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Ziroda1@schedule Singapore11:14
ubotuSchedule for Asia/Singapore: 28 Feb 22:00: Desktop Team | 29 Feb 20:00: MOTU | 05 Mar 15:00: Platform Team | 08 Mar 19:00: Kubuntu Developers11:14
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* mvo waves13:57
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seb128hey mvo13:57
loolmvo: Did you get well back home?13:57
mvolool: I'm still in london13:58
mvohey seb12813:58
loolOh right, returning tonight only I guess13:58
mvoyes, later today13:58
loolGood trip to you then13:58
Keybukjust waiting for pitti14:02
Keybuktedg: you made it! :)14:03
MacSlowgreetings tedg14:03
MacSlowtedg, at the airport? :)14:03
* mpt rubs his eyes14:04
MacSlowhi mpt14:04
tedgNo, I got in about 6 hours ago.14:04
tedgFor some reason my wireless router missed me, and decided to be angry and not let me on this morning :(14:05
kwwiiit missed you14:05
KeybukMartin is attempting to fix his network14:05
Keybukand will be with us shortly14:05
Keybukaha, well done14:06
pittihrmpf, sorry; *$#$ network14:06
KeybukI put together the lack of agenda14:06
Keybukso this should be a nice short meeting14:06
loolpitti: Be happy that *you* have Internet at home *cough*  ;)14:07
MacSlowhey pitti14:07
MacSlowhey lool14:07
pittilool: often, at least :)14:07
KeybukAs you almost all certainly know, Loïc will be leaving us and taking on the challenge of filling Mithrandir's shoes as technical lead of the Mobile Team14:08
* mvo waves goodbye to lool14:08
Keybukhe'll be still dabbling in desktop work for the remainder of the release, of course; and whenever he wants14:08
* lool waves -- we'll still work together!14:08
MacSlowlool, wow... I thought you were meant to become full member of the desktop team14:09
Keybukwe'll therefore shortly have an open position to fill Loïc's shoes14:09
* pitti hugs lool, thanks for your desktop work so far; it was greatly appreciated14:09
loolMacSlow: You're a packager now, you can replace me :)14:09
* MacSlow dies a painfull horrible death14:10
KeybukI've mentioned this before in most of our catch-up calls, but if you know of anybody with good GNOME maintenance, packaging, bug triage/fixing, etc. experience then please do recommend them to me14:10
Keybuklool: but then I'd have to replace him, and nobody's quite as insane with the bling :)14:10
pitti. o O { sjoerd }14:11
KeybukI didn't see any agenda items in the summaries this week14:11
* MacSlow prefers to stay with computer-grapihcs and UI14:11
Keybukpitti: e-mail :p14:11
tedgI'm all about GL based packaging tool: gldch -i14:11
Keybukdid I miss any agenda items?14:11
MacSlowtedg, we can talk about that :)14:11
Keybukapparently not :)14:12
KeybukI didn't see anything added to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReportingPage either <g>14:12
MacSlowkwwii just burped like a devil14:12
pittino bling stuff this week, just boring bug fixes14:12
Keybukdoes anyone have any accomplishments from the past week they'd like to shout about14:12
loolOnly borring stuff happened14:12
pitti * make Ubuntu work a bit better14:13
MacSlowpitti, sorry.. doing packaging training (thanks mvo) and compiz-integration14:13
Keybukany thing from the activity reports people want to discuss?14:13
* MacSlow raises hand14:14
MacSlowhardy-desktop-effects-profiles is slacking a bit due to package-training.14:14
seb128GNOME has been updated to 2.21.92, I think I would write that14:14
Keybukseb128: that would be good to add14:15
seb128and I've a svn gvfs snapshot with basic obex and ftp support on my disk14:15
MacSlowand next week is CeBIT (off-time) and after that gtk+ hackweek... so I'll have to finish the profiles stuff inbetween somehow *argx*14:15
Keybukseb128: has Christian gotten started on things as well?14:15
kwwiiwe have a new gtk theme as well14:15
Keybukkwwii: that should be added too :)14:15
seb128Keybuk: yes, he's actively working on webdav which seems to start working correctly now14:15
Keybukok, cool14:17
Keybukany other business?14:17
seb128hardy is slooooow, but that's not really a meeting thing ;-)14:17
seb1282 min from grub to desktop on my new dell laptop which is sloooow14:18
mvoio fells slower, but that is very subjective14:18
pittiboot is really fast, but gnome session start is sloooow14:18
kwwiisometime let me know when it is safe to upgrade from gutsy to hardy please14:18
seb128pitti: lucky you14:18
mvoboot is not fast for me14:18
mvokwwii: do it!14:18
seb128pitti: it takes around 35 seconds to get the usplash bar to start moving there14:18
pittignome session startup is more than 1:30 minutes14:18
kwwiimvo: as long as you will offer free telephone support :-)14:18
seb128the detecting hardware steps seems to take ages14:18
Keybukseb128: could you install bootchart and throw one onto ubuntu-devel ?14:18
Keybukalso udev.log I guess if it's that stage14:18
seb128Keybuk: will do14:18
MacSlowkwwii, yeah... you coward... update now!14:18
Keybukseb128: that'll encourage others to join in, and we'll get an idea whether it is or not14:19
Keybukok, let's keep the meeting short then14:20
Keybukthanks everybody14:20
seb128speaking about speed14:20
seb128I was speaking with kagou which was testing random distros14:21
seb128the blue bars are grub to gdm, the red ones gdm to desktop14:21
Keybukhardy hasn't had readahead updated yet, so it's not surprising it's slow14:21
Keybukand apparmor is a piece of shit14:22
Keybuk. o O { did I just say that out loud? }14:22
MacSlowfor me only starting compiz takes its time14:22
MacSloweverything else is quite fast14:23
HobbseeKeybuk: in a logged channel :)14:23
pittiso, thanks everyone14:24
MacSlowHobbsee, everybody has his/her dare-devil-moments :)14:25
* mvo waves14:26
MacSlowok so long14:26
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