kgoetzanyone tried dual booting Solaris10 and Ubuntu?02:46
kgoetzon Sparc, fwiw02:46
jjessenot that i know... personally don't have a sparc box to play with02:52
kgoetzwe just got one here, and we were hoping to play with both systems. gues i'll have to try it and see02:53
faulkes-I can't imagine it would be any more difficult than dual booting OSX/ubuntu on ppc02:54
faulkes-which isn't terribly difficult02:54
faulkes-granted, apples/oranges there on arch's02:54
faulkes-still, the ubuntu team is usually fairly good at making those things painless03:04
rhineheart_m anybody here who could recommend a reliable and fast nameserver?05:20
rhineheart_mScott: can you point to me a best guide on how to configure bind9 server?05:46
foorhineheart_m: Best is subjective, a simple good should get you what you want :)05:49
rhineheart_mfoo: thanks foo... but what are you using?05:49
sommerrhineheart_m: here's the development guide for bind9: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/server/C/dns.html05:50
sommercovers setting up a caching nameserver as well as primary and secondary master servers05:51
rhineheart_msommer: I got this error right after I installed bind905:51
kgoetzKamping_Kaiser: see sommer link above05:53
foorhineheart_m: ah, I'm using bind9 ... that's where it's at, hands down05:56
rhineheart_mreally? wow that's great05:56
rhineheart_mIs Kamping_Kaiser here?05:57
foorhineheart_m: Yup :)05:57
AtomicSparkhi there06:17
AtomicSparkwell nice of you to say so06:22
kgoetzi'm going to not get offended by that06:23
kgoetzas i'm going to assume good faith06:23
AtomicSparktell me, does the LAMP install of 6.06 set up any users for sql?06:23
kgoetzi dont know06:24
kgoetzbut i dont expect it would06:25
AtomicSparkso what benefits, if any, does the LAMP server option do? i thought it made it easier.06:26
kgoetzit installs a lamp stack, which i would assume is a benefit. what exact benefit i dont know, as i havent used that install option06:27
AtomicSparkthey should have a command-line wizard or something. that would be unique.06:28
AtomicSparkoh well. i had trouble installing just mysql, this lamp option might prove useful.06:30
rhineheart_mcan anybody here recommend webmin?06:39
kgoetz!tell rhineheart_m about webmin06:40
AtomicSparkalthough i use ssh for most of my server commands, it does have its uses.06:41
AtomicSparkconfiguring websites, mysql, etc.06:41
rhineheart_mfoo: yeah.. it's easier there to add databases than ssh right?06:41
rhineheart_mAtomicSpark: do you use ISPConfig?06:42
AtomicSparkrhineheart_m: never heard of it. is it a addon (whatever they call it) for webmin?06:42
rhineheart_mAtomicSpark: nope.. It's a web interface utility for servers like webmin06:43
AtomicSparkah. webmin is a web interface though. :P06:48
AtomicSparkokay. i'm lost. how do i create a user in mysql? its CREATE USER user [IDENTIFY BY [PASSWORD] 'password'] ... Explain how to use that.06:49
kgoetzCREATE USER fred IDENTIFIED BY 'randomstring';06:49
kgoetzalso ask in #mysql for any guides to using it06:49
rhineheart_mAtomicSpark: I thought you're using webmin.. it simplier there.. you try..06:50
AtomicSparki don't have it installed on this machine. just a local VM to test sql statements on.06:51
kgoetztry phpmyadmin if you need a gui for mysql06:52
kgoetzdont use webmin. its evil06:52
rhineheart_mkgoetz: are you ubuntu developer?06:52
kgoetzrhineheart_m: no06:53
* AtomicSpark <3 phpmyadmin06:53
rhineheart_mkgoetz: okay...have you tried using webmin?06:53
kgoetzrhineheart_m: a long time ago06:54
rhineheart_mkgoetz: you try their latest version before you say that06:54
kgoetzrhineheart_m: why? i dont have to cut my arm to know its going to hurt06:54
rhineheart_mkgoetz: in a local machine if you like...tell me why you don't like webmin?06:55
rhineheart_mkgoetz: you must have a bad experience with it in the past06:55
foorhineheart_m: hm, easier than adding databases than ssh? Hmm06:56
rhineheart_mfoo: yeah! I found it easier. And in fact you could view/monitor the status of your box there..06:57
foorhineheart_m: Adding databases, you mean, mysql databases?06:57
rhineheart_mkgoetz: I tried the latest version of ebox and almost ruin my box06:57
rhineheart_mfoo: good thing I was able to reverse the process06:58
kgoetzrhineheart_m: bad experiances, like hours wasted on irc helping people who had broken their configs using webmin is the main cause...06:58
rhineheart_mkgoetz: I see.. they broke their configs since they don't know much about configurations I supposed..06:59
kgoetzebox i cant comment on (past i dont like the look of it)06:59
rhineheart_mkgoetz: what is lacking in webmin is the support06:59
kgoetzwhat is lacking in webmin is leaving the configs human changeable06:59
kgoetzsafely changing files, using debconf, actual security and probably a whole lot more06:59
rhineheart_mwhat i love in webmin..they have file manager07:00
rhineheart_myou could easily move, copy, and a lot more. that pertains to file manipulation07:00
* kgoetz shudders07:01
kgoetzluckily for me, its the end of the work day :)07:01
kgoetzcatch you all tomorrow07:01
rhineheart_mokay.. have a wonderful evening07:01
henkjanhmm, just installed ebox on my (hardy) workstation09:04
RainCT_schoolDo you know of any tutorial explaining how to properly setup shared hosting on an Ubuntu machine?09:16
henkjanRainCT_school: http://www.debuntu.org/2006/02/22/7-virtual-hosting-using-apache-209:17
RainCT_schoolhenkjan: thanks09:23
RainCT_schooluhm.. well, not much I didn't know09:25
henkjanwell. whats your question then?09:25
RainCT_schoolI want to have different users on the system that have each their webspace to which they can upload with sftp09:26
RainCT_schoolif possible without having to add a config file for each user09:27
RainCT_school(ssh access might also be needed so if it explains how to limit their access to their home directory (and those of their scripts) even better)09:27
henkjansftp chroot is not easy atm09:28
henkjanthe scp-only package might be an option09:28
RainCT_schoolok, will look at it09:29
* RainCT_school has to go09:29
RainCT_schoolcya, thanks for your help :)09:29
henkjanthe OpenSSH project recently announced support for chroots in ssh, but i don't know if thats released alreayd09:29
_rubenhmm .. seems misdn support isnt avail on gutsy (and others) .. guess co-worker will have to roll a custom kernel and hope it'll work10:07
rhineheart_mhow to change user in ssh? example logged as root you will login as another user10:10
nijabarhineheart_m: to open a session with another user: use ssh user@serveraddress, to change user within a session, just use the su command10:38
Jorelhi, I need help in raid via software12:32
JorelSomeone help me?12:37
krautjust ask12:37
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)12:39
JorelSorry, then I am taking issue with raid1 on a server, it is with two hds satas of 160 gb .. In the installation are all running, the problem is that when I try to boot the server only with a hd he not start12:41
Jorelsorry for my ignorance, it is the first time that seeking help for irc. And also by the spelling errors that have in my sentences, because I do not have much knowledge in english, I am brazilian.12:44
faulkes-no need to apologize for your english, we have many people here who are not native english speakers12:49
faulkes-like the british folks12:49
* faulkes- runs 12:49
Jorelok. ;)12:49
* [miles] is English , living in Spain12:50
faulkes-is this software raid or hardware raid?12:50
Jorelsoftware raid12:50
[miles]Jorel, sí hablas Español... posiblemente puedo ayudar te12:50
henkjanJorel: did you remove the first harddisk?12:50
JorelHe usually starts with the two connected hds12:51
henkjanJorel: afaik the installer only writes grub, the bootloader to the first harddisk12:51
JorelThe grub is already installed in the two hds, I had to install the grub in the slave manually, but worked ..12:52
Jorelthe problem is to find after the grub, he tries to lift the systems as not think the two hds for him, after three minutes he enter into busybox, I see and I see it not mount a raid.12:54
Joreli am using the Ubuntu server 7.10 gustsy12:55
Jorelit used mdadm to mount the raid via software12:55
faulkes-is there anything useful reported in /var/log/kern.log or /var/log/syslog12:58
faulkes-if so, you might want to paste it to12:58
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)12:58
faulkes-you might also want to include your /boot/grub/menu.lst13:01
Jorelwait one minute ...13:03
Joreli am doing the process again, the log was too big and not found the exact place of massages boot it.13:13
faulkes-no problem13:17
mruizhi all13:17
faulkes-just look look for messages which related to the disks and raid devices13:17
faulkes-hi mruiz13:17
mruizhey faulkes-13:18
rhineheart_mwhat's the location of ImageMagick?13:20
Jorelthen, the hand sem kopiral the messages he sends pro monitor when you start only with a hd, and more in low and performed the command "cat /proc/mdadm"13:28
faulkes-one moment13:29
faulkes-mount: Cannot read /etc/fstab: No such file or directory13:30
faulkes-that would be typically, a very bad(tm) thing13:30
faulkes-Not sure how best to help you, I would say boot via a rescue cd and start checking the system configs13:31
JorelIt is because the fstab would dento of /etc/fstab that is the md1, as he not mounted the raid ..13:32
faulkes- /etc/fstab (make sure it actually exists) and there also appears to be an isue with modprobe not finding a module or an incorrect setting13:32
JorelI found another mistake here .. But this was me .. I will have to restore the image of the boot initramfs. ;)13:33
Jorelnoticed that when he is unable to start.. It does not generate nothing and no kern.log and not in the syslog13:41
Joreli will try to raise the system only with a hd again to see if it has another message13:42
Jorelwhat i was seeing in some forums was that inside /etc/initramfs/scripts  or ../hook some script on mdadm.. something with respect to no-degraded and degraded .. and this facility has nothing appropriate .. does have some relationship?13:45
faulkes-I can't say for sure, I'm not a raid guy in here, I'm unsure who to point you to for additional help13:50
faulkes-again, any log information you can post might give me additional ideas on where to look for information13:50
Jorelit was a problem in the same initramfs, a the process of starting the system with a hd only, and returned another status in /proc/mdadm, but the message remained the same over...13:52
Jorelwhat i understand he feels a hd, could even mount a raid, but for some reason he did not mount13:54
faulkes-morning mathiaz13:59
mathiazmornin' faulkes-13:59
mruizheya mathiaz13:59
mathiazhi mruiz13:59
Jorelthis is complicated server. =/14:03
Jorelthe problem that I stuck to the Ubuntu server because it is higher than the kernel 2.6.20 ... why do I need kernel of a superior to recognize that the chipset of the motherboard which is a ICH914:05
JorelOther distros not recognize neither the cdrom. :)14:05
faulkes-for those who just joined, Jorel is having issues with a raid setup14:07
faulkes-it's a bit beyond me at this point, so if anyone can offer additional thoughts, by all means14:08
Jorelthanks faulkes-14:09
LupusNoctisanyone know if Server 7.10 will automount USB flash drives?  or the commands for safe mounting/dismounting ?14:10
Jorelis the ubuntu hardy solve my problem .. had seen him speak .. but was not interested ein test it, but as made a week that tou with this server stopped .. any alternative already helps me..14:22
JhoeAnd nobody knows what can do to solve my problem?14:51
JhoeI am the Jorel which was now little here, I do not know why it did not return to my old nickname15:00
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Jorelsomeone already had a problem to boot the system in raid1 with only one disc?16:39
LupusNoxWhat remote administration utilities are recommended for use with Ubuntu Server 7.10?   something beyond the command line, as this system will have some non-CLI savvy admins.  Primarily this server is used as a RADIUS server, with DialupAdmin to handle that side of things, as well as a MySQL server17:22
jjessei know at least for 8.04 that is recommended17:27
LupusNoxit run properly in 7.10 ?17:27
jjessedon't know i haven't tried17:28
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sommerheh... I was just wondering if anyone has ever added a smily to the comments in a script?18:23
sommerI just had a strange impulse to18:23
LupusNoxIs there a guide, or some further information, on getting ubuntu setup as a RADIUS server?  I'm looking to use the FreeRadius product, it's lsited in the apt-get modules, but some of the items don't appear to be installing correctly, specifically the dialup-admin  helper for freeradius18:24
LupusNoxdo eet!18:24
LupusNoxyou know someone's going to be looking at those commends18:24
sommerLupusNox: heh will do... not sure about the FreeRadius question though18:26
LupusNoxthis is my first time in a long while trying to set up a Linux server for anything complex18:27
LupusNoxtrying to swing back into the Linux camp, give the clients that want to avoid MS licensing an option18:27
Jorelto whom I was accompanying, also not satisfied with the installation of ubuntu 8.04 hardy =(18:38
LupusNoxdid it kill your dog?  call you a bad name?  ;)18:40
JorelLupusNox, it is with me?18:54
LupusNoxWere you trying the new new version 8?  or 7.0418:55
Jorelyes, new version18:55
Jorelyou come to follow my problem?18:56
LupusNoxI don't know much about the new version releasing in April18:56
LupusNoxstill fighting with 7.10 myself18:56
Jorelsee http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57576/18:58
Joreli am taking issue with raid1, at the time that simulate the failure of a disk he does not boot the system ...18:59
mathiazkirkland: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cyrus-sasl219:14
mathiazkirkland: http://merges.ubuntu.com/c/cyrus-sasl2/19:17
mathiazkirkland: http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/c/cyrus-sasl2/cyrus-sasl2_2.1.22.dfsg1-18/changelog19:18
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henkjanzul: is ipv6 supported in ebox network configuration?20:33
Jeeves_Hi there!20:34
zulhenkjan, no idea you might to check with the ebox developers I dont acutally use it myself20:34
henkjanzul: ah, today i installed ebox on my workstation, after configuring network with ebox i lost my ipv6 addres20:35
zulhenkjan, the one from the archive or my ppa?20:36
henkjanebox: Installed: 0.11-0ubuntu1~ppa120:37
zulhenkjan: can you talk to the ebox developers on #ebox?20:37
Jeeves_henkjan: Are you sure you didn't just lose it for a while20:38
Jeeves_Because of networking restart and waiting for another advertisement?20:38
henkjanJeeves_: i'm not sure. How fast is ipv6 autoconf?20:39
Jeeves_Depends how it's configured :)20:39
henkjanen afaik the linklocal adres also disappeared20:39
Jeeves_Hmm, that's strange20:39
* Jeeves_ is testing LTS-Upgrade ...20:47
* nijaba waves21:00
* Jeeves_ waves back, not knowing who he's waving at21:01
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Jeeves_That upgrade pretty much broke stuff :)21:56
aehgt1I didn't want to butt in on the meeting, but on the issue of forum questions being directed to non-official documentation, perhaps it may be possible to use faulkes' forum stats tool regex to provide 'related official documentation' type links?22:01
faulkes-nealmcb suggested the very same thing22:02
* Jeeves_ asks a newby question... Where's the forum22:02
faulkes-I am investigating it22:02
aehgt1ah, cool.22:02
Jeeves_What were those 'hosting issues' mentioned in the meeting?22:03
faulkes-because it is an ubuntu based survey, we would like it hosted by the ubuntu.com domain22:08
faulkes-rather than something external22:08
faulkes-if it was merely a case of a web host, I have several with sufficient bandwidth we could use22:08
nijabafaulkes-: me too... I proposed that and it is part of the discussion22:09
nijababut we'll have it fixed soon :)22:09
* faulkes- nods22:09
faulkes-I leave it in your capable hands o'god of teaching me bzr ;)22:10
faulkes-damn you for forcing me to think ;)22:10
faulkes-for those not in the meeting22:11
faulkes-http://ubuntu.oss-mgmt.com/ are the stats I'm working on22:11
Jeeves_faulkes-: I saw them, quite nice22:11
faulkes-it's not purtified yet with all that css jazz and what not, but all suggestions and comments are welcome22:12
faulkes-especially on classifications, terms, display issues22:12
faulkes-btw, it is running on a constant basis, so those aren't static stats, they update currently every 5 min22:14
aehgt1looks fine here in opera 9.2622:14
Jeeves_Q: I just used do-release-upgrade -d to upgrade from dapper to hardy (for testing). When configuring Grub, I could not ask for a diff of menu.lst. Should I file a bug for Grub, of update-manager-core ?22:16
faulkes-well, one likely change will be addition of top links, so you don't have to scroll all the way through to find a particular section22:16
aehgt1I'm not sure, perhaps try #ubuntu-devel?22:21
faulkes-beyond me22:21
* faulkes- is still a newbie22:21
faulkes-well, in the sense of ubuntu process familiarity22:22
faulkes-hmmm, I need food22:22
aehgt1yeah, breakfast is a plan22:24
Jeeves_Well, i'm going to bed!22:24
Jeeves_See ya22:24
aehgt1lol, cya22:25
rezman7whats up22:35
aehgt1not much, just working.. and lurking22:36
aehgt1how about yourself?22:36
rezman7trying to figure out my scsi raid22:36
aehgt1what's up with it?22:37
rezman7well i have a compaq proliant array RA400022:37
rezman7fiber to my server22:37
rezman7im trying to figure out how to et ubunto to detect it22:38
rezman7im a noob22:38
rezman7when it comes to ubuntu server22:38
aehgt1I haven't done a whole lot of fibre with ubuntu.22:39
aehgt1How far along do you get before it fails/you get stuck?22:39
faulkes-what adaper?22:39
rezman7well, thats the part, i just got it yesterday22:39
rezman7i think i need adapter drivers22:39
rezman71 sec, ill get the adapter out22:39
rezman7its a22:44
rezman7FRU 06p370922:44
rezman7i looked it up on google, and it says in an ethernet adapter22:45
faulkes-any vendor name on it?22:46
aehgt1it's an IBM22:46
aehgt1the RA4000 is FCAL though22:46
rezman7u know what22:46
rezman7i have another fiber card right next to me22:46
rezman7came with the array22:46
rezman7by compaq22:46
rezman7can u guys please explain to me like what fcal and all that means22:47
rezman7best way to learn is by asking :)22:47
aehgt1FCAL - Fiber Channel/Arbitrated Loop22:48
aehgt1it's a fibre specific network protocol22:48
rezman7ah yes22:48
rezman7ill go test this other card out22:49
aehgt1rezman7: You might also want to have a look at this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cpqfc22:54
faulkes-http://tinyurl.com/289p8j is the ibm page on that adapter, or at least listing the FRU22:55
faulkes-iirc I saw something about the driver being depricated and to look at linux bonding22:57
aehgt1I'm not sure about the driver, it was mentioned on a page that google found for me and looked promising22:58
aehgt1I believe that the ibm adapter is ethernet over fiber whereas the compaq card is fibre-channel22:58
* faulkes- nods22:59
faulkes-although not ubuntu specific (or supported that I know of) there is http://www.open-fcoe.org/23:01
faulkes-a fibre channel over ethernet project for linux23:01
faulkes-all depends on what connections he needs I guess23:02
aehgt1on rezman's specific issue, here's a page of specs for his array box: http://din-tech.e717.net/product/ra4000.htm23:02
aehgt1He'll need the compaq adapter by the look of it23:02
aehgt1SCSI internal, FC-AL external23:03
* faulkes- nods23:03
aehgt1I've only ever used those boxes with enterprise boxes & os's, not with ubuntu23:03
aehgt1left the co before I got around to playing23:04
faulkes-we used to do FC to dell boxes running linux at a previous company23:04
faulkes-never got around to dealing with the DLx series stuff we had though23:05
faulkes-but that was a long long time ago, in a company far far away23:05
aehgt1hah, know the feeling23:06
* nijaba need to run, see you later23:06
aehgt1nijaba: cya23:06
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slsHi, I am installing ubuntu over a nework. I have setup a preseed file that only indicates to grab files from my internal server... however the installer refuses to do so... it goes out on the internet anyhow and gets the install files.. this is slow... what is wrong?!23:30
sls d-i     apt-setup/hostname      string
slsthat is not wrong is it?23:32
kgoetzwhat files?23:33
slsit goes to us.ubuntu whatever anyhow...23:33
slsall the setup files23:33
slsthe udeb and *.deb23:33
slsI am booting without issue from PXE23:33
slsand it correctly grabs my preseed file from my web server23:34
slsDoes someone have a working example of a preeseed file for internal data center use?23:35
slsdoes anyone knnow about ubuntu and unattended deployment using preeseed files on this list?23:50

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