ePepprHi everyone. Quick RSS question.01:36
LjLePeppr: support channel is #ubuntu01:37
ePepprooohhh, ok. Sorry, I wanted to know about RSS technology implmentation, So #ubuntu it is.01:37
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gyaresuWould anyone care to admin approve my application to the ubuntu irc operator team? Or even ask me questions as to who I am and why I might want this.08:32
elkbuntugyaresu, which official ubuntu channels are you operator in?09:24
gyaresuelkbuntu: Hey. I'm not. I thought it might be a nice way of starting. I've updated my launchpad profile today and just feel like It's time to make a bit more of an active contribution. https://launchpad.net/~gyaresu09:31
elkbuntugyaresu, the team isnt something you just join, sorry09:31
elkbuntuit's there for management and so we know who are ops, not so people can mooch ops09:32
gyaresuNo problem. I'll keep to what I'm doing there and tidy up around the edges ;)09:32
gyaresu"mooch ops". Perhaps not the right turn of phrase.09:41
jpatrickjuliux: what client do you use?15:11
juliuxjpatrick, xchat15:12
juliuxwith an external channel join list15:12
jpatrickjuliux: ah, ok, it's just that you joined before you were cloaked15:12
juliuxbecause xchat has limitation in the channel join field15:12
juliuxthe problem is don't know how to tell xchat that it should wait with the joins15:13
jpatrickjuliux: freenode recommends: http://freenode.net/recommended/xchat/kludges/15:14
juliuxjpatrick, thxs15:14
jpatrickno problem15:15
juliuxshould i load the networklist?15:18
jpatrickdunno, don't use xchat..15:18
juliuxwhy not?15:19
juliuxgive me another grafical irc client;915:19
juliuxand no pidgin is not an irc client;)15:19
erUSULjuliux: but irssi is *the* irc client lol XD15:19
juliux<-- needs a gui;)15:20
jpatrickjuliux: http://img267.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot3io7.png15:20
juliuxi know irssi, but i don't like it15:21
juliuxi am an user;)15:22
jpatrickjuliux: it works!15:27
juliuxno realy15:28
juliuxthe skript is not loaded by default on a xchat start15:28
jpatrickdid you remove the .txt from the filename name?15:28
jpatrickjuliux: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nocloakxchat15:32
juliuxi will search on the web how to load the skript right15:34
jpatrickjuliux: wer kommt wo?15:41
no0ticjpatrick, is it "how do you do?"15:51
jpatrickno0tic: it's "who comes where?" in German15:52
jpatrickin reference to his /quit message15:52
no0ticjpatrick, :)15:54
jpatricknow we've scared him off.. hmm15:55
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astharothello, can I change my cloak? I't like to use the name on launchpad :P19:58
astharotbecause there's someone on launchapd registered with "astharot" and it's confusing19:59
jpatrickastharot: you have to ask nalioth nicely :)20:00
PriceChildhey astharot20:00
PriceChildastharot, what do you want it changed to?20:00
PriceChildastharot, please register the new nick on nickserv, link the current one to it, and set it as the master.20:00
astharotI want to use this one, I just want to change the cloak20:00
PriceChildastharot (n=sithlord@ubuntu/member/astharot)20:01
astharot*I'd like to... :)20:01
PriceChildthe cloak is set to this one?20:01
PriceChildyou want to change it to a different nickname?20:01
astharotI'd like to change ubuntu/member/astharot to ubuntu/member/gerardo20:01
astharotthat's my name on launchpad20:01
naliothastharot: you can use whatever nick you like20:01
PriceChildplease register gerado with nickserv, link astharot to it, then set gerado to master.20:01
naliothastharot: just do as PriceChild asks first so we can cloak you as you ask20:02
astharotuhm I cannot use this nickname with a different cloak?20:02
PriceChildYes you can.20:02
PriceChildBut you need to own the new nickname.20:02
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PriceChildthe two nicknames will be linked together and both display the same cloak20:02
gerardowell it's not mine :)20:03
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astharotgerardo is already registered20:03
PriceChildah, yes20:03
nalioththat is a problem20:03
PriceChild(missed an 'r' out when i checked it last)20:04
astharotso, no solution?20:09
PriceChildastharot, one moment please.20:09
PriceChildastharot the cloak was changed. You should identify to nickserv to get the new one :)20:56
astharotPriceChild: perfect! thanks :)20:56
* P3L|C4N0 saludos21:13
P3L|C4N0hi nalioth21:14

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