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jjesseto push changes to the branch, is that bzr push? or bzr commit?03:40
jjessethanks kgoetz03:43
jjessemy first commit in a long time03:44
jjessehrm won't let me commit the changes that i made03:45
jjessebzr status still shows the file is modiefied03:46
jjessebut bzr push shows now newrevisions03:46
jjesseoh well heading to bed03:51
kgoetzjjesse: you need to commit the change into your branch, then push it04:01
kgoetz(soryr for lag)04:01
achandrashekarhello. I have some suggestions and issues with the edubuntu guides wiki for ltsp setup in infrastructure mode. Some of which caused a system hangup. Is someone around to listen to the core issue and perhaps make the according changes to the guides?06:52
achandrashekarthe issue lies with the use of a recommended scripted setup for smb-ldap that no longer pertains to 7.10 installs06:56
achandrashekaranyone there to field my concern?07:03
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dencryptIf anyone wanna write the 32bit part your welcome. I don't have 32bit system.07:25
mdkejjesse: if you use "bzr bind" to bind your branch to the one on Launchpad, then all you will need to do is to use bzr commit and it will commit directly to Launchpad07:47
mdkedencrypt: looks like a helpful page, thanks. Feel free to post to the mailing list to encourage someone else to contribute the 32 bit section07:47
dencryptAny specific rules regarding the mailinglist?07:55
mdkedencrypt: not really. Have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Contact08:08
dencrypthehe. Too late ;)08:08
dencryptmade a post.08:08
mdkethat's fine, there aren't any rules there anyway08:08
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