robotgeeknixternal: is there a task list for kubuntu tasks?03:37
jjesserobotgeek: working on verifying all the docs are accurate for kde403:38
robotgeekjjesse: i'm downloading alpha5 as we speak, should be in a vm shortly.03:39
jjesserobotgeek: cool i'm slowly working through the docs right now but wouldn't mind an extra eye on things03:40
robotgeekjjesse: just tell me which ones you are working on, and i will look elsewhere03:41
robotgeekkgoetz: hello :)03:41
jjesserobotgeek: the entities kde-menus-c.ent needs to be verified for application launcher settings03:42
kgoetzrobotgeek: hey mate :)03:42
robotgeekjjesse: okay, i will ping you or email the list when i run through those03:44
jjessecool thanks03:44
jjesserobotgeek: thats under kubuntu-hardy/kubuntu-kde4/libs/kde-menu-C.ent03:45
robotgeekjjesse: thanks, pulling in from bzr03:47
jjesserobotgeek: no problem thanks for helping out :)03:55
robotgeekmy pleasure03:57
robotgeeknixternal: why does bzr diff kde-menu-C.ent not show only my changes?05:40
nixternalthere are other changes somewhere...probably because jjesse upload a change recently?05:41
robotgeeknixternal: bzr status shows pending merges (including jjesse's stuff)05:41
robotgeekdamn bzr noobs!05:42
nixternalpull in his changes and give it a shot...I am actually a bzr dummy05:42
robotgeeki did a checkout from mde's initial upload, the did a bzr merge with the kubuntu-hardy url05:43
nixternalhrmm, I just checked out the Kubuntu stuff05:43
nixternaldidn't feel like having a ton of docs all over my machine05:43
robotgeekI followed what was mentioned in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Repository under advanced05:44
robotgeeklemme retry the steps05:49
nixternalya, when it comes to merging and what not, I am definitely lost with bzr05:49
robotgeekwhen all else fails, scratch and redo05:50
* kgoetz should update his docs checkout05:53
kgoetzis it far to string freeze?05:57
kgoetzafk. heading home06:04
kgoetzvia the hut :\06:04
kgoetzprobably pick up there too06:04
nixternalkgoetz: 1 month06:26
robotgeekfinally got everything checked out, lol07:14
robotgeeknow, i can begin working. i will correct the Repository page tomorrow07:15
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