|Prometheus|hi... can someone offer me a little help please.... Whenever I startup the system (Ie. After Xfce Starts) Gimp loads twice... its a low ram system, so this is slowing everything down... its not listed in autostarted apps00:25
somerville32|Prometheus|: It sounds like Gimp is saved in your session.00:25
zoredachedeleting the ~/.cache/sessions may help00:26
|Prometheus|so i should clear ~/.cache/sessions?00:26
|Prometheus|ok - thank you :)00:27
shadheya...all, my prob is zombies how do i kill them, they show up when choosing an e-book to read in evince, the only way i have found is to reboot my pc. that just seems wrong to me00:41
sprauekrautdoes anyone know exactly what all gstreamer plugins/codecs i need to properly burn mp3s as audio cds using brasero?00:59
shadgood luck getting an answer :/01:00
shadguess i'll go googling01:01
ron_osprauekraut, I just get all the codecs you can..01:10
ron_othey don't hurt anything if you have more than you need.01:10
ron_oand you run your application in your terminal it's likely that if you're missing codec then it will say so in an error message.01:11
sprauekrauthmm, thats a good idea01:12
ron_otoo bad you left shad.. I might have had a good suggestion for your issue. :/01:12
sprauekrautyeah i get one error message that isn't very helpful, it just says "<name of file> can't be handled by gstreamer, Make sure you have the proper codec installed"01:12
sprauekrautor something along those lines01:12
sprauekrauti found a bug that is very similar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/19118301:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191183 in brasero "Brasero won't create audio CDs from movie files" [Undecided,New]01:13
ron_ohmm. in synaptic search for codecs and gstreamer and download what's appropriate.01:13
sprauekrautk, i'll try it out01:13
ron_othat could be it too, re: bug01:13
sprauekrautim going to try runing brasero from command line and see what errors I get as well01:13
sprauekrautnothing from command-line01:14
sprauekrautron_o: in response to "just search for codecs and gstreamer and download what's appropriate" you mean search for packages using apt?01:14
ron_ono, use synaptic.. never used it before?01:15
ron_oapplications >> system >> synaptic01:15
sprauekrautoh yeah i have, its just slow slow, yeah i'll give it a whorl01:15
ron_othen your computer must be old.. sorry about that.01:15
sprauekrauthaha yeah so am i01:16
sprauekrautwithout xubuntu, i'd be up the creek01:16
ron_oit's the best way to search for applications however.01:16
ron_oyah, xubuntu is great.01:16
ron_oI think if I had an old computer fluxubuntu might be better. However, it's very geeky window manager .. just a shade above command line. :_)01:17
sprauekrautyeah, i used to use fluxbox, but xfce is fine for me01:18
sprauekrautron_o: just installed like a ton of gstreamer plugins01:24
sprauekrautron_o: the "good" the "bad" and the "ugly" and it seems to work fine now01:24
ron_ohelp out?01:24
ron_ogreat... see?01:24
sprauekrautyessir thanmk you01:25
ron_owhen in doubt just frigging add applications. :)01:25
ron_oor plugins or whatnot.01:25
sprauekrauthaha, yeah, im always reluctant because of conflicts, but they're just plugins right?01:25
ron_olet's hope so. :)01:25
ron_o'you oculd just uninstall them one by one and see how it goes.01:26
sprauekrautnot a bad idea01:28
sprauekrautaha, now I'm experiencing this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/15818501:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 158185 in brasero "brasero won't burn with gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 installed" [Medium,Fix released]01:33
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gynterkWhen trying to add battery-plugin or mixer-plugin I get those errors: http://pastebin.com/d570de0c7, Installed packages: http://pastebin.com/d95a6e8a, Distro: xubuntu 7.10 (gutsy)09:34
gynterkplugins to xfce4-panel09:34
gynterkis xubuntu-desktop essential package for xubuntu ?09:36
gynterkor only contains changelog and copyright?09:36
TheSheep!meta | gynterk09:55
ubotugynterk: If you would like to help in #*ubuntu* but it just goes too fast to spot interesting questions, try joining #ubuntu-meta and watching for questions there (note that it is NOT a support channel, however, and questions should still be answered in #*ubuntu*)09:55
TheSheepwrong factoid09:55
TheSheep!metapackage | gynterk09:56
ubotugynterk: A meta-package is a package that simply depends upon other packages and brings them in. It's not a real package, but a very useful package that can drag in other package versions.09:56
gynterkahh okay10:02
gynterkbut this xfce problem ?'10:02
TheSheepgynterk: what is the problem?10:03
gynterkWhen trying to add battery-plugin or mixer-plugin I get those errors: http://pastebin.com/d570de0c7, Installed packages: http://pastebin.com/d95a6e8a, Distro: xubuntu 7.10 (gutsy)10:03
TheSheeplooks like a bug10:04
TheSheep!bugs | gynterk10:04
ubotugynterk: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots10:04
gynterkthis is not a bug10:04
gynterkbattery was working fine, but it just dissapeared10:04
gynterkI can't recall what package did I remove or what config did I change :P10:04
TheSheepgynterk: you can check in /var/log/dpkg.log10:05
LeAstralepaultags site: http://www.paultags.com/index.php?p=etc10:08
JoshuaRLanybody here?10:17
LeAstraleTheSheep: ty for removing ban :) i posted in the wrong irc channel10:20
LeAstraleJoshuaRL: :)10:21
JoshuaRLalright, im out before they realize im in KDE10:21
TheSheepLeAstrale: sorry, a little trigger-happy :/10:25
LeAstraleTheSheep: its alright.. i was just thinking wtf!?10:26
LeAstraleany1 in here have any ideas why my Netgear WG111v3 works with WiCD on Kubuntu and doesnt work on Xubuntu ?10:36
LeAstralesry my kubuntu crashed.. did anyone answer my question earlier?10:46
gynterkany logs ?10:51
LeAstralewhich logs would you like ?10:51
LeAstralewb gynterk ;)10:52
gynterkwifi wins10:53
LeAstralegynterk: huh?10:54
gynterkbut still10:54
LeAstraleadios amigos11:08
minoanyone now how to configure the ipv6 netmask in the interfaces, must i use Network/Prefix or only /Prefix ?13:55
jarnosI can start volume.app to system tray by command "kstart --tosystray volume.app &" but I see at most half of its icon there. What's wrong?16:35
TheSheepjarnos: neither kstart not volume.app are a part of xubuntu16:37
jarnosTheSheep: Well, they are available through repositories.16:38
jarnosTheSheep: The system tray is part of Xubuntu.16:38
jarnosTheSheep: Additionally, I cannot make Xfce's own Volume Control work in Xubuntu Cutsy in my PC for some reason.16:39
jarnosTheSheep: Additionally, Volume.App has handy way of muting & unmuting and more flexible way to adjust volume.16:40
TheSheepjarnos: neither can I. I can only say that many kde apps don't implement the system tray protocol properly, so they only work right in kde's system tray16:41
jarnosTheSheep: So you think kstart causes the problem.16:42
jarnosTheSheep: Is there equivalent utility for Xfce?16:42
TheSheepI cannot say without actually finding the bug :)16:42
TheSheepbut Ive heard that it's often a problem16:42
jarnosBTW kstart let's you start applications minimized by its --iconify option.16:44
jarnosSad that it doesn't work well with all applications including Firefox.16:45
TheSheepkde is a separate world16:45
maxamillionkde is an interesting organism16:47
jarnosSo is there some way to tell system tray to use more space for one icon. Remeber that actually Volume.app is a dockapp.16:56
jarnosThat has bigger icon than the other apps have in my tray icon.16:56
TheSheepjarnos: I guess it's up to the application16:57
jarnosTheSheep: I guess so. Actually xchat 2.8.4 uses bigger icon. But how should the application tell system tray it needs more space?16:59
jarnosTheSheep:  If the Volume.app is launched on desktop, it shows full icon.17:00
TheSheepjarnos: I think the protocol is described on http://freedesktop.org17:00
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jarnosTheSheep: Is there any way to get volume.app to system tray by Xfce's means?17:05
TheSheepjarnos: what happens when you just run it?17:06
jarnosTheSheep: It puts its icon to left-top of leftmost screen.17:07
TheSheep!info alltray17:08
ubotualltray (source: alltray): Dock any program into the system tray. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.69-1 (gutsy), package size 57 kB, installed size 224 kB17:08
TheSheepnot sure how it works17:09
jarnosTheSheep: I tried it and couldn't get volume.app to tray.17:18
jarnosTheSheep: In the specification they say "Tray icons may be assigned any size by the system tray, and should do their best to cope with any size effectively."17:35
jarnosTheSheep: Does it mean that system tray should try to zoom tray icons? Volume.app is not just static icon as it changes according to volume adjustment.17:37
jarnosTheSheep: The size remains unchanged, thought,17:37
jarnosTheSheep: though17:37
jarnosTheSheep: .17:37
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TheSheepjarnos: I'm not an expert with it, all I know I've heard on #xfce channel17:44
jarnosTheSheep: I see. Thanks anyway for the hints.17:46
arrrghhhhey all.  i have a strange issue with the panel disappearing and the plugins on the panel acting wonky.  believe it or not, it seems to be related to games... freecell was left running, and i've seen several other posts that say they were playing freecell when they had the issue17:54
Jowihi, how can I set up a "keyboard" shortcut that is triggered by a mousebutton?19:56
Jowifor example launching an xterm when button8 on the mouse is pressed19:57
daRudoes any1 know the password for the xubuntu live cd?19:59
zoredache_daRu: there is no password19:59
daRui have tried to install xubuntu from a live cd..20:00
daRuand it showed the login screen20:00
daRuthe 7.10 gutsy20:00
zoredache_are you sure you are booted to your cd?20:00
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daRuit takes a very long time20:00
daRuit is an old laptop20:01
zoredachehave you tried a username of 'ubuntu' with a password of 'ubuntu'?20:01
daRubut didnt work20:02
daRuevery time i reboot there is a different result20:02
daRuonce i got to the login screen20:02
daRuthen i saw the xcfe logo20:03
zoredachehrm... unfortunatly I am not very familar with the livecd... I strongly prefer using the alternate-installer cd20:03
daRuand now its just a blank screen20:03
zoredacheIt has always been far more reliable in my experience... plus it is a lot faster and gives me more control20:03
chewitquick question. I have recently switched from Ubuntu to Xubuntu by using synaptic. I have completly cleared ubuntu out. However, i still have a few gnome apps running in the background. Is this normal for a standard xubuntu pc?20:03
zoredachechewit: gnome apps like what?  The network manager for example is common to both20:04
chewiton the system monitor i have the following gnome background apps:20:05
chewitthats it, should i have those20:05
chewitnot sure if they were left on my pc when i switched to  xubuntu20:06
zoredacheI am not too sure about the vfs-daemon.  I don't have that on my system20:06
chewitoh, but u have the rest?20:06
chewitshould i bothered with the vfs then20:07
daRuok i dont know if it is the live cd..but i downloaded it from the xubuntu web page..i burnt it from poweriso..20:07
zoredacheI think the vfs-daemon package is named 'libgnomevfs2-0'  xfce will never use it20:07
chewiti will just leave, i would prefer not to mess with a system which runs fine20:08
chewitstill a linux newbie20:08
zoredachechewit: you can leave it running if you like it probably won't hurt anything, or you can remove it..20:08
chewitok, thanks zoredache20:09
zoredachedaRu: what was the file name?  xubunt-nnn-deskto.iso?  I am suggesting you install with the xubuntu-nnn-alternate-i386.iso20:09
daRuok its not the alternate cd..sorry20:10
daRuit is the desktop cd20:11
chewitzoredache: just gone on to synaptic and tried to remove the vfs thing, but it also removes any gnome application like the other gnome background apps and network manager20:13
chewitso i better not do it20:13
Robin-NBanyone there?20:56
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:57
Robin-NBi have problems with my wireless network setup20:58
uninvitedWhats the prob, Robin-NB20:59
Robin-NBconsider this setup21:00
Robin-NBmachines A and B are connected the local network via wifi cards...21:00
Robin-NBmachine c is connected via plain ethernet21:01
Robin-NBeverything works fine with connecting to the internet and stuff..21:01
Robin-NByet i cannot ping A from B or B from A21:02
uninvitedOperating systems of A, B, C ?21:02
Robin-NBxubuntu on A and B21:03
chewitwifi is on able to do that using WiFi A21:03
chewiti have never been able to do that21:03
chewitboth my pcs are wifi21:03
Robin-NBdo you know why that is?21:03
chewitit does to be wifi a21:04
chewitb & g can online recieve data from a router21:04
Robin-NBi never heard of that21:05
Robin-NBis wifi "a" like the lowest standard?21:05
zoredachea is a different frequency, and actually has the potential for the same bandwidth as G21:05
FreeFullMicrosoft is the lowest standard.21:06
uninvitedhar har har , FreeFull that's something for quote heaven :)21:06
Robin-NBactually, microsoft is the most essential fail-safe21:07
uninvitedI'd guess it's a routing problem.21:07
Robin-NB...you only use it if theres no other way21:07
zoredacheso what is the ip address of your two computers?21:08
uninvitedtry ping -R <yourrouter>21:08
Robin-NBbtt, i can ping any machine from any other machine in the network, except between both wireless machines...21:08
uninvitedto see the route21:08
Robin-NB192.168.0.23 and .2521:08
uninvitedHi _CeleroN_21:09
_CeleroN_uninvited sorry but i need some help with ubuntu21:09
_CeleroN_any here can help me21:09
zoredacheRobin-NB: are you running a firewall on your computers that are having problems?21:09
uninvitedwell sure, _CeleroN_ head on21:09
Robin-NBnot that i know of21:10
uninvitedRobin-NB: So, are A and B connected via wifi + with lan to the local network ?21:10
zoredacheyou could try running tcpdump while you do your pings... it might reveal something...21:10
_CeleroN_well i need a link about that how install the obuntu21:11
zoredacheRobin-NB: the command 'tcpdump -qni any ' should let you see everything..21:11
zoredache!install | _CeleroN_21:11
ubotu_CeleroN_: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate21:11
uninvitedCool feature zoredache21:11
_CeleroN_ty very much21:11
_CeleroN_im new in linux and i wanna learn to use it, ty very much for your help uninvited21:12
_CeleroN_i apreciate that21:12
philphotoanyone using a thinkpad?  I run 7.10 on a T30 and if i connect a device into ultrabay while powered on it works fine.  After hibernate or reboot, T30 wifi will go down and no wireless devices will be recognized, requires one more reboot in order to see wireless lan.  iwconfig won't show any dev's21:13
uninvitedWell, thank zoredache not me. He helped youout !21:13
philphotothis problem is just an annoyance, but I'd like to rectify it.21:13
uninvitedphilphoto: did you activate hotplug ?21:14
FreeFullphilphoto, I use an R50e. The problem is that you hibernate. Stop it and it will work.21:14
philphotoFreeFull: even when doing normal reboot this happens.  i have only used hibernate once.21:14
Robin-NBtcpdump just gives my alot of crap as this machine runs some services plus irc, atm21:14
philphotouninvited: no, i don't believe so21:15
uninvitedphilphoto: what happens if you remove your wireless card ?21:16
FreeFullphilphoto, I can't help. Sorry.21:16
uninvitedand plug it again ?21:16
philphotouninvited: remove it?  it's onboard.21:18
zoredacheRobin-NB: if you wanted to look at just ping traffic you could use the command 'tcpdump -qni any icmp'21:19
uninvitedWell you talked about putting a device into ultrabay21:19
uninvitedi was wondering, there is devices for Ultrabay :)21:19
uninvitedI have an additional BATT in my A3121:21
Robin-NBwell, I get a "host x.x.x.x unreachable"21:21
Robin-NBwell, whatever...21:22
Robin-NBi guess, i have to switch to ethernet21:22
Robin-NBat least for the top box21:22
philphotouninvited: sorry 'bout that.  i was speaking of the ultrabay battery,  or dvdrom21:22
philphotofor some reason I can't pin down the minipci card is disabled on boot after swapping devices.21:23
Robin-NBthanks anyway21:24
uninvitedphilphoto: Do you talk about after boot or after getting back from hibernate ?21:27
AminemiuMhey xubuntu's fans!!21:29
philphotouninvited: either way it's both the same21:35
uninvitedOKay, which minipci type is it ?21:35
philphotouninvited: the chipset?  prism 2.521:36
uninvitedCisco Aironet or IBM High Rate ?21:36
philphotoibm I believe21:36
uninvitedi see.21:37
philphotouninvited: it only interferes if i hotswap though, so it's not too much of an issue.  during session after hotswap, everything still works fine.21:40
uninvitedphilphoto: Well T30 and my A31 both have UltraBay2000 - which are support hotswap.21:40
philphotot30 is ultrabay plus, but I'm splitting hairs.  i haven't loaded a module for hotswap though.21:40
philphotodoes 7.10 support it out of the box?21:41
uninvitedlsmod | grep -i hot21:45
philphotothanks!  i'm busy writing a paper & haven't even though of looking it up21:46
philphotouninvited: it's there allright.  pci_hotplug            32704  1 shpchp21:47
philphotothere's a package with a GUI that supports IDE hotswap.  i might try that one out actually.21:49
uninvitedphilphoto: yeah - try that.21:58
uninvitedI was looking up /proc for a way to echo a hotswap command, but haven't found anythin21:59
philphotouninvited: hotswap = fail22:04
carbonfreezeIs there any way to set proxy settings for gnome apps which do not have their own proxy settings dialog (ex epiphany), without installing gnome-control-center? (Hardy)22:04
uninvitedphilphoto: where did you read that ?22:05
philphotothat is, I tried the hotswap program in the repository & it didn't detect the ide drive I have plugged in right now in the ultrabay.22:05
philphotouninvited: i'm just being dramatic , sorry22:05
uninvitedNo prob.22:06
uninvitedGo check /proc/acpi directory22:06
philphotoI just got a T23 off the bay!  sweet.22:06
philphotosorry about off topic, but it's my next gutsy project22:07
uninvitedWhat's that project, philphoto ?22:07
YashyI'm trying to install xubuntu, but my max screen resolution is 800x600, and as such I can't see the "OK" button on the install window, and I can't resize/shrink the install window so that I'm able to see/click the button22:08
carbonfreezeYashy: try using alt+left click to drag the window?22:08
YashyI can drag the window around, but not "up" passed the title bar22:10
YashyI can drag left/right/down no problem, but the install window is taller than my desktop vertical resolution22:10
philphotouninvited: i scored a "parts" T23 that's complete & has a boot error which, according to the seller sounds like a bad dimm.  i've looked at the manual & decoded the beep string,but I'll find out in a few days when i get the machine.22:12
uninvitedphilphoto: sound cool to me. My colleague is a genius like you, repairing those "parts"...22:13
philphotouninvited: worst case scenario, i paid just a few dollars for a perfect parts machine.  when i get it working, I'll send it to my little sister who just started college & needs a laptop for word processing apps22:13
philphotouninvited: thanks for the genius props!   and wish me luck too.22:14
carbonfreezeYashy: try Settings Manager ~> Window Manager ~> Advanced. Try turning down edge resistance. Thats about all I can think of22:14
uninvited...we replaced our A30/A31 at work (replacment: Dell) and made 5 functional machines out of 7. That's what i call a genius :)22:14
philphotouninvited: this laptop i intend to be the linux intro for my family who is heavily invested in windows and that status quo.   they complain  a lot about security and the expense of windoze though so this is a safe way for them to try out bare-bones linux with a good GUI.22:16
uninvitedNice, on philphoto - i m trying that on my father right now.22:16
Yashycarbonfreeze: the Window manager window is also vertically taller than my desktop :/22:17
philphotouninvited: making 5 from 7 is a really good ratio of success22:17
uninvitedWell it is. We had mainly probs with the LCDs - he got 'em repaired.22:17
uninvitedWonderboy !22:18
carbonfreezeYashy: Try right click ~> customize panel on the top panel. Make it freely moveable.22:18
philphotowe've got a running joke amongst us linux users at work/school.  the best way to get vista to run is to slick the hdd, load up linux & configure the widgets to look and act just like the microsoft product. = best "vista" install ever22:19
philphotoI could do that to my family and they would never notice the difference in look, but they'd think the computer was running too fast.22:19
uninvitedhar har har22:20
philphotomom asks - where did Norton go?22:20
philphotoheh heh heh22:21
uninvitedOh my ***** !22:21
uninvitedCall for Dr. Norton, Dr. Norton please report in...22:21
philphotoNorton got beat up in the back alley by the trojans he didn't see22:23
Yashycarbonfreeze: once I did that to top and bottom, I can now see half of the back/forward buttons, good enough, thanks :)22:23
uninvitedHoly cow !22:23
maxamillionuninvited, philphoto: can you two please move to #xubuntu-offtopic22:23
* Yashy is going to install xubuntu i386, as there are frequent random lockups with nvdia proprietary driver on amd64 xubuntu22:24
philphotouninvited: do you have a long boot time on your thinkpad?22:24
uninvitedNope. Do you ?22:24
philphotouninvited: inordinately long.22:25
uninvitedcheck your /boot/grub/menu.lst file22:25
philphoto2+ minutes.  no bootsplash either, strangely.22:25
uninvitedlook for the kernel which you boot.22:25
philphotouninvited: wait one22:25
uninvitedRemove "quiet" + "splash" from it, then reboot.22:25
uninvitedWell, remove "splash" at least.22:26
uninvitedmaxamillion: We re on topic again ?22:27
maxamillionthank you22:28
uninvitedgreat :)22:28
philphotouninvited: using text editor?22:28
uninvitedsorry, i've been here many times, but it was like dead quiet in here.22:28
uninvitedphilphoto: yes, you best take the editor of your choice.22:28
uninvitedyou ll have to edit as root i guess.22:28
philphotoi hate messing with grub or kernel.  wish me luck22:29
uninvitedwell, it's just grub22:29
uninvitedCheck the default kernel entry. Just remove splash22:29
uninvitedSeems to me, the framebuffer is needed for displaying the splash screen22:30
uninvitedyou could check out with "dmesg" how long it takes until login.22:30
philphotoremove splash?22:30
philphotouninvited: all i find is defoptions=quiet splash22:35
uninvitedremove splash - if you remove quiet it will show you which devices are detected, etc...22:39
uninvitedmy boot time went down from ca. 290 sec to 45 sec22:40
philphotoreally?  so if i remove quiet I can watch the boot text?  I'm a control freak & love to see what's happening.22:42
carbonfreezephilphoto: IIRC its recommended to use nosplash to disable splash screen (has something to do with cryptsetup prompts & input)22:43
uninvitedThere is title...root...kernel...initrd lines.22:44
philphotosweet.  trying it out now.  if you'll be around in 5 i'll see you on the flipside.22:44
uninvitedquiet + splash should be there in the kernel line, as far as i remember22:44
carbonfreezephilphoto: and if you want more verbose (heh) kernel spamming on boot, you can replace quiet with verbose22:44
uninvitedcarbonfreeze: Now thats something i didn't try out :)22:45
philphotocarbonfreeze: replace quiet splash with nosplash?22:45
Yashysplash screen disappears when prompted for your luks passphrase even if you leave splash screen on with cryptsetup22:45
Yashyalthough an issue I've noticed is the passphrase is echoing back right now :/22:45
philphotowhat I'm trying to fix is my excessive boot time.  about 3-4 minutes22:46
carbonfreezephilphoto: if you just want to see general info about daemon start (OK/FAIL), leave quiet there, but change splash to nosplash to disable the progress bar on bootup22:46
philphotocarbonfreeze: excellent.  thx22:46
carbonfreezephilphoto: if you want to see info reguarding kernel hardware detection and whatnot, replace quiet with verbose (its really verbose)22:47
uninvitedtry both , philphoto , i d like to know if there is a difference between removed splash an nosplash22:47
carbonfreezeYashy: thats why I use nosplash for my laptop+LUKS22:47
YashyWhat file do you turn off splash in?22:48
carbonfreezeYashy: You can hose your boot loader messing with the grub menu, but you want to look for the defopts line in menu.lst22:49
philphotouninvited: I just replaced splash with nosplash.  after boot I'll check demsg for time & post here when i can.  I'll let you know what putput I get re: pass/fail or none and time.22:49
philphotoI'm out for a few.22:49
uninvitedphilphoto: i have to leave.22:49
uninvitedok :)22:50
YashyAs soon as I install the nvidia driver, my fans in my computer run 100%22:52
carbonfreezeYashy: CPU/chassis fans or just the video card?22:54
YashyI'm not sure, and can't easily take off the case right now22:55
Yashybut if I remove the nvidia proprietary card, it doesn't happen22:55
Yashybut then I'm limited to 800x600 :/22:56
carbonfreezeYashy: Are you using the *buntu supplied nvidia driver or installing via the nvidia installer?22:56
Yashyinteresting, seems like every ~4th boot the fan is quiet22:56
carbonfreezeYashy: on 7.10 I had to install a newer driver from nvidia to support the 7800gt in one of my boxes (it was limited to 800x600 with ubuntu supplied nvidia)22:56
Yashythe xubuntu provided NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver under restricted drivers, it popped up on first boot suggesting I use it22:57
carbonfreezewoops, I mean 8800gt22:57
YashyThis is just a 6150 LE (GeForce 6 series)22:57
Yashywith the driver I can do the full 1600x1200 for my monitor, without it xfce only lets me do 800x60022:58
YashyI just have to power it on/off a few times until I hear the fans stay quiet after the bios22:58
carbonfreezeYashy: thats an onboard card? Checked google?22:59
YashyAlthough this reinstall is hopefully to fix the frequent random lock ups the same driver causes on amd64, hoping that doesn't happen on i386 or a lot more people would be complaining I'd imagine22:59
Yashycarbonfreeze: yeah onboard with the econo dells. Checked google for what?23:00
carbonfreezeYashy: a solution, to see if anyone else has issue. Otherwise I'd post a bug report23:00
YashyI did submit a bug report for it23:01
Yashybut it happens within a few minutes of booting, so it's not really usable as is, hence my reinstall to i386. Rather annoying as I have 4G ram that will now only be 323:02
Yashyspeaks volumes about the results of proprietary drivers...23:03
carbonfreezeIt would be nice if ubuntu would update the nvidia driver as new versions became available (after some testing, ofcourse)23:03
YashyI checked nvidia's site, it is the current version that comes with xubuntu23:03
carbonfreezeYashy: your installing from 7.10 or 8.04 media?23:04
Yashymind you, that was after an apt-get update/dist-upgrade23:05
carbonfreezeYashy: Hmm. I'm going to have to reinstall the ubuntu supplied nvidia driver on my 8800gt box then, since it wasn't working with the version ubuntu had supplied about 2mo ago23:05
uninvitedGood nite, time to take some sleep.23:06
uninvitedInteresting channel, i'll be back <arnie>23:07
philphotoI'm back after editing /boot/grub/menu.lst to change splash and the like i saw no change in boot time23:30
philphotostill booting in 206 seconds.23:30
philphotoi didn't pay attention to the fact that i have two duplicate grub files as above, but one ends with ~23:33
philphotowhat is the difference in the two?23:34
philphotonevermind, found fault in my usplash.conf & I'm going to try that23:40
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