Rinchenbeuno, are you around by chance?00:02
Rinchenbeuno, unping.  Found what I needed00:04
beunoRinchen, I'm packing for London02:12
beunoglad you found it02:12
beunoseems we're in different hotels02:12
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Rinchenbeuno, yeah you get the good hotel :-)15:34
mdkeRinchen / beuno: how long are you in London for? Whereabouts are you staying?20:12
RinchenI arrive this Saturday, the 1st.  I leave on the 9th20:12
Rinchenmdke, and I'm near Victoria.  beuno is near vauxhall20:12
Rinchengot put in different hotels20:13
Rinchenmdke, we should get together for a drink20:13
mdkeRinchen: I was thinking the same. An evening next week might work20:13
Rinchenweek night evenings are going to be difficult for me20:14
RinchenI have 2 work parties, 1 personal, and 2 other pending engagements20:14
RinchenMy weekends are wide open though if you're in town20:14
mdkethis weekend is out, although next might be ok. I'll drop you an email nearer the time20:15
beunomdke, hey. From march 3d to march 8th20:30
beunosame time as Rinchen I think20:30
* beuno just arrived to madrid20:30

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