nixternalthat's me wearing a polo00:00
Riddellnixternal: xdg-dirs probably not installed00:00
nixternalRiddell: ya, no biggy...I don't want it, but I am sure others might :)00:00
Jucatoah we call that a polo shirt here... a breed between a polo (the one that has buttons all the way down to the bottom) and a T-shirt :)00:01
nixternaland that's me wearing a GPL v3 shirt :)00:01
nixternalgooooooooo version 300:01
nixternalhaha, with eddie and freddy00:02
nixternalthe only Ubuntu Member twins!00:02
nixternalhow scary00:02
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jjessehow's it going nosredna_ekim01:05
nosredna_ekimnot bad.01:05
Hobbseerbrunhuber: we often get heavy storms :)01:06
jjessehello Hobbsee01:06
Hobbseehey jjesse01:06
Hobbseenot usually that heavy though01:06
jjessegrumble burn is locked01:09
jjessewonder if it will mess up my cd01:09
rbrunhuberoh hi hobbsee01:21
Hobbseeit was wet, and thundering and lightning, but no hail01:22
rbrunhuberjust was a bit concerned made in the news a gazillion miles away ;-)01:22
Hobbseemy car got written off due to hail a few months ago, though01:24
rbrunhuberis it really wrecked or just wrecked in the books?01:25
Hobbseerather wrecked01:32
Hobbseesee hobbsee.mailbolt.com/Car01:32
Hobbseep/w is sarah01:32
rbrunhuberHobbsee link is not working01:33
Hobbseesorry, photos.hobbsee.mailbolt.com/Car01:33
rbrunhuberthey make those dents in the golf balls so they fly faster. So your car should be a real dragster now.01:35
rbrunhuberAnd Hobbsee if you go fast enough nobody will notice the dents. So your are on the winner side.01:37
rbrunhuberhobbsee sorry i didn't write back last time. did one of the dumbest things ever. So i could'nt. really. Have written down everything though.01:39
Hobbseeit's fine :)01:40
rbrunhuberlocked me out on 3am!01:41
nixternalcan anyone tell me if you can set the boot manager option to Grub for KDM now?02:12
nixternalnevermind, I found the option, just was never set as default02:13
jjessenixternal: wathc out i'm working on documentation tonight :)02:15
* jjesse ducks02:15
nixternalgo go go02:15
nixternalI am working on my 25+ a day boogs list02:15
jjesse25+ bugs?02:15
jjessei just setup the 5-a-day app for myself02:16
nosredna_ekimnixternal» whew....02:16
nosredna_ekimI'm trying to get my loco to do a 100 a day :)02:16
nixternaldamn, that is impressive nosredna_ekim02:17
yuriyhmm i don't think my loco is intersted in contributing technically02:17
nixternalmine is, they just aren't technical02:17
nixternalI have to hold their hands when it comes to burning a CD :p02:17
nosredna_ekimnixternal» dunno if we are going to do it... but its an idea.02:18
nixternalthey always want to learn how to do technical stuff, and when I set it up to teach them, they don't show up..so I gave up on them and only hang with the geeks now02:18
nixternalour LUG is doing good though02:18
jjessehardy kernel and vmware not compatiable?02:24
yuriyopenoffice makes plasma really wacky02:26
nixternalI thought I just had hardy and vmware working together...you are talking about running hardy inside of vmware right?02:27
nixternalyuriy: how so?02:27
jjesseno running hardy and then trying trying to run vmware02:28
yuriynixternal: it makes random pieces flicker black02:31
yuriybefore it was just the clock and occasionally the taskbar, now the wallpaper and other plasmoids too02:31
nixternalanyone know which package we get our keymap configurations from?02:33
ryanakcaheh, my LUG is non existant, and the loco comes out to about one person per 130199.595 square KM02:35
ryanakcanixternal: for KDE or for the terminal/console?02:36
nixternalkmilo right?02:36
nixternalI am trying to find the package that has a list of the keyboards and their special keys/functions02:36
nixternalI swore it was in /etc/ but I can't find it02:36
ryanakca /usr/share/X11/xkb/keymap02:37
ryanakcathe one in /etc/X11 is a link to there02:37
ryanakcaas for the package, packages.ubuntu.com claims that no such file/dir exists in suite hardy, all sections, and all architectures.02:38
ryanakcanixternal: could it be xserver-xorg-input-kbd - X.Org X server -- keyboard input driver ?02:39
ryanakcaguess not...02:40
ryanakcanixternal: you want xkb-data02:41
jjessenixternal: does help now get installed w/ kde4 hardy ?  last time i tested it didn't02:41
nixternalit still doesn't02:41
nixternalKHelpCenter in KDE4 is a mess02:42
nixternalyou won't see it working until 4.1 probably02:42
nixternalryanakca: thanks!02:42
jjesseawesome so how are users going to access help in hardy kde4?02:42
nixternalwell, someone is complaining that their keys on their laptop worked in Ubuntu but not Kubuntu02:43
* nosredna_ekim guesses #kubuntu-kde402:43
nixternaljjesse: help:/ still works I think02:43
nosredna_ekimnixternal» yeah.. I found that if you install kubuntu after installing ubuntu, they keys are not detected perfectly02:43
nixternalI konqi02:43
ryanakcanixternal: what keys? like, whole keyboard?02:43
nixternalryanakca: no, certain special function keys02:43
nixternaloooh, I know someone who has this laptop model02:44
nixternalI will ask him02:44
* nosredna_ekim loves the press02:45
jjessecause if you can't use help then its pointless to write documentation02:46
ryanakcanixternal: ah. do they have the same keyboard model set in gnome and KDE?02:47
nixternalya, help:/ works in KDE 4 when you have you documentation under the /usr/lib/kde4/share/kde4/docs/kde/HTML/en directory02:48
nixternalryanakca: I have no clue, I will wait for them to respond if they do...the bug is 2 years old with out one comment02:48
ScottK2nosredna_ekim: Well I think putting the screenshots of the crash dialogue was a nice touch.02:48
jjesseso the kde4 docs i'm working on changing right now is going to be installed in that location?02:48
jjesseargh is the live-cd nhow going to ask for my language on booting02:52
jjessemigt have to edit the chpt on that02:53
nixternalhey, we don't ship a qtrc file do we?02:56
nixternal!info libqt3-mt02:57
ubotulibqt3-mt (source: qt-x11-free): Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime version), Version 3. In component main, is optional. Version 3:3.3.8really3.3.7-0ubuntu11.1 (gutsy), package size 3222 kB, installed size 8920 kB02:57
nixternalahh, so we don't02:57
ryanakcahmm... I'm guessing it's safe to rm /boot/initrd.img-2.6.22-10-generic since we're at initrd.img-2.6.24-8-generic ;)03:00
* ryanakca thinks that upgrades should only keep the past 10 kernels, instead of keeping them untill /boot fills up03:01
nixternalI am at 2.6.22-1003:01
jjesseanyone done a kde4/gutsy -> hardy/kde4 upgrade?03:02
ryanakcarunning at the moment, hardy, desktop?03:02
jjessekicker's been replaced w/ krunner  right?03:20
yuriyno, with plasma's panel03:20
effie_jayxsantiago-ve, are you doing 5-a-day?03:39
* santiago-ve runs... 03:40
santiago-venope... been a bit busy with ROMBO :/03:40
jjessenixternal: lots of commits tonight also robotgeek is working on kde-menus-C.ent to verify things are current and al set03:57
jjessefor kde403:59
* jjesse beds03:59
robotgeeknight jjesse04:00
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nixternalI would rather watch grass grow for the rest of my life than wait for bughelper to attempt to complete its job05:22
ScottK2That or waiting for a launchpad page to load.  Whichever comes first05:27
nixternalLP is a billion times faster than bughelper05:30
ScottK2nixternal: What do you actually use bughelper for?06:01
nixternalsearching for duplicates06:01
nixternaland thus far, it hasn't worked a bit for me06:01
ScottK2When filing bugs against launchpad itself, I never bother to look for duplicates.  I figure if they get to many dupes they've earned it.06:02
Hobbseeso, it apperas that my reputation preceedes me.06:07
Hobbseeit's kinda scary!06:07
* Jucato is not surprised :)06:08
Hobbseepeople remember my name, from when they saw the console input in a unit last year.06:11
ScottK2Remember you where?06:15
seregaGood morning, friends!06:15
Hobbseescottk uni06:15
nixternalanyone heard of the icon not showing up for basket after installing it?06:15
Hobbseeman, solaris is weird!06:21
nixternalHobbsee: whoa, you using Gnome right now?06:26
nixternalI can quit asking around if you are :)06:26
ScottK2nixternal: Did you see my message on kdepim4 to kubuntu-devel?06:32
nixternalnot yet...my email isn't even open06:33
nixternalI was wondering why I didn't see anything :)06:33
ScottK2That'll do it.06:33
Hobbseenixternal: heh, yeah.06:35
nixternalHobbsee: if possible, can you try to recreate bug #19046206:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190462 in basket "[hardy] Basket Can't setup DCOP communication" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19046206:36
nixternalhrmm, that says in hardy, so if you aren't in Hardy it may not be worth the hassle06:36
Hobbseenixternal: i will be in hardy when i get home.  i'm 'at uni atm06:36
nixternalroger that06:36
nixternalI would install VBox, but there aren't any new modules just yet06:37
Tm_Tnixternal: special box :-P its ok, I don't mind if I don't get free stuff (nothing new actually)07:32
nixternaldid you get any type of confirmation email at all?07:37
nixternalit could be one of those "takes 6 to 8 weeks" type of deals as well07:38
nixternalseele: you are the only one I can pick out in the KFemmes pic, and what is Riddell doing in a picture of the MD LoCo :)  That will be my new team soon!! woohoo07:53
* nixternal beds07:56
_StefanS_kwwii: ping?11:15
kwwii_StefanS_: pong, but I am going to smoke a cig, bbiab11:54
\shkwwii: smoking kills11:57
_StefanS_kwwii: just msg me when you get back12:05
seelenixternal: did i mess up the tags?12:34
_StefanS_kwwii: so, how many cigarettes do you need ? :)13:00
\sh_StefanS_: I think he just got caught by something more nicer then an irc client13:01
_StefanS_\sh: probably :)13:01
_StefanS_\sh: like normal life for instance.13:02
Riddellstdin: ping13:19
_StefanS_kwwii: ping pong ping ?13:22
apacheloggerNightrose: can you reproduce bug #19645013:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196450 in dragonplayer "dragon player can't play .mp4 files" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19645013:23
Nightrosewill try13:24
Nightroseapachelogger: worksforme - but I have 2.0 here and not 2.0.1 as said in the bigreport13:26
Nightrosebut everything is updated here so I don´t know where he got that package from13:27
apachelogger2.0.1 only includes a bugfix for the mute button13:27
apacheloggerNightrose: hardy alpha I guess13:27
Nightrosewell ok then worksforme13:27
Nightrosein gutsy13:27
apacheloggersame here, in gutsy13:27
apacheloggerRiddell: might that bug be an issue with the CD?13:28
apachelogger--Service 'dragonplayer_part.desktop' is malformatted.-- sounds pretty strange to me13:28
kwwii_StefanS_: sorry, meeting and then lunch....back now13:34
kwwii_StefanS_: i will have some free time tomorrow evening and on the weekend so I can help with any bits that still need working on13:35
_StefanS_kwwii: ok good, because I'm not sure how we should push these changes13:43
kwwii_StefanS_: which changes are those?13:43
_StefanS_kwwii: the wallpaper, windeco buttons and qtcurve style13:43
kwwii_StefanS_: well, we just need to put them in kubuntu-default-settings13:43
_StefanS_kwwii: oh ok, good then13:44
_StefanS_kwwii: lets do that tomorrow13:44
Riddellapachelogger: works for me fine in konqueror-kde413:44
Riddellapachelogger: possibly he's using desktop-file-validate to validate, which has a very strict and gnome-centric view of what's valid13:44
kwwii_StefanS_: ok, I should be back at home sometime in the late evening13:44
kwwiiaround 20-2113:44
_StefanS_kwwii: sounds good, I will be online there tomorrow night13:45
_StefanS_I'm off13:45
_StefanS_see you all13:45
Riddellapachelogger: on the other hand mp4 is missing from /usr/share/applications/kde4/dragonplayer.desktop for no good reason13:46
apacheloggerRiddell: well, it happens when trying to play the file13:46
apacheloggerwhich is already strange by the fact that it's not in the mime list13:47
apacheloggeralso I myself did all the desktop files for dragonplayer, so they are perfect ;-)13:47
Riddellapachelogger: get him to paste the file maybe, I can't recreate any problem13:47
nosrednaekimwill dapper be easily upgradeable to hardy? I know we aren't doing LTS... but are we doing easy upgrade from dapper?13:53
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jjessewe aren't doing an upgrade from dapper to hardy?14:00
nosrednaekimif the problem is not enough testers, I'll test it....14:00
Riddellno, it's actually one of the main time syncs for LTS14:01
sebassinks :-)14:01
Riddellnosrednaekim: please do :)14:01
Riddellsebas: too much archive admin :)14:01
jjesseRiddell: means it takes too much time to get in plac?14:01
sebasRiddell: no hard feelings here ;-)14:01
jjessewill ubuntu support dapper -> hardy14:01
Riddelljjesse: testing upgrades takes a long time, you have to install dapper, do the upgrade, see what breaks.  takes half a day each iteration14:02
Riddelljjesse: yes14:02
jjessei bet it does14:02
jjessejust curious14:02
nosrednaekimRiddell» would it be fine to start testing now?or should I wait for some later alphas.14:04
Riddellnosrednaekim: I think now is fine since ubuntu desktop are doing so14:04
nosrednaekimok.... I'll go grab a dapper CD.14:05
Riddellnosrednaekim: well14:06
Riddellnosrednaekim: main problem is we don't have an upgrade tool for KDE14:06
Riddellnot in dapper14:06
nosrednaekimhum.... how about dist-upgrade? is that good enough?14:06
Riddellit's not the same14:07
nosrednaekimso adept has to be backported?14:07
Riddellto do it properly, patches to adept, patches to kde, patches to pykde, and test the upgrader tool kde frontend14:08
Riddellalternativly you could just use the gtk tool14:08
Riddellas I say, time sink14:09
nosrednaekimI think the gtk tool sounds like a good idea ^_^14:09
Riddellnosrednaekim: ask heno or someone where the current testing instructions are14:10
mok0Riddell: ping14:18
Riddellhi mok014:18
mok0Riddell: Hi! I've made a page summarizing the missing icons i kde.14:18
mok0Riddell: I thought it would be good to have an effort to populate all the menu entries for hardy14:20
mok0Riddell: But I won't announce it unless you guy support it14:20
Riddellmok0: kde 3 or 4?14:26
Riddellmok0: settings/ shouldn't exist for most of those, they should only be in systemsettings app14:27
Riddellmok0: or do they come from Gnome?14:27
mok0Riddell: OK, I just wrote what's on the menu on my machine14:27
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
mok0Riddell: from Gnome?14:29
Riddellmok0: the k-menu items there look to be problems in gnome apps14:29
Riddellthat is worth fixing, it just means lots of patches to gnome packages14:30
mok0Riddell: yikes14:30
Riddellmok0: the menu items in the bottom three tables I don't think need fixing, not all menu items have icons and that's no bad thing14:30
mok0Riddell: Yeah, perhaps, I just wrote down everything with no icons. There ARE some icons in those menus14:31
mok0Riddell: please feel free to edit the document if you have the time14:32
Riddellnot every menu item needs an icon, they get one if there's an already existing icon for the action but there's no big problem if some or most menu items don't have icons14:33
mok0Riddell: I agree14:33
mok0Riddell: I just didn't know if it's intentional or not14:33
mok0(I know some people would like to get rid of icons in menus altogether)14:35
Riddellmostly artists :)14:38
mok0Ah, these aesthetic types...14:38
* mok0 likes lots of icons everywhere :)14:39
dragon76hey everyone14:39
Riddellhi dragon7614:40
dragon76does anyone know what happened to guidance powermanager?14:40
Riddellit's still there14:40
mok0Riddell: In the K menu, I only have Octave in the science and math menu. All the other science and math programs are in "Edutainment" (horrible title)14:41
\shOctave has an Icon?14:41
Riddellmok0: so sure, go ahead, but it's mostly patches to gnome packages to put the icons in the standard place (or symlink)14:41
dragon76it no longer updates the battery state unless ac power state is changed or guidance powermanager is stopped and restarted...14:41
dragon76I'm running hardy of course14:42
Riddellmok0: it's probably the only app to not have Education; in Categories=14:42
\shmok0: what does it start? a terminal with the octave interpreter?14:42
mok0Riddell: I think multilevel menus should be deprecated14:42
Riddellmok0: I agree14:42
dragon76amen on the menus riddell14:42
mok0... which means edutainment should be abandoned ?14:43
mok0Or is that not up to us14:43
dragon76guidance-powermanager was fine until updates about a week ago.14:44
Riddelldragon76: it hasn't changed since then, likely an issue in linux or hal14:44
dragon76the values are still being updated to /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state14:44
Riddell /proc is obsolete14:45
Riddellmok0: or just add Education; to Octave14:45
dragon76the kernel update last night didn't help... I didn't remember hal being updated when it broke14:46
Riddellmok0: or edit the menu file to put all Science in Education14:46
dragon76I assume hal is being used in place of /proc?14:46
dragon76sorry just trying to learn so I can better help out14:46
Riddelldragon76: /sys in place of /proc, hal is just a nice dbus way to make sense of /sys14:47
Riddelldragon76: try gnome-power-manager and see if it's equally broke14:47
Riddelldragon76: if it is, report a bug on linux14:47
mok0Riddell: I will take a look14:47
dragon76I'll do that right now14:47
dragon76Riddell: gnome-power-manager is also broken. I also tried kima to see if it is updating the bat state and it isn't. I will go change my bug report on launchpad since I listed the wrong package... Thanks14:53
dragon76I guess I didn't post the bug yet... think I've been getting sleep deprived14:55
dragon76does anyone know how quickly kde4 is coming along?15:06
dragon76I found it missing too many things for my use at this point.15:06
dragon76I'm not too impressed with everything being a widget either... I don't want vista15:07
Luredragon76: this is kernel/hal issue and I think it is already reported15:10
Luredragon76: new /sys interface is not reliable on lots of laptops :-(15:10
dragon76Lure: thanks15:11
dragon76it's unfortunate it got broke as all of the other things that were broke in gutsy kernels regarding kernel/hal issues have been fixed on the laptops I am testing with... I'm sure they'll get it fixed soon enough15:13
apacheloggersuse is having a special splash when sending the machine to hibernation15:22
apacheloggerwe should have such a thing as well15:22
apacheloggerlooks good IMHO15:22
daSKreechapachelogger: Why?15:25
apacheloggerdaSKreech: because black screens suck15:29
apacheloggerhow do I know it not just died?15:29
apacheloggerhow do I know it is switched off yet15:29
daSKreechSo while it's in hibernation it shows the screen?15:30
apacheloggerdaSKreech: nah, while it is hibernating15:31
apacheloggerhibernation = todisk15:31
* daSKreech nods15:31
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apacheloggerRiddell: http://www.webbalert.com/ please right click on 'Download' and select preview in dragonplayer15:52
apacheloggerthat shouldn't work15:52
apacheloggerhowever, it doesn't cause the report either for me15:52
apacheloggerNightrose: can you reproduce?15:52
Nightroseseems like it killed konqui15:53
Nightrosejust opening it15:53
* apachelogger reboots15:54
* Mez pokes anyone with main access15:58
MezAnyone wanna patch katapult ;)15:58
Riddellif you give us the debdiff15:59
MezRiddell, yeah - I'm just creating the patches first ;)16:00
apacheloggerNightrose: can you please try with kaffeine?16:05
Nightrosethe video?16:05
apacheloggerNightrose: previewing16:05
NightroseI can´t even open the page honey16:05
apacheloggerflash :P16:06
apacheloggerthis needs a fix16:06
* apachelogger grabs dragonplayer's svn16:06
mi__ah no more update in amarok2....tablib is now 1.516:13
MezRiddell, how would you like the debdiff sent to you16:17
MezRiddell, http://katapult.kde.org/files/katapult.debdiff16:19
RiddellMez: what's BCBreakse?16:30
MezBC Breaks = Backwards compatibility breaks16:30
Mezif there was an e at the end, that wasnt meant to be there16:30
jussi01Hmmm, does anyone know about the +1 update to language-pack-kde-en-base that came today? is it the fix for !langpack ??? (or is my mirror behind)16:47
Riddellprobably a fix for the en_CA issue16:49
jussi01Riddell: yeah, thats what I was referring to :)16:50
RiddellMez: uploaded16:50
MezRiddell, sweet16:50
MezI do acutally have a debian version coming16:50
Mezbut It's a pain in the ass... cause of the new lintian16:50
stdinRiddell: pong17:04
Riddellstdin: odbc fails to build in qt4 on amd6417:06
* stdin has a look17:06
Riddellstdin: I'll have to disable its build until that gets fixed17:06
stdinI wonder why that same code compiles on 32bit but not 64bit17:16
NightroseRiddell: status update on ksniffer: I have an updated package - installs fine - thing is it b0rks your system pretty badly - apachelogger and I think it is not at all FFe worthy right now - I will work on it but it will take me some time to figure it out17:17
NightroseI am building it from source right now to see if the problem is in packaging or upstream17:17
jpatrick!kdesudo | Nightrose (what aplg means)17:19
ubotuNightrose (what aplg means): In KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)17:19
Nightroseapachelogger: did kdesu or kdesudo work for you?17:19
jpatricktechnically they should be the same thing, kdesu is symlinked to kdesudo17:20
Nightroseoh I think it did but it was unable to sniff17:20
Riddellstdin: because it involves things of a specific length of bits17:24
RiddellNightrose: thanks, good luck17:24
stdinRiddell: yeah, I'm just reading through all of it now. doen't look like something easy to fix17:25
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Riddellstdin, nixternal: kde 4.0.2 extragear tars are up if either of you want to start packaging it17:53
Riddellalso kde 4.0.2 proper if you fancy (I'm about to leave now for a long weekend)17:53
=== luka74 is now known as Lure
nixternalRiddell: w00t, grabbing them now from ktown18:24
nixternaldo we need to file FFe for the packages as well?18:25
Riddellnixternal: shouldn't have to, they're bug fix only18:29
jpatricknixternal: I believe Scott got a global exception for us anyway18:40
nixternalRiddell: they are new upstream releases too, ScottK you are the MOTU-Release dude, what is your policy on this? :)18:56
nixternaljpatrick: rock on, just noticed that :)18:56
jjessehrmm anyone else having problems accessing brainstorm.ubuntu.com?19:04
nixternalI can access it19:05
nixternalhell, how come I never knew of this?19:05
jussi01nixternal: because you are a mushroom :P19:06
nixternalhey, I am growing up in the world then :)19:06
nixternalI have never been called a mushroom before, I kind of like that one19:06
jjessei just get page can't be displayed19:06
nixternalI can see it fine jjesse19:06
jjessehrm i bet its cause i am running vista19:07
jjessean evil plan to make me reboot back to ubuntu19:07
Nightrosenixternal: because it is new?19:07
jjessewho exactly is the Ubuntu QA team made up of?19:07
jjessethey are the ones that put it together19:07
fdovingRiddell: have you compiled anything with qt 4.4? i'm getting very annoyed by http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15852319:08
ubotuKDE bug 158523 in general "Drawing artifact, last line doesn't update" [Normal,New]19:08
jussi01nixternal: mushroom = live in the dark, fed $h*t :P19:08
nixternalooh, I did not know that19:11
nixternalsee, you learn something new every day19:11
nixternaland they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, boy are they wrong19:11
fdovingmythbusters on discovery channel busted that myth, they made two old dogs do a bunch of new tricks in under a week :)19:16
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
Czessi\sh: for our linuxtag booth: http://www.czessi.de/de/files/weblog/poster/cimg0316.jpg19:29
\shCzessi: strike :)19:32
nixternalman polyester has a weird bug in it, and it is only the polyester style that has it19:33
Luredoes anybody get suspend/hibernate options in Kickoff's Leave tab?20:03
Nightrosenope - I only get them in the logout dialog then20:04
Nightrosebut they don´t work here20:04
LureNightrose: same here20:05
Lurecode is there, just does not seem to work...20:05
nosrednaekimLure» I get them, but they don't work20:06
nosrednaekimactually, even guidance-power-manager doesn't work in kde420:07
Lurenosrednaekim: also in Kickoff (Leave tab) or just in logout dialog?20:07
nosrednaekim(suspend)... the oter stuff works20:07
Nightroseyou get them in kickoff?20:07
nosrednaekimLure» ah... hum, the log-out dialog.... I  don't use kickoff20:07
* Nightrose is currently browsing launchpad looking for a nice little bug to fix while she waits for the ksniffer guy to answer her mail - if anyone got something lying around please tell20:12
* jussi01 cries at sysinfo still being broken20:14
nosrednaekimRiddell» desktop-effects-kde is in main20:19
nosrednaekimRiddell» and I guess it needs to be a dependency of kubuntu-desktop....20:19
\shNightrose: bug #999999999 : i need pizza,-)20:20
nosrednaekim\sh» /me marks it as invalid and incomplete20:21
Nightrose\sh: *lol* coming straight your way20:21
nosrednaekim\sh» can we have someon confirm that?20:21
\shnosrednaekim: yes, my stomach can confirm :)20:22
* jussi01 throws a pizza - frisbee style - at \sh 20:22
\sh*catched* thx20:23
\shwith what damn userid I can login into brainstorm?20:24
\shLP or a new drupal one?20:24
\shno way of voting ...20:25
nosrednaekimI think thats an excellent source for SoC projects20:25
\shnosrednaekim: SoC is just for collecting blood samples for Googles Blood Bank ;)20:28
\shthere are more people out there, who are not students and they would like to code on something crazy so we need to advertise more bounties...that's the trick (also for SoC, money makes the world go round)20:29
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fdovingfabo: hi. do you have a qt4.4 debian package somewhere? (debian/ dir that is).20:36
fdovingcan't find no at svn.debian.org20:37
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
fabofdoving: I worked on tp1, you can find the outdated stuff in branches/qt4-x1121:20
fabowip for beta1, I planned to commit my local work tomorrow21:20
fdovingfabo: ok, then i'll wait for your beta1 commit. thanks. :)21:32
fabofdoving: for infos, there will be some deep changes, as packages will be splitted to match Qt modules21:33
fdovingfabo: that sounds sane.21:33
_StefanS_ScottK: hey, any luck with the patch21:34
* yuriy hugs jjesse 21:37
yuriyjjesse: could you edit the wiki page to highlight in green bugs you've hugged?21:37
hungerAny idea why kde4 won't start anymore?22:04
jussi01hunger: hmmm, what did you do in your last session?22:10
jussi01hunger: what locale do you have?22:10
hungerjussi01: I recreated the account, still won't start.22:11
jussi01hunger: no, I was thinking of the locale bug, but that only affects en_ca afaik and Im not sure if it affects kde422:12
ubotuA recent update broke some KDE language packs, leaving the user unable to login. (http://launchpad.net/bugs/195647) This has now been fixed and an updated package is in the -updates repo. If you removed the packages with the interim fix you can reinstall them with: << sudo apt-get install language-pack-kde-en language-pack-kde-en-base >>22:12
hungerjussi01: No, I'm using en_US.22:13
hungerHmmm... tomorrow. I need to sleep.22:14
jussi01hunger: ok. try updating anyway, Im not sure if affected that one, but worth a go. does kde 3.5 log in?22:14
jussi01ahh ok22:14
hungerjussi01: I am up to date with everything, so that is not the problem.22:15
Lurehunger: check for /etc/kde4rc file and remove it22:29
* jussi01 goes to install kde4 on hardy22:30
mhbgood evening mates22:41
Jucatoevening mhb22:41
nosrednaekimevening mhb22:42
nosrednaekimmhb» you doing the SoC?22:42
Jucatomhb: weren't you the one thinking of making kcron into a kcm?22:42
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* ryanakca wonders why people think he would know how to setup diskless fat clients for a school in Berekum, Ghana. *points the guy to edubuntu-users or ubuntu-users*22:53
Jucatomhb: just in case you were, http://lists.kde.org/?t=120420484400005&r=1&w=222:55
nosrednaekimryanakca» cause you love helping people out!22:56
* nosrednaekim hugs ryanakca22:56
mhbnosrednaekim: no22:59
mhbJucato: yes, that was me23:00
ryanakcanosrednaekim: lol, fat client = standard desktop instead of thin client?23:00
nosrednaekimryanakca» yeah... I think its just a diskless computer23:01
ryanakcahmm... then wouldn't that be a thin client?23:01
nosrednaekimrunning a monitor off a server is called a "sumo client"23:01
Jucato"fattened thin client" or "slim fat client" or just a locked down desktop :)23:02
mhbso what are you up to?23:03
mhbmaking Kubuntu less fat?23:03
nosrednaekimno...making it more phat :)23:03
Jucatoas if it were possible hahah :P23:03
Jucatoyeah! phat it is!23:03
mhbI'm not even running kdm these days23:03
Jucatokubuntu's thin as it is... 1 CD installer :)23:03
mhbnot sure who's fault it is, but when I ran into VirtualBox, the system becomes unusable, trashing all the time23:04
mhbbut when I ran VirtualBox23:04
mhbbecame unusable23:04
mhbalso my english is vewwy bad23:04
mhbbut with oroborus and without KDM both VirtualBox and the host system are usable23:05
nosrednaekimmhb» really? it always sounded/looked fine to me.23:05
mhbit is fine23:05
mhbthe whole KDE session just ate too much memory, I guess23:05
nosrednaekimyeah, I use qlwm when i'm doing something cpu/ram intensive23:06
mhband I need the VirtualBox for school stuff, so I'm not using KDE at all (except for Kopete)23:07
mhbI prefer my diet solution :o)23:11
nosrednaekimbye guys... make kubuntu ever phatter :)23:12
* ryanakca waves to the flying spagetti monster :)23:15
mhbI'm also off for the night, byee23:15
jussi01hrm, this is weird23:18
jussi01I dont quite know how to describe it23:19
jussi01its like the wall paper isnt big enough...23:19
jussi01http://imagebin.ca/view/CnTrcLp1.html for anybody interested23:22
jussi01Im off to bed, night all23:27
nixternaloi. let me just say that the Polyester developer (Marco) rocks!23:55
nixternalI emailed him a bug we have with Polyester, and is already providing me a fix...Upstream rocks!23:56
Jucatonixternal rocks even harder!23:57

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