JakeConklinis there a central repository search tool that i could use to search for a package and it will give me what repository i have to add in order to get it?00:00
bod_sn00zer, recursive is usually a    -r   parameter00:00
hischilddavid_, as far as i know, you can reuse your /home partition without formatting it, and it will keep your documents over a new installation.00:00
bizzehso, is anyone actualy going to answer me? why doesnt ubuntu let me use my monitor in full, and why does the installer crash on grub install?00:00
sn00zerbod_, i checked dd --help and it didn't list -r as a valid switch, i'll try it tho00:00
geniuslarson9999: do you use hibernate? is it stable in ubuntu?00:00
_Oz_bizzeh: please tell me the issue you have again in full.00:00
hischildbod_, you agree? (switching x64 to x86 -> keep your /home)00:00
prince_jammyssn00zer: why not cp?00:00
_Oz_Question: I have a dual-boot setup (WinXP and Ubuntu).  I have an NTFS HD mounted (called "I: 151GB") and I have to type in an administrative password every time I access it, which I don't like.  How can I make it so that I can simply browse that volume without needing a password?00:01
ph0rensicDevourer, wow that was fast .. yah it makes sense there would be a different library for win00:01
david_hischild: I want to change the partition, take some memory away from //home and give it to //00:01
s3awere do i get WinFF and QDVDAuthor00:01
mzuverinkprince_jammys, the settings are in /etc/gdm/gdm.conf00:01
hischilddavid_, aah i see00:01
prince_jammysmzuverink: nice, thanks00:01
smokanavis so i should remove this: in source.list "deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016)]/ gutsy main restricted" right?00:01
wyattcAh! I just realized what it is! I'm pretty sure I've broken my group settings00:01
david_hischild so ok thanks for your help i will try k3b00:01
avissmokan, you can put a # in front of it00:01
bod_hischild, i no not what that means00:01
smokanokey :)00:01
avissmokan, that will comment it out00:01
bod_sn00zer, check the man page aswell00:02
hischilddavid_, in that case i would suggest to create a new partition, dump your /home on that, then resize your partition to a more suitable size, dump your home back, then reinstall00:02
bizzeh_Oz_: first put ubuntu install cd in, wouldnt let me pick my full res (1680x1050), would only let me use 1400x1050, then i had to apt-get fglrx for it to even show a gui at all... now i have waited for nearly a hour for this thing to install, and it has crashed at grub install00:02
mzuverinkprince_jammys, at least you can hand edit it there00:02
wyattcWhile Installing SVN I had to make a few new groups and users and things, and I altered my own membership00:02
prince_jammysmzuverink: good enough for me00:02
_Oz_bizzeh: hardware specs, please?00:02
Flughafenwhat software do you recommend for a tuner card?00:02
Devourerph0rensic, if you are interested here is the link on how... http://live.gnome.org/Cross%20compiling%20GTK%2B%20for%20Win3200:02
hischildbod_, awesome news! install succesfull (i just logged in)00:02
osmosisi downloaded nltk_lite , and python setup.py install  fails with the error "please install the python-tk package".  Why in gods name would I install a gui toolkit package on my head less server ?00:02
ph0rensicDevourer, Ill have a looksie00:02
hischildbod_, nvm:p00:02
larson9999genius, i don't use it or even try anymore.  never seems to work when i try.00:02
hischildbod_, on that one you didnt understand00:03
ph0rensicprince_jammys, You guys find anything on that annoying tan start deal?00:03
_Oz_bizzeh: also, are you using a 7.10 LiveCD?00:03
bod_hischild, cool,. now after updates try swithching gcards and installing restricted drivers,.,.00:03
bizzehAMD64 x2 6000+, 4gb corsair xms2, ATI HD3870 512mb, gigabyte gz-ga69g-s3h mobo, 3 250gb sata drives, and 1 400gb sata drive00:03
bizzehyes, i am using a 7.10 live cd00:03
hischildbod_, first a clea bootup :p (oh yeah , you probably already assumed i was on a laptop right? :P00:03
_Oz_bizzeh: if it didn't present you with a GUI out of the gates, perhaps you installed the server version?00:03
larson9999genius, i figure someday i'll see an ars technica that says, "hibernation finally works in linux!"  then i'll care again00:03
prince_jammysph0rensic: yeah mzuverink found the config file /etc/gdm/gdm.conf00:03
bod_hischild, no, i though you were on a desktop machine00:04
endoWhat does everyone think of 'Preload'?00:04
beautifulsnowHibernation? Never heard of Save Session? :P00:04
hischildbod_, no i'm using a laptop for irc and stuff ... and the truoble was on my desktop00:04
bizzeh_Oz_: no, definatly a desktop version00:04
bizzehit tried to start up X, then just didnt00:04
bod_hischild, oh yer,.,. tbh it never crossed my mind how you were doing that,.,.lol00:04
Flughafendoes anyone here use a TV tuner card?00:04
_Oz_bizzeh:  it should only take about 25 mins to install.00:04
hischildbod_, rly? most ask :P00:04
_Oz_bizzeh: do you have any USB devices connected when you installed?00:05
iterFlughafen: hauppauge pvr 15000:05
bod_hischild, no point ,.,. you seemed to be doing both without trouble,.,.;~)00:05
bizzeh_Oz_: well i have been sat at grub-install for about 15 mins now00:05
Flughafeniter, what software do you use for it in ubuntu?00:05
ph0rensicprince_jammys, sweet00:05
iterFlughafen: mythtv works great00:05
_Oz_bizzeh: are there any other OS' installed previously?00:05
bizzehyes, my monitor has a built in 60in1 card reader and a 4 slot usb hub, thats connected00:05
hischildbod_, well my laptop was just as troublesome as my desktop is now ... had to recompile basically everything for it ...00:05
bizzehvista is on the same drive, but i have had no problems in the past doing this stuff00:06
_Oz_bizzeh: what's connected to the 4-port USB hub?00:06
knixhello, Im not really sure what happened but gnome is missing now, and I cant get it back00:06
bizzeh_Oz_: bluetooth dongle00:06
hischildbod_, but that's fixed :D00:06
_Oz_bizzeh: disconnect that00:06
knixgnome is not even showing up on the select session00:06
bod_hischild, ive installed on old & new desktop machines and laptops ,.,. the only issue ive had is i cant install with gcards on the desktops and the laptop needed a text installer00:06
_Oz_bizzeh: then run the livecd install again00:06
_Oz_bizzeh: disconnect everything you don't absolutely need right now00:06
ph0rensicprince_jammys, you know what line it is on?00:06
theronI'm running an ubuntu asterisk server.  I'm using firehol for iptables, however the server seems really sluggish, but nothing is showing in top that would be bogging this server down.  any ideas what to check to see why it's seemingly sluggish?00:06
bizzehrun the install again? and sit through the hour again?00:07
bizzehnot worth it00:07
bizzehsorry, but no00:07
_Oz_bizzeh: it won't take an hour00:07
bizzehis there anything important done after grub-install ?00:07
arrrghhhmy title bars are disappearing... and "metacity --replace" fixes it.  what's the underlying problem here?00:07
prince_jammysph0rensic: i don't the line number, but look for Backgroundcolor=00:07
_Oz_bizzeh: it's taking an hour because it's getting hung up on one of your USB devices, more than likely00:07
prince_jammysph0rensic: *know00:07
hischildbod_, sounds like fun!00:07
_Oz_bizzeh: I'd also install with a different monitor, if you have one laying around to use instead00:07
bod_hischild, what does?00:08
eduardohello, If I've changed my /etc/hosts ...I must restart my computer or I can restart in other way...?00:08
bizzeh_Oz_: the same usb devices that are there when vista takes 13 mins to install? the same monitor, the same everything? the same one that allowed me to install pc-bsd in 15 mins?00:08
Brassmonkeycan we cuss or spam?00:08
bod_bizzeh, if you dont like the answers dont ask the question00:08
_Oz_bizzeh: do you want a fast and simple solution to your problem or do you want to fight it tooth and nail?00:08
bod_!etiquette | bizzeh00:08
ubotubizzeh: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubotu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...00:08
hischildbod_, your installing of desktops and laptops00:09
bizzehi wanted a linux install that was supposed to be quick and easy, that got me a linux box to test these cross-compiles on... i can install gentoo faster and easier than ubuntu00:09
bod_hischild, well, its alot more fun then installing windows,.,.it takes a matter of minutes rather than hours with my sata drive ;~)00:09
bajaboy Is the orinoco driver compatible with a WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encrypted network?00:09
mad_max02is there anyone that can help me with my ext3 question ????00:09
_Oz_bizzeh: okay, then do that...  ubuntu installs faster and with less problems for me than Vista by the way...00:09
hischildbod_, good point there ...00:09
larson9999bizzeh, which channel do i usually see you in?00:09
bod_bizzeh, go on then00:10
bizzehlarson9999: xbmc or reactos00:10
larson9999bizzeh, reactos.00:10
emmamad_max02,  ask the question and let's ee.00:10
puffEver since I upgraded my thinkpad t43p from feisty to gutsy, my system has been unstable as heck.  It just froze up;  screen showed my windows, etc, but mouse and pointer didn't work, ctrl-alt-shift-f1 didn't work, ctrl-alt-backspace didn't work, ctrl-alt-del didn't work, finally had to hold the power button down and reboot.00:10
mad_max02I did like 10 times00:10
bod_hischild, sata drive instal windows = 1 hour + ,.,.sata drive install ubuntu <20 mins00:10
emmaI didn' see it.00:10
bizzeh_Oz_: vista is a matter of mins for me to install, i started this ubuntu install at 5 mins to 11, its now 10 past 1200:10
larson9999puff, you have nvidia too?00:10
bizzehthis isnt easy, or problem free00:11
mad_max02I installed a new hdd in my box and formated it with ext3. its shows in gparted that there is 3.5gb used space and in nautilus it shows about 10gb used space. Where did this free space go ????00:11
hischildbod_, over here it's like about 2 to 3 hours to get windows fully up and running ... 4 hours if you include updates00:11
wyattcIs there any way to reset group and user memberships to defaults?00:11
Pinkyywhere i can find someone that is really god with mirc and help me fix my script?00:11
bizzehthe installer hasnt even noticed that its crashed00:11
larson9999bizzeh, well, it's more trouble free than install ing ros on real hardware :)00:11
bizzehits just sat there00:11
_Oz_bizzeh: that's odd, vista usually takes for-frickin'-ever for me to install.  but that's neither here nor there.  would you like me to continue assisting me or would you rather stop this process?00:11
s3ais QDVDAuthor sudo apt-getable?00:11
ubotuIf you have been banned it is probably because you have not gone along with what is acceptable !behaviour. If you're not sure what acceptable !behaviour is please see !Etiquette and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines - If you think the ban was a mistake, please join #ubuntu-ops00:11
hischildbod_, for ubuntu make that < hour00:11
bajaboy Is the orinoco driver compatible with a WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encrypted network?00:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about quit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:11
bod_bizzeh, then your very unique,.,.vista being the largest (therfore longest) install of the windows series means you must have an extremely high tech machine to install in minutes,.,. .00:12
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow or nickrud!00:12
Pirate_HunterPinkyy: mirc on ubuntu? and asking help on a linux channel... why?00:12
bizzeh_Oz_: is there anything important done after grub-install?00:12
larson9999bizzeh, what's the problem you're having?00:12
Pirate_HunterBrassmonkey: dont do that!00:12
mad_max02ANYONE ???00:12
bizzehbod_: vista is large, but installs faster than any other windows os, since its an image based install, no small file copying00:12
_Oz_bizzeh: I've been there, in that aggravating mental state that you're in now, many times.  All I can say is, there's a pretty easy way out, if you'll just accept the solution and not worry too much about whether it fits your version of what's right or not.00:12
_Oz_bizzeh: not sure.  If you want to interrupt the install, go ahad.00:12
Amaranthbizzeh: So same as Ubuntu and OS X then :P00:12
bancaiwhat should i do so that i dont have to type modprobe ipw2200 rtap_iface=1 everytime my box restarts?00:13
mad_max02I'm getting desperate here can anyone answer my question ???00:13
=== komputes_ is now known as komputes
_Oz_bizzeh: it should only take 15-20 minutes so it's obviously hung up.00:13
bajaboy Is the orinoco driver compatible with a WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encrypted network?00:13
yohey i need some help with networking and file sharing in ubuntu. how do I set it up?00:13
_Oz_yo: on a windows network?00:13
bod_bizzeh, so use windows,.,. #ubuntu   doesnt see vast amounts of people having install problems,.,.and when we do, its almost always due to a) a bad iso b) hardware problems,.,. bothe at the user end ,.nothing wrong with the sofftware00:13
prince_jammys!samba | yo00:13
ubotuyo: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:13
bajaboy Is the orinoco driver compatible with a WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encrypted network?00:14
Pirate_Hunterbizzeh: after grub there is only booting into the system unless you're doing soemthing out of the ordinary i.e. installing home somewhere else etc00:14
_Oz_yo: http://www.europe.eclipse.co.uk/Ubuntu/Ubuntu-on-win-network.htm00:14
Pirate_Huntermad_max02: ask the question and be patient than repeat again if you get no reply00:14
Amaranthbancai: edit /etc/modprobe.d/options and add a line that says "options ipw2200 rtap_iface=1"00:14
mad_max02I installed a new hdd in my box and formated it with ext3. its shows in gparted that there is 3.5gb used space and in nautilus it shows about 10gb used space. Where did this free space go ????00:14
Amaranthbancai: then it should automatically add that option when loading the driver at boot time00:14
hischildbod_,  you know the U.S.E.R error? and the P.E.B.S.A.C fault?00:14
bod_hischild, nope00:14
theronmad_max02: what is the physical size of the disk00:14
Pirate_Hunteryo: install smaba for file sharing with windows machine, hope thats what you asked00:15
hischildbod_, say the first one out loud ... as a word00:15
bancaiAmaranth, ok, thanks, btw why do you know such stuff? where can i learn about such thing? for example to know that options is for such thing00:15
bod_hischild, user error ,.,.got that one00:15
mad_max02and other one is 200GB with similar symptoms00:15
therondo a pastebin of a df -h showing the drive please00:15
bajaboy Is the orinoco driver compatible with a WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encrypted network?00:15
Amaranthbancai: I have no idea, I just picked stuff up as I went, been at this for quite some time now :)00:15
hischildbod_, Problem Exists Between Screen And Chair .....00:15
pufflarson9999: Rage ATI.00:15
bod_hischild, BRILLIANT,.,.love it00:16
Ubuntuisbest101i am a IT guy00:16
hischildbod_, heard those 2 last night <3 they're great ... wait i got a great movie for you!00:16
Amaranthhischild: Actually that one is PEBKAC - Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair00:16
bod_Ubuntuisbest101, good for you00:16
bancaiAmaranth, if today i ask such thing, i will forget it next year if i want to set it again, so i have to ask again, would be nice if i can bookmark a site which tell this thing00:16
Amaranthhischild: But it's not nice to say00:16
Ubuntuisbest101who needs help?00:16
hischildAmaranth, only as a joke :-)00:16
iterAmaranth: hischild I prefer the ID-10T error00:16
Amaranthbancai: I don't know of such a site, I just pick stuff up as I read forums and fix my own problems00:16
hischilditer, yup ... another great one ...00:17
Pirate_HunterUbuntuisbest101: lol00:17
bajaboy Is the orinoco driver compatible with a WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encrypted network?00:17
mad_max02theron, http://www.pastebin.org/2160900:17
Amaranthbajaboy: That depends on if the orinoco hardware supports it00:17
hischildAmaranth, the only reason why i would ever use such a thing is when speaking to someone who knows the meaning ... and in this context ... you have to admit ... it's funny :p00:17
bod_iter, could you elaborate on    ID-10T error    please00:17
iterbod_: IDIOT00:17
hischildbod_, ID-10T --> leet speak --> .......00:17
Ubuntuisbest101my computer is tipeing stuff i am not!!!!!!00:18
bod_iter, hischild, oh yer,.,.duh,.,.cheers,.,.im a bit slow tonight00:18
hischildbod_, no probz :-)00:18
_Oz_Ubuntuisbest101: very strange00:18
bod_Ubuntuisbest101, stop it now!00:18
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n2diyHow can I restart my sound server? I've lost system sounds, and CD's don't play? Sound Juicer reports it can't find the server. And Audacity reports an i/o error.00:18
_Oz_Ubuntuisbest101: is anyone getting their hands on your keyboard?00:18
billeniumI have no CD drive and no USB drive, how can i install ubuntu?00:18
mad_max02theron, last one /dev/sdc100:18
Jordan_U!install | billenium00:19
mad_max02theron, its missing 10gb00:19
ubotubillenium: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:19
_Oz_n2diy: yeah, I've had more sound problems than anything else in ubuntu...  for some reason this is a common problem.00:19
magnetron!install | billenium00:19
Pirate_Hunterbillenium: i doubt you can00:19
danandn2diy - sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart00:19
yofor some reason i can share thru wireless, but not thru LAN00:19
yofor some reason i can share thru wireless, but not thru LAN00:19
hischild_Oz_, my biggest problem was my graphics :p00:19
n2diy_Oz_: Sound was working fine as of Monday.00:19
bod_billenium, theoreticcaly i suppose you could use floopy's,.,.like in the old days00:19
mneptok!repeat | yo00:19
bajaboybillenium- I had the same problem as you00:19
ubotuyo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:19
fragmedeinstall to a hard drive, then swap the drive into the sysetm00:19
AtticStormAll, where can I get a patch/fix to use 4-gig of RAM in 7.10 32-bit?  Thanks.00:19
Pirate_Hunterbillenium: guess im mistaken00:19
_Oz_n2diy: that happens to me too.  sound works fine one day, not the next.00:19
Jordan_UAtticStorm, Install the server kernel00:19
bajaboywhat fragmede said works the best00:19
hischild!anyone | yo00:19
ubotuyo: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:20
prince_jammysmm no now he will ask again00:20
mneptokyo: be patient00:20
yosorry.. i got disconnected temporarily and it messed up00:20
mad_max02theron, I cant send you pm00:20
mad_max02theron, I'm not registered atm00:20
bod_!register | mad_max0200:21
ubotumad_max02: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.00:21
yobut anyways.. why can't i share thru a LAN cable? but i can through wireless?00:21
bod_!gq | yo00:21
ubotuyo: Please be aware your question fails to put the point across and could easily be misunderstood. Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'good' question. Cheers!00:21
danandyo - do you have your interface configured correctly? what about firewall? are you using firestarter?00:22
Pirate_Hunterbod_: was that really needed couldnt you ask the person to ask again, in my opinion that was offensive but than thats my opinion00:22
yoI'm trying to share files between an ubuntu pc and a windows pc. i can share files thru wireles, but not a lan cable connected directly between the two00:22
EcoBluehow do I get my Logitech G15 keyboard to work with Ubuntu, LCD screen and all.00:22
arrrghhhso... no ideas?  titlebars disappear, the fix is "metacity --replace"... what's the problem?  how can i permanently fix this?00:22
JakeConklini'm trying to install a package through aptitude and everytime i hit "+" it asks me to put in a tree limit? what does that mean?00:22
hischildyo, you have to give them ip adresses first. Wlan goes via the router00:23
_Oz_arrrghhh: you running compiz?00:23
magnetronyo: does ping work via that ethernet cable?00:23
danandyo - your not going through a switch or a router?00:23
Jordan_Uyo, Ahh, the important difference there is that in one case you have a router performing DHCP00:23
arrrghhh_Oz_, NO... i made damn sure that desktop effects are disabled, because that's the issue everyone is having.00:23
arrrghhhcompiz wouldn't run on this machine if it wanted to00:23
yohow do i ping?00:23
hischildyo, ping *host*00:24
arrrghhhyo: uh... ping <IP>00:24
bod_Pirate_Hunter, sorry,.,.having the factoid changed now, me thinks it could do with a 'could you supply more information' bit00:24
Jordan_Uyo, You can either setup an ad-hoc connection or connect the two with a router of some kind ( does not need to be wireless )00:24
_Oz_arrrghhh: try metacity --replace &00:24
yoone sec lemme see00:24
_Oz_arrrghhh: next time you boot up, they should still be there00:24
arrrghhh_Oz_, can you tell me what the & does?00:24
yoyeah it works when i ping00:24
prince_jammysarrrghhh: puts the process in the background00:24
Pirate_Hunterarrrghhh: is your card even compatible to run compizfusion?00:24
_Oz_arrrghhh: makes sure it keeps running when you close the terminal window00:24
danandyo - type ifconfig in a terminal to see if your network cards are configured ok00:24
arrrghhh_Oz_, after i close the terminal, it persists.  but when i reboot, it doesn't.00:24
Jordan_U_Oz_, Actually no it doesn't, nohup will do that though00:25
_Oz_Jordan_U: ok00:25
Pirate_Hunterbod_: youre right but next time just ask them to rephrase the question or expand on the details please00:25
_Oz_arrrghhh: I had this problem and running that command plus rebooting seemed to fix it for good, although I had the problem WITH compiz00:25
n2diydanand: thanks.00:25
arrrghhh_Oz_, hrm... ok i'll see what that does.  thanks.00:25
n2diydanand: thanks, but still no sounds.00:25
_Oz_arrrghhh:  are you using a theme manager?00:25
Bart825anyone know anything udev00:26
bod_Pirate_Hunter, complete overhall of the factoid is taking place,.,.making it very polite,. il tell you when its done,. if you could give some feedback please00:26
ubotuPlease elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)00:26
magnetron!anyone | Bart82500:26
ubotuBart825: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:26
Pirate_Hunterbod_: will be sure to do so you can bet on that00:26
_Oz_arrrghhh: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49200800:26
arrrghhh_Oz_, i don't believe so... nothing that doesn't already come with plain ubuntu.  i was using xfce on this machine, but the configuration files kept getting screwed up and the menubars would get wonky on her.00:26
Bart825i am having issues with my network interfaces, i think it may be down to udev00:26
yowhat am i looking for denand?00:26
yodenand what am i looking for in ifconfig?00:26
Bart825they change name after a reboot00:27
_Oz_arrrghhh: xcfe is completely removed?00:27
Pirate_Hunterbod_: maybe you should follow the example of prince_jammys, well thats just an idea00:27
danandn2diy - :( uh oh. do you get any sound if you do cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp ?? Press ctrl+c to stop that if you do :)00:27
_Oz_arrrghhh: one more thing00:27
_Oz_arrrghhh: type "gnome-panels"00:27
arrrghhh_Oz_, no i need to completely remove xfce still.00:27
_Oz_in terminal00:27
arrrghhh_Oz_, what does "gnome-panels" do00:27
_Oz_that's the problem then00:27
FloodBot2_Oz_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:27
alsadki have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57642/00:27
_Oz_it should permanenty restore gnome panels00:27
Bart825can anyone help00:28
Talon218i'm having problems running a java-gui on hardy00:28
bod_Pirate_Hunter, try !gq now,.,.see what you think00:28
MitchMhow do i tell when a packed in the repos was 'packaged'00:28
n2diydanand: yes, I can hear clock noise, and it stops and starts with the restart. Let me try that.00:28
FlannelTalon218: #ubuntu+1 for hardy support, thanks00:28
_Oz_arrrghhh: let me know if that works00:28
FlannelMitchM: date wise? or what?00:28
MitchMFlannel: date wise00:28
FlannelMitchM: You looking for changelog stuffs?00:28
Pirate_Hunterbod_: cnat be bothered it seems were goign in circles and getting no where its becoming boring and childish lets stop heer please00:28
Bart825Anyone help with my udev, interface issue00:28
arrrghhh_Oz_, i can't test it now, but i will when my friend gets home.  i'm helping a friend of mine convert to linux.00:28
danandn2diy - "clock noise" - you should hear static!00:28
MitchMFlannel: persay.00:28
_Oz_arrrghhh: ok, I'm betting that will work00:29
MitchMFlannel: there is a command that show when a package was compiled/packaged.00:29
MitchMapt-get --show-me-info <package> sort of deal.00:29
arrrghhh_Oz_, ok thanks.00:29
FlannelMitchM: well, the changelog will.00:29
FlannelMitchM: I don't think there's a date in any of the package fields though00:29
FlannelMitchM: Or at least, not that I see.00:30
n2diydanand: same thing. :) I ran the cat command, and it says device or resource busy.00:30
Bart825how do you find out what version of udev im running00:30
MitchMFlannel: thanks though ;)00:30
FlannelMitchM: You can find out when by looking at the changelog though.  Packages.ubuntu.com is the easiest place I know to get it (synaptic might have it as well, I suppose)00:31
n2diydanand: I think I have a lock file to delete, any idea where it is?00:31
danandn2diy - bah... how about cat /dev/urandom > /dev/audio00:31
Bart825am i not allowed any help00:31
Jordan_UBart825,  apt-cache policy udev00:31
Bart825thanks jordan_U00:31
Jordan_UBart825, np, be more patient next time though :)00:32
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alsadk i have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57642/00:32
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AtticStormJordan_U, thank you.  I take it that if I installed the AMD64-bit OS that would work also?'00:32
prince_jammys!away >JonathanX00:32
n2diydanand: same thing. :) I ran the cat command, and it says device or resource busy.00:32
=== Thoth is now known as chowder
Pirate_Huntersomeone kick him do soemthign that is annoying on my screen00:32
danandn2diy - yeah .... was just thinking, somethings tied up /dev/dsp..... theres a command to see what processes are accessing a file ... can't remember what is is00:32
Bart825how do i make sure my machine boots up with the same number interfaces each time00:33
billeniumHow do i free up some space in /boot/ ??00:33
Flannelbillenium: remove old kernel packages00:34
n2diydanand: roger that, to many ways to do things.00:34
hischildbod_, now for the big test! (wait, you're still here? ) let's switch graphics cards00:34
Pirate_HunterBart825: it should do anyway, i dont get what you are asking, could you please explain in detail00:34
billeniumHow do i know what to remove and what not to? and how?00:34
n2diyWhere does the sound server hide it's lock file?00:34
bod_hischild, stranely enough, yes i am,. i though id of been cut by now00:34
puffn2diy: I haven't been able to find it, I'00:35
Pirate_Hunterbillenium: there is many tutorials online on how to improve ubuntu search in google but be warned it can mess up your system00:35
billeniumPirate_Hunter: Okay... What should i search?00:35
joejojohey everyone00:35
puffn2diy: I haven't been able to find a sound server lock file, I suspect it's actually in memory, maybe in kernel space (if I understand what's going on correctly).00:35
billeniumi already tried free up /boot space00:35
joejojoIm on 8.04 and I am having this problem http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57644/00:36
Pirate_Hunterbillenium: erh optimising ubuntu that could be a start00:36
puffArgh, so tracker is sucking up like half a gig of disk.00:36
prince_jammys!hardy | joejojo00:36
ubotujoejojo: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:36
puffAnd it occasionally bogs my system down.00:36
n2diypuff, yuck! :)00:36
hischildbod_, guess not ... just switched cards ... let's test!00:36
Jordan_UAtticStorm, Yes00:36
billeniumk. im trying to use unetbootin, and it needs /boot space00:36
Bart825one of my interfaces used to be eth5, and i set the interfaces file to put it in promisc mode, all was well. the other day i rebooted the machine and it put this interface to eth2 and tried giving it a dhcp address. when i changed my interface file to put eth 2 to promisc when i reboot, eth5 comes up00:36
=== |Lys| is now known as |Lyssa|
bod_hischild, crossing all fingers 4 u m800:36
puffI was wondering where all of my disk space went.00:36
Pirate_Hunterbillenium: what are you trying to to do exactly and what do you hope to achieve by doing so?00:37
alsadk i have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57642/00:37
AtticStormJordan_U: Thanks again.00:37
hischildbod_, ..... splash screen ....00:37
billeniumIm trying to reinstall ubuntu... I made a few errors i cant easily undo... So im using unetbootin to reinstall (CD drive does not work)00:37
bod_hischild, good start00:38
hischildbod_, ........gdm .... DARN! :(00:38
billeniumi tried to install unetbootin and got errors, so i tried 5 more times... same error, now i decided to try again and it said i needed to free up /boot space00:38
puffBut dangit, I shouldhave more disk than this... I have 32GB assigned to the liknux partition, it says I'm using 29GB, jdiskreport says I'm using 20GB.  So where's the other 9GB?00:38
bod_hischild, what?00:38
Pirate_Hunterbillenium: kk, why doesnt your CDRom drive work? and what about using USB?00:39
hischildbod_, first attempt was with quiet and splash on ... which failed ....00:39
hischildsecond attempt was without splash and quiet, got better, but still failed00:39
puffOhwait, jdiskreport says I'm using 26GB, and 1.6GB empty.  Still, there's 4.5GB somewhere...00:39
billeniumLong long story... and im guessing the USB will not work since my BIOS is about 8 or 9 years old00:39
bod_hischild, what failed (specifically)00:39
Klaimi have an ubuntu server with some subversion repository and trac projects (with apache)00:39
hischildbod_, just the same ... as soon as it should show gdm it reboots00:40
Pirate_Hunterbillenium: im starting to wonder if you know what your doing there must be another option to installing ubuntu clean on the hd00:40
hischildno warning, no error, just reboot00:40
billeniumI dont know any other options :P00:40
Klaimi want the server to backup the svn repository, the trac data and apache config  every day00:40
Klaimwhat would you use to do it?00:40
hischildKlaim, crontab :-)00:40
bod_hischild, boot straight past gdm,.,.i think you can do that (auto login) did you install restricted drivers for the card?00:40
Klaimi heard about bacula and rsync this far, but not sure if it's good for it00:41
=== BillyJoe_ is now known as BillyJoe
hischildbod_, i'd like to try to try that now yes ... (install restricted drivers)00:41
hischildbod_, which packages?00:41
xconvergexxI installed ubuntu00:41
Bart825could i change the iftab file, but why is it trying to put it to dhcp00:41
* Klaim note "crontab"00:41
wershow do i print as handout view in oo.o presentation? :)00:41
xconvergexxstill cant work with my USB MODEM00:41
bod_hischild, *shrugs* (the restricted ones)00:41
n2diyHow can I restart my sound server? I've lost system sounds, and CD's don't play? Sound Juicer reports it can't find the server. And Audacity reports an i/o error. I restarted alsa, and still no luck?00:41
xconvergexxI have sagem fast 800 USB MODEM00:41
Klaimi also need to have a backup copy on an ftp, will it be able to do it?00:41
hischildbod_, nvidia-glx-new?00:41
puffHm, df -h lists 6 lines (not counting the headings).  The first line says 32GB, the next five lines all say 1014M, for /var/run, /var/lock, /dev, /dev/shm, and /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-386/volatile.00:41
xconvergexxI instaled the windows again i00:42
xconvergexxit makes me sick00:42
bod_hischild, why not,.,. give it a go00:42
hischildKlaim, afaik you can run shell scripts from crontab, and with shellscripts you can do basically everything00:42
Jordan_Uxconvergexx, Unfortunately things like USB modems don't have very good Linux support :(00:42
puffAre lines 2-6 actually part of the 32G in line 1?00:42
xconvergexxI don't have money to buy another modem00:42
astro76puff: yes all 4 are virtual00:43
astro76puff: no, all 4 are virtual ;)00:43
vbabiy-laptopHey guys how can you set a label on a drive in Gnome00:43
archmanxconvergexx: try pppoeconf if you want to setup.00:43
Klaimhischild> yes i know, i wanted to do my own backup script first, but as i'm a linux noob i lost too much time firuring out how to setup all the backup right00:43
xconvergexxI tried00:43
Pirate_Hunterbillenium: have you checked here for otherways of installing ubuntu https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation00:43
hischildbod_, how to get eth0 runnin on dhcp via console?00:43
astro76puff: 5, sorry ;)00:43
Klaimthat's why i'm looking for tools00:43
danandn2diy - have you looked in /var/lock ?00:43
Bart825is udev only in ubuntu00:43
hischildKlaim, you can just pack it uzing for example 7zip00:43
bod_hischild, no idea m8,. ask the channel00:44
billeniumNever mind, i got everything to work :P00:44
billeniumThanks Pirate_Hunter, bye bye!00:44
xconvergexxsomebody going to help me ?00:44
hischildoh almighty channel, how can i get eth0 running using dhcp from command line?00:44
xconvergexxI am a newbie00:44
Pirate_Hunterbillenium: np thats what this channel is for00:44
Jordan_Uxconvergexx, Can you possibly get a standard PCI modem ( preferably one known to have linux drivers ) ?00:44
Klaimhischild> as i said, i'm a linux noob, so yes i can...if i find the commands.00:44
Jordan_Uhischild, sudo dhclient eth000:44
Klaimbut ok i'll try that00:45
amenadohischild-> paste in pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces and ifconfig -a  result00:45
alsadk i have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57642/00:45
hischildKlaim, you can package things using 7zip which is very easy to use00:45
hischildamenado, if i could i would :p but i don't have a webaccess now00:45
n2diydanand: no, thanks. But no luck there.00:45
xconvergexxI can'T00:45
xconvergexxI have to do it with this modem00:45
amenadohischild-> yes you could and you would, you can copy and paste can you not? manually type it if you have to00:45
hischildJordan_U, <3 for you, thanks00:45
Jordan_Uhischild, np00:46
Klaimso you suggest the better thing is to make a script and use crontab to make it run each day?00:46
xconvergexxdo I need to set up my modem on 7.10 ?00:46
BillyJoeis there a way to down load all the packages in one dvd iso or something?00:46
hischildamenado, true there.... then Jordan_U was ahead of you and it works :-)00:46
rhineheart_mwhere can we get SSL certificate for free?00:46
archmanalsadk: run it in sudo00:46
Klaim("better" as more suitable)00:46
hischildamenado, i cannot copy paste, since i don't have a gui atm00:46
Bart825anyone able to help me00:47
Pirate_Hunterxconvergexx: most of the times the OS does it for you on install, however if you have wireless its different or you want to change options than yes00:47
hischild!anyone | Bart82500:47
ubotuBart825: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:47
andy_Hi, I have some funds to buy a desktop, preferably a Dell. Can someone point me to some reference that describes Dell systems that should work, with out much trouble, with ubuntu? Thanks!00:47
Bart825i did before00:47
puffastro76: Thanks, that answers where the missing 4.6GB went :-).00:47
javiergarzaHi, i have a problems whit my laptop my touchpad don't works correctly , the scroll not works :S00:47
adambDoes http use any UDP at all?00:47
Pirate_HunterBillyJoe: you mean like copy it all to DVDR/RW?00:47
xconvergexxI have a USB MODEM !00:47
billeniumheh back00:47
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)00:47
puffSo, I've disabled compiz, I've dist-upgraded, anything else I can do to improve my stability?00:48
hischildbod_, almost profit ...00:48
xconvergexxplease somebody help me00:48
Jordan_Uhischild, You can save the output of a command to a file with: command >> file.txt00:48
hischildbod_, i saw a login screen flash00:48
pluxBart825: if you dont get an answer, perhaps we dont know. Have you checked http://ubuntuforums.org/?00:48
Pirate_HunterBart825: ask again its hard to remember previous questions00:48
BillyJoeI am trying to get my wireless card working on my dell, but it is calling for build essential wich calls for a lot, and thows all call for more.00:48
bod_hischild, what plan are we on now,.,.f?00:48
hischildJordan_U, yeah ...00:48
Bart825one of my interfaces used to be eth5, and i set the interfaces file to put it in promisc mode, all was well. the other day i rebooted the machine and it put this interface to eth2 and tried giving it a dhcp address. when i changed my interface file to put eth 2 to promisc when i reboot, eth5 comes up00:48
hischildbod_, eehm ... i think this was e ... now we gotta think of an f00:48
Jordan_Uhischild, You can also run GUI apps remotely with another machine using ssh -X00:48
danandn2diy - man fuser :) - not sure it'll help but its the command i was trying to think of00:49
javiergarzaHi, i have a problems whit my laptop my touchpad don't works correctly , the scroll not works :S00:49
Bart825so do i need to add perm entries to iftab00:49
Pirate_HunterBillyJoe: you should start by stating what modem youve got (model type etc) and ppl might be able to help you00:49
hischildJordan_U, not all the info at once :p my brain might explode :p00:49
n2diydanand: ok.00:49
bod_hischild, autologin?00:49
hischildbod_, how2enable?00:49
bod_hischild, dude, ur in a help channel,.,.ask!00:49
alsadkarchman take a look http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57648/00:49
hischildi just did!00:49
Bart825one of my interfaces used to be eth5, and i set the interfaces file to put it in promisc mode, all was well. the other day i rebooted the machine and it put this interface to eth2 and tried giving it a dhcp address. when i changed my interface file to put eth 2 to promisc when i reboot, eth5 comes up00:49
hischildalright another one for the channel --> how to enable auto login from command line :-)00:50
Pirate_HunterBart825: i understood what youre saying but I do not see the problem as it seems to be working but I dont know what you want to do00:50
SpudDoggDoes anyone know if I'll get 64-bit benefits in transcode if I install ubuntu64?00:50
BillyJoeI have the dell draft N mini-card http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=297092 is the instruction I have found, but it requires a LOT of packages to be installed, so I was wondering if there was a place to down load a large number at once, instead of all of them individualy00:50
Jordan_Uhischild, What is the main problem you are trying to solve?00:50
archmanalsadk: dunno, is your gtk all set?  (i'm a noob)00:51
Bart825Priate_hunter:where is the system setting the interface to dhcp and to eth2 it just seems random00:51
alsadk i have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57648/00:51
ubotuAMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/jv6tc for more information.00:51
hischildJordan_U, i'm trying to get my nvidia 8600 GT working properly. Currently it flashes the GDM screen before it dies down for a reboot without warning00:51
Pirate_HunterBillyJoe: if thats the case probably not unless you try synaptic and see if it helps00:51
hischildJordan_U, so perhaps that auto loggin in past gdm might fix it :-)00:51
bod_Jordan_U, his gdm screen reboots machine,. need to get loed in to install gcard drivers, so gdm doesnt crash00:51
pluxBillyJoe: apt-get install package1 package2 package3 package4 .... will download them at once00:51
Klaimthanks, see ya00:51
alsadkarchman what about gtk ?00:52
matthiasMy player in ubuntu 7.10 have colors like green human ratherthan normal00:52
Jordan_Uhischild, Have you tried changing "nvidia" to "nv" or "vesa" in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?00:52
Bart825Priate_Hunter: my question really is where and how do you set the network interfaces00:52
archmanalsadk: did you install gtk?00:52
hischildJordan_U, not yet, let me try ... sec00:52
Jordan_Umatthias, Do you have an ATI card00:52
archmanalsadk: apt-get install build-essential00:52
matthiasjordan ...00:52
Pirate_HunterBart825: Admin>Network tools should have the necessities for you to change what you want to change but I can forsee you making things worse00:52
matthiasjordan yes i do ati1400 ...00:53
hischildJordan_U, wait, that shouldn't make a difference ... it always reboots on gdm, wether it's the live cd, a clean system or anything else :S00:53
amenadoBart825-> paste in pastebing..do this, /sbin/ip a;  then cat /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules00:53
javiergarzaHi, i have a problems whit my laptop my touchpad don't works correctly , the scroll not works :S00:53
javiergarzaHi, i have a problems whit my laptop my touchpad don't works correctly , the scroll not works :S00:53
hischildJordan_U, also: it's currently at vesa00:53
UbuntuStudio11Is this the place for Ubuntu Studio?00:54
rhineheart_mwhere can we get SSL certificate for free?00:54
Pirate_Hunterjaviergarza: have you tried searching on google on in ubuntuforum.org00:54
xconvergexxHEY !!!!!!!!00:54
mondo1932what make laptop00:54
hischild!shout | xconvergexx00:54
ubotuxconvergexx: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:54
Bart825ther is no inet rules in the udev folder00:54
n2diydanand: no luck, fuser -l sound or alsa return nothing, I'm going to log out, and in, see if that works.00:54
Pirate_HunterUbuntuStudio11: didnt you make a statement you were an IT guy, what are you doing back heer again and asking for info?00:54
amenadojaviergarza-> i dont have all the answers for you, but what you need to do, is modify /etc/X11/xorg.conf,  google for synaptic touch pad00:54
xconvergexxmy usb modem doesnt working on UBUNTU 7.1000:54
xconvergexxwhat must I DO !00:54
PiciUbuntuStudio11: #ubuntustudio exists, but if you have a general Ubuntu question, this is the place.00:54
speeddemon8803!ubuntustudio > ubuntustudio1100:54
amenado!who | Bart82500:55
ubotuBart825: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:55
danandn2diy - did you run fuser -uv /dev/dsp?00:55
AtomicSparki have this old netserver, duel pII (unknown speed) 256 pc100 ram 2x 8gb scsi hd. any ideas of something nifty to do with it?00:55
UbuntuStudio11oh, did someone already use that name? and Thanks!00:55
matthiasjordan_: i am sitting on an inspiron laptop from dell ...00:55
n2diydanand: nope, let me try that.00:55
ubotuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:55
xconvergexxmy usb modem doesnt working on UBUNTU 7.1000:55
Pirate_HunterBart825: the funny thing about your case I have no clue what your tying to achieve and why you doing so, I cant even think on how to help you :(00:55
danandn2diy - k00:55
dbmoodbhi ah i make my terminal transparent it won't go back to normal (reverse scrolling) any ideas - i want to use compiz-fusion so .. how can i reset the trans. options00:55
vbabiy-laptopHey guys how would I setup a thumb drive to always use the name foo when it mounts on a machine.00:55
danandn2diy - brb00:55
Jordan_Uhischild, Try running "startx"00:55
mouseboyxor xinit00:56
hischildJordan_U, on what part/where00:56
Jordan_Uhischild, At a console00:56
xconvergexxmy usb modem doesnt working on UBUNTU 7.1000:56
yois there any way to ping an ip thru a specific hardware device (ie wireless vs LAN)?00:56
dbmoodbinit 600:56
Bart825Amendo:there is no file in the udev rules for inet rules00:56
dbmoodbdoesn't exist see00:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about inet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:56
=== ka2zzzz is now known as ka2u
hischildJordan_U, i don't even have to touch my box when it boots and it reboots ... so i can't login ... unless i go to recovery (unless that's what you want me to do )00:56
xconvergexxwhy nobody asnwers ?00:56
alsadkarchman i did it but still the same problem i think00:56
danandyo - ping -I et0 192....00:57
speeddemon8803!patience | xconvergexx00:57
ubotuxconvergexx: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:57
yohey archman! its yo__00:57
=== yo is now known as billy
alsadki have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57648/00:57
Bart825Priate Hunter:im trying to understand why my machine reports different interfaces on each reboot and make it stable along with trying to get a base knowlegde so i can fix it00:57
xconvergexxI am waiting00:57
billyis there any way to ping an ip thru a specific hardware device (ie wireless vs LAN)?00:57
Jordan_Uhischild, Ahh, Ok go to recovery console but DO NOT run startx yet00:57
archmanyo_: hey00:57
dbmoodbping ?00:57
archmanyo: hey00:57
hischildJordan_U, i'm there00:57
billyso archman: can u answer my question?00:58
Bart825billy:please can you expand00:58
Picibilly: ping -I00:58
dbmoodbjust set up the adaptor as your gateway one ;) or -l00:58
dananddbmoodb - pong :)00:58
billyping -L or i?00:58
vbabiy-laptopHey guys how would I setup a thumb drive to always use the name foo when it mounts on any machine.00:58
archmanbilly: no00:58
zero88Ok. For some reason, every time i boot up, my computer automatically mounts my other partitiojn. why is that and how do i stop it from doing that?00:58
BillyJoewith synaptic you can chose to just download the packages, dose any one know how to tell were they down loaded to?00:58
billybecause for some reason i can share files through wireless and not a lan cable directly connected..00:58
Bart825billy: ping -I eth0
Jordan_Uhischild, I am not sure if this will work, and I am not sure how to get to the equivelent of a higher runlevel in Ubuntu, but try su'ing to your user then running startx00:58
brapsemy xorg keeps booting with Using config file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf.failsafe"00:58
Pirate_HunterBart825: kk, maybe could it be that it is on roaming instead of fixed but than I dont worry about it since mine is eth100:58
brapsemthow do i stio that?00:58
n2diydanand: no luck, and I tried it with alsa and sound too.00:59
xconvergexxsomebody help me00:59
hischildJordan_U, alright ... any idea on how to switch to my user?00:59
Pirate_HunterBillyJoe: depends on the program but thats a good question even I would like to know00:59
archmanyo: you got ndiswrapper working?00:59
billy!ask | xconvergexx00:59
ubotuxconvergexx: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:59
Jordan_Ubrapse, "su <yourUserName>00:59
hischild!patience | xconvergexx  (this isn't goin faster by shouting)00:59
ubotuxconvergexx  (this isn't goin faster by shouting): The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:59
billyyes archman00:59
billyim on the ubuntu comp right now00:59
xconvergexxmy usb modem doesnt working on UBUNTU 7.1000:59
danandn2diy - have you tried reboot?00:59
archmanyo: yo=billy ?00:59
billyand i said eff it with ndiswrapper.. i just used bcm43xx thingy to unwrap a driver00:59
Bart825priate_hunter:my system has 6 interfaces you see so i need to make sure it reports the same one each time.00:59
billyyes archman01:00
`ZigosityHey, does anyone know how to remove the password prompt I'm getting when sharing files between my ubuntu box and windows XP? It's sort of annoying.01:00
AtomicSparkxconvergexx: you should never hook a modem to your computer directly. always use a router to protect your network by nat.01:00
Bart825xxconvergexxx: does it reconise it as a mount point01:00
archmanbilly: ok then01:00
n2diydanand: no, I'd like to preserve my uptime, but that may be the solution. I'm going to log out and in, maybe that will do it? BRB.01:00
xconvergexxI dont have a router modem01:01
billyarchman: lol. do you have any advice about setting up a LAN between these two via a patch cable? my routers do automatic crossover so i don't have to worry about crossover vs patch cables01:01
AtomicSpark`Zigosity: if you mount the drive (connect to server...) instead of finding it through network, you can tell it to save your password.01:01
hischildJordan_U, nvm, i should look better before asking ... startx you said?01:01
archmanbilly: now it will be a lot easier for you to install aditional softwaer01:01
billylol yes archman01:01
archmanbilly: dunno01:01
Pirate_HunterI believe that probably half of all problems here can be sorted by doing some online research in google or the ubuntu forum yet no most dont do that :(01:01
amenadoBart825-> paste in pastebin..do this, /sbin/ip a;  then cat /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules01:01
billyanyone have any advice?01:01
Jordan_Uhischild, Yes, after you are logged in as "you"01:01
danandPirate_Hunter - or man ....01:02
stormze1I need help configuring the nvidia driver.  Can anyone assist?  I've been messing with it for hours now.01:02
archmanbilly: dont know much about hardware; software's my thing01:02
`ZigosityAtomicSpark: I knew that, but last time I set up this network I somehow removed the password prompt entirely and I don't remember how I did that.01:02
Jordan_Un2diy, If you want to get as close to a reboot while ( probably though I am not 100% sure ) keeping your uptime try "sudo init 1", what problem are you having though?01:02
hischildJordan_U, su'd to my user, typed startx ... error'd :( "X: user not authorized to run the x server, aborting"01:02
Pirate_Hunterdanand: funny enough I dont use man which is weird I liek to do things the long way never been to reading manual :(01:02
billyhow do i tell when using iwconfig which is my ethernet and which is my wireless?01:03
amenadobilly can you read the result, there should be some clue or hints01:03
billywhat do i look for?01:03
archmanbilly: iwconfig is all wireless01:03
amenadobilly try and issue then read the result, its pretty obvious01:03
billyifconfig i mean01:03
stormze1how can I test my sound?01:04
Bart825whats the paste bin address01:04
amenadobilly please prefix your responses with a nick..01:04
danandPirate_Hunter - those man pages _are_ long... and sometimes _very_ boring... not to mention unclear!01:04
Odd-rationalestormze1: speak-test01:04
amenado!pastebin | Bart82501:04
ubotuBart825: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:04
hischildJordan_U, on second attempt --> reboot01:04
Odd-rationalestormze1: speaker-test01:04
billyamenado: okee dokee..........01:04
Pirate_Hunterdanand: true true01:04
Bart825amendo: how do i get to pastbin01:04
alsadki have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57648/01:04
xTheGoat121xntos_wq seems to be giving my system problems....01:04
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:05
amenadoBart825-> browser..01:05
J-a-K-ehi all01:05
Jordan_Uhischild, Ok, I have one more idea but I need to read up a bit, stay in recovery mode01:05
archmanbilly: try ifconfig eth01:05
billyhow do i stop the ping command!?01:05
billyit wont stop!!01:05
neftunebillenium, Ctrl+C01:05
hischildJordan_U, i just booted back into recovery mode. I've got all night so take your time01:05
hischildbilly, ctrl+c01:06
billylmao im such a noob01:06
archmanbilly: ctrl+c01:06
neftunebillenium, sorry01:06
n2diydanand: my sound started up as soon as I logged out! WTF?01:06
Mega_bytehi all, is there any tool for windows which can read synaptic package download scripts? I want to download Ubuntu updates from a windows machine and know it can be done through a custom made program but wondering if there aren't any ready tools for this01:06
billyi got a ping from my eth0, which i believe is my LAN.. i hope.01:06
J-a-K-ejust wondering if anyone can tell me, does ubuntu have sound drivers that compare to those available to windows users?01:06
shemRemote Desktop Help anyone?  How do I find the full name of this machine?01:06
archmanbilly: probably01:06
amenadoBart825-> do that again...leave a space after my nick01:07
J-a-K-eim talking in terms of quality01:07
Bart825amendo:there was no inet in the rules under udev. do you think i could make these interfaces perm by modifying the iftab file01:07
Mega_byteJ-a-K-e: you can use windows drivers in ubuntu01:07
Bart825amendo: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57650/01:07
Pirate_HunterMega_byte: first time ive read someone making this kind of request cant help but its interesting01:07
danandn2diy - _something_ was using that sound.... wonder why fuser didn't show it ... at least your sounds back though :) what gives with the uptime ... you going for a world record?01:07
matthiasanyone knows how to get rid of the smurf effect from the vide player in ubuntu 7.1001:08
J-a-K-eMega_byte: how would i go about doing that01:08
amenadoBart825-> can you also list your /etc/udev/udev.d/  ?01:08
archmanmatthias: ccsm?01:09
amenadoBart825-> can you also list your /etc/udev/rules.d rather01:09
billyhow do i find the MAC address of my NIC?01:09
Mega_bytePirate_Hunter, that particular ubuntu machine is just isn't connected on internet and the only way to get updates for it is to use windows, there is a topic on the forums, but everyone seems to run the package download script on other ubuntu (or gnu/linux) connected machines01:09
matthiasno the movie player in ubuntu 7.1001:09
billeniumneftune: what did you say? i kind of missed it :P01:09
Mega_byteJ-a-K-e, it's easy all you have to do is to install ndiswrapper and load your windows driver there01:09
n2diydanand: roger that. No, not going for a record, but I do like to brag about uptime.01:09
Bart825Amendo: its not there01:09
Odd-rationalematthias: you mean totem ?01:09
matthiasthe same in the vlc player but more stable when playing ...01:09
amenadoBart825-> can you also list your /etc/udev/rules.d/  this is a directory01:09
archmanmatthias: you can maybe tweak it with ccsm (compizconfig settings manager)01:09
neftunebillenium, wrong tab completion01:09
danandn2diy - brag away... :) what you got?01:09
fragmedebilly: "ifconfig eth0" (assuming its eth)01:10
matthiaswhere do i find that ome ?01:10
matthiasthat one ... archman01:10
fragmedebilly: hwaddr is your mac01:10
Mega_byteJ-a-K-e, I used this method to install a driver for my wireless card01:10
n2diydanand: 4 days +, my record is 197.01:10
archmanmatthias: just a sec...01:10
khaloodi have ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso and wubi 7.04 .... why it tries to download a new iso ???01:10
J-a-K-ei just did a sound quality between itunes (with passthrough to foobar+asio) and amarok. Music in itunes sounds more open cymbals sound better etc.01:10
Odd-rationalematthias: try !ccsm01:11
Mega_bytekhalood, I had the same problem while installing, check first the md5 hashes01:11
amenadokhalood-> what were you doing?01:11
danandn2diy - tut tut - what about global warming :D01:11
Bart825Does anyone know what the difference is between the 2 rx`s in ifconfig on a promisc interface01:11
Mega_bytekhalood, and also what version do you try to install the new beta or the 7.04?01:11
khaloodamenado:  I'm trying to intsall ubunto01:11
khaloodMega_byte: wubi 7.0401:11
Bart825Does anyone know what the difference is between the 2 rx`s in ifconfig on a promisc interface01:11
J-a-K-eMega_byte: ok, I thought ndiswrapper was just for wireless cards tho01:11
n2diydanand: junk science, besides, I like being warm. :)01:11
matthiasokey i will do but as well in another movei player the mives is like gel style ...01:11
Mega_bytekhalood, check the md5 hashes for your iso01:11
amenadokhalood-> you have burnt the cd with the iso yet?01:11
gpledinstalled 7.10 from live cd. was working away. things where good.  then i applied the 192 updates.  rebooted.  now i can not see the screen.  any idea how to get video back?01:11
acee1234ok that got rid of alot of the errors now how do i load fglrx?01:12
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khaloodamenado:  no ,, installing form my hard disc01:12
khaloodMega_byte:  ok01:12
Mega_byteamenado, wubi doesn't need a cd to install, it's made for people who don't want to use a cd ;)01:12
=== karmawhore is now known as limcore
jtragI'm downloading the ubuntu cd right now01:12
=== Jza is now known as JzaMedia
jtragI have Opensuse on this drive also, how could I go about installing ubuntu with opensuse on the drive?01:12
archmanmatthias: you have ccsm im synaptics package manager01:12
DarkmystereErr,how do i move partions.. i have a huge amount of empty space but its like 3 partions up from Ubuntu so i tried making the empty space  fat32 and then..im lost how do i get the partion to move :/01:12
amenadoMega_byte-> i dont know what he has so i have to ask01:12
LAsThi all01:12
matthiasi will loo and install it ...01:12
Mega_byteamenado, no problems :)01:12
danandn2diy - i dunno .... the earths getting warmer - the junk science is someone saying its _definately_ due to human action...01:13
willis_Darkmystere,  if they are empty, you can delete them and resize the other partitions.01:13
Mega_byteusually that happens when the iso is broken01:13
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Bart825DARMYSTERE: Fdisk01:13
alsadki have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57648/01:13
willis_Darkmystere,  i tend to use 'gparted' on a livecd.01:13
amenadoBart825-> can you also list your /etc/udev/rules.d/  this is a directory ..you forgot?01:13
=== Jza is now known as Mrlost
acee1234can someone look at this log and tell me who i was talking with01:13
Bart825amendo: what the ls of the dir01:13
Nick-Oi was wanting to experiment with some other linux distros and was wondering how to quintuple (?) boot. i have ubuntu and vista currently and would like to add gentoo, fedora and opensuse (all x64). will grub work for all of these and how do i configure grub inside ubuntu to see all of the os's01:14
yocan someone help me with setting up a LAN network via patch cable?01:14
matthiasarchman,  i do not have ccsm when looking ing synaptic package manager but i have sdcc but something different ...01:14
amenadoBart825-> dir contents yes..and the nick is amenado01:14
LAsTwhat is it: make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop. <-- please help01:14
jordan_matthias, Yes, it's a bug in ATI's drivers, run "gstreamer-properties"...01:14
n2diydanand: Not so sure about that. 100 years of data is an awful small baseline to work from.01:14
jordan_hischild, There is probably a more official way to do this but try running "mv /etc/init.d/gdm /etc/init.d/gdm_disabled" and reboot, when you reboot GDM should not start at all01:14
jordan_hischild, To set it back simply rename the file back to "gdm": sudo mv /etc/init.d/gdm_disabled /etc/init.d/gdm01:14
Bart825amenado: sorry, is there a quick way to get to paste bin01:14
amenadoLAsT-> whose MAkefile is that?01:14
matthiasthat is used in the past ???01:15
archmanmatthias:  did you look for compizconfig-settings-manager?01:15
amenadoBart825-> scroll back please01:15
LAsTi try to build the deb pakage01:15
=== jordan_ is now known as Jordan_U
Darkmysterewillis_: Err, there not empty one is an extended partion then under that is ubuntu above the extended is Backtrack and above backtrack is the empty space..01:15
matthiaslet me check ...01:15
danandn2diy - true. never mind ... by the time its _too_ hot i'll be long gone. :)01:15
archmanmatthias: update your reps? apt-get updatež01:15
acee1234can someone look at this log and tell me who i was talking with01:15
Bart825Amenado -> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57652/01:16
archmanlol apt-get update01:16
amenadoLAsT-> why? no premaid .deb for it?01:16
hischildJordan_U, aight lets try :-)01:16
Darkmysterewillis_: its about 39gigs of emptyness..01:16
amenadoBart825-> can you also list your /etc/udev/rules.d/  this is a directory ..you forgot?01:16
khaloodI have checked them01:16
matthiasi will try that 1:st i  get back when done ...01:16
n2diydanand: Yep, it is the next humanoid species problem. :)01:16
khaloodthey are equal01:16
khaloodmd5 hashes are equal01:16
Nick-Oi was wanting to experiment with some other linux distros and was wondering how to quintuple (?) boot. i have ubuntu and vista currently and would like to add gentoo, fedora and opensuse (all x64). will grub work for all of these and how do i configure grub inside ubuntu to see all of the os's01:16
Nick-Oanyone have ideas?01:17
khaloodhash : 9a4ae3cfd68911a861d094ec834c9b4801:17
Nick-Oanythign not intuitive otherwise i'll just do it01:17
willis_Darkmystere,  theres empty partitions.. then theres partitions that have SOME empty space. :) it all depends on exactly what you got. and exactly what you want to do.01:17
danandmatthias - ccsm is in the universe repository - check you have that repo enables01:17
LAsTamenado i don't understand you< i'm russian xD01:17
danandmatthias - s/enables/enabled01:17
gpledNick-O: think each distro will add to grub.  except vista01:17
willis_Darkmystere,  ive had to resize/expand/move/ and do some other song and dance befor to get things just right on my systems.01:18
Bart825Amenado > its at the bottom01:18
hischildJordan_U, still bad luck :( dies into reboot01:18
Darkmysterewillis_: Unallocated space is 39.9Gigs.. above that is swap of course below the unallocated is backtrack then below that is extended aka ubuntu..01:18
Nick-Oyeah, but i've got that set up. so i shoudl be good. thanks01:18
khaloodwhere is mega or any body can hep01:18
prince_jammysNick-O: you could try to install inside ubuntu and chroot into it? maybe01:18
Nick-Oi'll try that if i have problems01:18
Darkmysterei just want to get the empty space to the bottom :/01:18
khaloodi have ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso and wubi 7.04 .... why it tries to download a new iso ???01:18
willis_Darkmystere,  i tend to only use primary partitions these days.   Swap partition is easy to move.  I alwyas stick them at one end of the hd.01:18
matthiasokey when i run sudo apt-get update i get errpr like /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open resource temporarely unavaliable ... ..01:18
Bart825Amenado: could i not just change the iftab in etc or should i resolve through udev01:19
Jordan_Uhischild, Does gdm start?01:19
archmanmatthias: you have ccsm in add/remove01:19
hischildJordan_U, nope, yet it dies into reboot01:19
archmanmatthias; run as sudo01:19
Darkmysterewillis_: lol what is the swap for i never figured that out :/01:19
Bart825Amenado: i noticed this happened after installing snort01:19
matthiasi did01:19
amenadoBart825-> udev is your key01:19
willis_Darkmystere,  swap for extra memory when needed.01:19
Jordan_Uhischild, strange01:19
hischildJordan_U, wait now it's mentioned... does it matter wether i installed it all into a logical or extended (or w/e you call them ) partition?01:19
Bart825Amenado : what did the udec rules look like01:19
Darkmysterewilis_: Fake ram or... like room for downloading or what ever if you run close to end of space?01:20
matthiasi have community-main open source software(universe) with check mark ...01:20
archmanmatthias: close add/remove and synaptics, try again01:20
amenadoBart825-> join me in #bart825 so you can copy what i paste there01:20
Jordan_Uhischild, Shouldn't01:20
LAFiNI'm having some issues with a USB audio device... ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18926 )01:20
willis_Darkmystere,  my disk layouts tend to be simple. 4 primary partitions  [windows] [ / ] [/home] and  [swap]01:20
archmanmatthias: works?01:20
Bart825amenado: how do you mean01:20
LAFiNI basically followed those instructions, but no results01:20
matthiasyes works no error reading01:20
Jordan_Uhischild, might as well revert the /etc/init.d/gdm_disabled now01:21
hischildJordan_U,  hmm :( yet it refuses to work :( would i have a better chance when trying to run hardy?01:21
matthiasarchman yes it works no errors01:21
archmanmatthias: ccsm is available in add/remove01:21
Jordan_Uhischild, Or...01:21
matthiasokey let me check ...01:21
amenadoBart825-> type /join #bart82501:21
khaloodany other easy tool that helps me install ubuntu without a CED01:21
hischildJordan_U, *awaits amazing solution*01:21
archmanmatthias: advanced something01:21
matthiasunder system tools ?01:22
Darkmysterewillis_: well mines not simple lol 3 Primary partions (since yesturday DELETED WINDOWS :D) [Swap] [Empty Space] [Backtrack 3 beta] [Extended]->[/ Ubuntu]01:22
Jordan_Uhischild, First try booting without the 'splash' kernel parameter in grub first ( if you don't know how just ask )01:22
archmanmatthias: just use search01:22
matthiasarchman : in add/remove prgoram under system tools, looking there ...01:22
hischildJordan_U, did that, without splash and quiet ... gave no extra info01:22
archmanmatthias: no, under applications01:22
hischildthat was plan ... c or d i think01:22
matthiasfound it ...01:23
matthiasarchman found it was not enabled ...01:23
khaloodplease any tools that helps me install ubuntu without a CD01:23
archmanmatthias: install, good luck!01:23
matthiasarchman installed will look for it ...01:24
prince_jammys!install > khalood01:24
willis_Darkmystere,    and what are you wanting to do with it? expand the ubuntu partition?01:24
Darkmysterewillis_: Yea...i was gunna delete backtrack too :)01:24
archmanmatthias: if installed it can  be found under system --> preferencies01:24
todd_I have a giant avi, I want to chop down (alot of it is just garbage), what app should I use?01:24
Darkmysterewillis_ and make Ubuntu a Primary..01:24
LAsTarchman how to do "make"?01:24
babikahi all01:24
willis_Darkmystere,  expanding a extended partition with gparted may cause an issue.  it will most likely change the UUID of the filesystem also.01:25
babikai have installed in my box apache and php01:25
prince_jammystodd_: avidemux is one possibility01:25
babikabut my php cant read php file01:25
willis_Darkmystere,  Not sure about converting to a primary. :)  that will proberly change the UUID also.01:25
babikacheck it :
archmanLAsT: cd to source folder, do    ./configure, then make01:25
babikacan anyon help me01:25
todd_prince_jammys: does it have a gui?01:25
matthiasarchman looking but find nothing need to restart my laptop, what was the name of the program agian ?01:25
Darkmysterewillis_well shoot i have Partion Magic but can i just make a CD-R Bootable by adding boot files.. or do i have to buy and download special version?01:26
matthiasarchamn universal access01:26
archmanmatthias: ccsm, compizconfig...01:26
prince_jammystodd_: yes, though it's not the easiest app01:26
archmanmatthias: advanced desktop effets01:26
matthiasno does not show up let me restart the computer and see if appears ...01:26
Darkmysterewillis_: Can you tell me where to get a bootable version of Partion magic if it leads to that because i moved a partion under the extended before anyways the extended is partion magics work..01:26
todd_prince_jammys: all I want to do is "trim" movies is there a better one?01:26
prince_jammystodd_: there's also kdenlive (kde based) and some more. i forget the main one for gnome01:27
willis_Darkmystere,  take partition magic and throw it in the trash.  - go get one of the 'gparted' live cd's01:27
Pirate_Hunterbye, adios, chiao, xiao, adeus, etc - well im gone for now until whenever I log back on01:27
hischildJordan_U, did you get the last message about splash and quiet not giving any info?01:27
todd_prince_jammys: thanks! :-)01:27
willis_Darkmystere,  i have not used partition magic in years..  i consider it a rip off. :)01:27
prince_jammystodd_: pitivi01:27
Pirate_Hunterwillis_: nice way to put it :D01:27
matthiasarchman found it compizconfig manager ...01:27
Darkmysterewillis_: nty....partion magic is fine... gparted too difficult lol it killed my windows !01:27
prince_jammys!info pitivi | todd_01:27
ubotutodd_: pitivi (source: pitivi): non-linear audio/video editor using GStreamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.3-1 (gutsy), package size 167 kB, installed size 1004 kB01:27
willis_Darkmystere,  if gparted killed your windows.. its somthing YOU did. :)01:27
Jordan_Uhischild, No01:27
archmanLAsT: then make install, maybe you will need to sudo -s01:27
Darkmysterewillis_: and i thank it for that but still....01:27
Darkmysterewillis_: took 3.8gigs off the end of windows partion.. after defragmenting windows 7 times..01:28
Darkmysterewell cya..01:28
hischildJordan_U, ok ... in that case: i did try that before on this install. It didn't give any info and still went into reboot01:28
MrlostCan Kiba Dock be on Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon ????01:28
FloodBot2NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.01:28
willis_Darkmystere,  Hmm.. gparted dosent defrag as far as i know. - at least not that ive seen.  But yur mileage may vary.01:28
Jordan_Uhischild, try reverting the gdm_disabled, then ( from recovery mode ) run "invoke-rc.d gdm start"01:28
todd_prince_jammys: I have pitivi, not seeing where there is any edit capability01:29
hischildJordan_U, will do01:29
=== _dewd is now known as dewd
archmanguys is there any alternative to ccsm?01:29
prince_jammystodd_: i've never used it. kdenlive or avidemux are worth a shot.01:29
hischildJordan_U, starts fine01:30
MrlostCan Kiba Dock be on Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon ???? if someone has a awnser pls go to #MrLost01:30
Jordan_Uhischild, And you can log in?01:30
hischildJordan_U, untill i login ... not long after it goes into reboot01:30
alsadki have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57648/01:30
todd_prince_jammys: Have you used either of thoes?01:30
solexious[Q] Hi im trying to install the steam game server on my ubuntu bx but the install file is a .bin and im not sure how to use it to instal the server...01:31
matthiaseverybody are there any program to remove smurf effects from the ubuntus movie pöayer ???01:31
hischildsolexious, look at www.srcds.com :-)01:31
matthiasplayer ...01:31
prince_jammystodd_: very little. avidemux is kind of a pain, though it probably does the best job.  kdenlive is more intuitive01:31
rhineheart_mcan you recommend DMZ setting to ubuntu box?01:31
Jordan_Uhischild, What if you log in in failsafe mode, or terminal mode ( whatever it's called, doesn't start gnome at all just gives you an xterm window )01:31
puffrhineheart_m: DMZ settings?01:31
rhineheart_mpuff: yeah01:31
puffrhineheart_m: Meaning?01:32
todd_prince_jammys: what is the command to install stuff again???01:32
hischildJordan_U, failsafe mode? xterm window? those things are new ...01:32
archmanalsadk: can't you go with make?01:32
Jordan_Uhischild, You can get more login options by clicking on "session"01:32
todd_prince_jammys: what is the command to install stuff again??? I tried apt install avidemux and no go01:32
prince_jammystodd_: kdenlive *may* require that you also install a few extra libraries, but that shouldn't be problem.  sudo apt-get install kdenlive avidemux     <--would install them both01:32
hischildJordan_U, very well, will try01:33
matthiasarchman the option for video player does not contain too much of setting for video playback ...01:33
todd_prince_jammys: apt-get thanks!01:33
puffrhineheart_m: The usage of the term "DMZ" that I'm familiar with is where you set up a semi-public network that you put your public webservers on.  Effectively you have:   internal net <-> internal firewall <-> DMZ server <-> external firewall <-> public internet.01:33
archmanmatthias: dunno......01:33
puffrhineheart_m: Is this what yo're talking about?01:33
matthiasokey, thank you any way archman ...01:33
matthiasyou did your best ...01:33
archmanmatthias: welcome!!!01:33
puffrhineheart_m: You may find more #ubuntu-server more helpful, but I don't know if they would have anything specific to say.01:34
ClintZ28oss-linux package is in a bad start for me...I can't uninstall it...it complains about some files in /usr/lib/oss/build not being present, but if I place these files here, it removes them and complains anyway...how can I force this package to uninstall so that I can reinstall it?01:34
solexious[Q] Hi im trying to install the steam game server on my ubuntu bx but the install file is a .bin and im not sure how to use a .bin file to instal it...01:34
rhineheart_mpuff: yeah.. that's what I meant..01:34
aibWifi Radar sees lots of networks, but doesn't give me the option to connect to any of them. here's a picture: http://imagebin.ca/view/P_gftLr.html01:34
jinx099solexious, just try ./bin.bin01:34
puffrhineheart_m: As for an SSL cert, you can generate and issue your own SSL cert, but users will see a popup saying that the CA (Certificate Authority) is not a known CA (the browsers come with known CA certs installed).01:34
hischildJordan_U, i'm almsot starting to think that my gfx card is blowing this whole story ... :(01:35
puffrhineheart_m: Maybe check the known CA certs in the firefox browser, see if they list a free CA.01:35
solexiousjinx: tried it :s01:35
aibdoes anyone know what the problem could be?01:35
hischildJordan_U, since no ... i can't01:35
jinx099solexious, is it executable by you?01:35
rhineheart_mpuff: thanks puff for that explanation. how about the DMZ thing?01:35
archmanaib: maybe shutting down the interface and then up?01:35
hischildsolexious, go to www.srcds.com and click on linux. They have a perfect guide on how to install a steam game server01:35
alanhaggaimysterycool, hi.01:36
aibarchman, i've rebooted already..01:36
Lamebeen testing out the daily builds, and for some reason pidgin will crash not long after using it, has been an issue for the last 3 daily builds i believe01:36
mysterycoolalanhaggai: lol hi :p01:36
Lameand by the way, love the wallpaper :D01:36
solexiousjinx: no, tried to chmod it but got chmod: missing operand after `hldsupdatetool.bin'01:36
puffrhineheart_m: I don't have nor know of a standard set of recommendations for a DMZ.  The generally standard recommendation is to run only exactly what you need.01:36
alsadki have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57648/01:37
hischildsolexious, chmod + x hldsupdatetool.bin01:37
puffrhineheart_m: #security might help, too.01:37
jinx099solexious, "chmod 755 hldsupdatetool.bin"01:37
aibi've done basic troubleshooting steps. my wifi card is detected automatically. i purchased it because it has a reputation of working on linux01:37
rhineheart_mpuff: okay. but it is an added security right?01:37
matthiasjordan od you have any clue on how to get rid of the smurf effect in movie player01:37
Jordan_Uhischild, Doesn't sound like a problem with the GFX card since you can get to the GDM screen01:37
Lamebusy in here lol01:37
zero88Can anyone spare some of their time and help me with a wireless issue please?01:37
zero88Any wireless Gurus here?01:38
archmanzero88: what's the prob?01:38
mysterycoolLame: lol love ur nick :D01:38
rhineheart_mpuff: the internet cannot access the private network if the DMZ has been enabled and all ports have been forwarded to one computer01:38
puffrhineheart_m: I am not sure what you mean.  The only use of "DMZ" in this context that I know of is as a general security concept, I don't know of a particular DMZ package or setting or anything.01:38
DevourerIf I switch users will any of my programs on the current user disappear?01:38
hischildJordan_U, hmm ... you have an alternate idea? i'm willing to give hardy a shot ... (it's only 2,40 am here, so yeah i've got time :P )01:38
Lamehaha thanks mystercool01:38
zero88archman well, lets see01:38
solexiousgot it, thank you both01:38
Lameyours aint so bad either01:38
mysterycoolLame: no really its really cool ;)01:38
puffrhineheart_m: Ask on #ubuntu-server.01:38
rhineheart_mpuff: I am talking about demilitarized zone01:38
zero88archman,  Im using ndiswrapper with my driver. I am able to scan and see networks but cannot connect01:38
n2diyDevourer: no, but the new user may not be able to access them.01:38
matthiaszero 88: do you have ssid invisible ???01:39
Devourern2diy, how do I make a new user?01:39
puffrhineheart_m: yes, I know what DMZ means, and like I said, I'm familiar with usijng the term in discussing network security, but only as a general term.01:39
archmanzero88: try using wifi-radar01:39
zero88archman, Ive tried everything, from taking off the WEP to changing the name of my wireless network01:39
Jordan_Uhischild, Hardy can only be a solution if you are willing to live with the many other problems it might cause ( and be without support since it's still not released )01:39
stormze1wow.. I had no idea an nvidia card could be so hard to set up...01:39
matthiassorry archman but maybe i can help a ibt ...01:39
zero88archman have done that too01:39
n2diyDevourer: via the command line, or gui?01:39
hischildJordan_U, ofcourse i'd prefer it if i could get 7.10 to work ... but i'm lost as to the cause ...01:39
Devourern2diy, command line I guess.01:40
loquitus_of_borgHey people. How do I pipe a command to be executed. I have a complex command that basically outputs a command. I want that command to get executed. What do I pipe to, to execute literally what is being piped? Like say find . -type f -printf "something complicated"01:40
zero88archman theres something missing somewhere01:40
macabro22I am willing to compile the latest alsa drivers but I am wondering if there's a place I can get a precompiled deb package for the version 1.0.16 instead01:40
hischildstormze1, you're talking about my box?01:40
n2diyDevourer: adduser01:40
Devourern2diy, thanks.01:40
puffzero88: Are you testing this with an access point that you control?01:40
LjL-Temploquitus_of_borg, well, "find" has an -exec option that you can use instead of -printf01:40
stormze1I need help setting up the nvidia drivers.  Everything I've tried has resulted in either a blank screen, or very large screen resolution.01:40
zero88puff yes that is correct01:40
LjL-Temploquitus_of_borg: but generally speaking, typing $(command) results in the output of command being executed as a command01:40
loquitus_of_borgLjL-Temp: except it does not give me alot of flexibility in how to format the filename.01:40
Jordan_U hischild Has it always been doing this since you installed?01:40
n2diymacabro22: google?01:41
Lameanyone else trying the daily builds?01:41
archmantwas a pleasure, gusy, good night...01:41
puffzero88: Okay, wanted to eliminate other possible culprits first :-).01:41
zero88puff I cant set my wlan0 essid without associating with the network.01:41
IanLiuI can see my Windows Network, but when I enter my "Home" group, I get "The Folder could not be displayed". Why is that??01:41
macabro22n2diy tried that already... no luck01:41
zero88puff :)01:41
puffzero88: Can you connect to this access point with a different computer?01:41
hischildJordan_U, i've installed it fine with a radeon x1300 since the installer of the alternate cd and the live cd died during install cq boot01:41
zero88puff ya thhis is the third day straight doing his01:41
zero88puff yes i can01:41
puffzero88: Why is that a problem (assocating with a network)?01:41
zero88puff I cant obtain an ip01:42
n2diymacabro22: hmmm01:42
matthiaszero88: do you use ssid invisible or what ???01:42
DevourerHow do I become root?01:42
matthiassu root01:42
zero88matthias nope01:42
StarnestommyDevourer: sudo01:42
psycholvlansudo -i01:42
n2diyDevourer: sudo adduser01:42
Scorp|on^« VLC » « John.Rambo.2008.PROPER.CUSTOM.SWESUB.WORKPRINT.NTSC.DVDR-TEAMSWEDEN/j.rambo-tsweden.img »« 0:00:36 / 1:30:54 »01:42
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)01:42
alsadki have a problem on compile a program take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57648/01:42
Jordan_Uhischild, Can you clarify that last comment?01:42
puffDevourer: Generally speaking, you don't, on ubuntu.  It is generally dis-recommended.  If you really need to, "sudo bash"01:42
matthiaswhat wirelesss card you have ?01:42
hischildubotu is rather busy01:42
IanLiuI can see my Windows Network, but when I enter my "Home" group, I get "The Folder could not be displayed". Why is that?01:43
zero88matthias im using the Realtek RTL8187b driver01:43
puffzero88: So, first thing, "iwlist wlan0 scan"01:43
macabro22n2diy: I read somewhere hardy will have it by default. Can I somehow fetch it from hardy's repo?01:43
matthiasahh okey i hade a similar problem but on broadcom wireless minicard ...01:43
zero88puff i can scan and do see other networks other then my own01:43
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.01:43
puffzero88: Okay, paste it to pastebin and give us the URL.01:44
hischildJordan_U, yes i can. I have tried multiple times to install ubuntu using both the alternate disc and the live cd. Both have failed. The alternate cd died during installation, shortly after selecting resolutions. The live cd dies while it tries to boot, much alike my current system does01:44
n2diyDevourer: don't know, I'm running Dapper 6.0601:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is rather busy - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:44
loquitus_of_borgPeople... basically I am trying to execute the following for every file found: find somedir1/ -type f -printf 'cmp "%p" "somedir2/%f"\n'01:44
zero88puff k01:44
Devourern2diy, cool. :)01:44
puffzero88: You're sure your access point doesn't have any sort of mac filtering on?01:44
khaloodcan I partition my disc first before using uNetbootin ?01:44
Jordan_Uhischild, So how did you install the current system in the first place?01:44
puffzero88: And you're sure you're close enough to the access point?  Sometimes you can hear the access point, but the access point can't hear you.01:44
zero88puff mmm not sure what you mean, but ive been able to connect before01:44
khaloodbecause i'm afraid of making some thing wrong and loose my data01:44
zero88puff ya 5 feet away01:45
puffHave you been able to connect before using this same hardware?01:45
hischildJordan_U, switched my gfx card out with a radeon x1300, then installed it with that gfx card ... and then later on switched the nvidia one back01:45
zero88wheres the pastebin link01:45
n2diyzero88: puff, it is possible to be _to_ close.01:45
DevourerWhat is a root number?01:45
matthiaszero88 seems to me like either the driver is not the correct one or ndiswrapper or the other file installed at the same time is not there01:45
zero88n2diy are you serious01:45
zero88matthias its the right one01:46
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:46
n2diyzero88: absolutely, it is called front end overload.01:46
speeddemon8803zero88, be patient as the bot just got reset ;)01:46
speeddemon8803there it is :)01:46
zero88speeddemon8803, haha k01:46
khaloodcan I partition my hard first before using uNetbootin ?01:46
prince_jammysloquitus_of_borg: #bash01:46
zero88n2diy was not aware of that01:46
n2diyzero88: a reciever is designed to listen for microwatts, if your close, you may be a hundred or a thousand times that.01:47
prince_jammysloquitus_of_borg: you'll probably need find -exec.  go to #bash and type !find01:47
zero88n2diy i see01:47
zero88puff http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57654/01:47
Jordan_Uhischild, File a bug report, then try the hardy install CD and file another bug report :) ( I have noticed that the bug reports that I have filed against a development release are more likely to be fixed by the next stable release than those filed against the current stable, not sure if that is normal though )01:47
speeddemon8803Oh, and zero88, Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org01:48
LjL-Temploquitus_of_borg: if $() doesn't work, then you can always "find .... | sh"01:48
zero88speeddemon8803,  ya i did01:48
speeddemon8803thats what !pastebin would tell you to go to for paste.01:48
zero88speeddemon8803,  :)01:48
hischildJordan_U, yeah ... i'll do that ...01:48
speeddemon8803its in the topic if you ever get the bot go missing and you want to know what our pastebin site is :)01:48
n2diyzero88: it's like sitting in front of a fire, versus sitting _in_ the fire.01:49
zero88n2diy whyle being connected with the ethernet cable, would i still be able to obtain a IP wirelessly01:49
Jordan_Uzero88, Yes01:49
zero88Jordan_U, thanks01:49
purge_kdewalleti am unable to purge kde wallet, i tried removing .kde/share/config/k*wallet* and nothing is working, can someone help me (its not in synaptic either)?01:49
n2diyzero88: are you connected to a wireless router?01:49
yao_ziyuancurrently, only one app can take control of my audio playback at a time01:50
yao_ziyuanhow do i make multiple apps mix their sounds at the same time?01:50
Jordan_U!sound | yao_ziyuan01:50
ubotuyao_ziyuan: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:50
zero88n2diy yes with wires for now01:51
matthiaszero88 what do you see if using sudo ifconfig01:51
matthiasi eman if connected anyway or something ...01:51
Housefly7kgetting an error message whenever I connect an external USB harddrive or Cdrom.... error "you are not privileged to eject this volume"...I click ok and can use the cd/harddrive after tht01:52
n2diyzero88: ok, you should be able to connect to other machines running wireless cards, but, you won't be able to go from router to router.01:52
Housefly7kStarted recently , any ideas?01:52
zero88n2diy im sorry, im not sure i understand01:52
zero88matthias, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57655/ other then my ethernety eth001:53
melleryhow can i get wine 9.55 to run? it gives me segmentation fault01:53
purge_kdewalleti am unable to get rid of kde wallet, i tried removing .kde/share/config/k*wallet* and nothing seems to be working, can someone help me (its not in synaptic either)?01:53
bellahi all01:53
emoryDoes anyone know wny Mozilla Thunderbird does not have a drafts folder?  I installed from Gutsy repositories...01:53
n2diyzero88: That's ok, I'm not sure I do either! :) The way I understand it is routers are servers, and only talk to clients, two servers won't talk to each other.01:53
DevourerWhat's a root number? I'm adding a user and it asked me for this.01:54
hischildJordan_U, download initiated ...01:54
IndyGunFreakpurge_kdewallet: so what does sudo aptitude remove kdewallet do?01:54
zero88n2diy ok. now what would be the clinet for my wireless01:54
purge_kdewalletsays its not installed01:54
IndyGunFreakpurge_kdewallet: ok, then.. its likely not installe.d01:54
purge_kdewalletbut it keeps bugging me with kpvnc01:54
IndyGunFreakoh ok.01:54
hischildJordan_U, so should i file a bug report now or shall i wait till i've tried out hardy?01:54
n2diyzero88: a box with a wireless card.01:54
zero88puff, still around01:54
IndyGunFreakweird, just another reason to hate KDE i guess..lol01:54
bellahave just installed ubuntu and I am new at this have  an external modem connected number is dialed but doesn't connect any Ideas?01:54
purge_kdewalleti don't know if it is embedded in another package, do you know the name of the binary under /usr/bin, maybe i can delete it?01:55
Jordan_Uhischild, file now01:55
IndyGunFreakbella: so ubuntu is seeing the modem, and is telling ti to dial?01:55
zero88n2diy im just really confused on why i can see wireless networks but cant connect to them01:55
IndyGunFreakpurge_kdewallet: no cloue.. sorry.. don't use kde.. maybe askin #kubuntu01:55
matthiaszero88: let me get it straight, you can see the Ap but not connect no mather what settings in the router you make ...01:55
purge_kdewalletok, thanks01:55
bellayes indy01:55
=== {Nathan}_ is now known as {Nathan}
zero88matthias yes thats correct, so im assuming it has something to do on my end other then wireless settings01:56
IndyGunFreakbella: well if you're not connecting, then one would think that your settings for your dialup account are wrong.01:56
n2diyzero88: are router won't talk to another router. You need a bridge to do that.01:56
hischildJordan_U, aight will do01:56
zero88n2diy ya01:56
bellabut I have used the same settings all along with windows01:56
SeanInSeattleHey all.  Does anyone know how to check to see if the broadcom wifi card driver has been installed on my laptop?01:56
Housefly7ki set a password for root...in my misguided efforts :)... i used "sudo passwd root" i think... any way i can reset this?01:56
IndyGunFreakbella: , thats very strange, sorry, i have no logical explanation for that01:56
matthiaszero88: yes i think you are right, he only problem i hade with mine was change of driver but if you are sure you have the correct driver than there is something else ...01:57
RyanPriorI try to install updates but it says that there is another synaptic running. However, I don't remember starting anything else. How do I stop the other synaptic?01:57
n2diySeanInSeattle: lsmod01:57
IndyGunFreakHousefly7k: that wasn't very bright.01:57
matthiaszero88: let me check if i can find anything ...01:57
Housefly7kIndyGunFreak: yeah... i was following a tutorial online01:57
bellais ok Indy thanks :)01:57
Odd-rationaleHousefly7k: I think it is "sudo passwd -l root". Maybe someone can confrim?01:57
SeanInSeattlen2diy:  what should I be looking for there:01:57
IndyGunFreakHousefly7k: always trust but verify01:57
zero88matthias well, on the ndiswrapper site it said for my card that the XP version only lets you see networks,but cant connect. So i installed the 2000 version and it works, but the same issue of not connecting so i wasnt sure if it had the same problem01:58
zero88matthias ok01:58
n2diySeanInSeattle: the make or model of the device01:58
Housefly7kIndyGunFreak:  can you confirm Odd-rationale suggestion?01:58
IndyGunFreakHousefly7k: i have no clue01:58
SeanInSeattlen2diy:  I found the model, and it is listed there.01:58
puffzero88: Sorry, was in another window.01:58
zero88puff no problem01:58
SeanInSeattleHoly crap.  It just works.  That's crazy01:58
puff<zero88> puff http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57654/01:58
n2diySeanInSeattle: then the driver/module is loaded01:58
Housefly7kOdd-rationale: i am gonna google that and see what comes up01:59
SeanInSeattleI installed a crap load of updates today.01:59
SeanInSeattleI think that did the trick.01:59
=== Mrlost is now known as Jza
Odd-rationaleHousefly7k: ok01:59
puffzero88: So which network are you trying to connect to?01:59
SeanInSeattleHouston, we have wifi, over...01:59
zero88puff the 2wire01:59
SeanInSeattleI'm outa here for now.  Gonna go to the coffee shop and surf around the rest of planet earth.02:00
puffzero88: It's encrypted.02:00
zero88puff yes02:00
two_bitsWhat package do I need to install to get man pages for c functions?02:00
zero88puff and have tried connecting with and without connection02:00
n2diytwo_bits: look for something like c-dev, or gcc-dev02:01
Odd-rationaleHousefly7k: I'm an Arch user. We have to install sudo manually (if we want sudo). This is what we do: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Disable_root_password_and_gain_su_sudo_with_no_password02:01
zero88puff encrption i mean02:01
Housefly7kOdd-rationale: google has 0 results for "sudo passwd -l root"02:01
ubotuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.02:02
Odd-rationaleHousefly7k: see step 2.402:02
matthiaszero88 can you issue iwconfig wlan002:02
two_bitsn2diy: thanks02:02
orbisvicisreally helpful ubotu02:02
puffzero88: Have you ever gotten ubuntu, etc, working with this network, as it is now configured?  Also, you never answered my question:  Have you been able to connect before using this same hardware?02:02
Odd-rationaleHousefly7k: I would assume this would be similar to ubuntu, but not 100% sure...02:02
orbisvicisi seem to have killed dns ... how can i fix it ?02:03
orbisvicisso no web browsing for now02:03
=== reconnect is now known as recon
zero88puff yes i have on my other gateway, this is a newer version with a different card . its the realtek one. when i first installed ndiswrapper and the driver, i rebooted and it worked. but after that it hasnt sence.02:03
zero88matthias yes02:03
matthiaszero88 can you give me the output ...02:04
tannerwhat package do i need to compile Qt applications?02:04
zero88matthias http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57656/02:04
=== charles__ is now known as Alyx|lappy
=== Alyx|lappy is now known as alyxander
matthiaszero88: thanks let me see ...02:05
orbisvicisno i seem to have destroyed dhcp as well ... how can i fix it ?02:05
ubotudhcp is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for automatic IP assignment from a router. Ubuntu uses dhclient as a DHCP client but other ones (and DHCP servers too) can be obtained from the !repos. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DHCP02:05
RyanPriorI am trying to install updates but it says that there is another synaptic running. However, I don't remember starting anything else. How do I stop the other synaptic?02:05
zero88ryanproir system monitor02:06
Mba7ethi have just configured my eth interface as static ip .... using ifconfig. I want to return it back to dhcp ?02:06
RyanPriorzero88: It doesn't show up on the system monitor.02:06
n2diyRyanPrior: in a terminal type synaptic, does it tell which pid is already running?02:07
zero88mba7eth go to admin>network02:07
netron1234ps -ef | grep -i "synaptic"02:07
Mba7ethzero88 - i wanna do it using ifconfig :) , just curius02:07
netron1234then kill the synaptic process02:07
whoyanehow can i control the panel02:07
matthiaszero88: i have no idea atthis moment, i will be back ...02:08
matthiashungry :)02:08
RyanPriorn2diy: yeah, it shows two of them running.02:08
zero88mba7eth i beleive its something like ifconfig dhclient eth002:08
whoyanei just chat online02:08
zero88matthias lol its ok, ive had a handfull of people helping but its crazyness02:08
n2diyRyanPrior: Two!? Hmmm, write done there pid's, then enter top, when top opens, press k, then enter the pid you want to kill, and then 902:09
RyanPriorn2diy: I killed them with signal 7 instead.02:09
spirithandsHello.  Does anyone in here have an ATI HD 2600 PCIe?  I got the newest x64 fglrx drivers to work so i can have full-resolution, but nothing 3D works.. such as glxgears02:09
n2diyRyanPrior: did they die?02:10
RyanPriorn2diy: Yes, they did.02:10
n2diyRyanPrior: Then you should be good to go.02:10
Mba7ethzero88 - it didnt work :(02:10
RyanPriorn2diy: Now it says I have 2 broken packages. :-\02:10
Mba7ethanyone ... how to bring config back an interface to dhcp using ifconfig ?02:11
DevourerWhat is the /opt directory for?02:11
neil_dI have written a gtk C program, what should I like too, to get it to compile ?02:11
RyanPriorDevourer: it's there to confuse you.02:11
DevourerRyanPrior, it has done it's job. :D02:12
zero88mba7eth i think you have to change the /etc/netowrk/interfaces file02:12
RyanPriorneil_d: You can use gcc to compile it. Install the package build-essential.02:12
Starnestommyneil_d: is libgtk2.0-dev installed?02:12
n2diyRyanPrior: Well, reinstall them. I don't know how, or why, you could of had two version of Synaptic running at the same time.02:12
zero88mba7eth try sudo ifconfig eth0 dhcp, then sudo ifdown eth0, sudo ifup eth002:13
zero88mba7eth assuming your interface is eth002:13
Devourerneil_d, you would probably want to use pkg-config as well.02:13
zero88mba7eth also doing it like that only sets it for the current session02:14
Mba7ethzero88 Just want it for this session :)02:15
zero88did it work02:15
RyanPriorn2diy: Thanks for the suggestion - I was hoping to find a way to use synaptic to find out what the problem was, but killing them worked out okay in the end.02:15
neil_dStarnestommy: yes02:15
Mba7ethzero88 brb :) one moment02:16
zero88mba7eth k02:16
neil_dDevourer: ok, what args should I pass to pkg-config02:16
n2diyRyanPrior: Roger that. It's still a puzzle how you could have started two versions of synaptic, the system shouldn't let you do that.02:16
Devourerneil_d, gcc -std=c99 -Wall -g main.c -o helloworld $$(pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0) $$(pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0)02:17
Devourerneil_d, it would actually by $(...) instead of $$(...)02:17
yocan anyone help me with setting up a LAN between a windows and ubuntu pc?02:18
IanLiuHow do I get my printer address? I can access my windows with smb://, but How can I retrieve my Printer address (which is plugged on my Windows PC)?02:19
yolanLiu: hold the power button on the printer?02:19
yolanLiu: it should print a page with all the info you need..02:19
=== yo is now known as billy
IanLiuAnother question: I can access my Windows LAN from smb://PC.IP.ADDRESS, but when I try to access from Places > Network, I get an error...02:20
neil_dDevourer: I don't seem to have the correct gtk*.pc file !  where would I get that ?02:21
billycan someone help me with setting up a LAN network between a windows and ubuntu comp?02:21
matiasHello, Someone knows where I have to copy java library??02:21
Devourerneil_d, did you get libgtk2.0-dev?02:22
Devourerneil_d, I don't really know. I downloaded the library and typed that into the console and it compiled.02:22
puffHow do I restart gnome/x from the shell?02:22
matiassomeone has try asterisk-java==02:23
neil_dpuff: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart02:23
hischildJordan_U, installation initiated of hardy :-)02:23
mophello all, i need help to configure wifi, because is the first time i plug the card and i don't know what i do after that :) , anyone can help me ?02:23
puffmatias: Thanks... gnome/x froze up on me.  DAngit.02:23
puffzero88: Okay, so next question, have you ever connected to a WPA network with your current hardware/release?02:24
stormze1Anyone know how to get the nvidia drivers working with an Nvidia 7950 GT card?02:24
ph0rensicstormze1, use the restricted manager02:25
puffzero88: Wait, rereading what you said, it sounds like you have the same PC, newer access point, and also anew network card (in the PC?)02:25
stormze1ph0rensic: Doesn't work.02:25
matthiasmop: what have you done so far ?02:25
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:26
sunogbaga!root account02:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about root account - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:27
mopmatthias, b4 i was working with wired lan and this is easy for me, today i want to convert to wifi, i get access point + pci cards, i plug pci into the system and i don't know if i need to configure anything or what02:27
KuwangerHello.  I'd like to crop an 8-bit png image from the command line without the palette changing.  What's the simplest program to do this with?02:27
eshaasedoes ubuntu come pre-installed with any type of vnc software?02:27
ph0rensicstormze1, why not? I had that card before... and it worked02:27
Cpudan80eshaase: Yes02:27
zero88puff no only a WEP wich is mine, but i do have the option of WPA, and yes connected only once, untill a reboot and havent been able to sence02:27
stormze1Hmm.. that might be a clue.  I take it you had it for a previous version of the driver?02:27
Bibbieis there a terminal command to monitor tempature of hardware?02:27
Cpudan80eshaase: You've got a vncviewer (tight-vnc compatible) you can use --- as a server, there is an easy way to set it up02:28
stormze1ph0rensic: Could be complicated by the fact that my display is DVI?02:28
CarlFKanyone know of a deb for http://www.video4linux.org/browser/v4l2-apps ?02:28
ph0rensicstormze1, No shouldn't be .. perhaps there may be a setting in xorg for that ..02:29
stormze1ph0rensic: As far as I know, I've got it in there already.02:29
ph0rensicstormze1, what happens exactly??02:29
matthias_mog: sorry my computer turned off for some reason02:30
prasannahey guys, tryin to figure out how to fix this bug on hardy02:30
prasannaE: /var/cache/apt/archives/libxklavier12_3.4-2_i386.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/libxklavier/xfree86.xml', which is also in package libxklavier1102:30
matthias_but i am here ..02:30
matthias_mog: what router do you have ?02:30
stormze1I'm stuck in low res display, not using the nvidia driver.02:30
mopmatthias_, wb02:30
nickrudprasanna: you should bring it up in #ubuntu+1, if those are both ubuntu packages it's a bug02:30
mopmatthias_, i asking what configuration i need to do because i have no experience with wifi02:31
Cpudan80Does anyone know if the color schemes for ubuntu have been decided on?02:31
stormze1ph0rensic: Hmm.. . this doesn't look promising: (--) PCI:*(1:0:0) nVidia Corporation unknown chipset (0x0295) rev 16102:31
matthias_okey, well to startwith what router do you have ?02:31
Jordan_Uhischild, LiveCD or alternate installation ( answer in #ubuntu+1 since this channel is only for stable version support )02:31
ph0rensicstormze1, that happened to me once of the 5 times I've installed it. What I did was uninstall the nvidia driver making sure it was a complete removal, reconfigure the xorg and then reinstall the nvidia driver...02:31
ph0rensicstormze1, no that doesnt02:31
eshaaseCpudan80: VNC server software comes pre-installed with ubuntu?02:32
tannerwhats the command to update the location of libraries? ldconfig?02:32
mopmatthias_, currently i work with wired lan with netgear router, and i buy netgear access point WG602 , + netgear pci 31102:32
speeddemon8803!vnc > eshaase02:32
CreationistCould someone recommend a decent program that plays .midi files?02:32
Cpudan80speeddemon8803: that factoid is wrong02:32
speeddemon8803ah, well nevermind the private message then :)02:32
Cpudan80eshaase: Yes, it comes preinstalled, just do system --> remote desktop02:32
s2awats better? vmware or virtualbox?02:32
Cpudan80Do not follow the !vnc factoid02:33
Cpudan80It doesnt work right02:33
matthias_okey well 1:st off you need to configure wireless by entering the wireless rputers homepage by its default ip address ...02:33
puffneil_d: Hm, gdm restart didn't work.  The screen still has a messed up screen redraw on it.  Anything else I should try before I reboot?02:33
J-a-K-ecan anyone help me troubleshoot banshee. It freezes at the "loading user interface" dialog when i try to star it02:33
mopmatthias_, i didn't configure access point yet , i start to plug pci card and i want to know from where i have to start02:33
hischildJordan_U, you've got your answer :-)02:33
matthias_you need to connect an cable between the computer and the wireless router ...02:33
Cpudan80http://www.movingtofreedom.org/2007/02/16/howto-remote-desktop-with-vnc-in-ubuntu-edgy-gnu-linux/ is a better guide02:33
Itaku!vnc | Itaku02:34
neil_dpuff: a <ctrl><alt><backspace> couldn't hurt02:34
J-a-K-ehave tried removing and adding again through add remove programs and synaptic package manager but no luck02:34
speeddemon8803guys, cpudan80 just said not to follow !vnc as it didnt work right.02:34
mopyes, matthias_ yes, the router already configured and working, i have to configure Access point, this i can read and follow, in structions my question related to the pci card, should i do anything on the computer ?02:35
pat_who can tell me how to install minitab on unbuntu 6.0602:35
eshaaseCpudan80: but it comes disabled?02:35
ph0rensics2a, they are both good02:35
Cpudan80eshaase: Yes02:35
crowhow do I compile simple c++ programs?02:35
matthias_yes check 1:st to see if ubunto find the wireless card and if it can install the driver for it or you have likethe rest of us look for drivers to the card ...02:35
speeddemon8803s2a, personal preference, you would have to try both to see what suits you better.02:36
matthias_go to ..02:36
Cpudan80crow: g++ file.cpp -o myExecutable02:36
ph0rensics2a, Give virtualbox a go first IMO02:36
Cpudan80crow: you need the build-essential package02:36
s2aspeeddemon8803, ph0rensic, i have dial-up and am almost done downloading virtual box...i was just asking and hoping u ppl said virtual box lol02:36
speeddemon8803I agree with ph0rensic, virtualbox usually suits a lot of people..vmware can get kinda cranky.02:36
matthias_system->administration.>restricted drivers manager and see if your card appears there ..02:36
prasannais there a set of keys that causes an automatic log off?02:37
s2amy problem is i need virtual xp to see 250 gb external hd02:37
puffneil_d: ctrl-alt-backspace doesn't do anything at the machine's keyboard;  I'm ssh'ed in from another machine.02:37
speeddemon8803s2a, we did :P02:37
prasannacause i've been typing, pressed a few keys (shift and something) thats logged me off02:37
hischilds2a, virtualbox is a lot friendlier and easier to use then vmware, who can be a real pain in the ass to install properly02:37
ph0rensics2a, why ? I doubt it will see it if your host isn't seeing it02:37
mopmatthias_, unfortunately i don't have X, i work though consol02:37
ph0rensics2a, it probably just isn't mounting02:37
s2aph0rensic, my host sees it no problem02:37
billywhen i ping my windows comp from my ubuntu comp, the packages go thru the LAN cable connecting them both, and when i ping from the wireless, nothing comes through, but when i turn off wireless and ping, neither go through...02:38
ph0rensics2a, Oh ok,02:38
tyrethI just installed 7.10 server version on a sata drive.  I have an IDE drive attached, but I can't see any /dev/hda* files.  Why would they be missing - is there some ide software I need to install?02:38
s2aph0rensic, so..any help plz :)02:38
mopmatthias_, when lspci the card appear02:38
neil_dpuff: I dont know of anything else.  how are you viewing the computer?  VNC ?02:39
Enigma0is there a partition on the ide drive tyreth02:39
puffneil_d: ssh.02:39
tyrethEnigma0, yes, Knoppix picks it up02:39
ph0rensics2a, with what?02:39
Enigma0is it ntfs?02:39
tyrethEnigma0, but there's no hd* in /dev02:39
tyrethext3 I believe02:39
Enigma0then it should see it02:40
puffneil_d: I have a laptopn, thinkpad t43p running ubuntu, that's experiencing this problem.  I have run into it sevearl times since upgrading to gutsy.  Previously I held down the power key for 4 seconds to force reboot. This time around I decided to try ssh'ing in from a PC I also have, which worked.02:40
invitadohi! somebody knows if there are problems with CUPS on Gutsy?02:40
s2aph0rensic, i want virtualbox to see my 250 gb hd so i can use windows software that doesnt work with wine bcuz i have a skool project and need to use a windows app to make video files into iso for dvd that can be burnt, i tried linux apps and all had some sort of problem02:40
tyrethEnigma0, exactly, which is why I'm here asking why it's not there02:40
matthias_what do you see if typing suod iwconfig wlan002:40
puffneil_d: Oh, I disabled compiz.02:40
parmenidesI am in need of some installation help with an old server that fails to install please02:40
=== truedego is now known as TrueDegoAtHome
crowthanks alot guys02:40
kurtisi turned off my screen saver, but for some reason after 5 or 10 minutes of inactivity my screen goes black and I have to jiggle my mouse to get the screen back. Its kind of irritating when watching movies. any suggestions?02:40
ChaosMachineJust so I am clear, I cannot delete/write anything to my mounted NTFS drive from ubuntu?02:41
mopmatthias_,  ndiswrapper -l result ( fwlan : driver installed , netwg11t : driver installed , wg311v3 : driver installed )02:41
speeddemon8803parmenides, what is it doing exactly..more info is definately needed.02:41
ph0rensics2a, Oh i see.. umm i think you can mount a folder as a drive02:41
willis_ChaosMachine,  i read/wtite ntfs all the time.02:41
parmenidesis an old server with scsi array02:41
s2awell can i have step by step instructions plz cuz im very very very very desperate02:41
=== hw194d is now known as BadSneakers
ph0rensics2a, which the drive will be a folder under ubuntu (which is a file ...)02:41
ChaosMachinewillis_, ah, how do you go about doing that?02:41
parmenidesfails on every type of ubuntu install02:41
speeddemon8803!enter > parmenides02:42
willis_!ntfs-3g | ChaosMachine,02:42
ubotuChaosMachine,: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:42
speeddemon8803parmenides, please see your private messages, thanks.02:42
s2aph0rensic, ok but how do i do that?02:42
mopmatthias_ iwconfig wlan0 > wlan0     No such device02:42
AdylasHello ! When installing Gusty on my machine, I did sellect french as language. The OS is in french but not Ooo and thunderbird + others. Why ?02:42
ChaosMachinewillis_, thank you, I'll go ahead and read.02:43
=== truedego is now known as TrueDegoAtHome
CreationistHow can I play .midi files in Linux?02:43
paddygmanHi all02:43
willis_ChaosMachine,  i just instgall/run the ntfs-config tool.02:43
tyrethwow, haven't seen .midi in a while.  does xmms work for it?02:43
ph0rensics2a, ok one sec lemme look02:43
matthias_mop so either the wireless is not activated but how to activate it from terminal window , hmmm, let me check ...02:43
speeddemon8803tyrenth, i havent seen it in years man.02:43
matthias_would be a bit easier from the compyter and graphically ...02:44
dhlagerswhat's a good warez channel?02:44
s2aph0rensic, thx alot02:44
paddygmanAnyone any ideas how to stop a "The Generated cache was invalid" error when installing aps02:44
matthias_mop: i will do my best ...02:44
speeddemon8803!offtopic | dhlagers02:44
ubotudhlagers: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:44
s2aCreationist, doesnt linux automatically find the codecs?02:44
Creationists2a: Hmm... not that I'm aware of.02:45
Creationists2a: Double clicking the file does nothing but list nothing lol02:45
ph0rensics2a, no you have to download many codecs because they are non-free02:45
s2aCreationist, which version u using bcuz 7.04 and 7.10 do02:45
parmenidesI can type a letter speeddemon8803, I do not mind. It gives the wrong bnn value message every time, but I have found the fix for that. noew it hangs and fails to read from the cd. and I installed earlier today with the same cd on a different machine. the only installation I have had work is a debian net install. am I missing something with the scsi array that is messing this up?02:45
Creationists2a: I have 7.10.  Opening in VLC doesn't work either.02:45
ph0rensics2a, midi files may be different tho02:45
s2aCreationist, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5359902:46
matthias_mop: get on the graphical interface and follow as this page do: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/RalinkRT250002:46
speeddemon8803parmenides, sorry to say i have never dealt with scsi devices before.02:46
s2aCreationist, o nvm02:46
MagnumRapperreal codec wont work02:46
s2aCreationist, dint read it lol02:46
matthias_mop the example will apply to you, the terminal window example is harder but i see that you have not wireless activated ...02:47
ph0rensics2a, another idea is where it says Host cd/dvd-rom Drive, change that to your external02:47
mopmatthias_, thx for your interest , i will read and try if something not work of course i will back again here :)02:47
puffneil_d: Oh yeah, btw, while this is going on, top shows xorg is using 97% of cpu.02:47
puffneil_d:  rebooting now.02:47
s2aph0rensic, wait im almost done downloading and i think there is dependencies after :'( ALL ON DIAL-UP02:47
paddygmanAnyone any ideas how to stop a "The Generated cache was invalid" error when installing aps02:47
paddygmantried to remove a icon from menus manually and get error when reinstalling02:48
s2aCreationist, im still searching for a guide for u02:48
McJerrywhat would be the best way to backup the entire hard drive on a production ubuntu server?02:48
Housefly7kAny suggestions for channels on IRC? Linux related or Computer/Tech related in general02:48
Creationists2a: Apparently it requires jumping through a ton of hoops... according to MY search results.02:48
thinkpaduserMcJerry, Ghost for Linux, i think02:49
JonathanEllisHi. I am trying to install a windows application onto ubuntu using WINE but as soon as I put the CD in, the cdrom0 - File Browser says <The folder contents could not be displayed. You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "cdrom0".> Any ideas anyone?02:49
Creationists2a: Funny that technology that ancient is still not fully supported, eh?02:49
thinkpaduserMcJerry, free download02:49
McJerrythinkpaduser: will google it, tx02:49
CreationistJonathanEllis: Are you an administrator with full priviledges?02:49
ph0rensicMcJerry, Really depends on how you want the backups to perform, etc02:49
JonathanEllisNo, just a user02:50
s2aCreationist, go to http://www.funnestra.org/ubuntu/gutsy/#timidity and do ctrl+f for "TiMidity"02:50
s2aCreationist, i havent read much but it looks good from wat i read02:50
ubotuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:50
ph0rensicMcJerry, ^^02:50
McJerryph0rensic: I have a production server running freeradius and god knows I didn't document my steps so I just wanna image the drive in it's current state then will perform nightly backups of the mysql database(s) in case of emergency. I think that will be my best backup plan02:51
McJerryk, tx02:51
Sweet-PMcJerry...how about dd'ing it to a network share02:51
speeddemon8803!cloning > speeddemon880302:51
inacomaSup guys02:52
thinkpaduserMcJerry, sorry, i thought you meant image the drive, rather than a daily backup :) my bad02:52
ph0rensicthinkpaduser, well he does want a current image, but also wants nightly backups...02:52
inacomai'm installing Ubuntu Server for the second time, i get into the installation... and after entering a host name (I'm installing LAMP server) it just hangs on the blue screen with a grey textbox at the bottom? that i can type in... but nothing is poping up?02:53
thinkpaduserph0rensic, ah02:53
s2aph0rensic, k, now depencies r being downloaded and wen they're done ill get bak, k?02:53
McJerrythinkpaduser: you were correct, i will image the drive for the configuration and then do nightly backups for the database changes02:53
chris0thinkpaduser: what kind do you have?02:53
thinkpaduserMcJerry, awesome.  i think G4L is a great tool02:53
thinkpaduserMcJerry, only one i know that recognizes reiserfs02:53
inacomaAnyone know why this is happening for me?02:54
thinkpaduserchris0, T6002:54
ph0rensicMcJerry, check out that link i sent.. it has a  lot of good information regarding backup including which type is best to suite your needs (software, differential vs full, network backups etc)02:54
ph0rensics2a, k02:54
thinkpaduserchris0, and a few oldies02:54
netron1234small minor tip: if you cant get urbanterror to work in gnome, try running it under icewm or fluxbox.02:54
LAsTwhere are you from?02:54
chris0thinkpaduser: t61 here. Good puters....!ot > me02:54
J-a-K-ehello all, does anyone know how i can stop banshee from freezing at startup02:54
netron1234uk here02:54
inacomai'm installing Ubuntu Server for the second time, i get into the installation... and after entering a host name (I'm installing LAMP server) it just hangs on the blue screen with a grey textbox at the bottom? that i can type in... but nothing is poping up?02:55
inacomaAnyone know why this is happening for me?02:55
thinkpaduserchris0, i have never had a better laptop02:55
netron1234jake -> try rhythmbox or amarok.02:55
LAsTJ-a-K-e ctrl+c? =)02:55
chris0thinkpaduser: I've heard really good things about the t60s. The t61 is a little picky with Linux, but otherwise I love it02:56
thinkpaduserchris0, it is the 'Death Star' amongst the white Apple 'Alliance' in the office!02:56
thinkpaduserchris0, i think they are the same but yours has the WAN card?02:56
psycholvlandoes ubuntu already come with drivers for the Intel GMA X3100 video card or do you have to d/l them somewhere?02:56
JonathanEllisHi. I am trying to read a cd but I get the error <The folder contents could not be displayed. You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "cdrom0".>. I can list the files using sudo ls but that doesnt help because it is an installation disc for a piece of windows software which I want to use under WINE. I read that it is a very bad idea to run WINE using sudo. Any ideas?02:56
netron1234inacoma ->  it means that the orbits of mars are in the wrong conjunction with scorpio. try burning some insense.02:56
thinkpaduserchris0, Gentoo is dreamy on this one02:56
chris0thinkpaduser: lol. I've had people ask me whether mine's REALLY REALLY old...I just boutght it!. Mine can have the WAN card. I'd run Gentoo if I had time...I can't afford to spend 24 hours updating....02:57
inacomathat was clever netron, did it take you that long to come up with that?02:57
netron1234jonathan _> its a scratched cd.02:57
s2aany1 no the exact date of 8.04?02:57
inacomafucking clown.02:57
thinkpaduserchris0, the install took a while.  but that was a year ago :)02:57
J-a-K-enetron1234: ya... amarok hasn't got the best sound quality and rhythmbox doesn't support ldsa02:57
LAsTJonathanEllis o_O lol?02:58
netron1234inacoma -> you gave no tech details.02:58
chris0thinkpaduser: yup...I ran Gentoo for about a year on a custom desktop....If I had time I'd still be running it, but I need a box that's actually sort of stable, hence Ubuntu02:58
yyeagoI get an error message saying my $HOME/.drmc is being ignored02:58
yyeagoBut I don't even see a $HOME/.drmc02:59
JonathanEllisNetron: I dont think its a scratched cd. LAst: Didnt understand o_O lol?02:59
spirithandsHey guys.. i'm going nutzo here.  I've got an ATI Radeon HD 2600 PCIe card.  When I use the vesa driver, it works fine.  I when through the "radeonhd" xorg driver setup procedure @ http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-641247.html  and it still kicks back to the failsafe low resolution driver ..  The radeonhd driver exists:  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-641247.html02:59
spirithandsWhat is the problem?02:59
thinkpaduserchris0, i used Ubuntu on this a few times.  but to get most stuff to work (suspend, fglrx, madwifi-ng, hdapsd, thinkfinger) i needed to compile everything manually anyway so...02:59
inacomaWhat technical details do you need...02:59
thinkpaduserchris0, it wasn't easy, but it is more stable than Ubuntu ever was03:00
chris0thinkpaduser: really? The only thing I don't have working is HDAPS because I don't have time to patch my own kernel03:00
ForzaPalermoanyone here good with getting ssh working properly? i am trying to get it to work using public/private keys03:00
speeddemon8803inacoma, any errors that may have happened..if their longer than 1 line use the pastebin site.03:00
netron1234inacoma -> a bit more than what you gave...03:00
thinkpaduserchris0, are you using the Ubuntu stock kernel?03:00
inacomaspeeddemon8803: no errors...03:01
inacomaits just hangs after i type hostname,03:01
chris0thinkpaduser: now, yes. I ran the rt kernel for a while, because I do a lot of audio stuff, but I haven't had time for that since I reinstalled.03:01
speeddemon8803that could be SO many things.03:01
inacomawell not hangs... just the blue installation screen with grey text area at the bottom03:01
thinkpaduserchris0, it's pretty easy to patch the sources and install your own as a .deb package03:01
prasannaby accident i've pressed shift and backspace a few times now, it automatically logs me out03:01
thinkpaduserchris0, hdaps is fun even without the patch.  playing Neverball anyway- tilting the laptop around as a joystick haha03:02
netron1234inacoma-> kernel in ubuntu doesnt like your hardware.. try a different distro03:02
prasannais there away i can disable that03:02
ForzaPalermoanyone here good with getting ssh working properly? i am trying to get it to work using public/private keys03:02
N1ghtCawlerHow do i "unsplit" a a screen window?03:02
chris0thinkpaduser: the problem is that the patch for HDAPS doesn't exactly mesh with the Ubuntu kernel and I have yet to figure out why. I was talking to another Thinkpad owner who said that it's a scsi/ata issue...btw to clarify, I have HDAPS, I just don't have disk head parking03:02
inacomaintep pentium d03:03
thinkpaduserchris0, i ran into that03:03
chris0thinkpaduser: and?03:03
thinkpaduserchris0, i needed to find the RIGHT patch which was a pain03:03
netron1234night -> split window where? what software?03:03
thinkpaduserchris0, and then turn some stuff around in the kernel03:03
chris0thinkpaduser: do you happen to know which one it is? I found a bunch, but none of hte patches work with 2.6.22-1403:04
thinkpaduserchris0, for some reason the drive would be sda sometimes and then hda others03:04
chris0thinkpaduser: really....I've never had THAT problem03:04
thinkpaduserchris0, i am using 2.6.2403:04
thinkpaduserchris0, it was weird03:04
psycholvlandoes ubuntu come in a 64 bit version?03:04
thinkpaduserchris0, but it went away03:04
thinkpaduserchris0, for your kernel i followed a link on the Thinkwiki site03:05
psycholvlanhow you get the 64bit version?03:05
Starnestommypsycholvlan: the amd64 version is 64 bit03:05
thinkpaduserchris0, i tried one or two that weren't necessarily meant for that kernel, i remember03:05
=== dion is now known as bad_angle
psycholvlanit based on processor?03:05
thinkpaduserchris0, but found one that didn't fail to patch eventually03:05
wease|nightcrawler: i know this sounds basic but....did you try the "auto" adjust button on your monitor?03:06
chris0thinkpaduser: yeah, if I remember correctly, there was a list of them. I tried every one and they all won't work.03:06
aubadeAny reports of OO.o not displaying icons in the toolbars and context menus for 7.10?03:06
psycholvlan cuz I know in windows i need to use 64bit for my 4Gigs of RAM to show up03:06
thinkpaduserchris0, hmmm03:06
thinkpaduserchris0, i'll see if i have it around to pastebin03:06
chris0thinkpaduser: thz!!03:06
psycholvlanthis ubuntu only shows 2.7Gigs03:07
thinkpaduserchris0, if you pop up to a 2.6.24 kernel i have the right one :)03:07
wease|N1ghtcawler:  i know this sounds basic but....did you try the "auto" adjust button on your monitor?03:08
thinkpaduserchris0, that was a pain to find.  gentoo doesn't even have it in their repos yet03:08
chris0thinkpaduser: where did you find 24? different repo?03:08
thinkpaduserchris0, i'm on gentoo.  you might not have it in yours yet?03:09
chris0thinkpaduser: oh yea....that's what it is.03:09
thinkpaduserchris0, rats03:09
thinkpaduserchris0, might be a 'wait till Herdy' thing03:09
chris0well, if you don't mind, pastebin your patch and I'll see if I can get a 24 kernel03:09
s2aph0rensic, yo its all done03:09
thinkpaduserchris0, ok03:09
=== dion is now known as Bad_Angl3
chris0thinkpaduser: it's mainly that I haven't had time to play with it, and I dont want to screw up my machine. I've done it enough times already03:10
ph0rensics2a, follow this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62784703:10
thinkpaduserchris0, try this: http://pastebin.com/m51294ade03:11
yoboth of my computers are connected directly thru NIC cards with a crossover cable. I can browse the ubuntu shared folder from my windows pc, but not the other way around. how do i fix this?03:11
=== yo is now known as bill1
thinkpaduserchris0, yeah i know that feeling.  i always have a 'safe' kernel in GRUB03:12
thinkpaduserchris0, because i mess everything up almost daily03:12
=== bill1 is now known as billy
thinkpaduserchris0, that patch *might* work on your 2.6.22 kernel03:12
billycan someone help por favor?03:13
thinkpaduserchris0, sometimes they do depending on what changes are made?03:13
chris0thinkpaduser: yep. For some reason, the main problem has been that Gutsy insists on packaging the Nvidia drivers and the Madwifi drivers together. I'm going to give the patch a try now....03:13
thinkpaduserchris0, it is worth a shot.  you can just apt-get remove --purge the sources and delete the tree if it fails03:13
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
thinkpaduserchris0, i used the madwifi-ng drivers from their website via svn03:13
thinkpaduserchris0, in order to get monitor mode to work03:14
thinkpaduserchris0, and blacklisted the ath_hal module03:14
iceswordhi, am using virtualbox now,it said cannot lock and allocate memory,what is wrong03:14
thinkpaduserchris0, they have a good howto for Ubuntu03:14
chris0thinkpaduser: madwifi doesn't work for me unless I'm literally within 4 feet of an AP. So I'm using Ndiswrapper now03:14
thinkpaduserchris0, ahh!  really?03:14
thinkpaduserchris0, try the svn sources if you get time.  what card do you have?03:15
chris0thinkpaduser: the problem is that madwifi and ndiswrapper don't get along together.03:15
ubotuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.03:15
gotgnuhow do I fix a grub error 1703:15
chris0thinkpaduser: atheros a/b/g03:15
inacomaone question03:15
inacomawith an Intel Pentium D03:15
thinkpaduserchris0, gotcha03:15
inacomado i get x86 or 64 install03:15
billyhowcome i can browse through my ubuntu comp from a windows comp but not vice versa?03:15
chris0thinkpaduser: my solution was to get rid of madwifi (and nvidia), install ndiswrapper, and then install the nvidia driver from the nvidia site.03:16
thinkpaduserchris0, is it the AR5212? (lspci will tell you if you have pciutils installed)03:16
=== ptr_ is now known as pipegeek
mixedanyone know how to make the scroll wheel work correctly on the mouse?03:16
chris0thinkpaduser: I believe it's the NET5211...but I'm lspci'ing now03:16
thinkpaduserchris0, have you been blacklisting the Ubuntu modules when you install the website drivers?03:16
=== jd_ is now known as linuxpoet
chris0thinkpaduser: I don't seem to need to. I just uninstalled linux-restricted-modules and that took care of it.03:17
linuxpoet linuxpoet03:17
thinkpaduserchris0, right.  that would03:17
thinkpaduserchris0, i have the ATI card03:17
thinkpaduserchris0, but i too use the website stuff03:17
=== freelancer317 is now known as Bret4002
thinkpaduserchris0, mine worked together.  i don't see how they could conflict but who knows...03:18
chris0thinkpaduser: yeah, it seems to work better than envy (or the Ubuntu restricted drivers)03:18
ph0rensicwhen is the /tmp folder cleared??03:18
bazhangbilly: probably need the ext3 drivers for windows03:18
chris0thinkpaduser: the problem is ubuntu's setup. They try to override ndiswrapper for some reason03:18
thinkpaduserchris0, funny.  i have never had ndiswrapper work for me03:18
kliftonI am having a problem with getting java to function in firefox.   Can anyone help me to get it working?03:18
thinkpaduserchris0, Ubuntu can be pretty pushy with it's own method, true indeed03:19
thinkpaduserchris0, i'd blacklist their stuff anyway03:19
pyutarosHi there.03:19
billybazhang: it only happens with lan tho, when i browse thru wireless it works fine03:19
thinkpaduserchris0, in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist i think03:20
gotgnuhow do I fix a grub error 17...is there a how to?03:20
chris0thinkpaduser: well, it seems to be working for now, so I'm happy (until it breaks again)03:20
thinkpaduserchris0, haha good point03:20
thinkpaduserchris0, now you see why my stuff breaks a lot :)03:20
pyutarosAnyone have a sec to help with a rather nasty one?03:20
chris0thinkpaduser: I've used Gentoo, I've been there. "Oh it's only one small conf file....what's the harm in tinkering with it??"03:21
thinkpaduserchris0, in my experience Ubuntu releases are unstable.  things that worked once fail to the next release03:21
DShepherdwhat do I need to install to setup an ftp server on my machine?03:21
thinkpaduserchris0, right! then you forgot which file you edited03:21
chris0thinkpaduser: yes.  I just tried the patch and it doesn't like it. Oh well....03:22
thinkpaduserchris0, rats03:22
thinkpaduserchris0, it will with the next release maybe?03:22
chris0thinkpaduser: I have a friend (also a thinkpad owner) who just got it working on a Gentoo T42. I'll get him to look at it some day.03:22
thinkpaduserchris0, i don't seem to have the 2.6.22 patch any longer.  i recall it being easier to find than this one though03:22
thinkpaduserchris0, nice03:22
chris0thinkpaduser: here's where I've been finding my patches: http://www.zen24593.zen.co.uk/hdaps/  Same place as you?03:23
pyutarosWhat's up billy?03:23
RaelI am using ubuntu. for some reason my sound has stopped working. the volume is up and the files play fine but no sound03:24
levanderbilly: on the linux computer 'smbclient -L <windows box name>'03:24
thinkpaduserchris0, not me03:24
speeddemon8803!sound | rael03:24
thinkpaduserchris0, here: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/HDAPS03:24
uboturael: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:24
speeddemon8803have you tried this rael?03:24
billypyutaros: i cant browse through my files on muy windows comp from my ubuntu comp thru LAN, but i can on wireles..03:24
Raelthe alsa volume control thing opens up03:25
=== mohadib1 is now known as mohadib
levanderbilly: did you try the command I gave you?03:25
thinkpaduserchris0, i am pretty sure the one i used was named a bunch of numbers03:25
billycan i do that connection specifically?03:25
pyutarosbilly: what levander said.03:25
billylike eth0 vs eth1?03:25
levanderbilly: it's a debugging command03:25
chris0thinkpaduser: whoa dude how did I miss that? Ive had that page bookmarked for a while.....D'OH!03:25
mixedanyone know how to make the scroll wheel work correctly on the mouse?03:25
orbisvicismy dhcp got messed up by ebox [ i think ] ... can someone ps aux | grep -i dhc for me ?03:26
thinkpaduserchris0, haha03:26
billyoh okay.. one sex03:26
billyahhhhh sry lmao03:26
levanderbilly: what's the name of your windows box?03:26
thinkpaduserchris0, Thinkwiki is where it's at playa!03:26
chris0!Language | :D03:26
ubotu:D: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:26
chris0thinkpaduser: yep03:26
levanderbilly: 'smbclient -L BILLY'03:26
pyutarosDoes anyone here know how to manually start up networking from TTY1, pre xserver?03:27
thinkpaduserchris0, i KNOW my XUbuntu Gutsy patch for 2.6.22 came from there03:27
tbrockhey whats the best way to get involved with development03:27
s2aany1 no of a windows program that does wat devede does?03:27
billywhat am i looking for?03:27
billywhat am i looking for in there?03:27
billysry for the repeat03:27
thinkpaduserchris0, but it might not have been named properly03:27
levanderbilly: paste the output03:27
levandertbrock: do you know any programming languages?03:28
Flannel!contribute | tbrock03:28
ubotutbrock: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate03:28
chris0thinkpaduser: there's a patch...lemme try that03:28
Flannels2a: #windows is where you should ask that03:28
billyDomain=[BILLY] OS=[Windows 5.1] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager]03:28
thinkpaduserchris0, nice...03:28
pyutarosI've got a pretty nasty error keeping me out of xserver, but I've gotten into the console, and just need to be able to download packages to correct some issues.03:28
s2aFlannel, i dint even no there is a windows irc! k, thx alot03:28
levanderbilly: is it just that one line?03:28
=== syc_ is now known as psychode
levander!paste | billy03:29
ubotubilly: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lines texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:29
billy        Sharename       Type      Comment03:29
billy        ---------       ----      -------03:29
billy        Documents and Settings Disk03:29
billy        IPC$            IPC       Remote IPC03:29
billy        print$          Disk      Printer Drivers03:29
billy        SharedDocs      Disk03:29
FloodBot2billy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:29
levanderdamn, i knew that was coming03:29
Flannelpyutaros: aptitude is a curses GUI, otherwise you use apt-get03:29
Flannelpyutaros: oh, you need netwokring03:29
levanderbilly: it's working.  Why do you think it's not?03:29
pyutarosFlannel: yepper03:29
thinkpaduserchris0, i bet you could dl the kernel.org 2.6.24 sources and use my patch and my config to have everything work03:29
billywhen i turn off wireless it doesn't work anymore.03:29
levanderbilly: and, do use a pastebin for multi-line pasting next time03:29
thinkpaduserchris0, if you wanted to get really dirty haha03:29
pyutarosFlannel: networking is out03:29
billylevander: np03:30
chris0thinkpaduser: I'll probably end up doing that someday. I've rolled enough kernels....03:30
J-a-K-edoes anyone know how to use audio plugins with banshee?03:30
Flannelpyutaros: /etc/init.d/networking03:30
chris0thinkpaduser: I made my own realtime kernels back in Fedora 203:30
levanderbilly: well then, if you turn off your wireless network connection, how do you think you're connecting to the network?03:30
thinkpaduserchris0, getting the right config sucks.  i will pastebin mine for you03:30
billythrough a crossover lan cable connected to both comps03:30
billyim not that dumb lol03:30
chris0thinkpaduser: thz03:30
pyutarosFlannel: checking03:30
NetEchohey guys03:31
Flannelpyutaros: with configuration in /etc/network/interfaces03:31
billylevander: and ive done the ping command while wireless is disconnected and i get replies03:31
speeddemon8803!remastersys > speeddemon880303:31
AdylasHello ! The only user on my ubuntu box has a password with a "é" in it. But the login screen is in english ? (Unable to type é)03:31
levanderbilly: The problem is with your crossover cable.  I don't know how to set that up.03:31
AdylasWhat I can do ?03:31
Flannelpyutaros: the other option is sneakernet03:31
NetEchoI"m having an issue getting ubuntu to play sound through my USB headset03:31
billylevander: why would i get a reply if its my crossover cable?03:31
tbrocklevander yeah i know java and perl pretty well03:31
pyutarosFlannel: uggh03:31
levanderbilly: other networking, besides samba is working with the crossover cable?03:31
tbrockcan some C++/C03:31
Flannelpyutaros: Do you have an Ubuntu box that works?03:32
pyutarosFlannel: so what am I doing in those two locations.03:32
pyutarosFlannel: yes this one.03:32
billylevander: i can read and get files off the ubuntu comp from my windows, but not vice versa thru the crossover cable03:32
Flannelpyutaros: you can use aptOnCD to greatly simplify sneakernet03:32
NetEchoAnyone know how to get everything playing through a Logitech USB headset? I tried to set it as the device in volume control but that didn't seem to help03:32
levandertbrock: check out a project called 'al fresco' - it's a Java CMS.  The Ubuntu people don't do a lot of programming in those languages.  I think it's mostly python and C/C++ for Ubuntu.03:32
pyutarosFlannel: splain please03:32
Flannelpyutaros: interfaces is the configuration, networking is the script that starts/stops networking03:32
thinkpaduserchris0, here is 2.6.22, except it has the tuxonice suspend2 patch: http://pastebin.com/m99d47de03:33
SpookyETUbuntu is a bitch to configure manually since it's hard to find the location of any thing, and the GUI tools are lacking.03:33
pyutarosFlannel: no I meant splain aptoncd03:33
ubotuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers03:33
levandertbrock: But, if you're a junior programmer, I hope you're not expecting people to involve you in design very quickly.  Probably even as a senior programmer you'll be fixing bugs and testing first.  There's also the Mythbuntu project that's actively recruiting ppl if you're interested in that.03:33
Flannelpyutaros: AptOnCD is a ... uh, synaptic-by-proxy sort of thing.  You use it on a computer with networking, it downloads all the (up to date) packages (and depends) for stuff, and makes them easy to burn.  You take the CD you burned to the other computer, and it acts as a repository03:33
billylevander what can i do?03:34
pyutarosFlannel: I see.03:34
billylevander: i can read and get files off the ubuntu comp from my windows, but not vice versa thru the crossover cable03:34
AdylasHello ! The only user on my ubuntu box has a password with a "é" in it. But the login screen is in english ? (Unable to type é). What I can do ? Thanks in advence.03:34
thinkpaduserchris0, and here is 2.6.24: http://pastebin.com/m24983ef03:34
levanderbilly: Is stuff besides samba working with the crossover cable?03:34
levandernetworking stuff03:34
billywhat kinda network stuff?03:34
Flanneltbrock: check out #ubuntu-motu, or #ubuntu-bugs, you can probably find some low hanging fruit there03:34
billyNFS i think?03:34
billyi disable ip6v already as well03:34
NetEchoHow do you switch your active sound device to a headset so that Totem and other players will use that sound interface instead of the speakers?03:34
JDStonewebmin packages are broken in Ubuntu Edgy03:34
thinkpaduserchris0, a 'make oldconfig' on those and you will have everything work right, surely03:34
levanderbilly: did you try 'smbclient -L BILLY' while the wireless connection was off?03:34
JDStonemaybe I should upgrade to Gutsy03:34
billybut that means disconnecting from here03:34
thinkpaduserchris0, even gensplash, suspend/hibernate03:35
billyso ill be right back03:35
FlannelJDStone: webmin packages don't exist in edgy03:35
pyutarosFlannel: what was the second path you gave?03:35
levanderbilly: Ah, that is a quandary.  Let me think a second.03:35
n00bnesshey guys im configuring my network here but it does not work03:35
n00bnessauto eth003:35
n00bnessiface eth0 inet static03:35
FloodBot2n00bness: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:35
chris0thinkpaduser: good....actually I've never gotten hibernate to work, so that'd be good. I have suspend most of the time....03:35
tbrocklevander i don't mind, i just want to get invovled03:35
Flannelpyutaros: /etc/network/interfaces (config file), /etc/init.d/networking (script to restart)03:35
tbrockwhat projects are cool03:35
tbrockand really growing fast03:35
thinkpaduserchris0, i have another config here03:35
tbrockmythbuntu is tight03:35
mouseboyxin the ubuntu php -apache2 how do i disable php from executing in certain directories.03:36
=== kom is now known as sdaniels
chris0thinkpaduser: for which?03:36
yyeagoIS it just me or did the partitioner get 200% less helpful come 7.1003:36
levandertbrock: head into #mythbuntu and ask about getting involved.  You'll probably need a capture card though, so you can have a running system at home if you want to help with that project.03:36
thinkpaduserchris0, this one is the one i used in Xubuntu Gutsy for 2.6.22-903:36
pyutarosFlannel: I think I just need to run the script.03:36
yyeagoI thought it would auto-partition my drive into 3 partitions...but it only gave me two!03:36
thinkpaduserchris0, this is with Tuxonice and the SLAB thingy so it suspends03:36
Flannelpyutaros: sudo /etc/init.d/interfaces restart03:36
computerexdoes anyone know why my panels sometimes become invisible? The fix is simple enough, metacity --replace, but I am curios03:36
chris0thinkpaduser: ok....03:36
Flannelpyutaros: er, /networking not /interfaces03:37
ph0rensicyyeago, maybe its me and you heeh03:37
yyeagowhat do you mean?03:37
pyutarosFlannel: Actually, I did start and got an OK.03:37
n00bnessi have a linksys router this is the config im giving my network http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57660/ any idea why it wouldnt work ?03:37
ph0rensicyyeago, about the partitioner being less useful03:37
thinkpaduserchris0, i'd use this on yours: http://pastebin.com/m4216dfbe03:37
yyeagoQUESTION: should the auto-partitioner give me TWO partitions or THREE partitions???03:37
pyutarosFlannel: now what would be a good test.  prolly ifconfig.03:37
levanderbilly: All I can think of is to explain to you why I think it's not working...  Let me pastebin some instructions.03:37
yyeagoI thought common linux setup was 303:37
NetEchoOk I am using a laptop and just plugged in my Logitech USB headset. Ubuntu recognizes it but even when I go to volume properties and set it to Logitech everything else still trys to use my Speakers and not the headset... how do I correct this issue?03:38
ph0rensicyyeago, are you dualbooting?03:38
yyeagoph0rensic: no03:38
thinkpaduserchris0, ha! there it is!  i found your patch for tux on ice AND hdaps!03:38
NetEchoevening ph0rensic03:38
yyeagobut i am loading a home drive03:38
ph0rensicyyeago, full install to drive?03:38
yyeagoph0rensic: yeah03:38
pyutarosFlannel: I'm not seeing any eth in my output.03:38
ph0rensicNetEcho, hey!03:38
thinkpaduserchris0, i knew i kept this junk for a reason :)03:38
yyeagoph0rensic: my /home/ drive is NFS03:38
ph0rensicyyeago, then just two one for swap and the other for root03:38
fouadn00bness, why you dont use dhcp ?03:38
mouseboyxin the ubuntu php -apache2 how do i disable php from executing in certain directories.03:38
yyeagoph0rensic: cool03:38
chris0thinkpaduser: really? that rocks!03:38
NetEchoph0rensic, any idea how to solve my issue?03:38
ph0rensicNetEcho, oh what is it.. i just got in03:39
Frogzooph0rensic: yeah, the ubuntu autopartition's not too flash03:39
pyutarosMaybe my problem is hardware detection.03:39
NetEchoph0rensic,  ah just started using x-chat.. hard to keep up in it lol anyway here it is "I am using a laptop and just plugged in my Logitech USB headset. Ubuntu recognizes it but even when I go to volume properties and set it to Logitech everything else still trys to use my Speakers and not the headset... how do I correct this issue?"03:39
thinkpaduserchris0, here's the patch for or whatever that config was for: http://pastebin.com/m4afd193503:39
Frogzooph0rensic: just 2 partitions seems a bit ewww, but some people like it that way03:39
ph0rensicNetEcho, Oh man i dunno sorry I haven't tried anything like that yet03:40
yolevander: it decided to start working after that command03:40
thinkpaduserchris0, for the tux on ice patch go here: http://www.tuxonice.net/downloads/all/03:40
NetEchoph0rensic, okidokie, how are you today?03:40
=== yo is now known as billy
thinkpaduserchris0, and get tuxonice-3.0-rc2-for-
ph0rensicFrogzoo, you can make more, but auto-wise it defaults to 203:40
billylevander: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57661/03:40
ph0rensicNetEcho, Doing alright, u?03:40
billyhey ph0rensic03:41
chris0thinkpaduser: ok03:41
billyits yo03:41
thinkpaduserchris0, use that tux-on-ice patch, the hdaps parking patch, and my config and you are SET UP03:41
thinkpaduserchris0, i had everything working great with those03:41
ph0rensicbilly, yah i saw earlier when you switched03:41
NetEchoph0rensic, not to shabby. I'm out of town visiting my parents so I only have my laptop, usualy I'd stream music off my computer so headphones aren't an issue03:41
billylol okay03:41
JDStoneFlannel: do they exist i Gutys?03:41
ph0rensicNetEcho, ahh i see03:41
yyeagoI've got an edubuntu lab. What would be the best way to deploy all machines with exactly the same setup?03:41
NetEchoph0rensic, any idea if ubuntu has a shortcut key combo to go to desktop like windows' Winkey + D?03:42
billyph0rensic:i finally got everything working.. made a crossover cable from a patch cable and now im transferring all my files03:42
chris0thinkpaduser: cool Thanks!03:42
ph0rensicbilly, right on03:42
thinkpaduserchris0, one thing though03:42
chris0thinkpaduser: ?03:42
thinkpaduserchris0, i have an ATI driver03:42
billyph0rensic: i think to save myself from retransferring files, im just gonna switch out the hardrvies in mine and my bros com since their identical03:42
ph0rensicNetEcho, yah it does .. I dont know what it is, are you using compiz?03:42
chris0thinkpaduser: yep. I'll have to go through for that.03:43
billytransferring them back to my comp*03:43
thinkpaduserchris0, i used this howto to use all that stuff03:43
pyutarosLet me start over.  I am unable to boot to GUI, and am getting errors in syslog.03:43
ph0rensicbilly, you really need to mug someone for their external HDD heeh03:43
thinkpaduserchris0, http://blog.vaxius.net/?p=1903:43
levanderbilly: http://pastebin.ca/92156603:43
billyph0rensic: lmao yeah.. not really now that i have the LAN going, file transfer is pretty fast now03:44
NetEchoph0rensic, yes I am running compiz right now03:44
thinkpaduserchris0, that shows you how to make a nice .deb for the kernel image03:44
yyeagoQUESTION: I've got an edubuntu lab. What would be the best way to deploy all machines with exactly the same setup?03:44
levanderbilly: why not just transfer the files over the wireless connection?03:44
ph0rensicbilly, good for u .. glad you got it all working03:44
FlannelJDStone: No.  Its a security risk, no longer supported in Debian or Ubuntu03:44
Flannelyyeago: LTSP03:44
cottimahello, is there a tool to boot an iso of a lvm partition?03:44
billylevander: because the wireless is mad slow compared to the LAN03:44
chris0thinkpaduser: thz! it'd be nice if I could get everything working. I've got almost everything...this would be the final touch03:44
thinkpaduserchris0, you might not need that SLAB/SLUB thing changed for suspend to work with a Nvidia card03:45
billylevander: im transferring 30GB+/- 5GB03:45
pyutarosSpecifically, "Pango-Warning: pango_cairo_font_get_scaled_font called with bad font, expect ugly output.03:45
levanderbilly: just copy them over, go to bed, get up in morning, it's done.  Don't have to screw with hard drives or anything.03:45
thinkpaduserchris0, that was about 3 months work for me.  hopefully it will save you a little time03:45
ForzaPalermohow do i reset my ssh localhost password03:45
chris0thinkpaduser: yes, hopefully.03:45
pyutarosIs it possible I can just copy something like this off of the LIVE CD?03:45
billylevander: i would do that, but their both laptops, and only one charger, so i risk one dying during the process03:45
FlannelForzaPalermo: You reset your password03:45
ph0rensichey NetEcho , in ccsm go to general and then actions tab then general there is a setting in there (ctrl-alt-D) but you can customize if you want)03:46
zero88how do i check the kernel version i have?03:46
Flannelzero88: uname -a03:46
thinkpaduserchris0, and i know all of those are good for madwifi-ng03:46
ForzaPalermoFlannel, how?03:46
chris0zero88: uname -r03:46
billylevander: so i have a real reason to get it done fast, not just being non patient03:46
ForzaPalermodo i do it03:46
zero88Flannel, thanks03:46
levanderbilly: you're a mess, just go buy a new charger, life is too short03:46
NetEchoph0rensic, thanks03:46
chris0thinkpaduser: cool.03:46
FlannelForzaPalermo: passwd would do it.  (of course, that assumes you know it).  Do you have another admin account on this box?03:46
billyim not buying my little brother a new charger.. they are 50 dollars.. he can buy it himself03:46
levanderbilly: I would try the instructoins I pasted before taking the hard drive out of a laptop.03:46
billylevander: why?03:46
thinkpaduserchris0, so you could just drop everything Ubuntu and do this: http://madwifi.org/wiki/UserDocs/FirstTimeHowTo03:47
NetEchoph0rensic,  works like a charm03:47
levandertaking a hard drive out of a laptop isn't as easy as taking it out of a desktop, things could go wrong (as i've experienced myself)03:47
billylevander: as long as i do it while they're both off im good, they're both identical computers dell inspiron 150 laptop03:47
ForzaPalermoi need to change my ssh localhost password03:47
ph0rensicyah i just tried it myself .... compiz is great huh?03:47
jcg42To access files on a web server withing my own internal LAN is it better to use FTP, Samba, SSH Filesystem, or something else? What about over internet?03:47
billylevander: ive done it before, while the computer was on.. and it still works03:47
levanderbilly: suit yourself, but i'd try the instructions i posted03:47
FlannelForzaPalermo: Thats the same as your user password.  Do you have another account on the box that has admin rights?03:47
thinkpaduserchris0, just blacklist it in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and add ath_hal to /etc/modules.autoload/ whatever file03:47
billylevander: cuz im an idiot lol03:47
ForzaPalermo Flannel no03:48
billylevander: im damn happy i didn't fry my HD03:48
mouseboyxin the ubuntu php -apache2 how do i disable php from executing in certain directories.03:48
ForzaPalermosee i tried using pubnlic private keys... didnt work, so i purged everything, and i reinstalled ssh03:48
pyutarosAnyone ever seen that error?03:48
FlannelForzaPalermo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword will walk you through it.  You'll need to reboot into recovery mode (and then do some stuff locally)03:48
ForzaPalermonow i cant get it started03:48
ForzaPalermobut my login password works03:48
ForzaPalermofor everyhting else03:48
ForzaPalermoroot, etc03:48
chris0thinkpaduser: yep...I'll probably do that eventually, when I have more time, and can deal with borkage....My computer got borked a couple weeks ago and I don't want a repeat experience of that.....03:48
billybrb guys03:48
FlannelForzaPalermo: thats the same as your ssh password.  You've got some other stuff going on then with SSH03:48
thinkpaduserchris0, it can be a headache03:49
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!03:49
greenmanspirithello, i was surfing around the forums with no luck so I thought I would ask here. Does anyone know of a good widget type application that will work as a slideshow for photos i tell it to cycle though?03:49
ForzaPalermois there another way to fully clean it besides purging it from synaptec03:49
FlannelForzaPalermo: do: sudo apt-get remove --purge openssh-server && sudo apt-get install openssh-server03:49
chris0thinkpaduser: yep03:49
ForzaPalermoshit i got it03:49
FlannelForzaPalermo: No, complete removal via synaptic should do the trick.  You can verify that /etc/sshd/ is gone after that.03:49
ForzaPalermoi was doing sudo ssh localhost03:49
billy!oh my|ForzaPalermo03:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about oh my - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:49
isaacj87greenmanspirit: do you mean something like screenlets?03:50
ForzaPalermodidnt pay attention03:50
ForzaPalermoi was getting nervous03:50
n00bnesscan you set a static ip address on vmware in ubuntu ?03:50
chris0thinkpaduser: hey, do you have a webcam on your computer? If s, what program do you use to get it to work?03:50
cheebyhi.  how do install mysql with readline support?03:50
ph0rensicgreenmanspirit, I think you can try screenlets03:50
thinkpaduserchris0, nah i don't03:50
isaacj87greenmanspirit: I'm not sure if screenlets has a slideshow screenlet03:50
thinkpaduserchris0, i haven't messed with one before03:50
ph0rensicisaacj87, oh hah.. you nailed it already03:50
NetEchoDoes anyone here know how to get Ubuntu to start playing audio on a USB headset instead of the speakers?03:50
isaacj87ph0rensic: haha03:51
ph0rensicisaacj87, Im pretty sure there is one on gnome-look03:51
isaacj87ph0rensic: oh really? good stuff03:51
greenmanspiritisaacj87, i dont know what screenlets is, but i just mean something that will cycle through my photos kind of like those digital frames they have in the store now03:51
chris0thinkpaduser: ok. I got it working once. Not that I ever use it, but I like having things working.03:51
ph0rensicisaacj87, whether it works or not, thats a different story..03:51
isaacj87greenmanspirit: hmm, like ph0rensic said...I think there is something like that03:51
Lorenzo_hi, aMule keeps crashing since I updated to Ubuntu Gutsy 64 bit. Amule version I am running is, do i need 2.2 and how do install it?03:51
yyeagoCan someone help me understand this doc --03:52
isaacj87greenmanspirit: http://www.screenlets.org/index.php/Home03:52
Frogzooscreenlets are buggy as03:52
yyeagoIts preliminary so it doesn't go into a lot of detail03:52
thinkpaduserchris0, you are true Linux nerd then!  "Hey, I wonder if I can get that to work?  Not that I will use it but..." :)03:52
isaacj87greenmanspirit: give it a try...couldn't hurt, but like another user said, screenlets are pretty buggy03:52
ph0rensicgreenmanspirit, http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/SlideShow+Screenlet?content=6412003:52
yyeagohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPFatClients <--- I am not understanding the steps that begin with 'chroot'. what are these effectively doing?03:52
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!03:52
power788How can I find out why a program is running at startup? It is not in Sessions or init.d, anywhere else to look?03:53
isaacj87ph0rensic: wow, that's a really cool screenlet...I think i'm gonna give it a try03:53
NetEchoDoes anyone here know how to get Ubuntu to start playing audio on a USB headset instead of the speakers?03:54
chris0thinkpaduser: I still have my Gentoo 2006.1 CD because I like installing it from scratch. So, yeah, pretty much03:54
ph0rensicisaacj87, let me know, I haven't installed screenlets in my new 64 bit install yet03:54
billylevander: what was that suggestion about hard drives you had?03:54
ph0rensicFrogzoo, i think screenlets are way better than the desklets03:54
yyeagohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPFatClients <--- is /opt/lisp on this doc referring to the Server or the fat client??03:54
prashanthow to deleate items frm desktop03:54
ph0rensicprashant, del03:55
power788How do I reverse the  "Remember My Currently Running Applications" in Sessions?03:55
ViperHwhat is up?03:55
greenmanspiritthank you all03:55
prashantit shows error03:55
thinkpaduserchris0, i love Ubuntu for many reasons, but Gentoo seems to be more fun tinkering with for me03:55
isaacj87greenmanspirit: no problem! let me know how it goes03:55
billyis there any problem with switching hard drives between two identical comps (dell inspiron 1501 notebook)?03:55
dsmith_standard rdp connecting to ubuntu is insecure correct?03:56
chris0thinkpaduser: it is. I'm using ubuntu because I can reinstall it in 1 hour, instead of 24-36 hours.03:56
greenmanspiritisaacj87, well i am hitting the sack now, i will play with it tomorrow and come back to the irc with how it went over03:56
thinkpaduserchris0, Ubuntu is for the rest of the machines i don't play with.  my gf would beat my a$$ if she couldn't get on Myspace03:56
thinkpaduserchris0, excatly03:56
NetEchoDoes anyone here know how to get Ubuntu to start playing audio on a USB headset instead of the speakers?03:56
ph0rensicbilly, there could be problems doing that03:56
prashantu dont hav permission to modify its parent folder03:56
ph0rensicprashant, on the desktop??03:57
thinkpaduserchris0, so you know, not to push Gentoo on the Ubuntu board since i adore both...03:57
illmortalanyone know why my resolution won't change when i configure kboot?... it's stuck at 1080i @ 1920x1080 and refresh rate @ 25hz.03:57
billyph0rensic: like what?03:57
chris0NetEcho: you should be able to select your headset in System -> Preferences -> Sound.....03:57
thinkpaduserchris0, you can install Sabayon Linux and you have all the work done for you03:57
NetEchochris0, I do believe I did that but I'll check again03:57
chris0NetEcho: ok....03:57
billyph0rensic: what problems could be encountered by switching the harddrives?03:58
chris0thinkpaduser: yeah, but that's missing the point..... :D03:58
thinkpaduserchris0, i suppose it is isn't it :P03:58
billyph0rensic: i also need some help with the compix stuff03:58
ph0rensicbilly, the drive may not boot properly is the first one .. you could try it to test it03:58
Traveler8i am getting that sudo hostname error03:58
Traveler8i cant figure out how to fix it03:58
chris0NetEcho: the other thing to try is an lsusb and see if your headset is recognized.03:58
NetEchochris0, its still playing out my speakers but now I don't have volume control03:58
JouvaI can't seem to get my OpenVPN connection quite working with the network manager plugin. The connection works just fine for my Windows PC. I went with essentially the same config (there were a few things missing but nothing that seemed critical) and I keep getting "Linux route add command failed: shell command exited with error status 7"03:58
billyph0rensic: whats the worst that could happen?03:58
thinkpaduserchris0, i used to do that with Kororaa XGL when Compiz came out03:58
NetEchochris0, it says Logitech USB headset in the volume controls03:59
NetEchochris0,  ah there we go03:59
chris0NetEcho:got it?03:59
NetEchochris0,  yea totem needed to be restarted03:59
ph0rensicbilly, if it doesn't work just dont write to the drive and switch it back.. remember there are settings that could be different even though the pcs are identical (MBR etc..)03:59
billywhats MBR?04:00
chris0NetEcho: happy listening!04:00
prashantafter using del it shows u dont hav perrimision change it or its parent folder04:00
ph0rensicbilly, Master Boot Record04:00
chris0billy: master boot record04:00
palomerwhat's the best app to rip CDs?04:00
billyph0rensic: what is it tho?04:00
billyph0rensic: what does it do?04:00
NetEchochris0,  now I can get to work on a game wiki :P04:00
Jouva!best | palomer04:00
ubotupalomer: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.04:00
yyeagowhat does this command do? I don't get the 'chroot' part of it  sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/fati386 apt-get install edubuntu-desktop04:00
illmortalanyone know why my resolution won't change when i configure kboot?... it's stuck at 1080i @ 1920x1080 and refresh rate @ 25hz.04:00
chris0NetEcho: have funsky04:00
prashantafter using del it shows u dont hav perrimision change it or its parent folder04:01
ph0rensicbilly, In short, it tells your computer how to load the OS properly04:01
* chris0 needs to go to bed04:01
JouvaI can't seem to get my OpenVPN connection quite working with the network manager plugin. The connection works just fine for my Windows PC. I went with essentially the same config (there were a few things missing but nothing that seemed critical) and I keep getting "Linux route add command failed: shell command exited with error status 7"04:02
billyphorensic: so what if i install ubuntu on the other hard drive before switching them?04:02
ph0rensicbilly, I cant say with any certainty it will work without error04:03
cheebyhi.  how do I install readline support for mysql?04:03
billyph0rensic: oh okay.. and about compix.. its still not working.. maybe i don't have all the updates required downloaded for it to work?04:03
cheebywould like to use vi keys in mysql-navigator.04:03
speeddemon8803!update > speeddemon880304:04
matthiashave anyone runned the script for inspiron computers from the page mylittle ubuntu guide ?04:04
CorrosionXHey guys I'm trying to install Ubuntu server on an old Pentium 3 850, but I don't get it as soon as I choose "install" on the boot screen I only get a blank screen and a cursor... any idea?04:04
ph0rensicbilly, hmmm that was odd... you have updated graphics cards and it said something about the module missing or something?04:04
billylemme give you the exact message in a sec04:04
matthiasthat supposely suppose to install ati drivers and other stuff ...04:04
donomohow can i get the .config for my ubuntu kernel?04:04
matthiasfor dell computers ...04:05
J-a-k-eHas anyone else noticed that ubuntu has inferior sound quality compared to windows. Or is it just me and the way I'be got things setup04:05
matthiasany experiance ...04:05
ph0rensicCorrosionX, Server install CD?04:05
billyph0rensic: "the composite etention is not available"04:05
donomoi do not find a .config file in /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.22/04:05
CorrosionXph0rensic: yup04:05
CorrosionXI'm trying with 7.10 server but I have some 7.10, 6.06, 5.10 desktop disks and they do the same thing04:05
ph0rensicbilly, run fglrxinfo in term and paste output to pastebin04:06
illmortalcan anyone help me with my resolution problem? =\04:07
DG19075J-a-k-e: I've noticed that too. Audio sounds rougher Under Ubuntu than Windows04:07
ph0rensicCorrosionX, hmmm Strange .... I haven't used the server install disk in a while cause I dont have a production machine, I sometimes run a local server so I download using apt w/i the desktop install04:07
matthiasillemortal: system->preferance->screen resolution04:08
donomofound it in /boot/config*04:08
billyph0rensic:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57662/04:08
CorrosionXnone of my cds work and I got a case of 6.06s once04:08
yyeagohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPFatClients  <--- *could someone please* explain to me where this doc explains the client server relationship?04:08
J-a-k-eoh good, so im not the only person I've spent all afternoon tinkering and decided it sounded rather good. Tho when i went back to windows there's just no comparison04:08
yo__sorry bout that guys04:09
yo__comp turned off...04:09
CorrosionXJ-a-k-e: i thnk the problem is th esound engine...I once found one that sounded good but forgot which one... I hope the new PulseAudio gets better because it's just not cutting it for me either04:09
DG19075I'm a broadcast engineer, so I notice those things, and use this machine to produce stuff for a station I work at.04:10
f43does anyone know where the update folder is ??? i want to back all of my updates :)04:10
DG19075CorrosionX: Just wish you could remember. It would help a LOT...mp3's ound like crap comapred to W2K04:12
J-a-k-eah, I've been using ALSA, time to go and google the other audio engines i think04:12
jcg42To access files on a web server withing my own internal LAN is it better to use FTP, Samba, SSH Filesystem, or something else? What about over internet?04:12
rikkimaruDoes windows have to be installed on the 1st primary partition?04:13
AdylasDG19075 J-a-k-e CorrosionX, For my part, Ubuntu sounds great with my M-Audio revolution 7.1. I would even say that its better (definition) then in windows.04:13
Flannelrikkimaru: no.  It just has to think it is.04:13
Flannelrikkimaru: (you can fool it with GRUB)04:13
rikkimaruFlannel: is there a way to do that?04:13
speeddemon8803!grub > rikkimaru04:13
Flannelrikkimaru: GRUB's map04:13
Traveler8how should i fix my hosts file?????04:14
speeddemon8803rikkimaru...see private message from ubotu for information.04:14
=== ka2u is now known as ka2zzzz
power788Does anyone know how to find out why a program is starting automatically on login?04:14
J-a-k-eBeing something of an audio nut my system sound is considerably better than self powered pc speakers so it's quite obvious to me too04:14
rikkimaruFlannel: the problem I'm having is installing windows.  When i run the install CD, it claims there is no space avaliable04:15
rikkimaruFlannel: GRUB doesn't even run when the CD boots, right?04:15
Traveler8i cant sudo04:15
ph0rensicyo__, In your xorg.conf .. I think under the device section there should be a line that says Option "composite" "on" can yo look?04:15
Traveler8how do i fix my hosts file04:15
Traveler8the /etc/hosts04:15
Flannelrikkimaru: oh, thats different.  Do you have any space available?04:16
rikkimaruFlannel: yes, and it's at the front of the disk04:16
J-a-k-eAdylas: That's interesting, I've got a creative xifi xtreme audio running a custom driver through windows. What sound engine do you run through linux?04:16
rikkimaruFlannel: but my current ubuntu install is /dev/sda104:16
StarnestommyTraveler8: go into recovery mode and edit /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname to have your computer's hostname04:16
=== yo is now known as billy
CorrosionXok so I'm trying with an old 5.10 install disk, it's booting up the install and it stopped at "Checking 'hlt' instruction"\04:16
Flannelrikkimaru: once you create a new partition infront of sda1, it'll become sda2.04:16
FlannelCorrosionX: 5.10 is no longer supported, any reason you can't try a newer one?04:16
rikkimaruFlannel: how can I do that?04:17
CorrosionXCause it won't give me textual error messages04:17
rikkimaruFlannel: if i try with fdisk it claims its already taken04:17
ph0rensicjcg42, Im guessing if it is within your lan why not use samba or NAS04:17
Flannelrikkimaru: In the windows installer, you'll be able to create a partition.04:17
CorrosionXI tried em all but only this one gives me a clue with it doesn't work04:17
FlannelCorrosionX: try the alternate CD instead of the Desktop CD04:17
rikkimaruFlannel: hmm... I'll try, but I don't think it let me04:17
rikkimaruFlannel: brb04:17
billywhats the debugging command someone told me earlier?04:18
CorrosionXI don't have one of those available right now... but what does that 'hlt' instruction hangup mean?04:18
billyits like something -L BILLY04:18
zelrikriandoI might have a rootkit on my machine Oo04:18
palomerhow am I supposed to find out what CD ripper to use?04:19
billywhats the Debugging command for LAN?04:19
D-UnitHow do i make virtualbox windows xp detect my usb external hard drive?04:19
ph0rensiczelrikriando, hey04:19
zelrikriandoph0rensic: I have a problem04:19
jaderavenim haveing a hell of a time finding beryl... anyone know where i can download it from...04:19
Flanneljaderaven: its compiz-fusion now04:20
jaderaventhank you much04:20
billylevander you still in here?04:20
speeddemon8803!compiz-fusion | jaderaven04:20
jaderavenis it a hard install?04:20
=== paniangggggg is now known as paniang
ubotujaderaven: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion04:20
zelrikriandoanyone knows about rootkits?04:20
ph0rensiczelrikriando, sounds like it04:20
wols_!anyone | zelrikriando04:21
ubotuzelrikriando: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rootkits - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:21
billyph0rensic: can you help me with some LAN issues real quick?04:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lan - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:21
speeddemon8803hmm...strange, thought it had something on rootkits for you zelrikriando04:21
wols_!info chkrootkit04:21
[Jerry_Teps]Hey, can someone help? everytime I try to install ubuntu and I get up to installing GRUB it says "Executing 'grub-install (hd0)' failed. This is a fatal error."  does anyone know how to fix this?04:21
ubotuchkrootkit (source: chkrootkit): Checks for signs of rootkits on the local system. In component main, is optional. Version 0.47-1.1 (gutsy), package size 264 kB, installed size 740 kB04:21
ph0rensicbilly, dont know much about linux networking, I'll try04:22
wols_[Jerry_Teps]: fdisk -l04:22
speeddemon8803thanks wols_ :)04:22
presumptious85hello all04:22
rikkimaruFlannel: It doesn't let me get to the partitioning system04:22
ph0rensicD-Unit, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62784704:22
speeddemon8803i couldnt quite remember the name..but..to much avail someone did :)04:22
presumptious85how yall doing 2nite?04:22
billyph0rensic: whats the command to get this output? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57661/04:22
[Jerry_Teps]k thanks04:22
rikkimaruFlannel: is there a way I can change my ubuntu install from /dev/sda1 to something else?04:22
wols_zelrikriando: there is also debsums04:22
rikkimaruFlannel: or at least whichi primary partition it is04:22
D-Unitph0rensic, im doing it ;)04:22
ph0rensicbilly, haha dunno04:23
presumptious85can anyone recommend a FTP client for me?04:23
billycrap.. thanks04:23
zelrikriandoright now my webbrowsers arent working04:23
zelrikriandobut IRC still works...04:23
ph0rensiczelrikriando, geez what did you do!04:23
DG19075presumptuous85: gFTP, FileZilla04:23
rikkimaruIs there a way to change which primary partition my ubuntu install is on?04:24
presumptious85i have tried both04:24
wols_billy: smbclient04:24
presumptious85but cant seem to configure it properly04:24
jaderavenwhen i run the sudo command while tryign to install compiz it asks me for a password... i dont remember setting one... anyone know what the default is or is there one?04:24
wols_rikkimaru: yes but why change it?04:24
presumptious85i got flashfxp for windows04:24
presumptious85that i use to download04:24
illmortalCan someone help me with my resolution problem?... Please =\04:24
wols_jaderaven: your user's password for sudo04:24
Starnestommyjaderaven: it should be your user's login password04:24
rikkimaruwols_: I'm trying to dual-boot w/ windows, and I can't install windows unless it's the first partition (from what I gather)04:24
wols_!ask | illmortal04:25
ubotuillmortal: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:25
wols_rikkimaru: you are wrong04:25
billyany one know the command to get this kind of out put? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57661/04:25
wols_billy: I just told you04:25
rikkimaruwols_: I'd be happy to do something else.  Could you help me?04:25
wols_rikkimaru: ##windows04:25
wols_rikkimaru: what windows?04:25
ph0rensicbilly, he said smbclient04:25
rikkimaruwols_: XP04:25
illmortalIf anyone think they can fix my resolution issue... please check this link, this will explain my problem: Can someone help me with my resolution problem?... Please =\04:25
CaptObvioushow do I set the DNS suffix of my machine?  now if I do hostname -f I get sovereign.wan - how do I change the .wan part?04:25
wols_rikkimaru: that can install on ANY primary partition04:25
rikkimaruwols_: did # #windows mean to ask in the windows channel04:25
billywols_ thanks04:25
billywols_didnt see that lol04:26
DG19075you can also do ftp://username:password@ftpsite.com if you user Firefox04:26
wols_rikkimaru: yes it does mean it04:26
rikkimaruwols_: when I put in the install CD, and hit enter, it claims there is no space avaliable04:26
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ps3 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:26
presumptious85DG19075:  well its got to be an ftp client04:26
wols_rikkimaru: of course you can't have all space partitioned for ubuntu you need some free, unpartitioned space04:26
DG19075I sue that at my radio station to access files on misitry FTP servers...Works well04:26
wols_!gparted | rikkimaru04:27
uboturikkimaru: GParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/04:27
presumptious85for security reasons04:27
wols_presumptious85: thatg is laughable04:27
wols_presumptious85: not to mention idiocy04:27
ph0rensicftp and security?04:27
rikkimaruwols_: I used that recently to move my ubuntu partition off the front of the disk, can it also change which partition it is?04:27
wols_rikkimaru: you can change the size of partitons. changing its name won't help04:27
presumptious85cuz i download bootlegs04:27
DevourerIs sudo su how I become root?04:28
wols_!warez | presumptious8504:28
ubotupresumptious85: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o04:28
presumptious85yeaa u can call the cops04:28
rikkimaruwols_: there is 13Gigs free at the frontt of tthe disk04:28
StarnestommyDevourer: sudo -i, but remember to only use it with extreme caution04:28
ph0rensicDevourer, sort of you dont actually become root but your commands run with root privs04:28
DG19075I do it this way to download ministry programs for my radio station to air04:28
wols_rolf_: then windows WILL install04:28
presumptious85uh oh04:28
presumptious85i'm sorry04:28
D-Uniti set up the folder to share in virtualbox y wont it work?04:28
free1sftp or scp to move files from my local machine to a remote machine?04:28
CorrosionXSo I got the install to boot further than the "Checking 'hlt' instruction" part by giving the no-hlt parameter to install (on the 5.10 version) so I can see it installing further but once I get to the language selection my keyboard isn't working anymore... am I screwed or what?04:29
ph0rensicD-Unit, I was having problems earlier too...04:29
DevourerStarnestommy, well.... I'm trying to run the commmand jhbuild build, and it is trying to automatically create need directories, but when I do sudo jhbuild build nothing happens.04:29
wols_rikkimaru: can it be your windows doesn't detect a hdd altogehter? cause if it would it would tell you to at least delete the ubuntu partition. snce it doesn't it's not what you say it is04:29
D-Unitph0rensic, did u solve the problems?04:29
ph0rensicD-Unit, No let me look at it again04:29
wols_CorrosionX: 5.10 is not supported anymore. EOL04:29
billyph0rensic: i think my favorite part about ubuntu is that you can put stuff on a different "desktop"04:29
D-Unitph0rensic, k04:29
jaderavenokay you guys will prolly get tired of answering my questions soon, but i have installed compiz-fusion and did the replace command to use it on my current session, but i dont notice a difference.... do i need to enable suff first?04:29
presumptious85does anyone have a Hauppage HVR-1600?04:29
wols_billy: every OS has that04:29
wols_!anyone | presumptious8504:30
ubotupresumptious85: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:30
sudobashis there a channel for the Ubuntu Embedded OS?04:30
billywols_ how do you do it in xp?04:30
wols_!compiz | jaderaven04:30
ubotujaderaven: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion04:30
wols_billy: tons of progams which do it. I use litestep's vwm04:30
rikkimaruwols_: brb, going to write down the error message this time04:30
jaderavenyeah but that tells me how to install it no?04:30
alanddI cannot successfully install emdebian-tools on my brand new Kubuntu 7.10 install04:30
wols_rikkimaru: don't come here again with it. go to ##windows04:30
billywols_ no im talkin about how it comes stock with ubuntu04:30
billywols_ and its easy and simple04:30
wols_!info emdebian-tools04:30
ubotuemdebian-tools (source: emdebian-tools): emdebian crossbuilding tool set. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.0 (gutsy), package size 55 kB, installed size 232 kB04:31
rikkimaruwols_: I am04:31
DevourerCrap... is there a default root password?04:31
wols_Devourer: there is no root password04:31
billythe default root password is your login password04:31
wols_billy: wromng04:31
ViperHnone but you can change it easily if you really want to have root access04:31
wols_ViperH: stip!04:31
billywols: thats how it is with me...04:31
presumptious85i cannot get Hauppage HVR  1600 to work?04:32
alanddThis morning it was suggest that remove all repos from synaptic and install from the live CD.  This I have just tried but it appears that emdebian-tools is not on the live CD.04:32
wols_!doesn't work | presumptious8504:32
ubotupresumptious85: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:32
cmathesoni'm looking to buy a usb bluetooth dongle, but i'm not sure how cautious i need to be about hardware support--do only certain dongles work well in linux?  or am i pretty ok to just buy anything?04:32
wols_alandd: what error did you get?04:32
presumptious85gimme a break04:32
wols_hcl | cmatheson04:32
wols_!hcl | cmatheson04:32
ubotucmatheson: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:32
alanddLet me try again with apt-get and I'll show you.04:32
Devourerwols_, how would I use nothing as a password? I used nothing with su and that didn't work and I used my login password and that didn't work.04:32
flacohey all... I'm triyin to compile a program... and I get an error because the glib-2.0 , gobject-2.0 and gthread-2.0 are not found... I check in the repositories and those packages does not exists.... any ideas?04:32
free1I'm talking that command line copying of files from local machine to remote machine... what is the relevant command on that there?04:32
presumptious85i tried the driver from linuxtv and that cuased an issue with my video card04:33
Frogzoocmatheson: any linux hardware you should check first you can get a driver, better safe that way04:33
CorrosionXThe only reason I'm mentionning 5.10 anymore is because it's the only one who gives accurate error messages, so I found out it froze at the hlt part. I tried the no-hlt option on the 7.10 server disc and it says "irq 11 nobody cared (try with irqpoll option) ... so I tried that and now I only get a blank screen04:33
cmathesonFrogzoo: thanks04:33
bazhangflaco: what app?04:33
flacois the webkit gtk port04:34
free1what's a good ftp client for ubuntu?04:34
bazhangflaco does the package have a name?04:34
DevourerShould my sudo password be the same as my su password?04:34
wols_ViperH: stop telling people how to set root passwords04:34
wols_Devourer: no04:34
flacothere is no package... I build from the sources04:34
wols_Devourer: your password for sudo is your user's password04:34
FrogzooDevourer: yes04:34
bazhangDevourer: only use sudo its safer that way04:34
ViperHI didn't say how I said it could be changed if they wanted04:34
Starnestommyflaco: try libglib2.0-dev04:34
ViperHwhat bazhag said04:35
Devourerbazhang, but sudo won't work the command I'm doing... when I don't use sudo it does work.04:35
ViperHyou can really mess up your system if you mess up04:35
billycan you run counterstrike in linux?04:35
bazhangDevourer: what are you trying to do p[ease explain04:35
jribbilly: through wine, yes04:35
billyjrib:will it run smooth like it did in xp?04:36
ViperHbilly through vmware also.04:36
ViperHodss are no04:36
ViperHodds are no.04:36
prince_jammysDevourer: your sudo password is the same as your user's password04:36
wols_billy: appdb.winehq.com04:36
Devourerbazhang, I am trying to do jhbuild build, and it will go through and try and build GTK+ but it needs to make some directories which it doesn't have permission to do so I guess I need sudo jhbuild build, but when I do that, nothing happens, it just comes with the default prompt.04:36
wols_and yes it will run fine afaik04:36
mattgyver83Hi room, why (for my wifi machines) must i always restart my router when my IP changes?  Is there a way to not have to do this?04:36
wols_Devourer: why do you build gtk?04:36
bazhangbilly: you should check out the appdb for wine--pretty impressive what games can run well--if you have the card for it ;]04:37
Devourerwols_, well, it is win32 GTK+.04:37
wols_Devourer: cool. wrong channel here. please ask elsewhere04:37
billybazhang: ATI radeon04:37
nickrudDevourer: build it in your home (but wols_ is right)04:37
lkthomashey guys04:37
CorrosionXWhen I try to install with no-hlt it gives me "irq 11: nobody cared (try booting with the irqpoll option) handlers: c8837e70 ata_interrupt+0x0/0x1f0 [libata]) disabling irq 11..... what does that mean?04:37
bazhangbilly heh but which ati radeon ;]04:37
Devourerwols_, my problem I think pertains to using sudo and whatnot which is not really a GTK+ issue right?04:37
lkthomashow come I can't find php5-fcgi on apt-cache ?04:37
alanddwols_: My log from this morning is here: http://pastebin.com/d651e89c4 and I get the same results just now.04:37
billybazhang: 1100 i believe?04:37
wols_Devourer: you building for windows is not a ubuntu problem...04:38
bazhangbilly: you seen the appdb yet?04:38
Devourerwols_, I'm building a library for Ubuntu...04:38
billybazhang: nope04:38
Devourerwols_, and this library happens to be Windows related.04:38
bazhangbilly just a sec..04:38
JouvaI can't seem to get my OpenVPN connection quite working with the network manager plugin. The connection works just fine for my Windows PC. I went with essentially the same config (there were a few things missing but nothing that seemed critical) and I keep getting "Linux route add command failed: shell command exited with error status 7". Any suggestions?04:38
alanddwols_: bot_ and Jack_Sparrow were worried this morning about the part "Unable to determine apt-cache policy for Debian main! at /var/lib/dpkg/info/emdebian-tools.postinst line 132."04:38
wols_Devourer: how can it be?04:38
billybut i gotta go to sleep y'all ive been stayin up way too late messing with ubuntu04:39
billyill be back in tomorrow probably04:39
nickrudbazhang: key there is the debian repo thing. It's not modified for ubuntu04:39
Devourerwols_, Well... the library is for Ubuntu, it would never build on Windows...04:39
billybazhang will you be here tomorrow about 330 pst?04:39
wols_alandd: I am too. bad package. as a workaround you can put a dbeian repo in your sources list and apt-update then try again04:39
bazhanghttp://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=3731 billy check this ;]04:39
bazhangbilly I never leave ;]04:39
billyk h/o04:39
alanddwols_: do you have a pointer to the right repo?  I don't want to "disturb" my system with the wrong mix of packages.04:40
wols_alandd: the pint is to have the repo but NOT to install anything04:40
ttuttlehey, where can I find the man pages for C library functions?04:40
wols_alandd: deb ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/ unstable main04:40
bazhangnickrud for devourer's issue? sorry was spacing out.. ;]04:41
alanddwols_: thanks04:41
wols_ttuttle: libc6-dev04:41
ttuttlewols_: Thanks a bunch!04:41
Devourerwols_, sorry, I think I was asking the wrong question.04:41
ViperHttuttle http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/806-7023/6jfu564e5?a=expand04:41
DevourerHow do I add an account to the sudoers file?04:41
arakthorWhile idling, my laptop in ubuntu experiences high loads and feels sluggish - anybody have any idea what might be hampering performance or how to improve it?04:41
ttuttleViperH: I wanted to install them on the computer, but thanks.04:42
BIOSboilerhey has anyone ever used x 11 forwarding?04:42
ttuttleBIOSboiler: yes04:42
nickrudbazhang: no, alandd . I ran across this a few days ago, had the guy put the postinst on pastebin. but wols_ 's idea may very well work. I just don't tell people to add debian repos.04:42
ttuttleBIOSboiler: ssh -X host.04:42
BIOSboilerttuttle sweet04:42
bazhangarakthor open a terminal and type top to see what is eating cpu04:42
BIOSboileris it hard to setup?04:42
ViperHDevourer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20146804:42
DevourerViperH, thanks.04:42
billydang bazzhang04:42
rikkimaruHow do i use fdisk to see if space is unallocated?04:42
wols_alandd: just remove the debian again as soon as the package is installed04:42
billyaight well i g2g ttu all later04:42
bazhangnickrud sorry I missed that ;]04:42
BIOSboileris ssh -X host a package to download04:42
wols_alandd: and what /var/log/dpkg.log like a hawk what it does04:43
bazhangcya billy04:43
nickrudbazhang: np, you're running a lot of threads04:43
D-Unitph0rensic, any progress?04:43
=== tdoggette is now known as tdoggette_away
wols_alandd: s/what/watch04:43
bazhangnickrud s/running/ruining/ ;]04:43
nickrudrikkimaru: sudo fdisk -l  (but I prefer sudo cfdisk /dev/device)04:43
BIOSboilerhey ttutle r u therE?04:43
ph0rensicD-Unit, nope.. I keep getting errors too even though I replicated the tutorial exactly04:44
ttuttleBIOSboiler: yes04:44
alanddwols_: nickrud: thanks for the help.  I'm going the repo route and I'll watch the log04:44
ttuttleBIOSboiler: no, ssh is a command04:44
BIOSboilerplease help me04:44
BIOSboileris know of ssh04:44
BIOSboilerlike port 2204:44
BIOSboilerinto terminal04:44
D-Unitph0rensic, i guess ill try a real windows comp then04:44
wols_!enter | BIOSboiler04:44
BIOSboilerso hyod do i setup X 11 forwarding04:44
ubotuBIOSboiler: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:44
D-Unitph0rensic, but its slow04:44
ttuttleBIOSboiler: you type "ssh -X" followed by the hostname of the machine you want to connect to.04:44
yobazhang: ATI Radeon Xpress 1150... is it a good card for runninc CS in wine?04:44
BIOSboilerwhat does that mean?04:44
ttuttleBIOSboiler: What are you doing with "!enter"?04:45
rikkimarunickrud: does FS Type Free Space, mean it's unallocated?04:45
speeddemon8803BIOSboiler, please read the information ubotu has said.04:45
=== yo is now known as billy
nickrudrikkimaru: yes04:45
BIOSboileroh sorry04:45
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Are you familiar with the command line at all?04:45
BIOSboilerttutle what should i install to get X11 working?04:45
ttuttleBIOSboiler: If you have Ubuntu you almost certainly have X11 working already.04:46
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Do you know how to use the command line in general?04:46
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Also, what are you trying to do?04:46
DevourerHow do I un-sudo -i?04:46
ttuttleDevourer: exit.04:46
DevourerAs undo that action... ttuttle, thanks.04:46
complabgood morning! y cant i hear a sound in my headset? the sound did not redirect to my headset when i jacked it in?04:46
BIOSboilerttutle yes04:46
ttuttleDevourer: No problem.  sudo just starts a subshell, so you can exit it using exit.04:46
BIOSboileri use bash04:47
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Okay, so ssh opens a shell on another machine.04:47
BIOSboileri know04:47
ttuttleBIOSboiler: If you type "ssh user@machine", it will let you log on as user on machine.04:47
BIOSboileri use putty with xp at work04:47
BIOSboileryes Sir04:47
ttuttleBIOSboiler: If you add the -X option to ssh, it will forward X11 connections.  It should handle everything for you.04:47
BIOSboilerhow do i add the -X option04:48
power788does anyone know why gnome sessions dont work properly? even when everything is unchecked, they all still start at login...any ideas?04:48
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Are you using the command-line ssh, or PuTTY?04:48
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Oh.04:48
ttuttleBIOSboiler: There is an option there.  Let me check.04:48
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Alright.  So go to "Tunnels" in the left panel of the PuTTY window.04:49
speeddemon8803!putty > speeddemon880304:49
ttuttleBIOSboiler: check off "Enable X11 forwarding".04:49
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Do you have an X server running on your Windows machine?  You will need one.04:50
billy!last bazhang04:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about last bazhang - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:51
Loungehaving trouble getting flashplayer to work on firefox b304:51
neo_in our college we have a program /server installed which restrict the access to the internet while opening some websites such as ¨download.com¨ ¨www.orkut.com¨ how can i bypass the server and connect to internet without restriction.04:51
ttuttleneo_: Er, talk to your IT department.04:52
wols_neo_: we won't help you bypass your site's internet policies04:52
ttuttleneo_: #ubuntu is not the place to ask.04:52
ttuttle== wols_04:52
ttuttleneo_: Also, what college do you go to, so I can avoid it in the future?04:53
CorrosionXIs there any way I can start a 7.10 server isntall and see where it freezes?04:54
zelrikriandoph0rensic: hey04:54
alanddwols, nickrud: I'm not going to do it from the debian repository.  Synaptic came back with a very long list of things to update, including things like apt and other base stuff.  Too disturbing!04:55
ttuttleneo_: why do they restrict access?  if you need it, why not just ask for it?04:55
Loungeanyone know how to get flash player to work in firefox b3?04:56
alanddnickrud: Perhaps I should go the pastebin route of the postinst script.  Are you up for that?04:56
appyJack_is it acceptable to set the value parameter of a form element to $_SESSION vars rather than $_POST ?04:56
ttuttleappyJack_: Er, what does that have to do with Ubuntu?04:56
appyJack_ttuttle: DOH! sorry... I'm in the middle of crunch mode and have one too many windows open...04:57
ttuttleappyJack_: Ah, no problem ;-)04:57
ttuttleappyJack_: ah, ##php, as I thought.04:57
wols_alandd: try a debian stable repo then04:57
=== rat32 is now known as Palace
tyrethWhere in ubuntu is the PATH variable set up?04:58
alanddHmm OK, wols_04:58
wols_alandd: or edit the postinst script04:58
wols_tyreth: sevreal places04:58
tyrethwols_, I'd like to add a new location to it - what's the "proper" way to do it then?04:58
=== psychode is now known as psychode|afk
CorrosionXOh well I guess I'm screwed... doesn't look it's going to boot any ubuntu cd04:59
appyJack_ttuttle:yeah - but I did manage to get iptables working well on 2 ubu gutsy servers over the last day... wasn't as hard as I thought, but I definitely needed some help here when I locked myself down a little too tight04:59
wols_tyreth: grep $PATH ~/.*04:59
xp_prghi all, I want to setup mod_rewrite on apache2 on ubuntu but I am lost, can anyone help me?04:59
alanddI've never done that wols_  But, I'll go look at it!04:59
zelrikriando can somebody help me with that? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/57663/05:00
ttuttleappyJack_: heh.  iptables can be tricky, but it's *very* helpful.05:00
appyJack_ttuttle: I used a couple gui firewalls that were easy, but really wanted to know something about how iptables _really_ worked. So, the two servers I set up for myself I didn't install anything. Just wrote rulesets.05:02
BIOSboilerhow do i add the -X option05:02
ttuttleappyJack_: good!05:02
ttuttleappyJack_: That's the best way to do it!05:02
tehquicknessAnyone have a sansa view?05:02
BIOSboilerwhat is a x server05:03
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Er, you can't add the -X option for PuTTY.05:03
BIOSboiler but what does it do05:03
BIOSboilerx server?05:03
tehquicknessOr is anyone good with mencoder?05:03
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Oh, the -X option is the equivalent of checking off "Enable X11 forwarding" in PuTTY, but for the command-line ssh.05:03
ttuttleBIOSboiler: An X server is the program that displays the windows on your screen.  Windows does not come with one.05:03
ph0rensicwhats difference between xine and gstreamer?05:04
BIOSboilercan i surf the net at work, with them sniffin my packets?05:04
BIOSboilercan i surf the net at work, without them sniffin my packets?05:04
BIOSboilerwith x server05:04
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Er, didn't we just go over the fact that #ubuntu is not for evading network policies?05:04
ttuttleBIOSboiler: No, ssh encrypts your packets, but you shouldn't be slacking off at work.05:04
n2diyBIOSboiler: sure, use SSH05:05
BIOSboilerttutle , no shit05:05
dumezili've got some odd problem with gnome.  the power went out and forcibly shutdown my computer last night and when i came in today and turned it on, the graphical login screen comes up and i can login, but the desktop doesn't come up... it just sits there with the mouse and nothing else.  i tried the failsafe gnome login session with the same result.  any ideas what to do?05:05
ttuttleBIOSboiler: they will be able to see what host you are connected to, and how much data you are sending, but not the actual stuff you are seeing.05:05
ttuttleBIOSboiler: But you should be careful.05:06
ttuttleBIOSboiler: There are other ways they can monitor your activity, like software on your computer.05:06
BIOSboilerlike what?05:06
ttuttleBIOSboiler: They also might simply get suspicious about you transferring lots of data over ssh, as X is a bandwidth hog.05:06
ttuttleBIOSboiler: Um, if it's their own machine, there are plenty of remote monitoring/control apps that are used for some combination of remote administration and snooping activities.05:07
BIOSboilerttutle like what?05:07
FainjoeAnyone familiar with working with NTFS partitions?05:07
wols_BIOSboiler: a bit more sophisticated05:07
billywhere can i find help with compix?05:07
wols_heck simply monitoring your router gives you away05:07
ttuttleBIOSboiler: VNC, for one.  I don't know any by heart, but there are fancier ones that can capture screenshots or keystrokes, etc...05:08
ttuttlewols_: Well, not quite.05:08
wols_!compiz | billy05:08
ubotubilly: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:08
[Jerry_Teps]hey can someone help? I try to install Ubuntu but when it gets it GRUB it says: "Executing 'grub-install (hd0)' failed. This is a fatal error" does anyone know how to install grub?05:08
BIOSboilerwols_ like what?05:08
n2diyttuttle: BIOSboiler, SSH works from a shell, so he really wouldn't be surfing. And it wouldn't protect you/him from keyboard sniffers.05:08
ttuttlen2diy: He was trying to forward X, so he would be surfing, I think.05:08
wols_ttuttle: "why did you run up 10GB of traffic to port 22 on this dynamic dsl IP last month?"05:09
n2diyttuttle: ah ok, just joined the party. Didn't know you could forward X through ssh?05:09
ttuttlen2diy: Your nick wouldn't happen to be an amateur radio callsign, would it?05:09
ttuttlen2diy: Oh, sure you can.  It's a great feature.05:09
n2diyttuttle: qsl05:09
ttuttlen2diy: Ah, I see it is.05:09
alanddwols_: nickrud: I have updated my pastebin posting with the "offending" section of the postinst script.  I highlighted two lines: the first is maybe the source of the issue (what do I know?) and the second is the place where the script dies according to the line number in the error.  See http://pastebin.com/m7c5970fe05:09
ttuttlen2diy: de ab1hu.05:09
n2diyttuttle: where in one land? I'm in three land, Lansford, Pa.05:10
FainjoeI can't seem to access my drive with all my vids and mp3s.... I could on last install, but now it shows up in the /media/ but it's empty and won't mount.  Can anyone help me out?05:10
wols_alandd: so add gutsy or whatever05:10
ttuttlen2diy: Oh, I'm actually at school in Pittsburgh right now, but I'm from Boston.05:10
ttuttlewols_: hi05:10
ttuttlewols_: whoops05:10
ttuttlewhileimhere: hi05:10
whileimhereIs there a way to play encrypted WMV files on Linux without switching back to Windows?05:11
alanddwols_: just add "gutsy" to the list of suites?05:11
ttuttlewhileimhere: Unlikely.05:11
ttuttlewhileimhere: If they are, in fact, encrypted, then you would need the key, which is probably buried.05:11
whileimherehave to re-rip my tunes05:11
n2diyttuttle: roger that. So you are /3.  Are you from Boston proper, or the suburbs?05:11
speeddemon8803!restricted > speeddemon880305:11
ttuttlen2diy: Not quite downtown, but still Boston proper.05:11
wols_whileimhere: no05:12
n2diyttuttle: roger that, spent a little bit of time in Cambridge, and more time then I care to remember in Peabody.05:12
ttuttlen2diy: ah, cambridge is fun05:12
ttuttlen2diy: Do you ever work satellites?05:13
billyhow do you force quit a window?05:13
whileimherewols what do you mean?05:13
lynxxhow do i set the noapic option so that i stop getting a kernal panic on boot 99% of the time?05:13
n2diyttuttle: I can work APRS through the Space Station.05:14
tgelterso, how is it possible that direct rendering isn't working even though compiz is running?05:14
credibletgelter: because you're in Xgl?05:14
n2diyttuttle: Cambridge wasn't a lot of fun for a sixteen year old, in 1972.05:14
alanddwols_: didn't fix it to just add "gutsy" to the list of suites.  I have nothing to base it on but that feels like the right thing to do but maybe "gutsy" is the wrong string.  Would "kubuntu" be reasonable to try?  I'm shooting in the dark here.05:14
tgeltercredible: how do you mean?05:15
=== ghost is now known as noodles12
ttuttlen2diy: Ah.05:15
credibletgelter: if you have the xserver-xgl package installed, you won't have direct rendering05:15
ttuttlen2diy: I don't have equipment for APRS myself, but I've managed to work AO-51 and SO-50 with just an HT and a decent whip antenna.05:15
tgeltercredible: it's not installed05:15
wols_whileimhere: not possible05:16
credibletgelter: what video card?05:16
wols_alandd: what is your sources.list entry for main?05:16
ere4silynxx, you need to edit the /boot/grub/menu/lst file and add that option to the kernel line05:17
credibletgelter: what does this command return?: xvinfo | grep Xgl05:17
xivenI need some help, I did a dist-upgrade, which failed at gconf2, because it needs python2.5, but 2.4 is installed..and now  I cannot get it to continue..nor can I seem to fix the conflict..05:17
n2diyttuttle: that is cool! I didn't realize there were still birds up there you could do that with!? I did QSO with U4MIR before it crashed and burned. I was 2m mobile.05:17
lynxxpm me how ere4si?05:17
tgeltercredible: no output05:17
beautifulsnowImportant Question: Is it odd that I run ubuntu/gnome if most of the apps I use are kde based? :-/ should I switch?05:17
ttuttlen2diy: Oh, sure!  AO-51 is extremely easy to work.  I once worked it through my living room window, on a ~45 degree pass where everything was aligned well.05:17
credibletgelter: pastebin the output of: LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo05:18
ttuttlen2diy: It's really exciting to hear people from many states away on your little radio, and talk to them.05:18
ere4silynxx, gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst to open the file05:18
=== brendonw_ is now known as brendonw
blackvdI have Ubuntu Gutsy installed with a dual boot of Vista and I never use Vista(thought I would for games) So I want to delete my windows partition and reclaim the space for Ubuntu. Is there an easy way to do this without messing up my current Gutsy install?05:18
alandddeb cdrom:[Kubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon_ - Release i386 (20071016.1)]/ gutsy main restricted05:18
alandddeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ gutsy main restricted05:18
wols_blackvd: either just create a new partition  ther and mount or add it to your gutsy partition with gparted05:19
tgeltercredible: http://pastebin.com/m65bdad5805:19
xp_prgcan anyone help me to setup apache2, the server is running but when I go to it doesn't show anything :(05:19
ere4silynxx, scroll down towhere it says "end default options" - 3 lines down from that is the line that starts with "kernel " - add your option to the end of that line05:20
n2diyttuttle: roger that, I'll check it out. Are you familiar with http://www.heavens-above.com/?Loc=Tamaqua&Lat=40.797&Lng=-75.970&Alt=244&TZ=EST05:20
beautifulsnowxp_prg does it show a blank screen or does it give you an error05:20
xp_prgjust a blank screen :(05:20
xp_prgthe directory exists with an index.html in /var/www05:20
beautifulsnowgo to /var/www/ as root and delete the index file05:20
credibletgelter: I guess some permissions are wrong, but I'm not entirely sure :/05:20
beautifulsnowyup, delete that05:20
blackvdwols_: Is there no easy way to delete the partition and then and it to my home directory?05:21
lynxxuhm...like how would i type it ere4si?05:21
goosecan someone please walk me through how to install a program from a .tar.bz2 filetype?05:21
ttuttlen2diy: The ISS?  Yes, I've heard it has APRS and voice, but normally runs only APRS.05:21
jribgoose: you avoid doing so.  What are you trying to install?05:21
tgeltercredible: what makes you suspect perms?05:21
goosea plugin for pidgin05:21
goosejrib: a plugin for pidgin05:21
ere4silynxx, at the end of the line type a space then noapic05:21
jribgoose: be more specific05:21
credibletgelter: because that's usually what would make direct rendering fail for no apparent reason05:22
n2diyttuttle: go done to mid-page, they have a ham satellite section.05:22
tgeltercredible: perms of what?05:22
ere4silynxx, then save the file05:22
ttuttlen2diy: ah05:22
credibletgelter: the nvidia device nodes and such05:22
ttuttlen2diy: Ooh, that's nice!05:22
lynxxsoo... it should look like "kernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.22-14-generic root=UUID=0ffdd1cd-82c1-41d9-b99d-2a00ca443537 ro quiet splash noapic" ?05:22
egcgoose: use bunzip2 to unzip a .bz2 and tar to untar the tar file05:22
ttuttlen2diy: Normally I use amsat's page, but that doesn't have as many birds.05:23
ere4silynxx, yep05:23
goosejrib: it's a plugin I downloaded from google code that shows my current song in amarok as my status on pidgin (link: http://code.google.com/p/musictracker/ )05:23
tgeltercredible: ok, thanks for taking a look at my issue!05:23
n2diyttuttle: :)05:23
lynxxthx ere4si, this has been bugging me for a couple weeks05:23
ere4silynxx, np :)05:23
lynxx<3 ere4si05:23
=== [1]dahlia is now known as dahlia
gooseetc: I understand the concept of decompressing the file, I just have no idea how to actually install it from source05:23
xivenhey goose05:23
ere4silynxx, reboot and try it out05:23
gooseegc: I understand the concept of decompressing the file, I just have no idea how to actually install it from source05:23
xp_prgoh I think I fixed it hanks :>05:23
ttuttlen2diy: We should try a satellite sked sometime.05:24
goosexiven: hey. do I know you? or were you trying to get my attention?05:24
egcgoose: its normally the same couple of steps: cd into the untarred directory, type "./configure", then "make" then "sudo make install"05:24
n2diyttuttle: Sure, I here 24/7, when I'm not out , or outside.05:24
ttuttlen2diy: okay05:24
jrib!compile > goose (read the private message from ubotu)05:25
ttuttlen2diy: Are you generally in #ubuntu?  I'll look for a good pass when I'm not busy but I am awake.05:25
jribgoose: read the link ubotu sent you and the INSTALL file inside the tar.bz2 archive you have05:25
n2diyttuttle: Sure, I here 24/7, when I'm not out , or outside.05:25
ttuttlen2diy: okay05:25
goosejrib: thanks a mil05:25
gooseegc, thanks too05:25
ttuttlen2diy: (I didn't know if you meant here as in your house, or here as in #ubuntu.)05:25
johndoe09why is this wifi icon in my taskbar always ask for the wep key when in fact im already connected and have a good connection signal is 6105:26
johndoe09anyone pls?05:26
n2diyttuttle: #Ubuntu. Are you into astronomy?05:26
ttuttleipi: please don't floor.05:26
JDStoneFlannel: did you say something?  I missed it.  scrolled up and nothing?05:26
ttuttlen2diy: Not a lot, but it's interesting.05:26
=== psychode|afk is now known as psychode
gooseetc or jrib: what is the terminal command to create a directory that I can install my plugin in, and then how do I navigate to the directory and move the download from my desktop to there?05:27
Cpudan80Hello all05:27
n2diyttuttle: Check out kstars, it is awesome.05:27
Cpudan80Is there some command I can run to find out the max res supported by my gfx card?05:27
jrib!cli > goose (read the private message from ubotu)05:27
gildagoose, mkdir dirName   will make a directory05:27
ttuttlen2diy: Ah.  Have you tried stellarium?05:27
ttuttledhie2: hi.05:27
egcgoose: mkdir creates a dir, cd will change directories, and mv will move files05:28
[Jerry_Teps]hey can someone help? When I try to install GRUB in the ubuntu installation I get this error "Executing 'grub-install (hd0)' failed. This is a fatal error" can anyone help?05:28
n2diyttuttle: no, I haven't.05:28
Daisuke_Laptopstellarium is incredibly awesome05:28
ttuttlen2diy: It's a planetarium program.  I assume it's similar to kstars.05:28
ttuttleDaisuke_Laptop: heh05:28
FloodBot2ipi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:28
ttuttleipi: stop flooding please05:28
Daisuke_Laptopipi, knock it off.05:28
Daisuke_Laptopttuttle: i was introduced to it last week for the eclipse, i can't see any way kstars could measure up05:29
n2diyttuttle: yes, kstars is a planetarium program.  What does Stellarium run under, Gnome?05:29
ttuttleDaisuke_Laptop: ooh, the eclipse was fun05:29
ttuttlen2diy: Um, it doesn't require a particular desktop environment.  I think it uses OpenGL.05:29
=== jd_ is now known as linuxpoet
arakthorwhere do I find and install the section 3 man pages in ubuntu?05:30
xivenHas anyone had trouble upgrading to Feisty, encountering conflicts with gconf2?05:30
Sonjakonversation won't open anymore... i get this errmsg :( :( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=441972505:30
egcarakthor: is that the lib section?05:30
jribarakthor: install manpages-dev05:30
n2diyttuttle: Hmmm, the only draw back I have with kstars is it needs the KDE libraries to run, so it taxes my poor old tired system.05:30
arakthorthanks jrib05:31
ttuttlen2diy: Ah.  KDE slows things down.05:31
arakthoregc, yeh. all the programmers stuff05:31
arakthorw00t, now I don't feel shortchanged. thanks guys05:31
prince_jammys!langpack | sonja05:31
ubotusonja: A recent update broke some KDE language packs, leaving the user unable to login. (http://launchpad.net/bugs/195647) To fix this, remove the updated packages (language-pack-kde-en, language-pack-kde-en-base) and restart KDE.05:31
prince_jammysSonja: it might be related to that05:32
egcyeah i find it wierd that the developer stuff isnt included by default...different user target i guess05:32
ttuttleegc: Me too.  I feel like it should be included to make it easier to get started.05:32
n2diyttuttle: Well, I understand Gnome does too. But I don't have the time to play with light weight gdm's yet.05:32
arakthoryeh, I was chilling in ##c and couldn't figure out why I was missing all the useful man pages05:33
Sonjathanks prince05:33
alanddwols_: Using carefully placed print statements I have determined that the "for (<POLICY>) {..." loop is never entered.  So something is awry with the statement before, or the results of the statement before, that is "open POLICY, "apt-cache policy |" or die "Unable to read apt policy: $!";"  Trouble for me is, I don't know that that statement does or how it does it.  I'm stuck!05:33
illmorta1can someone please help me access my kboot.conf through live cd shell?... I'm in shell mode!05:34
n2diyalandd: what command is causing this trouble?05:35
amenadoillmortal which linux do you have?05:35
sorrowsbitchanyone with experience in (SAMBA) vista printer issues?05:35
* alandd doesn't really 'know' Perl and has zero experience with packaging scripts!05:35
Sonjahaha, a new lang pack update just arrived on my ubuntu, and it fixed it. i guess they just released the fix!!05:35
alanddn2diy: "sudo apt-get install emdebian-tools" on a fresh Kubuntu gutsy box.05:35
n2diyalandd: have you asked in #perl?05:35
billyhow do i install a flash player for mozilla?05:38
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:38
ouellettesrcan someone help me enable network sharing with a xp machine?m I can see the computer under in the network folder, but when i select it it says the folder cannot be displayed05:38
illmorta1can someone please help me access my kboot.conf through live cd shell?... I'm in shell mode!05:39
amenadoillmortal which linux do you have?05:39
Leftvillesudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:39
illmorta1i deleted a script in kboot.conf amendo05:39
amenadoillmortal nope that file kboot.conf is not in gutsy05:39
alanddn2diy: The whole command problem is at http://pastebin.com/m191d88fe05:40
illmorta1it's the pss3 version...05:40
illmorta1i deleted my video mode script.05:40
alanddn2diy: It's not that long05:40
ouellettesrso I click the network icon under places, then windows network>workgroup>WINXP machine, and it says contents cannot be displayed05:40
n2diyalandd: roger, let me take a look.05:40
amenadoillmortal i dont believe this is the channel for ps3 ubuntu, maybe ubuntu+105:40
illmorta1there's no room by that name amendo.05:41
alanddn2diy: The "offending" function appears to be this one: http://pastebin.com/m7c5970fe05:41
billywhat problems could i have from switching HD's between two identical dell inspiron 1501 laptops?05:42
draremI downloaded ubuntu 7.10 AMD 64 onto a dvd and tried booting it on a windows media xp home edition (32-bit on 64-bit AMD), I get a black screen when I select option 1 to start or install ubuntu05:42
n2diyalandd: this doesn't seem to be related to perl?05:42
draremany theories?05:42
xGeekreboot with the cd in the drive...05:42
Leftvilleouelletsr: I'm not entirely sure that this would be the problem, but do you have samba installed?05:43
xGeekas long as the computer is set to boot from cd you should be fine.05:43
draremit does boot from the cd05:43
alanddn2diy: No, not directly.  I was hacking the script to see if I could determine what it was choking on.  It's not really a Perl problem.  Sorry for any confusion.05:43
billywhat program is=to realplayer in ubuntu?05:43
draremi get the ubuntu /rescue options05:43
billyincluding .flv support?05:43
n2diyalandd: ok, np.05:44
niuqi have problems with, the sound05:44
Geoffrey2in most configuration files, # is a comment symbol, correct?05:44
ouellettesrLeftville, I have never needed samba to do it before, but i am getting it right now to try05:44
alanddI have to quit and go to bed.  wols_ and n2diy, thanks for the conversation.  I'll may have to find a different way to setup my cross-compile environment.05:45
niuqthe sound it's to slow, i can't hear almost anything, and every option it's at 100%05:45
Ronin-Sagegetting err13 on grub(vista part) after a newbie re-size of my vista partition...anyone here that can help?05:45
n2diyalandd: OK, good night, looks like a dpkg error to me.05:46
Leftvilleouellettesr: Okay, I've had the same problem before but I had Samba installed. If you have a firewall on your XP machine, make sure that it isn't blocking your Ubuntu machine.05:46
=== Leftville is now known as WotG_Migo
ouellettesrleftville it was the firewall :/ If only you had been around 3 hours ago :)05:48
ouellettesrerr.. if i was around05:48
Ronin-Sagegetting err13 on grub(vista part) after a newbie re-size of my vista partition...anyone here that can help?05:48
WotG_MigoGlad I could help. :)05:49
Rafanjaniesto esta en ingles? que fasdtidio...05:49
Rafanjanihi, how are you?05:49
n2diy! es | Rafanjani05:49
ubotuRafanjani: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.05:49
billyim having trouble installing flash for firefox.. exactly how do i do it?05:49
niuqhi, i need help with sound05:50
ka2billy: x86 or amd64?05:50
WotG_Migoouellettesr: Be sure to keep an eye on the XP firewall, it can prove to be a problem later on again. I've had mine cut me off a number of times just because it felt like it.05:50
ka2billy: you need 32bit firefox05:50
n2diyniuq: what is the problem?05:50
gcarrillo!sound | niuq05:50
ubotuniuq: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:50
billyka2: billy --> yo__05:50
niuqthe sound of my speakers are to slow05:50
billyka2: where do i get that?05:50
ka2billy: im using a firefox nightly05:50
ka2billy: i (firefox 3 development build)05:51
gcarrillothe nightly build of firefox05:51
niuqn2diy: i have a laptop toshiba,with ubuntu 7.10 installed the problem is, the sound it's to slow :S05:51
billywhere do i get it?05:51
ka2billy: mozilla.org05:51
hexoroidanybody good with 'named'05:51
niuqn2diy: and i'm sure everything it's at 100%05:51
billyk, how do i uninstall the firefox i already have?05:51
n2diyniuq: what do you mean it is to slow? Is it "-stuttering"?05:51
ka2billy: you dont05:52
ka2billy: i have it in ~/firefox05:52
billyit automatically does it?05:52
ka2billy: so i can still use firefox 205:52
Cpudan80So anybody have any ideas --- how to find max res of a gfx card from within the OS?05:52
ka2billy: as well as 305:52
billyis that the right one?05:52
n2diyCpudan80: lshw?05:52
ka2billy: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-beta.html05:52
gcarrilloCpudan80: look at manufacturers product page05:52
ka2billy: but yeah that is the right one as well05:53
WotG_MigoGoodnight all.05:53
ka2billy: depends on if you want 2 (stable) or 3 (development)05:53
billyka2: after dl, how do i install flash?05:53
Cpudan80gcarrillo: I need to know exactly how ubuntu reports the res05:53
billystable lol05:53
Cpudan80Plus AMD is incompetent and their pages are hard to muck around in05:53
n2diyCpudan80: lshw?05:53
Cpudan80i'll give it a shot05:54
gcarrilloCpudan80: try "xrandr"05:54
ka2billy: i will try to get some instructions together - be patient05:54
Ronin-Sagegetting err13 on grub(vista part) after a newbie re-size of my vista partition...anyone here that can help?05:54
billyokee dokee.. thanks so much btw05:54
bazhangyeah billy; sorry had to run off for a few ;]05:54
gcarrilloCpudan80: just type it in term05:54
billyATI Radeon Xpress 1150 lol05:54
Cpudan80gcarrillo: I think that's looking at the connected device05:54
Cpudan80gcarrillo: It says 1024x76805:55
bazhangbilly that will do fine05:55
hexoroidanybody good with 'named'05:55
Cpudan80that cant be right05:55
bazhangyo you still around?05:55
gcarrilloconnected device?05:55
billybazhang: i also went to #compiz-help or whatever it is and they told me everything i need to do.. now i just gotta restart05:55
gcarrilloit should report on all displays05:55
bazhangbilly nice! ;]05:56
gcarrilloCpudan80: oh, i see what you mean05:56
billybazhang: yep, and i finally got all my files transferred as well.. i really hope i can switch the HD05:56
LogicalDashI seem to have hosed my partition table. How do I change, say, /dev/sda2 into /dev/sda1?05:56
billywithout problem...05:56
bazhangbilly well, if you have issues we are here to help ;]05:57
billybazhang: yeah lol.. i think ive already overstayed my welcome tho lol05:57
billybazhang: how do i install firefox after extracting it from a tar file?05:57
kilgor3does anyone knoe how to fix this problem?  I cant install or uninstall anything i keep getting thiss error   failed in buffer_read(fd)05:58
haymakeri'm having a problem with evolution where i can only launch it once after i log in05:58
bazhangbilly no such thing as overstayed around here ;]05:58
solid_liqwill quake 4 run on linux?05:58
FrijolieHey all, I think I've done a stupid thing and corrupted a partition on my laptop and now it won't boot. How do you go about restoring it (if possible)?05:58
billybazhang: but yea.. how do i install firefox after extracting it from a tar file?05:58
Ronin-Sagefrijolie, same problem here, heh--what error are u getting?05:58
bazhangbilly why not get it from the repos? or you want the beta latest bestest one05:59
gcarrilloFrijolie: use  live disc, and choose the repair option05:59
haymakercan anyone help with evolution not launching?05:59
FrijolieI'm getting "fsck 1.40.2 (12-Jul-2007)05:59
Frijolie/dev/sda3 contains a file system with errors, check forced"05:59
n2diyhaymaker: why do you think that is a problem? What errors are you getting?05:59
Frijolieand a bunch of these: "Buffer I/O error on device sda3, logical block 23435234"05:59
Ronin-Sageoh, error 13 here05:59
Frijoliethen it just boots to the command line and "startx" doesn't work06:00
haymakern2diy, i'm not getting any errors when i try to launch it, i open it the first time after i log in and if i close it i cant open it again06:00
haymakern2diy, if i log off and back on, it works06:00
Frijoliefile system check failed06:01
Frijoliea maintenance shell will now be started06:01
Frijoliegcarrillo: booting to a liveCD now06:01
n2diyhaymaker: Weird, same problem I'm having with my sound. Haven't found an answer yet.06:01
n2diyhaymaker: What are you running, Dapper?06:02
haymakern2diy, gutsy06:02
Frijoliecan it restore the partition without suffering any data loss?06:02
gcarrilloFrijolie: actually, my answer was sort of flippant06:02
gcarrilloit may not work06:02
Frijoliegcarrillo: uh, oh!06:02
n2diyhaymaker: My trouble is with Dapper, and seems to be related to an update on 2/23.06:02
ka2billy: this is very "works for me"ish i guess but well it worked for me :) http://kiwiadam2.wordpress.com/2008/02/28/flash-player-on-amd64-ubuntu-with-32-bit-firefox/06:03
ka2!worksforme | ka2 ;)06:03
ubotuka2 ;): Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/06:03
douglas_h!xgoogle ubuntu06:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xgoogle ubuntu - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:04
Ronin-Sagemy situation is: i'm getting err13(invalid or unsupported executable format) when i attempt to boot up vista after an apparently novice partition re-size06:04
gcarrilloFrijolie: if you want to avoid data loss, you could work with the system from the terminal to make backups of your important data06:04
billy_ubuntu started acting all funny.. now im on my other comp06:04
gcarrilloFrijolie: and then fsck the filesystem06:04
ka2wha billy_ and billy!!!06:04
billy_who was i talking to?06:04
Frijoliegcarrillo: sure, how do you do that?06:04
billy_smae dude..06:04
haymakerwhat is a command to see what programs are running?06:04
ka2who was yo__?06:04
billy_ka2: any instructions you gave me i didn't get to see cuz ubuntu was retarded06:04
gcarrilloFrijolie: i would use a USB drive and copy any important directories/files onto that06:05
ka2billy_: why is ubuntu "retarded"?06:05
Frijoliegcarrillo: can you get to a command line from the live cd?06:05
billy_the internet disconnected06:05
gcarrillooh yeah06:05
billy_for no reason06:05
billy_so im rebooting it right now06:05
ka2billy_: so who is billy?06:06
Ronin-Sageanyone know how to remedy my grub problem?06:06
gcarrilloFrijolie: boot the live CD, and bring up a terminal in it.  Then use the "mount" command to mount your hard drive's filesystem06:06
billy_same dude06:06
gcarrilloFrijolie: at that point you can copy stuff from it06:06
ka2billy_: arrghhhhhhhhhh confusing06:06
ka2billy: this is very "works for me"ish i guess but well it worked for me :) http://kiwiadam2.wordpress.com/2008/02/28/flash-player-on-amd64-ubuntu-with-32-bit-firefox/06:06
billy_lmao, billy_, billy, and yo___ are all the same person.. me06:06
ka2!worksforme | ka206:06
billy_k thanks06:06
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/06:07
haymakerdoes evolution log errors anywherE?06:07
Frijoliegcarrillo: oh I thought you wanted me to get to a command line (no guI) from the LiveCD..alright I'm getting to the desktop06:07
gcarrilloFrijolie: else you could just boot your system from the harddrive, and work with it from the console (the command line you see when X doesnt start)06:07
billy_whats the command to edit the blacklist?06:07
rebelprohey is anyone on who could help me with a resolution problem i'm having?06:08
wols_!ask | rebelpro06:08
uboturebelpro: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:08
wols_billy_: editor06:08
billy_why is my blacklist completely blank?06:08
wols_cause you aren't blcklisting anything?06:09
billy_i dunno..06:09
rebelproI'm trying to get 1680 x 1050 resolution using my ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro on my Gateway 22inch widescreen monitor06:09
noodles12anyone here nkow how to get alltray to work/06:09
billy_ubuntu is acting really wierd right now06:09
Frijoliegcarrillo: it says that my sda3 (my /home partition) doesn't have an existing file system. I don't think I'll be able to mount it.06:09
ka2!justask | billy_, billy, yo__06:09
ubotubilly_, billy, yo__: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:09
rebelproI have already tried editing the xorg.conf file but it had no effect. Does anyone know how to get that resolution?06:09
billy_ka2 when did i ask to ask a question?06:10
Frijoliegcarrillo: at least that was the errors when it was trying to run fsck @ boot06:10
Frijoliegcarrillo: still waiting for the desktop to load06:10
ka2billy_: ubuntu is acting really weird right now. well whats your problem???06:10
regeyaka2, try scrolling up a bit.06:10
regeyaand lay off the uppers.06:11
Frijoliegcarrillo: I pulled the plug on my laptop, not remembering that the battery wasn't in it...06:11
billy_the drivers arent booting correctly06:11
billy_the bcm4311 ones specifically06:11
Frijoliegcarrillo: and it's making me pay for my mistake06:11
regeyaI swear  to pete the ubuntu crowd is turning into the debian crowd...06:11
regeya...and that's a very bad thing.06:11
rebelproI'm trying to get 1680 x 1050 resolution using my ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro on my Gateway 22inch widescreen monitor. I have already tried editing the xorg.conf file but it had no effect. Does anyone know how to get that resolution? (sorry i forgot to put it on one line last time)06:11
ka2billy_: "arent booting correctly"  huh06:12
Frijoliegcarrillo: alright i'm at the desktop. sudo mnt /home ?06:12
ka2regeya: in what way?06:12
gcarrilloFrijolie: "man mount"06:12
billy_my wireless card isn't working anymore.. why? it was working just fine then it stopped......06:12
Frijoliegcarrillo: ah..RTFM06:12
gcarrilloFrijolie: its something like "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt"06:12
=== cZw0|b3ttL is now known as cZw0|w0rk
gcarrilloi always forget06:13
Frijoliegcarrillo: i think sda1 is my swap, sda2 is /, and sda3 is /home on my HDD06:13
gcarrilloyeah, so sda306:13
LogicalDashI just broke my partition table. What now?06:14
billy_whats a command to debug your wirelss? ust like LAN has smbclient?06:14
Frijoliegcarrillo: "can't find /dev/sda3/mnt in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab06:14
rebelproWell I guess I'll just post in the forums and hope that someone who isn't on right now can help me06:14
gcarrilloLogicalDash: rebuild the partition table, i think with fdisk06:15
Frijoliegcarrillo: however, doing a directory listing shows that my data's still in tact (directories)06:15
ere4sinoodles12, http://alltray.sourceforge.net/faq.html06:15
gcarrilloFrijolie: put a space between sda3 and /mnt06:15
Frijoliehehe, funny stuff...sounds like lots of people are having HDD/partition problems06:15
ka2billy_: smbclient doesnt test lan06:15
ka2billy_: ping does06:15
billy_it test file sharing networks06:16
ka2billy_: same for WAN06:16
noodles12ere4si: thanks i'll check it otu06:16
ka2billy_: WLAN06:16
Frijoliegcarrillo: no error message, just a blank prompt again...06:16
Frijoliegcarrillo: i'm guessing that's a good sign06:16
gcarrillonow cd to /mnt06:16
ka2billy_: it test smb file sharing no networking06:16
gcarrilloyou should see your data06:16
billy_ka2: my internet was working, but its not anymore.. it totally stopped working for absolutely no reason. i don't know what to do.06:16
Frijoliegcarrillo: i see two directories: brian and lost + found06:17
Frijoliegcarrillo: brian is my username so I'm guessing that's my home directory?06:17
gcarrillois your username brian?06:17
puffBah, humbug.06:17
gcarrillothats your home dir06:17
gcarrilloso you mounted it correctly06:18
cdubyaI've installed all the codecs and what not to be able to play DVDs on this laptop......I've enabled DMA....I'm using 7.10 and I can't seem to get any DVDs to play right. Device Manager identifies this as a cdrom drive TSSTCorp. I haven't heard of it, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to watch dvds on my Ubuntu partition....:-(    Any ideas?06:18
billy_compix is sooooo coool lol06:18
puffYesterday I disabled compiz because I realized that a) I'm not really using any of the really nifty compiz features anyway, and b) the more omnipresent features (like translucency and bouncy windows) don't really mean that much to me anyway.06:18
haymakerhey how do i see what programs are running?06:18
puffAnd now my laptop crashes every hour or two.06:18
bazhangcdubya: including the package from medibuntu?06:18
puffhaymaker: ps -ef06:18
Frijoliegcarrillo: so does that mean that my fstab got messed up?06:18
gcarrillohaymaker: ps -aux06:18
cdubyabazhang, which one?06:18
gcarrilloFrijolie: i don't think so06:19
ka2puf: i use compiz because I use the features and find it difficult to use a desktop without them now :)06:19
billy_in compix what does desktop cube do?06:19
Frijoliegcarrillo: so, it should be fixed?06:19
bazhangcdubya: the one for playing dvd's ;]06:19
gcarrilloFrijolie: the fstab just tells linux what filesystems to mount automatically at boot06:19
ka2billy_: in compiz it is a cube for virtual desktops06:19
puffka2: Well, I'm not a normal GUI user to start with. I've been using unix since the old vt52 days :-).06:19
cdubyabazhang, package name.....06:19
puffka2: So I basically use X/gnome the same way I use screen/emacs.06:19
billy_oh for like when yo have windows running?06:20
Frijoliegcarrillo: yeah but at boot it couldn't find, or said that the partition didn't contain a filesystem06:20
cdubyabazhang, you mean libdvdcss or whatever?06:20
bazhangcdubya: www.medibuntu.org06:20
gcarrilloright, so fstab is just one file inside the filesystem06:20
gcarrilloi think the filesystem itself is what may be corrupted06:20
gcarrillofsck is usually used to fix those types of problems06:21
ka2puff: do you even need gnome then?06:21
puffka2: Only to drive firefox :-).06:21
earthlingpuff: what client(non GUI - cmd prompt) for irc do you use?06:21
gcarrilloFrijolie: or perhaps you're having partition table problems too06:21
Frijoliegcarrillo: how do I restore or repair the filesystem. Fsck fails each time it boots... you said something about backing up my data before repairing it?06:21
gcarrilloFrijolie: in which case you'd use fdisk06:21
puffka2: In fact, one of the things on my get-around-to-it list was figuring out if I could use the 3D cube effect for alt-tab.06:21
puffearthling: emacs.06:21
Frijoliegcarrillo: how do you tell the size of a directory? ls -a?06:22
gandalfcomeis there an easy way to play sounds from a script in ubuntu? like a command line player?06:22
gcarrilloFrijolie: right, so now you have your home dir mounted, and should be able to access your data.  If you were to plug in a usb drive, you could move files from your harddisk to the usb drive, thereby backing them up06:22
gcarrilloFrijolie: try du06:22
ka2puff: but if youre using gnome like screen why not use fluxbox etc06:22
gcarrilloFrijolie: man du06:23
ka2billy_: http://kiwiadam2.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/screenshot-17.png06:23
Frogzoogandalfcome: aplay06:23
sam__need help playing streaming videos on NBC webpage06:23
Frogzoogandalfcome: doesn't play mp3s though..06:24
cdubyabazhang, bah, forgot to reinstall libdvdcss2...thanks....06:24
Frijoliegcarrillo: just copy the entire home folder to an external drive? does that work? My /home is 6.3 GB...larger than my 1GB thumb stick. I have a 350GB USB External HDD06:24
sam__need help playing streaming videos on NBC webpage06:25
gcarrillouse the 350gig one and you can just copy the whole home dir06:25
bazhangcdubya: hehe no worries ;]06:25
Frogzoogandalfcome: perhaps mpg321?06:26
Zodiac2I installed the latest nvidia drivers.. and now my xorg or something is fucked up... Ubuntu tells me to use low-graphics when I start it, and then it starts with a wrong hz so I cant proceed.. anyone got a solution? maybe reconfigure xorg, or downgrade drivers?06:26
bazhanglanguage Zodiac206:26
Frijoliegcarrillo: ok, booting that sucker up now, thanks so much for your willingness to help. That's what the GNU/Linux community has over the Windoze "family"06:27
bazhang!ohmy | Zodiac206:27
ubotuZodiac2: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:27
cdubyabah, now my audio is coming through both my headphones and my speakers....bah06:27
earthling_bazhang: taht was funny06:27
Zodiac2what have I done? =P06:27
bazhangearthling_: true ;]06:27
gcarrilloFrijolie: definitely, using open source is a lot of fun06:27
Zodiac2I just want my PC fixed, so I can do some homework etc06:27
bazhangZodiac2: the f word06:28
Zodiac2I never said a f word!06:28
Zodiac2now please, anyone got a solution to my problem?06:28
bazhanghow did you install the drivers Zodiac206:28
gcarrilloZodiac2: hehe06:28
Zodiac2via the ubuntu upgradething06:28
Zodiac2the orange icon you know06:28
puffka2: Maybe I should; what's fluxbox?06:28
Frijoliegcarrillo: uh oh, the "brian" folder is empty. however it's showing all my stuff under /home/ubuntu..the LiveCDs home directory?06:29
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg perhaps Zodiac206:29
gcarrilloFrijolie: hmm...it should still work06:29
Zodiac2ok, ill try06:29
[Hardy]TuTUXGpuff, fluxbox is a light weight window manager like metacity06:30
puff[Hardy]TuTUXG: Ah.  I've thought about trying out ratpoison.06:30
Frijoliegcarrillo: wait, Nautilus said that the "brian" folder was 6.3GB but showed empty. However an "ls" under the /home/Ubuntu shows my directories but is only 7.1KB06:30
gcarrillohow bout from the terminal?06:31
gcarrilloi.e. if you cd to /mnt/brian06:31
Frijoliegcarrillo: yeah it's showing in a terminal...06:33
esfingexSysinfo: [AMD Sempron(tm) 2200+ (1500 MHz)] | [472 MB] | [Linux (2.6.22-14-generic)] | [load: 0.66 (5 min)] | [0d 3h 28m up]06:34
gcarrillouse "cp -r"  or "mv" and you can move the entire directory06:34
gcarrillocheck the man pages though, to make sure you do it correctly06:34
Frijoliegcarrillo: sudo cp /mnt/brian /media/disk right?06:34
Zodiac2bazhang, now it working to a certain level (mouse and keyboard maybe need some configure etc), thanks! :D06:34
gandalfcomeFrogzoo: thanks06:34
gcarrilloFrijolie: i don'06:34
gcarrillot think you need sudo06:34
gcarrilloand add the '-r' so it recurses through the subdirectories as well06:35
bazhangZodiac2: no worries ;]06:35
Frogzoogandalfcome: you'll probably want cplay as a front end to mpg32106:36
gcarrilloFrijolie: to make it easy just do "cp -a /mnt/brian /media/disk/"06:36
gandalfcomeFrogzoo: thanks06:36
gcarrillothat preserves the file mode and copies recursively06:37
Frijoliegcarrillo: i'm getting permission denied..I"m guessing sudo?06:37
billycan someone help me with bcm43xx.. again.. i had it all connected and it was working fine.. but it stopped, and now i can't get it working again06:38
gcarrillook then, yeah use sudo06:38
Frijoliegcarrillo: operation not permitted06:38
billygcarrillo you know much about WLAN in ubuntu?06:39
gcarrilloa little sum'tin sum'tin06:39
billygcarrillo: i had my bcm4311 wireless working fine since yesterday, but today it just up and stopped working out of nowhere, and no i can't get it to work again..06:40
asdffei have been trying really hard to apply a GTK2.0 theme. I do it and it says "theme installed properly" but none of the arrows, buttons or scroll bars ever change.06:40
gcarrillobilly: what driver does it use06:40
asdffeThey're always the same 2d windows98 looking style06:41
billywell it uses bcm43xx-fwcutter06:41
billyto extract the firmawre from a windows source06:41
billythrough restricted drivers manager06:41
gcarrillodid your system update anything since yesterday?06:41
billybut it worked after that06:42
asdffei look at the source of these themes and it shows the images are there. like /arrowdown.png06:42
gcarrilloso you probably got a regression06:42
asdffebut there is no image for arrowdown when i set the theme06:42
billygcarrillo: what do i do?06:42
pijuneed help here, about atheros06:42
gcarrillobilly: i would find out who the maintainer is for the project that produced your driver06:42
gcarrillobilly: then check their bug logs and see if anybody else sees the same prob06:43
billyim looking thru synaptic to find something better06:43
gcarrillobilly: so the key is to know exactly what chipset your NIC is using06:44
gcarrillok, good06:44
wols_billy: lspci06:44
Zoikshey, in deluge... is there anyway to save currently in process torrents, format the computer and get it to easily pick it back up again06:44
billyone sec06:44
billyjust lspci by itself?06:45
bazhangZoiks: likely no06:45
gcarrillolspci | grep -i network06:45
gcarrilloitll just tell you what you already know06:45
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Zoiksso there is no way to get it to save torrents... because i didnt save them.. just opened them06:46
billylmao yeah06:46
jullei've been trying to mount my ext3 hdd, in fstab i wrote "/dev/sdb1 /media/hda4   ext3    defaults     0        2" it that wrong?06:46
bazhangZoiks: what are you tring to do? just finish the torrent, back up and then format06:47
billyi smy blacklist supposed to be completely and totally blank?06:47
raomanim having problem installing kubuntu 6.10. (currently my system has winXP and ubuntu feisty running) - can anyone help?06:47
bazhangbilly: you used the ndiswrapper or the fwcutter method for that card06:48
Frijoliegcarrillo: i'm looking in gparted at my particular partitions and they don't have any mount points06:48
ere4sijulle: looks ok :)06:48
billyndiswrapper didn't work at all06:48
Frijoliegcarillo: it says /sda2 (used to be my "/")  and /sda3 (used to be my /home the mount points are blank06:48
Frijolieer gcarrillo06:48
Zoiksbazhang: nah... I want to format my computer.. but I have torrents half way through06:48
gcarrilloFrijolie: hmm06:49
ere4sijulle, does the /media.hda4 file exist?06:49
billybazhang: can you help me out some?06:49
bazhangbilly: well the latest updates killed my video, so I had to reinstall the drivers--sounds like you may have to fiddle with yours06:50
TrustNoOnehow do you change your desktop text color for your icons and for screenlets with text on them?06:50
billybazhang: im talkin about with the wireless06:50
billybazhang: oh i get what ur sayin.. what should i do? i have no idea....06:50
bazhangbilly yeah I see; the latest updates seem to have affected alot of different things; wifi, video etc06:50
squarebracketwhat's a good ftp server?06:51
yaroHello, it is me again. I am actually representing a friend of mine with a support problem.06:51
billywhich ones do i mess with?06:51
gcarrilloFrijolie: ive gotta go...but here's some suggestions:  google a little bit on data recovery, particulary for the filesystem type you're using (i.e. ext3 or whatever) and learn about fdisk, fsck by reading man pages06:51
gcarrilloyou may figure out how to save the data06:51
billybazhang: what could i possibly do? maybe blacklist a couple drivers?06:52
gcarrilloyou're problem may be either a corrupted filesystem or a corrupted partition table06:52
Frogzoogcarrillo: but in all likelihood, if fsck can't fix it, you're screwed06:52
yaroMy friend just installed Ubuntu 7.10. Not just ten minutes ago, and though Ubuntu loads up, he is reporting that its not loading anything beyond the Ubuntu 'wait' icon, and I am assuming, the orange screen. Any ideas what his problem could be?06:52
Frogzooyaro: boot in recovery mode, and see where it halts06:53
Frijoliegcarrillo: well thanks for helping me this far...06:53
gcarrilloFrogzoo: yup, in which case you learn to make backups more consistently ;)06:53
TrustNoOnehow do you change your desktop text color for your icons and for screenlets with text on them?06:53
pijuneed help here, about atheros06:53
pijuhow to install atheros driver using ndiswrapper ?06:53
gcarrilloFrijolie: np, good luck ;)06:53
yaropiju: Go into the terminal: sudo ndiswrapper -i /full/path/to/atheros/plugin06:54
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pijuyaro; then ?06:56
yaropiju: That should be all of it, I think. I'm not totally familiar with ndis.06:57
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx billy you seen this?06:57
pijuu are not familiar?06:57
yaropiju: I may have misread, I might be thinking of nspluginswrapper. Do forgive me if I am wrong.06:58
yaroFrogzoo: Strange thing. My friend can't seem to get into the GRUB menu when hitting ESC during the countdown.06:59
billyyeah ive seen that06:59
TrustNoOnehow to get IPBlock to startup with the OS? i found autostart option but it doesnt seem to work, when i start IPblock manually it says disabled06:59
justinmiller87Hello. Can anyone help me with a server issue?07:00
ubotujustinmiller87: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:00
justinmiller87I'm attempting to access /var/www through FileZilla on a server I just setup. I am running proftpd, and created a shortcut to /var/www using ln -s. I can see the shortcut in FileZilla, but when I try to go into it I get Failed to retrieve directory listing.07:00
_Oz_Ubuntu friends, I'm stymied by something.07:00
_Oz_I want to watch realplayer videos.  I downloaded realplayer 10 for linux from real.com.  I get a .bin file.  How do I install that?07:01
[Hardy]TuTUXG_Oz_, ./xxx.bin07:01
[Hardy]TuTUXGxxx.bin = the file name07:02
TrustNoOne_Oz_, go into terminal, go into the directory of the bin file and type ./filename.bin (where filename is the name of the bin file)07:02
justinmiller87Oz, your best bet is to use the version in Feisty. I used this guide as a way to get all mulitmedia setup. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66183307:02
TrustNoOneor do what TUXG said07:02
Werdnaew, real player07:02
DritzenTo use ./filename.bin , would you have to chmod +x the bin first?07:02
Em3raldMcSquizzyPotentially quick question:  I have 7.10 64-bit, AMD Phenom, ATI HD3850 vidcard, proprietary driver, and it's all good ... except flickering in movies and 3d gaming.  Where might I find solutions to the flickering?07:02
_Oz_trustnoone and [Hardy]TuTUXG, thanks.  however, here's the result: sudo: ./RealPlayer10GOLD.bin: command not found07:03
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XiXaQjustinmiller87, did you remember to make sure Apache has read access to the files?07:03
justinmiller87I did a chmod 77707:03
TrustNoOne_Oz_, you shouldnt use sudo unless its necessary07:03
[Hardy]TuTUXG_Oz_, cd to that dir and i dont think u need sudo07:03
yaro_Oz_: You'll probably have to make sure the bin is executable. You can do that in BASH or right there in GNOME (Assuming this is regular Ubuntu, here.)07:03
justinmiller87for the user who should have access and technically, since I enabled root, I should be able to access everything, but I can't get out of root's home folder.07:04
Dritzen_Oz_:   chmod +x RealPlayer10GOLD.bin ; ./RealPlayer10GOLD.bin07:04
[Hardy]TuTUXG_Oz_, and chmod a+x xxx.bin first07:04
_Oz_yes, I see.  Right-clicked, "allow t be executable"07:04
ti12where are at file sharing rooms?07:04
_Oz_thank you, yaro, Dritzen, [Hardy]TuTUXG, and TrustNoOne.07:05
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ti12anyone please tell me the file sharing rooms?07:05
billyhow do i remove files from the /lib directory?07:05
yaro_Oz_: Let me give you a hint for future reference.07:05
Dritzenbilly:  Why do you want to do that?07:05
yarobilly: Why would you wanna do that?07:05
XiXaQjustinmiller87, what matters, is who you're logged in as. For server questions, you have #ubuntu-server, btw. It's not so high-traffic.07:06
ti12im looking for X86 Mac. anyone know where to search for it?07:06
DritzenThat sounds like a harsh lesson, about to be learned the hard way :)07:06
billybecause there's a bunch of files in there interfereing with my wireless card07:06
justinmiller87I know. I tried there first.07:06
justinmiller87Through PuTTY, I'm logged in as root and can access everything.07:06
egcrm -rf /lib07:06
_Oz_yaro: go ahead07:06
billylmao.. i was about to do it egc07:06
justinmiller87Through FileZilla, I'm logged in as root and can't leave /root.07:06
DritzenBilly:  Are you sure?  Library files don't really cause issues unless you're dealing with the wrong version of the library, etc07:06
XiXaQti12, hmm... You come to Ubuntu to ask where to steal another OS?07:07
TrustNoOnehow do you change your desktop text color for your icons and for screenlets with text on them?07:07
billythey're update files.. and they werent there when my wireless was working, but now they're there and its not working07:07
TrustNoOnehow to get IPBlock to startup with the OS? i found autostart option but it doesnt seem to work, when i start IPblock manually it says disabled07:07
billythey are all bcm43xx_...... files07:07
yaro_Oz_: When you're poking around your files for future refernce, and you wanna see if something is executable, type 'ls' and you'll see a color-coded listing of directory listings. Executable thingies are usually colored green.07:07
ti12im looking for  x86 Leopard, where should i look?07:07
XiXaQti12, www.apple.com07:07
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_Oz_great tip, yaro07:08
billyhow do you delete files in /lib?07:08
yaro_Oz_: If you see that something that *should* be green isn't, it probably needs that chmod like you did there.07:08
_Oz_I've noticed that color-coding but didn't know what it meant07:08
[Hardy]TuTUXGti12, cough "osx86 maybe" cough07:08
ti12Xixaq, any file sharing rooms?07:08
egcbilly: use the package manager to uninstall stuff07:08
billyi don't know what packages theyre in tho...07:08
justinmiller87til2, go to Dalnet. We don't share here.07:08
yarobilly: I strongly recommend that you do a package removal through apt-get or Synaptic, and not go rming stuff from your /lib. Stuff breaks too easily that way.07:09
zgrepbilly: dpkg -S /lib/<file>07:09
studentIs there any way to see who's in a certain GROUP? (command+opt)07:09
Ububeginwhat kinda of folders are usually placed inside the /opt directory07:09
XiXaQti12, I don't know what a file sharing room is. There are lots of p2p software packages in Ubuntu. Nobody here will help you steal and crack proprietary software.07:09
ubotupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o07:10
zgrepUbubegin: the opt directory is empty by default07:10
DritzenUbubegin:  Those are optional folders for things that are installed outside of usual means07:10
egcstudent: sudo vi /etc/group07:10
studentegc, lol07:10
Dritzenububegin:  you could put just about anything in there but sometimes programs will install into it if you install them manually07:10
studentegc: thank you07:10
billythe package for all those files wasn't found.....07:10
soldatsstudent: "groups <user>" in terminal07:11
UbubeginDritzen: cos i thought of installing all my software into it07:11
[Hardy]TuTUXGUbubegin, some 3rd party apps will be installed into that dir07:11
yarobilly: Exactly what sort of thingsa re you removing that would interfere with your networking?07:11
studentsoldats, i want to know whos in the group. i could use id to see groups someone's in, thanks anyway07:11
egcyeah soldats' way is better07:11
studentsoldats, and that /etc/group is fine07:11
billytheres like 20 of them07:11
squarebracketwhat's the command to make a symbolic link?07:11
billyalso microcode and something else yaro07:11
liquid1033ln -s07:12
squarebracketthanks :)07:12
liquid1033ln -s /path/to/file linkname07:12
Dritzensquarebracket:  ln -s /destination nameofsymlink07:12
Dritzendoh, beaten07:12
billyand i cant open synaptic for some reason.. nothing else is runngin at all either07:13
zgrepbilly try running it from a terminal07:13
billyhow do you do that?07:13
zgrepbilly: there might be some error you don't see in the UI07:13
yarobilly: Run it from a terminal and see what messages you recieve.07:13
billyrun what?07:13
billyand how?07:13
yarobilly: gksudo synaptic07:13
zgrepbilly: you know how to open a terminal?07:13
billyerror message : unable to get exclusive lock07:14
billyyes i know how to open a terminall..07:14
zgrepbilly: sounds like it's open already07:14
DritzenI have SUPER-T set to open the terminal, I wish Gnome would set that as a default keyboard shortcut07:14
yarobilly: Are you running the update manager or add/remove programs?07:14
yarobilly: type killall synaptic07:15
DritzenI wonder if   ps aux | grep apt-get    would show if it's running07:15
billyno process killed...07:15
up_the_ironshow do i get NetworkManager to add a couple domains to the "search" line of /etc/resolv.conf ? (i'm using gutsy)07:15
bazhangprobably doing a update search in the background try again in a few07:15
zgrepbilly: killall dpkg07:15
zgrepbilly: killall apt-get07:15
FloodBot2up_the_irons: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:16
bazhangup_the_irons: stop please07:16
billynothing was killed zgrep,07:16
[Hardy]TuTUXGthat was quick reaction07:16
up_the_ironssorry, slipped07:16
billyhow can i uninstall the updates?07:16
billythats whats causing all these troubles...07:16
DritzenThere's a copy of previous versions of programs in /var/cache somewhere, isn't there?  I'm going to take a look, it's been a while07:17
bazhangbilly this is gutsy?07:17
billyand its bein completely retarded...07:17
DritzenThe directory /var/cache/apt/archives  keeps a copy of previously installed deb files07:17
FrogzooDritzen: it's a cache only, but /var/cache/apt/07:17
bazhangbilly in the terminal type ifconfig07:18
DritzenIt's an option for installing a previous version if that's what he needs, just throwing the idea out there07:18
billyk.. let it reboot.. i restarted it just in case..07:18
yarobilly: That might clear out whatever was blockign Synaptic07:18
billyill be back in a few.. this whole stuff is stressin me i need a stogie07:18
MeRLiNX420I'm haveing problems with a D-Link WUA-1340 USB adaptor can anyone help me?07:21
DritzenJust a quick question but does anyone have a suggestion for my X config file to force 60hz at all resolutions?  Ubuntu is picking odd ones for some reason, like 58hz for 1024x768 and 57 for 1280x80007:21
ti12can someone come chat one on one to teach me about irc filesharing07:21
bazhangti12: not here07:22
yaroti12: You're going to have to ask somewhere else.07:22
yaroti12: Don't know. Not the place to ask.07:22
bazhang!ot | ti1207:22
ubotuti12: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:22
liquid1033got anyone cpufreqd with an asus p5n32-e sli plus and intel dual core e6750 running?07:22
ti12ok, i got yah07:22
ArthurArchnixWell, I was playing around with my icons themes, and I changed theme.index of the currently in use icon theme, at which point x crash, and wouldn't restart. Rescue mode didn't work. reconfiguring xorg didn't work. In short, it was borked.07:23
ti12ubuntu rocks.  but im a noob. any good books that will teach me or websites?07:23
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg Dritzen you might do it with this though not sure how safe that is07:23
Dritzenti12: A ton of sites, what are you interested in?07:24
billyk back07:24
yaroArthurArchnix: Try deleting your .gconf ad .cgonf2 files.07:24
bazhang!training | ti1207:24
ubotuti12: A desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training07:24
billydoes synaptic log what packages you installed when you installed them?07:24
* yaro is very good at typing tonight.07:24
haymakerok, i screwed up my account, and so i created another and deleted mine, moved my home directory somewhere else, and tried to recreate it, but it doesn't get created07:24
yarobilly: Yes.07:24
ti12Dritzen, i wish to VB XP, but i cant install the Video card driver07:24
billyill just uninstall all the updates =)07:24
bazhangbilly not a wise choice07:24
ere4siTrustNoOne, found a howto for changing icon text color - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8919707:25
DritzenYou want to what?07:25
yarobilly: You'd be uninstalling entire packages, not just updates.07:25
TrustNoOneere4si, thx07:25
billythen what should i do?07:25
justinmiller87Got it figured out. I had my ln -s backwards.07:25
ArthurArchnixThat was last night. I'm reinstalling now. My question is, I've got some free space on another partition, once I get it installed and updated, how do I do a complete copy (image) of my ubuntu partition to the spare partition? (That's a good idea yaro, but unfortunately, I'm already 15 minutes into the reinstall. I knew it would take me 3 hours to reinstall update and get everything back the way I wanted, I didn't know how lo07:25
bazhangbilly open the terminal and type ifconfig07:25
genbuntuHi, How do i return back to normal state after issuing 'sudo -i' ?07:25
ti12I want to install XP pro on virtualbox, but i cant install the Video card07:25
bazhangti12 no need for that07:26
DritzenAh, I'd just go on ubuntuforums.org and search around for virtualbox , I haven't used it personally07:26
haymakerhow can i manually create an account on my machine without using this thing from system>administration?07:26
billybazhang: now what?07:26
DritzenVirtualbox won't run things in 3D anyway, right?07:26
bazhangti12 nay; no dx10 in vbox07:26
zgrepArthurArchnix: Ist the free partition at least the size of the original one?07:26
billybazhang: how can i undo all the updates?07:27
bazhangbilly does that show the listing for your wireless card? something like wlan007:27
ti12i actually heard of a few projects that is supposed to run Direct3d, but i dont know how to install07:27
Dritzengenbuntu:  type exit07:27
bazhangbilly then type iwconfig07:27
genbuntuAh! thanks Dritzen07:27
Dritzenti12:  If you're just looking to run games, you could try out Wine07:28
billybazhang: no wireless extensions on lo and eth0, there's nothing else07:28
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yaroti12: I suggest Googling for that. I don't think what you are asking is in the scope of the channel.07:28
bazhangbilly try sudo ifup wlan007:28
billysays ignoring uknown interface07:28
billynow what?07:28
yarobilly: Sounds like amissing driver?07:29
yaroa missing*07:29
billythe driver is there tho.. something is interfering with it..07:29
frarocoHELLO. I have a NetMD player How do I use it in ubuntu?07:29
bazhangbilly you may have to go through the steps you originally did to get that card going from the link I gave you07:29
ti12ok, please pardon my ignorance, im really new to all this!!!07:29
frarocoSonic Stage is for windows!07:29
bazhang!wine | ti1207:29
ubotuti12: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.07:29
billybazhang: i did everything i did before to get the card going and its still not working..07:30
ti12But what happens when wine tells me its missing a dll file?07:30
xTheGoat121xI've got an odd situation with my sound.  I have most sounds (Pidgin, system sounds) but when I go to play music or a game, I'm informed that there's no sound device available.07:31
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TrustNoOneere4si, thx for the link, it changed my text color for my icons but i have some screenlets that have white text and i cant seem to change those either... is that a screenlet feature?07:31
ere4siTrustNoOne, Can't you right click to config a screenlet?07:32
ghostanyone want to help me build Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup?07:32
TrustNoOneere4si, yes but i dont see a color option for the txt07:32
ere4siTrustNoOne, I don't use screenlets - but I'll have a quick search :)07:33
puffghost: Wtf?07:33
bazhangbilly you might also try uninstalling those drivers and reinstalling them; no broadcom card here or I could walk you through it07:33
genbuntuMy pc (on lan) starts having 'high ping' whenever another pc starts using the wireless connection (everything on home network). Does anyone know whats going on?07:33
ghostwhy wtf?07:33
TrustNoOneere4si, thx, its the WaterMark v0.27 screenlet by Mathieu Villegas07:33
bazhangghost not really the channel for that07:33
billyi just did that and its still not working... bahhh07:33
TrustNoOneere4si, in options for the screenlet there is place to change font but i dont see one for color07:34
ghostwhat is07:34
bazhangti12 what game07:34
ghostthis is a question about build errors in ubuntu07:34
ti12Ages of Empire 307:34
yaroghost: What are your build errors?07:34
bazhangghost try #ubuntu-offtopic or explain yourself more clearly07:35
billyhow can i delete files in the lib/firmware directory?07:35
ArthurArchnixzgrep, yup07:35
billyill just reinstall ubuntu if it crashes07:35
Dritzenti2:  http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=244107:35
bazhangti12 this is the legitimate game? if it is not, then that would be the source of your problem most likely07:35
=== joerlend_ is now known as XiXaQ
Dritzenti2:  http://appdb.winehq.org  is a database of games/applications that you can run in Wine.  it shows whether they will work and if they do work, what steps you need to take07:35
ghostok, I am having build errors trying to build a piece of software. I am redownloading source right now, I will pastebin the output of make07:36
zgrepArthurArchnix: I'm ususally runnit it like that : dd if=/dev/<sourcePartition> of=/dev/<targetPartition bs=819207:36
iceswordghost, what are you working on?07:36
zgrepArthurArchnix: this will make a 1:1 image... you can then directly mount it.07:36
Dritzenti2:  I doubt Age of Empires 3 will run well in Wine, based on that page I linked to you07:37
ghostgive me second I will post the output07:37
ArthurArchnixwhat are the bs=8192 options at the end zgrep?07:37
ere4siTrustNoOne, seems that is an option some screenlet makers put in and some don't - with a bit of messing around you should be able to add that in the file for it07:37
zgrepArthurArchnix: 8K Blocksize.07:37
bazhangblock size correct?07:37
TrustNoOneere4si, ya so basically i have to create a theme for it07:37
lunksHow to view all available wireless networks on a fresh ubuntu?07:37
lunksI don't know if wireless is working or not :>07:37
bazhanglunks via the nm-applet07:38
billylunks: what kinda wireless card you got?07:38
Asphaltkillerhi @ll07:38
ti12yah.  is it possible to run Mac Leopard OS x 10.5.2 in virtualbox?07:38
lunksBut I really don't want to wait untill I need it.07:38
ArthurArchnixzgrep: Ok, thanks. Can I also taz.bz the backup?07:38
lunkshmm bazhang: how?07:38
bazhangti12 you have been warned about that before please take that elsewhere07:38
ti12oh, ok07:38
ere4siTrustNoOne, no - there is a source file you add a line to so the text color can be changed - if you have one that can have the color changed open the file and see how07:38
ArthurArchnixzgrep: Because I have a data partition and would like to keep a copy on there, that way, I've got two bootable systems and a clean backup I can unzip and copy back over.07:39
zgrepArthurArchnix: sure.. you can for example dd if=/dev/<source> | gzip -c > myImage.gz07:39
ere4siTrustNoOne, it's like the config file for it07:39
bazhanglunks what card for wifi07:39
Asphaltkiller@ti12 vmware dosn´t support leopart at this moment ....07:39
Patrick5I'm trying to integrate ldap with NSS.  I'm able to enumerate LDAP accounts using "getent passwd" - but currently "finger" and "id" return no such user, and (as root) I can't su to them.  Any ideas ?07:39
TrustNoOneere4si, oh its this watermark screenlet http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=71960&forumpage=407:39
lunksbilly, bazhang, its listed as bcm43xx07:39
zgrepArthurArchnix: you won't need tar - it's a single file...07:39
ghostthis is my make output where I believe the error starts07:39
billylunks: ur screwed lol07:39
zgrepArthurArchnix: Or did you mean tar all the files instead of the image...07:39
TrustNoOneere4si, its just 1 screenlet but has many watermarks for it, i will take a look at the config and python script for it07:40
lunkshaha tnx billy07:40
billybroadcom cards are satan to linux...07:40
billyim having so much trouble with mine07:40
yaroghost: Looks like you need to install additional development libraries.07:40
billylunks: i had it working fine, until i installed the updates.. duh duh duh.... lol07:40
ArthurArchnixzgrep: no no, you had it right. I want to compress an image so that it takes up less space on my data partiion.07:40
beautifulsnowFunny. everyone over at the windows channel is talking about linux for a while07:40
zgrepArthurArchnix: that would be via mounting that partition somewhere and then cd <mountpoint>; tar cpzf <filenameOutsideOfMountpoint>07:40
ghostThanks Yaro I will look into that07:40
ere4siTrustNoOne, that is how I get gdesklets how I want them - and screenlets work in a similar way07:40
lunksI'm planning on go to Hardy as it's 2.6.24 kernel and hope to work, billy07:40
_Oz_is there a way to make realplayer launch automatically when you click on a realplayer file in firefox?07:40
bazhanglunks have you just set up this box? never had wireless yet? you can /msg ubotu broadcom  this is the link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx07:40
yaroghost: Try going into Synaptic and look for libpng-dev or something tlike the same.07:40
billylunks: huh?07:41
lunksbilly, 8.04 tls, new version of ubuntu07:41
zgrepArthurArchnix: then use the dd with the gzip piped... if you have a quick machine: BZip2 has a better ratio but it's slower...07:41
DritzenIt's coming out in April07:41
lunksComing on April. ;P07:41
billylunks: does it have support for the bcm43xx?07:41
lunksI hope it has! x)07:41
yaroghost: You're welcome.07:41
zgrepArthurArchnix: I usually put a buffer in between to see the throughput: dd if=/dev/.... | buffer -S 1M | gzip -c > myarchive.img.gz07:42
Dritzenbilly: It's got a newer kernel and a lot of new features, so it might07:42
billylunks: me too.. im sick of this bcm stuff07:42
yarobilly: 2.6.24 kernel does have a larger support base for WAN.07:42
ghosti hate installing libs because there is always like several versions available07:42
ArthurArchnixzgrep I gotta right this down...yeah, it's a duo core,  but this one here: dd if=/dev/<source> | bzip2 -c > myImage.gz creates my image, but I don't see where it gets piped to?07:42
ghosti ususally just get the one that looks like its the latest07:42
lunksbilly, as soon as I find a cd-rw i'll try it =)07:42
yaroghost: That's normally good practice.07:43
billybut with the drama i've been going thru with ubuntu.... i might just reinstall XP.....07:43
lunksbilly, what's the matter?07:43
Dritzenbilly and lunks:  Hardy Heron Alpha 4 is out, you could try the live cd and see if it works for you07:43
zgrepArthurArchnix: the pipe is the | ... that means dd reads the data from the disk and the data is then sent to the next program which is gzip... this passing on of information is what I refer to as piping07:43
ghostits saying that libpng-12-dev is a vertual package07:43
billyim really sick of the bcm43xx issues07:44
ghostthat means I already have it installed basically correct?07:44
lunksDritzen, I'm downloading daily build07:44
Dritzenlunks: you're adventurous :)  good luck07:44
lunksbilly, do you hang around here often?07:44
yaroghost: Not sure. Is the little box next to it filled in green?07:44
bazhangerr its Hardy alpha 5 and this should be discussed in #ubuntu+1 ;]07:44
billylunks: lately? every day lol07:44
ghostyaro I am using apt not synaptic07:44
lunksDritzen, I just have plenty of time =)07:44
lunksbilly, if it works, I'll let you know =)07:44
ghostbut I would assume that means there is a package installed fulfilling that link07:44
billythanks lunks07:45
billyif im not in here just drop me an email07:45
ArthurArchnixSo it reads /dev/sda1 for example, sends it to gzip to create an archnive, but then leaves it on the partition that called the command? That's what I'm asking, could I add something like | mv myimage.gz /dev/sda3/backup07:45
yaroghost: Okay, so just an easy way to see if its installed is to just sudo apt-get install libpng1.2-dev and see if it says anything about it "already being the latest version."07:45
DritzenArthurArchnix,  After the > filename  just put in >/dev/sda3/backup/filename instead07:45
ArthurArchnixzgrep ^ because I don't really have room for images on my ubuntu partitions. They're 3.5 GB each. My data is pretty big though. Ahh.. simplicity itself!07:46
Dritzenhey mIRC07:46
`mIRC`i install 2 OS...1..is windows ... 2..is Ubuntu07:46
ghostthats what I did07:46
zgrepArthurArchnix: do you want to store your image on the partition sda3?07:46
ghostand it said 'this is a virtual package that referes to some other package07:46
ghosti assume the other package is installed07:46
`mIRC`my prob. is it shows GRUB error07:46
yaroghost: What was the package.07:46
ghostperhaps its not the correct version07:46
billyomg.. is there any way to reinstall ubuntu without wiping my files?07:47
bazhang`mIRC`: what error please be specific07:47
`mIRC`GRUB loaing stage1.5 read error07:47
ghostge libpng12-0-dev is a virtual package provided by:07:47
ghost  libpng12-dev 1.2.15~beta5-2ubuntu0.107:47
ghostYou should explicitly select one to ins07:47
`mIRC`bazhang" GRUB loaing stage1.5 read error07:47
bazhangbilly do you have a seperate /home?07:47
`mIRC`bazhang" GRUB loading stage1.5 read error07:47
ghostbilly, copy your /home/ folder to somewhere07:47
ghostlike an external hard drive07:47
yaroghost: Try sudo apt-get install libpng12-dev 1.2.15~beta5-2ubuntu0.107:47
billyi don't have an external hd07:47
lunksBut how to know if wireless is working or not, anyway?07:48
lunksI have installed that cutter stuff =P07:48
billyL, but lowercase07:48
lunksIt's listed07:48
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!07:48
bazhanglunks did you read the link I gave you?07:48
billythen it should be working07:48
Dritzenlunks: iwconfig works for listing wireless network card info too07:48
lunksbazhang, yeah07:48
bazhanglunks ifconfig then iwconfig07:48
ArthurArchnixThanks Dritzen, and zgrep: Yeah. It's like this , I've got a somewhat complicated partitioning scheme, but I should be able to adapt those commands you gave. Except I would like to use bzip instead of gzip... is that all it is.. say bzip in place of gzip?07:48
`mIRC`...can anybody help me??07:48
`mIRC`i got  GRUB loading stage1.5 read error07:48
lunksI just want to find some wi-fi nearby and check if it works07:48
yaroghost: The other problem I might see could be with your #include statement, perhaps getting the file wrong. Like I program a lot with SDL, and to use it I have to #include "SDL/SDL.h"07:49
bazhanglunks to test it sudo dhclient wlan0/cardnamehere without ethernet attached of course07:49
zgrepArthurArchnix: If there is a filesystem on your /dev/sda3 partition then I would advise you mount that somewhere and store the compressed image inside the fielsystem like mkdir /mnt/tmp; dd if=/dev/<source> | buffer -S 1M | gzip -c > /mnt/tmp/mycompressedImage.img.gz07:49
lunksIf my notebook detects a network, will ubuntu warn me?07:49
billyi think im just gonna majorly shrink the XP partition on my comp and install ubuntu on another one..07:49
piju_anybody know how to install driver for atheros chipset on gutsy amd64 ?07:49
billywell im goin to bed guys07:49
lunksbazhang, it's because I don't have wireless around afaik07:49
yaro'mIRC: I suggest you launch your LiveCD07:49
lunksg'night =)07:49
yaro'mIRC: From there, you can reinstall GRUB on your MBR which should clear up your errors.07:50
bazhanglunks well that would be the way to test it07:50
lunksWould Ubuntu warn me on wireless available?07:50
ghostsays it can't find the package 1.2~07:50
=== skinny77cncpuppy is now known as SkinnYPuppY
zgrepArthurArchnix: bzip in place of gzip will do .. but you should really try with the buffer to see how quick it is... you might wait very long if you use bzip2...07:50
piju_anybody know how to install driver for atheros chipset on gutsy amd64 ?07:50
madsporkmurdererI am trying to install ubuntu 7.10 (64bit edition) on my new machine but it hangs during the instalation process at the starting the partitioner stage; it gets to 50% (where it is apparently scanning disks) and just stops07:50
bazhanglunks you can look in the network manager applet07:50
yaroghost: Try going into synaptic and searching for libpng.07:50
finn_how can I install ubuntu to an SD card that's in an USB reader?07:50
finn_I have an alternative cd with 7.04 on it07:50
yarofinn_: Check out Pen Driv eLinux.07:50
bazhangmadsporkmurderer: what cpu how much ram07:50
yarofinn_: Google it.07:51
`mIRC`yaro, how to clear MBR ?07:51
ghostyaro yeah that might be easyers07:51
yaro'mIRC: Hang on, I'll get you a HOWTO07:51
madsporkmurderercore 2 duo 2.3GHz, 2GB07:51
`mIRC`thanks mate :)07:51
yaro'mIRC: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-24113.html07:52
bazhangmadsporkmurderer: that is odd; this is a dual boot?07:52
ArthurArchnixok... I think I've got what I need to move forward. Thanks for the dd tutorial. dd if=/arthur/desk/flowers+card /zgrep/front/door07:52
yaroghost: Yes, usually Synaptic will take the guesswork out of a package install.07:52
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ghostcool synaptic took care of it07:52
`mIRC`yaro, Thanks07:52
ghostmy apt-get-fu is lacking07:52
yaro'mIRC: You are welcome07:52
=== paradon_ is now known as paradon
zgrepArthurArchnix: Good luck...07:52
madsporkmurderernope- has one hard drive out my old machine with my home on it and a new 250GB SATA drive that was brand new but I did manage to format to Ext3 with an old 7.04 disk07:53
zgrepArthurArchnix: and thanks 4 the flowers ;)07:53
piju_anybody know how to install driver for atheros chipset on gutsy amd64 ?07:53
ArthurArchnixzgrep Oh they got there? I think I'll be fine.07:53
TrustNoOneI have my disc split in half, i have ubuntu on the second half of the disc, and the first half of the disc (is unpartitioned space) and i booted to livecd and tried to use gparted to make ubuntu take up the entire disc, but since its on the second half of the disc it wont take up the space on the beginning of the disc. how can i change the start and end blocks of my partition?07:53
yaroti12: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69817107:53
bazhangpiju_: what chipset exactly 500x?07:54
ghosthey is there a command to have make do a simulation to find out all the other stuff i will need to install?07:54
ghostI know you can do it with emerge07:54
piju_bazhang; yes07:54
ere4siTrustNoOne, did you end up with a white background behind your icon text?07:54
yaroghost: Not sure. I tend to just do a ./configure, and that will usually tell me what is missing.07:54
ghostgood call07:54
TrustNoOneere4si, no it was black or whatever color i wanted it to be07:54
ghostthat didn't work07:55
bazhangpiju_: the full number please07:55
ghostguess this source package don't have that07:55
TrustNoOneere4si, oh background behind the txt? there was no background color... the text was wahtever color i wanted it to be07:55
yaroghost: You'll have to tough out make error to figure it out. You installed the new package?07:55
maximadaeverytime i try to add/remove a program it says the list of applications is not available even though its showing any ideas?07:55
MoonDuckHey. Is there some nice GUI interface to work with cryptsetup? I created the container file with dd and all, but i want my users to be able to write and read data from it (and mount/unlock) nicely..07:56
ere4siTrustNoOne, I can get colored text but there is a whiteb/ground behind mine - no level of transparency works :(07:56
ghostyes and i make and it passed that point but ran into another missing lib it looks like07:56
* bluefoxx is away: lost in jis thoughts...or my music and memories{ahh, the memories indeed}07:56
ghostso i wanted to find out if i could have it report everything its going to want07:56
bazhangmaximada: what package? try apt-cache search packagename from the terminal07:56
yaroghost: Gimme another pastebin, I'll keep helping you for the next few minutes. Should go to bed.07:56
madsporkmurdererIs there any way to skip the partitioner stage of installation as I have already formatted the disk anyway ( and I want ot leave it as 1 partition)07:56
ghostna its ok I think i can make it from here07:56
TrustNoOneere4si, oh, it worked for me, i just used the sample script that he used and it worked fine07:56
yaroghost: Very well.07:56
ghostany .h will equate to a missing lib i assume07:57
ghostand for that matter i need to start writing a essay anyway07:57
yaroghost: You'd be right.07:57
TrustNoOneere4si, make sure alpha is 0 (zero) and frame_text i put as 107:57
yaroghost: The wierdest case I had was installing SDL_draw, had to sudo cp the .h manually after compiling the development libs because it neglected to put it there.07:57
MDKSIGNHow do I get Wine?07:57
yaroghost: Anyway, best of luck to you!07:57
maximadaim new to ubuntu so what is the terminal?07:58
yaroMDKSIGN: sudo apt-get install wine07:58
MDKSIGNcommand line interface cli07:58
TrustNoOnemaximada, terminal is command line interface sort of like msdos in windows07:58
ghostyaro yikes07:58
ere4siTrustNoOne, yep - it's like that - even swapped the order the lines in the file appear07:58
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:58
ghostthis is why I love .deb07:58
Patrick5How can I disable the Gnome screensaver by default for all users using VNC sessions ?07:58
yaromaximada: Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal07:58
maximadahow do i access it?07:58
TrustNoOneere4si, i have no idea why it has a background color to the icons then unless its part of your theme package or the setting of another program07:58
yaroI go bed now. Good luck to all you Ubuntu-fanatics.07:59
MDKSIGNDoes photoshop, illustrator etc work well on wine?07:59
maximadawhat exactly should i be typing in the terminal?07:59
ere4siTrustNoOne, there wasn't a b/ground there before... - reading more on it07:59
bazhangmaximada alt f2 terminal07:59
TrustNoOnemaximada, go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal, or you can press alt+F2 to bring up run application and type in terminal07:59
TrustNoOneere4si, so if you delete the gtk file then the background goes away?08:00
maximadaim there i just need to know what to type08:00
ere4siTrustNoOne, yep08:00
maximadai cant add/remove anything08:00
bazhangapt-cache search packagename maximada08:00
MDKSIGNDo the latest Adobe packages work fine in wine?08:00
TrustNoOneere4si, how odd, i get no background color with that script08:00
CarlFKwhat is the apt command to search for a file name?  driver-test is what I am looking for08:00
bazhangMDKSIGN: cs3?08:00
TrustNoOnemaximada, it is command line, you can do anything you want in terminal08:00
MDKSIGNbazhang: yeah08:00
TrustNoOnemaximada, to add/remove programs go to Applications > Add/Remove08:01
bazhangMDKSIGN: you can check the wine appdb but I think it is no08:01
ere4siTrustNoOne, the alpha value being one says that the b/ground should be transparent...08:01
zgrepCarlFK: you mean you like to know what the package of a file on your system is?08:01
MDKSIGNbazhang: How do I do that?08:01
TrustNoOneere4si, yeah it should... i havn't played with the transparency, i kept as the sample script the author used and i didnt get a b/g color08:01
maximadain add/remove i get an error when ticking a box08:02
TrustNoOnemaximada, care to share the error?08:02
zgrepCarlFK: That would be dpkg -S <filename> then08:02
CarlFKzgrep: maybe :) - want to know if that file is in a package in any of the repos in my soruces.list (I have a bunch of debian-media stuff08:02
maximadait says the list of apps is unavailable08:02
bazhanghttp://appdb.winehq.org/ MDKSIGN08:02
bazhangmaximada: do you have all the repositories enabled in synaptic package manager (the first four iirc)08:03
TrustNoOnemaximada, in terminal do "sudo apt-get update" and then when you go back to add/remove, go into settings and make sure all the repositories are checked and reload08:03
iceswordbazhang, can i use corel draw via wine on linux08:03
zgrepCarlFK: that command I gave about is only to check which of the installed packages contains the file...08:03
bazhangicesword: search their appdb08:03
simplexiosplit splat09:38
Micheruhey, how would i get a command to run at startup? i know i have to create some sort of script, but thats it09:38
simplexioMicheru: /etc/rc.local09:39
fx|RabBitmorning guys! i need someone to help me with a mdadm/raid5/lvm2 issue, please;09:39
Micherusimplexio: i think i tried that, it didn't work if i did :/09:39
simplexioMicheru: doublecheck that /etc/init.d/rc.local is run09:40
fx|RabBiti spanned a raid 5 with 3x 500G with mdadm, then i applied lvm2. after that i copied about 500G from a 4th disk and then i also added that disk to the raid volume, by mdadm --grow...09:41
Micherusimplexio: how would i do that?09:41
fx|RabBitafter that the raid volume was reconstructed, took about 10 hours, worked just fine. but when i restartet the pc i had to manually mdadm --assemble /dev/md0, can someone tell me what went wrong pls?09:42
simplexioMicheru: not 100% sure but i think should be  in /etc/rcS.d in ubuntu09:42
DaveEnglandhello there! can anybody tell me, how can i add a program, so that will start on startup ?09:42
fx|RabBitDaveEngland: either you add it do rc.S  or to gnome autostart09:43
DaveEnglandfx|RabBit,  and how can i add it to gnome autostart?09:43
SquawkDaveEngland, what exactly is the program?09:44
DaveEnglandSquawk,  Cairo-clock :D09:44
* KarlosII becomes amused09:44
skyione quiet a few users logging in via bash, for security reasons I would like to implement password history to prevent the user from setting the password to a password used before when it expires every 30 days09:44
fx|RabBitstart gnome control center by typing gnome-control-center to your console09:44
skyionis there a way to do this is linux09:44
fx|RabBitthen click on sessions09:44
* KarlosII http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20080227/python_dog_080227/20080227?hub=SciTech Snake eats dog09:44
ArthurArchnixDear lord.. what is hapening... I just reinstalled. Then updated, then rebooted and it was a catastrophic failure. Didn't get past starting up. When I loaded a live cd and took at look at the disk, my fstab had been written over with gibberish, and my grub folder was missing.09:45
SquawkDaveEngland, have a look at "system/session". you can start desktop applications everytime by adding them there09:45
ArthurArchnixIs it possible a rootkit could do this kind of damage?09:45
DaveEnglandSquawk,  ok tnx!09:45
SquawkArthurArchnix, doubtful, more likely you just need to re-install grub09:46
Kafkehi zusammen09:46
Squawkskyion, there is, but I cant rememer (sorry not to be more useful)09:46
Micherui remember for something else somone made an a scripty to put in init.d that was a python program though09:47
Micheru*made a script09:47
skyionthanks Squawk aslong as it is possible it means I can continue looking for it.09:47
iceswordanyone here has good expirence on harddisk install ,can you give me a guide09:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hdd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:48
=== co_eeria is now known as cim_pui
Squawkicesword, you mean installing to a hard disk? or installing from one?09:49
iceswordno,that is set it a harddisk install,09:49
fx|RabBithuh? hehehe09:49
iceswordcopy all files of an iso to hd09:49
iceswordset it boot from hd09:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hdinstall - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:50
icesword!hd install09:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hd install - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:50
fx|RabBitumm he needs a grub howto i believe09:50
Cromagmount ?09:50
Squawkices, you can mount an iso on the hard disk using mount and the loop device09:51
iceswordfx|RabBit, not really.that is "grub for dos"09:51
fx|RabBitin that case im sorry to say that i still dont get what you wanna do...?09:51
Squawkicesword, mount -o loop -t iso9660 filename.iso /mnt/iso09:51
fx|RabBitah kk09:52
novato_brhow can I restore the xorg configuration ?09:52
Micherufx|RabBit: i think he want to install from an iso instead of burning it09:52
iceswordyou know that,use windows' boot.ini,add c:\grldr=grub for ubuntu"09:52
novato_bri don't remember how is the line command09:52
Micherudunno though...09:52
iceswordbut really don't know how to write "menu.lst"09:52
Squawkicesword, why dont you follow the normal install, using a cd?09:53
novato_bricesword: sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst09:53
novato_bri'm desesperated09:53
novato_brhow can I restore the xorg configuration ?09:53
novato_bri'm on shell09:53
novato_bri cant view on google09:54
fx|RabBitnovato_br: you mean to setup defaults?09:54
Squawknovato_br, do you have a backup of it?09:54
iceswordSquawk, no,sorry,i want more technology09:54
novato_bryeah, fx|RabBit09:54
novato_brno, Squawk09:54
novato_bri've installed one new card09:54
fx|RabBithumm no backup no google...09:54
novato_bri need to restore the values09:54
Squawkyou can google easy enough, use lynx09:54
novato_bri dont remember how is the line command09:55
novato_bri know that is easy09:55
novato_brdpkg-reconfigure xxxxxxx09:55
novato_bri don't remember09:55
novato_brhelp me09:55
Squawknovato_br, I have no clue how to restore a conf file to defaults im afraid09:55
Squawkman dpkg-reconfigure09:55
novato_bri hate the manual, Squawk09:56
novato_brthat is so confuse09:56
Squawknovato_br, well if im gonna find the solution id have ot use it, and id rather you than me ;)09:56
novato_brthat is for programmer09:56
Squawknovato_br, no its not, its for understanding the command09:56
novato_brhumm, i will try again09:56
fx|RabBitnovato_br: dpkg --reconfigure <appname> is for use when you changed a config and then want to apply the changes, but not to set to defaluts09:57
iceswordSquawk, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows,can you give a hand to have a look at this09:57
fx|RabBitnovato_br: hang tight buddy im googling a default conf for you that you can wget...09:58
neetoFor some reason, my right and left arrow keys are mapped to muhenkan and henkan, which are part of the japanese keyboard layout. This is strange since my keyboard layout is set to "us" in xorg.conf, and I can see the big american flag on my toolbar, indicating that I do indeed have the us layout loaded.09:58
Squawkicesword, thats a stub, its not written yet. And I have no clue how to install from windows09:58
novato_brthx, fx|RabBit09:59
novato_bri will try09:59
iceswordSquawk, ok,you know linux is just part by part,so if we give the right parts together ,linux will boot09:59
Squawkicesword, I know linux well enough, I have no clue about installing any flavour of linux from windows, and im leaving in 10 minutes so I dont have the time to figure it out10:00
fx|RabBitnovato_br: found one with cyrillic fonts, want that? gg10:00
iceswordSquawk, nope10:01
Micherui make rc.local in /etc/init.d to run on startup, it doesnt appear to be doing this currently10:01
Aghachiubuntu doesnt install for me....10:02
Aghachiwhen i push enter or let it count down it does nothing on the menu10:02
iceswordbazhang, hi10:02
simplexioMicheru: http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/09/07/adding-a-startup-script-to-be-run-at-bootup/10:02
Micheruthank you simplexio10:03
* Micheru waits an age for it to load :/10:03
SquawkAghachi, did you get the right install cd? ie the one for your arch?10:03
simplexioMicheru: what command you try to run on startup10:03
Aghachiis it becuase my C: drive is external?10:03
simplexioAghachi: usb?10:03
Micheruwell its a bit long to not copy and paste but basically i am startig x11vnc with several paramaters10:04
Aghachii want to format my d and e drive and make it one partion10:04
Micheruand since i am on a differnt machine i casn't do that hehe10:04
novato_bri made a mess up, here10:04
Aghachiits the internal hardrive10:04
Aghachii duno how my usb became the c drive lol10:04
novato_brmy linux blow up10:04
novato_bri will cry10:04
novato_bri  made: "dpkg-reconfigure -a xorg"10:05
novato_brit is wrong10:05
MicheruAghachi: haha i got that to my wd external is c its stipid10:05
Micheru*stupid, man my syping sucks10:06
iceswordsomeone is going to have a look at this,it tells how to do hd install,i do have some questionshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows10:06
simplexioMicheru: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/x11vnc10:06
simplexioMicheru: that one uses little different way to start x11vnc10:07
Squawknovato_br, is dpkg-reconfigure even a command. Isnt it dpkg --reconfigure?10:07
Aghachilol so what do i do10:07
Micherusimplexio: ok i will have a look thanks10:07
Squawknovato_br, I cant check cos im booted into gentoo atm10:07
Piet44someone knows sources for sources.list for install postgresql-server >?10:07
novato_brhum, Squawk10:07
novato_brhere now i'm reconfigurating all the system10:08
fx|RabBitnovato_br: wait a sec man XD10:08
Aghachiis it doing nothing at teh menu cuz my c is ecternal.. do i have to get a experimental ver or somthing?10:08
Micherusimplexio: well, i have no idea how i would insert it into that gibberish (to me anyway) :)10:09
=== icesword is now known as word
novato_brokay, fx|RabBit10:09
Squawknovato_br, understand what you are doing before you type commands...10:10
simplexioMicheru: yeah. it looks like that, but that says that you need insert that line into Xsession file, not rc.local10:10
novato_bri've typed dpkg-reconfigure -a xorg10:11
novato_brnow it's reconfigurating all the system10:11
Aghachiwhen i load the cd in windows it shows splash screen then nothing10:11
Aghachiis the cd cupoted or somthing/.10:11
novato_bri don't have any idea of what i'm doing10:12
Micherusimplexio: hmm but where, i havn't messed with this before, no idea what i am doing hehe10:12
fx|RabBitnovato_br: wget this file and unnzip it, you ought to find a default conf in there: ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/xorg/current/src/xserver/xorg-server-X11R7.2-1.2.0.tar.gz10:12
novato_bri didnt see befor10:12
flowOverAghachi: you can boot your system on the cd10:12
flowOverdo that10:12
novato_brthx, fx|RabBit10:13
fx|RabBitnp m8:)10:13
Aghachiflow u mean isntall it on the cd10:13
Micheruthe thing is when i manually run /etc/init.d/rc.local start it works fine, but it doesn't appear to be running at startup10:16
fx|RabBitnovato_br:  maybe this could also be what you have been looking for: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg10:16
=== sniper_ is now known as Logiar
unamedacid stomach10:16
naxais there anybody here who knows anything about headless solutions?10:18
MDKSIGNIs it better to have VirtualBox with windows in to run windows apps or Wine?10:18
fx|RabBiti spanned a raid 5 with 3x 500G with mdadm, then i applied lvm2. after that i copied about 500G from a 4th disk and then i also added that disk to the raid volume, by mdadm --grow...10:19
fx|RabBitafter that the raid volume was reconstructed, took about 10 hours, worked just fine. but when i restartet the pc i had to manually mdadm --assemble /dev/md0, can someone tell me what went wrong pls?10:19
luckyshothey guys i was just playing around with some grub settings basically i have windows on my internal hard drive and xubuntu on an sd card so, what i was trying to do is when the sd card is not inserted it will automatically load into windows with out a grub menu but whent he sd card is loaded, then it will automatically load into xubuntu10:20
luckyshotfor some reason when i remove the sd card and boot up it gives me a grub 21 error10:20
luckyshotthats what i tried10:20
ganuhow to install oracle 10g r2 on ubuntu 7.10??http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=437691   in this its explained for 7.04..will it work for 7.10?10:20
simplexioMDKSIGN: depends.. i have used wine only run civ4, and VirtualBox to run dev-enviroment10:20
naxaMDKSIGN, it depends. try the app. with wine and if it works OK then it is the better. if it's not working then you can use it with virtualbox. if even virtualbox fail, then i don't know what to do but this is rare.10:21
simplexioMDKSIGN: but if you want use VBox to run normal programs i would recommend VBox, not sure how 3d stuff works in Vbox10:21
fx|RabBitsimplexio: no 3d support in virtualbox afaik10:23
naxahow can i set a default ip address in ubuntu without using X at all? i want it to be set by the init process...10:24
madmaxmadif you dont know how to use ifconfig type man ifconfig10:24
Squawkmadmaxmad, that wont set up a "default ip address", just assign one for now10:25
KenSentMeHow do i enable the dutch spellchecking on an English system?10:25
Squawknaxa, one sec10:25
naxaSquawk, thanks :)10:25
naxamadmaxmad, thank you for your effort too10:26
naxaSquawk, i rename myself to naxaa10:27
=== naxa is now known as naxaa
Squawknaxa, edit /etc/network/interfaces, under eth0 you need "address ipaddress, netmask netmask, gateway, ipaddress", 3 separate lines set to what you want10:27
Squawkno comma after gateway10:27
naxaaSquawk, thank you10:27
Micheruok i tried adding the command to the start of that script, it started but xserver failed, when i try it at the end the command does not run :/10:27
AlexStaceyInstallation went without a hitch. Everything found. Wondefull! Thanks people =]10:28
Micheruthe script being /etc/gdm/Xsession and the command being the x11vnc start command10:29
naxaaSquawk, by "gateway ipaddress" did you mean the ip address of the gateway or "gateway ip address first then the ip address of the local computer again"?10:29
Squawknaxaa, I mean type "gateway number.number.number.number"10:30
naxaaOh i see :D ok10:30
naxaaSquawk, oh, ok, thanks:) By the way in "address ipaddress" address is the word "address" then?10:30
Squawknaxaa, in each of those three cases, the first word is the word, the second is the actual ip address, so for example "address, netmask, gateway"10:33
naxaaSquawk, thank you, examples are my best friends :)10:33
=== MackNuro is now known as lilslam
Decinogei can pick up and stick knifes10:35
=== lilslam is now known as ke7baf
nraicWhat are ubuntu 64 users doing about flash these days? Last time I had to installed a 32 firefox bin with a plugin. Is there now a easier way?10:37
=== _max is now known as max
ganuoracle 11g on ubuntu 7.10 is explained here..but its for server..will it work on desktop version?? http://www.pythian.com/blogs/654/installing-oracle-11g-on-ubuntu-linux-710-gutsy-gibbon10:38
TadejobHello. I have Ubuntu 5.10 "Breezy Badger" and I cant update it, there are no files on repository for Breezy. Where can I find them, so I can update?10:38
TadejobWhat do I need to change in my sources.list10:39
popeyTadejob: they have been moved to old-releases10:39
simplexioganu: it should. difference between server and desktop is only that server dosn't install X, ithink10:39
popeychange your sources accordingly10:39
PriceChild!breezy | Tadejob10:39
ubotuTadejob: Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) was the third release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 13, 2007. See !eol for more details.10:39
juice_quick question: if someone gives ma a deb how do i install it?10:39
popeyjuice_: gdebi10:39
ubotuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/LifeCycle10:39
simplexiojuice_: dpkg -i some.deb10:40
juice_popey: what would be the command?10:40
ganu simplexio:k.. i ll try..10:40
popeyjuice_: just double click it, it will open in gdebi10:40
popeyor just type gdebi <debfile>10:40
simplexiopopey: that's too easy :)10:40
popeysimplexio: and better, it resolves deps which dpkg does not10:40
Decinogetalking about debs... i'm making a game, but i have no idea of how i can make a deb out of mah stuff... like.... no idea10:40
Decinogeis there an easy way?10:40
juice_popey: its a deb http://downlad.blablah, it just a line of code?10:40
popey!packaging | Decinoge10:40
ubotuDecinoge: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports10:41
popeyjuice_: I dont understand you?10:41
juice_popey: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-install-avant-window-navigator-awn-in-ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon.html10:41
[CroX]Is there an easy way to upgrade to Hardy beta?10:42
simplexiojuice_: then add that line into /etc/apt/sources.list10:42
PriceChild!hardy | [CroX]10:42
ubotu[CroX]: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu10:42
[CroX]Before it's released, I mean.10:42
neetoI've got a M$ sidewinder mouse (I got it for christmas) and the forward/back buttons don't work on it. I followed a tutorial on how to get it working, but it ended up breaking my xorg config. Does anyone have experience setting up their sidewinder mouse so the forward/back keys work?10:42
juice_simplexio: how? what is the command? all of what do i type10:43
juice_im n00b10:43
popeyjuice_:  that page tells you what to type10:43
simplexiojuice_: you need to edit that file, then install program with apt-get10:43
simplexiojuice_: and like popey said, usually there is howto in page10:44
SumiVietnamese  /??10:44
juice_O DUH! sorry i'm retarted der10:44
flowOverneeto: i've got a mx revolution.  i used btnx10:44
borncrusaderMy firefox closes when i visit certain sites like amazon.com's book snippet viewer... i updated firefox but it still crashes...10:44
neetoflowOver: I'll try that, is there a package in the repo?10:45
simplexioflowOver: did you get it work ?10:45
=== konoha_girl is now known as upiljantan
ArthurArchnixDo you think there's any danger in finding and removing empty directories?10:46
neetoOh shit10:46
juice_wait is 7.10 fiesty or gutsy?10:46
neetoerr !ohmy10:46
flowOvermy mouse?10:47
ubotuUbuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. See !lts for more details.10:47
ubotuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.10:47
simplexioflowOver: that laptop10:47
neetoSo for some reason, my left/right keys remapped themselves to the japanese versions of themselves, (henkan/muhenkan) despite my default layout being 'us' in xorg.conf. Anyone know how to fix this?10:47
=== konoha_girl is now known as upiljantan
flowOveri dont know where you got it was a laptop from10:48
borncrusaderMy firefox closes when i visit certain sites like amazon.com's book snippet viewer... i updated firefox but it still crashes...10:48
tapasopenoffice org apps all exit with:10:49
tapasno suitable windowing system found, exiting.10:49
tapas** (process:9166): WARNING **: Unknown error forking main binary / abnormal early exit ...10:49
tapasusing gutsy10:49
losthope26hallo kann mir jemand bitte ne Einladung für redio schicken wäre toll ,danke10:49
neetohow do I make xmodmap go back to default settings?10:50
flowOverit hasnt crashed yet.  i followed some guide but now i'm watching a movie10:50
dnylol ;o10:51
KenSentMeHow do i enable the dutch spellchecking in OpenOffice on an English system?10:52
LoLLoin /media there's a file .hal-mtab , what is it ? ? ? ? ? ?10:52
BhaalWKHow often are the Ubuntu package lists updated?10:52
popeyBhaalWK: on your machine, daily if you don't force it yourself10:53
BhaalWKpopey: I mean on the servers10:53
popeyBhaalWK: updated when packages are updated10:53
SuprNoodlesis ebay down for anyone? I can't seem to get on10:53
LoLLoin /media there's a file .hal-mtab , what is it ? ? ? ? ? ?10:53
popeySuprNoodles: works here10:53
LoLLoin which hour can i find more people here ?  ? ? ? ? i must wait a couple of hours or more ? ? ? ? ?10:54
popeythere are plenty of people here LoLLo, maybe nobody knows the answer to your question10:54
LoLLook thx darling, kiss10:54
popeyLoLLo: I would guess it's something to do with automounting files10:54
SIN_ASwhat does it mean - Hold Super + Shift and with your mouse paint fire on your desktop10:55
LoLLouhuh okz10:55
SIN_ASwhere is super? :-D\10:55
popeySIN_AS: windows key?10:55
LoLLowin button10:55
Survivormansuper = windows key10:55
hischildSIN_AS, hold super (windows logo key thingy) and shift and pain fire with ur left mouse10:55
SIN_ASbut not working...10:55
P2502does with mean windows is super?10:55
hischildSIN_AS, enable it first :-)10:55
gaynorHi Folks. Can anyone tell me pleaase how to change the text size in menus etc in Xubuntu?10:56
Survivormanyes, its not enabled by default10:56
gaynorTHe help file is no use as it is too small for me to read10:56
ThreeFingerPetehelp! i need to reinstall linux-image-2.6.22-14-386, but i get the message to install the meta-package instead. how do i do this?10:56
popeyThreeFingerPete: sudo apt-get install linux-image-386 --reinstall10:57
ThreeFingerPetepopey: Thanks!10:57
ThreeFingerPetepopey: it says its unconfigured now. how do i do that?10:58
archmanhi guys, is there any app that is used to burn your ubuntu configuration on a live/install dvd ? Or just install dvd? So i have all configuration and programs automatically when i install ubuntu?10:58
LoLLowhat is the folder RECYCLE.BIN ?  can i remove it ? ? ? ?10:59
ThreeFingerPeteLoLLo: no, its the garbage can10:59
neetocan someone link me to a list of all the default US xmodmap key mappings?11:00
SIN_AShold super (windows logo key thingy) and shift and pain fire with ur left mouse not wok11:00
hischildSIN_AS, did you enable it?11:00
archmanSIN_AS: enable it in ccsm11:00
hischildSIN_AS, and do the other effects work for you?11:00
legend2440archman http://www.remastersys.klikit.org/11:00
archmanlegend2440: thx11:00
SIN_AShischild, yes,work11:01
LoLLogarbage out:  used to say that if the data (=information)  you put into a computer is bad, the results you get back will be bad, even if the computer program you use works properly// ...... right Three ? ? ?11:01
popeyLoLLo: GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out11:01
BhaalWKpopey: so the package lists are updated live? Sorry for the persistence, I just wish to confirm this, if so, can you tell me which repo will have the most up to date package lists?11:01
LoLLohowever its necessary for the system ;)11:02
hischildSIN_AS, are you dragging with your left mouse button?11:02
popeyBhaalWK: they all do11:02
SIN_AShischild, can you white me in private chat?11:02
popeyBhaalWK: they are updated as and when packages are updated11:02
hischildSIN_AS, WHILE you hold down super+shift11:02
GINZHI Can anyone please tell me how to change the test size in the main parts of the screen... Menus etc?11:02
hischildSIN_AS, if you have registered you can pm me yes11:02
BhaalWKpopey: Accept for the non-offical mirrors yes?11:02
=== juzzy is now known as juzzzzzy
popeyBhaalWK: what doyou mean? non-official mirrors?11:03
hischild!register | SIN_AS11:03
ubotuSIN_AS: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.11:03
SIN_AShischild, i pm you now11:03
BhaalWKpopey: Apparently nothing, my ISPs mirror is listed in the downloads section, I didnt think it would be11:03
LoLLohow can I apply the same settings for ALL the windows that i open ? ( specially the positione and do not show hidden files ? )11:03
juzzzzzyHi guys, have installed a new drive, but now comes the task of formatting it, how do i make my new drive a single partition, gparted won't find anything, fdisk -l shows both drives sda1, sdb1 ..11:04
hischildSIN_AS, have you registered?11:04
AlexStaceyI'm trying to install a graphics driver from the "add/remove" menu and it's telling me that it conflicts and i need to switch to advanced mode. Any ideas how i do that?11:04
BhaalWKpopey: Im just trying to resolve some conflict with installing compiz11:04
SIN_AShischild, no :(11:04
hischildjuzzzzzy, install qtparted which'll make life easier for you11:04
juzzzzzythanks hischild11:04
GINZHEllo? Did anyone see my question please11:04
hischildSIN_AS, then look a littl ebit up to what ubotu said with yur nick.11:04
hischild!anyone | ginz11:05
ubotuginz: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:05
SIN_AShischild, can you white me pm?11:06
juice_how do i get rid of the bottom taskbar?11:06
hischildSIN_AS, i can pm you yes. But you cannot pm me back unless you have registered. And either way, i prefer to keep things on the channel11:06
gaynorubotu, Thanks for seeing me. I want to change the text size of the main parts of the screen, menues etc  Can you tell me how to di thatPlease?11:07
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LoLLois there a way to recatch the files removed from the trash ?11:07
hischildgaynor, ubotu is a uBOTu, thus he responds only to specific commands11:07
SIN_AShischild, how i can enable this think Hold Super + Shift and with your mouse paint fire on your desktop11:08
booster_hey can anyone in here tell me some of the commands for netstat....i am a new linux user and i realy want to learn11:08
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots11:08
juice_anyone know how to get rid of that pesky taskbar at the bottom?11:08
hischildSIN_AS, you have to click and drag with your mouse button to paint on your screen once you have enabled it11:08
wordbooster_, netstat -a also man netstat11:08
LoLLois t