superm1directhex, yeah it should have rebuilt this aftrernoon00:38
superm1afternoon even00:38
directhexhasn't hit the uk mirror yet. is the build log up?00:39
superm1i dont know Daviey's mirroring schedule00:40
superm1you'd have to check with him00:40
superm1the build log should be up too00:40
directhexbuild log appears correct00:41
directhexwhat's using fftw? O_o00:43
superm1fast fourier transforms00:43
directhexi know what it is, i'm more wondering why00:44
tgm4883frink_, ping00:46
superm1oh mythfrontend gets support for it00:46
superm1i'd guess for time stretch?00:46
superm1what else would need a FFT?00:46
directhexi have no idea!00:48
directhexmythmusic could use it...00:48
directhexwell, libvisual really00:48
superm1yeah but its definitely a dependency availlable in mythfrontend00:48
Egghead3using 8.04, and just did and mmc update tonight, now i lost nvidia drivers and restricted driver manager, got the manager back, how do i get the nvidia drivers back?03:13
javatexanhowdy all03:18
javatexanwell I want to write a plugin for mythtv....how would one get started?03:18
javatexanany dev types hangin around?03:39
javatexandirecthex: are you around?03:45
Egghead3anyone else loose the restriced drives after recent updating?04:15
Egghead3oops drivers04:16
superm1Egghead3, linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic04:28
superm1its probably not available yet04:28
superm1try to boot into the older (-8) kernel04:28
superm1until it is04:28
npurcifulheya superm104:28
Egghead3thanks superm104:28
Egghead3btw, the x11vnc seems to be working great, doesnt seem to slow down playback during connection04:30
superm1Egghead3, very good to hear04:32
superm1i'm not sure still if we need a migration path for people coming from gutsy, but hardy should now by default install x11vnc04:33
Egghead3good to hear, but i hope other have tested it too :), im a linux noob so...04:36
superm1well i just hope that the 100k+ plus people that have downloaded, at least a few more will upgrade early and catch the mishaps :)04:37
Egghead3any ideas when  linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-10-generic will be compiled? just wondeing if i should wait or try and figure out how to roll back kernel04:39
superm1Egghead3, you should have both kernels installed right now05:13
superm1just pick the other one in grub05:13
famicomerh, does anyone here know hwo to change the internal player?07:01
famicommythtv's internal player is shit07:02
WcktKlwnhas anyone tried using the drobo share to stream movies to a myth box?07:37
pwnguinis there anything close to a standard interpretation of USB HID?09:28
pwnguinim digging into the mythGame module09:29
pwnguinand it seems like gamepads are an afterthought09:29
pwnguinin particular, people writing games intending to support gamepads, is there any hope of simply using HID and not having to deal with binding axis and buttons to labels?09:30
directhex|workpwnguin, yes and no09:59
directhex|workpwnguin, yes, usb-hid is entirely standard, no, you can't avoid the binding process (as not all pads have the same button labels, and worse, sometimes they do but they're laid out completely differently)10:00
directhex|workso if you're playing a SNES emulator, the snes A button is on the right and the Y button is on the left. but on an xbox pad, Y is at the top and A is at the bottom10:00
pwnguini get it, but it still kinda sucks11:16
pwnguinthe input.h names suggest certian functionality11:16
pwnguinlike rx and ry11:16
directhex|workyes, they do. and those names predate real-world behaviour11:17
directhex|worktake, for example, a gamecube pad. the cube pad is detected as having six axes - x and y on the main stick, x and y on the c stick, and 1-d axes on each of the two triggers11:18
directhex|workhow do you mesh that with something that was originally penned considering joysticks (which have rotational axes and pov hats)?11:19
directhex|workyou end up marking, say, c-stick-up as being the Z axis, and c-stick-left as being on the rx axis. then stick triggers on ry and dz. the axes end up just being names which aren't connected to pad placement11:20
directhex|workat which point you need to be able to tell your app that11:20
directhex|workand THEN you get problems where a device exceeds even that expected number. consider the sony sixaxis controller for ps3. 2 sticks, motion sensitivity, pressure-sensitive (i.e. 1d axis) buttons including triggers.11:22
MythbuntuGuest54Need help with scheduled recordings - they are not workin16:17
MythbuntuGuest54Try to setup a recording and it fails - there is NOTHING scheduled to record.16:18
MythbuntuGuest54Ran sudo mythbackend --testsched and get error16:18
MythbuntuGuest54./mythconverg/oldfind is marked as crashed and should be repaired...  Anyone know how to get this to work?16:19
HolgerHi. Where do I set storage groups in mythtv-setup using mythbuntu 7.10 ?16:51
Holgeroh, my bad. Its available since 0.21. Apparently, mythbuntu uses 0.20.216:53
pwnguinwhat's the best way to run wminput in daemon mode?22:00
pwnguini was thinking of running it in the same place the frontend gets launched22:01

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