bajaboy Is the orinoco driver compatible with a WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encrypted network?00:06
bajaboy Is the orinoco driver compatible with a WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encrypted network?00:10
bajaboy Is the orinoco driver compatible with a WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encrypted network?00:14
YashySo I just installed xubuntu 7.10 i386 where I had xubuntu 7.10 amd64. Even though uname -a shows SMP, when I do "grep core /proc/cpuinfo" it's only saying 1 cpu core. It was recognizing the dual core under xubuntu amd6400:14
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YashyLinux delly 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Feb 12 07:42:25 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux00:24
zoredacheYashy: I am pretty sure the 'uname -a' is just telling you the kernel was compiled with the SNP functionality00:24
zoredachenot that it detected a SMP processor00:24
YashyAny idea why it's only detecting an SMP processor?00:24
zoredachehow many, and what kind of processors do you have?00:25
YashyAMD 64 X2 5000+  (dual core amd)00:25
Yashydmesg | grep CPU shows00:25
Yashy[    5.316000] CPU #1 not responding - cannot use it.00:25
Yashy[    5.468000] Brought up 1 CPUs00:25
YashyNot sure why #1 isn't responding?00:25
YashyWorked fine under amd64 xubuntu00:26
zoredachedid you try googling that messsage?00:26
Yashy[    0.000000] SLUB: Genslabs=22, HWalign=64, Order=0-1, MinObjects=4, CPUs=2, Nodes=100:26
zoredachethis seems to be a common issue, I am getting several hits on google... I am not seeing a solution though00:28
Yashyyeah, I searched online before asking here00:28
zoredacheserveral people seem to think that a using a newer kernel makes things work00:29
zoredachea couple people seem to think booting with the 'noapic' kernel helps00:31
Yashynoapic didn't fix my issue00:37
philphotook so I did multiple reboots measuring boot time after changing various lines in /boot/grub/menu.lst  and still my boot time is no faster than 3:20.  any advice on how to speed this up?00:37
Yashyphilphoto: Applications -> System -> Services # remove as many as possible00:38
zoredachephilphoto: why are you adjusting the menu.lst to change the boot time, and what are you calling 'booted'?00:38
philphotozoredache: I'm measuring boot time from bios post to login screen00:39
zoredacheadjust grub only tweaks kernel options which is a small part of the boot process00:40
zoredachethere is the starting of services and such that also take up a significate ammount of time...  Follow Yashy's advice to get edit things in a gui00:41
philphotowhich services don't I need?  by stopping them at boot will i be cutting out anything the system normally relies on?00:44
philphotozoredache: i also can't get that splash screen to work.  I login with three minutes of black screen.  I'd like a splash or even text showing me what's going on00:45
zoredachephilphoto: yes, stopping services will reduce functionality...  As for which ones you don't need, you'll probably have to google for that00:45
philphotoright, right00:45
YashyAnyone have any other ideas on how I get my my dual-core CPU recognized properly?01:07
TailsfanHi, Which Packages do I install to get the properitary codecs for Xubuntu01:32
neur1did you go to add/remove and get ubuntu restricted01:34
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Tailsfanneur1, no, but I will try, I have to wait for Xubuntu to install on my Desktop, then install ndiswrapper and get my Wi-Fi Adapter Recognized01:38
TailsfanThanks, I'm installing Xubuntu now on my Desktop (that is all my rig can support :))01:40
TailsfanI have a old Compaq Deskpro01:40
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Tailsfanbut for my internet, it can be a piece of crap01:41
heavenlyblade101allo all01:42
TailsfanIt's SO old, it doesn't even have ACPI01:45
Tailsfanand Xubuntu has Shutdown probs, I have to turn my OC iff hard01:45
heavenlyblade101hey, i was thinking about puting Xubuntu on my lappy, if i do that is there anyway to have XP as my primary os and not use grub?01:47
heavenlyblade101i dont like the grub loader and i wanna be able to just toss in an XP disk and format the drive if i dont want linux anymore.01:48
TailsfanAcronis Boot Loader is all I can think of01:49
Tailsfanand there are some boot Loaders on Ultimate Boot CD01:50
heavenlyblade101when u dual boot two windows os' you get a default boot loader, i wanna use that one01:50
ron_oanyone know of an application that can read what manufacturer a DVD comes from?01:53
neur1heya somerville32 what version are you using?01:57
neur1did you ever try to get fluxbox working?01:58
neur1or does it come with it?01:58
somerville32no, I run Xubuntu01:59
neur1with xfce, but you never tried to get fluxbox working with it?02:00
heavenlyblade101sorry, i was afk.02:01
heavenlyblade101no one knows how to use the ms dos boot loader to run ubuntu?02:01
neur1i was gonna try to, because xfce is still a little to much for my laptop02:01
neur1a ibm 600e with 288ram02:02
heavenlyblade101whats xfce? lol sorry, total n00b02:02
neur1the default desktop manager that comes with xubuntu02:03
neur1like ubuntu has gnome02:03
heavenlyblade101i see, now i know waht ya mean02:04
neur1it confused me too lol02:04
neur1because xfce looks like gnome02:05
heavenlyblade101yeah, its just faster02:05
heavenlyblade101so to aviod grub, could i install xubuntu, and THEN XP or is there a choice to instal grub?02:07
ron_oyou have to install XP first then linux..02:08
ron_oXP will take over your master boot record.02:08
neur1if you install xp after xubuntu it'll erace it i think because xp doesn't see it02:08
ron_oand you want grub..02:09
ron_othe thing is when you install grub after XP for a dual boot, you'll need to kind of manually tell grub where XP is..02:09
ron_oa dual boot isn't easy, mine you.02:09
heavenlyblade101no lol i dont, last time i had grub on a system i couldnt get rid of it, i had to pull the drive, slave it, then format it02:10
ron_othen you want Lilo?02:10
ron_olilo is much harder to use than grub.02:10
ron_oyah, because grub took over your master book record. However, there were probably easier ways to get rid of it than what you did.02:11
heavenlyblade101i want the boot loader that xp uses lol, if u dual boot XP then u get a microsoft boot loader02:11
ron_oyou can't use XPs boot loader with a dual boot with linux.02:11
zenroxyou can but its a pain02:12
ron_ojust like you can't have your cake and eat it too.02:12
ron_ozenrox, well *he* can't. :)02:12
zenroxgrub is better at handling linux and xp02:12
ron_oI couldn't do that.02:12
* ron_o doesn't use Windows anymore. :_)02:12
ron_owhat a relief.. :)02:12
* heavenlyblade101 needs windows on his lappy, he was raised with it lol02:12
zenroxso was i but i changed that02:13
ron_owell, after I had to reinstall windows98 two years ago I decided instead to go the linux route. It was way easier than dealing with reinstalling everything I had with Windows.02:13
heavenlyblade101i would gladly put xubuntu or ubuntu on this lappy but i dont wanna take any risks with it.02:13
ron_othen don't do it.02:13
heavenlyblade101thats why i want to have linux as a secondary02:14
ron_omake backups.. or live with the consequences.02:14
zenroxi dual boot win and linux on a friends lappy02:14
neur1i dual boot02:14
heavenlyblade101whith what boot loader?02:14
zenroxand kept his restor partion02:14
ron_oit's a pain to do that. I had to buy PartitionMagic some years back to get it done.02:14
zenroxdont need toi do it any more02:15
heavenlyblade101with grub, an u have XP as the primary, so you dont automaticly boot to linux?02:15
ron_oWindows even throws some arbitrary files/applications in the end/middle of the hard drive.. no doubt for this reason.02:15
zenroxubuntu's partion editor off of the live cd handels the resizing of a windows partion02:15
ron_ozenrox, no, there are great p... you said it. :)02:15
ron_oanyway, heavenlyblade101, even dual booting with linux has its problems. It's not really for amateurs.02:16
ron_owith computers, if something bad can happen it will.02:16
heavenlyblade101i know a fair bit about computers its just linux, lol02:17
ron_othe thing I love about linux is if you really want an application you can get it -- for free. And it's safe without malware and secure.02:17
ron_oheavenlyblade101, well, you don't sound too sophisticated to me. You said you wanted Xubuntu with Windows w/o risk.02:18
heavenlyblade101is it still illegal to edit windows programs on linux lol02:18
heavenlyblade101and lol i just meant with little risk02:18
ron_owell, whatever term you use, it's risky.. the risk is proportional to your knowledge of both OSs.02:19
heavenlyblade101ha yeah, that is true.02:19
ron_ogood luck.  :)02:20
YashyI'm having two issues as a result of my NVIDIA driver in the restricted drivers category. If I remove it, xfce will only let me do 800x600. Is there another easy alternative that I can remove this proprietary broken driver and yet still do 1600x1200?02:20
zenroxadd 1600x1200 to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file for the bitrate you use02:21
zenroxleave the driver installed02:21
zenroxSysInfo: Linux 2.6.24-10-generic |  Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.00GHz 1999.978 MHz | Bogomips: 4004.22 | Mem: 489/757M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 109.32G Free: 25.23G | Procs: 101 | Uptime: 15 mins 47 secs  | Load: 0.53 1.58 1.45  | Vpenis: 229349.2 in | Screen: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5500] (rev a1) @ 3200x1200 (32 bpp) | eth0: In: 23.65M Out: 41.31M02:22
zenroxSensors: CPU:temp2 Fan: 0 RPM Case:temp1 Fan:fan102:22
Yashywith the driver installed, one of the issuesis frequent "screen locks" (I lose access to the mouse)02:22
zenroxwhat video card02:23
zenroxand os02:23
Yashy[GeForce 6150 LE] xubuntu 7.10 i38602:23
zenroxare u using the nvidia-new-glx02:24
zenroxif not install that02:24
Yashyii  nvidia-glx-new                             100.14.19+                  NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'new' driver02:24
zenroxok remove that and the l-r-m and get that driver from nvidia and install it manualy02:25
zenroxthare are nice howtos on the forums02:25
neur1thanks guys02:27
Yashyactually I shouldn't assume it's the nvidia driver, I just see other people mention it online02:27
YashyMy issue is usually within 10 minutes of booting the OS, the mouse locks up02:27
Yashykeyboard still works, and everything else02:27
zenroxmight just be a config issue of a board issue02:27
zenroxYashy: also to get the 169.12 driver from nvidia.com02:29
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YashyI'm having the same issues as mentioned at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=488073 Any advice on how to debug?03:25
* j1mc looks03:25
Yashyfrequent mouse lockups03:26
j1mcso the mouse just stops moving?  it doesn't disappear, right?03:26
Yashyusually within 10 minutes of rebooting. Not sure how to unlock it without rebooting either, and nothing in /var/log* about the error03:26
Yashycorrect, it's still there you just can't move it03:27
j1mcwow... hm. i've never heard of that.03:27
j1mcdid you find any other examples on the web of that happening?03:27
j1mclike, maybe even for other distros?03:28
YashyI've got a dell c521, and those in that thread have an e521 dell. Or could be the fact they are all daal core amd64 boxes <shrug>03:28
ArtemDoes anyone have experience with getting wifi cards working?03:29
ArtemI'm kinda stuck.03:29
j1mcartem, what card are you using, and what version of xubuntu are you using?03:29
YashyArtem: Do you have a specific question?03:30
ArtemWait, maybe I found what I need.03:30
ArtemAnd sorry, I'm still really new at this.03:30
Yashyj1mc: seems to be xubuntu specific from the links I've seen03:30
j1mcYashy: i'm not sure how i can help with that issue.... let me research a bit.03:31
j1mcYashy: can you enter things into the keyboard?03:32
j1mcdoes that work?03:32
Yashykeyboard still works03:36
Yashyand I can ssh in remotely still03:36
Yashyjust the pointer that seems to be affected03:36
j1mchrm.  thanks.03:37
j1mcYashy: what kind of graphics card do you have, and what driver do you use?03:39
YashyGeForce 6150 LE03:42
Yashyii  nvidia-glx-new                             100.14.19+                  NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'new' driver03:43
Yashyhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=279626 seems many people having this issue03:43
Yashyon page 6 now of the thread, seems that linux kernel sending power to USB devices is finicky, and that is the reason. Apparently if you use a powered USB hub for your mouse, this will not occur03:44
j1mcthanks for that info, Yashy.  which version of xubuntu are you running?03:44
Yashystrange there is no mention of other USB devices being affected, including the stock USB keyboard03:44
Yashyxubuntu 7.10 on i386, I had the same issue on amd64 of the same03:45
j1mcok.  weird.03:45
Yashy(I switched to i386 today hoping it would go away, but it exists in i386 as well)03:45
j1mcwere you using the proprietary nvidia driver in amd64, too?03:45
j1mcit is kind of weird that those posts are from 2006... and it's the same issue03:47
j1mcYashy: ... that seems to be a good thread, at least the end of it.03:51
j1mci would suggest updating your bios, and checking to make sure plug'n'play is enabled in your bios.03:52
j1mcof course, the nvidia driver is closed source, too... so we can't really do much to fix it (if that is the problem)03:52
* Yashy is trying now with "acpi=off irqpoll pci=routeirq"03:53
j1mcso you may want to go back to the regular "nv" driver if this continues to happen.  of course, that means no 3-d rendering.03:53
j1mcok... good luck.  i need to go off and do some work now.03:53
Yashyyup, I'm on dell's site looking for the BIOS update now03:53
j1mc:)  cool.03:53
YashyThanks for helping, I appreciate it.03:53
j1mci hope things work out.03:53
PsynoKhi0hey, does a USB stick require a fstab entry to work properly?04:38
somerville32PsynoKhi0: It shouldn't04:41
somerville32Thunar volume manager should mount it for you04:41
PsynoKhi0mount works now, but once thunar starts browsing the files I get roughly 10 seconds before HAL crashes onmy USB04:43
PsynoKhi0I have to modprobe it to get it back04:43
PsynoKhi0back... got it to work fine a week agao, haven't touched the PC since and for some reason it's poo now05:15
ArtemCan someone please help me figure out how to install ndiswrapper? I've got xubuntu 6.06 alternate, if that helps. Sorry to bother, but at my level of comprehension as of so far, I can't really get anything to work.05:28
ere4siArtem, go to applications - system - synaptic package manager and open that - click the search button and type   ndiswrapper   and hit enter - then right click the box for it and choose install05:31
ere4siI would select ndisgtk - the dependencies will automatically be installed with it05:33
ArtemWhat's ndisgtk?05:35
ArtemHeh, never mind. Google is my friend.05:37
ere4siArtem: it is the graphical frontend to ndiswrapper - a window for it so you don't have to use command line05:37
ere4siArtem, if you click a package in synaptic an explanation about it appears at the bottom05:38
ArtemI did a search for ndisgtk, but couldn't find anything. I installed ndiswrapper, do I have to restart for changes to apply?05:40
ere4siArtem: open a terminal and type ndiswrapper - if it is ready it will start - which xubuntu are you on?05:41
Artem6.06 alternate?05:41
ere4si!info ndiswrapper05:42
ubotuPackage ndiswrapper does not exist in gutsy05:42
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:42
ere4siArtem, click on the settings menu in synaptic - then repositories - and make sure all for edgy are selected05:44
ere4sisorry - dapper then Artem ...05:46
ArtemThanks a bunch for helping me out.05:46
ere4siArtem, the ndisgtk is probably in the universe or multiverse repositories05:46
ere4siArtem, that's what this chat channel is for :)05:47
Artem*Sigh* Where can I find repositories?05:50
ArtemAlthough, I'm getting an error, "Could not download all repository indexes"05:51
ere4siArtem, at the top there's    file edit package settings help    click settings then click repositories - that's how it is on my gutsy install05:52
Pharserroris there any reason I shouldn't have access to the chkconfig command in Ubuntu?05:52
ere4sisudo first?05:52
ere4siArtem, don't know why that would happen05:53
ere4si!ndiswrapper | Artem05:53
ubotuArtem: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:53
ArtemI'm not connected to the net on the machine in question, so maybe it can't download the necessary repositories?05:54
Pharserrorere4si, I've already used sudo -s05:54
Pharserrorso im at root level05:54
ere4siArtem, of course - that would make it hard05:54
ere4siPharserror, I don't have chkconfig on my comp so have no more suggestions - does seem strange tho05:56
Pharserrorwhy is it that you don't have it either? do you know how to get it?05:57
ArtemSo, with no ethernet connector, I can't access the files on the internet to get my network card running so I can go onto the internet. Talk about a recursive situation. ;>05:57
ere4siArtem, you can walk the packages to the other comp with a mem stick05:59
ArtemIs working with ndiswrapper from the terminal that hard?06:00
ere4siPharserror, what does it do - is it in synaptic?06:00
Pharserrorit's for managing the rc[0-6].d directory tree06:01
ere4siPharserror, there's the sysv-rc package for doing that in synaptic06:01
Pharserrori'll check synaptic, but an apt-get install chkconfig doesn't produce anything06:02
Pharserrorere4si, the tutorial I'm following for setting up this LAMP server calls for this specific command06:02
ere4siPharserror, the first two google results for it are red hat based06:04
ere4siPharserror, it is not in synaptic at all06:04
Pharserrordamn redhat shit06:04
ere4siPharserror, sysv-rc will let you change services in runlevels06:04
Pharserrorere4si, can I get that through apt-get install sysv-rc -y?06:05
ere4siPharserror, yep06:05
ere4siPharserror, what's the -y?06:06
Pharserrorere4si, shorthand for --install-dependencies06:06
rabiddachshundwhat are the minimum specs required for xubuntu?07:05
ArtemI know that it runs on 64MB Ram.. actually, let me get you the site.07:06
rabiddachshundHow about an original pentium and 80MB ram?07:06
ArtemScroll to minimum system requirements.07:07
rabiddachshundI've got the alternate so 80MB ram should be fine but it just doesn't want to boot up.07:07
ArtemAh, did you do the OEM install?07:08
rabiddachshundIt takes 10+ minutes and just stops.07:08
rabiddachshundnah, text mode07:08
ArtemHrmm. Strange.07:08
ArtemBut I don't really know.07:09
rabiddachshundI can try the recovery mode (or whatever the second option is) and it gives an error about no screens present.07:09
ArtemSomeone more knowledgeable should be able to help you. :> There are plenty of them here.07:09
rabiddachshundwell, actually it does boot up into a terminal but when I try to start X it gives that error.07:09
rabiddachshundwait... Artem. Is that short for Artemeis?07:10
rabiddachshundor Artemaeis?07:10
ArtemNo, no. Just Artem.07:11
rabiddachshundOh, nvm then.07:11
rabiddachshundThanks though.07:11
nraicWhat are ubuntu 64 users doing about flash these days? Last time I had to installed a 32 firefox bin with a plugin. Is there now a easier way?10:33
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Hibbyslight unusual problem - can use my panels at the top and bottom but I can't see them11:40
LeAstralesounds strange to me11:40
Hibbybut only after I've started compiz11:40
LeAstralewhy use compiz at all? it just an ethernal Beta version11:41
Hibbytrue, but so is gmail and I use that ;)11:41
Hibbymanaged to get the panels back11:42
LeAstraleHibby: i haven't used compiz on Xubuntu so im not the right person to answer the question11:42
Hibbyby changing desktops11:42
Hibbythats a random bug. Aye well.11:42
LeAstralemust be :)11:42
* LeAstrale is listening to 33 - Def Leppard - High 'n' Dry (Saturday Night) [Amarok]11:42
LeAstraleYihaa.. Def Leppard :D11:43
Hibbymust run, class is over!11:45
Hibbyback later, probs11:45
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whitmanI've got a HP LaserJet 4050N attached to the computer, running xbuntu 7.10, via parallel port.  I've added the printer but trying to print a test page does nothing.  I get a message saying it has been submitted as job x but the printer doesn't do anything.15:03
whitmanProgress. I've installed the printer via the LPT option rather than directly selecting the printer and now the print jobs go to the printer, but it tries to use Tray 1 even though Tray 2 is set in the options.15:21
ShinjinCan anyone here help me with a small problem?15:39
TheSheep!anyone | Shinjin15:40
ubotuShinjin: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?15:40
ShinjinOkay, I usually just ask that to make sure someones here though. Anyway. How do I edit what appears in my applications menu?15:40
ShinjinI have the menu editor open but I can't edit the part that says ---include---15:41
TheSheepsettings->menu editor15:41
TheSheepthat part is generated automatically from files installed with your applications15:41
TheSheepbut you can add to it or override the entries15:42
ShinjinBut I installed something and want to remove it from the menu because wine didn't15:42
TheSheepjust make your own entries called the same way above it15:42
TheSheep(and in submenus called the same way)15:42
ShinjinBut I want to remove something15:42
ShinjinCause I don't have it anymore and that folder is already really full15:43
TheSheepif you uninstalled it, the menu entry should have been uninstalled with it15:44
ShinjinBut it wasn't15:44
TheSheepthen report a bug to wherever you got the application from15:44
TheSheepit means it left files behind15:45
ShinjinI'm sure they won't care since it's a windows application.15:45
TheSheepah, windows, you should have said that15:45
ShinjinI said it was ran with wine15:45
TheSheepsorry, must have missed that15:46
TheSheepcheck the .local/share/applications/ in you home directory15:46
TheSheepand .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/15:46
ShinjinHow do I get to the local one?15:48
nikini was trying to modify my keyboard layout.. but if i remove the "use x settings" selection and close the window the selection goes back and the keyboard layout does not change17:13
nazdalfhello.....can sm1 help me with screen lock pls...it used to work alright initially....its stopped working all of a sudden....17:21
nazdalfi am using xubuntu 7.10 btw......and it has xscreensaver-gl installed17:22
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killfr0ghey, trying to install xubuntu 7.10 64-bit on my quad core machine, i see the initial screen after booting off the cd, then i select install/run xubuntu, it loads up the kernel then i get a blank screen. it loads from the cd for a while and seems to be accessing my hdd drives then my pc goes dead. any ideas?19:47
zoredache_killfr0g: I would start with a check of the md5sums if you haven't already, I would also try the alternate-installer, also you could try booting with the noapic option19:53
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killfr0gthanks i'll try them out19:55

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