psilocydewhat ever, its there.00:00
tokermy firefox is complaining that i don't have the Java Runtime Environment installed.. and sends me to a page that doesn't have any .deb's  so which package do I need to install via adept or something?00:00
tokerthanks. in advance00:00
bizzehpsilocyde: whatever, its not00:00
bizzehit was GOING TO BE THERE00:00
bizzehbut isnt00:00
KonnerIm about to reinstall Ubuntu and get rid of Kubuntu00:01
psilocydelook at the hdmi implementation00:02
bizzehpsilocyde: i dont have hdcp on my tv, yet my gfx can output 1080p over hdmi just fine on vista00:04
NickPresta!offtopic | bizzeh00:04
ubotubizzeh: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!00:04
psilocydeits in the damn kernal00:04
psilocydeok sorry00:04
psilocydeyour right nick my appolagies00:04
NickPrestaif you need help, that's fine, but this isn't the place to argue about Vista versus GNU+Linux.00:04
psilocydeyes i need help with this low sound thing00:05
NickPrestapsilocyde, try typing in 'alsamixer' into a terminal and making sure your volume is all the way up00:06
NickPrestacheck out !sound too00:06
psilocydeok master is at 0000:07
psilocydehow do i get that to 10?00:08
sergiuuse google00:08
NickPrestaIf you look at the bottom where it says Master or PCM, etc. There should be red brackets on either side of the 'selected' channel. Make sure there are red brackets surrounding the Master channel. Then just press the up arrows.00:09
psilocydeoh ok thanks00:09
psilocydeok that works for all of them eccept master00:10
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:11
NickPrestapsilocyde, hmm. I don't know anything off-hand that could be causing that. See if you can spot an applicable solution in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting00:11
sergiucan anyone play kab.tv ?00:14
prince_jammys!es | dariocoll00:15
ubotudariocoll: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:15
NickPrestasergiu, the video on the front page plays fine for me00:15
sergiuNickPresta, cool, but for me there is no video, don't know why..00:15
NickPrestasergiu, I'm using the mplayer plugin for Firefox00:15
sergiui use default kubuntu 7.10 with Konq browser..00:15
dariocollokay thanks00:16
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sergiuwork to me too now with mplayer plugin00:25
Dark-Alien-Corehey guys can you help me i? whats is there wrong00:25
Dark-Alien-CoreChecking for convert...  no.00:25
sergiuuse google.com00:27
acee1234is there a way to execute sudo level commands at logon?00:27
Dark-Alien-Coreits a icon set i wanted to install00:27
acee1234a script of some sort00:28
tekteenacee1234: you would need to edit /etc/sudoers00:28
root_______hola me pueden decir como consigo la sala en español00:28
NickPresta!es |  root_______00:28
uboturoot_______: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:28
psilocydehey folks, i think i may have found the answer to my problem00:29
NickPrestaDark-Alien-Core, you need the `convert` utility. Install the imagemagick package: sudo apt-get install imagemagick00:29
psilocydehow tdo i do that in kubuntu?00:30
Dark-Alien-Coreah very thx00:30
psilocydethats for gtk right?00:30
NickPrestapsilocyde, kdesudo instead of gksudo. You can use kate instead of gedit00:30
psilocydeok thanks00:30
Daisuke_Idopsilocyde: nothing save gedit there is gtk specific00:31
psilocydeoh ok00:31
r240how do i get sound in gutsy?00:31
acee1234and can someone help me fix my graphics for some reason it fails at boot up and goes into low resolution mode i have ati x140000:31
NickPresta!sound | r24000:31
ubotur240: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:31
r240i have been troubleshooting this for days. already read pages of community support00:32
r240nothing has worked00:32
tekteenacee1234: add this to /etc/sudoers using visudo. This will allow you not to use a password for some commands. %admin ALL= NOPASSWD: PROGRAM1,PROGRAM2,ect00:33
NickPrestar240, you need to provide more information. If you need to, pastebin your full, detailed question and post it here with a summary of your problem00:33
r240here in chan?00:34
NickPresta!pastebin | r24000:34
ubotur240: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:34
NickPrestapastebin your detailed question there. Post in the channel a summary (1 sentence) of your problem and attach the link00:34
tekteenr240: what type of card is it?00:34
r240sb live 5.100:34
acee1234tekteen: thank you00:34
r240it's detected and everything00:35
mrunagiis kubuntu good with sata.........or does it typically need drivers00:35
r240i THINK i loaded the module00:35
tekteenacee1234: np00:35
feierfoxis there an ubuntu off-topic-channel?00:35
acee1234if no one knows how to fix a graphics driver issue here were might i ask ive been trying to get it fixed for a week and it worked for a while so i know it should be possible to fix00:35
tekteenmrunagi: good00:35
tekteenfeierfox: (k)ubuntu-offtopic00:35
KonnerIm going to try openSUSE ..00:35
feierfoxhmm, in an offtopic channel for the *buntuusers it makes no sense, to seperate both00:36
feierfoxthere should be only one offtopic channel00:36
* feierfox so he said00:36
NickPrestaKonner, you've posted twice in this channel that you're switching from Kubuntu to something else. Any reason why you keep telling us? :)00:36
tekteenwell... whatever00:36
r240what's the cmd for listing devices? spci -v?00:37
NickPrestafeierfox, KDE users and Gnome users don't get along, duh ;)00:37
feierfoxoh, i forget00:37
r240what about modules? modl?00:37
feierfoxGNOME users a mostly trolls00:37
feierfoxi in a kubuntu-channel here, so i think it is ok to say something like this00:38
tekteenyou have been taught well00:38
feierfoxbut we are the unwanted kind00:38
MrJoeyr240> lspci and lsmod00:38
feierfoxwe don't got LTS00:39
MrJoey-v makes lspci verbose00:39
MrJoeyHow do I extract a Kubuntu Live CD, edit some scripts, and put it back together?  I know how to mount and recursive copy, but how do I get the boot stuff, too?00:40
feierfoxneeds KDE3.5x more resources than GNOME 2.2x?00:40
tekteenMrJoey: I will find the wiki page00:41
MrJoeyThank you00:41
acee1234so fastest solution for graphics issue is reformat?00:42
tekteenMrJoey: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization00:42
tekteenMrJoey: what do you want to edit?00:43
tekteenMrJoey: I have done it before :-)00:43
Arwenfeierfox, less actually00:43
Arwenthough running Firefox will easily make up that difference...00:43
r240no sound even though everything looks fine. http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57646/00:43
acee1234tekteen: how do i edit through that all i see is mode commands00:44
* tekteen does not understand00:44
tekteenacee1234: what do you mean?00:45
MrJoeyThis would be the best case:  I'd like a live CD that will have a new menu option which will go to the single user level, then run a script (which will image a hard drive with a 2.4GB .gz file and a few tiny files).00:45
acee1234tekteen: how do i add lines to the sudoers file through visudo i dont see an edit option in the man00:45
BluesKajheh, after this language pack fiasco .. a few good things took place subsequent to the clean install. Konq actaully does flash, java and xine  quite well00:46
tekteenacee1234: type visudo00:46
rodolfocomo era el canal en español?00:46
MrJoeyAlthough if creating a new menu option would be hard, it would be acceptable to simply replace the single user mode00:46
acee1234tekteen: ....im going to bash my head on a wall now00:46
rodolfoalguien habla español?00:46
tekteenacee1234: why?00:47
uboturodolfo: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:47
derdui_does anybody know the programm "hotbabe" i found it in the package list on the medibuntu homepage but i cant find anything about it00:47
acee1234tekteen: ...graphics are doing strange things and i missed the obvious visudo00:47
tekteenwhat happened00:48
tekteenacee1234: explain what is going on00:49
MrJoeyWhat does the "rsync --exclude=/casper/filesystem.squashfs -a mnt/ extract-cd" do?  It ran rather quickly.  Did it create a bunch of hardlinks for the files instead of deep copying?00:50
tekteenit excludes the big thing00:50
tekteenand copies everything else00:50
acee1234tekteen: when i reboot the screen goes to a console like thing several times then i get an x-server BSOD then thats goes away when you tell it not to debug then it tries a few more times and eventually comes up with a dialog telling me im in low graphics mode.00:51
tekteenacee1234: I have no idea00:52
r240i have 44k songs and no sound. please help http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57647/00:53
acee1234tekteen:  seems a common response seems reformat is the general consensus00:53
tekteenacee1234: I do not like to say that00:53
acee1234tekteen:  suggestions, for alternative?00:54
tekteenacee1234: I try to stop people when they are about to (if I know how to fix it) but never recommend it00:54
tekteenacee1234: first off... are you in canada00:54
acee1234tekteen: understood00:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emu10k1 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:54
acee1234tekteen: no im in a dessart like are called lubbock texas00:55
acee1234tekteen: usa00:55
tekteentry sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:55
tekteenin the terminal00:55
BluesKajtekteen:  the language pack didn't just affect candians . I did a clean install yesterday using NYC USA as my location, my system got borked anyway .:P00:56
tekteenhow do you fix it?00:57
nosredna_ekimacee1234» lubbock? isn't that close to where our Dear Leader came from?00:57
tekteenfrado: hi00:57
acee1234nosredna_ekim: King George II? yes i believe you are correct00:58
nosredna_ekimacee1234» III00:58
BluesKajsomeone on launchpad give us the fix ...uninstall the language-pack-kde-en-base and language-pack-en base00:59
BluesKajerr language-pack-en-base00:59
tekteenI am used to typos00:59
tekteenI mke them alot :-)01:00
BluesKajjust in case someone copies and pastes01:00
simcop2387-lapi've got a quick question i haven't found an answer for,  i've got a "quick launch" applet on a panel and its set to automatically fill with the programs i use most often but its not filling up, anyone got any ideas of what i might have setup wrong?01:00
acee1234tekteen: ok i did that01:00
tekteenacee1234: does it now work?01:00
acee1234tekteen : fglrxinfo returns Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".01:01
BluesKajcorrection : language-pack-kde-en-base and language-pack-kde-en for those of you wanting to fix the problematic upgrade01:02
ubotuA recent update broke some KDE language packs, leaving the user unable to login. (http://launchpad.net/bugs/195647) To fix this, remove the updated packages (language-pack-kde-en, language-pack-kde-en-base) and restart KDE.01:02
acee1234tekteen: is there a way to restore factor default on display?01:02
BluesKajright on nosredna_ekim01:03
tekteenacee1234: find the section Module in /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:03
MrJoeyWhen the [K]ubuntu Live CD starts, how does the "single" argument trickle down so that the runlevel is set accordingly?01:03
nosredna_ekimMrJoey» hum.... don't know. Did you get your boot device stuff all sorted out?01:03
tekteenMrJoey: runlevel is set in /etc/init.d/rc01:03
acee1234tekteen: no such section exists01:04
tekteenacee1234: ok01:04
tekteenadd these 3 lines to the bottom01:04
prince_jammysBluesKaj: you saved me from that.  i read your post and when the update showed up in adept, i didn't install it01:04
tekteenSection "Module"01:04
tekteen        Load            "glx"01:04
prince_jammysBluesKaj: so thanks :)01:05
acee1234tekteen: copy that in there?01:05
BluesKajhey NP prince_jammys :)01:05
tekteenacee1234: yep01:05
MrJoeyMrJoey» hum.... don't know. Did you get your boot device stuff all sorted out? ==> I can't test it on the target computer right now01:06
acee1234tekteen: ok01:06
tekteenacee1234: save and restart x01:06
BluesKajprince_jammys: one thing good that came out of that mess was konq is no longer crashing and nspluginviewer isn't as unstable as it was01:06
acee1234tekteen: i cant restart x without crashing so ill reboot brb01:06
prince_jammysBluesKaj: good. i don't have those problems, thankfully01:07
prince_jammysBluesKaj: funny thing is i was about to install the updates when i saw your post here01:07
BluesKajyeah, I think that was a problem with kde 3.5.901:07
BluesKajwell forwarned is forarmed :)01:08
tekteenBluesKaj: I never had the problem01:08
prince_jammysi'm pretty wary of updates in general01:08
BluesKajblessing in disguise for me01:09
prince_jammysi like to wait around for a while, especially with dist-upgrade01:09
tekteenI don't01:09
BluesKajwas frustrating not getting access to the tty or login01:09
* tekteen likes to be on the bleeding edge01:10
tekteennot off it :-)01:10
BluesKajwhat's a good DL manager for konq besides kget ?01:10
tekteenhardy is very unstable01:11
tekteenlast I checked in Alpha 401:11
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sarah__whats the kubuntu equivalent of restricted drivers manager01:13
tekteenthe restricted drivers manager01:13
sarah__ah! how do i locate that01:13
willis_its in the menus i thought :) or i always just run 'restricted-manager'01:14
tekteensarah__: sytemsettings > advanced tab > restricted drivers01:14
tekteensarah__: finally a girl who uses ubuntu :-)01:14
sarah__hmmm not there01:14
tekteenin gutsy?01:15
willis_!find restricted-manager01:15
ubotuFound: restricted-manager, restricted-manager-core, restricted-manager-kde01:15
sarah__ah thx, must burn another CD hehe01:16
tekteen!find restricted-manager hardy01:16
willis_gksu -D /usr/share/applications/jockey-gtk.desktop /usr/bin/jockey-gtk01:16
ubotuFound: jockey-common, jockey-gtk, jockey-kde01:16
willis_is what my hardy launches :)01:16
willis_under gnome at least.01:16
sarah__burnt jockey-kde, but wouldnt install cause python-central version was too old01:16
willis_its called 'hardware  drivers' in the gnome  system menu.01:16
Roeyanyone here good with lftp?01:17
Roeyhey willis_01:17
RoeyDocWillis ?01:17
nosredna_ekim!hardy | sarah__01:17
ubotusarah__: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu01:17
tekteenRoey: what do you need help with in lftp01:17
sarah__ah thx01:17
acee1234tekteen: ok that fixed alot of the issuesnow how do i load xorg01:17
tekteenacee1234: what are you looking at now?01:18
acee1234tekteen: or what every it takes to run compiz on ati01:18
RoeyI tried this:  lftp www.resource.com:~home/misc> mirror "DIR1" "DIR2" "DIR3",  But got "Mirror: Access failed: 404 Not Found (~home/misc/DIR1/subdir1)" (subdir1/ is a subdirectory of DIR1).  Any suggestions?01:18
Roeytekteen:  that01:18
tekteenacee1234: the driver is already installed01:18
acee1234ok ill give it a go01:18
willis_I dont use lftp :)01:19
r240how do i write to alsa-base?01:19
tekteenRoey: the page can not be found01:19
nosredna_ekim!search qt (edgy)01:19
ubotuFound: flavors, java-#kubuntu, qt, maps, gui, disks, mount-#kubuntu, players, browsers, directconnect01:19
tekteenRoey: it does not exist01:19
nosredna_ekim!info qt (edgy)01:19
acee1234tekteen: compiz failed01:19
ubotuPackage qt does not exist in edgy01:19
tekteenacee1234: what happened?01:19
nosredna_ekim!info qt-designer (edgy)01:19
ubotuPackage qt-designer does not exist in edgy01:19
Roeytekteen:  but I can browse to it with my web browser so I see it does indeed exist.01:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about qt4-designer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:20
acee1234Checking for Xgl: not present.01:20
acee1234No whitelisted driver found01:20
acee1234aborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity01:20
tekteen!info qt4-designer01:20
ubotuqt4-designer (source: qt4-x11): Qt 4 Designer. In component main, is optional. Version 4.3.2-0ubuntu3.2 (gutsy), package size 1220 kB, installed size 2232 kB01:20
tekteenacee1234: does it work?01:20
nosredna_ekim!info qt4-designer (edgy)01:20
ubotuqt4-designer (source: qt4-x11): Qt 4 Designer. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.2.0-1ubuntu6 (edgy), package size 1051 kB, installed size 1904 kB01:21
acee1234tekteen: no needs fglrx or xgl01:21
tekteenit needs both01:21
Roeytekteen:  ok, any suggestions?  (I stated  my problem above)01:21
tekteentry fgl_gears, acee123401:22
tekteenRoey: the page does not exist01:22
Roeytekteen:  yes but I can browse to it.01:22
Roeyin my web browser.01:22
tekteenI can't01:23
Roeywell that's an example, not a real http server ;)01:23
tekteenwell you still got a 40401:23
acee1234tekteen: command not found01:24
tekteenprob because of cookie management01:24
tekteenacee1234: what commands start with fgl?01:24
acee1234tekeen none01:24
tekteenacee1234: type restricted-manager-kde in the konsole01:25
tekteenacee1234: enable the graphics driver (tell me when you are done)01:26
tekteenacee1234: you doing it?01:27
acee1234needs another reboot brb01:28
tekteentype ctrl+alt+backspace01:28
=== _dewd is now known as dewd
acee1234tekteen: will probably freeze but ill try01:29
acee1234tekteen back were we started with all the errors "you scrren and graphics card cannot be detected"01:32
crimsun_Roey: note the mirror operation's syntax01:32
Roeycrimsun_:  oh?01:34
Roeytekteen:  how could it be a cookie issue, this is a simple directory index01:34
tekteenRoey: I am not sure what the problem is01:35
=== anon32 is now known as Arwen
tekteenubotu is dead01:35
Roeytekteen:  ok, so I tried "mirror DIR1", and I got back " "Mirror: Access failed: 404 Not Found (~home/misc/DIR1/subdir1)"01:35
RoeyDIR1 has a bunch of subdirs under it01:36
tekteenRoey: why not try to use konqueror first01:36
Roeytekteen:  I did, and it works fine.01:37
tekteenRoey: ok01:37
tekteenI do not know01:37
Roeytekteen:  I don't know how to download entire directory trees off of Apache direcotry indecies.01:37
Roeytekteen:  thanks anyway :)01:37
crimsun_wget, no-parent, recursive01:37
tekteenRoey: so you have ssh access?01:37
RoeyI don't think so01:37
crimsun_or curl.  or whatever.01:37
Roeycrimsun_:  how would curl help01:38
tekteencrimsun_: thanks01:38
crimsun_Roey: vice wget?01:38
Roeycrimsun_:  I tried wget.01:39
crimsun_with which options?01:40
Roeycrimsun_:  wget -np --cut-dirs=201:40
Roeycrimsun_:  Is there some flag to tell wget not to replicate antyhing above the last dir in the parameter you specify?01:40
crimsun_Roey: that's -np01:40
Roeywget -r http://www.resource.com/a/b/c/d/DIRS/01:41
Roeywould just place "DIRS" in .01:41
Roeywith -np, I still get ./a/b/c/d/DIRS01:41
acee1234does anyone here have a e1505 with a ati x1400 who could pastebin their xorg file?01:41
yao_ziyuancurrently, any app that first requests to use the audio device will occupy it exclusively01:43
yao_ziyuanhow do i let multiple apps share the same audio device at the same time?01:43
aibusing KWifiManager and Wifi-Radar, lots of networks are seen but I don't have the option to connect to any of them. My card is automatically detected and uses the atheros driver (Netgear wg511t)01:44
aibit seems related that when i open knetworkmanager, nothing happens01:45
willis_!info fuseiso01:46
nosredna_ekimaib» comment out all entries from "/etc/network/interfaces"01:46
ubotufuseiso (source: fuseiso): FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images. In component universe, is optional. Version 20070507-1 (gutsy), package size 20 kB, installed size 92 kB01:46
crimsun_Roey: in your example, -r -np -nH --cut-dirs=401:47
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Ickhow do i access files on a USB mass storage device? dmesg recognizes it, but i don't know what part to mount01:52
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nzkIs it a bad idea to put a shell script that'll apt-get update and upgrade on cron?01:55
purge_kdewalleti am unable to purge kde wallet, i tried removing .kde/share/config/k*wallet* and nothing is working, can someone help me (its not in synaptic either)?01:55
Dragnslcrnzk- why not just use Adept's notifier?01:56
nzkDragnslcr: Laziness, I guess.01:56
DragnslcrIt's what, three clicks?01:56
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BluesKajadept notifier is on ice here til the devs get their stuff together after yesterdays mess01:58
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purge_kdewalleti am not able to purge kde wallet, i tried removing .kde/share/config/k*wallet* and nothing works, can someone help me (its not in synaptic/apt-get either)?01:58
DragnslcrWhat mess was that?01:59
=== Mrlost is now known as Jza
nosredna_ekimIck» dmesg should tell where it is "/dev/sdxx"01:59
purge_kdewalletsudo apt-get remove kdewallet fails to find it on the system, yet kvpnc keeps prompting me with it02:00
purge_kdewalletcan anyone help me?02:01
purge_kdewalletits a KDE problem in Ubuntu02:01
khaije1purge_kdewallet: y do you even want to purge it?02:02
purge_kdewalleti want it to stop bugging me02:02
purge_kdewalletwhenever i use kvpnc02:02
purge_kdewalletor for anything else in the future...this is supposed to be linux...you are supposed to be able to remove things that you don't want02:02
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khaije1if thats the case you should set kvpnc to be able to access it w/o prompt02:02
purge_kdewalleti can't even find the binary to delete02:02
Roeycrimsun_:  ah ok02:02
Roeycrimsun_:  what is -nH02:02
purge_kdewallettried that, didn't work02:02
RoeyI can go check actually02:02
Roeyand why --cut-dirs=402:02
RoeyCan't it do it automatically?02:03
khaije1if you remove it entirely you'll lose the password caching ability02:03
purge_kdewalletthat what i want02:03
Y-TownHas anyone experienced any problems with loading the kubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu?02:03
khaije1purge_kdewallet: ok, i'll check on my system and brb02:03
nosredna_ekimY-Town» ussually not02:03
purge_kdewalletok, thanks02:03
Y-Townnosredna_ekim: Thanks.  I was thinking of that and using synaptic and removing adapt.02:05
tannerwhat packages do i need to compile Qt applications?02:05
khaije1purge_kdewallet: i think this is the wrong approach, but if you're set on removing the functionality try removing kde-pwmanager as well02:05
purge_kdewalletlet me try that now02:06
purge_kdewalletPackage kde-pwmanager is not installed, so not removed02:06
purge_kdewalletby the way, i am not using any third party repositories02:07
Roeycrimsun_:  thanks :)02:08
nosredna_ekimtanner» probably libqt-dev02:08
raghuramhow is it going guys02:08
raghuramim soo funny02:09
purge_kdewalletany other ideas khaije1?02:09
Dragnslcrpurge_kdewallet- in kvpnc, go to Settings -> Configure kvpnc -> General02:09
purge_kdewalleti keep unchecking that02:10
khaije1purge_kdewallet: whats the exact message you get?02:10
purge_kdewalletit doesn't save it02:10
purge_kdewalletthat was it above02:10
tannernosredna_ekim: perhaps you mean libqt4-dev, however that is already installed02:10
purge_kdewalleti'll repost here:02:10
purge_kdewalletPackage kde-pwmanager is not installed, so not removed02:10
nosredna_ekimtanner» so whats missing?02:10
khaije1purge_kdewallet: no, when you try that for kallet02:11
nosredna_ekimtanner» I was meaning qt3 programs...but that works for qt402:11
tannernosredna_ekim: there is no such package for qt3 however02:11
Dragnslcrpurge_kdewallet- that option stays checked?02:11
purge_kdewalletin kvpnc02:11
purge_kdewalletthe option in kvpnc to use kwallet won't save me unchecking using it02:11
tannerhmm i may have found it02:12
Dragnslcrpurge_kdewallet- I remember having problems with kvpnc not saving settings, so I think that problem is specific to kvpnc02:12
purge_kdewalletthat is why i want to purge kwallet02:12
purge_kdewalletso it will never bring up this stupid bot-like program again02:12
khaije1purge_kdewallet: i need to go but i would say verify your package manager is in a consistent state02:13
purge_kdewalletits fine because i can add and remove programs fine02:13
purge_kdewalletthere are no half way installed program02:13
Dragnslcrpurge_kdewallet- kwallet is how KDE saves passwords. It may be part of the KDE core02:13
nosredna_ekimtanner» humm true...02:13
purge_kdewalletdarn, that stinks02:13
purge_kdewalletthe only kde app i use is konqueror02:13
=== espacious_ is now known as espacious
purge_kdewalletbecause it is the only one that does all protocols visually02:14
purge_kdewallet(aka fish, smb, etc)02:14
DragnslcrOr not02:14
Arwenwhat's fish:// do?02:14
DragnslcrDid you try uninstalling kwalletmanager?02:14
purge_kdewalletit uses scp through ssh02:14
purge_kdewalletits like an ftp over ssh02:14
purge_kdewalletyeah, i tried that02:14
purge_kdewallethere is what i get02:15
Arwenhow does one get "fish" from "scp"?02:15
purge_kdewalletPackage kwalletmanager is not installed, so not removed02:15
Arwenor more likely "sftp"02:15
purge_kdewalletyeah, one of those02:15
Dragnslcrpurge_kdewallet- what does the entry in Adept say?02:15
purge_kdewalletfish is the protocol konqueror uses to access that through scp, or sftp02:15
purge_kdewalletAdept, I don't have that installed02:16
purge_kdewalleti am using Xubuntu02:16
purge_kdewalletand installed konqueror on it and kvpnc, which must have given me the kde-core as reqs02:16
DragnslcrYou aren't running KDE?02:16
purge_kdewalleti am running Xubuntu02:16
purge_kdewalletnot KDE X02:16
DragnslcrInstalling kvpnc was probably not a good idea then02:17
DragnslcrSince it's specifically for KDE02:17
purge_kdewalletis there an alternative?02:17
DragnslcrFor XFCE, I have no idea02:17
purge_kdewalleti think that is the only vpn GUI app for linux02:17
purge_kdewalletXFCE has nothing, its just a lightweight X02:17
purge_kdewalletthe rest is KDE and GNOME02:18
Daisuke_IdoXFCE is gtk-based, you'd use whatever gtk+ app is available02:18
Daisuke_Idoprobably a gnome app02:18
purge_kdewalletthere are no alternatives02:19
=== pcmax is now known as PcMaX
purge_kdewalletjust checked synatpic02:19
Arwenpurge_kdewallet, what are you looking for? a password manager?02:19
purge_kdewalletno, i wanted to remove my password manager02:19
purge_kdewalletand keep kvpnc02:19
purge_kdewalletmaybe you know where the kwallet binary is located02:20
purge_kdewalletso i can format it off my hard disk?02:20
purge_kdewalletthere is nothing on the whole internet how to remove kwallet02:21
ArwenI have no kwallet so I presume it can be nuked02:21
FirefisheWhen using apt-get or synaptic to install the grip cd ripper/encoder and one of it's library files, I get this error: http://pastebin.ca/921488 .  Note the `writerscafe' line.  This filename isn't related to the grip install at all, it's from a previous package's install.02:21
Dragnslcrpurge_kdewallet- have you tried looking for it in a shell?02:22
purge_kdewallettried k*wall*02:22
purge_kdewalletand lots of other combinations as well as browsing /usr/bin02:22
DragnslcrIf kwa<tab> doesn't give anything, I would assume it isn't installed02:23
purge_kdewalletit keeps bugging me with kvpnc02:23
purge_kdewalletbecause kvpnc can't save its settings, which is another bug altogether02:23
Dragnslcrkwallet is actually running?02:24
purge_kdewalletlet me check  htop02:24
DragnslcrOr is it just complaining that it can't find it?02:24
purge_kdewalletits on the system somewhere02:24
purge_kdewalletbecause the GUI still bugs me02:24
purge_kdewalletcould it be part of the kde network manager?02:25
DragnslcrDid you try locate kwalletmanager?02:25
purge_kdewalletunder /usr/bin?02:25
purge_kdewalletno such file02:25
Arwenkwallet is in kwalletmanager....02:25
Arwenwhich should be in /usr/bin02:25
purge_kdewalletnope, searched a ls kwall*02:26
Dragnslcrlocate kwalletmanager02:26
DragnslcrRun that in a shell02:26
purge_kdewalletno such file there in /usr/bin02:26
purge_kdewalleti did, ran it in terminal02:26
purge_kdewalletNote, selecting kwalletmanager for regex 'kwallet*'02:26
purge_kdewalletE: Couldn't find package kwallet*02:26
purge_kdewalletthats when i try to remove using apt-get02:27
DragnslcrI doubt that kwallet is actually running, since it clearly isn't on your system02:27
purge_kdewalletlet me open kvpnc and give you what is in the GUi02:28
DragnslcrI find it more likely that kvpnc is complaining about not being able to find kwalletmanager02:28
purge_kdewalleti would too imagine that would be the case02:28
Dragnslcrkvpnc seemed to be a bit buggy when I tried it02:28
purge_kdewalleti agree02:29
purge_kdewalletwhich there were an alternative02:29
purge_kdewalletyeah, its very buggy02:29
purge_kdewalletpoorly programmed02:29
DragnslcrI couldn't get a VPN connection setup either02:29
purge_kdewalleti got it working a while ago02:30
purge_kdewalletand lost the config when i reformatted02:30
DragnslcrFortunately my office has an SSH port open that I can tunnel rdc through02:30
purge_kdewalleti am having to do that now to bypass this vpn problem02:30
purge_kdewalletyeah, the KDE Wallet Service pops up02:31
purge_kdewalletit says "The application 'kvpnc' has requested to open the wallet 'kdewallet'. Please enter the password for this wallet below."02:31
DragnslcrThat's weird02:32
purge_kdewalleti have to hit cancel twice for it to go away02:32
purge_kdewalletits very annoying, Windows annoying02:32
nosredna_ekimpurge_kdewallet» you know... there is a way to make it go away.... give it a blank passowrd02:33
purge_kdewalletyeah, but apparently i set one some time ago02:33
purge_kdewalletand forgot02:33
CreationistCould someone recommend a decent way to play .midi files?  Apparently Ubuntu doesn't support them ootb.02:34
purge_kdewallettried clearing all .../.kde/share/config/kwall* files02:34
purge_kdewalletthat didn't stop the GUI from bother me though02:34
Dragnslcrsudo locate -u02:34
Dragnslcrlocate kwalletmanager02:34
purge_kdewalletthats it it says02:35
DragnslcrUh, wow02:36
DragnslcrYou did locate -u right?02:36
purge_kdewalleti did that before02:36
purge_kdewallethow long should i wait for the locate -u to work?02:36
DragnslcrUntil it finishes02:37
purge_kdewalletouch, this may take some waiting02:37
purge_kdewalleti let it run for 1 min and killed it02:37
purge_kdewalletthats why it only found the three then02:37
DragnslcrYeah, it might take a while if you have a slower processor or a whole lot of files02:37
compilerwriter2Anyone having any problems with KDE 3.5.9?   Are there a great deal of improvements in it?02:37
purge_kdewalletcompilerwriter2, you can download kde 4.0 now, you know that right?02:38
hw194dcompilerwriter2  there shouldn't be any problems02:38
purge_kdewalletstill only those three files02:38
nosredna_ekimcompilerwriter2» scattered problems....no improvements that I can tell02:38
compilerwriter2pruge_kdewallet I just saw the link to 3.5.9 in the topic and thought that 4 was still under development.02:38
nosredna_ekimcompilerwriter2» the major change was the enterprise PIM, but kubuntu already had that02:39
purge_kdewalletit might still be beta, but its been released beta02:39
hw194dcompilerwriter2  kde4 is still beta02:39
ChaosMachineJust to make sure..I can't remove/write anything to a mounted NTFS drive can I?02:39
hw194dvery beta02:39
nosredna_ekimcompilerwriter2» well, they have released 3 versions... but it is still in heavy development (though I am using it)02:39
compilerwriter2Is KDE 4 stable at this point02:39
DragnslcrNo, KDE is at 4.0.102:39
purge_kdewalletsome programs, such as ktorrent require KDE402:39
DragnslcrKDE$, that is02:39
DragnslcrBleh, bad night for me, obviously02:40
purge_kdewalletso my system can't find any kwalletmanager huh?02:40
purge_kdewallethuh = depressed breathing out02:40
Dragnslcrpurge_kdewallet- yeah, I'm stumped. I can't think of where else the executable could be02:40
purge_kdewalletit is terrible if this were to be EMBEDDED02:41
Scott7How do you flush your dns?02:41
purge_kdewalletits like a DLL file on Windows or something02:41
DragnslcrI have /usr/bin/kwalletmanager02:41
=== hw194d is now known as BadSneakers
purge_kdewalletnope, nothing in that folder by that name or any other kwall*02:41
DragnslcrYeah, that's bizarre02:42
purge_kdewalletand its a freshly installed Ubuntu02:43
CreationistHow can I play .midi files in Linux?02:43
ubotuTrouble playing MIDI files? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MidiSoftwareSynthesisHowTo02:43
Arwenyou need a software midi table02:43
purge_kdewalletCreationist, I bypassed that problem by sending the midi to my phone over bluetootoh02:44
Creationistpurge_kdewallet: That's giving up, not bypassing.02:44
Scott7How do you flush your dns?02:45
purge_kdewalletoh, its a thin line, i got the midi playing somehow02:45
purge_kdewalletScott7, try a sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart02:45
purge_kdewallethave you tried that yet?02:45
Scott7Thanks that got it02:46
purge_kdewalletdarn, i can't even purge kpvnc02:47
purge_kdewalletsudo apt-get purge kvpnc says it purges02:47
purge_kdewalletupon reinstall the configuration files are still there02:48
willis_You are refering to the USERS config files?02:48
willis_or system config files?02:49
purge_kdewalletthe purge should at least remove the users config files02:49
purge_kdewalletwhich is what i want first02:49
purge_kdewalletthen if possible, the root's config files02:49
willis_lets clarify.. removiung packages with the package manager will NOT NOT NOT touch config files in the users home dirs.02:50
purge_kdewalletdarn, thats a shame02:50
willis_and thus.. Not touch config files in the /root/ dir either02:50
purge_kdewalletit should have a -override flag02:50
willis_Its not a shame..it would be a disaster if it did otherwise. :)02:50
purge_kdewalletwell, maybe, there should be a way to purge a software's configure files02:50
willis_'oops the root user just removed my .vimrc' i spent 4 yrs making... :)02:51
willis_Now the prolifferation of config files in the users home dir - is getting to be an issue.02:51
purge_kdewalleti hate having to clean it myself02:51
purge_kdewalletafter removing programs, its like taking out the trash02:52
purge_kdewalletdpkg purges files02:53
purge_kdewalletnot apt-get, forgot that both have purge commands, yet they do different things i think02:53
willis_they both remove the system config files...02:57
willis_not user config files.02:57
purge_kdewalletoh, ok02:57
willis_and even THEN they 'should' (i think) backup config files you have changed manually02:58
purge_kdewalleti think the less auto, the better02:58
willis_In linux rember 'users and the system' are as seperated as they can get it.02:58
purge_kdewalletyeah, /home02:58
purge_kdewalletand other dirs in the root /02:58
willis_and YES the users home dirs are getting way way too cluttered with 10000+ .config files.02:58
willis_every little trivial app makes a .whatever config file it seems02:59
purge_kdewalletyeah, and doesn't necessarily clean it02:59
ForzaPalermoanyone here good with getting ssh working properly? i am trying to get it to work using public/private keys03:01
purge_kdewalletForzaPalermo: are you trying to change the size of the ssh keys03:02
ArwenI'm writing a shell script and I want it to pause for an arbitrary length of time (like 10 seconds)03:03
Arwenhow would I do that?03:03
NickPrestaArwen, `sleep`?03:03
Arwenah, yes, that's what I was thinking of03:03
ForzaPalermopurge_kdewallet, no03:04
ForzaPalermoi got ssh to work without the keys03:04
ForzaPalermobut with them i have errors03:04
purge_kdewalleti didn't think that was possible with ssh03:05
purge_kdewalletso its like a telnet session?03:05
ForzaPalermopurge_kdewallet, ssh: connect to host localhost port 22: Connection refused03:05
ForzaPalermothats what i get when i type SSH LOCALHOST03:05
ForzaPalermobut im not using port 2203:05
purge_kdewalletthat is using keys03:06
ForzaPalermoand i dont have port 22 in the config file03:06
purge_kdewalletoh, ok, i was just about to suggest checking that config file03:06
purge_kdewalletyou know you have to edit the /etc/ssh/sshd.conf, not ssh.conf03:06
clintonhrm.. no #kubuntu+1 channel eh?03:06
purge_kdewalletokay, just checking03:06
purge_kdewallet(common problems)03:07
DragnslcrForzaPalermo- if you don't specify a different port, ssh will try to connect on port 2203:07
ForzaPalermoDragnslcr, i did03:07
purge_kdewalletyeah, i have had the same problem03:07
ForzaPalermospecfiy a diff port03:07
purge_kdewalletyeah, i had to use the -p 22 to let it use the default03:07
ForzaPalermoi ran a sudo nmap localhost03:08
ForzaPalermoand under the port i use03:08
ForzaPalermoit says unknown03:08
purge_kdewalletthats really odd, i would play with the config file03:08
purge_kdewallettry putting port 0 and a port larger than 6553503:08
ForzaPalermowhat else is there to play with03:08
purge_kdewalletsee if it gives the same error03:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Y-Town
compilerwriter2If one has installed a generic kubuntu system are they utilizing a journaling file system?03:09
purge_kdewalletit might be a problem with the latest version of ssh03:09
ForzaPalermoso change ports u think?03:09
purge_kdewalletcompilerwriter2: yes, ext303:09
ForzaPalermoor try it with 22?03:09
ForzaPalermoand see if it works03:09
purge_kdewalleti have tried changing ports03:09
purge_kdewalletand had the same problem you had03:09
Y-TownCan anyone please tell me how to make an application on your desktop use double click to work instead of single click in KDE?03:09
compilerwriter2cool thanks purge_kdewallet03:10
purge_kdewalletand still have that same problem, but i would try changing the port to "0" or "65536" and see if you get the same error03:10
purge_kdewalletif it is the same error, its a bug in ssh03:10
purge_kdewalletif not, i don't know the answer03:10
ForzaPalermook ill give it a try03:10
purge_kdewalletyou can always use socat for port redirection03:10
purge_kdewalletif you can't solve it03:10
ForzaPalermoill be disc onnected a few timies03:10
compilerwriter2Y-town why would you want to do that.  I have fits whenever I am forced to use my wife's machine and have to remember to double click.03:10
ForzaPalermocause i gota make changes to my router03:10
DragnslcrY-Town- I believe it's in System Settings -> Mouse03:11
purge_kdewalletForzaPalermo, running a moded linksys?03:11
Y-Towncompilerwriter2: thats the way I like it, im a lil itchy finger at the trigger and mind myself opening alot that I didnt mean too03:11
compilerwriter2Please promise me you will stay far from firearms then Y-town.03:12
ForzaPalermopurge_kdewallet, i love it03:12
ForzaPalermowireless n03:12
Y-TownDragnslcr: thanls I will take a look there03:12
purge_kdewalletwow, thats awesome03:12
Y-Towncompilerwriter2: LOL03:12
purge_kdewalleti was thinking about moding my linksys to support ssh03:12
purge_kdewalletor installing TOR on it03:12
ForzaPalermou got the g router with speed boost?03:13
purge_kdewalletno, just the standard03:13
purge_kdewalletthe newer ones have < 16 MB onboard03:13
nordisksearching c++ coders for wow emulation project based an ascent03:14
ForzaPalermou know i switched it to 2203:14
ForzaPalermoand now it sayts port is open and shows ssh03:14
ForzaPalermobut i didnt make any changes to my router to allow it03:14
nordisk250$ at month offerd for this job03:14
purge_kdewalletthats odd, i would get paranoid about that and change your router password03:15
purge_kdewalletand only use ssl and ssh to access it03:15
purge_kdewalletif you can put TOR on it, you can give it a *.onion encrypted address03:15
ubotuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.03:15
purge_kdewalletim out to eat, i'll probably hang around in here more often03:16
purge_kdewalletttyl ForzaPalermo03:16
nordiskany c++ crack in here?03:16
Y-TownDragnslcr: I think that was it, but I cant change it.  I am very low on memory and believe thats now stopping me03:16
ForzaPalermo purge_kdewallet u leaving?.03:17
DragnslcrY-Town- you can't get to the Keyboard & Mouse settings?03:18
Y-TownDragnslcr: I can get to it and change it but it doesnt hold.  I go back in and see it goes back to default.03:18
Y-TownDragnslcr: Im only running livCD now03:19
DragnslcrI don't know if you can change it when you're running from the LiveCD03:19
DragnslcrThere might not be a configuration file to write the change to03:19
Y-TownI changed alot.. All the fonts and everything.03:20
DragnslcrI honestly have no idea. I haven't used the LiveCD much03:20
Y-TownDragnslcr: I have been running for 1:45 mins now... Downloaded a few few things, surfed the web and downloaded files, changed all the system fonts.03:21
mrunagiwhat is the theme manager thingy for window stuff03:25
mrunaginot the borders03:25
mrunagibut other stuff03:25
mrunagithe scroll bar and such03:25
nordisksearching tiny indian slave programmers03:25
nordisk0,10$ per h03:26
=== luna__ is now known as Gusanita
mefisto__mrunagi: system settings>appearance>style, or window decorations, etc03:33
mrunagii dont see a button for importing custom themes03:33
=== nordisk__ is now known as Godlike
mefisto__mrunagi: do you have kcontrol installed? you might prefer doing changes there instead of kubuntu's default "system settings"03:37
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=== dariocoll_ is now known as dariocoll
sam64just installed kde403:43
sam64it's more cramped and uncomfortable than window$03:43
sam64and I don't see any way to fix it03:44
ForzaPalermohow do i reset my ssh localhost password?03:45
=== yuji is now known as Yuchan
Yuchanwhat does DCOPReply<>: cast to 'bool' error mean? Trying to open something from the Kate terminal gives me this error suddenly03:54
=== dariocoll is now known as dario
=== dario is now known as dariocoll
crazy_busI installed icedtea on my computer to try and use a online program.  But the check for the program says "It appears that Java is either disabled or not installed in your browser.  It appears you do not have the Java 2 Runtime Environment installed."  What can I do?03:57
anon32ever since I installed compiz, it keeps autoloading itself with KDE (it's not in Autostart)04:00
SeanTaterWhy are all these files empty? http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-35704:00
anon32what do I do?04:00
prince_jammysanon32: alt F2 and type::  kwin --replace04:01
anon32prince_jammys: I don't want kwin, I want it to stop autoloading04:01
prince_jammysanon32: well once you replace it with whatever you want it should stop autoloading04:01
BluesKaj!java | crazy_bus04:01
ubotucrazy_bus: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.04:01
crazy_busBluesKaj: so java5 or 6 would work when icedtea doesn't?04:02
BluesKajcrazy_bus:  not sure ...what's icedtea ?04:03
anon32prince_jammys: huh, it worked04:03
anon32what makes it keep loading itself? can I disable that behavior?04:04
crazy_busBluesKaj: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icedtea04:04
prince_jammysanon32: i think it's that kde remembers your session. so if you log out with it on, then it will be on when you log back in04:04
anon32oh.... that makes sense04:04
prince_jammysit's also possible to switch off the "remember session" feature, if you prefer it that way04:06
BluesKajahem crazy_bus , wouldn't you be better off asking such questions at a fedora-dev chat ?04:06
crazy_busBluesKaj: icedtea is in the ubuntu universe repos04:07
BluesKajfirst I've heard of it ...may be some one else can help you04:08
crazy_busI'll ask their now04:08
=== david_a is now known as krawek
mixedanyone know how to change the font size?04:17
mixedwhat is the usual DPI  settings, anyone know?04:19
Arwenmixed - it's based on your monitor. Oh wait, he died.04:50
remedialjoe_Wow.. Really weird issue.. The audio/video is speeding up on vlc04:57
remedialjoe_gxine doesn't seem to have a problem tho04:58
remedialjoe_this is for a commerical dvd, (battlestar galactica mini series)04:58
regeyawhat are you playing the dvds in remedialjoe_ if it's mplayer you need to set it to drop frames, probably05:07
remedialjoe_with gxine it is kind of glitchy05:07
remedialjoe_vlc it speeds up slowly tho05:07
remedialjoe_vlc you think would be okay05:07
remedialjoe_the audio is crackling kinda05:08
Arwenargh, the xsnow plugin is gone from compiz :-(05:08
remedialjoe_i'm trying mplayer to see if it happens..  the video is grainy tho .. how dow i enable de interlacing05:10
remedialjoe_hrm mplayer plays it okay except for the video quality05:10
remedialjoe_wow vlc failed05:11
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=== brendonw_ is now known as brendonw
draremI downloaded ubuntu 7.10 AMD 64 onto a dvd and tried booting it on a windows media xp home edition (32-bit on 64-bit AMD), I get a black screen when I select option 1 to start or install ubuntu, does anyone know why05:44
remedialjoe_if you don't know you probably shouldn't be using 64bit05:45
mrunagilol remedialjoe_05:49
ere4sidrarem: what is the graphic card?05:49
draremif you don't know you probably shouldn't be watching tv  :P05:50
draremit's a 8800 gts05:50
ere4siwell that should work...05:50
draremsomething about some signal error that flashed across the screen then it went black05:51
remedialjoe_drarem:    Is it a Turion 6405:51
draremthink i tried the safe mode too awhile back, same thing05:51
mrunagisignal 11?05:51
remedialjoe_drarem: or turion 205:51
draremmessage went too fast one sec will look05:51
mrunagidid you control alt delete the bootload and unmount the sys.mbr?05:51
* mrunagi is making stuff up05:51
remedialjoe_i was wondering there05:51
draremAMD 64 x2 dualcore05:52
draremm7640n HP media center05:52
remedialjoe_drarem:  hrmm.. i have an turion 1 and for some reason the 64 bit disc didn't work either .. not that this helps..  but i wonder if the alternate install disc would work.. why do you want 64 bit05:52
remedialjoe_any particular reason?05:52
mrunagiyea why DO you want 64bit05:53
mrunagithese are always good05:53
* mrunagi sits05:53
draremto see if it's any faster or better, although I don't see how i would notice the difference cept in fps gaming05:53
mrunagihey thats simple05:53
mrunagiit wont be05:53
mrunagidl 32 bit05:53
draremcourse i got some graphic apps that might benefit?05:53
draremposer 6 under wine05:54
mrunagidid he really05:54
mrunagidid he really say that?05:54
* mrunagi kicks himself in the shin05:54
draremi dont see no opensourced vershions05:54
mrunagiyou see the drarem05:54
mrunagisee what you did?05:54
remedialjoe_drarem: How much ram do you have?05:54
mrunagiyou made me hurt myself05:54
drarem2 Gb05:54
mrunagiyou have to have 405:54
mrunagino wonder!05:54
mrunagithats the problem05:54
mrunagiproblem solved05:54
remedialjoe_you need over 4gb to make use of 64bit05:54
draremmakes sense05:55
mrunagiill make sense05:55
draremin a strange way05:55
mrunagido me a favor my man05:55
remedialjoe_32 bit = 4gb work of memory allocation ?05:55
mrunagiNEVER run ANY 3d production app with wine05:55
remedialjoe_oh yah05:55
remedialjoe_i forgot about that too05:55
mrunagii beg you05:55
Arwenactually, if you're on Hardy, it's "never run any app at all with wine"05:56
Arwenbecause "oh wait, SEGFAULT!"05:56
* mrunagi facepalms05:56
draremdoes that include 3d games like HL2 ?05:56
remedialjoe_oh i was thinking 3d appz inside of wine05:56
mrunagidrarem: i didnt say games05:56
remedialjoe_yah mrunagi what about games05:56
mrunagii said 3d production apps............05:57
mrunagisuch as poser, 3dsm, maya, bryce,05:57
draremok what about povray, would those benefit from 64bit rendering with 4Gb vs 32bit/2Gb ?05:57
mrunagiwhat is povray05:57
mrunagi!info povray05:57
ubotupovray (source: povray): Persistence of vision raytracer (3D renderer). In component multiverse, is extra. Version 1:3.6.1-6 (gutsy), package size 707 kB, installed size 1768 kB05:57
remedialjoe_you can have up to 4gb with 32bit .. just no more05:58
mrunagihey look05:58
mrunagidrarem: did you go to full sail?05:58
solid_liqwill quake 4 run on linux?05:58
mrunagisolid_liq: i think so05:58
draremfull sail lunacy?05:58
remedialjoe_doesn't q4 have a linux build?05:58
solid_liqmrunagi, you've never tried it tho?05:58
remedialjoe_i was playing it before i swear05:58
solid_liqremedialjoe_, did it play okay?05:58
remedialjoe_ID software releases games for linux05:58
remedialjoe_yah for sure05:59
solid_liqit wasn't jerky or anything?05:59
remedialjoe_i was even playing enemy territory05:59
remedialjoe_no not at all05:59
solid_liqremedialjoe_, oh, I have a 7100 gt05:59
remedialjoe_i'm sure it will run just fine05:59
solid_liqsweet awesome, thanks!05:59
remedialjoe_google quake4 linux05:59
remedialjoe_there is an official linux installer06:00
remedialjoe_*pats ID software on the back06:00
remedialjoe_You da man Carmack06:00
solid_liqany idea about doom 3?06:01
remedialjoe_although solid_liq .. why aren'tyou playing Nexuiz ?06:01
remedialjoe_woah quake 2 and quake 3 are in the repos it looks like06:01
solid_liqremedialjoe_, nexuiz?06:02
remedialjoe_solid_liq:  sudo apt-get install nexuiz   <-- best fps :D06:02
remedialjoe_its incredible06:02
remedialjoe_try it now06:02
solid_liqgood graphics?06:02
remedialjoe_well i can't top it out on my card06:02
remedialjoe_my card just isn't good enough06:02
solid_liqdo they look convincing tho?06:02
remedialjoe_no its more like quake 106:02
draremso you need 4Gb of ram to run ubuntu on a 64-bit amd?06:02
remedialjoe_but heavily modified physics/06:03
remedialjoe_new weapons06:03
solid_liqdrarem, lol no06:03
remedialjoe_solid_liq:   ID software released the engine for quake for free06:03
remedialjoe_solid_liq:  and people built this game off it06:03
solid_liqoh okay, cool06:03
remedialjoe_solid_liq: there is no gameplay like it that i have found06:03
solid_liqsweet :)06:03
draremok then still dont know why 7.10amd gives me black screen06:03
draremputer is media center, and vista-media ready, maybe that is why06:04
ubotuOn IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>06:04
remedialjoe_drarem:  i had the same issue on my turion06:04
=== kevin_ is now known as maduser
remedialjoe_drarem: Is it a Compaq?06:05
remedialjoe_you said06:05
draremHP m7640n06:05
remedialjoe_same company basically.. hrmm06:05
brian__Is there anyway to get Gwenview to change pictures faster? When I press to go to the next picture, it loads very slowly.06:06
draremtomorrow will try 32-bit to make sure it's not this puter06:06
Arwenbrian__, turn off resizing filters06:06
brian__Arwen, how do I go about doing that?06:07
ol_dude67how do you change the resolution on kubuntu, the window is bigger then my monitor.06:07
Arwenbrian__, under settings, it's presented as "image smoothing"06:08
regeyameh.  wife tells me that she was told that to get onto the campus wireless network 'you have to download something.'  upon further inspection the only thing they mention is that you need the cisco vpn client(!)06:08
remedialjoe_ol_dude67:  do you have a video card driver installed?06:08
regeyawife's laptop is running kubuntu btw.06:09
ol_dude67yes its an intel 9455gz06:09
ol_dude67oops 94506:09
brian__Arwen, that does nothing. It had no effect at all06:09
Arweneh? dunno then06:09
regeyawhy in the world would a vpn client be a requirement...meh, too late to think about it.06:09
brian__Regardless of what setting I have it on, it still renders the image slowly.06:09
remedialjoe_ol_dude67:  hrmm i'm not sure if there is a configuration applet like nvidia.. hold on a sec..  did you try adjusting the resolution yet?06:09
ol_dude67thats what im trying to find is the resolution but cant seem to find it. anywhere.06:10
remedialjoe_ol_dude67:  start/system settings/Monitor and DIsplay06:10
ol_dude67i was going to say its not there.06:11
aibKNetworkManager closes as soon as I open it. I never even see the interface. I tried opening it from the command line and from the debugger, but there seems to be no way that I can interact with it06:12
ol_dude67i just rebooted and it was like what the heck happened then i remembered i switched to kdm instead of gdm and it threw it off. now i dont know where it was to fix it the last time.06:12
remedialjoe_ol_dude67:  did you find it??06:13
ol_dude67nope i have now monitor or display settings.06:13
remedialjoe_Should be under "computer administration"06:14
remedialjoe_under system settings06:14
ol_dude67remedialjoe_, nope its not there.06:14
remedialjoe_ol_dude67:  that is very weird06:14
remedialjoe_ol_dude67:  try alt-f2 and launching "kcontrol06:15
remedialjoe_ol_dude67:  then on the left hand side click on Peripherals .. Then Monitor and Display *should be there06:15
ol_dude67remedialjoe_, it wasnt installed i am installing it now.06:17
ol_dude67thanks tho06:17
remedialjoe_ol_dude67:  how did you go about installing kde ?06:17
remedialjoe_ol_dude67: did you install the "kubuntu-desktop" package ?06:17
remedialjoe_very wacky06:17
ol_dude67ya well i probably didnt do it right as im really use to slack.06:18
purge_kdewalletanyone know how to use dig?06:18
remedialjoe_well "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"   *should grab everything  ou need to get goin .. hopefully just installing kcontrol works tho06:19
ol_dude67ill let ya know here in a sec.06:20
val0I am trying to compile a program and during the configure phase it checks to see if I have glib 2.0 or greater installed. It breaks telling me that I don't while the package manager tells me that I do... i am stuck06:20
remedialjoe_val0: did you grab build-essentials ?06:21
val0remedialjoe, sure did06:21
remedialjoe_thats all i got on that subject sorry ;P06:22
val0lol, thanks06:22
purge_kdewalletval0, what program are you trying to compile?06:22
val0purge_kdewallet: irssi06:22
purge_kdewalletyou know there is an ubuntu package for that?06:23
purge_kdewalletsudo apt-get install irssi06:23
val0purge_kdewallet: yeh i do, just wanted to try and compile my own... learning process06:23
purge_kdewalletwhat was the exact error?06:24
purge_kdewalletdid you download glib and try to compile that first, then irssi?06:24
purge_kdewalletfor a beginner program, i would recommend trying to compile TOR06:24
ol_dude67remedialjoe_, after installing monitor and display i got the control for it.so it worked.06:24
purge_kdewalletits relatively easy on linux users using ubuntu06:24
ol_dude67remedialjoe_, thanks for the help, i need to know what to look for so that way if i didnt have it i could install it. so thanks alot.06:25
val0i believe that Glib was already preinstalled on my system, the error i get is: "Checking for GLIB - version >= 2.0.0. result: no error: GLIB is required to build irssi"06:25
remedialjoe_ol_dude67:  np ..    i hope it works for you.. its kind of concerning me that it wasn't there from the start tho.. try installing the kubuntu-desktop package again if you can.. eithercase, good luck ! =]06:26
purge_kdewalletsometimes when you compile programs, having the program already installed through apt-get is not enough, you have to compile it manually06:26
purge_kdewalletespecially for glib06:26
purge_kdewalletsometimes programs, such as irssi, might be looking for glib components in the wrong spot on your computer06:26
ol_dude67oh i already changed the resolution and its back to its right size now.06:26
val0ok maybe i am totally confused, but libglib2.0 is GLIB right?06:26
remedialjoe_val0:  try libglib2.006:27
remedialjoe_val0:  try libglib2.0-dev06:27
remedialjoe_if that doesn't work i will shutup06:27
purge_kdewalletthe dev is a good start too06:27
val0ok will do06:27
purge_kdewalletremedialjoe, that is a good idea06:27
remedialjoe_ty :D06:27
purge_kdewalletthat fixes a lot of the problem06:27
remedialjoe_i try.. oh how i try06:27
purge_kdewalletyou wouldn't happen to know how to use dig?06:28
remedialjoe_never heard of it06:28
purge_kdewalletit is supposed to help diagnose dns problems06:28
val0NICE! it worked. well sort of... i get a different error now which in my books mean progress!06:28
purge_kdewalleti can't lookup yahoo.com properly lol, its a dns problem06:29
remedialjoe_purge_kdewallet:  what are the issues you are having with it06:29
purge_kdewalletmy dns through vpn is failing on certain websites06:29
Arwenw00t, using a fullscreen transparent konsole + compiz snow = fun06:29
purge_kdewalletthe websites that aren't going through their ip-v606:29
remedialjoe_wow you are implementing ipv6 already.. you are bashful06:30
purge_kdewalletand i have to find the problem so i can get the tech people to fix it06:30
purge_kdewalletno, my school is06:30
purge_kdewalletits a *.edu06:30
purge_kdewallet*.edu = ipv606:30
remedialjoe_it works on http://www.webmaster-toolkit.com/dig.shtml06:31
remedialjoe_heheh hrmm06:31
purge_kdewalleti'll have to take a look at that06:31
purge_kdewalletthe manual is aweful06:32
patrick__y'a des francais(québécois) ici ..06:32
remedialjoe_looks like a few sites have web interfaces for it already06:32
purge_kdewalleti can't get to it06:32
remedialjoe_the only thing i can think of06:32
purge_kdewalletits not on ipv606:32
purge_kdewalletdo you have an ip for that?06:32
remedialjoe_is your router set to use your schools dns servers?06:32
purge_kdewalleti can't change the dns server to opendns either06:32
val0thanks for all the help. it works now i can sleep in peace!06:32
remedialjoe_val0: np . glad to help..   Cheers =]06:33
purge_kdewalletdo you have the ip for that website06:33
purge_kdewalletping <website here> will give you an ip06:33
val0:) g'night all!06:33
purge_kdewalletthat worked06:33
remedialjoe_is anyone else having issues with the dns resolving?06:34
remedialjoe_very weird you can't use opendns06:34
purge_kdewalletit has to do with the vpn certificate specifying the dns servers06:34
purge_kdewalletthe vpn writes over the resolv.conf and doesn't allow you to change it and /etc/init.d/networking restart without breaking the vpn connection06:35
purge_kdewalletim bookmarking that page!06:35
remedialjoe_hehehe .. ij ust googled "dig  online utility"06:35
remedialjoe_but glad it helps06:36
remedialjoe_i'm pretyy interested now in the vpn issue06:36
remedialjoe_did you have to setup a vpn connection on your router.. and/or the schools firewall?06:37
remedialjoe_or did they just open the port for you06:37
purge_kdewalletits setup for the whole school06:37
purge_kdewalletthis is the only computer having the dns issue06:37
purge_kdewalletthe resolv.conf and everything looks okay06:37
purge_kdewalletbut the dig results are not good06:38
purge_kdewallet; <<>> DiG 9.4.1-P1 <<>> clusty.com06:38
purge_kdewallet;; global options:  printcmd06:38
purge_kdewallet;; Got answer:06:38
purge_kdewallet;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: REFUSED, id: 5779806:38
purge_kdewallet;; flags: qr rd; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 006:38
purge_kdewallet;; WARNING: recursion requested but not available06:38
remedialjoe_you have any other buntu/*nix machines running fine with it? what did you change on that system ;]06:39
purge_kdewalletyes, i have a phone running it fine06:39
purge_kdewalleti reformatted the system, so everything changed06:39
remedialjoe_its a clean install and its not going eh06:40
purge_kdewalleti think its a conspiracy :)06:40
remedialjoe_can you ping out to any domains?06:41
purge_kdewalletyes, google and wikipedia06:41
purge_kdewalletand test.com06:41
purge_kdewalletbut not clusty.com, whatismyip.com, and ubuntu.com06:41
purge_kdewalletand i can't sudo apt-get update because of that06:41
purge_kdewalletthat a bad problem with ubuntu06:43
purge_kdewallettheir repositories are all DNS!!!! None of them are IPs for people without DNS!!!06:43
remedialjoe_have you tried this for firefox?06:45
remedialjoe_Type about:config in firefox URL field06:45
remedialjoe_filter ipv606:45
remedialjoe_set network.dns.disableIPv6 to true06:45
remedialjoe_that might solve websurfing issues but not other appz06:46
purge_kdewalleti have tried all browsers06:46
purge_kdewalletwell, two: konqueror and firefox06:46
remedialjoe_with disabling ipv6 dns?06:46
Hydrogen;; SERVER: <-- us.archive.ubuntu.com06:47
purge_kdewalletits not only web surfing that is affected06:47
purge_kdewalleti can't even ping06:47
remedialjoe_i understand06:47
remedialjoe_but i am reading that this might work for web surfing but not other appz06:47
remedialjoe_might be a step closer06:47
remedialjoe_*keeps reading06:47
purge_kdewalleti am using ssh to bypass lots of it06:47
remedialjoe_The solution is to edit /etc/dhc3/dhclient.conf and unremark the line "prepend...." and replace the default dns with your ISP's dns.06:47
purge_kdewalleti can just do an ssh me@server -X to bring up the web browser remotely06:47
purge_kdewalletthats a good idea06:48
remedialjoe_found at : http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-77648.html06:48
purge_kdewalletbut its getting the dhcp from the server over dhcp06:48
purge_kdewalletover vpn i mean06:48
purge_kdewalletresolv.conf is for dns, the dhclient should be for dhcp, which can redirect dns requests to the router06:49
purge_kdewalletbut in my case the router is remove because of the vpn06:49
purge_kdewalletif i were the vpn programmer, i probably would lock that file down as well as the resolv.conf06:49
remedialjoe_"It's interresting that ubuntu is not able to configure it's IP DNS from the router. "06:50
remedialjoe_try it06:50
remedialjoe_see if it sticks06:50
remedialjoe_Ubuntu has a newer Internet protocol called IPv6 turned on by default. However, some hardware — such as NICs and modems — shows broken behavior when exposed to IPv6 related DNS requests. This leaves you wondering why DNS resolution seems slower or doesn't work at all.06:51
remedialjoe_maybe a different NIC ?06:51
purge_kdewalleti am getting some problems with my network card too06:52
purge_kdewalletits dropping an average of 25% of packets06:52
purge_kdewalleti think that is a separate problem though06:52
remedialjoe_konversation crashed06:52
remedialjoe_but i got the last msg i think06:52
remedialjoe_it could be the culprit06:52
remedialjoe_25% packet loss06:53
purge_kdewalletPING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.06:53
purge_kdewallet64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=241 time=29.8 ms06:53
purge_kdewallet64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=241 time=80.6 ms06:53
purge_kdewallet--- google.com ping statistics ---06:53
purge_kdewallet4 packets transmitted, 2 received, 50% packet loss, time 7092ms06:53
purge_kdewalletrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 29.859/55.235/80.611/25.376 ms06:53
remedialjoe_i'd check the cable first.. but i mean06:53
purge_kdewalleti think i need to call my isp06:53
purge_kdewalletits with or without the vpn06:53
remedialjoe_i'd try a different cable06:53
remedialjoe_or nic first06:53
remedialjoe_thats all they will tell u06:53
purge_kdewalletits wifi06:53
purge_kdewalletbut its a strong signal06:53
remedialjoe_what kind is it06:54
remedialjoe_sorry model/brand06:54
remedialjoe_usb/pci ?06:54
purge_kdewalletintel 2200/bg06:54
remedialjoe_ping your router06:54
remedialjoe_any packet loss?06:54
purge_kdewalletcan't, im on the vpn now06:54
purge_kdewalletwell, maybe06:54
purge_kdewalletlet me try06:54
purge_kdewalletno loss06:55
remedialjoe_so its not wifi/router06:55
remedialjoe_for the pl issue06:55
purge_kdewalletthere is no packet loss when i do a ping charter.net06:55
remedialjoe_is there anyway you can plug in the NIC06:55
remedialjoe_and see if ipv6 works through that06:55
purge_kdewallet(my isp)06:55
purge_kdewalletall other sites have packet loss06:56
remedialjoe_sounds like their backbone is having issues?06:56
purge_kdewalletsounds like charter is doing deep packet inspections06:56
purge_kdewalletit is really slowing down regular connections, and encrypted connections even more06:56
purge_kdewalletit could be a brute-force attack as well06:56
Daisuke_Idowelcome to the modern world without net neutrality.06:56
purge_kdewalletmaybe i should flood ping and see what the loss rates are06:57
=== dan__ is now known as Y-Town
purge_kdewalleti'll ping myself from the vpn connection06:58
purge_kdewalletthats peacefully06:58
purge_kdewalletwow, not much packet loss06:59
purge_kdewallet0% packet loss on a flood ping06:59
purge_kdewalletbut 25 - 50% loss on a regular ping06:59
purge_kdewalletwhats wrong with that picture?06:59
purge_kdewalletdefinitely its the isp doing packet inspection06:59
remedialjoe_big brother is watching you06:59
purge_kdewalletthey can't inspect flood pings06:59
purge_kdewalletbecause its not a protocol, but rather broken protocol strings07:00
remedialjoe_i don't see how that would effect dns resolves tho07:00
purge_kdewalletif the internet is multiplexed, this would be a possible outcome07:00
purge_kdewalletUDP is a targeted protocol for packet inspection07:00
purge_kdewalletsince it is used by many p2p07:01
purge_kdewalletaka, torrents07:01
purge_kdewalletnothing out of the ordinary under the peerguardian logs07:01
purge_kdewalletdo you all use peerguardian for linux?07:01
remedialjoe_i tried but then things pointed me to moblock07:02
remedialjoe_and i felt uneasy07:02
remedialjoe_so i haven't been dling07:02
purge_kdewalletyou should try the one one sf.net07:03
purge_kdewalletcalled iplist07:03
purge_kdewalletvery stable, and has a GUI07:03
remedialjoe_  wow there are hardy packages already07:03
remedialjoe_coolness thx07:03
purge_kdewallethow come apt-get distupgrade doesn't upgrade me to hardy?07:04
remedialjoe_sometimes i don't know why ubuntu does the things it does07:05
mrunagiy do ppl want hardy so bad07:06
purge_kdewalletthe kde407:07
remedialjoe_also because the install bugs haven't been fixed in gutsy?07:07
Arwenmrunagi, Hardy? it has more xrandr. But honestly, I couldn't tell it apart from Gutsy.07:07
Arwenand argh, compiz makes the eyes burn after a while..07:08
remedialjoe_yah i got woozy after using it for too long07:09
raomani have kubuntu 6.10 cd. when i tried to boot for installation, i get some error message saying that something is wrong with my HDD. ( running on Pentium 3 with winXp on 40GBmaxtor and ubuntu 7.10 on 10GB seagate) can anyone help me?07:09
purge_kdewalleti can try07:09
purge_kdewalletam sure others here will too07:10
remedialjoe_purge_kdewallet: are you on dsl?07:10
Daisuke_Idoraoman: you might want to go to 7.1007:10
Daisuke_Ido4.10 will no longer be supported come april07:10
purge_kdewalleti am on cable07:11
purge_kdewalletcharter is a cable provider07:11
purge_kdewalletthey are a small little comcast07:11
purge_kdewalletraoman, what is the error?07:11
raomanDaisuke_Ido: i tried it already, had problems mounting USB drives, and my adept manager got screwed07:12
remedialjoe_purge_kdewallet: which vpn client are you using07:13
purge_kdewalletvery buggy07:13
Daisuke_Idoso you're going WAY back to a version that is barely supported in the hope that things will be better?07:13
purge_kdewalletthe only one that exists though07:13
raomanpurge _kdewallet: hdd:ide_intr:huh?expected NULL handler on exit followed by Buffer I/O error on device HDD, logical block 17790207:13
Daisuke_Idoi assure you, this is an incredibly bad idea07:13
purge_kdewalletraoman, try running the live cd07:13
remedialjoe_purge_kdewallet:  look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-408866.html07:13
purge_kdewalletand there are commands to run scans on the hard disk from the live cd07:14
raomanpurge _kdewallet: i tried booting several time, getting same error msg07:14
purge_kdewalletbooting from hd or live disk?07:14
remedialjoe_raoman: that sounds like the optical drive is on the same ide cable as the hd07:14
remedialjoe_but try the live cd like purg said07:15
raomanpurge _kdewallet: booting from live CD live cd07:15
remedialjoe_raoman:  Desktop or laptop07:15
remedialjoe_i'm betting desktop07:15
raomanpurge _kdewallet: desktop, but i had no problems installing Kubuntu 7.1007:15
remedialjoe_oh hrm07:15
Daisuke_Idoif you had no problems installing it, why didn't you just fix the problems it had with USB (can be done) instead of go back to a flaky release?07:16
purge_kdewalletthe error reads: hard disk /dev/hdd has an interrupt on the IDP port, expected 0 MSB, thus a buffer overflow (V flag) on /dev/hdd, at logic memory location 17790207:16
purge_kdewalletdo you have another computer to burn a new live disk, the latest version uses a different kernel, if you don't I would recommend using an older version of a live disk you have07:17
remedialjoe_purge_kdewallet: You can add an alias section specifically for the ___+  interface, and I think you'll want to add a prepend directive to specify the necessary dns entries.07:17
remedialjoe_" "07:17
purge_kdewalletsometimes the older kernels bypass problems like this and allow them to run, any live disks around with kernel 2.4?07:17
raomanpurge _kdewallet: i tried fixing usb problem on 7.10, but didnt workout. probably coz i didnt do it right. im still a rookie..07:17
remedialjoe_also purge_kdewallet ..07:18
remedialjoe_Have you installed network-manager? It watches and reconfigures your connections.07:18
remedialjoe_Nope, no network manager. Plain and simple default config.07:18
purge_kdewalletremedialjoe, my interface is virtual, tap when vpnc, and then eth1 otherwise07:18
remedialjoe_maybe un installing network-manager ?07:18
remedialjoe_yes you can still add the section for the virtual interface07:19
remedialjoe_they have it listed as cisco007:19
purge_kdewalletat this rate i may have to reinstall the OS lol with my problem07:19
purge_kdewalleti really think its a problem either with the Ubuntu and the VPN server or a bug in KVPNC07:19
remedialjoe_purge read this please07:19
purge_kdewalletu need to translate that into an ip07:20
purge_kdewalletor give me a min lol07:20
remedialjoe_oh right my bad07:20
raomanpurge_kdewallet: i have ubuntu 7.10 running, can i install KDE interface on it?07:20
remedialjoe_raoman: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop07:21
Daisuke_Idosudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop07:21
purge_kdewalleti would do a disk check before installing anything new though remdialjoe07:21
purge_kdewalletif he is on 7.10 now stably, i would run those disk check utils07:21
Daisuke_Idoaptitude handles dependencies better, so that if you decide to not go with kde, it can all be removed in one fell swoop07:21
raomanpurge _kdewallet: okay, does it still come with USB drive mounting problem?07:21
Daisuke_Idothat's the ONLY reason i would recommend the change07:22
remedialjoe_Daisuke_Ido: thx07:22
purge_kdewalletnot that i am aware, i even got gmail to mount on it fine07:22
remedialjoe_good call07:22
purge_kdewalletin the future, if you can't unmount, try the umount /dev/sda1 command, where sda1 is the usb flash drive07:22
remedialjoe_also make sure you have the USB folder you were working on closed before trying to unmount the disc ;]07:23
remedialjoe_or drive*07:23
purge_kdewalletalso, i am guessing your USB drive is new07:23
remedialjoe_i'm so tired.. can't sleep.. should just listen07:23
purge_kdewalletthere is a new USB driver error in some of the newer USB flash drives?  i have a problem with opensuse unmounting my newer flash drives07:23
purge_kdewalletremedialjoe, this website covers a problem i have had in the past with anonet07:24
remedialjoe_it _sounds_ like the same sort of issue07:25
purge_kdewalleti ran into that problem with anonet, but this is a different problem07:26
purge_kdewalletanonet uses the vpn software to connect to its network07:26
purge_kdewalletthis is the same problem i had with that, but it was resolved a while back07:26
remedialjoe_even the last post? feb 1st 200807:26
purge_kdewalletyeah, the article wasn't dealing with anonet, but its a common problem that is hard to find on the web07:27
purge_kdewalletif i want dns, i can just setup a local dns server07:28
purge_kdewalletusing TOR07:28
raomanpurge _kdewallet: y wouldnt my external HDD (NTFS) mount even after i installed ntfs-3g? shudnt it fix d problem?07:28
purge_kdewallet7.10 has the proper software installed natively07:28
purge_kdewalletyou shouldn't have to install any additional software, the ntfs-3g should have come with 7.1007:28
purge_kdewalletdid you try to mount it manually?07:29
purge_kdewalletmkdir /media/usbdisk07:29
purge_kdewalletsudo mount /dev/hdd /media/usbdisk07:29
purge_kdewalletyou might need a sudo on that mkdir as well07:29
raomanpurge _kdewallet: i installed it because i had problems mounting my USB drives. i browsed through the forum pages b4 installing.07:30
purge_kdewalletassuming that hdd is the usb disk07:30
ForgeAusare AMD/ATI now opensource drivers?07:30
raomanpurge _kdewallet: nope, i didnt07:30
purge_kdewalletForge: ATI has for a while, about 2 years07:30
ForgeAusuh? I'm confused07:30
purge_kdewallettry that07:31
purge_kdewalletsee if that works raoman07:31
purge_kdewalletmake sure you find the right /dev/07:31
ForgeAusback when I got edgy radeon was tough to get working because the drivers were proprietary and the opensource versions were difficult...07:31
purge_kdewalletit can be /dev/sda1, /dev/sdb1, /dev/usbdisk, or /dev/hdd07:31
purge_kdewalletusually one of those07:31
ForgeAusie fire xgl etc..07:31
ForgeAusI'm certain that was less than 2 years ago07:32
purge_kdewalletoh, i didn't read above, "opensource"07:32
purge_kdewalletthats news to me07:32
ForgeAussame here07:32
purge_kdewalletthey have had the proprietary out a while07:32
raomanpurge _kdewallet: okay, i'll try installing KDE now... thx bro07:32
remedialjoe_purge_kdewallet:  sorry if i am repeating myself..  so the issue isn't that your dns is changing back to the wrong settings?07:32
ForgeAusbut aren't the opensource drivers for radeon for Xorg better than the propritary versions?07:32
purge_kdewalletits dns servers are working on other computers07:32
purge_kdewalletbut not properly here07:33
ForgeAus(still a pain tho)07:33
purge_kdewalletthe network admin says the dns servers are twice as fast as any others07:33
purge_kdewalletso it would be *nice* if it worked07:33
purge_kdewalleti was hoping dig could help07:33
remedialjoe_but you said opendns wouldn't even work07:33
purge_kdewalletthe actual command might help me debug07:33
purge_kdewalletbut the flags are hard to set07:33
remedialjoe_its the same solution07:33
purge_kdewalletyeah, i tried editing the resolv.conf07:33
purge_kdewalletbut to read the resolv.conf with the opendns settings07:34
purge_kdewalleti would have to /etc/init.d/networking restart07:34
purge_kdewalletwhich would break the vpn connection07:34
purge_kdewalletand thus i was in an endless loop07:34
purge_kdewallet(the vpn reset the resolv.conf)07:35
purge_kdewalletif the dhcp settings are changed, they will reflect the router at the vpn server side07:35
remedialjoe_doesn't it just reset the settings?07:35
purge_kdewalletnot the client side router here07:35
remedialjoe_it won't actually completely re create the resolv.conf will it07:35
purge_kdewalletno, you have to reset networking for it to read07:35
purge_kdewalletit will completely recreate it07:35
purge_kdewalletand move the other file to another file name07:36
purge_kdewalletwhoever wrote the kvpnc was in a rush i think07:36
purge_kdewallethey, i have to get some sleep07:36
purge_kdewalleti'll try staying in here and jump in some time tomorrow07:36
remedialjoe_hehehe.. take it easy yo.. and GL figuring it out.. if you do and see me around let me know what was up07:36
remedialjoe_i'm on now and then07:37
purge_kdewalletgood room to give back to the ubuntu community and get help learning new things at the same time07:37
remedialjoe_true true07:37
dariocolli recently nstalled compiz and i need help please07:42
Lynouredariocoll: If you are a bit more specific, people are more likely to help (though I don't do compiz)07:45
remedialjoe_man i can't get de interlacing to work at all for mplayer .. using "vf = yadif"  in the .mplayer/config and also /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf07:47
remedialjoe_i want to watch this BSG dvd i just got07:47
remedialjoe_back for more07:49
ActionParsnipcrackhead100, in settings for amsn there should be a font section09:38
anipyhi. AFAIR, kubuntu 8.04 won't be with long-term support LTS. is this information correct / up-to-date?09:42
tzdCan someone please help me with the "BROKEN TRANSLATION" message i get in d3lphin please?09:45
ActionParsniptzd, when does it occur?09:45
=== ubuntu_ is now known as substr
tzdevery time i open d3lpihn09:46
ActionParsniptzd, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65396209:47
ActionParsniptzd, have you seen that before?09:47
tzdActionParsnip: thanks09:47
tzdActionParsnip: I'll have a look... Read through a forum yesterday where they discussed some ".om" file09:48
ActionParsniptzd, backup any files you modify09:49
tzdActionParsnip: will do :)09:49
flipstaranipy: 8.04 with kde3 has lts..the variante with kde4 not09:52
ActionParsnipWhen is KDE4 meant to be the standard KDE desktop and obsolete KDE3.509:59
jussi01!khardy | ActionParsnip10:03
ubotuActionParsnip: Kubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 4 should be offered by shipit. The KDE 3 CD will be commercially supported for 18 months and KDE 4 will be community supported.10:03
crackhead100ActionParsnip: no, not the fonts in the chat windows.. i want to change the fonts of the menus and everything in the program itself.. they are so tiny i can barely read them..10:04
flipstarcrackhead100: systemsetting-->apperance-->fonts10:08
tzdActionParsnip: It (br. translation) worked now, thanks a lot! :) I actually read about the same solution yesterday but I wasn't sure how to modify the .mo file. By following the example in the link you gave me it was A LOT easier. Anyway, one issue less and soon my kubuntu is perfect... at least until i mess it up again ;P Thanks once again10:10
ActionParsnipjussi01, I didnt think all apps were kde4 compliant yet10:10
ActionParsniptzd, sweet move dude :)10:10
anipyflipstar: thank you for your reply. i didn't know there will be two different KDE versions available. good news!10:11
jussi01ActionParsnip: I dont think they are, however, I know that factoid comes from Ridd.ell, so I imagine he knows what he is on about :)10:12
ActionParsnipjussi01, true10:14
ActionParsnipjussi01, is it hard to make kde3.5 apps use kde4. Id imagine they'd have made it backward compatible at some points10:15
jussi01ActionParsnip: if you are on kde4, you can use kde3.5 apps, of courese, just not inegrated perfectly.  ;)10:15
jussi01same as gnome apps on kde10:15
vltHello. What package is responsible for the translations of context menus and dialog boxes in Konqueror and KMail?10:17
remedialjoe_is that an echo i hear10:18
remedialjoe_Echo ..10:18
jejeah ca marche!10:18
llutzvlt: language-pack-kde-xx   xx = your language10:18
vltllutz: Ok, thank you. What's the ...-kde-xx-base package for?10:20
llutzvlt: KDE translations for language xx          wasn't it what you asked for?10:20
vltllutz: Aah, I see, didn't know the difference between the seldom updated -base pkg and the normal one.10:23
tzdDoes anyone use the program "BasKet note pads" with "Kontact" please? I would like to use a global shortcut key for opening the BasKets please?10:25
=== dan__ is now known as Y-Town
Y-Townanyone know where to change the gnome login to kde?10:30
llutzY-Town: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm10:31
Y-Townthank you10:31
ali3n51there are some problem encountered during update10:41
ali3n51my apt is encountered some error...10:41
ali3n51the sun java plugin is encounted some erro during the update session10:42
mariobjr tlm10:43
marioje suis francais10:43
marioy a t il des francais parmi nous10:43
ali3n51what i can to comlete update withour eeror10:43
llutz!fr | mario10:43
ubotumario: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.10:43
llutzali3n51: open a console and type "sudo aptitude dist-upgrade", paste errors to !pastebin10:44
llutz!pastebin | ali3n5110:44
ubotuali3n51: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:44
ali3n51how to correct problem in to comlete update my apt10:47
jussi01ali3n51: did you see llutz 's message before?10:48
ali3n51there are some proble encountered during updating my apt10:49
ali3n51i can't complete downloaded10:49
jussi01[02/28/08 12:42:16] < llutz> ali3n51: open a console and type "sudo aptitude dist-upgrade", paste errors to !pastebin10:49
mariorebonjour je suis nouveau sur ce service10:55
marioje fais des essais10:55
mariomerci de votre comprehension10:55
jussi01!fr | mario10:55
ubotumario: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.10:55
jussi01mario: we only speak english in here :)10:55
mariothank you10:56
X314anyone know a way to make a .mkv file to a DVD5?10:56
ali3n51thx for terminal console my apt is correctly configured10:57
ali3n51is done through terminal console10:58
llutzali3n51: nobody can help you, if you don't show us the errors you get10:58
ali3n51i am using database program in my office through vahalla linux, login...11:01
ali3n51do u thin the vahalla linux is compatible to kubuntu11:01
ali3n51my database is running through valhalla linux redhat 7.????11:02
BhaalWKHey guys, whats the best way to get compiz started with kubuntu?  I have done apt-get install compiz ... Now is there anything special I have to do to start using it?11:13
BhaalWKI assume I have to restart KDE?11:13
jussi01!compiz | BhaalWK11:13
ubotuBhaalWK: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion11:13
BhaalWKjussi01: Thanks11:13
jussi01BhaalWK: look at those instruction, there are a few more packages you need :)11:14
BhaalWKI tried apt-get install compiz* but I am getting a conflict with compiz-compcom or something like that11:14
BhaalWKWhat you be laughing at? :S11:15
Apple_Cat_how do you set vim to turn the incremental search on ?11:17
BhaalWKRighto, easy instructions, thanks for that...11:17
Apple_Cat_sorry for being way off topic btw11:18
ali3n51compiz is also my problem after i finish i don't know how to activate11:27
ali3n51after i finish install i don't know how to activate the effects of compiz11:28
dhqwhat is this error division by error11:37
krwlngselam bana yardım edebilecek bi türk varmı ?11:51
Unksidhq: the program probably tried to divide by zero, thats not possible11:51
emilsedgh!tr | krwlng11:51
ubotukrwlng: Turk ubuntu kullanicilari, turkce yardim yada geyik icin #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.11:51
ali3n51mabuhay kubuntu11:56
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell12:35
yao_ziyuanwhat programs under linux can let me watch online tv streams and old movie streams?12:37
flipstarzattoo let you watch some tv streams..but it aint in the repos12:37
tzdis "Haldaemon" the same as "Hal" when it comes to users and groups please?12:40
alesanhi how can I slow down the mouse?12:45
alesanit is FAR too quick12:45
alesanI can barely point it where I need12:45
alesanI like a mouse like the one on the macintosh, very slow ;)12:46
=== michael__ is now known as Igor
alesanflipstar: yes, and? no setting seems to control mouse speed12:46
alesanit is a bluetooth mouse, the touchpad and IBM's nipple are ok12:47
flipstarsystemsetting-->mouse-->advanced-->mouse pointer acceleration12:47
alesanflipstar: maybe I've not been clear. the problem is the SPEED not the acceleration12:48
alesannothing in that panel works for me; I have already tried12:48
flipstaryou set acceleration to 1.5 or something ?12:48
alesanlong ago I remember a xset command to slow down the mouse, or similar. I must find it again12:48
flipstarand clicked apply ?12:49
flipstarmaybe 1.0 is better,just tried12:49
alesanI understand what you mean. yes if I set to 1.0 the mouse gets more... mh how can I describe12:50
flipstarfor me it is slower at all..12:50
alesanyes slower but also for quick movements12:50
SlimeyPetemouse settings do tend to go a bit funny if you attach a mouse after X has started12:50
SlimeyPeteand you have to use xset12:50
alesana good setting of the mouse is that, if you use if slowly, it moves slowly, if you make a very quick and short movement it goes already across the screen12:51
alesanwith a setting of 1..0x it seems like the good old days with a non-proportional mouse on the commodore 6412:51
alesanSlimeyPete: as it is a bluetooth mouse, it is guaranteed it will be attached only after X (and KDE and bluez thing) has started12:52
alesanSlimeyPete: do you have an example how to operate xset? let me serach on the net12:52
ubotuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/12:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libflash - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:53
jussi01kaminix: ??12:53
kaminixJust doing some research  :p12:54
omeowAdept just installed a list of updates and now I can no longer type a double quote. If I try it, then a / appears instead. What happened? My keyboard layout did not change. It's still set to what it was. US int.12:55
soussouis there a way I can update kubuntu and have kde4 as the default desktop?12:56
soussousomeone suggested i install kde4-core12:56
alesanis KDE4 working well?12:56
soussoubut that package doesn't even exist12:56
soussoualesan: according to some sources, it's not perfect, but it's working12:56
kaminixsoussou: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php12:56
flipstaromeow: locale -a12:56
kaminixInstructions on the page.12:57
soussoui tried using opensuse 11, it's buggy, but very interesting12:57
SlimeyPetealesan: "xset m <acceleration> <threshold>" I think. Acceleration can be a fraction e.g. 1/10.12:57
willis_interesting because of the bugs? :)12:57
SlimeyPeteso you can go much lower than the GUI tool allows12:57
soussouno, simply interesting in and out of itself, regardless of the bugs12:58
alesansoussou, kaminix: thanks12:59
alesanSlimeyPete: will try that thanks12:59
kaminixYou're welcome :)13:00
omeowflipstar: What do I need to do with that?13:01
soussouwhat distro has the most stable kde4 desktop?13:02
soussouI tried opensuse 11, it works, but crashes frequently13:03
jussi01soussou: kde4 support in #kubuntu-kde4 :)13:03
flipstarsoussou: fedora9 was stable when i tried for an sec or two13:07
JuJuBeeI am having trouble starting dansguardian.  I get this error ... Error binding server socket (is something else running on the filter port and ip? [8080])  How do I see what else is using port 8080?13:18
Briareos1does a user need to be in a specific group to be able to use bluetooth obex push?13:22
noaXesscan i set the default filemanager to konquerror instead of dolphin?13:35
pag!dolphin | noaXess13:36
ubotunoaXess: Dolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.13:36
copondoI have vertical lines appearing on the right side of windows, tooltips, menus etc when using Compiz/Xgl (Thinkpad R40e 384MB RAM 2.4GHz ATI) How can I fix that?13:37
Apple_Cat_is there a way to change the icons for programs, example would be change firefox icon so the the icon at the top left of window and icon in alt tab is affected by the change also13:38
Apple_Cat_i assume they both use the same icon, where should i be looking, I've tried /usr but didn't find much13:39
noaXesspag: thanks :)13:39
flipstarApple_Cat_: i guess this is implemented into the program itself..dont know if its enough to replace the icon..13:40
Apple_Cat_hm darn, i guess I'll give up now then, not too important anyway13:41
Apple_Cat_thanks though13:41
copondoI have vertical lines appearing on the right side of windows, tooltips, menus etc when using Compiz/Xgl (Thinkpad R40e 384MB RAM 2.4GHz ATI) How can I fix that?13:42
nosrednaekimcopondo» switch to the newer FGLRX drivers and ditch XGL13:44
copondoI tried installing that. Either I didn't follow the instructions correctly, or the new FGLRX don't work with my hardware. How can I check to see if my ATI is supported, where can I get a good HowTo?13:45
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto13:46
nosrednaekimI think there is a link off that page for manually installing the drivers ^^13:46
copondoIf it installs successfully, should I then uninstall Xgl or does FGLRX become my new compositing manager?13:47
nosrednaekimcopondo» uninstall XGL13:48
nosrednaekimcopondo» and you'll need to erase the "no compositing" line from your xorg.conf13:48
copondolspci on my ThinkPad returns "ATI Technologies Inc RS200/RS200M AGP Bridge [IGP 340M]"13:49
nosrednaekimcopondo» oh.... thats old.... you might be better off with the open source ATI drivers.13:51
TheGateKeeperwhen is the next version due out & am I right in thinking it is an LTS version & you should be able to upgrade to it from dapper?13:51
ubotuKubuntu Hardy Heron expects to ship with both KDE 3 and KDE 4 as 2 separate disks. KDE 4 should be offered by shipit. The KDE 3 CD will be commercially supported for 18 months and KDE 4 will be community supported.13:51
nosrednaekimTheGateKeeper» Its not LTS, but I think you will be able to upgrade from dapper13:51
TheGateKeeperok thanks nosrednaekim13:52
TheGateKeeperwill give it a try when it comes out13:52
copondonosrednaekim, how do I obtain those open source ATI drivers?13:52
TheGateKeeperhopefully they will put upgrade info on their wiki13:53
nosrednaekimTheGateKeeper» they probably will13:53
nosrednaekimcopondo» they are already installed..... they come with X13:53
nosrednaekimcopondo» edit your xorg.conf and change Driver "fglrx" to Driver "ati" and erase the last three lines which should be turning compositing off.13:54
TheGateKeeperbe nice if I can use the update-manager13:56
copondoDefault is Driver ati. Whenever I change to fglrx X refuses to start. I'm not very farmiliar with which lines to turn compositing off with. By the way thanks so much for your suggestions so far.13:56
nosrednaekimcopondo» so you aren't using fglrx right now?13:56
nosrednaekimcopondo» ah... then you have no need for XGL13:57
nosrednaekimhave you tried running compiz without XGL?13:57
copondoRight now I'm using ati. I've experimented with radeon - no difference. With fglrx, X doesn't start13:57
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
nosrednaekimcopondo» ok.. uninstall xserver-xgl13:58
copondoNever works. At the terminal, it says something like 'looking for xgl, not found, trying texture from pixmap, not found, returning to default metacity, not found, exiting.13:58
nosrednaekimcopondo» well, lets try to fix that... probably a problem with your xorg.conf13:59
copondoBy the way I must say that despite the challenges, switching to Kubuntu has been an exciting and satisfying journey. This is my first time away from Windows and I'm never returning.14:01
nosrednaekimcopondo» xgl uninstalled?14:02
copondoUninstalled. What next?14:04
nosrednaekimcopondo» log out and then back in14:06
copondoHope I don't lose you. Be back in a moment...14:06
Zizzfizzixhi guys i have problem with logging in on my laptop :/14:08
Zizzfizzixwhen i type in name and pass (both correct)14:08
nosrednaekimZizzfizzix» are you canadian.... and did you just install updates?14:08
Zizzfizzixit turns black14:08
Zizzfizzixand after while i get another login screen :/14:09
Zizzfizzix<nosrednaekim> why canadian?14:09
flipstarjust a guess14:09
Zizzfizzixi'm from poland..14:09
flipstardo you have compiz ?14:09
nosrednaekimZizzfizzix» it matters..... ok14:10
squid0Zizzfizzix: sounds to me like a problem with your X configuration14:10
flipstar.. enabled at login?14:10
Zizzfizzixi have compiz i guess14:10
Zizzfizzixcause i had gnome14:10
nosrednaekimZizzfizzix» there was a bad lang-pack update for canadians14:10
Zizzfizzixbut i dont use it anymore14:10
copondonosrednaekim, I'm back. What next?14:10
nosrednaekimcopondo» run "glxinfo"14:11
Zizzfizzix<squid0> do you know how to configure roght x server?14:11
squid0Zizzfizzix: when was it last working?14:11
flipstarZizzfizzix: you might try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg since when did the error occure ?14:12
squid0did you do change any graphics settings since then?14:12
copondoname of display: :0.014:12
copondodisplay: :0  screen: 014:12
copondodirect rendering: Yes14:12
copondoserver glx vendor string: SGI14:12
copondoserver glx version string: 1.214:12
copondoserver glx extensions:14:12
Zizzfizzixmy mum used computer and then it crashed xD14:12
nosrednaekim!pastebin | copondo for future reference14:12
ubotucopondo for future reference: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)14:12
squid0Zizzfizzix: you didn't change your monitor graphics driver?14:12
nosrednaekimcopondo» try running compiz now.14:13
Zizzfizzixi did not change anything14:13
Zizzfizzixand my mother can't14:13
flipstarZizzfizzix: you might try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:13
Zizzfizzixi will14:13
nosrednaekimwith a -phigh14:13
copondoI think I did something stupid. I'll paste the output on pastebin now. Compiz still fails when comparing resolution to maximum 3D texture size (512)14:14
flipstarZizzfizzix: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh14:14
Zizzfizzixconsole login works right14:14
nosrednaekimcopondo» ok14:14
squid0Zizzfizzix: first try what filpstar suggested. If that doesn't work: I'm not sure if this is the best way to do this, but go to a tty terminal (control + alt + 1), and login. do sudo killall kdm . then type startx, and see what is output14:14
flipstarZizzfizzix: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh14:15
copondoI've put it on pastebin as copondo. Hope you read the last error.14:15
flipstarerr copondo you need to paste the link..14:15
dj_slt tout le monde14:16
dj_hi everybody14:16
copondoHere's the link: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57700/14:16
nosrednaekimhey dj_14:16
dj_hy nosrednaekim14:16
dj_there's somebody to help me please .14:17
nosrednaekimcopondo» could you pastebin the error from compiz --replace?14:17
nosrednaekimdj_» what is the problem?14:17
dj_just a simple things ^14:17
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
dj_because i want to set weather as i did under ubuntu14:18
Zizzfizzixi did dpkg-reconfigure... and its rebooting now we'll see what happens14:18
dj_but under kubuntu i don't know where is it14:18
Azureshi does kubuntu support ati crossfire cards ?14:18
shellyhi, i hve been searching the forums but haven't been able to fix my problem with what i have found so i am hoping someone can walk me through it... i have a toshiba satellite a205 laptop with a realtek integrated wireless card (RTL8187B) and am having trouble getting wireless working. After using ndiswrapper to install the windos driver i get the driver installed but it says no hardware or something along those lines. I know that the car is there and works14:18
shellycause it worked in windows.. but i hate windows so erased  it. can someone pleasehelp me fix this?14:18
nosrednaekimAzures» ATI does not... no14:18
copondonosrednaekim, here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57702/14:18
nosrednaekimAzures» maybe soon14:18
flipstar!find weather | dj_14:19
ubotudj_: Found: kweather, xfce4-weather-plugin, gkrellweather, libweather-com-perl, php-services-weather (and 9 others)14:19
=== dj_ is now known as dj_thks
=== dj_thks is now known as dj_
nosrednaekimcopondo» ok... now, last thing, pastebin your "/etc/X11/xorg.conf"14:19
Zizzfizzixguys now i cant see anything... :/14:19
Zizzfizzixafter reconfigure14:19
dj_thks flipstar i'm newbie ^^14:19
flipstardj_: just install kweather :)14:20
flipstaror an other app listed above..14:20
nosrednaekimZizzfizzix» no login screen?14:20
dj_thks a lot flipstar14:20
dj_and an other thing ; kubuntu is good with wifi ?14:20
Zizzfizzixnow i have but i had to  ctr+alt+f114:21
dj_because i'm under virtualbox actually and i don't tes14:21
Zizzfizzixand its same as was before:/14:21
copondonosrednaekim, my /etc/X11/xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57703/14:21
tri170391dj_ : that depends on which wifi chip your card are using14:22
dj_an old chip so14:23
dj_netgear ma10114:23
Zizzfizzix<squid0> i did waht you said and it logged me into kde 3 session14:23
tri170391i mean the chipset inside your wifi card14:24
squid0Zizzfizzix: ok, so X does work in some way14:24
flipstar!wifi | dj_14:24
ubotudj_: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:24
Zizzfizzix<squid0>: what should i do now?14:24
nosredna_ekimcopondo» sorry, did you say something?14:24
squid0Zizzfizzix: now, if you log out of KDE, try sudo kdm, perhaps14:24
squid0Zizzfizzix: not sure if there should be arguments to the kdm command14:25
dj_thks to flipstar, ubotu tri17039114:25
Zizzfizzix<squid0>: still thesame :/14:25
squid0Zizzfizzix: what is the error output?14:25
squid0pastebin it14:25
Zizzfizzix<squid0>: i havent got any14:25
flipstarZizzfizzix: squid0 sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start14:25
squid0flipstar: thanks14:25
Zizzfizzixflipstar>: did14:26
Zizzfizzixand it shows14:26
Zizzfizzixnot starting kdm, it is not default display man14:27
squid0Zizzfizzix: did you install ubuntu first, and then kubuntu?14:27
squid0Zizzfizzix: ok, so try sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm14:27
copondonosredna_ekim I only posted the /etc/X11/xorg.conf at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57703/14:27
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
squid0I think it will ask you whether you want kdm to be your default display manager. Answer yes14:28
nosredna_ekimcopondo» thanks... my computer crashed.(over heating I think)14:28
Zizzfizzixi choose kdm-kde414:28
shellyi know everyone is busy, but does anyone have any ideas to help me?14:28
Zizzfizzixmaybe i should choose kdm?14:28
squid0Zizzfizzix: I think either one is good14:28
nosredna_ekimcopondo» hum, thats odd14:28
squid0Zizzfizzix: try each, and then reboot and see what happens14:29
copondonosredna_ekim>> Sorry about that. What's odd, my xorg.conf?14:29
Zizzfizzixit doesnt work even with kdm14:29
Zizzfizzixi must go14:29
nosredna_ekimcopondo» actually, it looks good...which is whats odd, I've never seen those errors before14:29
Zizzfizzixthanks for help14:29
nosredna_ekimcopondo» ask in #compiz-fusion... I need to get going14:30
copondoThanks so much for your help. I'm in Nairobi, Kenya (East Africa) Good day/evening.14:30
nosredna_ekimyour english is very very good :)14:31
nosredna_ekimmorning actually;)14:31
copondoThanks. Where are you?14:31
nosredna_ekimeastern US14:31
flipstarwest europe14:31
nosredna_ekimno-one asked you flipstar :P14:32
copondoIt's 5.30 p.m. here. You must know Nairobi, Kenya. We've been in the news the last few weeks for all the wrong reasons.14:32
nosredna_ekimoh yes......14:32
nosredna_ekimknew about you before that though.... sounds like a nice little tourist trap :)14:33
tri170391Anyone have this problem? When I do anything that need to shut X down (like Shutting Down, or Reboot etc.) it quit KDE then hang at a black screen. This problem just pop up after I install the latest fglrx driver.14:33
xxBasYxxHi im looking for easy to use HTML editor14:33
flipstarxxBasYxx: bluefish14:34
tri170391Pushing the power button continue the shutdown process but without doing it, it just hang there.14:34
SlimeyPetexxBasYxx: bluefish or quanta (both non-WYSIWYG though)14:34
xxBasYxxflipstar thanx found i try that one are there any other for compare14:35
=== michele__ is now known as michatal_
xxBasYxxSlimeyPete: THANKS14:35
shelly.... i guess not or i am being ignored... so i guee i will keep searching and hope to understand and fix problem myself....14:35
squid0hey, is there a way to play a video as a screensaver in kde?14:40
=== miki is now known as mi
frogface_Hmm... Is it possible to share my internet connection over the wifi on 2 dell inspirons? Is DNS Masquarading the answer?14:45
=== mi is now known as mi1
=== |john| is now known as Colonel_Panic
Dragonathhow come sound in quake III is ok when nothing else is using the sound card, but when I listen to something on amarok (for example), the game is jerky and sound nearly nonexistent?14:51
Dragonathright now I started quake 3 with 'aoss quake3'14:52
Dragonathusually I just do 'quake3', there's no sound then14:52
Dragonathaside from amarok ofc14:52
=== kilrae_ is now known as kilrae
Yuchanhow do I change the person who owns a file? chmod?15:00
SlimeyPetechown yuchan file.txt15:01
Yuchanthank you slimey!15:01
chafkai have installed broadcom 4311 firmware from kubuntu 7.10 and its working i found some network but i cant connect ?? any help??15:01
pushaxhi all.  can someone tell me their firefox 3 java directory string from about:firefox... please?  That's if you have java working in the browser!15:04
pushaxabout:config ... sorry15:05
pushaxI've tried looking on websites but they are either old or confusing15:05
pushaxubuntu.com is no help15:06
pushaxhi all.  can someone tell me their firefox 3 java directory string from url "about:config" ... please?  That's if you have java working in the browser!15:06
Dragonathfirefox 3 is unreleased atm if I'm right, it's still in beta :)15:06
Dragonathso I don't know, sorry15:07
pushaxDragonath: that's right, but alto of people still use it15:07
pushaxDragonath: do you use f2?15:07
Dragonathyes, for bug testing15:07
noaXesswhat about this.. if i run an app that needs my password like adept_manager.. the entry in the taskbar are doubled.. the app does normal starts once.. see screenshot http://files.wmx.ch/upload/jpg/70_gkrellShoot_08-02-28_160511.jpg15:07
pushaxDragonath: can you tell me your java string from about:config ??15:08
pushaxnoaXess: that's normal15:08
Dragonathhmm about:config shows me several strings15:08
noaXesspushax: ?? why??..15:08
Dragonathwhich one do you mean?15:08
pushaxDragonath: see the filter at top and put in java15:09
DragonathnoaXess: what do you mean by that last bit?15:09
Dragonathpushax: I did that15:09
pushaxDragonath: I need the java.default_java_location_others15:09
noaXessDragonath: why will the app entry in taskbar be twice?15:09
Dragonath /usr/java15:10
pushaxnoaXess: it because there are two stages running. one to kickstart and the other the real app.  I believe15:10
DragonathnoaXess: probably because it shows you the window that's asking for your root password15:10
pushaxDragonath: okt that's the default setting.  so you have java working in firefox2?15:10
Dragonathso there's two windows - one is the real adept manager window, and one is adept manager asking for your password15:11
Dragonathyes java works in my firefox15:11
pushaxnoaXess: the kickstart part should close once it's done it's task15:11
noaXessDragonath: no.. eg. if i close the app and run it again.. i don't need enter a password.. and it happends again.. two taskbar entries.. after few seconds the first goes away..15:11
pushaxDragonath: ok thanks for time.15:11
Dragonathmaybe it still runs the password checker15:12
noaXesspushax: then it's really normal.. also that the mouse app icon jumps around until the first kickstart part closes..15:12
Dragonathbut it finds out that you just typed in the password15:12
Dragonathso it's nice and lets you go15:12
Dragonathhmm pushax maybe java doesn't work in my ff :)15:12
herasHow can you set tab indentation length in Kate from 8 to 4? Emax mixed mode allows "Number of spaces" but I'd rather have 'shorter' tabs.15:13
pushaxnoaXess: yep.  the mouse shoudl have the busy mode going.  maybee the kickstart is really kdesu running the task chosen but showing the icon and name fo the app to run15:13
pushaxDragonath: hehehehe.15:13
Dragonathheras: I think the standard length for a tab symbol is 8 spaces15:13
noaXesspushax: okay.. i think i understand.. only for information.. the app itself runs while the mouse pointer jumps and the second taskbar entry is doing something..15:14
pushaxDragonath: oh well least it's the deafult.  I'll start from scratch on geting it going15:14
Dragonaththere's two types of whitespace (maybe more, not sure), one is just one char long, the other is 815:14
Dragonathpushax: good luck15:14
herasDragonath: Yes, I thinks so to, but I believe vimrc allows you to change tab length for instance15:14
Dragonathheras: I don't think kate is so advanced as to let you do that, but I'm not sure - I'm no KDE expert :)15:15
pushaxnoaXess: most likely.  I'm no expert as I've only been with linux for a month on this round.  I believe that KDEsu is a separate program that runs other tasks.  it handles masqurading or running with other use privileges15:15
herasDragonath: ok, thanks anyway :)15:15
Dragonathyes, for all I know kdesu is a graphical frontend for su15:16
pushaxanyone else got java working in firefox3 ??15:16
dj_bye bye here15:17
dj_and good afternoon everybody15:17
pushaxbye dj15:17
dj_thks pushax15:17
pushaxanyone else got java working in firefox3 ??15:17
Dragonathpushax: tried following any firefox 2 walkthroughs?15:17
pushaxDragonath: nope as I had java working in ff2 in previous install, simply by installing jre2.  this hasn't happened with ff315:18
BluesKajHowdy All :-)15:19
pushaxbrb cuppa time15:19
pushaxback...anyone else got java working in firefox3 ??15:26
_Shade_where can i get qt4.4 for hardy? is there any package or do i need to compile it on my own?15:27
Dragonathpushax: found something on the mozev.org site - http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/faqs/firefox-linux.html#install-java15:29
pushax_Shade_: I get 4.3.4 listed in default reps.15:29
pushaxDragonath: looking now. thx15:29
mrunagiim afraid to apply these updates........it has a language pack in it15:30
Zizzfizzixhi guys do you remember me?15:30
_Shade_pushax: but i meant 4.415:30
Zizzfizzixi have problems with logingin15:30
pushax_Shade_: yep15:31
=== alx_ is now known as alx1
mrunagiis language-pack-kde-en-base one that i have to worry about?15:31
lian_Hello I don't find how to change my resolution in KDE15:32
mrunagilian_: settings > desktop > resolutino15:32
lian_mrunagi,  in fact, now using kde is very hard lol15:33
lian_mrunagi,  i try to find it15:34
_Shade_pushax: there's no qt4.4 in the repos15:34
Dragonathpushax: I think java now works in my FF, so it might in yours - I used the mozdev stuff15:34
mrunagilian_ i havent founbd it to be hard and ir esisted kde or w hile15:34
Zizzfizzixi have problem: i can't login using kdm it's only changing black for a while and then again shows login screen15:34
mrunagiZizzfizzix: are you canadian?15:34
Zizzfizzixno im not15:34
pushaxDragonath: I haven't put the sym link in yet as I want to know if my version of java is same as 5.0.0915:35
DragonathI just did a find for the javaplugin.so file15:35
Dragonathand symlinked that15:35
Dragonathseems to work15:35
pushaxso you didn't link to libkavaplugin?15:36
Zizzfizzixdo you know what to do with this login problem ?15:36
pushaxso you didn't link to libjavaplugin?15:36
DragonathI linked to libjavaplugin_oji.so15:37
DragonathZizzfizzix: I don't really know what might be causing this, but restarting the X server might change something15:38
ZizzfizzixDragonath: how to do this?15:39
BluesKajmrunagi:  that update lag-pack mess didn'y just affect canadians...think I mentioned that some US repos also had the same probs15:40
mrunagiwhich is why im not installing my updates till i get an answer15:41
Zizzfizzixi've tried to restart x server but it does nothing15:43
Zizzfizzixhow to create account: bag with pass: bag in konsole?15:44
Zizzfizzixi can then try with another user15:44
BluesKaj!lang-pack | mrunagi15:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lang-pack - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:44
BluesKaj!info language-pack15:45
ubotuPackage language-pack does not exist in gutsy15:45
BluesKajhmmm there was a bot script here yesterday , about the language-pack-kde-en-base15:45
ubotuA recent update broke some KDE language packs, leaving the user unable to login. (http://launchpad.net/bugs/195647) To fix this, remove the updated packages (language-pack-kde-en, language-pack-kde-en-base) and restart KDE.15:46
Pici!lang-pack is <alias> langpack15:46
ubotuI'll remember that, Pici15:46
BluesKajyup, thx Pici15:46
* frank232 is wondering how that bad language-pack update got through to the repos and why it isn't fixed yet15:49
BluesKajmrunagi, you should beware of that update, some ppl are deleting them from their package mangers15:49
mrunagihow do i remove the packages from my update15:53
mrunagiZizzfizzix: are you still here?15:57
mrunagii think i accidently removed my lang packages already installed16:02
frodehello, i have problems with the dpkg database file being locked. i have earlier typed sudo dpkg --configure -a. but now i get the message about the database area being locked by another prosess?16:08
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »16:11
mrunagifrode read above16:16
Pici!es | eduardo_16:34
ubotueduardo_: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.16:34
=== schiste_ is now known as schiste
eduardo_cual es en español16:38
=== elf_ is now known as sky_elf
Picieduardo_: por favor escribe /j #ubuntu-es16:39
eduardo_pero uso kubuntu16:39
PiciNo habla espanol, yo es ingles.16:39
eduardo_ok thanks16:40
=== eduardo_ is now known as Eduardo
=== aleksanteri_ is now known as aleksanteri
=== marcus__ is now known as bror_berit
antokubuntu france16:51
Pici!fr | anto16:51
ubotuanto: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.16:51
wietsei'm trying to install a script16:53
wietsebut am a bit of a beginner16:53
wietseits a tool to record skype conversations16:53
wietsesomeone has written a script16:54
wietsecan anyone help me install it?16:54
Arwenwietse, move the .so file to /usr/local/lib and the file "skype-rec" to /usr/local/bin16:57
Arwenthen type "skype-rec" in a terminal16:58
wietseok hold on16:58
* wietse goes try16:58
wietseArwen: which one is the .so file?16:59
wietsei can only see 3: Makefile, skype-rec and skyperec.c16:59
Arwenoh, you have to build it first17:00
Arwenmake sure you've installed "build-essential" and then type "make"17:00
wietsei've only extracted the files17:00
wietsehow do i install 'buidl essential' ?17:00
Arwenapt-get build-essential17:00
wietseE: Invalid operation build-essential17:01
Arwenoh, wait, apt-get install build-essential17:01
grulwhy use apt-get when using aptitude keeps track of dependencies or whatever the difference was? i'm sure aptitude was better in some way17:02
Arwendependencies blah blah blah...17:03
wietseArwen: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57717/17:05
Arwen....stop running adept/whatever/17:06
yao_ziyuani wonder if you guys are ok with the pidgin 2.2.1 in ubuntu's repostory17:07
wietsesorry, i dont understand17:07
yao_ziyuanbecause mine often crashes silently17:07
gruli see, the newest versions of apt-get has the dependecy function aswell17:07
grulhttp://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/aptitude :)17:08
grulif you use apt-get autoremove17:08
nuxilhi all.. i got this problem with configuring my mouse and could use some help17:21
nuxili got this logitech mouse "media mouse" with lots of buttons on it. and i would like to use it as a remote for amarok17:21
nuxilhowever i got problems getting 2 buttons to work. the left/right scroll buttons does not work at all.17:21
nuxilbut xev show's them as button 6 and 7. i have used !! xbindkeys !! to modify|access buttons on my mouse.17:21
nuxilheres is my .xbindkeysrc in my home dir : http://pastebin.ca/92220917:21
nuxilhere is mediamouse program i made. : http://pastebin.ca/92221117:21
nuxilall other buttons works exect this left/right scroll ones. does Kde lock em up somehow ??? please help,17:21
nuxilspam :P17:21
beautifulsnowI'm getting this when I try to do anything with wine:::: Warning: the specified Windows directory L"c:\\windows" is not accessible. :-/ Could anyone please give me any pointers, I googled and it seems a few people fixed it but they didn't say how17:23
beautifulsnowI've tried removing and purging wine, deleting all the folders I know of.... And then reinstalling, and .. nothing :(17:24
nuxilwine about it P17:24
beautifulsnowI am *cry* :P17:25
coggzneed help with wireless17:25
beautifulsnowI seems like people in #Kubuntu are so much more laid back /friendly than #ubuntu.. Why would that be LOL17:25
nuxilxbindkeys -f ~/.xbindkeysrc starts my modifyed keys exept buttons 6 and 717:25
* nuxil wounders why!17:26
beautifulsnowMakes me want to swich to Kubuntu... ;p Most of the apps I use are K anyway;..17:26
jpatrickbeautifulsnow: cos we rock more?17:26
nuxiljpatrick, can you help me with my problem=17:27
coggzanyone wanna help with wireless? plz17:27
beautifulsnow \m\~__^/m/17:27
beautifulsnowWhat's with wireless coggz17:27
coggzok, my card picks up networks, but does not allow connection17:27
jpatricknuxil: have you tried reconfigurating xorg?17:27
coggztried restarting networking etc..17:27
beautifulsnowcoggz is it a WEP/WPA  wireless  connection, or a open non encrypted one?17:28
jpatricknuxil: if not, try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:28
coggzWPA, beautifulsnow, it worked fine until i hibernated a few days ago17:28
nuxiljpatrick, yes i also added.  Option         "ZAxisMapping" "4 5 6 7 8 9"17:28
beautifulsnowUgggh xD17:28
jpatricknuxil: hmm, sorry, don't know about that..17:29
beautifulsnowThat hibernate ruins our lives17:29
nuxiljpatrick, i dont want to have it reconfigures..17:29
coggzoh, lol17:29
coggzis suspend better?17:29
nuxili need help understanding why button 6 and 7 does not work.. xev show them working.. strange17:29
beautifulsnowI think suspend  can cause issues too coggz, it happens in windows to me too :P So I never use hibernate/suspend ;) I wonder if you've googled your issue, because maybe http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=516480 would help, let me know if it does17:30
coggzhmm, not really beautifulsnow17:32
=== tackat_ is now known as tackat
* beautifulsnow wonders if this one would be a better help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56686417:33
coggzhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57721/ for  lshw -C network17:33
beautifulsnowI am no help with that Q_Q Most of the things I find that help my pc issues are from ubuntuforums ^^;; sorry17:34
coggzok, ty, btw - where is config for knetworkmanager stored? how do i make it auto config not manual17:36
Arwenquestion - how do I sync a local copy of a git tree with the upstream repository?17:37
nuxil+ /join17:39
nuxilstupid mouse17:39
jpatrickArwen: might want to try: #git ?17:42
Vermuxhow do I watch web content. The web site wants me to install CUPlayer.xpi but the installation fails (using firefox)?????17:53
BluesKajVermux:  give us the site url17:54
nuxilwee.. fixed my problem :)17:58
nuxilstrange.. short click on scrol "left/right" gave me button 6/7 but when i hold in the buttons for a while. them show up as 11 and 12.18:00
nuxiljust had to add same argument twise. with 2 diff buttons assignment.18:01
VermuxBluesKaj: http://www.kab.tv/eng18:02
* nuxil smells a bug in xbindkeys18:02
VermuxBluesKaj: and http://download.castup.net/products/Player/CUPlayer.xpi18:04
Vermuxhow do I install that?18:05
jussi01Vermux: hang on a sec, im just testing...18:05
nuxilput the file in you pulgin dit18:05
jussi01Vermux: you dont. install vlc and the mozilla plugin for it. works here18:05
jussi01Vermux: sudo apt-get install vlc mozilla-plugin-vlc18:06
Arwenthe VLC plugin sucks major >_<18:07
VermuxDuring the previous startup, KNotify crashed while instantiating KNotify. Do you want to try again or disable aRts sound output?18:07
VermuxIf you choose to disable aRts output now, you can re-enable it later or select an alternate sound player in the System Notifications control panel.18:07
jussi01Arwen: works perfectly here.18:07
Vermuxit happaned when I try to install VLC18:07
Arwenjussi01, last I checked, it has no controls at all?18:08
jussi01Arwen: correct. but the thing is it works, unlike some others.18:08
jussi01Vermux: try again18:08
Arweneh, I don't use a plugin, but mplayer-plugin was ok last time I checked18:08
jussi01Arwen: yeah, mplayers one is ok, but I have had issues with it on some sites.18:09
Vermuxwhy it wants me to insert the CD of 7.10?18:09
jussi01Vermux: because you still have it marked as a repository18:09
Vermuxit asked me to do that several times when I installed updates18:09
Vermuxcan I cancell that, or I have to insert the CD?18:09
jussi01insert it this time, then ill tell you how to fix18:10
jussi01Vermux: you can turn it off in adept -> manage repositories -> third party repositories -> uncheck the cd18:11
jussi01Vermux: but you need to wait for the install to finnish before you do that.18:12
Vermuxok, I did that18:13
VermuxI installed18:13
Vermuxand changed that option of the Cd18:13
Vermuxjussi01: ^18:13
Vermuxwhat now?18:14
jussi01Vermux: now restart firefox and try that site18:14
jussi01Vermux: it says no video for a bit while it buffers, then starts playing18:15
jussi01the time it takes depends on your internet connection.18:15
[T]an1i have had no success getting my soundcard to work in ubuntu18:15
[T]an1here is from lscpi18:15
[T]an100:1e.2 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)18:15
[T]an1any ideas on where I can go from here?18:15
[T]an1amixer: Mixer attach default error: No such file or directory18:16
jussi01!intelhda | [T]an118:16
ubotu[T]an1: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto18:16
[T]an1I have actually tried these steps with no success18:16
[T]an1root@slobberknocker:~# cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec18:17
[T]an1cat: /proc/asound/card0/codec#*: No such file or directory18:17
Vermuxjussi01: installation error18:17
=== pieter_ is now known as plm
Vermuxjussi01: installation of npmozax.dll failed. error code 20218:18
zizzfizzixhi guys18:20
Vermuxjussi01: help18:20
jussi01Vermux: when you do what?18:20
zizzfizzixi have problem with login in18:20
jussi01!patience | Vermux18:20
ubotuVermux: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines18:20
Vermuxgoing to http://download.castup.net/products/Player/CUPlayer.xpi18:20
jussi01!langpack | zizzfizzix18:20
ubotuzizzfizzix: A recent update broke some KDE language packs, leaving the user unable to login. (http://launchpad.net/bugs/195647) To fix this, remove the updated packages (language-pack-kde-en, language-pack-kde-en-base) and restart KDE.18:20
zizzfizzixwhen i type in name and pass18:20
zizzfizzixi did not update18:21
zizzfizzixit shows black screen18:21
zizzfizzixand then again login screen18:21
jussi01Vermux: you dont need that, just go to the original site and see if it works18:21
Vermuxjussi01: I went to http://download.castup.net/products/Player/CUPlayer.xpi and tried to install it18:21
zizzfizzixnow i did18:21
zizzfizzixconsole login, sudo startx and i have kde3 session18:22
zizzfizzixbut im using kde418:22
zizzfizzixi would like to use*18:22
antokubunt france18:22
jussi01zizzfizzix: there was an updatetoday that should fix it, try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:23
antokubuntu france18:23
jussi01!fr | anto18:23
ubotuanto: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.18:23
Vermuxjussi01: I need that to watch a different thing18:23
zizzfizzixjussi01: i will18:23
jussi01Vermux: what do you need it to watch?18:23
zizzfizzixjussi01: but if i login to another account i works properly18:24
zizzfizzixdo you know what is the problem?18:24
jussi01zizzfizzix: Im not sure on that, but please try an update and see if it fixes it.18:24
Vermuxjussi01: http://acrosec.com/ watch the video18:25
Vermuxjussi01: click on "view the video on the right18:25
jussi01Vermux: one moment18:26
michaelhow can I instal invidia drivers on my kubuntu 7.10 ?18:26
=== michael is now known as IgorS
jussi01yay, the bot died.18:27
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto18:27
zizzfizzixjussi01: it does nothing..18:28
zizzfizzixmaybe i need repo?18:28
jussi01zizzfizzix: can you pastebin your sources.list for me?18:29
zizzfizzixjussi01: pastebin?18:29
jussi01!paste | zizzfizzix18:30
ubotuzizzfizzix: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)18:30
DaSkreechThe Goggles! They do nothing!18:30
zizzfizzixyes i can 'n will18:30
jussi01Vermux: curios, it seems to work here, as in it displays a picture where the video should be just click the bit about open it in an externeal player18:31
jussi01see if it works for you18:31
Aranelhow can I limit grep() ? Example: If i search UDP, i dont need 'UDPLITE'.18:32
Vermuxjussi01: it asks me to install the player, when Im trying to install it, it has error18:34
jussi01Vermux: look at the next line, what does it say18:35
zizzfizzix%c4 jussi01: http://pastebin.pl/26618:35
stdinAranel: grep -w or just 'grep " UDP "'18:35
zizzfizzix jussi01 http://pastebin.pl/26618:35
Aranelstdin: thanks :)18:36
Vermuxjussi01: ffox is stuck18:37
Vermuxjussi01: it was closed18:37
jussi01zizzfizzix: are you using automatix o.O ??????18:37
zizzfizzixjussi01: i installed it long time ago..18:38
jussi01zizzfizzix: I do hope its uninstalled.18:38
zizzfizzixjussi01: why?18:38
ubotuautomatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »18:38
jussi01zizzfizzix: also, please take note of:18:39
ubotuAll Ubuntu Studio 7.10 Gutsy packages are included in the official Ubuntu repos. However, Ubuntu Studio 7.04 had its own custom addon repository. This is no longer supported or available. Please use Ubuntu Studio Gutsy.18:39
Vermuxjussi01: is there a way to install that player?18:39
jussi01Vermux: not that i know of. sorry.18:40
Vermuxanybody knows how to install Cast UP Player?18:40
zizzfizzixjussi01: i'll check it out if it's uninstalled18:41
jussi01zizzfizzix: you have a lot of strange repos, including debian ones. there are a million things that could be causing this.18:41
jussi01!debian | zizzfizzix18:41
ubotuzizzfizzix: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!18:41
zizzfizzixjussi01: but you see it's only on my profile18:41
zizzfizzixthat problem18:41
jussi01zizzfizzix: you could try mv ~/.kde ~/.kde-old18:42
jussi01in your home folder18:42
amunraUbuntu = debian18:42
zizzfizzixjussi01: for what?18:42
amunraIt's almost the exact same thing18:42
stdinamunra: no18:42
amunrastdin: What's the difference besides maybe the kernel and a few set up files?18:43
jussi01zizzfizzix: that will put all your settings to .kde-old, and it will creat default setttings.18:43
amunraI have both installed - both feel the same... albeit Ubuntu is a bit faster18:43
zizzfizzixoh i see you want me to clear my settings..18:43
stdinamunra: the options used to compile our packages and the process used to get them included18:43
yujiis there a way to organize the virtual desktops so that they lie in a 3x3 grid instead of just growing wider?18:43
stdinthe support period18:43
stdinour individual patches18:43
stdinand more ;)18:43
zizzfizzixjussi01: automatix is out so i can remove that repos18:44
jussi01zizzfizzix: great18:44
yujior stop the "one desktop left" "one desktop right" commands from looping when they hit the last desktop?18:44
=== yuji is now known as Yuchan
amunrastdin: Ah ;) - I just meant the base system etc - it is very similar anyways... "on first look"18:44
zizzfizzixjussi01: i should logout & in now yes?18:47
mollitzweiß jemand grad, wo die skripts sind, die bei multimedia-tasten aufgerufen werden ?18:47
stdin!de | mollitz18:47
ubotumollitz: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de18:47
YuchanHow do I check what ports are in use and how do I free them? (my localhost webserver suddenly stopped / says port is in use)18:48
stdin"sudo netstat -lnp|less", then kill the process that's open on the port18:48
jussi01zizzfizzix: you could try...18:49
mollitzdamn, i thougt i'd have been in a german room im sorry ;)18:51
Yuchanstdin: thank you! kill -9 worked18:53
stdinheh, kill -9 *always* works :p18:53
stdinwell, almost always18:53
Yuchanthe others failed me. :(18:54
=== Sakura-chan is now known as SakuraChan
cinexthe promised land?18:57
sorsishow do i update 7.04 kubuntu to 7.10?18:59
cinexwith apt?18:59
n2aaghey..  can anyone tell me why KNetworkManager takes so long to refresh the list of available networks?  (iwlist wlan0 scan has up to date information)18:59
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes19:00
sorsiscinex: do i have to edit sources.list manually?19:00
cinexim not sure sorsis19:00
jussi01sorsis: see the link from ubotu19:00
zizzfizzixjussi01: i did logout but it changes nothing19:00
jussi01zizzfizzix: I think maybe you need to enable gutsy updates I didnt see them in your sources list.19:01
cinexsorsis: try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:01
zizzfizzixjussi01: im thinking of reinstalling kubuntu19:01
zizzfizzixjussi01: ahat are these?19:01
jussi01zizzfizzix: I would recomend that, you had a lot of random repos there19:01
zizzfizzixjussi01: most of the was from official polish ubuntu forum19:02
sorsiscinex: no luck.19:02
zizzfizzixjussi01: how to enable these gutsy upgrades?19:02
cinexlooks like you will need the disk then19:02
cinexand install it over the top19:02
cinex(leaving your $HOME and file directorys as is)19:03
jussi01sorsis: did you look at the link from the bot?19:03
jussi01zizzfizzix: in adept - manage repositories19:03
sorsisjussi01: I'll install gnome update-manager and update with it.19:04
tominglishi, how do i check to see which version of the uvc video driver i am running?19:04
tominglisi am trying to troubleshoot a problem i am having with my webcam19:05
tominglisand i think i've installed the latest version of the driver from the Linux UVS Subversion repository19:05
zizzfizzixjussi01: i have all enabled19:05
tominglisbut i don't know how to check that19:05
zizzfizzixwhat should i backup from my installation before reinstalling kubuntu?19:06
jussi01zizzfizzix: most stuff in $home19:07
zizzfizzixokay i will19:08
zizzfizzixanything else?19:08
ere4sitominglis, here's the wiki - http://openfacts.berlios.de/index-en.phtml?title=Linux+UVC19:08
jussi01zizzfizzix: /etc can be a good idea19:09
jussi01zizzfizzix: remeber to grab the .folders also19:09
jussi01yeah, like .kde .mozilla etc19:10
zizzfizzix$home and /etc19:10
zizzfizzixnothing else?19:10
zizzfizzixdo you think i should choose kubuntu iso with kde 3.5.9 and add 4.0.1 or just kubuntu 4.0.1?19:12
jussi013.5.9 will be more stable imho19:12
tominglisere4si: yes i know, i used that to install the driver, although i think the location mentioned under ubuntu 6.06 is wrong19:14
tominglisere4si: i just want to check what version i have running right now19:14
tominglisere4si: i.e. whether i was successful installing it19:14
ere4sitominglis, I couldn't find much on google about it and don't use it - try typing uvc in konsole - or man uvc19:16
ere4sitominglis, something should show if it is there19:16
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion19:16
tominglisere4si, i think it's just a .ko driver file or set of them, is there no command to see all loaded driver modules?19:17
ere4sitominglis, not that I know but I know little19:17
trappisttominglis: lsmod will show all loaded modules, driver or not19:17
ere4sitominglis, Pici says lsmod19:18
=== SakuraChan is now known as Sakura-chan
tominglisso it says uvcvideo is loaded, but is there a way for me to check the version? i compiled it to the same location as the old file, not the location which it mentions in the wiki19:24
tominglisand it is there19:24
=== ek_ is now known as ek
DaSkreechhow can I query a libs version?19:38
jussi01DaSkreech: what exactly do you mean?19:43
DaSkreechLike libnotun19:44
jussi01DaSkreech: if installed through apt, apt-cache policy package19:44
DaSkreechsupposed I just needed to check the version string in a bash script?19:44
jussi01hrmm... not sure19:45
* DaSkreech sighs as Netscape tells him that he should get rid of it19:45
BluesKajvermux, sorry I had to do some errands ...I checked your site and my xine and mplayer plugins on Konqueror work, so FF should play them with mozilla-xine plugin as well19:52
rodolfoun Irc en español?19:53
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.19:53
nosrednaekimBluesKaj» got that lang-pac stuff all fixed up?19:54
jackaultso, I was just sharing some files with the webserver thing that comes built in and suddenly out of the blue my taskbar disappears.19:57
jackaultoh and the webserver went down.19:57
trappistsee if you can find out who downloaded your task bar, and make him give it back19:58
jackaultRidiculous, he'd never give it back! It was such a lovely taskbar with transparency and all, guess I'd just have to log out and in again to get it.19:58
jackaultwhich I did. But why'd it go down?19:59
trappistwell kicker sometimes craches.  I just do alt-f2 -> kicker when that happens.19:59
jackaultAnd that would take the webserver with it?19:59
trappistnot usually, no20:00
jackaultThat's what I'm wondering about.20:00
trappistI'm pretty sure they don't come anywhere near touching each other20:00
BluesKajnosrednaekim: all fixed ...better than previous install, konq is more stable and back to being my default browser...feels like I'm "home" again20:00
trappistI've never used any kind of builtin http filesharing feature, maybe it's unstable20:00
jackaultThey both went down at the same time though. Right after I saw in the monitoring thing that a location "..." was being accessed20:01
nosrednaekimBluesKaj» ::)20:01
BluesKajwhat's a good app for displaying pc specs ?20:01
jussi01kinfo ceter20:02
jussi01center even20:02
jussi01BluesKaj: under system20:03
jackaultor if you've got katapult on just press alt+space and type kinf20:04
BluesKajyeah kinfo is good ,but it's a bit detailed for a general descrption of cpu, ram, hdd peripherals20:04
jussi01BluesKaj: you using konversation? /sysinfo (not here though :D )20:06
BluesKajinstalling sysinfo20:07
nosrednaekimSysinfo for 'geebee': Linux 2.6.22-7-generic running KDE 3.5.8, CPU: AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-50 at 800 MHz (1601 bogomips), HD: 32/83GB, RAM: 856/877MB, 132 proc's, 5.46h up20:08
Picinot here please.20:08
nosrednaekimoops.... I just read that :)20:08
* nosrednaekim goes and hides under a rock.... is always doing dumb stuff like that20:09
jussi01BluesKaj: btw, the login problem with the lang packs was fixed, (just fyi)20:09
nosrednaekim!lanpack | no need for this any more then I suppose20:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lanpack - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:09
ubotuA recent update broke some KDE language packs, leaving the user unable to login. (http://launchpad.net/bugs/195647) This has now been fixed and an updated package is in the -updates repo. If you removed the packages with the interim fix you can reinstall them with: << sudo apt-get install language-pack-kde-en language-pack-kde-en-base >>20:10
* jussi01 1 nosrednaekim 020:10
* nosrednaekim lets rock fall real hard on his head..... get stoned..20:11
=== ps3 is now known as bokubok
nosrednaekimjussi01» use my little french arrow :)20:12
BluesKajnosrednaekim:  what cmnd did you use ,system info is like kinfo, ...i just want a one liner describing my pc , not all the fine details20:12
BluesKajI promise not to display it here :)20:12
nosrednaekimBluesKaj» its a konversation script...20:12
nosrednaekimBluesKaj» "/sysinfo"20:13
nosrednaekimBluesKaj» query me and run it20:13
* DaSkreech wants to see BluesKaj's sysinfo :(20:16
jackaultI'd like to see all the sysinfos. Maybe I'll see one lower spec than mine :(20:17
BluesKajthere ya go DaSkreech20:18
DaSkreechI have a pIII with 200 Megs of RAM20:18
jackaultAh, can't complain then :)20:18
limbeauxtrying to get a remote desktop enabled so i can connect to my linux box from my windows box.  I have tried vncserver and am not haveing any success.20:18
limbeauxany suggestions20:18
ubotuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX20:19
idreamhi people20:24
Arwen"Note: At present FreeNX is limited to desktops where both local and remote machines are running Linux/Unix. Running FreeNX as server on Ubuntu with the free 'NX Client for Windows' from [WWW] NoMachine on a Windows workstation is working fine." <-- um, so is it cross-platform or not?20:26
Arwenstupid wiki pages...20:27
limbeauxthat is on the ubuntu forums as well20:27
limbeauxi was hoping not to have to install an odd client as well20:27
limbeauxvnc was hopefull,  but I cannot get my windows client to connect to the linux box20:28
rickestlimbeaux: were you using "linuxhost:1" for example?  You can't just use "linuxhost" to connect to a linux box's VNC20:30
rickestlimbeaux: that's probably the problem. unlike windows, VNC on linux doesn't show the same desktop you see as the local user. It's a different X session running20:30
BluesKajyeah, i had mine working , but did some thing on the windows box(wifey's) and now I can only access one way (linux to windows) , which is fine most of the time , but it would be nice for wife to be able fetch files from my linux box .20:31
rickestso they connect string must include the port to connect to which, by default, is ':1'20:31
limbeauxdidn't know you had to use the display number20:31
rickestlimbeaux: yes. the number you provide is actually addded to 5900 (VNC's default port), so ":1" means 590120:32
rickestFWIW, FreeNX is imho far superior to VNC and I used VNC for yearzx20:32
BluesKajbbiab...gotta go get the mail20:34
ArwenVNC is like shooting JPEGs down a tube...20:36
ubuntu_hello. i need to repair my system. i need to install some important packages to /. im running kubuntu from a livecd now.20:36
DaSkreechubuntu_: What's the problem ?20:36
ubuntu_how do I mount my hdd as / so i can install the packages there20:36
nosrednaekimubuntu_» mount it and chroot into it20:37
DaSkreechubuntu_: Mount it anywhere you want then chroot it20:37
* MartinCleaver is installing from iso64 with lvm and is stuck on step 4 of 620:38
ubuntu_ok now its mounted to /tsap. how do i chroot_20:38
DaSkreechsudo chroot /tsap20:38
ubuntu_it gives permission denied20:38
limbeauxit seems like i saw a java one where you could access it through a web page.20:39
limbeauxaccess a desktop20:39
nosrednaekimubuntu_» "sudo chroot /tsap"20:39
ubuntu_sudo chroot /tsap gives permission denied20:39
MartinCleaverHi. Install, Manual partitions says "You need to specify a partition for the root file system (mount point "/") with a minimum size of 2GB, and a swap partition of at least 256MB"20:39
jackaultIs there some setting I can change so that konversation highlights the specified name on irc?20:40
MartinCleaverOnce the partition is made and I select the root partition I get the error:20:40
DaSkreechubuntu_: How did you mount it?20:40
MartinCleaverNo root fille system is defined. Please correct this frm the partitioning menu20:40
ubuntu_daskreech from system settings gui20:40
BluesKajjackault: use the tabkey20:40
limbeauxi had to delete the partition and then add a new one. ONly then was i able to format and reinstall20:40
nosrednaekimjackault» unless its your's... no20:40
DaSkreechubuntu_: Hmm I forget if that gives the right permissions20:41
MartinCleaveroh! Should I give it the mount point of /?20:41
limbeauxMartinCleaver you have to set a partition to "/"20:41
MartinCleavergot it! I was saying to mount it under /mnt20:41
jackaultBluesKaj: Tab key? No I mean I want to highlight another name for *me*20:41
limbeauxThat graphical installer is such a pain that i downloaded the alternative and used the text installer.20:42
nosrednaekimjackault» might be a better question for #konversation20:42
CrashedI still can't get this damn TV tuner working in either Kubuntu or Windows.20:43
ubuntu_daskreech what permissions does it need and how do change to them_20:43
jackaultkk got it, it was all 'highlight' with regexes and what not.20:44
DaSkreechubuntu_: Unmount it and mount ffrom the command line20:44
BluesKajyou can setup Fonts in the configure / konverstaion to show nicknames in bold and in "colours "20:44
DaSkreechubuntu_: You know how to do that?20:44
limbeauxi never would have though that desktop sharing would be such a challenge20:44
DaSkreechlimbeaux: always the stuff you don't expect20:44
niklasvanyone know of an alternate server for kubuntu hardy alpha? ie not cdimage.ubuntu.com20:44
MartinCleaverwow. My screen just blacked out during install.20:45
MartinCleaverHas it trashed?20:45
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu20:45
ubuntu_daskreech im not sure about the permissions part20:45
niklasvah ok sorry20:46
limbeauxkrfb ( i think)  works like vnc on windows, it would be nice if you could make it a service and not have to click the accept button to allow access20:46
DaSkreechsudo mount /dev/device /tsap -o umask=002220:46
DaSkreechthen sudo chroot /tsap20:46
* MartinCleaver wonders whether the machine is installign20:46
limbeauxMartinCleaver  probably not,  mine did the same thing20:46
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» totally?20:46
MartinCleavershould I be able to ctrl-alt-f2?20:46
limbeauxMartinCleaver give it a minute to be sure20:47
MartinCleaverI was in the graphical installer, installing off a DVD20:47
ubuntu_daskreech where does the fs type go20:47
DaSkreechubuntu_: Should auto detect20:47
DaSkreechLinux is a lot friendlier these days :)20:47
MartinCleavermind you, when I booted off the DVD, at one point the login screen corrupted for maybe 5mins20:47
limbeauxthat has happened to me too20:48
MartinCleaverhmm. caps lock is not responding though20:48
ubuntu_daskreech it wont autodetect..... its ext320:48
MartinCleaverDVD light is off20:48
DaSkreechsudo mount /dev/device /tsap -o umask=0022 -t ext320:48
ubuntu_daskreech still no go..20:49
limbeauxMartinCleaver:  i have had so many problems with that installer, i gave up on it.  It really is much simpler to use text install.20:49
MartinCleaveri just used the default20:50
MartinCleaverwould have happily used the text one20:50
Y-Townanyone know of a gnome application that will allow you to use a control panel atmosphere more like KDE control panel?20:50
=== ubuntu__ is now known as smax
limbeauxfunny thing is that i don't see the option on the "desktop" download.  I had to download the "Alternative"  version to get the text install20:50
DaSkreechubuntu_: Are you sure you are using the right /dev ?20:50
limbeaux"text install" option20:51
DaSkreechubuntu_: What' the error?20:51
CrashedCan anyone help with a TV tuner issue? I can't seem to properly configure my pci tv card.20:51
ubotuhttp://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out20:51
* DaSkreech hides :)20:51
CrashedI have raped linuxtv.org to death :(20:51
ubuntu_mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error20:52
MartinCleaverhow long should I leave this machine before resetting it?20:52
DaSkreechubuntu_: what device are you mounting ?20:53
ubuntu_my hdd partition20:53
ubuntu_detected as /dev/sda120:54
Y-Townanyone know of a gnome application that will allow you to use a control panel atmosphere more like KDE control panel?20:54
MartinCleaverMy monitor is implying that it is getting no signal20:54
ArwenY-Town, gnome-control-center perhaps20:54
MartinCleaverdvd light is off20:54
Arwenor gconf-editor20:54
Y-TownArwen: Thanks  I will take a look20:54
MartinCleaverhah, but the hard disk light is on, and I did tell it to format the disk20:55
limbeauxMartinCleaver 5 mins  or so.  kubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso  is what i used to install because of error just like that20:56
sd132why do i have 2 incks?20:56
MartinCleaverdoes this mean I have to download a whole new dvd? I'm installing for 64bit20:56
BluesKajsd132: cuz you prolly din't exit the chat client the last time20:57
* MartinCleaver is on his eeepc now20:57
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» you can just reboot and install with the alternate installer.... it should be on the same DvD.20:57
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» ahhh! I want!20:58
sd132BluesKaj: i did, i the second nick just showed up a few minutes ago and there both registered to me20:58
Y-TownArwen: Thanks, Thats exactly what I was looking for.  I wonder why ubuintu doesnt put it in the settings list20:58
MartinCleaverhow long might  a 12gb disk format take? I suspect that's the first action it is taking and would prefer to not interrupt it20:58
MartinCleaverdisk light is on solid20:59
ArwenMartinCleaver, it ought to take seconds..20:59
MartinCleaverin that case20:59
sd132it kicked me to my alt nick and stayed20:59
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» if the disk light is on... its probably ok20:59
BanTam80gb format took about a minute or 2 for me20:59
nosrednaekimwaiting can'thurt I suppose20:59
Arwenunless you tried zeroing it...20:59
MartinCleaver3:53 I started21:00
Arwenthen that's 20s/GB21:00
MartinCleaverdidn't do any zeroing21:00
MartinCleaverdvd light is still off21:00
MartinCleaverwho votes to kill it?21:00
BluesKajsd132: did you just register?21:01
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: Any idea why ubuntu_'s partition won't mount ?21:01
crashedDay 3/4 of trying to get this tv card to work.21:01
nosrednaekimDaSkreech» try mounting without a -t?21:01
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: Yeah it freaks21:02
DaSkreechthat's why I addded the T21:02
DaSkreechsudo mount /dev/device /tsap -o umask=0022 -t auto21:02
ubuntu_ok i got it not21:02
DaSkreechubuntu_: :-P21:02
sd132BluesKaj: no, all of a sudden it said  my nic was already used and forced me to my secondary21:02
DaSkreechwhat did you do?21:02
sd132now its gone...wierd21:03
sd132it must be a hac21:03
ubuntu_sudo mount -o rw /dev/sda1 /tsap21:03
Dakontackat: ping21:04
ubuntu_thanks daskreech21:04
DaSkreechubuntu_: So why was it cursing about the file system ?21:04
DaSkreechhi tackat21:04
tackathi DaSkreech21:04
DakonCebit time ;)21:04
tackathi Dakon21:05
tackatDakon: did you have a look at the wiki?21:05
Dakondo it here or somewhere else?21:05
ubuntu_hey im the noob here21:05
Limbeauxi am also trying upgrade to kde4  all it said was to install kde4-core,  is there more to install?21:05
nosrednaekimubuntu_» hehe...well good job :)21:05
DaSkreechubuntu_: ;)21:05
nosrednaekimLimbeaux» you can install "kde4" and that will give you everything21:05
Limbeauxahh ok.21:06
MartinCleaverok. I don't seem to be able to control that dvd boot menu21:06
MartinCleavercursors don't work21:06
MartinCleaverI have 2 usb keyboards21:07
MartinCleaverthe one I use mostly  is bluetooth, but the other is hardwired21:07
* MartinCleaver boots without bt kbd21:08
MartinCleavernope. didn't like that21:09
ubuntu_ok. another one. if i have a cd and internet sources as repositories, will apt-get or adept prefer the cd repo first even if the version numbers are lower_)_!@#$%^&(`1234567890---=-+__))(~}{P}{O:L":21:09
ubuntu_whoops sorry21:10
stdinit will choose the CD only if the version on the CD is the same or higher than the one in the online repo21:10
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: how's kubuntu-kde4-desktop ?21:10
* MartinCleaver curses21:10
nosrednaekimDaSkreech» whats that?21:11
DaSkreechubuntu_: CD first then internet. If the version numbers are the same21:11
DaSkreechIn general that's what you want21:11
BluesKajubuntu_: open your sources.list and type # in front of the cd deb and save the file, if you dan't want the cd tobe a source21:11
MartinCleaveronce the dvd boots can I use the text installer once kde starts?21:11
nosrednaekimubuntu_» erase the CD from the sources.list21:11
MartinCleaverkeyboards worked fine from within21:11
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: I'm assuming that we have a KDE and a kubuntu-desktop21:11
ubuntu_i want to use only the cd even with lower versions21:11
DaSkreechso we probably have a KDE4 and akubuntu-kde4-desktop21:11
nosrednaekimDaSkreech» not sure how its working in hardy21:12
DaSkreechubuntu_: Then erase the internet21:12
nosrednaekimbut that sounds logical21:12
DaSkreechI should really jump to hardy next week21:12
ubuntu_where was sources.list again21:13
DaSkreech /etc/apt21:13
* MartinCleaver ponders21:14
DaSkreechcrashed: tried #ubuntustudio ?21:15
crashedHave not.21:15
MartinCleaveronce the dvd boots can I use the text installer once kde starts?21:15
MartinCleaverI ask because from the boot menu the kbd is ignored21:16
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» no21:16
MartinCleaverare usb kbds generally not okay?21:18
weswh-i can never remember how to empty the trash can...21:18
weswh-(or, how to get to it. heh)21:19
MartinCleavermaybe it matters which usb socket ?21:19
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» hum, I heave heard of problems with them21:19
* MartinCleaver grasps for straws21:19
nosrednaekimweswh-» its in .local/share/trash21:19
weswh-just go in there and delete it all?21:21
weswh-in the past i've had a trash can icon on the desktop or somewhere...but not since i installed feisty, i don't think21:21
tinyou can add a trach applet to kicker21:21
tinor trash:// in konq iirc21:21
stdinweswh-: go to trash:/ in konqueror or dolphin21:22
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: http://lxer.com/module/newswire/ext_link.php?rid=99960 ^_^ ^_^21:22
stdinyou can create a link to URL on the desktop and set the location to trash:/ if you want21:22
* nosrednaekim looks21:23
* MartinCleaver wonders might it work if I use an adapter and the ps2 socket?21:24
BanTamwould i need a different ver of ndiswrapper for 64 bit?21:24
nosrednaekimBanTam» probably.... more importantly,you would need a 64 bit windows driver21:25
BanTami have those already21:25
* MartinCleaver tries it21:26
nosrednaekim!info ndiswrapper21:26
ubotuPackage ndiswrapper does not exist in gutsy21:27
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» that SHOULD work....21:27
nosrednaekim!info ndiswrapper-common21:27
ubotundiswrapper-common (source: ndiswrapper): Common scripts required to use the utilities for ndiswrapper. In component main, is optional. Version 1.43-1ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 18 kB, installed size 104 kB21:27
MartinCleaveryes, it did21:27
MartinCleaverok, so I want "Install in text mode"?21:27
DFlamehullo folks, what can you recommend for streaming audio to a shoutcast server?21:27
MartinCleavermy bios sees my wireless kbd, I don't see why ubuntu should have been fussy about it21:28
nosrednaekimDaSkreech» nice article21:28
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» yup21:28
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» its GRUB...21:28
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: Should keep a list of things that need to be looked at21:28
* MartinCleaver boots21:28
MartinCleaverseems happier21:29
MartinCleaverthanks, even21:29
nosrednaekimBanTam» looks to me that ndiswrapper(the driver) nwo comes with the kernel image...21:30
gijilosgeia se olous21:30
BluesKajBBL , gonna reboot my old router21:30
gijilosexw ena provlima eimai neos sto linux21:30
ubotu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes21:31
gijilosexw to kubuntu21:31
gijiloskai den mporw na vrw kapoio messenger21:31
gijilosgia na mepenw sto msn messenger21:31
gijilosmipws mporei kapoion na me voi8isei ?21:31
stdin!gr | gijilos21:31
ubotugijilos: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes21:31
crashedWhy did I have to uninstall kubuntu? :(21:31
Limbeauxhmm i keep getting forbidden when trying to install kde4.21:34
dan__What do most of you prefer: KDE or Gnome?  I have tried both and still a little unsure which I will go with21:35
jpatrickdan__: I prefer KDE21:35
dan__jpatrick: do t=you run ubuntu with kde loaded or just kubuntu?21:36
DaSkreechdan__: Wrong chan to ask that21:36
jpatrickdan__: just Kubuntu21:36
jetsaredimi accidentally fat-fingered a chmod command and 777'd / on my server - is there any way to get out of this without reinstalling?21:36
dan__DaSkreech: Just looking for a senses...21:37
DaSkreechdan__: really use the one you feel more comfortable/productive in21:37
stdinif you ask in #kubuntu, you're going to get the answer "kde"21:37
* DaSkreech whispers That means KDE to dan__ ;-D21:38
jetsaredimis there a default root password?21:38
DaSkreechdan__: What you can do is stuff that bugs you about either environment ask about it in the respective chans.21:38
stdin!root | jetsaredim21:38
ubotujetsaredim: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo21:38
* stdin wins21:39
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: ooooollldd :)21:39
* nosrednaekim has lag....21:39
nosrednaekimthis show me hitting it before you ;)21:39
DaSkreechOh yeah I hate that21:39
jpatricknosrednaekim: admit it, we faster than me21:39
MartinCleavercan lvms only contain one primary partition?21:40
jetsaredimstdin: did you not see my comment about chmod -R 777 /??21:40
nosrednaekimwe faster than me?.....schitzophrenia is a terrible thing my freind(s)21:40
jetsaredimI can't get sudo to work since its not setuid root21:40
MartinCleaveror one partition, period?21:40
DaSkreechdan__: #kubuntu will help you get over KDE annoyances and #ubuntu will help you get over Gnome annoyances21:40
nosrednaekimjetsaredim» you're going to need to chroot in from a liveCD21:40
stdinjetsaredim: well you'll have to try booting into recovery mode then and fix manually21:41
DaSkreechIf you have something you can't get around then you can start to make choices based on how much either side will rub you the wrong way21:41
nosrednaekimdan__» and if you ask for help with your GNOPME annoyances here, we are going to say "GNOME IS an annoyance.. switch to KDE"21:41
jetsaredimstdin: sounds like i should just reinstall21:41
MartinCleaverI have an LV and I was going to make 2 partiions in it, one for tmp, the other for root/21:41
weswh-does anyone know much about vmware server? the official support listed on their site doesn't sound perfect...but I've heard good things about just using apt-get install vmware-server...21:41
weswh-running feisty - should i look at an alternate package?21:41
stdinjetsaredim: if you did chmod recursively, then it may be easier (after a backup)21:41
MartinCleaverweswh-: I installed vmware server easily on a centos box21:42
MartinCleaverI think I just used a package21:42
MartinCleaverworked like a charm21:42
DaSkreechdan__: Having said all that how can we convince you that KDE is the one and only choice for you to get married to?21:42
weswh-mmhmm. just wondering if the official repo for is the way to go21:42
dan__It has only been 10 years since I been on IRC.. so needles to say..21:42
MartinCleaverI have an LV and I was going to make 2 partiions in it, one for tmp, the other for root/ - it seems to let me only create one partition, and then calls the rest of the space unusable.21:42
nosrednaekimwedding! I love weddings! drinks all around!21:42
weswh-dan__: welcome back?21:43
nosrednaekimweswh-» if it has the latest version, yes... of not, no :)21:43
dan__DaSkreech: Im torn... I generally like KDE better....21:43
weswh-nosrednaekim: yeah I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to apt still. to look at the exact version of what will be installed, what's the syntax?21:43
MartinCleaverwhy does it call the rest unusable? the graphical one didn't have this constraint.21:44
nosrednaekimweswh-» apt-cache policy vmware-server21:44
nosrednaekimdan__» do you use more kde apps,or more GNOME/gtk apps?21:44
MartinCleaverI suppose I'm not going to get an answer21:45
dan__DaSkreech: I just got back on linux after ten years as well.... Atleast I found the right distro to start with21:45
DaSkreechdan__: The Kommunity here is great21:45
weswh-now this is a very basic question...but, when I do an 'update' and fetch list of updates etc, am I getting the latest apt list refreshed and stuff?21:45
DaSkreechMartinCleaver: Did you read the LVM docs?21:45
Arwenam I the only one that thinks Kubuntu's default panel laout is ugly?21:45
weswh-or is it like BSD, where I need to 'update ports'21:45
DaSkreechweswh-: It goes to the server and updates the list of what is available and what version it is21:46
dan__nosrednaekim: kde.... but from what I seen gnome has a couple that are nice too21:46
DaSkreechArwen: highly doubtful21:46
* MartinCleaver has been battling with http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-over-lvm-filesystem#comment-90621:46
DaSkreechMartinCleaver: this is with the alternateCD?21:46
nosrednaekimweswh-» no.... you only need to run that one command.21:46
dan__nosrednaekim: Remote desktop in gnome I found to be far superior21:46
MartinCleaverno, its with the text installer, it included an LVM option21:47
nosrednaekimweswh-» its not like ports/gentoo where you have to relink dependednies and such (I think thats what that does)21:47
MartinCleaverIt sees the LVs no problem21:47
weswh-DaSkreech: so ubuntu does everything from the server with regard to apt...in real time? and only falls back to something if you've told it you aren't using internet etc.21:47
DaSkreechdan__: tried krdc ?21:47
nosrednaekimdan__» tryed krdc?21:47
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: oooolld :)21:47
DaSkreechLag sucks21:47
weswh-that's very slick...i hate managing the ports tree in BSD. i mean, it's interesting from a standpoint that I in theory know what is there...but I could always roll back to something older if I needed to21:47
MartinCleaverit just doesn't let me create a second partition inside an LV. This could be by design, that would make sense I suppose21:47
dan__DaSkreech: Yep.... dont like it21:47
jpatrick!lag | nosrednaekim21:47
ubotunosrednaekim: You have lag, I don't have lag21:47
weswh-much nicer that things are just called up as needed21:47
nosrednaekimhaha... I know... youtube sucks too much bandwidth21:48
MartinCleaverhad it not been that the graphical installer let me do it I would not be trying now21:48
* MartinCleaver wonders whether to care about separating /tmp from /21:48
=== ubuntu is now known as mrunagi
dan__DaSkreech: Terminal Server Client was great and very fast for me to log into my server21:49
MartinCleaverok. well I'll just put it together I guess. Didn't hurt last time.21:49
DaSkreechMartinCleaver: Server?21:50
DaSkreechdan__: Well you can install that in KDE no issues21:50
MartinCleaveryes, but lightly loaded for now21:50
MartinCleavermore of a desktop really21:50
MartinCleaverI use vmware and run servers on it too21:50
DaSkreechMartinCleaver: no I meant a heavy server21:51
MartinCleaverso, no. Desktop.21:51
DaSkreechthat's when you would start optimizing where /tmp is on the disk etc21:51
BluesKajyoutube is merely a curiosity to me, but it's great for testing flash on browsers  :P21:51
dan__DaSkreech: thats more than likely what I will do... I have it now.21:51
DaSkreechother wise /tmp with / is fine21:51
MartinCleaverok. all in one will be fine21:51
MartinCleaverthanks DaSkreech21:51
* MartinCleaver is now formatting21:51
dan__DaSkreech: I have both KDE and Gnome loaded on ubunt.  One my playing around and evaluating ends I will probably use the apps I like in both gnome and KDE using the KDE21:53
DaSkreechdan__: hoorah! drinks for nosrednaekim :)21:54
david__how to I enable the software package for' nvidia-glx-new'  ?21:55
nosrednaekimDaSkreech» you know where that is from?21:55
david__appearanty this is what is blocking me from enabling 3d support21:55
nosrednaekimdavid__» use the restricted-manager-kde21:56
david__I did, that is what is giving me this error21:56
sd32does anybody know of a online virus scanner that works with linux?(so i dont have  to deal with installing clamwin)21:57
weswh-ok so I just went through this azureus update process...and it created a new startup script for me. fair enough...so I renamed it to what my old one was, simply 'azureus'. When I used to run that file...it ran the script and launched the app21:57
weswh-now it is opening in Kate...what's the difference? (clicking through konquerer)21:57
nosrednaekimdavid__» what error?21:58
weswh-ok there's something i don't get for sure. the old script...which is now named azureus.old - still launches the app...21:58
basculefile extensions mean nothing in linux21:59
stdinmake sure it's executable21:59
nosrednaekimweswh-» did you make it executable21:59
david__"The software source for the package nvidia-glx-new is not enabled."22:00
weswh-wonderful...thanks guys.22:00
weswh-didn't intend to learn anything this afternoon :P22:00
david__how do I do that?22:00
not|rootHi. Where can I learn more about enabling suspend-to-RAM and suspend-to-disk on kubuntu?22:01
bluszczi've got weird problem after upgrade to 3.5.922:01
bluszczmy kdesktop doesn't show my $HOME/Desktop but /22:01
stdindavid__: make sure you have "proprietary drivers for devices" enabled from adept (Adept -> Manage Repositories)22:02
jhutchins_wkbluszcz: Have you rebooted?22:02
david__ah ok22:02
sd32im leary of 3.5.9 because of the lack of support for it22:03
bluszczjhutchins_wk: yes22:04
nosrednaekimbluszcz» yeah.... I know where that setting is.22:05
david__great thanks22:05
=== magical is now known as magical_trevsky
nosrednaekimbluszcz» hum.. I knowing tis in kcontrol SOMEWHERE22:06
rowAnyone using network manager in the hardy kde4 alpha release here, can't get it to start here22:07
rowrather odd22:07
bluszcznosrednaekim: ?22:07
=== magical_trevsky is now known as magical
stdinrow: tried starting it manually?22:07
nosrednaekimbluszcz» there is a setting somehwere for what your DESKTOP dir actually is22:07
rowstdin yeah via command line and via run dialog22:07
rownothing happens22:07
bluszcznosrednaekim: really?22:07
rowno errors nothing22:08
bluszcznosrednaekim: where? :D22:08
* row checks syslog22:08
nosrednaekimbluszcz» i'm looking...22:08
rowah it works22:08
rowit is loaded22:08
rowbut can't get config up22:08
* row needs to set up ndiswrapper stuff22:09
rowclick manual config and nothing happens22:09
nosrednaekimbluszcz» sorry, can't find it.....22:09
bluszcznosrednaekim: i've just found it!22:09
nosrednaekimbluszcz» where?22:09
* row does via cli22:10
bluszcznosrednaekim: Administration/Paths22:10
bluszczi've changed it into $HOME/Desktop22:10
bluszczbut it doesn'nt work22:10
nosrednaekimyep.. thats ot :)22:11
bluszcznosrednaekim: still the same :/22:11
nosrednaekimbluszcz» you gotta at least log out22:12
bluszcznosrednaekim: :(22:13
bluszcznosrednaekim: i kill kdesktop and run again22:13
nosrednaekimbluszcz» why not lgo tou22:13
nosrednaekim*log out22:14
bluszcznosrednaekim: i logout22:14
bluszczthe same22:14
nosrednaekimbluszcz» odd22:15
bluszcznosrednaekim: odd?22:15
nosrednaekimbluszcz» thats always fixed it from what I have seen22:16
nosrednaekimbluszcz» if you changed that setting back to ~/Desktop22:16
bluszcznosrednaekim: :/22:17
miladenHey, when my computer starts up it shows the screens "mode not supported" screen so i cant see my bios or anything... what do i do?22:23
nosrednaekimmiladen» you can't even see the BIOS?22:24
miladeni cant see the bios but as soon as the kubuntu interface starts it shows everything fine22:24
holamy webcam is not recognized by ubuntu22:25
trappistmiladen: if your monitor can't display your bios (never heard of that one before) you might try asking in #hardware - ubuntu's not loaded at that point22:26
bluszcznosrednaekim: which option in kdesktoprc sets it>?>22:26
arcticpenguin380is reiserfs journalled?22:26
trappistarcticpenguin380: yes22:27
arcticpenguin380then why do i always get corrupted trees then?22:27
trappistarcticpenguin380: that is, the metadata is journaled.  not sure if you can enable data journaling.22:27
nosrednaekimbluszcz» doesn't seem to be one in there.22:27
trappistarcticpenguin380: good question, that's why I quit using reiserfs :)  also you could have a hardware problem on your drive22:28
=== george is now known as hammer
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about metadata - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:28
=== hammer is now known as gshie
arcticpenguin380i know what metadata is but what is filesystem metadata?22:29
rickestarcticpenguin380: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReiserFS#Criticism22:29
trappistarcticpenguin380: metadata journaling is like, before it commits an action it logs "about to do this", then it does it, then it logs that it was done.  so when you reboot, if there's an "about to do this" log without a "done" log, it executes the transaction.22:30
trappistrickest: nice link22:31
panzithe kubuntu repositories seem to be broken!22:32
panziall .deb files have a size of 0 bytes when you download them22:32
stdinwhich one, there are many mirrors22:32
gshiea few days ago i installed KDE using the kubuntu-desktop (and other packages). For several days, it would just stop when it it got to 'initializing system services' when launching KDE but today it decided to work for some reason. I looked it up on the docs and a lot of people seem to have had this problem...... does anybody here know about that?22:32
arcticpenguin380oh well i will go to JFS then22:32
panzideb http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-357 feisty main22:32
trappistarcticpenguin380: I'm pretty happy with ext3 now22:32
panziif there are mirrors, where can I find a list?22:33
nosrednaekim!langpack | gshie22:33
ubotugshie: A recent update broke some KDE language packs, leaving the user unable to login. (http://launchpad.net/bugs/195647) This has now been fixed and an updated package is in the -updates repo. If you removed the packages with the interim fix you can reinstall them with: << sudo apt-get install language-pack-kde-en language-pack-kde-en-base >>22:33
trappistarcticpenguin380: I tried xfs for a while, but grub hates it if /boot is on xfs22:33
panziactually it seems to be all under http://packages/*22:33
gshieubotu: thanks!22:33
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)22:33
stdinpanzi: I think it's being removed due to lack of use, why not upgrade to gutsy anyway?22:35
panziI cant22:35
panziwell not yet22:35
panziI have no time for an big system update22:35
panzigah, I should have downloaded all the packages before they removed it22:35
stdinit's been out for months, hardy will be out soon22:35
panzibut I didnt had time!22:36
panzidamnit, thouse half year release cycles are far to short22:36
panzii have time to update in summer break22:36
stdinyou haven't found time in nearly 5 months?22:36
panziI update once a year!22:36
stdinwell, start planning an hour or two, it's not an interactive process after it starts so you just need to check on it every 10-15 mins22:37
panzibecause its tedious22:37
trappiststdin: it does get interactive when it finds modified config files22:38
nosrednaekimtedious? its one command.... but do do back ups :)22:38
panziit's not an hour. i have installed a lot on my system which is not provided by ubuntu and therefore this all will stop to work when the system is updated.22:38
stdinit should ask those all in one go, when pre-configuring22:38
panzitherefore its more easy when I install the system from scratch22:39
trappistpanzi: that's why you stick with the package manager :) or put stuff like that on its own partition22:39
panziand that takes twao days at least22:39
trappiststdin: I didn't have any such luck on my gutsy upgrade22:39
panziLOTS of stuff is just not available in the pkg mngr22:39
panzilike updated thunderbird (security updates)22:40
stdinsecurity updates are always available22:40
stdinif not file a bug22:40
panzior netbeans nightlieys (because of mercurial plugin and ws bpel etc.)22:40
trappistpanzi: I try to keep distro-independent stuff in /opt, on its own partition22:40
panziand then amarok is never up to date22:41
gshieis it just me, or is ubotu amazing?22:41
panziand I had big problems with one amarok version (couldnt play most of my files) so I had to compile it myself22:41
panzigshie: its just you. its a distro like every other22:41
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!22:42
trappistpanzi: a stable distro isn't going to give you new versions of software just because a new version's available.  you can find backports repos and 3rd party repos for updates to individual packages you like.  it's a lot better than building from source, especially when it comes time to upgrade the distro.22:42
crashedHey guys, is there a way to revert changes I made to some configuration files?22:42
crashedI edited a few things and I don't remember what I edited anymore.22:42
trappistcrashed: sure, just restore from backup!22:42
crashedI just installed Kubuntu. :(22:42
trappistI knew it.22:42
stdincrashed: sometimes it will save a backup with a ~ extention22:43
nosrednaekimcrashed» probably not if you closed them22:43
crashedLooks like I'll have to reinstall this again.22:43
trappistcrashed: try, sudo apt-get remove --purge package; sudo apt-get install package22:43
crashedRunning Edgy here.22:43
trappistcrashed: --purge gets rid of config files22:43
crashedIt says it couldn't find package package.22:43
gshiepanzi: i mean ubotu the bot here... i can't tell if its a bot or a person22:44
nosrednaekimcrashed» why don't you order a gutsy CD from shipit?22:44
gshiepanzi: it passes the turing test22:44
crashedHow much is it?22:44
trappistcrashed: not "package"... the package you want to reinstall.22:44
panzigshie: ic22:44
crashedWell, I edited some system files I believe.22:44
trappistcrashed: you don't remember what files?22:44
crashedNo sir.22:44
gshiepanzi: also... panzi... is your name mandarin?22:44
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents22:44
nosrednaekimcrashed» free!22:44
crashedAll I remember was modules.conf, not sure what else I edited. I was trying to get my tv tuner to work.22:45
trappistcrashed: kinda hard to help you there22:45
crashedkmix crashes when I try running it now.22:45
panzigshie: no. austrian. its short for Panzenböck, my last name. Panzenböck hast celtic roots22:45
nosrednaekimcrashed» shipit is free... but shipping can take a little while22:45
crashedHow long's a little while?22:45
stdincrashed: few weeks on average22:46
crashedWell, might as well order it now anyway.22:46
gshiepanzi: oh i see22:46
panzigshie: and you speak it "german": the "a" like the "a" in are and the z like "ts"22:46
crashedshipit.org, shipit.com?22:46
ubotushipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Gutsy (7.10) CDs22:46
crashedAh wait, I'll be moving in a few weeks too. Probably shouldn't order it just yet.22:46
gshiepanzi: ich verstehe22:46
trappistcrashed: maybe you know somebody with a fat pipe and a cd burner?22:47
nosrednaekimand a blank CD22:47
trappistand a sharpie22:47
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gshieubotu: what are you?22:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about what are you? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:47
crashed$13 for Kubuntu?22:48
stdin!bot > gshie22:48
MartinCleaverthanks all, kubuntu is happily installed now22:48
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» awwzome22:49
crashedSomeone posted something 3 minutes ago and got 9 replies and 240 views.22:49
crashedI posted 7 minutes ago and I only have my own view.22:49
nosrednaekimcrashed» it all depends on how easy it is.22:50
nosrednaekimand how common22:50
MartinCleaverOMG. my screen just blacked!22:51
nosrednaekimcrashed» I suppose you could order the kubuntu cd, from somewhere, they are usually fairly cheap22:51
MartinCleaverI was in the process of detecting a USB printer22:51
trappistMartinCleaver: try your shift key22:51
* MartinCleaver taps it22:51
stdingshie: I am22:52
MartinCleavernothing with ctrl-alt-1/722:52
crashed$4 shipping + $1 charge, yeah not bad but it'd only take me two or so hours to download 7.10 and $0.10 for a CD-R.22:52
MartinCleavernothing with mouse22:52
trappistMartinCleaver: power cable?22:52
trappistis the machine running?22:52
nosrednaekimcrashed» haha... then do that!... gutsy is so much better22:52
trappistkeyboard lights flashing?22:52
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots22:52
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» ssh?22:52
panzigah, does anyone know a sitll working package mirror for feisty?22:53
stdinpanzi: only the official repos22:53
MartinCleaverno route to host22:53
MartinCleavermight be a firewall on it though?22:53
MartinCleaverdest unreachable for ping22:54
crashedI'll see you guys later.22:54
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» ah.. you probably need to install the ssh server22:54
nosrednaekimoh wow...22:54
nosrednaekimc ya crashed22:54
* MartinCleaver is not happy22:54
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» that really went down hard.22:54
trappistpanzi: http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/pub/mirrors/CRAN/22:55
MartinCleaverlights are still on22:55
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» is something overheating possibly?22:55
MartinCleaverworked fine under centos22:55
trappistpanzi: err, http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/pub/mirrors/CRAN/bin/linux/ubuntu/feisty/22:55
panzitrappist: thanks22:55
trappistMartinCleaver: sounds dead to me.  reboot?22:55
ArtimusAnyone get to mess with the Ubuntu Brainstorm site?  Slashdot killed it before I could try it.22:56
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» what graphics card?22:56
panzitrappist: erm, that seems not to be a kubuntu repo (no kde packages there)22:56
nosrednaekimArtimus» yeah..I took a look22:56
MartinCleaverxfx 7600 i think22:57
trappistpanzi: yeah I'm starting to realize it's not what I thought it was...22:57
Artimusnosrednaekim: This is basically Digg with Ubuntu Wishlist Bugs, isn't it?22:57
nosrednaekimArtimus» use tuxmachines for "slashdot before slashdot spashdotts it"22:57
nosrednaekimArtimus» yeah22:57
panzitrappist: that are only R packages22:57
Artimusnosrednaekim: Not a bad idea.  Might be easier than Launchpad for newer users.  That's probably who should be making requests anyway.22:57
nosrednaekimyup... there were some good ideas on it22:58
MartinCleaverok. i have to go.22:59
MartinCleaverthanks guys :(22:59
nosrednaekimMartinCleaver» sorry..22:59
trappistpanzi: http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+pub+feisty+index22:59
ArtimusI've been working on KDE4 programming.  I think the best way to get ideas of what needs to be done is to ask new users.  I set a friend of mine up with Kubuntu.  I've been trying to make notes of things that caused troubles for him.22:59
MartinCleavernot your fault :|23:01
MartinCleaverok. later23:01
nosrednaekimArtimus» ya... not many kde problems on there23:02
Artimusnosrednaekim: There's a few I'd like to add.  I'd like the System Services Editor to be fixed.  It lags.  Adept needs to be fixed.  I'm not sure I like synaptic much better, though...23:03
nosrednaekimArtimus» adept is getting re-worked for kde423:03
panziok, in 3 weeks when I'll buy a new PC I'll switch to fedora again, I think23:04
Artimusnosrednaekim: Yes, but aren't we using KDE3 Adept until Intrepeid?23:04
nosrednaekimArtimus» probably.23:04
panzigood by23:05
nosrednaekimbye panzi23:05
BluesKajheh, panzi, will be sorry :)23:09
david__I just installed a 56k modem in my linux machine what do I do now? I havent used dial up in over 10 years23:09
david__(I am selling this pc and am setting it up for someone)23:10
david__I would hate to look like an idiot23:10
ubotuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up23:10
david__sweet thanks23:10
Arwendavid__, is it a real modem? :-p23:11
verswhy wont my computer recognize my external hard drive?23:13
versim frustrated23:13
verscan anyone offer any help?23:15
=== WarKat is now known as War|Lurks
Artimusvers: Unplug it and plug it back in?  I've had drives that wouldn't always recognize right away23:22
mrunagidoes fdisk -l require sudo?23:37
sd32wow, the shoutcast servers are down23:39
Artimussd32: Tried lastfm?23:40
sd32Artimus: yeah, but not as much variety23:41
sd32plus i keeploosing the password23:41
sd32plus i dont like scrobbling23:43
ArtimusFair enough23:43
pedrohi can anyone tell me tha packege for nevidia graphic cards23:43
sd32i like songza23:43
pedroi have a 8800gt wolf edition23:44
sd32the shoutcast outage is putting the kybosh on amarok23:47
lupulhi everyone. is there any other program like compiz-fusion? but to use less resources23:51
SlimeyPetelupul: KDE4 has some compiz-style stuff built in. Not sure how well it works though (it won't work on my laptop but then compiz doesn't work that well either)23:52
mrunagidoes hardy have a live cd?23:54
pushaxwhat's the cli for kernel version?23:54
SlimeyPetepushax: uname -a23:54
pushaxSlimeyPete: thx23:54
pedroguys i need to know what is the nvidia driver23:54
sd32which one?23:55
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu23:55
SlimeyPetepedro: the package for the "official" driver is called nvidia-glx, but the recommended way of installing is via the Restricted Drivers Manager23:55
SlimeyPete(nvidia-glx-legacy for old drivers I think)23:55
pedrook thnaks :)23:56
mrunagii have yet to get an answer so far lol23:56
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines23:57
pedroguys why i can't run wine on hardy23:58

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