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soundrayHi s2a09:59
s2asoundray, hi09:59
soundrayGive me two of your 14 filenames please09:59
s2athe first is 0007 then 0008 then 0009 and so on to 002210:00
ubotuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", the "apt:/" URL in KDE, or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!10:00
soundrayWhat  kind of video file are they?10:00
s2asoundray, wat im trying to do is make one video repeat so i copy pasted it like alot of times (15 not 12 actually) and renamed them10:00
soundrayicesword: /msg ubotu packages10:00
s2awell merging should do the same anyway, so ya, help plz :)10:01
soundrays2a: most players let you loop a video10:01
s2awell isnt it safer to just combine the same video copy pasted alot of times?10:02
soundrays2a: okay, let's not discuss the rationale, just try the cat thing:10:02
soundraycat 0007 0008 >merged10:03
s2asoundray, how do i do it again?10:03
soundray^ this command creates a file called merged, which should contain your clip twice.  Open it in kino or anywhere to see if it has worked10:03
soundrays2a: are you trying that?10:05
s3asoundray, sry internet disconnected (dial-up)10:05
s3ait says there is no such file or directory10:06
soundrayDid you run the command I suggested?10:06
soundraycat 0007 0008 >merged10:06
s3ai ran exactly "cat 0007 0008 >merged"10:06
s3awithout quotations10:07
soundrayDo a 'ls' to see if the file "merged" is there10:07
s3ai see the word merged10:08
s3ado u have msn messenger so i can load u with results?10:08
soundrays3a: that means the file is there10:08
soundraynot necessary10:08
s3awere is it?10:08
soundrayRun 'pwd' to see the path to it10:08
s3ain examples?10:08
s3athe file called merge is an empty text file10:09
s3abrb in 2 min10:09
s3aim bak10:11
soundrays3a: are 0007 and 0008 empty, too?10:12
s3a0007 and 0008 are like 2 second video files each10:13
soundrays3a: and are those the actual names, or is there an extension like .avi missing?10:13
s3asoundray, its avi but for some reason i dont think they r bcuz of the fact that it doesnt work in windows10:13
soundrays3a: well, avi is just a container -- maybe you don't have the necessary codecs in Windows.10:14
soundrayWhat do you get from 'ls 0007*'?10:14
s3als: 0007*: No such file or directory10:15
soundrays3a: then you have to cd to the directory where you saved those video files.10:17
soundrays3a: where are they?10:17
s3aon my desktop in a folder called teliose10:17
soundrays3a: so do a 'cd ~/Desktop/teliose'10:18
soundrayThen, what do you get from 'ls 0007*'?10:18
s3als: 0007*: No such file or directory10:18
soundrays3a: what does 'pwd' give you?10:19
soundrayYou haven't done 'cd ~/Desktop/teliose'10:19
s3awell no ofense but u dint say do that10:21
soundrayYes I did10:21
soundray[10:18] <soundray> s3a: so do a 'cd ~/Desktop/teliose'10:22
s3amaybe that was exactly wen my modem got disconnected?10:22
s3aok so now10:23
soundrayThen, what do you get from 'ls 0007*'?10:23
s3aa green 000710:25
soundrays3a: now do a 'cat 0007 0008 >merged' and try playing "merged".10:26
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s3aoops 0007 is not the file i wanted but i thinks its working im watching to see if it worked with merging the previous video to one of the ones i wanted10:28
s3amerged has only 000710:28
soundrays3a: okay, cat doesn't seem to work with the type of video file that you have. I can't help you in that case.10:29
s3asoundray, isnt there a gui alternative?10:29
s3aok thx for trying10:30
s3aill go to cinelerra's channel10:30
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