AmaranthPriceChild: Window moves are more CPU intensive, I guess00:00
AmaranthPriceChild: Lazy positioning doesn't move the window, it moves the texture. Only once you stop moving does it tell the window00:00
AmaranthSo of course when using Xv overlay the video keeps getting drawn at the old place until you stop moving00:00
Amaranthwith textured video (which we can use in hardy thanks to some intel hackery) we can move it along with the window00:01
PriceChildAmaranth, doing what you suggested is very, very artifacty... doesn't distort the window at all with wobbly for example, flickering etc.00:02
PriceChilddoesn't distort video sorry00:02
Amaranthyou're using overlay video, you can't transform it _at all_00:02
Amaranthit gets painted on to the screen in a completely separate step from everything else, compiz just sees a window with a blue background or whatever00:03
PriceChildour favourite friend in -offtopic00:06
PriceChildwell mine anyway00:06
mneptokPriceChild: hold me.00:17
Garyand me too :p00:20
* PriceChild huggles mneptok and Gary 00:24
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HobbseePici: the way of "you need to not be an idiot to use this"?  yeah, i like that too :)00:47
PiciHobbsee: I dont know what you're referring to (I had a very busy day at work), but I agree.00:48
HobbseePici: comment on #ubuntu+1, liking it during the early alphas00:49
PiciAh, definitely 00:49
PriceChildfuck earthquake00:59
LjLPriceChild: ?01:03
LjLin the UK?01:03
Garynot here in essex01:04
PriceChildthat was weird01:04
PriceChildand yes LjL 01:04
PriceChildLjL, Gary http://geofon.gfz-potsdam.de/db/eqinfo.php01:06
LjLPriceChild: everything ok?01:06
Garyawww, I did nto feel a thing here01:07
PriceChild5.5 supposedly01:07
LjLi need to reboot, i cannot browse the web :|01:12
LjLi'm rebooting01:25
LjLPriceChild: http://www.inloughborough.com/news/2008/02/10547_earthquake.php01:45
LjLi wronged my crontab01:45
PriceChildIs launchpad working for others?01:47
LjLPriceChild: yes01:47
PriceChildHmm I think there's just something wrong with my internet connection.01:50
LjLPriceChild: it's shaken01:50
PriceChildff2 to the rescue, silly ff301:51
LjLPriceChild: i'm reminded of the, uhm, one of two earthquakes i rememeber experiencing02:10
LjLPriceChild: was in my alps home with my parents, watching Apollo 1302:11
LjLPriceChild: *precisely* at the time the rocket was launching, i remember thinking, wow, how can this 14" thing have such stunning audio02:11
LjLthen i noticed my parents grabbed the table, and i thought, oh, earthquake02:11
mneptoklast earhtquake i was in threw me 2 feet into the air02:27
LjLyou jumped?02:28
no0ticmneptok, where were you?02:28
mneptokno0tic: Portland, OR USA02:28
mneptokbrick building with wood floors. shook like a Bond martini.02:29
no0ticmneptok, mount helens?02:29
no0ticmay 18, 1980?02:30
mneptokno0tic: no, i was in high school in New York then02:31
mneptokthis was ... 2000? 2001?02:31
emmaHello are there any ops here?03:14
emmaCool. An ubuntu-op has joined my channel, made some terse comments, seemed hostile when I asked what brought him in there, and then has gone silent.  03:15
emmaHe also made some strange comments about not having any signs that ask people not to commercially log. 03:15
emmaIf this person does not respond, and I am worried that he is logging in my channel, and I kick him, will I ask him to leave, will I suffer some kind of retaliation in the #ubuntu channels?03:16
emmasorry my last post had a typo: 03:20
emmaIf the ubuntu op that joined my channel but isn't responding to me, is logging my channel and I ask him to leave, will I suffer some kind of retaliation in the #ubuntu channels?03:20
mneptokemma: ## channels are not official. you are free to do with them what you please, without fear of it affecting your ability to /join official channels.03:20
mneptokemma: of course, your demeanor may affect how others perceive you. being polite and asking someone to leave before kicking/banning them is good netiquette.03:21
emmamneptok - That's extremely refreshing. I'm tremendously glad to hear something that renews some faith in this whole establishment.03:21
emmaI have no intention of kicking or banning anyone. That was a typo. And I don't even plan on asking the person to leave. I just feel unnerved when an Ubuntu op comes in, makes some terse statements about logging and then goes silent. 03:22
mneptokemma: of course, overt netiquette abuses (e.g. discussing DDoS attacks) in *any* channel will have repercussions.03:22
emmaWhere did that come from? 03:22
mneptokjust being thorough03:22
emmaThat kind of thing is strange, honestly.03:23
mneptokwhat kind of thing?03:23
emmaYou guys remind me of the police some times the way you could solve so many more problems if you weren't over doing it and creating them in the first place.03:23
mneptokam i Sting or Andy Summers?03:24
Picimneptok: +103:24
emmaI am not a difficult person to get along with. I have to think that a lot of you, as tech type people who support open source, at some level might even share my philosophy when it comes to free speech and related ideas.03:24
emmaThings don't have to be so antagonistic but when you start reading people the riot act and pushing them around, even the perception of that, you force a reaction.03:25
emmaWhy am I telling you this? To be helpful actually. 03:25
mneptoki thought it was to confuse the living fark out of us.03:26
emmaI could actually name several Ubuntu ops who are models of dealing with people. 03:26
emmaBut I can't say that about all of you, and certainly I realize that's true about any group of human beings.03:26
emmaFor my part, I am happy to hear this: <mneptok> emma: ## channels are not official. you are free to do with them what you please, without fear of it affecting your ability to /join official channels.03:27
emmaI didn't even name this op who is sitting in my channel. Why? Because I am not trying to start some kind of trouble for him. 03:27
emmaBut you can certainly imagine it is unnerving if an Ubuntu op shows up, hardly says a word, is short with you when you ask what brought them here, makes some ambiguous comments about logging, and then refuses to say another word.03:28
jdongemma: I don't want to get myself involved with this discussion, but many of the ubuntu ops have to deal with a great deal of network abuse, and it's only natural that over time their statements could come across as terse to those not experienced with dealing with so many channels and users03:29
jdongemma: I've only partly read the scrollback, but it sounds like this issue being taken out of proportion03:29
mneptokprobably as unnerving as a user that consistently /joins the ops channel and makes poorly veiled insults to volunteer staff.03:29
Picijdong: well put, I was trying to come up with a way to say that.  It has been a long day :/03:29
Picimneptok: And thanks, now I'm listening to The Police.03:30
emmamneptok --- I don't think I make insults to staff.03:30
mneptokemma: and that's a problem.03:30
emmaI think that this is becoming some kind of antagonistic relationship. I would like to cut that off before it get's bad.03:30
mneptok /part is an easy 5 keystrokes away03:31
emmaI'm not talking about this particular exchange. I'm talking about the over all course of things. 03:32
jdongemma: is the op that entered your channel available right now? I think the best course of action at this point is to seek clarification from him/her as to the statement made in your channel?03:32
emmaHow should I interpret having an Ubuntu op sitting in my channel, not responding to me? 03:39
emmaMy preliminary interpretation is that I have become a target because I've been outspoken about my opinions concerning free speech and privacy. 03:39
jdongemma: there's no need to feel so paranoid03:40
jdongemma: he's most likely there just watching out for network abuse, or forgot to log out. Many of these operators are in hundreds of channels simultaneously03:40
jdongthere's no reason to believe you're the target of some sort of logging or monitoring operation03:40
naliothjdong: #ubuntu operator03:41
naliothjdong: not me or my peers03:41
jdongah ok03:42
emmaNow another ubuntu op joined the channel03:42
jdongis there any particular reason you feel that Ubuntu ops are not welcome in your channel?03:43
mneptokemma: and i parted03:43
emmaNone at all. I'm serious about being an advocate of freedom. I'm not going to push anyone around, ubuntu op or not.03:44
mneptokemma: if you don;t want me /join'ing, ban me or set the channel +i03:44
emmamneptok - I would never do that. 03:44
emmaFrankly I'm honored if an op actually came there to chill03:44
naliothemma: then don't worry about it  :)03:44
emmaOkay well, I hope we are all on a friendly note then. 03:46
jdongI hope so too, we're all on the same side03:48
mneptokwhich sucks, as the locker room gets *really* crowded.03:49
emmaOkay that's great. 03:49
emmaI just want to tell everyone in #ubuntu-ops then that you are all welcome to join my unofficial ubuntu channel.  It's a channel for people who love Ubuntu and also love Freedom. 03:50
emmaI have a policy of no public logging in my channel. But as long as none of you do that, you will never have anyone trying to control you there. 03:52
mneptokthe unstated implication being that anyone not on that channel does not love freedom.03:56
htnsCan somebody unban me from #ubuntu?05:14
htnsI really need some real-time help05:14
tonyyarussoit helps if the server is up...05:15
htnsAre you talking to me?05:15
naliothhtns: why are you banned?05:15
htnsnalioth: Well it was a long time ago.05:16
htnsHad an argument with some guy in #ubuntu-offtopic05:16
htnsAnd he banned me from #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic05:16
tonyyarussoI'm guessing I was involved - trying to find out how.05:17
naliothi'm afraid it wasn't that long ago05:18
tonyyarussookay, bantracker just fails entirely05:20
htnsSo can I be unbanned?05:20
htnsI mean either way, I'll be getting into #ubuntu05:20
htnsI can always reset my IP by spoofing my MAC address on my router05:21
tonyyarussoaaaaaaaand there goes any hopes you had.05:21
htnsI was just kidding05:21
nickrudhah. htns that was pretty stupid.05:21
htnsno seriously05:21
htnsyou cant really do that can you?05:21
nickrudhtns: ban evasion is grounds for banning from freenode completely, the staff take it very seriously05:22
htnsseriously though05:23
htnswhat do I have to do05:23
htnsto get back into #ubuntu05:23
htnshow long do I have to wait?!05:23
tonyyarussoFind LjL 05:23
nickrudhtns: I suggest you take your issue to the forums for now. 05:23
Hobbseemneptok: hah.  that was me.  oddly enough, she ignored the "away" status06:25
Hobbseejdong: or we run a proxy06:27
Hobbseeso are connected 24/706:27
tonyyarussoHobbsee: through where?06:27
tonyyarussoI'd love a more reliable always-on than my home connection...06:27
Hobbseetonyyarusso: through a server i have in a californian data center.06:28
naliothtonyyarusso: so would i, but dreamhost won't install all the perl modules i need06:28
Myrttiyou folks need something like Kapsi here in Finland06:28
tonyyarussonalioth: such as?06:28
tonyyarussoHobbsee: ah.06:28
naliothtonyyarusso: all the perl modules i need to run all my 744t scripz06:29
tonyyarussonalioth: does DH's TOS allow idle irssi sessions?  I know bots are a no-no06:29
Hobbseetonyyarusso: afaik, no06:29
Myrttia non-profit organisation that has the yearly membership fee of 30e and with that you get 1G space, mysql, two servers with another one eggdrop rights, bitlbee...06:29
Myrttiof course irssi too06:30
HobbseeMyrtti: not bad06:30
naliothtonyyarusso: they do06:31
tonyyarussonalioth: Really?  Nifty.06:31
Hobbseeoh neat, i didn't realise06:32
tonyyarussoNow I just need them to okay a supybot and I'd be happy.  Doubt that's going to happen though.06:33
naliothtonyyarusso: dreamhost? hell no06:35
Myrttihtns is querying me07:11
Myrttishould I bring him here?07:11
Myrttitonyyarusso: opinions?07:14
tonyyarussoMyrtti: only if you think it would actually be useful?07:15
Myrttinot really07:15
MyrttiI just don't know what to tell him07:15
Myrttia week?07:15
Myrttia week.07:16
iceswordi find www.ubuntu.org.cn is responding slowly09:25
elkbuntuthis isnt the place to discuss the websites, sorry.09:26
iceswordbut i do notice they enable telnet service09:26
ubotuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:27
elkbuntusee the first of those for issues with chinese services09:27
leoquanthi i have got a cloak/hostmask, but iam not on: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-irc-cloaks  how come?10:11
andyp_hello i was banned some months ago from ubuntu for saying a command line by mistake i think i was bliss_ nick at that time my IP is    []  can you please consider  lifting the ban?11:19
andyp_a command line command11:20
LjLi'm leaving for some days. as usual, seveas should be able to login to the bots machine if required, or just kick14:43
PiciLjL: Okay, taking a vacation?14:43
LjLyeah, going to my alps home to ski a little14:44
PiciSounds like fun14:44
jpatrickLjL: have fun!14:44
LjLi'll be on irc anyway, just little less than usual14:44
LjLand can't access my server so14:45
Seeker`have fun LjL 15:06
jpatrick!staff | < By_Turkey> - porn spam15:42
jpatrickubotu: live!!15:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about live!! - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:43
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)15:43
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore15:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about comeback - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:43
jpatrickpoor thing15:43
PriceChildHmmm leoquant saying he's not in the ubuntu-irc-cloaks team...15:45
PriceChildi'm sure i added him15:45
ubotuIn #ubuntu, bod_ said: !gq is Your question fails to put your point accross and could easily be misinterperated, to learn how to ask 'good' questions please visit http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html15:46
jpatrickbod_: no idea, mate, just have to wait15:48
naliothy'all go ahead and ban my_turkey (if ya aint already)16:02
jpatrickjrib did16:04
naliothdid anyone else get forged spam from themselves@ubuntu.com ?16:07
jpatrickyep, @ubuntu.com addresses get hit by loads of spam16:07
no0ticI'll take a look16:08
naliothjpatrick: no16:09
no0ticno spam from there16:09
nalioththis was forged to appear to be _from_ me16:09
naliothwho would i send the raw email to for suitable blockage?16:09
jpatrickthe guy's ISP?16:20
PiciCheck the abuse contact on the ISP's whois16:20
PriceChildnalioth, yeah i've had some in the past16:20
PriceChildalso had stuff from other existing ubuntu members16:20
jussi01Isnt elmo responsible for that sort of thing?16:21
PriceChildjussi01, responsible for which?16:22
jussi01@ubuntu addresses16:22
PriceChildjussi01, you could send from billgates@ubuntu.com if you wanted...16:23
jussi01PriceChild: aye, I misread... sorry16:23
jussi01PriceChild: I read themselves@ubuntu.com was sending spam... (as if themselves was the user) :P16:24
jpatrickPriceChild: do we have mr gates cloaked?16:24
naliothjussi01: yes, i got a spam from [my name]@ubuntu.com16:26
jpatrickanon32 is banned from #kubuntu, yet he has just joined recently..16:29
jdongbillgates has a launchpad account? :D16:31
jpatrickah, no, the bantrack meant /kick and the ban has been removed..16:31
PriceChildStrange one in #ubuntu-unregged, "Aranel" cannot join #ubuntu, just gets forwared to unregged. Can anyone figure it out? :)16:44
PiciI'm guessing some sort of server sync issue16:45
jpatrick#ubuntu:+JLcfnt 2,5 #ubuntu-unregged ?16:50
jpatricktoo many joins and thus forwarded?16:50
PriceChildcan't be16:51
PiciIts just this person16:51
PriceChildit happened when we were -J16:51
PriceChildCould someone else humour me and check the banlist?16:51
PiciI dont see anything.16:53
jpatrickme neither16:54
no0ticprobably an IP ban?17:01
PriceChildit could be17:01
PriceChildbut why would that forward to -unregged?17:01
PriceChildand I don't think it is in keeping with the forwarding message either17:01
* jpatrick is starting to dislike people from *.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com17:02
PiciCan someone try connecting directly to kubrick?17:02
PriceChildPici, i did earleir17:02
Piciaranel is registered and ID'd17:02
Seeker`jpatrick: why?17:03
jpatrickSeeker`: cos loads of trolls I've had to deal with come from there appartently17:04
PriceChildErm... his forwarding message doesn't quite match up with a message I get? Its missing a : ?17:06
PriceChildguessing its just client formatting?17:06
PriceChild#ubuntu-ops #ubuntu-unregged :Forwarding to another channel17:06
PriceChild#ubuntu #ubuntu-unregged Forwarding to another channel17:06
PiciI got it.17:07
PriceChildWhat is it? :)17:08
PiciIp ban.17:08
Pici*!*@88.232.*!#ubuntu-unregged 17:08
PriceChildhehe I told you to check the banlist again17:08
PriceChildlets blame jpatrick 17:08
PiciIt was nalioth though17:08
jpatrickPriceChild: I didn't know his IP17:09
Picigrep 88.232 on my logs gave me aranel, amongst others.17:09
PriceChildI tried grepping for that but never found anything :(17:09
PriceChildWell done Pici.17:10
PiciThanks :)17:10
bod_any news on my factoid request !gq    ??17:18
PriceChildi'm pretty sure we have one similar *searches*17:21
PriceyHmm I didn't mean to do that.17:30
Priceygrrr didn't mean to do that... *smacks screen*17:38
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=== Pricey is now known as PriceChild
bod_PriceChild, any joy on the similar factoid search?17:57
PriceChildah sorry forgot about that, didn't find one myself, must have been imagining it :)17:58
bod_;~) ok,.,.well im off now, but if you do find the similar one, could i please request that the link in my suggestion be added to it,.thanks17:59
=== credible_ is now known as credible
ompaulhow generous of Chanserv18:44
Seeker`ompaul: I thought I was special when I got one, but it seems that chanserv gives them to almost anyone :(18:46
PiciNah, we have a few boarders in here without them18:50
Seeker`Pici: About 80% of the channel atm has them though18:51
Garythats how it is supposed to be isn't it?18:55
ompaul /cs k Gary some with some without expect no mercy!19:02
jpatrickLjL-Mobile: skiing and ircing? Cool20:39
LjL-MobileJpatrick: heh not *so* mobile20:40
Seeker`LjL-Mobile: Watch out for that tree!20:41
LjL-Mobilei avoid trees20:42
LjL-Mobilewhat i have i history of not avoiding is chairlifts20:42
SeveasHappy Tree LjLs20:42
Seeker`LjL-Mobile: How many chairlifts have you hit?20:42
SeveasSeeker`, half a dozen20:43
Seveascould be more by now20:43
Seeker`ouch, doesn't it hurt?20:43
LjL-MobileI haven't skid yet now :s but yes chairlifts on the head hurt20:44
ph0rensicIs saying crap a swear word? and if so why would some dude single me out for saying it and not others? I don't want to be a jerk in the channel but i guess the person is too cowardly to pm me to talk about it21:18
PriceChildph0rensic, would you say it to my grandmother?21:19
ph0rensicI don't know your grandmother.. I would say it to mine!21:19
PriceChildph0rensic, would you say it to my grandmother?21:19
ph0rensicit really depends on the situation... would you single one person out of a group who is doing something "wrong" and let everyone else have at it?21:20
PriceChildYou're meeting her for the first time tomorrow, she's such a lovely lady. Would you say 'crap' to her?21:21
PriceChildLets forget everyone else and just talk about you for now.21:21
ph0rensicWow thats a very easy way to minimize the circumstances21:22
naliothph0rensic: please answer the questoin21:22
PriceChildph0rensic, other people's actions do not ever excuse your own. In my opinion its similar to a child in a classroom. If you think someone else is doing something wrong, then do something about it, don't copy it.21:23
ph0rensicIt all depends on where the conversation leads, possibly yes i may21:23
PriceChildIs that a 'yes' you would say crap to my dear old grandmother?21:23
PriceChildWhat about my very impressionable 3 year old child?21:23
PriceChildgah typo... 5 yo21:24
LjL-Mobileis there such thing as an impressionable 5 years old?21:25
ompaulbottom line looking for barriers to slide up against is annoying for others to deal with and thus the use and overall context can be noted and tic when the analysis is done and then the original judgement found to be sound 21:25
ompaultic taken into consideration21:25
ph0rensicPriceChild, to spare us all from a tortuous theoretical debate.. I'll just resign and refrain from using such abrasive and vulgar terms such as c#@p21:27
nickrudwow ompaul you must write for academic publication ;)21:27
ph0rensicThank you for your consideration21:27
ph0rensicsup nickrud 21:27
PriceChildph0rensic, I haven't stated my opinion on it at all. It is probably best that you don't use that word if you believe others may have problems with it.21:28
ompaulnickrud, only on Fridays - telling the waters this evening21:28
nickrudph0rensic: not much. Just passing through. Coffee break. (I wouldn't say crap to PriceChild 's grandmother, myself. I wanna live)21:28
* nickrud rubs his buttocks21:29
ph0rensicwell that certainly is something to consider... I haven't a clue if Pricechild is a known member of the Hells Angels or other notorious organized crime establishment. 21:30
ompaulso is there anything else?21:31
ph0rensicBut if I met his grandmother and said it, she would most likely politely ask me to express myself in a different manner and I would respect her wishes. 21:31
naliothph0rensic: our point is: why should she even have to ask?21:31
naliothwhy should anyone?21:31
naliothcourtesy costs nothing21:32
elkbuntuespecially when you're wanting assistance from the person you're communicating with or about21:32
elkbuntucourtesy saves you time in such situations21:32
ph0rensicelkbuntu, usually Im on here to offer my assistance, anything that I believe I can help with21:32
PriceChildHey andyp_, how can I help?21:32
andyp_yes please21:33
elkbuntuph0rensic, then why are you here debating about a word instead of helping?21:33
ompaulph0rensic, the fact that someone uses it on one person they may give up on the next person 21:33
ph0rensicnalioth, but courtesy is a matter of mind, one persons vision of courtesy can be percieved as fowl insults to another21:33
naliothph0rensic: i doubt it.21:34
elkbuntuph0rensic, you're now wasting our time21:34
* PriceChild wonders if ph0rensic came to talk about whether the word is allowed, or complain about how he was treated.21:34
ph0rensicnalioth, I'll give you an example.. would you think it is ok to offer your hand when you meet someone (to shake it)21:34
elkbuntuandyp_, please, ignore this other conversation and state how we can help21:34
andyp_About 2/3 months ago i said a command line command in ubuntu by mistake i was banned can you please reseting my ip please i think i was a diffrent nick then but same ip address21:34
PriceChildandyp_, little over 1 month.21:35
andyp_was it not sure21:35
PriceChildandyp_, 23rd jan. It didn't seem like a mistake either... "to get rid of everything rm -rf /* as root"21:36
PriceChildandyp_, that's seconds after joining the channel.21:36
andyp_well ok i am sorry21:36
naliothph0rensic: did you have anything further?21:36
andyp_no i was a diffrent nick for a long time ompaul knoews me21:36
PriceChildandyp_, If you're not going to contest my suggestion there, it seems the only thing you were right about, was the different nick.21:36
* ompaul wonders what the other nick was21:37
* ompaul wonders21:37
PriceChildompaul, bliss21:37
andyp_ompaul bliss_21:37
andyp_ompaul; evening21:37
ompaulnight more like 21:37
andyp_ok noght21:38
ompaulback in a mo21:38
elkbuntuph0rensic, thanks for discontinuing the pointless discussion. you have no further need to be here.21:38
andyp_ompaul" you still have a beard i seem to remember in the skype picture you have one21:39
ompaulandyp_, it is a looooooobnnnnnng time since (A) I used skype and (B) had a beard21:40
naliothnow he's got a knee-length face carpet21:40
* nalioth runs21:40
andyp_ompaul: ok six months maybe a yesr21:40
ompaulandyp_, I have not had a beard for 2 years21:41
LjL-Mobileompaul is trying to get a distance to rms21:41
andyp_last time we spoke your skype pic you had a beard21:41
andyp_PriceChild: i promise to be good21:42
ompaulI don't know when I last had skype with a picture let alone skype that worked21:42
ompaulthen I got religion21:42
PriceChildandyp_, pardon?21:42
LjL-Mobileandyp_: i'd like to know what you had in mind when you posted that command21:43
andyp_ompaul: you told me to buy so headphones which i did but we never spoke but chatted21:43
ompaulthat is going back a long time21:43
ompaulnow I have some vague recollection 21:43
ompaulandyp_, however LjL and PriceChild way out rank me in terms of the current issue /me is just a helper more or less21:44
andyp_ompaul_ think it was breezy badgeri was a new ubuntu then 21:44
ompauland I strongly suggest you deal with them on this what I would call serious matter21:44
andyp_look a am have said it for some silly reason which is not me all we sometimes make mistakes as i did21:45
LjL-Mobileone thing is a mistake, another is something deliberate. What did you have in mind?21:46
PriceChildWhat kind of mistake are we talking about here?21:46
PriceChildmistake == copy paste in wrong channel? mistake == decided it would be funny to wipe user data?21:47
andyp_Ljl.Mobile: yes it was uncalled for21:47
LjL-Mobileandyp_: i think so, but what did you have in mind21:48
andyp_PriceChild: i am not sure I think it was to get rid of everyting with one command silly really21:49
LjL-Mobileyes that's what it does, but why did you post it21:49
PriceChildNot sure you understood the question.21:50
andyp_ok i relly can't remember 21:50
PriceChildboth questions are basically about the same thing.21:50
andyp_do you have the log?21:51
andyp_look this is a serious matter and yes i was wrong but i am sorry21:52
PriceChildyou've said that several times already21:52
PriceChildPlease answer LjL's question, why did you do it? What was in your mind?21:53
andyp_pk i must not say anything more then 21:53
LjL-Mobileandyp_: is it possible that you posted the command in order for people to run it, somehow finding the result of that funny?21:53
andyp_no not that21:53
PriceChildSo then what?21:54
andyp_iit was near christmas i had to much at the christmas party on that day21:54
PriceChildlate january21:54
PriceChildjust answer the question please :/21:54
andyp_i was on a on a imac with triple boot and loop-aes problems 21:56
PriceChildandyp_, the ban will not be lifted at this time.21:56
PriceChildandyp_, i suggest you go away and think about why you did what you did. You should think about what you need to change about yourself so that you don't do it again. You should then come back to us some time to discuss it.21:57
andyp_thankyou but i will just come back when your ready21:58
PriceChildWe don't want to ban people in #ubuntu. We would have been more than willing to unban you today. Next time please don't dodge questions, and be straight about it.21:59
LjL-MobileCome back when you can answer a direct question and do it honestly :)22:00
andyp_not sure what you want me to say i suppose22:00
naliothandyp_: "au revoir" or "asta luego" would be ok  (maybe 'sayonara' would work, too)22:01
andyp_ok bye new ip i suppose22:02
PriceChildandyp_, stop22:02
ompaulthere is die die22:02
PriceChildif he hasn't managed a new ip in the past month...22:02
ubotuIn ubotu, elky_work said: lolops is the lolops r in ur chanelz, wotchin u mizbehav22:39
ubotuIn ubotu, elky_work said: lolops is <reply>Teh lolops r in ur chanelz, wotchin u mizbehav22:40
ompaulbod_, how can we help you?22:41
LjL-MobileWe're in your chan bannin your ass22:41
LjL-Mobilewhoops didn't see join22:41
ompaulbeen there a while22:42
ubotuTeh lolops r in ur chanelz, wotchin u mizbehav22:43
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.22:43
ubotuLeave the ops alone!22:43
ompaulbod_, ehh is there anything we can do to help you?22:43
PriceChildompaul, gah this is the factoid22:45
PriceChildompaul, you make the decision :)22:45
ompaulI didz22:45
PriceChild<ubotu> In #ubuntu, bod_ said: !gq is Your question fails to put your point accross and could easily be misinterperated, to learn how to ask 'good' questions please visit http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html22:45
ompaulPriceChild, it would need the word Please in there more than once22:46
ompaulPriceChild, I edit22:46
Seveas!lolops | ompaul22:46
ubotuompaul: Teh lolops r in ur chanelz, wotchin u mizbehav22:46
Seveas/cs k ompaul Teh lolops r in ur chanelz, kickn yur azz22:47
ompaul!gq is <reply> Please be aware your question and could easily be misunderstood, please check this, to understand how to ask 'good' questions: http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html  Cheers!22:49
ubotuI'll remember that, ompaul22:49
* ompaul now hands to the master22:49
ompaulPici, ^^ ideas on improving that please22:49
bod_sorry guys, was afk,.,.just a quick thing on the !gq that ompaul did,.,.it reads "Please be aware your question and could easily be misunderstood" (which doesnt make sense it should read "Please be aware your question fails to put your point accross and could easily be misunderstood22:56
bod_anyone alive?23:23
LjL-Mobileyes but i can't change bot facts right now23:24
bod_damn,.,.ok, ta23:24
ubotuPlease be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood, please check this, to understand how to ask 'good' questions: http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html  Cheers!23:29
bod_cheers guys,.,.wow, my factoid!!!!!!23:29
Seeker`Should there be a full stop between misunderstood and please23:34
ubotuPlease be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood, please check this, to understand how to ask 'good' questions: http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html  Cheers!23:34
bod_its a comma23:35
bod_seeker ^^23:35
Seeker`I know there is a comma ther atm, but it doesn't sound quite right as I ma reading it23:35
bod_please check this, to understand               that comma needs to be removed23:36
Seeker` Please be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood. Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHtlpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question. Cheers!23:37
Seeker`That sounds better IMP23:38
Seeker`gah, my typing is rubbish tonight23:38
bod_i agree it is better23:38
Seeker`Now, is anyone able to change it?23:39
bod_i thought only priviliged ops could edit factoids?23:39
Seeker`bod_: that is correct. I was wondering if any of them are around,23:40
bod_oh, you havent changed it,.,.23:40
bod_mneptok, are you still about?23:41
Seeker`bod_: They dont let me play with the bots23:41
bod_Seeker`, theres probably a good reason for that ;~)23:41
LjL-Mobilei'm on a cellphone, don't ask me to find out how to copypaste :p23:44
Seeker`LjL-Mobile: Who else can edit the factoids?23:45
bod_LjL-Mobile, what? can anyone edit it23:46
Seeker`bod_: They let LjL play with the bots23:46
bod_thats because he's got a 3 letter name and bot is 3 letters,.,.see simple23:46
Seeker`Not sure it works like that, how do you explain ompaul23:47
ubotuompaul is well ompaul, don't get me started about that guy23:47
bod_like that23:47
LjL-Mobileseeker`: a few people. I'll poke one about it when one is around23:47
bod_LjL-Mobile, cheers23:47
Seeker`LjL-Mobile: cool.23:47
bod_my internet will be cut off in the next 10-20 mins ,.,.just a heads up23:48
LjL-Tempok paste the factoid again please23:50
ubotuPlease be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood, please check this, to understand how to ask 'good' questions: http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html  Cheers!23:51
bod_needs to read23:51
bod_Please be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood. Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHtlpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question. Cheers!23:51
LjL-Temp!goodquestion is <reply> Please be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood. Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHtlpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question. Cheers!23:52
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL-Temp23:52
LjL-Temp!no gq is <alias> goodquestion23:52
ubotuI'll remember that LjL-Temp23:52
Seeker`ah, there is a typo in the URL23:52
bod_url needs to be     http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html23:53
Seeker` !goodquestion is <reply> Please be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood. Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question. Cheers!23:53
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, Seeker` said:  !goodquestion is <reply> Please be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood. Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question. Cheers!23:53
LjL-Temp!no goodquestion is <reply> Please be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood. Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question. Cheers!23:53
ubotuI'll remember that LjL-Temp23:53
bod_yep,.all seems to work ,.,.cheers23:54
bod_LjL-Temp, thanks alot,.,.23:55
LjL-Tempi was missing a real keyboard anyway23:56
Seeker`LjL-Temp: How did you get hold of one?23:56
LjL-TempSeeker`: i have a laptop, but dialup is pretty expensive for just idling around on irc (which GSM is pay-by-traffic so as long as y'all aren't oververbose :P)23:57
Seeker`TLA FTW23:58
bod_TLA FTW?? please un abreviate for the less-knowledgeable23:58
LjL-Tempthree letters acronyms for the win23:59
bod_thankin you23:59

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