spivI know it used to come up frequently, this is the first report I've seen in a while.00:00
beunooh, could be00:02
beunotime is a very slippery thing lately00:02
seydarhow does bazaar compare to git?00:47
seydarseriously, i have only used git, but bazaar has a cooler name00:47
fullermdIt's less salty, with more bite.00:47
jdongI find bzr's interface much easier to use, much more friendly00:47
seydari want to name some project 'balthazaar'00:47
jdongit feels more high-level than git IMO00:47
jdongthough the performance in my experience isn't as great00:48
beunoseydar, maybe something like this will help: http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrVsGit00:48
seydaris there a sample session online?00:48
seydarooh windows support. i'm not too fond of supporting windows ;-)00:48
spivseydar: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/mini-tutorial/index.html00:48
spivseydar: that's a tutorial called "Bazaar in five minutes"00:48
jdongI really disliked git's way of committing things before I expected it to commit00:49
spivseydar: there's other documentation at http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/00:49
jdongI've recently started using git for dealing with subversion... I've found its performance to be more acceptable when paired with svn versus bzr-svn00:49
jdongbut at the same time, I grumble about git's UI every 5 minutes00:49
seydardoes bazaar have a witty hat, like00:50
seydar'git 'er done' from larry the cable guy?00:50
jdongI believe they do sell t-shirts like that :)00:50
jdongand what's up with git's refusal to acknowledge empty directories exist? :)00:51
seydari saw linus torvalds in one00:51
* beuno wonders if igc will take the bzr tshirts to the sprint00:51
seydarok. so bazaar it is00:51
fullermdI think it's a side effect of refusing to acknowledge directories exist.00:51
jdongas I said, I've been looking at git lately for my subversion interactions with large svn repos00:52
fullermdActually, who DOES treat directories directly as entities?  bzr does, mtn does...  I don't think hg does...00:52
bob2also file identity00:52
jdongbut only because I'm kinda forced to00:52
seydarbalthazar is such a badass name00:53
seydarwhats mtn?00:53
igcbeuno: igc has no idea re tshirts sorry00:53
jdongmonotone I believe00:54
bob2seydar: monotone (venge.net)00:54
* fullermd nods.00:54
jdongseydar: btw, you do acknowledge the implications of asking #bzr whether to use bzr or git, right? :D00:54
jdongbut I really do think we're giving an objective opinion, if there is ever such a thing00:55
fullermdWhich there isn't, on most things (especially UI), because they're inherently subjective.00:56
fullermdI mean, Tom Lord probably thinks arch has an easy and intuitive UI   ;)00:56
jdongthough I find that hard to believe!00:56
fullermdAnd he'd be right, for him.00:56
fullermdAnd most people would probably hate my GUI setup...  but it's perfect for me.00:57
bob2oh, and arch had directories as entities00:58
seydarthanks guys01:01
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beunoigc, didn't you send an email a few months ago to send bzr tshirts for contributors?01:04
fullermdThat was poolie I think.01:05
igcbeuno: probably. If so, I did it on behalf of poolie01:05
beunoright, it was poolie.01:05
beunonot sure why I was convinced it was you01:06
jelmerit was poolie01:06
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PengRight, hg doesn't version directories.01:45
* Peng wanders off.01:45
awmcclainWhat's the name of the other bzr GUI that isn't qbzr? wildfire or something?02:12
spivwildcat, IIRC02:12
beunoawmcclain, or bzr-gtk?02:13
* igc lunch02:26
awmcclainHrm. I'm guessing wildcat doesn't work with 1.2.0... I get a "file not locked" exception when I try to diff.03:31
beunoawmcclain, I think it's a very alpha sort-of-thing at the moment03:32
awmcclainAnd bzr-gtk is x11, right?03:40
Verterokawmcclain: yes03:41
spivawmcclain: it should work on any platform where pygtk works03:41
spivWhich includes win32 I believe.03:41
awmcclainI'm running os x but I'm not a huge fan of the x11 emulation. :)03:41
spiv(Although installing it might be a bit of a hassle)03:41
awmcclainSo... it looks like i'll have to brave pyqt03:42
RAOFawmcclain: There's the native OS X gtk now, right?03:42
awmcclainRAOF: o really?03:43
RAOFIf you don't mind less than fully tested code.  http://developer.imendio.com/projects/gtk-macosx/ is one google hit.03:43
RAOFI recently saw a blog post with native mac gtk screenshots, which is why I have any idea about this :).03:44
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carnage4everis there anyone around?04:46
spivcarnage4ever: yes04:50
carnage4everspiv: trying to somehow get bzr to run a precommit shell script BEFORE commiting files...05:03
carnage4everis that possible?05:03
spivcarnage4ever: it is, although you need a python plugin to do it.05:07
spivcarnage4ever: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2008q1/036955.html may help05:10
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ubotuNew bug: #196881 in bzr "Exception redirecting merge output to a file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19688105:56
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=== [1]carnage4ever is now known as carnage4ever
spivThe protocol-v3 branch is ready for dogfooding.08:33
dholbachwhat answer is there to something like  http://pastebin.ca/923001 and http://rafb.net/p/6xkuJL96.html ?08:37
spivdholbach: looks like a possible launchpad bug08:44
dholbachspiv: oh? how so?08:44
spivdholbach: or maybe a bug in the launchpad plugin for the client08:45
dholbachis there any information I should try to get for it?08:46
spivdholbach: but IIRC "lp--NNNN:..." URLs are a server-side implementation detail.08:46
spivdholbach: "bzr info -v", and the actual bzr commands being run by that script08:46
dholbachbzr update; bzr commit -m "something" is what the script runs08:47
dholbachlet me get the version08:47
dholbachspiv: http://rafb.net/p/LKucRO74.html08:48
spivdholbach: yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a launchpad bug.  File it against launchpad-bazaar.08:51
spivdholbach: as a workaround, hobbsee should be able to "bzr switch sftp://hobbsee@bazaar.launchpad.net/%7E5-a-day/5-a-day-data/main/"08:52
dholbachspiv: thanks a lot08:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196913 in launchpad-bazaar "Cannot lock LockDir(lp--1218658708:///~5-a-day/5-a-day-data/main/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport" [Undecided,New]08:54
spivdholbach: thanks for the bug report08:54
dholbachde rien08:54
spivdholbach: if you can get the particular bzr command that triggers the error in the bug report, that'd be good.08:55
spivdholbach: or link to the add-5-a-day script08:56
dholbachdone, thanks08:57
lifelessabentley: ping09:15
lifelessabentley: I think you had partially reviewed this09:15
lifelessdholbach: 5-a-day stuff should be faster now; we had some supermirror issues09:16
dholbachlifeless: rock and roll09:19
dholbachyou guys kick ass09:19
dholbachlifeless (and others): do you think it's worth splitting up the branch into per-people-branches? (less possible locking issues)? we're at 53 committers now09:22
lifelessdholbach: are you having locking issues?09:22
dholbachlifeless: some people run into this every now and then (not that often yet, but I expect the project to grow)09:23
lifelessdholbach: bzr should handle it09:23
lifelessif it becomes a problem, then sure09:23
dholbachI'll keep you in the loop :)09:23
lifelessnag me to do 5 a day :)09:23
dholbach5-a-day keeps the doctor away! :)09:23
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day#Log :)09:24
datojelmer: hi. I've found the -r option for replay a tad confusing. its docs say "see help revisionspec", so I assumed it'd work as in merge, so that `replay -r 372..373` would replay just 373, but it replays both 372 and 373. -r 373 does what I want, but that's not how merge behaves. it does what -c 373 would do, but -c is not available in replay.09:47
datojelmer: do you see what I mean?09:47
lifelesssounds cnfusing09:49
lifelessdato: send a patch :]09:49
PengHmm, looks like svn-import is up to something now.09:56
* Peng wanders off, nervous of swapping to death suddenly.09:57
* dato wonders if --overwrite will work well when pushing to svn.10:06
* Peng wonders if converting 60k revisions with about 400 MB of free RAM is a good idea.10:08
Pengjelmer: Man, svn-import is way too verbose. It's averaging almost one line of output per day!10:09
datorevno: 37110:18
datoparent: dato@net.com.org.es-20080222115116-62obf3ebstr8l3lh10:18
datoa space has been lost after revision-id?10:18
datojelmer: (also, any plans for a new bzr-svn in unstable? bzr can't migrate to testing without it)10:19
jelmerdato, this weekend10:34
datojelmer: do you have a sec to tell me how/if I can solve this bzr-svn problem?10:35
jelmerdato: sure10:37
datoI had a bzr branch synced with a svn branch. my replay went bad (see above), and I replayed one more revision than desired. sadly, I pushed that to svn.10:38
datoso I replayed well in a copy of the bzr branch, and tried to push that (expecting to get the "branches have diverged" message), but it's just taking ages to do anything10:39
datoshould I try with --overwrite directly, or... maybe svn rm, + svn cp -r $HEAD-2 ?10:40
jelmerdato: The argument to replay is a range of revisions and supporting -r272..273 to mean [272,273] makes sense to me10:41
jelmerdato: Patches for improvements are welcome though10:41
jelmerdato: It should just work10:41
datowhat should work, sorry?10:41
jelmerdato: The push giving "Diverged Branches"10:43
datoand with --overwrite?10:43
lifelessjelmer: we use [from, to) for nearly everything else in bzrlib though10:46
lifelessjelmer: or (from, to] perhaps I should say10:46
lifelessjelmer: I think, that 'diff -r x..y' should show the aggreate changes that reply -r x..y will aply.10:46
jelmerlifeless: Yeah, consistency is also nice, indeed10:48
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asabilis it normal that bzr-bookmarks doesn't work with bzr pull ?14:15
lifelessI don't know, what is bzr-bookmarks?14:16
asabila bzr plugin14:18
asabilto have bookmarks14:18
asabillifeless: also the launchpad plugin doesn't work with bzr pull14:18
asabilbzr pull lp:~easy-radio/easy-radio/bargraph14:18
asabilbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/asabil/Devel/INSA/5IF/OT/easy-radio/trunk/lp:~easy-radio/easy-radio/bargraph/"14:18
lifelessasabil: you are missing the required dependencies for sftp for bzr14:41
asabillifeless: ??? why ? I use the sftp transport all the time ?14:42
asabilpython-paramiko is installed14:42
lifelessasabil: huh, interesting14:44
lifelessasabil: what does 'bzr plugins' list ?14:44
asabilsvn, multiparent, launchpad, rebase, gtk, record, bzrtools, xmloutput, bookmarks14:45
lifelessasabil: this is very interesting. I think something is buggering up pull :)14:48
asabillet me disable xmloutput14:49
asabilno, that's not the cultpit14:50
lifelessbookmarks sounds like something inclined to diddle with pull14:51
TFKylelifeless: there's a bug about it reported on lp iirc, pull doesn't like lp: uris14:52
TFKylehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/181945 if you havn't seen it yet14:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181945 in bzr "bzr pull lp:upstart fails" [High,Confirmed]14:53
asabillifeless: the bug was there before I installed bookmarks14:53
lifelessasabil: ah, interesting14:57
lifelessTFKyle: thanks14:57
lifelessseems to be pull not handling redirects14:58
asabilnow it seems like lp's server is stalled or something :/14:59
asabilam unable to push15:00
lifelessasabil: checking15:01
lifelessasabil: yes, rogue process, fixing in a couple of minutes15:04
lifelessyour lilnk may get bounced15:04
asabilI interrupted already15:04
lifeless\asait should be faster now15:31
Lo-lan-doHmmm.  "bzr pack" seems to make "bzr status" *slower*.15:36
Lo-lan-doNot much, but a bit.15:37
poolieLo-lan-do: it may be forcing things out of memory?15:38
Lo-lan-doI ran it several times in a row :-)15:38
Lo-lan-doBoth before and after the pack.15:38
Lo-lan-doIt took about 0.58s before the pack, and it now takes 0.61s.15:39
lifelessLo-lan-do: pack and status use dufferent data; its almost certainly just measurement noise15:40
lifelessLo-lan-do: specifically status won't read data from the repository15:40
Lo-lan-doHm.  Okay :-)15:40
mvobazaar.launchpad.net is refusing connections for me, does anyone else sees this too?15:41
pooliewe're working on it urgently15:41
mvook, thanks15:42
pooliebazaar.launchpad.net is down; it's being addressed urgently15:42
pooliesorry, paste error15:42
lifelessits back now15:48
pooliepqm.bazaar-vcs.org's invalid https cert looks worse under ff315:59
lifelesspoolie: yes it does :)16:03
Verterokawilkins: just to let you know, I pushed a BazaarClient with some fixes and command syntax updated to bzr-1.217:16
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jdongjelmer: have you considered upgrading or at least making available a packs version of bzr-svn's branch? :D18:02
jdongI'm in a low-patience branching mood today18:02
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poolienight all18:58
james_wnight poolie18:58
james_whave a safe journey18:58
lifelessnight all19:03
lifelessjames_w: we're in London now19:03
james_wah, welcome.19:03
thumperwhat does: "899.934  not updating child fraction" in the .bzr.log file?19:19
abentleyIt's related to progress bars.  The details escape me.19:34
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jelmerjdong: heh19:54
jelmeryeah, I guess it's about time to upgrade19:54
jelmerjdong: please note that it is *not* advised to use the 0.4 branch of bzr-svn atm19:56
jdongjelmer: ah, ok. Also, are there any known issues between bzr-svn and subversion 1.5.x/1.6.x?20:17
jdongjelmer: I recall trying it earlier and getting something along the lines of a mismatched # of arguments traceback20:17
jelmerjdong: I haven't tried 1.6.x, 1.5.x should work fine20:17
jdongjelmer: ok, just an FYI the ForeignBranches howto says to branch subversion trunk which is apparently "1.6.x" now20:18
jelmerjdong: Can you be more specific ? :-)20:18
jdongjelmer: *grumble* let me reproduce it ;-)20:18
jdong    return apply(_ra.svn_ra_do_update, args)20:20
jdongTypeError: add_nodes() takes exactly 2 arguments (4 given)20:20
jdongjelmer: ^^. Lemme know if that's totally wack. I did really mutilate the svn stack to get it to build in this RHEL4 env20:21
jelmerjdong: That looks like a python-subversion issue20:21
jdongjelmer: this is subversion branches/1.5.x IIRC....20:22
jdongjelmer: wait is bzr-svn 0.4.7 supposed to work against bzr 1.2.0?20:23
jelmerjdong: Something funky is happening at your side20:23
jelmerjdong: There is no symbol add_nodes in either bzr-svn or python-subversion20:23
jdong/mit/jdong/.local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/index.py:    def add_nodes(self, nodes):20:24
jdongit seems to be in bzrlib?20:24
jelmerany chance you can post the full backtrace somewhere?20:24
jdonglol that was confusing20:25
jdongso I post this traceback to Ubuntu pastebin...20:25
jdongand Ubuntu pastebin HAPPENED to spit back a CGI error in the form of a python traceback20:26
jdongand all I could think is "hey that's not the one I put in"20:26
jdonglol lemme find another pastebin20:26
piedoggiethe more I work with svn, the more I love bzr.  thanks folks for making bzr real.20:27
jdongWELL I guess the selftest segfaulting is a good sign that I did something idiotic compiling svn.20:31
beunolifeless, ping20:43
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mdkeI'd like to merge changes from a branch into another one but only in relation to one file - can I do that?20:49
mdke"bzr merge branch filename" doesn't seem to work20:49
jdongjelmer: any hints on the backtrace?20:50
jdongmdke: the only way I know of is to merge the branch, then revert all but that one file20:50
beunomdke, AFAIK, cherrypicking is not supported yet20:50
jelmerjdong: Whoops, sorry20:50
mdkejdong, beuno: ok, shame. Thanks20:51
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mdkecp it is then :)20:51
jdongspoken almost like a git developer :)20:51
beunomdke, old n' trusty  :p20:51
jelmerjdong: Doesn't make an awful lot of sense20:52
mdkeyes, cp seems to work20:52
fullermdNo, you can bzr merge /some/branch/some/file20:52
jelmerjdong: I guess the backtrace gets messed up by the python subversion bindings20:52
mdkefullermd: doesn't seem to work with a remote branch on launchpad at least20:53
fullermd(it doesn't record anything of course, just like cherrypicking revs, but it works)20:53
beunoah I guess that would be bug #81758 then20:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 81758 in bzr "'bzr help merge' should describe merging a single file" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8175820:53
jdongjelmer: well, I can tell these RHEL4 servers hate me20:53
jelmerit may actually be a core bzr bug20:53
jelmerbut it's hard to tell without a proper traceback :-/20:53
jdongjelmer: confusing why a nearly identical setup on ubuntu doesn't err out20:54
jelmerjdong: Does "bzr selftest svn" pass?20:54
jdongjelmer: no, it.... segfaults....20:54
jdongwhich is another worrisome sign20:54
jelmeruhm, yes :-)20:54
* jdong nukes his ~/.local and starts over20:55
jdongwhen in doubt..... wipe ito ut.20:55
jdongspoken in the true voice of American diplomacy.20:55
jdongok, let's try just installing bzr and running its selftest first...20:57
benjaminpetersonhas anyone used bzr-lomb?22:02
makkohi, I'm running bzr on Mac (Leopard OS X) and I don't know why, but when I run a commit or branch, it just hangs... I've left it running overnight and it still doesn't finish. Any ideas/pointers?22:08
beunomakko, maybe take a look at ~/.bzr.log?22:11
poolfoo1Does any one know of a nice (aka TortousCVS) graphical interface to bazarr on OSX?22:11
makkobeuno: I did. For example, I just wanted to get the latest bzr.dev (as in the user manual), and it just hangs. My bzr.log says: 396.636  creating branch <bzrlib.branch.BzrBranchFormat6 object at 0x1326d10> in file:///Users/normsu/root/bzr/bzr.dev/.bzr/ ...22:12
beunomakko, what version of bzr would that be?22:13
makkobeuno: I got bzr from macports  (1.2.0) and I'm trying to fetch bzr.dev with "bzr branch -v http://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.dev"22:13
benjaminpetersonpoolfool: have you seen QBzr22:14
beunomakko, can you report a bug with the contents of your .bzr.log?22:15
makkobeuno: OK, I just wasn't sure if this was an actual bug or something kooky with my own setup/environment.22:16
beunomakko, thanks. I'm sure someone else will help you debug it22:17
makkobeuno: OK, thanks for your kind assistance I'll try your suggestion.22:18
beunomakko, np. good luck  :D22:18
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poolfoo1benjaminpeterson: No ... sorry ... but I guess I was looking for something a little more tied into finder.22:34
poolfoo1I am kind of new to OSX (1 month new), and I mostly use the console ... but at work I use TortoiseCVS and it gets kind of addicting.22:35
poolfoo1benjaminpeterson: Quit a nick by the way ... hurts to type ... almost22:35
benjaminpetersonpoolfool: Hmm, I don't actually know of any applications that interface with the MacOS finder. Is that possible? (Are their APIs?)22:37
poolfoo1benjaminpeterson: I would guess not ... Apple kind of sucks that way ... but I figured I would throw the question out any ways.22:38
=== benjaminpeterson is now known as bpeterson
poolfoo1bpeterson: Much easier ... are you a Mac OSX guy?22:39
bpetersonpoolfool: I switch between KDE and Mac22:40
bpetersonpoolfool: I agree that Apple should make this possible. Some cool things could be done...22:40
jdongmaybe I'm crazy, nerdy, and so on... but am I the only one to prefer working with a textmode VCS?22:46
jdongI mean, I've used Subclipse, TortoiseSVN, bzr-gtk, etc all before, and find them more cumbersome than their command line counterparts22:46
jdongwith the sole exception of  bzr visualize and similar tools22:47
jdongancenstry is more clear in a GUI form22:47
bpetersonjdong: I love textmode22:48
bpetersonjdong: I typically use a simple editor with syntax highlighting and perform all my other operations with bash22:49
poolfoo1I like gui for the quick clues that a file may be out of date (icon overlay in Microsoft Windows with Tortoise), but commits, diff, log generation for reports are much easier text based.22:49
bpetersonbzr missing22:50
poolfoo1That said, I just seem to live via gui. That is kind of why I was looking for something that might tie into finder ... not yet another graphic program to learn.22:50
jdongpoolfoo1: interesting... I find bzr diff, bzr log, bzr status easier by commandline22:50
poolfoo1jdong: sorry, maybe I didn't read/write that just write. I agree that diff, log and status are much easier from command line\text.22:51
fullermdA GUI is a way to get LOTS of command lines at once   :)22:52
poolfoo1What about web interface (bzrweb?) to revision control? I like the bonsai/ViewVC interface a lot for a while.22:53
jdongpoolfoo1: seems like loggerhead is the preferred one nowadays22:53
jdonglaunchpad has a demo of it22:54
jdongpoolfoo1: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/trunk/files22:54
jdongI still like bzr-serve or whatever that other older one is called22:54
jdongbecause you can start it on some arbitrary port on a single command22:54
poolfoo1loggerhead (the last time I played with it) was a whole suite of power tools just ready to rip an finger/arm/leg off. I like the small light weight ability of bzweb for small projects/groups or single use as a simple gui.22:54
poolfoo1loggerhead would be much better for something like launchpad/sorceforge/...22:55
jdongpoolfoo1: yeah the older one was easier for personal use22:55
bpetersoni like to know what my computer is doing, so bash gives the most control and detail22:56
jdongI find commandline easiest for stuff I know how to do, and GUI's easier for, frankly, BS-ing my way along when I really don't know what I'm doing.22:59
jdongagain, personal opinion.22:59
bpetersonit is more intuitive22:59
poolfoo1What is the craziest/coolest use of bazaar to date? I heard someone ( lifeless ) suggest using bzrlib for a wiki ... sounded pretty cool to me.22:59
jdongif you *know* what you want to do, it's much easier to express it in a CLI22:59
jdongpoolfoo1: benjamin mako hill is doing a bzr wiki for his doctoral thesis22:59
jdongpoolfoo1: I wrote a ruby+bzr TODO list program a few weeks ago23:00
jdongso I can operate disconnectedly23:00
poolfoo1jdong: do you have the link? ... but what about a revision controlled filesystem ... something more complex then the Linux COW patch.23:00
jdongpoolfoo1: I also use bzr heavily while doing Ubuntu package development or packaging. It helps me keep track of my current changes a lot better23:00
bpetersoni suppose you can bumble around in GUI with out causing horrible damage23:00
jdongpoolfoo1: I don't have a link handy, no23:00
jdongbpeterson: well a GUI's beter at answering "Hmm, what can I do?"23:01
jdongi.e. poking around a new program23:01
jdongI found git extremely bewildering on day one23:01
jdongIMO it's approaching arch fame :)23:01
jdongbut once I kinda knew what I was doing, it was pretty easy to use23:01
poolfoo1jdong: when you use it for ubuntu you are using it as a RCS? ... how about using it somewhere that is revision control (wiki/apple time machine/... ) but you just don't realise or think of it that way.23:01
bpetersonjdong: when you don't want to look through the docs :)23:01
bpetersonjdong: is git really as fast as Linus says23:06
ubotuNew bug: #197125 in bzr "bzr hangs on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19712523:11
mkanatIs there any way to make bzr ignore permission changes on files, for a checkin?23:14
jdongbpeterson: git is fast indeed, impressively so23:15
jdongbpeterson: something like "git log > /dev/null" for 500,000 revisions happens nearly instantly23:16
jdongi.e. complete in 0.5 seconds23:16
jdongbpeterson: but personally I don't think most sized projects benefit from that speed23:16
jdongbpeterson: git has been much slower for me because in the time it takes me to answer "What the hell is git pull . refs:master/trunk?", bzr could've done the operation 10 times :)23:17
poolfoo1jdong: Have you tried git on Microsoft Windows recently? Is there a not cygwin version?23:18
poolfoo1My big selling point for bazaar is Win32 at work, Linux & MacOSX at home ... no problems to date ... <knock on wood>23:19
jdongpoolfoo1: AFAIK all the git-on-windows implementations are either quirky or very slow23:19
jdongpoolfoo1: bzr is definitely much much more portable23:19
poolfoo1Which would be my big selling point ....23:20
jdongpoolfoo1: for me, that and (2) simplicity (3) outstanding support for dumb protocols23:21
jdongthose two are things that most VCSes lack IMO23:22
poolfoo1jdong: you mean the fact that bzr can checkout over http/scp/ssh ?23:23
jdongpoolfoo1: right. The fact that bzr works just fine over standard protocols like SFTP, HTTP, FTP and so on without the need for anything special on the remote end23:24
jdongGit can read over HTTP, but that's it23:24
jdongif you want to push, you can't do that over FTP. You can only do it over SSH if git were installed on the remote machine23:24
poolfoo1jdong: so the purpose of a dedicated bzr protocol and server? speed ... but I am just looking to get info.23:24
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jdongpoolfoo1: right, the smart server tends to be faster23:25
jdongpoolfoo1: rather, has more potential to be faster23:25
jdongpoolfoo1: though the recent "packs" storage format evened the playing field a lot23:25
poolfoo1jdong: potential ... yea .... about that ...23:25
jdongpoolfoo1: branching a large packs-format repo over http maxes out my connection at 8MB/s23:25
jdongfor the most part23:25
jdongwhich is as good performance as one can hope for, right? :)23:26
poolfoo1Wow ... 8MB/s ... that's a lot better then any connection I have had in a long while; at work Dual T1 with poor load balance right now and CrapCast (ComCast) at home.23:29
jdongpoolfoo1: well I'm glad my $40,000 tuition allows MIT to buy me some pretty decent internet :)23:30
mkanatI've bursted almost that high on Comcast.23:30
mkanatjdong: Hahahaa, ahh, the days of school internet...23:30
jdongindeed :)23:30
jdongI'll miss my subnet too23:30
poolfoo1Aaaahh yes ... the last time I had decent net speed I was at Colorado State University (CSU) .... the good old days.23:30
jdongwhere everything from the printer next to me to my iPod Touch has a public IP23:31
mkanatjdong: In a sense that's a little frightening, though. :-)23:32
damageboycan anyone explain how to write a pre-commit hook script with Bzr 1.2?23:32
jdongmkanat: :) access control should be strong enough to withstand that anyway :)23:32
poolfoo1damageboy: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-reference/bzr_man.html#hooks23:33
poolfoo1Is there some place for good bzr scripts?23:35
mkanatjdong: I hope so! :-)23:36
damageboyCan I run a bash script that changes the files I'm about to commit (potentially even creates more changes...)?23:36
damageboyFrom the pre_commit hook that is...?23:36
bpetersondamageboy: I dont't believe so. Bazaar has already calculated the changes to commit.23:44
awilkinsdamageboy: I'm not sure, but I'd imaging that would work, unlike on SVN23:57
awilkinsdamageboy: I think I might want to try that myself, I have some reasons to do it in my present project :-)23:58
awilkinsAnyway, time for bed.23:58

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