blueyed_doko: do you mind if I upload a fixed pyopengl package (bug 195270)?00:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195270 in pyopengl "RuntimeError: Unable to find an implementation for the 'linux2' ('posix') platform" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19527000:12
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dokoblueyed: please go ahead00:14
emgentsuperm1, vlc pbuilted fine. patch is avaiable on Bug #19594900:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195949 in vlc "VLC Arbitrary memory overwrite in the MP4 demuxer" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19594900:18
emgentsomeone can upload this in hardy?00:18
emgentdebdiff is attached.00:18
emgentblueyed, have you time? :P00:18
blueyedemgent: please subscribe u-u-s, I'm doing my last fix for today..00:19
blueyedAny ideas why you would do "sed -i -e '/setup\.cfg/d' PyOpenGL.egg-info/SOURCES.txt" in the clean target?00:20
LaserJockany MOTUs about who are feeling like doing a little reviewing for me?00:20
geserLaserJock: still those 5 multiverse packages?00:21
geserwhere are they?00:21
LaserJockthe debdiff's aren't useful00:22
LaserJock3 of them are basically trivial00:22
gesercomplete new packages or are those updates?00:22
LaserJockthey are completely new packaging00:23
LaserJockwe have squeak packages but I'm redoing them00:23
LaserJockI just wanted a 2nd MOTU eye00:23
geserfirst note: please don't use native packages, especially with this size00:24
geserI wouldn't like to upload 7 MB for every bugfix00:24
LaserJockwell, that can't be helped much00:24
LaserJockbut is an idea I can talk with upstream about00:24
geserLaserJock: aren't you the packager?00:25
LaserJockactually not completely00:25
LaserJockI have an upstream00:25
LaserJockI'm getting things fixed up for Ubuntu00:26
geseran orig.tar.gz and a diff.gz would be really nice00:26
LaserJockthe native packages don't really change much00:27
LaserJockbut I'll add that to my list to ask upstream about00:27
geserwill the packages go also to debian?00:27
LaserJockthat's why it's a mess ;-)00:28
geserwhat about the version? wouldn't a -0ubuntu1 be better? so it's obvious it isn't from Debian00:29
LaserJockbecause that's actually the version00:30
LaserJockmy upstream is an "official" unoffical Debian repo00:30
Nafallothat sentance calls for explaination :-)00:31
geserLaserJock: the tar.gz for squeak-image is missing a verbatim copy of the license00:31
LaserJockupstream has a Debian repo00:31
LaserJockNafallo: ^^00:31
Nafallothat explains :-)00:31
LaserJockso it's official00:32
LaserJockbut since it's not in Debian it's unofficial00:32
LaserJockgeser: hmm, I think I've got it about as good as it gets00:33
LaserJockdebian/copyright has the complete license00:33
geserLaserJock: yes, but the archive admins want also a verbatim copy of the license, but given that debian/copyright is inside the tar.gz and not the diff.gz it might pass00:34
LaserJockyeah, plus a license isn't shipped so I'm not sure I should just add one00:35
LaserJockit's not shipped as a tarball00:35
geserLaserJock: squeak-image3.9 looks ok, looking at the next one now00:39
ScottK2LaserJock: If the upstream licensing is clear, you can repack the tarball to add the verbatim license copy (I've done it and had it accepted).00:40
LaserJockScottK2: yeah, it just is kinda silly00:41
LaserJockas it's a native package it'd be the same thing, just in a different dir00:41
ScottK2LaserJock: I disagree.  Pointers to web sites aren't static.00:41
LaserJockthere is a verbatim copy in debian/copyright00:41
LaserJockall I'd be doing is adding another copy in the root dir.00:42
ScottK2Ah.  If it's a native package, then I agree it's different.00:42
ScottK2Dunno how the archive feels about it, but that makes sense.00:42
LaserJockwell, I'm *greatly* improving the situation with these packages so I'm hoping they'll find them ok ;-)00:42
mib_u3hwzal9LaserJock: quick question, are their alternative links that describe the science packages on the MOTU science team wiki other than those provided (e.g. other than http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/science.html#outdatedinB)?00:45
LaserJockmib_u3hwzal9: unfortunately no00:46
LaserJockat least not at this moment00:46
mib_u3hwzal9k, thanks!00:46
LaserJockI'm hoping qa.ubuntuwire.com will be back up soon00:46
geserLaserJock: squeak-plugin-image looks also ok00:46
mib_u3hwzal9LaserJock: i'm looking forward to it00:47
geserLaserJock: why two different squeak-sources packages?00:47
mib_u3hwzal9LaserJock: I'd also like to know if anyone on the science MOTU team has thought about a better way to package comedi...00:48
LaserJockgeser: because two of the other packages dep on one or the other of them00:48
mib_u3hwzal9LaserJock: Sorry... I just realized that you are already in the middle of a conversation...00:48
LaserJockmib_u3hwzal9: no problem00:48
LaserJockmib_u3hwzal9: well, honestly we just basically pull from Debian00:48
LaserJockmib_u3hwzal9: are there some things you'd like to improve?00:48
geserLaserJock: dpkg-source: failure: cannot read ./squeak_3.9.8.orig.tar.gz: No such file or directory00:49
LaserJockgeser: there's actually quite a few -sources packages, I'm only taking the newest and necessary ones00:49
LaserJockgeser: oh, I didn't upload it, gimme a sec00:49
mib_u3hwzal9LaserJock: At the moment, the comedi package (which is comedi-source) is the comedi source code... I think, but it in reality that is just a little bit better than having to download the tarball...00:50
mib_u3hwzal9LaserJock: I have to run!00:50
mib_u3hwzal9take care!00:50
LaserJockgeser: ok, it's there00:52
geserLaserJock: squeak: debian/control: remove g++ (>> 1:3.3.5-13) from Build-Depends, even dapper has g++ 4:4.0.301:01
geserLaserJock: Sun Microsystems, Inc. is missing in listing the copyright holders01:10
geserLaserJock: ./platforms/Cross/plugins/SoundCodecPrims/sqSoundCodecPluginBasicPrims.c is missing the mentioned COPYRIGHT file01:10
nxvldid anyone has make update-manager work on openbox?01:10
geserLaserJock: and what is the Squeak-L license mentioned in ./platforms/Cross/plugins/QuicktimePlugin/QuicktimePlugin.h?01:11
nxvl(i mean to make it show a warning when there are updates01:11
LaserJockgeser: I thinks the just the Squeak license01:13
geserLaserJock: and ./platforms/Cross/plugins/JPEGReadWriter2Plugin/* doesn't tell the license (a mentioned README is missing)01:14
LaserJockdoesn't surprise me, the whole thing is a bit messy01:14
geserLaserJock: it would be good to add the other copyright holders to debian/copyright, like University of Cambridge or Thomas G. Lane01:15
geserand ./platforms/unix/npsqueak/include/jri* doesn't seem to allow redistribution "Copyright (c) 1996 Netscape Communications Corporation. All rights reserved."01:18
geserLaserJock: all packages except squeak look good, squeak needs some work on the copyright holders and check if all files are really redistributable01:21
LaserJockalrighty, sounds good01:23
LaserJockI really can't figure out how OLPC thinks it's ok to ship this stuff01:23
LaserJockScottK: still around?01:44
LaserJockScottK2: ok, so I think I'm ready to upload these squeak packages01:45
LaserJockI basically need a UVFe/FFe01:46
LaserJockI'm not sure how you'd like it01:46
LaserJockI'm replacing packages, etc. so I'm not sure what to file the bug against01:47
LaserJockdiffstats aren't gonna be much use01:47
LaserJockneither are .diff.gzs , etc.01:47
* Hobbsee squeaks01:47
ScottK2Right, so just file a bug against Ubuntu (like needs-packaging bug) and convince me it's worth it to trouble the archive admins for this late in the cycle.01:48
LaserJockk, gimmie a minute01:48
ScottK2If you're really persuasive, maybe Hobbsee will ack it too and you'll be approved.01:49
HobbseeLaserJock: so is this planning to go into debian proper too?01:52
LaserJockHobbsee: no, Debian won't take it01:53
LaserJockas in, the packages01:53
HobbseeLaserJock: licencing?01:53
LaserJockthey are non-free01:53
Hobbseeso they won't even take it into non-free?  wow01:54
LaserJocksupposedly it's gonna eventually be MIT or Apache01:54
LaserJockHobbsee: yeah, Apple owned a lot of it01:54
HobbseeLaserJock: i'd tend to go for upstream supported new crack over not-supported crack.01:55
LaserJockwell, that's basically what I'm doing actually01:55
LaserJockthe Squeak people have a Debian repo01:55
LaserJockand so I'm sort of syncing up with that01:55
LaserJockso we have better supported packages01:55
LaserJockour current ones were taking from some Spanish distro around Breezy and never really updated01:56
HobbseeLaserJock: probably a good exception then, in terms of long term support crack02:07
LaserJockand I think I'll close ~ 11 bugs in doing it02:07
* ScottK2 looks forward to reading the bug.02:08
LaserJockScottK2: I sure wouldn't ;-)02:08
* ScottK2 is glad he doesn't have to write it.02:08
LaserJockyeah, I gotta look some more at this02:09
LaserJockI gotta get dummy packages in there02:09
LaserJockmake sure all the bugs are done02:09
LaserJockthen describe this whole mess ;-)02:09
ScottK2Actually that illustrates what I think the real purpose of the FFe is.  Not so much for motu-release to be a gate keeper, but to make sure the developer has really thought through what they are doing.02:12
LaserJocklets me sort of "put the package together" in a coherent way02:13
LaserJockthis is like a 5 package deal so it's good to get all written down02:13
emgentjdstrand, ping02:27
emgentargh big idle :°02:27
protonchrisI am working on bug 190744 and a reviewer asked for a diff of the symbols between the old and new version.  What is the best way to do that?02:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190744 in libgdamm3.0 "Request: Upgrade libgdamm3.0 to upstream version 2.9.81" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19074402:28
bddebianHeya gang02:33
ScottKheya bddebian02:34
bddebianHi ScottK02:35
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LaserJockgah, is debian.org down?03:12
StevenKdebian.org could mean many things03:13
LaserJocksorry, www.03:15
StevenKWhich is klecker. It looks like xs4all is still having issues03:16
jdongvorian: when you get time, please comment on $ktorrent_kde4_bug03:46
vorianjdong, will do03:46
vorianjdong, I just got home03:46
jdongvorian: how dare you have a life outside Ubuntu?!03:46
* vorian hides03:46
* jdong scavenges his room for junkfood03:46
vorianjdong, we got a white out before I took off for home03:47
voriana 30 min drive quickly turned in to an hour and a half03:47
vorianjdong, are you talking about the ktorrent final?03:47
jdongvorian: I've heard weather is nasty in your part03:47
jdongvorian: yeah I commented on the bug that I could not get a wrapper to show up with your diff.gz03:48
vorianaye, I hate this winter03:48
vorianok, I got that message03:48
vorianI'll rebuild the upgrade w/ your revision03:48
jdongalright, awesome03:48
jdongwait... is the wrapper created in postinst or something?03:49
jdongI only ar x unpacked the deb's data.tar.gz looking for the wrapper :)03:49
jdongtoo lazy to chroot03:49
vorianwell, it's in debian/cdbs03:49
jdongok, because after I built (making sure I applied all your patches correctly) /usr/bin failed to exist03:50
* ScottK2 makes a note to continue the practice of ask jdong when torrent related FFe's come up.04:11
vorianjdong, do you want a debdiff?04:12
jcastropersia: ScottK2: thanks for taking care of the glassfish folk.04:13
ScottK2jcastro: Well they need to get their packages advocated before they actually get anywhere.04:14
jcastroyeah, I know they have problems04:14
jcastroI more am happy with the fact that there are discussions. :)04:14
jdongvorian: did you get it to work?04:14
jcastrothey're in prague afaik, so will probably be at UDS04:14
* jdong cries04:14
* ScottK2 would be more happy if klamav would build twice in a row.04:14
vorianjcastro, what's up man!04:15
jdongvorian: just put up the entire dsc-orig-diff.gz triplet04:15
jcastrohi vorian04:15
vorianjdong, ok04:15
ScottK2jcastro: OK.  Just don't confuse doing motu-release stuff with actually caring about Java stuff.04:15
jcastroScottK2: it's ok, I'm accustomed to no one caring about java stuff, heh04:15
emgentScottK2, heya04:15
emgenthave you time for sponsorize one upload?04:16
jcastroScottK2: I think the java-db guys were too late, I think what happened is we had talked to the netbeans guys for a while and persia got them up to shape before FF, then it looks like to me that the java-db guys heard about it from coworkers and were late to the party.04:17
ScottK2emgent: Maybe.  What is it?04:17
emgentVLC security fix (for hardy)04:17
emgentmailed keescook for gutsy, feisty, edgy, dapper04:17
ScottK2jcastro: Understand.  I also understand good relationships with Sun aren't a bad thing.04:18
ScottK2emgent: What bug?04:18
* ScottK2 will look.04:18
emgentbug #19594904:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195949 in vlc "VLC Arbitrary memory overwrite in the MP4 demuxer" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19594904:18
jcastroScottK2: well, that's why I hope they come to UDS, if we can "train" them to be self sufficient and take of their stuff I think that would be best for everyone.04:18
emgentScottK2, if you can open task too.04:18
emgenti can only nomine it :(04:18
ScottK2emgent: Is there a CVE for this?04:19
emgentnope, it'snt avaiable now04:19
emgentonly avaiable in http://nvd.nist.gov/nvd.cfm?cvename=CVE-2008-098404:19
emgentbut no in mitre04:19
ScottK2jcastro: If they want to be part of the community and earn their spurs, that's great, but I'm not fan of sabdfl's plan to give limited upload rights for upstreams.04:20
jcastroI've not heard of this04:20
ScottK2emgent: If you know what the CVE number will be, you can put it in the changelogs.  Did you?04:20
jcastroI've been pushing upstreams to become MOTUs themselves04:20
emgentScottK2, sure04:20
emgentScottK2, see http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12245485/hardy_vlc_0.8.6.release.d-0ubuntu3.1.debdiff04:20
emgentit's in.04:21
emgentsee also http://www.videolan.org/security/sa0802.html04:21
ScottK2Periodically someone will whine MOTUs aren't responsive enough and then sabdfl will show up here and pontificate about how we should give package specific upload rights.04:21
ScottK2emgent: OK.  Please link the CVE in the bug too.04:21
emgenti cant with references04:21
emgentonly in comment04:22
emgentlinkcve accept now only mitre04:22
emgentand it'snt out now.04:22
ScottK2I see.04:22
ScottK2OK.  Hardy version should be ubuntu4, not 3.104:23
emgentups, true there arent -security in hardy04:23
vorianjdong, I made an archive of the whole darn tree for you04:23
emgentScottK2, i change it now or you can edit and upload ?04:23
ScottK2emgent: I'm going to let you redo it.  also  instead of "when using crash the player instance."  How about "when the player crashes."04:25
ScottK2I think that's what you meant.04:25
emgenti was copy it to http://www.videolan.org/security/sa0802.html04:26
emgentoriginal advisory04:26
emgentScottK2, i should change or i can use original advisory text ?04:27
* ScottK2 looks04:28
superm1emgent, i'm back did you still need a sponsor?04:28
ScottK2emgent: Use the full text of both sentences.04:28
ScottK2superm1: If you would do so, I'd appreciate it.04:28
jdongvorian: I'll look at it soon04:29
superm1emgent, okay i'll look in a sec04:29
voriantake your time jdong04:29
emgentthanks ScottK2 && superm104:29
superm1ScottK2, you want to grab two of the releases and i'll do the other two?04:29
ScottK2superm1: He's got to do some rewriting anyway.04:29
superm1ScottK2, oh okay, i haven't looked yet04:30
ScottK2superm1: If you could do it, I'd really rather.04:30
* ScottK2 is finally trying to get klamav ready to be sponsored in Debian and would rather keep on it.04:30
emgentsuperm1, just a moment i will send to you debdiff with correct changelog version04:30
superm1ScottK2, "did you mean if you could all four, i'd really rather not"04:30
superm1that sentence didn't read right04:31
jdongsuperm1: You know I have that phrase highlighted :)04:31
superm1which phrase?04:31
jdong"didn't (read|sound) right"04:32
superm1haha really04:32
ScottK2superm1: What I meant was please do it all.  I'm busy and would prefer to do the other thing I was working on.04:33
superm1ScottK2, okay that's what I thought04:33
superm1no prob04:33
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bddebianDoes gnomefreak still come around?05:24
ScottKIt's been some time since I remember seeing him.05:34
bddebianKnow of anyone else within Ubuntu or Debian looking at enlightenment DR17?05:35
bddebianWell you're no use. ;-P05:36
ScottKDepending on how badly you want to know the answers to both those questions, I suggest judicious use of wget and grep on the site that hosts the Ubuntu IRC logs.05:36
ScottKThere you go.  Use.05:36
LaserJockanybody know offhand the syntax for closing multiple bugs in a changelog05:44
LaserJockcan you just comma separate them?05:45
bddebianYou can in Debian, not sure about LP05:46
LaserJockhehe, I have to word-wrap the Closes: line, awesome05:46
StevenKdpkg-genchanges would tell you05:48
StevenKTry to wrap it, run dpkg-genchanges, and look for the Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed tag05:48
LaserJockI just added another Closes: line05:50
LaserJockbut it worked05:50
LaserJockwahoo, I even got a nice transition05:51
LaserJockHobbsee: around?05:57
LaserJockTheMuso: ping?05:58
bddebianGnight folks06:00
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LaserJockdang, I finally get the bug done and nobody's around :-)06:06
LaserJockScottK2: seemed ok to you?06:34
HobbseeLaserJock: yeah06:39
LaserJockHobbsee: I wondered if you could have a look at bug #19601606:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196016 in ubuntu "FF exception request for Squeak packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19601606:40
HobbseeLaserJock: done06:45
LaserJockHobbsee: awesome06:47
Hobbseeyou're welcome06:48
LaserJockman, this has taken like 6+ months06:52
LaserJockit'd be nice to get it over with :-)06:52
dholbachgood morning06:57
dholbachhi LaserJock06:57
superm1morning dholbach07:00
dholbachhiya superm107:01
superm1hmmm so if something is looking for firefox-config now in its configure script, that's not going to work anymore is it07:01
* LaserJock starts the "big dput"07:01
superm1what other apps had to be xulified?07:01
superm1so i can see what's involved with the conversion07:02
RAOFsuperm1: Miro did.07:02
RAOFI think monodevelop has, but I'm not sure.07:02
* superm1 apt-get source's 07:02
superm1not what i call a pretty patch07:03
RAOFNo.  I didn't write it myself; that was asac.07:04
superm1did he pull that from miro trac?07:04
superm1or write it?07:04
RAOFI think he wrote it.07:04
LaserJockwow, and the NEW queue is really cleaned out07:05
superm1maybe aught to have him do one for VLC too then :)07:05
RAOFWhy does VLC need to embed gecko?!07:05
superm1well it builds a firefox plugin, but i dont think it embeds gecko...07:06
RAOFThen it'll need a very different patch, IIUC.07:07
superm1i'll check VLC trac, it's very possible someone already started to approach this07:07
superm1slomo, i tried to attach a patch to debian bug 468073, but for some reason it never showed up, so i ended up putting in on the launchpad equivalent of the bug (but the patch is targeted to debian)07:09
ubotuDebian bug 468073 in gst-plugins-base0.10 "gst-plugins-base0.10: Gstreamer inputs default to outdated V4L,and require to be changed to V4L2 on first run" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46807307:09
slomosuperm1: hi :) which bug?07:09
superm1hi slomo07:09
superm1let me grab the number in lp, sec07:09
superm1bug 19591407:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195914 in gst-plugins-base0.10 "Ekiga & gstreamer inputs default to outdated V4L, and require to be changed to V4L2" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19591407:10
slomosuperm1: that patch is not good... we still have to ship the v4l plugin as much hardware is only supported by the old one07:13
superm1slomo, how can any hardware be supported on the old one if the interface isn't present in the kernel though?07:14
slomosuperm1: v4l is not present in the kernel anymore? hm07:14
superm1slomo, per http://linuxtv.org/v4lwiki/index.php/Development:_Video4Linux_APIs07:14
slomowhen was it removed? :)07:14
superm1oops "Support for the v4l API was dropped from the 2.5.x branch with the 2.6.15 kernel release, but remains in the 2.4.x branch. "07:14
slomook, ubuntu only supports 2.6 so that's not a problem07:14
superm1same for debian sid though is it not?07:15
slomoi wonder why it is still possible to compile it, i.e. why are the headers still there07:15
slomoand last time i heard something about v4l it was said that most drivers are still not ported to v4l207:15
slomoi'll investigate, thanks :)07:16
superm1slomo, no prob.  let me know what you find out.07:17
superm1slomo, i dont see any kernel headers installed in the package build: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12103867/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.gst-plugins-base0.10_0.10.17-3_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz07:17
slomosuperm1: linux-libc-dev or how it's called is in build-essential07:18
superm1slomo, right, but no linux-headers-*07:20
superm1linux-libc-dev doesn't include any V4L headers in itself from what it would appear07:20
slomohow is it built then?07:20
* superm1 looks closer at the source07:21
superm1slomo, okay look at /usr/include/linux/videodev.h07:23
slomothere's videodev.h and videodev2.h07:24
slomoso it's both, right?07:24
superm1yeah videodev2.h is used by the -good07:24
superm1which does v4l207:24
slomov4l1 is obsolete but still there it seems07:24
superm1yeah that's what it would appear07:24
slomoso what's the problem? ;)07:25
superm1well the problem attempting to solve is that when apps first start to use gstreamer, they default to the obsolete V4L driver07:25
slomook but that can be changed in the app, no?07:26
slomothe problem is, that the v4l2 plugin is still marked as experimental and doesn't seem to be complete and good working yet07:26
superm1well yes, but as a first user usability sort of thing07:26
superm1the V4L one flat out doesn't work with any of the webcams i've tested it with07:27
superm1only V4L2 does07:27
superm1the alternative solution to disabling it entirely would be to change the schema default in gconf07:28
superm1to start at V4L207:28
slomothat's better imho07:29
superm1okay, i'll work out a patch for that07:29
superm1ignore the current one for now then :)07:29
slomosuperm1: did you forward the kfreebsd patch upstream?07:48
superm1slomo, i was still waiting to hear their response to the licensing stuff07:49
superm1i was going to as soon as I heard back on that07:49
superm1it's uncharacteristic for them to not respond within a day or two, so hopefully hear back todayish07:50
lirilintian complains about extra-license-file which is included for a library I use (I didn't receive it so I don't violate any gpl rights). what should I do about it?08:07
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\shblueyed_: ping php5-xdebug :)09:07
\shmoins jono09:07
gesergood morning09:10
jonohey \sh09:19
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
\shif someone from the release team has time, please review bug #19608611:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196086 in zend-framework "[FFe Exception] zend-framework 1.0.4" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19608611:36
\sh_czessi: moins :) looks like I'll get my free time for LinuxTag 200811:38
Nightrose\sh: yay11:38
\shNightrose: :)11:39
geser\sh: afaik you don't need a FFe for a bug fix release11:39
Nightrose\sh: maybe we can get there together somehow (sven, you and me)11:41
\shgeser: well, it's a new upstream release (officially)...and better one more report then no paperwork and getting hit by hobbsees long pointy stick :)11:41
\shNightrose: would be cool :)11:41
* Hobbsee attacks \sh with the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ™ anyway11:58
persiaHobbsee: Bah.  Isn't the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ™ intended to provoke appropriate behaviour?  How is \sh to learn?12:02
Hobbseepersia: it depends12:02
persia(Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ™ is a trademark of Hobbsee, and used with limitd permission by reference)12:02
Hobbseei'm sure it can be a belated provoking12:02
persiaAh.  "pout encourages les autres"...12:04
\shemgent: ping cacti bug #19468712:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194687 in cacti "cacti web frontend fails with 'Invalid PHP_SELF Path' after upgrade" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19468712:20
\shemgent: emgent I can see the fix in the debdiffs I provided for cacti while fixing CVE-2008-0783 CVE-2008-078412:22
ubotuMultiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in Cacti 0.8.7 before 0.8.7b and 0.8.6 before 0.8.6k allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the (1) view_type parameter to graph.php, (2) filter parameter to graph_view.php, and (3) action and login_username parameters to index.php/login. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-0783)12:22
ubotugraph.php in Cacti 0.8.7 before 0.8.7b and 0.8.6 before 0.8.6k allows remote attackers to obtain the full path via an invalid local_graph_id parameter and other unspecified vectors. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-0784)12:22
Hobbseejdong: can you backport bip please?12:38
ScottK\sh: Did you see claws-mail has a 3.3.1 version?12:57
\shScottK: hmm..no12:57
ScottKIt's in Debian.  I thought you might want to have a look and see if we want it.12:58
jdongHobbsee: is there a backport bug open for that?12:58
Hobbseejdong: no12:58
Hobbseejdong: it's called bug-reporting-over-irc12:58
\shScottK: i will check upstream what was changed...12:58
jdongHobbsee: :)12:58
\shScottK: I'll do a merge this evening when I'm home...it seems good to have this :) especially Forbid attaching anything containing "../" or ".ssh/" in mailto:13:01
ScottK\sh: Don't forget the extras package like that one guy did last time '-)13:02
\shScottK: for sure :)13:02
* \sh needs a todo list plugin for drupal ;)13:05
ScottK\sh: Does your zend update have just bug fixes or new features too?13:13
mruizhi all13:17
IulianHey mruiz13:17
\shScottK: only bugfixes...new features are introduced in 1.5.x release, later in march13:17
ScottK\sh: Then it didn't need an FFe.  Please see sistpoty's comment in the bug though.13:18
\shScottK: yepp..I read about this, but as it's a draft...I'll introduce this binary package for hardy+1 ... let's go with this now for hardy...13:19
\shScottK: it prevents me from going through NEW again13:20
ScottKFair enough.13:20
\shScottK: the good thing is, Zend will work with us towards a good release for their libs :)13:22
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=== pochu_ is now known as pochu
jdonganyone mind if I backport the latest git to Gutsy?13:27
tbfjdong: yeah! latest git for gutsy - rock on.13:28
jdongI just noticed in an upgrade audit the dapper-backports version is > feisty-backports, feisty, gutsy, gutsy-backports13:28
tbfjdong: how bizare13:28
tbfjdong: well, but git-svn still sees major enhancements with each new git release - since: the new the better13:29
tbferm... newer13:29
jdongtbf: indeed, I've noticed Gutsy's git-svn was out of line with modern docs13:29
jdongparticular with the way to set up branches/tags/trunk13:29
jdongI'll attempt the backport on everything back down to Edgy...13:31
persiajdong: What would such a backport break?  Is bit like bzr in that backporting makes repositories incompatible for those not using -backports?13:31
jdongmaybe Dapper too13:31
jdongpersia: almost all the git-core rdepends seems like stuff already in the git-core source package13:32
jdongpersia: but there are a few rdepends that are not... hence why I asked here first13:32
jdonggrumble FTBFS on <gutsy13:33
persiajdong: Makes sense. There do seem to be just a few rdepends :)13:33
persiajdong: Is it really "frontporting" rather than "foreporting"?13:38
jdongpersia: haha I thought front::back::::pre::fore :)13:39
* persia was thinking of "forwards" vs. "backwards", rather than "forequarters" vs. "hindquarters".13:39
jdongmaybe it is foreport :)13:40
jdongI've never actually had to use the term before now13:40
persiaAlso, just out of curiosity, what becomes of edgy-backports when hardy and feisty are supported, but edgy is dropped?13:40
Hobbseeit stops being supported, i expect13:41
jdongpersia: I'd expect active testing/processing to stop, though nothing precludes revisiting the repo if someone cares enough13:41
jdongpersia: generally the most active backports testers seem to focus on the current stable release; even Feisty is light on attention atm13:42
ScottKPersonally I stopped looking at Edgy Backports to approve stuff a couple of months ago.13:43
ScottKI may yet try to shove clamav in there as a dry run for Feisty/Gutsy13:43
persiaHmm.  Maybe it might make sense to have an announcement, and ask for archiving of the project.  Also, you may want to check with the LP team to see what happens when the archives get archived.13:43
mruizVcs-* fields are supported by Ubuntu packaging?13:57
persiamruiz: Yes.13:58
mruizand XS-* stuff ?13:58
persiamruiz: Well, Yes, but I suspect you're asking a different question.13:59
persiaWhat are you seeking to accomplish?13:59
mruizpersia, I'm reading a debian/control file and I tried to figure out about fields differences between Debian/Ubuntu packaging14:01
jdongWishlist: screen needs compiz style effects... scale, spaces, cube....14:02
persiamruiz: No real difference.  Vcs-* became non-experimental a few months ago, so lots of packages still have XS-Vcs-* (which also works, but takes more characters to type)14:07
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jdong   rebase        Forward-port local commits to the updated upstream head14:09
jdongpersia: ^^ git likes to call it forward-port :)14:09
persiaThat's a good word.  Clear to everyone :)14:09
jdongstill asymmetric with backport (backward-port)? :D14:10
mruizpersia, but I think that "XS-DM-Upload-Allowed" is just for Debian...14:10
persiamruiz: There's no advantage to having it for an Ubuntu package, but it doesn't hurt anything.14:10
mruizpersia, great14:10
bddebianHeya gang14:15
geserHi bddebian14:15
bddebianHeya geser14:16
raphinkhi guys14:20
thekorndholbach, hi, you can merge and release a hardy version of the 5-a-day-applet when you want,14:20
thekornit's basically working so no objections from my side14:21
bddebianHi raphink14:21
raphinkwhat's up bddebian?14:21
bddebianNuttin'  You?14:21
dholbachthekorn: ROCK ON - I'll dive into it later14:21
thekorndholbach, maybe the login dialog needs some more work14:21
raphinkbddebian: trying to build a static libc6 in debian... but it won't build a static libnss_nis.a14:21
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ScottKmok0: I uploaded storm for you, but look at debian/changelog for the adjustment I made in the package.14:22
mok0Thanks, ScottK14:23
ScottKmok0: No problem.  Thanks for contributing.14:23
huats_hum hum14:23
mok0ScottK: It's good to be uptodate with Canonicals stuff14:24
huats_is there no vmware in hardy ?14:24
ScottKhuats_: You'll probably be able to get it from partner after release.14:24
ScottKIt usually lags.14:24
huats_ok thanks14:25
huats_ScottK in fact I remember now, it is now even in gutsy...14:29
huats_and I have to install it with a dirty stuff (using alien and an rpm...)14:30
huats_thanks anyway :)14:30
ScottKAh not for gutsy you don't14:30
\shhuats_: if you need a vmware-server install now, just use the tar.gz ... you need to adjust some stuff anyways14:31
\shhuats_: (e.g. libpng12 and some other libs which needs to be write over with the ubuntu ones)14:32
huats_\sh: hum ok14:32
huats_I'll have a look then14:33
\shhuats_: and install the vmware update14:33
ScottKIsn't that still built against openssl 0.9.7?14:33
ScottKor did they fix that?14:33
huats_ScottK no idea14:33
\shvmware update == vmware-any-any update because of the kernel patches14:34
\shor much better, just buy a vmware-esx server ;)14:34
mruizI requested a sync for hipo and I obtained 2 ACKs... Do I need to do something extra to concrete the sync?14:39
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mok0dholbach: What happens with collectd?14:43
ScottKmruiz: From there it's the normal sponsorship process.  Is uus subscribed?14:44
dholbachmok0: Sorry, I'll be in a bunch of calls today - do you think you can ask somebody else to take a look at it?14:44
mok0dholbach: It's just that you ack'ed the sync, and I was wondering if I had to do anything14:45
dholbachmok0: oh... if ubuntu-archive is subscribed - it's all good then :)14:45
dholbachsome archive admin will take care of it during their archive day14:46
mok0dholbach: they are :-)14:46
dholbachrock on!14:46
dholbachthanks mok014:46
* mok0 can't handle to many things at once...14:46
mruizScottK, I'll subscribe u-u-s14:47
sistpoty|workhi folks14:58
bddebianHeya sistpoty|work14:59
sistpoty|workhi bddebian14:59
huats_\sh: do you advise to use the vmware server 2.0 beta or not ?15:00
=== dantalizing_ is now known as dantalizing_work
\shhuats_: well, for testing purposes yes, for production services no..(well using vmware-server for production services, a joke ;))15:28
hellboy195hey folks. do you agree that we need a transition because of bug 19591315:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195913 in dialog "Please sync dialog 1.1-20071028-3 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19591315:31
sistpoty|workhellboy195: if there was really only a Provides added for the dialog binary package to provide libdialog-dev, then we don't need a transition15:34
sistpoty|work(actually, it would even be wrong then, to build-depends on libdialog-dev, as you cannot build-depend on a virtual package alone, at least not some time ago)15:35
hellboy195sistpoty|work: dunno. debian folks mentioned "must now depend on libdialog-dev" so it's a little bit wired15:36
sistpoty|workhellboy195: can you pastebin a diff of debian/control from the current ubuntu package and the new debian package?15:36
hellboy195sistpoty|work: in a minute :)15:37
sistpoty|workhellboy195: 5 minutes is fine as well (because I"ll be afk for that time ;)15:37
huats_\sh: :)15:40
huats_\sh: It is clearly for testing, since it is to valid my packaging...15:40
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LaneyIs there a commandline tool to view package changelogs?15:46
hellboy195\sh: http://pastebin.com/m6a929bd215:47
hellboy195\sh: ah sry15:47
hellboy195sistpoty|work: http://pastebin.com/m6a929bd215:47
sistpoty|workhellboy195: yep, no transition needed (yet, but I assume the next debian version will need one)15:50
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ScottKLaney: apt-listchanges perhaps?15:50
* jdong kicks the tracker icon15:52
jdongstop blinking at me15:52
hellboy195sistpoty|work: so. you can ACK my sync request ;)15:52
jdongit's the curse of the eye15:52
sistpoty|workhellboy195: not from work (as I cannot testbuild it here)15:52
hellboy195sistpoty|work: It's building fine ^^. nvm. no stress :) thx for you help15:53
bobboare there any MOTUs in here that could check my debdiff for Bug #195806?16:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195806 in purrr "please update purrr to version 0.8 [FFe-granted]" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19580616:04
ScottKbobbo: If you subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug, someone will look at it.16:07
=== leonel_ is now known as leonel
bobboScottK: u-u-s are assigned, was just wondering if anyone in here had any time to look at it now16:09
linux__alienhi LucidFox16:10
linux__alienwas not at station and am back after more than a week :)16:10
niemeyerHey there Masters16:22
niemeyerIs there a way to make a package in such a way that it will not ask to overwrite a configuration file and instead just leave the one installed, if it exists?16:23
niemeyer(without postinst tricks, that is)16:23
nxvl_workniemeyer: that way you can experience incompatibility problems16:24
niemeyernxvl_work: I'm all for breaking incompatibility16:24
niemeyernxvl_work: More seriously, we're the upstream in this case16:25
nxvl_workheh :P16:25
nxvl_workyes you can16:25
nxvl_workon the rules file16:25
nxvl_workbut i don't think it is the right way to do things16:25
nxvl_workniemeyer: which package are we talking about?16:25
niemeyernxvl_work: Any pointers to documentation about it (or a keyword maybe)16:26
niemeyernxvl_work: landscape-client16:26
* nxvl_work checks16:26
niemeyernxvl_work: We know the configuration is compatible, and don't want to give the user the chance of screwing things up16:26
niemeyer(the old file has data that should remain)16:27
nxvl_workit uses debhelper16:27
ScottKniemeyer: If the user hasn't changed the file, they shouldn't be prompted.16:28
jdongasac: btw, have you considered upgrading the mozilla packaging bzr branches to the packs format?16:28
niemeyerScottK: The file has been changed, and has data on it.. that's why we don't want it to be overwritten16:29
ScottKniemeyer: You'll lose any changes the user has made.16:29
niemeyerScottK: I think you're getting things backwards16:29
ScottKAnd I think you are.  Try and explain why user customizations to the conffile should be thrown away?16:30
niemeyerScottK: :-)16:30
ScottKWait.  I think I got it now.16:30
niemeyerScottK: Can you please read what I said, with more calm? :-)16:30
nxvl_workwhy is only a debian/ directory on the source and nothing else?16:30
niemeyerScottK: Thank you.16:30
ScottKniemeyer: Why not ship the same data in the new file then?16:31
nxvl_workScottK: he has the package installed with the personalized configuration, and he want that the package uses that configuration and don't gave the chance to the user to overwrite those changes16:32
nxvl_workniemeyer: i'm i right?16:32
niemeyernxvl_work: Precisely16:32
ScottKniemeyer: If the upstream conffile is unchanged, then they shouldn't be prompted.16:33
asacjdong: yes. the branches are small enough to keep them in the current format for a while.16:33
ScottKniemeyer: They should only be prompted for a combination of user changes to the old conffile and a modified conffile from the new version.,16:33
niemeyerScottK: We want to be free to chose the best default values over time, and these may change16:33
mok0qa.ubuntuwire.com still down :-(16:34
nxvl_workScottK: it has changed, but it also has backwards compatibility16:34
jdongasac: btw it looks like FF3 beta testing is going pretty well for gutsy-backports. I will prepare some debdiffs for you to glance over soon-ish :)16:34
ScottKniemeyer: I'm unclear what you want.  You want the new conffile, the old one, or a merger of the two installed?16:34
niemeyerScottK: Just the old one.. no changes to what the user did16:35
nxvl_workscottK: the old one16:35
sistpoty|workniemeyer: if the user changed the file, the conffile mechanism is the only sane thing according to policy. if the file was changed by a program, then I guess it shouldn't be a conffile but only a configuration file16:35
nxvl_workscottK: he want's the new one to be ignored16:35
ScottKniemeyer: dpkg has an option to force the oldconffile, but I think that has to be set globally.   pre or postinst is your best bet I think.16:36
ScottKniemeyer: If you look in the Debian wiki for the recipe for moving conffiles, I think it has the bits you need to do what you want.16:36
niemeyersistpoty|work: We're the upstream, and can ensure that there are no incompatibilities, and know that if the user removes his old file information will be lost16:36
niemeyerScottK: You mean not per-package then16:37
sistpoty|workniemeyer: why would information get lost?16:37
niemeyerScottK: Cool, I'll look for these, thanks16:37
ScottKniemeyer: http://wiki.debian.org/DpkgConffileHandling16:37
niemeyersistpoty|work: Because a file got overwritten, and the program will run with a blank setup16:37
nxvl_workniemeyer: why don't you use a conf.d/ directory where all the user data will be stored and change the config file without worries?16:37
sistpoty|workniemeyer: ah, so the user needs (or needed) to specify some setup data there, right?16:38
niemeyersistpoty|work: Right16:38
sistpoty|workniemeyer: that's what the conffile mechanism is designed for... ;)16:39
niemeyernxvl_work: That would be a solution, but right now it looks more complex than simply keeping the user setup16:39
nxvl_workniemeyer: i think the best way to do this is with a separate config file, so you have the main cf (included on the package) and the personalized one (made by the user and NOT included on the package)16:39
niemeyersistpoty|work: Yep.. I assumed that there should be a simple way to say "don't overwrite, your setup is good".. but it doesn't seem to be the case so far16:40
nxvl_workso you don't have to worry about the old config files16:40
sistpoty|workniemeyer: iow, if a user choses to want the new file, he is aware that it means that his setup changes are lost16:40
niemeyersistpoty|work: We've just had a beta tester losing his setup.. ;-)16:41
niemeyersistpoty|work: and reporting "hey, it's not working"16:41
nxvl_workniemeyer: but IIRC dpkg shows a message asking if you want to overwrite or not AND warning you that some changes are going to be lost16:42
nxvl_workniemeyer: so the problem is that users don't read and just hit "Yes"16:42
niemeyernxvl: Yes yes.. he said to use the new file..16:42
niemeyernxvl: Yep.. and we'd love to prevent users from hitting themselves in the foot, and reporting strange errors16:43
niemeyerAnyway.. thanks for your support.  I think I understand where we stand now, and can figure what the final solution will be.16:43
nxvl_workniemeyer: the best way is to split the config files16:43
niemeyernxvl_work: "Best" involves several variables, including development time, release date, etc.16:44
nxvl_workcause now you have backwards compatibility, but at some point maybe you will want that it will be merged to add some new features16:44
sistpoty|workthe best thing were, if the package would just work ootb ;)16:44
sistpoty|work(though getting this right can be quite hard)16:44
nxvl_workniemeyer: i have done it before and is not a hard work16:44
nxvl_workniemeyer: which is the project's vcs hosted? on LP?16:45
niemeyernxvl_work: Yes, but not public16:46
nxvl_workok i will check the source16:46
nxvl_worklet me check16:46
nxvl_workwe are talking about landscape-client.conf, right?16:46
niemeyernxvl_work: It's not about being hard.. we have an impending release, and have been testing that code for a while.  We won't change the way the configuration works now.16:47
niemeyernxvl_work: Yeah16:47
\sh_czessi: done16:48
emgentheya \sh && nxvl_work16:50
nxvl_workemgent: :D16:50
\shemgent: did you get my ping about cacti this afternoon?16:51
\shemgent: the fix was in the patch I added to the first two CVEs...I rechecked it16:52
ScottKniemeyer: Personally I consider it quite rude to come into a free software development channel and ask for help on developing proprietary software without making that clear.16:52
emgent\sh, ok cool16:53
\shemgent: but the users reporting the bug against the -security release..that's weired somehow16:53
nxvl_workScottK: is GLP16:53
emgentok \sh i have to go, see you later16:54
\shemgent: np..if you have time please check again...I wonder if it's really a bug or not16:54
ScottKnxvl_work: GLP?16:54
\shnxvl_work: GLP?16:54
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
nxvl_workGPL, sorry16:54
ScottKnxvl_work: Is it?  I don't see any code?16:55
Czessi\sh: cool  :-)16:55
\shCzessi: depending on my GF she will go with me this year...but we have to wait for an ack of her employer16:56
Czessi\sh: ok, i'll searching for a big holiday flat or two in one house16:58
jdongasac: debdiffs uploaded to bug 191796 and bug 191800 for your review whenever convenient17:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191796 in gutsy-backports "Please backport firefox-3.0 3.0~b3 final" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19179617:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191800 in gutsy-backports "Please backport xulrunner-1.9 1.9~b3 final" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19180017:01
\shCzessi: I think the amarok people will join this year the kubuntu people, right? :)17:01
Czessi\sh: yes17:01
\shCzessi: cool17:02
Czessi\sh: mister amarok (markey) is also comming17:03
Nightrosehe said he will... - which might not be what he really is going to do ;-)17:03
nxvl_workok found it17:03
nxvl_workniemeyer: you only need to add a few lines to make it happend17:03
nxvl_work(maybe not for this release, but for the future)17:04
niemeyernxvl_work: Oh?17:05
\shNightrose: just tell him: beer, wine, and other fun stuff available ;)17:05
nxvl_workniemeyer: the conf.d thing17:05
Nightrose\sh: nah - he might get strange ideas :P17:05
\shwell, wine is not good...champagne is better and doesn't clash with the piece of broken software ;)17:05
niemeyernxvl_work: Ahh, cool17:05
emgent\sh, have you builted drupal6?17:07
niemeyerScottK: Personally I found you quite rude on your own, so we're good.17:08
niemeyerlandscape-client is GPL.. for whatever it's worth.17:08
\shemgent: nope..I just installed manually...which I do normally with webapps17:09
ScottK2niemeyer: Well the difference is you're coming here on your work time (while paid) asking for my volunteer help.  Where's the source?17:09
emgentoh ok :P17:09
niemeyerScottK2: http://landscape.canonical.com/packages17:09
ScottK2niemeyer: Fair enough.  Sorry for the misunderstanding then.  I wasn't aware they'd released the source.17:10
ScottK2Landscape as announced by Canonical didn't sound like it would be Free.17:10
niemeyerScottK2: Indeed I'm paid to work on this software, but there's no such thing as "work time" for me.17:11
jeromegjdong: there seems to be quite a bunch of issues with our amsn backport17:12
nxvl_workniemeyer: please stop it, you want our help or our hate? we are volunteers here, so be more respectful when you come here please17:13
niemeyerScottK2: You may also be interested in checking http://niemeyer.net , and then reconsider the whole "volunteer" and "free software" thing.17:13
jdongjeromeg: I'm not at a location that I can verify what's going on with gutsy-backports... can you try to investigate it and report back?17:13
ScottK2niemeyer: I already said I was sorry.  You showed up asking for help on a project that has not been announced as being FOSS.  I made a bad assumption.  However, just because you also do FOSS development, doesn't really enter into it.17:15
jeromegjdong: for me it doesn't work without installing wavesurfer17:15
niemeyerScottK2: Heh17:16
ScottK2niemeyer: Lots of LP developers are FOSS developers by background and inclination, but that doesn't make LP any less a priorietary Canonical product.17:16
jdongjeromeg: so is this a hardy or gutsy-backports bug?17:16
jeromegjdong: took me quite a lot of time to notice it, and strangely this isn't listed as a dep in our package17:16
jeromegjdong: not sure about this17:16
ScottK2For some more accurate spelling of proprietary.17:16
niemeyerScottK2: Ok.. that's very offtopic.. I'll be glad to discuss this with you privately if you're interested to know why I disagree.17:17
\shok...time to rush home17:19
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
jeromegjdong: we have at least bug 195104, bug 195555 and a third one I did not reported yet ( i've a solution for it)17:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195104 in amsn "Amsn won't start. It initialization script fails." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19510417:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195555 in gutsy-backports "aMSN won't start: tkcximage can't load" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19555517:24
jeromegjdong: Adri2000 found something that explains one of the bugs: bug 19578517:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195785 in tcllib "snit 2.1 contained in tcllib 1.9.dfsg1-1 incompatible with tcl/tk 8.5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19578517:32
jeromegjdong: we should backport tcllib 1.1017:33
jeromeg1.9 conflicts with 1.917:33
jeromegwith tk/tcl8.517:34
=== vorian_ is now known as vorian
=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
* sistpoty|work heads home17:46
mruizhi all18:56
mruizI got an error with the last update of add-5-a-day: bzr: ERROR: No WorkingTree exists for "bzr+ssh://mruiz@bazaar.launchpad.net/%7E5-a-day/5-a-day-data/main/". Any suggestion?18:57
=== blueyed_ is now known as blueyed
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
\shScottK: working on new claws-mail19:16
\shwell, after the shower ;)19:16
james_wmruiz: I get the same thing.19:18
mruizit was the last update ...19:19
james_wmruiz: I've got a fix19:20
mruizjames_w, go on...19:21
james_wline 19 of /usr/bin/add-5-a-day should be err = os.system("cd %s; bzr update" % (branch_dir))19:21
james_wrather than err = os.system("cd %s; bzr update %s" % (branch_dir, remote_branch))19:22
james_wIs it daniel that writes this code?19:22
mruizI don't know19:22
mruizjames_w, it works19:23
* mruiz hugs james_w 19:23
* james_w hugs mruiz back19:24
\shoh damn20:00
\shwhy is fix for #191920 not in a quilt patch?20:01
jpatrickLutin: can you please take another look at bug #195806 and tell me if it's okay to upload?20:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195806 in purrr "please update purrr to version 0.8 [FFe-granted]" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19580620:10
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CarlFKwhat is the upstream source for the kernel?21:51
CarlFKtrying to find why this line is //ed:21:51
warp10Regarding the libgraphviz3 -> libgraphviz4 transition, some packages buil-dep on libgraphviz3-dev. Should it be changed to libgraphviz-dev?22:37
ScottKWithout actually looking into the specifics, as a general rule that's correct.22:38
slangasekwarp10: must be, yes22:38
warp10slangasek, ScottK: I am wondering this because the last uploader for ggobi changed build-dep form libgraphviz-dev to libgraphviz3-dev22:38
ScottKWho was the last uploader? (hoping it wasn't me)22:39
warp10ScottK: looks like he was sh22:39
slangasekthen \sh_away erred22:40
slangasekor, it was uploaded before graphviz had transitioned in Ubuntu22:40
jscinozif a package as uploaded to revu long before feature freeze (back in december) and it is still in progress, can it be included or should i just wait and try again with Intrepid22:41
warp10Whatever the reason, I am going to fix that with the transition. I was just afraid to make a disaster. :-) Thank you.22:41
ScottKjscinoz: Unless there's a really compelling reason why it has to be in Hardy (almost certainly not), then wait and try again.22:42
ScottKjscinoz: In the mean time you might want to try and get it into Debian.  If it's in Debian, it'll automatically be included in Intrepid.22:43
jscinozScottK, thanks, does debian have a system similar to revu?22:51
jscinozi.e. where can i upload my source package for review22:52
jscinozthank you :)22:53
jscinozone quick query22:53
jscinozthe packages in question are urbanterror and urbanterror-data (for the game urban terror obviously :P) with the data package a licensing issue exists that may cause problems,22:54
jscinozone file "zpak000.pk3" is under a non-free license (the Quake 3 SDK EULA) at the moment i'm getting aroudn this by having a prompt on package installation displaying the license then downloading this file as its small (1.2mb) but could this cause problems?22:54
Arwenthe latest vlc packages are b0rk3d in case any of you guys are23:52
emgentheya people23:52
crimsun_Arwen: have you filed a bug using Launchpad?23:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196315 in vlc "files in vlc-nox are linked against libX11 [hardy]" [Undecided,New]23:56

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