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yyeagoI've got an edubuntu lab. What would be the best way to deploy all machines with exactly the same setup?03:42
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sakhihi highvoltage RichEd10:48
sakhianyone familiar with perl?10:55
sakhiI busy learning it.10:55
sakhiI'm busy creating user accounts but I don't want them to have a password, rather to automatically logon10:56
sakhiusing the username only10:56
kgoetznot sure you can have an empty password10:57
stgraberthat should be a username option10:57
stgraberthough if you are using LTSP it may causes some problems10:58
stgraberlike SSH or LDM not accepting empty password10:58
sakhiahhh so if the script does the following egrep "^$username" /etc/passwd >/dev/null10:59
sakhithat could cause problems on LTSP?10:59
sakhias I am running edubuntu11:00
stgraberwell, you should try this :11:00
stgrabercreate a test account with useradd and setting the password to empty11:00
stgraberedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config so it allows empty passwords11:00
stgraberthen try a login from a thin client11:00
stgraberbut I don't think ldm has any support for empty passwords11:01
stgraberogra_cmpc: ^11:01
sakhistgraber: ok, I also want all the users to have the same interface when they logon i.e.Background11:04
sakhiI know have to do something in /etc/skel ?11:05
ogra_cmpcstgraber, hardy has support for ssh key based logins11:05
sakhiso that presence can take place in all the users11:05
stgraber /etc/skel is what will be copied to /home/username so modifiying it will apply to all new users11:05
ogra_cmpcbut dont ask me how that works, i havent played with it yet11:05
stgraberbut they will still be able to change the settings afterwards11:05
stgraberyou may want to have a look at sabayon and the lockdown tool (I never used them but I think that's their goal to do such things)11:06
johnnysadly they don't provide a way to edit the global gconf11:10
* johnny tries to decide of the extra expense of the dvi cable is worth it11:11
stgraberjohnny: I have a box full of them here (monitor have the DVI plug but those tell computers don't) :)11:13
johnnywell i am buying an adapter for other computers11:14
johnnythe project has dvi on it , but i don't know how much it really matters to it11:14
johnnyi can't figure out what model it is, because the mount obscures it all, and i can't find the key :)11:15
johnnyi can buy alot of svga cables11:15
johnnyfor the price of 1 dvi11:15
johnny100ft vga is less than 35ft dvi11:16
stgraberjohnny: yes, DVI is expensive ... I should really think of selling those 50 DVI cables :)11:26
alesanhi, anyone knows how can I draw a triangle in QCad, when I know all the dimensions of the sides?17:10
ScorpKingis there a pxe boot image for ltsp on edubuntu? i get "tftpd[4990]: RRQ from filename /lts/2.4*/pxelinux.0" "tftpd[4990]: sending NAK (1, File not found) to"17:39
ScorpKinggot it. :) nvm17:49
ScorpKingnow i get "this workstation isin't authorized to connect to server" on the clients17:51
ScorpKingnvm, problem solved here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToCookEdubuntu/Chapters/LTSPManagement18:04
johnnyogra_cmpc, the patch is now in libxklavier cvs19:04
johnnyneed to test it there, it got simplified19:04
ogra_cmpcgreat i'll hunt down seb tomorrow so he includes it19:06
ScorpKinghow do i change the usplash theme for the thin clients?19:27
ArmagonGreetings.  I've got an old iMac G3 with a bad battery for the internal clock.  I've set up a shell on screen 2 and ldm on screen 7.  It will not start ldm properly until I set the time (it thinks it is 1904) in the shell.21:11
ArmagonI read somewhere that ubuntu runs ntpupdate in the startup process.  I installed ntp on my server, and I think I have properly configured things so the client can query it -- it works fine if I run "ntpupdate-debian" on the shell on the client.21:12
ArmagonDoes anyone, perchance, know if ntpupdate is really called during the startup process?  It doesn't seem to be mentioned in dmesg, and there is no /var/log/daemon.log on the client (although I don't know if it'd be mentioned there in any case.)21:12
ArmagonIs there a way for me, in a shell script, to log something and have it show up in dmesg's output?21:18
johnnyi wouldn't show up in dmesg..21:22
johnnyit might show up in /var/log/messages tho21:22
johnnynot daemon21:22
ArmagonAs root in the client shell, /var/log contains: Xorg.6.log Xorg.6.log.old fsck/ ldm.log news/21:24
ArmagonHey, I can add a script and make it create a log file.  I would think it should have read/write access.21:25
ArmagonOk, it didn't work.21:36
ArmagonI made a script called  /opt/ltsp/powerpc/etc/init.d/fixtime.sh21:37
Armagon(ntpdate-debian && date) > /var/log/fixtime.log21:37
ArmagonI chmoded it to 755 (as the other files in the directory are)21:37
ArmagonIn /opt/ltsp/powerpc/etc/lts.conf, I added (previously): RCFILE_01=fixtime.sh21:38
ArmagonNow that I have rebooted the client, the time is still wrong, and no /var/log/fixtime.log exists.21:38
ArmagonI'm pretty sure my client is using NFS (and not NBD), so I didn't feel that need to run any post-processing steps; I just edited the file.21:39
ArmagonDid I follow the correct steps to make a custom script run?21:39
ArmagonIt's been a half-hour since I posted my problem, but I got it to work!22:23
Armagoninstead of using RCFILE_01 = fixtime.sh, I needed RCFILE_01 = /etc/init.d/fixtime.sh22:23
ArmagonHow can I allow users to log in to a different window manager, such as KDE?  (I installed edubuntu-desktop-kde on top of my edubuntu server, but that didn't add more options than just "default" for when a client logs in.)22:32
* ScorpKing wonders if there's any clever people in this channel..23:07
felipe__Hello, could someone provide me the link for the edubuntu 7.10 dvd, from the edubuntu webpage I only found the hardy dvd.23:36
Armagonhttp://www.edubuntu.org/Download ought to work for you.23:43
Armagonoh dvd ...23:43
ScorpKingweird.. it sais 7.10 dvd but only hardy is there. heh23:44
pygifelipe__, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/7.10/release/edubuntu-7.10-dvd-i386.iso23:44
ArmagonNear the bottom of the page, where there are two links for DVDs, note that they say "current" on the end.23:44
ArmagonTake the "current" off, and follow the link.  You should be able to choose gusty23:45
pygiArmagon, or just use my link xD23:45
ArmagonJust use the link pygi provided.23:45
ScorpKingah ok. now i see. ;)23:47
felipe__thanks for the link23:47
ScorpKingnite guys23:47
felipe__Im on a 1Megabit internet connection and Im downloading the dvd at 6kB/s.....23:48

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