IronSid3estou rodadno pela primeira ves o cd live 64 no meu pc,quero instalar,qual o nome do formato de arquivo que o ubuntu trabalha?tentei resiserfs mas nao deu!00:00
ally_xoxoxothe error message i get is, "Expected was model "pc101", layout "us" and no options, but the the following settings were found: model "pc105", layout "us" and no options."00:00
Squawkbod_, if that was the case, you could never get root access (and believe me, you can)00:00
Jahromeowhat is the command to go back a dir, cd.. dont work00:00
chris_dbod_: After 'sudo su -', whoami shows 'root'.00:00
nickrud_bod_: after you do that, do   env | sort : see who you are00:00
mneptok!pt > IronSid300:00
beautifulsnow!es > IronSid300:00
chris_dJahromeo: cd ..00:00
bod_chris_d, correct, but the name on the gui still reads bod not root00:00
bluewraithJahromeo: cd ..  forgot the space00:00
chris_dJahromeo: Don't forget the space.00:00
ally_xoxoxoany ideas?00:00
bod_Squawk, just tried and it asked for a password,,.,. your only root in the terminal00:00
chris_dbod_: But you are root in that terminal window.00:00
IronSid3mneptok: ?00:00
Squawkbod_, of course, where else would you be root?00:01
mneptok!pt | IronSid300:01
ubotuIronSid3: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:01
bod_chris_d, ^^^^ ;~)00:01
Jahromeoahhh k missing the space , thanks guys00:01
Squawkbod_, nobodoy is stupid enough to actualy login to hte box as root00:01
IronSid3qual o formato de arquivos do ubunto?ext1, ext2, ext3 ou reiserfs?00:01
madp3ngu1nhey i use limewire for windows xp,i was wondering what can i use for ubuntu thats like it?00:01
mneptok!pt | IronSid3 (last hint)00:01
chris_dSquawk: You would be well and truly surprised.00:01
ubotuIronSid3 (last hint): Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:01
nickrud_Squawk: don't every say that, there are way too many00:01
bluewraithsquawk: "nobody" is a very broad statement....00:01
bod_Squawk, lol,.,. ive seen people ask about it in here,.,.;~)00:01
ally_xoxoxomadp3nguln they have liemwire/frostwire for ubuntu00:01
IronSid3ubotu:  obrigado00:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about obrigado - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:01
Squawkchris_d, nickrud_, bluewraith, bod_ heh, hmm worrying. I spose people still put . in there path too00:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about shadow - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:02
nickrud_Squawk: of course they do00:02
bod_Squawk, what do you mean? like /home/.bod    ??00:02
icesword!shadow user00:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about shadow user - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:02
wernecknickrud_: well... I read those docs a dozen times, but just found it there... it's "d-i apt-setup/use_mirror boolean false"... thanks00:02
bashirwhat is the command to open a .jar file?00:03
Squawkbod_, you put . in your path and if you happen to type the name of an executable file thats in the current directory, bobs your unble, its executed00:03
beautifulsnowWhich version is the most recent: gutsy or hardy?  O_o00:03
siph0nhey, does anyone have any experience with an ADA compiler (gnat) and ubuntu? i got it from synaptic, but dont know how to compile my adb file from it00:03
Squawkbod_, don't00:03
bod_Squawk, ok,. cool,.,.thanks for the info,.,.;~)00:03
bashirplease help00:03
nickrud_!ask | bashir00:03
ubotubashir: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:03
Squawknickrud_, he did ask, he asked about .jar files00:03
bod_bashir, google is your friend00:03
bashirhow do i open a .jar file00:04
nickrud_Squawk: ah, missed that.00:04
Squawkbashir, i never heard of .jar, so find out what application creates one00:04
nickrud_it's java. Don't use java myself00:04
hischildSquawk, that would be a java file00:04
mneptokbashir: what are you trying to do?00:04
bashirits for the java runtime enviornment00:04
bod_bashir, try using firefox?00:04
void^bashir: java -jar foo.jar, or unzip00:04
bluewraithbashir: a quick google popped this up http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/redhat-fedora-linux-help/25239-how-unpack-jar-files-linux.html00:05
* bod_ wonders if there is a 'google is your friend' factoid?00:05
PhotocopyWhere can I get libatk1.0-udeb for gutsy?00:05
bod_Photocopy, repo?00:06
ubotuGoogle is a very popular search engine: http://www.google.com  -  Google also has a Linux-specific search engine: http://google.com/linux00:06
Photocopybod_: Not in there00:06
bod_Photocopy, ok00:06
mneptokPhotocopy: apt-get install libatk1.0-000:06
bluewraithbashir: and upon reading that... it looks like its not as helpful as the title may lead it to be. sorry about that00:06
mneptokPhotocopy: (and it is there) ;)00:06
Squawkhischild, thanks, never worked with java00:06
Photocopymneptok: Im looking for libatk1.0-udeb00:06
bod_beautifulsnow, i was thinkin more of one that tells people to use oogle (not just informing them of its exixtence)00:06
nickrud_Photocopy: probably have to find it on the cd00:06
bassoHow the heck can i mount my 3 ntfs discs in ubuntu?00:07
beautifulsnowbod_ change topic maybe ^_^00:07
Photocopynickrud_: Arent those things in the repos though?00:07
bashiri did it once in an older isntall, i know it can be done00:07
nickrud_Photocopy: or archive.ubuntu.com/pool00:07
* bod_ ;~)00:07
Squawkbasso, mount -t ntfs partition directory00:07
nickrud_Photocopy: no, they're installation debs, not regular ones00:07
Squawkbasso: (put sudo infront of that)00:07
iceswordwhat will this command do"sudo passwd -l root"00:07
bassohow do i know the partion directory?00:07
bod_basso, ntfs3g00:07
Photocopynickrud_: I dont even understand you anyway00:07
nickrud_icesword: locks the root password00:07
bod_!ntfs3g | basso00:08
ubotubasso: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions00:08
=== maco_ is now known as macogw
nickrud_Photocopy: udebs are special debs designed to be used during installation only00:08
hischildSquawk, no problem. I might not know it all, but i try to help where i can :-)00:08
bassoUbuntu 7.10 comes with an NTFS driver and mounts NTFS partitions by default.00:08
Squawkbasso, the directory is any directory you want (maybe /media/windows1 /media/windows2 and /media/windows3. The partitions themselves look in fdisk00:08
iceswordnickrud_, that means i cannot use su become root,right00:08
bod_basso, ntfs3g  will make your life alot easier then doing it manually00:09
beautifulsnow*Question*:  I attempted to install wmware but it failed, but now whenever I try to install ANY other applicaiton, apt-get tries to configure/reinstall(?) wnmare... how can I stop it?00:09
Squawkbasso, probably something like sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /media/windows1 (make windows1 with mkdir and check the partition id)00:09
Photocopynickrud_: http://packages.ubuntu.com/libatk1.0-udeb says libatk1.0-udeb is in the universe repos. I have it enabled and the package is not there.00:09
nickrud_icesword: yes. you can, however, use sudo -i to get the same results00:09
bod_beautifulsnow, sudo apt-get purge wmware00:09
vascohi all00:09
triorieelI have a white pixel on what appears to be the very top left of my screen and am wondering if anyone else gets this? (Ubuntu 7.10, compiz, gnome)00:09
bluewraithtriorieel: what kind of moniter do you have00:10
Squawknickrud_, would you be able to lock the root password like that?00:10
beautifulsnowbod_ E: Couldn't find package wmware00:10
nickrud_Photocopy: because it is not a standard deb. Only  .deb files will be visible to a apt-get00:10
random0nedoes ubuntu have a preferred log anonymizer/scruber00:10
triorieel^its software...screen shots show it00:10
vasconot me tri00:10
bod_beautifulsnow, use the name of the package (sorry)00:10
nickrud_Squawk: yes00:10
Scunizitriorieel, sounds like you have a dead pixel00:10
bluewraithtriorieel: ok. :)00:10
Squawknickrud_, scary (I aint gonna try it)00:10
beautifulsnowbod_ yeah I tried that and wmware-player, it says the same thing >_>00:10
bod_beautifulsnow, what command do you use to run the program?00:10
nickrud_Squawk: you're still able to use sudo just fine. Preferred setup, anyway00:10
Photocopynickrud_: The package im installing says I need it installed on my system...00:10
danand_Photocopy - try https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+package/libatk1.0-udeb00:10
bod_!info wmware00:11
ubotuPackage wmware does not exist in gutsy00:11
=== con-man_ is now known as con-man
Photocopydanand_: No, I guess I need teh libatk1.0-0 then right? Although the package im trying to install requires the udeb one..00:11
bluewraithtriorieel: do you have any themes installed?00:11
bod_!find wnmare00:11
beautifulsnowbod_  its a v, not a w ;______; lol *doh! moment*00:11
ubotuPackage/file wnmare does not exist in gutsy00:11
nickrud_Photocopy: that is very strange, it should be depending on debs not udebs. Unless it's for some micro distro maybe00:11
bod_!info vmware00:11
ubotuPackage vmware does not exist in gutsy00:11
danand_Photocopy - what package are you trying to install00:12
Squawknickrud_, I pretty much figure that ubuntu pushes sudo so hard to encourage windows users switching to linux not to work as root (an excellent idea btw). But personaly I dont like the idea of my user password (or one accessible to my normal account) being able to give me root privs00:12
triorieelbluewraith: what do you mean themes?00:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vmware-server - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:12
nickrud_bod_:  add   deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu gutsy partner   to your sources.list, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get  install vmware-server00:12
sjolshagHave a resolver issue where it's trying to also resolve host.remote.domain.local.domain when explicitly requesting the resolution of host.remote.domain. (including final dot)00:12
* bod_ laughs at nickrud's attempt to out bot me00:12
* bod_ damn!00:12
triorieelbluewraith: I turned on some compiz addons, but as for gnome themes and such, nope00:12
Photocopydanand: libgtk-directfb-2.0-0-udeb00:12
factotumAnyone know a good article or whatnot about setting up a LAMP on my Desktop so that I could use it to try out something like Joomla?00:12
bluewraithbluewraith: what color scheme is your desktop using? It might be a problem with images not fully covering at that one pixel00:12
swajbeautifulsnow, maybe try 'sudo apt-cache search vmware' to get the exact name?00:12
bluewraithtriorieel: was it there before compiz?00:12
bod_beautifulsnow, add   deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu gutsy partner   to your sources.list, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get  install vmware-server00:12
nickrud_bod_: I've suggested that as a factoid, until then I have it as a text replace ;)00:13
Squawktriorieel, not just a dead pixel on your monitor (guess out of left field)00:13
triorieelnot sure...I don't even know if I turned compiz on or if was turned on by default and I just enabled some extras00:13
bod_nickrud_, i think we need a better 'google is your friend' factoid ;~)00:13
beautifulsnowswaj figured out its vmware-server .... bod_ wiill try, thanks00:13
danand_Photocopy - what does that do?00:13
Scunizifactotum, easy.. download the server version and when installing it (in a VM or otherwise) it will ask if you want a lamp install.. say yes. 20 mins later you're ready to install joomla..00:13
triorieelSquawk: I have screenshots that shows the pixel00:13
YoThisBAlecAnyone else having a problem with linux-restricted-modules?00:13
nickrud_bod_: check my part message00:13
sjolshagNever mind. Seems to be a problem somewhere else, not ubuntu...00:13
Squawktriorieel, ouch, k00:13
bod_nickrud_, whats a part message?00:14
Photocopydanand_: libgtk-directfb-2.0-0-udeb     included in an archive downloaded form this page      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/global_menu#deb       which said to install all the debs in the archive, it stuck on this one.00:14
nickrud_bod_: ah, you must have part/join messaged disabled00:14
bod_nickrud_, i see al the green (in) red (out) lines when people join and stuff00:14
nickrud_bod_: so, look at my part (out) message00:14
Scunizifactotum, of course if I missed the point of installing lamp on your current ubuntu machine that's a little different.00:14
Jahromeohow do i customize my taskbar to not get in the way of kiba -dock? - any tutorial to make it look good right now it looks stupid00:15
bod_nickrud_, ("http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#before")      ???   thats a good sort of site ,.,.has it a factoid ?00:15
nickrud_Jahromeo: generally people just remove the bottom panel when they run kiba dock00:15
|Prometheus|hi... can someone offer e a little help please.... Whenever I startup the system (Ie. After X Starts) Gimp loads twice... its a low ram system, so this is slowing everything down... its not listed in autostarted apps00:15
chuy_maxhi, is there an installer to install ubuntu with an encrypted filesystem?00:15
danand_Squawk - if your uncomfortable with sudo privs in your normal account then first create another user (say superme) and give that user sudo privs by adding the user to the admin group. then remove yourself from the admin group/00:15
Scunizifactotum, if you're already running ubuntu you can just install mysql and php5 and apache200:16
KuwangerIs there a reason why dpkg and synaptic don't have the same list of available packages?00:16
mneptokit's time to stop the discussion of sudo vs. root accounts. the topic is old, and belongs in -offtopic.00:16
YoThisBAlecAnyone else having a problem with linux-restricted-modules?  I just updated the kernel and now it's broken.00:16
Photocopydanand_: libgtk-directfb-2.0-0-udeb     included in an archive downloaded form this page      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/global_menu#deb       which said to install all the debs in the archive, it stuck on this one.00:16
triorieelbluewraith: I put 'Visual Effects' to none and the pixel is still there. (assuming none turns compiz off)00:17
Jahromeohow do i remve the panel nickrud?00:17
sarthor Hi, where can i get help about dvb setting on ubuntu? here or in some other chan??00:17
aimchangertriorieel: it could be your monitor00:17
triorieelaimchanger: screenshots show the pixel being white00:18
=== gizbot_ is now known as gizbot
bluewraithtriorieel: where is the pixel? top left?00:18
triorieelbluewraith: yes00:18
NW2190Hey, how can I avoid having to type my password in every time I want to access my hard drives?00:19
bassohow do i open folders as root?00:19
aimchangerBash script? I never have to through the GUI00:19
triorieelbluewraith: I have an lcd monitor which could be helping me notice it more.  I only noticed it when placing a fullscreen video (black edges)00:19
NW2190I've been using UUID's in fstab for a while and it worked fine, but now its asking for passwords again.00:19
Jahromeohow do i remve the panel as its in the way of my dock atm - any ideas?00:19
aimchangerbasso: sudo gnome-open FOLDER_PATH00:19
Scunizibasso why would you want to?00:19
Squawkdanand_, my initial question was just about initial root password after a clean install. After that the debate spred out a bit. This box is nicely tied down00:19
mneptokJahromeo: right click it00:20
bluewraithtriorieel: thats weird.... so its on top of all programs, yet its not a dead pixel?00:20
danand_Photocopy - hey sorry; was just looking at that page... wait one00:20
ere4siJahromeo, right click it00:20
nickrud_Jahromeo: right click the panel, and select remove (you may have to remove a few items on the panel to get access to the panel itself)00:20
bassocheck if i can write stuff to the ntfs discs00:20
Photocopydanand_: K sorry back to you for being impatient00:20
Jahromeoi cant removep anel :(00:20
Jahromeoits greyed out00:20
danand_Squawk - k00:20
triorieelbluewraith: I could send you screenshots of my normal desktop or something that has a black screen to show it00:20
mneptokSqawk / danand_: it's time to stop the discussion of sudo vs. root accounts. the topic is old, and belongs in -offtopic.00:20
odinsbanehas anybody gotten Real10 to work with ubuntu, or do they know another way to play rmvb files?00:21
Photocopydanand_: Im going to write down your name and reboot.. brb.00:21
aimchangerbasso: I think you have to install some program so you can see a NTFS partition00:21
bluewraithtriorieel: I belive you, even though curiosity is getting the better of me.00:21
odinsbaneMine is jerky, jerky ,jerky00:21
Jahromeoi right clicked -remove all, but i still cant remove the panel -- any ideas?00:21
aimchangerodinsbane: VLC doesn't work?00:21
bassoi have mounted it sucsessfully00:21
|Prometheus|hi... can someone offer e a little help please.... Whenever I startup the system (Ie. After X Starts) Gimp loads twice... its a low ram system, so this is slowing everything down... its not listed in autostarted apps00:21
bluewraithtriorieel: just trying to think of anything that might sit on top of all windows that would cause the white spot00:21
odinsbaneI haven't tried vlc00:21
mneptokJahromeo: did you right-click the panel and try "delete this panel?"00:21
aimchangerodinsbane: try installing VLC, it plays basically everything00:21
Squawkbasso: sudo ls -l /media/windows1/ to see whats in there and if its writeable00:22
nickrud_Jahromeo: is it the only panel on your screen?00:22
Jahromeoif i right click and try remove panel then nothing happens its greyed out and i have 0 apps on the panel anymore removed everything00:22
Jahromeokiba-dock is open00:22
mneptokJahromeo: did you right-click the panel and try **************** "delete this panel?" ******************00:22
mneptokJahromeo: not "remove" but "delete"00:22
Jahromeomneptok - there is no delete this panel , remove this panel is greyed out00:22
Jahromeoit wont let me00:22
nickrud_Jahromeo: you can't remove the last panel by right clicking it.00:22
aimchangertriorieel: sudo apt-get install vlc00:22
mneptokJahromeo: see nickrud_00:23
Jahromeowhere do i remove it under what option list?00:23
mneptokJahromeo: add a top panel and then remove the other00:23
nickrud_Jahromeo: so you want no gnome panels at all?00:23
Jahromeoblah shoulda mentioned its kde and kubuntu :P00:23
Jahromeothought i was in the other channel00:23
triorieelaimchanger: its not the media player,  I only noticed it playing a video because of the black areas (top bar doesn't give it the contrast to notice easily)00:23
* nickrud_ kicks Jahromeo all around the channel ;)00:23
beautifulsnow**Question: Was anyone here been able to the mac/global menu for gnome?00:23
bassoSquawk: I see bunch of stuff, and they are readable00:24
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mneptokJahromeo: if you'd like, i can ban you here and just forward you to #kubuntu ;) >:)00:24
Photocopydanand_: Anything?00:24
Squawkbasso, try man sudo, there is a command of some kind that lets you issue about 10 commands as root I think (might be more), but I dont know what it is00:24
aimchangertriorieel: Did ya install it?00:25
bassoit seems i can write to disk now00:25
danand_Photocopy - sorry - I cant find any reference to them packages on that page - your doing the global menu thing right?00:25
bassoHow can i share the disks over the network?00:25
aimchangerbasso: check out Samba00:25
bassoi only got ubuntu machines here00:25
triorieelaimchanger: vlc meaning videolan client.  nope00:25
swajbasso:  samba if you want to share with Windows boxes00:25
Scunizibasso cifs00:26
felixanybody here from japan?00:26
bassono windowsboxes.. only ubuntu here00:26
triorieelaimchanger: I will if you honestly think it would fix it00:26
requetenshola a todos, me podeis ayudar un disco duro externo plis? me da la siguiente salida -->  mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/externo -o force00:26
requetens    Or add the option to the relevant row in the /etc/fstab file:00:26
requetens            /dev/sda1 /media/externo ntfs-3g defaults,force 0 000:26
aimchangertriorieel: yeah, it plays a lot of different formats of media. run the command: sudo apt-get install vlc00:26
Photocopydanand_: Yes, read the installation instructions part. those tar.gz archives arent package, they're archives, or at least i can say the second one is, its full of about 10 debs, all of which installed but the one... Note how installation instructions section says to install all teh debs? Thats what it must mean00:26
swajbasso:  samba is stil good for network sharing, even with only linux boxes, but you might try nfs too.  I don't have much experience with it, but I've heard it's fairly good.00:26
aimchangertriorieel: I mean basically you just want to play a certain type of video or audio file right? Chances are, VLC supports it00:27
odinsbaneWell VLC is installed and it says it is playing00:27
aimchangertriorieel: theres no harm in trying it. If you still don't want it, just uninstall it00:27
odinsbaneI have sound but no video.00:27
triorieelaimchanger: I installed it.  but I am not having issues with playing videos.  I am seeing a white pixel in gnome00:27
triorieelaimchanger: without playing video etc..00:28
aimchangerOh my bad. I meant for that to go to odinsbane. Sorry.00:28
aimchangerodinsbane: try googling for a codec for that extension. What is it again?00:28
bluewraithanyone know where to get kiba-dock? sourceforge lists no files to dl00:28
Scunizibluewraith, http://www.kiba-dock.org/00:29
danand_Photocopy - ok - sorry i was just waiting for that to download - got in now00:29
liddokunwus up ppls00:29
Photocopydanand_: And you see what I mean right?  I guess it patches gtk... maybe thats why they are udebs?00:29
bluewraithscunizi: i may be stupid, but i dont see any download links?00:29
danand_Photocopy - s/in/it00:29
aimchangerodinsbane: Try mPlayer. its like VLC, but supports some different types I guess.00:29
aimchangerodinsbane: try this link: http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/07/27/how-to-play-rmvb-files-in-ubuntu/00:30
danand_Photocopy - have you install the actual libgtk-directfb-2.0-0_2.12.0-1ubuntu3.1_i386.deb first?00:30
Scunizibluewraith, well at a quick glance they mentioned a new server on sourceforge.. http://www.kiba-dock.org/00:30
Jahromeook seriously who knows how to disable kicker - the kubuntu panel - apparently nobody in kubuntu does00:30
Photocopydanand_: I really dont know, but about half those debs said they required something that was already listed as installed in synaptic, then when i checked they were all already installed themselves00:30
* liddokun be back00:31
Scunizibluewraith, posted the same link. check out the text on the page and you'll see the link00:31
danand_Photocopy - how are you trying to install those debs?00:31
Cain_anyone know of a chat client to try out besides Xchat...just want to look around a bit00:31
Photocopydanand_: The one in teh archive wouldnt install, it said i needed libgtk-2.0-0 which is listed as installed in synaptic, then i searched libgtk-directfb-2.0-0 and it said that was already installed00:32
bluewraithscunizi: yes, it takes me to sf, but under "downloads" lists nothing?00:32
Photocopydanand_: Double click in nautilus, bringing them up in gdebi.00:32
aimchangerCain_: Gaim, LostIRC, Loqui,  IRSSI, WeeChat00:32
aimchangeror for Kubuntu: Konversation, KvIRC, Kopete00:32
Photocopyaimchanger: Gaim = pidgin now, but I bet you already know... just a good idea to be as right as possible00:32
triorieelbluewraith: Ive closed all programs in gnome except Xchat (loaded it up after noticing problem) and its still there. ctrl+alt+F1 doesn't show the pixel so it is something gnome.  If you don't experience it where should I go from here?00:32
aimchangerPhotocopy: Yeah, just too lazy to type it haha00:33
Scunizibluewraith, To check out kiba-dock from the Sourceforge server run:00:33
Scunizisvn co https://kibadock.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/kibadock/trunk kiba00:33
ScuniziYou will find all kiba related Software in the kiba Directory.00:33
vwduderanyone else notice _bsddb.so is missing from python2.5 on todays hardy updates?00:34
vwduderimport bsddb will fail a horrible death00:34
bluewraithscunizi: thanks. i was thinking there was going to be a tarball or something to dl...00:34
nickrudvwduder: ask about it in #ubuntu+100:34
vwdudernickrud: ah thanks00:34
danand_Photocopy - think you may already have some of those packages installed _but_ older versions. try dpkg -l | grep libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev and see what output (if any) you ger00:35
l_vagnozzii've installed new ati driver. but compiz don't work... Desktop effects could not be enabled00:35
danand_Photocopy - *get00:35
Daniel3I need help with my desktop00:35
yo__how do i install drivers in ubuntu?00:35
Daniel3every time i try to move a file on it it gives me an error message00:36
Daniel3Error while copying to "/home/daniel/Desktop".You do not have permissions to write to this folder.00:36
Photocopyii  libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev                    2.12.0-1ubuntu3                      Development files for the GTK+ library - Dir00:36
danand_yo__ - you insert driver/modules into the kernel with the modprobe command00:36
circuitslooking for some help with circuits in latex? any suggestions would greatly be apperciated00:36
Daniel3i have admin priviliges i think00:36
yo__how do i install a driver in ubuntu?00:36
yo__im totally noob00:36
Daniel3i am the only user on my box00:36
yo__gimme a string to type in or something lol00:37
danand_yo__ - :)00:37
cherwinyo__: http://www.google.com00:37
danand_yo__ - what are you trying to do?00:37
yo__istall broadcom drivers00:37
yo__so that internet will work00:37
Daniel3every time i try to move a file on it it gives me an error message: Error while copying to "/home/daniel/Desktop".You do not have permissions to write to this folder.00:38
danand_yo__ - ok. Do you know the name of the module/driver you wish to install?00:38
triorieelDoes anyone who has an lcd monitor take a look at the very top left pixel and tell me what video card you have and if the pixel is white (may be hard if your top bar is whitish)00:38
Photocopydanand_: Anything?00:39
cherwinyo__: ubuntu should have standard support for that network card00:39
Daniel3every time i try to move a file on my desktop it gives me an error message: Error while copying to "/home/daniel/Desktop".You do not have permissions to write to this folder.00:39
l_vagnozzii've installed new ati driver. but compiz don't work... Desktop effects could not be enabled wath can i do?00:39
yo__well it doesn't00:39
feierfoxwaiting for ibex.00:39
archmanyo__: what does lspci says?00:39
cherwinyo__: try to extract the firmware from a windows driver witch bcm43xx-cutter00:40
yo__i dunno00:40
yo__how do i do that?00:40
cherwinyo__: and copy it to /lib/firmware00:40
archmanin terminal enter lspci -n00:40
Photocopydanand_: I guess I can't install anything unless its from synaptic... Thanks anyway00:40
danand_yo__ - cool. in a terminal type sudo modprobe bcm43xx. afterwards type lsmod | grep bcm43xx. if you get some output (should be one line or so) you've installed the module00:40
yo__command not found00:40
danand_Photocopy - did you try that dpkg command?00:41
archmanprobably on 08:danand: yea but ndiswrapper it works better00:41
Photocopydanand_: Yes and I said the output twice...00:41
archmanyo__: try sudo lspci -n00:41
Photocopydanand_: ii  libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev                    2.12.0-1ubuntu3                      Development files for the GTK+ library - Dir00:41
yo__after i do that00:42
danand_Photocopy - you gotta use my nick otherwise i don't see it :) - sorry00:42
yo__the keyboard becomes inactive and i cant put in the password00:42
archmanit doesn't matter, just enter the password00:42
Photocopydanand_: I highlight every time i say something directly to someone. I know. And according to my log, I did that.00:43
liddokunenter waht password00:43
=== explodingferret is now known as ferret
liddokunim totlally lost00:43
archmanroot password00:43
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:43
Photocopydanand_: actually, nevermind that bit, it followed a previous message so I assumed that you were still paying attention00:44
Bossmanbetaanyone aware of a way to move X apps from a local Xserver to a remote Xserver via ssh? (like 'screen' but for X apps?) There's an old-old app called 'xmove' but it doesn't work, and the research I've done on it shows it to be buggy, but the app had the right idea (detaching a gui-application and reattaching later)... - any thoughts? (VNC and NX are whole-desktop, I'd prefer app-specific)00:44
Photocopydanand_: ii  libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev                    2.12.0-1ubuntu3                      Development files for the GTK+ library - Dir00:44
tmcfultonIs there an official procedure for helping out here, or do I just start answering questions?00:44
LjLtmcfulton: the latter00:44
Daniel3every time i try to move a file on my desktop it gives me an error message: Error while copying to "/home/daniel/Desktop".You do not have permissions to write to this folder.00:44
prince_jammystmcfulton: you start answering00:44
liddokundanielis not that complicated00:44
prince_jammystmcfulton: use the bot when it applies00:44
prince_jammyslike this00:44
liddokunall u gotta do is00:45
Daniel3mine isn't that complicated00:45
LjLDaniel3: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~/Desktop00:45
prince_jammys!helpme | Daniel300:45
ubotuDaniel3: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience00:45
liddokunhmm never mind then00:45
yo__helppp oh i have no idea what to do00:45
yo__how do i make the internet work?00:45
Jahromeohow do i get flash for konqueror?00:45
danand_Photocopy - ok. the version the guide is installing is libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev_2.12.0-1ubuntu3.1_i386.deb (read 3.1) and you have 3. have you seen if you can remove that version? try typing sudo apt-get -s remove libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev. that will just simulate the removal - it won't actually do anything00:45
Daniel3 sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~/Desktop00:45
archmanyo__: just follow the steps00:45
Daniel3so that is the command00:45
yo__what steps?00:45
Photocopyprince_jammys: "Help me " and stuff doesnt do anything, the channel is damn near that .00:46
archmanyo__: enter lspci -n in terminal00:46
yo__command not found00:46
archmanlspci    ?00:46
Photocopydanand_: I think that "worked"00:46
Jangarianyone know how i can get the bash-completion package?00:46
Daniel3LjL: Thanks that worked00:46
archmanlspci -n, not Ispci00:46
yo__Ispci -n00:46
yo__neither of them work00:47
archmanlowercase L00:47
yo__says command not found00:47
LjLDaniel3: you might want to run for safety also sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~00:47
yo__that would help lol00:47
yo__now it worked lmao00:47
yo__k what am i looking for?00:47
Daniel3i did that00:47
archmanworked what?00:47
yo__in lspci -n00:47
yo__what am i looking for in there?00:47
danand_Photocopy - did the output say it was gonna remove a load of other packages?00:48
phuzionIs defragging necessary on ext3?00:48
Photocopydanand_: you think installing a newer one would work? If i try to install from a deb that has dependencies, it wont seem to recognize if they are installed or not correctly.00:48
archmanyo__: you look for your wlan card00:48
archmanis there something that starts with 4300:48
PhotocopyThe following packages will be REMOVED:00:49
Photocopy  libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev00:49
Photocopy0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.00:49
PhotocopyRemv libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev [2.12.0-1ubuntu3]00:49
yo__nuthin but a bunch of numbers00:49
Daniel3thanks for the help guys, later00:49
PhotocopyDarnit... Sorry I keep doing that.00:49
archmansomething like 08:00.0 0280: 14e4:4311 (rev 01)00:49
yo__i see 14e4:431100:49
archmanso you have the same card as me00:49
yo__its 05:00.0 0280: 14e4:4311 (rev 01)00:50
danand_Photocopy - ok that seems ok. afterwards you can install the new libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev (3.1) version with dpkg.00:50
yo__what do i do with it?00:50
yo__where do i go from here actually00:50
archmanlook, bcm4311 works very good with ndiswrapper00:50
Photocopydanand_: Somehow I don't expect it to work... does it have dependencies? What do I do now?00:50
yo__when i do iwconfig00:50
yo__lo and eth0 say no wireless extensions00:50
Photocopydanand_: Nevermind, this is going to take forever and I dont have time.00:50
yo__and eth1 says all kinds of information including ESSID:off/any00:51
archmanit's like an emulator which uses windows drivers for bcm431100:51
yo__ndiswrapper isn't working right00:51
yo__unless im doing that wrong00:51
archmanyou can make it work00:51
yo__how do i do that?00:51
yo__how? lol00:51
danand_Photocopy - k. your probably right - that guide seemed quite involved.. if you feel like giving it a shot another time ....00:51
archmanfirst you need to blacklist native driver for bcm43xx00:52
J-a-K-eis anyone able to help me setup a lowpass filter through alsa00:52
archmanecho 'blacklist bcm43xx' | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist00:52
yo__where do i get that from00:52
archmanin terminal00:52
archmanecho 'blacklist bcm43xx' | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist00:52
yo__k h/o00:52
J-a-K-eim following the guide but having some trouble00:52
yo__hold on00:52
Photocopydanand_: I had no actual intention to use the distro like that, i wanted to see how far i could get it to look like another OS... I think my installation is messed up anyway lol.00:52
Jahromeowhy can i not view flash if i have flashplugin-nonfree installed?00:53
Jahromeoboth konqueror/ffox00:53
danand_Photocopy - uh oh. gonna buy a mac?00:53
Jangariuninstall it and re-install it, Jahromeo, it was buggy up until about 12 days ago00:53
Photocopydanand_: Nope, I was just seeing how customizable gnome was.00:53
mysterycooli am trying to record my desktop with that xvid thingy but I cannot record the sound00:53
mysterycoolI mean I have set it to record sound but it wont record the sound too :S00:54
Photocopydanand_: I would never buy a mac... Its a unix-based OS that is not free... Why would I do it?00:54
Bossmanbetaanyone aware of a way to move X apps from a local Xserver to a remote Xserver via ssh? (like 'screen' but for X apps?) There's an old-old app called 'xmove' but it doesn't work, and the research I've done on it shows it to be buggy, but the app had the right idea (detaching a gui-application and reattaching later)... - any thoughts? (VNC and NX are whole-desktop, I'd prefer app-specific)00:54
yo__it said 'blacklist bcm43xx'00:54
archmanit's ok00:54
danand_Photocopy - you can do pretty much anything you like - just depends on how dirty you wanna get your hands00:54
Jangarior, Jahromeo, go to http://www.adobe.com/go/getflash00:54
Photocopydanand_: Yeah, and presuming my installation isnt screwed.00:54
=== ghost is now known as noodles12
archmanwhat version of ubuntu you have?00:54
PhotocopyThanks, bye00:54
lapmagIf the LiveCD takes 10 minutes to boot but is fine with noacpi, what can I do to fix this while NOT disabling acpi?00:54
mysterycooli am trying to record my desktop with that xvid but I cannot record the sound00:54
archmanlike me00:55
Jahromeodownliading it again00:55
archmanyou need to get some packages00:55
yo__the ubuntu is a seperate computer than this one00:55
danand_Photocopy - the kernel and most of the os (read gnu) is free - its only the gui stuff and some apps that are proprietry00:55
yo__where do i get the packages?00:55
daedrai've edited /etc/fstab, how do I commit the changes?00:55
archmanwait, what?00:55
archmanwhat separate?00:56
prince_jammysdaedra: just save the file00:56
yo__the comp im on right now is windows00:56
yo__the other one is ubuntu and doesn't have internet.. so all files are transfered via sneakernet lol00:56
daedraprince_jammys: and it will then respond to mount'ing?00:56
archmanyou have amd64 or i386?00:56
prince_jammysdaedra: yes.  you can then do  mount /mount/point00:56
prince_jammysdaedra: and fstab will do the rest00:57
mysterycooli am trying to record my desktop with xvid but the sound wont be recorded. help plz :(00:57
daedraprince_jammys: hmm - that's what I thought, but its not working00:57
=== jhonen is now known as KaiserM
prince_jammysdaedra: what's happening?00:57
miyarstimfuck me00:57
archmanyo__: double click the package and install it00:57
prince_jammys!ohmy | miyarstim00:57
miyarstimearthquake in yorkshire uk00:57
ubotumiyarstim: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:57
yo__k one sec00:57
nixnoobdoes anyone have any experience installing uvcvideo drivers from svn?00:57
con-man!ohmy miyarstim00:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ohmy miyarstim - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:57
miyarstimnearly fell off my chair00:57
danand_archman - will that resolve dependancies?00:57
con-man!swear miyarstim00:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about swear miyarstim - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:57
con-man!ohmy | miyarstim00:57
ghostlinesdoes anyone now how to get windows borders on an external display?00:57
con-manthere we go00:57
mysterycoolmiyarstim: watch ur language00:58
con-man!ohmy | miyarstim00:58
archmandanand_: what?00:58
con-manI fail at using ubotu00:58
prince_jammysit was already done00:58
archmandanand: u need to resolve manually00:58
ghostlinesi got compiz working fine on the external display but only the window borders are gone00:58
daedraprince_jammys: well i've added a line that says filesystem: /dev/sda3 mountpoint /mnt/sda300:58
icesword!me | con-man00:58
ubotucon-man: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:58
yo__k its installing00:58
yo__and now its done00:59
prince_jammysdaedra: paste the line here00:59
daedraprince_jammys: but mount /dev/sda3 says /mnt/sda3 doesn't exist00:59
daedra/dev/sda3       /mnt/sda3       fat32   defaults        000:59
yo__now what?00:59
mysterycooli am trying to record my desktop with xvid but the sound wont be recorded. help plz :(00:59
archmannow http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/all/ndiswrapper-common/download00:59
prince_jammysdaedra: ah, you need to create the mount poiint ..    sudo mkdir /mnt/sda300:59
jaderavencan someone explain to me how to install cedega?00:59
daedraprince_jammys: i feel stupid00:59
Onyxfirefox 3 beta 3 is pretty awesome00:59
mrpocketsyou should00:59
prince_jammysdaedra: don't :)01:00
daedraalso, unknown filesystem fat3201:00
jaderaveni downloaded cedega im just not sure how to install this type of file?01:00
eriscowhat software is there available to merge two ogg files?01:00
Pelogood evening folks01:00
jaderavenanyone got a clue?01:00
archmanyo__: and this: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/amd64/ndisgtk/download01:00
Pelojaderaven, what type of file is it ?01:01
mysterycooli am trying to record my desktop with xvid but the sound wont be recorded. help plz :(01:01
danand_archman - if he does an apt-get -s install blahblah it will tell him what packages he needs to download01:01
prince_jammysjaderaven: don't they have directions at their website?01:01
tmcfultonerisco: audacity, if you feel like editing01:01
danand_Anyone else here in the london area?01:01
* daedra smacks mrpockets 01:01
eriscotmcfulton, all I want to do is play both on top of each other, 50/5001:01
jaderavenprince_jammys: im sure they do, but i think they expect me to know how to use linux... :P01:01
archmandanand_: he can't go online !!!01:01
mrpocketsi kid, i kid.01:01
odinsbanedang I still don't get video01:01
Pelojaderaven, http://cutlersoftware.com/ubuntuinstall/01:01
tmcfultonerisco: sudo apt-get install audacity01:02
jeffMASTERflexerisco: if you want to mix them together there is a program called mixx01:02
tmcfultonlisten to him'01:02
yo__k thats don01:02
prince_jammysdaedra: success?01:02
archmanwait a sec01:02
daedraprince_jammys: yeah, changed fat32 to vfat, mkdir /mnt/sda301:02
daedraIT WORKED01:02
danand_archman - yes i know, but if he runs that command on his ubuntu box it will give him the list of packages he needs to get with his windows box01:02
archmandl stable 1.52   http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=9348201:02
prince_jammysdaedra: oh oops, i didn't notice but yeah, vfat01:02
rrmhi everyone...01:02
TristonAnyone have any idea why in Ubuntu I have to go into terminal and run "modprobe ndiswrapper" everytime I boot to get network access?01:02
eriscojeffMASTERflex, not mix, play on top of each other01:03
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
archmandanand_: he didn't mentioned he has any resolved deps01:03
PeloTriston, because you didn'T had it to autostart01:03
jeffMASTERflexerisco: yes, it will play them on top of each other. it's a djing app01:03
illmortalDoes anyone know what's better, RGB or YUV?01:03
yo__what next?01:03
yo__after ndisk01:03
cherwinTriston: add "modprobe ndiswrapper" to /etc/rc.local01:03
PeloTriston, menu > system01:03
jaderavenokay there is a cpg a .tgz and a few .rpm's how would i go about installing that?01:03
eriscojeffMASTERflex, I will give mixxx a try then01:03
archmanyou downloaded ndiswrapper source?01:03
amenadoillmortal-> what are you referring to?01:03
danand_Triston - add the line ndiswrapper to /etc/modules.01:03
yo__the first three you told me to do are done01:04
illmortalIn terms of performance and colors01:04
xxBasYxxim looking for some flash swf editor or studio, is there anythig for ubun?01:04
archmannow  dl stable 1.52   http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=9348201:04
amenadoillmortal-> thats new to me, YUV means?01:04
PeloxxBasYxx, someting called convertit will comvert it to avi or mpg and you can then edit with avidemux would that be to your liking ?01:05
eriscojeffMASTERflex, doesn't even start up for me01:05
danand_cherwin - the file /etc/modules is specifically for auto loading of required modules at boot time01:05
yo__downloading right now01:05
cherwinTriston: the solution of danand_ is the best one01:05
mysterycoolhow can I open a rar archive?01:05
jeffMASTERflexerisco: starts up fine here01:05
yo__with WINrar01:05
amenadojaderaven-> where did you get these? what are they for?01:05
daedramysterycool: apt-get unrar01:05
TristonThanks everyone, doing as suggested now.01:05
Pelomysterycool, sudo apt-get install unrar and then right click xtract here01:05
archmanwhen downloaded extract it on desktop on your ubuntu system01:05
jaderavenamenado: its for cedage01:05
mysterycooloh k01:05
prince_jammysjaderaven: they don't have a .deb file?01:05
jaderavendoesnt look like it01:05
Pelojaderaven, did you look at the link I sent you , it explains how to intall on ubuntu , anyting01:06
cherwindanand: yeah i knew that, didn't think about it. Thanks for the tip though01:06
eriscojeffMASTERflex, ah, it was just slow01:06
prince_jammysjaderaven: strange. i just looked at a howto that mentions a .deb file01:06
amenadojaderaven-> .tgz files are source files? then you need to compile them, rpm's are for rpm based system, you may use alien, but some here do not like alien to convert those rpm01:06
danand_cherwin - np01:06
archmanyo__: extracted?01:06
prince_jammysjaderaven: ah. you need to extract the tgz01:06
Pelojaderaven, there is a #cedega channel01:06
illmortalamenado.. that's the problem i don't know jack crap about YUV.01:06
illmortalI dunno if that's better than RGB or not...01:07
danand_chimp - are you in london?01:07
archmanopen terminal01:07
TristonThe other problem I'm having is my system keeps hard locking, which I'm not sure if it's related to my wifi adapter.. I notice it usually happens under lots of internet usage.01:07
archmanthen cd Desktop01:07
jaderavenPelo: that site was great, but it only gives those each of those like they were all for a seperate app01:07
amenadoillmortal-> on printers the near compliment of RGB are CYMB01:07
archmancd <directory of your extracted ndis>01:07
eriscojeffMASTERflex, I opened them... where is the play button? :s01:07
prince_jammysjaderaven: you said you have a tgz right?01:07
archmanmake uninstall01:08
chimpmanchester danand_01:08
jeffMASTERflexerisco: upper left and upper right01:08
chimpthat was cool01:08
yo__wait what?01:08
danand_chimp - i thought i was going mad - i felt that earthquake too - i'm in london01:08
eriscojeffMASTERflex, the right angle brackets? I click them but nothing plays01:08
amenadoTriston-> i can vouch for that, wireless things locks up my system on occasions when it attempts to switch ap to associate01:08
jaderaven:prince_jammys yes there is one in there01:08
archmandid you sudo?01:08
prince_jammysjaderaven: double click on it and extract it ... it's a zipped archive01:08
yo__its says do it a couple more times01:08
jeffMASTERflexerisco: you have to load both channels01:08
eriscojeffMASTERflex, nothing plays and nothing moves01:08
yo__till there's no more installed files01:08
archmanOK oK01:09
lapmagare Live CDs updated often? My computer takes a while to boot so maybe a new one will fix this?01:09
eriscojeffMASTERflex, I right clicked on the files and specified one for player1 and one for player201:09
Tristonamenado> Well at least I'm not the only one.  I'm tempted to buy the 30 ft of eternet cable I'd need to get internet into my room.01:09
archmanis there any files left?01:09
eriscojeffMASTERflex, what did I miss?01:09
jeffMASTERflexerisco: play around with it, definitely works01:09
danand_chimp - that was surreal! never felt nothing like that before01:09
Bossmanbetaanyone aware of a way to move X apps from a local Xserver to a remote Xserver via ssh? (like 'screen' but for X apps?) There's an old-old app called 'xmove' but it doesn't work, and the research I've done on it shows it to be buggy, but the app had the right idea (detaching a gui-application and reattaching later)... - any thoughts? (VNC and NX are whole-desktop, I'd prefer app-specific)01:09
chimp<chimp> my whole room shook01:09
jaderavenprince_jammys: i extracted it and got 3 folders01:09
amenadoTriston-> it is worth it, go get yourself the 30 footer01:09
chimp<Chaosmonkey> no i farted01:09
prince_jammysjaderaven: what's in there?01:09
yo__how do i change directory back to desktop01:10
archmanwhy you want to do that now? cd ..01:10
davmonsteris anyone using vmware server console on ubuntu 7.10 server?01:10
danand_chimp - yeh - me too - my monitor started rockin and my desklamp shook about.... car alarms galore!!01:10
davmonsteryo__: cd ~/Desktop01:10
komputesyo__: cd ~/Desktop/01:10
eriscodoes anyone know how to work mixxx?01:10
danand_chimp - what a wierd sensation01:10
rrmhey guys... how could i remove the firefox shortcut on the application luncher...01:11
yo__its still not uninstalling everything01:11
jaderavenprince_jammys: a bunch of other folders ending up with a few shell scripts at the end01:11
archmanok now make01:11
amenadoBossmanbeta-> umm your xserver is the display, the app is still running where the sshd(aemon) is, you want to access it from another remote host?01:11
komputesrrm right click01:11
danand_chimp - gonna check out news 2401:11
prince_jammysjaderaven: any README files? any .deb files?01:11
archmanthen make install01:11
rrmi did... but removed the applications01:11
archmanif not errors01:11
chimpyeah, should be good danand_01:11
rrmkinda odd01:11
yo__its not done with the make command lol01:11
komputesrrm so you want it back?01:11
yo__intstall error..01:11
jaderavenprince_jammys: none anywhere01:12
danand_chimp - wonder where epicentre is?01:12
black_adder!help headphones01:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about help headphones - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:12
komputesyo__: make takes time, it's compiling01:12
chimpmanchester has a lot of earthquajes01:12
archmanwhat's the error?01:12
Bossmanbetaamenado, right, but if I disconnect the ssh -- the X app dies... I can't detach it, like you could with 'screen' for non-gui apps01:12
chimpsmall ones01:12
icesword!sound > black_adder01:12
soldatswhat file does xclipboard write/read from for copy and paste. im not sure if it writes directly to the app itself or a file the zpp reads from?01:12
chimpbut lots01:12
chimpso maybe here01:12
yo__after i put make.. it finished then make install01:12
FloodBot1chimp: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:12
yo__the error 1 i think01:12
archmanwhat error?01:12
komputesrrm right click > add to panel01:12
black_adderis here any one who can help me with sound problem in ubuntu 7.10 and acer 4710z with relatek audio01:12
milkwood1just woken up by quake!!!01:12
Tristondanand_ : Thanks for the help.01:13
milkwood1UK south of York01:13
draczhi. can anyone tell me why some DOS program running in doxbox will say my loopback device is not a valid 1.44" disk?01:13
yo__permission denied as well01:13
amenadoBossmanbeta-> okay, am curious as well, vnc doesnt solve it for you? or xfrb ?01:13
davmonsterQuake 1?01:13
komputesrrm now you want the menu bar01:13
prince_jammysjaderaven: well, something is up.. i'm looking at this link and it's talking about a .deb file.  maybe check the site to see if there is one. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cedega#head-ef048728dd3a8751ca64277052178fdb2ee0718401:13
archmanyou need to type sudo in front of every command !!!!01:13
komputesyo__: do it as sudo, put sudo before the command01:13
davmonsteran earthquake in the UK? really?01:13
milkwood1Kid you not01:14
soldatsarchman: for security you do!01:14
macogwmy flash drive has been copying for a while now.  it took 2 full minutes to copy 1mb of data.  i hope this flash drive isnt about to die too :-/ could being FAT (not FAT32) formatted have anything to do with that?01:14
rrmyeah... that is why i would want... thanks komputers01:14
getoohow can i install mozilla 3.001:14
komputesarchman: not quire every time, you can type sudo -s to convert to root shell01:14
Bossmanbetavnc or nxserver are nice, but they're whole-desktop which insists on being in the foreground killing my local desktop ... so I can't run the app as you would ssh -Y ... but then DETACH it so i could reconnec tto it at a later time...01:14
milkwood1anyone back me up in the UK?01:14
davmonsterI'm in the UK01:14
chimpshake shake01:14
black_adder!sound in headphone01:14
macogwgetoo: firefox-3.0 is the package01:14
davmonsterbut not near York01:14
chimpwas ace01:14
komputesrrm no prob, that stuff you can usually find on the forums01:14
FloodBot1chimp: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:14
getoomacogw: thanx01:14
macogwgetoo: there isnt technically any browser called mozilla anymore01:14
illmortalAnyone know if RGB or YUV is better????01:14
getooi meant firefox01:14
macogwgetoo: the mozilla suite is now known as Seamonkey01:14
prince_jammysjaderaven: that's what you want.  you shouldn't have to install for rpm file.  ubuntu packages typically come in .deb form (debian packages)01:14
archmankomputes: that's right01:15
milkwood1lastest about 10 seconds01:15
black_adder!headphone sound01:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about headphone sound - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:15
komputesillmortal: for what?01:15
davmonsteris anyone running vmware-server on ubuntu?01:15
komputesdavmonster: yep01:15
soldatsmacogw: probly. it may depend on how fast it can read from FAT. IMO some file systems read faster.01:15
yo__its not working archman01:15
getooi would use hardy , it comes with it .. but i get no sound .. some bug01:15
archmanyo__: oi01:15
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danand_Triston - np - in all the excitement about the uk's earthquake i forgot what that was about !01:15
komputesyo__: what now?01:15
macogwsoldats: im talking about write, not read01:15
yo__i dunno01:15
milkwood1danmonster u in UK?01:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about headphone - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:15
Bossmanbetaamenado, ssh -Y actually is what I like........ but if I lose my connection or if I want to detach the X application, I can;t.... the X application dies with the ssh session (unlike 'screen' which would keep a bash-based application alive by detaching the process)01:15
archmanwhat says?01:15
df00zHey, I have some hardware that does not work in the .22 driver.  I manually upgraded to .24.2, with the kpkg tools.  Now, I need to insmod my nvidia driver every reboot, modprobe wont find it01:16
davmonsteryep, Kent01:16
df00zAnyone ever run into this?01:16
yo__alot of errors including no such file or directory01:16
macogwgetoo: report the bug about your hardware01:16
Tristondanand_ : Haha, no problem!  I can understand.. I'm from California, USA.. we get our share of quakes.01:16
black_addercan any one tell me how U activate my headphones in ubuntu ?01:16
soldatsmacogw: yes i know. it usually has to read to make sure it has enough room for writing to then writes to it if there is enough room01:16
milkwood1get it?01:16
getoomacogw: bugzilla is loaded with it :X01:16
macogwsoldats: oh ok01:16
archmancan you paste it on ubuntu pastebin?01:16
black_adderthis bot dosent tell me anything01:16
danand_milkwood1 - i'm in london01:16
archmanlast few rows?01:16
yo__lol how do i do that?01:16
davmonsterI didn't get the quake01:16
komputesBossmanbeta: whats the difference between ssh -X and -Y ?01:16
yo__i would.. but the computers not even connected to the net at all01:17
komputesBossmanbeta: don't they both do X through ssh?01:17
Dr_willis_komputes,  i belive -Y is faster but less secure. used on local/trusted lans.. (or so i recall in some ssh docs)01:17
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:17
milkwood1feel it01:17
Bossmanbetakomputes, I believe ssh -Y is more secure01:17
danand_Triston - what a wierd sensation - v low frequency, but you could just feel the _power_ of it.01:17
Bossmanbetakomputes, yes -- byut I think -Y is more secure01:17
Dr_willis_Bossmanbeta,  Less or more? Heh - :) i forget  - i guess i will RTFM01:17
getoomacogw: got it now .. i need to install firefox-dev01:17
komputesDr_willis_: Bossmanbeta  More or less ?01:17
black_addercan any one tell me how U activate my headphones in ubuntu ?01:18
archmankopy few last rows from terminal, transfer them in xp01:18
BossmanbetaDr_willis, heh! I am still hunting for a solution to this :)01:18
milkwood1frigging room was rumbling01:18
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:18
prince_jammysman ssh01:18
archmanand paste on01:18
Dr_willis_komputes,  when in doubt - read the ssh docs i guess. :)01:18
soldatskomputes: sometimes -X wont allow X forwarding and -Y will so it depends on what system your sshing to01:18
milkwood1very f-ing errire01:18
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:18
komputesDr_willis_: you've seen the size of that monster01:18
davmonstervmware-server on 7.1001:18
yo__k h/ow01:18
davmonsterany takers?01:18
TristonLast question, since I'm not sure the hard lock problem is anything that can be easily fixed.. I have Vista running virtually under innotek VirtualBox so that I can use iTunes and watch Netflix On Demand movies.. when Netflix plays it's video in the browser using it's plugin that uses WMP 11, the video is very choppy.  I have high bandwidth and a powerful enough computer, so I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.01:18
danand_milkwood1 - yeh got it on bbc.co.uk - tremors in uk01:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about realtek - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:19
archmanplain lang01:19
black_addercan any one tell me how U activate my headphones in ubuntu ? plz pretty plz01:19
prince_jammysblack_adder: did you try the mixer?01:19
komputessoldats: do you know which is more secure between -Y -X?01:19
Dr_willis_komputes,    -Y      Enables trusted X11 forwarding.       -X      Enables X11 forwarding.01:19
black_adderalsa mixer i did01:19
Bossmanbetakomputes, according to the man pages.. -Y allows for trusted X11 fwding01:19
kitcheTriston: probably Virtual machines do not have full video power like a normal operating system01:19
Dr_willis_komputes,  from the MAN page.. seemns -Y is more secure01:19
Bossmanbetakomputes, where -X does not.01:19
yo__the file didn't show up in my sd card that im using for sneaker net..01:19
Dr_willis_ komputes  it pays to RTFM :)01:20
amenadoBossmanbeta-> yeah its seems that xmove is the only alternative01:20
komputestrusted? so it's two fold encryption?01:20
yo__i have another idea h/o01:20
df00zHey, I'm on kernel, how can I make modprobe find my compiled nvidia driver?01:20
danand_Triston - virtualbox probably won't give you the performance of a native Vista install01:20
Tristonkitche: I came across old forum topics on a few sites where people were doing the same thing and it was working fine.01:20
black_adder@prince jammeys - I tried that but still no luck01:20
Bossmanbetaamenado, Yea -- I researched xmove............ that app is HOPELESS :) (and no longer being worked on... and buggy)01:20
Dr_willis_komputes,  i got confused it said that -x disabled  forwarding.. -X enables it.. :) hard to tell the diff  from x and X in my console font..01:20
danand_Triston - i've found virtualbox to be a bit flakey!01:20
Dr_willis_danand_,  so have I.01:20
yo__how do i uninstall a package?01:20
kitcheTriston: probably using a special driver or something most likely01:20
Tristondanand_: It work totally fine except for that one part. :(01:21
komputesDr_willis_: I have, RTM but I've stated before that I have this condition called manualitis, where large manuals make me his my head on my keyboard01:21
archmanwhat package?01:21
yo__the old fwcutter..01:21
amenadoBossmanbeta-> what is it about the program that you must really pass along the session from one connection to another?01:21
Starnestommyyo__: sudo apt-get remove package01:21
yo__i think its causing problems01:21
archmanin synaptics (system --> admin)01:21
geirhadf00z: add it to /etc/modules, on a line by itself01:21
prince_jammysblack_adder: i really don't know about this sort of thing.  all i can think of is turn it up on the mixer, and turn up wave/pcm and see. you probably already did this01:21
BossmanbetaIt would be nice to be able to run a gui-application via SSH, then detach and reattach to it later without the need to bring over a WHOLE desktop to do so .. just as ssh -Y offers (minus detach/reattach capabilities)01:21
black_adderyah prince_jammys I already all that. so where should I look up ?01:22
Dellbuntu5102hot do i add something to the apt01:22
archmanyou don't need fwcutter01:22
komputesBossmanbeta: you mean so that id the connection dies the app doesnt crash/quit01:22
df00zgeirha: I did, added "nvidia"01:22
Bossmanbetaamenado, well there are applications that I want to run remotely that are X apps (gui's..) ... some apps I run from the office that I want to access from home without bringing up the whole desktop01:22
caleb_yauwhen i type $ locate on the shell it doesn't seem to search my Mounted Windows NTFS drive. How can I make that work?01:22
Bossmanbetakomputes, yep .. so when you drop the SSH connection, you can reattach to the X app......... just as you reattach to shells via 'screen'01:22
danand_Dr_willis_ - tried installing openbsd on it - kept giving segfaults and filesystem full errors - found the workaround eventually in a bug report on the innotek site ... but... not quite what i'd call beta software yet01:22
Dellbuntu5102I want to install Compiz-Fusion, but I dont know how to add something to the resporties01:22
komputescaleb_yau: not ext3 no journaling01:22
prince_jammysblack_adder: it's a weird problem. if noone knows here, try google:  ubuntu your-sound-card headphones01:23
yo__im going to totally remove all packages and reinstall them01:23
soldatsBossmanbeta: you dont need an entire desktop to access the X apps.01:23
archmanyo__: can i mail you my howto with drivers so you try it yourself?01:23
prince_jammysblack_adder: at least try that in the meantime until someone here knows01:23
archmangimme mail01:23
TerrorBiteMy desktop background changer app seems to be broken.01:23
Bossmanbetasoldats, yes I know that.... (ssh -Y) .. however, if I want to kill my ssh session the application I was running remotely dies... and the only way for it to survive a disconnect is to run a whole desktop via VNC or NX01:23
black_adderwell i feel  invisible here, thanks for the help prince_jammys, i might go on forum at least people answer over there01:24
archmanjust a min01:24
KiraIf I want to use xinetd to start a service on demand, should the service be listed in /etc/services?01:24
Dellbuntu5102how do i add something to the apt?  I want to install Compiz-Fusion, but I dont know how to add something to the resporties.01:24
waseidelgood night01:24
caleb_yaukomputes im not sure what that means .. is ext3 the hard drive type, and does locate work with journaling?01:24
Bossmanbetasoldats, I'm just looking for a way to detach/reattach to an X application just as you reattach remotely to shells with 'screen'01:24
soldatsBossmanbeta: oh! ok. i see what you mean. my bad sorry for the mistake :)01:24
Bossmanbetanono soldats it's ok :)01:24
komputescaleb_yau: ntfs support is limited01:24
prince_jammysblack_adder: yeah give that a shot. but try googling your problem - i bet you find something01:24
milkwood1night chaps - gonna try and hit the hay!!01:25
Dr_willis_i imagine thers not an issued ever asked here.. thats NOT mentioned in a forum post somewhere.01:25
Bossmanbetasoldats, it's annoying to have to bring up a whole desktop... so with vnc, I find myself sizing the desktop to TRIM just around the application ... which kind of gives me the same thing.. but not really01:25
caleb_yaukomputes cool, thanks anyway. I'm happy just knowing that there is no way around it, rather than thinking that my mounting is wrong or something01:25
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=== Kaiser is now known as KaiserM
Dellbuntu5102hello? anybody listening? I'm a beginner and I would help. how do i add something to the apt?  I want to install Compiz-Fusion, but I dont know how to add something to the resporties.01:25
waseidelhi, i want to hear music from the radio http://www.radioactiva.com/envivo.asp some body can help me to listen?01:26
davmonsterapt-cache search .*compiz.*01:26
komputescaleb_yau: have you tried find01:26
black_adderhello Dellbuntu5102 just open repositiry manager01:26
black_adderand u will see options in thee01:26
Bossmanbetasince sometimes an SSH connection can be dropped, I don't want the X app dying with it... an ability to detach it with an X style version of 'screen' would be very cool indeed01:26
black_addergo to  prefereces i guess01:26
bruenigwhy not just do apt-cache search compiz if you are going to do it that way?01:26
black_adderand then synaptic packgae manager01:26
komputescaleb_yau:  find /media/thenameofyourntfsdrive -name "searchterm"01:26
soldatsBossmanbeta: normally using -X in ssh does the trick for a single app. i really havent had the time to experiment with -Y so i assume your right.01:26
yo__what the heck?01:26
df00zwhere does ubuntu hide the nvidia.ko module01:26
df00zits not in /lib/modules01:26
danand_Dellbuntu5102 - in all likelyhood you can just type sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion in a terminal01:26
Dellbuntu5102how do i add it????01:26
bruenigdf00z: dpkg -L packagename lists the files in a package01:27
TerrorBiteterrorbite@gimli:~$ gnome-appearance-properties01:27
TerrorBitesh: kde-config: not found01:27
yo__ a little bandaid looking thing popped up over my installation window? what is it?01:27
Bossmanbetasoldats, well whether you do -X or -Y, if the ssh session dies, so does the application01:27
caleb_yaukomputes I did but I don't pretend to know how to use it. I typed $ find libgcc.a and what came up was libgcc.a no folder name or anything01:27
Dellbuntu5102thank you.01:27
waseidelsome help?01:27
catmistakeany one ever set up a streaming server? I just got Darwin Streaming Server running... but not working. There's gotta be a better way. Any other recommendations?01:27
archmanyo__: mail sent to wbreslin951@gmail.com01:27
danand_Dellbuntu5102 - np01:27
waseidelhi, i want to hear music from the radio http://www.radioactiva.com/envivo.asp some body can help me to listen?01:27
davidthedrakeCan someone tell me what settings I need to change so a game that is running 640x480 in Wine, will stretch to fill my widescreen?01:27
yo__k thanks01:27
davidthedrakeAs it is, the bottom is just cut off.01:27
komputescaleb_yau: you have to put -name "libgcc.a"01:27
Dellbuntu5102what password do i enter?01:28
archmanyo__: welcome01:28
Bossmanbeta... I even tried running a remote gnome-session ......... but that gives me way too much .. kind of like what VNC or NX does...01:28
soldatsBossmanbeta: yea but you can detach it and reattach it from another box. but lets drop it. i agree with you. i dont want to flood the chan.   :)01:28
StarnestommyDellbuntu5102: your user's password?01:28
waseidelbye thanks for not to help me...01:28
Dellbuntu5102oh. ty01:28
catmistakeany one ever set up a streaming server? I just got Darwin Streaming Server running... but not working. There's gotta be a better way. Any other recommendations?01:28
df00zAh ok01:28
df00zrestricted modules is making it act weird01:28
geirhacaleb_yau: locate searches through a database that is updated with "all" files and directories once a day, though /media amongst others, are ignored01:28
caleb_yaukomputes that worked perfectly, thanks alot!01:29
Bossmanbetasoldats, no you can detach the SHELL... but if you were to run like "gedit" or "firefox" remotely using SSH -X or -Y, and kill the ssh session... gedit or firefox will die too... you cannot detach the X-application .. just the shell.... try it :)01:29
geirhacaleb_yau: $ man updatedb   # then edit /etc/updatedb.conf01:29
df00zThanks much. Now I have working hardware. Bonsai!!01:29
archmanPelo: ???01:30
Dr_willis_Hmm.. What was the name of that app - that let you get wallpaper and things from gnome-look.org ? I saw it once in my menus.. but cant find it now.01:30
excalibashello, sometimes i cant connect to wireless networks, when this happens i see a new network device called wlan0:avahi  the only way i know to fix this is restart and pray, can someone point me to where can i learn about this avahi? or how can i fix this please?01:30
caleb_yauhmmm updatedb doesnt have a man page01:30
TerrorBiteugh. Firefox hates compiz01:30
soldatsBossmanbeta: ahh i get it since screen runs from a shell and if you invoke an X app after you detach it it cant find its borders or display type so it will fail :) gotcha01:30
Bossmanbetasoldats, also I doubt you'd flood the channel -- it's a discussion :)01:30
komputesgeirha: can you run updatedb on an ntfs drive??01:30
Dr_willis_Bossmanbeta,  use the nohup command,  and they may survive.01:30
caleb_yaugeirha hmmm updatedb doesnt have a man page01:30
adambok so I set a cron in my root cron, but it never seems to run, I restart anacron and cron, what else can i check guys?01:30
TerrorBiteI'm having issues with gnome-appearance-properties01:31
archmanPelo: in order to word, ndis has to be installed from source; i know for ndis deb, babe01:31
prince_jammyscaleb_yau: info updatedb01:31
BossmanbetaDr_willis, ah ha!!! nohup doesn't work either :)01:31
davmonstercheck your mail01:31
Dr_willis_komputes,  the locate database has a setting file that dictates  what filesystems it scans.01:31
davmonsteradamb: check your mail, error messages from cron are mailed to you by default01:31
geirhakomputes: I don't see why not, it just stores path names in a database01:31
caleb_yauprince_jammys thanks, i feel stupid now01:31
Dr_willis_Bossmanbeta,  this is why i tend to use vnc. :) and  a uber-micro window manager.01:31
Bianconerihello does anybody know what's the icon theme on this screen shot? http://camelsnowman.deviantart.com/art/Gentoo-4651364401:31
yo__how do i install a driver using windows wireless drivers utility?01:31
caleb_yauprince_jammys :)01:31
prince_jammyscaleb_yau: why? :)01:31
geirhacaleb_yau: that's odd, I have it ... though I'm on edgy01:31
prince_jammysgeirha: it has an info page01:32
TerrorBiteBossmanbeta, Dr_willis_, an X app will usually die if its connection to the X server is severed.01:32
BossmanbetaDr_willis,  vnc is very nice ... but since I run apps local and remote... I find myself sizing the VNC session to trim-around the application I'm running over VNC so I can continue to work on my local desktop01:32
archmanclick no install driver and insert .inf file01:32
prince_jammysgeirha: caleb_yau actually mine does have a man page in addition to an info page01:32
Bossmanbeta...which is why I was hoping to find a viable 'screen' program, but for X apps01:32
yo__whats the inf file i need?01:32
yo__where do i get it01:32
Dr_willis_Bossmanbeta,  other then the one youmentioned yesterday. ive never seen such a tool that worked well.01:33
archmanyo__: god... it's in your mail, i mailed it to you...01:33
BossmanbetaDr_willis, yea xmove works about as well as something that doesn't... work ... well..01:33
yo__it hasn't showed up01:33
archmanit's the bcmwl5.inf01:33
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komputesHey would you know how I can scale a VNC connection window?01:33
Bossmanbetathat's ok -- my search continues! :)01:33
amenadoBossmanbeta-> can you not establish a gnome-session with minimal program running specifically the only one you are interested in?01:33
komputesBossmanbeta: ^01:34
TerrorBiteBossmanbeta, I think it's possible to set up vnc to show just a single window rather than the whole desktop01:34
SolmazeOkay , I've got a general newbie question01:34
soldatssorry ill ask onece because..... what file does xclipboard write/read from for copy and paste. im not sure if it writes directly to the app itself or a file the app reads from?01:34
prince_jammysSolmaze: let's hear it01:34
TerrorBiteI'm having issues with gnome-appearance-properties01:34
SolmazeI need to change a "config.xml" file - but aparrently I dont have "root" rights - or something along those lines.01:34
TerrorBiteit wants to run kde-config01:34
Solmazechange = edit01:34
TerrorBitewhich doesn't exist01:34
yo__if i have the source code, do i put it in notepad and save it as an inf file?01:34
archmanyo__: should i try to put it in archive and send it again?01:34
komputessoldats: the copy paste in ubuntu is kind of tricky, many layers01:34
SolmazeI'm pretty new to Linux - and have no idea how to get those rights =P01:34
amenadoSolmaze-> for which webapp server?01:34
Bossmanbetaamenado, gnome-session will die also ... any app that I run AFTER I launch the gnome-session will die.. the only ones that would survive are the ones I ran from the gnome-desktop on the other end01:35
Bossmanbetaand they reintiialize too ... so..01:35
euler_fanSolmaze: sudo nano /path/to/file/ should do it.01:35
SolmazeOh, its a local file.01:35
prince_jammysSolmaze: you're going to ave to use sudo.  do    sudo nano path/to/file01:35
soldatskomputes: yea i know, i just want all the steps involved01:35
SolmazeGonna try that, one sec01:35
BossmanbetaTerrorBite, wonder how you could tell VNC to stream 1 application, like ssh -Y does?01:35
prince_jammysSolmaze: or gksudo gedit /path/to/file  to do it in a window01:35
excalibashello, sometimes i cant connect to wireless networks, when this happens i see a new network device called wlan0:avahi  the only way i know to fix this is restart and pray, (when things work there is no wlan0:avahi.) Can someone point me to where can i learn about this avahi? or how can i fix this please?01:35
komputesSolmaze: if you select something it is in a a kind of clip board that pastes on shift-insert on the two mouse buttons together, then there ctrlC and ctrlV01:35
TerrorBiteBossmanbeta, something to do with the VNC server01:36
amenadoBossmanbeta-> doesnt gnome-session have some capabilities to restore last time you were logged on?01:36
danand_chimp - check out http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.php01:36
SolmazeHrm, I think this will work - just sort of anoying that I can't do it from gedit for instance.01:36
prince_jammysSolmaze: the sudo command gives you root privileges, and "nano" is a command-line text editor.  "gedit" is a GUI text editor01:36
danand_chimp - 4.7 magnitude!!01:36
komputessoldats: I'm not sure but most people end up using glipper01:36
caleb_yauprince_jammys, geirha, thats pretty weird that they would specifically exclude /media. Thanks alot i'm sure that will fix the problem01:36
Bossmanbetaamenado, I cannot launch an application if I run gnome-session01:37
Bossmanbetaamenado, I can only see apps already running int he gnome-session01:37
prince_jammyscaleb_yau: i missed what the problem was, but i'm glad it's resolved.  remember you can always use "find" otherwise01:37
archmanyo__: i can't send it by some reason, im gonna find the link for u to dl01:37
yo__for some reason the prgram isnt working to add the driver..01:37
yo__it won't add the file to its list01:38
amenadoBossmanbeta-> boy you got a tuff one there...once you got a solution let us know too, for reference purposes01:38
soldatskomputes: kk i posted a thread on the forums, ill just wait till its answered. im trying to make "screen" write/read from clipboard.01:38
archmanu have bcmwl5.inf???01:38
ePepprQuick RSS Question.01:38
Bossmanbetaamenado,  you know it ... I tried gnome-sessio via ssh -Y ... but all i get are the already-running apps off the pre-existing gnome-session on the ssh server side... I can't launch an app01:38
yo__i dunno01:38
yo__i found the source code on the internet01:39
ePepprthe node <pubDate> in RSS 2.0, is there a way for it handle French dates??01:39
Bossmanbetaamenado, I am definitely researching it though... just for the intellectual curiosity ... vnc really does the job if I trim it down to the application-borders... but I thought a more elegant solution existed01:39
caleb_yauthanks komputes as well01:39
ePepprI know that it uses RFC 852, which is only English,01:39
archmanyo__: the other way is to use fwcutter to extract the inf and sys from original exe01:39
komputescaleb_yau: cool01:39
archmanfrom the xp driver01:40
ePepprbut is there a way to make the RSS clients display the dates in French even if the client is chose English as his/her language01:40
yo__how do you do that?01:40
yo__i dunno how to use fwcutter or anything like that01:40
archmandl drivers for xp01:40
yo__i have it i think01:40
yo__but i dont know what to do with it01:40
=== jhonen is now known as KaiserM
amenadoBossmanbeta-> just an idea, something like you forward an X with allowance for any host to connect to the forwarded port, and you can connect in one, from another, log off of one, ..i think its the gateway option on ssh..but i have not tried it myself01:41
archmanuse google01:41
archmani gotta go now01:41
yo__k.. ttul01:41
archmanhope i was of any use01:41
yo__thanks bro01:42
archmanthere are maaany tutorials on this topic01:42
Bossmanbetaamenado, ... hmm...... I'll have to research that, but I don't think 1 app could be propagated to multiple Xservers simultaneously ... (nevermind the security risk of that) -- but a creative suggestion... (making a note)01:42
euler_fanyo_: this is one of them http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19710201:42
archmanu can safely follow my howto once you get inf and sys01:43
Bossmanbetaamenado, I am actually amazed that more people who use ssh -Y don't ask for a way to detach the application, if anything, to ensure application-survivability from a disconnect01:43
RoC_MasterMindI get this error trying to upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10: 2008-02-26 20:36:47,685 ERROR pre-requists item 'http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ub01:43
RoC_MasterMind86.udeb' is NOT trusted01:43
amenadoBossmanbeta-> i was thinking in terms of those warnings they say about X that can be monitored (so it  is unsecure), therefore I assume several host can listen in on the X broadcast..01:43
excalibashello, sometimes i cant connect to wireless networks, when this happens i see a new network device called wlan0:avahi  the only way i know to fix this is restart and pray, (when things work there is no wlan0:avahi.) Can someone point me to where can i learn about this avahi? or how can i fix this please?01:43
RoC_MasterMindmaybe I am missing a GPG key?01:44
appyJackany iptables masters here ?01:44
Bossmanbetaamenado, yea... I do wonder though, in that scenario, if the application were not broadcasting to at least 1 Xserver, would it die? (probably) so for it to work, I'd have to have 2 clients connecting to it at all times, so if (1) dies, (2) takes over...01:44
danand_UK earthquake - 4.7 in magnitude, epicentre about 15 NE of Lincoln!01:44
amenadoappyJack-> we use it,, but no necessarily masters..01:45
appyJackamenado: if i post my ruleset to pastebin, can you glance through it and see if anything jumps out at you as to why when I turn it on, I can't get any internet whatsoever ?01:45
ePepprAnyone going to take a stab at my RSS Question??01:46
RoC_MasterMindAnybody have failed upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10?01:46
amenadoBossmanbeta-> how about one that kind of loop to itself? and  you somehow can listen in to same port..just idea thats all, not sure if doable01:47
Bossmanbetaamenado, not sure how that would be done ....01:47
rrmhi guys... thanks for the help komputer... i figure it out in the end... all better and no need for the upper bar thanks01:47
amenadoappyJack-> sure, paste it in pastebin, and lets see if i can assist..01:47
Solmazeokay tried what you said, problem now is - to save the changes!01:48
amenadoBossmanbeta-> something like a user1 and user2 (local),  then you as user3 listens in from remote01:48
=== JohnP789_ is now known as JohnP789
Bossmanbetaamenado, ..perhaps... I'll haev to try it01:48
ATLANT3ANprobably been said but01:49
ATLANT3ANyou guys feel that earthquake01:49
amenadoBossmanbeta-> okay, try it, am very curios to the results..someday i may have a need for it too01:49
excalibasI cant connect to wireless networks, when this happens i see a new network device called wlan0:avahi (when things work there is no wlan0:avahi.) Can someone point me to where can i learn about this avahi? or how can i fix this please?01:49
ATLANT3ANanyone from UK feel that earthquake?01:49
amenadocan you guys keep that shaking in your area, dont pass it here to california :P01:49
ATLANT3ANman i thought it was something else till i saw it on the BBC news01:50
evil_techi cant find a good how to on how to create a net install server anyone have links?01:50
SolmazeHow do I save once I've made changes with the nano thing =)01:50
Bossmanbetaamenado, honestly, I think ANYONE using ssh -Y regularly, would eventually realize they have a need to detach/reattach to those X apps for survivability without resorting to vnc-over-ssh which to me is overkill (not to mention sluggish)01:50
NB2000CTL X01:50
SolmazePlease, just so I can go to sleep knowing that my app works =P01:50
NB2000Solmaze CTL X01:51
appyJackamenado: http://pastebin.com/d2378350101:51
amenadoBossmanbeta-> I guess most do not require a continous monitoring..maybe time to move it to a webapp as opposed to stand alone app?01:51
euler_fanSolamaze: ctrl+o01:51
amenadoappyJack-> ok, let me peek01:52
komputescan anyone help me scale a vnc window?01:52
euler_fanctrl+x exits01:52
evil_techi cant find a good how to on how to create a net install server anyone have links?01:52
danand_ATLANT3AN - yes i felt that quake - where abouts are you ?01:52
Solmazenow lets see if it works =))01:52
Bossmanbetaamenado, yep -- I'll hit the ATM and get that project started ;)01:52
l_vagnozziwath i can do with flickering on ati card?01:52
euler_fanSolmaze: As a note, in nano when you see "^" it translates to ctrl.01:53
danand_ATLANT3AN - see http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.php01:53
appyJackamenado: I appreciate the help. I really thought I did a pretty good job as this is my first shot at thie - i guess maybe a little too good01:53
SolmazeI guessed it would be "ALT" hehe =P01:53
SolmazeGotta shake those windows habits =)01:53
amenadoappyJack-> umm, your OUTPUT default policy is drop? why not ACCEPT ? I assume you can trust your own box01:54
TheLastDodoQuake, did you say? Where?01:54
=== excid3 is now known as excid3|HL2
NB2000You used ALT?01:54
komputesDoes anyone know how to scale a vnc window?01:54
danand_TheLastDodo - in uk, about 15 miles NE of lincoln. I felt it in london01:55
AndrewBTheLastDodo: off-topic but England [quite a large range]01:55
Dr_willis_komputes,  thats normally a feature of the vnc CLIENT - from what ive seen. some can doit. some cant01:55
appyJackamenado: hrmm - that would probably be the case if i weren't a paranoid schizo ... or just fat-fingered my furst ruleset01:55
amenadoappyJack-> what does the turtorial you are following suggest?01:55
RoC_MasterMindI get this error trying to upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10...it looks like it cannot authenticate the package or osmething: http://pastebin.ca/91989401:55
komputesDr_willis_: got a name of one that does, i use Terminal Client01:55
TheLastDodoI don't think I've felt an earthquake in over a decade, and that's having lived in California, Italy and Japan.01:56
Jamesrsanybody else feel http://digg.com/world_news/BREAKING_Earthquake_hits_England in the UK? :o01:56
* TheLastDodo shrugs it of.01:56
Jamesrsaha, maybe ;p01:56
Dr_willis_komputes,  under windows 'ultravnc' :) other then that. I dont use the clients much under linux.01:56
appyJackamenado:its part google, part reading, part firewall engineers at work... and a bit of guesswork01:56
Dr_willis_komputes,  gnome and kde both have their own client. that has more features then the normal vncviewer app.01:56
komputesDr_willis_: what do you use for remote?01:56
amenadoappyJack-> knowing that ubuntu is fairly safe, and you dont really use a new installed box for anything extremely important, i guess you can take a bit of risk, til you get the hang of it01:57
danand_Jamesrs - yes, my whole room shook, monitor and desklamp rocked, car alarms going off etc01:57
usserkomputes: what's the system you connecting from? windows?01:57
komputesubuntu,both sides01:57
Jamesrsi thought it was our heating exploding, since my radiator has been making an awful noise all night ;p01:57
BossmanbetaI'll be going AFK to watch the Obama/Clinton debate.... be back later01:57
dellphhello ppl.01:57
TheLastDodoIt wasn't even a 5, nothing to worry about.01:57
komputesusser: ^01:57
usserkomputes: use ssh with -X -C flags01:57
dellphis there any tool in ubuntu like cpau?01:58
komputesusser: and theeen?01:58
* RedHeron wants to watch the debate, Bossmanbeta.01:58
* RedHeron doesn't have a television.01:58
usserkomputes: ie install openssh-server on a server machine01:58
appyJackamenado: probably so; i'm not inventing new science with this - just dev work, mostly. Although I do some work from home on it, which can be a bit sensitive01:58
danand_Jamesrs - :) i thought a _big_ lorry had just gone past the house :D01:58
BossmanbetaRedHeron, it's like watching a boxing match :)01:58
pppppyo, im trying to install ubuntu on a buddies comp and im booting from the cd but when I try to run the install from the icon on the workspace nothing is happening...01:58
usserkomputes: and then try ssh -X -C username@serverip01:58
Dr_willis_komputes,  i only use vnc under windows to get to the vncserver on the linux box. using the vnc4server on linux.01:58
amenadoappyJack-> here I think is the critical part..  -A OUTPUT -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT   new connection from you will never get out01:59
RedHeronBossmanbeta: I know... but they have smiles on their faces.01:59
usserkomputes: after that you should be able to run Gui apps that are located on the server inside your client01:59
pppppanyone trying to 1v1 chat with me and quickie troubleshoot?01:59
TheLastDodoBossmanbeta: I beg to differ. Watching Parliament is like watching a boxing match (often an amusing one)...these people are amateurs.01:59
BossmanbetaRedHeron, i know!! :) ok going AFK01:59
komputesha, yes very nice, but i want the desktop01:59
sandy37ppppp, ya what is your ram size01:59
drpckenppppp, have you got a partition setup where you want to put the install?01:59
pppppwindowsxp > boot from cd > install > nothing happening01:59
pppppyes and no01:59
danand_TheLastDodo - wasn't too bad ... just i'm used to having my view of the earth as a solid thing intact!01:59
pppppi cant format the c drive01:59
usserkomputes: as in shared desktop? see what's on the screen at the moment?02:00
pppppim not used to the linux install, on the windows disc I can format before I install02:00
Digital_PioneerIs there a shell command to see your current version of Ubuntu? And I don't mean kernel version. :)02:00
komputesusser: correct sir02:00
appyJackamenado: doesn't that say to accept all output ? (or am i reading it wrong)02:00
luciddr34m3rHey, having a slight problem with a new install of Gutsy. Whenever I visit a page with Java on it, the browser hangs until i force quit it. I have had problems in the past with the default java plugin, so I install a different one, but this time it didnt give me a choice. Any idea how to keep FF from hanging/crashing when a java app loads?02:00
aimchangerpppp: you can use the partition manager on the Live CD for formatting purposes02:00
usserkomputes: in that case vnc is probably the easiest solution02:00
ppppprun the cd in windows?02:00
komputesusser: I know,I just want to kno which client lets me scale02:01
usserkomputes: use vino, that's what the server called in gnome I believe02:01
amenadoappyJack-> nope, only RELATED and ESTABLISH so NEW are discarded via default drop policy02:01
TheLastDododanand_: fair enough. Having grown up with them, I'm used to the earth shaking once in a while. After all, it's hardly as dangerous or frequent as the storms/hurricanes/monsoon flooding that many places put up with on a yearly basis.02:01
pppppI didnt see any options on the cd other than mozilla etc02:01
iceswordppppp, qqqqq02:01
aimchangerppppp: download a .ISO, burn it to CD, then Boot from the CD02:01
Krumarhey, i have volume keys on my keyboard, but they decided to map themselves to the mic volume, how do i get them to PCM?02:01
komputesusser: I have it, i need to scale the window02:01
pppppi did02:01
appyJackamenado:Aah - Right! so, simply by adding the NEW state, that would probably help quite a bit02:01
aimchangerso you're in the Ubuntu GUI on the CD?02:01
scjp_is it easy to install ubuntu on apple macbook02:01
pppppi have the iso burnt to a cd, and have tried booting and installing from the ubuntu enviroment 20times now02:01
danand_TheLastDodo - true.... you'll have to excuse my excitement though!! :P02:02
ATLANT3AN22funny thing is, the GUI install has never worked for me02:02
ATLANT3AN22ive always used the alternate CD02:02
aimchangerppp: what happens when you try to install?02:02
usserkomputes: pretty much any client should support it, theres xvncviewer, tightvnc02:02
drpckenppppp,  yes you'll need to burn the iso to a cd, boot off it, then setup your partition, sorry i didn't realize you had booted into windows02:02
amenadoappyJack-> try it, no one gets good at using iptables without trial and error02:02
pppppnothing, administration window for something shows in the taskbar but then nothing02:02
ATLANT3AN22heres a question of my own for you guys02:02
komputesusser: I have it, i need to scale the window?02:02
ATLANT3AN22is there an application on linux like a windows firewall that prompts you at every connection outbound02:02
aimchangerppppp: Isn't there an "Install" icon on the desktop?02:02
pppppthe comp im trying to install this on sucks, but is there no way I can format and do a clean ubuntu install?02:02
appyJackamenado:how well i know that. I had to pry my way back into the box a few times with some of my 'experiments' ... but its worth it02:03
komputesusser: do they have GUI02:03
pppppya thats what im spamming on lol02:03
sandy37ppppp,you need to restart your system run live cd02:03
CondouloIs there a good partition manager besides gparted?02:03
TheLastDododanand_: Do make sure to watch out for the mole people that come up through the cracks in the earth in the weeks ahead. We're used to dealing with them, so they're really just an annoyance, but if you don't carry an axe or some sort of weapon, I can see how they might be a problem.02:03
Dr_willis_ATLANT3AN22,  Linux firewalling dosent work that way. So no, i dont think there is.02:03
usserkomputes: hang on02:03
aimchangersandy: He did that, hes having trouble going thru the install process02:03
aimchangerI think..02:03
pppppur right02:03
ATLANT3AN22why not dr_willis, why cant a connection be stopped and then allowed/denied02:03
ATLANT3AN22I am sure when i used something it did tell me to allow or deny02:03
ATLANT3AN22i remember NTP update, i had to allow it02:04
aimchangerpppp: So how far in the wizard do you get?02:04
yo___i need help setting up a broadcom wireless 43xx series card in ubuntu02:04
ATLANT3AN22for it to go out to the servers02:04
pppppcan i format and install on an empty parition02:04
Digital_PioneerATLANT3AN22: Why would you want to? You'd get almost as many security alerts as in vi$ta.02:04
pppppim used to windows being able to do that right before the install02:04
sandy37aimchanger, i think he has ram problem , what is the size of ram02:04
drpckenppppp, once you burn the ubuntu cd, when you boot, it will let you format and partition your drive(s)02:04
aimchangeryo____: I just did that! Google it for a tutorial. I'll try to find the one that worked for me02:04
Dr_willis_ATLANT3AN22,  linux  firewaling blocks based on PORT# and otehr info. not the app doing the calling/connection.02:04
pppppwhat option is that drpcken?02:04
jvaihe can use firestarter frontend to iptables, & leave it open in the notification area02:04
usserkomputes: can't you use terminal server client02:04
yo___thans aim02:04
ATLANT3AN22so you have no real outbound control then02:04
drpckenppppp, its not an option, you downloaded the Ubuntu cd, right?02:05
ATLANT3AN22unless you hard code it into iptables etc or use a front end GUI to do it02:05
appyJackamenado: so simple, yet so far-reaching... I really appreciate your looking at that!02:05
usserkomputes: its in applications->internet->terminal server client02:05
aimchangerppppp: There's a wizard on the Live CD that takes you through everything... It will format it for you too02:05
komputesusser: no scaling for the window02:05
sandy37ppppp, what is the size of your ram02:05
Dr_willis_ATLANT3AN22,  go read up on the various IPTABLES howtos.   I guess.  You dont have a 'per app' or 'per user' controll.  that i am aware of.02:05
pppppi dont know it's not my computer exactly, but it should have enough ram02:05
amenadoATLANT3AN-> you know in linux, one tool alone is not the solution, sometimes a combination of several to effect the desired result02:05
ATLANT3AN22so in windows, the applications can intercept the calls and stop them until you allow it, whilst linux cannot interupt calls02:05
drpckenppppp, are you in windows now?02:05
sandy37ppppp,you need to have atleast 512mb of ram to install ubuntu from a live cd02:05
pppppya im on my comp, the comp im trying to install ubuntu on is next to me im using the same monitor for both02:06
usserkomputes: try krdc it's a bit a kde app but its pretty neat02:06
drpckenppppp, click START --> and right click on My Computer and click Properties02:06
amenadoappyJack-> that solved it?02:06
appyJackamenado: I need to keep reading up on this for a bit.. I'm sure there's other 'glitches' in here somewhere02:06
drpckenppppp, it will tell you the RAM02:06
ATLANT3AN22well really, I would like to know what Linux is doing, what connections it is making etc, so I know its not doing anything I dont want it to do, the exact thing i can accomplish on windows02:06
Dr_willis_I love how windows will ask me if i want to allow an app to connect... after the app is  allready running and connected and downloading stuff for the last hr+ , and occasionally reasks if i want to allow an app to connect.. after i said yes..just a few days befor.02:06
aimchangeryo_____: Try this link! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28580902:06
appyJackamenado:yes! just by adding the NEW state, output to internet works fine02:06
pppppwell id have to go afk for a bit and reconnect the monitor to it and then id prolly just look at the ram in the boot screen02:06
amenadoATLANT3AN-> then you must read up on iptables/Netfilter02:06
ATLANT3AN22dr_willis not my experiance, the apps will not make any connection until I allow them02:07
pppppbut is there no way I can partition and do a clean install from boot from the ubuntu cd?02:07
drpckenppppp, just do what i said, its faster02:07
ATLANT3AN22using Outpost Security suite/netlimiter02:07
yo___aim.. the computer isn't connected to the internet at all02:07
yo___its my bros laptop02:07
drpckenppppp, YES but you have to boot from the ubuntu cd02:07
Dr_willis_ATLANT3AN22,  ive seen dozens of games i play..  then when i close the game.. then i see the windows dialog asking if iwant to allow the app to connect. :) go figure.02:07
pppppi did tho drpcken02:07
ATLANT3AN22outpost pro is different dr_willis02:07
Dr_willis_thats after playing the game online for a few hrs.02:07
jvaiATLANT3AN22, -> firestarter  - http://www.fs-security.com/02:07
ATLANT3AN22i cant do nothing until I allow it02:07
pppppit boots and shows the logo and under it a few options for running ubuntu02:07
drpckenppppp, i mean boot the computer off the cd02:08
jvai& tcpdump02:08
ATLANT3AN22i even have to allow it to make the game go full screen02:08
aimchangeryo__: can you connect it through ethernet or use a USB drive to get the files? ndiswrapper?02:08
ATLANT3AN22else it will just hang02:08
drpckenppppp, not just run the cd while running windows02:08
x4cauwhy the new release (8.04) is too slow ? how do I fix that? can one help me? =)02:08
pppppbut when i select the top choice of running and installing it brings me to the windows of ubuntu02:08
Dr_willis_With the lack of spyware or other things under linux. its not much of an issue.02:08
pppppi know im booting from it02:08
yo___i can use sneakernet tho ;)02:08
RoC_MasterMindx4cau, goto #ubuntu+102:08
pppppit brings me to the desktop for ubuntu02:08
Odd-rationalex4cau: Discussion about hardy in #ubuntu+102:08
ATLANT3AN22I get that point of course, but I like to know whats happeneing02:08
ATLANT3AN22on the fly I guess02:08
Krumarhey, i have volume keys on my keyboard, but they decided to map themselves to the mic volume, how do i get them to PCM?02:08
pppppwith 2 icons 1 being install on the workspace02:08
aimchangeryo___: You need to be able to get the "ndiswrapper" package and the drivers to the computer somehow...02:08
scallI just installed Ubuntu Server 7.10 and port 80 is directed to /var/www/ How do I set this up if I want multiple websites hosted here?02:08
ATLANT3AN22watching netstat would be pointless, looking at logs laborious,02:08
Lunar_LampI want to reset my root mysql password on gutsy.  "sudo /etc/init.d/mysql reset-password" doesn't work - it seems that reset-password isn't an option :-/02:08
ATLANT3AN22but thanks for help :)02:08
aimchangerpppp: Yeah! Double click on install02:08
yo___their on the livecd02:08
pppppthats my problem, nothing happens02:09
drpckenppppp, we really need to know your RAM then, there's an install icon, after that it will let you setup partitions02:09
pppppkk then i will brb and check02:09
pppppthx for the help seriously...02:09
pppppi need it02:09
aimchangeryo___: Yeah thats ok. Hooking up the ethenet connection should work02:09
amenadoLunar_Lamp-> you are using the wrong tool of mysql02:09
ATLANT3AN22well nice talking guys, good night02:10
Lunar_Lampamenado, when I do a google search the solution I mentioned is suggested.02:10
amenadoLunar the wrong mysql , you are trying to use the script as oppsed to the client mysql02:11
aimchangeryo___: Going through the ethernet (eth0 - the default connection), follow the tutorial. It worked for me02:11
sorrowsbitchhey! is this the help channel?02:11
aimchangerYes it is!02:11
aimchangersorrows: What's your problem?02:11
Lunar_Lampamenado, ah, I've just found - that function was removed from gutsy - but it worked in Feisty.02:11
sorrowsbitchI need some guidance for setting up samba.02:11
aimchangerSorrows: Surely. Have you tried any of the tutorials from Ubuntuforums?02:12
sorrowsbitchyep, I tried all sorts of "quick and easy" things02:12
=== Ace is now known as Budtske
SolmazeNow for the next big question - If I want to allow a port to be used by everyone on the local network - how would I go about that?02:12
aimchangerit should be as simple as downloading the package.. the only tricky part may be configuring it.02:12
scallI installed Ubuntu Server 7.10 and port 80 is directed to /var/www/ How do I set this up if I want multiple websites hosted there?02:12
amenadoSolmaze-> for what purpose?02:13
sorrowsbitchI have done it before, with Kubuntu; I have switched to Ubuntu02:13
pcmax_System Information for PCMAX: CPU: AuthenticAMD AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+2629.147 MHz, 512 KB Cache RAM: 1035 MB HDD: 123 GB OS: GNU/Linux 2.6.22-14-generic Uptime: 21:43:09 up  1:01,  1 user,  load average: 0.07, 0.05, 0.0702:13
SolmazeSetting up a mediaserver actually02:13
amenadoscall-> thats an apache trick..read up on virtual hosting02:13
sorrowsbitchI have downloaded the program02:13
aimchangerscall: theres a few ways to do that I would think..02:13
aimchangeryeah, what amenado said.02:13
SolmazeGotten pretty far, but it keeps getting disconnected - I read my way to it being a problem with the ports - that the port used by the mediaserver is kicked by the system.02:14
aimchangerSorrows: have you apt-get'd the package yet?02:14
iceswordload 0.05, great02:14
usserscall: read up on virtual hosts02:14
Solmazenot sure if that makes much sense...02:14
sorrowsbitchI did02:14
usserscall: one sec I'll give you a sample config in a sec02:14
amenadoSolmaze-> you have to think in terms of client and server, are you serving or the client ?02:14
aimchangersorrows: http://www.troubleshooters.com/linux/samba.htm02:15
amenadoSolmaze-> okay, so now, you decide which port you will serve from02:15
usserscall: ok so its basically like that for each host you want to host you have to put a config file in /etc/apache2/hosts-available02:15
usserscall: those configs look something like02:15
excalibasI cant connect to wireless networks, when this happens i see a new network device called wlan0:avahi (when things work there is no wlan0:avahi.) Can someone point me to where can i learn about this avahi? or how can i fix this please?02:16
sorrowsbitchThanks I will have a lool at it! I hope you don't mind me coming back if I still can't do it :) Thanks a bunch02:16
yo___aim i just completed that tutorial save the restart.. just waiing now02:16
aimchangersorrows: Do you want to configure Samba for Windows sharing or Linux or both?02:16
yo___thanks for the link =)02:16
yo___it seemed to go smoothly02:16
aimchangersorrows: Sure! I may or may not be here, but my email is kmadura@gmail.com if you're really stuck02:16
aimchangerRemember, google is your friend!02:16
kimberlyi am tryind to set my permissions fro cdrecord02:16
aimchangeryo___: Ok sweet.02:17
kimberlyis there a simple way to do it02:17
amenadoexcalibas-> you tried to google for avahi yet?02:17
sorrowsbitchthanks a lot02:17
sorrowsbitchgood night/day!02:17
aimchangerno problem.02:17
usserscall: something like that http://pastebin.ca/919917\02:17
aimchangeryou too! haha02:17
usserscall: http://pastebin.ca/91991702:17
usserscall: after you done it you have to run a2ensite hostname.org02:18
* Lokii- is Away, Reason: ( sick and sleeping ) | Since: ( Monday, February 25, 2008. 20:07:41 ) Xlack v2.102:18
excalibasamenado: yes, i found its a program to do something with networking, but i coundt find a way to fix my problem tho...02:18
usserscall: to enable the site, and similarly add more virtual hosts02:19
tomd123does anyone know if there is a channel specifically for ubuntu testing? the new 8.04 alpha 5 iso?02:19
* Lokii- is back ( Away 50 secs )02:19
Starnestommytomd123: #ubuntu+1 ?02:19
amenadoexcalibas-> type  ifconfig -a; iwconfig;  route -n; cat /etc/resolv.conf  and paste it into pastebin please02:19
usserscall: it's a whole area on its own for instance in my example virtual hosts are assumed to be on the same server but this server can be reffered to by different dns names ie hostname1.org and hostname2.org really point to same ip02:20
tomd123ty starnestommy02:20
yo___hey aim..02:20
usserscall: and that's how apache distinguish them by name02:20
clintonargh I'm not debating with anyone tyvm02:20
yo___what happens if it doesn't turn on the wireless card?02:20
yo___i don't have a switch that turns it on or off...02:20
aimchangeryo__: yeah neither do i... Is there a light or something?02:20
yo___just a set of windows keys (fn +f2)02:20
yo___yeah theres a light02:21
yo___it hasn't turned on yet...02:21
aimchangeris it on right now?02:21
=== deadly is now known as cako
usserscall: read up on that http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/vhosts/02:21
yo___i just restarted the comp tho02:21
aimchangeroh. has it blinked at all02:21
RoC_MasterMindwell filed a bug for my failed upgrade: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/19598502:21
aimchangerHow far into the boot is it?02:21
yo___the comp is still booting tho02:21
cpurnHi, I'm using ubuntu 6.0.6 LTS.  I was wondering how I could grab the tarball source of the latest kernel available for 6.0.6 LTS?02:21
yo___dead black screen02:21
bluefoxxok, so i have two moniters connected to my nvidia 6200, both working, but the second one[a TV] dosnt get window borders. how can i fix this?02:21
aimchangeryo__: alright. Just let it do its thing.02:22
yo___i also used the original driver downloaded from the dell website =)02:22
usserbluefoxx: bring up the terminal on the second screen and try metacity --replace02:22
amenadocpurn-> apt-get install build-essential  does not grab the kernel source?02:22
usserbluefoxx: im assuming you not running compiz or anything of that nature?02:22
davmonsterbuild-essential doesn't02:22
aimchangeryo__: haha alright02:22
cpurnamenado: wouldn't that install all the gcc & libraries etc stuff to get you prepared for doing a bare metal package build?02:23
yo___its all booted up.. hasn't turned on yet02:23
excalibasamenado: http://pastebin.ca/91992502:23
aimchangerok. umm in Terminal, can you run lspci02:23
amenadocpurn-> i thought it does that..then just pick your source thats needed?02:23
aimchangerlook for the network controller02:23
davmonsterapt-get install linux-source-(uname -r)02:23
yo___and in network settings there's no wireless option!?02:23
davmonsteror linux-headers-$(uname -r)02:23
davmonsteror something02:23
amenadoahh there you go, a better one02:24
cpurndavmonster: woulnd't that install the latest kernel available for other release, i.e. edgy, where I'd  like to keep in track with LTS still?02:24
aimchangerdav - run "uname -r" and add that to the last part of linux-headers-02:24
davmonsterit would install source of your kernel version02:24
davmonsterthat's what uname -r does02:24
yo___my network controller is in there..02:24
aimchangeryo: can you see the model number or something? Like BCMXXX?02:25
bluefoxxusser: i am running compiz...otherwise i would have tried that. i have compiz running with custom settings on both screens02:25
mstefwhy whenever i goto any video site firefox crashes?02:25
aimchangerwhat is the number02:25
mstefyoutube, metacafe, megavideo, etc02:25
amenadoexcalibas get rid of that metric 100  make it so it is 002:25
excalibasamenado: how do i do that?02:26
cpurnI have been running for a while, I  had to custom package the kernel for some reasons.  I'm thinkingo f upgrading my custom package kernel to the latest available...02:26
aimchangeryo: try this tutorial: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=439206502:26
wersdo you know any app that will work with a sony ericsson p990i? the only app that I successfully used with it so far is wammu02:26
cpurndavmas: so I was looking at the latest... I think I get it02:26
cpurnI'll give it a try...thanks02:26
aimchangerIt may add some of the same things, just ignore them02:26
wersI want to sync stuff and install to my sony ericsson phone02:26
davmonstercpurn: type uname -r on a console02:27
amenadoexacalibas what is it worth to you? am hungry right now <wink>02:27
davmonstercpurn: to see what it does02:27
davmonsterheh okay02:27
aimchangeryo__: I mean that tut is specifically for your Version.. I had something else but yeah, try that link02:27
cpurnit's custom kernel that I packaged a while back02:27
cpurnit's not from the tree02:27
danagewhere do i report a bug in the new firefox beta 3 that is in hardy?02:27
cpurnI had to recompile this kernel by hand and hand picked the modules02:27
danageit's been broken for weeks02:28
davmonstercpurn: sorry, that's beyond my expertise :(02:28
cpurndavmonster: roger that, thanks for helping and trying! :)02:28
aimchangerdanage: have you looked at mozilla's website?02:28
bluefoxxso how can i get window borders going on my second screen?i know my hard ware can support it, and i am running compiz BTW02:29
danageaimchanger: no i haven't, but this bug might be ubuntu specific so i was thinking of launchpad. but there are MILLION ways to report mozilla bugs02:29
excalibasamenado: sorry, i dont understand, i would really like to fix this, i have to change places a lot and this is a problem for me mabie just point me the way so i can try to fix it...02:29
Condoulook, my webcam works, but my microphone does not, is there a reason to this? (The mic is built into the webcam, Ubuntu detects it, but places like ustream won't and apps won't detect it properly)02:30
aimchangerdanage: Oh alright. Well yeah if you find a solution, make sure to post it on Ubuntu Forums!02:30
aimchangerWhat is the problem anyways?02:30
yo___AHHH  i cant find my sneakernet router (sdcard) lol02:30
usserbluefoxx: so are you running it as dual head ie separate xserver for each monitor? can you drag windows from one screen to another?02:30
danageaimchanger: what do you mean? is your firefox also broken?02:31
amenadoexcalibas easy to understand, am hungry, and could use... j/k  hehehe02:31
bluefoxxusser: they are seperate x screens, i cannot drag windows onto eachother as i run 4 workspaces on each02:31
aimchangerdanage: No, but maybe I could shed some light on the solution. Probably not, but its worth a try.02:32
prince_jammysdanage: #firefox is a possibility02:32
danageprince_jammys: good idea02:32
amenadoexcalibas-> all you do is add metric 0 on the interfaces file for the wlan0 definition on the interface file02:32
usserbluefoxx: I see... I assume you tried compiz --replace on the one without borders?02:32
prince_jammysdanage: wow you type fast02:32
peepsalotisn't there some thing for ubuntu that rates how popular packages are?  how can I see those results?02:32
danageprince_jammys: enter the first few letters of the name and then press <tab>02:33
Odd-rationalepeepsalot: In the add/remove applications02:33
bluefoxxusser: nope, not yet, i will do that now. if i disappear then most likely my desktop has crashed02:33
anthonypeepsalot: popcon.ubuntu.com02:33
prince_jammysdanage: oh i know but even then02:33
usserbluefoxx: one more thing... is compiz actually running on that one without borders? wobbly windows and such?02:33
Luke2008Do you guys know any good free .iso burners?02:33
aimchangerdanage: ohhh haha thanks02:34
danageon another issue, does anybody know how to get an older ati mobility radeon 7500 work under hardy with the new xorg.conf02:34
cherwinLike2008: cdrecord02:34
anthony!burners | Luke200802:34
ubotuLuke2008: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto02:34
davmonsterLuke2008: ubuntu desktop02:34
Luke2008thx ill try it out02:34
aimchangerLuke2008: Yes02:34
usserLuke2008: for windows?02:34
bluefoxxusser: yes, it is, i have the 3d desktop switching and all thta...i took away wobbly windows though02:34
cherwinLuke2008: you've got to be kidding02:34
davmonsterLuke2008: google for iso tools02:34
Odd-rationaleLuke2008: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto#head-5f36c46dbbdd2bd773ae1f5d361be66c6553babf02:34
excalibasamenado: Im sorry but i really dont undestand what you mean, im a bit slow (its 2:34am here), i have no idea how to this...02:35
davmonsterLuke2008: that's what I use02:35
usserbluefoxx: cool one more thing you can try if compiz is on is gtk-window-decorator --replace02:35
aimchangerLuke2008: http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm02:35
Odd-rationaleLuke2008: My fav. for windows is: http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm02:35
aimchangerLuke2008: easy, Incorperated into Windows Shell, and awesome =)02:35
amenadoexcalibas-> then its time for you to take a break, get a fresh start tomorrow morning.. :P  it will come to you,  metric 002:35
davmonsterI like isorecorder too02:35
yo___where can i get cabextract?02:35
Odd-rationaleaimchanger: Sorry. Didn't mean to copy you...02:36
bazhangLuke2008: isorecorder202:36
bluefoxxalso. compiz --replace has removed all my wondow borders on both screens, and now everything is running slow, my input is lagging behind by 5 seconds as is output to the screens02:36
Odd-rationaleyo___: apt-get cabextract02:36
aimchangerOdd-rationale: haha no problem. Great minds think alike02:36
yo___its not hooked up to the net02:36
sammyFhey there. how can I permanently add a library path? export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=... works, but it isn't permanent, is it?02:36
Odd-rationaleyo___: Then hook up!02:36
yo___i have to find it in windows and transfer it to a different comp02:36
yo___i cant02:36
yo___none of my network controllers are working02:36
usserbluefoxx: odd switch back to metacity, kill compiz if anything of it is left hanging in processes and try again02:36
amenadosammyF-> you have a /etc/profile02:36
darkdelusionsyo___: http://freshmeat.net/projects/cabextract/02:36
stormzen-awayHmm.. is there a way of seeing the packages that everyone is downloading without searching for them on that site?  ( https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/i386 )  <-- want to see if there is anything that I'm missing. ;-)02:37
aimchangerOdd-rationale: yo__ and I have been trying to install his wireless drivers02:37
Odd-rationaleyo___: Have gutsy?02:37
Odd-rationaleyo___: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/cabextract02:37
usserbluefoxx: try gtk-window-decorator --replace on borderless screen once you get compiz running02:37
yo___which one do i dl?02:37
sammyFamenado: yep02:37
Odd-rationaleyo___: 32 bit?02:37
yo___nvm got it02:37
Odd-rationaleyo___: OK. Don't for get the dependency, if you don't already have it.02:38
sammyFamenado: just adding the line to it? I just compiled code::blocks and it succeeded in removing /usr/local/lib from the library path .. permanently :/02:38
yo___wuts that?02:38
excalibasamenado: i guess youre right about the break, i will think about what you said and try to learn something. thanks for helping :)02:38
JohnRobertanyone here used fusepod fusefs util?02:38
yurimxpxmanhow can I add music to my 6th generation iPod? I haven't had any luck.02:38
Odd-rationaleyo___: That red circle. Check if you have that installed already02:38
yo___wut red circle? lol02:38
amenadoexcalibas-> no problem, sometimes a lil rest would do wonders02:39
* cpurn is away: (Auto-Away after 10 mins) [BX-MsgLog On]02:39
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prince_jammys!away >cpurn02:39
=== Phuzion is now known as phuzion
Odd-rationaleyo___: Do you see the heading: "Download cabextract" near the bottom?02:39
amenadosammyF-> thats the global profile that every user when they logged on, is used02:39
excalibasGood night all02:40
yo___i have cab extract and used it already02:40
AtomicSparkso this is the second time my os "froze" is there a good place to check logs to see what caused it?02:40
amenadosammyF-> except for ssh login I think..but am not 100% sure about ssh login02:40
bazhangyurimxpxman: what model02:40
sammyFamenado: k, thanks :) ld.so.conf isn't used by ubuntu?02:40
yurimxpxmanbazhang: it's the new 80GB black one..02:40
Odd-rationaleyo___: You have cabextract installed already?02:41
amenadosammyF-> it maybe ldconfig02:41
yo___i already installed it right now02:41
aimchangeryurimxpxman:  have you tried etkpod?02:41
bazhangyurimxpxman: classic?02:41
yurimxpxmanbazhang: yeah, it's a classic02:41
deadlylifeObama 2 Hillary 302:41
Odd-rationaleyo___: It installed fine?02:41
yurimxpxmanaimchanger: no, I haven't heard of it02:41
aimchangeryurimxpxman:  have you tried gtkpod *02:41
Geoffrey2I want to be able to access documents on my Ubuntu desktop from several other computers in my home network, some running Linux, others Windows...what's a good solution for doing that?02:41
yurimxpxmanaimchanger: yes, gtkpod didn't work02:41
NB2000deadlylife Keeping Score? :)02:41
amenadosammyF-> man ldconfig  and it does mention about ld.so.conf02:41
Odd-rationaleyo___: OK then!02:41
yo___i got the amd64 verion.. why wouldn't it?02:41
usserGeoffrey2: ftp server02:41
wweaselAnyone have any idea why MSNBC's online flash-based video streaming isn't working in by Ubuntu install?02:42
aimchangerhmm. yeah i haven't experimented with my iPod yet. Sorry. Try some good ol' Google02:42
aimchangerwweasel: have you installed all flash plugins?02:42
aimchangerwweasel: basically just Flash Player02:42
bazhanghttp://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Media_Device:IPod also with stuff about gtkpod yurimxpxman though you may need to compile a bit02:42
wweaselaimchanger: Yeah, youtube etc. works.02:42
aimchangerwweasel: Gnash doesnt work too well. It's unstable02:42
amenadoGeoffrey2-> i like nfs02:42
wweaselaimchanger: flashplugin-nonfree02:42
aimchangerwweasel: Hmm.. It could be just a browser issue02:43
wweaselaimchanger: Try it yourself? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23349901/ - and click on live video link02:43
sammyFamenado: thanks ... if I don't get along with ldconfig I'll just add the export to profile. /usr/local/lib is mentioned in ld.so.conf, so it SHOULD be used ... just that it isn't ;)02:43
amenadoGeoffrey2-> i like nfs == network file system02:43
rseeberHello, I'm having a problem with my Ubuntu computer taking up all my wireless bandwidth. I have an ubuntu and a windows box next to each other and when ever the ubuntu box is downloading something, it almost kills my connection on the windows box02:43
usseramenado: nfs is not gonna work for windows client will it?02:43
amenadousser they have nfs client for windows02:43
wweaselrseeber: that sounds like just a standard problem with a home network with limited bandwidth. not an OS specific thing.02:43
scallI am creating a document with vim. When I try to save it I receive the error: "index.html" E212: Can't open file for writing02:44
usseramenado: oh really? wow how cool is that02:44
aimchangerwweasel: Works for me. =/02:44
amenadousser-> its been available since w95 i believe02:44
wweaselaimchanger:    :(02:44
rseeberwweasel: when i download on the windows box, the ubuntu box doesn't seem to slow down02:44
usseramenado: I was never aware of that :)02:44
aimchangerscall: Try using sudo vi index.html02:44
aimchangerscall: It seems like you dont have privileges02:44
=== co_hUjaN is now known as cO_pEnAkLuK
amenadousser-> but it may not be from microsoft itself, some third party02:44
wweaselrseeber: hmm, no idea then. sorry.02:44
=== AHA_ is now known as AHA
andrew_hey, i found it once before, but cant now, does anyone know where the .conf file is for changing the color behind the splash screen?02:45
scallThat worked. Thanks.02:45
rseeberwweasle: ok, thanks anyway02:45
aimchangerscall: no problemo02:45
aimchangerscall: you'll need to sudo a lot of things02:45
sammyFamenado: just so you know, in case someone else comes up with the same problem : ldconfig.real (as root) rebuilt the library cache apparently02:46
darkdelusionsandrew_: are you just trying to change the login screen?02:46
sammyFamenado: everything should work again :) thanks again!02:46
amenadosammyF-> no sweat, its been a while since i have tinkered with ld.so.conf..am rusty02:47
ice109hey i installed something here : ~/Wolfram/Mathematica/6.002:47
ice109where did it go?02:47
ice109cause it's not in my directory02:47
yo___im really hoping this works with the internet02:47
ice109my home directory02:47
yo___ive tried a million different tutorials02:47
bluefoxxusser:  that last command crashed my computer beyond the help of even reisub, the first destablized me[and i loose my 4 day uptime, and a story i was working on. didnt save to the scsi in time >.>]02:47
erichey all. Anyone here have experience with ltsp? I have edubuntu server installed and Wyse thin client on the same network...02:47
bruenigice109: check /opt02:47
sorrowsbitchHi, I need help with Samba!02:48
ericthe wyse client is set to PXEboot, but I'm unsure how it is supposed to find the image to boot from, etc..02:48
ice109bruenig nope02:48
ericwill pay for help services :)02:48
andrew_darkdelusions no, the bg color after the login screen, i changed that and the splash screen, but the bg color around the splash screen is that gross pink color stull02:48
amenadoeric-> your dhcp server will tell your pxeboot client that it should look for it in the /tftp directory02:48
yo___whats the linux equivalent of a windows BATCH file?02:48
ice109anyone anyone? where did the program i installed here : ~/Wolfram/Mathematica/6.002:48
ice109 go?02:48
usserbluefoxx: good god man... shouldn't do important stuff on unstable machines02:48
bazhangeric for paid contact canonical02:48
Dr_willis_yo___,  you can easially make bash shell scripts.02:49
stephansok im using deb mirror and i get: gpgv: Can't check signature: public key not found02:49
yo___just wonderin lol02:49
=== luderacer is now known as Luderacer
stephanshere is my command line: debmirror -v --host=us.archive.ubuntu.com --method=http --root=ubuntu --arch=i386 --dist=gutsy,gutsy-updates,gutsy-security --section=main --nosource --passive gutsy02:49
yo___how do you do that?02:49
prince_jammysice109: try :::  find /usr -iname *mathematica*02:49
ericamenado: i just installed it all and rebooted the wyse client and it didn't see one..02:49
stephanshow do I make it find the public key?02:49
ericmy router provides DHCP...02:49
stephansI tried puting the trusted.gpg from /etc/apt where it is looking for it... but no go....02:49
bruenigyo___: saying bash scripts are equivalent to batch files is almost a joke, bash is incomparably better than dinky batch files02:49
ericso how does the server?02:49
Dr_willis_yo___,  put bash commandsd in a text file.. chmod +x the file, ./file02:49
usserice109: precisely where it says, into your homefolder in Wolfram/Mathematica/6.002:49
sorrowsbitchAnyone who is gonna save this newbie from his samba troubles?02:49
Dr_willis_yo___,  time to read a few bash begeinner guides.02:49
ice109usser it's not there02:49
yo___gimme some links lol02:50
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:50
Dr_willis_yo___,  google.com02:50
amenadoeric you must setup a specialized dhcp server, do not use your linksy/wireless router for this purpose02:50
yo___i need some linux beginner tutorials lol02:50
ice109prince_jammys case sensitive?02:50
ericamenado: care to help me out with this? i'm in over my head02:50
ice109what is powerful find command?02:50
ice109what is a powerful find command to use?02:50
Luderacerfor some reason ubuntu is freezing any way i can find out why?02:50
usserice109: weird did you install using sudo?02:50
prince_jammysice109: -iname is case insensitive02:50
Dr_willis_yo___,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training02:50
bluefoxxusser:  this machine isnt unstable, its just...well it hates me ¬¬. my other machines are unstable...if you consider running a full install of ubuntu spread across 3 6 gigs ona  450mhz celeron with 128 ram while overclocking 40% unstable02:51
mosibfuice109, i like locate02:51
amenadoeric-> if you can spare the time to read up on tutorials regarding linux LTSP then come back, after you go through its drill02:51
prince_jammysice109: "find" is the powerful find command02:51
ericI have been reading them most of the day :)02:51
erictime isn't an issue for me. but I don't understand some of it.02:51
sorrowsbitchSAMBA help?02:51
=== grim76_ is now known as Grim76
ice109prince_jammys what does /usr and -iname do?02:51
andrew_any idea where the .conf file is to change the bg color for the splash screen02:51
ericbeen reading the WIKI all day :)02:51
amenadoeric-> also sometimes, one needs a break so one can absorb the info, we all get info overload02:51
prince_jammysice109: searches within /usr recursively , -iname searches case insensitive02:52
illmortalAnyone know if Gutsy 7.10 has a shut down bug?.... Network manager seeems to be the culprit in causing my shut down to freeze02:52
usserbluefoxx: heh... not to be a jerk or anything ubuntu by definition is unstable :P... anyhow did you get compiz running again? this command crashed you gtk-window-decorator --replace?02:52
joojeI like the architecture style thou.02:52
ice109prince_jammys so if i want to search the entire directory tree how do i do that?02:52
amenadoillmortal-> how long did you wait?02:52
ice109find / Mathematica?02:52
illmortallol nearly 10 minutes.02:52
joojewrong window02:52
illmortaland i couldn't stop halt, amenado.02:52
ice109woops that did not do what i wanted it to do02:52
prince_jammysice109: sudo find / -iname *mathematica*02:52
ConstyXIVcan you manually override your DNS servers?02:53
prince_jammysice109: with *02:53
amenadoillmortal you can get around it by doing ifdown wlan0 or ifdown eth0 whichever interfaces you have, then shutdown02:53
ice109what does the * do?02:53
bruenigprince_jammys: quote '*mathematica*'02:53
xanderok , i messed up bad02:53
xanderis there someone here that can help me sort out my xorg.conf02:53
illmortalamenado, should I do this prior to clicking the shut down button?02:53
bluefoxxusser:  i rebooted alltogether witht the magical reset button i put on my computer. and no the gtk-window-decorator --replace crashed me. hard.02:54
prince_jammysice109: will match mathematica-12 mathematica-blah..   if you don't use * you will only match a file named "mathematica" and no other02:54
darkdelusionsillmortal: yes you will want to do it before you shutdown02:54
amenadoeric-> anyhow the concept is, you should only have one dhcp server on that subnet, otherwise the pxeclient may get a wrong ip and will not get the boot stuff from tftp server02:54
xanderif i could get my drivers working properly , it would be the last major hurdle to converting over to linux02:54
bluefoxxandrew_:i'de like to know wear that .conf file is too, if you find out02:55
usserbluefoxx: one more thing check your xorg.conf for that line     Option         "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "True" its supposed to be somewhere in the Screen section02:55
amenadoillmortal yes, prior to shutting down, shutdown process actually does that for you, but sometimes it gets stuck as you have experienced02:55
ice109where is a good place to put applications?02:55
sorrowsbitchStill hanging in here for Samba pro!02:55
ice109in my home directory?02:55
eric_did you get my last question, amenado? i got discd02:55
prince_jammysice109: /usr/local02:55
amenadoeric nope..02:55
amenadoeric-> anyhow the concept is, you should only have one dhcp server on that subnet, otherwise the pxeclient may get a wrong ip and will not get the boot stuff from tftp server02:55
andrew_bluefoxx ok02:55
illmortalamenado, it has done this 4 times back to back already....02:55
bluefoxxusser:  kk02:55
prince_jammysice109: or /opt, some people use02:55
bluefoxxusser:  brb then02:55
eric_ so in general...02:55
eric_ since my router is providing DHCP02:55
eric_ I can't disable that or everything else breaks02:55
eric_ recommended action?02:55
andrew_bluefoxx i spent tons of time looking for it last time, but then forgot and just had to reinstal...02:56
eric_ok, so I need a switch in place02:56
illmortalI strongly believe there's some sort of network manager bug... specially since it displays that i don' t have connectivity even though I'm online right now.02:56
amenadoeric-> put the client with pxe on its own subnet with your own customized dhcp server02:56
eric_doubt the router allows that02:56
eric_well, it might02:56
eric_linksys 24 port switch02:56
amenadoeric-> create another subnet, separate network02:57
xanderi have used envy , but i don't think its doing it correctly02:57
eric_amenado: you make that sound simple02:57
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »02:57
amenadoeric yes, creating a separate network is not difficult02:57
phuzionif a directory shows up as cyan in terminal, does that mean it is a symlink/02:57
prince_jammysphuzion: do ls -l file_name and see02:58
yo___stupid tutorial once again didn't work02:58
prince_jammysphuzion: or do  :: file file_name02:58
xanderok i have that on now02:58
yo___where can i get the firmware for the bcm43xx02:58
phuzionprince_jammys, yeah, thanks.  How do I undo a symlink then?02:58
xanderbut i don't have the resolution i would like to use02:58
Dr_willis_yo___,  i just ran the resticted-manager tool and it grabbed it for my bcm card.02:58
amenadoyo___-> do you have the 7.10 liveCD i believe it is there02:58
Odd-rationalephuzion: Del it02:58
prince_jammysphuzion: you can delete the symlink02:59
stormzen-awayI'm experimenting with wmctrl.  Is there a way of determine what window hints are being applied when windows are grouped together using compiz?02:59
prince_jammysphuzion: and recreate whatever you need02:59
yo___i have the livecd02:59
eric_so I have another switch sitting here. I should plug it all into that one.02:59
yo___what is it on the live cd?02:59
eric_the server and client02:59
eric_its a web-managed switch. then i turn off DHCP and i'm good to go?02:59
xandercan i just add the resolution into the xorg.conf?02:59
amenado!who | yo___02:59
ubotuyo___: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:59
phuzionand how do I create symlinks again?02:59
Odd-rationalephuzion: ln -s03:00
bluefoxxusser: whear is the xorg.conf file i want to check? the one i found didnt have that phrase03:00
amenadoeric yeah, create a separate vlan03:00
prince_jammysphuzion: ln -s target link_file       (link_file cannot exist)03:00
Odd-rationalebluefoxx: /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:00
usserbluefoxx: its in /etc/X1103:00
bluefoxxOdd-rationale: ty03:00
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:00
usserbluefoxx: if you don't have it there try to run this command sudo nvidia-xconfig --add-argb-glx-visuals -d 2403:01
mikevhi, i have a problem with "launchers", whenever I create one after a few "uses" it doesnt work anymore, I create a launcher for sudo bash, and it works a couple of times but not anymore, what is wrong with them? how I do create them safely?03:01
darkdelusionsyo__: what version of windows are you using03:01
amenadoeric-> have your dedicate tftp server with dhcp available on that separate network03:01
darkdelusionsyo__: what version of ubuntu are you using03:01
darkdelusionsI am retarted tonight03:01
Odd-rationalemikev: Try making it for "gksu bash"03:01
ussermikev: don't use sudo bash launch gnome terminal instead something like gksu gnome-terminal03:01
phuzionOk, this isn't making sense anymore.  Two of my hard drives are showing up in /media/, but aren't actually working03:02
fiveironanyone know what the heck "zeus-admin" is?03:02
=== stormzen-away is now known as storm-zen
Odd-rationaleyo___: Try <tab> instead of ** :P03:02
darkdelusionsyo__: have you tried this walk threw https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Gutsy03:02
mikevyeah, forgot to tell that I already did sudo gnome termianl and its the same, lemme try with gksu03:02
bluefoxxusser: kk[its not there, so thanks]03:03
yurimxpxmanhave any of you gotten a 6th generation ipod to work in ubuntu?03:03
usserbluefoxx: run this sudo nvidia-xconfig --add-argb-glx-visuals -d 2403:03
phuzionActually, I take that back, nothing but my ext3 ubuntu partition is working.  and I have 3 other partitions with all of my data on them.  How do I get them to work again?03:03
usserbluefoxx: and see if compiz loads correctly03:03
Nick-Oi'm sure you have heard this a million times but i was wondering how to make the sound in firefox in amd64 7.10 work with flash03:03
=== syc_ is now known as psychode
Nick-Oi'd be fine with an in depth tutorial taht actually works03:04
mikevOdd-rationale: it works =D thnx, I hope it stays that way XD...03:04
bluefoxxusser: ran the command, just gonna finish the movie on the TV then try the command, thanks =303:04
usserNick-O: elaborate, sound when doing what?03:04
Nick-Oplaying a flah video like youtube03:04
usserNick-O: hm works fine for me03:05
mikevusser_ thnx too03:05
daedalus2q: if ubuntu detected and load the nvidia restricted driver just fine do I need to mess with the proprietory (sp) drivers @ all?03:05
Nick-Oi've read a lot of forums on it but none work03:05
Odd-rationalemikev: np03:05
xanderyeah driver givin me a headache03:05
usserNick-O: let me clarify you have flash itself going, just not the sound?03:06
xandereverything worked with envy , but it looked kind of crappy03:06
drpckenwhat command can i use to restart an app thats hung?03:06
xandernow nothing works , but it looks ok03:06
Nick-Othe video plays but there is no sound03:06
usserNick-O: I really never heard of this problem sorry03:06
drpckeni would google it, but said App is Firefox :)03:06
xanderis there someone that might be able to help sort out my xorg.conf ?03:06
Nick-Othat's fine03:06
usserdrpcken: ps -Al | grep firefox03:07
drpckenxander, just ask03:07
xanderi been searching forums , but i think thats made it worse ha03:07
usserdrpcken: not the 3rd number03:07
usserdrpcken: *note and then kill number03:07
mindheavyhas libstdc++5 been replaced by libstdc++6? i cannot get gutsy to install the xorg-driver-fglrx because apt-get can't find libstdc++503:07
Nick-Oare you running the 64 bit version?03:07
xanderi am using 64bit03:07
mar77ihi I've got a strange problem03:07
Nick-Oi'm not sure if it's relatied03:07
darkdelusionsjpipkin: go away stalker ;)03:08
usserNick-O: yes I am03:08
jpipkinstfu n00b03:08
usserNick-O: how did you install flash?03:08
tmcfultonGoogle Earth causes a logout when running it, any help?03:08
oneeyedelf1can someone recommend a howto for installing the latest nvidia drivers?03:08
Nick-Oit was on firefox after the install03:08
xanderis there part of my file i should paste here for someone to see ?03:08
mikevwhile Im here I have a another question, long time windows user, what permissions do I need to set to a file, to be able to do anything like in a windows environment, like rename, double click, delete, etc, to my user, and full read to anyone else? whats the x permission for?03:08
Nick-Odo you know how to uninstall so i can try reinstalling?03:08
xanderim askin the same thing oneeye03:08
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:08
mar77ican u tell me why permission is denied to me to folder /home/martti while I've got chowned them martti:martti and modded to 644???03:08
jpipkinoneeyedelf1:: the nvidia driver includes a readme with very simple and well-documented instructions.03:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about consolefont - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:08
drpckenusser, the 4 digit or 3 digit number?03:08
biabiaUbuntu isn't recognizing my three non-ext3 partitions.'03:09
orbisvicishow can i change the console font on ubuntu ?03:09
xanderi think the driver is installed , its not set up right or something03:09
usserdrpcken: should be the fourth column03:09
jpipkinxander:: read nvidia's readme.03:09
xanderi think i did03:09
xanderbut ok03:09
tmcfultonWhen running Google Earth, my session gets logged out, any help, please?03:09
mar77iqry? what's wrong?03:09
usserNick-O: sudo dpkg --purge flashplugin-nonfree03:09
luciddr34m3rHey, I'm on a fresh install of gutsy, and every time I load a Java applet in firefox, it hangs/crashes. Any ideas?03:10
usserNick-O: and then apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:10
mindheavyhas libstdc++5 been replaced by libstdc++6? i cannot get gutsy to install the xorg-driver-fglrx because apt-get can't find libstdc++503:10
phuzionUbuntu isn't recognizing my three non-ext3 partitions. They should show up in /media/hda1 /media/hdb5 and /media/sda1. The directories that are there exist, but they are empty, which leads me to believe the drives are not mounted.  How do I fix this?03:10
jpipkinmindheavy:: there should be a compat version. search in aptitude.03:10
jpipkinmindheavy:: for 503:11
usserphuzion: well try to mount them manually03:11
usserphuzion: sudo mount /dev/hdb5 /media/hdb5 etc03:11
mar77ican u tell me why permission is denied to me to folder /home/martti while I've got chowned them martti:martti and modded to 644???03:11
xanderok where do i find the readme ?03:11
xandermy head is spinning03:11
macogwis there a package for the xscreensaver that lets you pass keypresses to ElectricSheep?03:11
darkdelusionsluciddr34m3r: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin03:11
tmcfultonCan somebody help me, Google Earth and AmaroK cause spontaneous logouts, perhaps a library problem?03:12
luciddr34m3rdarkdelusions: i'm pretty sure i've done that but i'll double check... i even reinstalled, and then manually installed the plugins...03:12
xandernm i got it , back after a read03:12
luciddr34m3rdarkdelusions: it saus its already installed03:13
Nick-Oit's DLing. i'll see if this works03:13
tmcfultonno error messages or anything03:13
mikevwhile Im here I have a another question, long time windows user, which permissions do I need to set to a file, to be able to do anything with my user like in a windows environment, like rename, double click, delete, etc, and full read to anyone else? whats the x permission for?03:13
Jangarianyone know a good audio editor (i.e., that is *not* audacity) for linux?03:13
Nick-Othat didn't work03:14
tmcfultonThere is no other03:14
jpipkinJangari:: there are plenty, ask google and wiki03:14
andrew_bluefoxx, you still here?03:14
mindheavyjpipkin: aptitude isn't showing a libstdc++5 either03:14
usserNick-O: what did it say?03:14
mar77iwhat shellbased user administration is there?03:14
Nick-Oeverything uninstalled and installed properly without errors but still no audio03:14
luciddr34m3ranyone know why firefox would crash when i load a java applet? i already have the sun-java6-plugin03:15
jpipkinmindheavy:: works for me.03:15
daedalus2q: if ubuntu detected and load the nvidia restricted driver just fine do I need to mess with the proprietary (sp) drivers @ all?03:15
jpipkindunno man.03:15
Nick-Oyou want me to do it again and give you the terminal readings?03:15
mindheavyjpipkin:  are you just going to search -> find? is there something im missing perhaps?03:15
jpipkindaedalus2:: it's restricted because it *is* proprietary03:15
usserdaedalus2: not really... unless you going for latest and greatest!03:15
mindheavyjpipkin: i've never used aptitude03:15
jpipkinmindheavy:: I just use /03:15
Nick-Oany way to reinstall firefox?03:16
darkdelusionsdaedalus2: You dont need the proprietary drivers if Ubuntu loaded the restriced unless you want to update to a more recent version03:16
drpcken_grrrr, can anyone tell me what ctrl alt F2 does? besides make me lose my gui and have to restart lol03:16
jpipkinputs on the second virtual terminal.03:16
daedalus2do you gain any extra functions/speed with latest/greatest?03:16
werneckhow can I make apt-get to just download the deb packages, with all dependencies, not install them03:16
usserNick-O: I really am lost, never seen this before and not sure if reinstalling firefox would help03:16
jpipkindaedalus2:: usually, yes.03:16
Nick-Oi have 8 updates to do and some of the forums said that fixed it so i'm going to try that03:16
darkdelusionsdaedalus2: not really03:16
Nick-Oyeah, i don't think so either03:17
Geoffrey2any guess why trying to restart slapd would cause an error that slapd.conf can't be found, even though it's actually there?03:17
usserNick-O: try it03:17
drpcken_how can i get back to my gui from the second virtual terminal?03:17
luciddr34m3rdrpcken_: it takes you to a terminal. i think you can get out with ctrl + apt + F7... i think03:17
jpipkindrpcken_:: usually alt-f703:17
drpcken_thank you!03:17
luciddr34m3ri think03:17
luciddr34m3rah just alt03:17
drpcken_whats the point of this terminal?03:17
m0u5ei would like to be able to view cymk photoshop psd format files in ubuntu, does anyone know of a way?03:17
drpcken_just a different way of running commands?03:17
daedalus2do restricted drivers get updated w/ normal update procedure?03:18
jpipkindrpcken_:: using the system, yes03:18
jpipkinnot every system needs a GUI03:18
luciddr34m3rwell, i have some linux installs with no gui at all03:18
usserm0u5e: install cs2 :)03:18
=== drpcken_ is now known as drpcken
Codymouse; re-save the files from adobe as .tiff or something else and then you can use GIMP03:18
m0u5eusser what if i don't have cs2? :/03:18
m0u5eusser: besides, i don't think this computer could run cs203:18
drpckenanyone know of a multi protocol Instant Messenger app besides Pidgin that you can recommend?03:18
CodyHey, I enabled a different restricted driver in Ubuntu 7.1 (instead of the generic NVIDIA driver, I did the Nvidia 6 series driver) and I now can't use my ubuntu.03:18
drpckeni'm use to using trillian ;)03:19
m0u5edrpcken: kopete?03:19
jpipkindrpcken:: www.meebo.com03:19
CodyHow do I disable that via Command line (recovery mode)03:19
m0u5edrpcken: you don't like pidgin? i rather like it :303:19
mikevLong time windows user, which permissions do I need to set to a file, to be able to do anything with my user like in a windows environment, like rename, double click, delete, etc, and full read to anyone else? whats the x permission for?03:19
usserm0u5e: hm, the only hope would be gimp but it doesn't support cmyk as far as I know03:19
drpckenm0u5e, i can't get it to flash a window when i get a new message03:19
drpckenit only shows in the top bar03:19
jpipkinmikev:: man chmod03:19
levanderDoes anyone else have security.ubuntu.com in their sources.list?  I keep getting errors from apt-get update when I try to hit that server.03:20
luciddr34m3rmy firefox is crashing when i load a java applet... and i have the java plugin. any ideas?03:20
usserm0u5e: you can also take a look at krita03:20
mar77iqry? can somebody tell me why permission is denied to me to folder /home/martti while I've got chowned them martti:martti and modded to 644???03:20
ussermar77i: try to chmod to 777 see if you get denied and then go down03:21
ussermar77i: ie to 766 and lower it gradually03:21
daedalus2do restricted drivers get updated w/ normal update procedure?03:21
mar77iusser: but 7 stands for execute?03:22
jpipkinyou won't be able to enter a directory if that directory does not have execute permissions.03:22
darkdelusionsdaedalus2: I beleave so yes03:22
jpipkinmar77i:: you need to read the chmod man page.03:22
ussermar77i: owner should have all rights anyway03:22
Codyon the heels of daedalus2's question; does anyone know how to disable restricted drivers via command line?03:22
macogwmar77i: any odd number is execute03:23
Nick-Oit didnt' tell me to restart but i'm goign to try to anyways so byb03:23
mar77iusser: how to get the user's id of the working user?03:23
jpipkinmar77i:: id03:24
Jangarimy trying to install netatalk months ago has meant every synaptic or apt-get command returns an error with the 'netatalk package', and efforts to purge it from my system only result in:  "E: netatalk: subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 1". How can I et rid of netatalk?03:24
amenadoCody-> are the restricted drivers loaded or not?03:24
m0u5edrpcken:  it should be under plugins03:24
m0u5edrpcken: it flashes for me :X03:24
CodyI have my drivers loaded, but I doubt I have the ones I changed it to loaded.03:24
m0u5eusser: krita is a kde app, :(03:25
CodyWhen I start my ubuntu install before, I had to boot the live CD in safe graphics mode.03:25
drpckenhmm i'll check it out03:25
drpckenthanks :)03:25
amenadoCody-> are the restricted drivers loaded or not?03:25
m0u5eusser: i'd have to install a bunch of kde libraries03:25
CodyThen I got my restricted drivers installed (generic NVIDIA), and it worked fine03:25
ol_dude67what is the command to do an upgrade for the distro?03:26
CodyI looked through and just changed the drivers from generic nvidia to "Nvidia 6 Series" and it said "To apply this change all users have to log out"03:26
jpipkinapt-get dist-upgrade03:26
CodyI never got a window that said I was downloading the drivers or anything.03:26
CodyNow when I start my ubuntu install, I get vertical green and blue lines03:26
jpipkinol_dude67:: man apt-get03:26
bluefoxxso how do i change the background color curing login splash?. there used to be a menu option for it somewear but thats vanished. im tired of looking at that [no offense to those who like it] horridly pink background during login03:26
CodySo the graphics drivers I chose I don't think are compatible. Does that make sense?03:26
CodyI just want to know the command line command/commands to disable restricted drivers, from there I can do it on my own.03:27
Nick-Ostill nothing03:27
parataralquick question /problem03:27
CodyYes parataral03:27
paratarali did a 'chmod -R 664 ./*' and now i can't cd into any of the folders03:28
jpipkinparataral:: man chmod03:28
bruenigparataral: chmod 755 them all again03:28
bruenigremoving the executable bit from a folder makes it useless03:28
icesword what does this error mean:configure:error:c++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp fails sanity check03:28
iceswordi am compiling fluxbox03:28
threethirtyhello all does anyone have any idea why Videos and Visualizations are in black and white on both of my gutsy boxes? I use gstreamer by default but have mplayer and vlc installed and it is the same all around03:29
darkdelusionsicesword: if i remember correctly you can get flux from apt03:29
Jangariwhat formats, threethirty?03:29
parataralaah yes... sorry for the dumb question heh03:29
iceswordi am compiling fluxbox 1.003:30
m0u5ewhats the difference between the gthumb image viewer and the gnome eye image viewer?03:30
threethirtyJangari, all of them, its even when I play music in totem03:30
darkdelusionsicesword: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox03:30
m0u5egnome eye can't play animated gifs, while gthumb can... it really doesn't make sense to have 2 viewers :X03:30
CodySo, amenado, do you just know the command to disable restricted graphics drivers?03:30
icesworddarkdelusions, k,thx03:31
macogwgthumb is an album organizer thing03:31
macogwi just cant figure out how the heck it works...as far as i can figure out, it doesn't03:31
amenadoCody-> are the restricted graphics drivers loaded or not?03:31
m0u5emacogw: i thought that was f-spot03:31
Codyamenado; by loaded, do you mean "downloaded and installed"?03:31
m0u5eby the way, is there a file i can go to to manage how applications handle file extensions? (default apps opened by whatever app_03:31
amenadoCody-> what do you mean by disable then?03:31
bruenigapplications don't handle file extensions03:31
Jangarim0u5e: first try system > prefs > preferred applications03:32
bruenigfile extensions are ignored by all things03:32
Codyamenado; I chose the wrong driver to run (I had a working one, thought another would be better, and switched them), and now it doesn't display anything other then vertical green and blue lines03:32
jpipkinthe system identifies file types via magic.03:32
bruenigwell there may be an awful file manager here and there that takes notice of them03:32
macogwm0u5e: they both are03:32
Nick-Oi'll quit messing with firefox flah audio for now. in place i have tried opera 9.5 but it is not stable at all and even at the sight of a flash site shuts down. any ideas to fix this?03:32
threethirtyJangari: any ideas?03:32
macogwm0u5e: f-spot is the replacement for gthumb03:32
m0u5eJangari: not nearly as detailed as i need it to be :X03:32
Jangarino, sorry threethirty03:32
amenadoCody-> so is the graphics driver loaded or not?03:32
mindheavyjpipkin: would you be able to help me figure out if i am missing a repository or something? i found a .deb package for libstdc++5 but it requires gcc-3.3 and i have gcc-4.1.2 installed, cannot find gcc-3.3 now...03:32
Jangarii agree, m0u5e03:33
m0u5emacogw: i don't like fspot though -_-;03:33
aimchangerNick-O: Do you have flash installed + the firefox plugin?03:33
m0u5eJangari: i hope they make it better in hardy03:33
Codyamenado; what do you mean by "loaded" exactly? I'm not getting your question...Sorry! Thanks for your patience though03:33
Nick-Oit plays video bu no audio03:33
macogwm0u5e: neither do i.  it completely ignores EXIF data.03:33
clintonhow is UVC video support in Ubuntu right now?03:33
Nick-Ois there any way to reinstall just that plugin?03:33
macogwm0u5e: i have hardy installed, but id rather not touch f-spot :P03:33
amenadoCody-> am not trying to be difficult, one can not just disable because it just a file thats sits in a directory03:34
=== jernster_ is now known as jme`
JangariNick-O: just to be scientific, have you tried installing flash via adobe?03:34
Codyamenado; so, if my ubuntu is trying to access a graphics file that isn't there, would it give vertical green and blue lines?03:34
Jangariyou fvcked something up, Cody, reinstall03:34
m0u5emacogw: i just got rid of it on my gutsy03:34
amenadoCody-> i guess my point is, if its loaded, one can then unload it03:34
DarkmystereHow do i split an iso in ubuntu?03:35
Nick-Ono i haven't. it came with firefox after my ubuntu install. should i try installing over it?03:35
m0u5eJangari: do you know where the conf files are stored/03:35
Codyamenado: by vertical green and blue lines, I mean right after ubuntu finishes loading and tries to load up the login screen, it goes green and blue03:35
amenadoCody then you can load the correct working one03:35
Jangariah, try gconf, or whatever it is03:35
aimchangerNick-O: Yeah try the tarball from their website03:35
Codyamenado; I'm certain I still have the original drivers, so how would I tell ubuntu to look for those instead?03:35
Nick-Oi'll do that03:35
gmastersup guys03:35
aimchangeryo___: did you get it working?03:36
JangariNick-O: I'd try uninstalling any flash plugins you have, then go to http://www.adobe.com/go/getflash03:36
yo___ive tried everything.. im thinking about just totally reinstalling the OS and starting from scratch03:36
CodyJangari; All it is is a bad driver selected, I just need to point ubuntu to a different one, how do I do that in command line?03:36
yo___maybe the install got messed up or something03:36
aimchangeryo___: ah damn. What does "ndiswrapper -l" give you?03:36
amenadoCody-> if the driver is not listed in blacklist-restricted, and appears where all the modules are loaded from, then it is loaded03:36
yo___hold on lemme wait for my bros comp to boot up03:36
J-a-K-edoes anyone know how to setup a high pass filter through alsa?03:37
CodyOkay, so in the safe mode ubuntu, I would type in "blacklist-restricted" and it would list my restricted stuff?03:37
yo___whats alsa?03:37
aimchangeryo___:ok. yeah i guess that could work, and just follow a tutorial for your model number.03:37
yo___im so sick of this crap..03:37
bluefoxxso how do i change the background color curing login splash?. there used to be a menu option for it somewear but thats vanished. im tired of looking at that [no offense to those who like it] horridly pink background during login03:37
yo___this is the kind of stuff that makes me not wanna install ubuntu on my comp *blasphemy* lol03:37
Nick-Ooh yeah, i've looked at this but can't fine any amd64 plugins03:38
aimchangeryo___: yeah it took me a while and i gave up for a bit.. but once you get everything working it all gets easier. and awesome! Compiz-fusion is sick03:38
wease|yo___...ALSA is the the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture03:38
amenadoCody-> do you still have the liveCD? and it works with the liveCD?03:38
Codyamenado; In safe graphics mode, yes.03:38
Codyamenado; It works perfectly in live-CD under safe graphics mode03:38
Jangariyo___: desktop graphics rendering03:38
aimchangeryo___:  look it up on youtube. its not for networking, just for eyecandy03:38
yo___what package do i need for the bcm43xx firmware?03:38
Codyamenado; I haven't tested the live CD after recent problems though03:38
aimchangeryo___:  like cool wobbly windows and stuff'03:38
macogwbluefoxx: pink? the background is light brown by default.  might wanna check your monitor's color settings.  anyway, the background color listed in the desktop image / background image configuration thing should be the same color03:39
Jangariyo___: rendering four workspaces on a cube that's manipulable in space, and all that03:39
macogwyo___: bcm43xx-fwcutter03:39
amenadoCody if you boot the liveCD and press e when you see the menu, it allows you to edit the grub, so select the safe mode and look for the parameters there03:39
aimchanger^^ yeah look into that03:39
yo___i already have that03:39
yo___but after that what do i need?03:39
aimchangeryo___:  that will hopefully get your firmware working03:39
aimchangeryo___: it should prompt you for the driver files03:40
macogwyo___: it shouldve downloaded a driver and extracted the firmware for you during install03:40
phuzionI need to make a symlink called d: to /media/hda5, but for some reason, its not showing up after doing ln -s d: /media/sda5 any ideas?03:40
Codyamenado; So by editing grub I could point it to the correct driver?03:40
mindheavyafter installing the 'xorg-driver-fglrx' ati driver with apt-get, are there any further tasks to complete? or just restart x?03:40
amenadoCody then copy exact same parameters pass during safe mode.. following me?03:40
bluefoxxmacogw: i know its light brown but i call that pink, its basically skin pink by my standards[close enough to call it pink]. im not a huge pink fan. unless its pink floyd. XD03:40
macogwyo___: if it didnt get the driver for you due to you being offline, just hand it a windows driver03:40
yo___how? lmao im completely totally noob to this03:40
aimchangeryo___: I installed my drivers through ndiswrapper w/ that other tutorial I gave you03:40
Codyamenado; Oh! So you want me to see the safe mode parameters on the Live-CD, write them down, and then put those into command line or something?03:40
yo___that didn't work lol03:40
amenadoCody yes you can edit the menu.lst and pass exact same parameters as the safe mode in liveCD03:40
macogwyo___: get your windows driver, then type "bcm43xx-fwcutter driverfilename"03:40
yo___what about the restricted driveers utititly?03:40
amenadoCody exactly03:40
macogwyo___: actually, put "sudo" before that03:41
aimchangeryo___:  yeah i think its b/c we have different cards03:41
macogwbluefoxx: i thought pink was light red :P03:41
yo___what about the restricted drivers manager?03:41
aimchangeryo___: try the command that macogw gave ya03:41
darkdelusionsyo___: what was your broadcom question from earlier?03:41
CodyOkay, now if I hit E and see the Live-CD safe mode parameters, would I type those directly into the command line on ubuntu recovery mode?03:41
Geoffrey2I'm trying to set up ldap on Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10), I configured the slapd.conf and ldap.conf files, then tried to restart slapd, I got an error telling me it couldn't find a configuration file at /etc/ldap/slapd.conf, even though that's exactly where the file is located....any ideas?03:41
DarkmystereHow do i split an iso in ubuntu?...03:41
yo___im trying to get a bcm43xx running in ubuntu so itll hook up to the net03:41
macogwyo___: want the illegal but should definitely work way?03:42
amenadoCody-> you can have additional entries in your menu.lst  with exact parameters as your liveCd.. so that way you can easily not choose the selection frm the grub during boot03:42
bluefoxxmacogw: i have the background set to dark b;ue, doesn't work. and yes, pink is also light red, but brown is muddy red too!XD03:42
macogwyo___: wget http://macoafi.googlepages.com/firmware.tar.gz03:42
amenadoonce you have it fixed03:42
macogwyo___: after that's downloaded, tar xf firmware.tar.gz03:42
CodySo do you want me to go copy the live-CD parameters and come back with them and from there you can help me further?03:42
macogwyo___: sudo mv firmware/* /lib/firmware/03:43
reasonsmluefoxx, where did you set it to be blue03:43
wease|darkmystere: splitting an ISO? that is pretty tough considering03:43
yo___macogw wanna aim? this place is too crowded.. i can't get any of this lol03:43
darkdelusionsyo___: did u try looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:43
macogwyo___: thats it03:43
Nick-Owhen i download it, and click the shell and run or run in terminal nothign happens03:43
amenadoCody yeah try it, again it is much easier to modify a menu.lst to add another entry..03:43
wease|you can try and roast it as two separate files and commingle them afterwards03:43
macogwyo___: i tarred up the firmware from my mom's computer and put it online03:43
Nick-Oit's not a 64bit error i was thinking of somethign else03:43
Codyalright, so I'll be right back03:43
Darkmystereweasel, yea i wantd to make 98MB pieaces of a 2.44GB iso :/03:43
bluefoxxreasons: me?03:44
Stwangewhoah I didn't realise that the alt+tab scroll actually showed real time images of the windows... it even shows videos moving!03:44
reasonsyes'm. If you did it with the background image it won't work. Please do this. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61236503:44
macogwStwange: with compiz it does. if you switch to metacity, it doesnt03:44
bluefoxxreasons: ok, will check that out03:44
Stwangeah right. that's enough to keep me with compiz :)03:44
crabgrassaside from cat, what's a quick way of putting together several sequential oggs?03:45
wease|darkmystere: i have never heard of anybody splitting (that isnt exaclty splitting) an ISO into so many pieces. i know it is possible to turn an ISO into a couple a files and rejoining them but not to the extent you wish to perform03:45
Darkmysterewease|: Err, then what sizes should i do..a friend needs this iso but his internet sucks so he asked me to put it on my server so he could get it03:46
joeb3_has the user-switcher stopped working in gutsy for anyone?03:46
weeman13221um my add/remove programs thing has and any installers i run close out automatically and idk why03:46
speeddemon8803Darkmystere, I dont think that would evn be possible....as if you try to split it, you might screw up md5's and stuff.03:46
joecurleehi all, i'm running ubuntu 7.10 and using a dlink bluetooth dongle and trying to get my mac bluetooth keyboard working... i followed the instructions from here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup but I'm still running in to an issue.03:46
rjonesxany reason why setting concurrency=shell would cause HALD to fail on startu?03:46
crabgrasshald always fails on startup for me =/03:47
joecurleewhen running "hcitool scan" i get the message "Device is not available: no such device"03:47
wease|darkmystere: best option is to set up the ISO for download and let the person deal with the bandwidth....it will be tough to piece all those files together03:47
speeddemon8803I agree with wease|, darkmystere.03:47
rjonesxcrabgrass: did you check to see if you set concurrency=shell in /etc/init.d/rc ?03:47
rjonesxcrabgrass: that is what caused mine to start failing03:47
crabgrassrjonesx: i'm using xfce03:47
speeddemon8803The other option would be too much of a headache to have to deal with in my opinion, Darkmystere.03:48
joecurleehowever when i ran the command "lsusb" i can see the bluetooth dongle "Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0a5c;2033 Broadcom Corp. BCM2033 Bluetooth"03:48
rjonesxcrabgrass: you could pretend my answer was valuable, it would make me feel like a better person03:48
yo___k i did that tutorial.. wifi light is on.. lets see if it works03:48
crabgrassrjonesx: well, i can replace concurrency with xfce, right?03:48
yo___server not found..03:48
Nick-Ono more ideas?03:48
crabgrassrjonesx: actually, im checking that right now03:48
wease|speeddemon8803: headache, if not impossible with those tiny files dissected (98mb at a time from 2.44gb)03:49
macogwyo___: try a reboot maybe?03:49
weeman13221yo can anyone help me please with a prob im having, add and remove window program it closes out automatically and any installers i run like the deb package isntaller03:49
wease|reboot with linux?03:49
crabgrassrjonesx: disregard, cocks, etc.03:49
yo___it doesn't say it needs a reebot macogw03:49
macogwweeman13221: can you install from the command line03:49
Darkmysterethanks guys :)03:49
weeman13221yeah usually fine03:49
crabgrassrjonesx: it's set to none right now. ill change that and see if it does anything03:49
macogwyo___: drivers load at boot03:49
wease|macogw: yes you can install from command line03:49
speeddemon8803Your welcome, Darkmystere.03:50
rjonesxcrabgrass: was that tourrettes? you just said cocks in the middle of a statement. it was really funny, but kinda weird.03:50
macogwwease|: i didnt ask you03:50
yo___well the wifi light turned on..03:50
weeman13221macogw: its just inconvenient sometimes03:50
yo___so it must have loaded the driver...03:50
crabgrassrjonesx: bash.org, ones sec.03:50
wease|mcogw: just giving my opinion, this is an open forum03:50
macogwwease|: but its his computer, not yours, so how could you know the symptoms of his problem?03:50
Jangariweeman13221: what do you mean? the add and remove applications application stops working?03:51
yo___what are some cool things to do in ubuntu that will make me want to install it on my comp even more?03:51
weeman13221Jangari: like it opens a split second and then just closes out, no error message or anything03:51
xopeyhelp: i placed a .profile in someone's $HOME and set executable. logging in as the user doesn't seem to run the .profile03:51
Jangariyou're not running two package managers at the same time, are you?03:51
macogwyo___: compiz03:51
crabgrassrjonesx: http://bash.org/?577503:51
joecurleerunning "sudo hidd --search" simply returns "Search..." and then the prompt instantly03:51
wease|macogw: haha im sorey. i jumped the gun :)03:51
yo___how do i do compiz?03:51
crabgrassyo___: carefully03:51
yo___but how? =)03:52
macogwyo___: system -> preferences -> appearance -> desktop effects03:52
crabgrassyo___: and for the 'cool things,' nothing you'll notice until youve been using it for a month or so03:52
wease|yo____: do you have ubuntu installed?03:52
Jangariyo___: with the knowledge that you'll have to restart up to 20 times before it actually works03:52
crabgrassyo___: then just TRY going back to windows03:52
weeman13221Jangari: i dont think so03:52
yo___on my bros comp yea03:52
yo___but not on mine03:52
macogwyo___: installing compizconfig-settings-manager will get you neater options03:52
crabgrassyo___: little things like being able to move any window by holding [alt] and dragging anywhere on it, not just the titlebar03:52
crabgrassyo___: little things that make using your machine easier03:53
J-a-K-eand multiple work spaces03:53
yo___i noticed it takes alot longer to boot up than windows does tho..03:53
Jangarior even the mere fact that no one's getting rich by selling you bad software, yo___03:53
Jangaritake less space than windows03:53
weeman13221so any ideas anyone as what my prob is?03:54
bluefoxxreasons: won't work for me; i run gutsy03:54
Jangaricompiz will even give you the same eyecandy as vista aero, if that's your bag03:54
yo___more issues with the internet..03:54
wease|yo___: why are you wasting everybody's time by asking speculative questions?03:54
=== jd__ is now known as linuxpoet
Codyamenado; How did you want me to do that again?03:54
yo___wireless doesn't even come up in the network manager anymore?03:54
yo___weasel: why are you being so critical about someones curiosity?03:55
Codyamenado; by hitting the letter 'e' on what exactly?03:55
amenadoCody once you hit the down/up arrow key, then e for edit03:55
Codyamenado; when grub boots up, I have five options. They are: Ubuntu 7.1 (normal, the messed up one), Ubuntu 7.1 recovery mode (command line only), Ubuntu memory test, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista.03:56
Codyamenado; You wanted me to see the setup for the live-cd right?03:56
J-a-K-eyes, it's a different system and takes some learning but it actually runs a lot better than windows once you get things setup to your liking in my opinion03:56
amenadoCody your number 2 is your safe mode you said?03:56
wease|yo___: i am critical when the questions become extemporaneous to the process of troubleshooting03:57
Codyamenado; I only have safe mode on the Live-CD, not on my computer. Sorry for the confusion. I don't have safe mode on my computer.03:57
Codyamenado; I have "recovery mode" which is just a command line03:57
neostuck with yesterday prolem.....03:57
neostuck with yesterday problem.....03:57
Codyamenado; Could I find the file on my Live-CD?03:57
amenadoCody okay, you can modify that recovery mode with exact same parameters as your liveCD safe mode, then boot03:57
yo___also take into consideration,this is #ubuntu not #ubunustrictlyfortroubleshooting03:58
Jangarione of the smaller servers03:58
KradorexHi all - I'm having a slight nuicence problem at the moment...  I have superkaramba creating thousands of *.tmp files in /tmp/kde-$username03:58
Codyamenado; There would be a file on the live CD with the Safe Mode parameters, correct?03:58
newbie_ hello, is it possible to view the contents of a webpage if there is a Directory listing denied message?03:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about link - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:58
Kradorexnewbie_: no03:58
Kradorexthat's a server issue03:58
amenadoCody i thought you copied all the parameters of the safe mode in liveCD ?03:59
m0u5esooo... anyone know of a way to view photoshop cs2 cmyk psd files in ubuntu without installing cs2?03:59
Codyamenado; I didn't load up the live CD yet, I thought you said to hit 'e' on a specific option in the live-CD menu03:59
amenadoCody i meant to hit e during liveCD boot so you can copy the parameters04:00
Codyamenado; When I boot with the live CD, I come to the text menu that has "Start or install Ubuntu" and "Start Ubuntu in Safe Graphics Mode) type stuff04:00
neoproblem with /etc/hosts file...04:00
dfgasis ipod touch able to work?04:00
crabgrassoh, noice. i found an answer to my original question04:00
beautifulsnow==Question== is there a keyboard shortcut for gnome system monitor , such as the windows ctrl alt del?04:00
Codyamenado; so insert 'e' where I need to hit it. I hit the power button to start my comp, then I have it set as CD for 2nd Boot Device, my HDD with Linux as 3rd boot device04:01
krammerI installed a program but i cannot see it anyy thoughts/04:01
weeman13221yo can anyone help me please with a prob im having, add and remove window program it closes out automatically and any installers i run like the deb package isntaller04:02
CodySo as it's booting up, do I hit 'e' or do I hit E while Safe Graphics Mode is booting up?04:02
amenadoCody-> yes04:02
Jewfro-Macabbikrammer - perhaps it launches from command - type the program name in the terminal04:02
amenadoe for edit04:02
krammerit is pidgin04:02
CodyThanks!, I'll be right back now that I know exactly what to do04:02
pist0l-fishhi, i installed kubuntu off a live cd, and I am trying to open .deb files (ubuntu is built on top of debian, correct?) what do you need to open deb files?04:02
ubu2my Adobe Flash plugin skips like a broken record. doesn't do this in Windows on the same machine. I've tried older versions of 9 and it helped a little, but it still freezes up and skips like a broken record. when it resumes I've missed a few seconds of video or flash animation. any ideas?04:02
werneckI'm building a custom install, from ubuntu server, but I need to put a minimal xserver in there... I think packages xorg gdm and icewm are ok, but I need everything in the install CD... I already have an extra/ directory configured, but how can I easily download all needed packages to put there?04:02
zero88Please. Anyone. Is ANYONE in here a wireless Guru? Or just shy of??? I am in desperate need of your help.Please.04:03
Jewfro-Macabbikrammer, have you restarted x? it should launch from command04:03
amenadopist0l-fish-> do you want to extract the files of *.deb ?04:03
krammeri rebooted my machine but it is usually with the internet menu04:03
Jangariubu2: which flash plugin are you using?04:03
krammerrestart x  ctrl backspace?04:04
pist0l-fishamenado: I guess I just want to install the contents. I was under the impression that deb was similar to rpm04:04
weeman13221yo can anyone help me please with a prob im having, add and remove window program it closes out automatically and any installers i run like the deb package isntaller04:04
ubu2Jangari: the official one from Adobe's website. I also tried many from their archive of old versions (of 9).04:04
amenadopist0l-fish-> yes its similar concept, but you dont extract the contents of rpm file do you?04:04
amenadoyou can extract, if you really wanted to04:05
ubu2the flash plugin in the package manager seems to be broken for many people04:05
amenadozero88-> how much are you willing to compensate? hehe04:06
yo___when i type in sudo lshw -C network lo and eth0 say no wireless extensions, there's no ther little things, what do i do?04:06
zero88amenado I'll lend you my Benz for the day ;)04:06
pist0l-fishamenado: I don't want to extract04:06
yo___and it says network unclaimed right over the wireless card informatino?04:07
pist0l-fishamenado: I want to install04:07
amenadopist0l-fish-> then its dpkg -i whatever*.deb04:07
LexdaNickrud - Thought you'd like to know, for some reason XUbuntu started working randomly today.04:07
amenadozero88-> you have to fill it with booze too..hehe04:07
nickrudLexda: did you do an update recently?04:07
pist0l-fishamenado: gotcha, thanks. How would i get similar behaviour in KDE04:07
weeman13221yo can anyone help me please with a prob im having, add and remove window program it closes out automatically and any installers i run like the deb package isntaller04:08
neoproblem with /etc/hosts file...04:08
neoproblem with /etc/hosts file...04:08
amenadozero88-> so whats the issue with your wifi?04:08
LexdaNot really sure why, but when I turned the comp on, it entered into it, and it's quite a bit faster, so I'm happy04:08
nickrudLexda: glad to hear that04:08
nickrudweeman13221: your question isn't very clear, at all.04:08
amenadopist0l-fish-> what do you mean similar behaviour in KDE? which behaviour was it?04:08
yo___problem with wireless= ubuntu recognizes my wireless card, drivers are installed, but theres no wireless option under network manager04:08
zero88amenado are you a Real Man of Genius?04:08
pist0l-fishamenado: well, when I click on .deb files, nothing happens04:08
amenadozero88-> heck no04:08
=== alan_ is now known as speeddemon8803
yo___please? anyone?04:08
weeman13221nickrud: its all i know04:09
zero88amenado haha New Castle?04:09
pist0l-fishamenado: in fact, when i type dpkg I get command not found04:09
amenadopist0l-fish-> then its dpkg -i whatever*.deb   not clicking it04:09
neohow can i deny the acesss to /etc/hosts file from some someprograms04:09
weeman13221my add remove program window opens up and the just closes split second and the deb package installer too04:09
amenadopist0l-fish-> then its sudo dpkg -i whatever*.deb   not clicking it04:09
J-a-K-eyo___: have you had a look here http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy ?04:09
ubu2even when a flash video on say youtube has completely cached/downloaded it will loop the sound for a few seconds, the video freezes and when it resumes it's not where it stopped04:09
nickrudweeman13221: ok.   what happens when you type    sudo dpkg -f install   in a terminal?04:09
weeman13221nickrud: dpkg-deb: failed to read archive `install': No such file or directory04:10
pist0l-fishamenado: so there is absolutely no way to get that behaviour through KDE?04:10
nickrudweeman13221: that's not what I said to type:     sudo apt-get -f install  , just that, on one line04:10
m0u5eis there a way to enable / disable loading kde libraries at startup for gnoem04:10
amenadopist0l-fish-> double clicking to install? umm i have not used it ever, i type the command sudo dpkg -i xxx.deb04:10
yo___someone please help.. i need like an expert with this stuff04:11
Luderacermmm pizza04:11
zero88amenado well... Im using ndiswrapper. Have installed it from source and have installed my driver . No problem. I can use WifiRadar, Wireless Man..etc... and are able to see wireless networks. At one time I had connected after a reboot but that was only once, and hasnt happened sence. Ive tried a few things, well everything so far, but for some reason I still cannot obtain an IP. I'm not sure whats stopping me but that is my prob04:11
zero88lem. Any suggestions?04:11
weeman13221nickrud: um it is what u said but one sec04:12
amenadozero88-> let me guess, bmc43xx chip?04:12
yo___someone.. please helpp.. wireless... its killing me.. ahh..04:12
weeman13221nickrud: it says segmentation fault (core dumped)04:12
Luderacerzero88,  what brands ur laptop?04:12
yo___amenado: you know stuff about the bcm43xx/04:12
ubu2I thought that it was just videos that Adobe Flash would skip like crazy in, it's also flash animation. Unfortunately I can't rewind flash animation, so it's driving me nuts.04:12
nickrudweeman13221: very strange.  put the complete output on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org04:12
kutathe current ubuntu linux kernel gusty can support up to max how many GB of memory?04:12
Alyx|lappyhey whats the best remote desktop client for ubuntu04:13
zero88amenado no Realtek. Luderacer Its a Gateway um... not sure the exact model04:13
=== foka__ is now known as foka_
amenadoi would not touch that bcm43xx with a 10 foot pole..hehe04:13
yo___can you help with it?04:13
usserkuta: 3gb for i386 and practically unlimited for x86_6404:13
zero88Luderacer, is there a command that would tell me the comp info?04:13
pist0l-fishamenado: thanks04:13
krammerI installed pidgin not i cannot see the program04:13
amenadoi dont want to loss more hair04:13
Luderacerno would say model on bottom prolly04:13
Alyx|lappyhey whats the best remote desktop client for ubuntu04:14
kutausser: is core 2 dual processor 64bit?04:14
yo___amenado:im sure you can help with what i need for.. i just need to know how to tell if my wireless card is on, and if not how to turn it on04:14
nickrudweeman13221: I need the url04:14
zero88amenado, it uses the Realtek RTL8187b driver, currently the WInXP version04:14
yo___amenado; and then check for a connection to the router once i get it on04:14
weeman13221nickrud: i guess its this, rather newbish http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57552/04:14
zero88Luderacer, k one sec04:14
amenadoyo___-> iwconfig tells you if your wireless is active04:14
usserkuta: yes it is, but it all depends on which distribution you have installed, if its i386 you won't get more than 3gb04:14
l33How do I increase the Number of loop device from 8 in /dev/loopX?04:14
yo___it says no wireless extensions04:14
zero88Luderacer, Gateway mx873804:14
yo___how do i turn it on?04:15
dslfwfsis it possible to make a wireless bridge with ubuntu? my friend has a linksys accesspoint in the building across the street, and we would like to make linux bridge at my place that would pass ethernet frames.04:15
nickrudweeman13221: wow. You have a serious problem, way over my head. I'm decent with using apt, but what would go on internally to cause a segmentation fault ...04:15
l33bridge utils04:15
amenadozero88-> umm there was none from ubuntu itself?04:15
dslfwfsconnect my lan to his wifi wirelessly.04:15
yo___amenado: how do i turn on my wirelss?04:15
yo___lo  and eth0 both say no wireless extensions04:16
kutausser: is there a 64 bit version of ubuntu if I used core 2 dual processor04:16
amenadoyo___-> 1st one has to have a working drivers loaded, then activate it04:16
zero88amenado, LOL no none. Ubuntu didnt even reconize the hardware. Its like it didnt exist.04:16
weeman13221nickrud: i dunno like, idk why either, cause i havent really messed with anything either04:16
yo___amenado: working drivers are loaded, how do i activate it?04:16
amenadozero88-> which ubuntu version do you have?04:16
weeman13221nickrud: it just kinda popped up today, was fine other day04:16
zero88amenado, 7.1004:16
amenadoyo___-> you can activate from the network manager04:16
yo___network manager doesn't even sho wireless in it..04:17
amenadozero88-> hang on..let me do some checking..brb04:17
zero88amenado ok04:17
kutahow to tell whether my machine is i386 or i486 or i586 and so on04:17
amenadoyo___-> then you dont have a working driver loaded04:17
yo___oi.. this driver worked before but now its taking a dump on my face...04:17
yo___could it possibly be a hardware malfunction? ugh..04:17
MaimsterSup everybody....04:18
usserkuta: amd64 version would work, you can download it from any of the mirrors here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download04:18
usserkuta: core2 duos are 64bit04:18
yo___kuta: what kind of machine you got/04:18
weeman13221nickrud: any ideas on maybe where i could go then?04:18
usserkuta: and i386 i586 essentially mean the same thing 32bit cpu04:19
usserkuta: x86_64 is 64 bit cpu as is amd64 and emt6404:19
usserkuta: those are just common abbreviations04:19
dslfwfsi guess how would one configure a wifi card to bridge a remote wifi device to a wired card?04:19
nickrudweeman13221: here. Some of the developers pass through regularly, try saying ' apt-get -f  install results in a segmentation fault. I really need some help with this." every 15 minutes or so04:19
munk_?HELP i want to change the icon my icon package uses for folders....how do i do that? where do i find the icon package folder to switch the icon with something else?04:20
=== _Apollo_2 is now known as _Apollo_
weeman13221nickrud: thanks04:20
kutayo___:Pentium 4, core 2 dual, core dual, apple Mac Pro with 8 core processor04:20
l33How do I increase the Number of loop devices from 8 in /dev/loopX?04:21
kutausser: thanks04:21
nickrudmunk_: the themes are kept in /usr/share/themes;  gnome-look.org has some tutorials on creating themes04:21
weeman13221apt-get -f  install results in a segmentation fault. I really need some help with this04:21
l33weeman13221 OUCH!04:21
ubu2Jangari: any ideas?04:21
yo___kuta yea amd64 will work04:22
=== kirby is now known as Charitwo
l33what have you done?04:22
illmortalhey guys... in my media folder, i have cdrom, and .hal-tab  and it's a text file, but when i open it, there's nothin in it. Shouldn't this file be ha1 ?04:22
l33try memtest.04:22
munk_nickrud thanks man04:22
yo___wait no not amd64.. its a mac..04:22
kutayo___: thanks. I want to configure the apple into a server04:22
weeman13221l33: yeah apparently this is very bad04:22
weeman13221and it came out of nowhere04:22
Luderacerzero88,  i have a dell laptop and installed the wrap with winxp drivers04:22
usserkuta: its still 64 bit04:22
yo___i don't know what to tell you.. google it?04:22
EcoBluehow do I make my ubuntu box share with windows04:22
yo___yeah.. but its a mac.. will it work?04:22
usserkuta: there's no core2duos that wouldn't have 64 bit extension04:23
Luderacerand i find that i cant connect to wifi threw any other program but ubuntus built in connection manager04:23
EcoBlueI have gotten my hdds with the data to automount, and set the folders to shared04:23
kutausser: is core dual 64bit as well, I mean core dual not core 2 dual04:23
zero88Luderacer, why is that. I think I could manually connect04:23
EcoBluebut how do I make it have a netowrk accessable name04:23
LexdaEcoBlue - Ubuntu should be able to see NTFS drives, and there's supposedly a driver out there somewhere that lets Windows see ext304:23
neoi my college we have two servers installed ,first one is gateway having ip         another is gateway to internet having ip         ,,,,,,,    whenever i try to connect to sites like ¨orkut.com¨ or ¨rapidshare.com¨ it refuses the connection .....  how can i just bypass the first server04:23
illmortalsomeone help meh!04:23
EcoBlueattempting to access a network sub-level from above04:24
Luderacerzero88,  now its set to auto and connectios auto04:24
weeman13221and it came out of nowhere04:24
weeman13221apt-get -f  install results in a segmentation fault. I really need some help with this04:24
usserkuta: yea the version  on ubuntu.com that says 64bit amd and intel processors should work for you04:24
neoi my college we have two servers installed ,first one is gateway having ip         another is gateway to internet having ip         ,,,,,,,    whenever i try to connect to sites like ¨orkut.com¨ or ¨rapidshare.com¨ it refuses the connection .....  how can i just bypass the first server04:24
amenadozero88-> i peeked at the liveCD and no modules for your RTxxx04:24
EcoBlueand how do I make it NOT ask for a username/password for my share04:24
EcoBlueall I want it to share is the Data folder, so it doesn't need a password04:25
neoi my college we have two servers installed ,first one is gateway having ip         another is gateway to internet having ip         ,,,,,,,    whenever i try to connect to sites like ¨orkut.com¨ or ¨rapidshare.com¨ it refuses the connection .....  how can i just bypass the first server04:25
l33reboot and choose memtest for a start04:25
amenadoyo___-> what?04:25
zero88amenado, oh. well its working with ndiswrapper, i can see my network, just cant connect04:25
=== xipietotec__ is now known as xipietotec
weeman13221l33 um ok and why04:25
l33you memory might have died04:25
amenadozero88-> using dhcp?04:25
yo___amenado: eth4 has the wireless info displayed in iwconfig04:25
yo___but still no internet access...04:25
amenadoyo___-> does your eth4 has an ip address?04:26
weeman13221l33 ok so what am i looking for04:26
zero88amenado im doing it manually with sudo iwconfig esside "" but yes dhcp04:26
amenadozero88-> did it associate?04:26
EcoBlueis there some way to make it not need a password for samba shares04:26
yo___but it has ESSID04:28
amenadoyo___-> get an ip address assigned to your nic and then we can get it going perhaps04:28
yo___how do i do that?04:28
zero88amenado no i cant set the essid, well it doesnt still with wlan0, im reading ndiswrapper faqs right now on that rpoblem04:28
LexdaI honestly don't know. I'm somewhat of a Linux newb, and whenever I've had to access other drives, I always have to throw in a password. Gets annoying, but I got used to it.04:28
nickrudweeman13221: your screen turning red, saying some memory is bad. My machine froze with bad memory, but I can imagine getting segfaults instead04:28
amenadoyo___-> make it associate to the ap first04:28
weeman13221nickrud: hmm that would suck cause it seems fine otherwise so ok ill brb04:28
amenadozero88-> why can you not set the essid for it to associate with? can you not use the nm to set it?04:28
yo___lol im completely noob04:28
nickrudweeman13221: you'll need to let it run for a couple hours to be sure04:28
amenadoyo___-> then i suggest you have to do some reading..plenty of tutorials04:28
neoi my college we have two servers installed ,first one is gateway having ip         another is gateway to internet having ip         ,,,,,,,    whenever i try to connect to sites like ¨orkut.com¨ or ¨rapidshare.com¨ it refuses the connection .....  how can i just bypass the first server04:28
yo___ive done about 091857934587 tutorials04:28
yo___none worked04:28
zero88amenado i have read alot of bad things about GUI network managers and such and would think it be a better idea to do it manually04:28
amenadozero88-> well this time try it04:29
yo___amenado ive tried 40589404 tutorials, none worked.. how do i do it?04:29
zero88amenado eh, i got alot of work to do again, gota start from sratch something happened04:29
krammerhow can i run program from the command line04:30
yo___possible problem with acpi support?04:30
amenadoneo-> they put those in to make sure, students like you dont bypass it, what happens if you get caught? would you get suspended?04:30
bruenigkrammer: type the name of the executable04:30
krammeri installed pidgin but i do not see it04:30
amenadoyo___-> i dont think you have, try re-reading again..04:30
bruenigkrammer: type finch04:30
yo___oh yes i have... soooooo many04:30
krammernothing found04:30
bruenigkrammer: you didn't install it04:31
yo___the wireless light is on, the wireless network is showing up.. but theres no i[04:31
krammersure did last command was make04:31
munk_?HELP i want to change the icon my icon package uses for folders....how do i do that? where do i find the icon package folder to switch the icon with something else?04:31
bruenigkrammer: make doesn't install pidgin04:31
amenadoyo___-> whose ap is it?04:31
neoi am having connected through wireless so cant be traced back04:31
bruenigkrammer: probably need to do make install, make generally just compiles and configures software04:31
l33neo..you'd be suprised.04:31
amenadoyo___->  that just show you have not done the tutorial, go and read it please04:31
yo___which one? ive probaby done every single one except the one your talking about..04:32
krammerthe code ran for ten minutes04:32
dslfwfsath0 at pci0 dev 11 function 0 "Atheros AR5212" rev 0x01: irq 904:32
dslfwfsath0: AR5213 7.9 phy 4.5 rf2112a 5.6: RF radio not supported04:32
amenadoyo___-> sure, and you dont know what an ap is...sure you have done the tutorials04:33
neocan i be traced back through wireless04:33
yo___maybe it was called something else.. what is it?04:33
dslfwfsneo, if you bought your card with a creditcard instead of cash ;)04:34
krammerbruenig the code is running now ./configure04:34
yo___amenado? what is it maybe it was called something else..04:34
munk_?HELP i want to change the icon my icon package uses for folders....how do i do that? where do i find the icon package folder to switch the icon with something else?04:34
amenadoyo___-> sorry nope, please do the tutorials over04:34
hexoroidis blowfish encryptiong safe ?04:34
MaimsterDoes anyone have experience with ipv6 slowing down your connection?04:34
dslfwfsthey can pull informnation from the chipset and track down who bought it and when04:34
yo___amenado please.. i followed them to the tee.. it never worked. i promise..04:34
krammerbruenig: now it is running from make04:35
yo___ive been working on this for three days and im totally stumped...04:35
amenadoyo___-> sorry nope, please do the tutorials over04:35
yo___you sound like you know what your talking about, and thats what i need..04:35
bruenig!compile | krammer04:35
ubotukrammer: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:35
dslfwfsserial# of these chips were sold at bestbuy at these certian times, lets look up who bought them04:35
amenadoyo___-> do the tutorial its your admission ticket..hehe04:35
yo___i swear to god i must have done at least 15 different tutorials.. none of which worked04:35
yo___okay fine.. which tutorial?04:36
yo___where do i find it?04:36
amenadoyo___-> the ones you have done already..if you havent got one, google for ubuntu wireless bmc4304:36
yo___omg please stop teasing me with this lol04:37
amenadoyo___-> dont forget i said am not going to toy with bmc43xx..i dont have enuff hair04:37
yo___i know.. im not asking to toy with bcm43xx04:37
yo___just how to do whatever you told me to do before the tutorials..04:37
=== jeremy_ is now known as Gilgalid
CoasterMasteris there an eclipse support room?04:38
yo___IPv6 not supported?04:38
amenadoCoasterMaster-> tried the java support?04:38
yo___omg im dying here..04:38
CoasterMasteramenado, haven't answered yet...although this is kind of a ubuntu question as well04:38
GilgalidE: Type '15:49:07' is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winhq.list04:38
GilgalidE: The list of sources could not be read.04:38
GilgalidGo to the repository dialog to correct the problem.04:38
GilgalidE: _cache->open() failed, please report.04:38
GilgalidWhat is this and how do i fix it? ^^;04:38
FloodBot3Gilgalid: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:39
StrawberryJesusMy nx6110 tends to crash after 8 hrs up.  What is the problem and how can I stop it?04:39
amenadoyo___-> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs  a good place04:39
rzimek78hi, tell me, if in Ubuntu 8.04 will be ext3 or ext4 filesystem?04:39
yo___been there a million times but okay.. ill look04:39
Flannelrzimek78: #ubuntu+1 for Hardy support, thanks04:39
amenadoCoasterMaster-> what issues do you have? if i know, i will assist, if not, oh well..04:40
FlannelGilgalid: Your wine sources.list has some syntax errors in it (its been pretty common these past few days), that file should have two lines in it, as seen here: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/sources.list.d/gutsy.list (assuming you're on gutsy)04:40
StrawberryJesuslike, for example, after a while, MP3 files don't open (unrecognized filetype or something) and firefox starts freezing (sometimes I have to Force Quit it).04:40
yo___amenado:alot of those deal with having an internet connection already..04:41
CoasterMasteramenado, I just installed eclipse and it currently wants to use the java-6-sun JRE but i'd like to use Java 5, but I it's not there (i have sun-java5-jdk installed)04:41
Gilgalidk thx04:41
yo___on the ubuntu comp i dont have access at all04:41
neoi my college we have two servers installed ,first one is gateway having ip         another is gateway to internet having ip         ,,,,,,,    whenever i try to connect to sites like ¨orkut.com¨ or ¨rapidshare.com¨ it refuses the connection .....  how can i just bypass the first server04:41
gmcastilWhat package is required for wxPython?04:41
amenadoyo___-> like number 12?  spefically address 43xx04:41
CoasterMasteramando, as well as sun-java5-jre04:42
neopsychehiffy, .. how can i get fluxbox working?04:42
TerrorBiteCompiz seems to be crashing for me04:42
TerrorBiteEverything freezes, and only the mouse moves04:42
neopsycheI installed fluxbox on ubuntu.. but .. unlike other desktops .. it does not come with any icons etc.04:42
Odd-rationaleneopsyche: What problems are you having? No menu?04:42
neopsycheyes no menu04:42
hiffyneopsyche, i beg your pardon?04:42
neopsycheOdd-rationale, yes04:42
TerrorBitePressing Alt-F2 and typing compiz --replace does nothing04:42
amenadoCoasterMaster-> what do you mean it is not there?04:42
neopsycheOdd-rationale,how did you know?04:43
Odd-rationaleneopsyche: Log back into gnome abd un terminal do "sudo update-menus" then log back into fluxbox.04:43
CoasterMasteramenado, in the new project window, I can choose Use a project specific JRE, but java 6 is the only option04:43
amenadoCoasterMaster-> you have jdk5 installed but not there?04:43
Odd-rationaleneopsyche: Common problem...04:43
CoasterMasteramenado, yes, both the jdk and jre04:43
neopsycheok .. thanks04:43
Maimsteramenado: I just commented out all the referrence to ipv6 in /etc/hosts and all is fast again.04:43
amenadoCoasterMaster-> must you use java 5 jre?04:44
amenadoMaimster-> congrats..04:44
yo___amenado: ubuntu recognizes the card.. but it wont connect to the net.. its missing an ip address and thats about it..04:44
Maimsteramenado: I should have listened when you told me three days ago.04:44
Tim-HI have had the hardest time getting my samba shares accessible from windows.  i have read many tutorials and lots of forums and can't seem to make any headway.  does anyone have any strong samba experience and can help?04:44
CoasterMasteramenado, that's what my professor is going to use to grade it, so I'd prefer it.  Although it seems I've fixed it by pointing Eclipse to it (in /usr/lib/jvm) manually so problem solved04:44
amenadoCoasterMaster-> you can use update-alternatives to choose your java 5 as default04:44
CoasterMasteramenado, but thanks for your help04:44
amenadoMaimster-> sometimes experience is the best teacher, i wish i can tell that to my son to just listen to me..hehe04:45
amenadoCoasterMaster-> you have used update-alternatives before?04:45
CoasterMasteramenado, I don't believe I have04:46
Maimsteramenado: Ah man you got one of those sons too. We should team up and bust both of their assests.04:46
CoasterMasteramenado, I would like to use it to set sun-java5-jdk as the default04:46
amenadoCoasterMaster-> well its basically manages the symlinks for different versions you have installed of the same application or jdk/jre for your case04:46
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amenadolol@ Maimster04:47
Maimsteramenado: Have you tried the Terminal Server Client? Really nice touch.04:48
EcoBlueshit guys, I can't get flash player to work04:48
Maimsteramenado: I can control like three machines in my house without no lag.04:49
nickrud!language | EcoBlue04:49
ubotuEcoBlue: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:49
amenadoMaimster i use Citrix to support a client..oops thats windows..hehe04:49
EcoBluesorry nickrud04:49
Maimsteramenado: Cheater.04:49
daedrahey how do I make a command available to a user?04:49
rouiniHELLO EVERYBODY HERE!....I'M JUST WONDERING HOW CAN I INSTALL aim ....ON UBUNTU 7.10.....WITHOUT USING PIdgin internet messenger....cause i know that it can open aim.....but with no voice call04:49
daedracurrently only root can launch thttpd, but I want to launch it from normal04:49
Maimsterrouini: Trying now...04:49
neoi my college we have two servers installed ,first one is gateway having ip         another is gateway to internet having ip         ,,,,,,,    whenever i try to connect to sites like ¨orkut.com¨ or ¨rapidshare.com¨ it refuses the connection .....  how can i just bypass the first server04:49
EcoBlueactually my problem with pidgin on windows anyway is that it stores user account passwords in PLAIN TEXT04:49
neoi my college we have two servers installed ,first one is gateway having ip         another is gateway to internet having ip         ,,,,,,,    whenever i try to connect to sites like ¨orkut.com¨ or ¨rapidshare.com¨ it refuses the connection ..... help needed04:50
amenadoneo i already asked you, are you going to get kicked by the university if you get caught?04:50
daedrayou go to university and don't know this!?!?!04:51
StrawberryJesusMy laptop tends to crash after about 8 hours.  It's a Compaq NX6110.  It's a gradual thing, disks suddenly become unable to unmount, it starts "forgetting" how to open certain files, like MP3's, and Firefox freezes up.  Eventually, it crashes me to the login window. Can anyone help?04:51
terapicodaveStrawberryJesus: have you run memtest?04:51
StrawberryJesuser... not really... I'll run it now.04:51
AHemlocksLiemy Wine won't work, and I get this error when I try to run winecfg and some other files: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57555/ Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the problem?04:52
gyaresuStrawberryJesus: Sounds like a hardware problem. Memtest86+ is a programme for testing the RAM. There are others as well.04:52
amenadoStrawberryJesus-> do you travel that long? hehe 8 hours on your laptop?04:52
Maimsteramenado: How long have you had your nick? Just being nosey.04:52
rouiniany help please!.............help install aim on ubuntu 7.10 without using pdgin internet messenger....i'm fed up with it04:52
gyaresuStrawberryJesus: StrawberryJesus Overheating could be a problem. Does it feel hot?04:52
amenadoMaimster-> two weeks maybe?04:52
gyaresuamenado: kopete?04:53
matthiashi i have ubuntu 7.10 what firewall is to prefer firestarter or iptable and that is easy ti use ...04:53
StrawberryJesusdoesn't feel hot.04:53
amenadogyaresu-> i never liked that kopete nor..come to think of it, never got it working right..04:53
ubu2I'm having trouble with Adobe Flash lagging with playback. I've looked everywhere for a solution, but to no avail. Regardless of whether the video is streaming or has finished buffering, it will randomly skip/pause and the sound will loop in the duration. When it resumes, it does not resume at the moment it stopped playing so you miss those seconds. The whole PC does not freeze, just flash itself.04:54
mkquistmatthias: iptables is built in, firestarter if basically just a front end for it i believe04:54
matthiasi will be connected wirelessly to the internet ... and use p2p program but still limit the access to my file from others connected wirelessly to my roputer ...04:54
amenadomatthias-> iptables is backend of firestarter04:54
StrawberryJesushow long does memtest usually take?04:54
mkquistmatthias: u really dont need to d/l anything04:54
ubu2Are there any optimizations I can do to make Adobe Flash player performance better? I've read that other people have this same issue on new PCs, but I've yet to find a suggestion for a solution. Also, it only happens in Ubuntu, not Winodws.04:55
amenadoStrawberryJesus-> long..45 to an hour maybe, you want a rigorous test dont you?04:55
matthiasswhat does d/l means ...04:55
gyaresuStrawberryJesus: http://www.memtest.org/ overnight with no errors is usually a good sign.04:55
mkquistmatthias: download04:55
matthiassorry what does it mean ...04:55
=== doff_ is now known as doff
m0u5ematthias: it means to download04:55
matthiasso firestarter is the way to go and later on use iptables ...04:55
StrawberryJesusgyaresu:  Yeah, I typed in memtest mem all, so I guess it'll be a while.04:55
gyaresuamenado: amenado http://www.aim.com/get_aim/linux/latest_linux.adp04:55
amenadomatthias-> firestarter uses iptables04:56
gyaresuamenado: No idea if it sucks.04:56
matthiasokey let me try it ...04:56
matthiasthank you ...04:56
amenadogyaresu-> actually am trying to hide from pagers..hehe so i can spend time here..04:56
gyaresumatthias: StrawberryJesus If i recall that will add an option to your grub entry that lets you run memtest instead of loading the OS.04:57
andrew_hey guys, i am wondering how to setup my ati card to use the svideo out, its a 9000igp radeon mobility04:59
gyaresuandrew_: Have you tried anything so far?05:00
andrew_i tried googling different things the other day05:00
gyaresuandrew_: From the ubuntu help?05:00
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:00
armanoxI think that the 9000IGP is an R20005:00
andrew_its trying to work, when i hit function f4 then it causes a disruption on the tv05:01
EcoBluehow do I set samba to allow clients to read and copy from the share without entering a password05:01
armanoxwhich driver are you using?05:01
bluefoxxandrew_: yes?>05:01
andrew_gyaresu i have the restricted driver already, im just not sure how to set it up, i tinkered with the settings a bit already05:02
andrew_bluefoxx, i tried to send you a pm, did you get it?05:02
armanoxin xorg.conf set the video driver to fglrx05:02
dhon__andrew_: on my laptop (nvidia graphics) there's an option to set the output tv format to PAL, NTSC etc which caused similar problems to what you're describing05:03
dhon__Option "TVStandard" "PAL-B"05:03
dhon__I'm not sure if it applies to ATI cards though05:03
armanoxecoblue - in /etc/samba/smb.conf, find the line that says security =05:04
bluefoxxandrew_: sorry, nope05:04
neoi my college we have two servers installed ,first one is gateway having ip         another is gateway to internet having ip         ,,,,,,,    whenever i try to connect to sites like ¨orkut.com¨ or ¨rapidshare.com¨ it refuses the connection ..... help needed05:04
armanoxand change it to security = share05:04
jtibauanyone here is a n800 user?05:04
EcoBluearmanox, I did that, it still asks for a password05:04
armanoxdid you restart samba after doing that?05:04
bluefoxxneo: that sounds like they have a proxy with a list of servers to refuse05:05
gyaresuEcoBlue: This is one of my file servers smb.conf file: http://gyaresu.pastebin.com/m27d346ff05:05
* bluefoxx goes back to debating about pants and related items with his friends on msn05:05
zachalinkhow do I run as super user?05:06
zachalinksu - doesn't work (as said in vmware documentation)05:06
armanoxsudo <insert command here>05:06
clintonhow is UVC video support in Ubuntu right now?05:06
gyaresuEcoBlue: The shares at the bottom are rw05:06
zachalinko ya05:06
EcoBluerw, I want read only, so I'll change that05:06
EcoBluethe security = share line was auto commented out05:07
neoyea       when i open some websites like    download.com     a     cyberoam  page appears   the url example that is rejected is as¨ ¨05:07
armanoxit defaulted to security = user05:07
neowht do u think of this?05:08
scott_after installing gutenprint-5.0.2 into the computer how do i get it to apply to the printer it still using 5.105:08
EcoBluegood going ubuntu, making sense05:08
Luderacerfor some reason ubuntu isnt showing all the ram that my laptop has any suggestions?05:08
EcoBlueit actually did05:08
macogwanyone know how to make Gnome-Screensaver pass keys so you can vote on Electric Sheep?05:08
armanoxluderacer - how much ram should it show?05:08
armanoxand how much is showing05:09
Luderacer4 gb05:09
Luderacer3 gb05:09
macogwi know there's a hacked xscreensaver for doing it, but it doesn't compile05:09
gyaresuEcoBlue: EcoBlue What did you change to get it to work?05:09
andrew_i figured out how to change the splash screen bg color05:09
armanoxluderacer - are you runing a 32bit or 64bit system / kernel?05:09
EcoBlueuncommented security=share and added null_passwords = yes05:09
andrew_anyone know about using aticonfig to try to setup s video out? when i tried to run it in the terminal then it said to install it and the command includes the line fglrx, which messed up my comp before05:09
Luderacerdual core thou05:10
armanoxtry a 64bit kernel05:10
Luderaceranyway to upgrade to 64 with out redoing every thing?05:10
gyaresuEcoBlue: From a default smb.conf (cause i've been copying the same one across for years and just hacking it.)05:10
neobluefoxx: yea       when i open some websites like    download.com     a     cyberoam  page appears   the url example that is rejected is as¨ ¨05:10
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
armanoxluderacer - there is but i don't know it05:10
EcoBluegyaresu, from a default smb.conf05:10
gyaresuEcoBlue: Thanks.05:10
EcoBlueI used gnome's handy right click share thing to make all the folders appear05:11
Luderacermmm  thanks armanox  ill look on the forum05:11
Luderaceri just upgraded it now to 4gb05:11
Luderacerbios shows 3 usable only05:11
Luderacerfigured it had to be a os issue05:11
matthiasHi  ihave installed firestarter but i have doubts about firestarter ...05:11
EcoBlue32bit has a limit of about 3 gigs05:12
Pkunkis any of the software launchpad.net available for GPL use ?05:12
armanoxwhat proc do you have?05:12
matthiasi like to restrict all access to my comuter but this irc still works ...05:12
Luderacerdual intel core 1.605:12
armanoxthat's a 32bit proc05:12
bluefoxxneo: then they have a proxy in there. my school has something like that, squid i belive its called. you can find proxy avoiding servers somethimes though05:12
matthiashow can i veryfy that he firewall really denies access and permits ...05:12
scott_i just got a epson cx9400 but no drivers it whats to use 8400 drivers but they don't work05:12
macogwLuderacer: maybe you can just install the 64bit kernel and itll all switch?05:12
armanoxit will not work with more then 3gb ram05:12
Pkunki want to make a bugs site that works like ubuntu's bugs on launchpad.net05:12
macogwLuderacer: if you have a /home directory at least that stuff wont have to be redone during a fresh install05:13
Luderaceros[Linux 2.6.22-14-generic i686] distro[Debian lenny/sid] cpu[2 x Genuine Intel(R) CPU           T2300  @ 1.66GHz @ 1.66GHz] mem[Physical : 3034MB, 85.1% free] disk[Total : 69.16GB, 69.40% Free] video[Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller] sound[]05:13
armanoxyou can try buildng a kernel with 4GB ram enabled...but....good luck05:13
matthiasi have an router that suppose to denie access but how can i know ...05:13
andrew_bluefoxx: sudo to /etc/gdm/PreSession then edit the file in there, at the bottom is a bg color # you can edit05:13
armanoxyeah...you can't use a 64bit kernel05:13
gyaresuPkunk: Dude seriously... google Like Sourceforge and Google Code Hosting Launchpad is not open source. Unlike those other services, we have committed to making Launchpad Free Software.05:13
gyaresuPkunk: https://help.launchpad.net/FAQ05:13
matthiasor verify its function ?05:13
prettyrickyhey guys Im trying to install virtualbox, but I get an error that says05:13
Luderacerthat sucks05:13
prettyrickyThe VirtualBox kernel driver is not accessible to the current user. Make sure that the user has write permissions for /dev/vboxdrv by adding them to the vboxusers groups. You will need to logout for the change to take effect..05:14
prettyrickyVBox status code: -1909 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_ACCESSIBLE).05:14
prettyrickyResult Code:05:14
prettyrickyIConsole {1dea5c4b-0753-4193-b909-22330f64ec45}05:14
prettyricky 05:14
gyaresu!pastebin | prettyricky05:14
ubotuprettyricky: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:14
prettyrickyany suggestion05:14
neowht sould i do?05:14
bluefoxxandrew_: kk, will try that one05:14
prettyrickyoops sorry05:14
Luderacerthanks maybe next rls will support more05:14
neobluefoxx: wht sould i do?05:14
warriorforgod prettyricky did you add yourself to the vboxusers gruop?05:14
Starnestommyprettyricky: try running 'sudo adduser $USER vboxusers'05:15
prettyrickyyes i did05:15
matthiashow do i know thqat firestarter is running05:15
prettyrickyok will try that05:15
warriorforgodprettyricky: did you logout and back in?05:15
matthiasthat , sorry ...05:15
prettyrickylog out from where?05:15
prettyrickynewbie sorry05:15
Starnestommythe computer.05:15
juice_in compiz are there any alternatives to the rotating gears? anyone?05:15
warriorforgodprettyricky: if you are in x click system then quit.05:16
hvgotcodesi just installed kde4.  when i enable the desktop effects, I do not see any effects,like shadows translucency05:16
jim_phi. I have a minor provblem with conky. Upon login, the fonts are not antialliased and they look ugly.I have to kill it and restart to make them antialliased. I use the Verdana font and i have set xftalpha to 1.0.05:16
macogwjuice_: there are unsupported plugins for having fish swim inside the cube05:16
prettyrickyso do I do the clt alt-backspace05:16
bluefoxxsearch google for proxy-avoidance servers. a word of advice: dont use it to browse anything obvoiusly inn-apropiat. a kid at my school was using a server like that to browse pron at brean at school, when the princaple and some school board admins walked in to check the computers. he hasnt been seen since.05:17
warriorforgodprettyricky: That should work.  It will force you to log back in05:17
juice_macogw: where?05:17
matthiasi have no rules in my firestarter yeat ...05:17
matthiasjust the basic ones ...05:17
prettyrickyok will do, be right back with what happened05:17
iceswordhello.i am back05:18
nickrud!cn | lfzcy05:18
ubotulfzcy: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:18
dirkg3nt1yuh oh05:18
dirkg3nt1ywatch the language05:18
nickrudice109: not fair05:18
nickrudicesword: that is, sorry ice10905:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about englsih - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:18
macogwjuice_: http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Plugins/Cube#Atlantis05:18
ubotuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat05:19
matthiasubotu how verify firestarter05:19
macogwmatthias: so make some rules05:19
prettyrickyhey guys I got the no bootable medium found, system halted05:19
matthiasmacow but by default all is blocked or ?05:20
matthiasi mean incomming traffic ...05:20
macogwmatthias: all is open, except nothing is listening on any ports anyway05:20
macogwmatthias: if anyone *tries* to talk to your box, they wont get a response05:20
warriorforgodprettyricky: What command did you use to start the vm?05:21
iceswordlfzcy, #ubuntu-cn05:21
zero88Can someone help me with ndiswrapper. I cant set the essid of my wireless  wlan0. i do sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "myessid"  and then the key ....... but it doesnt stay05:21
matthiasso traffic in is safe but outside traffic needs to be arranged ...05:21
prettyrickyno command I just went into the virtualbox screen and hit start/05:21
macogwmatthias: if there was already a trojan in your box, it could phone home because outbound is all open.  if there's already a trojan in your box, though, you're already screwed.05:22
rhineheart_m anybody here who could recommend a reliable and fast DNS?05:22
macogwmatthias: because by that point, they could just re-open the ports themselves05:22
Starnestommyrhineheart_m: bind905:22
Daisuke_Laptopthere are linux-targeting trojans?05:23
macogwDaisuke_Laptop: no05:23
armanoxnot that i know of05:23
macogwDaisuke_Laptop: not that im aware of05:23
Daisuke_Laptopso this is a theoretical exercise...05:23
macogwDaisuke_Laptop: yes05:23
zero88Oh, should i be trying to accociate with my wireless network whyle im connected with a wired connection?05:23
Daisuke_Laptopokay, just wondering :)05:23
rhineheart_mStarnestommy: you mean..I don't need anymore the services for my domain like afraid.org or zoneedit.com?05:23
Daisuke_Laptopthat's what i thought, i just wanted to double-check and make sure05:23
praetorhad me worried too05:23
prettyrickyI go to application--->system tools-----> and hit virtual box05:23
matthiashow do i take car of those trojan horses if i et one ??, how do i know that i have one, how... how ...how ...05:23
=== gregorovius_ is now known as gregorovius
Starnestommyrhineheart_m: it's a full DNS server05:24
AtomicSparkstrange how ubuntu doesn't have a server channel.05:24
macogwif someone wanted to be a jerk and package up a program that people really want that's for some reason not in any distro's repository, and they messed with it so it was a trojan and you trusted them and installed it....that's the only way to get a trojan that i can think of05:24
macogwDaisuke_Laptop: ^05:24
macogwmatthias: there arent any known trojans for linux anyway05:24
Luderacer mm armanox05:24
Luderacer32bit OSes can directly address 4GB of RAM. The reason is that 2^32 = 4096MB.05:25
Luderacer64bit OSes can address 1.76e13 MB of RAM. That is because it is 2^64.05:25
matthiasokey but skype for example i have to trust ...05:25
rhineheart_mStarnestommy: can I control A and MX records there too>?05:25
armanoxluderacer that's only in theory though05:25
matthiasand not in the ditro ...05:25
Starnestommyrhineheart_m: you can control any type of DNS record for the domains you have05:25
macogwDaisuke_Laptop, matthias:  rootkits do exist.  the attacker would have to get into your box to install a rootkit.  thatd require they have some way to get in.  example would be an ssh server with root access enabled and a bad password.05:25
armanoxtheory != practice, sadly05:25
juice_does anyone know how to install dreamweaver or photoshop cs3?05:25
Luderacerreadyin on forum ;)05:26
Daisuke_Laptopmacogw: that i know05:26
macogwmatthias: if you trust the skype developers to not put a trojan in their software, install it.  if you dont trust them, don't.05:26
ph0rensicLuderacer, Thats a lot of ram!05:26
armanoxotherwise my 2xP MMX would have 1Gb ram in it05:26
rhineheart_mStarnestommy: in bind9? can you point to me a tutorial on bind9?05:26
yo___why is it that when i do manual configurating with wireless the net doesn't work, but when i say connect to an existing network it works?05:26
matthiasssh is denied by default in firestarter ????05:26
Luderacer4 gb?05:26
macogwmatthias: ssh isnt installed by default05:26
matthiasthat makes me feel safer ...05:26
armanox4GB really isn't a lot of ram....05:26
ph0rensicNo 1.76E^1305:26
Luderaceri work with servers at work that have 96 gb05:26
armanoxoh, 1.7 exabytes05:27
matthiasi can check that with rpm -q ssh right ...05:27
Starnestommyrhineheart_m: I'll look for one05:27
EcoBlueI run 2GB in my box05:27
matthiasjust in case :)05:27
prettyrickywarriorforgod-----> any other hints or suggestions on what to do.......05:27
EcoBlueBecause I'm not ready to run 64bit Vista05:27
macogwmatthias: if you installed openssh-server and had it running, port 22 would open up for it, and it would listen on that port.  if you killed sshd, nothing would be listening on port 22, so itd be effectively closed.05:27
armanoxand i'd wager that your servers are not IA-3205:27
macogwmatthias: no that's Red Hat style05:27
Daisuke_Laptopfor instance, i do use ssh, but i have a pretty decent password - and root access is disabled.  so that's an area of entry that's not going to work well - but if my password DID get out, sudo could become a liability.05:27
macogwmatthias: dpkg -l openssh-server05:27
LuderacerSun boxs armanox05:28
matthiasokey , thank you ...05:28
Luderacerthat run solairs and RH05:28
macogwDaisuke_Laptop: right05:28
EcoBlueyes, vista's bad and all, but it's been working and I don't want to reformat05:28
juice_photoshop.. anyone?05:28
Starnestommyrhineheart_m: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto05:28
matthiasyum belongs to redhat as well ???05:28
ph0rensicLuderacer, 96 is a lot of ram but imagine using the capacity of what the 64-bit can handle05:28
macogwmatthias: yes05:28
armanoxshould be Sparc6405:28
Daisuke_Laptopjuice_: the GIMP.05:28
macogwmatthias: debian's package manager is apt05:28
Luderaceryeh they run 32bit and 64bit05:28
matthiasokey ...05:28
Daisuke_Laptopor if you OWN a copy of photoshop, it's been getting far better support in wine lately05:28
macogwmatthias: instead of "yum" use "apt-get" or "aptitude"05:28
macogwmatthias: it's still "install" "remove" etc05:29
matthiasokey ...05:29
Luderaceri been waiting to install rh anyway05:29
matthiaslet me uninstall yum ...05:29
juice_Daisuke_Laptop: even with wine i can't run photoshop? what about a virtual machine?05:29
prakashraogood morning05:29
macogwmatthias: but apt lets you update the repository listing and do your updates separately.  "sudo apt-get update" updates the listning.  "sudo apt-get upgrade" installs updates.05:29
yo___can someone help me with bcm43xx?05:29
armanoxjuice_ - you should be able to run wine in a vm05:29
matthiasi am used to it in centos but have not been serious enought about protection there ...05:30
Pkunkjuice_: i'd reccomend vmware player05:30
armanoxassuming the vm runs smoothly05:30
prakashraohow to install lamp server in ubuntu server 7.1005:30
armanoxi'm partial to vmware-server05:30
yo___every time i launch ubuntu i have to reinstal the driver for the bcm43xx card to get on the net? why? how can i fix this?05:30
armanoxand also partial to qemu + kqemu05:30
macogwmatthias: ah im just learning centos in school.  in case you're wondering, the debian version of chkconfig is update-rc.d05:30
macogwyo___: are you running from the live cd?05:30
EcoBlueHow do I get ubuntu to mount everything nice?05:30
juice_Pkunk: do you know the terminal code to get vm player?05:30
yo___im not that dumb lol05:30
macogwyo___: had to check!05:31
matthiasmany new things here too much used to redhat i see ...05:31
armanoxii think it's in the repo, so something like05:31
yo___macogw: i finally got it working on my bros comp by the way lol, but now im having this problem05:31
armanoxapt-get install vmware-player05:31
Pkunkjuice_: gutsy doesn't have vmplayer in apt05:31
armanoxtry apt-cache search vmware05:31
juice_EcoBlue: u dont05:31
armanoxgo on vmware's website05:31
armanoxand look05:31
armanoxit's free05:31
armanoxno issues there05:32
bullgard4What is meant by 'platform' of the /sys/devices/platform directory? What does the term 'platform' comprise here?05:32
Pkunksearch google , there's some nice faq's05:32
macogwyo___: *shrug* is thre a bunch of stuff in your /lib/firmware/ ?05:32
rhineheart_mStarnestommy: is bind9 reliable?05:32
RJ__Anyone knwo how to tell what someone on my wifi network is doing on the internet? I have wireshark running and have a few packets from the source PC, btu I cant figure out what they mean XD05:32
yo___lemme check05:32
matthiasif you run CentOS in school, why not look at fedora core it seems easier than CentOS and more complete but i am not the one running it but as i see it from an work mate of mine ...05:32
ph0rensicPkunk, Many people have problems with vmware crashing at runtime after a few hours of running it... Installing from source, while discouraged here, has proven to work well with vmware05:32
Starnestommyrhineheart_m: it's the most reliable DNS server that I know of05:32
yo___macogw: no.. two things..05:32
macogwmatthias: the desktops have fedora 7. the system administration class uses centos inside vmware on the fedora desktops05:33
Pkunkvmplayer source package + www.easyvmx.com got me started05:33
yo___a folder full of stuff yes, and a bcm43xx file05:33
ph0rensicmatthias, Fedora .. do their distros fit on one disk yet??05:33
prettyrickyhey guys can i get some help installing windows xp on the virtualbox05:33
rhineheart_mStarnestommy: Is it reliable than the ones hosted in other servers? like the ones I mentioned earlier?05:33
Pkunkph0rensic: there is no other option when your using gutsy05:33
macogwyo___: the stuff should be your firmware...05:33
armanoxfedora 8 is one dvd05:33
armanoxsame with 705:33
Luderaceri thought duo core was 64bit05:33
ph0rensicPkunk, Thats not true .. I installed using apt and i have gutsy05:33
yo___but how come i have to install the firmware everytime? how do i fix that?05:33
vivicrowhello...i need some help...trying to install ubuntu 7.10, but GParted couldn't recognize my old partition table!!! anyone had similar problem before???05:33
matthiasfinally my hibernation and standby does not work in my 7.10 what si nneded to get upfated ???05:33
macogwLuderacer: "core duo" is 32.  "core 2 duo" is 6405:33
matthiaswhat is needed to update to get these working, hibernation and standby ...05:33
prettyrickyI installed virtual box, but when I hit start on the tab it says,,, fatal no bootable05:34
macogwmatthias: are you using nvidia or ati binary drivers?05:34
Starnestommyrhineheart_m: as far as I know it's the most repliable05:34
armanoxluderacer nope, it's the last of IA-32 for desktops05:34
matthiasno Fedora is on several  ...05:34
juice_what is the best prog for handling widgets?05:34
ph0rensicprettyricky, you probably dont have the cd emulation on05:34
matthiasi ahev ati grapghics ...05:34
macogwprettyricky: did you load an iso for installing whatever os inside it?05:34
matthiasi have ati graphics ...05:34
Luderacerguess il have to see about upgrading the proc on this laptop05:34
macogwmatthias: and you're using fglrx?05:34
prettyrickyoh no, how do I do that>?]05:34
yo___macogw: what do i do to fix this problem?05:34
matthiasas bad typing as me some times05:35
prettyrickyis that within the program?05:35
ph0rensicprettyricky, look around in the settings, it will be there05:35
ph0rensicprettyricky, yup05:35
juice_what is the ubuntu equivilant of power ISO?05:35
ph0rensicprettyricky, Its turned off by default05:35
macogwmatthias: lsmod | grep "fglrx\|radeon"05:35
Z_o-s-oawww....I thought FF 3 would fix my crashing on flash video, but it didnt05:35
macogwyo___: dunno05:35
armanoxjuice_ - dd for ripping05:35
armanoxand mount for mounting05:35
yo___mm.. where would i look to resolve this problem?05:35
matthiaslet me check ...05:35
ph0rensicjuice_, doesn't need that, we just use mount command05:35
vivicrowanyone knows why the live cd couldn't recognize the partition table?05:36
macogwZ_o-s-o: try the newest flash?05:36
armanoxmount -o loop /name/of/iso /mounting/destination05:36
yo___also.. how do i get the firmware for the ATI driver?05:36
ph0rensicjuice_, an easy way to mount iso's in ubuntu is the gmountiso package05:36
prettyrickyis it enable IO/APIC05:36
Z_o-s-omacogw : yeah from adobes wed site05:36
macogwyo___: no firmware needed. just get the driver.05:36
prettyrickynot to sure what Im doing... here,,05:36
yo___where from?05:36
macogwZ_o-s-o: oh ok.  no further suggestions from me.05:36
matthiasmacogv comes out like this:05:36
matthiasfglrx                 656352  1505:36
matthiasagpgart                35016  2 fglrx,intel_agp05:36
yo___because its n the restricted driver manager..05:36
macogwZ_o-s-o: oh wait...did you try the older one?05:36
macogwmatthias: ok go to /etc/default/acpi-support05:37
juice_ph0rensic: ty05:37
armanoxyo__ - ati.amd.com/drivers OR find the restricted driver05:37
macogwmatthias: there's a MODULES="" line05:37
macogwmatthias: put "fglrx" in there05:37
matthiasuse text editor ...05:37
Z_o-s-omacogw : no05:37
neobluefoxx: help///05:37
ph0rensicjuice_, Your welcome05:37
juice_what is the best prog for handling widgets?05:37
macogwZ_o-s-o: ive heard some complaints that the newest flash is somewhat unstable05:37
ph0rensicjuice_, what type of widgets?? Look at avant window navigator (awn)05:37
macogwmatthias: yes, use a text editor05:37
bluefoxxyes, neo?05:38
juice_ph0rensic: iz that a stock prog?05:38
macogwmatthias: sudo vim /etc/default/acpi-support or gksudo gedit /etc/default/acpi-support05:38
Z_o-s-omacogw : where can I get the older version and can i uninstall flash 9 from synaptic05:38
ph0rensicjuice_, hmm I dont think so05:38
bullgard4What is meant by 'platform' of the /sys/devices/platform directory? What does the term 'platform' comprise here?05:38
macogwZ_o-s-o: the one in synaptic is the more stable version05:38
matthiasi have no acpi-support ...05:38
prettyrickyph0rensic ----------> is it enable IO/APIC not to sure what Im looking for05:38
macogwmatthias: er...you should05:38
armanoxkk i'm out for the night05:38
bluefoxxneo: yes?05:38
karllenzhow can i make ubuntu communicate with my os x mac? share file etc?05:38
yo___can anyone help me with the ATI graphics card restricted driver?05:38
juice_ph0rensic: is it sudo apt-get install awm?05:39
macogwmatthias: do you have acpi disabled in your kernel parameters?05:39
macogwmatthias: cuz if you do, thatd keep you from hibernating05:39
matthiasgood question how do i know ...?05:39
matthiasseems like that it does not hibernate ..05:39
ph0rensic juice_ http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-install-avant-window-navigator-awn-in-ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon.html05:39
gn00bieis there a gentoo handbook type documentation for installing ubuntu?05:40
matthiaswhere do i check that parameter ...05:40
ph0rensicprettyricky, I think someone else was talking to you about this.. what are you doing?05:40
juice_ph0rensic: ty05:40
prettyrickywell im just trying to use the virtual box with windowsxp05:40
prettyrickyi have virtualbox installed,05:40
ph0rensicjuice_, haha hey uh...05:40
Luderacerwo0t its a fed05:41
prettyrickybut I dont think I ever installed windows xp05:41
matthiassystem->administration-> ???05:41
prettyrickydont know how to do that....05:41
macogwmatthias: did you put acpi=no, noacpi, or nolacpi in your kernel boot parameters or while using the live cd and installing?05:41
juice_ph0rensic: ?05:41
matthiasno ...05:41
ph0rensicjuice_, For widgets its actually screenlets .. avant is for the app launcher as seen in my desktop snapshot http://www.flickr.com/photos/24040049@N05/2284837943/sizes/l/05:41
Z_o-s-omacogw : how can I uninstall the unstable version?05:41
matthiasbut than again did not ask me to many things at installation ...05:42
macogwZ_o-s-o: dont know.  did you use sudo when you installed it or not?05:42
ph0rensicjuice_, I think screenlets is default program sudo apt-get install screenlets05:42
fedfed mean fedaykin , it's my nick since 10 year05:42
macogwmatthias: hmm then you should have acpi05:42
yo___"the software source for the package xorg-driver-fglrx" is not enabled. what do i do?05:42
juice_ph0rensic: u mean that dock aat the bottom?05:42
* bluefoxx goes back to fixing the legacy antique CD drive for a custom maching05:42
matthiaswell i do not remember any question about acpi05:42
macogwyo___: system -> admin -> software sources05:42
macogwyo___: enable restricted05:43
pirokoTrying to install on a thinkpad t41, and the installer keeps slowing down and locking up. Every time05:43
ph0rensicjuice_, yeah thats awn.. for widgets screenlets is the program you want05:43
macogwmatthias: it doesnt ask a question about it05:43
matthiasif it did i would leave it default ...05:43
juice_ph0rensic: that dock iz swizeet05:43
macogwmatthias: some people put those boot parameters when the cd starts up becuse their comp's not working right with it05:43
ph0rensicjuice_, hehe thanks .. took a while to find all the icons off deviantart05:43
Z_o-s-omacogw : I used whatever adobes install scrip was05:43
evilbugis there any way to disable my touchpad without an external app? (there is no touchpad tab in the Mouse menu)05:44
zero88_when setting a iwconfig attribute like sudo iwconfig essid "...." what file does that go in?05:44
matthiaswell mine works okey with the installation cd ...05:44
yo___still not working...05:44
macogwZ_o-s-o: if you used sudo with it, it installed in /usr/lib/firefox-3.0beta3/<something>.  if you didnt, it installed in ~/.mozilla05:44
yo___im trying to activate the ATI accelerated graphics driver05:44
pirokoThoughts anyone? :-/05:44
ph0rensicyo___, the restricted manager is your friend05:44
matthiaslet me check more in this issue and see if i can find anything ...05:44
macogwyo___: did you reload the package list after enabling the restricted repository?05:44
macogwmatthias: ps -e | grep acpi05:45
matthiasthanks to all ...05:45
macogwmatthias: any results?05:45
yo___im in it right now. but when i try to eneable it i get this message "the software source for the package xorg-driver-fglrx" is not enabled05:45
yo___yea matthias05:45
neobluefoxx:can i just write ip address of the main server in primary dns server?05:45
juice_ph0rensic: do you use desktop cube with dual monitors? how does that work? like one big cube or two seperate cubes?05:45
matthiasoutput .05:45
matthiasmatthias@matthias-laptop:~$ ps -e | grep acpi05:45
matthias   33 ?        00:00:00 kacpid05:45
matthias   34 ?        00:00:00 kacpi_notify05:45
matthias 5012 ?        00:00:00 acpid05:45
matthias 5343 ?        00:00:00 hald-addon-acpi05:45
macogwjuice_: your choice05:45
FloodBot3matthias: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:45
yo___what package am i looking for?05:45
ph0rensicyo___, did you check your sources.list?05:45
macogwmatthias: youve got acpi running then05:46
juice_macgow: swizeet05:46
yo___what am i looking for?05:46
ph0rensicjuice_, yes and .. either way.. I do it as one huge cube05:46
macogwmatthias: can you pastebin the result of: ls /etc/default/05:46
macogwyo___: xserver-xorg-video-fglrx, i think05:46
juice_ph0rensic: through envy or ccsm or nvidia drivers?05:46
ph0rensicyo___, best if you go into software sources, and check that all the main ones (universe etc) on the first page are checked05:47
Ezsrais there a better channel for issue with dell docking station dual-head setup? Or is this the place. i am all googled out.05:47
yo___i think i found it..05:47
bluefoxxneo: im not sure, im still tutoring myself in networking, have'nt gotten past proxies yet, still trying to hook up with a router, or make one from old computer parts[but i need an OS under 900 megs for the last hdd i have]05:47
ph0rensicjuice_, you control your options through ccsm, but yes I use the nvidia drivers which I installed through the restricted manager05:47
macogwbluefoxx: Damn Small Linux is 50mb05:47
matthiasmacogw i am not allowed to copy and pastee in this chat how can i show the result ???05:47
macogwmatthias: http://pastebin.ca05:48
yo___wuts better.. dsl or ubuntu?05:48
ph0rensicbluefoxx, linux is right for you, there are even some versions that are less than 8 megs05:48
bullgard4karllenz: Usually via Samba or NFS.05:48
juice_ph0rensic: yeah i have an 8800gt oc and restricted drivers wouldn't go, so i did envy. will that stop me?05:48
ere4si!better | yo___05:48
ubotuyo___: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.05:48
bluefoxxbut are there ones that will split an incoming 30kb/s between four 3com NICs?05:48
pirokoWell thanks anyway05:49
ph0rensicjuice_, as long as the drivers work, it will be fine .. drivers are drivers, its just preferential to have apt install and manager your packages05:49
yo___ill rephrase that.. is dsl better for booting from an sd card?05:49
matthiasmacogw likw this    http://pastebin.ca/92014405:49
mage__yo___: yes05:49
yo___how would i go about setting it up to work?05:50
ph0rensicyo___, dsl is going to be a lot larger in size05:50
macogwmatthias: you lied05:50
ph0rensicyo___, I mean ubuntu is bigger05:50
macogwmatthias: acpi-support is listed right there05:50
iceswordyo___, www.damnsmalllinux.org/05:50
yo___one more question.05:50
mage__hmm an SD card, did you get an eee pc?05:50
matthiasdo i need to be root to run it ..05:50
matthiasi eman edit it ...05:51
matthiasi mean edit it ..05:51
yo___how can i restart ubuntu with out loosing my internet access? everytime i restart it i have to reinstall the firmware...05:51
mage__matthias: probably05:51
macogwmatthias: sudo vim ...05:51
HyperSecretis there anyone who can help me with setting up internet on ubuntu?05:51
macogwmatthias: or "gksudo gedit"...05:51
macogwmatthias: said that before...05:51
yo___hypersecret whats up05:51
iceswordnano is easier05:51
EzsraI have a dell precision m6300 with a PD01x docking station. Station has DVI and VGA outlet. but only lets me use one at a time. i want dual-head.05:52
ph0rensicicesword, I like nano better to05:52
matthiasworks as root05:52
mage__yo___: add the command to /etc/rc.local but use full paths for the firmware file05:52
macogwicesword: except i can explain to someone how to do things in vim because i have it memorized.05:52
yo___what command?05:52
ph0rensicEzsra, http://www.flickr.com/photos/24040049@N05/2284837943/sizes/l/ <-- my dualhead setup05:52
yo___lmao im totally newb05:52
macogwicesword: i cant explain anything about nano except "^ means control and write means save"05:52
juice_ph0rensic: what media player iz that in ur screenie?05:52
mage__yo___: whatever command makes the network go05:52
Ezsraph0rensic: i will take a look05:52
yo___i use the grapical based..05:52
macogwicesword: i have no idea how to search or search/replace or delete multiple lines or anything useful with it05:52
ph0rensicjuice_, probably VLC lemme check05:52
yo___not the terminal..05:53
ph0rensicjuice_, yep VLC05:53
iceswordmacogw, i know,vim is powerful05:53
yo___how do i fix it mage? do you know?05:53
mage__well whats the hardware?05:53
juice_ph0rensic: where did u get the skinz at?05:53
yo___bcm43xx.. the satan of wireless cards for linux...05:53
yo___4311 to be specific05:53
macogwicesword: well i can tell someone "type /MODULE to get to the right line"....i have no idea how to explain that in nano, so i just avoid doing so05:53
Ezsraph0rensic: pertty05:53
matthiasmacogw , please agina whatto look for ...05:54
macogwmatthias: MODULES = ""05:54
* mage__ googles that05:54
ph0rensicjuice_, Background = deviant art, rest of skins at gnome-look.org05:54
=== dm is now known as dmakalsky
Ezsrais that the same setup? dell docking station?05:54
=== hoarycri3ple is now known as hoarycripple
iceswordmacogw, ask man05:54
* yo___ wants to die.. linux setup is killing him..05:54
dmakalskyHi, what version of gtk does gutsy have?05:54
matthiasfound it, it is as you typed it ...05:54
macogwmatthias: matthias line 1705:54
iceswordyo___, ?05:54
macogwmatthias: change "" to "fglrx'05:54
juice_ph0rensic: do you know what the best way to handle an ipod iz?05:54
macogwmatthias: i mean "fglrx"05:54
yo___linux is killing me.. i know its awesome once its going.. but its a pain to get running right..05:55
macogwjuice_: recycling bin?05:55
mage__yo___: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx <-- thats what i found05:55
juice_yo___: RIGHT!!05:55
ph0rensicjuice_, No i don't have one.. but there are media players i think that can work with ipods05:55
yo___thanks mage05:55
juice_macgow: u funny05:55
macogwyo___: rhythmbox can do it05:55
macogwjuice_: rhythmbox can do ipods05:55
yo___can do what?05:55
juice_macgow: ty05:55
ph0rensicjuice_, not sure which .. rythmbox apparently can ^^05:55
macogwjuice_: if its a very new one (fall 2007 model), you need to update some libraries.  is that the case?05:56
juice_macgow nah 5th generationi05:56
matthiasRESTART NOW ...05:56
macogwjuice_: then youre dandy.  for reference in case you dont like rhythmbox, amarok (kde player people seem to like), exaile (just like amarok but for gnome), and banshee can also do ipods05:56
macogwmatthias: go ahead05:57
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs05:57
matthiasokey see you in a while ... will rebot and see if hibernation works ...05:57
ph0rensicmacogw, I like both amarok and rhythmbox.. but I spend a lot of time using streamtuner and xmms05:58
macogwph0rensic: can streamtuner do ipods? im 99% sure xmms cant05:58
ph0rensicmacd, nah streamtuner is just an app to stream radiostations w/ option to capture stream to file afaik05:58
ph0rensicmacogw, I dont think xmms can either05:59
macogwoh ok05:59
yo___how come when i try to change the visual effects to extra it says the composite extension is not available?05:59
ph0rensicmacogw, But streamtuners front end to radiostation kills rhythmbox05:59
juice_ph0rensic: what was that widget prog again?06:00
acxhi, i've got a small problem with the x86 7.10 livecd, i am attempting to install ubuntu onto a laptop [Toshiba Satellite R15-S829] it gives me the screen @ bootup, loads a small nmeat background and then just stops, no icons, no nothing. tips?06:00
ph0rensicyo___, You have to have your video drivers installed and working with direct rendering and likely ccsm for the goods06:00
ph0rensicjuice_, screenlets06:01
yo___how do i do that ph0rensic?06:01
ph0rensicjuice_, and you can check out gnome-look.org to download difference screenlets06:01
yo___i installed the drivers and it says they're woorking06:01
ph0rensicyo___, did you have to do a restart?06:01
tharwathi there, i need some help06:02
ka2!justask | tharwat06:02
ubotutharwat: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:02
ph0rensicyo___, open a terminal and type glxgears and tell me the fps06:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about as...nevermind - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:02
yo___it doesn't say anything about fps06:02
ph0rensicspeeddemon8803, haah06:02
yo___well about 1100 give or take 006:03
acxis there a way to force the 7.10 x86 disc into a CLI install mode? :/06:03
ph0rensicyo___, Older card??06:03
ka2acx: alternate?06:03
speeddemon8803ph0rensic im usually quick to the gun, but yeah :P06:03
yo___dell inspiron 150106:03
yo___from christmas 0606:03
acxka2: excuse me? :/06:03
factotumquick question, Does Kubuntu 7.10 ship with dolphin file manager?06:04
ph0rensicacx, liveCD doesn't have a text mode????06:04
speeddemon8803gianko, can i ask what you need a list of..so maybe we can help you out?06:04
ka2acx: alternate cd or livecd06:04
yo___ph0rensic: how do i find out what my card is?06:04
tharwati have pclinuxos 2008, i installed the nvidia driver, but still cannot use compiz-fusion, although i did all the settings (like full 3D desktop effects), so is there any special driver for the nvidia geforce go 7600?06:04
ph0rensicyo___, see what you get when you install: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager06:04
ka2tharwat: pclinuxos != ubuntu06:04
factotumnevermind foudn the answer06:05
wolstharwat: this is #ubuntu06:05
speeddemon8803tharwat, please go to #pclinuxos for pclinux related issues.06:05
yo___its installing06:05
wolstharwat: go and ask them or better yet install ubuntu, THEN ask here06:05
ph0rensicyo___, did u try it?06:05
tharwatka2, yes i know, but actually no one is answering!!06:05
dmakalskydoes gutsy have gtk 2.4 ???06:06
yo___ph0rensic: i have ATI Radeon Xpress 115006:06
giankosorry! i don't speek english06:06
ph0rensictharwat, doesn't the go series have their own drivers .. dif than all the normal line of nvidia drivers?06:06
StrawberryJesusUh, it's been like an hour but memtest hasn't finished, is something wrong?06:06
yo___it finished installing what you told me too ph0rensic06:06
Geoffrey2can anyone here help me set up the openLDAP server?06:06
ka2tharwat: well we dont use pclinuxos06:06
ph0rensicyo___, Ok now go  to system - prefs - advanced desktop effects06:06
bluefoxxtharwat: try the nvidia-glx-new nvidia driver, its what i use for my bfg nvidia 620006:06
matthias_macogv: no ot did not work ...06:06
ka2tharwat: and no to your question - nvidia drivers cover all cards06:06
ph0rensicyo___, try to enable some of those and tell me what you see06:06
tharwatph0rensic, i think so, actually i just ran the linux live cd, so i am really new06:07
matthias_made it worse got disk cach error something ...06:07
ka2bluefoxx: thats for ubuntu06:07
matthias_so it did not work ...06:07
koganeianyone ever tried that PMOG game?06:07
macogwmatthias_: that doesnt make a lot of sense... unloading/reloading driver shouldnt do anythng to the disk06:07
bluefoxxka2: whats he doing asking here if hes not using ubuntu then?06:07
macogwmatthias_: do you have other restricted drivers in use?06:07
yo___i dunno06:07
ogrehow do i disable emerald for window decoration?06:07
yo___its not really doing anything now..06:07
yo___like nothing different..06:07
ph0rensictharwat, I see.. even on windows i THINK that the go series has a different driver.. all the other nvidia cards use the same driver for all the cards afaik06:07
HyperSecretis there anone who can help me set up my internet in private?06:07
ph0rensicogre, hmm metecity --replace ??06:08
ka2yo___:  what are you trying to do sorry only just came on06:08
speeddemon8803bluefoxx, nobody is in the pclinux room answering..or so he says, but..ive been to that room and have had people answer me just about every time, so i dont have any idea.06:08
ka2 ph0rensic: thats only on linux06:08
bluefoxxi wonder...could i upgrade my pci bfg nvidia 6200 to a pcie bfg ncidia 6800 without having to change anything? like reinstalling anything?06:08
matthias_well something like that came up at reboot for s split second and when i put the computer in hibernate i got an dos cursor like twinkling nor suspend did turn of my computer ...06:08
ka2bluefoxx: yes i believe i did geforce 4 -> 5200 a while ago06:08
ph0rensicka2, you sure? I have had nvidia cards for years and its always the same download for all cards06:08
ph0rensicyo___, yah06:09
matthias_or wake my computer up with the poer button on my laptop ...06:09
ka2thats what i said06:09
yo___nothings really chaning when i click different stuff06:09
tharwatph0rensic, yes right... well, do u have any idea how to install the driver?06:09
ph0rensicka2, but you said its only for linux?06:09
matthias_poer means power button ...06:09
bluefoxxso i wouldnt have to do anything like sudo dpkg--reconfigure nvidia-glx-new?06:09
ph0rensictharwat, but you have pclinuxos06:09
ka2only on linux that there is one driver for all06:09
matthias_sorry about that ...06:09
matthias_i have an ati1400 graphics card ...06:09
ka2bluefoxx: as i said i did nothing - it just worked06:09
bluefoxxim saying throw in the newer one, pull the old one than boot back up as normal, and not change any settings?06:09
ph0rensicka2, No even for windows... unless they changed their driver architecture recently06:10
yo___ph0rensic:its not doing anything when i change stuff06:10
ka2ph0rensic: under windows geforce go & geforce are seperate06:10
yo___no wobbly windows or anything06:10
macogwmatthias_: did you try both suspend and hibernate?06:10
tharwatph0rensic, so that will not work on my system06:10
matthias_yes ...06:10
ka2yo___:  what are you trying to do06:10
yo___desktop effects06:10
ka2yo___:  please :)06:10
ka2yo___:  ok06:10
yo___im bored lol06:10
ka2yo___: what problem06:10
ph0rensicka2, thats what I said .. all but the go series.. so linux the go series uses same driver as the reg cards???06:11
macogwmatthias_: ive only used hibernate, but it should require using the power button to turn on....it just takes you straight back to your desktop with things still running once it does06:11
bluefoxxso then i suppose once i ocme into about $100 i will go for that new card...06:11
ka2ph0rensic: yes06:11
ka2ph0rensic: unless there isnt one at all06:11
yo___nothings happening ll ka206:11
matthias_as explained in suspend i should be able to wake up the pc with any key or the power button but nothings happens ...06:11
yo___by the way my geckos name is ka lol06:11
ka2yo___:  what video card?06:11
* bluefoxx starts looking for a local job that *dosnt* require A+ certification or completed high school06:11
yo___ATI Radeon Xpress 115006:11
ph0rensictharwat, No thats not it, you just have to find the driver... Im not sure how pclinuxos manages their packages.. and since its not open sources, you cant build it .. probably gotta install from binary06:11
ka2yo___:  yikes06:11
Geoffrey2ok, one last time....I'm trying to configure the open LDAP server....I followed the directions at help.ubuntu.com, editing the slapd.conf, and ldap.conf files, then tried to restart slapd, only to be told the slapd.conf file doesn't exist....06:11
ph0rensicyo___, what?06:12
ka2yo__: ATI Radeon Xpress with compiz06:12
yo___ph0rensix:nothings happening when i change stuff..06:12
macogwmatthias_: what about hibernate?06:12
matthias_the power button does not seems to make any different in this case i am on an dell inspiron laptop06:12
macogwmatthias_: i dont ever use suspend (not quite sure what it's for)06:13
ph0rensicyo___, direct rendering prbably isn't enabled.. you installed the driver with restricted manager?06:13
ka2yo___: never heard of that working for anyone06:13
yo___how do i enable direct rendering?06:13
speeddemon8803Geoffrey2, are you repeating because nobody is answering you?06:13
ph0rensicyo___, we gotta see if it is enabled first.. i dont remember how to check06:13
macogwyo___: glxinfo | grep direct06:14
matthias_hibernate does not work as well, well the screen turns black but the rest is turned on wireless but i ca not get back on, have to use the power button and force it to turn off and turn on it again ...06:14
macogwph0rensic: like that06:14
ka2yo__: http://www.ubuntu1501.com/2007/08/compiz-fusion-in-fiesty-with-xgl.html06:14
macogwmatthias_: turned on wireless?  what wireless card do you have?  are you using ndiswrapper?06:14
ph0rensicyo___, ^^ macogw06:14
yo___direct rendering is enabled06:14
ka2yo__: not so simple06:14
IcE_^where I can get the new version of ubuntu 7.10?06:14
yo___i just checked06:14
ka2cE_^: new version?06:14
macogwIcE_^: what?06:15
matthias_yes, i have ndsiwrapper, i have an dell 1500 wireless mini card ...06:15
ka2cE_^: ubuntu 7.10 is like 200706:15
ph0rensicyo___, what it say?06:15
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents06:15
yo___matthias.. broadcom is a real pain in the @$$06:15
macogwmatthias_: try adding ndiswrapper where you have fglrx listed06:15
matthias_i think the company is broadcom ...06:15
IcE_^ka2: yes, I mean this one, thnx06:15
yo___direct rendering: yes06:15
yo___matthias: all dell is broadcom pretty much ll06:15
matthias_you mean "fglrx ndiswrapper"06:15
macogwmatthias_: some drivers dont like suspend/hibernate and resume.  they have to be listed there06:15
speeddemon8803IcE_^, this is the latest version, if you are meaning security updates and program updates please go to your system tab, then update manager.06:16
macogwmatthias_: yes06:16
yo___matthias : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Gutsy06:16
matthias_or module="fglrx"06:16
macogwmatthias_: list both06:16
ph0rensicIcE_^, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade06:16
macogwmatthias_: "fglrx ndiswrapper"06:16
matthias_so 2 modules ...06:16
yo___ph0rensic what do i do?06:16
* bluefoxx sighs...if only there were a command line version of frost/limewire...then he could watch his movie and download his music at the same time...06:16
ka2Geoffrey2: is it in the right place :)06:16
speeddemon8803or do as ph0rensic said if you do not currently have a GUI installed.06:16
ph0rensicyo___, hmmm well if its enabled does it say the name of the missing module?06:16
matthias_ahh okey ..06:17
matthias_i will try that, have to go and sleep it is pretty late but thank you and see you tomorrow i hope ...06:17
macogwmatthias_: good luck06:17
yo___alright guys, i really need to get to bed06:17
yo___gnight.. thanks for all your help06:17
matthias_thank you and thank you for you efforts to try ...06:17
IcE_^should I check on "Check here if you need the alternate desktop CD..." when wanna download ubuntu?06:17
yo___ka2: my geckos name is ka =)06:17
yo___peace out06:17
ph0rensicyo___, ok see ya later06:17
Presarioguys, do u know the code for grub to boot linux in a smaller resolution? I made a mistake installing a big resolution but i also have nstalled smaller resolutions during xorg confg06:17
bluefoxxhow would i upgrade my system from command line? say i wanted to upgrade a system from 7.04 to 7.10 but not use any kind of GUI?06:17
ph0rensicbluefoxx, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade06:18
intarwebz_Presario: if you're getting problems you can just delete (backup) your xorg.conf and it will repopulate when you reboot06:18
Geoffrey2ka2, it's in /etc/ldap/slapd.conf, which is exactly where I'm being told it's not when i run the restart command06:18
ka2IcE_^: do you want the alternate one06:18
bluefoxxph0rensic: ok, kewl; thank you06:18
ka2Geoffrey2: strange06:18
matthias_bye everyone out there ...06:19
=== intarwebz_ is now known as intarwebz
ph0rensicbluefoxx, if it says it cannot do it, there may be a repository you need to add.. i dont recall06:19
c0mp13371331337I'm reading about a program called preload at the moment, seems almost too good to be true.  Can any users provide insight on this?06:19
bluefoxxph0rensic: kk06:19
IcE_^ka2: what is the different if i choosed the alternate one?06:19
Presariointarwebz_: i mean to use a different video mode... i set 1400x800 but i wanted to use 800x60006:19
ph0rensicIcE_^, alternate what?06:19
ka20mp13371331337: why would you want it. i use hibernation06:19
jeffMASTERflexc0mp13371331337: am using it. doesn't make much of a difference to me. nothing seems faster, but nothing seems slower06:19
intarwebzPresario: so there's stuff you can't see on the screen?06:19
IcE_^ph0rensic: alternate CD06:19
ka2IcE_^: no livecd06:19
iceswordIcE_^, it is not livecd06:19
* bluefoxx needs a explicitive hardcopy linux manual...or a printer, website database and binder06:20
macogwIcE_^: alternate installer is a text-based installer.  desktop cd is a gui installer.  both result in gui systems.06:20
IcE_^I am confused...06:20
ph0rensicIcE_^, Alternate installs using command line06:20
Presarioit says failed to start the X server...06:20
ph0rensicIcE_^, well yah text-based06:20
IcE_^aha, ok.06:20
icesword!alternate >ice_^06:20
intarwebzPresario: but it worked previosuly?06:20
mage__oh is the alternative cd text based?06:20
ka2!alternate: IcE_^06:20
macogwIcE_^: not really command line. text user interface.  blue and red and grey and you use arrows and hit enter and type things a lot06:20
ph0rensicPresario, is it grub res you want to change or for x server?06:20
bluefoxxi made a alt install CD, but i burned it on a friends vista computer system...and it wound up w/o a kernal to install...06:20
ubotuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.06:20
ph0rensicmacogw, right .. thanks for correcting06:21
ka2bluefoxx: "works for me"06:21
yoim back for a bit lol06:21
ph0rensicyo, sneak06:21
mage__why does the gutsy cd have packages on the CD that aren't installed? really annoying when it asks for the CD06:21
yohow can i transfer files from my windows comp to my lil bros ubuntu comp?06:21
jarrettgreen_anybody know a quick tut for instaling sendmail functionality for php in dapper?06:21
ka2yo:  without the __?06:22
c0mp13371331337ka2 - Hibernation seems a bit different than preload, unless I'm not reading correctly.  Preload seems to cache frequently-used programs so they start faster, whereas I thought hibernation merely saved programs you have running so you could turn off the more power-hungry hardware on a computer.06:22
ka2c0mp13371331337: correct06:22
ka2c0mp13371331337: and data06:22
ph0rensicmage__, you must like all the extra programs windows installed that no one uses too eh?06:22
ka2c0mp13371331337: all hardware actually06:22
bluefoxxka2: a kernel-less system?it failed when it finished...actually it wouldnt even finish...i had to borrow a pci graphics card and a pair of 256 SDram sticks to install...06:22
yoka2: do you know how to transfer files between the 2?06:22
ka2yo: what 2?06:22
ph0rensicmage__, jk ... kinda weird huh.. it doesn't do that often at all06:22
=== unklaberz is now known as black_mask27
yoone running ubuntu and the other running winxp06:23
mage__does it to me every time I dont remove the CD from apt.sources06:23
Presarioerm the thing is... i had problems with ubuntu starting up and Z_o-s-o have been helping me along and i found out that my Geforce FX5200 is causing the hardware detection problem... so mow i used my onboard video which does not support high resolutions like my geforce FX.... so since i set it to a high resolution, i think it wont be able to load. now im thinking of using a paremeter like "linux NOACPI" or something like that to use save v06:23
ka2yo: samba06:23
mipwith two active eth interfaces, is it possible to download single file simultaneously. i.e. half through eth0 and half through eth1 ?06:23
Odd-rationaleyo: You can email them... :P06:23
yonot 30 gigs worth odd lol06:23
ka2yo:  over network?06:23
ka2yo: right click > share folder06:23
yohow do i set up an ad hoc for that?06:23
mage__ph0rensic: actually I wouldn't mind an install with every package, but I wouldn't want to ever update it :)06:23
ka2yo: crossover cable :)06:24
ph0rensicmage__, probably because the cd-rom has the packages you are looking for too which are also avail on web.. on cd for no net access folks, on web for rest of us06:24
yodont have06:24
Presarioi wanna change the resolution for linux graphical so that i can boot properly06:24
ka2yo: hmmm06:24
ka2yo: tricky06:24
yoka2: i could make one from a cheaper patch cable cuz im slick like that lol06:24
ph0rensicmage__, not update it?? leave security holes???06:24
EcoBluesleep time06:24
ka2yo: yeah but its easier to have one06:24
ka2yo: :)06:24
yoka2: even then i have to set up a network tho right?06:24
ka2yo: yeah06:25
yoa lan network.. how?06:25
Presariodo u all know the "cheatcode" so that i could add it onto my grub line?06:25
mage__ph0rensic: can you imagine updating a machine with all the metaverse etc packages installed?06:25
ka2yo: static ip addresses06:25
mage__thats the only reason i haven't installed everything06:25
ph0rensicPresario, may try to reconfigure x:  $sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:25
illriginaldoes anyone know what causes screen flicker?.... the text and images/windows?06:26
ka2yo: external hdd?06:26
Presarioph0rensic: ouh okey... ill try. Cant i cange the resolution it uses?06:26
yonope.. no money lol06:26
ka2yo: lots of dvds :)06:26
ph0rensicmage__, ahhh i see what your getting at ... comment those out for updates???06:26
ka2yo: this is tricky06:26
ka2yo: why all computers should be networked :)06:26
mage__yea I did that both times06:26
ka2yo: already06:27
illriginalanyone know why 1080i would cause screen flicker?...06:27
yoka2: for realls lol06:27
o|awwe...i can't use "O|¯|_" as a nickname...06:27
ph0rensicPresario, in the gui yes.. and maybe with some slick cli command, I wouldn't know it offhand though06:27
earthlingillriginal: change the refresh frequency (Hertz)06:27
illriginalit's at 30 =\06:27
bluefoxxoh well...06:27
ph0rensicbluefoxx, ??06:27
Presarioph0rensic: ouh okey ill reinstall it06:28
bluefoxxi was trying to see if i could use "o|¯|_" as a nick name06:28
earthlingillriginal: increase it to 60 if its CT06:28
ph0rensicPresario, actually doesn;t reinstall it, just reconfigures it ;-)06:28
bluefoxxph0rensic: but it comes out as "o|"06:28
illriginalearthling, how would i change hertz via terminal?06:28
ph0rensicbluefoxx, oh hha06:28
illriginalit's LCD HDTV earthling*06:28
earthling $sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:28
yohow do i do file transfer thru a wireless network that both of my comps are on?06:29
bluefoxxorz fails...so orz. XD06:29
ka2yo: right click > share folder :)06:29
illriginalearthling was that directed towards me?06:29
earthlingillriginal: i dont know the right refresh rate for HDTV06:29
yoi know, but how do i access it from another comp?06:29
ka2yo:  in ubuntu06:29
ph0rensicyo, you can either setup a share and download that way or maybe use ssh??06:29
ka2yo: a windows one06:29
earthlingillriginal: yes06:29
ka2yo: ?06:29
illriginalmine's 60... 80 max.06:29
yoim transfering from windows to ubuntu06:30
ka2yo: so Places > Network if the iwindows one is shared06:30
earthlingillriginal: If the refresh rate is the problem then it will solve this. otherwise i have no ideas06:30
ph0rensicyo, easy answer: external HDD06:30
yono money06:30
illriginalok gonna try to change it manually :P06:30
mage__eh external hdd isn't easy06:30
yoi put my c drive in entirety as a sharing folder lol06:30
mage__well unless its really new ubuntu06:31
Presarioph0rensic: hehe yeah tired it06:31
ph0rensicyo, hah win lets u do that?06:31
ph0rensicPresario, it work?06:31
ka2mage__: real easy actually06:31
ka2ph0rensic: you plug it in06:31
Presarioph0rensic: now waiting for good results06:31
yonvm i got it06:31
earthlingillriginal: k. thats all the that i can think of.06:31
ph0rensicka2, yah what gives eh?06:31
mage__ka2: 7.04 livecd didn't have write access to ntfs06:31
ka2yo: Places > Network06:31
yoi figured it out lol06:31
ph0rensicka2, cause you dont have the ntfstg3 or whatever its called.. ntfs write support06:32
Presarioawww wth! it says frequency out of range in my monitor06:32
illriginalearthling what is that command supposed to do?...06:32
ka2mage__: hmmm i thought partially it did06:32
Presarioph0rensic: okey it worked!!!06:32
yoit says my permissions arent enough to view all my stuff tho06:32
illriginalgo back to default settings, earthling?06:32
Presarioph0rensic: haha thanks06:32
abhi_what package should i download to access my svn server?06:33
ka2yo: share just the dir06:33
ph0rensicyo, can you edit the permissions?06:33
yoin what?06:33
ka2yo: btw windows shares C: by defualt06:33
ka2yo: as c$ or something06:33
earthlingillriginal: will open a blue terminal where you can configure the Xorg setings. Google it. Ubuntu forus have covered it quite well06:33
Presarioph0rensic: im happy for now... but the problem now i have to face is that i want to use my graphic card... not my onboard. And help here?06:33
yoi wonder how long it will take?06:33
PresarioZ_o-s-o: u there?06:34
ka2yo: over wireless a long time06:34
ph0rensicyo, Presario sure go into your bios, disable onboard.. forces to check forces it to find external card06:34
ka2yo: ethernet a while06:34
earthlingka2: i was having problems accessing C$ and the likes of it. all those ending with $. any reason?06:34
yoi wish i had a crossover cable..06:34
riadhi everybody, im using ubuntu but not able to shutdown06:34
ka2earthling: you need admin rights for the windows box06:34
ka2riad: what happens?06:34
yoriad: just hold the power button... NOT lol06:34
riadjust givs blank screen06:35
hw00djohnokay, i still need help setting up my buddies wireless...i'm using this site and trying to run thru this but encountering issues...any help would be great  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57450106:35
riadi treid all commands but no use06:35
mage__apple is swank and made the ethernet ports on some of thier laptops auto negotiate06:35
earthlingka2: admin rights at linux end or windows admin rights?06:35
Presarioph0rensic: hope it works.. but last time I fixed my video card in, it get stuck at loading hardware driver... so it sure be my video card not compatible for linux.  isnt there have nvidia drivers for download?06:35
ph0rensicriad, dont do that .. i did it once .. and ended up reinstalling .. now that drive has several errors even after i zero fill it..06:35
ka2earthling: windows06:35
riadand im running GNOME06:35
yohow do i hack into my windows comp thru ubuntu? i don't wanna waitfor the permissions to activate..06:36
bluefoxxok, so i have this rather wild idea...im going to build a computer dedicated to routing my network...but ill also leave the option to put in extra hard disks and share those, as well as that, i want to have two floppy disk drives in it with a grub boot floppy left in one and a freedos floppy left in the other to allow networked computers to boot from, and access...it will run on a 500mhz celeron socket 370 in a slot one adaptor, on06:36
bluefoxx a asus p2b-f mother board with 256 ram and 5 NICs, one for uplink and the rest for other computers to connect to. my quiestion is is there an linux OS i can use for this that is under 900 MB[hdd for it is only 850] and will i have to use xover cables...and on top of  that will i actually be able to make the floppy disk drives network bootable? i plan to use them for rescue situations[so im not allways loosing my super grub and my06:36
bluefoxxfreedos floppies]06:36
earthlingka2: but they dont prompt for a password. just says that drive not accessible!06:36
ph0rensicPresario, nvidia cards are supported... it should use generic vesa drivers at first anyway, then you can get the proprietary drivers after its up and running06:36
jayprohow do you get k3b to rip audio cd to mp3?06:36
riadwhat shll i do to be able shutdown06:36
ka2earthling: it only works sometimes :). filesharing with windows is like that06:36
ka2riad: maybe report as a bug?06:36
ka2riad: did your pc partly shut down?06:37
yoearthling: right click on the folder you wanna share and go to sharing and security06:37
riadim not able to report a bug06:37
yothen click share this folder06:37
ph0rensicbluefoxx, Im sure its possible... if they can make a server run off of <8 MB's ....06:37
yoim doing it right now..06:37
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
ka2riad: if nothing worked it probably shut down but not turned off06:37
=== yo is now known as billy
earthlingyo: the windows part of sharing is alright, that isnt that painful. :)06:38
riadit gives blank screen, i cannot see any script running on my screen06:38
hw00djohnhey, im trying to set up my buddies comp with gutsy, however his vid card is a Atheros 5006EG, I'm using this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=574501 but i'm having trouble getting thru it.. i really need help here06:38
ph0rensicjaypro, why not use soundjuicer??06:38
ka2bluefoxx: i used to have a p3 500mhz computer as my main one not that long ago06:38
billyhow do i hack into my windows comp from ubuntu?06:38
ka2bluefoxx: with compiz fusion06:38
billyi don't wanna wait for my permissions to go through06:38
billyits taking to long06:38
ka2billy: :)06:38
bluefoxxph0rensic: got anysites to direct me to? im finally getting a burner tomorrow...and i think thats wear ill start this project[transfer this cd drive to router computer and find a case at the school, one thats not crushed under rubble and debris]06:39
ph0rensicbilly, lol ... look into backtrack3 if you want the full operation06:39
billyka2: lmao06:39
bluefoxxka2: nice!06:39
abhi_which subversion client is available for gutsy?06:39
ka2bluefoxx: nearly as fast as my new one too!06:39
earthlingwhen i minimise amarok i dont have the notification on the panel.. how to get the notification icon on the panel06:39
ph0rensicbluefoxx, well dsl and puppy linux are super small distros ... you will most likely be looking at minimal if any guis06:39
ka2bluefoxx: new one is athlon64 4200+ 2Gb ram :)06:40
jeffMASTERflexearthling: configure amarok> show tray icon06:40
billywhy is my sharing caca taking so long....  mahhhhh06:40
bluefoxxka2: lol. im running on an overclocked celeron d with 1.5 gigs ram06:40
earthlingjeffMASTERflex: trying now06:40
ka2bluefoxx: my p3 500 worked great. until recently had no need to upgrade06:40
jayproph0rensic i cant seem to change the output to mp306:40
bluefoxxka2: and its twice as fast as dev-chan's core2duo 2ghz with 3 gigs of ram on vista06:41
ka2bluefoxx: not suprised06:41
ka2bluefoxx: my p3 500 ran faster than many new pcs with vista :)06:41
ph0rensicjaypro, preferences format - mp306:41
ka2bluefoxx: had a geforce 5200 for compiz fusion06:41
ka2bluefoxx: second hand & cheap06:42
ph0rensicjaypro, I've never used it btw so .. maybe its a missing codec??06:42
hw00djohni need some help with my buddies laptop...trying to set up his wirless card.  it's an ATHEROS 5006EG and it's notorious for problems. this is the 3rd day i've tried to get assistance with this06:42
bluefoxxph0rensic: i have my laptop running on puppy, doesnt quite serve my needs, so i use it for word processing and music playing on the go[but its too bulky to drag everywear]06:42
earthlingjeffMASTERflex: its on.. still not able to see.. actually i removed the a panel on which the icon used to display!!06:42
=== Azer_ is now known as Azer
ph0rensichw00djohn, lots of people gone right now.. haven't seen too many wireless pros on here lately06:42
bluefoxxka2: strangly all the computers ive owned that lasted longer than a week have run on a p2 or a celeron06:43
ph0rensicbluefoxx, yah .. I need a lappy :-(06:43
hw00djohnph0rensic okay, well i have a walkthru, i'm just having trouble with it...if someone could take a look at it and maybe help, that'd be great06:43
billyi figured out filesharing!!! yay!!!! lol06:43
jayproph0rensic yeah, i see it's there, but i cant seem to select it for some reason06:43
ph0rensichw00djohn, I'll take a peek but I haven't had to deal with networking issues in forever06:43
zetheroosmb networking seems very iffy06:43
ph0rensicjaypro, You have all the codecs??06:44
earthlinghw00djohn: ATHEROS sucks man... never got it working...06:44
hw00djohnokay, well heres the walkthrough.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=574501  i'm stuck on trying to install ndiswrapper06:44
ka2bluefoxx: my p3 was fanless & very very quiet. i kinda miss that part06:44
billyomg.. this file sharing is going to take sooo freaking long06:44
riadbut how i will turn it off06:44
hw00djohnearthling check this link... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57450106:44
billyhalf hour for 140 files06:44
ka2billy: yes06:44
zetheroowe cannot get simple sharing folders working06:44
ka2zetheroo: what do you mean?06:44
zetherooanyone have any insight?06:44
billyi need to get a crossover cable.. oh well.. im goin to bed now. g'night guys06:44
bluefoxxph0rensic: its an 1998 ibm thinkpad with 320mb ram and a 233mhz p2, no working battery and a 3 gig hdd, booting from floppy to use wakepup and a 200$ leather case. it went through a resurection recently as the bios battery was broken clean off06:45
jayproph0rensic id assume so since it shows up in the selection06:45
earthlingjeffMASTERflex: its working thanks .06:45
zetherooka2: we just need folders to be shared06:45
ka2zetheroo: right click share folder :)06:45
hw00djohnph0rensic  okay, well heres the walkthrough.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=574501  i'm stuck on trying to install ndiswrapper06:45
zetherooka2: did that...06:45
ph0rensicbluefoxx, wow.. war zone eh?06:45
ka2zetheroo: and06:45
zetherooka2: well ... it worked for one day and then the next day it stopped..06:46
zetherooand since then nothing has been working06:46
bluefoxxka2: never had a quiet computer...other than the laptop...and this one before i got into it...XD. it sounds like a bunch of ACs with 6 fans cooling it down. before it was almost dead quiet....06:46
ph0rensicjaypro, well not necessarily ... try it without the media you want selected maybe its the media06:46
ka2zetheroo: what happended before it stopped06:46
zetherooka2: nothing happened06:46
ka2bluefoxx: my new one is rather loud06:46
ka2zetheroo: updates etc06:46
zetherooka2: no... like it comes and goes06:46
ph0rensichw00djohn, whats the problem?06:47
zetherooka2: sometimes it works ... but 95 % of the time its not working06:47
ka2bluefoxx: fanless cpu + quiet low wattage cheap power supply = wonderful06:47
bluefoxxph0rensic: not really, just got droped by a few ppl...a few minutes with a soldering iron and screwdriver and then about an hour to let it repower stuff and it actually booted up!before it didnt even power up06:47
earthlinghw00djohn: i have tried that thread and many similar ones. my card jusst doesnt work!!! i have given up on it...06:47
zetherooka2: I cannot see the other guys shared folder and we both get this error06:47
Lloigorhello freaks06:48
cmebhello can anyone hear me?06:48
ph0rensicbluefoxx, fun stuff! so what is going to run this server setup of yours?06:48
ph0rensiccmeb, nope06:48
ka2cmeb: yes06:48
bluefoxxka2: low wattage PSU+overclocking+western digital+lots of CD burning==doom06:48
ph0rensicka2, ssshhh06:48
Lloigori have problem with resolution in ubuntu, can someone help me06:48
hw00djohnph0rensic im at the part where you do the "wget <website>" and it tells me wget is not a valid option06:48
ka2bluefoxx: lol06:48
ph0rensichw00djohn, you registered, can u PM me?06:48
hw00djohnph0rensic did you get that PM?06:49
ph0rensichw00djohn, nope06:49
ph0rensic!register | hw00djohn06:50
ubotuhw00djohn: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.06:50
ka2bluefoxx: grr stupid fans06:50
bluefoxxph0rensic: yup!tomorrow at school ima see if i can scavange a computer case from the [de]construction workers demoing the older classromms and get my damn router, then drag my grandfather to sprite to pick up my long awaited burner and download a few small linux distros to try out for it! but i need than router >>and they trashed the building it was in, so im not sure what they pulled out...06:50
Lloigorubuntu does not adjust 1024x768 correctly, what the hell is wrong06:50
ph0rensicka2, you got the klickitty klack fan action?? or DEAD?06:50
ka2ph0rensic: more "whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"06:51
ka2ph0rensic: or "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"06:51
bluefoxxka2: oh?personally i dont mind them, as they drop my ccase temp to 25C and cpu temp to 50C, my main hdd it 30C and backup is 35C06:51
ph0rensicka2, lol yah mine art somewhat loud... but my 25 mm fan is the quiet one .. go figure06:51
ka2bluefoxx: i hate it. my p3 used to run at 50C without any fans :)06:52
ka2bluefoxx: not that you can compare :)06:52
billyone more quick question lol06:52
AlonFWI am on Ubuntu Gutsy and my SATA drive hums when I am in Ubuntu, but not when I am in Linux.  This is one a tower so I don't beleive the laptop posts I see in the forums apply, any help?06:52
ka2!justask | billy06:52
bluefoxxka2: mine go "whiirrrrrrrr" 24/7. three in back[two stacked], one exhaust on bottem, and one on front under my main hee[on top in tray] and abouve cdrom06:52
ubotubilly: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:52
Lloigorubuntu does not adjust 1024x768 correctly, what the hell is wrong06:52
ph0rensicka2, Did I say 25 mm?06:53
ka2AlonFW ubuntu is a linux distro06:53
ka2ph0rensic: yes06:53
billycan i install winxp thru filetransfer?06:53
billythat way i can dual boot?06:53
hw00djohnph0rensic i just registered and messaged you06:53
ka2billy: is there a #windows ;)06:53
ka2billy: this is #ubuntu06:53
Lloigorubuntu does not adjust 1024x768 correctly, what the hell is wrong06:53
ph0rensic1 sec hw00djohn06:54
hw00djohnph0rensic thanks06:54
billyi know.. but i have ubuntu on this comp, i wanna resize the partition, then install xp on another partition..06:54
billycan i do that without a disk?06:54
hw00djohnbilly, that will be a waste of time..and harddrive space06:54
Lloigorubuntu does not adjust 1024x768 correctly, what the hell is wrong06:54
billyi have my reasons..06:54
ph0rensicka2, what I meant was 200mm : http://www.antec.com/ec/productDetails.php?ProdID=0800906:54
ka2billy: what reasons.06:54
AlonFWka2: umn ok, what does that have to do with my iss.... oh.... sorry edit, SATA drive does not hum in WinXP, but does in Ubuntu06:54
billyprograms that winxp has that ubuntu doesn't06:55
bluefoxxlol...50C is the lowest ive seen my CPU running at...in windows at the default speed it was running 69-74C...then again i didnt have 5 extra 80mm fans inside and one exhause fan...nor did i have an updated BIOS06:55
juice_anyone know tha console line for compiz 3d windows?06:55
ka2billy:  thats what virtual machines are for :)06:55
ka2juice_: compiz06:55
ka2juice_: compiz --replace06:55
techno_freakjuice_, compiz.real06:55
Lloigori have resolution problem, can someone help me?06:56
billyka2: well either way i wanna do it..06:56
ka2Lloigor: video card?06:56
billyi can't quite split from xp yet..06:56
billymaybe after being with ubuntu for a while, but yea..06:56
* bluefoxx needs a faster internet connection06:56
ka2billy: i used to have xp in  a vm06:56
ka2billy: what apps btw?06:56
billyreal player, msn messenger, uhmmmm06:56
techno_freakbilly, what we can help you with is finding a suitable app for your needs in Ubuntu06:57
ka2***ka2 will never have a fast enough internet connection06:57
billywebcam in msn..06:57
billyflash video player in real player06:57
ka2billy: msn - amsn or kopete does webcam06:57
juice_ka2: i mean i want to install 3d windows06:57
ka2juice_: from a cli?06:57
techno_freakjuice_, install compiz06:57
bluefoxxbilly: realplayer==vlc, live messenger==amsn06:57
techno_freakjuice_, btw, you are using Gutsy?06:57
macogwjuice_: compiz is installed by default in gutsy06:57
Lloigorka2, opensuse does work the resolution 1024x768 (xme or somethin) but in ubuntu its resized somehow06:58
macogwjuice_: just enable it in the appearances thingy06:58
billymy friends are also retarded.. and they use my comp alot.. so winxp is the way to go for them lmao06:58
ka2Lloigor: im using 1024x768 here06:58
ka2Lloigor: what video card?06:58
techno_freakjuice_, check Preferences --> Appearance --> Visual Effects06:58
bluefoxxbilly: search google for "medubuntu" if you want an easy way to get all the media codecs...and vlc is the way to go for a vidia/audio player. that or gxine06:58
juice_ka2: i have compiz but i want the 3d windows to be added06:58
juice_ka2: i dont see it in ccsm06:58
macogwjuice_: what are you talking about?06:59
ka2juice_: what do you mean 3 windows?06:59
NEUR0M4NCE13d windows needs to be compiled from source - it's quite awkward to do.06:59
ka2juice_: compiz does 3d effects06:59
billyk thanks alot guys06:59
macogwjuice_: do you mean the old old plugin where windows popped off the cube?06:59
billymaybe i can forget about the computer virus know as windows xp for good lol06:59
NEUR0M4NCE1There's instructions on the Compiz Fusion site though.06:59
Lloigorka2, maybe its a special video mode (xme) needed06:59
bluefoxxbilly: get compiz running on your comp, then show them the features it has, ask if they can do thos ethings with theyr windows computers. all my friends *want* linuxnow[theyr parents wont all let them though]06:59
billybed time for real this time lol06:59
ka2juice_: ye olde beryl one?06:59
juice_macgow: YES!!!06:59
techno_freakjuice_, compizconfig-settings-manager  install it if you dont have06:59
macogwthat hasnt been around since.....the second to last beryl release?06:59
ka2Lloigor: "worked for me" "just worked" :)07:00
=== _icesword_ is now known as icesword
juice_ka2: techno_freak: what macgow said^^07:00
macogwjuice_: i think you have to go back to edgy to use that07:00
Lloigorka2, i hope you enjoy07:00
* bluefoxx wonders if he should have another coke...its only 11PM07:00
AlonFWok, so my issue is that in Ubuntu Gutsy my SATA drive continually hums (I have never heard this SATA drive tick or click like an IDE drive does, so I gather it is the drive working, like the clicking you would hear on an IDE drive).  This is on a tower, not a laptop.  In WinXP the drive is silently except when actaully be accessed.  Any help?07:00
juice_macogw: really? no port to 7.10?07:00
NEUR0M4NCE1macogw - not o - i've got 3d windows on my Gutsy.07:01
macogwjuice_: there hasnt been a package for it since then07:01
NEUR0M4NCE1*not SO07:01
juice_NEUR0M4NCE1: how!?07:01
techno_freakmacogw, is he meaning just a cube or anything more?07:01
macogwtechno_freak: remember how beryl used to let you have the windows kinda pop out and stack up when you pulled the cube back?07:01
bluefoxxAlonFW: in my expirence, drive clicking means backup. now. your drive is possibly dying07:01
juice_i mean the windows pop off the cube in layers07:02
macogwtechno_freak: hasnt done it since like dec '06...07:02
ph0rensicmacd, I think that is in compiz too07:02
techno_freakmacogw, there are similar effects in compiz na07:02
ph0rensicmacogw, oops07:02
macogwph0rensic: not packaged.  still exists somewhere in cvs or svn or something if you can make it work07:02
ka2macogw: havnt done it since compiz fusion was announced :)07:02
flowOverhas anyone had experience setting up logitech mice ?  specifically the mx revolution07:02
ph0rensicmacogw, I thought it was under a new name like 'offset' or something07:03
flowOveri've got btnx but have not a clue how to configure it07:03
macogw3D windows at the bottom of that page07:04
AlonFWbluefox: I read that drives have acoustic managment, I wonder if that might be related, when I use hdparm to look at the setting it says the suggested acoustic management setting is 254, but it is set at 0; however, I don't know how to change it as hdparm does not support SATA07:04
macogwoh woah wait it says its been repackaged again now07:04
NEUR0M4NCE1techno_freak, macogw, juice - Yeah, the 3d windows with depth when you initiate cube. There're instructions on how to install on the Compiz Fusion site, but it's quite hard to do...07:04
=== Boglizk_ is now known as Boglizk
bluefoxxarmin van buuren - the sound of goodbye07:04
juice_NEUR0M4NCE1: could you point me?07:04
SeveredCrossAlonFW: sdparm07:04
flowOver3d windows isn't hard to do.  i followed a simple guide07:04
AlonFWbluefox:  Do you know of a tool or command that will let me see how much the drive is actaully being accessed?07:04
bluefoxxwrong chat, my bad07:05
juice_flow0ver: where?07:05
techno_freaki have 3d windows with all effects working07:05
flowOvergot it all compiled in one terminal session07:05
macogwactually it works very easily in hardy07:05
ka2flow0ver: i want07:05
macogwjust hit the checkbox and go07:05
flowOverlemme find it07:05
AlonFWbluefox: sdparm shows entirely different and unituitive parameter names, I don't know which is for the acoustic managment, do you have any tips or resources?07:05
ka2flowOver: thanks07:06
AlonFWSeveredCross: my last a few lines up was actually for you07:06
bluefoxxAlonFW: try "lsof /dev/hda<replace with drive to check>". for a drive list do "sudo fdisk -l". also, smartmontools should give you hdd info for newer drives[sata supports SMART]07:06
downguyHey everybody, sorry to be this guy, but is anybody reading me?  New IRC client, and I'm having trouble getting a response from anybody...07:06
SeveredCrossAlonFW: No idea, I just know sdparm is what you generally use.07:06
flowOvercan anyone help me figure out how to configure btnx for the mxrevolution07:07
ol_dude67hey can you tell me why i have to add build essentials to install from source?07:07
AlonFWdownguy: I can hear you07:07
gyaresudownguy: Hi.07:07
ka2ol_dude67: sudo apt-get install build-essential07:07
downguyThanks, AlonFW.  Guess it's just my personality =(!07:07
ph0rensicol_dude67, why from source?07:07
credibleol_dude67: because without it, you have no compiler07:07
macogwol_dude67: we already explained this07:07
bluefoxxAlonFW: BTW, you can partly type someones nickname then hit the tab key until you get the nick you want. makes faster and ensures correct spelling so they see the message[ im usually lazy and dont check unless alert pops up, but im more awake than usual]07:07
ol_dude67i know how to install it, i just wanted to know why i had to, shouldnt it come pre installed?07:07
macogwol_dude67: ubuntu has to fit on one cd.  with compilers it won't.  ubuntu is meant for end-users who should never have to compile anything.07:08
Geoffrey2can any other applications read a file if root has read/write access to it, and nobody else does?07:08
ph0rensicol_dude67, ka2 ^^ thats how to do it07:08
AlonFWbluefox: lsof /dev/sda did nothing, no error, nothing07:08
ka2ol_dude67: no07:08
macogwol_dude67: no, because most people dont need it07:08
ka2ph0rensic: i read it wrong07:08
macogwol_dude67: itd be a waste of space to people like my mom, my brother, my sister, and my roommate07:08
flowOveri've found a guide for suse.  maybe it's doable07:08
ph0rensicka2 i did too.. but he said he is getting told he has to install from src?07:08
bluefoxxAlonFW: then theres nothing using that file...try "sudo !!' or "sudo lsof /"07:09
benitocan any1 help me07:09
ph0rensicka2, is he just wondering why it isn't installed by default?07:09
juice_ka2: did it work 4 u?07:09
ka2!justask | benito07:09
ubotubenito: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:09
* bluefoxx sighs deeply...bed at midnight07:09
ka2ph0rensic: yes07:09
macogwph0rensic: no he's a slackware user that's pissed off because ubuntu doesnt come with compilers because he refuses to use binaries and wants to compile everything from source even though we have apt07:09
benitook well my gnome desktop isn't working really good07:10
ka2benito: in what way?07:10
ph0rensicmacogw, OIC well he should stick with slax then07:10
ka2ph0rensic: or gentoo07:10
ka2ph0rensic: or linux from scratch07:10
juice_ka2: did the 3d thingy work 4 u?07:10
macogwor Core Linux07:10
Geoffrey2I noticed slapd.conf is set to read and write access only for the owner, root, and group and others access is set to none....would slapd be able to access that file with those permissions?07:10
ph0rensicka2, speaking of you ever done LFS?07:10
juice_i got an abort07:10
ka2juice_: havnt tried07:10
macogwit's like LFS but with no scripts at all07:10
ka2ph0rensic: started07:11
juice_and now my ccsm has no decorations07:11
ka2ph0rensic: but never finished07:11
benitowell i start my comp. and after a lil while it give me a error saying that gnome is broke and i have to restart so fix that problem07:11
ph0rensicka2, story of my life hehe.. so core eh.. whats different? they give you a base that works?07:11
ka2ph0rensic: never tried core07:11
macogwph0rensic: LFS has some setup scripts included.  Core has nothing.07:12
benitocan any1 help me!07:12
macogwph0rensic: one of my friends says that's why it's his favorite distro07:12
ph0rensicmacogw, OIC, I got pissed cause the LFSLIVECD didn't boot07:12
macogwbenito: youre gonna need to give more info than that07:12
ka2benito: what message?07:12
ka2macogw: only the sysvinit scripts07:12
benitognome is broke please restart that system to fix that problem!!07:13
ph0rensicmacogw, and going from the book is agonizing when your not a linux pro07:13
macogwka2: dunno. thats how he explained it to me.  im not brave enough to try it!07:13
ka2benito: dont know of any message "gnome is broke"07:13
iceswordhow to kill x07:13
macogwicesword: ctrl alt backspace07:13
Ububeginwhat is the best IDE for java web development in ubuntu .. Tried "Bea Workshop Studio"..But it keeps crashing..cos it was primariy made for Red Hat07:13
iceswordno,that will restart it07:13
rhineheart_m32mb of video card is already okay in ubuntu server without GUI right?07:13
macogwbenito: what's the *exact* quote07:13
ka2benito: most messages are in proper english07:13
iceswordno,that will restart it07:13
macogwicesword: oh. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop07:14
benitowell is cuz i have my computer in spanish so i dont know how to translate!!07:14
ph0rensicmacogw, hah i was gonna say07:14
macogwbenito: #ubuntu-es07:14
ka2rhineheart_m: having no video card is ok07:14
techno_freakUbubegin, eclipse?07:14
macogwbenito: there's a spanish help channel07:14
ka2techno_freak: what?07:14
nsnahow long does it take to register with nickserv?07:14
ph0rensicnsna, 2 mins07:14
benitowell it send me here07:14
ka2nsna: 2 seconds more like it07:14
rhineheart_mka2: yeah I will agree with that for motherboards with built-in video card07:14
ph0rensicka2, I was assuming he MAY have down syndrome..07:15
Ububegintechno_freak: more like for J2EE (like JSF etc).. not J2SE...07:15
nsnahow do you know that it started to work?07:15
ka2rhineheart_m: you only need it for the install :)07:15
ph0rensicka2, wanted to leave him some room for error07:15
macogwbenito: join #ubuntu-es07:15
ka2rhineheart_m:  then use ssh07:15
rhineheart_mka2: I won't agree that!07:15
ka2rhineheart_m: why not?07:15
macogwbenito: no hablamos espanol aqui ;)  ellos hablan espanol07:15
macogwoh he's gone ok07:15
rhineheart_mka2: since the PC will not boot up without the video card07:16
bluefoxxok, i have the music applet installed, and i have xmms installed. however, i cannot use music-applet to control xmms, it tells me "no module named xmms.control installed" yet, i have *every* xmms item i found in the repos installed[got too lazy to read every description]. what should i do?07:16
ph0rensicrhineheart_m, Yah dont need much at all for command line07:16
ka2rhineheart_m: ever heard of headless servers07:16
sarahHello. Is there a clever way to prepend to file with IO redirection without an intermediate file? I tried "(cat bigfile; cat prependfile) > bigfile" but to no avail07:16
rhineheart_mka2: good thing for you your video hardware has built into the motherboard07:16
Geoffrey2if nothing else, Ubuntu has definitely improved my patience......07:16
ka2rhineheart_m: no i have a geforce 840007:17
sarahMeh, the other way around of course.07:17
ka2Geoffrey2: what with?07:17
ph0rensicGeoffrey2, hehe if you want a big lesson in patience... try slackware07:17
ka2ph0rensic: no linux from scratch or archlinux07:17
rhineheart_mka2: some PCs won't boot up without video card07:17
ka2rhineheart_m: scary. mine does07:18
ph0rensicka2, arch is bad? I was under the impression arch was easy .. is that slack based ?07:18
ka2rhineheart_m: and my old one07:18
rhineheart_mka2: yeah I agree with that...if you go with ssh...no need for video display07:18
ka2ph0rensic: it isnt anything based07:18
ka2ph0rensic: its not easy nor bad07:18
ka2ph0rensic: it is very fast (like gentoo)07:18
rhineheart_mka2: but your old one has built in video hardware, right?07:18
puffIs there a way to use beagle without having the beagle process running in background?07:18
ka2rhineheart_m: no07:19
Geoffrey2ph0rensic: I'm sure...I just have come to accept that more often than not, nobody really has any answer for how to get a particular application up and running...so i come back over a several day period looking for help07:19
ka2puff: i thought that was how it workded07:19
flowOvermobos with built in cards are wasting space and resources07:19
rhineheart_mka2: nothing? really?07:19
ka2rhineheart_m: yes07:19
rhineheart_mka2: mine will not boot up without the card...07:19
ka2rhineheart_m: oh07:19
flowOverthere's options in the bios to ignore video errors usually07:19
ka2rhineheart_m: but for a server anything that works should do07:20
ka2Geoffrey2: :(07:20
ka2Geoffrey2: what apps?07:20
ka2flowOver: agreed07:20
Geoffrey2at this point, just openldap07:20
rhineheart_mka2: I just asked this.. since I could not afford to lose 128 MB card...I could have it used in other machines that need it07:21
ph0rensicka2, Arch is offshoot of CRUX ..  I win07:21
NEUR0M4NCE1flowOver: The next lot of GFX cards are going to have an option to use the onboard GFX chip like SLI/Crossfire.07:21
ph0rensicka2, http://kde-files.org/CONTENT/content-files/44218-linuxdistrotimeline-7.2.png07:21
Geoffrey2the configuration files exist, slapd says they don't....and I'm really not sure why07:21
ka2ph0rensic: arch was inspired by crux07:21
flowOverNEUR0M4NCE1: good luck with that gimmick07:21
ka2ph0rensic: according to arch07:21
ph0rensicka2, so you win? I think inspired means it still derived from it...as in ubuntu derived from debian07:22
rhineheart_mIs anybody here knows a link which would guide me on how to set-up radius server in ubuntu gutsy07:23
ka2ph0rensic: no ubuntu is based on debian and many packages come straight from debian07:23
ph0rensicka2, Perhaps you win.. I've never touched it so i dont know for sure07:25
Ububeginwhat is the best IDE for java web development (JSF) in ubuntu .. Tried "Bea Workshop Studio"..But it keeps crashing..cos it was primariy made for Red Hat07:25
Geoffrey2if anyone would like to look at the slapd.conf file, it's posted here..... http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57558/07:25
ubotuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:25
ka2Geoffrey2: maybe you should try the forums07:26
ka2flowOver: what is Ububegin?07:26
ka2flowOver: and what about eclipse07:26
flowOverhe asked what a good ide for java is07:26
ka2flowOver:ph i see :)07:27
jayprocan anyone recommend a good wav to mp3 converter07:27
rhineheart_mIs there such CA certificate that's free?07:27
Ububeginka2: eclipse is gud but not efficient ... for professional JSF deployment.... Need something like Bea Workshop Studio...07:28
ere4sirhineheart_m, found this - http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/433182.html07:28
ph0rensicjaypro, in win super is a good one07:28
flowOverjaypro:  lame is an mp3 encoder07:28
littlepinkdotHow do I read a hardrives SMART info using a live cd?07:28
rhineheart_mere4si: Thanks for the link..07:28
noodles12how to install java programs?07:29
ere4sirhineheart_m, sorry - it's not a guide tho07:29
rhineheart_mere4si: it's okay. at least I could get an info to where to start my leap07:30
=== trollboy_ is now known as trollboy
ere4sirhineheart_m, good luck :)07:30
rhineheart_mere4si: are you using it?07:31
iceswordi installed fluxbox ,but there seems no entry for me to enter it,where to configure it07:31
rhineheart_mere4si: freeradius07:31
ere4sirhineheart_m, no - using google tho :)07:31
ere4sibored rhineheart_m07:31
rhineheart_mere4si: okay.. do you have a web server?07:32
iceswordi installed fluxbox ,but there seems no entry for me to enter it,where to configure it07:32
earthling\join ##linux07:32
HyperSecretanyone here who can possibly help me with getting the internet working on ubuntu?07:33
ere4sirhineheart_m, nope - have a home file server/torrent box07:33
rhineheart_mthat's good!07:33
ere4sirhineheart_m, don't have the bandwidth for a web box07:33
rhineheart_mI see.. okay..07:34
iceswordi installed fluxbox ,but there seems no entry for me to enter it,where to configure it07:34
earthlingHyperSecret: wifi?07:34
macogwicesword: what?07:34
zhangmaodiearthling, Hello07:34
bullgard4In what sense is a pcspkr a 'platform device'?07:34
macogwicesword: it's all done with plain text config files07:34
ph0rensicIm out .. night all07:34
earthlingzhangmaodi: :)07:35
rhineheart_micesword: try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox07:35
iceswordmacogw, i mean there is no entry when i enter the login screen,there is no fluxbox choice in there07:35
zhangmaodiearthling, I'm using ubuntu5.10,how about you ?07:35
earthlingHyperSecret: are you talking of wireless or eathernet connection for internet?07:35
iceswordcoz i compiled it myself,thank you all07:36
macogwicesword: oh umm.. idk about that. i dont have gdm (the gui login screen) on the computer where i have fluxbox07:36
bullgard4HyperSecret: First read the articles in the Ubuntu Wiki about 'Internet access'. Then try it yourself. Then post here what went wrong.07:36
earthlingzhangmaodi: 7.10. why?07:36
macogwicesword: you should be able to just "startx" into it...07:36
zhangmaodiCause I only have 5.10 in my hand07:36
macogwzhangmaodi: you need to upgrade07:36
earthlingzhangmaodi: order 7.10 from ubuntu07:37
zhangmaodimacogw, how do you think of 7.10 is it wonderful ?07:37
macogwzhangmaodi: im using 8.04 :)07:37
macogwzhangmaodi: but im sure its better than 5.1007:37
macogwits definitely a LOT nicer than 6.0607:37
rhineheart_mM using 7.10 too! It's great07:37
zhangmaodimacogw, Oh,I'sure it is07:37
rhineheart_mBut I'm excited for their next release in april07:38
richiemy  notification area doesn't display icon anymore07:38
richiewhat should i do?07:38
richiefor example:update07:38
richieno icon now...07:38
rhineheart_mFi you couldn't get the icon.. you could simply update your box manually..07:39
Geoffrey2well, so far I haven't found a forum post of someone who simply couldn't get slapd to admit it's own configuration file even existed....07:39
richieonce i delete the panel for mistake...07:40
richieso i diy one07:41
macogwrichie: did you delete the notification area?07:41
richiei have added the notification area07:41
makavelihey guys, got a question about graphic drivers in ubuntu. right now i'm running hardy alpha 5 release, and so i'm waitin for the new envy release to get the latest nvidia drivers. now i'm running the default ones and i'm gettin high temps while i do anything. i assume this is normal and might get fixed when i install the proper drivers?07:41
fallorei'm using gFTP and trying to dump a bunch of folders with files inside them. it's giving me an error and i THINK having trouble creating all the directories and placing their subdirectories and files inside them. i remember having this problem before but i don't remember how to solve it. is there a way i can basically dump a bunch of folders and their contents into this ftp?07:41
richiebut no icons on it now...07:41
makavelicause this never happened before, atleast when i was running xp it didnt get this high07:41
richiei can move to the notification area and  r-clike  to use the function07:42
richiejust no icons now07:42
richiefor example :update and pidgin07:42
bullgard4richie: Start by googling for 'Gnome'and 'notification area' and 'missing'.07:43
richiei don't know how to display the icon on notification area...07:43
bazhangmakaveli: you should join #ubuntu+1 for that and envy is not supported07:43
flowOverso is ubuntu halting because i'm running xgl or is it because it just does that?07:44
rhineheart_mrichie: try this... Right click on any space that is not been used on one of the panels and select "New Panel", a new panel will show either at the top or the bottom.07:44
rhineheart_mrichie: then go ahead..just follow your instinct. It won't harm you :)07:45
bullgard4richie: You can also join ##gnome and ask there to get a more profound answer.07:46
richiethank u07:46
fallorei'm using gFTP and trying to dump a bunch of folders with files inside them. it's giving me an error and i THINK having trouble creating all the directories and placing their subdirectories and files inside them. i remember having this problem before but i don't remember how to solve it. is there a way i can basically dump a bunch of folders and their contents into this ftp? I'm also getting this error: Could not download /home/austin07:46
fallore/xbox/credits from local filesystem07:46
Geoffrey2ok, what's the command to change permissions on a file?07:47
macogwGeoffrey2: chmod07:48
macogwGeoffrey2: CHange MODe07:48
macogwGeoffrey2: if you need to know how to remember it too07:48
jetscreamerfallore: you just drag&drop07:48
fallorejetscreamer: it's giving me that error I pasted at the end