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ubotubod_ called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:12
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bod_LjL, can i be a pain and ask for another adjustment on !gq  ?00:21
bod_ Please be aware your question, either, fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood, or, could you please be more specific and supply more information. Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question. Cheers!00:23
LjL-Tempisn't it getting like overly long?00:23
LjL-Tempi propose00:24
LjL-TempAre you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question.00:24
bod_LjL-Temp, good point,. i ike it,.and its polite,.,.yer00:25
ubotuPlease be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood. Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question. Cheers!00:26
LjL-Temp!no goodquestion is <reply> Are you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question.00:26
ubotuI'll remember that LjL-Temp00:26
jdongbod_: just wanted to see what it said.00:26
jdongbod_: I don't have a in-brain mirror of the factoid database yet ;-)00:27
LjL-Tempjdong: losah00:27
bod_jdong, this one was my idea, added and edited in the last 30 mins or so00:27
jdongLjL-Temp: at least I'm not a temp!00:27
bod_LjL-Temp, cheers00:27
jdongshould !ask and such reference !gq?00:27
LjL-Tempjdong: i'm only a temp when i decide to. and i'm mobile too00:27
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:28
LjL-Temphm it's already got a bit long00:28
LjL-Tempthese is factoids that are used in-channel all the time00:28
bod_true,.!ask is frequently seen,.,. but !patience !coc !etiquette !repeat    are big hitters aswell00:29
jdonglength_of_factoid(t) = init_length*sin(usage_frequency*2*pi*t+phi)00:29
* jdong calls that the jdong law of factoid length00:30
nickrudLjL: I'd suggest 'better' instead of 'good' question00:30
bod_nickrud, whats the url in your out message?00:31
nickrudbod_: just changed it to http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html00:31
bod_fair enough ;~)00:32
LjL-Temp!no goodquestion is <reply> Are you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.00:32
ubotuI'll remember that LjL-Temp00:32
nickrudbod_: a 'better' link ;)00:32
LjL-Temp!betterquestion is <alias> goodquestion00:32
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL-Temp00:32
bod_Pirate_Hunter  in #ubuntu thought that the original   !gq was rude00:32
LjL-Tempseemed ok to me00:33
bod_he suggested i 00:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ellaborate - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:33
ubotuPlease elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)00:33
bod_thats the one00:33
jdongthat's a bit too long too00:33
LjL-Temprarely used00:34
bod_yer,. i find people ignore longwinded ones ,.,. mind you, they ignore all of them usually ;~)00:34
LjL-Tempmore often used in PM (or at least should)00:34
bod_LjL-Temp, thats because noone can spell it00:34
* jdong spawns PriceChild 00:34
jdong<PriceChild> Good golly, it should read 'elabourate'00:35
nickrudPlease elaborate. Give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly links to configuration files. See !gq for suggestions.00:35
PriceChildWhat'd I do now?00:35
jdongPriceChild: I talked for you.00:35
jdongyou can despawn now00:35
bod_i like nickruds suggestion00:35
PiciSee GQ for fashion suggestions. 00:36
ubotuAre you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.00:36
nickrudI like that how to ask page, it should be referenced often :)00:36
LjL-TempPriceChild: been annoyingly british00:36
jdongI'd replace elaborate with a less repetitive word00:36
naliothare we not ever gonna talk to anyone directly again?00:36
nickrud!no | nalioth00:36
ubotunalioth: Hvis du vil diskutere Ubuntu paa norsk, venligst gaa til #ubuntu-no. Takk!00:36
jdongLike "Your problem/question is too vague for us to provide advice" or something.00:36
PiciNo nalioth 00:36
jdongnalioth: it's the 21st century.00:37
PiciThe !future !will !be !answered !in !factoids.00:37
bod_i suppose !vague would be good (instead of !elaborate)00:37
nickrudYour problem/question is too vague for us to provide useful advice. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly links to configuration files. See !gq for suggestions.00:37
bod_Pici, i think you missed !The00:37
PiciI dont know anything about The00:38
nickrudis Pici a bot?00:38
Pici3rd time I've been asked that in as many days.00:38
* nalioth eyes Pici 00:38
bod_Pici, The !future !will !be !answered !in !factoids. should be. !The !future !will !be !answered !in !factoids.00:38
jdongPici: Type in the letters you see: "²AÇÂ≠ª¦"00:39
* jdong sends his resume to Windows Live Mail00:39
bod_im confused00:39
PiciThats okay, jdong has that effect.00:39
jdongsee !jdong :P00:40
* bod_ looks at jdong in a *scared* sort of manner00:40
ubotu<Hobbsee> jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!00:40
bod_so jdong and ompaul have factoids,.,.who else?00:41
ubotuSorry, nalioth's repository is no longer available.00:41
nickrudheh. what a waste of a good factoid00:41
jdongso nalioth's a bot.00:41
ubotu*taptap* Is this thing on?00:41
ubotupici is stuck in a factoid factory! Send help!00:42
bod_hahahahah ;~)00:42
* bod_ wishes he had a factoid about himself.............................................................................................................(hint hint)..................................................................................00:42
bod_whats the package name for nvidia restricted driver?00:43
jdongbod_: that's a weighted question00:43
jdonginaccurate answer is nvidia-glx00:44
jdongsemiaccurate answer is nvidia-glx* + linux-restricted-modules-generic00:44
jdongyay Ubuntu's terribly complicated modules system00:44
bod_jdong, someone in #ubuntu,. cant login because gdm crashes,. needs to install restricted driver for nvidia geforce 8000gt 00:44
jdongbod_: if he's installed binary nvidia drivers before, there's a much more involved uninstall procedure00:45
bod_ok,. well that hurts my head so,.lets not go there,.,.;~)00:45
jdonglol yeah00:45
bod_oh i almost forgot ,.,.all hail Pici's irc stats (because im near the top!!!)00:46
bod_ok, quick question,. i go to http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi to learn the factoids,. but it doesnt tell me what they say,.,. is there a site that shows what they do, or do i have to test them all myself?00:53
PriceChildbod_, the words on the left, trigger what is in the second column00:54
PiciThe left column has the trigger, the middle column has the text.00:54
naliothubotu: tell bod_ about msgthebot00:54
bod_PriceChild, midlle column only has a few of the command responses00:54
bod_nalioth, is it possible for me to add joke/useless factoids?00:55
naliothbod_: nope00:55
bod_nalioth, is that part really necessary in the msgthebot factoid then?00:56
PriceChildbod_, allll the ones on the left are "alias"s... they all trigger the same thing00:56
* Pici wonders if bod_ is looking at the same website the rest of us are00:56
ubotupastebin aliases: paste, flood, flooding, pb, pasting - added by LjL on 2006-06-24 18:47:4600:56
bod_ah, got ya,.,.didnt study the page enough,.,. feel free to tell me im stupid,.,.;~)00:57
naliothbod_: if you try to add instructions for bestiality, it will echo in here and you will be dealt with00:58
* bod_ thinks nalioth has something other than irc on his mind00:58
bod_nalioth, is that just for bestiality or all associated word?00:59
naliothbod_: we've banned folks for what they put in the bot00:59
bod_'cant' put things in the bot?nalioth, but i thought you said i c00:59
ubotuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)01:28
Hobbseeubotu: foobar01:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about foobar - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:50
Jordan_UDeepB's quit message is a fork bomb02:06
Jordan_UPriceChild, #ubuntu+102:09
PriceChildThankyou Jordan_U.02:10
Jordan_UPriceChild, np02:11
PriceChildHey there DeepB.02:29
DeepB#ubuntu-ops? where is the +1 channel?02:31
PriceChildDeepB, any idea why I banforwarded you after you quit?02:31
DeepBno idea02:32
naliothDeepB: why would you be here? think a bit02:33
DeepBi swear, no idea02:34
naliothwhy would we ban you _after_ you left . . .02:35
DeepBfeb 28 02:54:09 <Raspberry>reboots X every time I try to run a Wine app that uses 3d02:38
DeepB**** FINALIZANDO CONEXIÓN EN Thu Feb 28 03:02:40 200802:38
DeepB tail -f #ubuntu+102:38
PriceChildDeepB, quit message.02:38
DeepBah, fork bomb :)02:40
DeepBthanks, i have changed it :)02:42
PriceChild!guidelines | DeepB 02:42
PriceChildPlease read those, the ban has been lifted02:42
ubotuDeepB: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:43
DeepBPriceChild: nalioth: i have read those irc guidelines, thanks... but i do not broke the rules, tell me what i done wrong02:56
naliothDeepB: a fork bomb is not welcome here02:57
DeepBchange it, it's esay02:58
mneptokDeepB: a fork bomb in a /quit message is certainly against the spirit of the CoC, if not the letter03:32
DeepBmneptok: thanks03:46
mneptokyes, dear.03:48
bodhi_zazen'lo all04:27
bodhi_zazenOne of my team members is asking me about cloaks for the beginners team04:27
bodhi_zazenis this possible ? 04:27
bodhi_zazenif so, how ?04:27
vorianbodhi_zazen, they need to be ubuntu members04:28
bodhi_zazenoh, that makes sense04:28
vorianand hello :)04:28
bodhi_zazenthen, if they are members, the get one automatically04:28
vorianthe only ubuntu cloak is the membership cloak04:29
bodhi_zazengood to see ya vorian 04:29
vorianditto :)04:29
tonyyarussovorian: and the official bot cloak04:30
vorianoops, yes04:30
* vorian should know that one04:30
PriceChildand the super special shiny one for me04:31
vorianthe elementary school one?04:33
* vorian hides04:33
bodhi_zazenPriceChild, you deserve you are like always on IRC04:38
tonyyarussovorian: PriceChild [i=pricechi@ubuntu/member/with.shiny.red.star.sticker.PriceChild]04:39
voriantonyyarusso, hahah!04:39
PriceChildbodhi_zazen, I always 'appear' to be on irc04:39
bodhi_zazenPriceChild, he he he, tis true04:49
tonyyarussonalioth: re: perl modules on DreamHost, what's stopping you from installing them yourself?  gcc is available.05:55
* tonyyarusso is attempting such silliness now05:55
othersshello i got a question regarding paypal07:09
otherssmaybe somebody can give me  straight up anwser07:09
othersssay i wnt to buy somethin and the way  i want to do it is by a PAYPAL to PAYPAL direct transfer07:09
Myrttiand how does it relate to the #ubuntu irc channels?07:09
otherssnoting it as a purchase of goods07:09
otherssif i get frauded07:09
othersswould i be protected 07:10
otherssi know it works like that with ebay07:10
Myrttiyou've been forwarded to this channel because you've got a bad ident07:10
otherssshut the fuck up07:10
otherssgo away07:10
Myrttichange it and you'll be permitted to join the channels you actually tried to join07:10
othersssome degenerate07:10
othersswaiting for people to join07:10
otherssgo away07:11
otherssfuckin gnat07:11
otherssthe flys keep coming07:11
Myrttithat was nice07:11
PriceChildMyrtti, :/07:12
Myrttinothing new07:13
jpatrickhmm, i=xoris13:31
PiciI had a dream about someone being banned in #kubuntu... how depressing.13:31
LjL-Tempmirc here13:32
LjL-TempPici: ...13:32
jpatrickPici: that could be arranged13:32
jpatrickarg, missed the someone there :)13:34
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* Pici grinds his teeth15:14
_FReeZHi, who decides whether a word is good or bad?15:18
PriceChildHey there _FReeZ.15:18
_FReeZPriceChild, hi15:18
_FReeZWhat about, for example $hit15:18
tritiumThere are societal norms, _FReeZ.15:18
_FReeZ$hit += 2; // assign 2 to variable hit15:19
_FReeZtritium, ok, where are these norms?15:19
tritium_FReeZ: you've been warned15:20
_FReeZtritium, yes, that's right. I've been warned at #ubuntu, but still don't know what's so wrong with some words I enjoy to use when I don't like something. How can I say that using the non-forbidden words, when I don't know them, because nobody uses them?15:21
tritiumTry using common sense, _FReeZ.15:22
_FReeZtritium, can you please tell me how to say "Windows is piece of crap" ?15:22
tritiumIf you're lacking in that area, we can't help you.15:22
tritiumNo, I have more important things to do.  Good day.15:23
_FReeZSo don't complain, then. Thanks15:23
tritiumNo, you'll have to be responsible for your own actions, I'm afraid.15:23
tritiumAs much as that may bother you, it's a fact of life you'll learn as you mature.15:24
_FReeZWords != actions, right?15:24
tritiumusing words is an action15:24
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_FReeZI know the suitable polite words in my native language only, in English I know only a few of them and they're not so good.15:25
tritiumThen don't use them, since you know they're "not so good."15:25
tritiumSee, and you thought you needed help knowing what words not to say, but you knew all along.15:25
_FReeZok, I was kidding dude. It's so extremely funny to tell the people you share the anti-m$ anger with them... =)15:27
_FReeZAs far as I know *buntu is indended to use by the total newbies, I came here to laught with the others because I'm bored15:28
_FReeZ...is intended to be used... right?15:29
PriceChild_FReeZ, trundle off please.15:29
_FReeZPriceChild, what does it mean trundle? Is that a simile for the F-word?15:30
_FReeZlol, it's quite like roll :-D15:31
_FReeZTHX PriceChild 15:32
PiciWow, I'm glad I missed that.15:45
Garyyou do get some odd folks here16:05
Picinalioth, Seveas: ping16:24
PiciSeveas: pm?16:24
naliothPici: pong16:49
naliothtonyyarusso: do you not think i tried to install them?16:49
Picinalioth: I was wondering about getting op access in #ubuntu+116:50
naliothyou were?16:50
PiciI am still.16:50
PiciSev deferred me to the IRC council. You and he were the only ones around with >10 access anyway though.16:51
PriceChildI'm happy with it.17:05
* PriceChild hits his stupid typing fingers, somehow.17:06
PiciThanks :)17:10
jpatrickevening ompaul 17:35
ompauljpatrick, hi17:42
* ompaul departs to a POTD with de lug17:42
jpatrickPhoto of the Day?17:46
naliothpig? prig? phlebotomist?17:47
ompauldinner is at 6:30 I am now time challenged :)17:47
* ompaul departs to a POTD with de lug17:47
Garyomg it's a tsmithe 18:18
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, __mikem said: !forget girls18:29
LjL-Tempmight want to follow his own advice18:33
PriceChildxchat-gnome was fixed in hardy to use 8001 by default18:52
LjL-Tempwhat about other clients18:52
PriceChildxchat was fixed a little ago18:53
PriceChildi'm 'reasonably' sure pidgin is fine18:54
PriceChildirssi is ok18:54
PriceChildi haven't checked any others18:54
PiciI'm doing an update right now, but I'll take a look in a few.18:54
LjL-Tempno one with kde installed?18:54
PiciI think I have it here...18:54
LjL-Tempcould you check kopete and konversation18:55
jussi01I have it if you bear with me a few mins18:55
jussi01(got to restart)18:55
Piciupdate-initramfs is running here. /me waits18:55
PiciKonversation is on 8001 for irc.ubuntu.com, the default18:56
PiciKopete still appears to be pointing towards 666718:57
LjL-Temphm i think i see konversation is more widely used than kopete19:04
LjL-Temp(konversation being installed by default, as opposed to xchat on ubuntu, probably helps with that)19:04
PiciKopete didn't have a default irc server either, you had to choose 'freenode' from the list.19:04
jussi01kopete just has arcnet there as its first on the list19:05
LjL-TempPici: yes. isn't it the same with pidgin?19:05
PiciI don't know19:05
Myrttiwould you terribly mind if I cursed a bit here in Finnish :->19:34
Myrtti"atleast you'd know which words are bad in Finnish and would know to reprimand people using them"19:35
MyrttiI'll actually take the painkillers now19:35
Myrttitoday's been a bad day for my sciatica again, well I've had worse but this is also awful19:37
Myrttibathroom light bulb went dead the day before and I don't know how to change it19:37
* jussi01 thinks ouch, but still doesnt know what sciatica is19:38
Myrttiyesterday my ex promised to come and see it today but he didn't19:38
PiciI had to look it up :/19:38
Myrttijussi01: iskias in Finnish19:38
jussi01Myrtti: is it one of the fluorescent ones?19:38
PiciPeople suck.19:38
Myrttijussi01: no, just a light bulb, but the cover on it is glass and I don't know how to take it off without using excess force19:38
* Pici had a busy stressfull day, but at least wasn't in physical pain19:39
jussi01Myrtti: ahhh19:39
Myrttiwell actually there's two lightbulbs and the other is still fine, but it's still dark there19:39
* jussi01 had a busy day, but no pain either19:39
Myrttiok, just sit and wait for the medication to kick in19:40
jussi01Myrtti: its probably the same or similar as we have here19:40
Myrtti/me gnarls19:41
* jussi01 waits for p**** v**** and the rest....19:41
MyrttiI just lost the feeling on my foot.19:43
Myrttijolly nice19:43
PiciMaybe a pinched nerve?19:44
PiciI'm hoping19:44
MyrttiPici: that's basically what sciatica *IS*19:44
PiciMyrtti: Well, yes. I but I mean to the point where nothing gets through.19:44
* jussi01 hugs Myrtti 19:44
ubotuA recent update broke some KDE language packs, leaving the user unable to login. (http://launchpad.net/bugs/195647) This has now been fixed and an updated package is in the -updates repo.19:57
Picijussi01: May want to include the package names for the people who removed them.19:58
PiciUnless they're being pulled in again.19:58
jussi01Pici: sure19:58
ubotuA recent update broke some KDE language packs, leaving the user unable to login. (http://launchpad.net/bugs/195647) This has now been fixed and an updated package is in the -updates repo. If you removed the packages with the interim fix you can reinstall them with: << sudo apt-get install language-pack-kde-en language-pack-kde-en-base >>20:01
PiciI like it.20:02
jussi01great :)20:02
jussi01what is the policy on sysinfo scripts? ok in -offtopic ?20:19
jussi01os[Linux 2.6.11-xenU - Debian lenny/sid] up[ 92 days, 7 hours, 46 minutes] cpu[Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU            3050  @ 2.13GHz, 2133.472 MHz (4613.73 bogomips)] mem[ 441.34/503.93 MB (87.6%)] video[ at  ( bits)]20:20
jussi01I know they arent appreciated in support channels20:20
jussi01but I assume its ok in -offtopic?20:20
jussi01well I know they arent appreciated in #ubuntuforums anyway20:21
LjL-Temphm i guess if it isn't just gratuituous20:22
jussi01sure, just people wanting to swap sysinfo scrits - general chat type stuff20:23
naliothswapping scripts is one thing, spamming your info is another20:23
jussi01yeah, thats how I thought of it. 20:24
Seeker`there should be a period (like an hour or so) where certain words are banned, and anyone using these words will be kicked, just to keep people on their toes20:31
GarySeeker`: and for the word of the hour to not be published \o/20:33
Garyand sometimes the word "a" to be chosen20:33
Seeker`Gary: something like that20:33
Seeker`Gary: But with a few words, so it is difficult to work out20:33
GaryI thought we did that anyways in -ot?20:34
Garyrandom kickings that is20:34
Seeker`I thought that happened anywhere you were Gary20:34
LjL-TempGary: not random kickings based on a programme of banning specific words20:34
GaryLjL-Temp: thats just a technicallity20:36
naliothrandom kicking?20:36
LjL-Tempnalioth: no, never20:36
Garys/banning specific words/picking on the victim of the day20:36
LjL-TempGary: which happens to be the same for several consecutive days20:37
Garynormally mc4420:37
LjL-Tempyes, normally him20:37
LjL-Tempbut no20:38
LjL-Tempwe were talking about random kickings20:38
LjL-Tempmc44 deserves them20:38
Garyno, doing things like that would be cruel and evil, and that never happens20:38
LjL-Tempof course20:38
ompaulsysinfo there is no policy21:35
jussi01ompaul: except for in #ubuntuforums :P22:48
ubotuIn ubotu, gshie said: who is stdin?22:51
ompaul /msg ubotu stdin is the standard input so you can't see 22:52
ompaul /msg ubotu stdin is the standard input so you can't see you may only infer22:53
ompaulstdin, will I tell gshie this fact?22:53
ompaulvia the bot?22:53
stdinhe only asked "who is stdin?" because I did !bot > gshie22:54
ompaulDrDerek, you don't abuse others22:56
DrDerekI didn't know you were an op. I was only having fun.22:56
ompaulit does not matter what I am 22:56
ompaulyou abused others 22:56
ompaulusing stfu is ooo22:56
ompaulout of order22:56
ompaulDrDerek, me being an op is just the wrong reason to behave22:59
ompaulyou should do it cos you are in company and you don't know the people there22:59
DrDerekaye, I wasn't thinking much of it.22:59
DrDerekI dunno, I figured most of us were in good spirits, so didn't think it'd been too much of an ordeal.23:00
ompaulwell ubuntu channels can be enjoyed without going out of your way to annoy others23:00
DrDerekI wasn't aiming to annoy -23:00
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines23:00
ompaultell you what - read those 23:00
ompaulI'll lift the ban in 10 23:00
DrDerekall right, thank you.23:00
ompaulso that will give you something to think about23:01
* ompaul goes to find something to do for 10 mins23:01
ompaulssh -C work :-/23:01
DrDerekwhat's -C do23:01
ompaulread the page23:01
DrDerekI am.23:02
jdongit's really great for when you feel ssh updating every keystroke is boring or helps you type too well23:02
jussi01hello jdong...23:02
jdonghello jussi01 :)23:03
ompauljdong, ever run a box on a live usb stick - shut down the kdm/gdm and then do something mad like on that box X :0 -query someOtherBox?23:04
jdongI'm not crazy enough to trust my subnet and run XDMCP, but... go ahead?23:04
ompauljdong, hehe - I have to I run the subnet23:04
jdongompaul: hehe. Since my subnet is (i.e. public).... I tend not to trust it much :D23:07
ompauljdong, actually that raises the obvious how could I do xdmcp over ssh23:08
ompauljdong, /me will now insult two good books back soon23:08
jdonghmm interesting.23:08
jdongXDMCP is a UDP protocol right?23:09
jdongI'm guessing your answer will lie in either some weird socks/tccat hack, or with (more enticingly) openssh tun VPNs23:09
ompaulthe latter would be strange on the server side23:10
ompauli.e. it would require huge overhead on a server serving 40 people23:10
ompaulbut xdmcp is low for values of it23:10
jdongyeah SSH is definitely very very mean to a server23:11
* ompaul wonders about doing something clever like "desktop/server running some strange stuff .. router/ssh box --static route to desktop -- nasty big box23:12
ompaulwhere nasty big box supplies the 40 or so desktops for that building 23:12
ompauljdong, I already do some very very strange stuff on openvpn23:13
ompauljdong, I think that is the only sensible way - get the SSH tackled by a cheap router but with a stack of ram and PROC if needs be get another one23:14
ompaulDrDerek, that ban is lifted - please note the guidelines23:16
ompaulDrDerek, is there anything else?23:16
jdongompaul: mmm interesting, one of those hardware encryption chips... or I've heard AMD64 OpenSSH is significantly more tuned too23:17
ompauljdong, noted23:18
jdongalso, have you considered NX compression? Its benefits in terms of bandwidth/response are significant, though not everyone is that confident about its codebase23:18
ompauljdong, well I have seen it work but it does cost per seat23:19
jdongno no, almost all of it is GPL'd23:19
jdongyou can easily build from the GPL'd components, with or without FreeNX23:20
ompaul!search troll23:28
ubotuFound: troll*, don't feed the troll, nl-troll, feeding the troll, nl-troll in een internetomgeving, feedthetroll, atroll, a troll*23:28
ubotutrolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubotu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel23:29
* nickrud sulks23:29
ompaulSeeker`, you could remember that ;-)23:29
ompaulSeeker`, you could fire it into the channe;23:31
ompaulin question23:31
ompaulfar be it from me to do anything other than advise ;-)23:31
Seeker`I think I'll leave it for now, see what he does23:31
Garywhats up?23:31
Seeker`Gary: Darkmystere lolling a bit too much23:31
* Gary hides23:32
Garyin -uk?23:32
ompaulGary, yeap that would be about the strength of it - yes23:32
Garya soft ignore works for me in that situation Seeker` 23:34
mneptokoh, i got your "soft ignore" *right here*, baby23:34
* mneptok bats his eylashes23:34
nickrud!language | mneptok 23:34
ubotumneptok: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.23:34
Seeker`I tend not to ignore people23:34
Seeker`Gary: So i can see if they do something really silly23:35
GarySeeker`: not /ignore23:35
ompaul!mneptok | mneptok 23:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mneptok - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:35
mneptokubotu: you and me both23:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about you and me both - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:35
Garysoft ignore, ie just ignore his rabblings, like we do with mneptok 23:35
Garyoh hi mneptok 23:36
Seeker`Gary: and ompaul? :P23:36
nickrudhi jack23:36
ompaul@lart mneptok 23:36
mneptok!jazzpants ompaul23:36
Gary!pity 10 mneptok 23:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pity 10 mneptok - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about iloveyou - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:37
mneptokubotu iloveyou is <reply>was it good for \you? - http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1310/909342308_325d9c384e.jpg23:39
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, mneptok said: ubotu iloveyou is <reply>was it good for \you? - http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1310/909342308_325d9c384e.jpg23:39
mneptokgtrkjh ewrnbwt ebi23:40
Garyompaul: added to #ubuntu-uk access list23:46
ompaulGary, ack23:46
Garyack = eeek ?23:46
ompaulno 23:47
Garyoh ack = woo hoo23:47
ompaulsyn, broadcast, ack, acknowledge23:47
ompaulsynack - dinner :)23:47
Garymneptok: were you really going to add that!23:48
mneptokGary: i'm not that drunk yet23:48
mneptokyou could probably talk me into it in a few hours23:49
mneptokwell, if we can login23:49
Seeker`is there a difference between @btlogin and %btlogin23:51

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