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kwwii_MMA_: dude, around?14:05
kwwiiI am going to tweak your human-murrine stuff and put it in today (along with a clear looks theme) for testing14:07
kwwiidid you ever build a package of the murrine stuff?14:08
_MMA_Ok. Didnt I do that a while ago? :P Can you send me what you do?14:08
_MMA_What murrine stuff?14:08
kwwiithe stuff you did quite a while ago14:08
kwwiiwith the orange panel (that being the only part I removed)14:08
_MMA_The only theme I packages was the Ubuntu Studio one.14:09
_MMA_Everything else was just tinkering.14:09
kwwiicool, I am adding it to murrine engine now14:43
kwwiinjpatel: http://sinecera.de/palettes.svg14:44
_MMA_kwwii: Adding what to the engine?14:58
_MMA_kwwii: You're not saying you're adding a theme to gtk2-engines-murrine are you?15:00
kwwiithe gtkrc15:04
kwwiiyes, we are15:04
_MMA_kwwii: No dont. Create a theme pack for it.15:07
_MMA_Themes shouldnt go in with engines.15:07
kwwiiafter talking to seb he told me to put it in with the engine15:09
_MMA_kwwii: Putting it there screws with Xubuntu and Ubuntu Studio.15:09
_MMA_Want me to jump in -desktop?15:09
kwwiiyes, if you want to stop that from happening please do15:10
ArthurArchnixHello again... where would I find the icon for the symlink? You know, the arrow that shows up on all symlinks...21:27

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