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brycetjaalton: here's a synaptics patch that looks like it'd be worth uploading - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfree86-driver-synaptics/+bug/18439808:18
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tjaaltonbryce: ok08:25
brycetjaalton: oh btw, I've now got the xrandr gui ready to go -- http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Testing/XrandrGui/08:26
brycethere's debs there if you'd like to test it08:26
brycepending review from seb128, and maybe some minor code cleanups, I think it's ready for upload08:27
tjaaltonbryce: cool, I'll try on my laptop08:27
brycesave your work before you test ;-)08:27
seb128bryce: btw the gtk changes don't seem to be required, right?08:29
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* jcristau laughs at fglrx17:06
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Ngtjaalton: just updated to new kernels and X drivers and all seems well :)18:23
tjaaltonNg: nice :)18:45
bryceheya, morning!18:45
tjaaltonmorning bryce 18:45
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brycehi seb12820:15
seb128hey bryce20:17
seb128bryce: the gnome-desktop changes are not trivial 20:17
seb128I'm wondering if that really makes sense to have there or if we should have a new lib20:18
bryceperhaps longer term, but I'm not sure there is time to do that right now20:19
seb128I'm not sure we should have that many changes there now20:20
seb128is the new capplet something really useful?20:20
brycehmm, well if you have time for setting up a new library and getting it into main, ok20:21
bryceyes, for configuring multiple monitors20:21
seb128is that a common usecase?20:21
seb128I would tend to be conservative and delay that to next cycle20:21
brycethere is very strong interest in this by users, and we have tons of bug reports against xorg and displayconfig-gtk that they cannot do this already using displayconfig-gtk20:22
seb128having a new lib would be harder and those changes are likely to land upstream somewhere so that could create conflicts20:22
jcristauseb128: everyone uses two monitors these days :)20:22
seb128jcristau: I'm not everyone apparently ;-)20:23
seb128I'm not a luser and have several boxes20:23
seb128but I've no dual screen config20:23
bryceit's also used for laptop + projector use cases20:23
seb128and I don't know of anybody out of work who has20:23
seb128bryce: ok, I'll test the changes and upload if there is no issue on the basis that's something we want and that fedora guys likely know what they are doing20:25
seb128and we can drop those if required20:25
bryceok thanks20:25
seb128you are welcome20:26
pwnguinevery computer in our linux lab has dual monitors21:12
pwnguinof course, they run gentoo ;)21:12
tormodanyone want to help debug bug #101943? I have gdb attached to compiz.real and Xorg and they're both exploding in RAM in some kind of ping-pong.22:15
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