blueyedIs there a "maintain /etc using bzr" wiki page somewhere around already?00:10
Odd_Blokemwhudson: Regarding your list email(s), you wrote "It produces rather a for bzrlib currently".  I believe jam was wondering what it produces for bzrlib. :)00:15
mwhudsonOdd_Bloke: yeah, he replied00:16
Odd_Blokemwhudson: Aw, lag. :)00:20
mwhudsonOdd_Bloke: thanks for trying though :)00:20
Odd_Blokemwhudson: No worries.00:23
jelmermtaylor: yes, you can svn-import everything and remove what you don't need or run bzr branch on the things you are interested in00:23
Odd_Blokejelmer: o/00:23
blueyedPeng: etckeeper for bzr?00:24
jelmer'evening Odd_Bloke :-)00:24
jelmerblueyed: yes, there's etckeeper support for bzr00:24
jelmeralthough it's not entirely finished yet because bzr doesn't have a start-commit hook00:25
blueyedjelmer: i think I've set it up manually now, except for the metathingy.. found http://kitenet.net/~joey/code/etckeeper/00:25
blueyedsounds great though.00:25
blueyeddoes it make sense to lock a branch for 33+ hours? (like bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eplanet-ubuntu/config/main/)00:27
spivblueyed: probably an accident.00:43
spivblueyed: e.g. someone getting disconnected while trying to do a commit.00:43
blueyedspiv: sure, but there should be amore sensible timeout.. e.g. like "no data received in 2 minutes" => revert00:48
mtaylorjelmer: thanks00:50
spivblueyed: Perhaps, or for connection-oriented smart server sessions it could unlock after the connection drops.00:59
awmcclainI'm looking for a GUI for OS X that will just let me see which files have changed/added/coflicts (bzr st), allow me to merge side-by-side, and allow me to resolve conflicts and mark files as resolved. Some combination of apple's diff or vimdiff? Any thoughts?02:54
spivawmcclain: maybe http://www.sorn.net/projects/wildcat-bzr/?  I haven't tried it myself.02:56
* spiv -> lunch02:56
Verterokawmcclain: did you tried qbzr?02:57
abentleyjam: You don't mean having the ancestry *only* in the content objects, do you?03:02
* igc lunch03:23
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* jdong cries05:14
jdonggit doesn't care bout empty directories05:14
RAOFGit doesn't care about sanity, either :P05:15
mwhudsondirectories are a myth!  or something05:15
* mwhudson leaves05:15
jameshjdong: empty directories are not files, so are not important05:31
jameshin fact, directories aren't files, so it doesn't consider them to be important05:32
abentleyjdong: I'm kinda surprised, considering git's equivalent to inventory is a stack of nested trees.05:37
abentleySo their data model explicitly includes directories, and it should be easy for them to support empty ones.05:38
robotgeekhi, could anyone help with bzr? i am a bit confused about checkout vs merges vs branches06:26
bob2ask away06:28
robotgeekI was trying to follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Repository (Advanced Methods -> Downloading a tarball of the revision history)06:29
robotgeekthen, i did a checkout of a working tree of one branch06:29
robotgeekusing bzr checkout .06:30
robotgeekthen i did a bzr merge of the documentation tree that I am supposed to be working on from the website.06:30
robotgeeknow "bzr status" shows pending merges, which I don't follow (i tht after the merge, i am supposed to have a exact copy of what is on the url )06:31
bob2merging A into B pulls all the changes from A into the checkout of B.  you need to commit after merging to make those changes part of the B branch.06:32
bob2(but do not make any other changes after merging but before committing - except fixing conflicts or fixing errors from the merge)06:32
spivrobotgeek: if you want your checkout to be an exact copy of the URL, use "bzr pull"06:33
robotgeekspiv: will it override the merge command?06:33
spivrobotgeek: no, you'd need to revert the merge06:34
spivrobotgeek: a merge is an edit to the checkout, like editing the files with your text editor06:34
robotgeekspiv: am i looking for remerge?06:34
spivrobotgeek: no, remerge reapplies the merge you just did in a slightly different way06:35
spivrobotgeek: but it doesn't sound like you want a merge at all06:35
robotgeekheh, is there a single command i can use to undo the merge? or do i need to repeat my process all over again?06:35
spivrobotgeek: Merging is a way to combine the changes in two different branches06:35
spivrobotgeek: "bzr revert"06:35
spivrobotgeek: sorry, I should have been more explicit about what I meant by reverting :)06:35
robotgeekhmm, similiar to svn.06:36
spiv"bzr revert" undoes any uncommitted changes.  And merging changes from another branch are changes like anything else, so you can revert them if you don't want them.06:36
robotgeekspiv: thanks. it now crashes on ssh key.06:37
spivCan you pastebin the error?06:37
robotgeekspiv: http://pastebin.com/m5a34201006:38
spivrobotgeek: ah, two problems there06:39
spivrobotgeek: one is that you have an old-ish version of bzr that crashes rather than gives a friendly error message when this happens06:39
spivrobotgeek: the other is right up the top: "Launchpad user 'venkat' doesn't have a registered SSH key"06:39
robotgeekspiv: why would i need a ssh key to "pull" ? its a read only action, correct?06:40
spivrobotgeek: you can add SSH keys to your Launchpad account at https://launchpad.net/~venkat/+editsshkeys06:40
spivrobotgeek: it is, but you're trying to access a bzr+ssh:// URL, which requires SSH, which requires authentication.06:40
robotgeekspiv: i did not know that i was accessing with ssh :) alrite, one more thing to do!06:41
RAOFWas the launchpad plugin introduced to bzr after version 0.90?06:41
spivrobotgeek: you could use "http://..." instead of "bzr+ssh://..." as the URL.06:41
bob2why did bzr/lp redirect the http url give to bzr+ssh?06:41
spivbob2: It didn't, but I'm guessing that the current working directory is a checkout claiming to be bound to bzr+ssh://...06:42
robotgeekspiv: but i did use http://06:42
spivrobotgeek: what does "bzr info -v" say in that directory?  (pastebin again)06:42
bob2spiv: hrm, robotgeek's paste started with "bzr pull http..."06:42
robotgeekspiv: http://pastebin.com/m6b5c8a9 you were right :)06:43
spivrobotgeek: ok06:44
spivrobotgeek: so you probably don't want to be doing that pull into that checkout, anyway.06:44
spivrobotgeek: let's step back a moment06:44
spivrobotgeek: what do you want to do?06:44
bob2duh, missed that it was a co06:44
robotgeeki essentially want to work on some kubuntu docs, but the initial branch command was taking so long, i decided to use a tarball of the revision history that was linked to from the documentation site06:45
robotgeekspiv: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Repository , Advanced Methods -> Downloading a tarball of the revision history.06:45
spivrobotgeek: if you upgrade your bzr to 1.2, and use bzr+ssh, the initial branch will be *much* faster.06:46
robotgeekspiv: okay, will do.06:46
spivrobotgeek: I also suggest not using --dirstate-with-subtrees if you do upgrade to 1.206:47
spivrobotgeek: that said, 420MB is a lot of history, so it's going to take some time :)06:47
spivrobotgeek: Ah, I see what's going on.06:47
spivrobotgeek: ok, the instructions on the wiki are ok, but perhaps not complete.06:48
spivrobotgeek: so, you want to unpack the tarball, make a checkout from the history in it, and make sure it's up to date with the live version, right?06:49
robotgeekspiv: exactly06:49
spivrobotgeek: Ok, so after "bzr checkout .", you should use "bzr update".06:49
robotgeekspiv: okay, lemme add ssh key and come back.06:50
spivrobotgeek: "bzr merge" on that wiki page is bad advice.  There's one branch involved, so "bzr merge" doesn't make sense, because it's for combining changes from multiple branches.06:50
robotgeekspiv: heh, i guess it was written way back, and most of us are still confuzzled with the bzr stuff. plus, i am getting back into this after a long long time!06:51
spivrobotgeek: (If you had a separate branch of this project with your own changes, and wanted to merge in new changes from the original branch, that's when you'd use "bzr merge")06:52
robotgeekspiv: okay. so if i did something radically new and wanted to merge my changes, i would use that. ok06:53
spivrobotgeek: so basically, the tarball hack there is a shortcut that is equivalent to doing "bzr checkout bzr+ssh://..."06:54
robotgeekspiv: how do i change what bzr thinks is my launchpad name (lp name is venkatvc06:54
spivrobotgeek: which like SVN gives you a checkout of a branch hosted elsewhere.  When you make commits, they are committed back to the central branch.06:54
robotgeekit is trying to find my name under venkat, my lpname is venkatvc06:55
spivrobotgeek: "bzr launchpad-login"06:55
spivrobotgeek: "bzr launchpad-login venkat", to be precise06:55
robotgeekspiv: if i am trying to make it venkatvc, it should be bzr launchpad-login venkatvc .06:57
robotgeekbzr update still looks under venkat06:57
robotgeekspiv: "bzr lp-login" displays venkatvc, but bzr update looks for ssh keys with venkat06:59
spivwhat does bzr info say?  Does it have a login in the URL?  ("bzr+ssh://venkat@..." ?)07:00
robotgeekspiv: it does not, so i am guessing it is using the shell name venkat.07:01
spiv"bzr lp-login" only affects "lp:" URLs, not "bzr+ssh:" URLs.07:01
spivRight, that would be what's going on.07:01
robotgeekfor the ssh part07:01
spivSo either include a "venkatvc@" in the URL, or create a .ssh/config07:01
robotgeekspiv: thanks, that worked. i will probably save a log of our conversation, and update that page!07:08
robotgeekspiv, bob2 : thanks for you help!07:11
spivrobotgeek: glad I could help.07:39
jelmerawilkins: no, fast-import and bzr-svn aren't compatible (and shouldn't ever be)10:37
awilkinsjelmer: Bah, never mind.. I'm going to look at fast-import anyway for a nasty MKS repository.10:41
lifelessho jelmer10:41
jelmerhola lifeless10:42
lifelessjam: hi, in London now, chat at your convenience10:42
weigon__jelmer: g'morn10:44
weigon__jelmer: who is bulding the bzr-svn ubuntu packages on launchpad ?10:44
jelmerI am10:44
weigon__can you trigger a build for gutsy ?10:45
weigon__of 0.4.710:45
weigon__gutsy is only 0.4.6, hardy has 0.4.710:45
=== weigon__ is now known as weigon
jelmerI'll have a look at releasing 0.4.8 now10:51
jelmerweigon__: Or is there a specific reason you need 0.4.7 ?10:51
weigonnope, just that the 0.4.6 release requires bzr < 1.210:54
weigonso 0.4.8 is fine too10:55
jelmer0.4.7 does too, there's nothing compatible with 1.2 out yet10:57
spivjelmer: is the strict version checking worthwhile, do you think?10:58
jelmerspiv: yes, as we've had a lot of breakages in the past10:58
spivI guess I track the development branch too much to notice :)10:58
jelmerIn particular because upstream bzr started passing new arguments that bzr-svn didn't support yet10:58
spivIt's a shame, because it seems to cause as much hassle as it avoids :/10:59
jameshspiv: maybe bzr should include a list of which versions of bzr-svn it is compatible with :011:00
spivjamesh: heh11:00
jameshthen you wouldn't need a new bzr-svn release for every bzr release11:00
spivHmm, I wonder if bzr-svn could try to run with a new version, and then only if an internal error occurs, give a "please upgrade bzr-svn" message with the traceback?11:01
spiv(and only if the version of bzr isn't a known good version, so real bug reports aren't discouraged)11:02
jelmerspiv: heh, that would be a neat hack11:02
mwhudsonbzr svn-import --im-feeling-lucky11:03
spivjelmer: It extends "easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission" right to the user :)11:03
jelmerI guess we can just have a generic variable somewhere with extra text that should be in the traceback11:07
spivjelmer: hmm, you could possibly do it entirely in the plugin11:09
spivjelmer: with a big try/except around your command implementation that inspects the exception, and if it's an internal error *and* bzr-svn is possibly too old, then emit the warning and re-raise the exception.11:10
spivOr re-raise a slightly modified/wrapped exception.11:11
jelmerspiv: that means injecting that try/except in a lot of places11:11
spivIt'd probably be nice to have proper support in bzrlib.11:11
jelmerpretty much every function of the bzr-svn Repository implementation, etc.11:11
spivjelmer: Possibly just in a single Command subclass?11:12
jelmerspiv: bzr-svn provides more than just commands11:12
spivOh, right, it's not just Commands11:12
spivYeah, that's tough.11:12
spivYou could monkey-patch trace.report_bug ;)11:13
jelmerjames_w: ping11:13
jelmerspiv: Too much trouble :-)11:14
jameshspiv: of course, the only danger is poisoning your repository with incorrectly converted revisions.11:14
spivjamesh: technically true, but I think the sort of errors you'd like have would be unlikely to fail in that sort of way.11:15
spivjamesh: bzrlib tries to be backwards compatible, and even where it fails I think an API change that would cause old code to suddenly start making broken data would be rejected.11:18
lifelesswe advertise an API compatability version11:23
lifelessand a current API version11:23
lifelessthe two should be sufficient to massively reduce surprises11:23
lifelessin particular, depending on the minimum API version rather than the current version would be a big improvement11:24
lifeless(and slap us if we don't reset it appropriately)11:24
jelmerlifeless: in practice, bzr tends to break backwards compatibility sometimes without deprecating first11:24
jelmerI'm not sure the extra work for deprecation is worth the effort in all cases though11:25
lifelessjelmer: if we break compatibility we are meant to raise api_minimum_version11:25
spivMaybe we should be regularly running the bzr-svn test suite around the time we make release candidates.11:26
lifelessjelmer: thats the point of that export, to signal when we have broken api's without deprecating11:26
jelmerlifeless: Would there ever be a release without that variable changing though?11:26
lifelessjelmer: yes, there have been several11:27
jelmerlifeless: 1.1 has been the only one so far I think (ignoring rc's)11:28
lifelessjelmer: even so :)11:29
lifelessjelmer: existence proof FTW11:29
jelmertrue, though it would still mean that in pretty much all cases you have to have a matching bzr-svn release for your bzr release11:31
jelmerwhich is not that much of a problem imo11:32
lifelessjelmer: it does cause some friction11:32
lifelessjelmer:  you might like to play with my hsallow-branch branch11:33
lifelessjelmer: it works :)11:33
jelmerlifeless: I know, the current situation is not perfect but there are more important issues imho11:34
jelmerlifeless: Cool, I'll check it out. What's the branch URL or is there some mailing list post I should look at?11:35
AfClifeless: did you ever get the patch review you were looking for?11:36
lifelessjelmer: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lifeless/bzr/shallow-branch/11:37
lifelessAfC: I have about 10 branches needing revie wnow :) = plane trip -- hacking :>11:38
AfCI used to get so much done on flights. Now it is a bit more hit and miss.11:38
AfCI've been making progress on a number of things, though, and that's always a nice feeling.11:39
poolieAfC: hi, are you up?11:47
poolieI'm in Londo11:47
AfCpoolie: hey Martin.11:48
AfCpoolie: I hope you had a good trip up.11:49
awilkins < poolie> I'm in Londo <-   eww, Babylon 5 character action11:49
lifelessawilkins: dude.11:55
lifelessAfC: poolie just had 24 hours sitting next to yours truely :>11:56
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awilkinslifeless: Shallow branching ... that would super-great for bzr-svn :-12:12
lifelessawilkins: try it out12:13
lifelessawilkins: it probably will break with bzr-svn, but jelmer will want patches :>12:13
lifelessin fact, it *will* break with bzr-svn because the current stacking code looks for an exact repository match12:14
jelmerlifeless: Speaking of API compatibility, bzr.dev just broke bzr-svn :-)12:14
lifelesswhat we need is more generic stacking, which is  aseparate refactoring that aaron and John and I have been working on/towards12:14
lifelessjelmer: ok, we should bump the api version then :)12:14
lifelessjelmer: what it did break?12:14
jelmerBzrDir.sprout() now takes a hardlink argument12:15
lifelessjelmer: ah yes; I wonder if it would be nicer to only pass that when its not the default value12:15
jelmerwell, even if it would be passed only in some situations it would still be API breakage12:16
jelmerthere doesn't appear to be anything in NEWS about this, btw12:17
awilkinsMaybe there should be some kind of API breakage monitoring tool :-)12:21
awilkinsAre the bzr-eclipse guys in here?12:22
Verterokawilkins: hi :-)12:22
lifelessjelmer: there is hard-link as a feature, but indeed not as a internals change12:23
awilkinsVerterok: Hi there ; I'm running with a branch of bzr-eclipse for my purposes, I've been making changes to BzrClient and I have some more ideas for API changes.12:23
Verterokawilkins: Oh, great!, I'm working in the client right now :D12:24
awilkinsVerterok: I've added some of the commands hidden from the help because they are useful for my current project12:24
awilkinsVerterok: I'd also really love to see a Jepp version of the client (something that holds the libraries loaded) because the process spawning time is significant.12:24
Verterokawilkins: I'm currently working in passing relative paths (to the branch root) instead of full paths, and adding some tests12:25
awilkinsVerterok: I've just added find-merge-base and revisioninfo because they are useful for automating my current stuff12:26
awilkinsNo tests as yet, I'm too busy just using it :-)12:27
Verterokawilkins: I tried to start the Jepp version, but the distribution requiremnts of that client is quite troublesome12:27
Verterokawilkins: there is always time to write them ;)12:27
Verterokawilkins: I'm hoping the jython guys put a 2.5 aplha out after the PyCon sprint12:28
Verterokawilkins: did you tried using bzr service plugin to improve the performance of spawning multiple bzr commands?12:29
awilkinsVerterok: Not yet.. but thanks for the heads up, I shall look at it if performance becomes very bad12:29
Verterokawilkins: are you using the bzrClient outside bzr-eclipse?12:30
awilkinsVerterok: My principal wish for the API is for all the places that take Revision to take RevisionRange instead. (and make Revision a special case of RevisionRange. And write RevisionRange in the first place)12:30
awilkinsVerterok: Yes, I'm using it for VCS operations in a publishing system (they want very thorough change reports)12:31
Verteroknice :)12:31
Verterokawilkins: that sounds ok for me, in regards of bzr-eclipse it's only matter of a simple refactor12:32
awilkinsVerterok: I was planning on using SVN but their requirements are so heinous I'm abstracting it all and using bzr ; I'll either rewrite the abstractions for SVN, or just use bzr / bzr-svn instead. Or if it's politically OK, just change the underlying repo to bzr anyway.12:32
jelmerlifeless: There's only "bzr push --shallow", not "bzr branch --shallow" ?12:33
awilkinsVerterok: If bzr is ever to run well on IronPython it needs a service plugin because IronPython doesn't cache it's compilation products to disk12:35
Verterokawilkins: I think there is no problem of API changes, I'm not aware of any other using the bzrClient12:35
awilkinsVerterok: That's good.12:36
Verterokawilkins: maybe a warning in the wiki-page will suffice.12:37
lifelessjelmer: bzr branch --shallow works12:40
lifelessjelmer: go to the master copy not the mirror; the mirror is probably out of date12:40
Verterokawilkins: are you going to implement the RevisionRange class? (so, we don't duplicate work :))12:43
awilkinsVerterok: Yeah, I might do at that :-)12:50
awilkinsVerterok: I'll probably make a branch just for that and merge it to my current stuff12:51
Verterokawilkins: Oh, great! thanks! then I'll merge that with trunk :)12:52
ProdocIs anyone else experiencing high Bazaar CPU usage on Windows XP when using the Eclipse plugin?13:16
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VerterokProdoc: that should be expected, because bzr-eclipse uses bzr executable under the hood13:30
VerterokProdoc: this is caused by the calculation of the status to decorate the tree13:31
Prodoc81Verterok: sorry about that, lost connection13:35
Prodoc81can high CPU usage (80%+) for a period of sometimes minutes be expected?13:35
Prodoc81this happens after saving a file13:36
Verterokit's a know issue, this is cause because after each save bzr-eclipse run status to update the decorators13:37
VerterokProdoc81: sorry, I musst leave for a while13:38
Prodoc81np, ok, at least it's a know issue, I'll just disbale the decorators for the time being13:39
* Verterok bbl13:39
radixhm. but why would 'bzr st' take minutes?13:42
* awilkins has a feeling it probably runs it once for each file13:42
awilkinsThe "Eclipsey" way is probably to have a "FileDecorationListener" that gets called for each file13:43
awilkinsbzr-eclipse probably needs a status cache server13:43
awilkinsIt might work better with the bzr service plugin that Verterok mentioned earlier13:46
awilkinsThe bulk of the CPU time bzr eats for small operations on win32 is process creation, loading, etc.13:47
awilkinsIt's probably still going to suck though, until there is a way of hosting bzrlib inside the JVM along with the rest of the code.13:48
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jdong:( why is git using almost 1.5x the space of bzr for the same sized project....14:14
jdongand that's after git-gc. I won't flatter git with the number from before.14:14
edreamleoHello all14:18
edreamleoI have a question about something that looks like magic...14:18
Odd_Blokeedreamleo: Shoot. :)14:18
edreamleoLeo has a trunk at: https://code.launchpad.net/leo-editor/14:19
edreamleoAnd the comment with the trunk (I didn't write it, an expert did), says...14:20
edreamleoTo get a copy of this branch, use the command:  bzr branch lp:leo-editor14:20
edreamleoThis works, and creates a new folder called leo-editor14:21
jdongbzr has support for launchpad URL's14:21
jdongit's a bundled plugin with bzr that makes lp: stuff look like URL14:21
edreamleoAh, so lp: means launchpad?14:21
jdonglp:product-name picks the trunk of that project14:21
edreamleoAnd it's not documented because?14:22
jdongedreamleo: see bzr help launchpad14:22
jdongit's often documented but not in an obvious spot ;-)14:22
edreamleoI see.  Thanks very much.14:23
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jrydberg_who's maintaining trac-bzr these days?14:57
abentleylp: should really be listed in "bzr help urlspec", because failing to list it implies it's not supported.15:03
awilkinsWhile we're (vaguely) on the subject, there are commands like find-merge-base and revision-info that are very useful15:05
awilkinsBut not listed in the help15:05
awilkins(ok, they're useful from a low-level perspective)15:06
therveI think I've done something stupid with a repos15:06
therveI don't manage to 'co' it anymore15:07
therveif fails with: bzr: ERROR: Repository KnitPackRepository('file:///XXXX/handle-deprecated/.bzr/repository/') is not compatible with repository RemoteRepository(bzr+ssh://therve@bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Etherve/pydoctor/handle-deprecated/.bzr/)15:07
luksthe branch is in dirstate-with-subtree format, which is not compatible with the default format you get after "bzr init-repo"15:10
luksprobably converted by older bzr-svn, today you would probably use rich-root-pack or rick-root for that15:11
luksbranching without a shared repository should work fine15:11
spivluks: Weird, I get that error with "bzr co" too, even without a shared repo (i.e. making a standalone checkout)15:12
luksor create/update the repository with --dirstate-with-subtree15:12
spivBut I don't get it with "bzr branch"15:12
luksoh, branch worked fine for me15:12
luksbzr co seems to work fine here15:12
lukslukas@nemo:/tmp$ bzr co http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~therve/pydoctor/handle-deprecated15:13
lukslukas@nemo:/tmp$ cd handle-deprecated/15:13
lukslukas@nemo:/tmp/handle-deprecated$ ls15:13
luksbasic.tac  bin  doc  LICENSE.txt  nevow.cfg  pydoctor  README.txt  server.tac  setup.py  twisted.cfg  www  zibasic.tac15:13
spivluks: try with bzr+ssh:// rather than http://15:13
luksare you sure you are not in a shared repo? :)15:13
spivluks: certain :)15:13
lukswell, I can't use bzr+ssh on that branch obviously15:14
spivluks: why not?15:14
luksPermission denied (publickey)15:14
spivluks: you can read any branch on launchpad via bzr+ssh://, you just need to give it a public SSH key.15:15
spivluks: oh, you haven't got a launchpad account with an SSH key?15:15
luksI do15:15
ubotuNew bug: #196607 in bzr "Export command improvements (status, speed)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19660715:15
luksbut I realized I need to specify username@bazaar....15:16
spivThen you shouldn't be getting "Permission denied (publickey)", that's an authentication error.15:16
spivtherve: I fear you might be hitting something like https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/17300215:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173002 in bzr "Branching from hpss doesn't preserve non-repository formats" [High,New]15:16
spivtherve: although the "bzr co" vs. "bzr branch" part is weird.15:17
spivtherve: a workaround would be to use sftp:// vs. bzr+ssh://15:17
spivtherve: this is definitely a bug in bzr, rather than user error15:17
spivtherve: please file a bug about this, I need to sleep15:17
thervespiv: it looks like 'co http:' and then 'switch bzr+ssh' worked15:17
thervebut good night15:18
spivtherve: right, that'd be an equivalent workaround15:18
edreamleoHello all15:31
edreamleoThis newbie just found another way to crash bzr :-)15:32
edreamleoThe bug report is at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/19661815:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196618 in bzr "bzr push lp: crashes" [Undecided,New]15:32
edreamleoThis all comes of the bzr branch lp:leo-editor magic15:33
edreamleoPreviously, that is, when checking out from a url, bzr remembered the url, so...15:33
edreamleobzr push "just worked"15:33
edreamleoBut somehow bzr didn't remember the url when using lp:leo-editor15:34
edreamleoSo when I tried bzr push I got...15:34
edreamleobzr: ERROR: No push location known or specified.15:34
edreamleoIn typical newbie fashion, I just tried something :-)15:35
edreamleobzr push lp:15:35
edreamleoAnd got a traceback15:35
edreamleoThe output from bzr info is given in the bug report.15:36
edreamleoAs you can see, there is no push bzr+ssh entry in the info output15:36
luksit never sets the push location on 'bzr branch'15:36
lifelessedreamleo: bzr push lp: is interesting; its not valid but it would be good if it gave help :)15:37
edreamleoSo my newbie question is, how do I tell bzr the push location?15:37
luksbzr push URL15:37
luksURL might be lp:something15:38
luksdepends where do you want to push it15:38
edreamleoSo the natural thing would be to create an alias?15:38
edreamleoSo I can just say bzr push rather than bzr push lp:leo-editor15:39
luksit will remember it once you it for the first time15:39
luks*do it15:39
edreamleoThat's nice.15:39
luksor you can use push --remember to change the location15:40
edreamleobzr push lp:leo-editor doesn't work...15:40
edreamleoLet me try the real url...15:40
luksI think you need bzr launchpad-login or something to make push over lp:XXX work15:41
ubotuNew bug: #196618 in bzr "bzr push lp: crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19661815:41
edreamleoI think I'm getting close, but...15:47
edreamleoI tried this: bzr push bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~edreamleo/leo-editor/trunk15:48
edreamleoA connection was started...15:48
edreamleoBut it said Auth banner: No such Launchpad account: HP_Administrator15:49
edreamleoAh.  <username>15:50
luksbut you will need to setup also the putty ssh agent, if you want to use it on windows15:50
LeoNerdLots of false highlights for me here lately :)15:50
luksbecause launchpad only uses SSH key authentification15:50
edreamleoBut why is the message about HP_adminitrator when bzr whoami give my correct id?15:50
edreamleoYes, I am running pagent15:50
edreamleoLet me try the corrected url now...15:51
radixedreamleo: it's the ssh transport. ssh defaults to using your current username for remote logins, unless explicitly stated otherwise15:51
luksI guess the code that determines the username for ssh is outside of bzr15:51
radixedreamleo: and whoami has nothing at all to do with authentication, only what to record as the author of commits15:51
edreamleoThx radix15:51
edreamleoThe push is cranking away nicely now...15:52
edreamleoClearly, I am the fool that your 'foolproof' code must guard against...15:52
luksI'd just blame launchpad :)15:53
radixluks: what, because it requires specifying a username?15:54
abentleyluks: unfortunately, adding AI to launchpad has been delayed to version 3.0 :-)15:54
* radix looks forward to it :)15:55
luksradix: it wasn't really serious15:56
luksbut I still don't like how bzr works with LP15:56
lukse.g. that bzr push lp:something works differently based on bzr lp-login15:56
luksbut it doesn't tell you so15:56
lukstoo many options, just using real URLs would be less consfusing15:57
edreamleoWow, the push is really slow.15:57
edreamle1Hmm.  After getting to step 5/5, the ===== line went away but the xp terminal appears hung.16:03
edreamle1just opened another console.  bzr status prints nothing, so maybe the bzr push worked...16:05
radixedreamle1: "bzr missing <remote_url>" will tell you if the branches are out of sync16:06
edreamle1I'm assuming hanging a console isn't the default bzr push 'success' notification :-)16:06
radixindeed :16:06
edreamle1drat.  Killing the console resulted in the wrong push location being remembered.16:08
edreamle1The push location isn't in the main bazaar.conf file in C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\Application Data\bazaar\2.016:10
edreamle1Where would the remembered push loc be?16:10
radixedreamle1: hmm. it would be in locations.conf, unless I'm out date16:10
lifelessradix: you are out of date16:10
lifelessedreamle1: just run the push again, with --remember16:10
radixok, my bad :)16:11
edreamle1That assumes *I* remember what the url was :-)16:11
edreamle1Ok, just opened the Secsh channel 1, so all looks good.16:14
edreamle1Once again, the console appears to be hung.16:18
edreamle1Maybe it's time for a reboot.  I probably should have done so after installing the bzr upgrade...16:19
edreamle1Never mind: I got the can not acquire lock message.  I'll kill the console and break the lock16:19
madduckso if i just want to track a repo and update it every day16:25
madduckbzr merge is apparently the wrong tool16:25
madduckMerging from remembered location http://liw.iki.fi/bzr/unperish2/trunk/16:25
madduckbzr: ERROR: Working tree "/home/madduck/code/unperish/" has uncommitted changes.16:25
madducki never made any changes to the working tree16:25
madduckwhat's the command to use instead?16:25
madduckokay, and another question: how do i reset the worktree to a given revision?16:27
luks(and revert to clear the merge)16:27
luksrevert -r XX, but that will really reset only the working tree16:27
lukswhat do you want it for?16:28
madduckplay around/test the bzr integration into the mr tool16:28
andrea-bsyou can [temporary] commit the current workingtree, use "bzr revert -r old_revision" and finally "bzr revert -r latest_revision"16:40
lifelessmarianom: mr tool ?16:57
LarstiQlifeless: a tool by joeyh iirc16:58
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LarstiQlifeless: http://kitenet.net/~joey/code/mr/17:00
lifelessLarstiQ: hi dude17:01
jelmerwow, yet another vcs-related tool by joey17:02
LarstiQjelmer: others being?17:03
LarstiQlifeless: hey17:03
jelmerLarstiQ: etckeeper and ikiwiki17:03
LarstiQjelmer: ah, related in that way17:04
LarstiQjelmer: did you catch the stomach flu aswell at fosdem?17:04
jelmerLarstiQ: Nope, I'm fine. Were there more people that caught it?17:05
LarstiQjelmer: nattie, Womble2 and murb at least.17:07
jelmerLarstiQ: Ah, not anybody I met then. I think all of the other flooders are ok too17:09
LarstiQjelmer: meh, I blame it on nattie then.17:12
james_wHi all.17:42
james_wLarstiQ: hi. Did I see that you will be there next week?17:43
LarstiQjames_w: that is the planning, yes17:44
james_wLarstiQ: fantastic.17:45
jelmerLarstiQ: btw, when are you flying?17:46
jelmerApologies if I've already asked this weekend17:47
james_wjelmer: pong. Sorry, it dropped off my traceback, so I had to look up who pinged me.17:47
jelmerjames_w: no worries. Hi!17:47
james_wHi jelmer. How are you?17:47
LarstiQjelmer: sunday17:47
jelmerjames_w: Basically, I keep hitting an import error when running the bzr selftest17:47
james_wjelmer: on builddeb?17:48
jelmerjames_w: yep - "from errors import DebianError"17:48
jelmerLarstiQ: morning or afternoon?17:48
lifelessdont use relative imports PLEASE17:48
lifelessjelmer: I filed a bug on this already :)17:48
lifelessjelmer: you're in a directory with errors.py :>17:49
jelmerjames_w: I've got a patch for this if you're interested17:49
james_wlifeless: yeah, I'm going to fix it soon, I promise.17:49
jelmerlifeless: I'm probably the worst violator of this myself..17:49
james_wjelmer: I'll happily take a patch for it.17:50
LarstiQjelmer: 16:55 at AMS17:50
jelmerLarstIQ: ah, ok. I'm leaving at 10 or something in the morning17:52
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TeijoIhmiskilpiis there a solution for getting a warning/whatever when checking in cr/lf stuff?18:45
TeijoIhmiskilpishort of running a verification script manually on checkin18:46
mwhudsonthere are pre-commit hooks18:47
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TeijoIhmiskilpiah, ok. something you can use out of the box or do you have to custom-make such a thing?18:48
mwhudsonwell, you'd have to write some python i think18:49
mwhudsonbut i don't think it's very complicated18:50
mwhudsoni have no experience of it myself though, let me see if i can find some documentation :)18:50
mwhudsonTeijoIhmiskilpi: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/index.html#using-hooks18:51
TeijoIhmiskilpiwell, python is not a problem ;-)18:51
TeijoIhmiskilpijust as long as it's easy to config for our project18:51
TeijoIhmiskilpiok, seems easy enough18:52
TeijoIhmiskilpibtw, it would be a good idea to have some "ready" hooks for checking sources for crlf18:53
TeijoIhmiskilpi(because, typically, you don't want those and bzr does no translation on them)18:53
mwhudsonmy life is blissfully windows-free these days, so i'm not the best person to talk to about this :)18:55
TeijoIhmiskilpiyeah, I can understand that. However, when part of the developers in on windows... it can become painfull18:56
TeijoIhmiskilpilike with symlinks18:56
TeijoIhmiskilpicurrent approach (repos with symlinks are unaccessible) is unbearable18:56
TeijoIhmiskilpior at least a history-fixing NUKE_ALL_SYMLINKS would be quite swell ;-)18:58
TeijoIhmiskilpicase in point - we had IPython imported to launchpad, but had to start a new project from scratch because it had single symlink18:59
mwhudsonTeijoIhmiskilpi: you should perhaps email the list about this stuff19:01
luksI think just removing the symlink would be enough19:01
mwhudsonmark hammond is going to be working on windows support soon19:01
luksit only fails if it has to create it on the disk19:01
TeijoIhmiskilpiso removing it from svn will suffice?19:02
luksand there is a plugin to support fake cygwin-like symlinks19:02
luksno, I meant from bzr19:02
TeijoIhmiskilpiwell, the svn is being imported to bzr in launchpad so it will disappear from bzr as well19:02
luksah, then yes19:02
TeijoIhmiskilpiok, perhaps I'll join bzr mailing list19:03
TeTeThow do I copy a shared repository from one place to another? I have a shared repo on a usb stick and want to know copy it to the HD of the system19:09
TeijoIhmiskilpijust copy it?19:10
TeijoIhmiskilpidrag & drop?19:10
TeTeTwon't the push/pull references be wrong?19:10
TeijoIhmiskilpithey are not absolute, I think19:10
TeijoIhmiskilpidid you test it19:10
TeTeTno, not yet, can do19:10
james_wTeTeT: there's no repository copy operation at the UI level, but a normal copy should work.19:16
TeTeTjames_w: thx19:17
TeijoIhmiskilpiregarding shared repos btw19:17
TeijoIhmiskilpianyone know whether launchpad has project repos as shared repos by default?19:17
TeijoIhmiskilpior should those be created by user?19:17
james_wTeijoIhmiskilpi: no, it doesn't19:17
james_wTeijoIhmiskilpi: and I don't think you can.19:18
TeijoIhmiskilpiok. well, it's their disk space ;-)19:18
jdongTeijoIhmiskilpi: not just that, it's your push time too19:18
mwhudsonwell, it's also your bandwidth19:18
mwhudsonit's being worked on though19:18
TeijoIhmiskilpibut as I understand it, I can have the same branches as shared repos locally, even if they are not shared on LP?19:19
mwhudson(for various reasons "one shared repo per project" would be a bit simplistic)19:19
TeijoIhmiskilpithe bzr reference was not all the explecit on this issue19:19
jdongTeijoIhmiskilpi: correct19:19
jdongTeijoIhmiskilpi: but the problem will come when you push your branch to launchpad, pushing a new branch always means uploading the entire revision history19:19
TeijoIhmiskilpiok. that kind of sucks19:20
TeijoIhmiskilpiwhy would shared repo / project be too simplistic?19:20
TeijoIhmiskilpiare there space/performance for having shared repos?19:20
TeijoIhmiskilpitradeoffs I meant to say19:20
jdongTeijoIhmiskilpi: probably beacuse nobody's gotten around to implement it19:20
jdongTeijoIhmiskilpi: from what I understand manpower is tight for bzr-launchpad folks19:21
TeijoIhmiskilpibut wouldn't it be enough to create one shared repo for the project upload area?19:21
TeijoIhmiskilpii.e. no actual implementation to be done19:21
TeijoIhmiskilpifor all its worth, it should be possible to create one shared repo far my c:/prj folder that has all my projects :-)19:22
mwhudsonTeijoIhmiskilpi: well, there are problems with locking for one thing19:22
mwhudsonbear in mind that anyone can upload code for your project19:23
TeijoIhmiskilpiit bzr backtracks the directory tree to find shared repo, it should work automatically19:23
TeijoIhmiskilpihmm, ok19:23
TeijoIhmiskilpistill... why would it need to lock stuff?19:23
TeijoIhmiskilpiif they just created a series of "images" on shared repo19:24
TeijoIhmiskilpii.e. if user foo uploads snapshot 123ffdfbbb21212, it should not lock anything else19:24
TeijoIhmiskilpito shared repo I mean19:24
TeijoIhmiskilpithough I have to admin I'm a total newcomer to bzr....19:24
TeijoIhmiskilpibut assuming it works like hg/git... just create the snapshots in the shared repo, and the rest in own branches19:25
ubotuNew bug: #196702 in bzr "qlog fails to run with or with parameter" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19670219:25
TeijoIhmiskilpiah, bugbot, sexy19:26
Toksyuryelwith or with?19:30
emilis_infowhat wiki is used for bzr website?19:31
ToksyuryelI think it's called "Moin19:32
ToksyuryelI think it's called "MoinMoin"19:32
jelmerhey Lo-lan-do19:48
Lo-lan-doI tried to "bzr pack" a repository of mine, and that doubled its size...  Is this supposed to happen?19:48
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fullermdYes, the old packs are kept aroudn in obsolete-packs19:49
Lo-lan-doHm.  So I can safely remove that dir?19:50
abentleyNo, the directory is required.  The contents will be deleted automatically next commit.  You can delete the contents manually, but there's not real point.19:51
Lo-lan-doThere's the point that it won't use resources for the next backup.19:53
datoabentley: not in the next commit, but in the next repack, IME... :-?20:14
abentleyThat might be.20:15
abentleyLo-lan-do: Anytime you manually manipulate the contents of .bzr, you risk shooting your foot off.20:19
Lo-lan-doI know, but 80 MB of wasted space is... suboptimal.20:21
Lo-lan-doAnd surprising, when you're told that "bzr pack" compresses a repo.20:21
abentleyLo-lan-do: destroying your repository is of course your prerogative.20:23
Lo-lan-doThanks :-)20:24
Lo-lan-doHence my need for backups, and my need for them to be as useful as possible (and no bigger than needed).20:25
Lo-lan-doHi again22:03
Lo-lan-doI seem to have encountered a bug :-(22:03
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Lo-lan-doDoes that ring a bell?22:04
james_wLo-lan-do: I've not seen that one before. Please file a bug.22:09
james_wLo-lan-do: does it depend on --lca?22:09
Lo-lan-doI'll try to reproduce in a clean environment first.22:09
Lo-lan-doI don't see the bug with --diff322:10
Lo-lan-doAnd --weave takes forever so I don't know yet :-)22:11
james_wYeah, I suspect --lca is a rarely used codepath, so it wouldn't surprise me.22:11
Lo-lan-doI can reproduce with --lca in a clean env (bzr 1.1).  I'll check with bzr 1.2 in a cowbuilder.22:12
james_wLo-lan-do: do you have a launchpad account?22:14
james_wthat's fine. If you want to file in Debian I'll happily relay it.22:15
Lo-lan-doYay, I can reproduce that even with bzr 1.2.22:18
Lo-lan-do(Not sure it really makes me happy though :-)22:18
Lo-lan-dobzr get http://bzr.debian.org/~lolando/bzr/f-spot/patches/superpatch/ ; cd superpatch ; bzr merge --lca http://bzr.debian.org/~lolando/bzr/f-spot/patches/bz-329174/22:18
bob2reproducible with bzr.dev22:22
mwhudsonlooks like an abentley bug to me!22:23
abentleymwhudson: agreed.22:25
abentleyI'll grab those branches now.22:25
Lo-lan-doI copied them to http://bzr.debian.org/~lolando/tmp/bzrbug-20080228/22:26
Lo-lan-doSince --weave seems to have worked, I'll probably continue evolving them.22:27
Lo-lan-doShall I submit the bug nevertheless?22:27
* Lo-lan-do goes ahead22:33
* Lo-lan-do goes to bed, too22:45
james_wnight Lo-lan-do.22:46
ubotuNew bug: #196780 in bzr "Exception during merge --lca" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19678022:56
ja1spiv: ping22:59
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spivjam: pong23:00
macogwwhy does "bzr break-lock" then make bzr commit tell me that 1) it's still locked 2) i'm locking it23:37
beunomacogw, are you sure the lock got broke?23:38
macogwdont know.  it asked "do you want to break ....? [y/n]" and i hit y23:38
macogwis there supposed to be some sort of "lock broken" message afterward?23:39
beunomacogw, maybe it couldn't break the lock due to permissions?  can you run it again and check it doesn't spit out anything odd23:39
beunoI don't recall if it confirms it, but it sure would tell you if it failed23:40
macogwit never said it failed23:40
macogwit works now....maybe waiting a few minutes does....something?23:40
macogwi tried it like 5 times before, but less than a minute apart23:41
beunomacogw, is this on launchpad?23:41
beunostill, locks should be broken immediatley23:41
macogwi was trying to add myself to Planet Ubuntu, since i never got around to it before23:42
beunomacogw, LP might be a bit weird about it, yes23:43
spivGenerally repeated break-lock means there were multiple smart server processes on the server waiting to take the lock.23:53
spivSo you need to break-lock repeatedly to get through the backlog.   (Although I also thought bzr 1.2, which is on Launchpad, would be better about leaving those processes hanging around indefinitely.)23:54
beunospiv, ah, good to know. Maybe that should be added as a FAQ somewhere?23:56
spivbeuno: it doesn't seem to come up very often.  I'd like to get more information from the next person that reports it, too, because I thought it should be largely fixed by now for servers running 1.2.23:57
beunospiv, I've seen this come up many times before. I'll make sure to grab on to the next one and send a ping your way23:58
spivbeuno: thanks23:59

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