33
h3sp4wnbut still no lrm for i38609:33
ionstormstill not on us.archive09:33
savvasionstorm: uk.archive.ubuntu.com or use the main server09:34
savvashm weird09:34
heret1cAssid:  43C here.09:34
ionstormwhere can I get a sources.list file09:34
ionstormmine is messed up09:34
heret1c194 Temperature_Celsius     0x0022   109   088   000    Old_age   Always       -       43 (Lifetime Min/Max 18/50)09:34
savvasah sorry guys, it's build for amd64 :)09:35
savvaslucky me hehe09:35
savvasheret1c: how do we check temp?09:36
h3sp4wnThat is one source package I never want to have to build09:36
heret1csavvas > smartmontools - smartctl09:36
h3sp4wn(lrm - I dunno why it cannot just be split out a bit more)09:36
flipstarhi what packages do i need for printing ?09:40
savvas190 Temperature_Celsius     0x0022   064   041   045    Old_age   Always   In_the_past 3609:40
h3sp4wnhas anyone ever bothered setting up the drives properly with the data from smartmontools09:41
savvasso it's 190 degrees?09:41
h3sp4wnNah - the scales are not defined by the standard09:41
savvasthey're kalvin? :P09:42
Mohero|WorkI appear to have a login problem at the moment... from GDM I type my user/password, and the login screen goes away, and that's it, no hard disk activity, no gnome, nothing...09:42
h3sp4wnsavvas: nah its not that mine is - 190 Temperature_Celsius     0x0022   060   052   000    Old_age   Always09:43
Mohero|Workif I then do Ctrl+Alt+F1 and login, then "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop" then do "startx" it works fine...09:43
h3sp4wnand this is a few day old laptop09:43
savvasah ok09:43
sveridoes somebody know if i can safely remove kde4 from hardy without destroying my kde3?09:44
flipstardamn my printer doesnt work..any hints.. i just installed cupsys,cupsys-driver-gutenprint,foomatic-db,system-config-printer..but it wont work ..09:44
h3sp4wnThe ones after the 0x0022 could be now and 10 mins ago or so in C but its not guaranteed09:44
ionstorm Depends: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-386  but it is not installable09:44
h3sp4wnwell you probably don't want the 386 kernel09:45
ionstormDepends: linux-restricted-modules-generic but it is not going to be installed09:45
ionstormthat dont work wither09:45
Mohero|Worksveri: I wouldn't like to say "yes" or "no" but KDE4 shouldn't interfere with KDE3 - but this is Alpha software so you should have a backup and be prepared for a re-install anyway :)09:45
ionstormany ideas?09:45
Assidupdate manager doesntr want to update all my packages :(09:45
Mohero|WorkAssid: are they grayed out?09:45
savvasionstorm: uname -a09:45
Assidwaiting for the package updates09:45
sveriMohero|Work: hm, ok, i surely have a backup, but i dont want to reinstall :D09:45
ionstormLinux ubuntu 2.6.24-7-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 7 01:29:58 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux09:45
Mohero|WorkAssid: if so, then there's dependancies that aren't in your tree yet :)09:45
* Assid waits09:46
savvasionstorm: apt-cache policy linux-restricted-modules-generic09:46
nanonymesveri, another way to interpret Mohero|Work's comment: you shouldn't install Alpha software if you aren't prepared to reinstall :P09:46
ionstormbeware of spam09:46
ionstorm5 lines09:47
savvasionstorm: http://pastebin.ca09:47
Mohero|Worksveri: well, you should always be "preparred" for reinstall running Alpha software, give it a go, and report it if it goes wrong....09:47
savvasionstorm: did you sudo apt-get update ?09:48
sveriMohero|Work: nanonyme: yes but hardy runs so fine, despite kde4 it suddenly broke: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-kde4/+bug/19481409:48
savvasand sudo apt-get upgrade09:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194814 in kdebase-kde4 "A lot of programms can't start because of KComponentData" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:48
ionstormi'll pastbin it09:48
flipstarheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp :/09:48
savvasflipstar: if you're on fire, read the /topic09:48
ionstormthats after update09:49
ionstormit doesnt even show09:49
h3sp4wnI don't think reinstalling in necessary 99.5% and if people just reinstall how does the bug get fixed anyway (if its an upgrade bug)09:49
flipstari just want to know which packages are requiered to print ?09:50
h3sp4wnDepends on the printer09:50
flipstaran epson ..09:50
heret1cflipstar: cups09:50
ionstormbroken packages09:50
flipstardid that cupsys09:50
h3sp4wnYou can use just lpr with a suitable printer09:51
h3sp4wn(The lazerjet I have at home is suitable for that you need an /etc/printcap I think it is)09:51
savvasionstorm: there are no i386/686 packages for http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic yet09:51
h3sp4wnMy new printer is still in the box (Some all in one HP thing photosmart C4180)09:53
savvasionstorm: there's one in launchpad.. wanna try it?09:53
ionstormwhat is the launchpad url09:53
flipstarevery job just disapperes ..09:54
heret1cflipstar: http://www.cups.org/book/intro.php09:54
h3sp4wnYou could try lpr if you want to avoid cups09:54
h3sp4wn(But perhaps you only have a cups driver)09:54
Assidanyone here synchronize their nokia phones?09:55
Assidi got an e61 .. and want to start synch'ing it09:55
savvasAssid: try wammu09:55
savvasionstorm: works ?09:57
Assidsavvas: i dont have to run cli commands i hope ?09:57
ionstormsavvas its 64 kb09:57
heret1cassid> aye - in the last install. gammu worked.09:57
ionstormwhere did u find that09:58
Assidfair enough.. having it download09:58
savvasAssid: it has a gui if that's what you want :P it worked with my sony ericsson :)09:58
Assidmy patchetic connection should have it in 1/2 hr or an hr09:58
savvasionstorm: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/i386/linux-restricted-modules-generic/
savvasit's the meta :P09:59
savvasnothing for i38610:00
ionstormthanks anyways hee10:00
ionstormi'll just wait it out10:00
savvas8-generic is still available: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-8-generic10:01
Mohero|Workhow many computer programmers does it take to turn on the heating......10:01
savvasbut it's better to wait10:01
Mohero|Workanswer: 3 apparently - as that's what just happened here....10:02
savvasOne; set heating 110:02
flipstarheret1c: doesnt really help me..10:02
Mohero|WorkI wan't a web interface and snmp from the boiler - that would make life easier :)10:02
heret1cflipstar> can u see the printer at all?10:03
flipstarbut when i say print..nothing happens10:03
Mohero|Workfrom the computer, not your eyes....10:03
Mohero|Work(sorry in a strange mood)10:03
heret1cflipstar> it's a driver issue, then. probably.10:03
savvascan someone change the topic and mention that the linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic package is not built for i386 yet? :)10:04
Mohero|Worksavvas: it isn't heh /me feels smug on his x64....10:04
flipstarIT WORKS10:04
savvasyou rang?10:05
flipstaras Mohero|Work mentioned i used the computer this time :P10:05
Mohero|Worksavvas: l0l10:05
flipstarno i just did the wizard again ..10:05
savvas< flipstar> but when i say print..nothing happens <- let me guess, you were yelling at your printer?10:06
savvasnext time pet it, they purr and spit paper :P10:06
heret1cflipstar> have someone wiser in the ways of cups than I have a look over rdesktop?10:07
Mohero|Workwhy are M$ such a bunch of ******10:12
heret1cMohero|Work: ppl have asked that Q since windos 1.0 .... 8)10:14
hi_ti asked it since 3.1 ...10:14
Assidthey arent10:15
Assidyou perceive them to be10:15
Assidmain server dead?10:15
Assidi was updating and it died10:15
Mohero|WorkAssid: my updates are going ok, well... the Hardy ones10:17
Mohero|Workactually - all the linux ones10:17
Mohero|Workthe windoze ones however......10:17
P2502it will be nice to have ubuntu vs kubuntu comparison table which will describe software shipped in both, like [IM/IRC client] Ubuntu - Pidgin | Kubuntu - Konversation10:47
P2502i wonder what features exactly missed in kubuntu vs ubuntu or ubuntu vs kubuntu10:57
naught101is samba-client installed by default in hardy?11:00
naught101P2502: konversation doesn't do IM11:00
naught101that's kopete11:00
Mohero|WorkP2502 i still don't know why irssi or x-chat aren't shipped... with either of them11:03
Mohero|Worknaught101: samba: no, at least not yet11:04
jianfeihi any suggestions for a hardy desktop sidebar? which app?11:04
naught101Mohero|Work: odd, maybe I installed it11:04
Mohero|Workjianfai: look up Screenlets you'll find some nice stuff wit hthat and a side-bar for it at www.gnome-look.org11:05
naught101but samba worked out of the box. very nice11:05
jianfeimohero: cheers11:05
naught101and konversation is WAY better than x-chat11:05
Mohero|Worknaught101: really.... interesting.... my machine thinks it isn't installed by default.11:05
naught101Mohero|Work: no, I know, perhaps I installed it, but I didn't have to do any config to get it to work with the x-box media centre that's on this network11:06
Mohero|Workjianfei, as flipstar said too gkrellm that's very good, depends what you're looking for screenlets will give you a "vista-ish" side bar (yuk)11:06
Mohero|Worknaught101: I don't think i've ever done any configuring of Samba on Ubuntu since 5.10 :D11:07
naught101lucky you11:07
naught101I've never managed to get it working without hours of stuffing around11:07
Mohero|Worknaught101: ouch....11:08
naught101which is why I'm happy with hardy :)11:08
P2502cuz network:/// dosnt work?11:09
savvasP2502: it's a pending change in filesystem11:11
P2502is it fixed in 2.21.92 btw? it dosnt really matter for me now since i have no LAN now11:11
P2502dont know if i can get lan on adsl11:13
Mohero|WorkP2502: of course you can - bit risky though....11:17
P2502i see new kde4 livecds now full featured since they are full 700 mib and not 300 mib like it was earlier11:17
P2502Mohero|Work: what you mean?11:18
Mohero|Workheh we,, I still refuse to use KDE4 :)11:18
P2502konqueror crashed for me a lot in kde411:18
Mohero|WorkP2502: i mean LAN on adsl.... you can do it, it's just a little risky to open those sort of ports up to the interweb ;)11:18
P2502Mohero|Work: like netbios over tcp/ip?11:19
Mohero|WorkP2502: it's not the crashes that bother me, it's beta software, that happens, it's more to do with the bar at the bottom of the screen you can't modify outside of the "Theme" and the whole thing looks a little "vista-ish" to me....11:20
nanonymeMohero|Work, opening ports to teh interweb is dangerous, period :p11:20
P2502Mohero|Work: well i know about vpn lans or so11:20
Mohero|WorkP2502: yeah, we did it on a cable line, Netbios over TCP/IP - just for an experiment, I think it took about 30 seconds before it was swarmed with viruses and suchlike...11:20
P2502also hamachi11:22
naught101is linux-restricted-modules-generic broken for all at the moment? should I not upgrade until tomorrow?11:22
Mohero|Worknaught101: it's not finished being built for x86 - it's up for x6411:23
naught101Mohero|Work: a few hours kind of thing?11:24
Mohero|Worknaught101: you now know as much as I do ;)11:24
naught101fair 'nough11:24
Assidim thinking of buying a shared host to host a mirror for ubuntu11:25
Mohero|Workwhy so?11:25
Mohero|WorkI piggyback off University of Kent in the UK - they're connection is pretty nice :)11:25
Mohero|Workwell, actually *I* don't piggyback off them, but my g/f has a connection to the internet through them, even from here though the connection to them is pretty fast - problem is when everyone downloads from the same mirror.11:26
Assidmy wallpaper doesnt change11:29
Assidsomethings messed up11:29
Mohero|WorkAssid? after latest updates?11:29
Mohero|WorkAssid: mine seems ok...11:29
Assidmessed up11:30
Mohero|WorkAssid: "Messed up" doesn't give many clue's ;)11:32
Assidfirefox doesnt let me set an image11:33
Assidi saved it.. and tried to do it .. doesnt get set11:33
Assidrightclicking on desktop doesnt work11:33
Mohero|WorkAssid ahh... hmm well, right clicking on the desktop -> Change Desktop Background works for me...11:33
Assidwammu says my phone is a nokia11:36
Assidbut doesnt know the model11:36
Assidwammu cant synch my phone :(11:39
Mohero|Worknever used it Assid. I don't do Nokia :)11:43
Assidam screwed11:45
Assidhrmm i gotta use syncml11:50
Assidquestion - how ?111:50
Assiddont we have syncevolution?!11:53
Assiddebian seems to have it11:53
mohbanacan i install a i386 deb package from amd64?12:08
bazhangso there will a supported version of envy called envy NG for Hardy, as well as a supported version of wubi?12:10
picard_pwns_kirkhow would I get nautilus support for obex: locations?12:13
cwilluthat's what I always did12:14
cwilluhaven't looked too closely, but it looks like it wasn't in mainline;  the problem with that being that it used gnome-vfs, and so would have to be reworked to use the new gvfs;  might check their homepage to see if they're doing anything with it (disclaimer, I know nothing about obex, there may well be a simple package you need to install)12:19
Hobbseebazhang: no.12:19
Hobbseebazhang: envy is not an official part of ubuntu12:19
Hobbseemohbana: no12:20
cwilluwouldn't jockey be the official package that does what envy does :p12:20
=== tdoggette is now known as tdoggette_school
cwilluaka, the RestrictedDriversManager is considered responsible for installing Restricted Drivers from the Proprietor?12:21
cwillu!bug 18950312:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189503 in gnome-vfs-obexftp "Couldn't display "obex://  Nautilus cannot handle obex: locations. (dup-of: 186973)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18950312:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186973 in gvfs "obexftp does not work in hardy + gvfs" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18697312:23
picard_pwns_kirkdo I wait?12:24
bazhangHobbsee: envy ng was developed with ubuntu developers though--so will it be shunned as in the past?12:27
Hobbseebazhang: which ubuntu developers?12:27
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »12:27
bazhangHobbsee: I'd have to check albert milone's blog to ascertain that but this seems legit12:27
Hobbseebazhang: right, because i've not seen anything about it on the ML or anything12:28
Assiderr anyone here played with syncml ?12:28
Hobbseepicard_pwns_kirk: yes.  and see the gnome bug on it (the one on top)12:28
* picard_pwns_kirk subscribed12:29
mateuszis missing toolbar in gnome-terminal a normal thing?12:30
picard_pwns_kirkprobably not12:31
picard_pwns_kirkright click in the terminal, click the "show toolbar" option12:31
picard_pwns_kirkwell, s/toolbar/menubar12:32
savvasEU fines Microsoft record $1.3B heh12:33
Assidnow what for?12:34
savvas"overcharging rivals for software info"12:35
savvasanother excuse for "stopping the giant" :)12:35
flipstarwhat do they do with all that money oO12:35
RomanKHi there12:36
mateuszpicard_pwns_kirk: there is menubar but with no lables12:36
mateuszpicard_pwns_kirk: I can blind click on them... but they dont apear12:36
savvasflipstar: use it for cultural & productive purposes i guess12:36
RomanKis anyone else but me having problems with usb-sticks or usb-harddrives... i plug them in, the usb-device appears in /var/log/messages, but even fdisk cannot see the harddrive12:37
mateuszpicard_pwns_kirk: ?12:38
picard_pwns_kirkI have no idea12:38
flipstarRomanK: did you ran fdisk as root, with sudo ?12:38
picard_pwns_kirkdid you try restarting X?12:38
RomanKflipstar: yup12:38
RomanKmy local harddrive is listed, but not the external usb-drive... but the drive itself is ok, i tested it on the notebook of my girlfriend, just a few minutes ago12:39
mateuszInitializing...Could not claim USB device.12:39
mateuszso many fucking bugs.. debian unstable is more stable than this12:40
mateuszplainful true12:40
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.12:40
RomanKit's a while ago since i used debian sid, but at least right now hardy seems _much more_ stable than sid did most of the time ;)12:40
mateuszRomanK: not for me12:41
flipstarRomanK: whats about <ls /dev/disk/by-path/ -al> ? but when it apperes in ../log/messages you can gather the device name from there12:41
flipstarand try to mount12:41
RomanKflipstar: as i said... only the usb-device appears in /var/log/messages...  but even in /var/log/messages it doesn't appear as "harddrive"12:41
mateuszRomanK: for me usb storage works12:42
RomanKoh wait...12:43
RomanKnow it work's... but i didn't change anything...12:43
RomanK(i didn't change anything... how often did i hear this from customers and didn't believe them) *gg*12:44
mateuszAnyone here uses ThinkFinger utils ?12:44
mateuszThey worked on gutsy12:44
mateuszbut do not on hardy12:44
RomanKwell... gnome thinks the external 2.5" harddrive is a media player.. but that really doesn't matter to me ;)12:44
mateuszRomanK: WD Passport ?12:44
RomanKnope, a fujitsu-drive in a no-name-usb-box12:45
mateuszRomanK: size?12:46
LaneyDoes synaptic log its output anywhere?12:46
LaneyBah, anyway I'm getting tonnes of errors about a GConf XML file being malformed. Anything I can do to fix it?12:51
picard_pwns_kirkLaney: try to find a bug report12:53
LaneyYeah, I can't. I'll file one if needs be, but I'm just wondering if it's fixable12:56
Amaranthhrm, seems virt-manager can't start my VM unless i have a bootable CD-ROM12:57
Assidanyone know a good syncml server?13:01
Assidheret1c: you played with syncml ?13:04
* heret1c looks blankly at Assid - "what's a syncml?"13:04
* heret1c clustys13:04
heret1cAssid:  ah, no.13:06
Assidthinking if i can make my own syncml server13:07
henkjanAssid: http://www.synthesis.ch/13:07
Assidisnt free :(13:08
Assidi thought there would be a free one13:08
henkjanthere is one, javabases13:08
henkjanthere is one, javabased13:08
henkjanAssid: http://www.funambol.com/opensource/downloads.php13:09
Assidyeah i tried funambol the service itself13:09
Assidthe timezone is off13:09
heret1cAssid: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pl4sync do?13:11
Assidhrmm.. i guess i will just use it as a client with the third party companies13:11
Assidwas thinking of running a syncml server and offering it to my users13:12
Assidbut then too much work13:12
Assidheret1c: yeah.. goes back to funambol - sync4j13:19
Assidheret1c: nvm about it13:19
heret1cassid> there are umpteen programs offering to send smses, read addy book, etc - but none offering up/download of (camera) pix13:22
heret1cif anyoen mentions bitpim I shall go mad. 8)13:22
Oli``Woo the new nvidia-glx/restricted manager is out13:22
smallfoot-there are nvidia drivers for 2.6.24-10 yet?13:26
Oli``Anybody here have problems having the Compiz manager remember your settings after you disable and re-enable desktop effects?13:26
Oli``smallfoot-: yup - just released13:26
smallfoot-Oli``, awesome!13:26
smallfoot-is it on the mirrors yeT?13:26
henkjannl.archive has it13:27
Oli``smallfoot-: couldn't say - I'm synced with the main server13:27
smallfoot-Oli``, how do you do that?13:27
Oli``smallfoot-: change your "Download from" choice in System>Admin>Software Sources13:27
smallfoot-Oli``, what i change it to?13:28
Oli``"Main server" =)13:28
billyBobOdoes anyone know if Wubi will be available for Kubuntu 8.04?  Or will kubuntu-desktop be needed to install afterwards?13:32
bazhangbillyBobO: already in13:36
billyBobO:) wonderful thank you13:36
bazhangoh kubuntu, just a sec13:36
bazhanghmm dont see anything to the contrary13:38
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Alpha5 from here13:38
billyBobOhttp://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080224-wubi-arrives-a-look-at-ubuntu-8-04-alpha-5.html seems to show a screenshot where you can pick your environment at install time13:40
billyBobOsame picture as your link, bazhang13:42
s0u][ighthi guys13:46
mohbanahey guys, i want to monitor performance between two distros.  I  thinking more on the line of having the program run in the background and write out a log of performance13:48
flipstarhm i just purged and reinstalled audacious..but it still uses old setting...?13:51
Piciflipstar: purging doesnt remove any user configurations, i.e, dotfiles and folders in your home.13:54
flipstarsolved..just deleted some dirs in my home13:54
flipstarwired thought thats what purge is for oO13:55
PiciPurge removes configurations stored in /etc13:55
s0u][ighthi guys13:58
Milos_SDHi all... I still have system freezes on Hardy as I had them on Gutsy... Just to report that! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22/+bug/14511214:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 145112 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "Random NVidia Proprietary Driver Lock-Ups with dual core + 7300" [High,Fix released]14:04
flipstarerr theres a fix released for that14:05
Milos_SDNo ... My system still freezes14:06
flipstartake a look at the site14:06
Milos_SDI have Core2Duo CPU, and Nvidia 7600GT14:06
flipstarubotu said "Fix released"14:06
Milos_SDyes, I see that. But that fix didn't fixed the problem :)14:07
flipstarthen poste that there ..14:07
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mohbanahey guys, i want to monitor performance between two distros.  I  thinking more on the line of having the program run in the background and write out a log of performance14:08
Milos_SDWell, I did ... First I was using Hardy kernel and modules on Gutsy, but now I upgraded totaly to Hardy ...14:08
flipstarthats an odd situation14:09
Milos_SDSomeone sad that this is bug in nvidia drivers ... but, is that true? :S14:10
TheInfinityhello ... one question ... did somebody give a try to hardy on mbp?14:10
Milos_SDif it is, then we are ****14:10
TheInfinitybecause Xorg does only start in safe mode choosen while booting14:10
TheInfinityif i start ubuntu live disk in a usual way xorg crashes, it shows the configuration window, also the test works, but afterwards xorg does not start. i have xorg log and syslog saved ... should i make a bug report?14:12
TheInfinityor does somebody has the same experience?14:12
TheInfinityseems to be an issue with bulletproof xorg - or do i understand this wrong?14:13
flipstarbtw nvidia 169.12 was released yesterday ..14:18
Exilantshould fglrx run in hardy (now + in principle) or is that currently just broken?14:20
snadorhello there14:25
snadorcan I ask my questions about hardy here?14:26
bardyrExilant, its currently broken14:26
bardyrsnador, yea14:26
snadorwell, I installed hardy a few weeks ago because my wireless connection wasn't working with 7.1014:26
snadorEverything worked well until this oment14:27
snadortoday, the upgrade manager apeared for an upgrade14:27
bardyrsnador, let me guess you updated the kernel and lost compiz/gfx/and the world exploded?14:27
snadorso I downloaded en installed the updates and I rebooted the computer14:27
snadorwell, that's exactly what I mean14:28
snadorand my mouse is doing strange too14:28
bardyrsnador, its and known issue, boot and earlier kernel or wait for the fixes to come down the pipe14:28
bardyrand welcome to alphas :)14:28
Exilantthx bardyr14:29
snadorthank you very much14:29
snadori'm going to try it14:30
s0u][ighthello i screwed my xserver up can someone help me14:36
flipstarwhat does X say ?14:36
Exilantwhat did you screw up?14:36
flipstarrather how14:37
bardyrs0u][ight,  let me guess you updated the kernel and lost compiz/gfx/and the world exploded?14:38
snadori'm back14:39
snadorthank you for your advice14:39
snadorit works fine14:39
snadorexcept the mouse14:39
s0u][ighti did apt-get install xserver-xgl14:40
s0u][ightand after that i did apt-get remove xserver-xgl14:40
flipstarremove that if you use compiz and nvidia ..14:41
regelwhy is hardy mounting my ntfs-drives, even if I removed all ntfs-entries in /etc/fstab?14:41
s0u][ightwhat should i do? to make my xserver function good again14:41
s0u][ighti can start gnome but compiz and emerald aint working :(14:42
Exilantis that xgl-setup still as weird as in gutsy?14:42
bardyrs0u][ight, what exactly is wrong? error messages are really good too14:42
snadorhave you installed drivers for your graphics card?14:42
s0u][ightnope i use those once who come with my gusty live cd14:42
s0u][ightand they worked perfectly14:42
snadorwith standard drivers you can't use compiz14:43
s0u][ightwell i could do it with the driver it used for my intel 94514:43
s0u][ighti didn't change anything14:43
s0u][ightis there a kind of thing i can use to go to my early settings?14:45
s0u][ightlike systemrecovery14:45
s0u][ightjust don't say i need to reinstall ubuntu :|14:47
s0u][ightand do an hardy upgrade etc. to make my wireless card working etc.:'(14:47
bazhangwhat card?14:49
s0u][ighthello a restart helped :D14:54
jimmy__hey guys, the last system update wrecked my xorg.conf14:54
jimmy__its empty now, and my mouse doesnt work14:54
jimmy__i tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg but it wont "overwrite custom xorg.conf"14:55
chrismurfHow bad is the server version of Hardy at the moment?  Want to move a few robots to ubuntu, and Hardy makes sense from an LTS perspective, but the timeline is a bit shorter than the release date.14:55
jimmy__im using a thinkpad t61 with an onboard nvidia graphics14:55
P2502jimmy__: its "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"14:58
jimmy__yeah ive tried that14:58
jimmy__hold on ill paste the error14:58
jimmy__xserver-xorg postinst warning: overwriting possibly-customised configuration14:59
jimmy__   file; backup in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.2008022709585214:59
jimmy__but nothing happens, my xorg.conf is empty14:59
jimmy__ill pastebin in14:59
chrismurfis anybody here using server hardy?  Or just desktop?14:59
P2502 jimmy__:  you may restore manually from backup or delete file and run command again15:00
P2502but i'm not sure if xorg.conf even required anymore15:00
P2502i'll better look into Xorg.0.log15:00
h3sp4wnchrismurf: You mean the server kernel ?15:00
chrismurfh3sp4wn, the basic server install, ie without Xorg and such.  The major 'caveats' for install are all desktop related things, I'm looking at a server install15:01
jimmy__i cant find Xorg.0.log15:01
chrismurfwondering how stable the core is15:01
chrismurfis it ALPHA alpha, or just alpha ;-)15:01
P2502jimmy__: this is NOT empty, and this is actually normal xorg.conf15:02
h3sp4wnchrismurf: Its not alpha15:02
jimmy__but it doesnt show my touchpad, my video adapter, screen, anything15:02
h3sp4wnOther than gnome15:02
chrismurfso - fairly usable under the covers?15:02
P2502jimmy__: format of xorg.conf has changed15:02
h3sp4wnchrismurf: Its not like *bsd current is15:02
chrismurfh3sp4wn, what do you mean by that?15:03
h3sp4wnOr fedora rawhide15:03
h3sp4wnchrismurf: Its not full of loads of unstable versions of software15:03
chrismurfgreat - thanks.  I guess I'll check it out then15:03
Amaranthand by changed you mean it now autodetects everything that isn't explicitly set in xorg.conf15:03
h3sp4wnI dunno why anyone would use Linux for a server though15:04
chrismurfh3sp4wn,  question is just whether to move a couple of robots to gutsy, or hardy.15:04
h3sp4wnMine uses Solaris dom0 and Linux DomU's15:04
h3sp4wnchrismurf: Why not a RTOS15:04
chrismurfh3sp4wn, "server" just means it doesn't install a bunch of useless crud15:04
chrismurfh3sp4wn, because RTOS's and proprietary OS's make development a pain in the butt15:05
h3sp4wnchrismurf: ecos is GPL15:05
chrismurfh3sp4wn, don't know it, but we don't require RTOS performance15:05
chrismurfh3sp4wn, we have seperate motor controllers and such, it's just the high level control logic that runs on the PC15:05
h3sp4wnSo its full pc15:06
h3sp4wni was thinking something else15:06
chrismurfh3sp4wn, PC104 stack with ~400Mhz x86 proc.15:06
chrismurfthese are big robots: http://blogs.spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/2008/02/06/whois_robotic_excursion_under.html15:06
h3sp4wnI think I would still use uclibc (buildroot 2 is pretty nice)15:06
P2502jimmy__: so you have only problem with mouse?15:07
h3sp4wnstill too much crud in a "server" install for me15:07
jimmy__and graphics, its not letting me use compiz and doesnt "feel accelerated" its very choppy15:07
h3sp4wnchrismurf: article is pretty interesting15:08
P2502 jimmy__: this is because you required to reinstall nvidia driver15:09
P2502check update servers15:09
jimmy__tried :\15:09
jimmy__ill try manually to search for nvidia in synaptic & install it15:10
jimmy__nvidia-glx-new is already installed15:10
P2502from your log file it seems your have parts of old nvidia driver left like glx lib but useing nv ftiver15:10
P2502delete and install again, tried?15:10
chrismurfh3sp4wn, thanks15:10
jimmy__no not yet ill try now15:10
jimmy__ouff now screens & graphics is empty15:12
jimmy__ill restart x15:12
ViakenA broken linux-image package a known thing, or am I having a weird problem?15:13
jimmy__nah no luck15:15
P2502 jimmy__: are you used applet or synaptic?15:16
P2502it may not make required changes15:16
P25021st was released new kernel, this is what broke your graphics, later was released new restricted-modules and nvidia driver package thru update15:18
jimmy__yeah i downloaded that this morning15:18
jimmy__i couldnt get restricted modules yesterday the package was missing from my repository15:18
jimmy__and now you cant manually select a repository anymore in synaptic so i got all confused15:19
P2502sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list15:19
P2502and Xorg.0.log show no problems with mouse or touchpad, i dont know why its not work15:21
P2502it says they are initialized correctly15:22
jimmy__now that i logged out and back in my mouse is working fine15:22
jimmy__before every click was a double click15:22
jimmy__so i couldnt navigate menus, luckilly the touchpad still worked15:23
P2502press and hold mouse button15:23
jimmy__i just unplugged it :)15:23
TFroganyone here get the broadcom chip working wirelessly on Heron?15:36
s0u][ighthello does anyone know a good application to film a desktop?15:41
hits0u][ight, recordmydesktop15:42
Exilantah, an update, maybe fglrx works with that :)15:42
s0u][ighti found istanbul15:43
s0u][ighttnx anyway :D15:44
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DanaGWTF?  I get odd beeps on opening and closing my lid.15:57
pushaxhi all15:58
pushaxhas anyone got Wine working?15:59
flipstarusing the new one from winehq15:59
pushaxis htat from the gutsy gibbon repository?16:00
flipstarerr its 0.9.56 or so16:00
flipstar!info wine gutsy16:01
ubotuwine (source: wine): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.46-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 33097 kB, installed size 103228 kB16:01
flipstargutsy has 0.9.4616:01
pushaxSo is 9.55 broken?16:03
flipstarjup seems so16:03
P2502no, just the one in repo16:03
LaneyAnyone experiencing invisible menus in gnome-terminal?16:03
TheInfinitynow somebody here who can help me finding the error in xorg?16:03
TheInfinityhttp://files.ernestoruge.de/misc/Xorg.0.log <-- heres the log16:05
P2502system monitor load one of the cores to 100% with default nv driver, and display garbage16:05
wobboWhen copy pasting, there are some new options right? When copying a folder to a location where the folder name is the same, i get "cancel, merge, merge all, skip, skip all" what about overwrite?16:05
makaveliso i was here on last night tryin to fix this low graphics mode16:06
makavelibut still cnt get out of it16:06
makavelialways rebootin in low graphics mode16:07
makavelithis is frustrating, spent hours here trying to fix it and still cant16:10
TheInfinitymakaveli: i dont get anything right in live cd, i just get safe graphics mode to run, bulletproof xorg does not start at all ;)16:11
wobbomaybe not 'overwrite' but 'replace' is the missing option16:11
makavelilol yea16:11
P2502TheInfinity: interesting, you log show you are using vesa driver16:11
makaveliproblem is i had everything working, but then after an update, screen res dropped16:11
P2502TheInfinity: what is your problem anyway?16:12
makavelinow i'm stuck in low graphics mode, and i cant get out. still waiting for hardy envy support16:12
TheInfinitythe funny thing is - booting in safe graphics mode works16:12
TheInfinitywithout safe graphics mode xorg does not start16:12
TheInfinitybut the configuration test works16:12
TheInfinityi just write a bug report ... ?16:13
P2502this is log from failsaif session but required is log from failed xorg startup16:13
TheInfinityP2502: how can i get this log?16:14
TheInfinityand - also the failsafe mode didnt work16:14
P2502(21:12:09) TheInfinity: the funny thing is - booting in safe graphics mode works16:14
TheInfinityP2502: and this is the log of usual boot16:15
makaveliwondering if i should jus give upa nd format16:15
jpQuestion for anyone: on a fresh install of hardy, failsafe gnome logs in fine, but with a normal gnome login, after loading the background and playing the sound, X dies (as evident in daemon.log only) and kicks me back to gdm.16:15
TheInfinityi think xorg enteres in vesa mode after getting problems with nv driver16:15
TheInfinityand this is the log of it16:15
makaveliya infinity16:15
makavelii'm on vesa mode too16:15
TheInfinityi think it would be good to have the safe mode log, too16:16
TheInfinityso that devs can understand why in one case it works and in the other not16:16
TheInfinityand why at all i dont get nv drivers to work16:16
makavelisame boat infinity16:17
makaveliwhat res are you at right now?16:17
makavelicause im stuck on 640x480 :S16:18
makavelicant see shit16:18
TheInfinity1440x900 because i'm in OS-X ;)16:18
makaveliso guess my only solution is to reformat?16:18
TheInfinity<-- gets log from all possibilities, after it i'll present it here again :)16:19
TheInfinityand write a bug report16:19
makavelisavvas was helping me out last night, but nothin work16:19
TheInfinitycya soon16:19
flipstaris there an alternative for vnstat? doesnt work proper with cron..16:19
Exilantin my xorg log it seems to start going wrong with errors like "drmOpenDevice: Open failed", but with the recent update it at least doesn't whiteout. Anyone has fglrx working, so maybe i just messed up my xorg.conf?16:28
TheInfinityokay ...16:44
TheInfinitynow i have every log ;916:45
P2502TheInfinity: required is from failed session16:46
TheInfinityi have 2 failed session at all16:46
TheInfinitythe usual startup and the failsafe after usual16:46
Arwenanyone here using fglrx?16:46
TheInfinitythe only option which works is choosing failsafe already before launching the kernel16:47
P2502there are 2 meanings of failsafe, failsafe kernel and failsafe gnome16:47
P2502we talk about xorg, so it is failsafe gnome16:47
TheInfinityfailsafe kernel mode works16:47
TheInfinityfailsafe gnome mode both dont16:47
ExilantArwen: me16:48
Exilantbut it's not working for me right now16:48
TheInfinitythese are gnome versions. old is with nvidia, before is while the error message occured, after is after i clicked continue and everything wents black16:49
TheInfinityhttp://files.ernestoruge.de/misc/bugs/failsafe/ <-- this is kernel failsafe which shows Xorg16:50
muszekhi... do you guys have rather crappy fonts in firefox, too?16:51
flipstartry "ln -s ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde ~/.gtkrc-2.0" and then run firefox16:51
Exilanthm, just why gets the radeon module loaded, i wonder16:52
flipstaryou can blacklist the module..16:52
Exilanti'll try... maybe then fglrx will load16:53
flipstaras long as you know how to undo you can try :>16:53
muszekflipstar: I only have .gtkrc-1.2-gnome2 in ~16:54
flipstarthen try change theme -->extras-->addons-->themes16:55
teamcobrahello all :)17:01
muszekflipstar: I moved ~/.mozilla (so that FF would start without any customizations made by me) and fonts still look crappy.17:07
flipstartry change theme -->extras-->addons-->themes17:08
flipstarto something else then the default theme17:09
muszekgotta find other themes first...17:09
flipstarwhat about firefox-themes-ubuntu ?17:10
flipstaryou can install via apt17:11
P2502weird... copy speed is 10 mib/s, between hard drives, it should be 50 or something17:12
P2502now its 817:13
P2502gnome copy is broken....17:14
heret1cP2502: wot?17:14
P2502wot is wot?17:14
muszekP2502: I was copyting some files between two partitions of the same drive, using mc in gnome-terminal... speed was ~1.5MB/s17:14
muszekP2502: file-roller also takes forever... it takes several minutes to extract 700MB file.  It's a decent machine (dell 1720 with 2Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2 GB of RAM... disk is 5500RPM, though).17:16
heret1cP2502: low transfer rates why?17:16
Exilantjay, now fglrx is working17:16
P2502heret1c: i dunno, something must has broken with last update17:17
muszekflipstar: it's strange... I have firefox-themes-ubuntu installed, but tools->addons->themes only shows me default theme and NASA one (I installed it manually, fonts still look the same).17:17
Exilantthx flipstar17:17
heret1cP2502: restricted-modules?17:18
muszekP2502: it's not a gnome thing... as I said, I had those low transfer rates while using mc17:18
P2502muszek: Timing buffered disk reads:  226 MB in  3.01 seconds =  75.17 MB/sec17:19
P2502my transfer rates are ok17:19
P2502let me try mc or something17:19
muszekI've just tried again. it's going @ ~12MB/s now.  Those earlier results were pre apt-get upgrade (over 100 packages, incl. kernel)17:21
muszekinteresting thing: the transfer slows down... 7MB/s now.  Rhythmbox stopped playing (for a few seconds) twice during this 700MB copy.17:22
flipstar Timing buffered disk reads:  248 MB in  3.04 seconds =  81.69 MB/sec ¦>17:23
P2502yeah mc is broken too17:24
muszekcan you guys please give me a command that returns those timings?17:25
P2502sudo hdparm -tT /dev/sda17:26
flipstarsudo hdparm -t /dev/whatever17:26
heret1cmuszek: sudo hdparm -Tt /dev/sdN17:26
P2502or hda17:26
P2502or something17:26
flipstari was cheating im using /dev/mapper/ :P17:27
flipstargot a raid17:27
P2502with raid i got 135 mib/s17:27
muszekTiming buffered disk reads:  114 MB in  3.05 seconds =  37.43 MB/sec17:27
muszekis it abnormal?17:28
flipstarlittle slow17:28
P2502what is your hdd?17:28
flipstarbut you might have disc access at this moment17:28
muszekno idea... whatever Dell placed in my lappy17:28
heret1cis there a solid rationale for letting scsi and ide drives both be sda? why the hda/sda system in the 1st place?17:28
flipstaroh..its lappy..there always slower..17:28
heret1cmuszek:  apt-get install smartmontools17:29
flipstarP2502: its a fakeraid ..17:30
muszekheret1c: I had it already... what now?17:30
heret1cmuszek: sudo smartctl --all /dev/sda17:31
P2502flipstar: and 135 mib/s is fake speed?17:31
muszekheret1c: http://www.pastebin.ca/92083217:32
flipstarP2502: i dont know about yours..is it a real raid ?17:34
P2502flipstar: what is "real"?17:34
P2502ok nvm i just use mdadm its linux based software raid17:35
P2502i have no raid controller17:35
flipstarhm i got one but using dmraid..17:35
CarlFKis there a way to disable the "indexing" or whatever it is called that runs on boot after the install?17:38
CarlFKI have 0 use for it, and it is screwing up some testing that I am doing on fresh installs17:38
heret1cAnyone get "Malformed URL trash:/ " error when clicking trash icon -> Open in New Window?17:39
CarlFKim doing the alt install, if there is some preseed option, or something I can run in the late_command script...17:39
CarlFKheret1c: where do you see the icon?17:41
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CarlFKheret1c: I did Places, Home, Right click Trash, Open in new win - it opened17:42
qawshi, is there also a problem with clicks? After last updates my mouse is always making left-doubleclick and rightclick instead of one leftclick. Does anybody know, how to solve it?17:42
heret1cCarlFK: in KDE - right lower corner, unless you've moved or deleted it.17:42
CarlFKheret1c: ah, not using kde17:42
P2502anyone looked on lauchpad on these new speeds issue?17:43
bardyrwhat speed issues?17:44
P2502we explained it earlier, 5-10 mib/s copy between partitions/drives17:46
P2502gnome or mc17:46
P2502copy speed17:47
heret1cP2502: there appears to be a few issues with IDE in general.17:47
bardyrP2502, i get 22MB/s on copying17:48
P2502heret1c: i dont use ide17:48
P2502well my dvd-rw drive is ise17:49
P2502disks are sata-30017:49
heret1cP2502:  ah. that's serious.17:50
CarlFKcan I just kill tracker-applet ?18:00
CarlFKor would that be 'bad'18:00
=== credible_ is now known as credible
s0u][ighthello is it normal that ndiswrapper stops working after upgrading to hardy?18:21
lemonades0u][ight: i've seen some bug raports about it18:22
s0u][ightdamn the b43 driver works only half of the time :|18:23
=== Meow is now known as CorruptTerrorist
wobbois the wine package is still broken?18:52
rskwill be fixed after 0.9.5718:55
flipstar0.9.56 is working here ..18:55
sykeI am seeing all over the message boards that I am not the only one whose ndiswrapper-based wireless driver stopped working in kernel 2.6.24. does anyone know if a fix is in progress?18:56
sykelike everyone else, it works again if I boot back into 2.6.22, but 2.6.22 has issues of its own ;)18:57
P2502its not latest updates, i got slow copy useing alpha 5 livecd too19:04
P2502somehow missed it19:05
P2502this fact19:05
bardyrsyke, boot the new kernel and recompile ndiswrapper19:06
P2502very dissapointing19:06
sykebardyr: it looks like ndiswrapper is already at the latest release, can you explain the difference?19:06
sykeand, I'd rather wait until the fix is properly packaged so that I can verify the fix like a good tester :)19:07
sykewould it be better to contact my canonical support rep?19:08
bardyrsyke, well what exactly is not working?19:10
bardyrand dmesg, modprobe, etc messages?19:10
sykebardyr: the wireless device just doesn't show up in iwconfig, and the "wireless active" light doesn't come on19:11
sykeit was working great in gutsy, and it works if I boot into hardy's 2.6.22 kernel19:11
bardyrsyke, sudo modprobe ndiswrapper19:11
sykeat least a dozne ppl have posted in the message boards with the same issue19:11
sykeyes, it does load19:11
sykeand shows up in lsmod19:11
bardyranything in dmesg?19:12
macogwmy comp rebooted itself about a half hour ago (last log activity at 13:48) for no reason i can see...any keywords i should look for in the logs?19:12
macogwthe 13:48 was just --MARK--19:13
sykejust this19:14
syke   46.314685] ndiswrapper version 1.52 loaded (smp=yes, preempt=no)19:14
syke[   46.388282] usbcore: registered new interface driver ndiswrapper19:14
sykethere are some other interesting things in the dmesg, but that's the only one that appears relevant19:14
bardyrsyke, sudo ndiswrapper -l ?19:15
sykeyes, the driver is in there and I also tried reinstalling it19:15
sykethe config is still fine from gutsy19:15
sykeand the device is "present"19:16
syke        device (14E4:4311) present (alternate driver: bcm43xx)19:16
sykeand no, I can't use bcm43xx or b43, so please don't ask :)19:16
bardyrsyke, have you blacklisted them?19:16
sykebardy: yes, and they are blacklsited by default19:17
sykeand no, they don't show up in lsmod19:17
bardyrsyke, weird19:19
sykebardyr: many ppl are having the same problem in the forums, etc19:22
sykeI'm also having some trouble with flash in konqueror, even thought that is supposed to be working now19:23
sykesites like http://www.cobrastarship.com/index.php say "loading..." forever19:23
qzioi question, shouldn't ath_pci (madwifi driver) be rmmod:ed during suspend? it's a network module right?19:27
Yahooada1yey, Realtek 8187B wireless card and HDA-Intel sound both dont work in 8.04 >_<19:45
ubotuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto19:46
Yahooada1i was just praying they would work in 8.04 :(19:46
=== Yahooada1 is now known as Yahooadam
flipstarmaybe you have to help them a little19:47
h3sp4wnperhaps have a go with oss (make sure you symlink /usr/src/linux to the kernel headers19:47
h3sp4wnIts nice that with oss you can easily choose what you want each input / output to be19:48
h3sp4wn(and at least with dmix it sounded better with pulseaudio shouldn't be an issue)19:48
Yahooadamwell i sort of have them working in 7.119:49
Yahooadambut the 8187B driver is a total hack and really unpleasent19:49
P2502Yahooadam: what controller and codec you have?19:52
strabeshow do i revert a package back to a previous version? the version of gnome-power-manager in hardy is seems to be having some troubles19:52
P2502with sound19:52
macogwstrabes: dpkg -i --force-downgrade oldpackage.deb19:52
strabesmacogw: oh, thanks a lot19:52
Yahooadamnot sure P2502, lspci says "Intel Corp 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)19:54
P2502Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02) here19:55
Yahooadamatm OSS in 7.1 is using "Realtek ALC268 (OSS Mixer)"19:55
macogwi have Rev 319:55
P2502but my codec is AD198819:55
Yahooadamhow do you find your codec?19:55
flipstarcron isnt working here at startup :/19:55
h3sp4wnYahooadam: I ment the 4front one (www.opensound.com) but you could try that one as well19:55
P2502Realtek ALC268 - this is your codec19:55
Yahooadamthats what 7.1 is using, but is that necesarily right?19:56
h3sp4wnIts will auto detect what you need when you install the de19:57
P2502!bug 11632619:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 116326 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22 "No audio INTEL HD audio - Realtek ALC268 codec - Toshiba A205-S4577 / Acer TravelMate 6292" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11632619:57
Yahooadamdoesnt work, having to force it with model=19:57
Yahooadamauto doesnt work, it doesnt detect anything19:58
P2502one with this codec reported " Update with Hardy Alpha 5: Sound works out of the box now."20:01
Pici"The this-should-now-actually-work release" ?20:01
CarlFKubuntu installs a patched version of something from kernel.org - I am trying to figure out why a line is //ed out, and not sure where the top of the food chain is20:02
Yahooadami seem to have some obscure codec or something methinks, in hardy i get the volume control (like 7.1) but i dont actually get any sound20:02
ArthurArchnixAnyone seen a how-to for creating a Heron USB boot disk? I don't have the cdroms to spare, but I've got myself a brand spanking new test partition to do some laptop testing on the alphas and betas now.20:02
MoheroP2502: that sound bug on Toshiba's was a pain. that bug, along with a bug in the Toshiba BIOS that meant we could only see 3GB of the 4GB in the laptop.20:03
MoheroP2502: the guy that has it is running Hardy so that he has sound AND can use ACPI...20:03
CarlFKsame line  //ed http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-hardy.git;a=blob;f=drivers/media/video/vivi.c;hb=053fcb6014eef31c2674d344c704118e0ac229ef#l112520:04
flipstar!usb ArthurArchnix20:04
flipstar!usb | ArthurArchnix20:04
ubotuArthurArchnix: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:04
ArthurArchnixflipstar: Cheers.20:04
P2502Mohero: most mobos have problems with 4 gb20:04
nemoMohero: you mean, same as vista? :) (3g of 4)20:04
MoheroP2502: then I'll feel smug "mine doesn't" ;)20:05
nemoneither does mine20:05
flipstaronly _very_ old mb's20:05
P2502no, new ones too20:05
flipstarmost bioses can handle it20:05
Yahooadamall mobos do (or should)20:05
P2502yeah but you only see 3gb20:06
P2502or 3.2520:06
Yahooadam4gb is a limit of 32bit addressing, but lots is taken up by PCI address space, and video cards eat another chunk20:06
MoheroP2502: the BIOS update from Toshiba supports 4GB, we've only argued with them for a year about it, they said it must be a problem with Linux - we told them that the BIOS couldn't see the 4GB they said they can't help because we don't have windows on the system - some advice - never deal with Toshiba20:06
nemoMohero: probably they never ran into the bug 'cause their windows machines couldn't address more than 3¼ anyway :-/20:06
MoheroP2502: 64bit can map more than 3.25 - but 32bit processors tend to have that problem20:06
nemoMohero: so they'll never believe you20:07
Moheronemo: true! ;)20:07
Moherofixed now anyway :D20:07
flipstartheres a hack to get 36bit but thats another story ..20:07
Moheroso the laptop is NOW 100% compatible :)20:07
Waterstoffthats definatly a hack20:07
nemoflipstar: are you referring to PAE?20:07
flipstari dont know.maybe20:07
Yahooadamsounds like PAE to me :p20:07
nemoflipstar: or the hack to get PAE in Windows XP ?20:07
nemoflipstar: PAE in linux is old news20:07
P2502with pae 32-bit processor able to use 16 gb ram20:07
Yahooadamalthough i thought PAE allowed more memory then that20:08
nemoP2502: even 64GiB20:08
nemois one reason you should use linux for running Oracle databases20:08
Yahooadams/is one reason/is another reason ontop of the billions of others :p20:08
nemo(well, that and it just runs better - and yes, you should use 64 bit processors, but oracle's 64 bit support sucked until recently)20:08
Moherowell, I'm currently running 4GB - just built a machine for someone - that has 8GB - *ba***rd* think I need an upgrade now.... ;)20:08
Yahooadami was tempted by 8gb for my new machine20:09
Yahooadambut i barely use the 4gb in it, so probably best without :p20:09
Moheronemo: was talking about Vista & Oricle today - we came to the conclusion that Vista only looks good under the same circumstances as Oracle - that is on a slide projector :)20:10
MoheroYahooadam: I think i've only used the 4GB once, and that was because of a bug in my code ;)20:10
ArthurArchnixOh, I read that stuff about the usb install. But I forgot that I've got a 128MB spare boot partition. Does hardy have any network install disks yet? Because I could probably extract the files, copy them to the boot partition, then add the info to grub and boot up the hardy net install.... does such a thing exist?20:10
nemowell, Oracle makes a decent database. it is their appliaction server, oracle forms, oracle reports, oracle we-bought-you-and-now-we-don't-know-what-to-do-with-you  that are crap20:11
Yahooadami only use 4gb when XP does its new interesting bug - that is, copying files between HDD goes through ram - :s20:11
P2502not long ago i was an owner of nforce 4 sli mobo and i useing 3 gb of ram, and if i install tv-tuner BIOS report only 2.75 gb of ram, so it was not even 32-bit cpu issue20:11
nemoMohero: oh. and their enterprise architecture for databases. also annoying.20:11
flipstarArthurArchnix: you could install via debootstrap..............20:11
Moheronemo: yep, agree'd we've been writing ODBC drivers for APL for various databases... which has been a pain...20:12
Moheros/for APL/in APL/20:12
MoheroP2502: that sounds.... strange..... what manufacturer board?20:13
Yahooadamhmm,3stack-6ch and laptop-eapd both work (i use the term lightly) for me20:13
Moherowork should always be used "lightly" ;)20:14
ArthurArchnixflipstar: Reading over that now.. a bit too much trouble me thinks. For me at least. I'll work on that bootable usb instead.20:14
Yahooadamyou could also network boot :p20:14
P2502Mohero: it was ASUS20:15
P2502A8N-SLI Premium20:15
ArthurArchnixI know there are net installs for Gutsy and previous... but I wasn't aware a netinstall disc for hardy alpha had been released.20:15
ArthurArchnixhmm... what if I started a netinstall of gutsy, but then changes the apt-sources to point at the hardy repos....20:16
bardyrdoes anybody know how i can get my screen brightness to work, so i cant change the brightness? even a software emulation hack is okay20:16
YahooadamArthurArchnix - why not just install gutsy then upgrade to hardy?20:16
Yahooadamyour way sounds like it will fail in rather horrific ways20:17
MoheroP2502: I had one of those..... actually I had 4 of them... bought 1 didn't work, sent it back under warranty, got another one, it broke after about 3 months, sent it back decided I wanted machine to actually use, ordered the wrong board - yep it was the same, and then the new one, and the warranty replacement both broke.... so I build a whole new system - BIOS crapped out everytime.20:17
Oli``bleurgh... is anybody else having issues with libxklavier12_3.4-2_i386.deb ?20:17
flipstartheres a boot.iso on some ftps in hardy dirs ..20:17
ArthurArchnixBah... this is all silly. I'm just gonna install gutsy to my spare partition... create a restore image of it so that it's easy to do for apha5,6 beta1,2 and distupgrade.... yeah... I agree Yahooadam20:17
MoheroP2502: all other hardware is fine - and running in an MSI board as my Media system now...20:17
Yahooadamim running a P5K-Deluxe, and it drives me mad, the whole "JMicron" controller thing is terrible20:18
P2502i running P5B now20:18
Moheroone thing I've learnt is Asus are pretty good at harware, but the BIOS.... they're really rubbish at.20:19
Moherothey're boards are really really good...............as long as they work.20:19
Yahooadami have 2 CD drives, 1 HDD and an eSATA drive on the JMicron controller, and they all often fail20:19
Yahooadamlike, if i plug in the eSATA drive the other 3 dissapear, or if i boot with it plugged in sometimes the HDD doesnt appear20:20
TheInfinity<-- has no bios. but another prob. P2502: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/196242 heres my bug report, perhaps you get wiser then me ;)20:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196242 in xorg "[Hardy] bulletproof xorg fails completely with mbp rev3" [Undecided,New]20:20
MoheroYahooadam: I've not had that with the new A2M-SLI Deluxe Wifi20:20
Yahooadami moved to the latest bios which helped, but its still bad20:20
smeuuhhey, i just upgraded, and libxklavier broke20:21
flipstarTheInfinity: you have no bios..??20:21
P2502i tested SATA drive speed plugin in native intel port and in jmicron port... and jmicron cotnroller limit speed of hdd20:21
TheInfinityflipstar: macs dont have a bios20:21
TheInfinitythey have EFI which is somehow a "next generation bios"20:22
YahooadamEFI will be great, /me wants now20:23
TheInfinityefi is used for some thinclients etc from some companys20:23
TheInfinitybut its not really supported by ms software20:23
TheInfinityso -> shit ;)20:23
P2502also they have TPM, guess is next gen of something like DRM too20:23
YahooadamEFI is used on server motherboards aswell, as linux supports it20:23
Milos_SDI need help ... I uninstalled some packages, and I can not install them now, becouse of some depandenci problem20:23
MoheroMilos_SD: what packages?20:24
flipstarrestricted-manager ?20:24
Milos_SDno ... libxklaviar1120:25
MoheroI was just sent that link :)20:25
smeuuhsame as me :)20:25
Milos_SDand ubuntu-desktop, nautilus, gnome-panel  with it20:25
smeuuhthey broke something, once again20:25
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
rskhow dare they! :)20:25
smeuuhi guess just wait for the fix ?20:25
Milos_SDI don't know how to get that back as it ware20:25
Milos_SDwhat if my system freez and I need to reboot :)20:26
smeuuhjust don't reboot until it's fixed :)20:26
Milos_SDhmm... it is working for now... but some packages have broken dep.20:27
Milos_SDterminal and nautilus are working :)20:27
Milos_SDthat is most important20:27
smeuuhyeah, i'm guessing they didn't set the attributes of libxklavier12 such that it replaces 11 or something20:28
Milos_SDcan I do that somehow?20:29
smeuuhwell, it would involve dlding the .deb, uncompressing it, changing some things in the control file, compressing it again and then installing it, it must be feasible, but i would not risk it, i'm waiting for competent people to fix it20:30
Milos_SDwhat do I need to change in control file?20:30
* Mohero doesn't know20:31
smeuuhi guess remove the thing in v11 that says : /usr/share/libxklavier/something.xml is mine, don't touch it20:32
blue|palmHi, has anyone experienced any problems with the current wine in hardy? Mine segfaults for everything...20:33
smeuuhyeah, you must install a .deb from winehq20:33
blue|palmsmeuuh, thanks, has this been reported?20:33
blue|palmas in, has the bug been filed?20:33
smeuuhi dunno, probably20:34
YahooadamIf im using the ALC268 codec, and its working, is that the only codec for my machine (ie, did ubuntu pick the right one?)20:35
Yahooadambeacause im just goin with ALC268 because the ubuntu livecd chose it, i dont actually _know_ what codec its supposed to use20:36
jianfeidoes hardy come with a desktop sidebar? i want one that is transparent20:39
Oli``Rollocks. My pulseaudio sound server isn't coming up and it's been over a month since I had any problems with it... I just noticed there were a truckload of sound-related updates... Can anybody suggest something to test?20:41
napsy_hm is Intel ICH8 audio going to be supported any time soon with alsa?20:44
Yahooadamwhat revision napsy_ ?20:44
rsknapsy_: i think it is in .1620:45
Yahooadamsame boat as me then :p20:45
Yahooadamdont count on it :p20:45
napsy_hm having real troubles with the headphone jack20:45
Yahooadamjoin the club :p20:45
Yahooadammines really quiet too :(20:45
napsy_well mine works but can't mute the front speakers20:46
napsy_so it's useless20:46
Yahooadameverything in ubuntu works great, except sound, wireless networking and standby :p - a few "minor" issues :p20:47
blue|palmsmeuuh, did you install wine from the feisty repo?20:47
blue|palmsmeuuh, did you install wine from the gutsy* repo?20:47
blue|palmis there a hardy repo?20:47
smeuuhyeah, you're using them if you're on hardy20:47
blue|palmso... when you mentioned that you installed from winehq.org, what did you use?20:48
blue|palmah an older one... thanks20:48
Assidmy wifi sucks20:48
smeuuhi used .55 actually20:48
Assidit keeps getting cut20:48
blue|palmsmeuuh, ah ok, ill look for the latest i can find20:50
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=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
Yahooadamheres an interesting question, howcome when im setting up alsa to use my audio card (hda-intel) do i end up with an OSS mixer? :s20:57
anolisim having trouble getting vmware-config.pl to compile the vmware modules21:01
wobboI have an Asus R2H umpc, and since 7.10 there has been a bug in setting the intel video driver wich results in a bright white screen when X is started. It's a rather simple problem, just load a diffrent driver. I would like to report it.21:04
wobboFurther, how do i start in safe graphics mode from the alpha 5 live cd?21:04
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots21:05
wobbowhat about the safe graphics mode, there used to be an option21:06
* heret1c spots an assid in disguise21:11
Yahooadamwhat package provides java to firefox? the one i have seems to be rubbish :p21:11
macogwYahooadam: i use icedtea-java7-plugin21:13
wobbothere is a bug report, a lot, with a lot af confirmes, but still no changes21:14
Yahooadamim trying to work out which i have installed, but dpkg -l | grep -i java isnt giving me clues21:14
anolisdoes anyone know wjhy i can't build the modules required for vmware-workstation to work?21:15
h3sp4wnkernel interface changes21:16
anolisis it a known issue?21:16
h3sp4wnor api changes - find the absolute latest21:16
h3sp4wnIt happens 90% of the time when there is a new kernel21:16
h3sp4wnlook for the anyany tarball21:17
anolisyea.. i can't build them though21:17
h3sp4wnAre you using vmware-package21:17
anolisit starts and then it compiles a little bit and then goes execution aborted21:17
h3sp4wnIf you are its trivial to use an any any tarball21:17
=== mlpug_ is now known as molkko
anolisim not using a repository package21:18
anolisthis may help21:19
=== |Assid|3 is now known as Assid
anolish3sp4wn, do you see anything in there poking out at you?21:22
anolisi keep thinking it has something to do with the kernel headeras21:22
h3sp4wnCould be or does vmware include any of its own kernel headers21:23
bardyranolis, you need anyupdate21:24
SeveredCrossNope, vmware doesn't include anything.21:24
SeveredCrossYou need an any-any update for VMware.21:24
anolisbardyr, anyupdate?21:24
bardyranolis, its a patch for vmware to work on newer kernels21:24
SeveredCrossTheir ABI has been broken forever.21:24
SeveredCrossParticularly because they officially support only stuff like RHEL 5 and crap like that, with ANCIENT kernels.21:25
h3sp4wnCould be the ubuntu headers are not consistent but I think that is unlikely21:25
SeveredCross2.6.18, etc.21:25
anolisheh.. so where should i go to get this any-update?21:25
SeveredCrossanolis: Google it.21:25
anolisi did21:25
RaspberryI like how the update manager system tray icon looks like it's giving you the middle finger21:25
h3sp4wnYou really should use vmware-package it makes things much cleaner21:25
anolisi found an ftp server with it on there.. not really to trusting of random ftp servers in czech21:26
bardyrim i the only who has run into a load of dependency problems lately? the -10 kernel and ibxklavier12_3.4-2_i386.deb keep fracking apt :/21:26
SeveredCrosslibklavier12 is easy to fix.21:26
SeveredCrosssudo dpkg --force-overwrite --install /var/cache/apt/libklavier12_3.4-2_i386.deb21:26
SeveredCrossTechnically you shouldn't force overwrites, but it works and doesn't cause any problems that I would see.21:26
Raspberryanybody know of any updates to the Wine Package?21:26
SeveredCrossthe -10 kernel is fixed.21:26
Raspberryit's been broken for 2 weeks now :)21:26
Raspberrywith a segfault21:26
SeveredCrossWine is busted too, needs to be updated to 0.9.56 or recompiled or downgraded to 0.9.5421:27
SeveredCrossDowngrading to 0.9.54 is probably easiest, just use the Gutsy package.21:27
flipstarwine 0.9.54 dont like compiz..21:27
bardyrSeveredCross, got libkvalier installed thanks :)21:27
Raspberrywine 0.9.55 dont like ubuntu21:27
SeveredCrossbardyr: No problem.21:28
flipstar0.9.56 works :)21:28
bardyrRaspberry, winehq's packages work21:28
wobbowhat do i enter as bootoptions to start in safe graphics mode?21:28
Raspberrycool, I'll hop over there and grab it instead21:28
SeveredCrossYeah, but winehq doesn't have 0.9.56, you have to buold from sourc.e21:28
SeveredCrosss/buold/build, s/sourc.e/source.21:28
Raspberryah ha... winehq packages DON'T EXIST :P21:28
bardyrRaspberry, they dont?21:29
SeveredCrossNot for 0.9.5621:29
Raspberryfor .5621:29
SeveredCrossThey have packages for Gutsy, packaged only for
flipstaronly the source for 0.56..right21:29
bardyroh yea, but they work :)21:29
flipstarbut compiling is easily..21:29
flipstar3commands lol21:30
bardyrit just takes ages21:30
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:30
Raspberryyou kinda skew your ability to test Hardy when you start compiling your own packages from other sources :)21:30
bardyrSeveredCross, do you also have a fix for http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57613/ ?21:31
RaspberryI really like Debian's current/open bugs notification when updating / installing packages21:31
RaspberryHardy should have the ability to turn that on / off21:31
SeveredCrossBlah, X driver upgrade failed.21:31
SeveredCrossEr, didn't fail, but now I can't open any apps until I reboot.21:31
Raspberryso that if people have registered bugs saying wine 0.9.55 segfaults that we could avoid installing it21:31
Raspberrykinda like the whole flashplugin problem in Gutsy21:32
Raspberrythat was broken for over 2 months ... then I upgraded to Hardy -- is it still broken out of the box in Gutsy? :)21:32
h3sp4wnYou can get that into ~/.mozilla/plugins - if you just don't install it you can get it automatically21:33
Raspberryyeah I downloaded the official .so and copied it into my /usr/lib/firefox/plugins directory21:34
Raspberrywow apt-get build-dep wine needs 140mb :)21:34
LeftmostIs it possible to install a locale for Firefox 3 through synaptic?21:42
bardyrhmm i dont think the new kernel likes grub2 :/21:46
joumetaldirect rendering doesn't work with intel driver without mode 0666.21:50
joumetalis this bug or am i missing something?21:51
crediblethat's normal, or at least it used to be21:52
credibleafaik, only fedora patches libdrm to fix that21:52
Amaranthcredible: 'fix'21:54
heret1clost my connction for a bit, there just then.21:54
anolisyay i figured out how to get the anypatch working thanks guys :D21:54
Arwenlibdrm? on Linux? o.O21:58
Arwen(just a joke)21:58
Arwenalso, Edgy is still supported?21:59
macogwdoes network-manager-vpnc work for anyone?21:59
macogwArwen: until hardy's release on the desktop.  until ibex+1 on the server22:00
mateuszis it possible to downgrade back to gutsy?22:00
macogwnot really22:00
macogwyoud probably break things worse22:00
mateuszso the best is to reinstall ?22:01
Raspberryhow can I compile wine on 64-bit hardy?22:10
Raspberrybecause 0.9.55 is broken22:11
Raspberryit segfaults22:11
Raspberryyou can't even run winecfg22:11
rambo3just get the source , do apt-get build-dep wine , and fallow wine instructions22:11
rambo3that are in wine cource22:11
Raspberryyup I've done an apt-get source wine and apt-get build-dep wine22:12
RaspberryI suppose I have to download the source directly from winehq because the wine source package would be flawed?22:13
rambo3are manuals your kryptonite?22:13
RaspberryI don't want to break the packages so that I can't upgrade22:14
wobbojust after x starts: http://www.documentjes.nl/uploads/MOV00478.MP422:14
Raspberrybecause the README in the wine-0.9.55 tells me to run tools/wineinstall and that to me would just install that app into the system, but not in package format22:16
Milos_SDRaspberry, do you want to make .deb package for wine from source?22:16
Raspberryi found my answer here, I believe: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=440266722:16
RaspberryMilos_SD:  I want to try rebuilding the package from the deb package source first -- if that doesn't work, then I'll have to install it from the actual wine source22:17
joumetalActually dri works by default in hardy :) I made mistake.22:17
smeuuhokay, since the last update, every time i close/open the screen on my laptop, i hear an annoying sound. How can i make it disappear ?22:18
Milos_SDif you want to do that, here are the steps you have to do: ./configure  makedepend && make (I think  that it is like this, but it will say what next after ./configure)22:18
Milos_SDand then sudo checkinstall22:18
RaspberryMilos_SD: but I need to download the 0.9.56 source from winehq first, correct?   I can't do this against the deb package source22:19
Milos_SDyes, you need to download source from winehq22:19
Raspberrythanks :D22:19
Milos_SDsudo checkinstall will make .deb file for you and install it22:19
RaspberryI appreciate answering my simpleton questions22:19
Milos_SDI installed wine with 3DMark patch like that22:20
Raspberryi don't build packages enough to do this22:20
macogwwhat does hardy use to play flash by default22:20
flipstaras far as i know22:20
macogwi didnt install restricted extras22:20
flipstarthen comes gnasg22:21
smeuuhhas anyone got the same problem ? i don't have the slightiest idea how this happened, and it's very annoying22:21
macogwyoutube works22:21
flipstarmacogw: fresh install ?22:21
Raspberrysmeuuh: I don't get any sound -- what kind of laptop?22:21
macogwoh wait...maybe flash is still in my .mozilla22:21
smeuuhhp, i don't think thatt matters22:22
Raspberryhmm it says no OpenGL library found on this system22:24
Raspberryand libgl1-mesa-dev is up to date22:28
dencryptI had problems with openGL earlier today.22:29
Raspberryi've found a couple links that point to this... yes this references fedora... but it's the same exact error message... http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showpost.php?p=962468&postcount=822:31
prasannahey guys, anyone have an alternative to AWN?22:35
RAOFRaspberry: You can just get a gutsy wine .deb from winehq.org.22:36
Amaranthprasanna: if you're looking for more bling and more crashes check out kiba22:36
prasannalol problem with AWN is that it has icons of apps i'm running22:36
prasannaim looking for more of a traditional style22:36
prasannawhere it serves just as an application launcher22:36
Amarantherr, that is the 'traditional' style22:36
Amaranthwhat you want is the cheap knockoffs22:36
prasannaheres the problem with AWN22:37
prasannai open a firefox browser22:37
prasannaand the firefox icon appears the bar22:37
prasannai want it the other way around22:37
RaspberryRAOF: that's still 0.9.55 which segfaults... 0.9.56 isn't available on winehq yet22:37
Amaranthprasanna: if you have the firefox icon down there already it'll just put an arrow under it22:37
Amaranthprasanna: it works just like the OS X dock22:37
prasannahow do i get that icon down there? cause it seems to only appear when i open it manually22:38
Amaranthwhich is what all of the docks are trying to copy, the plain app launchers just get lazy and never finish22:38
Amaranthprasanna: right click on an empty spot on the dock22:38
wobbocan nobody tell me howto start in safe graphics mode with the new alpha 5 live cd's?22:39
macogwhi knix22:40
macogwi see you found your way here ok22:40
knixi got real issues22:40
knixI was doing some updates, and went to a website.  the website had a nasty pop-up that I could not get around.  So I had to do a ctrl-alt-bksp.   Now I cant get into gnome.  I can only get into failsafe-term22:41
knixI am having this issue - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=683281&highlight=login+then+nothing22:45
flipstarit says solved ..22:48
qziohm, libgnomekbd2 seems broken..?22:52
qziouhm, no srry, libxklavier that is..22:53
ethana2some keyboard thing is wierd22:54
ethana2some people say keys are getting stuck22:54
ethana2and colemak doesn't work right yet22:54
ethana2but I'm glad to see network in nautilus again..  we're on our way to Just Working22:54
macogwwhatever this policy action thing is that makes it so rhythmbox can tell me that im not allowed to shut down because its busy playing a song.....it needs to die22:57
jyrook, so I can't install anything because the latest update of libxklavier broke apt.  How do I fix this problem?22:57
rskjyro: sudo dpkg --force-overwrite --install /var/cache/apt/libklavier12_3.4-2_i386.deb22:58
jyrothanks so much22:58
Amaranthjyro, rsk: ugh23:00
rskwhat's with this late night ugh:ing23:02
Amaranththat's not a nice thing to do :P23:02
Amaranthnow when libxklavier11 gets uninstalled it'll remove that file23:02
Amaranthand libxklavier12 will just be screwed23:03
rskhopefully it will be fixed on the next update23:03
jyrois there anything ill have to do when they fix that?  or should it automatically fix itself?23:03
Milos_SDHere it says that fix is released, but I can't see that package in synaptic. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libxklavier/+bug/19622323:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196223 in libxklavier "package libxklavier12 None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/libxklavier12.list] failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/libxklavier/xfree86.xml', which is also in package libxklavier11" [High,Fix released]23:13
Milos_SDDo you have that package in synaptic? :S23:13
Milos_SDAs I can see, it is not released yet ... http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/libxklavier1223:14
crimsun_Milos_SD: it hasn't built yet.  The source was only uploaded 10 minutes ago.23:14
Milos_SDcrimsun_, do you know how can I build that package my self23:41
Milos_SDor install the source23:41
Milos_SDand what packege do I have to download from here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libxklavier/3.4-2ubuntu123:42
crimsun_Milos_SD: grab that version23:43
Milos_SDand then what? ./configure, make, sudo checkinstall ?23:44
crimsun_no, pbuild or sbuild it23:47
Arwenwho maintains VLC? you broke the compile....23:47
crimsun_you already have the debianised source package at that point - no point in mucking things up further23:47
crimsun_Arwen: #ubuntu-motu23:47
ePaxWhat will be new in Hardy?23:53
rskePax: chek the alpha changelogs23:56

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