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Talon218I'm recieving a core dump everytime I run a java gui00:29
rskhow rude00:29
rskto dump infront of you :P00:30
rskno idea thou.00:30
Talon218do you have any ideas on where to look for an answer00:31
Talon218I search for "hardy java" in the forums and got nothing00:31
RAOFTalon218: That'd be java 1.6, yes?00:33
Talon218i believe so00:33
RAOFEveryone loves stupid proprietary crap!00:33
rskmaybe try icedtea00:33
RAOFSo, the best answer would be to try icedtea, but that's not yet complete.00:33
Talon218i installed netbeans and i saw netbeans install w/ it00:34
Talon218i saw icedtea install w/ it ^00:34
RAOFFailing that, you can export the LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=1 environment variable, which should mask the symptoms.00:34
LinuturkWisdom teeth removal hurts00:35
Talon218... wow way past me00:35
Talon218cool thanks... will this cause other problems though??00:36
joejojohey everyone00:36
joejojohaving a problem with libxklavier1200:36
joejojoam i like residually stoned or something or just blind?00:38
cdm10Wow, the Alpha 5 CD is COMPLETELY broken.00:43
Piciin half?00:43
cdm10The installer goes to a manual partition-editor but it has no buttons enabled00:43
cdm10Pici: it doesn't do the normal thing where it asks how you want it partitioned, it just goes straight to the manual one, which, for some reason, is unresponsive00:43
cdm10this is running in a VM with a completely blank, unformatted disk00:43
AtomicSparki have this old netserver, duel pII (unknown speed) 256 pc100 ram 2x 8gb scsi hd. any ideas of something nifty to do with it?00:55
darrendhi - just upgraded to hardy and appear to have a none-smp kernel on my dual core box.  How do I get smp back again?01:08
credibledarrend: just use the -generic kernel01:09
darrendhmm.. thought that's what I was using.. it's switched to -38601:09
darrendmust be the grub config - changed default?01:09
credible386 is always prefered over -generic if it's installed01:10
willis_!find -generic01:10
credibleI don't know how it got installed though01:10
ubotuFound: E:01:10
willis_ uname -a01:10
willis_Linux kitchen 2.6.24-8-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 14 20:40:45 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux01:10
willis_Am i missreading that - generic has 'smp'01:11
willis_i dont even see a -386  in the repos.01:11
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willis_linux-386 - Complete Linux kernel on 386.01:12
willis_there it is. :)01:12
crediblesorry, I was abbreviating :)01:13
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mEck0Hi! when I try to start netbeans 6 (using hardy alpha 5) I get the following error: " java: xcb_xlib.c:82: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed.01:16
mEck0./../platform7/lib/nbexec: line 440: 30031 Aborted                 (core dumped) "01:16
mEck0how can I fix it? I fixed it in some way with help from a kind person here in alpha4, but since update manager upgraded to alpha5, it's not working again ;(01:17
sarah__i installed alpha 4, and just downloaded jockey-common, but wouldnt install because it said python-central was at too old of a version :( help?01:19
sarah__(cant do aptitude update yet; networking drivers broken)01:20
RAOFmEck0: Either use icedtea, which has that hideous bug fixed, or set the LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK environment variable to 1 to mask the symptoms.01:25
mEck0RAOF, how can I set the sentence in the env.variable? whats the name of the file?01:27
RAOFmEck0: Depends on the shell you're using and stuff.  "export LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=1" in a terminal before running the program you're after (from that same terminal) should work.01:28
RAOFSystem-wide, I think /etc/environment is what you want.01:28
* credible suggests ~/.bashrc01:29
* RAOF points out that ~/.bashrc will only work for running apps from a terminal01:29
RAOFAlso, hi.01:29
credibleoh :/01:29
willis_Hmm.. actually dosent .bashrc get ran by X when it starts up?01:29
credibleit should affect everything indirectly01:30
willis_not sure how to test that heh heh...01:30
willis_I thought ive set env variables in .bashrc that were set for all the X apps befor.01:30
RAOFwillis_: I don't see why .bashrc should be run by X on startup.  There's the xsession stuff, but those would be run with dash, not bash.01:30
mEck0RAOF, do I need to restart something after I added the line in /etc/environment?01:30
RAOFmEck0: A full restart should do it.01:31
willis_RAOF,  right.. But im not sure how to test/prove it one way or the other. :)  launch a shell  with dash i guess.01:31
mEck0ok, brb, thx01:31
jworkman01I just upgraded to hardy and am being shown a crash with the update-manager. When I try to fix it, it wont repair itself. I've used synaptic as well to fix it and still nothing. Any ideas?01:34
Jordan_Ujworkman01, Broken package01:35
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jworkman01Jordan: Yes01:35
Jordan_Ujworkman01, Should be fixed in an update sometime soon01:35
jworkman01Jordan: But nothing can be done about it now on my end, right?01:35
Jordan_Ujworkman01, Two packages are trying to overwrite the same file01:35
mEck0RAOF, netbeans 6 starts perfectly now! thx a lot!01:36
Jordan_Ujworkman01, You can force one to overwrite the other's version, but I am not sure the side effects of that01:36
* mEck0 writes down the solution immediately01:36
jworkman01Jordan: Can I do apt-get remove update-manager and install that portion?01:37
jworkman01reinstall rather01:37
Jordan_Ujworkman01, You would not be removing update-manager01:38
willis_!info fuseiso966001:38
jworkman01Jordan: I am trying to do the fix again but get the same thing, returned error code (1)01:39
Jordan_Ujworkman01, Check launchpad, I am sure that someone has filed a bug report already, and likely there is a solution posted there01:40
jworkman01Jordan: Ok thanks!01:40
DanaGWow, I just reminded myself of how cryptic ATI's naming is.01:40
DanaGMobility Radeon X1350, X1250, x2300... what's the difference?01:40
RAOFDanaG: Number of kittens you need to sacrifice to get them working.01:42
DanaGI don't plan to get any IGP things for myself, ever.01:43
rskIGP 9100 is pretty nice01:43
DanaGIsn't that the "forgotten child" one that has no support at all?01:44
rskr100 and r200 has full support01:47
RAOFThere's certianly *one* problem-child of the r100/200 era that barely has 2d, let alone 3d.  I can't remember what it is offhand, though.01:51
Raspberryanybody having issues with opengl / wine?01:54
Raspberryreboots X every time I try to run a Wine app that uses 3d01:54
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DanaGHeh, my rt2500 cardbus card is only giving a 1-megabit connection.02:05
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hackeronhey, I'm getting the following when I try to install the unichrome module:   xserver-xorg-video-unichrome: Depends: xserver-xorg-core (>= 1:1.1.1) but it is not going to be installed02:17
hackeronany ideas?02:17
ArwenPriceChild, um, yay for random bans?02:22
PriceChildArwen, quit message02:22
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prasannahey guys, tryin to figure out this bug i keep getting02:30
prasannaE: /var/cache/apt/archives/libxklavier12_3.4-2_i386.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/libxklavier/xfree86.xml', which is also in package libxklavier1102:30
prasannaapparently its a known issue02:30
prasannabut cant seem to find the fix02:31
Raspberryprasanna: read the topic02:31
prasannai hear ya, jus thought someoen might have experience with it since it seems to be an older problem02:32
Raspberryit's a new problem02:32
Raspberryas of today02:32
Raspberryand it's an easy fix my forcing the install using dpgk02:32
Raspberrydpkg rather02:32
hischildJordan_U, that would be the alternate02:32
prasannaoh really? googled it thats why, makes sense02:32
prasannahow do i force the install? pretty new to all this02:33
prasannaappreciate any help02:33
Raspberrythen you really shouldn't be running Hardy02:33
Jordan_Uhischild, I would have tried the LiveCD first, but good luck :)02:34
RAOFprasanna: Basically, you can ignore it for now.  It'll be fixed by an update.02:34
hischildJordan_U, i might try it ... but i knew most of the menu's it gave me ... and yeah, if it fails ... i'll get the live version and give it a shot02:34
Raspberryif you don't know how to resolve dependencies than running an unstable distribution is just going to be a long frustrating process for you and the people who try to help you :)02:34
prasannaactually i've had it installed for a while now, first bug i encountered02:35
Raspberrydo a dpkg --force-overwrite -i /var/cache/apt/archive/libxklavier12_3-4-2_i386.deb02:35
Raspberrythat'll probably do it02:35
prasannahey thanks ROAF, appreciate it02:36
RAOFprasanna: However, the comment "you probably don't want to be running Hardy" stands.  Problems like this (and worse) *will* come up until the Beta is released, and possibly after.02:37
prasannaand i understand their point of view02:38
prasannaprobably is, u gotta start somewhere, and i was having issues with gutsy as well, more problems actually02:38
Raspberrysame here -- that's why I installed Hardy02:39
RAOFJust as long as you don't need this computer to be working.02:39
prasannanot sure if this is a bug, but while i'm typing, pc has logged off a couple of times02:39
RaspberrySo -- nobody else has the issue with X restarting whenever you try running a wine app02:39
prasannai'm guessing i'm pressing a combination of keys thats causing this02:40
RAOFRaspberry: You shouldn't be able to run wine apps at the moment, it's broken :)02:40
hischildJordan_U, so far ... it's actually running fine ... and the installation goes faster (twice as fast) then then 7.10 install did earlier this evening)02:40
hischildJordan_U, i'm at the end of the install (cleaning up part)02:41
RaspberryRAOF: I know -- it has been for 2 weeks -- I installed the new .56 64-bit package :)   It works, but the 3d doesn't :)02:41
prasannaare there pre-installed keys that auto logs off?02:41
prasannathink i hit shift and something, has happened twice today02:41
hischildJordan_U, moment of truth!02:43
willis_dang - getting some majer issues now. windows constantly greying out, lagg when typing and so forth..02:44
willis_wonder what casused that to suddently start.02:44
* Jordan_U does a drum roll02:44
hischildhmm no reboot ... but a fullblown freezeup02:44
RaspberryI get full blown freeze ups too02:45
hischildbut can you login? this is the first bootup after a fresh install02:45
hischildand it freeze before i can even login02:45
Jordan_Uhischild, It's hardly ever "fullblown" frozen with linux, if your caps lock key light isn't flashing there is still hope :)02:45
hischildJordan_U, lol ...02:46
hischildok ok so maybe not fullblown frozen :p02:46
Jordan_Uhischild, Did GDM start?02:46
hischildJordan_U, yes! i was thinking ... shall i type, shall i wait, shall i type, shall i wait ... freezeup!02:47
Jordan_Uhischild, Can you get to a console with ctrl+alt+F1 ?02:47
hischildat freeze?02:47
Raspberrymy freezes are weird02:47
RaspberryI can't use the keyboard anymore02:47
hischildnothing responds, not even caps02:48
Raspberrybut the mouse still moves around, just can't click on anything02:48
hischildRaspberry, you can switch terminals02:48
hischildhmm :(02:48
Raspberrykeyboard doesn't work02:48
Raspberrymouse moves, but the right / left clicks do nothing02:49
RaspberryCTRL+ALT+BKSP does nothing... CTRL+ALT+DEL does nothing02:49
hischildlast time i had that i could switch from terminal to terminal02:49
RaspberryCTRL+ALT+F1 or anything else does nothing02:49
Raspberrypushing the power button does nothing02:49
Raspberryholding the power button powers it off02:49
Jordan_Uhischild, try alt + sysrq + k ( sysrq is usually the same key as print screen )02:50
Raspberryi'll have to try that next time02:50
hischildJordan_U, effect = ? (does nothing that i can see)02:51
hischildmaybe my psu isn't powerfull enough ... so sec while i switch it to my other one ...02:51
Jordan_Uhischild, Should have killed X02:51
hischildJordan_U, didn't :(02:52
Jordan_Uhischild, Try ctrl+alt+sysrq02:54
Jordan_Uctrl+alt+sysrq+k that is :)02:54
DanaGNot ctrl, actually.02:56
DanaGIf it's a laptop, you may need to hold FN before pressing sysrq, and then let go of it before hitting 'k'.02:57
DanaGI love having magic sysrq, but I hate having to USE it.02:57
Jordan_UDanaG, I hate having a mac laptop with no sysrq key :)02:58
* DanaG doesn't own any Apple stuff.02:59
DanaGNone of their stuff does what I want in (that type) of device.02:59
hackeron_anyone? - I'm getting the following when I try to install the unichrome module:   xserver-xorg-video-unichrome: Depends: xserver-xorg-core (>= 1:1.1.1) but it is not going to be installed02:59
DanaG(that type) is laptop, desktop, portable media player.02:59
DanaGHeh:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Platypus03:01
DanaGI want a platypus on my desktop!03:01
prasannanot sure, but is there away i can disable auto log off?03:03
prasannai mean if i press shift+backspace03:03
RAOFhackeron_: Right.  The unichrome package is broken.03:03
prasannait logs me off, and i've been doing it by accident03:03
RAOFprasanna: That _shouldn't_ happen.  It used to be a bug in Xgl, but that got fixed.03:03
RAOFhackeron_: File a bug.  It's built against the wrong version of the X server.03:04
hischildDanaG, it's a desktop system that i'm having trouble on03:04
prasannacause i've actually tested it just now03:04
prasannaand it did it again03:04
hischildJordan_U, next attempt ... hooked up a more powerfull psu which can handle this box easily ...03:05
hischildfailed :(03:06
hischild_anything_ any1 can think of to fix a gdm crashing for no apparent reason?03:07
DanaGI'm getting Xorg crashes when unmimizing Firefox with certain pages open.03:08
Jordan_Uhischild, Try disabling gdm like you did with gutsy, see if it still freezes / reboots03:08
DanaGExample: this page.03:10
DanaGIt has some Java applet.03:10
Jordan_UDanaG, Page isn't loading for me03:12
DanaGOh, and the crash only SOMEtimes happens.03:12
hischildJordan_U, this is a new one.... i can see the cursor blink ... yet i can't type :S03:13
Jordan_Uhischild, Try ctrl+alt+F103:13
hackeron_RAOF: ok, filed, thanks03:13
Jordan_Uhischild, Try threatening your computer03:13
hischildthinks i'm bluffing :(03:14
hischildamazing ... tech support with humor .... value: priceless03:14
hischildi got like 5 - 10 seconds before it freezes03:16
hackeron_hischild: definitely not a hardware problem? - tried memtest for a couple of hours?03:18
DanaGOdd, hard lock with black screen when I closed my lid.03:18
hischildhackeron_, i'm fairly sure that it isn't ... i've been running windows on it for like 1,5 weeks without reboot ... and games run great without any problem ...03:18
Jordan_Uhischild, Try pinging it to see if it is still somewhat alive, if it is try installing ssh in recovery mode then ssh in to be hopefully able to troubleshoot after the freeze03:20
hischildi'll try ...03:20
hackeron_hischild: sorry, I missed the beginning of the problem, what do you have to do to reproduce the problem?03:20
hischildhackeron_, the easiest thing ever: power it on03:21
hackeron_hischild: ok, so ubuntu boots up, you see the login and it freezes?03:21
hackeron_try booting as a single user mode and running startx - see if it happens then too03:21
Jordan_Uhackeron_, Even with GDM disabled, so it's not likely an X problem03:21
hackeron_Jordan_U: ah, hmm03:22
hackeron_hischild: with gdm disabled, anything in the console before it locks up?03:22
hischildhackeron_, i have about 5 - 10 seconds before it locks up03:22
hischildi can login, type 2 commands ... lock up03:22
hischildif i'm lucky ...03:23
DanaGYou could chmod -x /etc/init.d/gdm to make it not start.03:23
hackeron_type tail -f /var/log/syslog :)03:23
hischildill try03:23
hackeron_and have you tried as single user too?03:23
Jordan_UDanaG, Already tried, except I had him rename /etc/init.d/gdm03:23
hischilddarn .... was so close :p03:24
hischildhackeron_, yes ... which doesn't lock up03:24
hackeron_well, that's good news03:24
hackeron_now try starting hal :)03:24
hischildhackeron_, at least, not within the first like 5 minutes03:24
P2502livecd boot menu and grub boot menu useing legacy usb driver it seems, if i have no legacy usb support or disable it in bios, my keyboard stop work03:25
hackeron_hischild: what motherboard/chipset? - I heard some onboard network cards cause lockups03:25
hischildhackeron_, alright, i'm in single user thingy03:25
hackeron_hischild: maybe try disabling the network adaptor in bios?03:25
hischildhackeron_, uhm ... asus a8r mvp03:25
hischilddisabled just about everything (inc onboard sound and network)03:25
Jordan_Uhischild, hackeron_ That would make sense since single user mode works03:25
hischildi'm assuming that i have to select drop to root shell prompt when asked03:26
hischildand no lock up so far03:26
hackeron_from there, try /etc/init.d/hal start03:27
hackeron_see if that makes it lock up03:27
Jordan_Uhischild, See if it locks up when you do "invokerc.d networking start"03:27
hischildwait one at a time :p03:27
hischildhal won't start due to dbus not being started03:27
Jordan_Umake that invoke-rc.d ( with a dash )03:27
hischildand what good will networking do me if i don't have a network that it can check on?03:28
hackeron_hischild: if it's a driver issue, you'll be able to reproduce the lockup :)03:28
hischildno lockup, just a warning about ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth003:29
hackeron_so far so good03:29
hackeron_do you have any USB devices plugged in?03:29
DanaGsudo dhclient eth0 to bring it up.03:29
hischildyes, my keyboard, though i also have a ps2 keyboard hooked up (wanted to see if that made a difference)03:30
hischildDanaG, wouldn't do much good, i disabled it in bios03:30
hackeron_hmm, try startx03:31
hischildrunning as privileged user --> continue?03:31
hackeron_no lock up?03:31
hischildtook twice as long ... but locked03:31
hackeron_ok, so it seems to lock when you started x?03:32
hackeron_sounds like display drivers03:32
hackeron_what graphics card?03:32
hischildnvidia geforce 8600 GT03:32
hackeron_in single user mode, with networking enabled03:32
hackeron_run apt-get install nvidia-glx03:32
hackeron_if you haven't already :)03:33
hischildnope, it's a clean system, freshly installed03:33
hackeron_hoary, right?03:33
hischildotherwise i'd be in the wrong channel03:33
hackeron_err, sorry, hardy, lol03:33
DanaGThere's a bit of a naming collision there.03:33
* Jordan_U remembers hoary03:33
Jordan_Unot good memories there03:34
hackeron_next step, horny03:34
hischildsounds epic03:34
DanaGWhat'll be for I (capital i)?03:34
DanaGCurse whoever made l look like I.03:34
DanaGL look like i (reverse case)03:34
hackeron_lol, change fonts03:34
CarlFKI'm trying to compile some code on hardy, got an error the dev has never seen before: /usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output03:34
hischildwut? yeah I looks lik I :p03:34
CarlFKwhole make dump: http://dpaste.com/37159/03:35
hackeron_hischild: how is the apt-get install nvidia-glx going?03:35
Jordan_UDanaG, ibus: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ed/Capra_ibex_ibex_%E2%80%93_03.jpg03:35
hischildhackeron_, it's done03:36
hischildnow a normal reboot or  ...03:36
DanaGNice beard.03:36
hackeron_hischild: ok, now edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change driver to nvidia03:36
hackeron_hischild: under section Device03:36
hischildhackeron_, any chance there's a diff way? cuz it's almost empty o.O03:36
RAOFDanaG: It's Intrepid Ibex.  Didn't you know? :)03:36
hackeron_hischild: lol, hmmm, probably, but I can't remember it - do you have section device?03:37
hischildhackeron_, yes ... just added it there03:37
hackeron_hischild: if so, put Driver "nvidia"03:37
hackeron_hischild: then startx :)03:37
hackeron_fingers crossed03:37
hischildserver error :p03:38
hackeron_haha, no screens found?03:38
hischilddpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?03:38
prasannahey RAOF, is there manual way of fixing that error?03:38
hackeron_hischild: yeah, try it03:38
prasannathe 'shift+backspace' = auto log off03:38
hischildframebuffer y/n03:38
hackeron_hischild: but in hardy it doesn't really ask you many questions03:38
hackeron_hischild: framebuffer no03:38
RAOFprasanna: I don't know.  I don't know what's causing it, so I can't tell you how to fix it.03:39
hischildgood point ....03:39
Jordan_Uhackeron_, hischild That's because in hardy it doesn't really make many decisions :)03:39
prasannaback to google, tried a few things, none seem to work03:39
hischildhmm ... :( no screens error yeah03:39
hischildooh wait03:39
Jordan_Uprasanna, Are you using XGL?03:39
hischild*count to 20*03:40
hackeron_Jordan_U: hmmm, I find the opposite - it makes practically all decisions and so far they have been wrong, lol03:40
Jordan_Uprasanna, Can you pastebin the output from "glxinfo" ?03:40
prasannaoh sorry yea i am using XGL03:40
Jordan_Uhackeron_, No, it leaves the xorg.conf mostly empty and leaves the decision making to X.org03:40
hischildlockup <3 but it might have overwritten it to not use nvidia drivers03:40
hackeron_hischild: any luck?03:40
DanaGxorg log show anything interesting?03:41
hischildi'm always having luck :p03:41
Jordan_Uprasanna, There are many tutorials on how to turn off the shift + backspace quitting XGL03:41
prasannayea ive tried a few, let me keep trying03:42
prasannai'll be back if i cant fix it03:42
hackeron_hischild: so.. no lockup?03:42
hischildhackeron_, without nvidia ... it locks up03:42
hischildand with nvidia, it just won't start03:42
hackeron_hischild: lol03:42
hischildreconfigure overwrote my old config03:42
nemo/usr/lib/firefox-3.0b3/plugins /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins /usr/lib/iceape/plugins /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9b3/plugins /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins /usr/lib/xulrunner/plugins03:42
hackeron_hischild: before the no screens found, does it say anything about the nvidia kernel module?03:42
nemo... this seems a little excessive03:42
nemofor one thing, my plugins seem to be ending up in different directories03:43
nemooften the wrong one03:43
hackeron_hischild: oh wait, I know03:43
hischildhackeron_,  no, i'll take a look in the log03:43
nemowhy is ubuntu moving towards 7 different Gecko plugin directories, and are some of these junk and does anyone know how to get this under control?03:43
hackeron_hischild: hardy is broken, lol - I forget -- apt-get install nvidia-glx-new-dev03:43
hischildremove the old one first?03:43
hischildthat is quite a list it'll install03:44
macogwwhat setting that i dont know about makes it so that my laptop beeps when i open or close the lid?03:45
prasannajordan i fixed it :D03:46
hischildhackeron_, aight now startx?03:46
Jordan_Umacogw, pcspkr beep?03:46
DanaGEasy fix for the beeps: chmod 0000 /usr/share/gnome-power-manager/*lid*03:46
DanaGMakes the sound files not readable by anybody.03:46
Jordan_UDidn't know about the beeping until now03:48
* Jordan_U plays with opening and closing his screen :)03:48
hackeronhi, sorry back, stupid bulldog03:48
macogwhah i see it03:48
hischildhackeron, haha np :p wb03:48
macogwuse sound to notify of event03:48
hackeronhischild: any luck?03:48
macogwit says "in event of an error"03:48
hischildhackeron, i installed nvidia-glx-new-dev ... and now doing ya attempt03:48
macogwclosing the lid is not an error!03:48
hischildyet no luck :(03:48
hackeronhischild: hmm, is the nvidia kernel module loaded? -- check lsmod03:49
hischildaight sec03:49
hackeronhischild: and now that your device driver is set to nvidia - also try booting into multiuser mode03:49
hackeron(i.e. normal mode)03:49
hischildhackeron, multi user mode fails ... (just tried)03:50
hischildand ... lsmod should show nvidia in the list?03:50
hischildisn't there03:50
hackeronwell, if it's loaded03:50
hackeronif not, load it :)03:50
hackeronmodprobe nvidia03:50
hackeronand if that's not found03:50
CarlFK"  onboard: Depends: python-virtkey (>= 0.50) but 0.42 is to be installed"  anyone here want details before I nuke the logs?03:50
hackeroninsmod /lib/modules/2.6.whatever/volatile/nvidia-new.ko03:50
hischild"Not loading nvidia-new module; not used in /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:51
Jordan_Uhischild, Then you need to modify your xorg.conf :)03:51
hischildJordan_U, i'm already doin that ...03:51
hackeronhmm, I just use driver "nvidia" here03:51
hischildhackeron, it got moved out again :(03:52
hackeronoh, lol03:52
hischildso ... put tha tback in ... modprobe'd ...03:52
hackerondpkg-reconfigure is weird in hardy03:52
hackeronwith xserver-xorg anyway03:52
hischildhackeron, yeah :( *refuses to use it anymore*03:52
hackeronX started?03:52
* DanaG uses a manual xorg.conf.03:53
Jordan_Uhackeron, It's just that they are going for as minimal an xorg.conf as possible, letting X itelf deal with the rest03:53
DanaGLots of nifty stuff for touchpad.03:53
hischildooooh i lol'd ... once i click continue it drops back to console03:53
hischildbut no freeze! (so far)03:53
hischildand just when i say that ... =,= it freezes03:53
hackeronlol, yeah, it does that03:53
hackeronbleh, lol, that sucks03:53
RAOFUntil synaptics is modified to not need SHMConfig (and nouveau gets loaded by default), manual xorg for me too.03:53
hackeronok, so it's not X03:53
hackeronhmm, so is it a kernel panic?03:54
hackeronsomeone suggested you try to ping the machine - have you tried that?03:54
hischildit sounds like my cpu is spiking now ... my cooler is working overtime once it freezes03:54
hischildno response03:54
hischild100% loss03:54
hackeronhmm, that is very weird, the motherboard seems fully supported03:54
Jordan_Uhischild, hackeron But that's with networking currently disabled right?03:54
hischildJordan_U, i think i enabled it03:55
hischildi'll check :-)03:55
Jordan_Uhischild, Make sure you can ping it before the freeze03:55
hackeronhischild: have you tried the typical acpi=off noapic commands in grub?03:55
hischildyes i have without luck03:56
hackeronwhat kernel?03:56
hackerongeneric or i38603:56
hischildwhich one comes installed normally?03:56
hackerondonno, lol - I've been dist-upgrading since dapper03:57
hackeronhischild: try i386 - generic doesn't work for me either03:57
hischildhow to install :p03:57
hackeronapt-get install linux-image-2.6.24-8-386 linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-8-38603:58
hackeronthere's ubuntu-modules and some other stuff - but I only have those 2 installed03:58
hischildhackeron, i can't find the second module04:00
hackeronhischild: hmmmm? - did you enable universe and multiverse in sources.list?04:00
hischildlet me see04:00
hischildnope :-) did that now04:01
hischildhackeron, seems there's only the 2.6.24-10-386 one and the generic for the 2.6.24-804:02
hackeronhmmmmm, maybe it changed in the last hour, lol04:02
hischildso grab the -10 kernel?04:02
hackerongrab the latest 386 one04:02
hischildok, dl'ing04:03
Jordan_Uhischild, hackeron Why 386 ?04:03
hackeronJordan_U: for me on athlon64 generic hangs on boot04:04
hischildaight attempt 2 at running x ...04:05
hischildnvidia is loaded04:05
hackeronnew kernel?04:05
hischildofcourse, after a reboot04:05
RAOFhackeron: At any point in particular?  -generic should totally work.04:05
hischildnope ... this time instead of a freeze it dies04:05
hackeronRAOF: yes, just after grub - I see04:06
hackeronsorry, stupid enter key, ol04:06
hackeronI see 4 lines of text04:06
hackeronjust basically loading kernel, etc04:06
hackeronand it hangs04:06
hackerondoesn't even get to mounting the FS04:06
hischildmine gets a little further then that ... yet so far :( still go gnome04:07
RAOFhackeron: Hm... Is it anything like bug #184712?04:07
hackeronno luck with the 386 kernel?04:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184712 in linux "[regression] Asus F3Jm fails to work correctly without acpi=off" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18471204:07
hischildhackeron, nope ...04:07
hischildi'll try the acpi=off04:08
hackeronRAOF: donno, I just switched to the 386 kernel, lol04:08
hackeronRAOF: I happened to have it installed from the dapper days04:08
Jordan_Uhischild, It would be VERY useful to be able to examine the system via ssh after the "crash", have you confirmed that it does respond to pings before the crash but not after?04:08
hischildyes that is confirmed04:09
hackeronhischild: probably an unhelpful suggestion, but try with an IDE instead of a SATA hard drive, lol04:10
hischildhackeron, lol'd ... don't have one here :(04:10
hischildhmm ... wait it's still running?04:10
DanaGdagblasted Xorg died when I unminimized Firefox.04:10
hackeronhischild: works with acpi=off?04:12
hischildyeah o.O04:12
hischildso far it does04:12
hackeronhischild: lol, I thought you said you tried that!04:12
hischildi did!04:12
hackeronlol, then its the 386 kernel04:12
hischildJordan_U said that, along with apci or sth like that ...04:12
hischildor the combi ;-)04:13
hackeroninstall enemy territory and enjoy your hardy04:13
hischildhahaha <304:13
hischildoh i will04:13
hischildbut i'll be more then likely coming back with trouble04:13
hackeronlol, probably, hardy is so broken right now04:13
Raspberryso so broken04:14
hischildbut it just works! <3 hugs for all !04:14
* hischild hugs all04:14
hackeronright, it's after 4am, I'm going to sleep04:15
hackeronnight night everyone04:15
hischildhaha sounds like a plan :p i'm goin to enjoy this and keep on goin through the night (it's only 5 am here)04:15
DanaGI figured out a way to reliably crash Xorg.04:18
hischildDanaG, tell me04:19
MFenwhat's the main page for the heron package repository?04:19
RAOFDanaG: Always a good thing to have :)04:19
hischildi'm curious ... :p04:19
DanaGGo to the following page, then open a new tab and switch to it.  Minimize firefox, wait a few seconds, then unmimnimize firefox.04:19
MFeni need to download python2.5 directly, because some of my files went missing somehow04:19
MFen(and removing it and reinstalling it is out of the question for obvious reasons)04:20
Jordan_UDanaG, Which JVM?04:20
DanaGIcedTea, I think.04:20
RAOFMFen: aptitude reinstall python2.5 doesn't do what you want?04:20
MFeni didn't know there was a reinstall04:21
RAOFTools are awesome!04:21
hischildsetting time is broken? :P04:21
DanaGOh yeah, and I'm using compiz-fusion with nvidia.04:21
MFenRAOF: hmm. no, apparently it doesn't04:22
MFenapt-file search tells me that _bsddb.so is in python2.504:22
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.04:22
MFenand i have python2.5 installed04:22
MFenbut _bsddb.so is not present04:22
cwillu!info wine04:22
ubotuwine (source: wine): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.55-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 34871 kB, installed size 108000 kB04:22
MFenand reinstalling python2.5 did not bring it back.04:22
RAOFcwillu: Yes, it's still broken.04:22
cwilluthx :p04:22
RAOFYou still want to have the winehq gutsy repository enabled, and have "aptitude forbid-version wine=0.9.55-0ubuntu1" set.04:23
MFenmaybe i will apt-file update.  has it been moved into another package? foolish, if so. attempts to separate python from its stdlib will always annoy us python users.04:23
cwilluRAOF, I've just got the deb pinned04:23
cwillubut ya, thansk04:24
RAOFforbid-version is probably better; once a new (presumably working) package is uploaded, you automatically update :)04:24
RAOFcwillu: What's your actual problem?  _bsddb.so is in python2.504:24
MFenRAOF: are you talking to me?04:24
DanaGupdate-manager ignores aptitude's holds!04:24
cwilluRAOF, automatically, eh?  there's something that's not gonna happen until hardy goes stable :p04:25
MFenRAOF: "import bsddb" fails, which should never happen.04:25
RAOFMFen: Not here it doesn't :)04:25
RAOFDanaG: That's awkward.  I only use aptitude, so it doesn't affect me :/04:25
MFenRAOF: well, maybe aptitude reinstall *really doesn't* work04:25
MFenRAOF: so, i still need to know where to download the deb. :)04:26
RAOFMFen: what does "dpkg -S bsddb.so" give for you?04:26
MFenRAOF: python2.404:27
RAOFAnd you _definitely_ have python2.5 installed?  aptitude reinstall python2.5 won't do anything if you don't have the python2.5 package installed already.04:27
hischildwhy can't i use tabcompletion? :(04:28
Jordan_UDanaG, That applet won't display with Iced Tea for me04:28
MFenRAOF: i definitely have it installed, yes04:29
MFenmoreover, aptitude reinstall very definitely seems to be reinstalling it04:29
MFenbut the end result is the same, no _bsddb.so04:29
RAOFMFen: So downloading the deb manually is unlikely to do anything :)04:29
RAOFYou're up to date?04:29
RAOFI mean, your apt lists are up to date?04:30
MFenwould that matter? it's been in python since like 1990 :)04:30
MFeni have automatic updates on04:30
MFenso unless it was removed in the last update (and i don't recall python being upgraded) it should stil be there04:30
MFenit's entirely possible i accidentally removed it, but aptitude doesn't want to put it back04:30
RAOFMFen: I'd matter if there was a bug in the packaging which prevented bsddb.so from being built for one revision, and a fix has been pushed out :)04:30
DanaGOdd, perhaps java isn't really there.04:31
DanaGdpkg --force-depends --purge is a last-resort way to really purge stuff like that Python.  However, it can also severely break stuff!04:31
MFenwell, i just downloaded the newest deb04:33
RAOFpackages.ubuntu.com thinks that _bsdddb.so lives in python2.5 :)04:34
MFenwell, it does.04:34
MFenapt-file agrees04:34
MFenok, upgrading my python2.5, my python2.5-minimal and installing libdb4.2 fixed it04:35
MFeni think there may actually have been a packaging error, and i somehow caught it in the nuts04:36
hischildouch ... that's gotta hurt04:38
Jordan_Uhischild, Have you installed ssh yet?04:39
hischildJordan_U, no ... was doin updates04:40
Jordan_Uhischild, That's a good idea :)04:40
hischildthey don't call em udpates for a reason now do they ;-) and considering it takes a blink of an eye compared to windows ...04:41
hischildi must say ... i do get to know my system rather well this way :p04:42
=== tdoggette is now known as tdoggette_away
nemosooo, anyone know why ubuntu has 7 different gecko plugin directories?04:46
cwilluhistorically, plugin authors have tended to hardcode paths04:47
cwilluso in order for the java installer, the flash installer, etc to all work, those paths still need to be supported04:47
P2502kubuntu-kde4 alpha is out04:48
P2502ho its on kubuntu.org already04:55
nemocwillu: well, my problem was that, for example, the java plugin wasn't being found, 'cause it wasn't in the "right" path04:55
nemocwillu: so clearly not all of them are being searched04:56
nemoI ended up moving it to the path of the plugins that were showing up in about:plugins - but that kind of thing disturbs me04:56
nemodon't like moving about system managed symlinks04:56
wastrelany thinkpad users having trouble with their integrated card reader?04:57
nemocwillu: besides. even if the paths are hardcoded, why not symlink them all to one directory?04:57
nemoonly the 2 versioned ones are symlinks on my system04:57
nemo/usr/lib/firefox-3.0b3/plugins -> /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/04:57
nemo /usr/lib/firefox-3.0b3/plugins -> /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/04:57
nemo /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9b3/plugins -> ../xulrunner-addons/plugins04:57
hischildoooooohhhh lovely ... no reboot needed after updates ... (and yes Jordan_U, installed ssh :-))04:57
P2502 hischild: i always reboot04:58
P2502was having some problems if not reboot04:58
hischildP2502, why? if you don't have to ... :-)04:58
hischildi prefer to keep my box running :p after all the trouble it costs to get it running04:59
P2502well i once updated firefox while it was running and it started to act strange04:59
cwilluwhich makes me wonder why you'd want to run an unstable version :p04:59
nemohischild: my gentoo box I just rebooted last week - after my aborted attempt to switch to evil lying Verizon04:59
hischildcwillu, that's easy ... there's nothing more fun then to keep an unstable system running :-)05:00
nemohischild: before that it had had almost 7 months of uptime before my last kernel update05:00
hischildnemo, nice :-)05:00
P2502i turn off my pc every night05:00
cwillubah, that's what suspend is for05:01
DanaGFor me, suspend works only 2/3 of the time, or so.05:01
P2502and reboot many times a day if i made some changes to cnofiguration05:01
DanaGIt works well enough to use, but I always make sure to save my work first anyway.05:01
P2502suspend to ram?05:01
hischildthere we go ... acpi=off edited into grub05:02
P2502my connections dosnt restore after suspend05:03
nemocwillu: not going to suspend the machine. too many things running on it...05:03
nemois basically a server. even if just my server.05:03
* cwillu was talking about P2502 05:05
DanaGsuspend + iwl3945 == ouch.05:05
DanaGsuspend + pidgin also == ouch.05:05
cwilluoooo, gittorrent05:09
hischildaaaah sounds nice05:15
hischildoh btw ... small question: what's better ... to compile from source or a .deb?05:15
P2502ubuntu is not gentoo :)05:16
cwilluprobably depends on the package05:16
cwilluI run git from source, as I haven't found a good repository that keeps up to date with their releases yet05:16
RAOFhischild: It depends on what you mean by "better", really.05:16
hischildwell not all packages are already available for hardy ... so can i just take the ones from for example gutsy?05:17
Raspberryyou can take them from wherever you want -- they'll all work the same :P05:18
RAOFEverything for Gutsy should be available for Hardy, unless it's been deliberately removed.  What are you looking at in particular?05:18
hischildi'd like to have gfire back ... but i'll have to compile that one anyway ... wine ofcourse (but i'm already compiling that one)05:19
RAOFI wouldn't bother compililng wine; it's huge.05:19
hischildi know05:19
hischildxfire for pidgin05:19
RAOFThe gutsy winehq packages work just fine, until the Ubuntu ones are fixed.05:19
DanaGAah.  None of my best friends use xfire, anyway.05:20
hischildhmm i'll add those then :-) tnx05:20
Raspberryso the gutsy packages work?05:22
Raspberryfor wine05:23
Raspberrybecause they all seem to cause my system to restart X05:23
Raspberrywhich is the reason that I moved from gutsy to hardy05:24
hischildRAOF, i get a segmentation fault on winecfg :(05:24
RAOFhischild: With the winehq packages?05:24
hischildfreshly installed05:24
RAOFhischild: Note that just adding the repository & aptitude install wine-ing will result in the hardy package (which has a higher version number) being installed.05:25
hischildyeah ... sure ... so ... instead ... i should eehm?05:25
hischildwait ... the version number of hardy is higher then the ones from gutsy?05:26
RAOFhischild: So, you "aptitude install wine=0.9.55~winehq0~ubuntu~7.10-1" to forcibly get the winehq version.05:26
hischildbut the version number wine gives me is wine-0.9.5505:26
P2502Raspberry: it seems you have another problem with wine from what we have, it is just 0.9.55 version in hardy repo not work, it segfaults, over versions works05:27
Raspberrymy hardy version segfaults :)05:27
RAOFhischild: Then you "aptitude forbid-version wine=0.9.55-0ubuntu1" to make sure that aptitude doesn't try to upgrade to the current, broken hardy version.05:27
hischildmkay :-)05:27
Raspberrydirect rendering works05:28
Raspberryso I can't figure out why OpenGL wine apps don't work at all05:28
P2502RAOF: dont need to mess with gutsy repos, he may just download deb from link above05:28
RAOFP2502: Which will get upgraded to the Hardy version next time he runs aptitude upgrade :)05:28
Raspberryhow can I determine what's causing the problem -- whne I tried to compile Wine 0.9.56 it told me that it couldn't find OpenGL or Direct3d libraries and that neither would be available05:30
SlicerDicerhas anybody noticed that firefox runs terrible?05:31
SlicerDicerI get horrid scrolling... it will just freeze then jump and freeze and jump05:31
SlicerDicermakes me almost sick05:31
P2502SlicerDicer: yeah it was a same with 2 version for me, maybe turning of disk caching will fix it...05:32
SlicerDicerclicking between konversation and firefox is also lagged... I click to konversation BAM its there firefox takes about 5 seconds to render that its actually there05:32
SlicerDicerwow thats horrible lol I just did a test... I can scroll my wheel on my mouse05:34
SlicerDicerand release my hand and watch it move up-down-up-down etc not touching anything05:34
hischildSlicerDicer, that's gotta look funny (and be very annoying) ... but no ... at least one problem i don't have05:35
SlicerDiceryeah it is very very annoying05:35
SlicerDicerI cant read sites as I scroll whew there... ohh wait no i am not got to scroll back up down up down etc05:35
P2502SlicerDicer: i also dont like when page layout is changing during load, if page have images (i guess areas for images should be pre-made)05:35
SlicerDicerfirefox 3 seems to be a bit of a step back imo05:36
budmangHey what do I apt-get install for the desktop enchancedments in the administration menu?05:36
SlicerDicerI disabled that stupid url bar thing05:36
SlicerDicerdrove me batty05:36
P2502SlicerDicer: well it should not be step back, at least they tried to implement ZOOM, which is was in opera for years05:38
P2502which involves rework of engine05:38
P2502lets call it beta05:39
* DanaG has keys get stuck.05:39
SlicerDicerI understand there is issues with beta no doubt about it05:39
Raspberrywell I'm going to try and run something in Wine ... we'll see what happens05:40
RaspberryI have compiz installed05:40
SlicerDicerbut P2502 some of the actual changes that I have seen I am kinda frustrated with.. like having to have a addon to switch the URL bar back to firefox 2 style05:40
Raspberrybut my desktop effects are set to None05:41
Raspberrywould that be effecting it/05:41
SlicerDicerwhat is it doing?05:41
RaspberryX restarts when I try and run an OpenGL Wine applicatin05:41
RaspberryI get kicked out to the gdm login screen05:41
Raspberryit doesn't matter whether the app is run full screen or windowed05:42
SlicerDicererrm try running something else?05:42
Raspberryif I run an installer or an application that doesn't call any 3d libraries it's fine05:42
SlicerDicerare you running wine builds or the ubuntu repos?05:42
Raspberryexample ... World of Warcraft ... installs fine -- starting WoW itself restarts X05:42
RaspberryPhotoshop works fine05:42
RaspberryI've tried the Ubuntu Repos ... but 0.9.55 segfaults05:43
Raspberryso I tried a 0.9.56 that somebody compiled and that restarts05:43
SlicerDicerso your using the wine builds?05:43
RAOFRaspberry: That's going to be a problem with your 3d drivers.05:43
SlicerDicernot 100% sure on that RAOF05:43
RaspberryRAOF: glxgears works fine05:44
Raspberryglxinfo says Direct Rendering is on05:44
RAOFRaspberry: Not exactly a 3d stress-test.05:44
RAOFRaspberry: How about some other 3d app?  tuxracer?  OpenArena?05:44
SlicerDicerhttp://winehq.org/site/download-deb snag the gutsy ones :) give it a shot05:44
RaspberrySlicerDicer: just did05:44
RaspberryI've got an Intel X3100 card05:45
Raspberryit plays 3d stuff fine in Windows05:45
Raspberry384MB of Shared Memory :P05:45
* SlicerDicer runs away05:45
Raspberryoh -- and I can play World of Warcraft fine using CrossOver instead of the "free" wine05:46
RAOFRight.  So _this_ suggests that it may be a wine problem.05:46
RAOFAlthough it's really an X problem.  _Nothing_ should kill X.05:46
P2502or a way crossover interact with driver05:47
SlicerDicerRAOF: errrm05:47
SlicerDicerRAOF: are you insane?05:47
SlicerDicerI have seen X die so many times lol05:47
RAOFSlicerDicer: You've seen a bunch of bugs in X, yes.  My statement stands :P05:47
SlicerDicerLOL ok point taken but thats a really crazy way to look at it05:48
Raspberryok I installed TuxRacer05:48
RaspberryI'm going to start it now05:48
RaspberryI may be back in a minute or 4 depending on if I have to log in again :p05:49
Raspberryit plays fine05:50
Raspberryruns like crap05:50
Raspberrybut it runs05:50
Raspberrytux on a snowboard is very disappointing05:51
P2502what you mean like crap? seems like drivers is really broken05:51
P2502it is too old game to run at 3 fps05:52
Raspberryit seems to be rendering everything properly05:52
Raspberryjust running very poorly05:52
RaspberryIn WoW I get over 20fps in Windows ... I can play Civ4 fine in Vista and HOMM5 plays alright at 800x60005:52
RaspberryI used to play OpenArena in Gutsy05:53
Raspberryand that played "ok"05:53
Raspberryprobably 10-15fps05:53
P2502you may use crossover or learn what changes to wine configuration it does to work properly with your hardware05:53
SlicerDicersomething is for sure FUBAR with 3fps...05:53
Raspberryit even runs at 3fps at 640x3xx in a window05:54
SlicerDicerRaspberry: why not get a video card thats decent?05:55
SlicerDicerI mean you can pick up a 512mb 8800GT for 200$05:55
SlicerDicerthat thing screams05:55
SlicerDicer<--- has it05:55
RaspberrySlicerDicer: because it's in a laptop :)05:55
RaspberryIt's a tablet05:56
SlicerDicerWell I guess this is where I say.. Thats why I lothe laptops ;-)05:56
Raspberrythere are laptops with good video cards05:56
P2502Raspberry: not really "mobile" laptops huh?05:57
* DanaG wonders which will be better by summer: NV 8600M or ATI HD2600 (or the successors of each)?05:58
ethana3Ok, so I'm trying to virtualize XP in qemu on a C2D under Hardy..05:59
ethana3..I think I have to go into the bios, set it on, and pull out the battery and power for 8 seconds..05:59
ethana3forgot about that ;)06:00
bazhangthe 9600NV looks nice ;]06:00
ethana3if I have a problem, I'll be back06:00
P2502bazhang: it will like nice when nvidia release driver for it06:00
Raspberryok I'm trying to discover the entire human genome with my laptop ... it seems slow.  i want it fast.  i formatted the hard drive, but that didn't fix it.  I added a bigger hard drive and made the screen brighter, but it seems to go the same speed06:00
Raspberryi even tried plugging it into an external display06:01
bazhangP2502: heh true ;]06:01
P2502what bigger hard drive and screen brightness to do with speed?06:01
CarlFKP2502: it will seam better06:02
RaspberryI even waxed the case06:02
CarlFKnotice it isnt slow, it just seems slow06:02
Raspberryi tried putting it in the freezer because my friend said computers run better when they're cooler06:02
Raspberryhe thought it might have been overheating06:02
CarlFKbigger HD = newer, newer are often faster.  it all makes perfect sense06:03
P2502CarlFK: not exactly06:03
Raspberryyeah it's one of these SSD things it cost $200006:03
RAOFBigger HD = faster, because it's the same size :)06:03
* DanaG has a Hitachi 7k200-200.06:03
RAOFPhysical size, I mean.06:03
P2502lol@perfect sense06:04
CarlFKnow you are catching on06:04
Raspberryi put speed holes in my first one, but the guy at the store I should do that to this one because they wouldn't honor the warranty twice06:06
Raspberryshouldn't do that to this one, i mean06:06
* RAOF thinks Raspberry is just being silly, now.06:07
CarlFKhardy login pref dialog is too big for 800x600 - should that be bugged?06:07
RAOFCarlFK: Probably, if it isn't already.06:08
Raspberrythe only thing I'm silly about is trying to fix this stupid 3d problem06:10
RAOFRaspberry: "Speed holes"?06:10
DanaGOoh:  http://lkml.org/lkml/2006/11/3/10306:12
DanaGHP mobile data protection thingy.06:13
ethana2okay, the virtual machine machine won't let me use this C2D's hardware kernel virtualization acceleration06:13
ethana2I went into bios and set it enabled..06:13
ethana2how do I check the feature from within ubuntu?06:13
RAOFethana2: Check out "aptitude show kvm".  The description contians a command you can run to check.06:14
hischildhmm ... virtualbox is broken?06:14
P2502also cat /proc/cpuinfo -- look for vmx06:14
RaspberryI've got IBM Mobile Data protection06:14
Raspberryaka ... remove the hard drive from this machine and the data is scrambled06:15
Raspberryhardware level encryption is built in06:15
RAOFP2502: Or Whatever the Intel one is.06:15
Raspberryso is KVM working in Hardy now?06:16
ethana2about to find out ;)06:18
ethana2ok got it06:19
ethana2I guess that's a yes06:19
hischildwhy does tab completion not work in bash with apt-get06:21
ethana2it won't let me install from CD..06:22
ethana2the CD is in my drive..06:22
ethana2..any suggestions?06:22
hischildethana2, press the button to get a boot menu (it will usually tell you this, like f8 or f12) and then select your cd drive06:22
ethana2no, like, in virt-manager06:23
hischildethana2, do the same thing06:23
ethana2the 'CD-ROM or DVD' option is greyed out06:23
hischildis it powered on?06:23
ethana2my boot priority is CD before hard drive alread06:23
ethana2this is the machine I speak of06:24
hischildvirt-manager = .... ?06:24
ethana2sudo apt-get install it and see?06:25
Raspberrywhat's wrong with my 3d :P 59036 frames in 5.0 seconds = 11807.173 FPS06:25
Raspberrylooks good to me!06:25
hischildRaspberry, aint that a little low? :P06:25
RAOFOh, yay!  virt-manager works again :).06:26
Raspberryhere we go ... wish me luck :)06:27
ethana2the XP install disk is in my drive, nautilus sees it, but Apps->System->Virtual Machine Manager doesn't see it06:28
ethana2It won't let me use it as install media for the virtual machine and I don't know why06:28
Raspberryuh nope06:30
Raspberrythat didn't work06:30
P2502Could not initialize KVM, will disable KVM support06:30
P2502Ubuntu does not support running KVM without hardware acceleration. Sorry.06:30
RaspberryI think that there's a problem with the 3d libraries compiled into Ubuntu's WINE package06:30
ethana2you on a laptop?06:30
ethana2P2502: laptop?06:30
Raspberrytalking to P250206:30
P2502its E4300 cpu06:31
ethana2on this machine, here's what I just did06:31
ethana2I went into bios, went to virtualization06:31
ethana2and turned hardware acceleration on06:31
ethana2it's off by default I think06:31
P2502my cpu dosnt support it06:31
Raspberryhow can I add opengl and direct3d support to wine?06:31
ethana2raspberry: I'd use wine from winehq apt06:32
ethana2correction: I /do/ use wine from winehq apt06:32
[Hardy]TuTUXGwine pkg is fixed?06:32
Raspberryethana2: that's the Wine I'm using06:32
Raspberrybecause Hardy is broken06:32
ethana2I don't know then06:32
Raspberryit runs all non-3d apps06:32
RaspberryCrossOver works06:32
Raspberrybut WINE doesn't06:32
ethana2anybody here using virtualization with kvm?06:32
ethana2I'm trying to create a vm..06:33
[Hardy]TuTUXGRaspberry, edit the registry?06:33
[Hardy]TuTUXGethana2, like the vt stuff from intel?06:33
ethana2I have it enabled06:33
ethana2kvm sees it06:33
[Hardy]TuTUXGethana2, i use vbox with it06:33
Raspberrythis explains my issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=36548406:33
ethana2my problem is that virt-manager won't let me use my CD as install media06:33
ethana2and I have no clue why06:34
[Hardy]TuTUXGdont know about kvm06:34
CarlFKethana2: tried qemu?06:34
ethana2I want hardware acceleration06:35
[Hardy]TuTUXGRaspberry, amd64?06:35
[Hardy]TuTUXGethana2, kvm support hardware acceleration with vcard?06:35
Raspberryyup .. amd6406:35
[Hardy]TuTUXGRaspberry, sorry then, dont know about amd6406:36
Raspberrywell let me tell you about it06:36
[Hardy]TuTUXGglad to listen06:37
Raspberryit slices it dices... it even makes julianne fries!06:37
CarlFKwhat is trackerd and why is it eating all my cpu?  load average: 2.14, 2.06, 1.44 0.3%us,  2.0%sy, 18.6%ni,  0.0%id, 78.7%wa,06:37
Raspberryapply directly to the forehead06:37
[Hardy]TuTUXGCarlFK, tracker, the search app06:37
CarlFKis there some way to disable it?06:38
[Hardy]TuTUXGCarlFK, uninstall it?06:38
P2502i started rsync, it says it downloading file, but file is not created?06:38
hischildmost programs can be disabled yet i found out a very helpfull feature from vista lately06:38
[Hardy]TuTUXGCarlFK, or edit its config file, under ~/.tracker06:38
hischilddid you notice, that whenever a program crashes, it gives you that lovely hint "If you cannot solve the problem with this program, you can solve it by removing this program"06:39
CarlFKawesome.  I can do that as part of the install process06:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGCarlFK, if u gonna remove tracker, it may ask u to remove ubuntu-desktop, which may bring some trouble later06:40
hischild[Hardy]TuTUXG, you bring that so  .. gently ... 'may bring "some" trouble later'06:41
CarlFKremoving it didn't stop the current process...06:41
P2502actually this thing have interface to disable itself, but it not work06:41
[Hardy]TuTUXGsome troubles06:41
[Hardy]TuTUXGCarlFK, kill it06:41
[Hardy]TuTUXGCarlFK, it's in the memory06:42
[Hardy]TuTUXGP2502, i thought the frontend got fixed?06:42
[Hardy]TuTUXGmaybe not06:42
P2502it seems not06:42
bazhangubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage should be okay to remove06:42
SebastianIs http://phpfi.com/299311 a known issue?06:43
DanaGYou can chmod -x the tracker daemon.06:43
DanaGThe big annoyance for me is the icon.06:43
DanaGBlink.  Blink.  Blink.  Blink.06:43
DanaGon and on and on.06:43
[Hardy]TuTUXGSebastian, i thought that one got fixed06:44
DanaGHmm, HP has an accelerometer in some notebooks, too.06:45
[Hardy]TuTUXGactually if u edit tracker's config file properly, it wont use so much res06:45
SebastianLooks like it's not fixed. At least not for me.06:45
RaspberryI guess the problem with WINE on AMD64 is that there are libraries that need to be symlinked from /usr/lib32... anybody else had to do this on amd64?06:46
RaspberryI should run 32-bit ... except that I actually like the extra performance since I do have 4gb of ram and do a lot of app development on this machine06:46
P2502Raspberry: why you dont want to use deb?06:46
DanaGhere's the device ID for the mobile data protection thingy:   http://www.google.com/search?q=HPQ0004+linux06:47
[Hardy]TuTUXGP2502, the deb is broken afaik06:47
RAOF[Hardy]TuTUXG: Only the Hardy one.  The one from winehq works fine.06:48
RaspberryP2502: because the amd64 hardy deb is broken ... segfault... and the WineHQ amd64 deb for 0.9.55 doesn't work -- it just restarts X when you try to run an application that wants to use OpenGL or Direct3d06:48
DanaGI'd love to see that patch in the Ubuntu kernel.06:49
CarlFKtracker.cfg - where is run=No ?06:49
DanaG(The HP accelerometer.)06:49
RAOFDanaG: Couldn't it hit linux-ubuntu-modules?06:49
DanaGI'm not sure.06:50
CarlFKInitialSleep=5 billion06:51
Raspberryyou guys seriously think it'll take 40 minutes to compile Wine? :p06:51
[Hardy]TuTUXGCarlFK, u can just disable the indexing process06:51
[Hardy]TuTUXGRaspberry, probly06:51
P2502Raspberry: well you have a point but you may try earlier versions also, not 0.9.5606:51
DanaGchmod -x trackerd.06:51
DanaGEasy workaround.06:51
DanaGer, sudo chmod a-x06:52
CarlFKEnableIndexing=false ?06:52
Raspberrypeople are saying that 0.9.56 fixed a ton of stuff for them06:52
[Hardy]TuTUXGCarlFK, sure06:52
P2502Raspberry: it may never work for you if its drivers problem06:53
[Hardy]TuTUXGafter .9.54, wine won't work on my box06:53
P2502Raspberry: nvm06:54
P2502Raspberry: if crossover works, wine should too at some point06:54
DanaGhttp://lkml.org/lkml/2007/8/11/60   --- looks like it CAN be made a module.06:54
Raspberryyeah I'm crossing my fingers06:55
[Hardy]TuTUXGDanaG, there are patches for hdaps06:55
RaspberryI live just a few miles from Codeweavers' office -- I might have to stop down there with my laptop and nag Robert :P06:55
RAOFDanaG: Or you could just uninstall tracker, of course.06:56
DanaGThis is HP's thing, though.06:56
P2502Raspberry: any errors in logs? what wine say before restart?06:56
Raspberryit says SURPRISE! you're going to have to log in again!  I hope you saved your work.06:57
[Hardy]TuTUXGDanaG, right, and u have to patch the kernel in order to build that module06:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGDanaG, and i dont think it's easy to ask them to do that to the kernel06:59
[Hardy]TuTUXGthat's y it's ubuntu, not gentoo07:00
P2502Raspberry: !bug 17829207:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178292 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "3D-Accelerated Games cause X to crash with Intel Driver" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17829207:00
Raspberrythat's it07:00
Raspberrygood to see it's stilll "undecided" in Hardy07:01
Raspberrythat's why  I got away from Gutsy07:01
Raspberrybecause apparently the most popular mobile video card isn't supported :P07:01
RaspberryI can use Compiz07:02
Raspberryso it's like it's half-working07:02
Raspberrythis has been broken since at least December07:03
Assidokay i noticed it shows the weather and temperature now in the locations07:03
Raspberrybecause 3d has never worked properly on this new laptop07:03
Assidhowever the timezones are messed up there07:03
Assidstill a valid bug?07:03
Raspberryyeah except my interpretation is that they're kinda-sorta-not going to fix it07:04
Assiderr it says click here to view your appointments and tasks07:05
Assidwhere the hell are the apptments and tasks?07:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196385 in ubuntu "[hardy]clock preferances shows wrong timezone" [Undecided,New]07:07
Raspberry!bug 18258407:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182584 in wine "[hardy] Wine makes X crash (dup-of: 178292)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18258407:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178292 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "3D-Accelerated Games cause X to crash with Intel Driver" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17829207:13
[Hardy]TuTUXGi wonder if u can start another instance of NM in order to get both lan and wlan connected07:18
Raspberrythis is my favorite currently open bug07:18
Raspberry!bug 17749207:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177492 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "EXA is balls-achingly slow" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17749207:18
bazhang!ohmy | ubotu07:19
ubotuubotu: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:19
Raspberryit seems like this might actualy be the bug.07:26
Raspberry!bug 17854307:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178543 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "i965 fails to render textures in 3D programs when DRI enabled" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17854307:26
Raspberrythe frustrating part of this problem is that it doesn't work in ANY version of Ubuntu :)07:27
P2502is it really ubuntu problem or intel problem?07:30
P2502well... since intel is open source now, you may say its intell community problem07:30
Raspberrythey released new drives a month ago07:31
Raspberryand last time I checked they weren't what the package was based on07:31
[Hardy]TuTUXGdo other distros have this problem?07:31
ethana2I got some help on #kvm..07:31
ethana2what problem?07:31
P2502Raspberry: you mean ubuntu driver is outdated?07:32
P2502try one from upstream then07:33
Raspberryhow can I get more upstream?07:35
Raspberrythe only suse issue I can find is that people were running the i810 and updating to the Intel driver fixed it... http://suseforums.net/index.php?showtopic=3982407:36
P2502well this is site http://intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html07:37
Raspberryyeah I've been there07:37
Raspberrythat just seemed a bit confusing07:37
P2502nvidia have new driver also, but not in ubuntu repo07:37
[Hardy]TuTUXGP2502, they do?07:38
P2502but nvidia released new driver, it was expected to fix some bugs and add support for 9600... why they even released it...07:38
P2502some bug like broken alpha textures in ut2004 and other games07:39
Raspberrywhat the heck is git-clone?07:39
P2502which worked fine in 100.14.19 but not in 169 series07:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGP2502, beta?07:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGwhat's the ver number?07:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGut2004 runs fine here07:40
P2502what card?07:40
[Hardy]TuTUXGfx 570m07:40
P2502169.09 driver?07:40
[Hardy]TuTUXGwait, it maybe 2003, let me check07:41
P2502they also have graphics corruptions of many kinds like with 4xAA07:41
P2502this is broken alpha textures in MANY games07:42
bazhangany broadcom 43xx support in Hardy?07:42
P2502this is from ut http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/attachment.php?attachmentid=29479&d=119805644007:43
P2502i reported 4xAA artefacts but got no answer07:44
AssidP2502: new drivers out ?07:45
Assidwe getting it?07:45
[Hardy]TuTUXGP2502, ya ut2004demo07:45
Raspberrysome people are reporting xserver-xgl fixes the problem07:46
Raspberrybut I can't believe that07:46
Raspberryseems like it's a MESA issue07:46
savvasThe following packages have unmet dependencies: onboard: Depends: python-virtkey (>= 0.50) but 0.42 is to be installed07:49
Raspberrythat's beeen hosed most of the night07:50
savvasok, is the unknown types a known issue?07:51
RaspberryMESA is HUGE07:51
Raspberrylike 140MB07:52
savvaswhat's mesa?07:52
Raspberryit's the plateau that all drivers aspire to sit on07:52
ethana2wait, what?07:53
ethana2you mean gallium?07:53
bazhangso no clue on the broadcom 43xx issue?07:53
Raspberrybroadcom does not play nicely with out07:53
AssidRaspberry: any chance we getting the new drivers?07:54
bazhangah thanks Raspberry07:54
RaspberryAssid: new drivers for what?07:54
Raspberrythis photo is just kinda creepy... http://www.latimes.com/media/photo/2007-12/34202595.jpg07:56
klaxianhello...can anyone help? i keep getting this error when trying to play dvds with ogle: failed opening the oss audio driver at /dev/dsp07:58
klaxianit's new since some recent upgrades07:58
klaxian/dev/dsp does exist and is readable/writable by my user07:58
RaspberryI've wasted 10 hours trying to get 3d working07:58
RaspberryI should probably get some work done07:59
TheInfinityRaspberry: alphatesting is fun, hmm? ;)08:02
Raspberrybetter than doing my actual work08:02
Raspberryalthough I think my customers would beg to differ08:02
Mohero|Workl0l @ bazhang09:37
qzio[Hardy]TuTUXG: yeah, i've got texteditor there, but i still get the prompt. I guess edit -> pref -> behavior is what im looking for..09:37
bazhangpreferred applications perhaps?09:38
qzioaha! it was +x thats why i got the dialog box. :) now im happy09:38
Mohero|Workqzio: is it asking if you want to run in terminal, Display, Cancel, or Run ?09:38
Mohero|Workyeah, +x will give you that09:39
[Hardy]TuTUXGtime to try the new nv driver09:39
qzioMohero|Work: yupp, that was the dialog, with -x on the file, i dont get it :)09:39
cYmenhi guys09:47
cYmenis it permitted to ask for support for hardy and kde4? :)09:47
P2502cYmen: just ask, if not be banned, big deal09:54
P2502actually this channel seems friendly09:55
savvasanyone has compiz enabled? do you also see a "disabled"-like colours on the titlebar when you mouse-over an active window?09:55
cYmenkde complains about missing shared libraries e.g. when trying to set a proxy - does anybody know how to fix that_09:56
Mohero|Worksavvas: I have compiz at home, and no I don't think I do.....09:56
P2502savvas: its known bug09:57
Mohero|WorkcYmen: I don't i'm afraid....09:57
P2502savvas: do you mean titlebar corruption?09:58
P2502cYmen: install libraries?09:58
[Hardy]TuTUXGjust found out, with the new kernel, my laptop's power button doesnt work anymore09:59
jussi01cYmen: kde4 support is also in #kubuntu-kde4 :)10:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGwhere to check the configuration for the login/out window?10:01
Mohero|Work[Hardy]TuTUXG: hey! mine doesn't either!!!10:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGMohero|Work, lol10:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGwhat lap u have?10:01
P2502cYmen: you may find what packages provides required libraries at packages.ubuntu.com10:02
Mohero|Work[Hardy]TuTUXG: I couldn't say when it happened though, I never use it, I always keyboard shortcut FN + ESC to sleep.10:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGMohero|Work, ya, i always just lock the screen10:02
[Hardy]TuTUXGthat button can still be recognized tho10:03
Mohero|Work[Hardy]TuTUXG: I can't remember the last time I turned my laptop off...10:05
savvasP2502: found it - Bug #194507 :)10:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194507 in firefox-3.0 "titlebar flashes and goes blank randomly and when moused over" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19450710:06
Mohero|Worksavvas: confirm it - with your reasons :)10:07
[Hardy]TuTUXGMohero|Work, i have to since suspend/hibernate nver works on mine :(10:07
savvasdone and done10:07
savvasI enriched it too :P10:07
savvasit looks like it happens in firefox when you enable compiz10:08
savvasfirefox-2 and -3.010:08
savvasok, 5 bugs, enough for today hehe10:09
Amaranthwho just exploding that bug with stuff?10:09
Mohero|Work[Hardy]TuTUXG: Suspend works fine one mine - it's funny though - it goes into suspend, when I open the lid, it recovers from suspend, displays the password box, and goes back into suspend, I press the power button to bring it out, it comes up with the password screen, I unlock the system, and i get a notice on the system tray saying "your computer failed to suspend" - err... no it didn't...10:09
cYmenP2502: trouble is, it doesn't tell me which libraries are the problem ;)10:10
savvasAmaranth: which bug?10:10
Amaranthsavvas: Quality, not quantity10:10
Amaranthbug 194507 is half a page of nominations10:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194507 in firefox-3.0 "titlebar flashes and goes blank randomly and when moused over" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19450710:10
Amaranthand the bug is a dupe10:10
savvaser.. oops?10:10
flipstarits for 7.10..? doesnt work here..10:11
[Hardy]TuTUXGMohero|Work, better than mine, suspend just turns the power off, hibernate breaks my swap10:11
P2502 cYmen: what exact error you get? and what version of OS you useing? for example kubuntu-kde4 alpha shipped with mix of kde 3 and 4 software10:12
savvasAmaranth: I nominated it because it was happening since june 200710:12
savvassince a gutsy tribe10:12
P2502 cYmen: and much kde3 software required porting to kde4 to work10:12
Amaranthsavvas: it's bug 9950810:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 99508 in compiz "Window titlebar displayed not right with compiz enabled" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9950810:13
cYmenP2502: i downloaded the image yesterday only installed and ran apt-get update/-grade10:13
Amaranthbeen around since feisty10:13
cYmenwhen i try to configure a proxy i get a message that shared libraries are missing and that i may have old versions installed or something10:13
Mohero|Workbag #132877 I reported back in august '07 when I got my 8 series, I think there's a couple of Dups, but it's STILL not sorted out.10:14
ethana2the bar In virt-manager with the run, pause, and shutdown buttons takes up way too much screen space10:14
ethana2I need it gone10:14
Mohero|Workand my screen saying "out of range" is seriousely annoying10:14
Mohero|Work* bug #13287710:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132877 in ubuntu "Gforce 8 series screen blanks "out of sync" during usplash boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13287710:14
AmaranthMohero|Work: nvidia sucks, what else is new?10:15
P2502what monitor?10:15
AmaranthP2502: afaik this happens on all Geforce 8 cards10:15
P2502i have out of range to but in my case it is monitor issue and i use geforce 710:15
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: no - works fine on my Gforce 6 and 7 series cards and the 8 works fine on my Gentoo install - so I won't accept that as an excuse.10:15
AmaranthMohero|Work: hello, see the different numbers?10:15
AmaranthMohero|Work: And laptop vs desktop10:16
Amaranthoh, you said gentoo :P10:16
savvasAmaranth: it's not corrupted, the titlebar in my case takes completely the colours of an inactive window10:16
Amaranthwell, they use something different10:16
Amaranthsavvas: yeah, that happens sometimes too10:16
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: yes, something that works ;)10:16
Amaranthsavvas: or you get a mix of active and inactive10:16
savvasAmaranth: no, just inactive colours, and for firefox only, unless i've missed other applications :P10:16
AmaranthMohero|Work: Something that breaks other machines and apparently screws up suspend on some machines10:17
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: what does?10:17
P2502my monitor claim it support 75 Hz but it is not (EDID bug), so if nvidia driver chooses 75 Hz, monitor show out of range error10:17
Amaranthsavvas: It happens randomly to all maximized applications when you're using a clearlooks-based metacity theme10:17
AmaranthMohero|Work: the thing gentoo uses for bootsplash10:17
savvasAmaranth: ok i'll mark it as duplicate10:18
Amaranthsavvas: And cosmetic issues never get backports, dunno why you nominated it for gutsy10:18
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: Gensplash? its' crap - but at least I can see it ;) - I actually don't use Gensplash, I like to see the boot process, but on Ubutnu I like the Usplash non-quiet10:18
Amaranthcan't actually do a backport, compiz requires a new Xorg10:19
savvasAmaranth: quick faulty fingers, didn't notice it, until I saw the page refresh :\10:19
AmaranthMohero|Work: the Geforce 8 works differently and either no one know how or has taken the time to make usplash work with it10:19
AmaranthI don't think anyone even works on usplash anymore10:20
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: also Ubuntu seem obsessed with using a horrid screen mode by default - why not allow me to have console mode (including boot) at 1024x726 at least - on 24" monitors the default is just far too big.10:20
Amaranthyou can set this in your grub boot options10:21
Amaranthof course i think the kernel module needed for it got removed from gutsy's initramfs...10:21
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: if no one works on usplash - and no one fixes bugs in it, then something else should be used or someone should take over the fixing of it IMHO - we as Linux can't state we support XYZ Hardware if when booting up that happens10:21
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: yeah it has, and it never worked - I compile my own kernel - but not until after release.10:22
AmaranthMohero|Work: but usplash works for all but this 1% or so of people and I can't think of anything that is all around better10:22
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: no - it works for all but those that have an up-to-date GeForce card - which is a fair amount of people....10:23
Amaranthno, not really10:23
AmaranthMore people have Intel than all nvidia10:23
Mohero|Worksorry NV card actually, not just geforce, the Quadro's do it too10:23
Amaranthand then of nvidia cards i guarantee the majority don't have 8 series10:23
Amaranththe quadros that are based on the geforce 8 do it, sure10:24
thoreauputicthe frame buffer support in both Gutsy and Hardy is broken. Apparently this is not considered a regression...10:24
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: let's not get into who has what, and what is better, point is - it's broken :)10:24
Amaranththoreauputic: you mean vga= lines?10:24
AmaranthMohero|Work: So fix it10:24
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: and there has been reports of people getting it to work with the 8 series cards, so it's possible to fix....10:25
AmaranthMohero|Work: If you're not going to fix it then the problem is already known so there is no need to keep talking about it10:25
thoreauputicAmaranth: anything that requires frame buffers without X is broken - yes vga= etc10:25
Amaranththoreauputic: huh10:25
thoreauputicAmaranth: it's fixable iwth hacking initramfs etc10:25
Mohero|WorkAmaranth: I'll have a go at fixing it, sure, it would just be nice to know sometimes that "by the way we don't work on this anymore" <- then something else should be used to replace it10:26
thoreauputicbut it's interesting that this has worked in Linux for at least ten years and suddenly Ubuntu breaks it :)10:26
Amaranththoreauputic: yeah, just edit a config file then rebuild the initramfs10:26
thoreauputicAmaranth: right - but in my case I am making non-X live CDs and don't know if that will work on other people's hardware10:27
thoreauputicAmaranth: I see Ben Collins has supposedly committed a change regarding vesafb, so we'll see10:28
RaspberryI'm interested in paying a developer to fix the 3d mesa / intel problem10:34
Raspberrywho do I talk to10:34
Raspberrydo I just pick a package maintainer at random or contact them all10:34
Raspberryit's been broken for 3 months+ and that's as much as my free heart can take10:35
Mohero|WorkRaspberry: you could try contacting the "group" of maintainers, someone might be up for earning some money10:36
thoreauputicRaspberry: do you have a bug number?10:36
Raspberrythoreauputic: there are at least a dozen bugs that relate to this issue10:36
Mohero|Workif you have a bug and aren't funding it's fixing, or doing it yourself, then there's no telling when it wil be fixed...10:37
thoreauputicRaspberry: I was just looking for an example, so I could read about it10:37
RaspberryI posted about 4 or 5 earlier tonight10:37
Raspberrylet me find them10:37
Raspberryi mean, I posted the bug #s in this channel, I didn't open the bugs10:38
thoreauputicI follow10:38
Raspberryhere's one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wine/+bug/18258410:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182584 in wine "[hardy] Wine makes X crash (dup-of: 178292)" [Undecided,New]10:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178292 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "3D-Accelerated Games cause X to crash with Intel Driver" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:38
thoreauputicthanks, looking...10:39
Raspberryhere's another -- which really isnt' my issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/17317710:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173177 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "intel video driver produces visual corruption on 945GM chipset" [Medium,Triaged]10:39
Raspberrythis is kinda my issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/17854310:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178543 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "i965 fails to render textures in 3D programs when DRI enabled" [Medium,Confirmed]10:40
thoreauputicseems to be some action recently on #17317710:41
Raspberryi can reproduce all of those and have been able to since December10:41
Raspberrywell since November / Dcember10:41
Raspberryif I try to run a native 3d app (besides glxgears) in linux I get ~3fps10:42
P2502we asked you... have you tried another distro btw?10:42
Raspberryif I try to run an app that requires direct3d or opengl in linux it just restarts X10:42
P2502i mean and?10:43
RaspberryI didn't really have the problems in SuSE10:43
[CroX]Is there an easy way to upgrade to Hardy before it's released?10:43
Raspberrybut I didn't do heavy testing in SuSE because10:43
RaspberryI couldn't stand it10:43
Raspberryit was so slow to update packages10:43
thoreauputic3 fps in tuxracer... oops :(10:44
Raspberryoh and the kicker is10:44
Raspberryeven in Hardy Ubuntu wine works fine no reboots in Crossover10:44
Raspberryso it's something specific to the intel driver and the way wine is being compiled10:44
RaspberryI think the apps would run faster not running crossover10:45
Raspberryso I'd rather run 0.9.56 wine10:45
P2502i have a fear... that linux may be more expensive... even if its free10:45
RaspberryLinux wiztech-tablet 2.6.24-10-generic #1 SMP Fri Feb 22 18:26:06 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux10:46
Raspberryand I don't care10:46
popey!hardy | [CroX] #10:46
ubotu[CroX] #: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu10:46
RaspberryI run my own company and being able to stay in linux rather than reboot into vista is worth a premium10:46
popey[CroX]: that page tells you how10:46
ZambeziI have a really, really odd problem now. For some reason Ubuntu is eating space on my harddrive.10:47
[CroX]popey: Ah, there it is. Thanks.10:47
popeyZambezi: baobab will tell you where it is eating space10:47
Raspberrylike I said earlier -- I live about 10~12 miles north of the Codeweavers (wine developers) office10:47
thoreauputicZambezi: logs? Checked /var/log/* ?10:48
Raspberryand I could just go in there and pester them, but I'd have to pay them too :p10:48
Zambezithoreauputic: Just noticed it so haven't checked them.10:49
thoreauputicZambezi: might be worth checking /tmp too - I once had a program dump debugging logs in /tmp and use Gigs of space :)10:50
thoreauputicmy fault since I used the -d flag to qemu :)10:50
flipstarZambezi: try filelight :=)10:51
[CroX]Will network-manager get support to "Create new wireless network" using WPA2? Currently it can only "Connect to other.." to such a network and therefor it doesn't seem to autoconnect.10:51
thoreauputicbaobab > filelight :)10:51
thoreauputic[CroX]: does the driver for your card support wpa2 ?10:52
ZambeziHome only takes 1,5 GB, but still 0 bytes free.10:53
[CroX]thoreauputic: Yes. I can connect just fine but only using "Connect to other..". The dialog that pops up when selecting "Create new wireless.." doesn't contain WPA2 for some reason.10:53
[CroX]..only WPA.10:54
thoreauputic[CroX]: not sure, but isn't "Create new... " for ad-hoc ? Doesn't work here either, but I'm on Feisty currently on my laptop ( PPC)10:54
[CroX]thoreauputic: I'm on Feisty too. :) Just wondering wether Hardy will fix that or not.10:54
thoreauputicI don't know, sorry10:55
thoreauputicI've stayed with Feisty on muy iBook, because it doesn't like anything more recent and I'm lazy :)10:55
[CroX]One other thing then. I tried beta 4 this weekend, not knowing b5 had been released, and Firefox3 was rendering some pages REAYLL wierd. It included its own repeated toolbar in the sites background and such. Is that a known problem or was it just me? :P10:56
hischildlol .. i join and they leave :(10:57
[CroX]hischild: Consider a shower. :>10:58
AssidRaspberry: i prefer virtualbox over wine10:58
flipstar[CroX]: it still has alpha status..not beta .. did you installed graphic drivers ?10:59
hischild[CroX], :(10:59
hischild[CroX], *dives into a shower* thar we go10:59
AmaranthAssid: but virtualbox is slower and needs a copy of windows11:00
Assidnot that much slower.. and crashes less often11:00
[CroX]flipstar: The ones that were installed by default made X crash for me.11:00
Assidthe apps work much better in that if you ask me11:00
AmaranthAssid: it can't be less than 30% slower11:01
[CroX]flipstar: So I gave up on that.11:01
Amaranththat's the "Unsafe Code Tax"11:01
AssidAmaranth: honestly, on my config i dont notice it 1 bit11:01
Amaranthbasically all the overhead required for memory management11:01
AmaranthAssid: and then of course IO is like 10x slower11:02
AssidAmaranth: true at that..11:02
Amaranthbut i suppose for lots of things if you have a fast computer and lots of RAM you won't notice11:02
Assidio .. not that much.. it was faster to load apps into virtualbox than native windows11:02
Amaranththat's because you have a nicely designed filesystem and sata subsystem feeding you data :P11:03
Assidi get the same 40-50MB/sec on each native io11:04
Assidi.e. ext3 on linux.. gives that speed.. ntfs on windows gives that speed11:04
Assidntfs on linux however, drops to 1/211:05
nanonymewell, you can't really rely on ntfs working Wine either though11:06
RaspberryAssid: virtualbox is a whole new environemnt11:06
Raspberryand I'd need a legitimate copy of windows11:06
Assiddont you have that?11:06
Raspberryi'm using all my licenses11:07
nanonymeand there are lots of people who actually have zero windows licenses :)11:07
Raspberryand I'd like to be one of those people11:07
nanonymehappens when you build your own computer11:07
RaspberryI have 5 machines and 2 windows licenses ... 1 for xp and 1 for vista11:08
nanonymenew bought machines usually come with Windows but the situation is completely different if you put it together from parts11:08
Raspberryall 5 machines have linux11:08
Raspberryman I am drinking this awesome Bourbon Stout11:09
RaspberryI'm American... i don't know if you can tell by my lack of respect and complete disregard for rules :P11:09
hischildhahaha oh yesh ... very important when it comes to fix it :P11:09
Assidwe have rules?11:09
RaspberryThis bournon stout that my friend sent me from chicago is fantastic... and it's 13% alcohol and a beer :P11:10
nanonymeAssid, they're called laws? :)11:10
hischildwhat? Raspberry? uhhhhh ... rules?11:10
* dencrypt rulez11:11
RaspberryI went to Canada last year for two weeks and hung out in all the major central and eastern cities minus Winnipeg and Halifax... and everybody seemed to like me :P  They said I'm nothing like the typical American they read about in the newspaper11:12
* Laser87 is glad to be German :-P11:13
Raspberryand the Canadian men were trying to hook  up with my g/f :P11:13
Assidi guess thats why they meant your nothing liekt he typical american11:13
Raspberrymy uncle moved to Germany 30 years ago and I'm going over there this year / next year :)11:13
Laser87ur welcome11:13
hischildRaspberry, drop by :p you'll fly over me :p11:14
Raspberrynow I have a German Aunt and Cousins11:14
Laser87where you're goin in Germany?11:15
RaspberryI'm fairly well known in ##php :P   I've been published in php magazine multiple times ... so I've got friends all over the globe :)   I need to stop in France, England, Egypt, Germany, Norway, Poland and a few other places11:15
RaspberryLaser87: OsnaBruck11:16
Raspberryand then probably Black Forest and whever else11:16
Laser87that's about 300 mls from me - I live in Southern Germany11:17
Raspberrythen the black forest should work :011:17
Laser87ya - not too far11:17
Raspberryprobably Hamburg too, but that doesn't help you :P11:17
RaspberryI live in Minnesota11:18
Raspberrywe're heavily Germany and Scandinavian here11:18
Laser87then u know New-Ulm/Minnesota?11:18
Laser87I live in the original Ulm :-P11:18
RaspberryYup been there, grew up about 60 miles from there...11:18
AssidRaspberry: thats a lie.. i dont know you in ##php11:19
Raspberrythey still have Polka festivals there and in May they have the Maibock festival11:19
RaspberryAssid: ask TML, HolyGoat, Caffeine or any of the other regulars11:19
Raspberryi've even hired some of them :P11:20
* Laser87 cd /home/bathroom/shower11:21
Assidokay help me fix this bug in php 5.2.511:21
RaspberryI want to head over to Deutschland, but I have to wait until this recession is over here11:21
RaspberryAssid: let's talk about it in ##php11:21
savvasi'd be going all over the world too if it weren't for bush trying to minimilise my country :-)11:21
RaspberryAssid: and I don't fix the php codebase11:21
Assidhow about pm instead11:22
Assiderr.. you know how to work valgrind?11:22
Raspberrysavvas: well hopefully that'll change after November11:22
Raspberrysavvas: he has a 19% approval rating in his own country....11:22
savvasthey already took kosovo, god knows how many regions will be cut off in serbia11:23
savvas*from serbia even11:23
Raspberryso you're part of the group that would riot against the embasy :P11:24
* savvas tcpspy Laser87 11:24
savvashow would you feel it they cut off washington? :)11:24
Raspberryi'm not disagreeing11:25
Laser87savvas: ?11:25
savvasbut i'm glad i wasn't part of that hooligans11:25
RaspberryI think the US is bullying too much11:25
savvasLaser87: you were going for a shower..?11:25
napsy_Anyone else having trouble with synaptics touchpad?11:25
Laser87savvas: have to... smelling... :-(11:26
Raspberrynapsy_: no11:26
savvasLaser87: i thought it was a public showcase since you announced it, j/k :p11:26
savvasdon't have a laptop, so no :)11:26
napsy_xorg doesn't recognise my touchpad11:26
Laser87savvas: sry - no webcam :-D11:27
savvasnapsy_: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu11:27
Raspberryxorg doesn't really recognize my video card :P11:27
napsy_already reported the bug11:27
savvasnapsy_: with lspci -nnv ?11:27
napsy_tpconfig sees the touchpad11:28
napsy_Found Synaptics Touchpad.11:28
napsy_Firmware: 8.96 (multiple-byte mode).11:28
napsy_just don't know what to put in xorg.conf11:28
savvasyou could try using an entry from an older gutsy installation11:30
napsy_hm I lost the old xorg.conf11:30
hischildi can give you mine (touchpad :-))11:30
savvasyou've got some wiki helpful tips in gentoo http://gentoo-wiki.com/HARDWARE_Synaptics_Touchpad#Automatic_Configuration11:30
napsy_hm i'll try11:31
savvasRaspberry: you're american, who's the favourite candidate now? obama? :P11:31
hischildnapsy_, you want it or you goin to try a diff method11:32
napsy_hischild: please send it11:32
hischildi hope your in the other channel as well :p11:33
hischildi posted it there by accident11:33
savvasheh :p11:34
JoelioI'm having trouble getting vmware player working in Heron amd64... I think the vmware player install needs patching as it's erroring when trying to create the modules.. anyone have a fix?11:36
napsy__arr uncool. my x just crashed11:36
savvasneed someone to confirm Bug #196439 and bug #19644111:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196439 in apport "while uploading the reports apport lags the rest of the internet" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19643911:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196441 in apport "cannot upload more than one apport crash reports at the same time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19644111:37
napsy__hischild: can you put your xorg file to pastebin11:37
hischildfull pastebin? comin up11:37
flipstarsavvas: does this happen whenever you upload something ?11:37
savvasflipstar: every time11:38
savvasoh you mean not just for apport ?11:38
savvasdunno, let me try it11:38
hischildnapsy_, ^11:40
savvassomeone ping me please11:40
dencrypt12:40 [freenode] [ctcp(savvas)] PING 1204198833 71884111:40
savvasflipstar: you're right, it happens while uploading in general11:40
flipstarthis shouldnt be a linux problem..do you use a modem ?11:41
savvasan adsl router11:41
flipstaryes..cable modem maybe..?11:41
savvasi haven't noticed it before11:41
savvasi mean in gutsy or feisty11:42
flipstarlinux generally uses traffic sharping.. i had the problem also once...i just did get a new modem and the problem dissapeared..11:42
savvasI'm going to buy a new router one of these days, I hope you're right11:43
flipstarmy isp just sponsored one :)11:44
savvashm ?11:44
flipstari just told them i had problem with the old one11:44
savvasI did that twice this year :P11:44
savvasI think it's better to buy a good router and give it and them a rest :)11:44
flipstarif it wont work you still can give it back :P11:45
savvasI also experience some "choking" while I use the bittorrent network11:45
savvasum.. does anyone know if nvidia-glx-config is contained in any package ?11:47
cwillusure you need it?11:48
flipstarnvidia-glx probably ..11:48
savvas$ apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-new11:48
savvasnvidia-glx-new: Installed: 169.09+
savvasBug #19650311:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196503 in command-not-found "nvidia-glx-config command not found" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19650311:49
savvascwillu: just crashing bugs, i don't really need it11:49
Laser87savvas: fyeo - http://capriv8.de/me.jpg12:04
savvasi was kidding!12:04
Oli``hey does anybody have any issues installing avant-window-navigator in hardy? I keep getting errors from apt12:06
SlissI use the curved awn without problems for a long time12:06
SlissAfter todays upgrade Gnome doesn't startup, what can I do?12:07
Oli``does it give you any errors?12:08
Slissnope.. just a yellow screen and a mouse12:10
Slissin recovery mode I am able to enter gnome btw12:11
Slisscompiz error?12:11
flipstardoes compiz run at startup ?12:13
flipstarthen try glxinfo | grep direct12:13
SlissI didnt check this time. but it normally does yes (I try next time I boot into Ubuntu)12:14
flipstarsince when you occure this ?12:14
Slisstodays upgrade12:15
Sliss2 hours agoo I think12:15
Slissalso it seams that my machine does not get an ip address12:16
flipstarhm dhcp3 was updated..12:16
Slissso I cant run a next upgrade12:16
flipstarcheck if it run+you have nameservers..12:17
flipstarerr dhcp server12:17
Slissok I reboot and see what I can do... could it be that a config file was overwritten?12:18
Sliss /etc/dhcp3/..12:18
flipstareverything is possible..but shouldnt and btw it have to gather the dhcp server on his own..12:19
Slissok.. later..12:19
qzioi get an error when upgradeing onboard, pycentral is whineing12:48
Milos_SDqzio, Reload repos one again12:49
Milos_SDit is fixed12:50
qzioreloaded, still same error..12:50
qzioim going torwards the ftp.se repo12:51
flipstarmain more is probably more up to date ..12:51
qziomain.. that is? just ftp.ubun or? ftp.uk?12:54
qzioim using se.archive.ubuntu.com ..12:54
qziowhich version is it fixed in?12:55
flipstarjust select main mirror from adept or synaptic..12:55
Slissok about the dhcp3 problem:12:56
Slissin the /etc/dbus-1/system.d/dhcdbd.conf  it is prefilled with com.redhat.dhcp12:57
Slisswhich is I guess could be the the cause? message said: message_handler not found under /com/redhat/eth0 for snb-path eth0.dbus.get.reason12:59
Slissflipstar: did I discuss this with you?12:59
flipstarsame thing here with /etc/dbus-1/system.d/dhcdbd.conf but here it is working i guess13:00
flipstar /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf is the real interesting thing13:01
flipstarhm what does ifup say ?13:03
qziohm, changed to main server, still same problem.13:03
qziois there a bug report i can look at maybe :)13:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196378 in python-central "onboard fails to upgrade hardy heron" [Undecided,Fix released]13:04
Mohero|Worki'm guessing it wasn't ubuntu that he used...13:06
FreezeShey guys13:07
Milos_SDI think that Linux can not utilize all cpus in PS313:08
willis_proberly using vista - since black holes suck so much... vista would be ideal.13:08
Frogzoops3 is tricky13:08
Mohero|WorkMilos_SD: it seems it can utilise it enough :)13:08
flipstarlinux can handle more than 1024 cpu's ..13:08
FreezeSI upgraded from feisty on 64 bit and when upgrading update-manager it throws a python error13:08
FreezeSis this a known bug ?13:08
Mohero|Workwillis_: it's using Linux :P13:08
Mohero|WorkFreezeS: depends on the error, really13:09
Mohero|WorkFreezeS: have you search Launchpad...?13:09
willis_theres been some but with pyton i recall hearing about.. so i havent updated in a few days. :)13:09
qzioi cant find a bug report about the onboard package in launchpad/ubuntu/hardy.. :/13:09
qziotraceback says it is pycentral that causes it..13:10
FreezeSMohero|Work: it's on the first page :)13:10
FreezeSI only googled for it13:10
Mohero|Workqzio: bug 19637813:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196378 in python-central "onboard fails to upgrade hardy heron" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19637813:11
Mohero|Workis that the on?13:11
Slissflipstar: I setup a second windows system so I can check directly13:11
qziodoh, i tried and searched for "onboard" in launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy and didnt get the result..13:11
Mohero|WorkFreezeS: Google is of no use, not for bugs - is it on Launchpad?13:11
FreezeSwell, there are a lot of bugs that seem related to my problem13:12
FreezeSthe latest was 3 hours ago13:12
Mohero|WorkFreezeS: I don't know what problem you have, or what error you're getting - so I'm not sure I'm going to be of much help without more info.13:13
FreezeSMohero|Work: it's the same error as the one from 196378, but it's happening on update-manager13:15
FreezeSsolved it eventually by ignoring dependencies when forcing the removal of update-manager13:18
Mohero|Workbug #19637813:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196378 in python-central "onboard fails to upgrade hardy heron" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19637813:19
Mohero|WorkFreezeS: was the problem with Update-Manager or with update manager trying to upgrade a package and failing - and what was that package?13:20
FreezeSMohero|Work: the problem was with apt-get trying to update the "update-manager" package13:20
willis_Hmm. I just updated and upgraded from the terminal fine.13:21
Mohero|Workme too13:21
willis_Hmm.. the update tool says i have 44 updates however..13:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 81845 in python-central "update-manager crashes when installing python uno while upgrading to feisty" [High,Incomplete]13:22
Milos_SDwe have xorg update ... :)13:22
Mohero|WorkFreezeS: look on Launchpad - see it there is a bug regarding what you're seeing (not the onscreenbug - you're looking for a problem with updating package manager) if there isn't one you can file the bug, see if anyone else has it13:22
FreezeShmm, I think they meant "while upgrading to hardy"13:22
Slissflipstar: turns out thqt the /etc/network/interfaces does not hold any eth0  so ifup eth0 gives an error13:23
FreezeSanyway, the problem seems to be from python-central and they are notified by it13:23
Mohero|WorkFreezeS: no- that's TO Feisty the bug is dated January 200713:23
flipstartheres an update for python-central ..13:24
FreezeSdamn, my mind has hardcoded the year to 2008 and didn't read the digits after 20013:24
Milos_SDSliss, yes ... that command didn't worked on Gutsy13:24
Mohero|WorkFreezeS: if the problem you've got is with Update-Manager then it's not the same bug...13:25
Milos_SDFreezeS, did you uninstalled all packeges that you compiled or install from getdeb ?13:26
Slissanyway... to get bqck to the core of my problem: dhclient runned by the user dhcp13:26
Slissbut no ip13:26
Mohero|Worksorry lots to do - must get back to finishing this work before tomorrow's release.13:27
FreezeSMilos_SD: excuse my lack of knowledge, but what is "getdeb" ?13:27
Milos_SDweb site where you can download new versions of programs in .deb :)13:28
FreezeSMilos_SD: I don't think I installed packages from there13:28
FreezeSoh, and also my gnome broke down, I'm on KDE now. I need to investigate why this happened13:30
Milos_SDFreezeS, you say that when you try to dist-upgrade, package manager give you an error?13:31
Milos_SDupdate-manager -d ?13:31
FreezeSMilos_SD: yes13:31
FreezeSand the error was when upgrading the "update-manager" package13:31
janjokelaHello, how is bluetooth working for the rest of you?13:32
janjokelait's been broken for me for like 1 month now13:32
Milos_SDFreezeS, did you tried sudo apt-get install -f ?13:33
FreezeSMilos_SD: yes, but it also broke because update-manager had some dependencies problems13:34
FreezeSthe fix was to do a dpkg --force-dependencies -r update-manager13:34
FreezeSand then installing it from cache13:34
dencryptHow come alsamixer allways starts at 0 volume on all channel when i login?13:36
Slissdoes nobody have any dhcp problem after todays upgrade?13:37
Milos_SDSliss, what updates?13:38
Milos_SDKernel updates?13:38
Slissthere was a dhcp3 upgrade today13:38
Slissand from then I do have no network on my Linux laptop13:39
FreezeSwhere can I set the default audio hardware ?13:39
Milos_SDSliss, I don't have that update :S13:40
Milos_SDis it for Hardy ? :)13:40
Sliss(why else would I be on this channel? ;))13:41
Milos_SDinteresting ... I didn't installed that package this days, and I don't have it in update manager :S13:41
flipstari just had it today..13:41
Milos_SDwell, I don't know how to help you ... :(13:42
Milos_SDmaybe someone else can ...13:42
Slisstell me how your /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf looks like13:42
Slissat my side a few options are enabled   like send host-name "<hostname>" which I guess is wrong13:44
Milos_SDit is enabled here too13:44
Milos_SDbut, my ADSL is working ... :S13:44
Slissprepend domain-name-servers is not set here13:45
flipstarsame here ..13:45
flipstardoesnt matter for dhcp adress ..13:45
Milos_SDbut, that may be becouse of that I am using Roaming mode ...13:45
SlissI was under the impression I was on roamong mode too13:46
BUGabundoshould bug 196564 be sent upstream? or does LP do that?13:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196564 in firefox-3.0 "FF3 autocomplete is NOT case sensitive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19656413:48
flipstarurls are not case sensitive anyway ..13:49
flipstargoogle also13:49
BUGabundoflipstar: but files and directories are!13:49
BUGabundosee example13:49
flipstarff3 is a webbrowser..?13:50
BUGabundo * http://www.example.com/DEMO.txt13:50
BUGabundo* http://www.example.com/demo.txt13:50
Slissif it where IIS it would work though ;-)13:51
BUGabundobut not everything in the world is AM$FT13:52
Slisshow does roming mode work anyway?13:52
BUGabundoit tries to autodetect where it is, Sliss13:53
flipstarokay..i agree makes a different..13:53
Slisscan I test it commandline?13:53
Slissrun the script in debug mode?13:53
Slissi guess at the end it is still using the dhclient to obtain an ip right?13:55
BUGabundodon't know Sliss13:55
BUGabundoI use it, sure13:55
Milos_SDdoes anybody know when will linux-backports-modules-hardy be available for update ... I have it in update manger, but it is grayed and can not install ... I'am waiting for that to become available, and that do the update to kernel :)13:56
BUGabundoLinux rhino 2.6.24-10-generic #1 SMP Fri Feb 22 19:08:18 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux13:56
BUGabundolet me check synaptic13:56
Milos_SDI know that I can update kernel, but I want to be able to update that packege too :)13:57
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
Milos_SDand yes... do you have problems with left mouse click with that kernel? I know that I had them while I had that kernel ...13:58
BUGabundoMilos_SD: I have all the linux-backports-modules-2.6.24-10-* available13:59
BUGabundogreat question13:59
BUGabundoa few days back, I really had probs with the right mouse button13:59
BUGabundobut it went way.13:59
Milos_SDI know that I had problems with left mouse click, one click was switch for two clicks :S14:00
FreezeSis there a need for sudo to resolve the hostname ?14:00
Milos_SD  Depends: linux-backports-modules-generic (= but is to be installed14:00
BUGabundonope FreezeS14:00
PiciMy right mouse button is sticky, but I think thats related to the soda that spilled on it.14:00
FreezeSI couldn't run sudo because I didn't have an entry in hosts for my hostname14:00
FreezeSit always complained that it can't resolve my hostname14:01
nanonymewell, do you?14:01
FreezeSafter I switched to single mode and added the line it worked14:01
BUGabundoMilos_SD: I too have linux-backports-modules-hardy-generic14:01
Milos_SD2.6.24.10 or version? :)14:01
* BUGabundo goes to recover old emails from backup cds14:02
BUGabundoMilos_SD: 1014:02
BUGabundoas I said before14:02
Slissthere is a known bug about this sudo behavior14:02
FreezeSthanks Sliss14:02
Milos_SDwho knows what is messed up here :)14:02
Milos_SDI don't have that version ... here it is .8 :S don't know why ...14:03
moomo1my Wine dont work14:04
P2502FreezeS: known bug14:04
Milos_SDinstall the one from winehq.org ...14:04
moomo1there is a new release, why its not in repo?14:04
P2502FreezeS: but im not sure they will fix it14:04
flipstar!hardy > moomo114:04
FreezeSso if someone messes up his hostname he will need to go to single mode to fix it. Very nice14:05
Slisshe will just need to change the /etc/hosts file14:05
FreezeSSliss: yes, and how can you do that if you can't become root ?14:06
Slissthats what I did at least14:06
moomo1milos, how get from winehq? its only for gutsy, feisty, edgy, dapper.. not hardy14:06
Milos_SDget it for gutsy14:06
Milos_SDit will work14:06
Milos_SDor compile it your self :)14:06
flipstarFreezeS: boot into recovery and add you to sudoers14:06
moomo1i dont copmile self, it sucks, then you cant unisntall14:06
flipstaruse checkinstall then14:06
FreezeSflipstar: yes, a very simple solution to a very simple problem...14:07
Milos_SDmoomo1, you can -> sudo make uninstall from the source folder ;)14:07
flipstarand btw you can uninstall self compiled software14:07
moomo1i can?14:08
flipstarsee above14:08
Slissflipstar, make uninstall?14:08
Milos_SDBUGabundo, I have two linux-backports-modules-hardy packages ... one is like that, and other is linux-backports-mogules-hardy-generic (and only this one have .10) :S14:08
flipstarSliss: with sudo, yes :P14:09
P2502something is wrong, gnome allow to cancel copy now, and this keep part of the file, but there is no option to append to file if you copy again14:09
Slisscan I see somewhere commandline the latest upgrades om my machine?14:10
P2502what part of the file for?14:10
Slissu are not very clear to me P250214:11
moomo1hardy is getting good14:12
moomo1in alpha4 it was sucks14:12
moomo1now with alpha5+updates, its rox14:12
Sliss...but as I can't boot into gnome now I can't test for you...unfortunatly14:12
P2502keyb layout switching still not work, and still no local time setting14:13
P2502instead of UTC14:13
P2502and week start from sunday!14:14
* P2502 cries14:14
P2502but something fixed my slow 5-10 mb/s copy, it is 30 mb/s now14:15
moomo1how can ubuntu servers be so fast that i download 8000 kbyte/s ?14:17
moomo1when i update14:17
P2502its local mirror14:17
moomo1yeah, but local mirror is very fast still, 8000 kbyte/s is 8 mbyte/s, its crazy14:18
P2502maybe this mirror even located in your ISP network14:18
flipstari guess it was a very small file ?14:20
moomo1no i downloaded from alpha4 to alpha5, 400 megabyte14:21
moomo1it said it would take some hours, it took a minute14:21
P25028 mbytes is ADSL limit14:21
moomo1i dont have ADSL14:21
P2502what you use?14:21
moomo1100 mbit Ethernet14:21
Habbie8 mbits is adsl limit14:22
flipstarso whats the problem..?14:22
moomo1well, its so fast14:22
flipstaryou can slow down if you want..14:22
moomo1dont want14:22
Derevko(24 mbit with adsl2+)14:22
moomo1but i didnt think it could be so fast, cuz nowhere else i can download so fast14:22
flipstarmoomo1: they dont use 1mbit servers to serve the updates..14:23
moomo1ya, but many people use those servers to get update14:23
flipstarmany people many server14:23
moomo1hmm.. can i use ubuntu to automatically check my gmail?14:23
flipstarmuch bandwidh14:23
moomo1can the guy who make the wine package for ubuntu plz update it to 0.9.56 ?14:24
P2502Derevko: i have adsl2+ link but contract involves traffic shaping to 512 kbit14:26
moomo1oh, sucks14:26
Milos_SDmoomo1, I think that you can install Gutsy version of wine from winehq repo. I don't know exactly, becouse I compiled wine (with 3DMark patch)14:26
Pici!bug | moomo114:26
ubotumoomo1: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots14:26
moomo1P2502, maybe you live in third-world country like Africa, Middle East, Poland or USA, if you want fast internet come to Sweden or Japan14:26
rskmoomo1: it is already 0.9.5614:26
rskmoomo1: but it's broken and will be fixed in 0.9.5714:26
flipstarmoomo1: please notice hardy alpha is an development release ..14:26
moomo1rsk, mine is 0.9.55 and i find no update in ubuntu14:27
P2502moomo1: usa is third-world? nice14:27
P2502but im from russia14:27
rskmoomo1: ok weird i have 0.9.5614:27
rskand i use the hardy repo14:27
rsknot the wine one14:27
moomo1P2502, yes they have a horribly outdated crappy internet infrastructure with slow internet speed, high prices. also its an undemocratic oppressive authorian state, kinda like Iraq, Jemen, Iran, etc14:28
flipstarubotu says 0.9.55-0ubuntu1 is availible ..14:28
flipstarrsk: you use some external repos ?14:29
moomo1320 Swedish kronor = 51 U.S. dollars = 34 euro. that is what i pay for 100 mbit/s internet with 5 ip addresses14:29
rskonly ubuntu repos14:29
flipstarfor me only 0.9.56 is availible .....14:30
Derevkomoomo1: vdsl ? fiber?14:31
rski was wrong14:32
rski only have 0.9.5514:32
P2502moomo1: EU kinda support US in its "undemocratic" decisions and wars14:32
rskwine --version $$14:32
moomo1P2502, but i live in sweden the most democratic and free country in the world, we have The Pirate Bay - the worlds largest bittorrent tracker14:33
Assidi wanna move to sweden14:34
moomo1yeah, its great country, we also have semlor and prinskorv14:35
rskmoomo1 dont forget the _babes_14:35
moomo1yes, the swedish girls are the worlds hottest chicks, everybody agrees14:35
rskim going to tantolunden today to pickup some with a few mates :>14:35
Derevkomoomo1: 100 mbit with? vdsl ? fiber?14:38
P2502ethernet he said14:38
rskvdsl can't go that fast afaik14:38
rskmust be fiber14:38
rskand 100mbit vdsl would be much more expensive14:38
P2502we have many ethernet ISPs in city, city covered by ethernet networks14:39
Habbievdsl2 can do 10014:39
moomo1its ethernet14:39
Derevkorsk: yes, vdsl2 can14:39
moomo1yes, city covered by fiber14:39
moomo1we dont have any VDSL or *DSL crap, we have Ethernet!14:39
flipstarmoomo1: you have 100mbit simultane? up&down ?14:39
P2502but as he said he never get 8 mbytes/s, only with ubuntu updates14:41
moomo1flipstar, no its 100 mbit down, 10 mbit up... but i think there are people who have 100 up too14:41
rskthere are also 1000/1000mbit connections in some cities14:41
P2502and 100 mbit is 12.5 mbytes/s14:41
rsklund and piteå at least14:41
rskbut that's costly 80euro per month in lund14:41
rskfor example14:41
Slissthe file /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.eth0.leases does have all good info.... grr14:42
moomo1sweden is best, we have IKEA, Alfred Nobel, falukorv, Janssons frestelse, ABBA, pyttipanna, Tre kronor, The Pirate Bay, dalahäst, Kalles kaviar, Små grodorna, Peter Forsberg, Pippi Långstrump, Karlsson på taket, Ronja Rövardotter, Astrid Lindgren, Dolph Lundgren, semlor, raggmunk, Volvo, Saab, Ericsson, Carl von Linné, rövarspråket, Ahlgrens bilar, Magnus Samuelsson, Victoria Silvstedt, Peter Stormare, Stellan Skar14:42
rskand we have dag, the greatst quakeworld player of all time14:43
moomo1semlor taste good, Dolph Lundgreen is very cool, and små grodorna is awesome14:43
Milos_SDOk, I have found one bug in keyboard indicator :) When I configure it the way that I can change layouts by presing right super key, I doesn't react :S14:43
rskMilos_SD:  i think that's reported actually14:44
rskchek launchpad14:44
=== credible_ is now known as credible
P2502and russia have boris berezovskiy...14:45
moomo1boris who?14:45
moomo1well they have Kasparov, hes cool14:45
flipstarand vodka and ak-47 :P14:46
rskhope kasparov wins the elections14:46
moomo1and USA has waterboarding, torture, domestic wiretapping, DMCA, PATRIOT ACT, george bush, extraordinary rendition, dick cheney, michael jackson, mcdonalds, etc14:47
rskthey also sends cool threatletters to TPB14:47
moomo1yeah, from those assholes at MPAA, RIAA, and BSA14:48
rskonly thing missing in sweden is.. linux in all schools and goverment14:48
rskthen i coldn't complain about anything14:49
moomo1yeah, and we could have less gipsys too14:50
moomo1linux in all schools and goverment would be awesome14:51
moomo1with mandatory use of OpenDocument Format (ODF), and PDF, and open formats such as TXT14:51
P2502not until they fix keyb layout switching bug14:51
flipstarerr why dont you join #sweden-rocks!14:51
moomo1oh, i gonna do t hat14:53
flipstarmaybe there is someone who cares..14:54
moomo1but someone asshole have murder our anna lindh :(( she was good, why dont nobody murder bush?14:54
FreezeSmoomo1: you have gypsies in sweeden ?14:56
moomo1unfortunately, yes :(14:57
FreezeSand don't tell me.... they came from Romania ?14:58
moomo1i dont know14:58
TheInfinityFreezeS: i think this will depend on definition of "gypsie" ;)14:58
FreezeSsemi-nomadic people with an inclination to criminality14:58
FreezeSwe used to have lots and lots of them14:59
FreezeSbut lots of them left14:59
moomo1and one of them threw a candy paper on my mom once!14:59
FreezeSand now we only have lots of gypsies14:59
FreezeSthe other lot has spreaded through europe and now almost everybody thinks they are romanians14:59
TheInfinityFreezeS: you can find "gypsis" who just have no money to pay a place to live in15:02
moomo1but on the upside, we have no jews, and very few hard-core christians15:03
moomo1but the sucks thing is that all iraqis come to sweden15:03
TheInfinitymoomo1: and some radical right idiots who sometimes swap over to here :/15:03
moomo1if iraqis dont stop come here, soon we will have censorship and stoning of gay people here too15:04
ubotuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/15:05
ubotuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu+1. Controversial topics, which always turn into flamewars: war, race, religion, politics (unless related to software licencing), gender, sexuality, drugs, questionable legal activities, removing of oneself from the planet (except by space or time travel) are not for here, perhaps #off-topic or ##politics. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy) - Thanks.15:05
moomo1oh okie, i must be good person who dont say bad things15:05
moomo1i use compiz, and have pink shadows :(15:06
* Sliss giggles... how girly that must be :-)15:06
moomo1im a guy, so i cant have that15:09
* Sliss grins15:09
Slisssure dude15:09
Picimoomo1: I suggest you look for and/or log a bug if you are having issues with Hardy.15:13
moomo1ya, idid15:13
P2502dont you fell moving windows in compiz is kinda erratic?15:20
P2502and if i enable then disable it, i cant properly return to normal desktop... i see no desktop until switch consoles15:21
moomo1doesnt someone think the wobbly windows is good, but a bit too wobbly?15:22
P2502actually i heard discussions which involves statements "linux compiz is better than vista aero, you dont have cool wobbly windows and etc" but what these effects for?15:23
P2502sound like a toy of some kind15:24
Slissit is15:24
Slissbut it is grafically quite nice15:24
Slissmoomo1: you can change the compiz settings15:24
moomo1sliss, ya i know, but i thinkt he default is abit too wobbly many? maybe someone agree15:25
moomo1like they made it much wobbly to show it off cool :p15:25
P2502well these wobbly windows not use cpu time at least, unlike minimize/maximize15:25
* savvas wobbles about compiz-style15:26
P2502my games broken with compiz, no compiz for me15:27
savvasmy games work with compiz :)15:27
wastrelany thinkpad users having trouble with their integrated card reader?15:27
moomo1i have a game (Tibia) that dont work well with Compiz (because of window decorator plugin), but i use compiz anyway with an regex exception to exclude the game window15:27
savvasenemy territory15:27
wastrelmine works once and then doesn't.15:27
savvasbut gnometris works fine too15:28
moomo1savvas, you run Enemy Territory in fullscreen or window mode?15:28
P2502actually i think gnometris has major design flaw, it start having input lag more you play15:28
moomo1japanese can play tetris at lvl 10015:29
savvasfullscreen moomo1, there's no point in playing an action/firt person game in a window :P15:29
moomo1they play so fast15:29
moomo1savvas, true15:29
moomo1savvas, i asked because i have a game that works fine in fullscreen but behaves strange in window mode15:29
Slissnot true15:29
Slissyou can open up 2 windows :-)15:29
savvasmoomo1: file the bug :)15:29
moomo1savvas, i did.. its the "window decorator" plugins fault15:30
P2502i really like Urban Terror = CS + Quake15:30
savvasi think compiz is disabled for fullscreen apps15:30
savvaswell if it's not, the programmers have done a great job, at least from my point of view15:30
moomo1is there any reason to have compiz enabled in fullscreen mode?15:31
P2502not with defects like titlebar corruption15:31
savvasmoomo1: no, that's why i thought it's automatically disabled :)15:31
moomo1savvas, i thought so too15:31
moomo1since my game works perfect in fullscreen, but strange in window15:31
P2502reason is not to switch effects every time you start a game15:31
savvasP2502: ok, you got me there :P the titlebar corruption haunts me since gutsy tribe15:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189746 in compiz "Tibia behaves strange with "Window Decoration" plugin in Compiz" [Undecided,New]15:33
Slissis ubotu able to seach too?15:35
Slisslike .search Tibia15:36
moomo1dont know15:37
moomo1oh seems it does, but found nothing15:37
P2502find work for looking for files in packages...15:38
P2502!find wine15:39
ubotuFound: wine, wine-dev, winefish15:39
Sliss!bug wine15:41
Sliss!info dhcp15:46
ubotuPackage dhcp does not exist in hardy15:46
Sliss!info dhcp315:46
ubotuPackage dhcp3 does not exist in hardy15:46
P2502use query15:47
Sliss!query dhcp15:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about query dhcp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:47
P2502./query ubotu15:47
P2502without dot15:47
Sliss.query dhcp15:47
Slissman.. its not my day ;)15:48
P2502try tomorrow, when ops will be here15:48
Sliss!search ops15:49
ubotuFound: ops-#ubuntu-ops*, desktops, joke-#ubuntu-ops*, opabuse, laptop, ops-#ubuntu-mozillateam, proxy-also*, ops-#kubuntu, desktopsearch, exploit15:49
PiciWhy do you need an op?15:49
SlissI have no clue15:49
P2502isnt this called flood?15:50
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.15:50
Slissthere is no need for them, unless they can help me getting my laptop back in buseness15:50
P2502ok nvm15:51
Slissman after todays upgrade my pc is really broken... it takes > 5 min to reboot15:51
Slisshmmm my hqrdware time was wrong... could this cause problems receiving an ip from a windows dhcp server?16:01
* nDuff wonders why git-p4 was moved under /usr/share/doc/git-core/contrib16:10
nDuff...ahh, the dependency on non-Free software. Isn't that acceptable in universe?16:11
moomo1non-free software is the devil16:15
moomo1I'm a Christian, and I believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe that Satan created proprietary software to divide humanity. Divide and conquer.16:15
P2502moomo1: do you work for free?16:18
sverimoomo1: cool saying :D16:19
P2502no, seems like brain-washed16:19
moomo1moomo1: i dont work, i live in my moms basement16:20
sverifor me it sounded like a joke16:20
moomo1well you cant say "do you work for free?"16:20
moomo1cuz if i grow vegetables and sell them, they're gods vegetables, they're not proprietary vegetables16:21
moomo1nobody forbids me to share my vegetables with my neighbours16:21
Picimoomo1: Please keep it to yourself. You've already been asked to keep the discussion to Ubuntu support only.16:21
moomo1nobody has to sign any license or EULA to buy my vegetables16:21
moomo1oh ok16:21
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!16:21
h3sp4wnIs there anywhere with a test version of the 169.12 nvidia driver16:33
h3sp4wn(I won't use the nvidia.com installer - and lrm is too big)16:35
h3sp4wnI could build a Debian style version (don't want to if I don't have to16:35
savvasor you don't have to if you don't want to? :)16:36
h3sp4wnI don't really need to I guess16:37
h3sp4wnI suppose it would just be a case of a sed in lrm16:38
h3sp4wnto get it to work in a hacky way but there is tons of stuff in that one package16:38
mattikCould I rescue OS without reinstalling frOm CD16:40
mattikIs it possible. It is broken now16:41
bazhangwhat is the precise issue mattik16:41
mattikMy gnome broke when I tried to install fglrx driver. I have reported it16:42
bazhangmattik could you be more specific than gnome broke?16:42
mattikI have white lines right side of text and window's and slow screen refresh16:43
Picimattik: This is in hardy?16:43
bazhangnvidia or ati mattik16:44
Piciati I would think, for fglrx16:44
mattikfglrx installing didn't work. I got black screen. Ati.16:44
mattikand now I have errors on screen16:45
bazhangmattik tried uninstalling it yet?16:45
P2502do you used restricted manager to install?16:45
bazhangyes to whom ;]16:45
P2502to me16:46
mattik:) restricted16:46
mattikAllways when I install from cd I have clean OS without errors16:47
P2502well you may try reinstall or removing (from synaptic) or manually...16:47
P2502try sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:47
bazhangor wait for an actual beta ;]16:47
P2502and comment line of your driver16:47
P2502it seems it installed but not functioning properly16:48
mattikP2502: I don't have any driver there16:49
P2502post your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:49
P2502and check restricted manager16:50
mattikok, Where I can paste16:50
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)16:50
P2502also lsmod16:50
strabesdoes anyone know the version of fglrx that is packaged in the hardy repos?16:57
strabesor how i would find that out?16:57
mattikI don't use fglrx just now16:58
mattiknot in use in restricted manger16:58
mattikstrabes: sorry I don't answer to you16:59
strabesi have it blacklisted currently and am using mesa16:59
strabesbecause mesa supports suspend to ram16:59
strabesand apparetly the 8.2 release of fglrx also supports suspend to ram16:59
bazhangVersion 1:7.1.0-8-02+ (hardy) for xorg-driver-fglrx strabes17:00
strabesbut the xorg-driver-fglrx package in the hardy repos breaks resuming, so my only conclusion is that the version in the hardy repos is not 8.217:00
strabesbazhang: how did you find that out?17:00
bazhangstrabes /msg ubotu info xorg-driver-fglrx hardy17:01
strabesso the 8-02 in there means that it is the 8.2 release of fglrx? the one on the AMD website?17:02
moomo1i like the hardy wallpaper, makes me feel so artistic and when ppl see it, they think im smart17:03
moomo1im not17:04
P2502mattik: do you have normal resolution on your display?17:04
strabesP2502: I do and i'm not using fgrlx17:04
moomo1im a dumbass, only reason i installed ubuntu is so i can brag about my compiz desktop, call windows users bad names, and get porno without spyware17:04
strabesmoomo1: those aren't very good reasons17:05
moomo1well what would be a good reason? it crashes all the time, apps crash all the time, its buggy as hell, its worse than Windows ME17:05
mattikI think so, but screen is very bright17:05
strabesmoomo1: that's because you're running a DEVELOPMENT version17:05
strabesit is in its ALPHA stage17:06
moomo1im not sure i recall Gutsy being much more stable either though17:06
bazhangmoomo1: read the topic or try gutsy ;]17:06
strabesmattik: if you run the command "xrandr" the top number of its output will be the native resolution of your display17:06
strabesmattik: you can then compare that with the resolution you are currently running.17:07
strabesmattik: the brightness of your screen has nothing to do with whether it's running at its native resolution17:07
strabesmoomo1: gutsy was a ton more stable than the current state of hardy17:07
strabesinstead of complaining, you should help report bugs!17:08
moomo1i have reported bugs17:08
RyanPriorIf I enable my video driver using the Driver Manager and reboot my computer, the screen goes black and the computer becomes largely unresponsive. (I have to use magic SysRq spells to recover it.) How do I figure out what is going wrong and fix the problem?17:08
moomo1like many17:08
moomo1and i still have pink shadows in compiz, its not fixed yet17:08
moomo1but well, they actually fixed apport to increase its privacy when i reported it17:08
strabesmoomo1: then maybe you should use gutsy, or even dapper17:09
bazhangearly days yet moomo1 still only alpha 517:09
moomo1some numbnuts decided it was a good idea for apport to send peoples usernames and hostnames17:09
moomo1strabes: i dont want use old technology, its boring, i like new cool stuff17:09
RyanPriormoomo1: If you want to find bugs and you enjoy reporting and triaging them, then Hardy is for you. If you'd rather have stability, definitely stick with the other releases.17:09
moomo1strabes: if you seen Mac & PC commercial, im not the fat old PC guy, im the cool Mac guy with crazy hair17:09
moomo1i enjoy new stuff17:10
RyanPriormoomo1: Bad example. The PC guy is actually funny and talented, whereas the Mac guy is a boring hack. :-)17:10
mattikstrabes: I tried 1024*768 but I still have errors17:10
P2502mattik: can you do screenshot of errors?17:11
strabesmoomo1: well then if you can't wait for things to be released and must have them when they're in alpha stages, you'll get lots of bugs17:12
moomo1RyanPrior: oh i thought the PC guy was fat, old and nerdy and has suit and crashes all the time, while Mac guy was a hip youngster with skateboard and fancy hair17:12
mattikP2502: Bug 188725 I'll paste but not pastebin17:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188725 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "[hardy + fglrx]Ati mobility radeon gives a black screen" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18872517:12
moomo1also the Mouse plugin on compiz dont work17:12
moomo1so fix it17:12
* bazhang points moomo1 to the /topic17:13
P2502mattik: you may send it to me or use imageshack.us17:13
RyanPriormoomo1: Obviously that's how the Apple commercials set them up, but if you look at those actors in real life, their personalities are sort of swapped. That's the quintessence of Apple: they put out this public image of being hip and young and open, while in fact their system is as cluttered and closed down as anybody's.17:13
InYourBaseWhat's the website to file bugs?17:14
Pici!bug | InYourBase17:14
ubotuInYourBase: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots17:14
RyanPriorAnyway, I've got a graphics driver problem. If I enable my video driver using the Driver Manager and reboot my computer, the screen goes black and the boot process halts. How do I figure out what is going wrong and fix the problem?17:14
PiciWhat driver?17:15
P2502mattik: nevermind, i see you posted screenshots on launchpad17:15
RyanPriorPici: How do I find out? It's whatever one the Driver Manager installs.17:15
PiciRyanPrior: Nvidia? ATI?17:15
RyanPriorPici: ATI.17:15
P2502RyanPrior: did you seen mattik report17:18
strabesRyanPrior: have you followed the instructions here? http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Gutsy_Installation_Guide#Method_1:_Install_the_Driver_the_Ubuntu_Way17:18
RyanPriorstrabes: I did not follow those instructions.17:18
RyanPriorstrabes: Should I follow them?17:18
RyanPriorP2502: I do not know what a mattik report is.17:19
h3sp4wnWhat is the most feature complete palm application in Ubuntu (Don't like gnome pilot - want to easily be able to copy files and install apps to my sdcard17:19
strabesRyanPrior: yeah, just those four commands, then run "sudo aticonfig --initial -f && sudo aticonfig --overlay-type=Xv" then restart your x server with ctrl+alt+backspace17:19
RyanPriorh3sp4wn: cp17:19
h3sp4wnRyanPrior: The card is inside the palm pilot I don't want to be taking it out all the time17:20
mattiksorry screen refreshing is very slow and because of this ubuntu is very slow17:20
h3sp4wnDon't even know what filesystem they have on it17:20
P2502mattik: do you have compiz enabled?17:22
P2502actually i doubt i may help but there are always things which you may try17:23
mattikP2502: I didn't enable it but sometimes I got compiz.real crashed17:24
P2502try to change it like disable, or enable...17:24
P2502if it crashed it mean it enabled17:25
P2502and not working properly17:25
RyanPriorstrabes: The packages it says to install are already intalled, and the aticonfig commands don't work because they're designed to work with the old Xorg which is in Gutsy, not the new one in Hardy.17:26
mattikI disabled it no errors :) thank you P2502. Do you want to add it to this bug or me. Problem was that17:26
mattikonly fglrx-driver doesn't work yet17:26
P2502mattik: woohoo i'm bug buster17:27
mattikAnd the second bug what I reported about these errors was invalid17:28
moomo1how can i close port 631 TCP (IPP -  Internet Printing Protocol) =17:28
RyanPriorstrabes: Plus, it says to use restricted-manager, which is in Gutsy, but the Hardy equivalent is jockey-gtk. Basically, that's a totally outdated set of instructions. :-(17:28
P2502moomo1: its xorg server17:28
P2502mm wait17:29
P2502its cups17:30
P2502I'd be guessing tcp:631 is cups. You can "turn-it-off" completely by removing the cups package or making /etc/rc.d/rc.cups non-executable. Yep, these two methods will kill the cups service and you won't be printing anything if you rely on cups for printing.17:32
P2502(c)not mine17:32
mattikP2502, strabes and others: Thank you very much :)17:32
nemomoomo1: is cups listening on anything except the loopback?17:34
nemomoomo1: I thought by default it only used loopback17:34
moomo1will UFW be enabled by default in Ubuntu sometmie?17:38
P2502i doubt about that, official word is firewall is not required for desktop17:41
moomo1Windows XP with SP2 comes with firewall enabled by default17:41
P2502this is becouse windows have viruses and linux not17:42
nemoP2502: even with port 111 open? :)17:42
P2502what 111 port to do with ubuntu? i dont see it enabled17:43
P2502ubuntu preconfigured to not have any ports open17:44
CarlFKgetting a build error that others don't:  http://dpaste.com/37229/  "expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'size_t'"17:44
moomo1$ sudo ufw enable && sudo ufw default deny17:44
moomo1type that! :D17:44
moomo1no need thanks me :D17:46
moomo1i have another good command17:50
moomo1sudo apt-get check && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get autoremove17:50
AssidP2502: linux has viruses17:51
Assidits just that we "dont" run them17:51
Assidecho "#!/bin/sh\nrm -rf /" > runme.sh ; chmod +x runme.sh ; gksu ./runme.sh17:52
Assidwith this channel .. you can never be too sure17:52
strabesAssid: Don't even ever mention that command17:52
Assidyeah i know thats why i wrote that line immediately after17:53
P2502dosnt look like a virus, more like malware17:53
strabesyou could do the same thing on windows17:53
CarlFKRead Manual in Rich Format, starting at the root17:53
Assidwell thats the thing.. you can make a virus for linux too17:53
Assidits just that people dont bother cause MOSTLY techies using it17:54
Assidthe damage will be very very limited if any17:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-offtopic - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:54
P2502well i will not insist17:54
strabesAssid: #ubuntu-offtopic17:55
Assidjust saying they "do" exists.. thats all strabes17:55
strabesi understand17:55
strabesplease don't ever mention that command though, you will instantly be considered a troll, especially on the forums17:56
strabesa few months ago there was a huge hullabaloo because trolls were telling people to run that command or similar commands on the forums17:56
P2502Assid: do you know the difference between virus and malware?17:56
Assidi understand.. a reason why i wrote the next line immediately after17:56
strabesadditionally, this is the ubuntu+1 channel for hardy discussions17:56
strabesbut i'm not a mod, what do i know?17:56
AssidP2502: yes.17:57
Assidif you can have malware.. you can have viruses..17:57
P2502until it reproduce itself come from system to system become hidden etc, its not virus but a stupid joke17:58
P2502but i will not insist that it is not possible17:59
Assidright.. proof of concept exists17:59
moomo1well they cant make virus on linux because linux is so horrible uncompatible that one application dont work on another distro17:59
P2502i read recently about virus that poisoned apache servers running on linux17:59
P2502Finjan Uncovers Insidious New Variant of Crimeware Toolkit Infecting More Than 10,000 US Websites in December http://www.finjan.com/Pressrelease.aspx?PressLan=1819&id=182018:01
Assidhold.. client bugging me again18:01
moomo1crimeware? lolz they have nave new buzzword plz?18:03
Assidupdatemanagetr is messed18:06
Assidprobably a new package issue18:07
Assid7189 root      20   0 1015m  66m  10m S    2  3.3  30:46.57 Xorg18:08
Assiderr. how much ram is that actually using18:08
Assidthats from top btw18:08
Assidhrmm thinking if i should call for 2GB ram more18:09
void^66m physical memory, 1015m virtual (including things like video memory probably)18:09
Assiderr that would be alot18:14
Assidi guess i should restartx18:14
moomo1cant Pidgin start at boot? many ppl use IM to chat with friends and expect it to start on bootup18:15
Slissis launchpad down?18:16
P2502work for me18:18
Assidthey still didnt fix the scanner issues18:20
InYourBaseDoes anyone have wireless working for broadcom cards?18:21
s0u][ighthi guys18:23
nemoInYourBase: yes18:23
InYourBasenemo: Using b43 or using ndiswrapper?18:24
nemohm. lemme check18:24
nemowell. not ndiswrapper18:24
s0u][ightdoes ndiswrapper work with the hardy kernel?18:24
nemoInYourBase: I set it up a long time ago. still works in hardy though18:24
nemoInYourBase: ipw3945d18:25
nanonymeInYourBase, which broadcom do you have, exactly?18:25
s0u][ighti couldn't get ndiswrapper work with my bcm4311 card in hardy18:25
InYourBaseBroadcom Corporation BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI18:25
nemo$ lsmod  | grep 394518:25
nemoiwl3945                89844  018:25
nemoiwlwifi_mac80211      220004  1 iwl394518:25
nemo$ lspci | grep BCM18:26
nemo02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetLink BCM5787M Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (rev 02)18:26
nemosorry guys18:26
nemomy fault. I confused the cards18:26
nemothis is my mom's machine. is a loooong ways away18:26
nemothe wireless card was intel18:26
nanonymei noticed18:26
nemothus the different driver :-/18:26
nemoI did get it working on a friend's laptop18:27
s0u][ightInYourBase, what's ur problem?18:27
nemounfortunately, that one is also a long ways away *and* I can't ssh into it18:27
nemoI have it working on another laptop at home but that one also has no ssh :(18:27
nemois really pretty trivial these days.18:27
InYourBaseWireless doesn't work at all. The card isn't recognized w/ b43, and ndiswrapper doesn't seem to work either.18:27
s0u][ightu know what card it is?18:28
InYourBases0u][ight: I mean, I have the output from lspci18:29
s0u][ightso u can't retrieve signals from networks right?18:30
s0u][ightdid u extract any firmware?18:30
nemoInYourBase: tg3.c should recognise that card18:31
nemoInYourBase: do you have any notes in dmesg about it?18:31
InYourBaselemme check18:31
nemo        case PHY_ID_BCM5787:    return "5787";18:31
s0u][ighthere is a good site for u http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b4318:31
nemoBCM5787M would match that check18:31
nemos0u][ight: that's for wrong card18:32
nemos0u][ight: tg3 is for his model, there is also b4418:33
s0u][ightoops srry18:33
nemoif you have kernel sources, drivers/net/tg3.c18:33
nemoInYourBase: you're not doing anything silly like failing to have tripped a manual wireless switch on your laptop I hope ;)18:34
InYourBasenemo: No, that switch is on.18:35
nemoInYourBase: anyway. anything related to the card in dmesg?18:35
moomo1can i stop ubuntu from using PC SPAEKER to annoy mt?18:36
InYourBasenemo: No, I grepped for b43 and for broadcom and got nothing18:36
h3sp4wnmodprobe -r pcspkr (or remove the kernel module and depmod -a)18:36
moomo1in pidgin when no text is typed, and i press backspace, my pc speaker beep18:36
ubotuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »18:36
nemoh3sp4wn: he could also just mute that channel if he's allowed by alsa :)18:36
h3sp4wnnemo: Alsa doesn't use pc spkr18:37
nemoh3sp4wn: pc speaker is listed in my volume control18:37
nemoI have it muted18:37
nanonymealthough the best option probably would be to config pidgin18:37
h3sp4wnnemo: On a laptop ?18:37
nanonymeit's likely it has choices for pc speaker18:37
nemomoomo1: also System->Preferences->Sound  - there are options under System Beep18:37
nemomoomo1: I like to use visual beep personally18:38
h3sp4wnI don't trust gnome apps to not be stupid (if it doesn't exist it cannot get loaded again)18:38
h3sp4wnand it would still beep on a vt anyway18:38
nemoh3sp4wn: when offering support, is usually best to offer simplest option first :-p18:38
nemoh3sp4wn: blacklisting a kernel module ain't the simplest :)18:38
nemoand most users don't use vt, and vt beeps are rare18:39
nanonymevirtual terminal beeps? i think that's good, you should know when you're doing stuff wrong...18:39
h3sp4wnI don't want a beep everytime there is no tab completion18:40
h3sp4wnI can see that18:40
nemoh3sp4wn: the gnome option also overrides gnome-terminal18:40
nemoh3sp4wn: folks switching using ctrl-alt-Fx might actually still want that beep :-p18:40
nanonymectrl+alt+Fx <318:41
h3sp4wnnemo: people might want tons of stuff - how can anyone predict what they want18:41
moomo1the pc speaker can be useful sometimes, but should not be used much18:41
=== s0ullight_ is now known as punQ-arT
moomo1like in gedit, you press backspace when there is no text, it uses pc speaker, it shouldnt do that18:41
nanonymeyou also shouldn't press backspace when there is no text :P18:42
h3sp4wnYou could just move it somewhere else and insmod it if required18:42
nanonymeit can cause buffer overflows on badly coded software18:42
nemomoomo1: uncheckin Enable System Beep under Sound prefs will disable that...18:42
h3sp4wnYou shouldn't use badly coded software18:43
nanonymeh3sp4wn, right, let's drop ff3. it probably has badly coded parts in it since it's beta ;)18:43
moomo1nemo: yeah but maybe i should have system beep, because it can be good sometimes, but for gedit its not18:43
h3sp4wnnanonyme: Fine by me18:43
nemorebuild gedit then :-p18:43
nanonymeh3sp4wn, some ubuntu users would skin you alive though if you tried to push that decision through...18:44
moomo1well dont you agree that gedit shouldnt beep because you press backspace when there is no text?18:44
nanonymei don't18:44
nanonymeyou shouldn't press backspace when there is no text18:44
bardyrhey, i have some problems with grub, i installed grub2 a while back but uninstalled it because it bugged out with the 2.6.24-10 kernel update, but now even with the 10 kernel installed and showing up in menu list, when grub is booting it shows the old kernel and no new ones, how can i reinstall the mbr?18:44
h3sp4wnnanonyme: I wonder about the ones that actually pay canocial for support18:45
InYourBases0u][ight: that site mentions patches for 2.6.24 with my card (bcm4311rev2)18:45
prasannaanyone get coverart working on songbird?18:47
h3sp4wnnanonyme: I am not that bothered but ff3 has some really annoying things it does18:47
nanonymeh3sp4wn, you probably noticed ff3 is *the* firefox that's in ubuntu-desktop?18:48
h3sp4wnnanonyme: yep - one of my laptops uses it - (the other uses firefox 2 in /opt)18:48
h3sp4wnIf a firefox32 was provided that was properly integrated I would use it18:49
h3sp4wn(Don't want nspluginwrapper it makes firefox more unreliable)18:49
nemohm. I wonder if gedit --disable-sound would solve moomo1's "problem"18:51
h3sp4wnI do want the new nvidia drivers though (now the channel is more busy) do test deb's exist anywhere18:51
Raspberrysshfs is junk :)  crashes whenever you try to use it for a large size or volume of files18:51
h3sp4wnyep it messed up the only big transfer I tried with it18:52
nemogio sshfs connections crash nautilus for me every time I close the window to the remote server18:52
nemolargest transfer I've tried so far, 350MiB, has worked fine though18:52
h3sp4wnI fixed it with rsync + ssh18:52
h3sp4wnnemo: Did you check the md5sum's of the files ?18:52
RaspberryI was just trying to access my mp3 collection and load it into amorak so I can listen when out of the office w/o having to open up samba shares to the orld18:53
h3sp4wnopenvpn ?18:53
nemoh3sp4wn: hm. one-sec18:53
void^i've had problems with nautilus crashing in various ways when copying a lot of data over sshfs recently18:53
Raspberryh3sp4wn: openvpn is broken in ubuntu :)18:54
Raspberryif it's useful it's broken18:54
void^cp did a good job though, so it doesn't appear to be sshfs' fault.18:54
nemoh3sp4wn: match.18:55
h3sp4wnI got wrong md5sums for loads of 4gb+ files (and then it was right after using rsync so I can only guess it was sshfs's fault)18:55
Raspberryyeah scp works fine18:55
nemoh3sp4wn: ah. 4GiB is a magic number18:55
nemojust like 2GiB18:55
nemoh3sp4wn: I haven't tested that large18:55
RaspberryI can't even get the sshfs share to stay up that long18:55
h3sp4wnCan you not use sftp18:56
=== punQ-arT is now known as s0u][ight
Raspberrynot if I want to have an open structure that I can directly access from other applications18:56
RaspberryI want to stream from it... maybe?18:56
Raspberry1000G     0 1000G   0% /home/raspberry/shares/multimedia18:57
Raspberrythat doesn't look good18:57
h3sp4wnI would use nfs and a vpn18:57
RaspberryI don't have a terrabyte and it's not full :P18:57
nemo/dev/sdb2             412G  164G  228G  42% /media/disk18:58
void^sftp doesn't support statfs so sshfs can't easily show proper values18:58
Raspberryshares/multimedia is a sshfs volume18:59
RaspberryI just disabled it18:59
Raspberryopenvpn doesn't work for me in Ubuntu19:01
Raspberryanybody else running it ?19:01
h3sp4wnYou could make an ipsec one19:01
Assidi need more space19:02
h3sp4wnOr just setup static point to point encryption with ipsec - what exactly is wrong with openvpn19:02
h3sp4wn(If the networkmanger plugin is broken thats a seperate thing)19:02
Raspberryit doesn't route19:02
RaspberryI'm not at the box ATM, but I'm going to reinstall the machine with SuSE or Debian to see if their implementation works properly19:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194487 in openvpn "OpenVPN 2.1_Rc7: Does not route properly in Ubuntu 8.04 " [Undecided,New]19:04
Raspberryyeah, I'll have to try it without network-manager19:04
h3sp4wnYou really don't want network manager on the server19:05
Raspberrybut that's a hardy bug and I'm on Gutsy on that box19:05
Raspberrythis is my new second favorite bug19:06
Raspberry!bug 12841419:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 128414 in openvpn "OpenVPN + NetworkManager + FireStarter = Crap" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12841419:06
h3sp4wnI think even the network manager documentation says don't run it on a server19:07
RaspberryI should probably read that :)   the only thing the server is serving is a point connection for openvpn19:08
h3sp4wnI dunno its not very useful (other than that one bit)19:09
savvasdoes anyone have a test vnc? :) i'd like to see how vinagre is working19:09
h3sp4wnWhy do people use vnc over NX19:10
Milos_SDHi all... What is the default time gksudo expires?19:10
savvash3sp4wn: nx ?19:10
h3sp4wn*instead of NX or Citrix19:10
savvash3sp4wn: well it's installed by default in ubuntu..? :P19:11
Milos_SDwhen I open synaptic, it doesn't ask me for password ... but I didn't use it for couple of hours19:11
h3sp4wnsavvas: www.nomachine.com19:11
Arwenoh yeah, in ff3 what's the "applications" tab supposed to do?19:11
Arwenit's blank here19:11
Raspberrybecause citrix breaks other stuff and nx has flash on their homepage that crashes my plugin :P19:11
rambo3any soulution to configuring linux-restricted-modules ? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57729/19:11
h3sp4wnany citrix I used other than winframe was rock solid19:12
h3sp4wn(haven't used it recently but it is expensive)19:12
Raspberryit's all better than M$ attempt ... can't use USB printers for the first 8+ years of the product... have to have the printer drivers installed on the client and remote host19:13
savvash3sp4wn: pardon for being ignorant, but don't you pay for services like that?19:13
h3sp4wnsavvas: no machine is free for 2 users19:14
savvasvnc is free for millions :P19:14
h3sp4wn(You can publish one app and one desktop)19:14
h3sp4wnDoesn't integrate single apps properly though (like ssh -X but using hardly any bandwidth)19:15
h3sp4wnsavvas: So you would run a terminal server using vnc ?19:16
h3sp4wn(I hate vnc almost as much as pcanywhere and remotely possible)19:16
Arwenanyone - is wine still broken?19:17
rambo3gfxboot on hardy was borked19:19
GreenteaCan i burn a dics 8.04 alpha 5 and install it into an empty hard drive?19:28
PiciGreentea: If you have to ask, you probably shouldnt be doing it. Hardy is an Alpha and isn't fit for general usage.19:29
PiciSee /topic19:30
bazhangGreentea: hehe sure if you like breakage ;]19:31
zeeblebazhang: thanks man. started the 8.04 alpha install via that netinstall 8mb image :)19:31
bazhangzeeble they have one for hardy already? nice ;]19:32
zeeblebazhang: no they dont :p19:33
zeeblebazhang: its easy to coax the earlier one to install the cli stuff, then change and do a dist-upgrade :p19:33
bazhangzeeble aha--going the full gutsy-hardy route then ;]19:33
bazhangor that even better ;]19:34
zeeblemy only issue is this laptop has a screwed up chipset that always gets the screen at 640x480 in the middle of the lcd. needs a patch to the kernel.19:35
savvasvinagre allows me to view windows xp machines with remote desktop enabled?19:40
zeeblebazhang: haha. cool. i dont have to worry. someone has posted a xorg.conf for this laptop model with breezy19:41
moobooscan anyone fix this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/19421419:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194214 in xorg "Keys get "stuck" down" [Medium,Confirmed]19:57
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu20:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about softy - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:09
rrvaupdate-manager package does not unpack in dist-upgrade gutsy->hardy. Is it a known issue?20:10
savvashardy will be supported for 5 years right?20:10
henkjansavvas: server edition, yes.20:10
henkjansavvas: desktop edition 3 years afaik20:10
savvasah.. still good :)20:10
rrva/usr/bin/pycentral has an exception when installing the update-manager package20:11
jussi01savvas: not kubuntu though20:12
rrvaah it was, i'll try removing the package with synaptic20:12
savvasi'm a faithful gnome user jussi01 :)20:12
jussi01Does anyone know how to fix the system settings bug (orphaned modules)?20:13
Mohero'lo all20:21
Moherowhat problems have we got this evening?20:21
s0u][ighthello did anyone have any bugs with ndiswwrapper in hardy?20:21
Moheronot that I know but I can try...20:22
MoheroI have wireless with Native drivers, but I have another that i've been meaning to setup...20:22
Moheros0u][ight: give me a moment, I'll have a go...20:24
macogw Hardy has made some *amazing* strides in power efficiency and battery life.  Just look at this!20:24
macogw              http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/4503/longbatterylifebu0.png20:24
s0u][ightok i'm waiting but plz if you say something to me use my name too20:24
* macogw snickers20:25
Moheromacogw: LMFAO!20:25
macogwshould i believe the gui (see screenshot) or acpi -b?20:25
Moheromacogw: go with your instincts ;)20:26
Moheros0u][ight: currently installing....20:29
s0u][ighttnx for using my name otherwise i wouldn't see it :D20:29
Moheros0u][ight: tab autocompletion ;)20:29
Moheromacogw: do you suspend all the time?20:30
macogwive hibernated and resumed twice20:31
macogwive never suspended20:31
macogwi only installed 2 days ago20:31
Moherook, that could be it, it thinks its still in the same session...20:31
macogwwell its obviously not pulling data from acpi20:33
macogwbecause its not 97% full20:33
macogwit's 47% full when that was taken20:34
s0u][ightMohero, i have to go20:34
savvasmacogw: what happens when you disable services? :)20:34
macogwsavvas: what services?20:34
savvaswould that increase the battery life?20:34
macogwsavvas: probably20:34
savvassystem services, like bluetooth etc20:34
macogwdisabling apache definitely does20:35
macogwdisabling your wireless card (turning it off in *hardware*) gives more battery life20:35
Moherook, ndis seems ok to me, but he's gone20:35
savvashow about apport? :P20:36
macogwthe bug report thing? dunno20:36
macogwnever tried it20:36
Mohero55 seconds to boot my machine... AND it's loading Mailscanner 6 times during that.... (I get alot ofspam :P)20:37
savvasMohero: you were the one with the mailscanner problem right? :p20:39
Moherosavvas: yup20:39
savvaswhy don't you use gmail?20:39
savvasi mean use a pop3 in a gmail, and pop3 from gmail to you :)20:40
Moherosavvas: because I have my own domain, and I like to have the from address as my domain and not mydomain <curtasy of ....@gmail.com>20:40
Moherooh, because I have no pop3 on my domain unless I host it somewhere :P20:40
savvasyou can use gmail to receive/send as @domain.com20:40
Moherosavvas: no, it puts the gmail address in ASWELL as your domain20:40
macogwyou can use GMail for Domains20:40
h3sp4wnWhy not just setup a mailserver (vps's are really cheap these days ) I use slicehost20:41
MoheroI don't want to use Gmail :P20:41
MoheroI use my machine as my mail server.....20:41
h3sp4wnHave you got decent reverse dns20:41
h3sp4wn(and in a decent netblock) without that no chance20:42
savvashe has a spam problem apparently, not mail receiving problems :p20:42
savvasi guess the problem would be he receives a LOT of emails haha20:42
Moheroh3sp4wn: not here, but on the server I send from I have ;)20:42
Moheroyeah it is, 98% spam....20:43
h3sp4wnIts usual for those to be the same machine20:43
Moheroand if I followed the spam I'd have a PHD by now... :)20:43
Moheroh3sp4wn: when it's your own domain, you can send wherever, as long as it's setup - I send through another server.20:44
h3sp4wnMohero: You can - I just prefer mail to be sent from mail.domainname.org.uk20:45
Moheroh3sp4wn: so do I but until I get an ISP that is a little better than the one I have - it won't happen20:45
h3sp4wnI like just stuff like user@machinename to work as well20:45
h3sp4wnGet a VPS or colocation20:45
Moheroh3sp4wn: my current ISP comes with the corperate flat, and the land-lord set it up....20:46
Moheroh3sp4wn: and he won't change it, so I'm with a very cheep, very crap service...20:46
niklasvanyone know of an alternate server for kubuntu hardy alpha? ie not cdimage.ubuntu.com20:47
h3sp4wnMohero: Having a VPS or colo is seperate from whatever isp you have connectivity from20:47
h3sp4wnmine is $25 a month 256mb ram 10gb disk20:48
h3sp4wn(You can get more for more money but thats nothing to be able to just do stuff normally)20:48
Moheroh3sp4wn: I have colo for my work system, which is what I send through, it's my own system running 2 ITX systems each with 500GB disk 1GB mem, all in a 1u server for £70 / month :D20:49
Arwenanyone on Firefox 3? There wouldn't be a way to change the awesomebar would there? Make it smaller and less obtrusive?20:49
h3sp4wnMohero: How much BW ?20:50
Moheroh3sp4wn: well, it's my own server, the colo costs £70 / month20:50
h3sp4wnas in bandwidth20:50
Moheroh3sp4wn: it's 2 systems in a 1u case20:50
h3sp4wnIt wouldn't be an umeterred port for that price20:51
Moheroh3sp4wn: well, the connection to the net is faster than the Gigabit ethernet on the system20:51
Moheroh3sp4wn: i'm running dual ethernet from each system, but it's on the UK Backbone at Telehouse, UK20:51
h3sp4wnGood stuff - I had a box there when I worked for DIrect Connection years ago20:52
Moheroh3sp4wn: :) I've had a few there. I like the support the guys there give - nice and fast20:52
nandemonaiHiya guys. Is the old 'edit sources.list' apt-get dist-upgrade way of updating supported in Hardy? I'd like to use my isp mirror for the upgrade is all..20:53
Moheroh3sp4wn: the bandwidth limit on that is 320GB / month - which is plenty for us...20:54
Moheronandemonai: I've not used that method.20:54
savvasprobably nandemonai, without knowing for sure, try it out :)20:54
nandemonaiI'll just backup my sources file and give it a go then ;)20:54
savvasnandemonai: how about update-manager -d ?20:54
savvasah wait, you need custom sources.list to get it from your isp20:55
nandemonaiYeah, unmetered :)20:55
h3sp4wnMohero: Yeah thats not bad - depends who you are working for but I like my non work stuff seperate20:56
savvasbah i envy you lot, in serbia maximum download speed is still 1.5mbps :(20:56
Moheronandemonai: always useful to have the updates unmetered...20:56
Moheroh3sp4wn: yeah, I really don't send out personal emails.... maybe 1 or 2 a month.... and the company I work for a very good :)20:57
Moherosavvas: you're in serbia too are you?20:57
Mohero20:57 <@Mohero> !bofh 11920:58
Mohero20:57 <@Simon|PFY> BOFH excuse #119:evil hackers from Serbia.20:58
h3sp4wnsavvas: what is that in KB/s20:58
h3sp4wn(I can never get why people quote speeds in anything other than MB/s or KB/s20:59
h3sp4wnwhen its the actual speed you get20:59
Moheroh3sp4wn: it's called Marketing...20:59
Moheroh3sp4wn: MB is a MAX of 192KB/s21:00
Moheroh3sp4wn: Marketing people use mbps or kbps because it sounds more than MB/s / KB/s21:00
nemo192KiB/s :)21:01
h3sp4wnI get 1.1/MBs here - its a 10 mbps switch port21:01
Moheronemo: heh yep :P21:01
h3sp4wn(The network has more capability))21:01
h3sp4wnwhat is KiB ?21:01
MoheroI want to move house, my friend lives in Canterbury, UK and she has ethernet to the Uni...... University of Kent host the UK Mirror Service....21:01
h3sp4wnThis is a uni network I am on21:02
Moheroh3sp4wn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibibyte21:02
h3sp4wnMarketing trying to redefine stuff that doesn't make sense21:03
h3sp4wnagain - did you know back in history they tried to legislate pi to be 321:03
Moheroh3sp4wn: that's what they do best ;)21:03
Arwenman amarok visualizations are... unimpressive21:03
nandemonaiYay! Update seems to be going through. *fingers crossed*21:04
savvasMohero: yeah, but believe me, the hacking days are over21:07
savvash3sp4wn: around 150-192 KB/s21:08
frank23I'm running kubuntu hardy in VirtualBox and I installed the guest addons (drivers). How do I set a higher resolution? xorg.conf doesn't specify resolutions at all.21:11
savvasfrank23: gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:12
savvasin section "screen" add these:21:13
savvasSubSection "Display"21:13
savvasDepth 2421:13
savvasModes "1152x864" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"21:13
savvas(sorry for spam)21:13
frank23savvas: ok21:13
frank23savvas: I edited xorg.conf but I still get a maximum resolution of 800x600 as reported by xrandr21:21
Moherofrank23: it might be worth asking someone that uses / develops virtualbox...21:21
savvasfrank23: it might be because you're using vesa driver21:22
frank23(II) VESA(0): VESA VBE OEM Product: VirtualBox VBE Adapter21:23
savvasvirtual machines usually support generic drivers like vesa, not other21:23
frank23I get that in xorg log21:23
savvaswell.. that's it, vesa supports 800x600 only I think :)21:23
frank23there is nowhere to change the driver in hardy's xorg.conf either ;(21:24
savvasfrank23: why don't you give hardy a live spin? it is a live cd, you'd be even helping out in bug reporting :)21:24
savvasthere is, but virtual machines don't use hardware graphics21:25
savvas(correct me if i'm wrong)21:25
frank23yeah but I wanted to help with kubuntu documentation21:25
daefeverybody: hi21:25
savvasnot much you can do from a virtual machine frank23, sorry :)21:26
savvassubmit a bug to make them increase the allowed resolution, maybe it's possible21:27
frank23savvas: VirtualBox supports higher resolution. they have their own X drivers for the guest21:28
savvasvboxvideo driver?21:29
frank23something like that21:30
savvasgive me a sec21:30
savvasfrank23: do you have a Section "Device" in your xorg.conf ?21:32
savvaswhat does it say next to the Driver?21:32
daefis it worth to wait for 8.04 LTS or should i start with 7.10 ??? i used debian for a few years and don't know where the main differences will be ;)21:32
frank23savvas: only line in Device is Identifier "Configured Video Device"21:33
savvasdaef: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/ - happy reading :P21:33
frank23savvas: xorg.conf changed alot in hardy21:33
daefsavvas: ty21:34
savvasfrank23: ok let's try from terminal: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg21:34
frank23savvas: did that already and there is not option to select the driver21:34
savvashrm.. i noticed that as well here21:35
savvasokay then21:35
frank23savvas: yeah the driver name is vboxvideo21:35
savvasfrank23: add a line after the Identifier line21:36
savvasadd this: Driver "vboxvideo"21:36
frank23savvas: ok21:36
frank23savvas: it worked21:37
frank23savvas: thanks21:38
savvasno frank23 thank you, i didn't know there is a video driver :P21:40
frank23savvas: yeah.. vmware makes its own video driver too for the same purpose21:40
assid2evertythings messed up after the last 2 updates21:41
assid2apparently it wants to use xgl now21:41
Moheroassid2: define "Everything" ;)21:42
assid2well the ui is slow as hell21:43
assid2fonts are a bit off21:43
assid2has a bold effect. not a prolem.. i think its aliasing messed up21:43
assid2system goes 1/2 the speed it should21:43
assid2if i can21:44
assid2ati on hardy = BAD IDEA21:44
assid2brb.. if i can21:44
assid2this is totally horrible21:46
nicolahis there a way to install hardy heron from a usb stick ?21:47
assid2err.. any suggestion?21:47
assid2ati support is messed big time21:47
assid2weird is.. was working earlier21:48
assid2someone wanna report this for me21:49
nicolahwhat do you developers think about new brainstorm website ?21:49
nicolah(don't reply if you're busy)21:49
assid2i saw someone  have an issue like this21:49
assid2where they had lines on the scrreen21:49
assid2okay thats it.. this box is going back to windows21:50
assid2ati needs better support21:50
muszeklol... I was wondering why I run out of space on / for the second time in two days (yesterday I freed 1.8GB).  /var/log takes 5.7GB21:51
muszek99% of which is syslog, debug and kern.log... which have almost identical sizes21:52
muszekrespectively 591.6, 591.6 and 591.5 MB... plus 3 archives (1.1GB each)21:53
muszekI tail'ed syslog and it's going like crazy with lines like this:21:53
muszekFeb 28 21:53:25 bobek kernel: [70681.176235] wmaster0_rename: TKIP decrypt failed for RX frame from 00:18:3f:45:b6:e1 (res=-2)21:53
muszekis there any way to turn it off?21:53
Moheroassid2: sorry I was reading the news....21:57
Moheroassid2: same effect with open drivers or proprietry?21:57
assid2err. i got an old laptop21:57
assid2dell d60021:57
assid2the new drivers are just messed uop21:57
Moheroassid2: using the old "ATI" driver? I hav a Dell C610 and that has an old ATI Radeon, that seems fine after the latest updates...21:59
assid2this is totally messed21:59
assid2i thought it was the profile.. hence assid2 instead of assid21:59
Moherocan we get a screenshot of what you're seeing?22:01
MoheroI'm guessing this is readable...22:01
assid2well.. compiz is outta the question.. the lag is horrible22:01
assid2sometimes i get lines left over from previous windows22:02
Moheroassid2: Compiz has never worked on my laptop22:02
assid2"used to" work decnetly well in alpha 4 iso22:02
assid2just been downhill from there22:02
Moheromine actually worked in 7.04.... 7.10 no longer :(22:03
Moherobut that's ok I don't use Compiz on my laptop anyway22:03
assid2hrmm i used to22:04
assid2its hard to mimick but i will try22:04
assid2cpu usage also never goes down :(22:05
assid2always 10% and higher22:05
assid2err aiglx is bad right22:06
assid2coredum whenever i try glxinfo or fglrxinfo22:08
assid2core dump22:08
assid2lets see what happen22:12
xtknightwhat was the justification for separating "Try ubuntu" from "Install ubuntu"? (hardy alpha 5)22:13
xtknightdoes install goto a prompt?22:13
assid2live vs installing22:14
assid2i am guessin22:14
xtknightin the previous livecd you could install by double clicking a shortcut on desktop22:14
assid2okay i m outta here22:14
xtknightim about to check it out22:14
assid2Mohero: moving the desktop to windows.. i do have a license lyin around22:14
Moheroassid2: no no no no no no22:15
assid2this card doesnt perform too well here22:15
assid2its going down hill22:15
assid2and i must have submitted 20-30 reports or so from this laptop22:15
ethana2gah... how do i use optical disks with virtual machines?22:15
assid2and i still see it going downhill22:16
Moheroassid2: option 1) don't use an unstable build - any problems you encounter - report them option 2) change linux's each has their benefits, just, don't go back to the dark side!!22:16
ethana2i shut it down, swapped out the .iso it was pointed at...22:16
ethana2miserable fail22:16
assid2Mohero: i like debian based22:16
Moheroassid2: so use Debian ;)22:16
assid2Mohero: too "old"22:16
Moheroassid2: I like Gentoo :)22:16
Moherowhat's too "old"?22:16
assid2thinking of tinkering with linux mint22:16
assid2also my gprs modem works out of the box w/ windows22:17
Moheroassid2: but..... it's M$..... it's the dark side.... you know that, right?22:18
Mohero(I never used to be, but I'm very Bias against MS these past couple of months)22:18
assid2Mohero: yep22:18
nemoassid2: funny. I've had exact opposite problem22:19
nemoassid2: I've spent past 2 weeks tracking down drivers to get XP installed on this laptop22:19
nemoI keep having to reboot into ubuntu just to get a network connection.22:19
assid2my wifi keeps getting cut on linux22:19
nemothe frustrating thing was once I had a network connection, I still couldn't get the drivers from microsoft22:19
nemoyou'd think it'd just recognise my HW22:20
assid2what i dont like is the suppport just went down for ati22:20
assid2i mean yes i understand its alpha and all22:20
nemooh. and their stupid stupid device install screens give 0 details - that's why I had to reboot into ubuntu, just to find out what my devices *were*22:20
assid2but last 4 updates;; it feels worse and worse22:20
nemoI mean. WTH22:20
assid2my desktop.. okay goes up and down.. fast slow fast slow22:20
nemoassid2: you *are* in an alpha release channel. what-do-you-expect? :)22:20
assid2to go up and down ?!?!22:20
assid2not ONLY down22:21
assid2my desktop goes up /down/up/down22:21
assid2gui performance that is22:21
Sonicadvance1I'd have to say that the ubiquity version in hardy Alpha 5 looks quite nice22:22
Sonicadvance1Entire live CD loads up faster as well22:22
* assid2 preferred 422:22
assid2things worked back then22:22
Sonicadvance1The new timezone selector threw me off :P22:23
Sonicadvance1wasn't expecting it to zoom and pan22:23
Sonicadvance1Although, when it was loading, it didn't have a loading bar on my screen22:24
Sonicadvance1kind of a pain22:24
assid2the weather /timezone has a bug. it things asia/calcutta is in asia/karachi22:24
assid2err.. bombay/calcutta is in asia/karachi22:24
nandemonaiWow, I love the new 'world clock' built into gnome. I've been wanting that feature for ages :)22:24
assid2try adding bombay/santacruz22:25
Sonicadvance1The locations thing has never really worked for me22:25
assid2it thinks thats in karachi22:25
* assid2 cant think striaght at 4 am22:25
Sonicadvance1oh wait, new one in Alpha 5 works, I was using Alpha 4 before22:26
assid2it works "better" than 4.. but still broken..22:27
* assid2 now reports bugs with videos22:27
Sonicadvance1bugs in videos? what types of videos and in what program?22:27
assid2no no22:27
assid2when i find a bug.. i dont screenshot22:27
assid2i send a damn video file22:27
assid2how i got to it22:27
Sonicadvance1I see22:27
assid2you cant dispute something like that ..22:28
Sonicadvance1Posting them on Youtube? :d22:29
assid2launchpad directly22:29
assid2or .. sometimes on my webhost box..22:29
Sonicadvance1on your mood? :P22:29
Sonicadvance1Anyway, I'm going with the 64Bit version this time. seems like a good time to switch from 32 to 6422:30
assid2mood.. bandwith..  what im reporting.. etc22:30
assid2Sonicadvance1: not much of a difference honestly22:30
assid2although certain 32bit apps have issues22:30
assid2i think flash and something else22:31
Sonicadvance1screw those certain 32bit apps22:31
assid2but i think gnash fixed that22:31
Sonicadvance1takes forever to configure system locales22:31
assid2get faster hardware ;)22:32
Sonicadvance1Will be getting a quad core in a bit22:32
Sonicadvance1eh... did it crash? o_O22:32
assid2i got a Q6600 desktop22:33
assid2not bad22:33
Sonicadvance1I'm going with the new Phenoms22:33
Sonicadvance1because I like the name22:34
assid2overlocked it to 3.2 or something on air..22:34
ArthurArchnixuhh.. has hardy fixed it so that when you plug a mouse in the touchpad is disabled, and vise-versa?22:34
ArthurArchnixjust wondering if that's enabled by default yet.22:34
assid2we need better divx/xvid encoding tools22:35
nemoArthurArchnix: that's an odd one. you'd want that behaviour?22:36
nemothat would be something I absolutely would *NOT* want22:36
assid2i used to get > 120fps on windows while encoding22:36
assid2here i get 65 odd22:36
assid2ad i need to know a huge mencoder line22:37
Sonicadvance1There should be a setting! :D "Disable Touchpad when mouse inserted"22:37
nemoassid2: you could just use one of the several divx/xvid mencoder wrapper scripts :)22:37
ArthurArchnixnemo: really? Oh... I mean, why would you want to mouseseses connected at once?22:37
nemoArthurArchnix: touchpad has more features22:38
ArthurArchnixnemo: I agree. Circular scrolling rocks. But under the mouse config, a simple button that said "disable when mouse connected". Something to check.22:39
assid2nemo: i guess so22:39
ArthurArchnixApparently not.22:39
nemoassid2: the speed thing... that sounds like you are doing something else? playing a game?22:39
nemoassid2: why don't you just set your aforementioned divx/xvid wrapper script to run mencoder reniced to 19?22:40
nemoassid2: oh, and there are some mencoder guis22:40
assid2there are ?22:40
nemoassid2: also, I'm partial to avidemux222:41
nemonice frontend for basic video editing22:41
nemofilters, cropping, reencoding.22:41
assid2yeah has some limitations i checked22:41
nemoaudio filtering.22:41
assid2and was slower22:41
assid2wasnt doing justice to my hardware22:41
nemogbDVDenc   for example22:41
assid2hrmm wil check it in the am22:42
assid2its 4.15 now22:42
assid2am just getting ready to packup22:42
nemoassid2: for fully optimised video encoding perhaps you should consider gentoo ;)22:42
assid2how does the distro make a differnece22:42
nemogiven that video encodings are often math intensive and can benefit from processor optimisation :)22:42
* Mohero loves gentoo...22:42
nemoassid2: gentoo can build optimised to your processor's capabilities22:42
nemoassid2: if you are an obsessive speed tweaker, can be helpful22:43
nemothe machine I do most of my vid encoding on runs gentoo actually.22:43
assid2but you need the divx6 codec to get any real advantage22:43
nemoassid2: xvid is open source22:43
nemoand when put head to head, the two algorithms work a little differently, but compare favourably22:44
assid2i know.. but divx peforms a whole lot better on my box22:44
assid2and i do mean WHOLE LOT better22:44
nemo... at what, encoding?22:45
nemovid quality?22:45
nemovid quality is highly subjective and depends both on the video being encoded and what you are encoding22:45
assid2mainly encoding performance actually22:45
assid2playback depends on whats done22:45
nemoencoding performance... dunno22:45
nemoI'd have to do some timing tests.22:45
nemolets see...22:45
* nemo runs a quick timing test22:46
assid2try it22:46
assid2native windows + latest divx22:46
assid2vs linux w/ xvid22:46
assid2works better on a quad system22:46
nemoassid2: well, I don't have any native windows systems, so won't be able to test that one22:48
assid2hrm k22:49
assid2alrite im outta here22:49
assid2but seriously tho. am thinkin win on this mainly cause my gprs works better. and my wifi22:49
assid2lets see22:50
assid2im outta here22:50
assid24.20 am22:50
assid2err anyne know which version of divx comes with w32codecs?22:52
DanglyBitshow do i get nvidia drivers working for hardy?23:06
RAOFDanglyBits: "sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx && sudo nvidia-xconfig"23:07
RAOFDanglyBits: Same way as in all the other Ubuntu releases :)23:08
xtknighti love the new task manager23:09
DanglyBitswhich nvidia drivers are the nvidia-glx?23:09
xtknightlooks so...dapper23:09
xtknightso i guess they still dont have 64-bit paravirt support?23:10
DanglyBitsi have nvidia 6600 and tried nvidia-glx-new and hardy would not not go above 480x32023:11
xtknightDanglyBits, what kind of connection.  VGA/DVI?23:11
xtknightvga even on my new monitor and card misrecognizes resolutions sometimes23:11
xtknighti had to add manual modes23:11
xtknightfirst, do you see the resolutions if you go in "gksu nvidia-settings" ?23:12
DanglyBitsi have reloaded hardy no restricted drivers yet.23:12
DanglyBitsshould i install the nvidia-glx-new?23:12
xtknightah i see23:13
xtknightyea try that23:13
xtknighti think new supports 660023:13
RAOFYes, it does.23:15
RAOFNew supports everything > geforce 4, IIRC.23:16
cdm10So, none of the Alpha 5 CDs are working for me... and it seems they've removed the Alpha 4 ISOs from the site.23:17
cdm10Any way I can get an Alpha 4 ISO? Or a .torrent?23:17
xtknightcdm10,  not sure..maybe try a daily?23:18
xtknightor you can find a mirror for the alpha4s maybe23:18
xtknightfor example, http://mirror.ne.gov/ubuntu-iso/DVDs-Ubuntu/hardy/alpha-4/?C=S;O=A23:19
agrokerwhen I issue "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" I get the "authentication failed" message with some missing python scripts output, what to do?23:24
agrokermy gnupg was broken, sorry for trouble23:26
Arwenum, why do I have a /dev/nvidia0 when all my hardware is either Intel or ATI?23:35
RAOFThis does seem odd, yes :)23:35
CorruptTerroristfinally on linux!!!23:36
nicolahguys using hardy heron alpha 5 desktop which one is the password to "unlock" some features ?23:39
jacobnicolah: there is no secret password, everything available is wide out in the open23:40
nicolahjacob: I'm running it as a live and it ask for a password to edit wlan configuration23:40
nicolahit ask me to auhenticate23:41
jacobnicolah: if you set a password in the installer, use that one, otherwise try "ubuntu"23:41
jacobnicolah: also try to see if it lets you leave the password dialog empty23:42
nicolahI didn't set any password because I didn't install it, but "ubuntu" does not work23:42
nicolahI'll try with empty23:42
nicolahempty field did the trick23:43
mrunagidoes hardy have a live cd in the alpha release?23:55
mrunagiwhere can i find it?23:57

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