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emgenthello people03:53
emgentsomerville32, heya04:07
emgentsomeone can open task for Gutsy, Feisty, edgy, Dapper in Bug #195949 ?04:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195949 in vlc "VLC Arbitrary memory overwrite in the MP4 demuxer" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19594904:10
emgenti can only nominate, only >=MOTU can open task :P04:10
ArneGoetjeI need a core-dev to sponsor my fontconfig update. It's available on rookery in ~arne/fontconfig/ . Thanks a lot!04:43
somerville32ArneGoetje: file a bug and subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors05:05
superm1slangasek, how often is the cdimage cron job going to run on the mythbuntu disk?05:25
superm1i haven't seen it show up as of yet05:25
ArneGoetjesomerville32: done, thanks.05:27
TheMusosuperm1: 6:19 AM London time it seems.05:34
CarlFKBug #19635905:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196359 in onboard "Depends: python-virtkey (>= 0.50) but 0.42 is to be installed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19635905:42
CarlFKthat is causing hardy alt install to fail.05:43
ScottK2IIRC getting virtkey updated just got approved.05:43
CarlFKk - I'll watch for it and close the bug05:44
CarlFKso should that have been filed against package python-virtkey?05:45
ScottK2Updating virtkey is the fix for that problem.05:54
TheMusoScottK2: virtkey has been uploaded so all should be well very shortly.05:57
TheMusoAnd has built everywhere, so should be hitting the mirrors.06:00
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dholbachgood morning06:33
geserHi dholbach06:36
dholbachhi geser06:36
dholbachup early today? :)06:36
geseryes, I have to. I've an exam in one hour.06:36
dholbachhow does it look? well-prepared? :-)06:37
* dholbach crosses the fingers06:37
geserthanks, I should be well-prepared.06:39
* geser leaves now for the exam, bbl06:39
dholbachROCK ON :)06:40
slangaseksuperm1: right, it should run daily, no promises that it succeeds though... :) let me have a look at the logs07:11
slangasek! Could not open lamp-server from checkout of (any of):07:13
slangasek!   http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/ubuntu-seeds/mythbuntu.hardy07:13
slangasek!   http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/ubuntu-seeds/platform.hardy07:13
slangasek!   http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/mythbuntu.hardy07:13
slangasek!   http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/platform.hardy07:13
slangaseksuperm1: ^^07:13
pittiGood morning07:14
* slangasek waves07:14
dholbachhi pitti, hi slangasek07:14
slangaseksuperm1: so, the mythbuntu branch references seeds in its STRUCTURE file that don't apply07:23
* pitti NEWs l-r-m and virtualbox modules07:23
superm1slangasek, okay i'll remove that reference07:23
superm1slangasek, for future usage is there somewhere I can browse these logs so i dont have to bug you if there are troubles with the seeds?07:25
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pittiKeybuk: hm, do we deliberately don't have antialiased fonts any more?10:17
Keybukpitti: not delierately, no10:17
seb128hey pitti10:17
* pitti hugs seb128, bonjour10:17
seb128pitti: dunno if you read about it yesterday but the no duplicate battery patch is creating issues10:17
* seb128 hugs pitti10:17
Keybukpitti: mine are still anti-aliased10:18
seb128pitti: like backlight control not displaying the popup dialog correctly and lagging, the battery icon being displayed when plugged on ac, etc10:18
Keybuk(having just started a new app to check)10:18
Keybukcould you have a gnome-settings-daemon failure maybe?10:18
pittiKeybuk: mine were as well, until I cleaned up my configuration this morning10:18
* pitti tries with a fresh profile10:18
pittiKeybuk: can you try with a fresh profile? doesn't work for me with one10:20
Keybukbut not right now10:20
pittiseb128: ugh, all just because we ignore batteries in /proc now?10:21
seb128pitti: yes10:21
pittiseb128: I heard about some issues with displaying wrong charge, etc.10:21
seb128pitti: does you d430 work correctly?10:21
pittiso maybe the ones in /proc are right, and in /sys are wrong10:21
pittiseb128: let me check; there are no obvious bugs, bug I don't change brightness often, etc.10:22
* pitti resumes his laptop10:22
seb128pitti: well, you would have noticed if the battery icon was displayed while plugged ;-)10:22
pittiseb128: I think I configured it that way10:22
pittiI want the icon whenever there is a battery10:23
seb128try changing the backlight there10:23
seb128what it does on my laptop is to display the popup some seconds later and scrambled10:23
pittiok, booted, running on battery10:24
pittihm, now after resuming I don't have a g-p-m icon at all10:24
pittibut it's running10:24
pittibrightness changing works, but no popup window10:24
pittidarn, this morning I still had an icon which worked10:24
pittiseb128: that must be your bad influence :)10:24
seb128I just noticed that yesterday in fact10:25
Keybukpitti: created a new user10:25
Keybukstill has anti-aliasing10:25
pittiKeybuk: weird; thanks for trying10:26
Keybukthe hinting is reduced to Medium by default, but it's still aliased10:26
seb128pitti: I confirmed that dropping the double battery patch fixes the issues10:26
pittiah, how I have by battery icon back10:27
ion_How about we implement a convolution filter to freetype that blurs all rendered text with e.g. a 3×3 kernel? That would be even nicer default.10:27
mjg59seb128: Are you restarting g-p-m after restarting hal? (or rebooting entirely)10:27
pittiion_: 3x3? that would make them entirely unreadable :10:27
seb128mjg59: I rebooted several time a day and it's always broken10:27
pittiseb128: confirming the scrambled brightness popup10:27
ion_pitti: Yeah, isn’t that the direction we’re going? :-)10:27
seb128mjg59: I also tried to start gpm in verbose mode after the session10:28
seb128mjg59: gpm is always screwed, the log shows it fails to get the backlight value, etc10:28
pittiseb128: hm, if it's that broken, maybe we should reverse the patch to *only* consider batteries in /proc?10:28
pittimjg59: ^ WDYT?10:28
mjg59pitti: I can't see any way that it could cause the backlight issues10:29
seb128gpm is all screwed dunno why10:29
pittineither can I, seems like hal/g-p-m misinterpreting /sys or so10:29
pittibut *shrug*10:29
seb128the log has dbus timeout errors when getting to get the backlight10:29
mjg59g-p-m never touches stuff directly - it just cares about what hal provides10:30
mjg59seb128: Run hal in verbose mode as well?10:30
seb128but that might be a side effect10:30
seb128mjg59: how do I do that?10:30
seb128brb, switching to laptop10:30
mjg59hal --verbose=yes --daemon-no10:30
mjg59seb128: hald --verbose=yes --daemon=no10:33
seb128bug #19471910:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194719 in gnome-power-manager "01_proc_sys_batteries.patch causes a regression making gnome-power-manager not detecting the battery properly" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19471910:34
seb128[12012]: 11:34:51.697 [D] addon-dell-backlight.cpp:231: Received GetBrightness DBUS call10:35
seb128process 12012: arguments to dbus_message_get_args() were incorrect, assertion "(error) == NULL || !dbus_error_is_set ((error))" failed in file dbus-message.c line 1667.10:35
seb128This is normally a bug in some application using the D-Bus library.10:35
mjg59seb128: That much makes sense, but I can't see how it could affect brightness10:35
seb128the hal log has that when pressing the keys to change backlight10:35
mjg59Especially if you're using addon-dell-backlight10:35
mjg59Which we probably shouldn't be on any hardware supporting the acpi backlight interface, but still10:36
zdzichuBGis sysfs battery interface pollable? on my thinkpad, sysfs battery level is updated maybe once per hour. this was really visible when g-p-m displayed two batteries (proc and sysfs one) -- proc battery would discharge normally, while sysfs would show 99% just to suddenly jump to 30% after some time10:37
seb128mjg59: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5085/ that's the gnome-power-manager log10:38
* pitti wonders whether the kernel doesn't provide a good-enough /sys battery information yet, or whether hal needs to be updated to read it differently10:39
seb128hal does that when gpm is started10:40
seb128[12450]: 11:39:33.071 [D] addon-dell-backlight.cpp:231: Received GetBrightness DBUS call10:40
seb128process 12450: arguments to dbus_message_get_args() were incorrect, assertion "(error) == NULL || !dbus_error_is_set ((error))" failed in file dbus-message.c line 1667.10:40
seb128This is normally a bug in some application using the D-Bus library.10:40
seb128[12450]: 11:39:41.090 [D] addon-dell-backlight.cpp:198: Received SetBrightness DBus call10:40
seb128process 12450: arguments to dbus_message_get_args() were incorrect, assertion "(error) == NULL || !dbus_error_is_set ((error))" failed in file dbus-message.c line 1667.10:40
mjg59seb128: As I said, I can't see any way this could have anything to do with the battery patch. addon-dell-backlight is a separate process.10:40
seb128This is normally a bug in some application using the D-Bus library.10:40
zdzichuBGpitti: first one can be checked by manually looking into /sys10:40
seb128mjg59: might be a side effect10:40
zdzichuBGpitti: I will check that in the evening, after work10:41
seb128could be that the new battery doesn't have enough informations and gpm gets confused when some things are lacking?10:41
seb128mjg59: gpm seems to be all broken in fact, the battery is display when the laptop is on ac for example10:42
Amaranthheh, i was just about to say something about that10:42
Ngsince the double battery thing was fixed, gpm has been very broken wrt batteries ;)10:42
Fujitsus/very/completely uselessly/10:43
Ngit tells me I have 62 hours of battery life left and doesn't show I'm on AC10:43
dholbachNg: lucky you! 62 hours of battery - not bad! :)10:43
Ngdholbach: yeah! ;)10:43
seb128mjg59: I don't get the hald assertions with the build done without the patch, it does that10:43
seb128[12922]: 11:42:49.686 [D] addon-dell-backlight.cpp:231: Received GetBrightness DBUS call10:43
seb128[12922]: 11:42:49.687 [D] addon-dell-backlight.cpp:82: Reading 5 from the AC backlight register10:43
NgI've found bugs 194719, 194201, 194052 and 194180 so far which may be related10:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194719 in gnome-power-manager "01_proc_sys_batteries.patch causes a regression making gnome-power-manager not detecting the battery properly" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19471910:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194201 in hal "Battery Monitor not working (neither the battery applet) on Hardy" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19420110:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194052 in gnome-power-manager "gpm does not create the correct profiling files" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19405210:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194180 in gnome-power-manager "After #177570 fix, GPM reports nonsensical values" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19418010:44
Amaranthmine tells me i'm on AC power but my battery is discharging10:44
Ngargh, damn you ubotu10:44
Amarantheep, bug flood10:44
Ngsorry :/10:44
mjg59seb128: You built both on the same system?10:45
seb128mjg59: no, it's hardy version vs local build without the patch10:45
mjg59seb128: Ok. I'd recommend building locally.10:45
seb128I can try a local rebuild of the hardy version10:45
seb128ok, trying10:45
pittiKeybuk: my font preferences defaulted to 'best form', not subpixel smoothing10:45
Ngwhile I'm here, can I get apport to catch network-admin segfaults? it doesn't seem to be atm (in hardy)10:46
pittihm, it uses policykit and thus declares itself as not dumpable10:47
pittithat's normally a safety precaution which prevents your password from getting into core dumps and other processes ptrace()ing it to steal it10:47
* Fujitsu 's battery is always discharging and either full or 5%.10:47
Ngpitti: I did wonder if the new "Unlock" button and its refusal to run with gksu was related. I'll file a text backtrace then. thanks :)10:48
pittiNg: I don't see how we can easily have both ATM10:48
pitticurrent kernel does not allow us to disable ptrace() and still keep core dumping10:48
Ngpitti: I'd prefer to have it err on the side of security :)10:49
pittiand it would circumvent the ptrace protection, too10:49
seb128mjg59: local build of the hardy version has the same issue,10:49
seb128[6800]: 11:48:58.156 [D] addon-dell-backlight.cpp:231: Received GetBrightness DBUS call10:49
seb128process 6800: arguments to dbus_message_get_args() were incorrect, assertion "(error) == NULL || !dbus_error_is_set ((error))" failed in file dbus-message.c line 1667.10:49
seb128This is normally a bug in some application using the D-Bus library.10:49
seb128pitti: do you plan to update dbus to 1.1.4?11:21
pittiseb128: not really, unless we need it?11:22
seb128pitti: well, those are bug fix versions I think11:22
seb128pitti: the gvfs guys were asking about it11:22
pittiseb128: I looked at it some days ago, and there were new features, so I didn't update11:22
slomopitti: you probably want to get 1.1.20 or backport the security patch from it (see CVE-2008-0595)11:22
ubotu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-0595)11:22
seb128some gvfs guys rather to be exact ;-)11:22
pittiright, if we update at all, then to the latest version, but as I said, we need to test it properly for the new features11:23
pittiseb128: what do they need from it?11:23
* pitti -> lunch, bbl11:23
seb128pitti: not sure, will ask, but the new 1.1.20 has "This is the next generation supported STABLE release of D-Bus." in its description11:23
seb128pitti: enjoy11:24
cjwatsonbug 173950 - what an excellent bug, I'd never thought of that problem11:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173950 in ubiquity "Keyboard layout choice in installer confusing" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17395011:29
MezCan anyone tell me how to find out which application a window belongs to?11:58
MezWindows-esque adware windows have just appeare on my desktop11:58
Mezno window class12:00
ion_mez: This isn’t really a support channel, but run xprop and click the window.12:01
Mezion_, I know it's not, however, If it's adware, then I'm gonna help get rid of it12:01
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pittiseb128: hmkay, I'll have a look at the changelog again12:07
\shdoko: tomcat5.5 is not installable without a jdk...it suggests java-virtual-machine, but I have at least one installed...what do you think is the best way to fix this issue?12:08
doko\sh: hmm, why does a suggests hinders you installing the package?12:09
\shdoko: it should default to a free one, imho :)12:10
pittiseb128: so at least 1.1.4 -> 1.1.20 is bugfix only12:10
pittiso is 1.1.3 -> 1.1.412:11
\shdoko: e.g. icedtea-java7-jdk (if this is resonable and works with tomcat)12:11
doko\sh: just remove the suggests12:14
pittilool: dbus 1.1.20-1 seems released in alioth svn, but not uploaded yet; do you know when this is planned to happen?12:21
Lurepitti: dbus 1.1.20 is unstable release of 1.2 version, why do you want it?12:22
Lurepitti: will it get in hardy?12:22
pittiLure: seb128 and slomo asked for it above12:22
pittiLure: 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3 was the really heavy release12:23
pittiLure: 1.1.3-> 1.1.4 and 1.1.4 -> 1.1.20 are just small bug fixes12:23
pitti1.1.20 primarily has the security bug fix)12:23
\shdoko: the problem is, that "java-virtual-machine" is a wrong suggests...it needs a jdk and all packages providing java-virtual-machine are Runtime packages (JREs)12:24
loolpitti: I tried getting some testers for the update-rc.d changes, but didn't so far; I don't know about the new upstream12:24
Lurepitti: ok, seen now original msg about security fix12:24
pittilool: this was changed to forcefully remove previous symlinks on upgrade, right?12:24
loolpitti: If you like, you're welcome to try it out -- I personally didn't try the new upstream part12:24
loolpitti: Correct, to work with insserv and file-rc12:24
pittilool: while this is not generally good practice, I think it does help a lot in our case12:25
loolAs these are based on update-rc replacements and move the /etc/rc*.d/ symlinks around12:25
pittibug 25931 is open for way too long12:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 25931 in dbus "Failed to initalize HAL." [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2593112:25
doko\sh: so why does tomcat5.5 need a jdk?12:25
pittiand it's primarily due to shuffled rc priorities12:25
\shdoko: javac is needed12:25
pittiso I'd love to merge this into hardy to fix it for all upgrades12:25
doko\sh: why can't you fix it?12:25
loolpitti: In general, the update-alternatives "symlink data is your configuration" approach doesn't scale   :-/12:26
pittilool: I'm currently reading the upstream changelog - tons of bug fixes and two or three new features12:26
\shdoko: well, the fix is to remove the suggests and do something helping the user...actually, when I Recommend or Depend on a jdk, it needs to be a free one, and this means, disabling the security manager from tomcat (this works only with the sun jdk)12:27
loolpitti: I see mbiebl tunned the update-rc.d snippet to hide output, so he probably tested it12:27
\shdoko: all documented in README.Debian of tomcat5.5 ;)12:27
loolIt's hard to catch mbiebl on IRC these days, I'll drop him an email now12:27
pittilool: I'm happy to test it here, too12:28
loolAs you please12:28
doko\sh: so then why do you ask? soren may be interested in tomcat12:28
pittilool: I'll prepare a merge anyway and test it locally; even if we don't get it into hardy for some reason we can still use it for intrepid12:28
\shdoko: because you are my java pkg hero :)12:28
pittilool: since due to your excellent merging into Debian the remaining Ubuntu delta should be small12:28
loolpitti: Let me know if you need me to work on merging back additional stuff into pkg-utopia, I'm happy to act as a proxy and lower our delta12:29
\shdoko: I'll discuss it with the server guys12:30
pittilool: for proper merging I'd just like to have the Debian source package for 1.1.20-112:31
loolpitti: You mean an uploaded one?  I can hand you a svn-buildpackage --svn-exported one if you like12:32
pittilool: the latter would suffice, I think12:32
pittiwe still have a delta, so precise md5sum match of diff.gz doesn't matter12:33
pittiI'd just like to use the same orig.tar.gz12:33
loolpitti: We use tarballs from http://dbus.freedesktop.org/releases/dbus/ AFAIK12:33
pittiah, great12:33
loolpitti: But the diff might still change since mbiebl didn't confirm he finished12:34
pittiah, I seee12:34
loolHe released, but then he might still change it again12:34
pittilool: ok, then I'll just use your export for an initial merge12:34
pittilool: and for the FF exception request12:35
loolpitti: http://people.dooz.org/~lool/debian/dbus/1.1.20-1/sid/12:35
pittilool: our Ubuntu delta won't change with some further small fixes from mbiebl12:35
loolIs an export12:35
pittilool: merci12:35
loolpitti: Do I understand correctly that lang-o-matic works with the Packages file and regexps on gtk / qt / kde to sort translations into langpacks?12:40
pittilool: more or less, yes12:41
loolpitti: Intuitively I thought it would look at seeds12:41
pittilool: it uses the dependencies as initial heuristics, which works for about 98% of packages12:41
pittilool: and it has an override list so that we can manually move misdetected packages into the right category12:41
loolpitti: Is it possible to have multiple langpacks ship the same translations?12:41
pittilool: they would conflict to each other12:41
loolpitti: One thing where it might fail is with a mobile langpack -- most things are gtk-ish already, and sometimes not easy to distinguish12:42
pittilool: if a translation is relevant for both gnome and kde (like libxine) it lands in the neural langpack12:42
pittilool: i. e. language-pack-fr instead of language-pack-{gnome,kde}-fr12:42
loolpitti: Ok; that's how I understood it12:42
pittilool: if those are only a few, we can override them manually, but IMHO it would be better to have a heuristics first12:42
lool(what's called the default or standard langpack on the translationprocess wiki)12:42
pittilike, a dependency to libhildon or something12:43
loolTranslationLifecycle rather12:43
pittiI don't have a really good name for that 'default' category12:43
pitti'main' is misleading (component) and 'base' too (due to the -base/update pkg split)12:43
loolI would have called it base, but then this conflicts with the base/update langpacks  :-/12:43
pittisnap :)12:43
pitti'common' maybe12:44
loolpitti: Concerning actually building the langpacks, we might be basing on a separate project than "Ubuntu" for UME as we might have some post string/ui freezes translations12:45
loolAnd we also have to convert the upstream pot (or create them) and them convert them back12:46
pittilool: so, building entirely separate packages, not basing on the 'common' ones above?12:46
loolAnyway, we would have to push pots into another LP project, and retrieve another tarball12:46
pittithat would certainly work12:46
pittithen you can also include some GTK translations and add a Conflicts:12:46
loolI'd guess we would still want the mobile langpacks built frmo hardy and then continue building new ones and pushing them to our ppa or so12:47
loolSo, first we would have to add a mobile langpacks (with proper conflicts), then I'd like to continue pushing new langpacks to our ppa12:48
loolIs it possible to build the mobile langpacks against multiple LP translation tarballs?12:48
lool(Typically the Ubuntu main translations and the "mobile-translations" project translations tarball)12:48
pittilool: as long as the later ones only update the previous ones, that's possible, yes12:48
loolI guess this is all manual, and results in a giant .dsc which I push to our ppa and builds the binary arch: all packages?12:49
pittino, there's one source per binary12:49
pittisince we only update a langpack when its translations actually changed12:49
loolSo I would even be able to push a mobile langpack alone; I might need the Ubuntu + mobile translations tarballs to succeed building the .dscs though12:50
pittilool: langpack-o-matic previously had a script 'merge-tarballs' which lets you combine two exported tarballs and then build packs from the merge12:50
pittilool: it's not there in bzr head, but it's trivial to revive from the bzr history12:50
pittiI just removed it since we don't need it any more these days, but if you need it, no problem12:50
mjg59seb128: Right, you get to figure out what broke between the hardy build and now...12:51
loolpitti: Found it in history, thanks12:51
loolpitti: What would you be your guesstimate amount of work (either for you or for me) to add a mobile langpack and to actually produce new langpack packages?12:52
pittilool: depends; do you want to build completely separate packages, or build on top of the Ubuntu 'common' and 'gnome' ones?12:53
loolpitti: One high priority goal is to save space12:54
loolSo a completely separate one12:54
pittiok, right12:54
* Hobbsee curses evil x bugs12:54
lool(The seed data would really be good here)12:54
pittithen we'd need a langpack-o-matic branch for mobile with some updated skeleton source packages12:54
pittiwith updated descriptions and Conflicts, etc.12:54
pittiwe can drop the category matching there, since there will be just one12:55
pittilool: so, getting this langpack-o-matic branch right would take maybe one or two hours12:55
pittilool: the more interesting question is how to get a matching LP translation export12:55
loolpitti: We have to remap translations from english <-> localized to msgid <-> localized12:56
pittilool: i. e. if LP translations gives us exactly one tarball which contains mobile+ubuntu we need more code in langpack-o-matic12:56
pittilool: why?12:56
loolpitti: Does that happen starting from the LP tarball and before calling lang-o-matic?12:56
pittilool: that needs to happen for the LP translations web ui12:56
pittibut not necessarily for langpacks12:57
pittias long as you make sure that on the mobile device at least one locale is always defined12:57
loolBut the code uses msgids12:57
pittiI know what the code does12:57
loolHow do you find the msgid <-> string mapping on the device if you don't fix the LP exports before running l-o-m?!12:58
pittilool: let's have a phone call, shall we?12:58
loolpitti: Sure :)12:58
loolpitti: It's going to be on my mobile == expensive though12:58
loolpitti: Or I can call you, sorry12:58
loolpitti: I'm really stupid when I'm sick12:58
loolpitti: Can I call your landline?12:58
pittilool: see /msg12:59
* lool is in /query overflow12:59
loolAh, another network12:59
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slomopitti, Lure: 1.1.20 is a stable dbus release, only reason why it isn't 1.2 is that the licensing wasn't fixed yes (apart from that we have an unstable one anyway)13:14
Lureslomo: ok, I was confused with announcement mail then13:16
slomoLure: it's explained at the bottom of that mail13:16
seb128Lure: the notes have "This is the next generation supported STABLE release of D-Bus.", why do you say it's an unstable version?13:32
seb128mjg59: well current hardy is broken, I'll try to write a small test case, is there an easy way to send a GetBacklight over dbus using a command line tool?13:32
seb128pitti: I think having the current stable dbus in hardy would be nice but no strong reason why we can't do with the version we have now so it's your call13:34
mjg59seb128: Yeah, dbus-send13:48
Riddellmvo: did you get my e-mail with the question from ossi?13:56
mvoRiddell: let me check, I'm traveling currently13:57
StevenKIRC while travelling. Way cool13:57
mvoRiddell: yes, have it13:59
mvoStevenK: not literally traveling, more "away from my regular environment" :)13:59
Riddellmvo: answer when you can, I forgot you were travelling13:59
mvoRiddell: if I haven't by monday, kick me please14:01
carlospitti: shouldn't jockey be in multiverse?14:03
carlospitti: btw, hi.14:03
carlospitti: as far as I know, is the replacement for restricted-manager and it was moved to restricted, not sure why it's reverted now...14:04
carlospitti: btw, when I said multiverse I mean restricted14:04
seb128carlos: why should it be there?14:06
seb128carlos: that's a managing drivers thing, not restricted to non free ones now I think14:06
carlosseb128: isn't the argument for restricted-manager move to restricted valid anymore?14:07
seb128carlos: why was it moved there?14:07
carlosseb128: because it depended on drivers that were not free14:07
carlosJockey provides a user interface for configuring third-party drivers,14:07
carlos such as the Nvidia and ATI fglrx X.org and various Wireless LAN14:07
carlos kernel modules.14:07
carlosseb128: which is also true for jockey14:07
carlosat least from the description14:08
carlosseb128: I wonder it because I had to do a modification in Launchpad to allow restricted manager translations in the restricted pocket, but seems like this is not true anymore, in which case I want to revert the launchpad change too, so I just want to be sure that is not just a mistake in that new package14:09
seb128carlos: better to wait for pitti to respond, he had network issue and we are in a meeting right now though14:11
carlosseb128: thanks for your input14:11
nosrednaekimheno» hello, where are the update from dapper to hardy directions?14:11
henonosrednaekim: not sure we have those yet14:18
henomvo: ^?14:18
mvonosrednaekim: yes, give me a sec14:19
pittiseb128: look, dbus 1.1.20: https://edge.launchpad.net/~pitti/+archive14:19
seb128pitti: will try that, thanks14:20
mvonosrednaekim: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades#head-e7f287c730b93116f89de7ea7e05efbe95fa6dd114:20
mvonosrednaekim: let me know how it works for you, if a error happens, please send me the logs14:21
seb128pochu: hey, will you do the tracker update and uvf request?14:23
nosredna_ekimmvo» uhhh sorry little crash there.14:25
pittiseb128: packages are already being built; dput to start of build took like 10 seconds :) (yay ppa)14:25
pittihi carlos14:25
mvonosredna_ekim: please /msg me details or put the error message into paste.ubuntu.com14:25
carlospitti: hi14:25
pitticarlos: jockey is in main again, yes14:25
nosredna_ekimI'm actually testing upgrading kubuntu using the gtk tool. Anything I should be  fore-warned of?14:25
pitticarlos: because it's designed for free third-party drivers, too, and it doesn't hard-depend on l-r-m14:25
pitticarlos: however, that doesn't generally mean that we will never put packages in restricted which need i18n14:26
carlospitti: ok, could I disable restricted translations handling in Launchpad then?14:26
carlospitti: also, you should stop stripping translations out for those packages too14:26
carlospitti: well, I discussed with you that some days ago14:26
seb128_Keybuk: where does bootchart puts the chart?14:27
carlosand you asked me to not import those translations for other packages because translations would end in language packs that are in main...14:27
Keybukseb128: /var/log/bootchart14:27
carlospitti: so, what should I do?14:27
seb128_ah, log14:27
pitticarlos: I can disable stripping for restricted if we want, but why?14:27
pitticarlos: what's gneerally wrong with including restricted in the normal translation workflow?14:27
pittiah, because of the license14:27
pittiI see, valid point14:27
seb128_Keybuk: http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/hardy-20080228-1.png14:28
pitticarlos: true that, so please remove the hack14:28
carlospitti: ok, thanks for clarify it.14:28
mvonosredna_ekim: no, it should be fine14:28
Keybukseb128: how strange14:29
seb128_iz udev bog!14:29
Keybukseb128_: I'd say kernel14:29
Keybukif it were udev bug, udev would be a more interesting colour14:29
pittilamont, infinity: if I were to upload a new pkgbinarymangler which modifies striptranslations.conf (not strip "restricted"), would that need manual changes in the buildd chroots? (since that conffile is modified there)14:30
nosredna_ekimmvo» ok, thanks, I'll report back one way or the other.14:30
mvothanks nosredna_ekim14:30
Keybukseb128: udev.log would help14:30
seb128_Keybuk: there is no color on this long bar14:30
Keybukseb128: 30s is a suspiciously round number14:30
Keybukthat implies alarm(30) in someting14:31
seb128_it's just sitting there14:31
lamontpitti: does apt-get dist-upgrade prompt?  cause that'd be a non-interactive handler, I believel;14:31
Keybukyeah exactly14:31
Keybukit's sitting there14:31
pittilamont: that's the dpkg conffile prompt, not maintainer scripts or apt14:31
lamontpitti: right14:31
seb128_Keybuk: do you know what informations could be useful there?14:32
pittilamont: want me to file an RT for it?14:34
lamontpitti: that's an infinity thing not me..14:35
lamontI suspect he would want one though14:36
lamontand you might want to hold off on breaking all the buildds (if it does that) until he's around...14:36
pittilamont: hm, oops; if you think it'll actually break the builds, then maybe I should do a followup upload which reverts it?14:38
lamontpitti: dunno what it'll do...14:39
lamontthe build starts by untarring the chroot tarball, doing a non-interactive (I think) dist-upgrade, and then runs sbuild14:39
pittianyway, rt sent14:41
seb128pitti: the dbus binaries are not published yet in the ppa14:43
seb128pitti: I'll try when they are14:43
pittiseb128: right, that should happen soon; the debs are in the pool already14:44
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pochuseb128: yeah I'll do it14:47
pochuseb128: it's already in Debian so it's a merge ;)14:47
pochubut it needs an exception, yes14:47
pittipochu: yes, I merged them (the PPA version is a merge)14:49
tjaaltonpitti: jockey disables composite for fglrx, is that still needed? (AFAIK it has supported it for some time)14:50
seb128pitti: pochu was speaking about new tracker14:50
pochuyeah, what were you talking about? dbus? :)14:50
seb128pochu: yes, new dbus there ;-)14:51
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pittitjaalton: no idea; if someone verifies that it works, I'm happy to un-disable it14:57
* pitti does not have any ATi card14:57
pittiseb128: bug 196568 updated FYI; PPA binaries are published14:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196568 in dbus "update to new 1.1.20 stable version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19656814:57
asabilhi all15:01
tjaaltonpitti: ok, I'll find out if it can be dropped15:09
seb128pitti: new dbus installed on my laptop, rebooted, everything works fine as far as I can tell15:12
pittiseb128: here, too15:12
seb128pitti: I've added a comment on the bug saying so15:12
seb128_mjg59, pitti: so, rebuilding the hal hardy version without 01_proc_sys_batteries.patch15:32
seb128_$ dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.Hal `hal-find-by-capability --capability laptop_panel`  org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.LaptopPanel.GetBrightness15:32
seb128_method return sender=:1.114 -> dest=:1.118 reply_serial=215:32
seb128_   int32 715:32
pittiwow, that's so weird15:33
seb128_same box, applying the patch, make, run new version15:33
seb128_$ dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.Hal `hal-find-by-capability --capability laptop_panel`  org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.LaptopPanel.GetBrightness15:33
seb128_Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.15:33
seb128_ 15:33
seb128_so it doesn't look like a gpm bug, now no idea why that timeout after using the patch15:33
seb128_the laptop_panel capability doesn't change between versions15:34
toresbeseb128_: hey15:35
toresbeyou're not the appropriate seb, sorry15:35
seb128_toresbe: hi, no problem ;-)15:36
seb128_pitti: does the command timeout for you too?15:37
pittiseb128_: booting my laptop15:38
seb128pitti: sorry for the trouble, trying to look at the issue but my hal and dbus foo are limited15:39
pittiseb128: yes, I get the same timeout15:43
pittiseb128: do you see anything in the hal debug output?15:43
seb128_[12735]: 16:41:41.975 [D] addon-dell-backlight.cpp:231: Received GetBrightness DBUS call15:44
seb128_process 12735: arguments to dbus_message_get_args() were incorrect, assertion "(error) == NULL || !dbus_error_is_set ((error))" failed in file dbus-message.c line 1667.15:44
seb128_This is normally a bug in some application using the D-Bus library.15:44
pittiah, right, that15:44
seb128_pitti: but I fail to see how to changes are leading to that15:44
seb128_I'm getting log with and without the patch and diffing those now15:44
mi__did we see libtab 1.5 in hardy ?15:58
loolIs anyone going to Cebit?15:59
seb128_mi__: dunno what libtab is but you can look on launchpad15:59
mi__taglib 1.515:59
seb128_mi__: same reply, apt-cache show or launchpad16:00
seb128_mi__: or try #ubuntu for user questions16:00
mi__lol...amarok2 now use this package ( hardy have old1-1.48)16:01
mi__never mind16:02
seb128_mi__: was that a question?16:02
mi__seb128_: no ..i say never mind16:03
seb128_mi__: what would be constructive is to look at the version first because you don't need to ask on the devel chan to know that and to argue about the need to update to the new version if that's what you wanted16:04
seb128Keybuk: ok, no hint about what could be useful as debug information about this slow boot issue?16:28
Keybukseb128: udev.log16:28
pittiseb128: oh, yay! I just noticed that nautilus/gvfs stopped showing my internal partitions on the desktop16:32
seb128pitti: right, only mounts under media and the user directory are listed now16:33
seb128Keybuk: /var/log/udev you mean?16:33
Keybukthat's the one16:36
seb128Keybuk: http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/udev16:37
somerville32Could someone regenerate and upload xubuntu-meta for me?16:37
seb128Keybuk: doesn't look like really useful to me, that's only events, no debug informations nor timing there16:38
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cjwatsonRiddell: would http://paste.ubuntu.com/5104/ be OK by you? from ArneGoetje16:59
seb128ArneGoetje: maybe you could describe what your changes are doing, the fontconfig upload changelog is not very informative ;-)17:03
Riddellcjwatson: should be yes17:03
ArneGoetjeseb128: set antialias to true, hinting to true, hintstyle to hintmedium and rgba to none. That;s the setting we use in gnome. These changes will enable these settings system wide across all flavors.17:05
seb128ArneGoetje: ok, good to know, thanks ;-)17:06
xhakertalking about hinting. just tried hinting set to none, and the applet freaked out. the 4 checkboxes for font rendering are checked17:13
seb128xhaker: they are not checked, they are in undefined state which means none is selected17:14
xhakerhmm.. let me check  with human-clearlooks17:15
xhakerok.. here is the problem. with human-clearlooks they look ok.. undefined state is different.. both human-cl and human-murrine need to be fixed i think17:17
seb128those are known bugs17:18
seb128patches are welcome ;-)17:18
xhakerok, will try my luck17:18
seb128cool ;-)17:19
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pittijdstrand, keescook: are you still the primary maintainers for the package tests branch? could you take a look at/merge the test script for 'nut' in bug 182790?17:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182790 in nut "main inclusion report" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18279017:36
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loolpitti: BTW, this is where we are tracking the langpack points https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/MobileLangpack19:36
loolpitti: It turns out the 30 MBs or so we might save with mobile langpacks might not be worth a new langpack, however we definitely have to make hildon modules langpack-able, so the l-o-m hooks part and the scripts to convert pot and all are still needed on our side19:36
loolpitti: Feel free to work on germinate integration though :)19:37
emgentmdke, ping19:37
mdkeemgent: (In case I'm not around at the moment, please provide a bit of information about what you want and I will respond when I get back)19:37
* slangasek wonders what should be done with a langpack that depends on a package in multiverse (language-support-writing-eu -> myspell-eu-es)20:13
cjwatsonslangasek: bug report? :-)20:15
cjwatsonlangpacks belong in main, so ...20:15
slangasekso "drop the dependency" is the ultimate answer, ok. :)20:16
cjwatsonwell, at least it should be <= Recommends, probably Suggests20:17
cjwatsonnot sure what language-selector will do with that though20:17
slangasekperhaps language-support-writing-eu shouldn't exist at all yet, if the only dependency is in multivesre20:18
infinitycjwatson: (re: livecd-rootfs/link_in_boot) Do you envision us ever rolling new dapper livecds?20:19
infinitycjwatson: If so, I can just make sure the fix is in the dapper-live chroots now and close out that task.20:19
mario_limonciellslangasek, I lost my connection last night before i was able to stick around to hear a response to my question regarding logs.  In  the failed alternate cd builds, is there somewhere i'll be able to look at logs to see what happened without having to bug you?20:20
infinitycjwatson: (and then watch it mysteriously disappear when I forget to back it up when I reinstall the buildds, post-hardy, but that's my own issue to deal with..)20:20
slangasekmario_limonciell: would that I knew the answer to that20:20
infinitymario_limonciell: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/20:21
slangasekbut apparently infinity knows the answer, so hooray :)20:21
infinitymario_limonciell: Assuming that has enough info for you...20:21
mario_limonciellinfinity, great thanks :)20:21
mario_limonciellyeah that's exactly what i need20:21
infinitymario_limonciell: It's less than ideally-laid-out, but it should have full logs for just about everything.  Ish.20:22
slangasekcjwatson: in your opinion, given the choice between not being able to have a language-support-writing-eu package and having it in multiverse (or restricted), which would be the better option?20:24
infinityslangasek: Unless we've been relaxing this of late, restricted is only for hardware support (drivers/firmware), so it would be multiverse.20:24
cjwatsoninfinity: I think it's unlikely20:26
infinityslangasek: And you'd have to test how launguage-selector would deal with it in multiverse, I guess.20:26
cjwatsonmm, there is the consequential problem that language-support-eu depends on language-support-writing-eu20:26
infinitycjwatson: That would have to change, obviously...20:26
cjwatsonI'm not honestly sure which I prefer of those two options20:26
cjwatsonI think I'd like to hear from mvo what it would do to language-selector (or what could easily be changed there, if necessary)20:27
doko$ ldd gcjwebplugin.so | grep 'not found' 2>&1|less20:32
doko        libxul.so => not found20:32
doko        libxpcom.so => not found20:32
dokoasac: expected?20:32
mjg59doko: Aren't they in the firefox directory?20:40
mjg59doko: /xulrunner20:40
dokoyep, I'll see if that's enough20:40
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* slangasek whimpers at the lack of sover in those library names20:44
infinityslangasek: They're private libraries, in theory...20:44
infinityslangasek: (Not counting gcjlolplugin's above abuse...)20:44
zdzichuBGwhile discharging, energy_now in sysfs decreases steadily, but battery.charge_level.current in HAL stays still20:44
slangasekinfinity: xulrunner isn't so private anymore, though?20:45
infinityslangasek: Depends on who you ask, I suppose.20:45
infinityslangasek: It's still in "SOVER 0" land, in my opinion.  (ie: not necessarily private, but the API and ABI might get broken every third Tuesday).20:46
infinityslangasek: As horrible as it sounds, any shlibdeps on those libs should probably be exact versions. :/20:47
infinityslangasek: (Which makes security updates rather lollerskatish)20:47
geserinfinity: Hi, do you know when you'll find some time to work on bug 184557?20:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184557 in jbossas4 "Circular build-depends, needs initial bootstrapping on the buildds" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18455720:48
infinitygeser: Sometime before release. ;)20:49
infinitygeser: I could do it today, perhaps... I'm currently wrapping my brain around somthing that's making me grumpy anyway.20:49
geserinfinity: bug 31098 needs also your attention20:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 31098 in cmucl "Build-Depends dependency for cmucl cannot be satisfied (circular build-depends; needs manual bootstrapping on the buildd)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3109820:52
infinitygeser: That one's tougher.20:56
infinitygeser: The comments claim that it can only be bootstrapped with itself (ie: with the same version), which means every upload (or every new upstream, at least) would need a manual bootstrap.20:57
infinitygeser: I don't think I'm prepared to do that.20:57
infinitygeser: Responded to that bug, though.20:59
geserinfinity: jbossas4 is more needed as other packages are in depwait on it, so you can ignore cmucl till you are bored :)20:59
infinitygeser: The jboss4 one is a one-time bootstrap, I assume?20:59
geserinfinity: yes, at least I hope21:00
jdstrandpitti: re net: no problem21:04
jdstrandkeescook: ^^21:08
asacdoko: yes21:15
asacdoko: thats ok21:15
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zyx386i report now anew bug or Suggestion :)22:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196764 in ubuntu "add ku-sorani-fonts paket in Ubuntu!" [Undecided,New]22:12
zyx386I hope that one makes pure ;)22:13
mdkeemgent: hi?22:35
emgentmdke, query please :)22:35
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FujitsuWhy are my scrollbars orange?23:45
jdongFujitsu: orange you glad they aren't brown?23:47
jdongok sorry, that was horrible23:47
FujitsuAnd my menu bars have decided to be striped. Hmm..23:49
seb128that's called a new theme23:49
seb128you can change in the appearance capplet23:49

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