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Petengyno one here is a XPS 1730 owner ??22:03
excid3no, whats up?22:13
Petengyonly looking for people to make growning my xps_1730 owners forum..... :)22:17
excid3oh lol thats cool22:18
PetengyTnX if u want give a look http://xps1730.forumcommunity.net/22:19
excid3oooh i like it22:19
excid3thats pretty awesome22:19
Petengyreally TnX..... but now I need people to help me..... I'm the only one that write threads... :(22:20
excid3haha yeah, it probably isnt easy to keep it to only 1730 ownrs22:22
excid3well im off to play some half life 222:24
Petengyby and good night ... :)22:24
excid3good luck with your site!22:24
Petengytnx a lot22:24

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