sadmacKeybuk: ping02:56
Keybuksadmac: hey. how goes it?09:43
asdafhi all12:17
asdafI have a question, does upstart 0.3.9 kill all subprocesses spawned by a process when the job is stopped?12:18
asdaffrom the description of bug #121733, it seems this only applies to scripts executed using the script/end script stanza12:19
Keybukasdaf: it would kill all13:54
Keybukasdaf: exec is morally equivalent to13:56
Keybuk  script13:56
Keybuk    exec ...13:56
Keybuk  end script13:56
Keybukexcept that Upstart may optimise out the use of a shell if no interesting characters are used13:56
Keybukexec /bin/getty $TTY13:57
Keybukfor example is absolutely identical to13:57
Keybuk  exec /bin/getty $TTY13:57
Keybukend script13:57
Keybuksince it needs the shell to do the expansion of $TTY13:57
keesjdid somebody experiment with changing the rootfs while upstart is runing , is there a way to do this ?15:01
keesjcan upstart "exec" itself away?15:02
keesjWhat a long aswer :p19:05
sadmacKeybuk: have you had any thoughts on logd and a way of making it work?23:26

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