asacit was one of the leaks00:01
asaclets see00:01
asacmozilla bug 40503200:01
ubotuMozilla bug 405032 in Preferences "Changing feed handler to web handler leaks nsGlobalWindow" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40503200:01
asacmozilla bug 38857300:01
ubotuMozilla bug 388573 in General "ForecastFox extension leaks 2 DOM Windows on Trunk but not on Branch" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38857300:01
asacmozilla bug  38857700:02
ubotuMozilla bug 388577 in General "FoxClocks 2.1.93 extension can leak nsGlobalWindows on trunk (but not on branch)" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38857700:02
asachmm mozilla bug 270159 still exists on trunk :(00:07
ubotuMozilla bug 270159 in Download Manager "Download manager adds extension regardless of file's own extension" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27015900:07
asachmm, cannot find it anymore. will look tomorrow00:13
asacjetsaredim: ok mozgest dev landed license.txt01:53
jetsaredimasac: how did you find that out?02:21
jetsaredimi see it too02:22
jetsaredimok - i'll work on a package later tonight02:22
jetsaredimasac: fyi - uploaded those mozgest code branches04:50
asacjetsaredim: thanks08:05
asacthe discussion went on and he apparently removed you from loop. finally he agreed to what we see now08:05
* asac yawns08:08
jetsaredimasac: I figured that12:21
asacyeah. but in the end he agreed ... which is a success i guess12:22
Mirvasac: with the UI/string freeze tomorrow, what's the plan with ubufox translations? bug #139380 would now have fi-FI, hu-HU and ru-RU translations. can you add those to the source tree, or have you heard something from the Launchpad folks?12:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 139380 in ubufox "Untranslated strings in ubufox" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13938012:38
asacMirv: yes, we will add them. we should also call for translations.12:39
asacMirv: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ex/ubufox/main thats the branch where i see ru-RU and fi-FI12:40
Mirvasac: ok, great. the branch has old version of fi-FI translation, the bug's last comment has a newer version which also has the startup_homepage_*_url:s "translated" (I assumed that they're supposed to be translated to eg. index-fi_FI.html from ubuntu-artwork folders)12:48
Mirvbut it'll be good to have a post to ubuntu-translators list about the subject, so that translations are gotten and also people know what/how to translate12:48
asacMirv: doesn't the localized hompage work without tweaking hompage?12:50
Mirvasac: not in the current version at least (/usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html)12:51
carlosasac: hi14:21
asaccarlos: hi ... i need to get some food now :)14:21
asac30 minutes i guess?14:21
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asaccarlos: now that we know that we won' get regular export for xpi i wonder if we can export something else?14:52
daniloscarlos: we won't?14:53
jtvdanilos: not for Hardy.14:53
asacnot for hardy14:53
carloswell, for Mozilla we are not importing anything yet14:53
danilosah, right14:53
carlosasac: the only thing we could give you is .po files, is that useful for you?14:53
danilossorry for jumping in the middle of conversation14:54
asacthats why i am asking14:54
carloswe would need to setup the import, though14:54
jtvasac: that should be possible, and we could start exporting to XPI later when we have that working.14:54
carlosasac: I invited jtv and danilos to join us14:54
asacif we could get .po files i would figure out if we could create the proper format somewhere else14:54
asachi all :) ... much appreciated14:54
daniloshi asac :)14:54
jtvasac: hi :)14:54
asacok ... so what can we import atm?14:55
carlosasac: translation-toolkit from pootle is supposed to produce .po files from xpi files and get them back from the .po files14:55
armin76hi asac14:55
carlosasac: but we were not able to get it running for Firefox14:55
daniloscarlos: but they don't exactly work with any PO files14:55
carloswe use it for OO.org though14:55
asaccarlos: yes, i would look at that14:55
carlosdanilos: I know, that's why I was trying to point that the whole process needs to be done with pootle14:55
daniloscarlos, asac: I can look at the old code I have written for xpi exports, maybe we can reuse parts of that14:55
carlosasac: our .po files would not be compatible with translation-toolkit layout14:56
carlosdanilos: to produce a script out of Launchpad?14:56
asacthats ok. i just would like to take a look how they are assembled14:56
daniloscarlos: well, to make a script to merge stuff from PO files and using en-US.xpi file14:56
carlosdanilos: yeah, that was what I was thinking14:57
jtvgetting that working might not be so much easier than getting exports working14:57
asacok so the idea is to import po files produced by pootle14:57
daniloscarlos: of course, that might include parts of LP code (like parsing en-US.xpi files)14:57
asac(lets stick to the import side for now)14:57
carlosasac: also, we are waiting for a solution to validate .xpi files from Mozilla developers, that would help us to validate the output either from Launchpad or with some temporary script14:57
danilosjtv: not really, I had that working, only bits like install.rdf files and similar would have to be hacked around, and with non-LP code, we can hack around as we please14:57
jtvdanilos: that's pretty cool14:58
carlosjtv: right, ugly hacks are faster, although is a hell to expand ;-)14:58
carlosbut for this case, would work14:58
danilosjtv: and I had no regression tests either :)14:58
asaccarlos: jtv: i don't want any hacks. I would to figure what to do to make use of existing features in launchpad14:59
carlosdanilos: some testing would be appreciated though, to prevent Firefox breakages14:59
carlosasac: well, using translation-toolkit is a hack too14:59
asacs/any hacks/any hacks on LP side/14:59
asacok :)15:00
danilosasac: this would not be on LP side, it'd be on your side :)15:00
carlosasac: what danilo suggests is just provide a script to do such hacks outside Launchpad ;-)15:00
asacso what import can you process as of now?15:00
jtvasac: gettext and xpi.15:00
asacok ... what happens if i throw an xpi at you?15:00
carlosasac: the template needs to be handled manually, but translations are handled already15:00
jtvasac: should work, though could do with some real-world testing.15:00
carlosasac: if I prepare a hand made .xpi to import en-US strings, users will be able to translate Firefox right now using Launchpad15:01
asaccarlos: ok. i could produce that during build i guess15:01
danilosasac: but, I'd prefer it if en-US.xpi was created along with the package build15:01
asacwhat format do you expect?15:01
carlosasac: yeah, that would help15:01
jtvdanilos: "me"15:01
asacany special layout or can you parse any .xpi ?15:01
carlosdanilos: ;-)15:01
carlosasac: we don't care about manifest files in our current implementation15:02
asaccarlos: why do you say "hand made" ?15:02
danilosasac: well, firefox doesn't provide en-US.xpi by default since or something15:02
carlosso we have as a restriction that everything inside a .xpi files is for the same locale15:02
asac(just to understand the current state: why couldn't we import an .xpi from the mozilla mirrors)15:02
asacdanilos: ok thanks.15:03
asaccarlos: ok thats good to know15:03
carlosasac: an xpi file with the en-US.jar file would be enough15:03
asaccarlos: no other meta information required? like install.rdf?15:03
jtvasac: afaik you could take a full one, delete some directories, and re-pack.15:03
carlosasac: the translations from mozilla mirrors are good for translations, but as long as I know, en-US.xpi doesn't exist at all15:03
jtvasac: not used right now15:03
asace.g. just en-US.jar in top level directory?15:03
asacjtv: ok ... and import translations. would that work?15:04
carlosasac: hmm, having one is not harmful15:04
carlosalthough we don't use it at all right now15:04
carlosasac: it should, yes15:04
asacdo you look at any .jar inside the .xpi? or just those named en-US.jar ?15:04
danilosasac: any, iirc15:04
carlosasac: what danilos said15:05
asacthats good. so you look for .properties files and .dtd ?15:05
jtvasac: yes15:05
asacany .properties?15:05
asac(most likely just those in a .jar) ?15:05
carlosasac: to provide us .xpi files, you will need to ask pitti to update his script that extracts translations to extract .xpi files too15:06
asaccarlos: can't we do this manually once to evaluate?15:06
carlosasac: any15:06
carlosasac: sure15:06
asacand if we figure things out, do it automatically?15:06
asacok great.15:06
carlosfor the testing phase, we could15:06
jtvand should, really15:06
asacok ... so what happens next? do you keep meta info about the key used by the xpi for each translation snippet?15:07
carlosasac: we get all .properties and .dtd files because we don't parse the .manifest file, but with this concrete case, it shouldn't be a problem15:07
jtvasac: yes15:07
jtvasac: we keep using those as message identifiers, but show the en-US "translations" in the UI15:07
asacbut i guess that meta info is not included in a .po exported, right?15:07
asacah good15:08
asacthat works already?15:08
jtvasac: yes15:08
jtvcarlos: you'd have to export an en_US PO file, right?15:08
asacjtv: we don't need to export en_US i guess, because we usually have that15:09
asacotherwise, yes.15:09
carlosjtv: why would I like to do that?15:09
asacok, so could we throw just http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/ubufox.xpi in?15:09
jtvcarlos: phrased that badly...  I mean, we also keep the symbolic msgids in the exported PO files, right?15:10
carlosasac: the problem with that, is that it doesn't use xpi files, if you produce fake ones per language, yes15:10
carlosjtv: yes, we do15:10
asaccarlos: ubufox.xpi is equiv to en-US.xpi15:10
danilosjtv: maybe, but that's very easy to break (that's what pootle/translate-toolkit do, which is why it's so fragile)15:10
asacthere are only en-US entitties in15:11
carlosasac: it contains translations15:11
carlosasac: really?15:11
carlosis that new?15:11
asacyes. i didn't include any translation yet15:11
carloslast time I checked it had some translations15:11
asaclets see15:11
asacif so, i can fix that15:11
asacthere is only locale/en-US15:12
carlosright, it doesn't include any translation...15:12
carloshow do you plan to deploy translations?15:12
asacand contains one .dtd + one .properties15:12
asacso a decent target to test15:12
asaccarlos: what do you mean?15:12
asachow to package?15:12
carloshow to deploy translations15:13
danilosI can investigate writing a script or two to actually construct xx.xpi's from a PO file exported from Launchpad and en-US.xpi (well, ubufox.xpi if needed :)15:13
carloswe could include them in language packs15:13
carlosdanilos: that would be wonderful15:13
asacnot thought in detail about that. either one deb for each language or one deb for all (except en-US naturally)15:13
carlosasac: ok, so language pack is its place15:13
carlosno need to add new packages15:13
asacno idea where it belongs :)15:13
asacbut most likely yes15:14
carlosasac: I do ;-)15:14
daniloscarlos: that would make a lot of sense, but we need to know how would they be "activated" in firefox15:14
carlosat least that's the plan for firefox15:14
jtvdanilos: there's a good one.  Let's hope it's scriptable.15:14
asaccarlos: ok, then lets move on with the theory. ubufox.xpi has just a few entities, so i guess its a good try. can we do that?15:14
carlosdanilos: install them as an extension in /usr/lib/firefox/extensions/15:14
asaccarlos: danilos: new place is /usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions/15:15
carlosasac: sure15:15
asacor /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/extensions/15:15
danilosasac: is that enough for firefox/anything else to register them15:15
danilosif it is, excellent15:16
jtv(just completing danilos' sentence there)15:16
danilosjtv: :)15:16
asacyes, if its a complete .xpi (unzipped) it will work15:16
carlosasac: I guess we should use IDs like: language-pack-LL-CC@ubufox.ubuntu.com or something like that for each language pack15:16
asacbut lets first work about getting an .xpi ... the rest will be easy imo15:16
asaccarlos: yes ... we can do all that15:16
jtvwe can try it out on staging15:16
asacok, can we get an import round and than see what happens if you export en_US?15:17
asacor do we need an initial translation?15:17
carlosjtv: that's going to be a problem, each import will require Tom around15:17
carlosjtv: what about using demo?15:17
asacok so Tom is the bottle-neck now?15:17
asacok figure out first ;)15:17
jtvcarlos: does it run scripts and send email though?15:17
jtvasac: Tom is needed to simulate cron on staging.15:18
carlosjtv: not by default, that's why Tom is the bottle-neck15:18
carlosasac: we don't need any translation15:18
carlosasac: if you are able to provide me with an xpi for ubufox, we can try to get it imported today (Tom should be around right now)15:19
asaccarlos: take the one above ... or wouldn't it work?15:19
jtvcarlos: code on demo is pretty old15:19
carlosthe problem is with file exports and any other updates15:19
carlosjtv: if no one is using it, we may get it updated15:20
carlosasac: let me try in my local computer..15:20
asac \o/15:20
jtvcarlos: this would certainly be worth requesting that15:20
carlosjtv: in worse case, we could use production15:20
carlosbut hiding that template15:20
jtvcarlos: okay, let's try on demo, and if anything breaks that we know is fixed already, ask for an upgrade.  Failing that, we can look at production.15:22
asaccarlos: why hiding :) ... i need translations anyway ;)15:22
carlosasac: for testing15:22
asacsure, just kidding15:22
carlosasac: well, I'm fine to leave it there... but would be confusing if we are not able to deploy it :-)15:23
jtvlet's not get lost in this "what-if" case though.15:23
asacok ... all set?15:23
asacimport .xpi asap ...then try to export en_US15:24
asac(in the current default format)15:24
jtvasac: one thing: I think the name of the XPI file needs to be en-US.xpi15:24
asaci assume i can export "per-package", right?15:24
asacjtv: just rename to test then15:24
carlosjtv: I can do some 'magic' to avoid that15:24
jtvcarlos: sounds exciting.15:24
asaci don't thinks its a problem to get the name right before import if we do it automatically at some point15:24
carlosjtv: but only for testing15:25
danilosjtv: edit the path for the import queue entry :)15:25
carlosdanilos: sssh, that kills the magic!!15:25
daniloscarlos: ok, ok :)15:25
jtvOkay, now that Carlos' deep dark secrets have been revealed...15:26
asacok, how does the current export work? i ask launchpad: "export .po files for package XYZ"?15:26
asacand then i get a tarball with all translations?15:26
jtvasac: you request an export in the normal way, and it'll ask you which format you want15:26
jtvasac: but PO and MO are the only options for now.15:26
asacwhat is "the normal way" ?15:26
jtvasac: "Download translations" link.15:27
asacactually, my real question is if launchpad remembers the entities needed for each package?15:27
jtvIt's in the actions menu on the left.15:27
asacso ... if i provide an en-US.xpi for xulrunner, i can get .po files for all the entities found in that .xpi?15:28
asac(i think its too simple to be really a question:))15:28
jtvcarlos: it all comes out as one big PO file, right?15:29
danilosasac: it's a bit more complex (entities -> english strings -> PO files, and then you can basically get translations for all english strings which were linked to entities :))15:29
jtvcarlos: I mean, per XPI file per language.  :)15:29
asacone PO file per language?15:29
jtvasac: one PO file per template per language.15:29
jtvasac: IIRC an XPI file is treated as a single template.15:29
jtvasac: but that's essentially what I'm asking carlos.15:29
carlosasac: just a minute, I'm preparing an export for you...15:30
asacok lets assume i want to export entities for openoffice?15:30
asacdo i need to provide all entities i want to export or just the name "openoffice" ?15:30
asacto get the translations for that package?15:30
carloshmm, I found a missing feature with the .po export...15:31
carlosasac: https://pastebin.canonical.com/2858/15:31
carlosthat's current output, Launchpad UI shows the English strings, though15:31
asachmm paste.ubuntu.com? i currently have no pass for that15:31
carlosasac: look at #canonical channel15:31
* asac looking15:31
carloshmm, they removed it from the topic...15:31
asachmm its not there ... looking i wiki15:32
carlosasac: it's the same we use for our wikis15:32
asacok lets try ;)15:32
asacyeah works15:33
asacok so it doesn't export the actual en-US texts?15:33
jtvcarlos: the missing feature would be to add the English strings as comments?15:33
asacwould it work for translations?15:33
jtvasac: this is the Spanish translation, not the en-US "translation" that Carlos exported.15:33
asac(as i am not interested in en-US exports atm)15:33
carlosjtv: actually, to export the English string in the msgid15:33
asacis there a spanish translation yet?15:33
carlosasac: no, but I requested its export, and given that there are no translations, it's a file without translations15:34
carloslet me show it with some translations...15:34
asaccarlos: makes sense15:34
asaccan you add one or two translations15:34
asaci could then start to code the .xpi producer for that ;)15:34
asaclooks rather straight forward15:34
carlosasac: https://pastebin.canonical.com/2860/15:35
carlosthat includes a translation15:35
asacok ... so what kind of script do you need?15:36
asaclets start different:15:36
asachow is the language-pack maintained?15:36
asacis that something automatized?15:36
daniloscarlos: should we have had this be exported with English messages as msgid's?15:36
carlosdanilos: yeah, that's why I said I found something missing for the .po exports15:37
carlosdanilos: but for what we want right now, it should be enough15:37
asacdanilos: inserting en-US msgstrs wouzld be safe, but i think we can try without them15:37
daniloscarlos: right, ok15:37
danilosasac: of course15:37
carlosasac: what we do right now is to export the files to a tarball that Martin downloads and process automatically to produce the final .deb15:38
asacok ... this automated process is coded in a source package ?15:38
asacso if i do apt-get source language-pack i can take a look?15:38
carloswhat we would need is to add there all the scripts to produce an extracted .xpi that is installed at /usr/lib/firefox-addons/15:38
jtvasac: langpack-o-matic, it's on LP15:38
carlosasac: I don't know all details, you will need Martin Pitt help15:39
carloshe does some preprocessing in our servers15:39
jtvcarlos: actually he just documented it!15:39
danilosasac: I have some existing code I can share, though it might not be considered free software yet (I did make it while on company time and while working on LP :))15:39
asacok if this turns out to be too difficult, we could most likely export all mozilla translation separately?15:39
carlosand the conversion from .po file into the native format should be done in that stage, given that it will depend on non free code coming from Launchpad15:39
asac(e.g. i could do a mozilla-lang-pack source package if we otherwise need changes on launchpad side)15:40
carlosasac: sure, although at some point, it needs to be deployed in language packs, so better if we do it now15:40
jtvPitti's docs for the language pack process: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TranslationLifecycle15:40
asaclet me look15:41
carlosasac: not that I think of, Launchpad has all the import process working, is the export what is missing (and improve the imports, but basic functionality is there)15:41
asaccarlos: i mean: "export as .po files"15:41
asaci can't believe that thats missing because you showed me an export ;)15:42
carlosasac: .po export is not missing ;-)15:43
carlosI was talking about .xpi exports :-)15:43
asacyeah ... so in worst case we could get a separate export of .po files for all mozilla packages?15:43
carlosasac: anyway, all this depends on Danilo being able to do that hack to produce the .xpi from the .po files15:43
carlosasac: yes15:43
jtvasac: that should work, and either separate or all together in a big tarball.15:43
carlosyou can request them when you want to15:44
asaccarlos: he? you don't need to produce that hack. i can write a script for it15:44
asaclooks easy15:44
carlosasac: ok, if you think you can handle it, perfect ;-)15:44
asacall information i need is: .po file + language + package15:44
danilosasac: ok, if you feel like doing it, be my guest, but I've already had working code for this :)15:44
jtvasac: your experience patching up the rdf etc. could be useful to us, in fact15:44
asacdanilos: can you ask your boss if you can free the code you currently have, so i can look at that15:45
danilosjtv: boss, can I... :)15:45
jtvdanilos: I already asked our boss15:45
jtvHe's talking to his boss15:45
danilosasac: it's in process :)15:45
asacwow ... i thought we had flat hierachies15:45
jtvasac: it's about the same depth as my gym in Bangkok, which has about a dozen staff.15:46
danilosasac: anyway, if you feel like it's simple, I guess going through administration is pita :)15:46
asaci hate redoing things15:46
jtvasac: seriously though, can't make any guarantees that it will be approved, but I'll add this as a case in point.15:46
asacwho is your boss?15:47
jtvasac: Kiko.15:47
asacdanilos: can you outline how you do it?15:48
asacso i can see if i am thinking about a similar approach right now?15:48
danilosasac: sure15:48
danilos(though this is a pretty old code)15:48
asacjust a brief description (looking at https://pastebin.canonical.com/2860/)15:49
danilosasac: basically, recursively walk through a zip file and modify contents in-place as soon as I run into any messages needing translations (according to a PO file which is read at the same time)15:49
asacok there is a far simpler solutoin i guess (please think about it):15:50
carlosasac: anyway, you have a NDA signed with Canonical as a Canonical employee, so you should be able to see the code :-)15:50
asacjust add entities for to .dtd files and simple properties to .properties file15:51
asaciterate through the .po file and do that for each msgid15:51
asacthe file to append this to can be parsed from the comment15:51
danilosasac: that could work, but I suggest doing this with an en-US.xpi file so you can actually modify existing files, and keep the English strings where there are no translations in the PO file15:52
asacwell ... i can implement that easily by looking at en_US.po file as a fall back15:52
asacit looks easier for me to just append to files than replace (given that there might be entity ids somewhere in real texts)15:53
asacmaybe reuse the install.rdf from en-US.xpi though15:53
jtvasac: it needs some modifications AFAIK15:53
asacyes reuse == copy + patch :)15:53
asacmaybe ffox will auto fall back to en-US on its own though. have to test that again15:54
jtvSounds plausible.15:55
jtvasac: are you testing?16:00
AlinuxOSasac, hello ;)16:09
asacjtv: not yet. got distracted16:12
jtvasac: so try uploading on demo, and letting us know so we can push it through.16:14
asacwhy would i upload anything?16:14
asac(sorry ... i miss some context here. what is demo)?16:15
asacand how can i access that16:15
jtvasac: I'm sorry, I thought you were planning to do that.16:17
jtvasac: demo is demo.launchpad.net16:18
jtvasac: for longer-running demo use of launchpad, without polluting production with test data.16:18
asacah right ... i am still in evaluation phase :) have to figure out langpack-o-matic16:18
asacso i know how to hook in16:19
asacthe import and export (well more or less) is clear for me atm16:19
jtvasac: then anything else you need?16:19
asacnot yet. on friday i will know more i guess16:22
jtvasac: thank you.  I'll quietly sidle away from the channel now.  :-)16:23
asacjtv: one more thing16:23
jtvasac: I knew it :)16:23
asacin the .po file i don't see the lang code (e.g. spanish)16:23
asacwould the real code need to guess that from .po filename?16:24
jtvasac: right, it's really only in the file name.16:24
asacok ... how does the filename read?16:24
asac$PROJECT-en_US.po ?16:24
jtvasac: there are several patterns.16:24
asacwhat would we get?16:25
jtvasac: ideally (and if you'll be controlling the project, that can be reality) they'll have names like fr.po and en_GB.po16:25
asacbut they end up in a directory that reveals the project name?16:25
jtvAnother pattern is $PROJECT-$LANGUAGE.po16:25
jtvasac: no, you're supposed to know the project when you request the export.16:26
jtvasac: that request is local to a product or distroseries/package16:26
asacok ... so langpack magic requests export for each individual project?16:26
jtvasac: there's a separate way to do it for the entire distroseries, but I'm assuming you don't need that here.16:28
jtvasac: if you do, well, we do generate them.16:29
asacUbulette: they applied the pyxpcom build patch. good. but we still see python startup issues, don't we?18:55
Ubulettedamn, i keep forgetting to push my commits18:56
Ubulettedid that one yesterday18:56
armin76btw tb is out19:05
Ubuletteasac already did it19:08
Ubulettei wanted to do it but he beat me to it ;)19:09
Ubulette!info thunderbird hardy19:09
ubotuthunderbird (source: thunderbird): mail/news client with RSS and integrated spam filter support. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 10703 kB, installed size 32020 kB19:09
Ubulette[reed], lots of commits today, i thought it was code freeze since yesterday ?!?!?19:10
[reed]lots? I only see 419:11
[reed]all commits after freeze require explicit driver approval beyond what is normally required19:11
[reed]mostly regression fixes19:11
[reed]but some large patches that didn't land yet19:12
[reed]so, freeze was extended to 3am PST19:12
[reed]anything after that needs approval19:12
[reed]does that help? :)19:12
Ubuletteoh, maybe the rush was just before that19:12
[reed]everybody was rushing to get in19:13
Ubulettebug 19623019:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196230 in firefox-3.0 "crash on youtube" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19623019:38
asac[reed]: did you get my answer from yesterday?19:39
asacUbulette: python invalid-crash.py 19623019:40
asacUbulette: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/invalid-crash.py19:41
asacreplace my name with yours19:41
asacUbulette: oh i ran it :)19:41
Ubuletteasac, btw, at work, i don't have sound in ff3 (flash) if totem is running19:48
UbuletteALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:866:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave19:48
UbuletteALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:866:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave19:48
asactried to tweak FIREFOX_DSP env setting?19:49
Ubulettenope, but this is often reported in the forums too19:49
Ubulettemaybe we should do something about that19:49
asachmm. its most likely a flash issue we cannot really cope with. they should use gstreamer, but they probably wont, so we can only use sound server, but that is known to be buggy as well19:51
asacis that a regression at all?19:51
asacor rather a long standing issue?19:51
Ubulettestarted last week for me19:56
Ubuletteor maybe a bit more19:56
asachmm ... remember what upgrade you got at that time?20:03
Ubulettedonno, about a hundred per day20:03
[reed]asac: check #extdev on moznet20:03
[reed]they can more easily answer than than I can :)20:04
Ubuletteasac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=709111  look at comment #320:05
Ubuletteasac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70928020:05
Ubuletteok, not the same as me20:07
asacseems to be fixed now20:07
asacbug 19614720:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196147 in python2.5 "ImportError: No module named _bsddb" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19614720:07
asac(the miro issue)20:07
asacthe .cfg file issue we should review20:08
asacwe should consider to put firefix.cfg to /etc/ hierarchy again ... and don't encrypt it20:09
asacand provide a grepref.js in /etc as well20:09
asacyeah i noticed the performance issues with XAA20:11
asacno idea if we can fix that20:12
asacno idea about the compiz issue20:16
asaccommented on the other threads20:16
Ubulettemoz cvs is soooooo slow tonight20:30
Ubulettehalf an hour to fetch xul20:30
Ubuletteasac, did you use the bzr branch to do tb2 today ?20:42
Ubulettei don't understand what happened to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird.dev20:43
asacUbulette: yes https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~asac/thunderbird/ubuntu-2.0.0.x20:44
asacUbulette: yes, i rolled back the last revision20:45
asacits still here on my disc20:45
asaci received bad feedback from debian about that change20:46
Ubulettecompare with http://paste.ubuntu.com/5055/20:46
Ubulettewhere are my commits ?20:46
Ubuletteseems you own everything now20:46
Ubuletteof course i've diverged20:48
asacUbulette: they are in sync till rev 60 afaics20:55
asac61 will be merged on top once i figured out why debian had so much issues with it20:55
Ubuletteunless i'm blind, you redid each of my commits manually20:57
asaciirc, that was long ago and we already argued about that incident20:57
Ubulettereally ?20:58
Ubulettemaybe, we argue a lot :)20:59
asacyes for sure.20:59
Ubulettecan you then update the mt branch so I can trash/resync mine21:02
asaclets see21:03
asacUbulette: ok i pushed the current dev to a feature branch to keep it and popped top most revision to get back in sync with my branch21:11
asacok used --remember so i don't get back to my branch21:13
asacand changed branch detail for my branch to "Abandoned"21:13
asacoh i pushed to ~asac :)21:21
Ubuletteyou have to --remember for each command, push, pull, merge21:22
asaci did ;)21:23
asacnow all is fine21:23
Ubulettei sometimes have font size issues in ff3 (not new). it seems <h1> are sometimes rendered much bigger than they should be, a reload always fixes it21:33
Ubulettedid you ever get that?21:33
Ubulettehappens a lot on lp21:34
asacno never21:36
asaccan you reproduce?21:36
asacmaybe that happens if the .css file fails to load for some reason?21:36
asacdoes it always happen on the same server?21:37
Ubulettei happens on the 1st load only so it's rather random21:38
asacyes, sounds a bit like a server load issue ... or race21:38
asacif you first visit a page, ffox loads every .css + .js ... otherwise just those not yet loaded21:39
asacso on reload you might have luck to get the initially missing bits21:39
asacjetsaredim: i commentred on the mozgest bug21:40
jetsaredimyes - i see that21:41
jetsaredimi'm uploading a change that will exclude the debian dir21:41
Ubuletteasac, where are user data stored in tb2 ? i didn't change anything in tb3 and a user asked me how to migrate data and rules from tb2 to tb3 ? (i've kept the moz profile name)21:43
asacyeah ... thats a good coincident :)21:43
asacpreviously it was .mozilla-thunderbird, but we want .thunderbird21:44
asacin past it was difficult to migrate because of old and rotten profiles21:44
asacbut for 3.0 branch that should be ok21:44
Ubuletteobviously that user doesn't see his data so there's something wrong21:46
asacyes, because it doesn't look at .thunderbird21:47
asacwould be beneficial to migrate that21:47
Ubulettemigrate back to .mozilla-thunderbird ?21:47
asacor keep using .mozilla-thunderbird for now21:47
asacno ... migrate back to upstream dir: .thunderbird21:47
Ubulettebut i didn't patch that21:48
Ubuletteso i assume i have the same as upstream21:48
asacyes. tb3 uses .thunderbird ... <3 used .mozilla-thunderbird21:49
asacso migrate users when the run tb3 for first time from .mozilla-thunderbird to .thunderbird :)21:49
asacgot it?21:49
Ubulettei thought tb2 was patched in ubuntu already, so i'm troubled21:50
Ubulette[reed], is there a list of tb3 changes since tb2 somewhere ? kind of changelog summary..21:54
[reed]not sure, but then again, I don't follow TB21:55
Ubulette(bonsai is not the answer i'm expecting) :P21:55
Ubulettei know, but you may have seen something21:55
Ubuletteor know someone who does know better ;)21:56
Ubulettehm, japanese is no longer anti-aliased :(21:57
asaci think there is a font issue atm21:58
Ubulettea few days ago the whole text was aa: http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/japanese1.png  now, kanji are no longer aa22:02
asacUbulette: if the problem persists for another day prod ArneGoetje in  -devel i guess22:04
Ubulettewaaaa, amazon is ugly now: http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/japanese2.png22:04
Ubulettefar too big22:04
Ubuletteno, everything else is okay22:05
asache is your guy then :)22:05
Ubulettei'm in 1440x90022:05
asacyeah looks broken22:07
Ubulette89x76 dpi22:07
Ubulette0 in about:config22:07
Ubulettelooks fine in sm122:13
asacsame for hardy release?22:22
asacor just b4?22:23
Ubulettew8, i'm doing a big upgrade22:36
Ubulettebut you can also try: http://www.amazon.co.jp/b/ref=topnav__gw?_encoding=UTF8&node=321098122:36
asacfor me kaze and ffox look equal ugly22:41
asac(kaze uses xul 1.8)22:42
asacno seamonkey here atm22:42
asacmidori (webkit) doesn't work at all22:42
asacok looks better in konqueror22:43
asaccan you please start seamonkey with pango enabled?22:43
asacMOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=0 seamonkey22:43
asacMOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=0 seamonkey22:43
asacno idea22:43
asacENABLE...=1 of course22:45
Ubulettetried both, no change22:46
asacdo we still have anything in common with debian iceape?22:46
asac(well you know what i mean)22:47
Ubuletteyes, most is still the same22:48
asacfor me sm looks as ugly as ff322:48
asacmost likely a pango thing then22:48
asachmmm the fonts on the left look a bit aa'ed22:48
asaclooks uglier here ... almost like ffox 322:50
asacyes its pango22:51
asacMOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 seamonkey22:51
asacfixes it for me22:51
asacUbulette: see if older pango fixes you22:54
Ubulettefor me, sm1 looks the same either ways22:54
Ubulettepango has been updated today22:56
Ubulettewell, for me22:56
Ubuletteprevious was Fri Jan 2522:56
UbuletteFeb 18 00:03:00 <Ubulette>      hmm, in b4pre, Japanese is now anti-aliased, fine :)22:57
Ubuletteamazon is clearly not antialiases at all22:58
Ubuletteamazon looks the same with the version in hardy22:58
UbuletteI need to reboot (new kernel).. maybe that will fix this22:59
Ubulettewaaa, gnome/X frozen during startup23:18
asacsounds like fun23:19
Ubulettestill bad resolution, I have to kill X once23:19
Ubuletteand I still have a blocking error popup for en_US not supported (got that for a while)23:22
Ubulettenow ff3 is no longer starting23:23
Ubulettekillall esd fixes it23:23
Ubulettelike the gnome freeze23:23
Ubuletteso it's a sound mess23:23
Ubuletteoh, my japanese fonts in ff3 prefs were messed up23:27
Ubulettedamn, ubufox killed my middle click again => uninstall23:29
Ubulettechanged again today: http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/ff3-b4-Add-ons.png23:34
[reed]go Tango team ;)23:43
UbuletteError: Components.classes['@mozilla.org/plugin/host;1'] is undefined23:44
UbuletteSource File: chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.js23:44
UbuletteLine: 84723:44
Ubulettewhat does that mean ?23:44
UbuletteError: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x804b000a [nsIIOService.newURI]"  nsresult: "0x804b000a (<unknown>)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://global/content/contentAreaUtils.js :: openURL :: line 894"  data: no]23:45
[reed]that sounds like you broke something23:46
* [reed] blames ubufox23:46
Ubulettethat's tb3, I had to create the installer as there was only one for windows, maybe i've missed sometinh23:48
Ubulette(damn url)23:49
asacyou lack the plugin host component23:49
UbuletteI don't really understand the magic behind those .xpt files.23:54
Ubuletteseems they are all merged into components/mail.xpt23:54
Ubuletteand the other files are not installed whatever i do in packages-static23:56
asacbin/components/libgkplugin.so is named twice in that file23:57

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