kwwiihehe, nobody has flipped out yet10:00
* _MMA_ makes an assumption as to what kwwii is talking about and boots his Hardy box.12:52
_MMA_hahahaha. Did kwwii break things? :P13:09
_MMA_hehe. Yup. Forgot the Murrine depend. :)13:10
nandthorwil: hey! nice banners :)17:42
nand(as usual, shall I say?)17:42
thorwilnand: hi, thanks! where are they in use?17:42
thorwili just checked the fridge which doesn't use them17:42
nandin planet.ubuntu.com17:42
nandthorwil: It should have17:42
nandbut it seems like the editor missed it :/17:43
thorwilnand: funny thing is, first sign of the launch i got is that complaint on the artwork list17:43
nandah ok I see ;)17:44
thorwilwell, it can be called constructive, at least :)17:45
thorwilwow, 5 announcements on the planet17:47
andreasngreat work on the logo thorwil17:47
thorwilandreasn: thank you!17:47
nandLikewise, I'll say again, thanks a lot for that nice artwork!17:48
nandNow we just have to fill ideas :)17:48
nandThere is a section "Look and feel" when you post an idea...17:48
* kwwii is off for the day, going back from london to germany tomorrow17:57
* thorwil -> dinner17:58
=== njpatel is now known as njpatel_away
thorwilnand: welcome back. wasn't fast enough to say: you'Re welcome once again ;)  now, are all these ideas fresh or how many where there before going public?18:49
nand2 were there :)18:49
nandI'm truly amazed at the rate new ideas are coming!18:49
thorwilwow. ...storm indeed18:49
nandCurrently, we are getting 50 new users account every 20 minutes18:50
nandso at the moment, I'd call it a success :)18:50
nandNow, I have a full evening of fix to do, as we discover little bugs here and there18:50
nandthe most interesting one being IE users unable to access the website (404 error) :)18:51
thorwilthe problem must be on their end ;)18:51
nandyeah, we discovered that IE does not handle correctly the HTTP 302 code.... truly amazing18:53
nandanyone want to fill a bug report for that?18:53
_MMA_hahaha Against what? IE18:54
thorwilone doesn't file bugs for MS, one lets the EU fine them! ;)18:54
_MMA_Surely you dont mean a bug against the site. :)18:55
_MMA_As long as it's standards compliant, F' IE.18:56
thorwilbut but, IE users have the most insight into what ubuntu needs!!18:57
_MMA_Yeah. Cup holders.18:57
thorwilnand: uhm, how to handle dupes?18:58
thorwilhttp://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/44/ and http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/67/19:00
nandwell, once you have registered, you have a link "report duplicate"19:00
thorwilah, i should actually look around ;)19:00
nandyou report the dup, and then we'll reject/accept them19:00
* thorwil reports19:01
thorwilnand: great job on the image links, for what i can see so far19:02
nandI know sometimes it have some glitches, I will probably have to review that...19:05

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