Arwenthough maybe that's gcc's fault now that I think of it..00:02
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LaserJockmok0: ping00:51
mok0LaserJock: pong00:51
LaserJockmok0: regarding rasmol00:52
LaserJockare you gonna do a new debdiff?00:52
mok0LaserJock: eeerr, I kinda think my icons are prettier00:52
LaserJockI think perhaps linking to the 32x32 icon might be better than the 48x4800:52
LaserJockmok0: eeerr, I don't really care ;-)00:53
LaserJockyou're creating a 300+KB diff because you think the icons are "prettier"?00:53
mok0LaserJock: Well, I spent time on the icon, and generated it in all the different sizes so I think that is the correct solution00:53
LaserJockno, it's not00:53
LaserJockwe only need 1 icon, and we already have it00:54
LaserJockit's creating a lot more work for us00:54
mok0LaserJock: ?00:54
LaserJockthere's  already and icon00:54
mok0LaserJock: I've already done the work00:54
LaserJockit works just fine00:54
LaserJockmok0: yeah, I'm sorry about that00:55
mok0LaserJock: attention to detail?00:55
LaserJockbut there's just no way we should upload that00:55
mok0LaserJock: lots of packages populate the /usr/share/apps directory00:55
LaserJock*if* there currently isn't anything00:56
LaserJockwe have an icon00:56
LaserJockand we don't need a 300KB diff00:56
mok0LaserJock: ok, well invalidate the bug then00:56
LaserJockwell, there is a bug, in that we need to add a symlink00:56
LaserJockbecause the icon isn't showing up00:56
mok0LaserJock: right00:57
LaserJockbut you probably should have looked at that before doing all the work to create all those new icons00:57
LaserJockyou could also send them to the rasmol authors00:57
LaserJockalthough rasmol is basically a dead upstream00:57
mok0LaserJock: I have a script creating the icons, it's gimping the largest one that took the time.00:58
mok0I could perhaps replace the xpm00:58
LaserJockanyway, I'm not upset or anything, and I'm sorry about the work you've done00:58
LaserJockbut when we've already got an icon it's a good idea to use it00:59
mok0LaserJock: I accept the decision, but I don't agree with it00:59
mok0When the icon gets enlarged it looks really bad00:59
LaserJockwhen should they get enlarged?01:00
mok0 that is why you need all those sizes01:00
mok0That is up to the user.01:00
mok0You can choose icon size in konqueror01:00
LaserJockyeah, but I doubt you're gonna get a menu icon over 48x4801:00
mok0There's a lot of talk about scalable icons on d-d01:01
mok0Well, I'll change it to a link. *sigh*01:02
LaserJockthe icons are done by Debian I guess01:03
LaserJockperhaps send an icon to the Debian maintainer01:03
mok0LaserJock: Sure01:03
mok0LaserJock: they are talking about a transition towards SVG icons01:04
LaserJockwho knows how long that'll take ;-)01:05
mok0LaserJock: good question :)01:05
LaserJockdo they want to create pngs at build time?01:05
mok0LaserJock: No, they want SVG icons that are scalable01:06
mok0real time scaling01:06
LaserJockthat's a bit of a performance hit01:06
LaserJockhopefully we can do both01:06
mok0LaserJock: that was the discussion :)01:06
LaserJockwe've been talking a bit about that for Edubuntu because there's a new icon theme that'd be great01:07
LaserJockbut it's mostly svg01:07
mok0LaserJock: OS X does some kind of real time scaling of icons01:07
LaserJockand on thin clients or old hardware it seems like there might be a significant amount of performance issues01:07
mok0LaserJock: yeah01:08
mok0what's the new icon theme for edubuntu?01:08
LaserJockwell, we haven't moved over yet or anything01:09
LaserJockit's called Ubuntoon01:09
LaserJockbased on Gartoon01:09
mok0For applications etc?01:09
LaserJockthe icons are in a bzr branch at https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntoon/01:10
LaserJockit's a decently full theme now01:10
mok0I'd like to see a Kedubuntu :-)01:11
LaserJockyes, we've had work on that01:11
LaserJockthere's an edubuntu-desktop-kde package for that01:11
mok0It'd be cool to get away from the dull blue KDE themes01:11
LaserJocksince like half of our edu apps are KDE anyway ;-)01:11
mok0LaserJock: I'll upload another debdiff for rasmol tomorrow. It's getting late in my timezone01:13
mok0LaserJock: Please unsubscribe u-u-s01:14
LaserJockI did01:14
LaserJockrasmol is in Main01:14
LaserJockfeel free to ping me and I'll sponsor it for you01:15
mok0LaserJock: Thanks01:15
mok0There are several other apps that lack icons01:15
mok0Is there an effort to go through them?01:15
LaserJockI think it's a good idea01:15
LaserJockwe need to make sure that there actually isn't an icon01:16
LaserJocksometimes they just don't get installed or stuff like that01:16
mok0Perhaps we should make a list on the wiki?01:16
LaserJockand then working well with upstream to get the icons included01:16
LaserJocksince that's really not diff we want to maintain01:16
mok0I think the priority is getting them working in hardy, then we can contribute upstream once hardys window has closed01:17
LaserJockset up a wiki page if you want01:18
mok0OK, will do01:18
LaserJockI think it'd be worthwhile01:18
mok0Me too. It makes the ui look much better01:18
mok0It looks kludgy when a fourth of the icons are missing01:19
LaserJockjust make sure01:19
LaserJockthat it actually needs an icon01:20
LaserJockrather than having an installation issue01:20
LaserJockor something like that01:21
mok0LaserJock: hmmm, I will make the list of the icons missing on my system, but I don't think I have time to check them all. The folks who fix the particular ones need to help with the checking01:22
LaserJockjust having a candidate list would be good01:23
mok0Right. I will make a note on the wiki re: your concerns01:23
mok0LaserJock: Does this work have to be finished before the artwork FF?01:25
mok0Or can it be treated as bugs?01:26
LaserJockmok0: I would think as a bug01:29
LaserJockdepending on the package though a little01:30
LaserJockif it's gonna be in screenshots or something we might need to do something more01:30
mok0So, bugs can be fixed right up to the official release right?01:30
LaserJockyou might need to do some notifications01:31
LaserJockmost all the Main packages should have icons so it shouldn't matter too much01:32
mok0LaserJock: Fine. I think a couple of weeks to do this project is enough01:32
LaserJockyeah, if we have a nice list and hit it it should be fast01:33
mok0LaserJock: I'll get on these things tomorrow. Right now I am fading01:33
mok0See you later!01:34
bddebianHeya gang01:55
LaserJockhi bddebian01:57
bddebianHeya LaserJock01:57
* ScottK2 ponders: Does he upload the patch the shows the final U/I to meet the U/I freeze, but crashes all the time or hold off so the obsolete U/I is still there, but the program at least doesn't crash ...02:38
slangasekor get a waiver for uploading it after the UI freeze so you don't have to worry? :)02:40
LaserJockScottK2: it's an either or?02:40
LaserJockyou can't have a final U/I that works? :-)02:41
slangasekhe probably can't have a final UI that works by tomorrow... :)02:41
* ScottK2 is leaning towards the waiver. He's building with debugging enabled now, so maybe he'll get lucky.02:43
ScottK2Upstream removed on-access scanning from Klamav, but then conveniently left the U/I in place but non-working to give end users and obvious targe for filing bugs.02:44
ScottK2slangasek: Does U/I freeze apply to Universe?  We don't have a process for that listed for Universe.02:51
slangasekScottK2: logically, it would apply to anything the documentation team is writing documentation for, or the translators are translating for02:52
ScottK2OTOH, I'm just subtracting, so there's no risk that they'll have to translate something extra.  Urgh.02:53
* ScottK2 cheers for helpful error messages: KCrash: Application 'klamav' crashing...02:54
effie_jayxwhat does a dsl stand for in the package version03:08
bddebiandsl in a package version?03:14
emgentheya people03:53
emgentsomeone can open task for Gutsy, Feisty, edgy, Dapper in Bug #195949 ?03:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195949 in vlc "VLC Arbitrary memory overwrite in the MP4 demuxer" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19594903:56
emgenti can only nominate, only >=MOTU can open task :P03:57
LaserJockhmm, any math/physics nerds about?05:04
RAOFLess of the physics, more of the pure maths, but let's see where this goes.05:05
RAOFLaserJock: ^^05:06
emgentLaserJock, heya05:06
emgentcan you open task for Gutsy, Feisty, edgy, Dapper in Bug #195949 ?05:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195949 in vlc "VLC Arbitrary memory overwrite in the MP4 demuxer" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19594905:06
emgenti can only nominate, only >= MOTU can open task05:06
RAOFLaserJock: I also prefer the term "geek", but whatever :)05:07
* somerville32 wishes the meanings of geek and nerd were reversed.05:09
LaserJocksorry, was afk05:09
LaserJockRAOF: so do I05:09
LaserJockbut I'm a nerd, plain and simple05:09
LaserJockI've got an equation and it's got a : in it05:09
LaserJocksomething like a dot product, but not05:10
LaserJockor something05:10
RAOFAn inner product?05:10
RAOFSome more context might be nice?  I can parse latex if necessary.05:11
LaserJockhmm, let me see if I can put something together05:11
LaserJocksomething along the lines of: P = \chi^2 : E_vis E_IR05:13
LaserJockwhere they're all vectors05:13
LaserJockI've not seen just a " : " sitting in an equation before05:13
RAOFE_vis & E_IR are both vectors?  There doesn't seem to be an operator between them?05:14
LaserJockprobably just a dot product05:14
RAOFHm.  It doesn't ring bells, although it could be "proportion".  Which I use an awful lot.05:15
RAOF":" is such a nice, easy to write character it's probably overloaded several times in different fields/papers to mean different things.05:16
RAOFCould also be a probability distribution?05:17
LaserJockI've got a presentation tomorrow and I get stuck on what ":" means :-)05:17
LaserJockI don't think so05:17
RAOFI don't suppose they go so far as to _define_ the ":" operator? :)05:18
LaserJockof course not05:19
LaserJockthat would be too easy05:19
LaserJock"he's getting his PhD, he can sweat for it"05:19
RAOF"Colon" is unlikely to be the easiest thing to google for, either.05:20
somerville32"For matricies, the colon notation may be used."05:23
LaserJockah ha!05:24
RAOFRight.  Inner product!05:25
LaserJockpfft, and the say math is the universal language ;-)05:25
RAOFThat doesn't make a whole lot of sense still.05:26
LaserJockwell, the \chi is a tensor05:26
LaserJockbut the E_* should be just vectors05:27
LaserJockso whatever, as long as I know it's an inner product I'm cool with it05:27
LaserJockthanks RAOF and somerville3205:29
somerville32no problem :)05:29
* RAOF grumbles about physicists not understanding how simple tensors are, and fiddling with crazy indicies.05:30
LaserJockdude, I'm a chemist. I hear "tensor" and I run05:31
RAOFLaserJock: Bah!  It's just the cartesian product of a couple of rings modulo a fairly simple equivalence relation :P05:32
RAOFTrue, tensors as used in, say, a GR course are crazy arcane objects involving a hojilion indicies.05:33
RAOFBut that's because physicists tend to suck at maths.05:33
* LaserJock raises his hand for the "suck at maths" part05:35
StevenKAnd LaserJock isn't even a physicist!05:36
LaserJockStevenK: yeah, I suck so bad at math they wouldn't let me in ;-)05:37
LaserJockof *course* I had to pick the paper to present that has all the scary math05:39
ScottK2Anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger.05:40
jmlor gives you a hangover05:41
ScottK2There is that.05:41
RAOFOr possibly cuts of your hands.05:41
StevenK"cuts of your hands" ...05:42
RAOFOh, yeah.  Absolutely.05:42
RAOFThat's clearly not in relation to the previous statements; it's merely meant to provide an existential statement from which conversation can naturally crystalise.05:42
* LaserJock wonders if he should stop his presentation while he still has hands :s05:43
ScottK2Conversation that doesn't require math.05:43
StevenKThey're wheeling in the bone saw now05:43
RAOFMaybe you'll get choice cuts of someone else's hands?05:43
LaserJockok ...05:44
LaserJockso we went from ":" to "physicists suck" to "I'm a cannibal"05:44
RAOFVia a spelling mistake, yes.05:46
jmlmmmmm handrump05:52
dholbachgood morning06:33
Hobbseemornign dholbach!06:38
dholbachhiya Hobbsee06:38
dholbachhey nxvl_work06:38
dholbachnxvl_work: you're always '_work', right? :)06:39
nxvl_worknop, just when i'm at work06:39
nxvl_workhere i use xchat, everywhere else irssi06:39
nxvland i have always my irssi running logging everything :D06:42
Hobbseenxvl_work: proxies ftw.07:01
nixternallooking for a RegEx junky :)07:01
nixternalconvert %f "`echo %f | perl -pe 's/\.[^.]+$//'`.gif"07:01
nxvl_workHobbsee: heh, i used to use it, but i'm fine this way for now :D07:01
nixternalif I have a file named    'No. 22.jpg'    then that RegEx obviously will not work..is there a way to modify that regex so it will work?07:02
nixternalor am I wasting time because someone filed a bug against a damn servicemenu and has retarded filenames?07:02
dholbachhi tmarble07:11
dholbachhi nixternal07:11
tmarbledholbach: hello07:11
jmlnixternal: so, you want to remove extensions from filenames?07:11
nixternalhiya dholbach07:12
nixternaljml: don't want to remove the extension, what it does is replace the extension07:12
nixternalconvert is an imagemagick program to convert from one image format to another, all the regex does is take the original name, replace the .jpg with .gif and rock on :)07:13
jmlshouldn't in be this: convert %f "`echo %f | perl -pe 's/\.[^.]+$/.gif/'`07:13
jmlerr, maybe with a " at the very end.07:13
nixternalI will give it a shot07:14
jmlnixternal: because, afaict that regex should work for 'No. 22.jpg', shell quoting issues aside07:15
nixternaljml: that worked07:15
nixternalyou da man07:15
jmlnixternal: you have no idea how much soul I had to lose in order to gain that knowledge07:16
nixternalI am afraid to learn it :)07:16
nixternalI have a great book by O'Reilly, I just need to go through it07:16
jmlnixternal: it's a great read.07:16
jmlnixternal: the first two chapters are enough to give you kick-ass regex skills07:17
jmland then it keeps going07:17
nixternalya, I just split the book in half and looked, and fainted07:17
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lirihow often do developers check newly added packages or changed packages in the revu archive?09:42
dholbachliri: at the moment not that much - we're in Feature Freeze (http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule) so NEW packages are only allowed with a special exception09:43
geserliri: currently not very often as new packages aren't added to hardy anymore09:43
liriwell I uploaded my first package to revu at the beginning of January (2008)  but I only got around to fix the reported errors recently and uploaded the changed package yesterday...09:51
persialiri: The issue is that Hardy is frozen for new packages.  If the package is in good shape, it will likely get reviewed early, and included in the next release.09:52
liriwhat does it mean in terms of time table? :)09:56
persialiri: Roughly speaking, late May or early June.09:59
liripersia: so only by that time will the package get more reports on if it's ok or would it need more changes? kinda long time to wait :)09:59
persialiri: Most likely.  There are exceptions, but Beta Freeze is in about a week, so from then exceptions are unlikely.  Also, the REVU Coordinator for the next release may start activities as early as late April, although this is sooner than has been done in the past.10:01
liripersia: bummer... I thought I could get some feedback much before that10:02
persiaWhile it's a bit of a wait, that is in part because it is just two weeks past the freeze deadline.  While there is considerably more complexity involved, release schedules often consist of about three months for new stuff (new versions, new applications, new functions, etc.) and three months of testing and polish,10:02
dholbachliri: that's the crux of time-based releases: at some stage you have to focus your efforts on fixing the stuff that is in the archive alaready10:02
lirialright well, I guess I'll just have to wait10:03
persialiri: You may be able to get feedback, but the vast majority of developers are concentrating on other things.  If you really want to work on that package rather than distribution polish, you might consider working to get it into Debian: I think their freeze cycle doesn't start until next month, and Ubuntu will automatically sync in April or May.10:04
liriI want to continue with Ubuntu10:04
lirithis is just about getting it into the motu repository, isn't it?10:04
persiaWell, there's not really a "MOTU" repository, but getting it into the universe component of the Ubuntu repository, yes.10:05
liripersia: thanks11:57
\shhmm..tomcat5.5 seems uninstallable12:04
\shtomcat5.5 needs a dependency on a java jdk12:06
\shor icedtea-java7-jdk needs a provides: java-virtual-machine12:07
ScottKSo apparently the launchpad approach to bug triage for the developer to edit your bug into something different and then file a new bug that's what your original bug is about and then tell you you did it wrong.13:11
* ScottK is done with them.13:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194601 in malone "Inline bug attachments aren't attached" [High,Confirmed]13:11
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bddebianHeya gang15:21
emgentgang ? :O15:21
bddebianSure :)15:21
tbfRainCT: duh, seems i overwrote your advocation for gnome-lirc-properties, by uploading a bugfixed version?15:27
tbf(note to myself: don't put symlinks to your working copy into /usr/lib/python2.5, and remember that pylint doesn't check automake files)15:28
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bobbolutin: Did jpatrick speak to you about Bug #195806 yesterday?16:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195806 in purrr "please update purrr to version 0.8 [FFe-granted]" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19580616:30
Lutinah, yes, maybe16:31
bobboLutin: he wanted a second opinion on whether it was good to upload (Im the person working on it)16:32
Lutinbobbo: as I said in the bug report, I'm wary given the upstream tarball name. I'd check with him whether it's sure or not (as it seems to me that he rather forgot to update the link, or something like that)16:33
* rainct_ would apreciate if someone could check if he is missing anything on bug #19591316:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195913 in dialog "Please sync dialog 1.1-20071028-3 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19591316:33
bobboLutin: ok will talk to the upstream author then get back to both of you16:33
Lutinbobbo: thanks16:34
jeromegjdong: I think we can process the pidgin backport now, it has been tested a lot16:37
jeromegwithout any issues16:37
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RainCTbobbo: why is bug 186121 set to "In Progress"?17:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186121 in ed "Typo in man page of 'ed'" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18612117:01
bobboRainCT: because ive submitted a debdiff, is that not the right thing to do?17:03
RainCTbobbo: I think it should be confirmed when it's ready for review ('in progress' would mean that you are working on it)17:04
bobboRainCT: ah, ok didnt know that :)17:05
bobboRainCT: want me to change it now?17:05
RainCTbobbo: nah, it's not necessary :)17:05
bobboRainCT: ok thanks17:05
RainCTbobbo: just wanted to check if it should be reviewed or not17:06
bobboRainCT: yeah its ready, just a tiny fix though..17:06
RainCTbobbo: ok.. the version is wrong17:10
RainCTbobbo: should be 0.7-1ubuntu1, and you've to modify the Maintainer field17:10
bobboRainCT: ok thanks :)17:11
LaserJockRainCT: ping17:15
RainCTLaserJock: pong17:17
LaserJockRainCT: regarding rasmol, it's in Main, btw17:18
RainCTLaserJock: oh, well, my comment applies anyway heh17:20
LaserJockyeah, except sub'ing u-u-s17:20
LaserJockit doesn't work in Gnome either, btw17:20
RainCTit's the second package I see today that has u-u-s but is in main then :/17:20
RainCTLaserJock: ah right. ok, thanks17:21
LaserJockthey changed the icon name and forgot to change the .desktop ;-)17:21
RainCTLaserJock: commented about this :)17:23
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bobboRainCT: new debdiff up for Bug #186121 if you aren't busy17:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186121 in ed "Typo in man page of 'ed'" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18612117:37
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* RainCT looks17:41
RainCTbobbo: ok, now the distro is wrong :P (gutsy -> hardy)17:43
RainCT(sorry for not noticing that before)17:43
bobboRainCT: no problem :) will go and make *another* debdiff17:44
RainCTbobbo: well, I'll just change that myself if you don't want to create another one :)17:44
bobboive got nothing better to do17:45
bobbomight aswell save you the effort :)17:45
RainCTwell, isn't really any effort at all.. I'd need the same time to download a new debdiff again :P17:46
bobboRainCT: did it anyway, new debdiff: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12277409/ed_0.7-1ubuntu1.debdiff17:47
jpatrickpochu: hola17:47
pochubuenas jpatrick17:48
bobbojpatrick: Spoke to Lutin about the purrr update (the debdiff i showed you yesterday) and he told me to email upstream17:50
RainCTbobbo: well, if you have nothing better to do.. want to create yet another one? :P17:50
jpatrickbobbo: I saw17:50
bobboRainCT: Might as well, what have i done wrong this time?17:50
RainCTbobbo: well, the package is using a patch system (dpatch), so it would be best to use a patch to fix that17:51
* bobbo goes to dig out log of that patch session pitti did last week17:51
bobboRainCT: theres already an ed.1 spelling mistake dpatch, *embarrased*17:53
bobbodoesnt fix the current bug though (obviously)17:53
RainCTbobbo: yes, but it fixes another problem17:53
hellboy195LucidFox: around?17:53
RainCTbobbo: so better you create a new one.. (08_ubuntu-doc-typo-fixed.dpatch or whatever)17:53
bobboRainCT: ok17:54
RainCTbobbo: (because a) so it's easier to use again if Debian isn't responsive, and b) the existing patch refers only to ed.1, not the other files)17:54
hellboy195LucidFox: you remember the problem with starplot? pitti built it again on LP for me but it fails with the same strange error :\17:54
RainCTbobbo: to create the patch just run "cdbs-edit-patch 08_ubuntu-doc-typo-fixed.dpatch", do the changes, and then "exit 230"17:55
bobboRainCT: thanks :D17:55
LucidFoxI have no idea about it, sorry17:55
hellboy195RainCT: what's for ACK'ing dialog. in the evening I would have written the same. so thx so far :)17:56
RainCThellboy195: no problem :)17:56
* RainCT notes that if someone is bored it would be great if he could test open-invaders 0.3 from Debian unstable (especially the sound)17:59
CarlFKI am having trouble building on hardy - hoping you build experts can help18:04
CarlFKbuild error that others don't get on gentoo:  http://dpaste.com/37229/  "expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'size_t'"  Who's problem is this? :)18:04
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bobboRainCT: ping18:10
tsmithehi - could a motu upload the new version of mscore as detailed at bug 19517018:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195170 in nspluginwrapper "npviewer.bin crashed with SIGSEGV in g_slice_free_chain_with_offset()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19517018:11
tsmithebug 19517918:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195179 in mscore "Please update mscore to 0.9.1d+dfsg-0ubuntu2 (debdiff attached)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19517918:11
tsmithepersia, ^^?18:12
james_wCarlFK: I think that means that one of the types is unknown.18:20
james_wusing cpp on the file might give a clue18:20
bobboRainCT: Dpatch debdiff for ed bug: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/12278136/ed_0.7-1ubuntu1.debdiff18:22
CarlFKjames_w: this? $ gcc ../lib/v4l2_driver.h18:32
CarlFK../lib/v4l2_driver.h:26: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'size_t'18:32
CarlFKt$ gcc  driver-test.c = same thing18:32
RainCTbobbo: great, uploading. please forward it to Debian18:40
bobboRainCT: will do :D18:44
james_wCarlFK: "cpp file | less" to see if the types are resolved.18:47
CarlFKjames_w: which file?  .c or .h18:47
RainCTbobbo: ehm.. ed is in main.18:49
* bobbo slaps head18:49
bobboRainCT: guessing its going to need another review from a core-dev or something?18:50
RainCTyes, I'm subscribing ubuntu-main-sponsors18:50
james_wCarlFK: the one that gives you the compile error, so h18:50
bobboRainCT: thanks :D18:51
CarlFKjames_w: same error18:51
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/37236/  (all 3)18:51
bobbosorry for that RainCT18:51
RainCTbobbo: it's no problem at all :    *18:54
* RainCT wonders how he send that if he didn't press enter.. :P18:54
blueyedHow is a package like virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-8-generic to be upgraded to virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-10-generic automatically? I'm asking, because it does not appear to happen (any more?)..18:54
RainCTblueyed: with a transitional package, or if it's installed as a dependency for another package just change the dependency and I think the package manager should remove the old one as it's unused18:56
blueyedRainCT: so it needs a meta package then? Changing the dependency in virtualox-ose does not make sense IMHO. Probably it should get added to linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24?!18:57
RainCTblueyed: I can't really answer to that as I've no idea how virtualbox/kernel packaging works.. :(18:59
blueyedRainCT: I think I'll provide a "real" package virtualbox-ose-modules, which depends on the current variants.. instead of the current variants only providing the virtual virtualbox-ose-modules package.19:00
james_wCarlFK: I think you need to #include <stddef.h>19:02
CarlFKjames_w: that got me much further19:04
CarlFKin fact, I think I can ignore what errored19:04
CarlFKjames_w: bam!  thank you.19:05
james_wCarlFK: no problem. It's a very cryptic error, but I find it usually means "unknown type".19:07
CarlFKjames_w: you a Python coder?19:14
james_wCarlFK: yes.19:15
CarlFKI may have 50gig of PyCon videos to send you on a stack of dvd's19:16
CarlFKpm me your email19:16
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
blueyedHi \sh. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog.. have you fixed my name? :)19:25
\shblueyed: hmmm...no?! ;) I'll do it when you fix the vim xdebug plugin ;)19:48
\shblueyed: fixing it now19:52
\shblueyed: done19:59
hellboy195geser: around?20:19
geserhellboy195: yes20:19
hellboy195geser: you already know if this clean-la patch is still required?20:20
geseryou mean for libnxml?20:21
emgentheya geser20:21
geserHi emgent20:21
hellboy195geser: yep20:21
geserhellboy195: is it the only remaining change?20:24
hellboy195geser: nope. I will introduce a new one20:24
hellboy195geser: but except that it's the only one, yes20:24
geserhellboy195: I'd suggest to test-build it without clean-la.mk and check then the libnxml.la file if it contains references of other .la files20:25
hellboy195geser: yeah dholbach already told me. the only diff is that the debian la has the line "build-deps" filled with the depencies20:26
hellboy195geser: what I mean. Debian has dependency_libs=' /usr/lib/libcurl.la /usr/lib/libidn.la -lldap -L/usr/lib -lgssapi_krb5 -lkrb5 -lk5crypto -lcom_err -lz /usr/lib/libgnutls.la'20:27
hellboy195geser: and ubuntu instead only dependency_libs=''" . That's the difference20:27
geseryes, that's exactly the reason why clean-la.mk was uses20:27
hellboy195geser: so it's still necessary I suppose?20:28
hellboy195geser: great. thank you :)20:28
geseryou might be lucky that it not needed currently and libmrss builds20:28
hellboy195geser: ??20:29
geserthe problem in the past was that libgnutls.la moved from /lib/ to /usr/lib/ but the libnxml.la file had still the old location which lead to a FTBFS because it couldn't find the libgnutls.la file20:29
hellboy195geser: ah. k20:30
hellboy195geser: btw, I'm afraid. May you could help me with another problem?20:30
geserI can try :)20:30
hellboy195geser: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/starplot/0.95.4-3  :)20:31
\shScottK: claws-mail-extra-plugins is building...so it seems the FFe report will hit you and the others tomorrow morning (my time)20:31
hellboy195\sh: poor man. I suppose wine is still a bad boy?20:32
geserhellboy195: my guess is that one of those *FLAGS made it fail, check config.log (from your pbuilder) for the exact reason20:32
hellboy195geser: but it builds in my pbuilder20:32
geserhellboy195: hmm20:33
hellboy195geser: that's the strange thing20:33
\shhellboy195: yes20:33
hellboy195\sh: damn :)20:34
geserhellboy195: my pbuilder fails20:36
hellboy195geser: same error?20:36
pochuthis brainstorm page is cool!...20:36
=== santiago-php is now known as santiago-ve
pochu...but we don't really need 7 posts in the planet about it :)20:36
geserhellboy195: yes20:36
hellboy195pochu: 5-bugs-a-day got many more posts ^^20:37
geserhellboy195: from config.log:20:37
geserconfigure:3037: gcc "-Wall -pedantic -O2 -g"  -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions conftest.c  >&520:37
gesergcc: "-Wall: No such file or directory20:37
hellboy195geser: really really strange20:37
pochuhellboy195: yeah that too20:37
geserhellboy195: but easy to fix: removed the " from CFLAGS in debian/rules20:38
hellboy195geser: omg. wth? wired20:39
geserforget it, wrong fix20:39
geserpartly correct, configure runs now but make is missing the " around the CFLAGS20:40
hellboy195geser: that means. configure hates " and make loves it20:40
geserhellboy195: no, it depends who sets the variable in the environment20:41
\shok...end of business20:41
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
hellboy195geser: ah, k20:42
geserhellboy195: remove the " from line 9 and 11 and add them to line 4220:43
hellboy195geser: wait. I have to fetch the .dsc first. DaD already removed it ^^20:43
hellboy195geser: ah, sry. where to add it in line 42? CFLAGS="$ ?20:46
hellboy195geser: so I prepare the merge/debdiff now. I hope this fixes it. I can't test it because it worked in my pbuilder ..20:48
geserhellboy195: you can use your PPA20:49
hellboy195geser: true. hmm nvm. we have time :)20:49
hellboy195geser: that problem is that I always have problem with signing so I avoid using my PPA ^^20:55
hellboy195geser: uhh nice. a unset GPG_AGENT_INFO20:56
hellboy195 fixed it. how can I make that static?20:56
geserhellboy195: no idea, you could try to add no-use-agent to your ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf20:57
hellboy195geser: k, thx21:01
hellboy195geser: but if it builds fine in my PPA the first thing I will do, after I did the debdiff, is to report that back to debian :)21:04
geseremgent: have you seen http://packages.qa.debian.org/v/vlc/news/20080228T160212Z.html already?21:07
emgentnope, i go to see21:07
hellboy195geser: same error O_o21:07
emgentthanks geser21:07
emgentuhm other security fix..21:08
hellboy195geser: ah wait. maybe a mistake from me21:09
hellboy195geser: ah stupid question. Where does the " has to end in $(MAKE) all CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS) INSTALLPGM=$(INSTALLPGM) \21:10
hellboy195docdir=/usr/share/doc mandir=/usr/share/man sysconfdir=/etc ?21:10
geserhellboy195: CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)"21:10
hellboy195geser: thank you very much. :)21:11
geserso the value from CFLAGS (line 9 or 11) gets passed as CFLAGS to make and not only the first part of it21:11
hellboy195geser: in some minutes we will know21:16
hellboy195anyone seen norsetto recently?21:22
hellboy195geser: PPA is hating me. md5sum sucks ^^21:36
hellboy195ah testing it tomorrow :) gn8 @ all21:39
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blueyedAny ideas why apt pulls in the -386 kernel if a package depends on "-386|-generic|..."? the -generic variant could be used without pulling another kernel image in.. http://pastebin.com/m363876fa22:26
pochublueyed: do you have the -generic already installed? I think apt will see if there's any installed and if not, install the first one22:28
pochublueyed: so change the order to be -generic | -386 should do the trick I think22:29
RainCTpochu: Are you sure it looks at the order? I though dpkg would sort them anyway how it wants.. (might be wrong though)22:31
blueyedpochu: changing the order appears to be a workaround only for -generic. The "end" package for -generic depends on linux-image-2.6.24-10-generic, which is installed.. but apt does not seem to resolve this properly to detect it being installed.. virtualbox-ose-modules-generic is not yet installed, but should get preferred, because it depends on the -generic kernel image (which is installed)22:32
pochuRainCT: nope, it won't sort OR'ed dependencies22:32
RainCTpochu: oh, cool :)22:32
blueyedthat's right.. this way you can put a preferred one in front of a more generic one.22:32
pochuso if you have "foo, bar | foobar" it will become "bar | foobar, foo"22:33
RainCTI see :)22:33
RainCTpochu: thanks22:33
pochuRainCT: but that sorting will likely be reverted in dpkg22:33
pochuas a developer may have a reason to sort if in some special way22:34
pochuRainCT: there's a thread in debian-devel about it btw :)22:34
pochuthat's why I know that... I'm no dpkg wizard ;)22:34
RainCTis there much traffic on debian-devel?22:34
pochu1297 in January22:35
pochu1216 in February as of today22:35
* RainCT decides that he won't subscribe :P22:36
blueyedhow is apt-cache dotty supposed to work? "apt-cache dotty virtualbox-ose-modules | dotty  -" ?22:37
RainCTbtw, that pypanel thing messed up my gnome-panel.. is this a feature or a bug? :P22:37
tbfRainCT: i had to upload another revision of gnome-lirc-properties, since a stupid symlink in /usr/lib/python2.5 covered a refactoring problem for me. can you re-attach your advocating flag, please?22:38
tbfRainCT: or isn't that needed?22:38
RainCT(messed up = the time is configured correctly but the clock applet shows a wrong time, some icons disapeared from the tray but their menu appears on right click on the void space, etc.)22:38
RainCTtbf: sure, one moment :)22:38
tbfRainCT: awesome :-D22:39
tbfRainCT: your gnome panel is from 2.22?22:40
tbfRainCT: maybe some ugly side effects from federico's intlclock merge?22:40
RainCTno, 1:2.20.1-0ubuntu1 (Gutsy)22:40
RainCTI tried that pypanel thing and since then gnome-panel is mad :S22:41
tbfRainCT: that sucks.22:41
tbfRainCT: i'd try to reset the /apps/panel tree in gconf-editor...22:42
RainCTyeh, specially the clock thing..22:43
tbfRainCT: or course that's kind of drastic....22:43
tbf....but maybe the pythingy left bad entries there?22:43
blueyedRainCT: here's the dependency graph for virtualbox-ose-modules: http://codeprobe.de/tmp/temp.svg22:43
bobbon/whois jpatrick22:44
jeromegRainCT: have you tried to restart your gnome-panel ?22:44
RainCTtbf: is there anything more beside /apps/gnome-settings/gnome-panel (which hasn't really much)?22:44
RainCTjeromeg: yes, the computer was off overnight22:44
jeromegno idea then :)22:45
jeromeggoing to be now22:45
jeromeggood night22:46
RainCTjeromeg: good night :)22:46
jeromegthank you22:46
RainCTblueyed: does this image fit on your screen? :P22:46
blueyedRainCT: not quite.. ;) (1920x1200 though)22:47
blueyedRainCT: the interesting part is the top only though. apt only looks at the first level apparently.22:47
RainCT+gnome-lirc-properties (0.2.1-1) hardy; urgency=low22:48
RainCTtbf: what happened to the "0ubuntu"? :P22:49
RainCTtbf: ping me once you fixed the version number22:53
RainCTbut tomorrow, me goes to bed now :)22:53
RainCTgood night all22:53
mok0Any news on qa.ubuntuwire.com?22:55
tbfSTUPID uupdate tool!22:59
=== lando_ is now known as lando
pochuThe server at brainstorm.ubuntu.com is taking too long to respond.23:17
pochutoo many people visiting it?23:17
tbfis that normal, that uupdate eats "0ubuntu" tags?23:20
jdonguupdate by default does pump out -1, as if it were for debian23:20
jdongcurrently I just mangle the changelog by hand afterwards23:20
azeemhuh, you'd think that'd be adapted to Ubuntu by now23:21
tbfjdong: oh... the "u" prefix stands for "update"23:22
tbfjdong, azeem: what!? "update-update"? what kind of name is that?23:22
tbfi read the tool's name as "ubuntu update"23:22
jdongtbf: I think Upstream Update23:22
tbfjdong: hmm. also possible.23:23
jdongazeem: I'm sure it's like a one-line patch23:23
azeemtbf: it predates Ubuntu by a couple of years23:23
StevenKUpstream Update would be my guess23:23
tbfazeem: i am a total packaging n00b23:25
tbfazeem: don't know such details.23:26
tbfazeem: well, sense for details seems very important for packagers....23:30
tbf...as i learned last week23:30
azeemdid Murray send you to boot camp or what?23:30
tbfazeem: no, he just figured it's easier and more fun for him, if he delegates the neccessary packaging23:31
tbfazeem: ...like for that lirc properties thing23:31
tbfazeem: hmm.... and i was too stupid to stand up, when i found that word in my contract ;-)23:32
azeemdetails ;)23:33
tbfwell, should sleep now. have to master a 700km trip after wake up.23:34
azeemI hope he's flying23:34
jdongwhee, pbuilder's so much less painful now that I hacked the backend to use lzop rather than gzip23:59

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